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by Adam Greene (martymcfly_1_2_3@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Detective Jack Nolan's partner has been murdered. Jack's abilities will be put to the test when he travels to Planet Odysseus. This is my first script. I wrote it for a class. Any suggestions or critiques are welcome. I really enjoyed writing and hope to do more!!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A) Otto Sedgwick working with Uranium
                       NARRATOR (VO)
In the year 2020 German Physicist
Otto Sedgwick dicovered a way to
super enhance the use of uranium
in nuclear fuel. He created a
simple and practical way to
harness its energy.
B) Shuttles being launched. Passenger ships leaving Earth.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Space Flight became the norm. Mars
was a twenty dollar taxi ride.
C) Galaxy and many planets
                       NARRATOR (VO)
In only ten years we discovered
thousands of new planets. We
leaped from planet to planet
searching for life. We would find
D) Planet Odysseus
                       NARRATOR (VO)
On November 14, 2037 we landed on
Planet Odysseus. There was life
and plenty of it.
E) Aliens and Humans interacting.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Their species was much like ours,
flawed and uncertain. Both species
learned to cohabitate.
F) Young Charles Sullivan having a press conference.


                       NARRATOR (VO)
In 2058 American scientist and
entrepreneur, Charles Sullivan,
patented a material he called
G) Astronaut crumbles dirt on Planet Cordelia and shakes his
head left to right.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Humans were too eager to find life
when they landed on Planet
Cordelia. Most people considered
it to be a wasteland.
H) Charles Sullivan studying the material in a lab.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Charles Sullivan, however,
realized something nobody else
I) Construction of space lab.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
He built a lab and studied the
resource for many years. He would
build his fortune around this
J) NOVA and the uses of it.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
In a matter of months NOVA was the
energy source behind almost
everything. It became as valuable
as water.
K) Charles Sullivan in suit standing in his tower on Planet
                       NARRATOR (VO)
And Charles Sullivan owned every
piece of it.
L) Humans and aliens living together.


                       NARRATOR (VO)
In the beginning aliens and humans
co-mingled in peace.
M) Old footage of wars.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
But as history always seems to
remind us, peace is only an
illusion. Waiting around the
corner is greed.
N) Abandoned factories.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
As resources diminished people
became desperate. War was on the
horizon and that horizon was fast
Detective JACK NOLAN and his partner HENRY MCMILLAN are
enjoying a beer together after work at their favorite pub.
Another whiskey Jack?
Yeah. Well, fuck the aliens. They
can live on their planet and we
can live on ours. No need to
Not all aliens are evil Jack. Some
of them are...
The best people you have ever met.
I know. I've heard this a hundred
times. Next you will start telling
me about all the great times you
had on Odysseus.


You will see one day Jack that not
all of them are quite as bad as
you make them out to be.
Henry takes a shot of whiskey.
What the hell is going on Henry?
You've been drinking that whiskey
like it's the last one you will
ever have.
Henry pounds another shot of whiskey.
I've been working on something big
Well, you just put down your
seventh shot of whiskey. If you're
not going to tell me now then I'm
afraid I'll never hear it.
Not yet. It's not safe yet.
A TV is playing behind the bar.
                       TV REPORTER (VO)
Rebel leader Kulghren is still on
the loose. Kulghren is wanted for
treason and murder.
I know what is not safe. That
fucking alien Kulghren. Somebody
needs to find that asshole and
kill him. Problem solved.
Henry stands up and grabs his coat.
You can't be mad because I don't
like that piece of shit.


I have to go. I will explain
things later.
You're getting too old my friend.
Jack takes a sip of his drink.
      (to himself)
Guess I'll just sit here by myself
Jack wakes up to the sound of the phone ringing.
                       CAPTAIN (VO)
Yea. What time is it?
                       CAPTAIN (VO)
Henry is dead. He's been shot and
his ...
Where is he?
                       CAPTAIN (VO)
His body was found in an alley at
1st and 105th in Harlem. I sent a
driver to pick you...
Jack hangs up the phone and leaves his apartment.
Jack walks into the crime scene. Two detectives approach


                       DETECTIVE #1
Sorry Jack. We think Henry was in
the wrong place at the wrong time.
                       DETECTIVE #2
There's been a lot of these around
here lately. Punk kids stealing
and killing.
Jack ignores them. He kneels beside Henry's body.
                       DETECTIVE #1
Jack. You should get some rest. We
can handle this.
Jack examines the two bullet wounds on Henry's body.
                       DETECTIVE #1
I know this is hard man. We'll
find these little shits. I
You're telling me a kid snuck up
on my partner. Shot him through
the heart from 20 feet away. Then
finished him off with a
well-placed headshot, took his
wallet and left his wedding ring
in the pocket. Then vanished. What
a little badass this kid must be.
A fucking modern day James Bond
Jack notices an alien girl in the crowd of onlookers. They
exchange looks for a second and she leaves.
                       DETECTIVE #2
Maybe he got lucky.
Nobody is that lucky.


