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Tonight is No Different
by Megan Shellman (megan.shellman@gmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
Rose is a 16 year old girl with a lot to live for, the only problem? She is trapped in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend Chase. She begins to lose friends due to Chase and slowly her life begins breaking apart.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


SAM and ELLIE sit in a coffee shop. Outside it is raining
profoundly, which distracts Ellie for a moment.
You're going to have to talk about
it sometime.
Ellie pauses and looks out the window before taking in a
breath and responding.
                       ELLIE (V.O.)
... Everyone tells me it's going
to get better - that I shouldn't
blame myself. But I do. I mean,
how can I not? I saw the signs, we
all did. But when she assured me
everything was fine, I believed
her. I stupidly believed her. I
actually let him walk right by me,
Sam. If I had stopped him, she
would be alive.. And I keep
wondering what would it be like if
she were still here, right now? It
could all go back to the way it
used to be: you, me, and her,
right? But it can't, because he
killed her. It's not fair. He took
her from us, Sam. He uprooted her
entire life, took away her
confidence, turned her against
us,and then he stole her. He stole
her. Jesus Christ, Sam..she's
ROSE, ELLIE, and JESSICA walk into a busy party.
      (Over the music)
Do you even know the host?
      (To Rose)
Some second cousin of Sam's
stepbrother's girlfriend's ...


An EXTRA bumps into ELLIE and spills beer on her dress.
Oh. Whoops.
EXTRA drunkingly walks away and into the arms of a friend.
ELLIE looks down at her dress, distressed.
      (Pointing to
Shit! Jessica, help me find the
bathroom. Rose, go get us some
drinks and we'll meet you over
ELLIE grabs JESSICA and drags her into the crowd before ROSE
has time to argue. ROSE walks away.
ROSE finds a chair near the drink table. She sits down,
pulls out her phone, and waits for her friends to return.
CHASE pushes his way through the crowd to the drinks, joking
with someone hidden in the crowd. He reaches the table and
pours himself a drink. Noticing ROSE, he grabs another cup
and motions towards ROSE, catching her attention.
Any preferences?
Before ROSE turns him down, he begins making the drink while
she speaks.
Hm? Oh, no, I'm fine, just waiting
ROSE trails off as CHASE interrupts her.
      (Holding out the
Well, come on. At least tell me if
it's good or not. I didn't put
anything in it, boyscouts honor.
(Please, someone come up with a
better line than this).


Chase and Rose drive down the road to Rose's house in
Chase's car.
Chase gets out of the car, walks around, opens the door for
Rose who is in a really good mood. Chase helps Rose out of
the car. DOOR SLAM.

The night is pitch black except for the street lights and
Rose's porch lights which are unusually on.
Chase and Rose reach the front door.
Well, I thought tonight was going
to be awful. But I actually had a
wonderful time, and I have you to
Well then, you're very welcome.
I'm not trying to be too forward,
but...would you maybe like to see
a movie tomorrow?
Yes! I would love to.
I'll be here to pick you up at 9,
sound good?
That's perfect.
Alright, goodbye Rose. See you


Bye Chase, I can't wait.
Chase bends down and gives Rose a kiss on the cheek, turns
to walk away and gets in his car. Rose blushes and waves
Waiting inside, Rose's parents stand watching.
Rose gets her key and walks in but freezes when she sees her
parents standing there.
You're late.
                       ROSE (O.S.)
The sun is shining bright, it's months since Rose and Chase
first met.
ROSE and ELLIE are walking home from school.
What're you gonna wear for your
date tonight?
Hush. I have no clue. Maybe a
dress...? Chase still hasn't told
me where we're going.
Watch him take you to Chuckie
I'm pretty sure he has a little
more class than that. Plus, he's
been getting a lot of money from
Ohhh! I see. You're dating him for
his money!


No, no. He's nice.....and he has a
So you're dating him for his money
AND his car? Interesting.
No! I'm dating him because he is
sweet, we can talk about anything,
he cares about me, he's ever-
      (Cutting Rose off)
AND he has a car.
He has a car.... why are you still
walking home?
I live 2 miles from school, I'm
pretty sure I can handle it. I
mean if I lived as far away as you
do, then he'd give me a ride.
You know, I still don't understand
why you walk home every day.
Remember a couple years ago before
my dad left? I'd always walk home
from school, but he'd come pick me
up when I was halfway home because
he was driving home from work

I don't want to miss him if he
comes back.
Ellie....it's been two years.
I know. But I keep thinking, what
if he got stuck somewhere, and
he's been spending all this time
trying to get back. What if
he...just forgot?


I know, I know. Just, just forget
I said anything.

You know Chase was looking pretty
good last week when we all went to
Shut it, get your own guy.
Why ever would I get my own guy,
when I can just hear about how
much you love yours?
You're just jealous that your
boyfriend isn't as perfect as
mine. Oh wait, what boyfriend?
Yeah, of course that's what it is.
I'm just dying to go up to some
random hot guy, throw myself at
him and say, "I need you, I want
you!" Oh you know me so well.
Still, I mean do you really
believe this whole sweet, nice,
and caring persona will last for
much longer?
Yeah, why wouldn't it? It's not
like he's been faking who he is
for the past couple months. He's
completely real with me.
Because he's not human or
I'm not kidding though. He loves
me, why would he lie about


I didn't say he was lying when he
said he loved you, I just feel
like he's not being completely
honest with you.
      (Getting angry)
Yeah well he is.
In the distance behind Rose and Ellie, A young man, SAM, is
walking. He sees them and begins running full speed to catch
up with them.
Alright, chill. Forget it.
There's no way to convince you
that not all men are going to lie
and cheat, is there?
What do you think?
Sam runs up behind the girls, but they're too caught up with
their conversation to see him. He grabs Rose and screams
scaring her./
Rose drops all her books, papers go flying, and her diary
drops along with the books as she SHRIEKS.
      (Turns and sees
I hate you.
ROSE, ELLIE, and SAM all bend down to help pick up ROSE's
Love you too Rose.


