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Rose Forest
by loren manson (lmanson@tampabay.rr.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***1/2
A group of college kids find themselves trapped in a forest that comes to life through the souls of the undead.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A dark dreary night, but the moon gives off just enough
light to see. WE ARE RUNNING in and out around the trees. A
slight mist settles in, resting along the forest floor.
The sound of HOWLING WIND blows above the tops of the
branches, and with each gust comes faint UNEARTHLY SCREAMS.
POV - Of someone running, stopping and quickly looking
around... HEAVY BREATHING.... Above, The limbs seem to move
like fingers touching one another. Leaves blow all around.
No time to rest...must move on.
                                         CUT TO:
A YOUNG MAN running. His clothes half torn away. The
frightful look in his eyes tells us he's being chased. But
by who...or what? The man stops again, trying to catch his
breath. He looks back... around ...above.
WHIMPERING CRIES can be heard...but it comes from himself.
He's in these woods all alone. The fear on his face tells us
whatever is out here is something so frightening, that he
would rather die than see it again.
He sees a large tree ahead. Behind it looks like an opening.
Keeping his distance he runs around the tree and breaks for
the clearing, finally coming to rest on a dark paved country
He falls to the ground in tears, feeling the safety from the
open road. What ever was in those woods can't touch him
here. He looks back from where he came with a relieved look
upon his face. His cries turn to laughter like a man
starting to go mad.
He quickly turns to see headlights barreling down on him. As
he kneels, his face shows an acceptance of this kind of
fate. The lights come to a SCREECHING halt within inches of
his head.
An older gentleman rushes out of a blue pick up truck and
runs over to help.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
You Okay? I almost didn't see you
there son!


The old man helps him to his feet and walks him to the
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
What are you doing out in these
woods all alone?
Still trying to catch his breath...
                       YOUNG MAN
I..I need to get to the nearest
The old man opens the side door, helps him in, buckling his
seat-belt around him. He closes the passenger door as the
young man stares out the window into the woods.
The old man walks over, gets into the drivers side and
buckles up.
He looks over at the young man noticing the torn clothes.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
What happened to you?
                       YOUNG MAN
I need to get to town and talk to
the sheriff.
The old man continues staring. Curious.
                       YOUNG MAN
Can we please hurry?
The old man puts the truck in gear and starts driving. The
young man leans his head back finally able to relax a
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
You know you shouldn't be out in
these woods all alone. There are a
lot of wolves and bear around
these parts. They get hungry
The young man looks over at him, as if that were the least
of his worries.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
So where are you from?


                       YOUNG MAN
Montana. We were driving down to
Alabama to see my folks.
The old man looks over at him, confused.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
                       YOUNG MAN
My fiance.(looking worried) Could
you keep your eye on the road
The old man looks ahead, pulls the truck over a little after
veering into the other lane. He looks back over.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
Fiance? What did you do, leave her
back there?
                       YOUNG MAN
The old man looks at him, curious. Which is it?
A look of horror -- the young man screams...
                       YOUNG MAN
Look out!
The old man turns to see a deer running across the road. He
quickly swerves to avoid hitting it, loosing control,
landing in an embankment next to the woods.
The truck comes to rest just a few feet from the edge of the
trees with the headlights facing into the dark forest. Both
men sit, shaken up but alive.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
You alright?
                       YOUNG MAN
We gotta get out of here!
The old man puts the truck in reverse, tries to pull out,
but the tires keep spinning burying deeper and deeper into
the mud.
                       YOUNG MAN
Why aren't we moving?


                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
We're stuck.
The young man looks out the window into the forest. The
headlights allow enough light to see within thirty feet but
slowly fades to darkness beyond that.
The old man continues pressing the gas peddle but the truck
remains stuck.
The young man tries unhooking his seat-belt, but to no
                       YOUNG MAN
We can't stay here!
The wind starts to pick up again, causing the leaves to fall
like snow, landing on the windshield obstructing his view.
The young man peers hard through the window to make sure
nothing is out there.
Through the dim light deep in the forest, something moves.
The young man strains to see past the blowing leaves and fog
but can't quite make it out.
                       YOUNG MAN
Come on!
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
Calm down young fella, I'll get us
out of here.
The young man looks deep into the forest again. This time
something moves closer. A shadowy figure behind the trees
almost seems to float across where the light ends and the
darkness begins.
Suddenly the truck starts moving, then stops. The old man
looks confused.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
What the...
The truck begins to move again...but it inches forward, as
if sliding. The young man frantically tries undoing his
seat-belt again.
                       OLDER GENTLEMAN
What's happening?
The young man's eyes fill with tears.


                       YOUNG MAN
      (to himself)
Noooo....not like this...
The truck is slowly being pulled into the woods. The old man
tries to open the door. It's stuck. The young man knows the
outcome, staring out into the forest, realizing it's too
The only thing that can be seen now are the tail-lights,
slowly being sucked further and further into the woods.
The CRUNCHING sound of METAL echoes throughout the forest.
The HOWLING WIND begins to blow again as WE HEAR the faint
screaming sound we heard earlier.
As the truck continues to BUCKLE, the HORN begins BLOWING.
One of the tail-lights burst...and then the other, as WE
HEAR the high pitched sounds of SCREAMING as the two men
trapped inside -- scream they're final breath.
                                         QUICK CUT TO:
The SCREAMING melts into a high pitched Sound of a woman,
bellowing out the last note of a song. By her voice we can
tell she's no singer. Through the curtain her naked body can
be seen washing her hair.
The bathroom door flies open as a young NICK, early 20's,
runs in.
Are you alright?
The girl in the shower is LAURA, college student, early
It sounded like you were being
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
      (through curtain)
Thanks, Simon Cowell.
Lauren, peeks her head out, gives Nick a big smile, then
closes the curtain again to finish up.


So Lauren, did you talk to your
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
I told her we would be there in a
couple days.
She didn't mind?
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
No...She can't wait to meet the
strange people I hang out with.
The shower shuts off. Lauren peeks her head back out
smiling. Nick hands her a towel.
She takes the towel back in to dry off.
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
She's actually looking forward to
meeting everyone. Knowing my mom,
she already has everything set up
so everyone can sleep comfortably.
So, did you tell her about us?
Lauren opens the curtain, wrapping the towel around her. By
the look on her face, Nick knows the answer.
I can't believe you didn't say
Don't worry, Nick. She's going to
love you...I did.
Two young men are loading a SUV with luggage. One is DANNY,
a guy that looks like he spends more time in the gym than
college. The other TIM, a slight built average guy, the kind
of guy that has a harder time with the women.
Tim seems to be having trouble with one of the bags.


