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The Guardians Episode 1: The Directive
by Byron Vasquez (electro848@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Guardian angels save the world from evil.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A dark alley. The place looks very dangerous. There's trash
everywhere. Behind a bar or pool haul. There's man leaning
on a wall lighting a cigarette. He has a leather jacket on,
and scruffy facial hair. He looks like he could be from New
York. He sees a dark silhouette coming through the steam.He
approaches it slowly.
Hey…hey…are you the one who called
looking for information on The
The dark shadow doesn't say anything. The man walks closer.
But slowly something doesn't seem right to him.
Hey. I don't got all night. So if
you're the one who called me. Tell
me what you need to know…otherwise
let me be on my merry way….. You
heard me?
Just then he takes one closer look at the dark shadow and
something pulls him into the dark. The man starts screaming
and we see blood splashing everywhere. Finally the man stops
screaming. His body is thrown to the ground blood all over
his face. His throat slashed. The shadow disappears.
                                         THE GUARDIANS
It's a dark evening. There are trees and hills everywhere.
Suddenly, a disgusting demon's face appears, and a sharp
knee hit's the demon's face. There are 4 of these demons
fighting two guys. One of them is on the roof of a car
fighting three of the demons. The other guy seems to be
having trouble fighting the other two. There is a young
couple hiding by a tree. There is a blanket on the ground
and food everywhere. A small fire has started from candles


being dropped. It's obvious that the couple were having a
midnight picnic.
The younger of the two guys is fighting a demon and senses
something and looks over to the couple.
      (Great curiosity)
Hey, man did she say yes?
Gabriel, the man on the car, is really whaling on the
demons. He hears Mike ask the guy the question and starts to
get angry. The girl screams as a demon tries to attack her,
but Mike grabs the demon just before he grabs her. The girl
turns to her boyfriend, and hugs him for dear life. As she
does that a small black box falls out of his jacket. She
looks at the box and forgets about the four demons and two
strange men fighting. She bends over and picks it up.
      (Shocked and
Is this what I think it is?
At the same time Mike is fighting the demon, and he punches
the demon and it falls to the ground. He looks at the demon
and forgets about the other three demons and his brother
fighting them. He is completely shocked and nervous.
The girl's eye start to water as her boyfriend picks up the
box and gets on one knee.
Mike's eyes start to water and stares as the demon is
picking himself up and getting ready to fight.
Alyssa, I have loved from the
moment I laid eyes on you.
The demon gets up and punches Mike in the face. They
struggle on the floor for a little while and Mike gets free
from the demon. He pulls out a knife and is about to stab
the demon in the heart.
The boyfriend gets down on one knee, and is about to pop the
Will you marry me?
The girl is over come with happiness.
Mike is about to stab the demon when he drops the knife and
is over come with happiness. The demon looks around looking


Alyssa and her boyfriend are about to kiss, when a knife is
thrown and lands right between their legs. They both look
toward the direction that it came from.
Gabriel takes one second to think and quickly reacts.
He cheated on you
The girl goes from happy to incredibly mad and slaps the man
in the face.
The demon is about to pounce on Mike when he goes from happy
to incredibly mad, and slaps the demon in the face. He
picks up the knife and just as the demon gets to him he
stabs him in the heart. The demon burns up. Gabriel kills
the other 3 demons. All four demons are gone now. Gabriel
and Mike stand there getting their breath back as Alyssa is
picking up her things and fighting with her boyfriend.
Mike goes over to Gabriel
Did you have to ruin their moment?
Desperate times call for desperate
Yea, but now she's all mad. Should
we say something?
We're their guardians, not their
Gabriel walks away.
Mike stays behind to watch them make up. She stands in his
arms and kisses him.
      (To himself)
But she loves him
Both Gabriel and Mike walk to their front door. Mike is
trying to convince Gabriel that using his empathic powers is
actually a benefit to their mission.


You know you should really start
to embrace your empathy. I think
it will really help you a lot.
You were about to propose to a
Well…I didn't say there weren't
any drawbacks. But I was the one
who found them because I sensed
their fear.
Yea, thanks a lot for screaming in
sheer panic.
They walk through front door and through the hallway..
Mike continues to prove his point.
Look regardless, the empathic gift
will be a real help once I learn
how to control it, and when I do
you're going to be glad I did.
Suddenly Gabriel stops at the sight of two strangers
standing in their living room. One man and one woman.
Standing on opposite sides.
Who the hell are you?
      (British accent)
Gabriel, Michael Welcome home.
Gabriel pulls out his knife and gets ready to attack.
You guys have about 30 seconds to…
Excuse us for the intrusion. I
am Juliette.
I am Memphis.