Good one Sam, still didn't get me.
      (To ROSE)
Has anyone ever scared her?
No. And no one ever will. Unless
someone dangled a cockroach
infront of her.
Hey! It's a legit fear. There's a
name for it too!
Yeah, sure Ellie. You tell
yourself that.
Wait, you guys...why is Chase's
car in my driveway? Doesn't he
know my parents are home? What the
hell does he think he's doing?
Relax Rose. I'm sure it's nothing.
Yeah, you never know.
I told him they we're home, I told
him not to come over. Oh my god.
It'll be fine. Don't stress.
Fine, I'll go see what's up. See
you tonight Ellie.
ROSE runs towards her house, opens the door and walks


Rose and Chase walk out of a restaurant. Chase has his arm
around Rose, and they are talking.
How the hell did they get your
number? How did they even know I
was dating you? And they asked you
for tea!? TEA!? My parents don't
do tea.
Chase gets his keys out and unlocks the car.
I mean, it surprised me, but of
course I said yes. Rose, don't
worry. You're dad just said that
he wanted to make sure that you
were in good hands, and I assured
him you were. It think it's sweet
that they are caring enough to go
to such measures to get me over
Chase gets inside the car on the driver's side. Rose gets in
the car on the passenger side. They continue their
Yeah, it was... when I was 5. I'm
17, I should be able to make my
own decisions, and that includes
who I date. They don't need to
control my life, especially when
they've been halfway around the
world for the past 3 months. I
don't get why they're so
protective. It's not like they've
cared about me before. They just
care about who I hang out with,
and the impression I give other
people. That's all they worry
about, what people think of them.
I know Rose, but at least we don't
have to hide from them when they
come home, well mostly...
Anyways, just be happy they're
trying. I'd have killed for
someone to care enough about me as


                       CHASE (cont'd)
much as they do to you.
I know, you're right. And anyways,
they're gone tomorrow. We'll be
alone again. It'll go back to the
way it's meant to be.
Of course love.
I almost forgot, could you drop me
off at Ellie's house tonight? I
promised her I'd sleepover since
I've cancelled on her four times
this month.
Rose looks at the clock. She realizes she is late for
Ellie's sleepover, and panics.
That works. You'll have to remind
me where she lives, I always get
Camera zooms away from car, and the car drives off. Camera
follows until the car is outside the parking lot, Car drives
off, fade and transition.
Camera focuses on the street in front of Ellie's house.
Camera pans to the left and wide shot of Ellie's house, then
pans further left and Chase's car is seen driving down the
road to Ellie's house. Chase pulls up to the sidewalk and
Ellie comes flying out of the house in her slippers, bounds
up to the car. Chase rolls the window down and Ellie comes
up to talk to the two of them.
How was the date? Was it romantic
and wonderful? So amazing that you
didn't realize the time Ms.Rose?
      (Joking tone)
Oh, you're only jealous that I
went out with my boyfriend, and
you were stuck at home all alone.


Oh Rose, need we start this again.
Didn't I explain to you? I don't
need a guy to make me happy...I
have a life. But that doesn't mean
I don't want to hear about yours.
Where'd he take you?
An expensive restaurant that stole
3 months salary from me in one
night...-pause- But I guess it was
worth it.
      (To CHASE, put off)
Defiantly worth it.
Sensing the tension, ELLIE attempts to mend the situation.
Alright, Chase you mind if I steal
her from you?
Go ahead, she's cost me enough
Uh, yeah. Bye.
Ellie grabs ROSE and they walk away from the car towards the
door. Once at the door the CAR ENGINE starts and CHASE
drives away.
Ellie walks into the room first, Rose follows behind quietly
and sets her stuff down by the door.
So you want to tell me what's up
with Chase?
      (Mocking Chase)
"She's cost me enough tonight."


ROSE glares at ELLIE.
      (Obviously unsure)
It was nothing, he was just
joking. You know how he is.
Yeah, an asshole.
Why don't you shut up?
      (Changing the
Look, we need food, I'm starving.
Didn't you just go out to dinner?
Well, It's just common sense that
when someone goes out to dinner,
they tend to eat.
Yeah, and it's also just common
sense that when you go out to
dinner with your boyfriend, you
eat as little as possible so he
doesn't think you are fat and dump
      (Sarcastic Laugh)
He won't dump you cause you're
human, and last time I checked,
you kinda need food. Plus, if he
dumps you for that, then he has to
deal with me.
Whatever, doesn't change the fact
that I, right now, am hungry.
      (Grabs food from
       the side of her
Alright, Alright. Salty or Spicy?


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
I think I'm ready.
      (Nervous Laugh)
What do you think?
Wait, you aren't thinking...no.
No. How can you be ready? It's
been, what? 2 months? 3? No, Rose.
What if something happens?
It won't.
And you're sure about that? Are
you? What if it does? Rose, do you
even think? 3 months, is NOT
enough time to get to know
You would know.
Yes Rose, I would know. Which is
exactly why I'd advise you, not
to. God, when I slept with Elliot,
I thought I fucking knew the kid,
but guess what? I didn't. And
that's what caused me to spend my
entire college fund on an
abortion. Is that what you want
Rose? To finally do it with Chase,
and then have him leave you? Just
like that? Think Rose. I mean,
what do you really know about him?


I know enough. He opens up to me
and tells me things about his past
that no one knows. He says he
always wants to be with me and if
he lost me, he wouldn't know what
he would do. Plus he always said
he wait for me, and won't push me
until I'm ready. And that he loves
me with all his heart, and
besides, he's always with me. Even
said he can't stand it when we're
apart for more than a day...
Um, Rose. Doesn't that sound the
least bit possessive?
Um, No Ellie. That's called
caring. Something you're obviously
foreign to.
What? Where did that come from?
Just give it up! I knew you were
the jealous type, but God; it's
like you can't even be happy for
me. And I mean, nice touch Ellie.
Possessive. I didn't know you
cared so much. I can't believe you
would try to talk me out of the
one experience you have that I
What experience Rose? Getting
hurt? Having the guy who's
supposed to be in love with you
call you a slut, and leave you on
your ass pregnant and broke.
Forced to use the little amount of
money in your college fund to pay
for an abortion? Yeah Rose, sure.
Go ahead, I would be happy to
trade with you.


