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The Rake
by Akshay Mallya (tkefabrizio341@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
Story of a young 20 year old college student named Alex Rubel whose over obsession with women leads him to get involved in infamous activities out of desperation to get money for college but then falls into a situation which is totally beyond his control that ruins his life forever.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The scene is set in Long Island University, C.W. Post
Campus. The shot only focuses on the girls and women on the
campus. Some of them walking alone with or without books in
their arms, some of them with their girl friends, some of
them coupled with their boyfriends either laughing with them
to their class rooms or in the middle of an argument or
making out in private spaces, some of them are sad while
others are smiling. The whole scene is one continuous shot
that focuses only on the people of the feminine sex in the
middle of their daily routine as Alex, the main protagonist
of the film starts narrating:
                       ALEX (V.O.)
It is said that a woman is God's
greatest gift to mankind. That
without the existence of women,
making money in this world would
be pointless. But there is one
aspect about the feminine sex that
has intrigued guys like me in my
age group and always has since we
got puberty, and that is a woman's
body. Oh yeah, it's her body all
right. Something that God
beautifully sculpted into a
masterpiece. No matter what
anybody has to say about the
principles and character of a guy
when it comes to behaving in front
of someone of the opposite sex,
it's her body that turns every man
around into a fuckin' man whore.
It's just like how the very famous
Germaine Greer once said, "The
most popular image of the female
despite the exigencies of the
clothing trade is all boobs and
buttocks, a hallucinating sequence
of parabolae and bulges." (MORE)
Now the focus turns towards a very pretty girl wearing a
revealing outfit with her books, walking in a jolly good


                       ALEX (V.O.)
Like this gal for example, When I
glimpse the backs of her knees I
seem to hear the first movement of
Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony
The girl now bumps into a randomn guy but they start getting
into a conversation as if they've known each other for a a
while. The focus is now closing in on the guy talking to the
girl as Alex continues his narration.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
And look at this guy. He may look
like a kid with a good character
and principles but none of that
shit is going on in his mind right
now. Here he is talking to female
friend or an acquaintance and
pretending to only admire her
dress and her beauty but deep
                                         CUT TO:
This scene is the guy's imagination. The same guy and girl
who were having a conversation are engaged in a pasionnate
sexual activity in the bedroom as Alex continues his
                       ALEX (V.O.)
.....he's actually thinking about
how he'd screw her in bed.
As he finishes his narration, the volume of Beethoven's 6th
that was playing as a background is now turned up to
dominate the love making scene between the couple.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
The focus goes back on the same guy as the previous scene
where he's still in middle of a conversation with the same
girl. The volume of the background score turns down so that
Alex can continue his narration. Now this continuous shot
shifts from the guy to Alex, A tall well dressed and good
looking college junior standing still in the middle of the
chaotic crowd. The shot closes in towards him as his
narration continues.


                       ALEX (V.O.)
So here I am, Alexander Rubel, an
English major and a junior in Long
Island University, in the middle
of all this fuckin' mess. The
things that go on in my mind about
women are probably the same as any
other guy on this planet except
the fact that I just show it more
than others. That's what makes me
different from the other guys and
that's what gives me the ability
to get pussy anytime and anywhere
I want when the others act like a
bunch of fuckin' pussies. I admit
that I have this weird over
obsession about the female
anatomy, an obsession that is
beyond anyone's imagination or
control, an obsession that fucked
up my mind so much, that it just
fucked me up forever. (BEAT) My
name is Alexander Rubel, and this
is my story.
By the time Alex finishes his narration, the shot is already
closed in to Alex's face with a slightly evil smile and a
lit cigarette in his lips.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The shot explores the basement and a living room of a
typical party scene in a fraternity house. A big banner of
the Phi Delta Lambda fraternity is visible on one of the
walls in the living room. Alex enters the house, alone,
wearing a black coat, white t-shirt and dark blue jeans. He
enters the house full of drunk guys, half naked girls, beer
and liqour on the floor. a bunch of people are playing beer
pong, whereas a bunch are hooking up with those of their
opposite sex, a few of them have passed out on the floor or
on the couch whereas a few of them are lined up in front of
bathrooms which are occupied by those throwing up all the
alcohol they consumed. There is loud music being played as
Alex strolls through the party maniacs until he notices a
cute blonde girl with two of her girl friends laughing and
talking to three other guys at the bar set up in the house.
The blond girl is the cute and attractive Nicole and the guy
she is talking to is the tall, handsome and a better built
Joe. He continues to stare at her until he grabs her
attention. She responds by giving a shy smile and continues


to talk to one of the guys. Alex confidently walks right up
to her, interrupts their conversation and starts talking to
the girl.
You may pretend that are paying
attention to this scum bag in
front of you but I have noticed
you looking at me for the last 10
Yo, What the fuck is that supposed
to be ?
Alex turns towards Joe.
Hey Joe, Why don't you do me a
favor and turn around and keep
walking before I fuck you up in
front this girl.
Joe confronts Alex by standing only a few inches away and
looks at him straight in the eyes.
Oh yeah ? And just how are 'YOU'
going to fuck me up ? I can take
it outside if you want me to.
Dude, I aint gonna hurt you man.
Its just that I don't see your
girl Claudia around. Where is she
dude ? Why didn't you get her to
the party ?
She did wanna come, until she
found out that you were gonna be
there. And she didn't wanna come
and remind you how she dumped you
for me 6 months ago.
Alex reacts to Joe's earlier words by charging and standing
close to Joe. Both stare at each other for about 3 seconds.
You better watch your back, before
something bad happens. And next
time, never ask me about my girl


                       JOE (cont'd)
friend like you can.
Joe starts backing out, turns around and disappears into the
crowd. Alex then turns to Nicole.
Sorry about that. I hope I didn't
ruin your party.
well you kinda did. I was having a
nice conversation with Joe until
came along and ruined everything.
So are you telling me that you
found Joe so interesting that you
kept looking at me instead ?
Both look at each other and smile for 3 seconds. Nicole
slowly takes a sip from her drink while still looking at
Alex and admiring him.
So tell me Nicole, what did you
see in me that made you look at me
all the time when you were talking
to Joe.
Alex, I must have seen you may be
for one or two seconds by
accident, and you are taking it
the wrong way.
Oh, I am pretty sure it was way
longer than that.


Is this how you talk to every girl
you meet in a party like this ?
Well as a matter of fact, most of
the girls i've talked to and had
sex with are basically whores who
only like big dicks. You on the
other hand looked like someone
different. Someone who deserves
something a lot better than just
Oh really ? And makes you so sure
that I am not a whore who likes
big dicks.
Well, they say that you can tell a
lot by looking into a girl's eyes.
You know Alex ? You are by far the
weirdest guy I ever met.
And you are by far the most
beautiful girl I've ever seen.
The two stare at each other for about 5 seconds and slowly
close in to kiss. They passionately kiss obliviously to the
crazy party scene going on around them.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The door opens inside a big apartment which belongs to Alex.
Nicole, who enters right before Alex, looks around the walls
filled with strange paintings of naked women exposing their
private parts. Most of the space in the room is filled with
sculptors of naked women in different postures and different
sizes right from a few inches tall showpiece on a table to a
life size sculptor in every corner of the room.


      (A LITTLE
Alex, you got pretty interesting
things in your room here.
Well Thank you! I actually made
all of them myself. I've doing
doing these since I was 14. Tried
to sell a few of them, but people
don't like naked women in their
that much. So i keep them here.
Nicole walks through the room and studies a few life size
But why only women and that to
naked ? I mean, its probably fine
for you but its freaking me out a
little since I am a girl I guess.
Alex walks to his bar and starts pouring wine on two wine
Yeah, Probably. Why don't you have
a seat and make yourself
comfortable while I make u a
Don't you have a bedroom we can go
to ? I think I would be better off
Both look at each other and smile for about 3 seconds.
                                         CUT TO:
They enter the bedroom which is also filled with sculptors
of naked women and Nicole feels more nervous about it. Alex
walks up to her.
Nicole, you look nervous. Is it
these naked figures ?
Nicole who is still nervous nods a little.


Don't worry, just sit down and
Alex helps her to sit on the bed and gives her one of the
two glasses of wine he held in one of his hands. He then
walks towards his ipod player on the other side of the room
By the way Nicole, are by any
chance a fan of Beethoven ?
Alex turns on Beethoven's 6th and the 1st movement on his
ipod player. Nicole starts shaking a little on the bed while
sipping her wine out of nervousness.
Uh, no, not really. Never really
heard a lot of Beethoven.
After turning on the music, Alex walks to his dressing
table, opens the top drawer and takes out a big dagger.
Oh, you are missing out on
something all right. I've been
listening to Beethoven since I was
14. My favorite is the 6th though,
the 1st movement particularly. I
always put this on when I have
sex, it sets a perfect mood for
the both of us.
Well that's interesting Alex,
never really thought about that.
Alex with a cold blooded expression on his face hides the
dagger in his coat and slowly walks towards Nicole who is
facing the opposite direction.
You know, I actually heard that
after a while, Beethoven became
deaf but he still wrote music, I
mean he wrote fuckin' masterpieces
despite being deaf. Isn't that
fuckin' weird.
Alex is now very close to Nicole staring at her back with
his blood shot eyes wide open.


