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The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia
by Stephanie Sharp (stephaniecj2@juno.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review:

Devon, a divorced mother of one, must face the truth regarding her brother's disappearance and come to terms with why the evil spirits choose to taunt her and her son and determine what it is the demonic entities truly want before it's too late.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



DEVON TURNER, a former resident of Crystal Lake, is in her
vehicle driving down the road with coffee in hand as her 11
year old son, BILLY, plays with his video game in the front
seat beside her.
As she continues driving down the road, she passes a sign
that says Welcome to Crystal Lake Community.
She appears to be in observation of her surroundings as if
it has been a long time since she was last there. As she
makes a left-hand turn, she immediately takes notice to an
old abandoned house sitting on the corner of the street down
on the right.
As she pulls the car to a stop right in front of the house,
she pauses for a moment as she takes in the view and then
turns the car off.
      (taking notice to
       the house)
Wow, Mom. So, that's where you
grew up?
      (looking at Billy)
Yeah, it sure is. Looks a little
run down, huh?
      (still looking at
Yeah. It looks a little scary
too. Not to mention that it is
that close to a cemetary.
Devon looks around Billy as she glances out towards the
Oh, you don't have to worry about
anything with that. Those people
have been dead for years.
Yeah, right, Mom.


      (nudging Billy as
       she giggles)
Come on. Let's go check it out.
Devon and Billy both get out of the car. As she closes her
car door and starts walking towards the house (with Billy
not far behind), she notices some movement at the front door
as if it is slowly opening.
As she gets halfway to the door, it slowly opens further as
a slim woman steps out to greet her.
      (extending her
Hello. I am so glad you could
make it. My name is ROBIN.
Devon grabs her hand and shakes it.
Yes, thank you. This is my son,
      (looking at Billy)
Well, hi, Billy. It's nice to
meet you.
Thanks, you too.
      (giggling as she
       puts her hands
Well, welcome back to the old
Turner house. Shall we take a
look inside?
Robin steps to the side to allow Devon and Billy entrance
into the house.
As Devon slowly walks in, she takes careful notice to
everything around her.
Ms. Nichols, I just want to offer
my condolences. I know you and
your family have gone through a


                       ROBIN (cont'd)
lot within the past few years.
      (looking at Robin)
Oh, thank you. That really means
a lot. And please, call me Devon.
Billy stands still as he observes the view above him with
his mouth wide open. Devon takes the liberty to glance into
the great room where old furniture remains, into the study
and then upstairs.
Well, why don't you two go take a
look around. You should be quite
familiar with it.
Devon slowly begins to walk upstairs as Billy closely
Why is there still stuff in the
      (still walking up
       the stairs)
Well, after your grandfather
passed away, I guess it was
decided that all of the stuff left
behind remained with the house.
Oh. Creepy.
Creepy or not, this is your new
Robin stands still as she watches both Devin and Billy
ascend up the stairs.
Is there anything else I can do
for you before I leave?


      (looking over the
No, thank you. You've been great.
I've got your number should I
need you.
Wonderful. I'll just leave you
two to it.
Robin's smile quickly turns to a frown as she turns her back
and heads towards the front door to leave. As she reaches
the door, she lets out a sigh as she looks back towards the
staircase with a look of distress and then again turns to
Once upstairs, Devon slowly makes her way (with Billy in
tow) down the hall. She takes notice to a picture hanging
on the wall of an intelligent looking teenage boy. She
immediately stops and stares at the picture.
      (noticing Devon's
Devon immediately breaks her stare.
      (looking at Billy)
Yes, Honey?
Who is that? Is that him?
      (looking back at
Yes, Billy, that is your uncle.
Billy slowly walks over to the picture to take a closer
look. As he approaches the picture, he takes notice to his
uncle's eyes. Within one quick glance, it looks as if the
eyes of his uncle look straight at him as he quickly jumps
Billy? Are you okay?


      (rubbing his eyes)
Yeah, I'm fine. I guess I'm just
seeing things, that's all.
Devon continues walking down the hall, with Billy right
beside her, as she immediately takes notice to a bedroom
that has been pad-locked shut.
      (approaching the
How weird. Why would somebody do
I don't know. That was actually
your uncle's old room. We'll just
have to check it out later.
Billy flips the lock up as he and Devon remain standing in
front of the door. A loud knocking at the front door causes
both Devon and Billy to jump.
Come on, let's head downstairs.
That's probably the movers. We
have a lot of work to do.
Devon places her arm around Billy as they smile and head
towards the stairs.
As Billy is seen jumping down the stairs, as to jump over
every other step with Devon right behind him, he finally
reaches the floor and runs to open the door.
As he opens the door, he takes notice to a very attractive
and nicely dressed blonde lady named LISA standing before
      (looking at Lisa)
Uh, Mom, I don't think this lady
is a mover.
Devon walks up behind Billy, continuously looking at Lisa is
if in awe. Billy looks up at his mom as she stands behind
him and then excuses himself outside.
Oh, my gosh. Lisa?
The lady smiles and nods her head.


Yes, Devon, it's me.
Both Devon and Lisa embrace.
      (pulling away with
       her hands on
       Devon's shoulders)
When did you get back into town?
Just today.
Wow, I must say that word travels
quick, especially in this little
Yeah, no doubt. Would you like to
come in? I have to say it's not
very presentable but you're more
than welcome, if you like.
Devon steps aside and allows Lisa to slowly enter the house.
As she walks in, she immediately observes her surroundings.
Wow, this brings back memories.
      (again taking in
       her surroundings)
Yes, it does.
A loud banging noise is heard coming from outside as both
Lisa and Devon look out the door.
                       BILLY (O.S.)
Mom, the movers are here.
Well, I know what you'll be busy
doing tonight.
Devon and Lisa look at each other as Devon responds with a
nudge and a smile.


Loud laughter is heard as the view of the camera slowly goes
from the foyer of the house into the great room where Devon
and Lisa are sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes, and
drinking a glass of wine.
I know, but can you imagine the
look on his face when he was
finally caught?
Yes, remember I was there so I did
see the look on his face when he
was caught.
Devon and Lisa laugh simultaneously for a brief moment. An
immediate hush comes over them as Lisa begins to talk.
Devon, I am so sorry for
everything you've had to endure
within the past couple of years. I
really wish I could have been
there more for you.
You've done enough. Really, it's
okay. I think, for me, it was
just a matter of getting away for
Yeah, I can imagine. From your
brother mysteriously disappearing,
your mom and dad both dying from a
heart attack in the same fashion
within a few months apart to your
divorce, I just don't know how you
manage. I know you have a lot of
guts in even considering moving
back home, a little on, doing it.
Devon looks down as if to pause in grief.
However, you have been given a
chance to start fresh and create a
new beginning for yourself.


      (looking back up)
Yeah, I know. If only I can do
You can. There's a lot of people
in this town that support you,
including me. You know that if
you ever need anything, you can
call me at anytime, right?
Yeah, I know. I appreciate it.
Well, the reminiscing has really
been nice, for the time being, but
I know you would probably like to
catch some sleep before the
morning so I guess I better be
Lisa places her glass on the table behind her and stands up.
      (walking towards
       the door)
I'll give you a call sometime
tomorrow and maybe we can tackle
some of these boxes.
Yeah, that would be great.
A loud thump is heard upstairs as both women look up towards
the ceiling and then back at each other.
      (shaking her head)
That kid. He would stay up at all
hours of the night if I would let
Lisa laughs and turns to head towards the door. As she
reaches the door, she turns and gives Devon a hug.
I'll see you tomorrow, alright?
Get you some sleep.


Lisa smiles as she turns to leave. Devon stands at the door
and watches her as she gets in her car. Devon then slowly
closes the door and turns to go upstairs.
Devon lies motionless in her bed. As she sleeps, a loud
knocking noise comes from just outside her door in the dark.
As she remains still, a shadowy figure slowly begins to
enter the room.
A scaly, red-colored figure in the form of a man slowly
makes its way through the door. As it moves to the foot of
the bed, while continuously making a groaning noise, it
stops for just a few seconds as Devon sleeps.
The figure slowly begins to move to the side of the bed. As
it stands there, it extends its hand with long, skinny
fingers of claw-like nails and gently touches Devon on her
forehead. Devon slowly moves and the creature vanishes.
Devon abruptly leans up in bed as she frantically begins to
breathe heavily, placing her hand on her chest. She reaches
over to turn her lamp on and immediately looks around her

Startled, yet seeing nothing for cause of concern, Devon
falls back into the headboard, heavily padded by pillows, as
she grabs the remote from her nightstand and turns on the
      (shaking her head
       as she looks
Well, this is the life.
Devon is walking towards the front door, preparing to leave.
As she opens the door and pauses to look in her purse for
her keys, she quickly glances up and beholds a man, RONNIE,
standing right in front of her. She immediately jumps back
and drops her keys on the floor.
      (bending down to
       pick up her keys)
I am so sorry to startle you. Are


                       RONNIE (cont'd)
you okay?
      (taking keys from
No, it's fine. Do I know you?
Yes, Devon. It's Ronnie. Remember
me? I was a childhood friend of
your brother's.
      (extending his
Yes, how are you? I really wanted
to come by, offer my condolences
and welcome you back home.
      (shaking Ronnie's
I haven't seen you in quite some
time. Of course, I've been gone
for about five years. Do you
still live here?
Yeah, I kind of made my self
scarce for various reasons. I did
always have a crush on you though.
Oh, really? How did you know who
I was?
Oh, sorry. I saw it on your key
      (looking at her
       key chain)
And not to mention the fact that
you haven't changed a bit.