God no Ellie! I'll be smart,
unlike you. And Chase wouldn't
leave me like that. He loves me.
He does.
Gee Rose, you have it all figured
out now don't you?
Do you really?
Oh, okay. As long as you're sure.
I am.
Yeah, well Rose, You happen to
remember that Elliot and I were
together for a year? He told me he
loved me, and I fell for it. He
even said he wanted to marry me.
But guess what? He played me. Just
like Chase is playing you.
No, Chase isn't like that. He
loves me.
You're just jealous.
Rose, listen to me. I have never,
and I will never, ever be jealous
of you. Believe me, I have much
better things to do with my time,
then be jealous of the self
conscience, childish, immature
girl you are.


Better things to do with your
time? Oh, you mean like looking
for your dad?
Don't you dare bring that up.
You know, I bet he went off to the
Bahamas with some pretty blonde
I'm pretty sure if he wanted to be
found, he would have come back by
now. Just face it Ellie, your dad
left you and your mom. Dumped the
both of you. He never gave a shit
about you. I even bet his life is
better off now. He doesn't even
have to see the disaster of a
child he had. I applaud him. He
took the initiative by getting rid
of his biggest mistake.
Please. Rose, stop.
How does that make you feel Ellie?
Your own dad didn't even want you.
How many years has it been? 2? 3?
Either way, he's not coming back.
At least my dad loves me.
      (Through sobs)
Really? Is that what he also tells
your mom after he hits her? Or
maybe you don't even know, cause
it's not like you're parents are
ever home enough for you to know
them. They just keep running and
traveling further and further away


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
from you. I'm surprised they even
remember they have a daughter.
At least I have a dad who hasn't
ditched me. And a mom who isn't
shooting up heroin every 5 minutes
so she doesn't have to come to
terms that her daughter is a slut
and that her husband left her
because she just wasn't good
      (Silent Anger)
Get out.
ROSE doesn't move.
ELLIE grabs ROSE's stuff and throws it out of her room. ROSE
goes running after her stuff and ELLIE slams and locks the
ROSE storms out of ELLIE's house, and begins walking in the
dark. After a little bit, she searches her purse and grabs
her phone, calling CHASE to pick her up because it's really
late. After the second try, he finally answers.
Hey, can you pick me up from
Ellie's? I'm a couple houses down.
What happened?
Just a fight.
Don't say I didn't warn you.
It's nothing, promise. You were


Alright, Why can't you get another
Well, I can always call sam-
-Forget it, I'll come get you now.
Keep your phone on.
Okay, thanks. But my phone's about
to die...wait, Chase? Hello?
Rose's phone is dead.
Great, that's just great.
ROSE is sitting on the curb outside in the dark waiting for
CHASE. One streetlight lights up the night. CHASE drives up
and reaches through the car to open the door for ROSE.
Thanks for coming hun.
So, what? Were you too busy to
answer your phone? Or, did you
just fall asleep?
It died. Oh and I'm okay by the
Oh, excuse me. I'm sorry, it's not
like I just drove over here to
pick you up. As long as you're
okay, that's good. It's ALL that
      (At CHASE)
Are, Are you drunk?


Really? Cause it smells like
Are you saying I lied to you?
I don't know Chase, you tell me.
Don't make assumptions about me
sweetheart. Or I swear I'll make
you regret it. I say I didn't
drink, you accept the answer and
shut up. Understand?
I don't need this right now.
      (Grabs Rose)
You don't need this? What a
selfish little bitch. I just drove
all this way to get you, and you
treat me like this?
      (Grabs Rose's Hair)
Be grateful, or you're walking
Oh-okay. I'm, I'm sorry. Chase
stop, please. You're scaring me.
Let go!
CHASE gets angry and pushes ROSE away. ROSE hits the side
door of the car and MUFFLES a SCREAM.
      (At Rose's Scream)
You wanted me to let you go.
You want to start this again?
I just want to go home.


Thought so.
ROSE is lying on her bed trying to get ahold of SAM. When
the dial tone comes up, ROSE seems disappointed.
      (To Phone)
Hey Sam, Call me when you get
this. You won't believe the night
I've had. Anyway, if you don't
call back, I'll see you monday and
tell you everything. Bye.
ROSE puts her phone on the bed and walks over to the mirror
looking at the bruise on her forehead. She then takes make
up, and covers up the bruise.
Sam is waiting outside Rose's house to walk to school. Rose
walks outside her house and walks up to Sam. Rose is holding
her books and Sam has a backpack.
Oh, Thank God you're okay.
What are you doing here?
I'm walking you to school, and
you're telling me about what
happened Saturday night. And Rose,
I mean everything.
I told you when you called, it was
nothing. Ellie and I just got in a
You're leaving out the part with
Chase. You know, when he hit you?
We got it all figured out. He
called me Sunday morning and told
me how sorry he was, and that he


                       ROSE (cont'd)
couldn't believe he did that. He
promised me that he'lll never
drink again, and then he told me
to check the front door. He left a
bouquet of Roses on my door step.
So now that little basterd's
trying to buy your forgiveness?
Sam, chill. It's fine. It was just
a misunderstanding.
Oh, right. So tell me which part
was the misunderstanding; when he
slapped you, or slammed you
against the side of the door?
See, this is why I didn't wanna
tell you. I knew you would
overreact like this. Would you
just trust me?
Overreact? How am I overreacting?
And Rose, I do trust you. But if
you ask me -
      (At SAM)
-Which I didn't-
Well, if you did-
Well I didn't, so leave it alone.
I don't wanna walk with you if
you're just gonna lecture me about
Chase like Ellie did. Besides, he
said he was gonna pick me up
Well, he can survive with one car
ride away from you.