Hey Alex, I think I should go.
It's getting very late and my
parents are probably worried
Nicole gets up as Alex quickly stops her and makes her sit
back down on the bed.
What's your hurry ? Our night has
just started. Relax, your parents
are probably asleep already.
Nicole nods slighlty out of nervousness as Alex slowly
undresses her and kisses her neck. They then lay down in bed
and start making love passionately inside a thin cozy
blanket. Nicole is lost in the love making until she feels a
sharp edge on her thigh gradually moving up. She wakes up
to find a big knife in one of Alex's hands. She screams at
top of her voice out of terror and fights to get out of bed.
As a result, Alex manages to cut her thigh. She struggles
out of her bed and limps very fast out of the room holding
her clothes to her chest and bleeding along the way. She
runs to a closet out of panic and opens it to see a long row
of dead bodies hanging in big plastic bags covered in blood.
She yells again, turns around and this time runs into Alex's
arms who pushes her to the ground, bends down at her with
his dagger in one hand and covers her mouth with the other.
He pushes the dagger hard against her neck and looks
straight into her frightened eyes.
You know what Nicole ? I had a
girl friend once, beautiful, like
you, who said that I behaved
liked an animal, who said, I
touched her too much and you know
what ? She told me how she liked
it a lot, until one day I see her
with another guy, another fuckin'
scum bag. Then one day, I try to
make up for all this shit, so I
call her to this house and she
sees all this (POINTS HIS DAGGER
She said that I was fuckin' retard
and she couldn't stand me anymore,
she leaves (BEAT). Then you know
HER NECK HARDER) I go to her
house, I mean, her scum bag


                       ALEX (cont'd)
boyfriend's house, and I cut her
open with this same fuckin' knife
and eat everything inside of her
for dinner (BEAT). Sometimes I
think I shouldn't have done that
but you know what ? The way I look
at it, (BEAT) All you fuckin'
bitches are the same.
Alex immediately slits open her throat and blood splashes on
the sculptors near him. Nicole yells out in pain and
continues yelling while Alex is busy cutting her open. She
then stops as she dies on the bloody floor. Alex slowly gets
up and walks across the floor full of blood with blood
dripping from his dagger, his fingers and clothes. His face
is down and sweating and his eyes are filled with anger. He
sits on his couch, still covered in blood. He looks at
Nicole's dead body lying in front of him. He takes out his
pack of cigarettes and a lighter and lights a cigarette as
he continues to look at the body. Beethoven's 6th is still
playing. Suddenly, a phone rings. Alex looks at his ringing
phone and he doesn't move a muscle. After a while, a female
voice is heard asking to caller to leave a voice message.
The caller turns out to be one of Alex's close friends, Pat.
                       PAT (V.O.)
Hey Alex, this is Pat. Tried
calling your cell but it didn't go
through so I thought I'd call your
apartment but you are probably at
the after party with that chick
right now. I saw you guys leave
together a while ago. What's her
name, Nicole ? Fuck dude, I tried
so hard to hook up with her, you
are one lucky son of a bitch.
Anyway, I guess you had a lot of
fun tonight so give me call once
you get this message or else I'll
see you tomorrow in school. All
right bro, peace !
Alex continues to stare at the phone and then turns towards
Nicole's corpse and gets back to his cigarette.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
As surprising as it may sound,
Nicole was not my first victim.
There were already six more bodies
in my closet. All of them women. I
actually killed a lot more before
that. And I not only killed them,
I slit them open sometimes just


                       ALEX (cont'd)
for the heck of it. As much as I
targeted girls in my age group, my
first victim was actually my 10th
grade English teacher.
                                         CUT TO:
This scene will be in black and white as it represents
Alex's flash back scene when he was a sophomore in a
catholic high school. Beethoven's 6th will still continue as
the background. All the students in the class are in uniform
and there is a very pretty looking but an angry middle aged
lady teacher caning the back side of 15 year old Alex who is
on his knees bearing the pain.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
I have a Jewish last name but my
mom was catholic and therefore I
went to a catholic high school,
St. Dominic in Farmingdale. My
English teacher, Miss Rose was
gorgeous but a fuckin' bitch at
the same time. I was one of her
favorite students and I am not
gonna lie, I actually had a crush
on her. But the day I give her a
rose and ask her on a date on
Valentine's Day, what does she do
? She fuckin' canes my ass in
front of everybody in my class.
What a fucking bitch. I wanted to
teach that whore the lesson of her
life. So what do I do ?
                                         CUT TO:
The scene is black and white again as it is the continuation
of Alex's narration. The english teacher is now helpless and
frightened on the ground with 15 year old Alex on top of her
holding a dagger in one of his hands.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
I enter her own house and I stab
and stab her to death.
Alex continuously stabs her multiple times as she yells and
as he he narrates the previous line and then stops and looks
her life less face with his angry eyes wide open. He then


stands up with his angry face covered in blood and walks to
a nearby couch and sits in the exact same position as the
previous scene.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The previous flash back of young Alex sitting on the couch
transforms into the scene before that with the present blood
covered Alex on his couch in front of Nicole's dead body in
the same position and facial expression except there is a
lit cigarette in his lips.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
And that's where it all started.
Then it was my girl friend, my
best friend's girl friend and
many, many more (BEAT). One Day, a
week after I graduated from high
school, my dad found my sister's
dead body under my bed. Instead of
calling the cops, he kicked me out
of his house and I had to find my
own ways to pay for my college
tuition. (BEAT) But that wasn't
Alex enters the room with a big air bag on his shoulder and
walks towards a desk with an old male doctor and an old
female doctor standing right behind it. He puts the airbag
on the desk. Beethoven's 6th doesn't play in this one.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
After that day, every time I
killed a women or a gal, I would
cut open her body, cut out all her
organs, wash them and take them to
Syossette Hospital which is 20
minutes away from my campus and
sell them to the doctors who need
them the most for transplants and
The male doctor gives his female assistant the signal and
she wears surgery gloves, opens the air bag and slowly takes
out clean and fresh looking organs from the bag. First the
liver, then the stomach, then the kidneys finally followed
by the intestines and the heart.


                       ALEX (V.O.)
I make enough money to pay for my
tuition from one body but
sometimes it takes two. In the
past three years , I've paid my
tuition from six female bodies and
this time, Nicole was no
The doctor observes the organs and quietly takes out a
suitcase, places it on the desk, opens it to show Alex all
the cash in it, closes it and quietly hands it over to Alex.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
It's all routine and docs here
don't give a fuck. I mean, why
should they care ? It actually
turns out to be a lot easier for
them to get hold of guys like me
instead of dealing with a bunch of
fuckin' pussies who hesitate to
give away their organs to their
family members or close friends
who need them the most. In fact,
the way see it, I probably help
out a lot more patients out there
for every worthless whore I kill.
Alex quietly exits the room as he finishes this narration.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
A shot first shows the hallway of the building with a few
students strolling around. It then cuts to the classroom
where Professor Eugene Kelly, A tall suited writing
professor in his late 50s with a white beard a big glasses
is standing in front of a class of about 30 students, Alex
being one of them. Alex is sitting in the back row totally
relaxed and a cute looking girl Karen is sitting next to him
constantly looking at him and quietly admiring him.
                       PROF. EUGENE
All right class. I've read most of
your final papers but I've not
gotten a chance to grade them yet.
Since these are your final papers
and are very important for your
semester grades, I would like to
spend more time to read each of


                       PROF. EUGENE (cont'd)
your papers so that I can be fair
to everybody. All right class ?
OK, you may leave now.
Everybody in the class stands up and exits the class room.
Alex is the last to stand up and after everybody leaves, he
slowly walks to the door.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Alex !
Alex stops walking and turns towards the professor.
Yes Sir ?
                       PROF. EUGENE
Come here for a second.
Alex walks towards the professor's desk as the professor
walks behind the desk, pulls out his chair and sits.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Sit down.
Alex pulls out a chair on the opposite side of his professor
and and sits. The professor searches for Alex's paper from
his pile and pulls it out.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Your thesis for this term paper
was the 'The Female Anatomy',
right ?
That's right sir.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Well it's an interesting topic and
everything but it doesn't look
like I should accept this as your
term paper.
Why not sir ?
                       PROF. EUGENE
I mean, it's not your style of
writing or anything, I mean, you


                       PROF. EUGENE (cont'd)
are without a doubt and excellent
writer judging from your earlier
papers and your choice of words
are great but it's the theme that
I am really not comfortable with.
It's really not appropriate enough
to be a term paper you see.
But sir, I've been discussing this
topic with you a while now and
you've always agreed with my
opinion. And now all of a sudden
you think it's inappropriate, I
mean all that you told me so far
was just bull shit.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Look, I did agree with your
opinions and everything but I
didn't know your paper was gonna
turn out like this. I mean, your
wrote two full pages just about a
woman's breasts and three pages
describing a woman's buttocks. How
do you expect me to be comfortable
to read a paper like this ? And
this is not even the first time I
am warning you about it. Last
week, when you showed the class
your powerpoint presentation on
your thesis, it looked like a
bloody porno. How do you expect me
to react ?
It was mentioned very clearly in
the syllabus that we were free to
chose our own topics of research.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Yes, but you gotta have a sense of
proportion kid. I mean, by the end
of semester, I am supposed to
submit this paper to the heads of
the English Department. When
everybody else wrote about
important issues and world
problems like Global Warming and
the Iraq War, how can I submit
them a paper that just talks about
women's breasts and buttocks ?