What are you doing in my home?
We have been sent to you by The
Collective for a very important
We have been ordered to activate
you as full guardians.
We are your Ophanims. Your guides.
Mike smiles in excitement.
The Collective thinks we're ready
to handle higher level directives?
Then why are they activating us?
The Collective has sensed a dark
presence is rising in this town.
You two are the only known
guardians in the area.
So, they're desperate? You're
saying you came all the way from
'the heavens above' to activate us
because there's no one else? What
if we decide not to comply?
Then your duties as guardians,
absolute or otherwise, will no
longer be required.
You will be stripped of your
You're giving us an ultimatum.


We realize our proposal is
colored. The predicament we placed
you in would upset me had the
situation been reversed.
Nevertheless, having The
Collective activate two untrained
neophyte guardians should
demonstrate the severity of the
We're desperate.
What darkness exactly has The
Collective sensed?
We don't know. Therein lies our
problem. But it's evil, and it's
Mike is stricken with fear, and Juliette senses it.
Michael, do not be afraid. We
would not have come to you if we
were not confident in your
Not to mention we will be guiding
you. You won't be alone in this.
But we need an answer now.
The room stays quiet for a few moments. The tension in the
air is palpable. The Ophanims needing Gabriel to comply.
Michael feeling scared for their future, and Gabriel
analyzing his options. The silence is finally broken.
When do we get our first
Gabriel is in his bedroom gathering up any books and
research material he has concerning demonology. Mike watches
his brother through the cracked open door trying to read his
emotions. He finally gives up. He opens the door cautiously
and tries to communicate with his brother.


Hey, so I just realized we're out
of milk.
Gabriel ignores him.
I was thinking about heading to
the store. Maybe buy some of those
fiber one bars that used to get us
Gabriel says without looking at him, and continues to gather
up his materials.
I deposited money in the family
account. Use your debit card.
Do you want…is there anything you
No, I'm good.
And Gabriel walks back to the living room. Leaving Mike
feeling emotionally flattened.
Gabriel walks back into the living room and sees Juliette
and Memphis sitting on opposites sides. He finds it odd and
looks to Memphis.
What's the matter she has cooties?
Juliette and Memphis ignore the statement.
You know only 6% of meaning is
found in spoken language.
And this pertains to me how?
Juliette looks over to where Gabriel and Mike were standing.
It would behoove you to open
yourself up to different ways of
Gabriel understanding where the conversation is going.


Are you going start on how I
should accept the empathic gift?
Or do you have another ultimatum
The choice to utilize the tools at
your disposal is yours to make.
But they were given to guardians
for a reason. I trust you will
find out why in time.
Gabriel becomes annoyed and quickly drops his books on the
coffee table.
Here are all the research
materials I have.
Doesn't seem like much.
Well, prior to this we weren't
exposed to many demons. Us being
untrained neophytes.
We know of man, a demonologist. An
unorthodox sort of character who
works in an unsavory neighborhood.
He might be able to help. He has
plenty of books and materials to
research from. We'll take you to
him when the time comes.
Where is Michael?
He went to the store, had to buy
cheese or something. When do we
get our first directive?
We don't know.
Don't you guys assign them to us
or something.


You are misinformed. The
directives are not given to you by
us, or The Collective
So how do we receive them?
You will soon discover the term
"coincidence" does not have a
place in your lexicon.
Michael is walking down the frozen foods aisle at the
grocery store. There are foods in his cart. And he is
reading a magazine. He walks by a woman who is at the
ice-cream section of the aisle. Standing with the door open
holding a box of popsicles and staring at it for a long
time. Mike doesn't notice because he is too into his
magazine. He walks by her, but he feels a strong emotional
sense. He stops pushing his cart and lowers his magazine. He
stares at the woman to read her emotions until the woman
breaks out of her trance and turns to him.
My sons favorite.
Michael smiles and walks away. With a feeling of concern.
A little while later. Michael finished putting the bags of
groceries into his cart from the check out stand and walks
out of the grocery store. He notices the same woman
struggling with her bags in her arms her wallet and keys in
her hands. She finally can't control them any longer and
drops her groceries. Michael goes over to help her pick up
the fallen items and put them in her car.
Hey, let me help you with those.
Thank you. I thought I could
handle it but I guess I couldn't.
Well, that's why we have carts
for. To help us carry the load.