Yeah, but...
But what?
I thought so.
And Rose, Ellie wanted me to talk
Look, she called me last night in
tears. You really went too far
last night.
I don't care, she started it. And
for all I care, she can cry her
eyes out; won't make her dad come
CHASE drives up.
      (To himself about
and right on cue.
So you couldn't wait for me to
come pick you up?
Get in, let's go.
ROSE turns to look at SAM signaling she thinks CHASE should
offer a ride to him also.
And Sam?
He can walk.
It's fine Rose. Be safe.


ROSE climbs in the front passenger seat of the car, and
realizes CHASE is giving her a look.
      (Awkward Smile)
No reason not to be.
CHASE and ROSE drive off.
Ellie is standing in a coffee shop. She is waiting for her
coffee. Sam walks in and sees Ellie. He walks over to her,
she notices him and says her line before he gets to her.
We need to get Rose her birthday
Ellie is cut off by her order being called out.
You guys are friends again?
Ellie walks over to get her coffee.
So why get her a gift?
Look, I was pissed. I mean, she
brought up my dad, but the thing
is, she needs me. And I don't
trust Chase. I thought maybe if I
get her a gift that tops
everything else, she'll go back to
being my friend again, and then I,
I don't know. I just don't like us
fighting, especially when she's
with Chase. And you know well, I
do NOT like him.
Why do you want to be friends with
her? All she does is bitch to you,
and about you.


About me? Wait, what? And I know
she's a bitch, hell; she's a pain
in the ass. But she needs me, she
needs a real friend. And I
shouldn't be selfish.
Fine, but have you at least
thought that she might not want to
be friends with you anymore?
Yeah, but I don't care.
You never do.
Okay, so back to what I'm
planning. I decided to throw Rose
a surprise party; I already talked
to Chase, and he'll bring her to
the bowling alley at 7. All I need
now is the gift..
Alright, what do you have in mind?
Well, you remember when she was
14? And her family went through
that huge money crisis? They had
to sell her grandmother's ring.
The same ring that was supposed to
go to Rose when she turned 16.
Well, I did some searching, and I
found it. The only issue is that
the ring costs around...$300.
No, hell no. Find something else.
I cannot afford to help pay for
Oh come on! I just need $100
more, I have 200 saved up for it.


      (Clenched Teeth)
Thank you! I can take a check,
just leave the amount blank...
Don't even think about it. I'll
get you the money at school on
Goodie! I gotta run. You can cover
the bill here, right? Thanks!
ELLIE grabs her purse and coffee and runs out leaving SAM to
pay for her coffee.
MCU of Rose waking up in the morning. Cut-in shot of Rose's
arm hitting the alarm clock. Clock says: 6:30. End shot
ROSE and CHASE walk over to a vending machine in the park.
KEVIN is buying a coke.
So then Sam started dancing trying
to make the baby stop crying, but
instead of laughing, the baby
began scre-
Hey, excuse me. The machine gave
me a coke instead of fanta. You
want it?
Oh really? Than-
No, she's fine. So am I. We just
want water.


      (Pushing Chase
Wait; Rose? Rose Callaway?
ROSE looks around avoiding KEVIN's gaze.
      (To KEVIN)
Yeah...um, who are you?
You probably won't remember me,
but I went to school with you back
in first grade, at Brookwood. You
know, with Mrs.Haney. What a
bitch. But I'm Kevin.
Wait, wait! You're Kevin, Kevin
Shalls? The Kevin Shalls. Oh my
god, you're the one who peed on
the bookshelf.
Ahh, good times.
      (To CHASE)
This kid, is a genius. He knew how
to piss off Mrs.Haney, and he did.
She went haywire after Christmas
break. They say she went into a
mental hospital.
I couldn't help myself. It was
just too easy.
Wow, look at you. You grew up
that's for sure.
Look at me? Would you take a look
at you!? Wow, you're...gorgeous.
Stunning even.
Woah, it's been way too long.


I know! We need to catch up soon!
Hey, my band is playing at a club
tonight, you should come.
We can't. Sorry.
Well, I was asking Rose.
And she can't.
Okay, Chill man. Don't get all
worked up. Dude, I was just asking
Rose if she wanted to see a band
perform. And I'm pretty sure she
can speak for herself.
      (To ROSE)
Don't make me regret letting you
talk to him Rose.
Letting her talk to me? Dude, give
her a break. She's not your
I- uh.
That's it. We're going. Say
goodbye Rose.
She can think for herself man.
CHASE grabs ROSE and walks away, towing her along.
Uh, Bye. I'll talk to you later
NO you won't.


CHASE pulls ROSE away from KEVIN, and as soon as they turn
the corner in a very non-open area, CHASE expresses his
      (Vending Machine)
What was that about?
It was nothing, I was just
catching up with him. I haven't
talked to him in forever. You need
to relax.
How can I relax when my
girlfriend's throwing herself at
another guy?
Throwing myself? I wasn't even
Oh; sure. And I suppose that I'm
just wrong?
Well, yes. You are.
CAHSE grabs ROSE and pushes her against a wall.
I was standing right there! I saw
Chase, stop. I swear, I wasn't
flirting! I promise!!
OH, you swear? Am I supposed to
believe you? You're a pitiful liar
Rose. You know not to lie to me,
but you just don't learn, do you?
I'm not lying! I'm NOT!


CHASE slaps ROSE across the face. ROSE looks up at him after
he slaps her.
I told you not to lie to me.
Now tell me the truth Rose.
I AM! I promise. I was not
flirting with him.
So I'm mistaken?
CHASE gets so infuriated with ROSE, he ELBOWS her on her
cheek, leaving a bruise. ROSE falls to the ground.
OKAY! OKAY! I was flirting, I was.
I'm sorry Chase, so sorry. Please
stop, please. I'll never do it
again. I swear. I only love you. I
was wrong.
      (Immediate mood
Now was that so hard Rose?
Come'on. Let's go. We can stop by
your house so you can change,
you've got dirt all over you. What
time is it?
      (Looks at watch)
6:00? We've got time. Come'on.
CHASE holds his hand out for ROSE and ROSE grabs it as CHASE
helps her up. Both ROSE and CHASE brush off the dirt that's
accumulated on ROSE. CHASE takes her hand and they walk to
they car, where CHASE opens the door for ROSE and helps her
You know, that Kevin kid wasn't
lying. You are stunning.
CHASE leans in to kiss ROSE, and ROSE although she wants to
push away, choses to let him kiss her.
CHASE walks to the other side of the car, gets in, & drives