Both the professor and Alex look at each other for a few
Alex walks out of the class room where he sees Karen who was
waiting right outside the class for him. Alex stops as he
sees Karen.
Karen, what are you doing here ?
Nothing, uhmm, u left your
notebook on your desk the other
Alex, who already looks upset and frustrated looks at the
notebook for about 3 seconds.
Don't worry about it. Keep it.
There are some good notes in
there, you might need them later
Alex walks away heading towards the cafeteria as Karen
continues to look at him and admire him. Alex now enters a
crowded cafeteria , stands in line with a tray and after
serving himself with some food, he walks towards a table
where his friends Pat, Dimitri, Josh and David are eating
and chatting.
Yo look who's here guys ? Its
Everybody on the table responds to Alex's presence on the
table out of excitement. Alex greets everybody and joins
them with his food.
What's good guys ? What's all the
excitement about ?
Hey, did you get my message the
other night ?


Uh, yeah, yeah. I did actually,
but I forgot to call you coz I was
completely shit faced.
And what happened to the girl you
were with ? What's her name again
? oh yeah, Nicole.
I dropped her home on my way back.
You drove back shit faced ?
Yeah, don't you guys know this by
now ? I drive better when I am
Everybody at the table laughs at Alex's previous remark.
Yo, there's a party tonight, Shy
Lounge, 11'o clock. Mad biddies
dude, you wanna come ? It's gonna
be awesome.
Oh Yeah ! Is anybody else going
there ?
Yeah I'll probably go. Pat wants
me to go with him really bad.
Is that right ?
Yeah !
Dimitri is gonna be my wing man.
And then I 'm gonna hook him up
with the girl of his choice.
Wow Dimitri, go for it son !


Yeah we'll see.
Dude, I don't understand why you
guys like Shy Lounge so much. I
think the girls there are ugly as
Dude, How the fuck do you know ?
Have you ever been there ?
I used to work there you dumb ass
Where is this place ?
I think it's in Levitown.
Yeah it is, it's right off
Heampstead Turnpike.
Yo Josh, are you gonna go ?
Nah bro, I am fuckin' broke as it
is. I just finished paying my
tuition yesterday and a $1000
credit card bill last week.
Tell me about it bro, I was
fucking broke after I paid my
tuition so I had to borrow a grand
from my dad. Yo Alex, didn't your
dad kick you out or some shit, how
are you paying your tuition ?
I work. Do a lotta jobs, I do
nights sometimes. It works out in
the end.


      (A LITTLE
You make enough money to pay 30
grand ?
And you pay your rent too ?
Yeah, well my uncle hooked me up
with someone, a very good friend
of his and he has this huge ass
company and he needed someone like
me so, yeah, sure, I make enough.
Hook me up bro.
Everybody at the table laughs at Josh's comment except Alex
who only smiles a little out of nervousness.
Yo David, are going to this party
in Shy ?
Fuck That ! I going to the city
with my girl nigga.
Oh yeah, aren't you dating a cop
or something.
That's right son! she's gonna pick
me up from Brooklyn and Arrest me
right there (EVERYBODY LAUGHS).
She's gonna handcuff me to my bed
Yo you gotta picture of her ?
Hell the fuck yeah !
David takes out his wallet and removes a picture of a very
attractive white blond girl wearing an NYPD uniform and
hands it over to Alex. Alex stares at the picture.


                       ALEX (V.O.)
When I saw the picture of that
girl I was like what the fuck !
She was gorgeous, her hair was
beautifully straight flowin' like
a yellow river and her face was as
bright as the moon. And her body,
damn you gotta see that body, her
tits were big but perfectly
proportioned to her waist and her
shoulders and her long legs were
perfectly proportioned to her big
round ass. God's gift indeed. I
just couldn't understand how a
girl like her could fall for a
fuckin' nigger like David.
Yo Alex, you all right there bro ?
Uh, yeah yeah, uh, damn son ! Your
girl is something all right, You
are one lucky son of a bitch.
Thanks dawg !
Hey Alex, what happened to your
girl Claudia ? Don't see her
around with you any more.
Nah, we are not together anymore.
She 's with someone else now.
Who ?
This kid Joe.
You mean the Lacrosse player Joe ?


Yo that guy is a fuckin' jag off.
I can't stand that kid. I almost
got into a fight with him the
other day.
Oh yeah ? For what ?
It was about 2 years ago when I
was in the Lacrosse team. It was
during practice and he was being a
dick about something. I was about
to break his fucking head with my
lacrosse stick until the coach
came in the way.
I don't like that kid either. I
see him every once in a while i
the gym when I am working out. He
looks like a fucking guido.
He probably is. I heard he lives
in Jersey shore or some shit.
All that is fine. I just don't
understand what Claudia saw in
Tell me about it bro.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
The focus is now on a frame picture of Alex and his ex-girl
friend Claudia. Claudia is an Italian origin cute Jersey
girl with pitch black hair. In the picture she is smiling
and posing with her cheek touching Alex's who is smiling
too. The shot then closes into Alex's sad face who starts
remembering his past that will be shown in the very next
                                         CUT TO:


This is a flash back scene that Alex is remembering from the
previous scene. Alex and Claudia are seated on a bench. The
director has a choice to show this scene either in color or
black and white.
So why is my unromantic girl
friend calling me at such an
unromantic time ? What's wrong ?
Alex, I want to tell you
something. Something that I wanted
to tell for a long time.
What's the matter ?
Over the past couple of weeks, I
have been hanging out with Joe a
lot and not as much with you. And,
I've started liking him now as
much as he started to like me. So,
since our relationship is not
working out very well, I would
like to take my chances with Joe.
Claudia ! What the fuck are you
talking about ? Are fucking
kidding me ? You are kidding me
right ? You are fucking with me
right ?
No Alex I am not. I really like
him and that's why I am feeling
very uncomfortable with you
       A LITTLE)
Claudia, we've been dating for a


                       ALEX (cont'd)
year now and I've given you
everything you've ever fucking
Face it Alex, all you ever wanted
was to fuck me.
Both look at each other and there's a moment of silence for
about 3 seconds.
Oh, so that's how it is huh ?
Yes, and besides, we've been doing
a lot of things together lately.
      (ANGRY FACE)
What do you mean by 'you guys have
been doing a lot of things lately
?' Are you fucking already ?
(YELLS) Has he fucked you already
Claudia ?
      (YELLS BACK)
NO! I didn't mean that !
What did you mean then ? Oh yeah,
he has fucked you already alright.
I mean, what do you see in this
guy that you didn't see in me
Claudia ?
No Alex, it's just that he's very
funny and a very nice person and
he's very popular and he makes me
happy all the time.
Claudia ! That scum bag is a
fucking pot head like all the
other faggot lacrosse players. How
can you fall for a guy like that ?
And what makes you think he
doesn't want to fuck you and dump
you later on ?


Alex is really furious at Claudia and stands up starts
walking away. He however turns back and bends down towards
Claudia who is still seated on the bench.
I don't care. And besides, I think
a guy whom you are calling a pot
head deserves some attention and
improvement, and I am going to
give it to him.
Now you listen to me.
Ah! Alex, leave my arm. You are
hurting me.
No! Listen to me you dumb bitch,
If sex was the only think I wanted
from you, then guess what, I would
have fucked you already and dumped
you along time ago. But the only
reason I dated you was because I
thought you were different and you
deserved some respect but you know
what ? You are no different from
all those whores and bitches I
Alex furiously leaves her arm and starts walking away.
Claudia stands up and starts yelling at Alex.
What did you call me ? What did
you just call me ? Did you just
call me a whore and a bitch. Well
fuck you you fucking jerk off.
Fuck you and all those dumb
bitches you fucked you fucking
whore. Thank god I left you for
Joe, coz you are a fucking piece
of shit ! (STARTS CRYING) who the
fuck are you to call me a whore ?
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Alex now keeps the frame back in its place and tears are now
visible in his eyes.


