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by Jason Comeau (the777dude@verizon.net)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***
Abzahlung, the German word for Redemption, is a new Feature Film from Invicto studios. Its the story of 3 men in the second World War who seek redemption for their actions.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



"Now there is a final reason I think that Jesus says, "Love
your enemies." It is this: that love has within it a
redemptive power. And there is a power there that eventually
transforms individuals. Just keep being friendly to that
person. Just keep loving them, and they can't stand it too
long." -Martin Luther King Jr.

We see two men walking in some woods, though we cannot see
their faces. They do not speak to each other. One kneels
down and picks up a Nazi helmet. He surveys it, then looks
for other similar items. We then go to the other man. He is
looking for something. He sees it, yells to the other man,
and runs. We come up to a grave marked by a wooden cross.
The two men stand there and look at it. One of them sits
down as the other searches for a piece of wood. He finds
one, then writes something on it. He kneels next to the
grave and hangs the sign on the cross. He stands there for a
second, thinking. Then he looks at the other man. They get
up and slowly walk away.
We see a small encampment of German soldiers.
Two German soldiers stand guard on the outskirts of the
camp. One of them, Christian, a medium built man, rubs his
hands and nods at Hans.
                       CHRISTIAN (German)
So are you new here?
Hans, A small worried looking man, nods.
                       CHRISTIAN (German)
And what's your name?
Christian nods.


Christian here.
Long pause. Christian looks around awkwardly and clears his
Dont talk much?
Hans doesn't reply.
I never really liked the feeling
either. I do it when I need to,
that's it.
                       HANS (Begrudgingly)
If you only do it when you need
to, then why are you talking now?
Well...I guess we both are.
Christian smiles.
Hans waits; then does the same.
Suddenly, a soldier enters. He is young, and we see by his
collar that he is a sergeant.
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
Achtung! Achtung! A patrol sighted
an American squad. Get you weapons
and follow me!
We see a small squad of Germans led by the German sergeant.
They leave the camp and enter some woods. They come upon the
previosly mentioned patrol. We then see another German
squad. They are squatting, looking at something.
                       GERMAN SERGEANT (Loudly)
Idiot! Those aren't American tha-
The post silences the sergeant by putting his hand on his
mouth. He then shakes his head and points at another squad
not far from the German one. We see they are American.


They are of the 101st airborne. They carry mainly Thompson
machine guns, and there are only five of them. They are
hugging the edge of the forest as they walk alongside a
field. They are in a seemingly vulnerable spot. One of them
raises his hand and they stop and kneel down at the edge of
the woods.
                       AIRBORNE CAPTAIN
Stiffler! Come up here!
Another soldier runs up and answers the captain.
                       AIRBORNE CAPTAIN
Contact Blue Fox. Tell them we've
reached the rondevu point.
He removes a walkie talkie from his pouch and extends the
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Gold Eagle to Bald Eagle. Do you
                       RADIO VOICE
This is Bald Eagle. We copy, Gold
                       U.S. SOLDIER
We've landed, and we have the
Intel. We've reached the rondevu
point, but nothing's here!
The sergeant signals to the German squad, He then turns
around and whispers to the men:
                       GERMAN SERGEANT (Silently)
Await my signal.
A German from the other squad raises his arm. The sergeant
does the same. They begin to load their weapons.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
They've changed the rondevu point?
                       AIRBORNE CAPTAIN
Here, give me that God damn thing!
The captain grabs the walkie talkie and hollers into it.
                       AIRBORNE CAPTAIN
What the Hell are you talking


The German sergeant nods to the soldiers behind him. They
aim their weapons. We see the barrel and sight of one of
their rifles aiming right at the U.S. soldier on the walkie
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Well how the hell are we supposed
to get back? Your damn
headquarters don't kno-!
The sergeant's arm falls.
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
We come out of the woods and see the flash of the Germans'
guns. Several Americans fall to the ground dead.
We see the sight and barrel of the rifle aiming at the
American on the walkie talke. He whirls around, and drops to
the ground.
We see two Americans lying on their stomachs, both firing
Thompsons. A German comes out of the bushes and shoots one
of the Americans. Quickly the other falls to the ground,
rolls over and shoots the German. Later we find out the man
is Scott.
We see Hans shooting his Kar-98 rifle. There is a man not
far from him. He has a wide, crazy smile and is laughing as
he shoots the Americans down with his automatic MP-40.
We then go to Christian who has a serious face, and is
shooting very sistematically with his MP-40.
The shooting stops. Hans sits back, takes off his helmet,
and runs his hand through his hair.
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
Break ranks, and check for
The sergeant stands up and walks out of the trees, his MP-40
at the ready.
The Germans walk among the dead Americans.
We slowly move across two dead American soldiers. We then
see one of them slowly reach his hand out toward the dead
American squad leader. He grabs the walkie talkie.
We see Christian walking with his MP-40 in his hands. We
then see the dead bodies, including the one pulling the
walkie talkie toward him. Christian stops abruptly and looks
back at the body.


Sergeant! Come here!
The sergeant turns and runs toward Christian. Hans close
That one's alive.
Christian runs toward the American. He is Scott Sutherland.
He pushes the talk button on his walkie talkie and spits out
all the information he can given the time he has.
      (Quickly and
Its Sutherland. Have Intel, been
captured, need help!
Christian swears as he runs and kicks the radio away from
Scott's hands. The radio is tossed behind Scott out of his
reach. We see Scott's face as he looks up at the Germans;
his face slightly dirty.
We see a G.I. standing at attention with an M1-garand
strapped around his back. We continue to see more and more
allied soldiers as we move down. There are 30 Cal. machine
guns, and a tent in the background.
There are two MP's standing guard outside with M1-Garands.
We go past the guards and into the tent. There are a few men
gathered around a radio. An aid is standing next to the
American Captain who is staring intently at a large map in
the middle of the tent.
                       CAPTAIN'S AID
Intelligence reports that their
landing was about fifty miles off
The captain, an average height, bristled-looking man,
listens intently to the aid. The aid motions his hand in a
circle around a small section of forest on the map. There is
a small German flag in the middle of it.
                       CAPTAIN'S AID
They contacted us via radio and
reported the they had landed. We
heard gunshots, then the
transmission went dead for four


                       CAPTAIN'S AID (cont'd)
and half minutes. When they came
back on, it was PFC Scott
Sutherland. He was only able to
talk to us for a few seconds.
Unfortunately we weren't able to
locate their exact position.
The captain nods his head.
                       CAPTAIN'S AID
However, in the brief amount of
time that Sutherland was on the
radio he reported some important
information. He said that they had
been attacked and he was about to
be captured. That was the last we
heard from them.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Only one man?
                       CAPTAIN'S AID
As far as we know, which is not
The captain slumps down in his chair. We see his face. He
looks disappointed.
One of the MP's comes into the tent.
                       MP GUARD
Sir, The general is here.
We see outside of the tent. There is Willy's jeep outside
with a sergeant, two corporals, and an older man who we see
is a general.
He steps out of the jeep and walks up to the tent. He
surveys the tent with a frown, then returns the salutes.
                       U.S. GENERAL
So guessing by the worried
glances, sweating faces and
tapping pen...
The General glares at Captain Gordon, who is tapping his pen
vigorously on the table. He immediately stops.
                       U.S. GENERAL
...I won't be getting the Intel by