ELLIE, SAM, JESSICA, and EXTRAS are all at a bowling ally
waiting for ROSE and CHASE.
I don't know Ellie, I think she's
still mad.
She won't be once she sees her
birthday present.
So you're buying her off?
If you wanna think of it like
that, then yes. I am.
And Ellie? What makes you think
she wants you to come?
She never said she didn't want me.
That's because this is a surprise
ROSE & CHASE enter the bowling ally. CHASE has his arm
around ROSE, and she's laughing. Suddenly CHASE gets
Rose looks up at him stunned
Rose, listen to me. I really want
to apologize for earlier. I had a
couple beers after school today;
and I stepped out of line. I know
you already forgave me, but I
still feel terrible. I want you to
know I will never ever
intentionally hurt you again. I
don't know what came over me, and
I'm honestly sorry. If i scared
you or hurt you, please find the
heart to forgive me.


I thought you promised you
wouldn't drink again?
I know I said I wouldn't, but I, I
didn't have enough strength But if
drinking causes me to hurt you,
then I will never drink again. I
promise I won't. I'm sorry. It
won't happen again.
Okay, I believe you. But Chase,
you really scared me today.
I know I did, and I am truly
sorry. Let's just enjoy the rest
of your birthday.
ROSE and CHASE walk over to everyone.
      (To CHASE)
What's Ellie doing here?
I don't know, but just act like
you can stand her. Be her friend
right now. And if you can't handle
it, just ignore her. If she tries
to start something, I'll find an
excuse to leave. Sound good?
Yeah thanks
JESSICA bowling, ROSE, ELLIE, SAM, and CHASE all sitting
down. When ROSE gets up, CHASE follows her.
And that would be yet another
I'm up!


ROSE walks up, and CHASE follows her. JESSICA watches ROSE
leave and once certain she is out of earshot, JESSICA starts
to gossip.
That bruise was not there earlier.
I know. I think I'm gonna talk to
her, I'm getting really concerned.
Guys, leave her alone. If you're
gonna confront anyone, make it the
old woman who just walked in
wearing a mini skirt, not Rose.
Fine, she won't tell us, but she
will tell you. You ask her.
Yeah, you ask her.
What?!? Thats not fair!
Hey, it was your idea that Ellie
and I don't talk to her. We want
to know what happened & she will
talk to you. So you're gonna ask.
      (looks up)
Right in time too.
Yeah, so my skills haven't come in
yet. But I assure you they
      (Getting up
       looking at screen)
Oh, It's my turn. Hopefully this
time I will actually hit the pins.
      (Follows Ellie,
       gives a look
       towards Sam)


                       JESSICA (cont'd)
Well, I'm going up to get a soda,
anyone want something?
No, it's fine. I just told Chase
to go get them.
I'm going to go, uhm, help him.
Jessica walks off screen
What was that about?
Just ignore them.
I was planning on it. So what's
I was going to ask you the same
      (Signals towards
       her injuries)
      (Touches face)
Oh. This. It's nothing really. I
just tripped. It will heal.
You tripped?
Yeah...Me and Chase were walking,
and I tripped over a crack on the
sidewalk. I fell down and hit my
cheek. Chase helped me up and got
me cleaned off. It was nothing
                       ELLIE (V.O.)


      (Trying to get out
       of the
Who invited her?
      (Gets up)
Looks like it's my turn.
      (Walks past Rose,
       bends down and
I know when you lie Rose.
      (Walks away)
Ellie walks up to Rose.
I swear to God if that boy just
told you what we got you for your
birthday, I will have his head.
      (Cold Shoulder)
Tell you what, when Sam finishes
bowling, then we will give you it.
Chase and Jessica come back. Chase is holding drinks and
Jessica is holding nothing.
      (Walking up)
Is it my turn yet?
It will be once Sam finishes.
Mmkay. Here's the drinks. Ellie,
Sam, and Jessica; Cokes. Rose and
me; waters.
      (glances at Rose)


      (laughs nervously)
      (changing subject)
So, is it time for presents?
      (Walks towards
Yep. Chase, since you're next why
don't you give Rose your present
now, and then when Rose is opening
Sam and mine, you can bowl.
Sounds good to me.
      (Grabs his present
       from the table
       and hands it to
      (Shakes it)
Oh, I wonder what it could be...
      (Rips off
       wraapping paper)
Present is revealed as a set of earrings and a necklace.
They are diamond hearts. Rose's face shows how much she
loves them. Sam and Ellie are shocked. They cannot believe
that he would spend that much money on Rose.
      (Speechless, just
Well, do you like it?
Are you kidding me?!? I love it!
They're gorgeous. How did, I mean
where did, I just. Thank you. I
love them.
      (To Sam)
Wasn't there a jewelry store
robbed a couple days ago...?


I just saw them a while ago, and I
thought you would like them. I'm
happy you enjoy it.
Well, that just completely tops
any present. Our present is
nothing compared to that!
I'm sure it's fine. I'm gonna go
bowl. I'll show all of you how a
real professional bowls.
      (Turns towards
We can't beat that!
Don't worry, I had low standards
for your gift from the start.
Oh gee, thanks.
      (Hands Rose the
Oh whatever you guys. Here you go.
Cost me Ellie's check at the cafe,
and $100. Ellie spend the most
time and money looking for it. So
it's really her present.
Rose slowly opens the gift. When the wrapping paper comes
off, she pulls out a small box. She removes the tape and
opens the box. She gasps and slowly pulls out a small gold
ring with a charm on it.
How did you find it?
Ellie found it.
Rose turns towards Ellie.