What's the problem?
What did you put in this thing?
Danny sighs, then moves Tim out of the way. He takes the bag
and heaves it into the back like it was nothing.
I think it's about time you start
working out, Tim.
Why, so I can look like you?
      (cocky; smiling)
You'll never look like me.
Danny punches him in the shoulder.
Tim, gives a fake laugh, shrugging it off.
                       WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.)
Mind if I tag along?
Danny and Tim turn to see JULES, early 20's, sexy but a
little lacking upstairs. She's pulling a large suite case
behind her.
Couldn't you find anything bigger?
This is the biggest one they had.
Tim and Danny look at each other -- not surprised. Jules
finally gets the sarcasm.
Real funny, Danny.
Danny reaches over and kisses her. She lets go of the
suite-case and grabs him tightly. They stand lip-locked as
Tim starts looking a little uncomfortable.
Anyone got a hose?
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
Are we ready?


Danny and Jules finally break it up. They turn to see Lauren
and Nick walking up, holding their bags.
You're just in time. I was just
getting wood.
She's got a way of doing that to
you, don't she?
Jules smiles.
      (shaking her head)
You're sick.
Nick walks around and throws their bags in the back. He
looks over at Jules' Suite-case.
What's this? I thought we agreed
to take only what we need.
Yeah, so... I brought what I
Nick shakes his head, then tries to make room.
Jules, did you bring a camera?
      (tapping on purse)
Got it right here.
So I guess that's everything.
Nick finishes squeezing everything in then closes the back
Alright, let's load up!
Everyone climbs in and takes their seats. Nick sits in the
drivers seat with Lauren up front. Jules sits between Danny
and Tim in the back.


Nick takes the keys and tries to start the Car, but nothing.
He turns the key again...still nothing.
What's the problem?
Nick releases the hood, then gets out to take a look.
He reaches in turning the battery cable slightly.
      (hollers out)
Okay, try it again!
Lauren reaches over to turn the key, finally getting a
clicking sound.
hold on!
He turns the cable a little more.
Lauren tries again. It finally starts. Nick closes the hood
and hops back in.
So boys and girls...does anyone
have to go to the bathroom before
we leave?
Everyone looks over at Tim.
What? Why does everyone look at


Cause' I remember our last road
trip. We lost a half a day because
of you.
I got a small bladder, what can I
That isn't the only thing small.
Your the one that has to lift
I'm just building mass so
everything looks proportionate.
Tell em Jules.
Jules doesn't say anything. Everyone smiles.
As they start to pull away...
                       DANNY (O.S.)
Jules...Tell them!
EVERYONE is singing and swaying to music.
THE SUV is moving along a busy highway.
NICK is pumping gas. Tim heads for the restroom, looking
like he's going to pee himself.
LAUREN is driving while everyone else sleeps.
THE SUV is moving along a country road with no traffic.
DANNY is driving with Jules up front. Everyone is singing to
the music again.
THE SUV is moving through a mountainous area, with nothing
but trees as far as the eye can see.


Nick and Lauren are up front again. Nick is driving.
So, do you think we'll see any
Maybe I should of brought sun
My mom will have everything you
need...and yes, you'll probably
see a few dolphins.
That's the porpoise of the trip.
Danny smiles proudly at his own joke.
That was bad.
Please ...no more.
Nick notices a sign. LAST STOP FOR GAS AHEAD - NEXT GAS 72
MI. He looks down at the gage and sees they have a little
over a quarter tank.
The SUV pulls into the station and parks next to one of two
pumps. Nick gets out to pump, as the rest walk inside. He
sticks the hose into the car and looks around. Everything is
The only other vehicle is an old beat up truck, early 70's,
parked on the side of the building -- probably belonging to
the owner.
The place doesn't get too many customers by the look of the
maintenance of the building. The windows are covered in so
much dirt and grime, you can hardly see through them.


The BELL CLANGS as they enter. They look around and notice
how run down the place is. What little stock is on the
shelves has formed a layer of dust.
People actually shop here?
Yeah, Us.
Lauren walks over to the counter to where a man stands
watching them closely.
The man in his 50's looks a lot older, with grayed whiskers
covering most of the wrinkles on his face. His Teeth - what
little he has - is yellowed with specks of brown from the
tobacco he has in his mouth.
Excuse me. Where's your restroom?
The man spits on the floor behind the counter then points
      (looking nervous)
Thank you.
Lauren walks back outside as Danny, Jules and Tim look
through the coolers for something to drink.
Nick is still pumping in the b.g. as Lauren walks around the
other side of the building. She finds the restroom and
Lauren walks in, closing and locking the door behind her.
She looks around at the filth. The restroom looks like it
hasn't been cleaned for years. Toilet paper sticks to the
walls like hardened plaster.
She reaches over to turn the light on -- but nothing.
Luckily the door is silhouetted by the glowing sunlight
which shines through -- giving off just enough light to see.


Nick finishes pumping, heads in to pay.
Lauren pulls on the toilet paper roll, tearing a bunch off.
She places it around the dirty seat then proceeds to unsnap
her pants. She pulls them down slowly, looking a little
As she sits, a figure walks by the door obstructing the
sunlight....then disappears.
She looks around and sees a hole in the wall next to where
she is sitting. Could someone be watching? She leans her
head down to check, peeking through the hole.
                                         QUICK CUT TO:
SLAMMING DOOR of the COOLER as Nick walks away with a soda
in his hand walking up to the counter to pay.
This and the gas.
The man behind the counter starts to ring him up.
Lauren pulls another wad of toilet paper off and forces it
into the hole. She looks up toward the door and sees the
figure just outside, obstructing the light again.
The DOOR SHAKES. Lauren finishes -- quickly pulls her pants
up -- staring nervously at the door the whole time.
As she heads to open the door, the figure walks away again.
Lauren reaches for the handle and unlocks it. She cautiously
opens the door and peeks her head out.
Tim, stands pacing back and fourth, holding himself.
It's about time.
You scared the hell out of me.


As Lauren steps out, Tim quickly runs by her and closes the
door. She looks out and sees everyone else standing by the
car waiting. She finally relaxes.
Sheriff TOM CLEMONS, a stout rugged looking man in his late
40's, sits behind his desk. He reaches for the radio.
Carl, you out there?
                       DEPUTY CARL (O.S.)
      (over radio)
Go ahead Tom.
I just got a missing persons
report from a woman over in
Waynestown. She said her husband's
been missing for about 2 days now.
(looks over report) Last seen
driving a "93" blue Ford pick up.
License plate, 139-B55D as in dog.
The sheriff waits for a response.
You still there?
                       DEPUTY CARL (O.S.)
      (over radio)
Yeah.. I was just thinkin', that's
the third one this month. I'll
keep an eye out, over.
Tom walks over to a board on the wall and places a thumbtack
next to six others. He stands studying the board in deep
What's happening out there?
Nick and Lauren still sit up front. The radio is now off and
everyone sits quietly staring out the window except Tim,
who's reading a book. Nick looks at Tim through the rear
view mirror.