      (talking to
       Henry's corpse)
What were you doing here Henry?
Why were you all the way out here?
Jack hops in his vehicle and drives away.
                       DETECTIVE #1
You're an idiot. You know that
                       DETECTIVE #2
Fuck you!
Jack sits at the bar drinking a whiskey. He stares at the
                       TV REPORTER (VO)
Ambassador Frances T. Woodley was
found dead today at his hotel in
Triton on Planet Odysseus. Rebel
leader Kulghren is believed to be
responsible for the murder.
Woodley was in Odysseus this week
on negotiations with leader Oswin.
Universe is going to shit.
                       TV REPORTER (VO)
Woodley was 42 years old. In other
news, trillion dollar man Charles
Sullivan completes the building of
another space station today...
An alien girl sits next to Jack at the bar.
I'll have a martini. 3 olives.


I saw you at the crime scene.
The bartender hands her the martini. The smoke rolls off the
glass. She downs it in two sips.
Come with me Jack. It's not safe
Who the hell are you?
Come with me.
Jack follows her out the bar.
The rain falls hard.
Look. I'm not gonna walk through
Manhattan in the middle of the
rain without knowing where I'm
Do you want information about your
partner Henry's death or not?
How the hell do know my name and
better yet how the hell do you
know my partner's name? Who the
fuck are you?


If you would shut up and follow
me. We could get to that.
She walks into a club. Jack follows her in.
The club is occupied by aliens. The music is loud. Jack and
Agneta sit at a table.
Ok. You got me here. Now who the
hell are you?
My name is Agneta. Henry McMillan,
your partner, is my father.
Jack stands and begins to leave.
I've had enough of this shit.
His wife, Dawn, died six years
ago. He has a birth mark on his
left elbow. He takes his coffee
black. He spikes it every morning
with a shot of whiskey but thinks
no one knows...
A tear rolls down her face.
He talks about the past as if he
was there an hour ago. He gets a
little too drunk some nights but
never means harm. He talks about
his partner Jack like he is a son.
Jack sits back down.


      (trying not to
       lose it)
He loves dogs but never had one.
He cries when he watches romantic
I don't understand.
Jack pauses for a second.
Why would Henry not tell me about
He wanted to keep me safe.
Henry was coming from your
apartment last night?
Yes. I live two blocks from where
he was murdered. He was drunk. He
mentioned something about Woodley
being killed.
The ambassador?
I don't know. He was pacing in my
living room. I thought he was just
drunk and rambling. He said he was
going to your place to tell you
everything. He told me I might be
in danger and that I should leave.
I grabbed my things and went to
this bar.
Jack stares at the floor trying to make sense of all this.
I think Henry was a target.


You and me both. What else did he
He said something about a small,
black safe.
I need to go to Henry's apartment
and see what I can find?
Jack stands up.
I'll come with you.
No. I'm going alone. Here is a key
to apartment 3A. Its a safe house.
We keep witnesses there sometimes.
It's pretty small but you should
be out of harms way for the time
Jack leaves the club.
Jack opens the door tired, cold and wet. He throws his coat
on the sofa and walks inside the kitchen. He grabs a beer
from the fridge and stares at an old picture of himself and
Henry. He sees a glare come across the picture. He pulls his
pistol out and jumps to the floor. The beer bottle shatters
on the ground. Jack shoots twice dropping a man to the
ground. Jack approaches the man. He notices it is an alien.
He grabs the alien by the neck.
Who the hell are you?
Black blood pours from the alien's wounds.


Jack shakes the alien.
Who the fuck are you?
      (in a fading voice)
Find Kulghren. Find Kulghren.
Don't you die on me. Don't you
fucking die!
The alien coughs more blood and dies.
Jack searches the body of the alien. He finds ammo, a
lock-pick, and a small electronic chip then walks upstairs.
Jack finds a red safe in Henry's closet. He uses the
lock-pick to open it. Jack finds a gun along with a large
wad of money, which he puts in his pocket. He feels the back
of the safe and pries the back wall out. He discovers a
little secret area in the back of it. Jack grabs a picture.
It is a picture of Henry, his wife Dawn, and a young alien
girl. The picture is marked "Aggie" on the back. He also
finds a silver key attached to a necklace that he puts
around his neck.
He searches the rest of the house but finds nothing useful.
Jack grabs his coat and leaves.
Jack knocks on the door lightly. Agneta slowly opens the
apartment door. Jack notices that she has been crying.