Thank you I appreciate your help.
I have to get going now.
The woman gets in her van in a hurry and drives away.
Michael watches her drive away with great concern. He looks
towards the ground and sees she had left her license on the
ground. He picks it up and reads it.
Amanda Humphrey hmm.
Back at the house Gabriel and Michael are putting groceries
away. Michael is explaining to Gabriel what he felt.
I don't know it was weird. She
just stood there looking at the
box of popsicles. And I felt this
great sense of sadness.
Maybe she's on a diet.
But I also felt this great sense
of fear. She was scared of
something. I don't know. Anyway,
she dropped her license and I
picked it up. So I think I'm going
to go return it to her.
Well, maybe you should talk with
the Ophanims. This could be our
first directive.
Yea, good idea. I think I will.
Michael walks away and leaves Gabriel to finish putting the
groceries away.
Hey, you didn't buy any cheese?


Amanda comes home with her groceries in her arms. She puts
them on the table and sees her 7 year old son just standing
there. With patches of hair missing from his head. She goes
over kneels down and examines his hair closer.
Cory? What did you do to yourself?
Where is your sister? Elizabeth!
An older teenage girl comes into the room.
Elizabeth I told you to watch your
brother. Why did you let him do
I didn't. He said he was going to
bathroom and when we came out he
had hair missing.
Cory. Honey, why did you do this
to your hair?
Cory looks at her for one second longer.
The demons made me do it.
Amada's face turns white with fear. Elizabeth gets hit with
a wave of fear, and takes a step back. She looks around the
house examining it. Making sure they are completely alone.
Suddenly, there is a loud bang on their door. The three of
them scream.
Who is it?
      (Through the door)
My name is Michael we met earlier
today at the grocery store. You
dropped your license.
Amanda takes a deep breath and regains her composure. She
goes and opens the door, but only halfway. Attempting to
hide her son.


Hi. Sorry about that yell. You
startled us.
Michael is getting powerful vibes from all three of them,
but trying not to show it on his face.
Um…you dropped this earlier I just
wanted to return to it to you.
Oh, well your just my angel for
the day aren't you?
Michael grins
Um. Is everything alright?
Yes…I just got back from a few
errands and I….
She is interrupted. Cory starts to breath starts to get
heavier and heavier, and he keeps repeating words.
Doors and windows. Doors and
At first its very feint and it gets louder and louder. Until
he starts screaming with fear. As though he sees something
that no one else sees. Amada turns around and runs to her
son leaving Michael at the front door. She runs to hug her
son and comfort him but he is moving around wildly
screaming. Suddenly the windows starts to open and close and
the doors starts to rattle vigorously. Cory continues
screaming out of fear. Michael sees what's going on and runs
into the house, the minute he steps over the threshold his
empathic powers sense something powerful and it knocks him
back into a wall. He picks himself up runs over to Cory.
Cory sharply turns to Michael.
You are not the father!
And Cory lets out one final scream. His breathe starts to
slow down, and he holds onto his mother. Amanda hugs him
tightly. Michael and Amada stare at each other. Cory has
fallen asleep in Amada's arms. She sets him on the sofa. And
begins to apologize to Michael.


I'm sorry about this. I didn't
mean for you to see that.
No, it's okay. What happened?
He just had sort of a temper
Has this been happening for a
Look. Thank you for returning my
license and for helping me with
the groceries earlier, but with
all due respect I don't feel
comfortable giving this
information out to a complete
She says this as she leads him to the door. Michael not sure
of what else to do finally uses his empathic abilities to
convince Amanda to open up to him.
Your husband left you.
This stops Amanda dead in her tracks. She stares at Michael
trying to figure out who he is.
How did you know?
I can sense your pain. You anger
towards him. I can also sense
there is a lot more going on in
this house than tamper tantrums.
Something's here, and it's angry.
Who are you?
Just think of me as your angel for
the day. I can help you. You just
have to let me know what's going