What are you reading?
"The House On Haunted Hill"
I saw the movie. Pretty creepy.
Well I didn't, so don't tell me
the end.
Danny continues to stare out the window but slowly reaches
his hand behind Jules, over to the back of Tim's head.
How could you not see that movie?
It's a classic.
If it's half as scary as the
Danny brushes his hand across Tim's hair. Tim jumps straight
in the air almost hitting his head on the roof.
What the fffff... You're an ass.
Everyone starts laughing.
You shoulda seen your face!
You think that's funny?
      (a little more
Yeah, I do.
Tim knows not to say too much more.
W..Well it's not. You messed up my
Come on I was just messing with


Nick looks over to Lauren.
Did you ever contact your father?
No, and I'm not going to.
Jules overhears and leans forward.
Your father wrote you again?
Lauren turns to the window bored with this conversation
He left a voice mail.
And you didn't call him back?
If he thinks that after three
C'mon Lauren, give him a break.
People make mistakes. (noticing
something ahead) Great! What's
Everyone looks out the front window to see what nick is
talking about.
A large tree has fallen across the road keeping them from
going further.
Nick stops the car -- studies the situation.
What do we do?
We move it.
Everyone looks at each other.


What? You got a better idea?
With that, everyone hops out to help move the tree.
They walk over to the tree, trying to figure out how to move
it. There's an eerie quiet in the air. Lauren looks all
What's the matter?
I don't know. Something seems
Like how?
      (looking around)
The sound.
Everyone stops to listen.
I don't hear anything.
Nick stops listening -- gets back to figuring out how to
move the tree.
If we all grab this end, maybe we
can swing it around.
They all agree. Everyone walks over, bending down to get a
On three.
They brace themselves.


They give it all their might, straining until turning red
from exhaustion, but the tree doesn't budge. They finally
give up.
      (to Danny)
What now, Einstein?
If we had a chain, we could pull
it with the car.
That's a great idea!
I said "IF"!
Well, why would you bring it up,
if you didn't have one? I can't
believe this. "IF" we had a
bulldozer we could push it.
Hell.."IF" we had David
Copperfield we could make it
Danny, hits him upside the head.
Look, there's got to be something
we can do.
      (holding his head)
Yeah, take me home. I'm not having
fun anymore.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hit
you so hard.
Danny walks over and hugs him.
I want Jules to do it.


Danny looks over at Jules, but she's staring down the road.
Check it out. Someone's coming.
They turn to see a police cruiser coming up the road.
Finally, some help.
The patrol car pulls to the side of the road. A young deputy
CARL TYLER - late 20's, gets out, walks over, then looks
over to the tree.
                       DEPUTY CARL
What seems to be the problem?
      (under his breath)
Is he serious?
We were driving along (motioning)
then this.
Deputy Carl studies the situation.
We tried moving it, but couldn't
get it to budge.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Yeah, your not gonna move that by
yourselves. I'll have to call
someone to have it removed.
How long will that take?
                       DEPUTY CARL
Let's see...a few hours to get
here...cut and clear...you're
probably looking at about five or
six hours.
                       DEPUTY CARL
County! You know how that goes?


Look, is there another road we can
                       DEPUTY CARL
Well...there's a dirt road a
couple miles back.
I saw that road. We drove right by
it. What do you think?
Beats waiting.
I agree.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Well you best get going. It'll be
getting dark in a few hours.
We appreciate your help.
                       DEPUTY CARL
No problem. You kids be careful
now, you here?
They walk back to the SUV, and climb inside.
Can you believe that guy?..."You
kids". He can't be much older than
I thought he was kinda cute.
You would.
What do you mean by that?
Forget it.
Nick starts the car, puts it in reverse. He swings it around
and starts heading back the other way.


Deputy Carl walks back to his patrol car and reaches for the
                       DEPUTY CARL
Tom, come in.
                       TOM (O.S.)
      (over radio)
Go ahead, Carl.
                       DEPUTY CARL
I have a fallen tree in the middle
of the road, along...
How far did he say it was?
A couple miles. We should be
coming up on it shortly.
Hey, I think that's it right up
Nick sees the road and slows down to make the turn. He stops
at the beginning of the dirt road and stares.
Are you sure this is it?
This is the only one we drove by.
The road is dark and narrow. Nick starts feeling uneasy.
I thought it would be a little
It's pretty creepy out here.
Danny starts reaching his hand back again, but this time Tim


Don't even think about it, Danny.
I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself.
Carl sits all alone in the patrol car with the door open,
waiting for the tree removers to get there. He picks up a
magazine and starts reading.
The wind begins to pick up. Leaves start blowing across the
road. Carl, looks out into the woods....He hears something
in the brush. Looking closer... Something moves.
He stares in the direction of the noise and gets out of his
car. The wind starts picking up even more, and the HOWLING
can be heard in a distance.
He walks a little closer to investigate. Something moves
behind the brush again. Carl places his hand on his weapon.
He walks to the edge of the road trying to see through the
thick brush....Something dashes out at him.
He quickly jumps back, drawing his weapon, but then realizes
it's only a wolf. The wolf runs right by him not even taking
notice of Carl.
                       DEPUTY CARL
He watches, as the wolf runs to the woods on the other side
of the road. Carl stands, puzzled.
                       DEPUTY CARL
What are you so afraid of fella?
The HOWLING WIND becomes closer now, and Carl looks a little
on edge. Then in a distance...
                       TOM (O.S.)
      (over radio)
Carl, come in.
Carl walks backward to the patrol car as he stares out into
the woods. He reaches back and grabs the radio without
moving his eyes.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Go ahead, Tom.


                       TOM (O.S.)
I need you to get back here right
Carl notices the urgency of Tom's voice.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Everything okay?
Yeah. We'll go over it when you
get here.
                       DEPUTY CARL
On my way. (relieved) Thank God.
Carl takes one more look into the woods before getting in
the car and pulling away.
The road is narrow as the branches from the trees hang over
like an umbrella causing it to appear darker than it is
Maybe we should've waited.
And what, lose four hours?
Lauren looks over to nick like she wants to agree with Tim.
Well we're already this far. No
reason to turn back now.
Yeah, that's what they say in the
movies, just before everyone gets
Come on! This is exciting. It's
like an adventure.
They come upon a fork in the road. The car stops.


What now?
He didn't say anything about
another road.
Lauren looks over to Nick.
Nick studies both roads.
Well...the one to the right is
wider. That's probably the one we
need to take.
Yeah, but the one to the left
looks like it heads back to where
we need to go. Maybe it's a
A shortcut to our doom.
You know what your problem is,
Tim? You read too many books.
I say take the left on. We may
find like a secret treasure or
Nick pulls a quarter out of his pocket then turns to Lauren.
Call it.
Great! Gambling with our lives.
Nick flips the quarter in the air and catches it on the back
of his hand.