We see the two German squads heading back to their
headquarters. The German Sergeant holds Scott
Sutherland(American prisoner) by the arm and has a gun to
his back.
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
Beck! Watch the prisoner. If he
runs, kill him.
A soldier pushes Scott over toward Hans. They continue
                       SCOTT (German)
You don't think you need the gun?
Hans makes a puzzled look.
Scott points at the rifle that Hans is holding, and then at
The gun. You aren't pointing it at
Hans looks off into the distance and shakes his head.
What's your name?
                       HANS (Almost whispering)
Hans Beck.
Scott points to himself.
Scott Sutherland.
Hans smiles and nods.
                       HANS (Almost whispering)
You speak German?
Yeah I was born here, before the
war I mean. My parents were
missionaries in Berlin. When I
turned 10, I went to America with
my uncle. Stayed there 'til I


                       SCOTT (cont'd)
And your parents, did they move
back with you eventually?
Scott shakes his head.
                       SCOTT (Whispering)
We then hear a commotion off camera which attracts Scott's
and Hans's attention. We then see to Germans armed with
MP-40's dragging a tall, pale American by the arms. He sees
Scott and breaks from the Germans' arms. They all cock their
guns. Terrified, James throws himself down in front of Hans.
                       JAMES (English)
Don't kill me! don't kill me!
We see the outside of the tent. The general storms out and
jumps into his jeep. He raises his arm and says:
                       U.S. GENERAL
Drive on, sergeant!
The jeep drives away.
We go back inside of the tent. The captain is very nervous.
An aid tries to offer some comfort.
                       CAPTAIN'S AID
Sir, I doubt the General would
really demote you. He told Simmons
three weeks ago that he would
discharge him from the army. And
look at him now, he got a
The aid starts to grin when captain whirls around. The aid
turns serious again.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN (Yelling)
Of course he would! Don't you
realize how important this mission
is? It's not something that I can
just blow off!


The captain waves his hand in the air and sits down in a
chair. After a while he looks up at his aid.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
I want every single soldier above
the rank of sergeant in my tent
within the next 10 minutes! Every
single God damn one! Got it?
The Captain scratches his head and takes a smoke. He is
obviously frustrated. He slams his hand on the table as he
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
We see Nazi headquarters. There is an encampment of German
troops with small stoves and equipment. There is an old
shack that hasn't been used for years.
We see the outside of the building. The sergeant we saw
earlier enters through the door with James, Scott, and two
German soldiers.
We see officers sitting at desks with radio equipment and
phones. There are two high ranking officers standing next to
eachother in front of a radio.
The lower of the two officers turns. He is probably in his
late twenties, and has dark hair, and pale blue eyes.
What the Hell do you want?
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
Our squad was on the outskirts of
the camp, and we intercepted an
Airborne group. There are two
prisoners. We killed the rest of
Herr Oberst!
Yes, lieutenant?


Sergeant Oberset intercepted an
American squad outside the camp.
The colonel looks to be between forty and fifty. He has gray
and black hair and seems to be going bald. He wears a
Wehrmacht Colonel's uniform.
How many were there?
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
Six, herr oberst.
You are certain that there were
only six?
                       GERMAN SERGEANT
There's no telling any more where
their lines are. There are no
longer trenches and artillery
batteries as there were in my
The colonel walks up to Scott and looks him over.
                       COLONEL (English)
So, American. You thought you were
strong eneough to take this
encampment? Ja?
Scott makes no remark.
What is your name?
Private. Sutherland, Scott. Serial
number 13,807,655
The captain is walking back and forth inside of his tent.
Sweat drenches his shirt. There are six officers inside, all
above the rank of sergeant. He turns to face them.


                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
I want every man who is married to
step forward.
Three officers step forward. They look uneasy.
The Captain motions for them to go. They quickly leave in a
single file fashion.
The captain walks up to the remaining three officers.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
You. What's your name?
The young officer looks up.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Lieutenant Lewis, sir.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
How many brothers do you have,
                       U.S. SOLDIER
I have none, sir.
The captain looks grim for a moment, and then nods his head
at the door.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
The young soldier quickly salutes and marches out the door.
The captain walks over to the next man. He is about thirty
years old.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
What's your name, lieutenant?
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Hopkins, sir.
The captain looks Hopkins over, noticing that he is missing
two of his right fingers. He waves his hand at him and says:
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
I wont be needing you, go!
The Lieutenant salutes and quickly leaves the tent.
The captain walks up to the last officer.


                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
What's your name?
                       LT. ERICKSON
Lieutenant Erickson, sir.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
And how many brothers do you have?
                       LT. ERICKSON
The captain smiles.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Well son, have I got one hell of a
mission for you!
We see James, Scott, Hans and Christian near a campfire.
Hans is cooking something while Christian guards Scott and
James, his hand on the trigger of his MP-40.
Hans hands Christian a bowl of soup. He puts aside his gun
and sips at it.
Do you like the soup?
Yes, it's good. Of course, nothing
is as good as it was before the
You can thank Hitler for that.
Christian turns and looks at Scott, and then turns away,
                       CHRISTIAN (Spitefully)
And what would Americans know
about strong government? Since you
obviously don't I suggest you be
Of course. Hitler wants everyone
who actually thinks for themselves
to be quiet!


                       CHRISTIAN (Angrily)
I said be QUIET!
Scott smiles, with a knowledge that he is taunting the
raving Nazi soldier.
Of course, Hitler will see in the
end that he was being a stupid
idiot; but it will be too late for
the "master" race!
Christian jumps up, angrily.
Hans turns to Scott.
Shut up! You don't know what
you're asking for!
Scott shrugs and looks away.
You seem very protective of your
little American friend.
A German soldier walks over to Hans and Christian.
The soldier looks at Christian.
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
The major whishes to speak with
He turns then to Hans.
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
You can go eat. I'll watch the
Hans stands up and walks away from the campfire with
We see Hans and Christian walking side by side.
Devlin's been meeting with you
quite often.