Are you OK?
I'm fine. It's just hard to
imagine that he is gone.
Jack walks in and sits down.
I know. I miss him too.
Agneta wipes the tears from her eyes.
What did you find at his
I'm not sure yet. There was an
alien waiting for me.
What happened? Are you...
Don't worry about me.
What was he doing there?
He was looking for something or he
was waiting on me.
Jack stands up.
We are not gonna sit around to
find out. Grab your things. We
need to go.
They get in Jack's car.


Where are we going Jack?
She notices the blood on Jack's shirt but does not say
anything about it.
Somewhere we can get away from all
this for a moment. Somewhere I can
They drive through the rainy, cold night. Agneta tries to
sleep but quietly cries in the passenger seat. Jack reaches
into his pocket and pulls out the chip he found on the
alien. He stares at it. The rain slowly dwindles into a
light mist. The night fades into morning. The car stops.
An older man walks out of the house.
Where are we?
An old friend of Henry's. He is
the only one I can trust right
The man greets Jack with a long, warm hug.
What crime did you commit to end
up with this guy? I know no one as
pretty as you would be hanging
around Jack Nolan under her own
Agneta smiles.


Hi there young lady. I'm Vernon
Owens. You two come inside and get
warm. I'll start the coffee.
They walk in to Vernon's house.
Vernon makes coffee and they sit in the living room around a
fire. Agneta grabs a picture of Vernon and a woman.
Is this your wife?
Yes ma'am. Prettiest girl I ever
met. Still can't figure out what
she wanted to do with me.
Where is she?
She moved on several years ago.
When I finished building this
house she became sick. She still
looked beautiful the day she died.
I'm sorry Vernon. I didn't mean...
No worries my dear. That's how the
world turns sometimes.
I wanted to come but..
Now Jack, she loved you like a
son. Don't go beating yourself up
over something like that. You and
Henry are busy guys and we always
knew that. Speaking of, where the


                       VERNON (cont'd)
hell is Henry?
He was murdered Vernon. That's why
we're here.
Vernon sets his coffee on a table. He stares into the
distance. He takes a deep breathe.
What did that stubborn bastard get
himself into this time?
Agneta falls asleep. Jack and Vernon walk into another room.
Jack and Vernon drink coffee together.
What happened Jack?
I'm not sure yet. I was with him
the night of the murder. He told
me he was working on something
big. Then I met Agneta. Why the
hell didn't he tell me about her?
You knew who she was when we
arrived didn't you?
I met her about 20 years ago when
she was just a baby. Aggie they
called her. Her eyes were so
beautiful. I had never seen such
pretty eyes. The red and green
just glowed when you looked into
them. We were young and bold 20
years ago Jack. Henry and Dawn
were infertile. They travelled a
lot the first few years of their
marriage. One year they went to
Odysseus when war wasn't on
everyone's mind. They met an alien


                       VERNON (cont'd)
who became their friend. He called
himself Kulghren. They spent much
time together. As time passed
Kulghren became much more involved
in politics as tensions started to
rise between the two planets.
Henry wasn't known for his
political involvement. Kulghren
wanted them to stay but they were
headed in two different
directions. The vacation had come
to an end. Kulghren knowing he
could not raise a little girl on
his own and keep her safe asked if
Henry and Dawn would take her.
They promised they would keep her
safe and raise her like their own
child. They never saw Kulghren
I always figured he was a little
full of shit when he told some of
his old stories. He used to tell
me about a guy named Rawlins on
Odysseus and all they great times
they had. Just figured he was
trying to entertain me. He never
mentioned Kulghren.
Can you blame him? Kulghren is
wanted for every crime there is.
An alien attacked me at Henry's
apartment and I think...
I don't want to know anymore. We
moved out here for a reason. To
get away from all that shit, Jack.
Vernon notices that Jack is tired. He stands and dims the