Yeah, right.
Yeah, your brother and I really
started getting close after you
left. We became almost like
brothers. I'm just heart broken
over what has happened.
      (bowing her head
       as she sighs)
Yeah, we all are.
Look, I'm sorry I didn't mean any
harm. I can see that you're in a
hurry so I'll let you go. Maybe
we can meet back up at a later
time and catch up on some old
Yeah, I would like that.
Devon just stares at Ronnie as Billy comes running down the
stairs behind her. He runs up behind Devon, looks up at
Ronnie in question and then runs past him out the door.
How about I give you a call within
the next couple of days or so and
maybe we can get together then?
Yeah, I would really like that.
Oh, here's my number.
Ronnie digs in his pocket for a business card and hands it
to Devon.
      (looking at the
So, you own your own clothing
Yeah, the business has actually
been in my family for years. Maybe
you can come by and check it out
sometimes? We're located on the


                       RONNIE (cont'd)
corner of Crestview and Main.
Yeah, maybe I'll do that sometime.
Great. We'll I guess I'll talk to
you soon. Bye.
Ronnie nods his head in respect as he turns to leave. After
a brief pause, Devon shakes her head as she smiles and takes
her keys to lock the door behind her.
Devon walks into an office, papers in hand, and is
immediately confronted.
Oh, my gosh. There she is.
MEGAN, a co-worker, approaches Devon and gives her a hug as
Devon reciprocates with the one hand she has available.
How have you been?
      (nodding her head)
I think I'll make it. How about
Oh, girl, you know me. I take it
one day at a time. Today, I think
I'll make it.
Devon begins to laugh as she approaches a desk, sporting a
name tag with her name on it, and lays her papers down as
Megan walks up behind her.
So, am I going to need to show you
the ropes again?
No, I think I'll be alright.
Devon sits down in her chair and lets out a huge sigh.


Are you sure you're going to be
okay? You look like you didn't
sleep a wink last night.
I don't know. I just had a
strange dream last night. I'm
telling you, it was the weirdest
thing. It was almost as if I
could feel a presence in my room,
even while I was asleep. When I
woke up, though, there was
absolutely nobody there.
Wow. What did you do? Did you
just go back to sleep?
Well, yeah, I mean I watched T.V.
for a short while after that but
then I practically had to force
myself to get some sleep. And
then, to top that off, Ronnie
Bishop shows up at my house this
morning acting very strangely.
The Ronnie Bishop from years ago?
Yes. He told me that he had some
new information about my brother
that he felt inclined to discuss
with me prior to going to the
Really? You need to get out of
that old house. That's just too
creepy. You may end up being
targeted by God only knows who. I
thought the city was going to have
that house condemned anyway.
Yeah, but I had to salvage it.
It's my home. That house is the
only remaining connection I have
to my family.


I understand that, but the
memories it contains are only
heart-wrenching. Don't you think
that to rid yourself of such
atrocities and only hold dear in
your heart the good memories would
better the situation?
And that would be accomplished
      (sighing as she
       shrugs her
Time, I guess. No one can truly
empathise with you. You do have a
very unique situation on your
hands. I just wish I could do
more for you.
Yeah. I appreciate everybody's
concern but I think this is
something I am just going to have
to work through on my own.
Yeah, you're probably right.
However, on a lighter note, when
are we going to go out?
I'll keep you informed. Let me
get settled back in first.
Sure. Anyway, let me know if you
have any questions and I'll leave
you to it.
Yeah, thanks. I appreciate it.
Megan smiles as she turns to leave. Devon looks down at her
desk, with papers already piled up, and shakes her head as
she starts going through the stack.


Billy is walking down the sidewalk, along with MICKEY
(Billy's classmate), heading home after school.
                       MICKEY (FRIEND)
Are you serious? That's just
Yeah, I know, tell me about it.
And I have to live there.
Is your mom keeping all of the
stuff that was left in the house?
I don't know. I hope not. My
uncle's old room is even locked
shut. We can't even get in it.
Really? How weird. What do you
think is in there?
I don't know, but I'm kind of
scared to find out.
Didn't your uncle disappear?
Yeah, about a year ago.
And nobody has heard anything
since then?
Billy cuts Mickey off as he heads towards the house.
      (standing still)
Where are you going?


As Billy walks up to the front door, Mickey just stands in
awe while looking at the house.
      (turning around to
       address Mickey)
Well, aren't you coming?
This is your house? That close to
that creepy cemetery?
Yes. What were you expecting
after what I've told you? It's
not going to be the Holiday Inn.
Yeah, but geez.
Mickey cautiously walks up to the house as Billy unlocks the
door and enters. Mickey walks up to the door, turns to look
around the neighborhood and then slowly enters.
Devon is sitting at her desk. She looks at her watch and
lets out a long sigh. Megan is seen walking up.
Well, how did it go?
Well, besides the fact that on my
first day I was handed a
bottomless pit of paperwork, fine
I guess.
It'll be okay. You were given the
worse end of the deal. All the
better to break you in, I guess.
We'll reconvene tomorrow. Why
don't you go home and get you some
Yeah, sounds like a plan.


Devon starts gathering up her paperwork, preparing to go
Mickey is standing in the foyer, taking his surroundings all
in as Billy walks up to him from the living area.
Here's you some water. Do you
want to go up to my room?
      (looking up the
Your room is up there?
Yeah. Stop being such a baby.
Come on.
Mickey follows closely behind Billy as they walk up the
And how long have you been here?
About a week. That's why we still
have a lot of things in boxes.
Both Billy and Mickey pass the padlocked room on their way
to Billy's room. Mickey immediately stops and takes notice
to the lock. As he observes the lock, he notices that it
has been unlocked.
I thought you said that you hadn't
been able to get this door
      (turning to look
       at Mickey)
We haven't. Why?
Mickey moves the lock to show that it was unlocked.


Oh, my gosh.
Billy walks up to the door and stares straight at Mickey.
Well, what do you think? Are you
willing to go in?
After you.
Billy pulls out the padlock and opens the latch. He then
slowly pushes the door open. As the door slowly swings open,
he peers inside the room.
The view of the room portrays two mattresses sitting on bed
rails, one boarded up window and three boxes sitting in
front of a desk.
      (looking at the
Is that a blood stain?
      (also looking at
No, surely not. I'm sure someone
just spilled some red kool-aid or
something. No big deal.
      (looking around)
Well, this isn't so bad.
Yeah, not quite what I expected to
The boys slowly walk in. Mickey walks over to the boxes to
take a look as Billy, after laying the padlock on the bed,
stands and watches. As Mickey flips up the top of the box,
he looks in and pulls out a Ouija board tucked away in its
Oh, Man, I've heard about those
things. Maybe we should just
leave and lock the room back up.


Oh, now whose being scared?
I'm not scared, just being
cautious. Don't those things call
out the devil or something?
Oh, come on, it's just a game. Do
you want to try it?
Yeah, sure, why not.
Mickey takes the box containing the Ouija board and sits it
on the ground. Billy sits down on the opposite side as they
pull out the pieces.
      (holding the
       marker up)
So, what do you think this is for?
I think you're supposed to sit it
on the board and spell out things
with it.
Mickey places the marker on the board. The boys sit
Indian-style opposite each other as they sit and wait.
Well, what are we supposed to be
I don't know. Look in the box and
see if there's any instructions.
Mickey turns and grabs the box as the marker immediately
flies under the bed.
Oh, my gosh. Why don't you watch
what you're doing?
What are you talking about? I
didn't hit anything.


Yes, you did. You kicked the game
piece under the bed.
Well then, why don't I just get
Mickey bends down beside the bed and starts to reach under
it when a loud noise comes from the front door downstairs.
Both boys jump as Mickey hits his head on the railing. They
both immediately stand to their feet, with Mickey rubbing
his head, and dart out of the bedroom door.
Both boys are running down the stairs.
Mom, we have to show you
Hey, Honey. Whose your friend?
Oh, sorry. This is Mickey. He
walked home with me. I hope
that's okay.
Yeah, certainly. I'm glad to see
you're making friends. What do
you have to show me?
Come on. You have to follow us
Billy and Mickey quickly head back upstairs with Devon not
far behind them.
As they approach the hallway, they head directly to the
room. Billy approaches the door and tries to open it.
Unable to do so, he looks closer at the latch and notices
that it has been locked.
Uh, Mickey. Why did you lock it


I didn't lock it back. You're the
one that had the lock.
Yeah, but I set it on the bed. You
didn't pick it back up?
What's going on here, boys?
Nothing. When we got home from
school, we were heading to my
bedroom when we noticed that the
door had been unlocked. We went
inside to look around and found
some weird stuff in a box. I had
the lock in my hand and set it on
the bed. We just can't figure out
who locked it back after we left
and came downstairs to meet you.
That's funny, guys. Come on.
Let's go downstairs. We'll get
something to eat.
Mom, we're being serious.
It's okay. Let's go.
Billy sighs as he heads back downstairs followed by Mickey
and Devon. As the boys head down in front of her, Devon
stops and turns to catch a glimpse at the door in question
and then turns to head down the stairs.
Devon is sleeping soundly in her bed. A thump is heard as a
torso of a zombie-like man (only part of the figure viewable
on screen) slowly enters the room.
It stops right beside the bed and just stands there with the
torso part still only being viewable on screen.