A few minutes later Michael is sitting in the living room
waiting for Amanda. She is with Elizabeth at the door.
Elizabeth has her sleeping bag and a back pack. She is going
to spend the night at her friends house.
I'll call you when I get there,
and I'll call you tomorrow
morning. Please be careful mom I
don't want anything to happen to
you guys.
I will honey. Just…Just try to
have fun. And don't worry we'll be
The two of them hug each other. A longer hug than normal.
I love you sweetheart.
I love you too.
She leaves out the door. Amanda shuts the door. And has a
brief moment of weakness. She composes her self and walks
towards the living room while starting her story.
A few months ago my husband left
me. I came home one day and I
found a note on my bed. "Honey,
this isn't the life I dreamed of.
Please forgive me." For the first
couple of weeks he would still
pick up Cory and Elizabeth from
school. Cory and him were very
close. They would go to baseball
games together. Build things
together, they were always
together. After a few weeks Bill
started calling less and less.
Until he eventually stopped
calling. I thought it was just a
phase and that he would come back
to us. One day Cory and Elizabeth
waited for him after school to
pick them up as usual, and he
never showed.


When did Cory start having those
That same night. It started in his
sleep. He started screaming. We
just thought it was a nightmare. I
thought nothing of it. But they
started getting worse. It went
from 1 a night to 5 or 6 every
night. Then one day at school he
had one while he was awake. We had
to pull him out of school. He was
having them at night and during
the day. He wasn't sleeping. We
took him to the doctor. They told
me it was his way of coping with
his father leaving. They said it
would go away. Until one day, my
brother came over to visit. Cory
had an attack, and this time he
started screaming doors and
windows. Just like he did today.
And the house started to rattle.
He also said the same thing to my
brother. 'You're not the father.'
Then he started doing really weird
things. Like cutting his hair. I
asked him why he did that. He told
me that the demons made him do it.
I've never spoke to him about
demons in his life.
I think I was right about
something going on here.
Is he possessed?
I don't know. But I have friends
who can help. Get Cory. We're
going to get some answers.
Back at the house. Gabriel and Memphis are engaged in
physical combat in the living room. Juliette stands back and
watches. Taking notes of his performance. It is obvious
from the fight that Memphis has the upper hand. Memphis is


more agile with his fighting. Uses different moves, and
adapts well. Gabriel fights with a linear sort of style.
More about strength then ingenuity. Finally Memphis gets him
in an arm bar and the sparring session is over. He releases
him from the hold, and Gabriel gets up. Visibly frustrated
that he was beaten.
Why aren't you a guardian?
      (Turns and looks
There are limitations.
Juliette looks down, and then changes the subject.
Gabriel. If you plan for some
major victories for any upcoming
directives. I think it would be in
your best interest to improve you
fighting abilities.
Thanks. I haven't had any trouble
in the past.
Yet the only demons you both have
encountered are nephilims. Hardly
an indication of the power and
force of more lethal demons.
I have to agree. We don't know
when your first directive will be.
The sooner you start improving
your skills the better.
What do you mean? Didn't you talk
to Michael about his situation?
What situation?
He met a woman at the grocery
store today. He said he sensed
something off about her. She
dropped her license, and he was
going to back to return it. I told
him to talk to you guys first. It


                       GABRIEL (cont'd)
might be our first directive. We
might be facing our first demon
sooner than you thought.
What makes you think it's a demon?
Just then Michael comes bursting through the door with
Amanda and Cory.
Gabriel gives Memphis a look.
What happened?
Guys this is Amanda and Cory. The
woman from the grocery store.
Something weird just happened at
her home.
What happened to the kids hair?
Michael hears the comment, but ignores it.
I think he might be possessed.
Juliette has an idea.
Would anyone like any tea?
Amanda this is Memphis and my
brother Gabriel. Tell them what
you told me.
Juliette walks into the kitchen. When she is sure no one was
watching she opens up a magic cupboard in mid-air. She pulls
out some tea bags. She puts a kettle on the stove and boils


the water.
Back in the living room. Amanda is answering some questions
that Memphis asked.
Has your son played with any type
of magical toys? Ouija board?
Tarot cards?
No. He's only 7 years old. He
doesn't have access to those type
of things.
And this started immediately after
your husband disappeared?
Yes, the night he didn't pick up
the kids.
Juliette walks in with a tea tray, and sets it on the coffee
Cory would you like some tea?
I don't like tea.
Why not?
It taste like leaves.
Would you like a spoon full of
sugar? It will help the tea go
But then it would just taste like
sweet leaves.
Juliette running out of patience finally tells him the
Alright, this tea is magic. This
will help us figure out what is
causing harm to you and your