Get some rest Jack. You're gonna
need it.
Jack fades into sleep.
Jack awakens to the sound of laughter. He walks into the
kitchen where Vernon and Agneta are telling stories. Jack
smiles for the first time.
Are you filling her head with all
your bullshit Vernon?
I didn't think you could dance
I was telling her about the time
you and Henry got drunk...
And went out in the street and
danced on the cars. Yeah I
remember. I try to forget about
that night. We spent a night in
jail because they didn't believe
we were detectives. I bet you
didn't know that Vernon farts in
his sleep either.
Agneta laughs.
Yep. Vernon here sounds like an
orchestra when he is in deep
sleep. It's a beautiful thing.
Not true Agneta. Don't listen to


They all laugh aloud.
We need to get moving.
So soon Jack?
We could stay a little longer.
We must go. Vernon, you're too
kind my friend.
They walk outside to the car.
Vernon helps them pack the car.
Thank you for everything Vernon.
Anytime young lady. You keep this
asshole in line Agneta.
I think I can handle that.
Vernon hugs Agneta and he closes her passenger door. He
walks to Jack and hugs him.
You find the people responsible
Jack. Watch your back and keep
your wits about you.
I will.
Jack enters his car and shuts the door. They speed into the


Where to now?
Jack looks at Earth through his rear view mirror as they
speed out of it's atmosphere.
Jack's car lands in the windy, sandy city of Kalini on
Odysseus. They walk into a small bar filled with aliens and
humans. Jack walks up to the bar.
Can I help you?
Yeah. I'm looking for a man by the
name of Rawlins.
And I'm looking for the patent to
NOVA. Doesn't mean I'll ever get
Look. I don't want any trouble.
Just point me in the right
The alien bartender flips him off.
Why don't you start here.
An alien sitting at the bar starts laughing.
Jack grabs the alien bartender by the finger and breaks it.
He kicks the stool from underneath the other alien and


plants his foot down on his face. Jack slams the bartender's
head on the bar.
Tell me how to find Rawlins now or
I will snap your fucking neck in
Another alien stands to challenge Jack. Jack points his
finger at him.
The alien does not move.
The bartender points across the bar to a young alien.
That's Cynric. Talk to him.
Jack releases the bartender and walks over to Cynric.
Not exactly a fan of aliens uh?
You Cynric?
Yep. That be me. Best freelancer
on Odysseus. What can I do for
Names Jack. I'm looking for a man
named Rawlins. Can you help me
find him?
Hi there Jack. Most people believe
Rawlins to be dead. But I know
more than most. I might could help
you. Question is, can you help me?


How much?
Agneta pulls Jack away.
I don't trust him.
Neither do I but what else are we
gonna do.
Jacks walks back to Cynric.
How much?
I need about ten more crates of
NOVA for my ship and that would
cost around a thousand bullian
units. But if I had to bet I'd bet
you don't carry my kind of money
around. So let's say three
thousand dollars. That'll get me
about 11 crates. Deal?
You'll take us to him?
Sure thing.
Jack hands him a wad of money.
Here's four thousand. We're in a
Jack and Agneta follow Cynric to his ship. They leave


Why you looking for that prick
Rawlins anyway?
That's between Rawlins and me.
Ok. Ok. I get it. I used to be a,
let's say collector for Rawlins.
He a gambling fool but he knows
what he is doing. When someone
wouldn't pay I'd go make em' pay.
Why aren't you still working for
Couldn't handle the hours. No
overtime. Plus I figured I could
make more freelancing on my own.
The ship slows and begins to land.
Here we are. Gambling Mecca of
Odysseus. I know. I know. It's not
Vegas but shit's illegal so they
do what they have to do.
Where the hell are we?
A building stands alone in a desert.
We're in the middle of nowhere
miss sexy. Cops don't come this
far too often.
The ship lands in the dark desert.


A few things you need to know
about this place before we go in.
Don't say shit. Let me do the
talking and don't say shit while
I'm talking.
Jack and Agneta follow Cynric to the entrance of the bar.
Cynric knocks on the door. An alien opens a small window in
the door and a big red eye stares out of it.
Cynric says something. Jack and Agneta do not understand.
The small window closes. The door opens. They follow Cynric
into the building.
Welcome to the best kept secret in
Odysseus. If you want to take a
load off or lay low for a few
days, this is the place to go.
They continue to walk through the room. The music is loud
and it is quite crowded. Strippers dance on stage while the
waitresses roam the floor. Gambling is happening in all
corners of the room.
Tell me Jack, ever seen alien
pussy like that?
Agneta stares at Cynric in disgust.
Anything you can imagine is bet
on. Just don't forget to pay up.
The bouncers in here don't fuck
They approach a hallway guarded by an alien.