                                         CUT TO:
Like any other happening club, there is loud music playing
and boys and girls between the ages 19 to 25 are having a
good time. Some are dancing, some are getting drunk at the
bar, and some are making out with the opposite sex all the
way to the rest rooms. The focus now shifts towards a very
pretty and a well dressed girl whose age is around 18 or 19
standing alone at the bar and Pat approaches her. The
girls's name is Kelly.
Nice party huh ?
Yeah, very nice
I am Pat by the way
Nice to meet you
Nice to meet you too
Both Pat and Kelly shake each others hands. Meanwhile, Alex
enters the club, looks around and notices Pat hitting on
Kelly and smiles.
So why is a beautiful girl like
you standing all alone in a club
like this ?
Well, I came here with one of my
girl friends and right now she
looks very busy with something.


Oh really ? And who is this girl
friend of yours ?
Kelly points out at the girl who is dancing and at the same
time passionately making out with a guy. Pat turns around to
look at her and turns back towards Kelly.
Oh, she is very busy all right
Yeah she is
I hope you don't mind if I stand
here and entertain you.
Oh no, not at all. Which school do
you go to ?
I got to C.W. Post. I study
Wow, you are in college ?
Yeah, I know. I look a lot younger
right ? I got that from a lotta
Yeah! So did you come here alone ?
No, I actually came here with my
friend Dimitri. He's over there.
Pat points out towards Dimitri who is busy lap dancing with
a tall black girl. Kelly looks at him a starts laughing.
So where do you study ?
Well, I study at tech that is
right next to your school.


Nice, what do you study there ?
Interior design. But the assholes
are making us take all
architecture classes in our first
year. It fucking sucks.
Yeah, I feel you on that one. One
of my friends is a junior in
architecture there and he says he
doesn't get a lot of sleep. I am
glad I am not doing that shit.
Yeah, you should be
So do you want me to buy you a
drink ?
Sure, a drink will be nice
What do you want ?
A corona I guess, thanks
Pat walks to other side of the crowded bar and tries to
squeeze through the crowd to order drinks. Meanwhile Alex,
who was watching the whole thing, wals towards Kelly.
Hey, what's your name ?
What ?
What's your name ?
OK, Kelly, let me warn you about
something. That kid Pat you just
talked to wants to have sex with
you tonight. So he's gonna add


                       ALEX (cont'd)
some roofies into your drink.
What ?
Roofies! You know what roofies is
Ruphelyn. It's a date rape drug.
He's gonna drug with ruphelyn and
rape you.
How do you know this ?
Trust me, he does it all the time
everytime he enters a club. He has
gotten himself into a lot of
trouble coz of that.
Oh my god, what do I do now ?
If you really want to get laid,
come to my apartment with me right
now. (SMILES) And besides, you
probably want to have sex with a
real man like me unlike that kiddo
Kelly smiles at Alex and holds his hand. Alex smiles back
and turns around to exit the club when he suddenly bumps
into Pat with two drinks in his hands.
Yo Alex! What the fuck you think
you are doing ?
Nice try Pat. But try with someone
else. Now get out of my way.
Pat furiously throws the drinks down on the ground.


What the fuck makes you think you
can just steel my girl like that.
Your girl ? Pat, since when the
fuck was she your girl ? You just
met her.
You are such a dick
Pat punches Alex in the face. Alex furiously punches him
back so hard that Pat falls on the ground. Alex then bends
down and continuously punches his face. Kelly freaks out
from the whole thing and everybody in the club starts
crowding up. The first bouncer reaches the scene and pulls
Alex up who now starts kicking Pat's Bleeding face. He is
finally pulled away and the crowd stands around Pat's
unconscious body. The second bouncer squeezes throught the
crowd, bends down and touches his neck to check his pulse.
                       BOUNCER # 2
Someody call an ambulance!
The bouncer who had grabbed Alex inside the club, pushes
open the door and throws Alex forcefully on the foothpath.
                       BOUNCER # 1
Get the fuck out. And I don't
wanna see your fucking face in
this club ever again.
Alex very slowly tries to get up from the footpath and when
he finally does, he slowly walks to his car.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is walking across the hallway and enters Prof. Eugene's
class room.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Yes sir !


The dean wants to see you in his
                                         CUT TO:
Alex knocks and enters the office where the dean is sitting
on his chair and a well suited man in his late 40s is seated
on his opposite side. That man is Detective Cleveland.
DETECTIVE) this is Detective
Cleveland from the Nassau County
Police Department and he wants to
have a word with you.
Detective Cleveland gets up and shakes Alex's hand as the
dean is introducing him to Alex. Both Alex and the detective
say hello to one another as they shake each other's hand.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Alex, I want to talk to you in
private. Do you mind if we step
outside ? I mean, I hope I am not
taking your class time ?
No, it's fine. I am acing in that
class anyway.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
                                         CUT TO:
Alex and Detective Cleveland are walking slowly on the
footpath in campus.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
A few days back a girl went
missing. A girl by the name
Nicole, Nicole Morrow. Do you know
any girl by this name ?


Uh! No, why would I know her ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Are you sure ?
Yeah, I am positive.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Coz the last time she was seen was
at a frat party and she was seen
with you.
Yeah well, you know it is in
parties. I meet and talk to a lot
of girls and meet a lot more when
I am shit faced.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Shit faced ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Oh, OK, sorry but I am not really
used to the college lingo.
Its all good.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
So you said that you don't
remember meeting this girl Nicole.
I mean, like I said, I would have
met her and talked to her like I
would do with many girls in the
party. But that's it. I wouldn't
remember them the next day.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
So Alex, how is your relationship
with the girls you meet at these
parties. I mean do you just talk
to them or do you do anything else


What do you mean ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
I mean, I am not gonna lie but you
are a pretty good looking guy, no
Both start laughing at the detectives comment.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Are you sure you only talk to them
Look detective, like every young
man in college, I've had my
moments. And I am pretty sure I
never had any special moments with
a girl named Nicole or else I
would remember. So I don't see how
this conversation has anything to
do with your case.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
But you did go to the party.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Where did you go after that ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Alone ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Do you always go alone ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
What else do you do other than
partying ?


Go to college, play in a band in a
few clubs every once in a while
and work.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Where do you work ?
In my uncle's HVAC company in Glen
Cove not far from here.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Is that the only job you do ?
Look detective, I still don't
understand what that's got
anything to do with your case ?
Both now stop walking.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
I think you are right. I don't
know where I am heading from this
? Sorry to waste your time Alex.
It's all good.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
By the way, here is my card. If
you find anything that may be of
great help to us, please feel free
to contact me and I would greatly
appreciate it.
You got it detective. I certainly
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
All right then Alex. Take it easy.
       FROM THE


                       ALEX (cont'd)
You too.
The detective starts walking away leaving Alex looking at
the card, keeping it in his wallet and walking back into the
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Alex has now entered the English Department building. He
suddenly finds his ex Claudia standing near a class room.
Alex stops in surprise.
Well, look who it is ?
Claudia, what the fuck are you
doing here ?
Waiting for Joe. Speaking of
which, you know how long it has
been since we broke up ?
How the fuck should I know ?
6 months
So what do you want me to do ?
Make up for all the 6 months
tonight ?
You know, that wouldn't be a bad
idea. After all, Joe has a small
dick you know.
Well you know what Claudia ? You
should have thought about that
before you fucked him.
Claudia looks a little upset from Alex's previous comment as
Alex walks away. Alex walks through the hall way as he bumps
into the shy Karen.


Hey Alex!
Whats up ?
What are you doing tonight ?
I don't know yet. Why ?
Well I was thinking, if you are
free and it's cool with you, we
can, you know, hang out.
You know you are right. Why don't
you come over to my apartment
tonight ? I'll give you a good
Karen is now really happy and excited from Alex's response
and that excitement can be seen on her face as Alex walks
Karen walks into the parking lot towards her car and is
looking very happy. Right next to her car is Adam. Adam is a
an average height, geeky looking man in his early 30s
wearing big glasses and a suit.
Hey Karen
Karen's expression immediately changes from being happy to
serious. She walks up to Adam.
Adam, what are you doing here? I
thought you were teaching a class
I was, I just came out. I was
leaving NYCOM when I thought about
just stepping in and saying hi.
Oh, so how's NYCOM ?


Not bad. Most of my students are
brown. They are smart, they make
my life a lot easier. What about
you ? How was your day ?
It was OK
You look very happy. Why ? what's
the matter ?
Do I have to tell you everything
Adam ?
Well, I guess, I mean we are very
good friends right ? So what are
you doing tonight ?
Sorry but I got plans.
What kind of plans ?
None of your business.
Are you seeing another guy ?
Karen, You know I really like you.
I really care about you and I want
to be with you. Why don't you feel
the same about me ? What do you
see in other guys that you don't
see in me ?
       HIS CHEEK)
Adam, we've been thorugh all that.
You know it.
Karen, walks away towards her car.