After a couple of seconds, the zombie-like figure reaches
down and grabs the blanket. The figure gently pulls the
blanket up to cover Devon as if to comfort her and then
turns to leave.
Billy then comes on screen as he lies sleeping in his bed.
The shot of the bedroom door and Billy in his bed are all
viewable on screen as a shadowy figure walks up to the door.
The doorknob turns as the door slowly opens up. The same
figure stands there for a few seconds (with still only
having the torso viewable on screen) and then turns to
Billy starts to get a little restless as he begins to move
in his bed as if to find a more comfortable position.
Devon scurries down the stairs while putting on her
Come on, Billy. We're going to be
                       BILLY (O.S.)
I'm coming.
Devon walks up to the front door and opens it as she drops
an earring and bends down to pick it up. When she stands
upright, she finds herself face to face with the local
Catholic Priest.
      (jumping back)
Father Bishop?
The priest bows his head.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Devon, I am so sorry to startle
you. I just wanted to come by and
pay my respects. I can't even
imagine the loss of losing both
parents within months of each
other in such an unprecedented
Thank you, Father. I really
appreciate that.


                       FATHER BISHOP
And the news about your brother.
Well, I just hope that the mystery
of his disappearance will soon be
revealed and put to rest for your
family's sake.
Thank you. Me too.
Billy runs down the stairs and up to Devon as he pauses to
look at the priest.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Hello. You must be Billy.
The Father extends his hand as Billy accepts with pleasure
and shakes it.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Well, I know that you both are
leaving so I won't take up too
much more of your time.
The Father extends his hand to Devon to give her a business
                       FATHER BISHOP
Should you ever need anyone to
talk to or just need someone to
pray with, please do not hesitate
to give me a call. You are always
in my prayers and I think of you
and your family often. I'm just a
phonecall away.
Devon takes the business card as the Father bids his
farewell and turns to leave. Both Devon and Billy stand in
the doorway and watch him as he leaves.
      (looking at Devon)
How did he know my name?
I don't know. He may have heard
of it from other people in the


Anyway, we need to get going.
Billy takes off towards the car as Devon locks up behind her
and turns to leave.
Mickey is walking alongside DONNA (a classmate) after
You have to see this ghost room.
It is so weird.
Yeah. It will freak you out.
Mickey and Donna approach the house and walk up to the door
as Mickey rings the doorbell.
After a couple of seconds with no answer, he rings the
doorbell again.
Maybe no one's here.
Maybe not. I thought I saw him
head out on his way home after
school but maybe he was picked up.
Hm. Let's just go. Maybe we can
come back later.
Okay. Let's go.
Mickey and Donna turn to leave as the door slowly opens.
They both turn towards the door simultaneously and then look
at each other in question.


      (slowly walking
       towards the door)
Hello? Billy?
Mickey turns and looks at Donna.
Well, are you coming?
Are you crazy? It doesn't look
like anybody's at home.
It's okay. We'll just quickly go
upstairs and look at the room and
then we'll leave.
Uh yeah, okay, I guess. Are you
sure we won't get in trouble?
Not if we hurry. Come on.
Mickey and Donna both slowly enter the house. As they walk
in, Mickey quickly observes his surroundings.
Come on. Stay close behind me.
We'll go upstairs so you can see
it and then we'll leave.
Donna follows closely behind Mickey as they walk up the
stairs. As they make it to the hallway upstairs, they
slowly walk down the hall. As they approach the bedroom
door, Mickey comes to a stop.
      (pointing to the
This is it.
I thought you said it was locked


Mickey looks at the lock and notices that, once again, it
has been unlocked.
It was locked up. Maybe Billy's
mom found the key.
Well, do you want to go in real
I don't know. It was pretty
Oh, come on, Chicken. You said we
wouldn't be here that long.
Yeah, but what if they get home
during the meantime.
Well, we'll just say that the door
was open and we thought Billy
might be upstairs.
Yeah, right.
Mickey takes the lock off of the latch and slowly pushes
open the door.
He begins to walk in as Donna follows closely behind.
      (looking around)
Wow, this place is creepy. Is
that a blood stain on the bed?
No. I think somebody accidentally
spilt some red juice or something.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, okay.
Here, let me show you this before
we leave.


Mickey walks over to the box containing the Ouija board and
pulls it out.
Check this out.
He takes out the Ouija board and lays it on the floor. He
takes the marker and sits it down on top.
Both Mickey and Donna patiently watch.
So, what's supposed to happen?
It moved all by itself before.
Billy swears up and down it was me
that moved it but it wasn't. It
was something else.
As Donna and Mickey stand by, waiting for something to
happen, the marker slowly begins to maneuver itself.
See? Did you see that?
Yeah, I think I did.
The marker slowly begins to pick up pace as it maneuvers
itself from one letter to the next.
Mickey begins to leave the room as Donna reaches out to stop
Wait. It's trying to tell us
something. Let me get some paper.
Donna sits her backpack on the bed as she reaches in to grab
a piece of paper. Meanwhile, the marker becomes consistent
in rotation. Mickey just stands by frozen from fear.
      (placing the paper
       on the floor)
What was the first letter it went
to? Do you remember?


I don't know. I think it may have
been a 'W' or something.
Donna closely watches the marker as it again starts over
with the 'W'. As she goes to each letter, Donna quickly
writes it down.
Just as sudden as the marker begins, it quickly comes to a
Donna stands up with the paper and slowly looks at Mickey.
Well, did it spell out something?
Yeah. It asks where Billy is.
Donna shows Mickey the hyphenated code, also visible for a
brief second to the viewers, as he immediately jumps back.
      (grabbing Donna's
Come on. We have to get out of
Mickey and Donna quickly head out of the room, leaving the
door wide open behind them.
View of just inside the front door (inside of house) is
                       BILLY (O.S.)
I told you I wouldn't get in
trouble. I had absolutely no
                       DEVON (O.S.)
Yeah, you just got lucky.
The sound of keys jiggling are heard as the front door
slowly begins to creak open.
Devon pokes her head through the crack to take a look inside
the house.


She slowly pushes the door open and walks in, followed by
      (turning to Billy)
Did you forget to lock the door
this morning?
No, it wasn't me. You were the
last one to walk out and I saw you
lock it.
Yeah, I thought I did but maybe I
didn't. You can't ever tell about
these old locks.
Devon pushes the door to as Billy makes his way up the
stairs. He reaches the hallway and walks on down to his
room. As he passes his uncle's old room, he takes notice to
the secure lock on the latch.
Mom, when are you going to start
cleaning out Uncle's old room?
                       DEVON (O.S.)
I'm working my way to it, Billy.
It's just taking time to get
      (looking at the
Hm. Okay.
He continues down to his room as he takes off his backpack
and tosses it in his room.
Back downstairs, Devon is interrupted by a knock on the
door. She approaches the door and slowly opens it as she
peers outside and comes face-to-face with LIEUTENANT COX.
                       LIEUTENANT COX
      (holding up his
Ma'am, my name is Lieutenant
Richard Cox and I was just
canvassing the area. Is


                       LIEUTENANT COX (cont'd)
everything okay?
Devon opens the door. As the police officer beholds Devon,
he immediately removes his hat and places it over his chest.
Yes, everything is fine. Is
something wrong or is there a
reason to be concerned?
                       LIEUTENANT COX
No, not at the moment. However,
you for one should know that
anything can quickly take a turn
for the worse.
Devon just stands there with a questionable look on her
                       LIEUTENANT COX
Ms. Turner, I am sincerely sorry
about what you have been dealing
with. I can only imagine how
difficult this trying time must be
for you and your family. I just
wanted you to know that the police
force, including myself, is trying
our best to get this thing solved.
Well, what exactly do you know?
Have there been any new
developments? I know my brother
is still alive out there
somewhere. He has to be.
                       LIEUTENANT COX
Well, I'm not really at liberty to
discuss certain issues regarding
the case but let me just say that
we have had our run of suspects,
some that haven't quite yet panned
out, so just watch yourself and
be careful. These days, it's hard
to trust anybody. There were
three individuals that disappeared
that night, one of which was your
brother, and we have our
suspicions as to who may be
involved. There just hasn't been
any witnesses come forward yet.
However, we're staying on top of
new developments and following


                       LIEUTENANT COX (cont'd)
every lead.
Thank you. I appreciate the
                       LIEUTENANT COX
      (placing his hat
       back on his head)
Anyway, just remember to trust
your instinct and steer clear of
anyone you may be suspicious of.
Also let us know if you hear of
Yes, Sir. I sure will.
                       LIEUTENANT COX
      (nodding his head)
Good day.
Devon watches the police officer as he heads towards his
vehicle and gets in. As he starts the car, he waves one
last time to Devon before backing out of the driveway. She
returns the wave and watches him as he leaves.
As he pulls out, he passes Ronnie on the road who in turn
puts off an evil stare. Lieutenant Cox returns the favor as
Devon observes the whole thing. As Ronnie passes the house,
his devilish look turns to a smile as he casually waves at
Devon and slowly drives on by.
Hm. What was that all about?
Devon shakes her head and quickly closes the door to lock up
for the night.
Billy is asleep in his bed. As he lies in bed with his
bedroom door cracked, ir slowly begins to open wider as it
makes a soft creaking noise. As it opens a little wider, a
key is tossed into the room and lands on the floor.
Billy begins to slowly wake from his sleep. As he wakes up,
he glances towards the door and starts screaming.