These folks are here to see
No one is allowed back here.
Tell him it's Cynric. I'm an old
pal of his.
The guard walks to the back for a moment then returns.
Follow me.
I'm going to get a drink. You'll
be fine.
Jack and Agneta follow the guard to the back. The guard
opens a door and they all walk in.
A man is sitting at his desk with his back facing Jack and
Agneta. He is watching the surveillance monitors. He turns
around smoking a cigar wearing a big, white cowboy hat.
The key to having a successful
gambling business is to have the
sexiest females you can find. And
having more money than your
competitors doesn't hurt, of
course. Most people think it's the
gambling they are addicted to.
It's the girls. The lights. The
atmosphere. It's the thrill of
doing something illegal that most
people are addicted to. Tell me
stranger why have you come all
this way to see me? Cause you
don't strike me as a gambling


My name is Detective Jack Nolan.
My partner Henry McMillan was
murdered two nights ago. He used
to speak of you. I believe
Kulghren has something to do with
it. I want you to help me find
Well detective it seems you have
come a long way for nothing. You
expect me to...
Cynric rushes into the room.
Cynric what an unpleasant
Cynric pulls a gun out and points it at Jack.
Seems your a good find Detective
Jack Nolan.
Cynric what are you doing? Put
that gun away now.
Turn your TV on.
Rawlins flicks the TV on.
                       TV REPORTER (VO)
Detective Jack Nolan is wanted for
the murders of Henry McMillan and
Vernon Owens. The suspect is
considered highly dangerous and is
believed to have fled to Odysseus.
A reward of four million dollars


Seems I might be retiring at an
early age. I knew something was up
with you two when you came in the
We didn't...
Shut the fuck up bitch.
Cynric I'm not going to ask you
again to put your gun away.
Rawlins grabs a shotgun out of sight from under his desk.
I'm taking these two with me. Do
you know how much the reward will
Rawlins' guard pulls his gun out and points it at Rawlins.
What are you doing?
I'm with Cynric on this one boss.
Rawlins fires his shotgun at Cynric instantly killing him.
The guard shoots Rawlins and hits him in the neck. Jack
jumps on the guard and hits his gun away. The guard throws
Jack off. Agneta charges the guard but is pushed away.
Rawlins fires his shotgun and hits the guard in the leg.
Agneta grabs Cynric's gun and shoots the guard in the head
killing him.
Jack rushes to Rawlins' aid. He is bleeding badly.
Quick. We must go to my ship. It's
in the back.
Jack picks him up and they begin to run out the back.


My cigars.
Agneta grabs the cigars and they run into the ship.
The ship steers itself as Agneta holds Rawlins' head up. The
blood pours from his wound. Jack stands next to them.
Why did you help us?
You have to read people pretty
fast in my profession. You're no
killer Jack.
Why would they want to frame us?
Because you're getting too close.
Jack, I can get you to Kulghren. I
used to help him get weapons and
NOVA. Anything I could do to help
Rawlins coughs up blood.
Grab me a cigar and that map.
Agneta lights a cigar for him. Jack hands him the map.
On the Eastern tip of the city
Selene there is a rebel base. It's
Kulghren's headquarters. You will
find him there. Good luck Jack.
Rawlins puffs his cigar and looks at Agneta.


I've met you before. I did not
know this until now. Those eyes. I
could never forget those eyes.
Wait. Don't...
Rawlins' cigar falls from his mouth and he dies. Jack sits
in the pilot chair clinching his fist.
Why Vernon god dammit?
Agneta sits next to him. She softly grabs his hand.
I'm gonna find the person
responsible and I'm gonna kill
The ship lands at the Rebel base in Selene. It is surrounded
by troops.
                       VOICE (VO)
Slowly walk out of the ship with
your hands raised.
Jack and Agneta walk out of the ship. They are separated and
taken away by rebel troops.
Jack is sitting in a room with no windows. There is a table
and an empty chair in front of him. A tall muscular alien
walks in the room and throws a file on the table. The alien
sits in the empty chair.
No introduction is needed I hope.
Jack shakes his head in agreement.