You really like Alex don't you ?
Karen stops and turns around towards Adam.
Karen, Does this guy even give two
shits about you ?
Good bye Adam!
Karen sits in her car and leaves as Adam continues to look
at her.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Alex walks towards his table with a long card board box
sitting on it. It is like a delivered package which is taped
thoroughly. Alex removes the tape, opens the box and takes
out a long heavy axe. He carries it to his closet which has
the bodies of the women he previously killed in plastic bags
and places it right next to the bodies. All of a sudden
someone rings the doorbell of his apartment. He closes the
closet doors, walks to the main door and opens it to find
Karen who is extremely well dressed waiting right outside
his door.
Oh, hi, wow ! You look gorgeous.
Come in
Karen enters the apartment and both walk towards the living
room. Karen looks around the apartment curiously as she
finds it filled with unusual paintings and sculptors of
naked women all over the apartment. They both walk towards
the living room.
You got a pretty interesting
apartment here.


Yeah, I got that a lot. Thanks
Both sit on two separate couches facing each other.
So how've you been Alex. How's
life ?
Well, what can I say ? Same shit,
different day. You know how it is.
And how are your classes going ?
They are going. How about yours ?
Yeah, they are fine. (SHYLY) Alex,
are you still going out with
Claudia ?
No, we broke up about 6 months
Oh, and are you seeing someone
right now ?
No. Not at the moment. Why ?
No I am just asking.(AFTER A GAP
Yes Karen
Do you think I am pretty ?
Yes Karen, I think you are pretty
hot and beautiful.
Karen shyly smiles at Alex's response as Alex looks at her
for about 3 seconds.


Hey Karen, I think it's getting a
little boring in here. Do you mind
if I put on some music ?
Yeah sure ! After all, it's your
Alex gets up and walks towards his refrigerator.
I am sure you are thirsty, do you
want some wine ?
Yeah, that will be great actually.
Alex opens his refrigerator and takes out a bottle of red
wine. He then opens his freezer, where you can see Nicole's
frozen head lying in there, and takes out some ice cubes. He
then closes the freezer and places the wine bottle and ice
cubes on the nearest table.
Tell me Karen, do you by any
chance listen to Beethoven ?
No, not really. But my dad listens
to it a lot. So I am kinda
familiar with it.
Alex takes out two wine glasses, starts pouring wine and
puts ice cubes in them.
Are you by any chance familiar
with the 6th ?
No, I am not sure. Why ?
Alex walks towards his ipod player connected to his speakers
and starts playing Beethoven's 6th symphony and the 1st
movement. He then takes the two glasses of wine and walks
towards Karen who is still seated in his living room.
You see Karen, I have been a big
fan of Beethoven from a very young
age and my favorite is the 6th,
particularly the 1st movement.


Oh well, That's interesting. I've
never met a guy of your age who is
a fan of Beethoven.
Alex gives a glass to Karen and places the other glass on
the table in front of her. He then walks towards his closet.
Yeah, I know, you won't find a lot
of guys who are my age who would
listen to Beethoven. I mean
everyone is into fucking nigger
rap these days.
Yeah, well, that's the way it is I
Alex opens the closet and takes out his axe.
You know, I actually heard that
Beethoven became deaf later on in
his life and still wrote music. I
mean, he wrote fucking
masterpieces despite being deaf.
Can you believe that shit ?
Oh, that's interesting, I did not
know that. Off course my dad would
know, I mean, He loves Beethoven a
Alex slowly and stealthily walks towards Karen from behind
and slowly raises his axe. His eyes are now fiercely wide
Oh yeah ?
Yeah, in fact when I was a kid, he
tried to make me listen to some of
Beethoven's music that he had.
Quite honestly I found them a
little boring as a kid.
Alex is now very close to Karen with his axe still raised,
ready to kill his next victim.


Alex ?
Huh ?
There is something I want to tell
you. Something I wanted to tell
you for a very long time.
What is it ?
Alex, with is fierce eyes wide open, is now right behind
Karen, raises his axe higher than before and is just about
to attack when suddenly, a phone rings. Alex stops and
slowly brings down his axe and hides it behind him.
I'll get it.
Alex walks over to the phone behind him and answers.
      (ON THE PHONE)
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
Hey Alex, It's Detective
Cleveland, you remember me right ?
Yeah, I remember you. What's up ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
I just found something that is
very important to my case and I
want to ask you a few questions so
if it is OK with you, can we meet
up for lunch or something after
your classes ?
Yeah sure, absolutely.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
What is the best time for you ?
Uh, I have a writing class from 11
to 1 and a literature class from 6
to 8 so we can meet up sometime


                       ALEX (cont'd)
between 1 and 6.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
OK, how about 3 then at Moe's ?
Moe's ? That's the one by Glen
Cove Road right ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
Yeah sure, I'll be there.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
All right Alex, Tomorrow at 3
then. OK ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (V.O.)
And by the way, I hope I didn't
disturb you or anything.
No, not at all. See you tomorrow
Alex hangs up the phone and turns around to see Karen
standing up this time and looking a little sadly at Alex.
She notices the axe he's carrying with him.
I think I should go now. It's
getting a little late and my
parents would be worried.
Yes Karen, I think you should
leave, or else something bad is
gonna happen tonight.
Karen turns around and walks towards the main door.
Hey Karen !
Karen stops and turns towards Alex.


What is it Alex ?
Can you promise me not to tell this to anybody ?
No I won't. Don't worry.
Karen now turns around and exits the apartment. Alex is
still standing near the phone with the axe in his hand
looking a little upset this time.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Detective Cleveland and Alex find a table with burritos on
their trays that they just ordered and make themselves
comfortable on the table.
So detective, what did you get ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
A home wrecker, my usual, how
about you ?
Me too, It's not really my usual
though. I mean, to be honest, I
don't come here that often.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Really, I love this place. I come
here with my family every once in
a while.
So what did you find out about
Nicole ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Alex, are you sure you went to
your house alone after the frat
party the other night ?
Yeah, off course. I told you
already. Why ?


                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Coz that's not what I got from
some of the witnesses who were
there at the party.
What do you mean ? What did the
witnesses tell you ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
They said that they saw you with
Nicole the whole time, and that
you even took her to your car and
left the party.
Alex now looks very nervous and starts sweating a little.
Who told you that ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
He's one of your friends actually,
his name is Pat. He said that you
and Nicole went to the after party
coz he tried calling your cell but
it was off, so he tried calling
your apartment and you didn't
answer. So he guessed you went to
the after party.
Oh yeah! I remember now, yeah I
did go to an after party. Yeah,
and I also remember taking a girl
with me. Wait, that was Nicole ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
According to Pat, yes.
Oh, like I said detective, I meet
and hook up with a lot of girls at
parties. I don't remember their
names coz I am shit faced by the
end of the night. You know how it
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Did you drive her back ?


I think so, yeah.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Alex, are you telling me that you
drove a young girl of your age
home drunk or as you guys may call
it, 'shit faced ?'
No, actually, she was driving to
her house first. Her house was in
queens which was pretty far away
from where we were, so I sobered
up by the time we reached her
place. And then I drove back to my
house from there.
Detective Cleveland looks at Alex for about 3 seconds and a
little sign of suspicion is visible on his face.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Alex, are you sure what you are
telling me is the truth ?
So what is your point detective ?
You think I killed Nicole ? You
actually think that I fucking
killed Nicole I mean what the
Detective Cleveland finishes the last bite of his burrito as
he continues to look at Alex out of suspicion.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Enjoy your burrito Alex.
Detective Cleveland gets up from his seat, disposes off the
trash from his tray and exits the restaurant. Alex is still
seated looking all nervous and tensed up.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is now walking towards his car right outside Moe's
Restaurant when all of a sudden he receives a phone call.
It's Claudia calling. Alex answers:


      (ON THE PHONE)
What's up ?
                       CLAUDIA (V.O.)
Alex, It's Claudia.
I know, what the fuck do you want
now ?
                       CLAUDIA (V.O.)
       ABOUT TO CRY)
Hey please, don't say that. Look,
I know you are pissed at me and
everything but me and Joe broke up
and I just called to say sorry.
There is a moment of silence for about 3 seconds.
                       CLAUDIA (V.O.)
Look Alex, I know that you'd
probably not forgive me for what I
did to you before. But please,
let's forget about the past and
start all over again, start from
fresh. What do you say ? Look,
there's a lot of things I want to
talk to you about, about us. I
should have told you this before
but, I am pregnant, and the baby
is yours. That's the main reason
why Joe broke up with me. Look, I
fucked up, OK ? And I want to make
up for it tonight. So can I please
come to your apartment tonight ?
If not for me, at least for your
baby, please!
Alex, who is still on the phone, quietly listens to
everything that Claudia says and looks more shocked and
                       ALEX (V.O.)
So in the middle of all this mess,
i am stuck with Claudia and my kid
inside of her. Things only had to
worse, but what could I do ? I had
to take care of everything before
everything starts fucking up. So I
called Claudia to my apartment to
get rid of my first problem.