I knew it was important to you. So
I went searching for it, and well,
I found it.
Thank you so much Sam!
ROSE runs and hugs SAM. ELLIE just looks away.
      (To Rose)
And Ellie.
No. I refuse to.
I'm done, you two figure this shit
out yourself.
Look Rose...
NO! Just leave me alone, I don't
wanna hear it Ellie. Give up will
Chase turns around, and looks up.
Rose looks at Chase with pleading eyes. Chase gets up, walks
to Rose looks at her in the face, and touches her forehead.
Rose. You have a fever, looks like
we're leaving. Now. Get your
      (Towards Everyone)
Thanks for having the party for
Rose. She's feeling sick right
now, so we need to be off. She'll
open all the gifts at home and
will thank you guys at school.
Thank you once again. Bye.
As ROSE and CHASE walk by a trashcan, CHASE throws out the
ring SAM and ELLIE gave ROSE.


I don't care if Ellie got that for
me, I stil want it.
No you don't. They aren't your
friends anymore. They're worthless
to you just like that stupid ring.
Forget it and forget them. You
have me. That's all you need.
Besides, it'll only remind you of
her if you have it.
No, that'll only remind me of Sam.
He invited her didn't he?
But, no; he's my friend.
Not anymore. Forget him.
You're right. You're all I need.
CHASE and ROSE walk through the doors with CHASE's arm
around ROSE.
SFX-Alarm Clock
Shot of hand hitting alarm clock
Rose rises out of bed with a black eye
Shot of Rose writing in her Diary
Fade into next shot
V.O During Entire Scene
                       ELLIE (VO)
It was never supposed to happen
like that. If only we had been a
little more in tune to her life
and not so focused on our own, we
might have been able to help. But
we weren't. We were to focused on
ourselves. We defiantly noticed
her absence the next day at
school, we weren't worried. We
just figured she needed that day
to get over what happened at


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
SFX-Alarm Clock
Shot of hand hitting alarm clock
Rose rises out of bed with a black eye, busted lip on both
Shot of Rose writing in her Diary
Fade into next shot
V.O During Entire Scene
The third day she was absent, we
started to get a little
suspicious. Nothing too bad, until
Sam heard that Chase had seen her
the past two nights and was going
to see her again that night. But
we were still too focused on
ourselves to really care all that
much. She was going to be okay. It
wasn't the end of the world. Not
at all.
SFX-Alarm Clock
Shot of hand hitting alarm clock
Rose rises out of bed with a black eye, busted lip on both
sides, scratches on her face, and a couple marks on her hand
Shot of Rose writing in her Diary
Fade into next shot
V.O During Entire Scene
                       ELLIE (VO)
The fifth day of her absence we
finally took notice that something
was abnormally wrong. We got
worried and tried to call her. She
didn't pick up. But we still
ignored her silent pleas for help,
those pleas were going to go
unheard for a while longer.
SFX-Alarm Clock
Shot of hand hitting alarm clock
Rose rises out of bed with a black eye, busted lip on both
sides, scratches on her face, and a couple marks on her
hand, and a giant bruise on her arm.
Shot of Rose writing in her Diary
Fade into next shot
V.O During Entire Scene


                       ELLIE (VO)
Day nine, and she was still gone.
We were terrified by now. No one
had gotten ahold of her. Chase
wouldn't say anything, but Sam
noticed the scratch marks on his
hands. Sam finally decided to stop
by her house after school. Later
he told me how awful she look. I
wish I had gone, but something
tells me she wouldn't have wanted
that. But Sam, well, he convinced
her to go back to school finally.
One person finally noticed, one
person finally cared.
SFX-Alarm Clock
Shot of hand hitting alarm clock
Rose rises out of bed with a black eye, busted lip on both
sides, scratches on her face, and a couple marks on her
hand, and bruises over her face and arms
Rose brushes her teeth and brushes her hair
Rose sits down at her desk with a mirror and makeup lying
around it
Rose starts to put makeup over all the bruises, her black
eye, the scratches and the marks on her arm.
She covers most of it up,
SFX: Car horn.
Rose takes one last look and runs out of her room with her
Shoot from window. Rose runs out of the house and jumps into
Chase's car.
Scene 17 End
SAM, ELLI, JESSICA, and EXTRAS are at the lockers. ELLIE and
JESSICA are LAUGHING about a story ALEX just told. SAM grabs
his books and looks up, ELLIE and JESSICA follows his gaze
to ROSE who is walking down the hallway holding her books.
Her face is bruised with scratch marks and a black eye.
Hey Rose! Come here!
ROSE continues walking as though she heard nothing.
Uhm, Hey Rose!! Rose!!


ROSE walks by everyone, ELLIE reaches out and grabs ROSE's
arm. ROSE flinches in pain.
ROSE! What the he-
ROSE rolls her shoulder and brushes off ELLIE's hand, then
walks on faster down the hall until she turns left into a
      (Put Off)
Okay, what the hell's her problem?
She acted like she didn't even
know us.
Did anyone else see the-
      (Cuts off Jessica)
-Yea, we saw.
Who did that?
Who do you think?
What's her problem?
I'm gonna murder him if he lays
another finger on her.
Ellie, don't.
No. I'm done. I've had enough of
What are you going to do?
Yeah Ellie, it's Rose. She hates
you right now, I don't think it's
best if you go there and talk to
her. Especially if you start


                       BAILEY (cont'd)
bad-mouthing Chase.
I don't care.
Just be careful, okay?
SFX:Warning bell rings
      (Grabs last book,
       slams locker shut)
Yeah, whatever.
ELLIE and ALEX walk away, Everyone else walks different ways
to their classes.
Buses leave the school
ROSE is sitting on her bed, writing in her diary in a dimly
lit room and HEARS A KNOCK on her door. Pausing from her
writing she invites who she suspects to be CHASE in.
      (To door.)
Come in.
The door CREAKS open, and ELLIE walks in.
Without looking up, ROSE continues writing, not realizing
it's ELLIE.
Hey babe.
ELLIE CLEARS her throat.
ROSE looks up.
      (At ElLIE)
Get out.
Rose, look. We need to talk.