                                         CUT TO:
Devon, sound asleep in her bed, immediately awakes at the
sound of Billy's scream.
                       BILLY (O.S.)
Mom! Mom!
She jumps out of bed and runs down the hall towards Billy's

As she enters the room, she finds Billy holding the covers
up to his chin, with his back completely against the
headboard, as a look of fear completely covers his face.
Billy, what is the matter? Are
you okay?
I saw something, Mom. Somebody
was in my room.
Devon walks over to Billy as she sits on the side of his bed
and tries to console him.
What do you mean somebody was in
your room?
It was dark, but I saw a man that
looked like a ghost or something.
Billy, it's okay. You were just
having a bad dream. There is
nobody in here with us. Okay?
But it seemed so real.
I'm sure it did, but it's all over
now. You were just having a
Yeah, okay. I guess I was just
imagining things.


Great. Now why don't you try to
get some sleep.
Devon stands to leave. As she begins walking towards the
door, she steps on something.
      (bending down to
       pick up the
What is this?
As she looks at the object, she notices that it is a key.
Billy, this is how stuff gets
lost. You need to keep up with
your things a little better. Here,
put this up.
Devon hands Billy the key as he looks at it in question.
Devon turns to Billy to find a very disgruntled look on his
face as she lets out a long sigh.
Okay, fine, but just for tonight
and I mean it.
Billy places the key in the drawer of his nightstand and
gets up to follow Devon to her bed in her room.
Devon and Billy are both asleep in her bed. The alarm
sounds as Devon jumps and quickly turns to shut it off.
      (lying back down)
Billy? It's time to get up.
Billy starts to move from the position of laying on his
stomach to turning to his right side.
      (rubbing his eyes)
What time is it?


It's 6:30.
Devon sits back up and starts nudging Billy.
Come on. We don't want to be
Okay, Mom. Geez, I'm getting up.
Billy slowly begins to climb his way out of bed and make his
way to the bathroom.

Devon begins to stretch, while still sitting on the side of
the bed, as her attention is directed towards a picture of
her brother (originally hanging on the wall) sitting on her
dresser upside down.
      (slowly bringing
       her arms down is
       in awe)
Billy? Did you bring your uncle's
picture in here and put it on my
                       BILLY (O.S.)
No, why?
Uh, no reason. Just get dressed.
Devon stands up and approaches the dresser. She takes the
picture and exits her room.
I'm telling you, that is exactly
what it did.
Oh, whatever. You need to quit
with the jokes, okay?
      (stopping to take
       Billy's arm)
I'm not joking with you. The
thing spelled out your name as if


                       MICKEY (cont'd)
to ask a question. It was wanting
to know where you were. Ask
Donna, she'll tell you.
      (throwing up his
So, let me get this straight. You
literally break into my house,
force your way into my uncle's old
bedroom and then pretend that a
board game was speaking to you by
spelling out words that asked
where I was, by itself?
Yes, exactly and we didn't break
or force ourselves into your
house. Both of the doors were
      (starting to walk)
That room is padlocked and you
know it.
Not at that time it wasn't.
Someone had unlocked it as if to
invite us in.
Yeah, right.
Something is up, Man, I'm telling
you. Maybe your house is haunted.
Yeah and do you really believe in
that stuff?
Nothing has ever happened to
convince me otherwise.
Yeah, I know what you mean.


The two boys approach the outside of Billy's house.
Well, take it easy. I guess I'll
see you tomorrow.
Yeah, see ya tomorrow. Bye.
As Billy stands and watches Mickey leave, he lets out a sigh
and then turns towards his house to go home.
As Billy lies asleep in his bed, he is awakened by a noise
that sounds like a huge chain being pulled across the floor.
He immediately sits up and looks out of his door as he
pulls the covers up to his chin.
He sees a shadow of a man walking towards his bedroom. He
immediately jumps out of bed and runs to his closet where he
quietly, yet quickly, climbs up to his top shelf and
discretely positions himself into a fetal position.
The sound of the figure gets louder as he hears it enter his
bedroom. The noise immediately stops as if to pause for a
brief second and then makes its way to the closet.
Billy is quietly sobbing with his hand over his mouth as the
noise begins to sound again. The shadow slowly makes its
way towards the closet as the zombie-looking figure comes
into view.
Billy immediately gasps as he looks at the creature and sees
the resemblance between it and his uncle.
The creature slowly walks into the closet, shuffles the
clothes around, stands there briefly and then turns to
Billy throws his head back as in an effort to quietly let
out a contained sob. He then remains still, as if to give
the creature time to leave, and slowly yet fearfully drifts
off to sleep.
Devon is sitting on the side of her bed rotating her head in
a circular motion, with her hand on the back of her neck, as
to release some pressure from a restless sleep.


Oh, what a night.
She stands up and walks towards the bathroom.
Billy? It's time to get up. I
want to hear some movement.
She walks into the bathroom where you can hear some rustling
off-screen and then the flushing of the toilet. A few
seconds later, she walks out of the bathroom and towards the
Billy? Don't make me come in
Billy comes on screen as he remains asleep in his closet.
                       DEVON (O.S.)
Billy jumps as he immediately comes to and looks around as
if to make sure the coast is clear.
Devon immediately runs into his bedroom.
                       DEVON (O.S.)
Billy? Where are you?
I'm in here.
Devon approaches the closet and looks in.
Up here.
      (looking up)
What are you doing?
Devon assists Billy as he climbs down from the top shelf and
helps him to his bed.


What is going on with you?
      (breathing heavily)
He's dead, Mom.
Your brother, my uncle, he's dead.
What are you talking about?
He was here last night in my room.
He looked like he had been dead
for years, walking around like a
zombie on a rampage. It was him,
I know it was. It was almost as
if he was trying to find something
or get a message to me but I
avoided him. I had never been so
scared in my entire life.
Billy, this joking has got to
stop. This is absolutely nothing
to kid about and I'm tired of
hearing all the foolishness.
But, Mom, you have to believe me.
I wish I was joking but I'm not.
Billy gets up and walks over to his desk and takes hold of
his web cam.
Look, I'll prove it to you. If he
ever comes back, I'll be ready.
Maybe I can catch whatever it is
on video and then you'll believe
Alright, fine. If you think
that's what needs to be done.
Anyway, we've got to get dressed.
Just let it go for now, okay?


      (bowing his head)
Yes, Ma'am.
Devon sighs as she shakes her head and leaves the room.
      (talking to
I know I'm not crazy and I'll
prove it.
Billy approaches his computer desk and turns on the
computer. As the video image of his bedroom pops up on the
computer monitor via his web-cam, he slowly maneuvers the
camera to angle it just right.
There. How about I just leave it
running. Maybe then I could
really catch something.
Devon is entering a pawn shop. Upon entering, she slowly
takes notice to the displays around her. A clerk takes
notice and walks over to her.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
      (approaching Devon)
Can I help you Ma'am?
      (looking up)
Yes Sir, I am in the market to buy
a gun.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
      (leaning against
       the display case
       with arms crossed)
Tell me, what does a little
darling like you need a gun for?
You wouldn't believe me if I told
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Why don't you try me. Trust me,
Lady, I have heard some wild
stories in my lifetime.


Something is terrorizing my house
and I need some form of protection
from it.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Yes, something. I haven't
actually seen what it is but I
have definitely felt the effects
of it.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
You're talking like you're not
sure what type of being this is.
Exactly. I think my house may be
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Do what? You think your house is
haunted and your looking for a gun
for protection? Wait, if you hang
on a second I might have some
silver bullets in the back.
The clerk as well as the other men standing around continue
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
      (holding his hands
Look, Ma'am, I'm not trying to
make light of the situation but
your not making any sense here.
You have to fight fire with proper
fire. Catch my drift?
Yeah, thanks. Haven't you ever
heard that if you really didn't
want to know the answer, don't
ask? It is basically just to
pacify my son who thinks he is
seeing someone come into his
bedroom in the middle of the night
for a brief moment and then
leaving again. I haven't found


                       DEVON (cont'd)
any signs of someone breaking in
so I have no idea what to make of
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Look, I think what you probably
need is just a piece of mind. Take
this weapon for instance.
The clerk walks over to a gun case.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
      (taking out the
Here. Why not try this Winchester
Model 12 Pump gun?
A pump gun?
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Well, yes, this gun is referred to
as the perfect repeater. It fires
each time the trigger is depressed
and its 6-shot capacity makes it
effective for any close range
combat. As fast as one can pump
the action, another shot is fired.
It also, as you can see, offers
you that much needed piece of
Um, well, I was kind of aiming
towards something more along the
lines of that.
Devon points to a 9mm/38 Caliber hand gun (immediately shown
on screen) in another display case. The clerk turns in that
direction and then back at Devon.
The clerk is shown handing Devon a bag.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Alright, if you have any trouble
or need to ask any questions,
please do not hesitate to call me,
Yeah, I appreciate it.