      (ON THE PHONE)
Alright, come over to my apartment
at around 9 tonight. I want to
take care of this tonight.
                       CLAUDIA (V.O.)
       TO HAPPY)
Thanks Alex, I love you
Alex hangs up the phone without saying I love you back.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is looking at the same picture of him and Claudia when
a suddenly a bell rings. Alex puts back the frame and goes
to open the door to Nicole. Alex is totally shocked to see
Nicole instead of Claudia since he had already killed
Nicole. Nicole is very well dressed and looks prepared for
the evening.
Hey Alex! How you doing ?
What the fuck are you doing here ?
Nicole enters the apartment.
What are you talking about Alex ?
You invited me in the morning,
remember ?
                                         CUT TO:
This shot takes place to show what Karen does in the mean
time. Karen is in her study taking out her books from her
bag pack. She then finds the notebook that Alex asked her to
keep in the previous scene. She decides to put it on the
desk and open it out of curiosity. She opens the first few
pages to find Alex's notes.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:


I didn't invite you, I invited
Alex, I am Claudia.
Alex, still shocked and terrified, backs off towards the
Alex, baby, are you all right.
What has happened to you ?
Get away from me. I fucking killed
you a few days ago. I split open
your body and even even stole your
fucking organs. How the fuck are
you alive ? And where the fuck is
Claudia ?
                                         CUT TO:
Karen has already looked at half of his note book. Then
suddenly she turns a page to find sketches of naked women.
As she turns the page, the sketches get worse, showing
knives and axes cutting open the women's bodies. The
expression on her face changes to shock and then as she
turns the page only to see the images getting worse, tears
start showing in her eyes.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Alex, I don't know what you are
talking about ? I 'AM' Claudia.
Your girl friend. I dated you for
2 years until I broke up with you
six months ago. And now I am here
to talk about us. Remember ?
Please, don't do this to me.


That's fucking impossible, I
killed you and put your head in
the freezer right here.
Alex, opens the freezer to find Nicole's head missing. He
looks more shocked and terrified.
How is this possible ? This is
fucking impossible.
What head ? What freezer ?
Shut the fuck up you fucking bitch
Nicole continues to cry while terrified Alex walks to his
You came to my house the other
night. Right after the frat party.
And then you saw this.
Alex quickly opens his closet to find no bodies in plastic
bags as described in the previous scene. The closet is
And then I killed you.
                                         CUT TO:
Karen starts crying really heavily as she turns the pages
and sees more graphically disturbing and vulgar images.
Tears start dropping on the pages.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Bodies ? Killed me ?
Alex out of shock and anger takes out his axe from the
closet, raises it above his head and charges towards Nicole.


You fucking bitch! Who the fuck
are you and what the fuck are you
doing here ?
Nicole starts backing off in terror.
Alex ! I am Claudia, and I came
here to talk to you about our
future. I am carrying your baby.
Alex yells at the top of his voice, charges at Nicole,
throws her to the ground and swings the axe at her multiple
       AT NICOLE)
You are a fucking liar! You are
not Claudia, you are Nicole, and
you are fucking dead, and you are
not carrying my baby. You are a
fucking liar!
                                         CUT TO:
Karen immediately closes the notebook and backs off and she
is still crying out of shock.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Alex continues swinging the axe at the body until he gets
exhausted. He then looks at, not Nicole's, but Claudia's
dead body full of blood. He looks shocked again and this
time starts crying. He bends down to get close to the body.
Oh no! Oh no! Holy mother of Lord!
No no, please no. Oh my fucking
god, Claudia, oh no Claudia. (HE
am so sorry. I am so sorry


Alex continues to cry with Claudia's dead body in his arms
and blood all over the ground. In the next shot, he is
breaking all the naked women sculptors around him out of
shock and madness.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is carrying a big bag with Claudia's body on his
shoulder and walks towards his car. He then opens the trunk
of his car and puts the body in the trunk. After closing the
trunk, he looks around the parking lot for any witnesses and
still has an expression of terror on his face.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is driving his car as he starts remembering his old
days with Claudia which is shown by a few flash back scenes
and he remember's the words 'I am pregnant' that Claudia
says to him before she gets killed.
                                         CUT TO:
Joe is relaxed on his sofa watching TV and drinking his beer
when he suddenly hears the doorbell ring. Joe walks towards
the door and as soon as he opens it to see Alex who is this
time wearing a coat.
Alex, what the fuck are you doing
here ? Aren't you supposed to be
with Claudia right now ?
I was, but she left early. So I
thought she came over to your
Well, she is not here, so I'd
appreciate it if you get the fuck
out of my house.
Alex forces himself in as Joe tries to push him out. He
finally manages to enter the apartment.


All right what do you want ?
It's a pretty nice apartment you
got here.
Alex, what the fuck do you want ?
Is it a problem if I just chill in
your apartment. I got everything I
wanted from you anyway. I mean, I
got Claudia right ?
Yeah you did. So what are you
doing here anyway ?
Well, I actually came here looking
for Claudia. You know, just in
case she did to me what she did to
Joe turns around and walks to the kitchen.
Do you want some wine ?
Wine will be great
Joe takes out two wine glasses, a bottle of wine from his
fridge and pours wine into the glasses. Alex slowly walks
behind with one of his hands in his coat pocket. His eyes
open wide giving him a cold blooded expression on his face.
So how are things between you and
Claudia anyway.
It can't get any better
Alex gets close to Joe, takes his dagger half way out of his
pocket and gently puts his hand on his shoulder. Joe turns
around and looks at Alex out love and pasiion. He then
slowly touches his face like he would do to a girl he loved.


Oh, Alex. I knew it, I knew you
were not like the other guys. I
knew you were different and I also
knew all those feelings you had
for me.And now you are finally not
scared to show them to me.
Alex puts his dagger back in his pocket and looks at Joe in
a shock. He then starts backing off as Joe starts walking
You know, the other day when I saw
you and Claudia for the first
time, I wasn't looking at Claudia
at all. I was actually looking at
you coz you were the most
beautiful guy in that room and I
couldn't get my eyes off you.
Joe! What the fuck is wrong with
you ?
I even tried to talk to you until
that girl of yours started hitting
on me. I mean, I knew you couldn't
stand her. I knew you were
different. I knew you were like
me. All you had to do was show it
and tonight you finally did.
Alex who was backing off, keeps walking until his back
touches the wall.
I love you Alex. I love you so
much. And right now I just want to
kiss you really bad.
Joe moves forwards to kiss Alex but right before his lips
touch his face, he stops suddenly. He looks down to see Alex
slowly sliding out his dagger from Joe's stomach. Joe looks
at Alex for about 3 seconds and falls dead on the ground.
Alex drags Joe's body to his couch and places his dagger in


one of his hands and the frame picture of him and Claudia in
his other hand. He then walks outside the door and finds
Claudia's body in the bag placed right next to it. He drags
the body inside and puts it in the closet. He makes the
whole thing look like a murder and a suicide. He then
switches off the lights and leaves the apartment.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
Alex enters the building and enters the class room where
Prof. Eugene is teaching his class.
                       PROF. EUGENE
Alex, the dean wants to see you in
his office.
Now ?
Yes, now.
Alex knocks on the door and enters the office.
Did you want to see me sir ?
Yes, come have a seat please.
Alex walks towards the dean's desk and sits opposite the
Alex, I just recieved a
notification from the bursar's
office and it says that you
haven't paid this year's tuition
What are you talking about ? I
paid just a couple of days back,
and that to cash.
When exactly did you pay ?


I don't know, about 4 days back ?
There is a moment of silence for about 3 seconds.
Alex, the bursar said that you
haven't been to the office ever
since school started which is like
3 weeks ago.
Alex freezes out of shock.
Alex, I don't know what's going on
in your life right now and I don't
care but you gotta pay very soon
or else you know what ?
I don't know what the hell is
going on in my life right now. I
am involved in a lot of things you
see I mean I had a meeting with a
detective for christ's sake.
You had a meeting with a detective
Yeah, the one who was in your
office the other day. Remember ?
Detective Cleveland ?
Alex, I don't remember having a
meeting with any detective by the
name Cleveland. I really don't
know what you are talking about.
You mean, you don't remember
seeing a detective sitting right
here on this chair where I am
sitting and calling me to your
office ?
This is the first time I ever
called you to my office this
semester Alex. And I am sure I
never saw any cop in my office in


                       DEAN (cont'd)
my entire career spanning 20 years
in this college, let alone seeing
a detective.
Alex stares at the dean in a state of shock.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex walks across the hallway and is about to exit the
building when we see Karen right behind him holding his
      (CALLS OUT)
Alex stops at the exit door and turns around to see Karen
walking slowly towards him. After about 5 seconds of
walking, Karen finally reaches Alex. Karen's expression on
her face is that of disappointment and regret.
Karen, what's up ? What are you
doing here ? Aren't you supposed
to be in class right now ?
I'd probably ask you the same
There is a moment of silence for about 3 seconds.
Here is your notebook. I copied
all the notes in there so I don't
think I'd need them anymore.
Thanks a lot though. And I am
sorry I couldn't make it to your
apartment the other night. My dad
had an emergency and I had to rush
to the hospital.
Wait, you didn't come to my house
the other night ?
Karen moves her face close to Alex's and kisses his cheeks.