                       CHRISTIAN (Proudly)
He thinks very highly of me.
You think so?
Yes He says He's proud to serve
with a soldier like me.
Hans stops walking and turns to Christian, Slightly
Don't you get it, Christian?
Devlin doesn't care about you! You
are nothing to him! You are just
some machine that can work for his
cause! He doesn't care for you any
more than he does for the Jews or
the Americans!
                       CHRISTIAN (Grinding with anger)
Oh? And I suppose the weak
American leaders care for their
soldiers better? Devlin protects
me. He gives me extra rations. He
even holds my payments for me!
Hans looks away angry, he smiles at Christians stupidity.
And you know what he said about
I couldn't give less of a shi-
                       HANS (Pointing at Hans)
He said that he doesn't trust you.
He thinks your just like any other
spineless American.
Christian starts to walk of, he turns around and spreads his
arms as if questioning Hans.
Well? Are you as weak as the
Hans looks away, Christians shakes his head and says:


I thought so...
We see Christian walk off leaving Hans alone in his anger.
We are in the Captain's tent. We see Lieutenant Erickson as
well as the captain and his aid.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
All ready Erickson time to get to
business. Are you ready?
Rodney nods.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Yes sir.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Come over here.
The captain walks over to the map.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
There will be heavy fire from this
ridge. The Nazis have three MG-42
machine guns and six mortars.
This is the only break in the
line. As you and your squad
advance, we will start firing the
batteries. The Germans should
naturally disperse at the
                       LT. ERICKSON
One thing, what if you end up
dropping the shells on us?
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
We will stop dropping shells at
0805 hours. You will have to
advance under our fire, that will
be the only chance you'll have. As
soon as those bastards see the
coast is clear they'll cover their
flank like a mother goose and her


                       LT. ERICKSON
Doesn't seem very safe if you ask
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Safe or not its the only way to
get you boys in without blasting
through the whole damn German line
with all of our men. That would
take days, weeks! And I don't have
The captain walks in front of Rodney and looks him dead in
the eye.
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Your squad is outside waiting for
you. You had better get through.
My career is dependant on it.
The Captain walks away and faces the apposing wall. Not
looking at Erickson he says:
                       AMERICAN CAPTAIN
Go bring that kid back to me. He
has something I need.
Erickson salutes and leaves the tent. He shakes his head and
                       LT. ERICKSON (Grumbling)
Damn fool! He's gonna get us all
He sees his squad and looks them over. There is a tall,
beefy man with a grease gun slung across his chest, strips
of .50 cal bullets over his shoulders and chewing some
tobacco. He is standing next to a small man who has an M-1
Ga-rand as well as wearing glasses. Suddenly a medium built
man runs up, a Thompson in his hand. he smiles then sits
down. We then see a camoflauged sniper. Next to the sniper
we see a plain medic. There are about six other non-descript
soldiers to the left of the medic.
                       LT. ERICKSON
All right, men. We don't have much
time, so just tell me your name
and rank and specialty.
The sergeant begins first.


                       SGT. ABRIL
Sgt. Abril, sir. This part of my
batallion since June when we
The beefy man starts out.
Richard, Anthony, Private . Heavy
machine gun specialist. Friends
call me Bull.
The small Nerdy looking man pipes in afterward.
Scully, Princeton, Private. I am
well educated in the science of
chromotography and have a two-year
degree in botany.
Erickson nods and smiles then looks at the next man. There
is a long pause, the squad looks at Jamie who is sitting on
a small log breathing hard. Princeton elbows him in the arm.
Oh! I'm Jamie. I mean Jameson,
Jack, Private. Whatever.
There is another pause. Finally Erickson speaks up:
                       LT. ERICKSON
And what do you do?
Well, I don't do a whole ton but
I'm good at not getting seen.
Kinda like a spy I guess.
Erickson looks at the sniper.
Anderson, Tom. Private. Sniper.
Erickson continues onto the rest of the men.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Webb, James. Private. Rifleman.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Reed, Craig. Private. Rifleman.


                       U.S. SOLDIER
Flemming, David. Supply officer.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Meryl, Jason. PFC rifleman.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Davidson, Jason. Explosives
engineer. Four years service.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Lewis, Jack. Medic.
Curry, Franklin.
The other medic speaks for his buddy.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
He was a conscientious objector.
He won't even carry a gun.
Erickson raises his eyebrows as he looks down at his watch.
                       LT. ERICKSON
      (Glancing at his
All right we leave in fifteen
minutes. Dismissed.
The squad disbands and leaves, Erickson stays there and sits
on the log Jamie had been sitting on.
The sergeant walks up to Erickson and hands him a cigarette.
                       SGT. ABRIL
You think you're up to this?
Erickson puts the cigar in his mouth. Abril quickly offers
him a light. Erickson accepts and looks grimly at the
retreating squad. He then puffs the smoke out his mouth.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Go get ready, were leaving soon.
Abril nods then leaves quietly, leaving Erickson alone.
                       LT. ERICKSON
What the hell have I gotten myself


We see James and Christian sitting on a log. Scott is
sleeping. Hans is still cooking something. It looks as if he
is about finished. James sits up.
                       JAMES (English)
I need to take a piss.
He looks at Scott and hits him.
                       SCOTT (English)
      (Waking up)
                       JAMES (English)
Tell that Kraut that I need to
James points at Christian.
Scott nods at James.
                       SCOTT (German)
He needs to pee.
                       CHRISTIAN (German)
Come with me.
                       JAMES (English)
Christian gives an exasperated look.
                       SCOTT (English)
Go with him.
We see Christian and James leave. Hans scoops some of the
soup he was making into two bowls and hands Scott one of
them. He then sits next to him on the log.
Scott thanks Hans for the soup.
                       HANS (English)
Do you think if you do something
that you know is wrong and you
don't want to do it but you have
no other choice that that makes
you a bad person?


                       SCOTT (English)
I don't know. It depends.
Scott dumps his soup.
Your cooking is terrible.
Hans looks at him surprised. Scott smiles, and then Hans
laughs. They both laugh.
Anyways, I think it depends on why
you are doing it. Like, if it's
because you're afraid of speaking
out, then it is wrong.
Scott then sits up straight.
But, I guess it depends on who's
judging you. Men, or God?
I just helped murder your entire
squad. So you, in your own
judgment, tell me, am I an evil
We see Scott ponder this. He looks Hans in the face, but
does not answer.
We see the squad all geared up and ready to charge over the
trench. Erickson looks over the four in front. Bull has a
giant M2 Browning machine gun. Princeton carries his
M1-Garand, Jamie has his Thompson, Andy has his winchester
sniper rifle, and Frank has his medic's pouch.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Get ready!
A nearby sergeant signals to Erickson. Seeing this Erickson
signals to his men.


                       LT. ERICKSON
Lets do this!
We see the American squad leaving, as they pass over, we
hear Andy and Bull talking.
Sure hope we don't run into one of
those mg-42s.
No kidding! They'd turn us into
ground meat before ya' know it!
The american squad leaves except for one that is, Jamie. He
stands there looking into the sky, apparently unaware that
the Squad was leaving. Soon Princeton comes back, grabbing
him roughly he says:
Come on, Jamie!
We see the outside of the colonel's headquarters. Two
soldiers patrol outside the door. We see a glass of wine put
down onto a tabletop. We see that the colonel was the man
who was holding it. As we zoom out, we see that Devlin and
the sergeant are standing next to the colonel. Across the
table is James, staring at the tabletop.
                       COLONEL (English)
James shakes his head.
The colonel turns on some soft music. He looks across the
table at James.
                       COLONEL (Soothingly)
I want you to look at me not as
your enemy, but a fellow soldier
who fights and dies for a cause
that he cares nothing about. I
like America. I used to study
there. Now let us be reasonable.
James just stares at the table, shaking. Tears begin to well
up in his eyes. He is afraid. And he should be. The
kommandant's face turns slightly more serious.