Devon turns to walk towards the door and pushes it open as
she leaves.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
      (looking back at
       men in shop)
Do any of you know her?
                       MAN 1
Yeah, that's the Devon Turner.
She's come home and moved back
into the Old Turner Home out on
Crystal Lake where her missing
brother last lived.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
The clerk looks back in her direction.
                       GUN SHOP CLERK
Well, yeah, then she probably does
need some protection from only God
knows what. God be with you.
Billy enters the front door.
Hey, Mom, I'm home.
As he takes off his backpack to place it by the front door,
he hears laughter coming from the kitchen.
                       DEVON (O.S.)
In here, Honey.
Billy enters the kitchen as he notices Ronnie sitting at the
      (talking to Devon)
Yeah, the whole thing is kind of
funny. We've been giving each
other a hard time since


What's going on?
Well, we've got company tonight.
Say hello to Ronnie.
Hey, Billy. I don't think we've
been formally introduced yet. My
name is Ronnie.
Ronnie extends his hand to Billy.
      (taking Ronnie's
Well, Billy, it's nice to meet
Yeah, you too.
I understand you like to play
ball. Maybe we can go play
Yeah, sure.
Billy, are you okay?
Yeah, I've just had a bad day. I
think I'll just go up to my room.
Well, Honey, are you not going to
No, I'm not hungry right now.
Maybe later.
Billy turns to leave as both Devon and Ronnie watch him walk


      (looking at Devon)
Is he okay?
Yeah, he's fine. We've just had a
rough start here, that's all.
Things will get better though, I
      (looking back
       towards direction
       of Billy)
Oh, sure they will. He's a cute
kid. I hope maybe we can become
close friends.
Yeah, I'm sure he would like that.
      (looking back
       towards Devon)
Great. That would make two of us.
Ronnie and Devon both engage in laughter.
Billy is seen walking up the stairs. He reaches the hallway
and heads to his room. Upon entering his room, he crashes
down upon his bed.
      (sighing as he
       looks up at the
Wow, I hope that's not Mom's new
boyfriend. What a skeez-bucket.
He starts laughing to himself as he rolls off the bed and
heads to his computer desk. He pulls the chair back and
sits down as he starts going through papers lying on the
After a short while of scuffling through papers, he hits a
key on the keyboard of the computer as the monitor comes to
life. It reflects the image of his room, the angle
reflected by the position of the web-cam.
Aw, yes, I forgot about letting
this play all day. Let's see if
we caught anything.


As Billy starts searching for a file on his computer, Devon
walks into his room.
      (poking her head
       around the door)
      (quickly turning
Geez, why don't you give somebody
a heart attack. Don't you know
how to knock?
I'm sorry. I just wanted to check
with you and make sure you were
alright. You seem to be acting a
little strange. Did anything
happen at school today?
No, Mom, I'm okay. I'll come down
later and eat. I just have a lot
of homework, that's all.
Okay, then, I'll leave you to it.
Devon turns to leave as she quickly leans back in.
I love you.
      (with back turned)
I love you too, Mom.
Devon leaves to head back down stairs as Billy smiles and
shakes his head. As he quickly turns back around towards
his bedroom door to make sure the coast is clear, he again
pulls up a file on his computer and starts to play it.
      (watching the
Hm. Nothing for now but I'll just
keep it rolling. Maybe something
will show up.


Billy grabs a pencil, opens the textbook lying on his desk
and presumes to work. After a brief moment, the picture
dissolves into the same scene.
Billy is now asleep with his head resting on the desk. The
monitor comes to life as Ronnie is seen walking past the
bedroom door (not in real time-just on monitor) and stops to
take a look in the bedroom.

He then walks over to Billy's closet and opens the door,
looks around inside and then swiftly closes the door while
making a loud sound on the monitor that wakes Billy up.
As Billy is awakened, he raises his head and takes notice to
the monitor. He quickly turns around to find Ronnie as he
realizes that the video is not in real time.

While paying closer attention to the monitor, Billy sees
Ronnie walk over to his computer desk at which he currently
sits and opens the drawer.
      (looking at
What is he doing?
As Billy continues watching the monitor, he observes Ronnie
frantically searching for something as he goes from the
computer desk to Billy's bed, all the while mumbling
something to himself.
Devon is then heard via the audio of the monitor addressing
Ronnie from downstairs.
                       DEVON (O.S.)
Ronnie, are you okay up there?
Ronnie responds to Devon.
Yes, I'm sorry. I'll be right
Ronnie throws his hands up and sighs.
      (to himself)
Where the hell is that damn key?


He then turns and exits the room. Billy sits back in his
chair with a disgruntled look on his face.
Key? What key is he looking for
and why would it be in my room?
Billy turns around to visually scan his room. As he slowly
glances behind him, he does a double take towards his
Wait a minute.
He immediately stands up and walks over to the nightstand.
He opens the drawer, reaches in and pulls out the key that
Devon had just recently found on his floor.
      (looking at the
Is this what he's looking for?
Devon peeks in the room.
Hey, I thought you were working on
homework. What are you doing?
Oh, sorry. I drifted off to
sleep. Where's your friend?
He just went home. Why?
Devon walks over and sits on the side of Billy's bed as he
stands in front of her.
Mom, I think we have to talk.
What do you mean? What's going
Billy holds up the key to show it to Devon.
It's a key. What does that have
to do with anything?


Remember I told you that I was
going to leave my web-cam on
record in hopes of catching
Well, watch this.
Billy heads back to his computer desk and replays the scene
for Devon, as she remains seated on his bed, of Ronnie
searching in his room and then mumbling the question of
where the key is just prior to leaving.
      (looking at Billy
       in question)
So, what business would he have
with a key that would be in your
I don't know, but you found this
key on my floor, remember? I
don't know what it's to. You
think this might be what he's
looking for?
      (taking the key
       from Billy)
I don't know. What could it
possibly go to? It looks like a
padlock key.
At that moment, Billy and Devon both look at each other as
if to say they had just mentally figured it out and turn to
leave the room with Billy leading the way as Devon follows
closely behind him.
They exit the room as Billy heads down the hall towards his
uncle's old room. Devon stands still in the hallway right
outside of Billy's bedroom door.
What are you doing?
Just watch.


Billy walks up to the locked door, inserts the key into the
padlock and turns the key as it unlocks the door. He then
immediately turns to look at Devon.
What is going on here?
I don't know but there is
obviously something he wants out
of this room.
Devon walks up to the door as she pulls the lock from the
latch and pushes the door open. As the door slowly creaks
open, Devon reaches in and turns on the light as both she
and Billy just stand in the doorway.
      (looking inside
       the room)
Oh, my gosh.
Mom, something terrible happened
in here. Can't you feel it?
Devon slowly walks in, places the lock on the table just
inside the bedroom door and approaches the boxes. She opens
the lid of the box and reaches in to pull out the Ouija
board. After observing the box containing the Ouija board,
she tosses it on the bed and continues going through the
rest of the stuff contained in that one box.
What is this? This stuff doesn't
belong to my brother.
      (looking around
       the room)
Mom, I think we need to get out of
A soft, yet very distinct, creaking sound of someone slowly
walking up the stairs is heard. Devon immediately stops and
takes notice to the noise that appears to be getting louder
right outside of the bedroom door.
Billy immediately runs to Devon as he nervously stands
beside her, never removing his eyes from the opened door.
Devon takes a deep breath as the sound reaches its max.
Ronnie then slowly steps in front of the doorway as Billy
jumps about a foot back behind Devon.


Oh, there you are. I tried
knocking but no one came to the
Ronnie, what are you still doing
here? What makes you think you
can just walk right on in?
Oh, I'm sorry. The door was
pushed open. I just thought you
were right inside the door but
when I stepped in, I heard the two
of you talking so I let myself in.
I left my car key on your counter
so I came back in to grab it.
Can't go far without these guys.
Ronnie waves his keys in the air as Devon looks at Billy in
      (putting his hands
Look, I'm sorry I startled you.
I'll make sure to ring the
doorbell next time.
Ronnie looks around the room.
Wow, it seems weird to be in your
brother's old room again without
him here. What is that on the
wall over there?
As Devon and Billy turn towards that direction, Ronnie steps
in and discretely takes the padlock off of the table.
I don't know. I'm not sure what
half of this stuff is.
Ronnie walks over to the bed and picks up the Ouija board as
he observes the box.
      (shaking his head
       with a smirk)
Wow, pretty outgoing guy.


This is not his stuff. I have no
idea where it came from.
Don't fret, it's okay. I'm sure
there's a lot of things you didn't
know about your brother. Trust
Ronnie puts off a devilish laugh.
Look, I'm sorry but I think you
need to leave. We were just
heading to bed.
Ronnie smiles sheepishly as he places the box back on the
Yeah, you're right. It is a
little late. Can I call you
Yeah, that's fine.
Great. I guess I'll call you
Ronnie starts to exit the room as he turns around to address
Devon one last time.
      (flashing a single
I'll just let myself out. Thanks
again for dinner.
Ronnie looks at Billy and gives off a devilish wink as he
turns to leave.
What is up with that guy?
      (looking at Billy)
Make sure to get all this stuff
put back up. I'm going to see him
out and make sure everything gets


                       DEVON (cont'd)
locked up.
Yes, Ma'am.
Devon exits the room as Billy takes the Ouija board and
places it back into the box. He then walks over to the
table to grab the lock and notices that it is not there.
What? I know I saw that lock
sitting here.
He looks under the table and on the floor.
Great. I'll just fasten the
latch. That lock is bound to turn
up some time.
Billy stands up and walks out the door after turning off the
light and shutting the door behind him. As the inside view
of the door is on screen, a noise of the door being latched
from just outside is heard.
The view of the camera slowly rotates towards the closet in
the back of the room as it shows four skinny fingers (the
same fingers as portrayed earlier in the script) reach
around the wall from inside the closet. A growling sound is
then heard as the picture fades out.
Devon is walking around the house with a lighter, lighting
candles in case of a power outage, as it storms outside.
She is interrupted by a knock on the door and quickly
approaches it.
Who is it?
                       FATHER BISHOP (O.S.)
Devon, it's Father Bishop.
Devon immediately opens the door.
Father, I'm so glad you're here.