No, we don't. I've said all I need
to say.
Rose, please. Don't do this.
Don't do what? I'm telling you I
have nothing, absolutely nothing
to say to you.
But I have something to say to
Go ahead and tell me, doesn't
change a thing.
Alright, fine. Rose, I'm sorry.
Sorry about everything. Sorry that
I'm such a horrible friend and
that I care about you. Sorry that
I warned you about Chase. Hell,
I'm sorry that I even met you. But
you know what Rose? I did meet you
and I became friends with you;
even though I knew you had flaws.
And let me tell you, you had a lot
of them. But through all that I
learned to love you and I really
care about you. You're my best
friend. And I don't know what I'd
do without you. But can you please
just give me a chance. I don't
remember what made you hate me,
but I know you do, and I want that
to change. It was probably Chase,
wasn't it. I bet he told you not
to be friends with me, with
everyone. Rose.
ROSE turns her head away from ELLIE.
      (To ROSE)
Rose, Listen.I'm concerned about you.
We're all concerned...mainly about
Chase. Is he hurting you Rose?
'Cause if he is; we can help you.
I promise we can. Just come to us,


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
don't...don't just push us away.
Stop listening to him, and tell us
what's going on. We are here for
you. We love you Rose, and we all
miss you.
You know what, this is just what
he warned me about. There's a
reason I don't want to be friends
with you guys anymore, and it's
not because Chase told me I
shouldn't. It's cause you guys
can't even be happy for me,
especially you Ellie. Ever since
Chase and I started dating, all
you've done is tell me every
reason NOT to date him. He loves
me; and I don't understand why you
can't just be happy for me. He
even warned me about you. Told me
not to be friends with you because
he knew you'd hurt me. I defended
you, but now. Now, I don't even
know what to do. He was right
about everything.
Are you seriously that stupid? You
have to watch every little thing
you say around him. And have you
actually listened to the things he
says to you, the way he treats
you? Everyone sees it Rose, I
don't get why you don't. You're
just a pawn in his game.
Shut up.
No! You only see what he wants you
to see. He's ruining you. I've
lost my best friend, and right
now; I'm doubting I'll ever get
her back. You're just blind. I
give up, I tried Rose, I really
Tried? Are you joking? All you did
was make things harder for me. Why
couldn't you have just been there


                       ROSE (cont'd)
for me and have been happy for me?
Oh yeah, that's right, you're too
consumed in your life and your
problems that you don't care about
your friends anymore.
My life?!? Oh God Rose, if only
you could hear yourself right now.
Really. Cause I'm just having a
ball listening to you tell me that
I'm selfish. Alright Rose,
whatever make you feel better. I
tried. But evidently you don't
trust me anymore.
You're damn right I don't.
Fine. Well it was nice knowing you
Rose... at-least it was nice
knowing you before Chase came.
ELLIE turns away from ROSE, opens the door which makes a
LOUD CREAK, and she storms out. ROSE sits on her bed close
to tears just staring at the door.
ELLIE STOMPS down the stairs and CHASE walks in.
      (To CHASE)
Thanks a lot.
Confused, CHASE continues on walking towards Rose's room.
CHASE enters ROSE's room. ROSE sits on her bed angry and
hurt, but as CHASE walks in, her face once sad, become
bright and full of life.
      (At CHASE)
Hey hun.


      (About ELLIE)
I thought I told you not to be
friends with her.
You did. She came without me
knowing. I told her to leave.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Just need to cool
Should I come back another time?
No, I'll be fine.
Good. Now come here and give me a
hug hello. I wanna make sure
you're happy.
ROSE gets off the bed and walks over to CHASE embracing him.
He holds her face and gives her a gentle kiss on the lips.
ROSE smiles, then frowns.
We're you drinking?
Chase I can smell the alcohol on
your lips.
Don't lie to me.


I had one drink Rose, that's it.
Can we not talk about this?
Chase, you know I don't like you
Angrily, CHASE grabs ROSE and pulls her neck towards him.
Rose, Drop it.
Trying to ignore the smell of alcohol in his breath, ROSE
tries to pull away.
Freeing herself, ROSE takes a step back from CHASE.
CHASE tries to grab ROSE, but she runs for the stairs, only
to trip. CHASE grabs her by the hair and flings her down the
ROSE lands against the wall with a THUD. CHASE walks towards
her apologetically.
I told you to drop it love. But
you couldn't. This is what happens
when you don't listen to me. Are
you okay?
I'm fine.
CHASE bends down to ROSE, and she instinctively pulls away,
but CHASE grabs her. Once CHASE has ROSE steady,he brushes
ROSE's hair out of her eyes revealing a wound on the top of
her head that is bleeding.


      (To ROSE's head
Now look at that, you're bleeding.
Come on, let's go to the kitchen
and get you some ice for that.
Oh...okay. I, I'm sorry.
CHASE helps ROSE up, and they walk into the kitchen. CHASE
walks ROSE over to a chair and sits her down. He gets a wet
paper towel for ROSE's head, and walks over to her and
cleans the blood on her forehead.
It's okay Rose. Just don't do it
again. I'm sorry I had to go to
such measures. I'll never hurt you
again, I promise. I just got so
frustrated and mad. I'm sorry
Rose, I really am. Do you forgive
Yes, of course I forgive you.
CHASE looks into ROSE's eyes, and gently kisses her. ROSE
and CHASE being kissing, and CHASE leads ROSE over to the
couch. ROSE lays down and CHASE gets on top of her. CHASE's
hand begins trying to slide up ROSE's shirt, and ROSE pushes
him away.
No, no. Chase no.
CHASE continues trying to take ROSE's shirt off, and as ROSE
tries to push away, CHASE grabs her hand so she cannot fight
him. ROSE uses her free hand and slaps him.
NO! I told you I'm not ready.
CHASE becomes furious and pins ROSE to the couce. ROSE
struggles to get free, but she's no match for CHASE.