What outfit were you serving with?
We see James's face. Then a flashback of his paratrooper
friends being shot by the Germans. We see the crazy man Hans
had seen.
James draws back and looks at the kommandant.
The colonel looks calmly at James.
Don't act so alarmed. I only want
to know what unit you were with.
Why are you so far behind our
James looks quickly up at the kommandant.
I don't know anything. Please just
let me go back outside. I just did
what I was told. You have to
understand! Please! Let me go!
The colonel has no emotion in his face. He turns to Devlin,
who walks up beside James.
                       COLONEL (Still calmly)
It is unusual for an American
squad to travel so deep into our
lines without armor units or any
sort of support.
James stares at the table.
The colonel's face twist into an angry expression. Devlin
grabs James and slams his face into the table. The colonel
slams his hands on the table and yells:
                       COLONEL (Angrily)
James cries out in anguish. His nose is bleeding.
                       COLONEL (German)


A German soldier runs in through the door. We cannot see his
                       COLONEL (German)
Take him out of here! I don't want
to see him again!
He looks at James.
At least not alive.
We see Hans and Scott standing along with all the other
German soldiers. Scott looks worried, and Hans looks very
uncomfortable. Suddenly, the door slams open and we see a
German soldier push James out of the door. We cannot see his
James looks bewildered. He is scratched and bloody in the
face. He looks up and sees Scott. He smiles.
Scott! Boy am I glad to be-
The German shoves James to the ground and removes a luger
pistol from his belt. He puts it to the back of James's
head. Scott begins to panic.
We see Han's hand finger his rifle.
James looks worried for a second, and then the gun fires. We
see a flash of blood as we go to Scott's tormented face. He
is yelling but we can't hear him. Jame's dead body falls to
the ground. We go to Hans's face. He is shocked and doesn't
know what to do.
James falls flat on the ground. Dead
James's killer looks up, and we see that it is Christian. We
see Hans's face, Christian looks at him. Hans stumbles back
with shock, and Christian quickly turns his head and returns
his pistol to his belt. He walks off. The Germans disperse,
and two of them drag James away. Two other soldiers grab
Scott and pull him back to the fire. Hans still stands
there, staring at where James had been lying.


We see the American Squad sleeping in a small ditch. Jamie,
who was supposed to keep guard, lies with the rest of the
squad. We see Jamie rise to one knee and look around, seeing
the coast is clear, he lies back down and closes his eyes.
Soon we see movement. Three Germans start to close in. One
of them, a sniper stays behind and aims his weapon, though
he apparently has not shot due to the fact that the squad is
in a ditch. The other two Germans continue to sneak up on
the ditch. One of them signals to the other to stop while he
continues. He passes a U.S. Helmet. This could possibly be
what tipped them off. Two more Germans on the top of the
slope ready an MG-42 machine gun.
He raises his gun as he reaches the embankment. Suddenly he
stops. We see the other German confused. He looks back at
the sniper, who shrugs his shoulders. He whispers something
to the frozen man. No reply.
We go around to view the front of the frozen German. We see
Erickson with his hand close to the German's neck. It
appears that he has embedded a knife in the shocked Germans
throat. The German falls to the ground. As he falls over,
Erickson's thompson opens fire on the two Germans standing
no more than ten feet from the ditch.
The MG-42 gunners start firing away at the ditch when all of
a sudden there is a shot. The German falls dead. We then see
the second German grab the machine gun. We see Andy with his
sniper rifle. There is a shot and through his scope we see
the German fall dead.
About five Germans with MP-40's run over the top of the
slope, charging toward the ditch.
Bull comes up out of the ditch, setting his M2 on the edge
of the enbankment. The bullets start flying. We see the
Germans falling right and left.
The one surviving soldier turns to run.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Anderson! Take out the runner!
Jameson! Jameson?
Erickson looks around for Jamie not seeing him he yells:


                       LT. ERICKSON
                       SGT. ABRIL
I don't know! He left!
                       LT. ERICKSON
I'll go with you!
Princeton looks for Jamie as Andy starts to shoot at the
runner. We go into slow motion as Andy aims down the sights
of his M1903 and shoots the fleeing German in the leg. Right
after Andy shoots the German, a shot from the German sniper
lands no less than 5 inches from him. He quickly ducks
behind cover and says to Erickson:
He has too good of cover I can't
get a shot at him!
We see sergeant Abril running around the embankment toward
the sniper's nest. It was where he had last seen Jamie. He
runs over the top of the embankment, and sees the sniper no
more than twenty feet away. he cocks his Thompson, but is
then bowled over by a rifle-bearing German. He grabs his
knife as he falls, and then punches the German in the face.
He lifts his knife to plunge it into the German's chest. The
sniper turns and shoots him.
Princeton jumps behind the embankment.
A random U.S. soldier runs across the field. We see the
German sniper pick him off. Another soldier is picked off.
And then another. A German grabs the MG-42 and mows down
three more Americans. Andy fires and kills the machine
We see Bull shooting his M2. Suddenly, the sniper shoots and
hits him in the left ear. He falls back. Frank jumps to help
him, but Bull waves him off.
                       LT. ERICKSON
God damn it, Jamie!!!
We then see the German sniper letting all hell lose at the
An American falls in front of the trench, writhing in pain.
Frank and the other medic quickly tend to him. Frank
intently concentrates on his job, and then looks up. The


other medic covers his hand over his mouth as blood trickles
out of his mouth. Frank stares. He looks then to the sniper
who shot his friend. The gun was aimed directly at his face.
We see Frank through the scope, who continues to work
regardless of the danger.
Shocked, the sniper realizes his scope is blocked. He looks
up and sees Jamie standing there a colt pistol in his hand.
Jamie pulls the trigger killing the German instantly. Then
starts to clean his pistol saying:
Stealthy as a fox deadly as a
Soon Erickson comes up his face bright, crimson red.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Well I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
save your lives!
Erickson sticks his finger in Jamie's face,
                       LT. ERICKSON
You could have told me!
Erickson starts to walk toward the wounded German. Jamie
just stands there and smiles.
Erickson looks around at the dead bodies surrounding him. He
walks over to Andy and asks him:
                       LT. ERICKSON
Do you know how many men we lost?
                       ANDY (Solemnly)
Seven, sir.
Erickson turns solemnly to the medic.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Curry, get over here!
Frank runs to Rodney.
What's up?