                       JULIETTE (cont'd)
Go ahead honey. You can drink it.
What is it?
It's a magical stimulant. If a
person has been possessed by a
demon this should force the demon
to reveal itself.
Finished! You know it actually
didn't taste that bad.
Everyone watches him and waits for a response. They wait
until it becomes obvious that nothing is going to happen.
What, what does that mean? Did it
not work?
No, I am quite certain I brewed
the tea correctly.
Then this boy isn't being
possessed, he's being oppressed.
What does that mean?
The danger that threatens Cory's
life is not inside him. All demons
can take possession of a body. But
few demons have little interest in
investing time to oppress a human.
You say this happened immediately
after your husband's
Yes, that very night.


You're not the father. Why did
would he say that both times?
I don't think it was a
Gabriel starts trying to put the pieces together.
What does the father have to do
with these attacks?
Daddy is family.
Gabriel looks at Cory.
What did you say?
My daddy, he is my family.
Juliette. You said that only
certain demons take time to
oppress humans?
What type of demon has a personal
interest in destroying families?
Gabriel goes to his books that he has on the table.
I read something before. About a
Which book?
This one. It's a journal or
Gabriel flips through the pages until he finds the page he


Here it is. The Demon of Familial
Relations. He causes grief by
destroying the lives of strong
bonded families.
Michael, where you able to sense
his presence or a force?
I got a force. A strong force.
Knocked me back against a wall.
He's a powerful demon. Works with
The Entity. Memphis this could be
the dark presence that The
Collective has been sensing.
This isn't the time for
speculation. We have a demon.
Let's go kill it.
Alastor is too powerful to be
killed by the conventional ways.
Our best hope for the boy is to
exorcise him from the house.
How do we do that?
You don't have the skill to do
that yet. We need a Cherub.
My thoughts exactly.
What are we going to do?
Call him out. We need him
Just then the Cory starts to breathe heavy.


Cory starts to scream. The windows in the house start
shaking and the doors start to rattle.
Doors and Windows! Doors and
He's here.
A loud deep laugh is heard throughout house. And Gabriel and
Michael are sent to wall. Juliette and Memphis
de-materialize and leave. Gabriel starts to get up.
Great good to know when the going
gets tough. Ophanims get going.
Everything in the room starts to fly around them Amanda
starts to scream. She holds on to Cory and takes him to the
corner of the room, and holds on to him. Michael is
suspended in air, and he is being choked. Gabriel gets
hurled to the other side of the room. Juliette and Memphis
" Sight Unseen, we now reveal,
lift the veil and prove what's
In a flash everyone is teleported to decrepit cave. Gabriel
and Michael are on the floor, on almost knocked out. Amanda
looks around and notices a man chained to the wall. He looks
like he's been there for weeks. Gabriel gets up slowly and
goes to Mike.
Are you alright?
Yea, where are we?
I'm not sure. Looks like we're in
a cave of some kind.
Cory gets up and runs to his father, and just as he is about
to get to him a dark demonic being materializes in front of


He backhands the little boy sending him flying to the wall.
                       AMANDA (2)
Amanda runs to help him.
Gabriel runs towards Alastor and he starts to fight him.
Alastor sends Gabriel to a wall.
Gabriel and Alastor continue fighting. Michael looks over at
He runs over to him and tries to unchain him. Suddenly, a
group of Nephilims come out and start attacking Amanda and
Cory. Michael screams in Bill's face and drops down for
cover. He quickly fights his empathic abilities and runs
over to help Amanda and Cory. Alastor is proving to be too
much for Gabriel to handle on his own. Cory screams for his
Daddy Help!
Daddy help!
Bill is too weak to say anything. Gabriel is on the ground
holding onto his stomach barely making it onto his all
fours. Alastor walks slowly closer to Gabriel. Alastor grabs
Gabriel by the throat and lifts him up. He begins to choke
him. Michael kills off the last Nephilim. Alastor looks at
Gabriel and realizes that he knows him.
Michael looks towards Gabriel. He sensed something. Michael
runs to help his brother. He reaches Alastor but he gets
backhanded and sends him flying towards a wall. Cory looks
over his mom to make sure she is alright. Then he runs to
his dad. Alastor chokes Gabriel and it seems like he is
about to kill him. Cory reaches his Dad and gives him a hug.