You are Detective Jack Nolan.
Partner and friend of Detective
Henry McMillan. Your mother,
father, and little sister were
murdered by aliens when you were
just a boy.
An alien soldier walks in and sets a cup of coffee in front
of Jack. Jack stares at him.
You were born in Norfolk, Nebraska
but ran away to New York after
your family was killed. You were
in a small gang and got caught
stealing. Detective McMillan took
you under his wing and you later
became his partner.
Kulghren lights a cigarette.
The alien you are with is the
daughter of Detective McMillan.
He puffs his cigarette.
You came here for one of two
reasons, Jack. One, you came here
to capture or kill me. And two you
came here for answers. If you are
here for the former then I should
tell you now that you will neither
kill nor capture me. Not that I
wish you to fail but my work is
too important for me to let that
happen. If you are here for the
latter and you will soon realize
you are, I will happily oblige
Kulghren opens a file and slides it to Jack. Jack begins to


The man you are looking for is
Charles Sullivan. The owner of
NOVA. The trillion dollar man. He
is responsible for the murder of
your friends.
Jack's eyes light up.
Sullivan has been working with
Odysseus leader Oswin for some
time now. I attempted to make this
known but my word is shit these
days. They did a good job of
making me look like the bad guy.
The alien you killed in Henry's
apartment the other night is a
hit-man by the name of Jambi. A
very good one I might add. He
works for Sullivan. He is the one
that pulled the trigger.
Kulghren extends his hand with the cigarettes.
I quit.
Seems you stumbled on Jambi while
he was trying to find out how much
Henry knew. Sullivan had
Ambassador Woodley killed. With
Woodley out of the picture war
would be inevitable. Sullivan
would back Oswin during this war.
Whichever side had NOVA would
easily win. Oswin would become
leader of two planets and Sullivan
would be given anything he
Where the hell does Henry fit into
all this?


About two weeks ago I contacted
Henry. I did not want to endanger
him but I had no choice. He was
the only one I could trust.
And he told Ambassador Woodley.
Percisely. Woodley was the key to
bringing this public. Once Woodley
knew about everything the rules
changed. No reason for them to
kill me. One, they couldn't if
they tried and two, my word has
been ruined. But the ambassador
could shut down Sullivan's entire
NOVA fortune and imprison them
Kulghren lights another cigarette.
Woodley was in Odysseus meeting
with me when he was murdered. He
wanted to handle this delicately.
He didn't know who to trust. I
thought he was in a safe house.
Henry was murdered because he knew
too much. Something I will never
forgive myself for. Your friend
Vernon was killed out of panic.
They couldn't have been sure what
you told him.
Now the only people who know the
truth are me and you. And we are
both wanted for murder. No one
will believe a word we say.
Maybe. But you have something they


What would that be?
You have the key to the truth.
Jack holds the key around his neck.
Henry was always a stubborn
bastard and he documented
everything. That key opens a
small, black safe in an apartment
in Harlem. Somewhere he could keep
things safe and hidden.
Jack takes a sip of the coffee.
In that safe you will find
everything you need to prove
Sullivan and Oswin were working
together to start a war.
I'll never be able to make it back
to Earth without getting caught.
No. But Agneta can.
You can get me to Sullivan?
I have my fastest ship ready to
go. My four best soldiers will
accompany you. Sullivan will be in
his tower on Planet Cordelia. It
will be heavily guarded.
Meanwhile, Agneta will get Henry's
Well what the hell are we waiting
for. Let's go.


One more thing Jack. You will need
a small electronic chip to get
into Sullivan's lab. Without that
chip you will not be able to
Jack slides the chip on the table.
Don't let anything happen to
Agneta. You are aware that she's
She must never know Jack. I have
made many enemies over the years.
Whom each would love to hurt me or
anyone close to me. She will be
safe. Don't you worry.
They both stand up.
It's time to end this shit.
What are you going to do once you
get to him?
I'll figure that out once I'm
They exit the room.
Jack and Kulghren stand outside the ship. Four soldiers are
waiting inside. The sun is behind them going down.
Jack. Henry was the only person I
ever trusted. I hate that I had to
bring him in to all this.


Some things are worth dying for.
Just don't let anything happen to
Watch yourself Jack.
Kulghren and Jack shake hands. Jack boards the ship. The
door closes and the ship speeds away.
One soldier is piloting the ship. Two of them are checking
their gear. The leader, PINK, sits across from Jack.
Handy with a gun Jack?
I can handle my own.
Good. That will save me some
explaining then. Here.
Pink throws him a pistol.
We were briefed. Basically we need
to gain you access to the tower
and get you to the elevator that
leads to Sullivan's office without
getting you killed. No worries
here my friend. You are riding
with the best.
The four alien troops yell something together.
Piloting the ship is Chewy. He's a
big hairy fuck but when shit gets
real you'll be glad he's on your
side. One with the big rifle,
that's Halo. He'll be watching our
backs. Best shooter I've ever come