Rodney nods at the wounded German, whose leg is bleeding
I need you to patch him up. You
think you can get stop the
Well ya. But why do we need him?
                       LT. ERICKSON
Because Franklin, even though I
doubt he can speak much English,
he can still point us in the right
direction.He's gonna take us to
Sutherland. Thats why.
We see Scott sitting on a log with a German guard looking at
him intently. We switch to see Hans walking forward to the
You can leave, I got this.
The German hesitates looking at Hans then Scott. He nods
then leaves.
I...uh I'm sorry. I should hav-
Stop, It wasn't your fault.
Scott fiddles with his dog tags, slapping them together.
Hell, I don't blame you for this.
It's those Germans who did it.
But I'm German? Why don't you
blame me?
Yeah, but your not like the rest
of them. You know whats right and
whats wrong and where to draw the
line, they don't. They're monsters


                       SCOTT (cont'd)
all of 'em.
Scott's voice cracks at the last word. Tears begin to well
up in his eyes. Suddenly, Scott is covered by a shadow,
Christian. Scott looks up at Christian and scowls.
So was he going to destroy
Germany? Huh? All by himself? Did
you kill him for "sacred" Germany?
Was he such a threat that you had
Christian sits opposite of Scott and begins to clean the
pistol he had killed James with. There is a long pause, then
Christian speaks:
I was given an order...
Christian does not look at Scott as he speaks, he slides the
magazine out of the pistol and examines the bullets.
So I obeyed it.
Christian looks at Scott. He smiles an evil, sinister smile.
Scott looks away, angry.
It is early morning, the camp is silent. We see Scott
sleeping. He is holding his dog tags to his chest. Suddenly,
a hand claps over his mouth. He wakes up and lies still.
We see Hans in full uniform, his Kar-98 strapped around his


Hans draws back. His face turns somber, remembering the
tragic events of the day before.
No. Its Hans. Keep quiet and
Follow me.
Just follow me and be quiet.
Hans pulls him over to the edge of the camp. He looks around
to see if any of the guards are watching.
What are we doing?
Hans squints as if he is in pain. Emotional pain.
I don't belong here.
You mean with the Germans?
Yes, you were right, I'm not like
Hans turns around and faces Scott.
Tomorrow night I'm leaving. You
can come with me if you want.
Scott looks confused.
Why not now?
The American lines come closer
every day. Last I heard, they were
within five miles away. They'll be
closer tomorrow, and we'll have a
better chance of making it.
Scott nods. They both move back to the campfire and Scott
lies down again.


We see the american squad walking on a small path
approximately 5 miles from the German camp. We see Bull with
his bandaged ear holding a makeshift stretcher carrying the
German Scout. On the other end of the stretcher is Jamie,
who is surveying the surrounding woods. We see Princeton
come up beside him and stop him. Bull looks around as Jamie
looks at Princeton surprised. Princeton then points to the
ground in front of Jamie. There is a long stick jutting from
the ground. Jamie nods, smiles and then pats Princeton on
the back. As the Stretcher takes of Princeton watches it go,
smiling. He kicks the stick lightly with his foot as he
shakes his head. Erickson passes him, he stops and nods for
him to keep up. Princeton hurriedly ketches up, as the squad
stops at a fork in the road. We see Erickson walk up to
German. The German Points to the right road, Erickson nods
and continues walking. We see the Squad walk away, Andy and
Frank in the front, Princeton and Erickson talking in the
We see Hans sitting in a small tent alone, it appears to
have been a day since we saw him last. He grabs a green
duffel bag and surveys the contents. We see two dozen clips,
several grenades, a pistol, some bullets and pair of
binoculars. Hans takes the canteen strapped to his belt and
carefully fills it with the soup he took from the cook. He
then places that as well as two other canteens in the bag,
he that straps it around his shoulder and leaves the tent.
We see Hans pause as he leaves the tent. He looks at passing
shoulders fear in his eyes. A squad of Germans pass him
carrying a MG-42, apparently replacing the one taken out by
the American squad. Hans swallows deeply as it passes by. He
then walks away.
We see Hans sitting not far from the campfire Scott was
being held at.
Scott, tell me more about this


You know what you told me about
when we planned "you know what".
Scott smiles.
      (Scoughs slightly)
"You know what?" whats with all
this secrecy? It's not as if any
one is listening.
They both glance at the guard who is standing 20 feet away,
smoking. The rest of the camp appears to still be eating.
Hans then looks at Scott fear in his eyes.
They have ways.
Scott's expression darkens.
Well theres not a whole lot I can
tell you. Truth is, I don't know
much myself. All I know is it has
something to do with the attack
plans of the German Army.
Hans manages a strained smile.
Sounds important...
Scott smiles.
Yeah. I guess so. Now I can do
something important for once in my
They both laugh, Hans looks into the distance at the setting
sun, it's a beautiful day.
You know this may sound strange
but, I'm glad we met, even under
these circumstances.
Scott looks at him, smiling.


Oh really?
Yeah. You know, when I was a young
kid growing up in the fields of
Dusseldorf, when I finished school
I would run home to my ma. She
would stand on the porch every
single day waiting for me.
We flashback to when Hans was a small boy. We see him
running in a field of grain, he is laughing. He reaches a
small dirt road, we see down the road and see a small house.
Hans stops, there is a woman on the porch. She smiles and
waves. Hans becomes even more joyful and runs down to meet
here. We come back to the present as Hans continues:
She told me that some day I would
be a great soldier and I would
fight for sacred Germany. She told
me that people like you were evil.
But now-
Hans looks at Scott,
I guess she was wrong.
Scott nods his head as Hans straightens his pants.
She was a good mother to me.
Strong. Kind. Just didn't know
what the army is really like.
Scott manage a simpathetic smile, Hans continues.
I once heard a man talking about
the prision camps. He said that
they would round up the Jews and
hold them there. He said they
would stick them in a small room.
They said they were giving them
showers. Insteaed they gave them
Hans looks at Scott and pauses for second.


You know what he did then after he
said that? He laughed.
                       HANS (Quietly)
He laughed...
Han's rubs his head almost in frustration.
Thats not the kind of army my mom
imagined at all.
You must miss her.
Ya I missed her...
Did she die?
Things got tight and I went off to
war to support her. I told the
Germans to give her what money I
made but somehow the money never
got to her. She died, all alone,
thinking that I had abandoned her.
We flashback again as Hans talks. We see him in full uniform
standing on a small porch. He looks back at a frail old
woman sitting in a rocking chair. His mother.
I got over it eventually. How
about your parents are they still
Scott shakes his head and looks into the distance, his face
turned sober.
As far as I know. But I haven't
heard from them for 12 years, so
who knows what could have


12 years? They never sent you any
No my parents were devoted to
their work. Every cent they had
went to providing shelter for
orphans, Jews, the poor. Any one
in need they provided for.
They were Christians right?
Scott nods.
Hans looks into the sky. He sighs then shakes his head.
Christians in Berlin. Not good.
Not good at all.
Scott suddenly looks down to the ground.
Not only Christians. Jews.
Hans looks over to Scott.
You're Jewish?!
Scott nods.
Hans looks uneasy, he checks on the Guard who is still
      (Tears welling up
       in his eyes)
Who would of thought some one like
you would be friends with a man
like me?
Scott continues to look at the setting sun, its rays like
waves on the horizon.
Hans expression turns confused,