FATHER BISHOP, a tall, slender gentleman with pale skin,
walks in. The rain continues pouring outside and Devon
closes the door behind him.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Yes, I was wondering how long it
was going to take before you
called me. We have to talk.
Devon assists Father Bishop in taking off his raincoat.
      (hanging up his
Yes, I know. I've got Billy
staying over at a friend's house
so he's not going to be here
tonight. When you have things
happening in your own home that
you can't logically explain, the
next thing to do would be to
contact someone who caters to a
higher power who might can find
some answers or at least make
whatever it is scaring us go away.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking around)
Oh, yes, I do greatly feel its
presence and I can honestly tell
you that it does not want me here.
Well, what do you think we need to
                       FATHER BISHOP
Devon, your brother's spirit is in
danger. He is here and is calling
out for help. He is also trying
to warn you and send you a
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (leading the way)
Come, let's sit down.


Father Bishop and Devon make their way into the great room
and take a seat on the couch.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking at Devon)
Your brother came to me last night
in a vision. You and Billy are in
grave danger and you have to get
out of this house immediately.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Your brother has been murdered and
is now trying to avenge his own
      (taken aback)
Father, I'm sorry but I don't
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (sighing as he
       takes Devon's
In life, your brother had become
involved in some type of a satanic
cult. Right before his
disappearance, he contacted me to
discuss what he referred to as a
much needed deliverance on
What? What are you talking about
and what exactly is a deliverance?
                       FATHER BISHOP
The purpose of a deliverance is to
eject any and all demonic
possessions and rid yourself of
the evil that may encompass you.
So, what are you saying? That my
brother was possessed?
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking at Devon)
Well, if he's contacting a priest
to inquire of such matters, either
the true possession is in place


                       FATHER BISHOP (cont'd)
and he is out to secretly mock the
church or he has delved into
something he knows no escape from.
Either way, I knew he needed
immediate help.
So you think that all of this had
something to do with his
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (shaking his head)
No, no, I don't think so. I know
so. I think he and his friends
opened up a door that had no
business being opened.
And what does that mean?
                       FATHER BISHOP
The door to the other side. Or,
in so many words, the portal of
literal hell. It's the gateway to
the spirit world. It's a place
that allows the other side access
to us in a much evil physical form
that tries to take hold of its
prey and recruit them, so to
speak. It's obtained through
satanic rituals, sacrificial
procedures on animals and
sometimes even humans. The
sacrifices are used as gifts to
these demonic entities.
So you believe that my brother
worshipped Satan? You think that
is what brought all of this about?
                       FATHER BISHOP
I believe that what happened was
that your brother was pulled into
a world that he knew nothing
about. He thought these people
were his friends and they weren't.
They tried to teach him these
rituals and he began to refrain. I
also think that your parents were
haunted by the demons that may


                       FATHER BISHOP (cont'd)
have resulted in their deaths.
      (beginning to
       breathe heavily)
What? So, what do you think
really happened the night my
brother disappeared?
                       FATHER BISHOP
Things that no human should ever
have to witness in his lifetime.
Father Bishop begins telling the story as the actions of
what had happened begin to visually unfold on screen.
Four boys, including Devon's brother and a younger looking
Ronnie, are seen forcefully escorting a young girl up to the
house in the pouring rain.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
They thought that this house would
be better because of its close
proximity to a cemetery. Your
parents had left for the weekend,
so there was no better time than
then to perform the ritual.
The boys engage in laughter as they push the front door open
and push her into the house. She falls on her back onto the
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
Is all of this really necessary?
                       BOY 1
Shut it, Turner, or you'll be
Devon's brother peers down at the girl who is crying
uncontrollably from fear and shuts the door behind him.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
How do you know that she's even a
                       BOY 1
Look at her. Would you have sex
with something that looked like


The remaining boys shout out with laughter as they lift the
girl to her feet and start carrying her upstairs.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
Look, there has to be another way
around this.
                       BOY 1
      (looking at
       Devon's brother)
Are you coming or are you going to
bow out like a little chump?
Devon's brother sighs and follows them up the stairs as the
girl continues crying uncontrollably.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Your brother truly wanted no part
of it, but at this point, he knew
he was in too deep to turn back.
He knew his own life was in danger
if he didn't follow suit.
The boys get up the stairs and walk down the hall to Devon's
brother's room. They open the door and literally throw the
crying girl into the room.
                       BOY 1
      (bending down to
       confront the girl)
If you don't stop your hideous
sobbing, this is going to be
worse. Do you understand me?
                       YOUNG GIRL
Why? Why are you doing this?
                       BOY 1
Why? Why are we doing this?
The boy stands up and nudges Devon's brother.
                       BOY 1
Go on, Turner, tell the girl why
we are doing this. Maybe she at
least deserves that much.
The other boys laugh as Devon's brother just stands there.


                       BOY 1
      (raising his voice)
Go on, Turner, tell her.
He, again, just stands there with no ability to speak.
                       BOY 1
Oh, I see, our friend is going to
play shy now.
The boy reaches over and places his arm around Devon's
brother's neck.
                       BOY 1
      (looking at girl)
What my friend is trying to say is
that we need your little virgin
body to offer as our sacrifice to
the gods.
He then bends down beside the girl to address her one last
                       BOY 1
Because if we don't, all that
we've done up to this point is in
vain. We wouldn't want that,
would we?
The boy stands back up as the girl continues crying
                       BOY 1
Alright, boys, let's get this over
with. This bitch is about to give
me a headache.
Two of the boys pick the girl up and place her on the bed.
They then tie each arm to the headrest as the first boy
walks over to hold her feet down.
                       BOY 1
Alright, that's good. Now each of
you get over here and hold her
legs down.
Devon's brother is seen standing to the side as he literally
watches in horror.
                       BOY 1
      (talking to
       Devon's brother)
God, what is this? I can't
believe you, Man. What was that


                       BOY 1 (cont'd)
about pleasing Satan and wanting
to do his will. Think about all
of the freedoms you can obtain.
This means living your life
without any restraints and giving
yourself to any and all
temptations this world can offer.
Doesn't that sound better than
following ridiculous rules and
having to answer to a higher
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
      (looking straight
       at the boy)
It doesn't matter what you do. You
will always have to answer to a
higher power, good or evil. Maybe
the rules exist to protect people.
Did you ever think of that?
                       BOY 1
Look, I am not going to stand here
and debate this. We have already
established the ground rules and
the basis for our lives. We have
to have 100% dedication to make
this work. Now, are you in or are
you out?
The crying girl looks up at Devon's brother with a
tremendous look of fear.
                       YOUNG GIRL
      (through tears)
Please, help me.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
      (looking away as
       he gulps)
Yeah, fine. Just remember that
this wasn't my idea.
                       BOY 1
      (nodding his head)
Alright, now that's what I'm
talking about. Don't worry. Your
mommy, daddy and big sissy would
all be so proud.
The boy pulls a knife from his coat as the girl screams


                       BOY 1
Is everyone in place?
All the boys gather around the bed with two standing at the
end of the bed (including Devon's brother alongside Ronnie)
and the other boy standing opposite of the first boy with
the knife.
The boy with the knife takes out a small pamphlet from his
back pocket and lays it on the bed. The girl consistently
sobs as she steadily screams out in fear.
                       BOY 1
Will somebody please go find some
duct tape?
The boys all turn to Devon's brother.
                       BOY 1
      (shrugging his
Turner, that would be your call.
You're the only one who knows
where stuff is around here.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
Yeah, right.
He turns and exits the room.
                       BOY 2
Are you sure this is going to
                       BOY 1
Yeah, Dude, we have Satan backing
us up. It will work.
The boy looks down at the girl as her screams seem to be
getting louder.
                       BOY 1
Speed it up, Turner!
Devon's brother is heard running back up the stairs as he
then re-enters the room.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
      (approaching the
Here. Just for you.


He shoves the boy's chest, tape in hand, as the boy abruptly
takes it from him.
                       BOY 1
Yeah, I appreciate your
Devon's brother cautiously returns to his original spot as
he quickly glances back down at the girl. The boy starts
peeling the tape away.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Your brother knows that there is
nothing remotely okay about this,
no matter what kind of worship he
has already offered to the dark
side. Before, it was only him and
the confusion of his beliefs but
now, he has become responsible for
a living human being. This only
goes to show that he had not fully
committed himself to what his
friends have involved him in or
what was about to take place.
The boy tears a piece of tape off and quickly places it over
the girl's mouth. He then tosses the roll onto the floor.
                       BOY 1
Finally, peace and quite. Now,
let's get this party started.
The boy positions the pamphlet on the corner of the bed
where he can read it during the ritual.
                       BOY 1
      (looking up as he
       raises the knife
       above the girl)
Satan, we come to you with an
offering of pureness that we will
slay in your name only!
Devon's brother is beginning to shake as he quickly becomes
very restless and immediately takes flight. He screams in
rage as he jumps across the corner of the bed, knocking the
pamphlet off the bed and into the closet under a pile of
clothes, and tackles the boy with the knife to the ground.