Nick slowly removes his hand as everyone waits with
Tom, stands studying the board on the wall when Carl walks
                       DEPUTY CARL
Whatcha got?
Another missing persons.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Another one?
Yeah -- This time, two. A man and
a woman. They were supposed to
have showed up in Alabama a few
days ago to visit the guys
                       DEPUTY CARL
What makes you think they're
missing around here?
Tom doesn't have to say anything. He just looks up toward
the board, which now has eight thumbtacks.
I just got a call from the FBI.
They're finally sending someone
Carl, walks closer to the board and just stares.
                       DEPUTY CARL
It's about time.
I knew we should of done - Rock,
Paper, Sissors.
I hate to say it Nick, but maybe
Tim's right.


Yeah, now you agree with me.
Yeah. I don't think we're going to
find any treasure out here.
Well it's too late now. There's no
room to turn around.
Okay, so I screwed up!
What's that up there? Looks like a
They look out to see a clearing just a couple hundred feet
Finally, the main road again.
As they approach the clearing it become obvious, this is no
main road. A run down old house sits in the middle of the
clearing surrounded by woods all around. It looks like it's
been sitting for a couple hundred years.
Maybe we'll find that treasure
after all.
Nick pulls the car in closer and parks in front of the
forbidding old home. looking around, the road stops here.
Great! A dead end.
Do you have to use the word, dead?
      (to Lauren)
Grab the map out of the glove box.
Lets see where we are.
As Lauren reaches for the glove box, Danny opens the door to
Where are you going?


I need to walk around a few
Wait for me.
Jules gets out to join him, as Nick and Lauren study the
Check it out! I bet no one even
knows about this place.
Danny starts walking up to the house.
What are you doing?
Come on, let's go take a look.
Jules joins Danny, as they walk for a closer look.
Nick continues to study the map.
I don't see it on here. I don't
even see the dirt road.
You mean this place doesn't exist?
No, it's probably just too small
of a road to show up on the map.
Where's Danny and Jules?
Nick and Lauren look over to find Danny and Jules missing.
Come on, we better go find them.


Do we have too? Danny's a big guy.
He can handle himself.
Lauren and Nick get out and start walking to the house. Tim
looks out over the woods that surround them.
Wait for me!
Tim hurries out and catches up to Nick and Lauren.
They walk up a couple steps to the front porch to find the
door slightly open. Nick pushes it open further and walks
in. Lauren looks at Tim.
After you.
Lauren gives an uneasy smile, then follows Nick.
Nick, Lauren and Tim walk around looking for Danny and
Jules. The house - still furnished - is covered in dust and
cobwebs. A fireplace sits on one wall. Tim walks over to it.
Why is everything covered in
cobwebs but the fireplace?
Nick and Lauren walk over to check it out. Nick bends down
looking at the ashes, then notices a pack of matches on the
Someone has been here recently.
You don't suppose someone still
lives here, do you?
Great. Breaking and entering.
No, the place is covered in dust.
But someone had to have stopped by


Let's just find Danny and Jules
and get out of here.
I agree.
Now you're talkin.
      (hollers out)
They wait for an answer, but none comes.
Danny, I know you're in here!
Still nothing.
Come on guys! This isn't funny.
C'mon, lets take a look through
Nick heads into the
Lauren and Tim follow close behind. The hallway is long and
dark. The only light comes from an open door at the end.
What are you doing? You're not
going in there are you?
Just stay close.
Lauren grabs a hold of Nick's shirt and follows. Tim grabs a
hold of Lauren's. As they walk toward the door, a hand grabs
a hold of Tim's shirt.
Stay close behind.
Tim stops, realizing that Nick and Lauren are in front of
him. He Turns slowly and lets out a scream.


Danny and Jules start laughing.
That's real funny guys.
Can we just get out of here?
Yeah, we already checked the other
side of the house.
No treasure -- Just a bunch of old
Everyone exits the house. As they walk toward the car,
Lauren stops and stares into the woods.
You okay?
Lauren doesn't answer as they make their way over to the
car. They climb in. Nick takes the wheel again. He reaches
over and turns the key but it doesn't start. He pops the
hood, gets out, and walks to the front.
Two county workers are walking away from their truck holding
chainsaws. They walk over to the tree in the road.
                       COUNTY WORKER 1
I'll start on this end, you take
the other.
                       COUNTY WORKER 2
I gotta take a piss first.
As the 2nd man walks over to the woods, WE HEAR the sound of
a chainsaw start. It REVS a few times.
The 2nd man stands facing the woods. He unzips his pants.
Finally, a relieved look on his face.


The 1st man walks over to where he is about to cut and pulls
his goggles down.
As the 2nd man continues pissing, he looks back toward the
1st guy. Something suddenly grabs him down below. He SCREAMS
in great pain, but the 1st guy doesn't hear him over the
sound of the chainsaw. The 2nd man turns to see what has a
hold of him.
The 1st man starts cutting into the tree, but something
causes him to stop. He turns the chainsaw off and bends down
to see.
Everything is quiet now as the man reaches down and touches
what looks like sap, oozing from the tree.
                       COUNTY WORKER 1
Hey, look at this!
He rubs it around in his fingers then brings it to his nose
to smell.
                       COUNTY WORKER 1
What the ... (hollering) You're
not gonna believe this but...
The man turns to find his partner missing. He sets his
chainsaw down and looks around. He walks over to where the
other man was standing.
A MUFFLED sound of a MAN in agony is heard behind the thick
                       COUNTY WORKER 1
Clarence...Is that you?
The 1st man forges further in to take a look, moving the
thick brush out of his face to see.
                       COUNTY WORKER 1
He pulls back a little more brush, then stands with a look
of fright on his face, almost paralyzed at what he sees.
Clarence is pulled tightly against a large tree, almost
becoming part of it. Roots under the mans skin look like
large veins still pumping blood as if feeding from him. It
seems to be transforming him, into a part of it's self as if
to keep him alive. His skin stretches, as what appears to be
roots or limbs growing inside of his body.


The mans eyes stare wide open as if screaming with great
pain, but nothing comes out -- just moaning sounds, as what
looks like a branch is shoved down his mouth, collapsing his
vocal cord.
The 1st man stumbles backward, away from his friend.
Clarence looks at him as if pleading for help. There's
nothing he can do.
The 1st man turns to run away, but stops with a jolt and a
look of shock on his face. Then with one quick scream, he's
sucked into the woods like a fish being snatched from the
He disappears into the dark forest as his screams become
more distant.
The HOOD SLAMS down. Nick looks aggravated.
Now what do we do?
Tim closes his cellphone.
I can't get a signal out here.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
What'd you expect?
Look, maybe whoever was here
before, will come back.
Are you sure that's what we want?
In the book I was reading...
This isn't the "House On Haunted
No, it's more like The house in
the creepy freggin woods.
Is that a book too?