Take care Alex
Karen turns around and walks away. Alex looks into his
notebook and finds the disturbing and vulgar sketches of
naked women he made and looks back at Karen walking away
from him. Alex just stands in his place in shame.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is driving his car looking totally confused and upset
at the same time.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
I didn't know what the fuck was
going on in my life. None of it
was making any sense. First, I
kill Claudia and my kid she was
carrying mistaking her for Nicole,
then I open my closet without any
bodies of all the bitches I killed
in the past inorder to get money,
the dean tells me that I didn't
pay my tuition and he never met
any detective by the name
Cleveland and now I find out that
Karen never came to my house. For
a second, I thought I was stuck in
the middle of a nightmare and I
was about to wake up any second.
The whole thing was driving me
                                         CUT TO:
Alex enters the hospital and sprints through the building.
He dodges all the doctors and patients who look at him out
of surprise and curiosity. He runs till enters the room
where he first sold all his victims' organs to the doctors.
The rooms is empty. In fact, the room is not only empty, it
is totally broken down as if it was under construction and
then it was abandoned in the middle of it. Alex is shocked
and then he exits the room and walks around in shock and
fear. After about 6 econds of walking, he suddenly
recognizes the male doctor to whom he sold the organs.


The doctor continues to walk unaware of Alex calling him.
Alex runs up to him and stops him.
Wait, Thank god! Thank god I found
you. OK, now please tell me that I
sold you some organs in the past.
Please tell me it's the truth coz
I am already in a big fucking mess
right now.
Excuse me but do I know you ?
Oh god, here we go again. OK,
look, I am not a fucking retard OK
? So don't try to fuck with my
mind right now. You are Dr. Cole
and I sold some female organs to
you a couple of days ago, right ?
DOn't try to fuck with me, just
tell me the truth
I am Dr. Brown, a pediatrician,
and I don't know what you are
talking about.
Alex loses his temper and grabs the doctors collar to which
the doctor reacts with an expression of fear.
Don't fucking lie to me you piece
of shit! Where the fuck are all
those organs and where the fuck is
my money ?
All the other doctors around look at what Alex does to the
doctor and and start reacting to save him. A few of them
walk fast towards the two and one of them calls the


Please, I don't know what you are
talking about. What organs ? What
money ?
About two doctors reach the scene and try to pull back Alex
who has still held the Doctor's collar.
Where the fuck is my money ? Where
the fuck is my money ?
Please, please, I don't know what
you are talking about. I don't
know anything. Please, you got the
wrong person.
Suddenly, a security guard hits Alex on his head with the
butt of his rifle. Alex immediately leaves the doctor and
his hands slowly move towards his head where the guard hit
him. He then falls on the ground and his eyes faintly open
to see Adam, who is wearing a suit, walking towards him as
all the doctors are making way for him.
Well, well, well! Look who it is.
If it is not our dear friend, Mr.
Alexander Rubel. (TO THE SECURITY
GUARD) Get him to sleep for me.
The security guard goes near Alex who is lying on the ground
and hits his head again with the butt of his rifle. Alex
lies unconscious.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is chained to a chair. He is still and looks lifeless.
There are wires attached all over his head, his arms and his
chest and those wires lead to machines and computers. Right
in front of his eyes is Claudia's naked body lying on a
table. Adam enters the room.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
And then, I go through the
absolute worse torture known to
mankind. And it is not in a
prison, nor by the russian mafia
boss but in a hospital done by a


                       ALEX (cont'd)
fucking doctor.
So Alex, you look really dead
right now but you are not. I
paralyzed your body so you cannot
move a muscle. I however attached
those wires so that all your five
senses are active, which means you
can see, smell, hear, feel and
taste. But you cannot move. You
may not know me, but I know you
very well Mr. Alexander Rubel. I
am Dr. Adam Shwartzman. I am a
doctor in this hospital and I
teach at NYCOM. You were right
about that doctor. You did sell
all the organs to him. They buy
them under my supervision. It's
just that, we don't like loud
mouthed people so we had to take
the necessary actions. Now you
must be wondering why I put you in
this state ? Well, you know Karen
right ? Yes off course you do.
Well, whether you know this or
not, she likes you a lot. As a
matter of fact, she loves you. But
at the same time, I love her. I
fell in love with her two years
ago when she was my patient for
some time. We became very good
friends and I was about to make my
moves until you came to her life.
Until she met a fucking pervert
like you. And now I cannot do
anything about it. Nothing,
absolutely nothing. You know, I am
34 years old, and I am still a
virgin. Can you fucking believe
that shit ? I am 34 already and I
never got laid. Do you realize the
torture I am going through right
now ? No, right ? Well you are
going to experience that in a
Adam walks towards the table with Claudia's naked dead body
and stands right behind it.


You do, recognize this body, don't
you Alex ? Well, the cops found
this in another dude's house. A
guy named Joseph. You obviously
know him right ? I mean, you
killed him too. So they get the
body here for examination.
Hahahaha, I know it's you Alex, I
found the dagger in your coat and
I have enough evidence to send you
away for life, which is exactly
what I am gonna do so that Karen
forgets about you and I can
propose to her. But first, before
I call the cops, I'd like show you
what it is like to see a loved one
get cut open. That's the torture
you will never forget.
Adam takes out a surgeon's knife from another table.
By the way, are you by any chance
a big fan of Beethoven ?
Adam walks towards an old CD player on another desk and
turns on Beethoven's 6th symphony and the 1st movement.
You see, as wierd as it may sound.
I have always been a big fan of
Beethoven. But my favorite has
always been the 6th, the 1st
movement particularly.
Adam turns the volume up, turns around and walks back to the
same spot right behind the desk with Claudia's body.
First we have some fun with it
Adam bends towards Claudia's body and licks across her
Mmmmm! Those are some nice tits
Alex. You must have had a lot of
fun with those. You surely are one
lucky motherfucker.
Adam now takes the surgeon's knife towards the body.


Now, we cut her open.
As Beethoven's 6th is playing at the background, Adam cuts
open Claudia's body vertically starting from the center of
her chest right up to her lower abdomen. No blood comes out
as the body was frozen. Alex's eyes are directly facing the
body and cannot move since Alex is paralyzed.
Ah! That was a nice smooth cut.
Now let's open it up shall we?
Adam opens the flesh, cuts the stomach and shows it to Alex.
You see this Alex ? This is the
stomach. Similar to most of the
stomachs you sold to us. But now
you know what it feels like to see
your own loved one's stomach.
Adam keeps the stomach on the side, cuts out the liver and
shows it to Alex.
This Alex is Claudia's liver. God
that looks delicious, yummy.
Adam keeps the liver on the side with the stomach, goes
lower and cuts out Claudia's intestines and shows them to
These are her intestines
Adam keeps the intestines with the liver and the stomach,
cuts open her big foetus and shows it to Alex.
And this Alex, is her foetus, your
future child, 6 months old. You
never thought about this one
before killing her did you ?
Adam now leaves the desk and walks towards Alex.
Oh Alex, I feel so sorry for you.
But I didn't think you'd be
disgusted by it, coz that's what
you've been doing all these years
to pay your college tuition. Just
look at yourself Alex, Look at


                       ADAM (cont'd)
what you've done with your own
life. And now see where it led
you. You are going through all
that shit and torture yourself.
It's sad, but guess what, that's
karma right. Hahahaha, you
probably can't imagine the word
karma coming out from a guy like
me. I mean, I just cut open your
girl friend, right ? Well, maybe
the same shit is gonna happen to
me, who knows ? But as of now, I
am very satisfied with what I did
to you today.
Adam laughs as he looks at Alex for about 5 seconds. He then
stands up, takes out a syringe from his desk, attaches a
needle, fills it with a drug that makes one unconscious and
walks back towards Alex.
Now before I call the cops, let me
put you to sleep for a little
while, just to save you more
torture. You've gone through so
much shit today as it is.
Adam injects the needle in one of Alex's forearms. Alex
slowly starts losing all his active senses as Adam looks at
him with an evil smile and starts removing the wires
attached to his body. Alex finally becomes unconscious.
                                         CUT TO:
The scene is first pitch black until a matchstick is lit by
Karen. She lights a kandle with the matchstick which
illuminates the entire bedroom. In the bedroom, Karen is
seen sitting next to Alex who is lying sleeping on a bed
wearing a white night suit. Alex slowly opens his eyes,
looks around and then sees Karen sitting right next to him.
Hello Alex
Karen takes out a cigarette from her cigarette pack and
lights it with a matchstick. Alex looks totally exhausted
but relaxed on the bed.