                       PINK (cont'd)
across. The other one is Tool. No
telling how many have fallen under
that big ass knife of his.
Why do they call you Pink?
The soldiers laugh.
Well Jack, Pink has a little thing
for human woman.
Never seen him with our kind.
As you are well aware human woman
have a little pink surprise, as
Halo would say, waiting for you at
the end of the rainbow. Now, it's
not exactly my cup tea but Pink
here can't seem to get enough of
They can't get enough of me you
The soldiers laugh.
Truth is Jack. When I was six
years old a man, a human, grabbed
my left arm and stuck it in pure
liquid NOVA. Do you know what pure
liquid NOVA does to the skin of an
alien? It slowly burns and rips
the pigment away from the skin.
The common green pigment of aliens
that you are accustom to turns to
a light red or pink when place in
liquid NOVA for an extended period
of time. It was an agonizing
experience. I clawed at his eye


                       PINK (cont'd)
socket as hard as I could. Then I
bashed his face in with my
forehead until I felt the soft,
wet flesh drag from his face.
He lifts the clothing from his left arm revealing a pink arm
The name Pink stuck with me but
nobody ever fucked with me again.
A loud, buzzing alarm echoes through the ship.
Alright soldiers. You know the
drill. Chewy, put us down
somewhere safe. Jack, you stay on
my six.
The ship lands on the outskirts of Planet Cordelia.
They step out of the ship into the frigid air of Planet
Cordelia. Jack follows the troops through the rough, rocky
terrain. Not one word is said. They approach the tower. Halo
breaks away from the group and finds high ground. Four
guards stand outside an entrance of the tower. Chewy, Tool,
and Pink take out three of the guards with their knives.
Halo shoots the other guard with a shot that cannot be
heard. Jack rushes to the entrance and places the electronic
chip in it's place. The door opens. Jack follows the team
They enter a hallway. A guard stands at the end of it. Pink
throws a knife instantly killing him. A locked door blocks
their path.
Tool. Can you get us in?


No problem. It will just take a
Tool kneels down to work on the door.
How close are we to the Tower's
In the next room there is an
elevator that leads straight to
Sullivan's office.
Tool opens the door.
We're in.
They enter a room with an elevator.
Something is wrong here.
I agree. Stay alert.
Jack presses the button on the elevator. It begins to
descend. 300, 299, 298... Two doors open behind them. Guards
surround Jack and the troops. An intercom turns on.
                       VOICE (VO)
A pleasure to meet you Detective
Jack Nolan. I am Charles Sullivan.
You're a very persistent man,
detective. I'll give you that. But
it ends here. Arrest them.
Halo rushes in from the hallway. Kulghren's troops fire on
the guards. The guards fire back. Tool is shot in the head
moments after he kills a guard. Chewy takes out two guards
before he is killed. Jack is shot in the arm but jumps to


cover. Pink shoots three guards but is shot twice in the
chest. Halo fires killing one but is soon killed by another
guard. Jack pulls his gun out and kills one more. The
elevator opens.
Go Jack.
Jack crawls into the elevator. The last guard points his
weapon at Jack. Pink, barely alive, shoots the guard in the
back. Jack and Pink exchange looks. The elevator door
The elevator door opens. Jack walks out with his gun.
Charles Sullivan stands at a window looking out. Jack points
his gun at him.
You're under arrest you greedy,
murdering fuck!
Do you know the definition of
greed detective? It is an
inordinate desire to possess more
than one needs or deserves. One
would argue with you detective
that I deserve everything I
possess. I discovered NOVA and
that entitles me to do whatever I
please with it.
Does that include the taking of
innocent lives?
Sullivan turns and sits at his desk.
The human species is greedy by
nature. We consume every resource
at a rapid speed with no thought
of the consequences. If humans
were to have control of NOVA it


                       SULLIVAN (cont'd)
would seize to exist in eighty
years. That is not a significant
amount of time to even mention on
a timeline. To protect mankind
from itself sacrifices must be
made to insure its survival.
By creating a war and backing the
aliens you are protecting mankind?
War is the best catalyst for
change. A society must reach its
lowest point to realize it must
change to survive. By ensuring
that the aliens win this war I am
creating that low point. Humans
will have to rebuild. Rethink how
they live. They will have to
change or they will not survive in
this new world.
If humans do not change then you
would be responsible for the
extinction of an entire species.
Humans have the choice to change.
I'm only accelerating the
circumstances for that choice to
be made detective.
So you want to play god. Your
moral compass is a little fucked
up wouldn't you say?
Throughout history man has had to
force its way through the slime
and mold of human ignorance to
find the light. You think Julius
Caesar's reformation of Roman
society came at no price? Or