Everyone looks at Tim.
Just asking.
It's starting to get dark. Maybe
we should just spend the night and
we'll work on the car in the
morning. In the meantime, if the
person that was here before shows
up, we can get a ride back into
Sheriff Tom and Deputy Carl are riding together. They come
upon the county truck sitting on the side of the road. They
pull over to check it out.
Tom and Carl get out and look around. Carl looks over to
where the tree had fallen and sees it's no longer there.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Well I see the road's clear. But
where are the workers?
Tom notices something in the road and bends down to
investigate. He reaches down with his hand and touches the
wet sappy stuff. As he studies it closely...
Looks like blood.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Are you sure?
Tom shows him his hand. Carl shakes his head.
                       DEPUTY CARL
So, what do you think... another
Well if it's not, then these boys
are on a long lunch break.
Carl gets the point.


                       DEPUTY CARL
I'll call it in.
The fire is burning in the fireplace, as everyone sits
around but Nick and Danny. The door flies open as Nick walks
in with more wood. He Lays it on the floor by the door.
This should keep us going for
                       DANNY (O.S.)
Look what I found!
They turn to see Danny holding a lantern.
Let me see those matches.
Nick reaches in his pocket and pulls out the pack of
matches. He throws it over to Danny. Danny takes the matches
and lights the wick. The flame grows higher.
Hey, it works.
I wonder what else we can find?
How bout' Lauren and I take this
side of the house. You guys take
the other.
Let's do it.
Lauren and Nick walk to the hallway as the other three walk
in the opposite direction.
Lauren, runs over and pulls a small piece of wood from the
fire place.
Good thinking.
Nick takes the wood and leads Lauren further down the


The light from the burning wood flickers along the walls as
they approach the door in the back.
Something moves out of the corner of Lauren's eye. She jumps
as a large spider creeps across the wall into the fading
darkness behind them.
This place is creepy enough, now I
have to worry about bugs. I hate
Wasn't this door open earlier?
Lauren looks ahead and sees that the door is now closed.
This is creepy.
Nick reaches for the handle, turning it slowly. As he
pushes, the DOOR CREEKS. Nick enters the room as Lauren
follows close behind.
An old bed sits to one side of the room covered in dust and
cobwebs. A half rotted wood dresser sits to the other. The
sheer curtain over the window blows a little from the wind
seeping through.
At the foot of the bed sits a dilapidated chest with a lock
still attached. Nick sees what looks like a closet door and
walks over to it, while Lauren kneels down to check out the
She pulls on the lock, trying to get it open. Nick reaches
for the door handle and turns it slightly. It opens, but
it's too dark to see anything. He holds the fire into
doorway to see.
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
I got it!
Nick turns his back to the doorway to see what Lauren is
talking about.
I got the chest open.


He walks over to give her light, but as he walks away the
reflection from the fire reveals something behind the
doorway moving. As he walks further away it becomes too dark
to see.
Nick bends down and holds the flame to the chest. Lauren
reaches in, as WE SEE the door in the b.g. begin to close.
Lauren pulls out an old quilt, then reaches back in again.
She pulls her hand out, holding a silver chain with some
kind of symbol hooked to it.
What do you think it is?
Nick looks at it closely.
It looks like some kind of cross
or something.
Wait! There's something else in
She reaches in again and pulls out a book. She takes it and
blows the dust off.
Let's go show the others.
Nick and Lauren get up and head out the door....Just as the
other door finishes closing...CLICK.
Nick and Lauren enter, just as the other three come walking
Did you guys find anything?
Just some old tools, but we did
find another lantern.
Good, we could use more light.
How bout you guys?


Nick holds up the silver chain with the symbol.
Whoa! How come I couldn't find
something like that? I knew we
should have checked the other side
of the house earlier.
Jules runs over to take a closer look.
Is it silver?
I think so, and oh...look what
else we found.
Lauren holds up the book.
Hey, can I see that?
Lauren hands Tim the book. He takes it and walks over to the
fireplace to better light.
The steet is lined with highway patrol cars, unmarked cars
and ambulances, about a city block long.
A black SUV pulls up and parks a little ways from Tom and
Carl. TWO MEN get out and walk over, dressed in suits. One -
a taller man in his 50's, the other - average height in his
                       TALL MAN
I'm looking for a Tom Clemons.
That'd be me.
The tall man reaches out and shakes his hand.
                       TALL MAN
Bill Porter, FBI. This is Nigel
Nice to meet you. This is deputy
Tyler. He's the one that called in
the fallen tree.


                       DEPUTY CARL
How ya do sir?
Now I was told you had a number of
reported missing cases in the last
Yes, but they seem to have
increased lately. Strange thing
is, this is the first vehicle
we've been able to find.
Well we know a lot of the cases
were reported out of state. What
makes you think they happen to be
missing in this area?
      (cocking his head)
Follow me.
Tom walks them over to the patrol car. He reaches in, pulls
out a map, opens it, placing it on the hood of the car.
I mapped out their destinations
from where they were last seen.
And as you can see...all roads
lead to a fifty mile radius from
where we're standing now.
Bill and Nigel look at the map. INSERT ON highlighted routes
all leading to one area. The forest they're standing in the
middle of.
Everyone is gathered in the living room. Tim sits by the
fire place with the book they found -- reading. Nick looks
around the room, stopping at the tools they found. He walks
over, picks one up, and studies it closer.
What do you think it is?
I'm not sure. It looks like some
kind of cutting tool.


He sets it down and picks up another. An ice pick shaped
odject, with a small hook on the end.
Hey, this isn't a book -- it's an
old diary.
Lauren gets up and sits next to Tim.
Can I see that?
Jules rises out of her chair, walks over to a window, and
looks outside. The moon lights the clearing all the way to
the edge of the woods. The trees are swaying back and fourth
from the blowing wind.
                       LAUREN (O.S.)
The ladies name was Rose Prescott.
Jules continues to stare out the window.
June 13, 1822. "It's been two days
and Elijah still hasn't spoken to
me. When he looks at me, I see the
disappointment in his eyes. I have
shamed him, but deep inside I am
not sorry. He doesn't understand."
Lauren, turns the page.
June 18, 1822. "Elijah has left
us. His disappointment turning to
hate. He said he could no longer
stand the sight of me. He tried to
take Thomas with him, away from
me, but I would not let him. He
told my beautiful darling son,
that I, his mother, was evil...
What a jerk.
Maybe she screwed his best friend.
So, that makes her evil?