So why were you not angry at me
when we first met?
Scott grabs some grass and tosses it to the ground.
I don't know. I had been fearful
of Germans for so long, but never
saw one. And when I saw you, your
face wasn't evil or angry. It was
somber, pitiful almost. Now the
rest of them, well thats a
different story.
Suddenly the German guard walks up,
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
All right thats enough.
The soldier grabs Scott and begins taking him to the
Campfire. Before they leave Hans stands up and says:
Tomorrow morning, I'll come back.
Scott nods, and the Soldier takes him back to the campfire.
We see Erickson on a small ledge. The fires of the German
camp in the distance. We see him contemplating whether or
not he made the right decision to come here. He looks back
at his squad. He sees Frank bandaging the German scout's
leg. We see the German nod his thanks, then we see Princeton
and Jamie next to him, laughing.
Erickson removes his binoculars from his pouch. We see
through the binoculars at the German camp. There are thirty
or forty of them.
                       LT. ERICKSON
There's a lot of them. Were going
to have to do this quietly.
      (Turning to the
Besides, we've already lost seven


We see Andy thinking about what Erickson just said. Shortly,
Bull comes up behind him.
Sir, seeing as were at the German
camp, I'm guessing that we won't
be needing that German.
Bull points behind his back at the German.
Erickson looks at the ground.
I say we shoot him!
Yeah? And how would that help us?
If we let him go, he would just
tip off the Germans that we're
For Christ's sake he can hardly
The Squad looks at Erickson, waiting for his decision.
Jamie's right. We don't know how
many German patrols are around
here. If the Germans found him,
all of us would die. And on top of
that, we would never get whatever
we were sent here for.
Why did you fight in this war?
The squad is silent.
                       HANS (Crying/yelling)
Was it to save your country? To
save innocent people? What the
Hell? Isn't this man just as
important as anyone else?


Erickson turns around and looks at the German camp. He stays
there for a little bit, deciding whether to keep the German
or not. He then turns around.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Andy, take him over there and take
care of him quietly.
Franklin gapes with horror at Erickson. Erickson looks
solemnly at Franklin.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Frank, I don't think this is right
either. But nothing we're doing
here is right. We live in an
imperfect world, and it calls for
imperfect solutions.
Franklin closes his mouth and narrows his eyes.
You can't fight fire with
He turns spitefully away.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.
But whether I'm wrong or not, I do
know that what we're after is very
important. I think it's time you
know what it is. It's the battle
attack plans of the German Army.
Frank turns, slightly interested.
                       LT. ERICKSON
We can't risk it. There's so much
at stake. We may save the lives of
thousands of men. We have no
Andy returns, cleaning his knife. Erickson shoulders his
                       LT. ERICKSON
Enough talking. Let's move out.


We see Hans sitting at a campfire, alone. He pours some
coffee into a small tin cup. Some of the Coffee spills dew
to his shaking hand. He drinks the coffee, relaxing
slightly. A German suddenly appears. He asks for coffee and
Hans pleasantly obliges. The German takes a seat next to
Hans and begins talking to him. Hans replies quickly and
uninterested. The German finishes his coffee, thanks Hans,
and then leaves. Soon after Hans finishes his coffee. He
shifts in his seat and looks around nervous. He sees Scott
in one campfire over. There is a group of Germans
surrounding him, obviously making fun of him. One of them
hits him on the shoulder and laughs at him. Hans shakes his
head in shame. Soon we see the Germans disperse apparently
tired or bored. Hans takes his chance. He hefts the small
duffel bag from before and sits next to Scott.
Hell yes.
      (Patting Scott on
       the back)
All right lets do this.
Hans and Scott begin to walk to the forest 30 feet away. A
German, the one assigned to guard Scott, appears.
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
Where are you going?
Hans looks at Scott, not sure what to do. There is a long
pause when finally Scott speaks up.
I need to pee.
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
The German begins to walk away when he notices Hans's bag.
                       GERMAN SOLDIER
What is that?!
There's along pause, both Scott and Hans dumbfounded. We see
the German finger his rifle, eying the two men suspiciously.
The German is about to speak when he decides not to. Instead
he frowns and takes Scott by the shoulder.


                       GERMAN SOLDIER
How about I take him?
Han's gaze shifts from the soldier to Scott.
Hans expression lightens and he smiles, A very fake smile.
      (Waving his hands)
All right. All right.
We see the German soldier and Scott disappear in the woods.
Hans is about to take of after them when suddenly he is
pushed to the ground. The duffel bag goes flying as Hans
turns over to see Devlin walking away, Christian at his
Hans scowls as he picks himself up. He shakes of the dirt
and continues advancing towards Scott and the soldier.
We see the German standing behind Scott, who is relieving
himself. He hears a noise not far to his left. His brow
wrinkles as he moves to inspect it. We see him leave the
screen, a dark figure follows him. We see the German lifting
some branches, checking for the source of the noise. We move
aside to see the man who had followed him there. Hans,
brooding in his anger. The German turns around, too late.
Hans thrust the butt of his rifle in too the surprised
Germans face. The bloodied German falls to the ground,
unconscious. Hans continues to beat him, releasing his anger
he held against the Germans. Scott rushes up and draws him
Stop we gotta go!
Hans draws back breathing deeply. He looks at Scott, who
returns his gaze straight in the eye. Hans nods, ready to
run. They take of running side by side. Hans hands Scott a
small lugger pistol. They continue to run at full speed. We


see Hans start to smile, He is free. He looks at Scott,
still smiling, Scott begins to smile too.
We see Christian and Devlin talking as they walk on a small
trail in the woods.
You have been a good soldier
Christian Akeman. Loyal, strong,
everything the fuhrer would want.
Christians smiles, Thankful for Devlin's kind words. They
stop walking. Devlin turns around and looks at the German
Camp a hundred feet away.
But that man. Hans Beck, you
continue to coerce with him.
Hans is simply the first friend
that I had here. I don't share his
convictions. But, I still believe
there is hope for him.
Devlin scoffs, dismayed that Christian would consider such a
notion possible.
Christian. Don't play games with
me. He is the type of man who
wouldn't hesitate to betray his
fellow officer.
Christian turns on a hard face and looks at the ground.
I have given you thirty marks each
month. Don't you trust me not to
listen to his nonsense?
Devlin smiles.
You are very important to me. I
won't let you down, Christian.
Christian looks up slowly and smiles. He then frowns and
straightens his MP-40 as he hollers into the bushes.