                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Your brother immediately disturbs
the ritual as he tackles the boy
to the ground.
A ringing of thunder, as lightning flashes outside the
window, is heard throughout the house as the lights
immediately go out.
Devon and Father Bishop immediately come back on screen. A
loud sound of thunder rings throughout the house as the
lights begin to flicker and then completely go out. Father
Bishop immediately stands to his feet.
      (sitting Father
       Bishop back down)
It's okay. I've got candles lit.
You have to finish telling me what
happens to my brother.
Father Bishop sighs as he continues.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
The lights had went out and the
only thing you could hear was the
rustling of boys in conflict.
The lights then come back on as Devon's brother is seen
holding the boy with the knife against the wall as the other
boys stand around.
                       DEVON'S BROTHER
I can not allow this. You've gone
far enough.
                       BOY 1
Oh, really? I think you're
forgetting who has the weapon.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Your brother is immediately
stabbed in his side as he falls to
the ground in agony.
The boy stands to his feet and looks at the girl, whose eyes
have almost swollen shut from crying, and raises the
blood-stricken knife in the air.


                       BOY 1
      (in a deep,
       possessed voice
       with eyes of red)
Now, let's finish this!
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
While in pain, your brother jumps
up behind the boy and grabs both
of his arms from behind. In a
swift motion, he forcefully brings
the knife down towards the boy's
chest as it pierces his heart. The
boy then immediately falls to the
                       BOY 1
      (rolling from side
       to side in pain)
Veritas diaboli manet in aeternum!
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Devil's truth remain eternally, he
shouts in a demonic voice.
      (looking at
       Devon's brother)
What have you done?
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
Your brother falls to his knees
from the wound in his side and
slowly drifts off to sleep, never
to awaken again. His spirit just
seems to be caught somewhere
between here and there for he has
great need to complete one more
The 2nd boy yells at Ronnie.
                       BOY 2
What are we going to do?
      (looking at the
We are going to complete the
Devon and Father Bishop come back on screen as Devon bows
her head with Father Bishop looking on in sorrow.


So they killed the little girl
anyway, in this house.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Oh, yes. You see, they had to
complete the ritualistic ceremony
at hand but it was tainted and not
carried out properly. Once the
ritual is disturbed, it doesn't
fulfill its main purpose. It
leaves too many loose ends that
must be tied up for Satan to fully
be satisfied with the gift he is
being offered. So, although the
task was carried through, there
has to be proper and just
replacements made quickly to
complete the original circle.
However, in this case, only
certain individuals could
righfully complete it.
      (looking up at
       Father Bishop)
                       FATHER BISHOP
Yes, your brother's blood kin. The
next best thing to his offspring
would be his nephew. When he took
an oath to the dark side, it not
only affected him but his entire
family. They thought that if they
could convert Billy's young mind
early, they could recruit him,
complete the circle and perform
another offering to alter the area
and maintain complete passage to
the dark side.
Father Bishop continues with the story as Ronnie comes back
on screen, standing in a dark, desolate and wet location.
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
After Ronnie disposes of the
bodies, he walks out of the wooded
area but turns to claim his stake.
We will avenge your death. The
circle will be completed and the
offering made to our god will be


                       RONNIE (cont'd)
                       FATHER BISHOP (V.O.)
One of the first things he must do
now is find the script that was
misplaced among the scuffle. Only
then can he complete the long
awaited offering to the evil
entity he refers to as God.
Father Bishop and Devon come back on screen as the lights
begin to flicker and then come back on.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Stay away from Ronnie, Devon. He
is only trying to deter you. He
has to maintain access to this
house in order to carry out what
his brothers failed to properly
carry out before.
So, what are you saying? That
this house has become their
                       FATHER BISHOP
Yes, that's exactly right. It's
like an omen, if you will, of
where their negative orb of energy
has created the archway to Satan.
      (looking straight
       at Father Bishop)
The portal of hell?
                       FATHER BISHOP
       nodding his head)
Yes. It is the portal of hell.
A loud banging on the front door is heard coming from the
outside of the house as both Devon and Father Bishop jump
and turn towards the door.
                       RONNIE (O.S.)
I know you're in there! Open this


Oh, my gosh. What are we gong to
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (hollering towards
       the door)
You are not welcome here. You
must leave at once.
                       RONNIE (O.S.)
Do you honestly think that is
going to deter me?
The doorknob starts jiggling as Devon and Father Bishop look
What do you want from us?
                       RONNIE (O.S.)
Oh, come on, Devon. You can't
possibly tell me that you don't
know that by now.
You killed my brother you stupid
bastard. Get out of here before I
call the cops.
Oh, really? Open this door right
The door begins shaking dramatically as Devon stands to her
      (taking Father
       Bishop by the
Come on, we have to get out of
As Father Bishop stands to his feet, the door is forcefully
kicked open as they both stand there and watch Ronnie slowly
make his way into the house. Father Bishop quickly stands
in front of Devon.
Well, what do we have here? Taking
a stroll on the dark side, Father?


                       RONNIE (cont'd)
You'll learn it can be very
contagious and fulfilling, to say
the least.
                       FATHER BISHOP
You need to leave here at once,
Oh, really? And what are you
going to do about it if I don't?
Ronnie slowly begins to walk towards them.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (pointing towards
Do not come a step closer.
Ronnie begins to chuckle and shake his head.
Devon slowly reaches behind her and opens the drawer to the
end table she happens to be standing in front of.
Father, do you honestly think that
after all the things I have seen
in my short life that you are
going to startle me?
As she slowly reaches into the drawer, she moves her hand
around as if to search for something. After a couple of
seconds, she finally grabs something and immediately
withdraws her hand and displays a gun as she points it
towards Ronnie.
      (putting his hands
Well, would you look at this? What
are you going to do? Shoot me?
You don't have the guts.
Father Bishop quickly turns around and takes the gun from
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (pointing the gun
       towards Ronnie)
No, but I do.


Loud thunder rings throughout the house as the lights again
flicker and then completely go off. A scuffle is heard as
Devon begins to scream. A gunshot rings out as the lights
immediately come back on.
Father Bishop is lying flat on his back as Ronnie sits on
top of him, holding him down by his chest.
As Devon stands back in shock, Father Bishop notices that
the gun has landed right above his head and he begins to
reach for it. Devon immediately comes to his aid as she
grabs the gun and points it at Ronnie.
Get off of him now!
Ronnie slowly raises his hands and begins to stand to his
Come on, Devon, give me the gun so
we can put an end to all of this.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (standing up)
Give me the gun, Devon.
I would think twice before I did
      (hesitating as she
       looks at Ronnie)
What? What are you talking about?
You just don't get it, do you? If
Satan wanted to manipulate
somebody and get in his head, the
best way to do that would be to
disguise himself as a man of God.
If you were Satan, where would be
the best place for you to hide
that no one would ever suspect you
of being?
Excuse me?


      (shrugging his
Every ring has its master. Don't
you see? The whole thing is a
fabrication on the part of Father
Bishop himself. In order to
discourage you from seeking the
facts, he has befriended you and
led you astray as to the actual
truth of the matter.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Don't listen to him. He's only
trying to lead you astray. There
should be no doubt with you as to
what my beliefs are.
Really? Even Satan believes in
God and can quote you any
scripture in the Bible.
Devon flashes a disgruntled look.
Stop it! This is ludicrous. Both
of you just remain still while I
call the police.
Yeah, you do that. That's a great
idea. Don't you think that if
they really cared they would have
solved the case by now or at least
tried a little harder to solve it?
Two young men and a female
disappeared over a year ago and
they are no further along then
they were when the case first
Devon nervously, while still aiming the gun towards both
men, picks up the phone. She tries turning the phone on and
puts it to her ear.
Oh, I can not believe this. The
phones are down.
She places the phone back down on the receiver.


                       FATHER BISHOP
      (reaching out to
Come on, let me make this a lot
easier for you. Just please give
me the gun.
As lightning strikes outside, a figure appears in the corner
of the room that immediately attracts Ronnie's attention.
The figure disappears just as quickly as it appears. The
figure is that of Devon's brother, the same figure that
Billy had previously seen.
      (mouth dropping)
What in the world is that?
Devon and Father Bishop both direct their attention in the
direction of Ronnie's stare as Devon immediately looks back
towards the men with gun in hand.
      (pointing in that
Who was that? Did you not see
Lightning strikes again as the figure presents itself and
Ronnie immediately gasps. Devon and Father Bishop simply
look around in question.
No, it's not possible. What is
this, a joke?
Lightning strikes for a third time as the figure appears
right beside Ronnie, looking straight at him. He
immediately swings for it as the figure again disappears.
Devon looks on in question.
      (looking around)
What are you? You are dead!
What is going on here?
                       FATHER BISHOP
He's having visions of his victim.
Your brother is here with us.