Are you guys done? I'm trying to
read this.
Danny and Jules shut up so Lauren can continue.
"I saw the fear in his eyes after
I told him I would curse the
ground he walked on. My husband,
such a big strong man, has never
feared anything, until today. He
looked at me as though I were a
beast. He left Thomas and I,
and"... (stops reading) He is a
You don't even know why he left?
Typical. Always taking up for the
This isn't your father. You don't
even know this guy.
Lauren doesn't know what to say. She takes the diary and
slings it at Nick.
You have no right!
Come on, we're letting something
that happened two hundred years
ago, get us upset.
Tim's right. We're getting all
worked up over something we have
no control over. Hey! Why don't we
play charades or something?
Nick walks over to Lauren and gives her a hug.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to drag
your father in on it.
Lauren smiles and hugs him back.


There we go...now where's mine?
Nick smiles, then reaches out his arms.
No, I meant from Lauren.
Come on, you know you want some of
Everyone starts laughing. Lauren reaches down, picks up the
diary and walks back to the sofa.
I thought that we were going to
play charades?
Just a little more, I promise.
Everyone gets comfortable again as Lauren reads on.
July 10, 1822. "It's been three
weeks since Elijah left. Thomas
misses his father so much. It's
been so hard trying take care of
everything myself. If only he
would come home so we could be a
family again."
Jules gets up and walks over to the window. She stares
outside as Lauren continues.
July 18, 1822. "Feeling lonely
today. Thank God for Thomas. He is
such a good boy. He tries to help
me so much with the chores around
here. He is going to grow up
strong, like his father. I still
look out the window, awaiting
Elijah's return."
I think someone needs to give
Rose, a reality check.
      (holding his heart)
My dearest Rose, I met someone
today in the next town. She's a


                       DANNY (cont'd)
real babe. She's got this body
that won't...
                       JULES (O.S.)
Hey! Something is out there.
Nick and Danny run over to the window. They look out over
the clearing into the woods. Whatever was there...is gone.
It's just the trees swaying.
It's probably a deer.
They don't see anything. They walk back and sit. Suddenly
the fire in the fireplace blows as if someone were fanning
it from the top of the chimney.
You see that!
It's the wind. Man you guys are
getting paranoid.
Jules continues to stare outside. Something white moves
behind the trees in the distance -- Almost floating -- Then
Some thing's out there, I'm
telling you. I just saw it behind
the trees.
Man, this isn't funny!
Danny gets up again.
I'll go take a look.
Danny reaches in his pocket and pulls out a pocket knife.
Come on Tim. Lets check it out.
Wha..what..me? What if it's a


They're just as afraid of us, as
we are them.
Oh yeah. You think they're
crapping their pants too?
I'll go with you.
Nick jumps up, as Tim sits looking relieved.
Lock the door behind us.
Tim looks at Lauren, then Jules.
Can wolves open doors?
Danny opens the door and peeks outside. He doesn't see
anything so he walks out with Nick behind him.
Around 30 people are investigating the crime scene. Tape is
strung across the road. A man with glasses walks out of the
woods with a plastic bag in his hand. He walks over to where
Tom, Carl and the FBI agents are standing.
What have you got?
                       MAN WITH GLASSES
Looks like blood. Found it in the
brush beyond those trees. We'll
take it and have it matched
against the blood we found in the
road earlier.
Alright -- good job.
The man in glasses walks away with the evidence.
So, what do you think?
I think we have a killer on the


We're not gonna be able to find
anything out here tonight.
                       DEPUTY CARL
That's a lot of area to cover.
We're gonna need to call in the
dogs. I want every available man
out here by morning. Whoever is
out here, can't be far.
Nick and Danny are in the clearing, looking out over the
trees. The trees are still swaying with the wind.
I don't see anything -- but what
ever it was (pointing) she saw it
over there.
They begin to head in that direction.
Jules is looking out at Danny and Nick, while Lauren and Tim
sit by the fire, reading.
August 8, 1822. "We buried two
more today. The widow Myers and
Joe Tubbs, the blacksmith. The
sickness seems to be spreading. I
keep Thomas inside everyday, for
he is all I have left."
Turns page.
August 12, 1822. " Miss Jenkins
stopped by today with soup. Thomas
seems to be getting worse. He is
burning with fever. I asked Miss
Jenkins to stay over to help with
Thomas. I am struggling inside
with what I am about to do, but it
is for my son, whom I love so


                       LAUREN (cont'd)
What is she getting ready to do?
As Lauren flips the page, something BANGS twice, in the back
of the house. Tim jumps out of his skin.
What the hell was that?
It sounded like it came from the
back room.
You guys were just back there. You
checked everything...right?
Yeah, we checked ever...
Lauren stops in the middle, and remembers...
Everything but one door.
Great! The one door we don't
check, and that's where something
is living.
There's nothing living back there.
It's probably a closet.
Things live in closets. Why do you
think little kids are afraid of
Come on, We'll go check it out so
you'll feel better.
I'm starting to feel better
already, thank you for caring


Nick and Danny are standing at the edge of the woods,
looking in.
If we had a flashlight.
I have one in the car. I don't
know if it still works.
You had a flashlight this whole
Like I said, I don't know if it
Go get it... I'll wait here.
Nick takes off to get the flashlight, leaving Danny all
alone. Danny looks deep into the woods but it's dark -- He
can't see anything but moving branches. He looks back to
check on Nick, who is at the car now digging in the back.
As he turns back around he sees something through the woods
staring back at him. An elongating woman like figure, almost
translucent. Branches blow in front of it, obstructing his
view. He moves his head a little to see past the branches
but it's gone.
Something grabs his shoulder. Danny lets out a scream,
turning around. It's Nick standing with the flashlight.
You coulda told me you were coming
up behind me! Does it work?
Nick clicks the switch on the flashlight. A bright beam of
light shoots fourth. After a second, the light starts to
dim. Nick shakes it a couple times, it gets brighter again.
He shines the light into the woods, moving it slowly. Trees
are blowing, leaves are falling, but he doesn't see
I thought for sure I saw


Well, whatever it was...it's not
out there now.
Lauren, Tim and Jules are walking down the dark, dreary hall
toward the door. Dim light -- shimmering on the walls -- as
Lauren leads the way with the lantern.
Maybe we should wait for the guys
to come back.
We're almost there.
Lauren reaches for the door handle. She goes to turn
it...but can't.
What's wrong?
It's locked.
      (getting nervous)
How did it get locked? You were
just in there.
Calm down. We probably locked it
by accident when we left.
BOOM! Something HITS the DOOR from the other side. The three
of them take no time getting back to the
They run straight to the front door and fling it open. Jules
jumps back...
Nick and Danny are at the front door. They jump back


What are you trying to do, give me
a freggin heart attack?
Some thing's back there! We heard
Nick looks over to Lauren, who nods in agreement.
Alright! We'll check it out.
Most of the vehicles are gone. All but four. Tom and Carl's,
The FBI's and Two highway patrol cars.
Are these guys gonna be alright
out here alone?
We've got four armed men. You
would have to be nuts to try
Tom gives him a look. Nigel picks up on it.
Alright, I'll stay out here with
Are you sure you want to do that?
Nigel pulls back his jacket to reveal his gun.
Okay then.
All five kids are standing in the hall, outside the door.
Nick reaches for the handle.
You're gonna need to kick it in.
Nick turns the handle, and the door slowly creeks open.