Daddy. I missed you.
Alastor starts to feel physical pain, and drops Gabriel.
I missed you too Buddy.
Alastor starts screaming in pain.
I love you.
I love you too.
Alastor is in so much pain that he goes incorporeal again
and de-materializes. The five of them sit there trying to
recuperate a little. Cory embraced in his father's arms.
I wanted to thank you for helping
out my family.
Amanda is outside Michaels door. Gabriel is inside the house
on the sofa. Icing his head.
Bill said he wanted to work things
out between us. I'm not sure what
I want to do. But the kids have
their father back. And Cory has
his life back. He slept through
the night last night.
That's great. But you know I think
you had your son to thank for
saving us last night.
What did happen there?
My best guess. Cory's love for his
father never was destroyed. This
demon, Alastor. He feeds off
destroying families. The only way
you can destroy a family is by
breaking their bond…Their love.
When Cory was reunited with his


                       MICHAEL (cont'd)
father, it broke whatever power
the demon had over your family.
Since he was the one keeping you
My life has been so hectic for the
past few weeks. It's going to be a
strange road to normalcy again.
How did you guys do it day after
Well…It's who we are.
Fighters of evil?
Michael thinks about that for a second.
No…Guradians of good.
Back inside Juliette and Memphis re-appear. Michael comes
back inside.
Were did you guys disappear to
last night? And how come you guys
didn't come with us to Alastor's
      (Looks away)
We have limitations.
Memphis quickly changes the subject.
How do you guys feel? You survived
your first directive.
I feel like maybe you were right.
I need to train harder. That guy
handed me my ass.
Alastor is a very vicious demon,
and your survived. That is the
good news.


What's the bad news?
The Collective did not anticipate
you receiving your first directive
this quickly.
Danger is closer than we think.
Alastor works for The Entity. If
they are the dark power that is
rising…There will be evil no
mortal dared dream before.
That night.
Gabriel was reading the journal that he had earlier. Michael
came in and sat near him. He had something to say.
Gabriel something happened
yesterday that's never happened
Without looking up at him Gabriel answers back.
We had our first directive.
No, something else…I felt your
Gabriel put the book down and looked at Michael.
When Alastor had you. I felt
something strong from you. I felt
That's impossible. I wasn't scared
that he was going to kill me.
No. Not of death. You were scared
of him. You knew him…You know him.
At least some part of you did. And
he knew you too. I felt him
recognize you.
Gabriel couldn't argue because deep down he knew Michael was


Look, just forget about it. What's
important right now is that we're
now full fledge Guardians, and we
won our first directive. Anything
else will just work itself out.
Now, if you don't mind I'd like to
get to my reading.
Yea. If you need me I'll be in my
Michael walks away. Gabriel closes his book he stares deeply
into nowhere. He hears Alastor's voice call out his name in
his head. He takes a deep breath.
It's night time. We're back in the alley from the beginning.
The Ophanims appear at the dead body. Juliette at his feet
and Memphis at his head. They examine the body. Memphis sees
a piece of paper on the body and picks it up. The throat is
slashed along with the writs.
These lacerations. I have seen
this modus operandi before.
Memphis stares at the paper that he is holding in his hands
with a very concerned stare.
We have a problem.
What is it?
Memphis hands her the paper. She looks at it and reveals the
picture of a red-winged angel. Juliette looks up at Memphis
with the same fearful concerned face Memphis had.


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From Emily Date 12/31/2010 ***
Very good! I hope you did notice there was alot of spelling mistakes. For a while I thought the mother was Amada, not Amanda

From Reed Coverdale Date 1/13/2010 **1/2
It was decent. Could use better descriptions

From Clavette and Purvis Date 12/25/2009 ****
I liked it from Point A to Point B! Very creative and very good! Felt like I was there.

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