      (eyes tearing up)
What? He is here?
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking around)
Yes, he is.
No, he's not. Your brother is
dead. There is no way he is here.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Yes, he is here, Ronnie, and he
has come back to avenge his death.
      (looking at Father
What the hell are you talking
about? I had nothing to do with
his death.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking at Ronnie)
Oh, but you did have something to
do with his death and yet you
choose to allow such ungodly acts
to remain free of justice.
For one last time, lightning strikes as a vision of Devon's
brother is seen once more standing right in front of Devon
as Ronnie snaps and jumps towards her in an attempt to
tackle the ghost.
As Ronnie leaps towards her, the ghost quickly dissipates
and Devon fires a shot as Ronnie goes down to the ground.
As he falls to the floor, he quickly grabs his left shoulder
and screams in agony. Devon looses control and quickly
drops the gun as Father Bishop dives for it.
As he obtains the gun, he quickly jumps on top of Ronnie and
places the gun to his temple.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Now, listen to me and listen to me
good. I have permission from a
higher power to put a bullet in
your head if you do not tell us
where you placed those helpless


Devon stands there in shock as she helplessly looks on and
places her hand in front of her mouth.
Yeah, right.
Father Bishop quickly turns around and shoots Ronnie in his
right knee at close range as Ronnie screams out in agony and
then resumes position.
                       FATHER BISHOP
I am not in a position to play
games here and we haven't much
time. Now, I'm only asking you
this one last time. Where are
those helpless souls?
      (through tears of
The old Woodland Park Road. The
wooded area right behind the
Chancellor's house. The graves
are marked with huge stones. You
can't miss it.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking Ronnie
       square in the
Appreciate it. May you die in
Father Bishop stands up and motions for Devon to follow. He
directs her out of the house as he stops behind her and
turns to address Ronnie one last time who remains on the
floor in agony.
                       FATHER BISHOP
No, I am not perfect for none of
us are. I did fail and told a
lie. A higher power did not give
me permission to put a bullet in
your head. He only gave me
permission to put it in your
Father Bishop fires one last shot into Ronnie's left knee
and turns to leave.


      (screaming in
Please don't leave me!
As Ronnie lies flat on his back, while rolling from side to
side in horrific pain, he glances up through eyes of tears
and beholds Devon's brother's ghost looking down on him.
      (looking up while
It's not my fault that you're
                       THE GHOST OF DEVON'S BROTHER
      (looking down at
The little girl?
We just put her out of her misery.
The eerie-zombie looking ghost of Devon's brother
immediately transforms into the demonic figure seen
previously as it raises its head and lets out a huge growl.
The figure quickly drops to the floor above Ronnie as he
lets out an ear-piercing scream followed by sounds of glass
breaking and a fire igniting. The screen immediately goes
Father Bishop is driving down the road in the pouring rain
as Devon sits in shock.
      (looking at Father
What's going to happen to Ronnie?
                       FATHER BISHOP
Well, he'll be eternally placed
with the demons he summoned. Once
Satan is through with him, he'll
be placed in the fiery pit where
he will remain forever more.
Satan's use for him would have
been completed. He won him over.
Now it's time to move on to the


                       FATHER BISHOP (cont'd)
And you honestly believe that?
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking at Devon)
You better believe it. Ronnie
will go where he rightfully
belongs before he's able to drag
anyone else down with him.
      (sobbing softly)
I just can't believe that my
brother had to lose his life this
way. Why couldn't I have been
                       FATHER BISHOP
This is not your fault by no
means. There's no way anyone
could have ever predicted this. We
are going to lay everything to
rest tonight. You just have to
stay strong for me. Okay?
Father Bishop reaches over and clutches Devon's hand.
      (looking at Father
       Bishop through
       eyes of tears)
The truck is seen pulling to the side of the road. Father
Bishop quickly exits the vehicle in the rain and runs around
the side to assist Devon out of the vehicle.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (taking Devon's
Come on, we haven't much time.
Devon exists as Father Bishop closes the door behind her. He
quickly runs to the back of the truck and reaches in the bed
to grab a shovel. They both then take off walking towards
the wooded area off the side of the road.
What are we looking for?


                       FATHER BISHOP
I'm not sure but I'll know when I
find it.
Devon continues following Father Bishop as they walk deeper
into the woods.
As Devon begins to show signs of slowing down, Father Bishop
turns to address her.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Devon, you mustn't give up. We're
almost there.
He takes Devon by the hand and assists her in walking
through the woods.
      (starting to cry)
I can't. This is too much.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (approaching Devon)
Devon, listen to me. Your brother
needs us. He is calling out to us
to finish this for him. You have
to be strong. Believe in
yourself. I know you can do this.
As Father Bishop glances off in the near distance, he
immediately takes notice to two specific areas of freshly
disturbed ground that appears to be raised.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (taking a deep
Oh, Father above, be with us.
Devon looks off in that direction to behold the same sight.
What is that?
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (leading Devon)
Come on. We'll find out.
Both Devon and Father Bishop approach the area. As Devon
stands above the proposed graves in the rain, she falls to
her knees.


      (sobbing as she
       looks to the sky)
Father Bishop approaches her as he places his hands on her
                       FATHER BISHOP
Devon, this is not God's work.
This is the work of Satan and none
other. However, we are here to
lay this whole thing to rest. What
I need you to do now is help me
out and move to the side.
Devon stands to her feet and steps to the side as Father
Bishop begins to dig up the soft area.
As the rain continues to fall, Father Bishop continues
digging with Devon standing to the side, looking on. After
a short while, he immediately stops as he places the shovel
on the ground and begins digging with his hands.
With his hands dug firmly in the dirt, Father Bishop slowly
withdraws, holding what looks like a piece of human skull in
his hand.
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (looking up at
We found it, Devon. We've found
your brother.
Devon again falls to her knees as she bows her head and
                       FATHER BISHOP
      (Placing his hand
       on her back)
It's okay. We can put him to rest
As Devon raises her head to once again behold her brother's
deathly grave, something catches her attention as she slowly
stands to her feet.
Father Bishop takes notice to Devon, looks in the direction
that she is, and slowly stands to his feet. The rain
immediately comes to a stop.
Both Devon and Father Bishop behold an angelic figure, not
like that of a previous demonic or zombie type entity, but


that of a Godly angel approaching them.

As the spirit gets closer, it becomes clear that it is
Devon's brother who has now become that of a saved soul and
is no longer a trapped soul.
      (as in a tunneled
Yes, Devon, it is me.
      (softly crying)
I, I don't understand.
I know and I don't expect you to.
I just had to see you one last
time before I was able to move on.
There's something you must know.
I'm not what you may think I am
after all of this.
      (shaking her head)
No, Donnie, I know you all to well
to believe such a thing.
I was wrong on several accounts
but that is something I must now
face. I never meant for it to end
like this. We are all lead astray
at one point in our lives but I
was able to come back from it. Not
physically, but most importantly,
      (crying as she
       nods her head)


I must go now. Please, don't ever
lose faith. You must be strong.
Donnie extends his hand and softly caresses Devon's face as
if to have a beam of light shine directly on you. She
closes her eyes and puts her hand to her cheek as the
angelic figure immediately refrains.
      (looking at Father
Thank you.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Don't thank me. Thank the one who
truly deserves it.
Devon places her hand over her mouth as she notices Donnie
beginning to step back.
I must go now, but I will always
be with you.
Devon slowly waves goodbye as she tries her best to keep
from breaking down.
Donnie smiles and turns, as in a floating manner, to leave.
As he begins to leave, the spirit of the murdered girl walks
up from within the wooded area and takes his hand. They
both turn once more towards Devon and Father Bishop and
As they again turn to leave, a beam of light immediately
shines down from the heavens and draws them in as they
disappear into thin air.
As Devon and Father Bishop remain standing, while looking in
that same direction, the night becomes completely still with
not even a single movement in the woods.
Father Bishop reaches out and grabs Devon's hand as she
turns to him.
Thank you.
                       FATHER BISHOP
No, thanks to us both.
Father Bishop smiles as he breaks the silence.


                       FATHER BISHOP
Come on, let's get you out of
those wet clothes.
As they both begin to leave, Devon turns around once more as
if to give off her final bow of respect to her brother. Her
eyes begin to fill up with tears as Father Bishop firmly
takes her by the hand.
                       FATHER BISHOP
Come on, Devon, we have to let him
Devon walks alongside Father Bishop as they head out to
The screen, as well as the background noise, completely
fades as the screen becomes black.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
The old Turner house burned
completely to the ground and was
never rebuilt. The lot, to this
day, remains vacant and Ronnie's
whereabouts remain unknown. Many
sightings have been reported of
ghosts and entities pacing through
the cemetery as if to be searching
for something. Others believe that
it is the spirit of those who have
yet to be given permission to
cross over and may forever be
caught in purgatory or earthly
hell. Whatever the case, or
whatever you may choose to
believe, one thing is for sure. If
you invite the demons over for
dinner, they will claim their
stay, never leave and end up
having you for dinner.
In the dead of night in the cemetery, a tall, red-colored
like figure with scaly skin (as that of a reptile) in the
form of a man (with horns on his head and large pointy ears)
stands at a distance.

The figure slowly begins walking through the cemetery. The
figure itself appears to be the same figure as seen


As the creature begins to slowly move, there is an
immediate close-up of the creature (portraying a long
defined chin with long sharp teeth) as it jumps around with
arms spread out (as if to take flight).

With bent knees and bright yellowish, scanty eyes, the
creature stares straight out into the audience.
As it pauses for just a couple of seconds, it points
straight out as if to single out a certain individual and
then jumps towards the camera as the picture immediately
fades to a black screen.
TITLE OVER: THE END (or is it really?)


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