Alright. This is getting freakier
all the time.
Nick looks at Lauren.
I'm telling you...it was locked.
Nick enters the room with Lauren behind him. Danny, Jules
and Tim stay in the hall.
Are you guys coming?
No, I think I'm gonna wait this
one out.
Lauren looks at Tim.
I'd go, but someone needs to watch
over the big guy.
Lauren shakes her head and follows Nick into the
Nick clicks the flashlight on, then looks at Lauren. She
gives him the nod. He reaches for the handle and quickly
opens the door, shining the light in. Lauren screams.
Everyone quickly comes running in.
That's sick!
Oh my God!
Thousands of roaches scurry in the darkness of the closet.
Lauren turns around, trying not to get sick.
I've never seen so many bugs.
Lauren runs out of the room.


Why are they all gathered in one
place like that?
Nick closes the door.
Lauren sits by the fireplace looking distraught. Everyone
else enters.
It had to be bugs.
What were you wanting, a ghost?
I'll take bugs any day.
Everyone grabs a seat to relax and calm down. Lauren picks
up the diary and starts reading again.
August 15, 1822. "The fever is
getting worse. I fear the only
thing I have left will soon be
taking from me. My love for Thomas
runs deeper than anything I could
imagine. Please don't take him
from me. Not Thomas."
Do you have to keep reading that
thing? It's depressing.
I think it's fascinating.
Why? Everyone is dying.
It can tell us a lot about this
place. Aren't you guys curious?
Not really. I just want to get the
hell out of here.
Tim, jumps up trying to hear something.


What's wrong?
Don't you hear that?
Everyone gets quiet and listens. The wind is picking up
outside, and a faint howling sound from the wind can be
Yeah, so?
It's just wind, man.
No, wait...I hear it too.
They listen again. Faint screaming sounds seem to mix with
the howling wind.
What is that?
Look, lets stay calm. Whatever
that is - is out there. We'll just
wait it out until morning, then
get the hell out of here.
Yeah, I agree. Lets get some rest.
By morning, we can kiss this place
The old house seems so small in the middle of the clearing
surrounded by the forest. The dim light seems to dance in
the windows from the fire in the fireplace. The trees are
swaying back and fourth as if moving with the sound of the
screams of the howling wind.
Nick has the hood of the SUV open, working on getting it
started. Tim and Danny are throwing a football in the
clearing. The girls walk out, happy to see the sun again.


Beautiful morning.
After last night, a Cuban prison
would look nice.
Lauren walks over to the car and gives Nick a big hug from
behind. Jules takes her camera and starts clicking pictures
of Danny and Tim.
How's it coming?
Just about finished cleaning the
cables. We should be on our way
Good, cause I'm not gonna miss
this place.
Danny and Tim continue to throw the football. Jules stops
taking pictures and walks over to Nick and Lauren. She snaps
a picture of Lauren.
Come on, look at me. I haven't
even showered.
I would love to get a close up of
a deer. Did you notice, we haven't
even seen any wildlife yet?
Lauren stops and looks around.
You know, she's right. I haven't
even seen a bird.
      (to Jules)
You just saw a deer last night.
That wasn't a deer. I would know a
deer if I saw one.
Lauren stares out into the forest.


Tom is standing in front of the board with a cup of coffee.
A woman receptionist sits behind a desk talking to another
officer. Carl enters.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Morning, everybody.
The receptionist an officer acknowledge Carl, as Carl walks
over and pours a cup of coffee. He takes the coffee and
walks over to Tom.
Hey Carl.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Get any sleep last night?
Very little.
                       DEPUTY CARL
I know what you mean.
Tom continues staring at the board.
                       DEPUTY CARL
What are you thinkin'?
Somethings not adding up.
The other officer walks over.
I'm getting ready to head out.
Need me for anything before I go?
No, I think that's it. Go home and
get some rest. I'll call you if we
find anything.
The officer turns to leave.
Good luck.
As the officer leaves, Tom returns to the board.


How's this guy getting everyone to
stop? Is he forcing them off the
road? Or are they broke down, and
he just happens by? And if that's
the case, where are their
                       DEPUTY CARL
Maybe he's ditching them in the
Tom thinks a moment.
OK, so this guy gets them to pull
over somehow, leaves his vehicle,
does whatever it is he does with
them. Ditches their vehicle, then
walks back to where his is?
Does'nt make sense.
Carl stands looking confused, as Agent Bill Porter walks in.
Morning! Can I get you some
No thanks. I just want to get back
out there and catch this guy.
We were just about to head out.
Can we give you a lift?
                       DEPUTY CARL
No since in taking two cars.
Yeah, that'll be great.
Tom reaches over to his chair and grabs his jacket. As he
puts it on, the phone rings. The receptionist answers, as
they are about to walk out.
Sheriff, forensics is on the phone
for you.
Tom walks over and takes the phone.


      (on phone)
Sheriff Clemons. - Yeah. - Are you
sure? - That doesn't make sense.-
Okay, I appreciate it, thanks.
Tom hangs up with a disturbed look on his face.
Seems that the blood found in the
woods matches one of the workers.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Well, we figured that would be the
But the blood found in the road...
Tom stops a second.
He said, that it was at least four
different types. They can't get a
positive match.
That's impossible!
Here's the real kicker... He said
some of the blood was from at
least one animal.
It must be a mistake.
He said they checked it three
                       DEPUTY CARL
How can three or four different
people leave blood in the same
Not to mention, animal.
They look at each other perplexed, then head out the door.


Nick closes the hood of the SUV, and hollers out to Danny
and Tim, as they continue throwing the football.
You guys ready?
Danny and Tim look at each other smiling.
      (to Tim)
It's about time.
I don't ever want to see this
place again.
Go long!
Danny takes the football and heaves it, making Tim run to
catch it. It flies over Tim's head and lands in the woods.
Without thinking Tim goes in to get it.
The girls walk out carrying there things. Lauren has the
diary in her hand.
C'mon, Lauren.
I want to find out what happens.
Nick walks to the back and opens the door for them.
Tim is in the woods looking around for the ball.
                       DANNY (O.S.)
You find it yet?
      (Hollers back)
Not yet!
Tim continues searching, as the wind starts to blow above
the trees. He stops and looks up, watching the limbs sway
back and fourth. As he stands with his eyes on the branches
above, something moves by his feet. He can hear the wind


starting to howl faintly. He listens, getting a little
Nick gets everything packed, and hollers back over to Danny.
Whats keeping you guys? Where's
      (hollering back)
He's getting the football!
Something is different.
Nick and Lauren turn to see Jules looking around.
What is?
The trees. They look closer than
they did yesterday.
Nick and Lauren look around.
They do seem closer.
Come on, you're letting your
imagination get away from you.
Lauren thinks a second.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Nick looks out and sees Danny still standing alone.
Where the hell's Tim?
The wind start blowing harder. Tim looks around as the
leaves start falling over his head. Under the dead leaves on
the ground something continues to creep towards his feet.
The howling sound gets louder, and the look of fear becomes
apparent on Tim's face.