Sto- stop! Cha-
ROSE gets scared and franticly tries to pull CHASE off of
her, she pulls her body upward, and CHASE grabs her throat.
ROSE struggles, but that causes CHASE to hold on even
longer. Slowly ROSE stops struggling, but CHASE is in such
fury he doesn't notice. ROSE goes limp and CHASE looks down
finally, realizing what he's done.
Rose, no.
ROSE coughs up blood and goes limp again, but doesn't wake
back up.
CHASE still in shock, looks at her for a moment, and then
looks at the dead ROSE.
CHASE walks away from ROSE, grabs his keys with his hands
shaking and walks away.
On the table next to ROSE, is her phone. Her phone lights up
and buzzes with ELLIE's name flashing across the screen. As
the call is dropped, ROSE's phone lists '5 missed calls'.
ELLIE sitting in a very nicely decorated living room. The
sun enters the room and shines on ELLIE.
ELLIE has her phone at her ear and she looks concerned.
      (To Phone)
Rose, come-on. Pick up.
ROSE's voicemail comes up, and ELLIE looks defeated.
      (To Phone)
Rose, we need to talk. Call me, I
know you're there.
      (Hangs up)
ELLIE takes her phone and calls SAM.
After 2 rings, SAM answers.


      (On Phone)
Hey, I need you to call Rose for
She won't answer when I call, and
I need to make sure she's okay.
Ellie, what'd you do?
We got into a fight-
Yeah, again. And I stormed out as
Chase walked in, and I'm afraid
she'll do something she's gonna
regret. You know how she get's
when she's upset.
She's not you Ellie.
And that's why I'm concerned Sam.
I learned my lesson, but she
hasn't. And knowing her, she's
going to try to do the one thing
she knows I disapprove of. And I
can't let her do that.
You have a point.
Yeah, so can you please call?
If she isn't answering you, why
would she answer when I call?


I don't know. Go check on her or
Alright, fine. I'll go check on
her. You happy?
Yeah, you know what? I'll meet you
there. I'm gonna start walking
over now. Bye, see you in a few.
ELLIE HANGS UP on SAM and then grabs her phone and walks out
the door.
ELLIE is walking down the street and she looks up from her
ipod and sees CHASE driving by in his car really fast. ELLIE
looks up and gets really concerned. She begins walking
faster towards ROSE's house.
ELLIE nears ROSE's house and the front door is cracked open.
ELLIE walks up and pushes it open further, then walks
inside. ELLIE looks around as she calls out for ROSE.
Outside, SAM pulls up in his car and climbs out fast. He
runs to the door.
Ellie, you wanna tell me why I
just saw Chase speeding away from
Rose's house?
ELLIE turns around to SAM.
I don't know.
What's happening Ellie?
Sam, there's blood on the stairs.


Rose? Rose? Rose you there? Rose
answer me god-dammit.
Sam, go check her room, I'll check
Without a word, SAM runs up stairs.
ELLIE walks into the kitchen and sees the bloody towel.
ELLIE enters the living room and finds ROSE's dead body
lying on the couch stained in blood.
Rose, Rose?
ELLIE stands in the living room just looking at ROSE.
SAM runs into the room.
She's not up-
SAM sees the bloody towel and pauses for a moment before
turning back to ELLIE.
up-stairs, Ellie? Ellie, what's
going on?
SAM slowly walks over to ELLIE, who stands unmoving with
tears falling out of her eyes.
Sam. I found Rose.
SAM walks over to ELLIE and sees ROSE.
Stunned, SAM stands unmoving. ELLIE breaks and falls to her
knees in tears holding onto ROSE's dead body.
-CHASE standing in a motel bathroom washing the blood off
his hands- ELLIE standing over ROSE with the blood on her
hand- SAM just staring at ROSE- Sirens- CHASE washing his
shirt- Ambulance leaving- ELLIE looking at ROSE- Sirens- SAM


standing over ROSE with tears in his eyes - water, swirls
down the drain. End Scene
Shot of Gravestone. Diary in the same place as 1st scene.
Camera frozen on drop of blood, unfreezes and blood falls on
the diary page. The page has writing on it now. The page
And their hands are stained with the blood of my regret.
Tonight is no Different
She sits alone at night
Covering her face
He walks in their room
There is nothing left to say
She knows what is coming and
Looks at him with sheepish eyes
Face still puffy and red
He stares at her with such drunken
Tonight is no different
He drags her out of bed
She attempts to close her eyes
She waits for the blow she knows
is coming
He stumbles towards her
Her eyes shut tight
First hit comes fast
And she falls down onto her knees
She knows now to stay on the
Waits for the kick that always
Tonight is no different
He grunts and walks away
She opens her eyes relieved
Maybe he is too drunk to fight
She is deathly wrong
He has had enough and he staggers
into the hallway
Opens the closet
Grabs the gun


                       ELLIE (cont'd)
She lies on the ground
Solid as stone
Unable to move
Unable to think
He looks down at the face of the
woman he once loved
Sees a worthless being covered in
Closes his drunken eyes, and shots
She lies there gasping for air
Amongst sobs
She looks up at the face of the
man she once loved
Sees a killer in his place
Wishes she ran
She did not
Now she dies in vain
She is just another victim
She is just another person
Forever lost
Never to see again
Never to hear again
Never to speak again
She is gone forever
Opening her eyes one last time
She looks around
Sees the white carpet she lays on
Stained with the blood of her
Tonight is very different.
-A Poem By Megan Shellman
1 in 3 teenagers report knowing a
friend or peer who has been hit,
punched, kicked, slapped, choked
or physically hurt by their
33% who have been in or known
about an abusive relationship said
they have told anyone about it.
If trapped in an abusive
relationship, 73% of teens said
they would turn to a friend for


Nearly 80% of girls who have been
physically abused in their
intimate relationships continue to
date their abuser.
Of the women between the ages
15-19 murdered each year, 30% are
killed by their husband or
If you or someone you know is
trapped in an abusive
relationship, don't just watch.
And don't live with the regret.
Scene fades to black. End credits.


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From Sonia T Date 2/18/2010 ****
Pretty swell job you did. It really does explain how hard it is for teens to get out of abusive relaitonships. Hopefully when people see this they will understand how someone can seem so kind and caring and then as soon as your alone and know each other they turn on you and just completely surprise you, except only you will know. You won't tell anyone. In other words, this is incredible. I applaud you Megan Shellman. :)

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