Didn't know you smoked
Well, now you do. A lot of people
don't know about this habit I
Where am I ?
In my house. You've been sleeping
for 12 hours ever since I found
you in Syosette.
Damn, I thought the cops got me.
What about Adam ?
Don't worry about Adam. He just
lost his mind out of jealosy. I
took care of him already.
I don't know what the fuck is
happening to me right now. In
fact, I am not even sure whether
our conversation right now is even
real or not. My mind is totally
fucked up.
It's OK. You are just disturbed
about your break up with Claudia
and this is all a result of
depression, thats all.
Alex looks and admires Karen with his eyes for about 3
Why are you doing this to me Karen
? Why are you taking such good
care of me ?
I fell in love with you Alex. It's
something that I've always tried
to tell you Alex. But you just
couldn't see it.


Why do you love me Karen ? Don't
you see how fucked up I am ?
I don't know Alex. I really don't
know. It just happened.
Alex slowly places his hand on Karen's.
Why didn't you tell me before ?
Karen looks at Alex as a tear rolls down her cheek.
What ?
Yeah, you really should've told me
Both hold each other's hands and look at each other and this
lasts for 3 seconds.
                                         CUT TO:
Alex is bare chest and his hands are tied on the ceiling and
his body is suspended. There is only one dim light in the
room. Alex is suddenly woken up with chilled water splashed
on him from a bucket by a prison security guard. Alex opens
his eyes and sees Detective Cleveland and the security guard
standing in front of him. He shivers and looks at the
detective in shock.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
At last Alex. We finally meet
You are not a detective. You don't
even fucking exist. Who the fuck
are you ? And what do you want
from me ?
The detective starts laughing as Alex continues to sruggle
and shiver.


                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
What makes you think I don't exist
Alex ? Off course I exist. The
only difference is, my existance
is the result of your imagination.
Your whole world is fucked up
Alex. Your whole fucking world.
The way you've been killing women,
slicing open their bodies, you
lost your sense of reality. Me ? I
am just a result of your fears.
Fear of your actions, fear of the
outcome, which lead to nothing but
regret. And regret, god, it is
worst form of mental torture known
to mankind and now it has come to
you. And all this that is
happening to you right now as a
result of all this.
Answer my question you son of a
bitch. What the fuck do you want
from me ?
Detective Cleveland takes out a cigarette from the pack in
his pocket, puts it in his lips and lights it.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
What makes you think I want to
ruin your life Alex ? I don't. I
want to help. And that's exactly
what I am doing right now.
I don't understand what the fuck
you're talking about. I don't
understand anything.
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Off course you won't and that's
the point. That's main point of
all this Alex. It's like
everything that happens in this
world, love, hate, fear, sorrow,
none of it actually makes any
sense because it all exists in the
mind. And then as a result we fail
to identify the difference between
imagination and reality, right and
wrong, which is beyond anyone's
control and imagination. And
that's what has happened to you


                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND (cont'd)
right now.
So what do you want me to do now ?
                       DETECTIVE CLEVELAND
Well, as of now, I just want you
to meet someone, someone you
already know, someone by the name
Alex looks up in shock after hearing the name 'Nicole' and
sees Nicole entering the room and standing right next to
Detective Cleveland.
Thank you detective. So Alex!
Surprised to see me alive aren't
you ?
You bitch, It's because of you
that all this is happening to me.
It's because of you that Claudia
is not here anymore.
No Alex, I did not kill Claudia,
neither did I kill myslf and sell
my body organs. It was all you,
you killed Claudia and got
arrested for what you've done.
So what the fuck are you doing
here anyway ?
I came here to kill you
Nicole takes out a pistol and shoots Alex about two or three
                                         CUT TO:
The room is like any other hospital room with Alex laying on
a bed bandaged right from his head all the way to his toes.
He is on drip and cannot move a muscle. Alex opens his eyes


to see Nicole sitting right next to him with an evil smile
on her face.
Good morning Alex! Remember me ? I
am Nicole, we met at the frat
party about a week ago, remember ?
Alex continues to look at her and then looks around in
You must be wondering where you
are right now and why you are
here. Let me remind you,
                                         CUT TO:
This is a flash back scene going back to the party in the
house where Alex first met Nicole. Alex and Nicole are
talking in the same place and are having the same
conversation as the first scene.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
The night you got rid of Joe and
you started hitting on me,
As they are talking, Nicole quietly drops 2 pills of
ruphellyn in Alex's drink without him noticing.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
I added two pills of ruphellyn in
your drink. You know, roofies, the
date rape drug ?
Alex starts chugging his wine and slams the glass on the
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
And then you chugged your wine
like a moron so that the next
morning you could give me an
excuse that you were drunk which
was why you took advantage of me.
                                         CUT TO:


The effect of ruphellyn hits Alex as he loses conscousness.
His arms are on Nicole's shoulders as she carries him to his
car. She then takes out his keys from his coat pocket.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
I take you to your car and put you
on the passenger seat. You had
already drank a lot and even the
roofies hit you. You were gone.
                                         CUT TO:
Karen is driving the car as Alex is sleeping on the
passenger seat.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
I drive the two of us to my house
and once we reach my house,
                                         CUT TO:
Nicole stops the car right in front of the house. The house
is small like maany houses on the island. She wakes up Alex
and allows him to take the driver's seat.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
I then wake you up and make you
take the driver's seat. And then
you drive away.
Nicole is now standing outside in front of her house as Alex
drives away.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
Nicole is now looking at Alex in the same hospital room and
same setting as the previous scene.
That's right Alex. I wanted to
kill you. And I wanted the whole
thing to look like an accident
from drunk driving. But when I
read in the papers the next
morning, it said that your car
crashed into a tree and was on
fire but you were rescued by the
cops and neighbours. You were
taken to this hospital and you


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
were in coma ever since. I have
been sitting right here, right
next you for the last 7 days. If I
wanted, I could've killed you
while you were still in coma, but
I wanted you to wake up, I wanted
you to witness your own death. And
today, you finally have.
Alex's expression on his eyes changes after Nicole finishes
her last dialogue. Nicole takes out a cigarette from he pack
and starts smoking it.
Now you must be wondering, why on
earth would I want to kill you
when we just met at the party. You
don't remember me Alex, but I do.
                                         CUT TO:
A black and white flash back scene where 9 years old Nicole
hears some loud noise, walks to her mother's room and peeks
through a door. Her mother is Alex's english teacher and
Nicole witnesses 15 year old Alex stabbing her mother to
death. Alex then gets up and just as described in the
earlier scene, he slowly walks to a couch and sits on it
looking at the teacher's dead body. Young Nicole continues
to look at Alex hiding behind the door.
                       NICOLE (V.O.)
About 5 years ago you came to my
house and you killed my mother. I
was there when it happened and I
saw the whole thing and I even
remembered your face. I was only 9
years old.
                                         BACK TO SCENE:
You don't know this but I have
been following you ever since that
happened for the last 5 years. I
do look old but I am only 14. But
what do you are, you are a fucking
whore and a pedaphyle. So I
finally got the chance to kill you
at that frat party. But you didn't
fucking die, so I am going to kill


                       NICOLE (cont'd)
you right now.
Nicole takes out a syringe filled with poison and attaches a
needle to it as helpless Alex continues to look at her.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
So that's what it all was. All
that shit that happened to me
after that night at the frat
party, was nothing but a dream, or
should I say, a fucking nightmare.
And who thought this fucking bitch
would follow me for 5 years after
I killed her mother.
Nicole injects the poison into the drip bottle which is
connected to Alex's forearm.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
All these years, I killed girls
and women of all ages and it is
pretty funny and wierd how right
now I am dying at the hands of
none other than a girl.
After injecting the poison, Nicole puts the syringe back in
her purse, stands up from her seat and walks away towards
the exit door.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
So here I am, Alexander Rubel, an
English major and a junior in Long
Island University, lying here all
helpless in a fucking hospital.
And then after all these years of
me murdering and her following,
Nicole finally puts the poison in
my body and kills me.
Nicole takes one last look at Alex with an evil smile on her
face. She then switches off the lights and exits the room.
                       ALEX (V.O.)
And that is the end of my story.


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From gary hornb Date 2/3/2010 *1/2
Just poor. Way too many grammatical errors, way too many f bombs, and way too much description. This script wouldn't make it past page 2 of most professional script readers. They get paid to find workable scripts. Most agree, if you can't spell or use too much foul language, you can't write a sellable script.

From Kevin Chu Date 1/26/2010 ****
Clever, smooth dialogue. I could see it play out in my mind. Lotsa things going on but you didn't go overboard. Cool twist.

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