Devlin turn as Christian switches to automatic on his MP-40.
Christian, what is it?
The two heads slowly rise from behind the bushes. It is
Scott and Hans. We see Devlin bite his lip with anger.
Christian aims his submachine gun at Scott.
Traitor! You're helping the
prisoner escape!
Scott lowers his gun, surprised.
Hans looks at Christian, and then Devlin. There is no sign
of fear in his face. He is completely calm. He doesn't try
to run or defend himself.
You've gone too far, you fool!
Hans looks calmly at Devlin.
Your right I have. I've watched
innocent people killed while I
stand there like an idiot. I've
followed a man I don't even
believe in. It's gone to far and
I'M TIRED OF IT! I want to get
away from it. And you'll have to
shoot me to stop me.
Christian, shoot him.
Hans, you fool!
Christian switches his aim to Hans. He begins to sweat, But
he doesn't shoot.


Christian is in pain, for he cant bring himself to kill
I will not have you disobey my
The screen goes black as we hear shot. We then see Hans, a
gaping hole in his chest. He stands there stunned. We see
Christian, his gun smoking. He draws back as Hans falls to
his knees. Scott just stands there, almost as shocked as
Hans. Hans looks at Christian, blood comes out of his mouth.
All I wanted was to be free.
We see in Hans perspective. We see Christian standing there
in pain. Then he flashes to Han's mother, waving. Han's
vision stops as quickly as it began.
And now I am.
Hans falls to the ground, Dead.
Devlin nods a triumphant nod at Hans's dead body.
Good! Good! You are growing
We see Devlin shake Christians shoulder. A small tear runs
down Christian's cheek.
Five soldiers run into the clearing, their guns out and
ready for combat.
Don't worry. Every things fine. It
was just a deserter. Take the
American and kill him.
We see three soldiers grab Scott. We then see the woods by
an embankment. Erickson and Andy are lying next to each


                       LT. ERICKSON
Thats one of our boys, but what's
he doing out here?
      (also whispering)
Maybe he tried to escape?
                       LT. ERICKSON
I don't know but the Germans are
taking him back in. We can't let
them get there. Jamie, come ove-
                       LT. ERICKSON
God damn it, Jamie!
Andy carefully raises his head to survey the landscape.
I can't see him anywhere.
We go back to Devlin standing over Hans's dead body.
What a shame. A man of such
intelligence, that it should come
to this.
We see the three Germans pulling Scott back into camp. Scott
is screaming, knowing that he would die soon.
We move downward behind two trees to see Jamie and
Princeton. Jamie looks over to Princeton and smiles.
Princeton, you scared?
Princeton nods.
No, not anymore.
We see Erickson again. He looks to Andy.
                       LT. ERICKSON
We'll have to act anyway, shoot
one of them before they get him
back into camp.
Erickson rolls over to Bull as Andy crouches on his knees to
take the shot.


Andy shoots Devlin in the hand.
As Devlin screams in pain, Jamie and Princeton jump out from
behind the trees and open fire on the Germans holding Scott.
Scott jumps away as the Germans fall. He runs toward
Erickson as he stands up and waves his arms.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Sutherland! Over here!
Scott reaches the Americans as Christan stands up. Erickson
and Andy grab Scott by the arms and begin to walk him away.
Princeton, and Jamie begin to open fire at Christian.
Christan ducks for cover behind a small tree. Soon more
Germans join the fray. There is about a dozen Germans
against only two Americans. The Squad begins to fall back.
We see Jamie and Princeton fighting side by side when
suddenly a German grenade falls at Jamie's feet. He quickly
picks it up to throw it, but drops it before he is able.
Before it hits the Ground Princeton catches it and throws it
back at the Germans. It explodes, killing three. We see Andy
and Erickson carrying Scott. Suddenly Scott stops:
I can walk I'm not hurt.
Andy and Erickson take their arms off Scott and return to
the fray. Scott follows, shooting the P38 Hans gave him. The
Germans continue to grow in number, more and more pouring
from the camp. Erickson seeing this throws a Grenade and
                       LT. ERICKSON
Fall back! Fall back!
The Squad begins to run. We see Bull slowly moving back,
keeping the Germans at bay with his .50 Cal. His brute
muscles holding the enormous gun. Things start to get worse
as Bull falls back with the rest, still shooting. We see
Bull drop his 50 Cal. and switch to his grease gun. He totes
the gun with one hand while running from cover to cover. We
see Jamie and Princeton fighting behind a large tree.
Princeton lets off several rounds from his M-1 Ga-rand while
Jamie reloads his Thompson. We then see Erickson run past
Jamie and Princeton to a small tree. He reloads and aims,
taking down several Germans. He looks frantic, worried.
Suddenly theres a loud clank, we see Erickson fall to the
ground. We see him lie there, as if dead. He jolts up,
alive. He looks around to see what was hit. He sees his
canteen, water bursting forth. He throws it to the ground
and yells at the enemy:


                       LT. ERICKSON
Missed me you bastard!
We go back to Jamie and Princeton as Erickson starts to
reload again. They are struggling against the onset of
Germans. We see Bull rush past them, Frank hot on his tail.
We hear Erickson yell in the background:
                       LT. ERICKSON
Jamie, Princeton, get the Hell out
of there!
Jamie looks at Princeton, wondering what they should do.
We see Princeton open fire as Jamie runs out from the tree.
We see slow mow as he runs, panicked. He sprints toward
Erickson, who is beckoning him to come. Jamie is almost
there when we see a shot behind him. We see a small hole
appear in Jamie's chest as he falls to the ground.
We see Princeton run up his face red with anger.
Princeton opens Jamie's shirt revealing the seeping wound.
      (Looking around
       for Franklin)
Medic!!! Frank!!!
                       LT. ERICKSON
Leave him we have to go!
Erickson gets out from his cover and begins firing at the
Germans. He turns around to run yelling at Princeton:
                       LT. ERICKSON
We have to get out of here come


Princeton refuses putting pressure on Jamie's wound. Jamie
grabs Princeton's arm and says:
Stealthy as a fox strong as a
bear, right pal?
Jamie coughs up blood as he looks behind him at the Germans
no more than 15 feet away.
What are ya doing man? Get out of
Shots hit the tree next to Princeton's head. Seeing it is
hopeless he stands up ready to leave Jamie. He turns around
and starts to walk away when suddenly a thought occurs to
him. He turns around and picks jamie up by the arm and
begins to drag him back.
I won't leave you!
Princeton start walk backwards, shooting the Germans with
his Garand. The clip pops out of the ga-rand, signaling him
to reload. A German jumps at him with a bayoneted rifle.
Jamie butts him in the face with his rifle. He grabs the
German's gun and returns fire on the Germans, his veins
popping. He starts to yell when suddenly a German grenade
goes of right in front of him. Princeton falls on his back,
dazed. Princeton gets up he sees Jamie, his body blown in
We see Princeton grab his rifle and join the rest of the
squad plus Scott as they flee for safety.
We see Christian kneeling beside Han's dead body. A group of
Germans run past him to join the fray with the American
Squadron. Christian watches them leave, staring blankly at
no one in particular.
Christian turns and he sees the Nazis running off toward
battle. He picks up Hans and looks at the camp again again.
His shoulders sag from utter disappointment.
He then turns and begins walking slowly away, Hans on his


We see the American squad fleeing for their lives, the
Germans closing in. We see Bull shooting his grease gun when
it runs out of ammo. He removes the clipand throws it to the
ground, pulls out a grenade and throws it at the Germans.
Suddenly Bull's arm jerks back blood spraying the thin crisp
air. He falls to the ground, bleeding. He looks behind him
at the Germans. He pulls out his pistol with his good arm
and shoots one down.
Damn German!
We see Erickson running, he pauses, out of breath. He looks
behind him at the oncoming Germans. He shakes his head and
continues running. We switch to Princeton, his face still
tomatoes red. He looks angry and scared at the same time.
We see Christian with a scowl on his face. He jerks around
as he hears someone following behind him.
Christian turns around, angry.
Where the hell are you going? Why
are you carrying that filth on
your shoulder?
Christian scowls as he drops Hans to the ground.
I'm leaving...for good. Hans was a
good man he didn't deserve to die
like this. He was right all along.
Oh really? And suppose I tell the
rest of the camp about that? You
think they would be pleased to
hear that your deserting?
Christian's hand slowly moves to his pistol.