                       SULLIVAN (cont'd)
Alexander the Great spreading his
Greek civilization to the East was
accomplished without sacrifice?
There is no right and wrong. There
is only what's necessary. When the
smoke clears and the air is clean
a better civilization will emerge
from the rubble. A new day will
dawn and man will rise again.
Helicopter lights shine in through the window.
You've lost your fucking mind
Sullivan. You made a mistake when
you killed my partner.
                       VOICE (VO)
Charles Sullivan. You are under
arrest. Put your hands above your
head and lay on the ground.
A swat team runs inside the building. They wait for the
Do you understand by arresting me
Jack, you will be sealing the fate
of mankind?
Sullivan puts his hands behind his head and kneels.
The swat team enters the elevator. The door closes.
I didn't come here to arrest you.
Jack steps closer to Sullivan pressing his gun against
Sullivan's head.
You had three innocent people
murdered you twisted fuck. All
your talk about mankind and its
future went out the window the


                       JACK (cont'd)
night you killed Henry.
The lights shine on Jack.
                       VOICE (VO)
Detective Jack Nolan stand down.
The elevator rises closer to the top.
You made a mistake. You should
have killed me.
Jack cocks his gun. The elevator opens.
Tell my friends I said hello.
Jack pulls the trigger as blood drips from his wound. The
bullet enters Sullivan's skull instantly killing him. The
swat team rushes in. One swat member shoots Jack in the leg.
Jack falls to the floor avoiding a shot from a helicopter.
                       SWAT MEMBER
Hold your fire. Hold your fire.
Jack rolls on the floor in pain as the swat team approaches
him. Jack passes out.
                       SWAT MEMBER
We are going to need an emergency
air evacuation immediately.
Jack is airlifted to a hospital.
Two days later.
Jack slowly wakes up. Agneta stands over him holding his


Where am I?
You are at a hospital on Odysseus.
I wasn't sure if you were going to
make it Jack.
What happened?
A swat member saved your life. He
shot you in the leg before
sharpshooters in the helicopter
could. Your leg is broken but the
doctor says you will be fine.
You got the files?
Yeah. Henry had everything we
needed. I gave them to your
captain and they went to
Sullivan's tower to get him before
you did. They weren't quick
What are they going to do with me?
Agneta picks up the remote and turns the TV on.
                       TV REPORTER (VO)
Odysseus leader Oswin has been
arrested in connection with the
murders of Ambassador Woodley,
Detective Henry McMillan and
Vernon Owens. Most of Oswin's
political members have also been
arrested on numerous accounts of
corruption. The rebel leader
Kulghren has been cleared of all
charges and is currently in the
process of being voted into
Oswin's seat. In other news,


                       TV REPORTER (cont'd)
Charles Sullivan was found dead in
his tower today after he committed
Agneta turns the TV off.
Seems your new friend Kulghren
will have complete authority in
Odysseus. So you shouldn't have
anything to worry about.
I'm ready to get the hell out of
Hang on Jack. Someone here wants
to see you.
Kulghren walks in the room.
Hello Jack. How's the leg?
I'll survive. Aren't you supposed
to be leading this planet right
I suppose. None of this would be
possible without you Jack. I could
use a man like you to help
rebuild. What do you say?
Sounds appealing but I don't see
myself in politics. Too much crazy
shit for me. What are you going to
do about NOVA?


Odysseus and Earth will co-own
NOVA. It will be regulated by both
planets to insure its longevity.
If you ever change your mind you
are more than welcome. You will
always have friends on Odysseus.
Get some rest Jack. I'll be in
Kulghren walks out the room.
I know exactly what I need.
What's that?
Jack strips the IV from his arms. He whips his cast around
and stands up.
Hold on Jack. Your going to kill
Jack walks out the door. Agneta waits in the room. Jack pops
his head back in.
You coming or not?
Agneta smiles as they walk out of the room.
Jack and Agneta walk into the pub from the rain. Agneta
helps Jack limp to the bar. They sit down.
What will it be Jack?


I'll have a whiskey, straight.
She'll have a martini, three
olives. Smokey.
You remembered.
I am a detective. Just try not to
drink it so fast this time.
Jack stands up and walks behind the bar.
He pulls a photo out of his jacket. The back of it says
"Aggie". He pins it to the wall. It is a photo of Henry,
Dawn, and a little alien girl. Jack stares at the picture
for a second then he looks at Agneta.
Did anyone ever tell you that you
have the most beautiful eyes?


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