What? your going to shoot me? Ha!
You don't have the guts. Of course
then again, it wouldn't be the
first time you shot a fellow
officer would it?
Christians face turns a shade that we have never before seen
in him. Sad. Shocked.
T-that was an accident.
      (Smiling ruefully)
It always is.
Christian takes a few steps to the left, then he draws the
pistol and aims it straight at Devlin's chest.
I buried that long ago. I forgot
about it, like I'll forget about
Christian shoots Devlin square in the chest. Devlin falls to
his knees his mouth wide open. He stares at the gun which
Christian holds.
Christian puts two more shots into Devlin's Sprawled body.
He then looks at Han's dead body.
I don't think I'll be able to
carry you any longer, friend.
We see Christian begin to dig a grave as he prepares to bury
We see in slow motion the American squad running. There's
Erickson with Scott, worn out from the run. We see him shoot
at the Germans as we go to Princeton. Princeton looks as if
he's given up his anger and gone into complete depression.
He drops his gun too depressed to fight anymore.
We see the squad round up in a small ditch. Their faces
portray a look of hopeless defeat.


Sir, there's too many of them!
We'll never get back to camp!
Erickson looks at him unsure what to do.
He's right. We're down one man and
Andy's missing.
I can still fight. Just give me a
gun and German to shoot.
Thats another thing sir, I only
have my pistol left.
                       LT. ERICKSON
All right. All right. Things look
grim but we can still get out of
this. Princeton you ok?
Princeton sighs heavily, and replies:
I don't know...
Erickson puts his hands on Princeton's shoulders and shakes
                       LT. ERICKSON
We cant do this with out you
Princeton! Come on, do this for
Princeton looks up at the mention of his late friend.
Erickson hands his pistol to Princeton and smiles. If only
for a second as harsh reality comes back to him when he sees
the German line approaching.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Well I don't know about you boys,
but I'm not ready to die.
I say we give them a mouth full!
Erickson pops out of the ditch ready to face the enemy. His
courage turns to fear however when he sees three Nazis in
front of him guns ready. Erickson begins to draw back when a


shot rings out. One of the Germans buckle over, dead. Then
another shot and another German dead. Erickson looks behind
him as the third German falls to the ground. He sees Andy
perched in a small tree his rifle at the ready.
Didn't think I'd leave you guys
did ya?
Erickson looks behind him and stares. Franklin grabs one of
the MP- 40's and opens fire on the Germans and then turns to
Erickson and says:
Let's go!
The squad continues running the Germans still massing behind
We see the American squad still desperately fighting for
their lives. Some of them carry the Germans MP-40s others
have been reduced to a colt pistol.
Scott finds his gun is empty, and is about to reload when he
is shot straight through the arm. He stares down at it as
another shot rips through his torso.
The German is about to fire again, when all of a sudden a
stream of bullets rip across his chest. Scott stares as
three fully-geared G.I.'s jump past him and up the ditch. He
hears Erickson in the background.
Erickson's face lights up with hope, just like the rest of
the squad. Then Erickson says to himself:
                       LT. ERICKSON
Scott stares at the Americans running by him. There are 20,
maybe 30 of them, all of them beautiful to his eyes. We see
them start to fight the now fleeing Germans. Scott falls to
the ground, limbs flailing and blood rushing out of his
body. We see above him as Erickson runs up and yells for a



We see above Devlin's dead body in a similar shot to when we
saw Scott's. We see Han's grave next to him. There are
German letters on the grave marker.
We see Erickson standing next to a tent, arms crossed.
Princeton slowly walks up, his head higher than it was
How is he?
Scott shrugs.
                       LT. ERICKSON
Doc says he'll make it. Apparently
the bullet was a quarter of an
inch away from killing him.
Princeton nods and look of into the distance. Erickson looks
him over then asks:
                       LT. ERICKSON
How 'bout you?
Princeton rubs his neck and thinks about the question for a
Back to normal I guess. As normal
as I can be.
Princeton says the last part as he walks away.
Erickson stays and looks into the sky wondering about Scott.
                       U.S. SOLDIER
Hes awake.
We leave the Camp as Erickson and the Doctor enter the tent.
We see Christian over looking the Small battlefield. His
face is grim. Slowly he begins to walk through the carnage.
As he goes he takes of his belt, dropping a pistol. He then
removes his Helmet. He wipes a tear from his eyes. Soon he
comes to Jamie, his eyes wide and fearful. Christian, over


whelmed by the site, falls to his knees and begins to cry.
He stands up tears still falling from his eyes. He wipes
them away as he starts to walk away. We see Christian stop
walking, his face filled with sorrow. He looks into the
distance. His face starts to lose its grief. He manages a
weak, frail smile, as he starts to walk away again; this
time he is not going to stop. He begins to run.
The screen is blank, we hear the roar of a car engine as it
comes to a halt. A car door opens and shuts. Footsteps, they
go a couple of feet then stop. They start again faster this
time. We hear a door open as the darkness fades away. We see
Scott standing in a door way to a modest house. There is a
man in front of him holding out some dog tags, his face
obscured. Scott's face saddens as he recognizes the man. The
two men embrace, we see Scott begin to cry. We then come
around them and see the man. Christian, crying.
We see the first scene except this time we see Christian's
face when he picks his helmet. And we also see Scott as he
hangs the sign on Han's grave.
We go back to Han's grave. We see the headstone, it's
inscription in English now: Freeman.


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From Reed Coverdale Date 1/4/2010 ***1/2
I agree with Peter. It needs a little more filler in the middle, but I think it deserves better than three stars because it really has a good storyline, contradicting to some of the other scripts that are rated very highly. This will be a great movie. GET A GOOD DIRECTOR!

From Peter Yohe Date 12/31/2009 **1/2
The script is good, at points though the characters are confused making it a little hard to understand. I think you could probably seperate the two stories, Erickson and the sqaud, and then Hans and Scott into two different screen plays. You could also add more into the middle, more into the redemption process.

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