Tim finally sees the football resting in some brush. As he
steps to walk toward it, the thing under the leaves curls
around and reaches for his foot. Tim moves just in time, as
it just glances his shoe.
As Tim picks up the football, the HOWLING WIND carries the
faint sounds of SCREAMS. Tim quickly grabs the ball and runs
for the opening. He has a hard time finding his way out and
starts to panic. Everywhere he runs he seems blocked in.
He looks back up toward the branches but they seem to be
moving differently now...almost reaching down toward him.
His breathing becomes heavy.
He looks behind him and sees something staring back. He
can't quite make it out.
Tim looks forward again and can see the light from the
clearing just ahead. He heads toward it looking back once
Whatever was staring at him, is now closer but in a
different location. How could it move that much, that fast?
Tim turns toward the opening again, finally breaking through
the woods and out into the clearing, running directly into
someone standing in front of him.
Danny grabs him by the shoulders and tries to calm him.
Tim! Tim! It's me!
We gotta go! somethings out here.
There's nothing here. Look around!
Tim looks around. No noise. No wind. Nothing. Just sunshine
in a park like setting, just as calm as it was before he
You didn't hear that?
Hear what?


                       NICK (O.S.)
Are you guys coming?
Tim, looks over and sees everybody standing by the car
      (hollering back)
Yeah, we're coming now!
Tim finally gets himself together and starts walking toward
the car with Danny.
Danny, I'm telling you, I saw
something out there in the woods.
It was probably a bear or some....
Danny stops talking. Tim looks over at him. Danny has a
blank look on his face.
What's the matter?
Danny looks down at his feet, and in a fraction of a second
something pulls him towards the woods, knocking him to the
ground. He screams as he digs his fingers into the ground
trying to stop himself from being pulled in.
Tim, stares almost paralyzed as he watches his friend
disappear into the forest, screaming.
Lauren and Jules start screaming, as Nick runs over to where
Tim stands.
Jules screams hysterically as Lauren holds her back from
running to Danny.
Jules, falls to the ground as Lauren holds her.
Nick runs toward the woods, past Tim who's still standing in
shock. Nick stops at the edge trying to look into the dreary


forest but can't see anything. BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS can be
heard far off into the darkness, but Nick seems helpless.
We have to go in there!
Tim just stares, in a trance.
Nick steps forward to enter, but something under the ground
moves quickly towards him. He jumps back, but as he does,
the screams stop. Nick realizes it's too late.
      (screaming out)
Let's go...Nick, we have to
Nick runs over to Tim and grabs him, pulling him with him.
Come on, let's go!
As they're running...
What about Danny?
It's too late. We have to go now!
Lauren tries getting Jules into the car, but she's reluctant
to leave Danny.
Come on, we need to get out of
      (still crying)
I..I can't leave Danny.
Somethings out there. We have to
Nick and Tim reach the car. Nick helps Lauren get Jules in,
then runs around to the drivers side. He puts the key in and
turns the ignition. The motor turns over but doesn't start.
Nick keeps trying.
      (to himself)
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!


Jules stares out into the woods, as if waiting for Danny to
come back. Lauren watches Nick, looking anxious. Nick tries
again. The motor keeps turning over, then finally...it
Thank God.
Nick puts the car in gear. looks at Lauren.
Let's get the hell out of here.
Nick punches it. The tires spin mud everywhere as they
fishtail away from the house and down the dirt drive.
Nick guns it, turning back to check on Jules and Tim.
Everyone OK?
Tim nods, but Jules keeps staring into the woods. Nick turns
back around then slams the brakes, causing the car to come
to a slide.
What's the matter?
Nick doesn't say anything, he just looks straight ahead.
Lauren looks out to see. The road is no longer there. It
runs straight into the forest and stops.
Where's the road?
All four look out at the trees that surround them.
Tom and Bill sit up front, while Carl sits in back. They
come to scene of the crime and see the highway patrol cars
still sitting there. As they pass the first car they look
over but there doesn't appear to be anyone inside. They pull


The patrol car stops. The three men get out. They look
around for the officers, but no one in sight.
They walk over to the other patrol car sitting just down the
road. As they approach, they can see the back of the head of
someone sitting in the front seat. Bill recognizes the man.
Looks like Nigel.
Where are the rest of them?
I don't know. Let's ask him.
As they approach the window, it looks like Nigel's sleeping.
Bill taps on the window but he doesn't respond.
They look at one another, then Tom reaches for the door.
It's locked. Tom reaches for his gun but before he does,
Bill breaks the window with the butt of his gun, then opens
it. They notice blood on the seat next to Nigel. Bill turns
Oh my...(stops mid-sentence and
shakes his head).
Tom notices Nigel's gun sitting next to him. He picks it up.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Do you know if he was able to get
off a shot?
Tom opens the barrel and checks. He looks over to Nigel's
body and sees blood oozing from the temple area.
How can one person take out five
armed men?
                       DEPUTY CARL
And where are the other four?
I think he took himself out.
Bill and Carl look at him confused.


He emptied his gun at whatever it
was he saw...then saved the last
bullet for himself.
Bu..but why would he do that?
                       DEPUTY CARL
If he thought he was gonna die
anyway, why not fight to the end?
Tom thinks a moment.
Unless he knew -- the way he would
die, and wasn't going to let that
What are you saying, that he saw
the others die? Get on the radio.
I want every available man and dog
out here ..now!
Jules sits in the corner, going through the pictures of her
camera. Tim sits with a sullen look on his face. Lauren lies
back in Nicks arms.
I can't believe we just left him
out there.
What were we suppose to do? By
time I got there, I couldn't see
anything. Besides, I didn't see
you going in there to help.
Ev...everything happened so fast.
Tim puts his head down in shame.
I know he picked at me a lot, but
he was still my best friend.


We can sit around blaming
ourselves or we can try to figure
out how to get out of here.
Don't worry. Your mother will be
wondering where we are soon.
They'll come looking for us.
Jules smiles, as she clicks on one of the pictures of Danny
and Tim throwing the football. She stares at Danny a moment
then clicks to the next picture. Tears start to well up in
her eyes.
Everyone gets quiet, as they watch Jules, feeling bad for
She clicks to the next one and smiles a little more at
first, then the smile fades.
Something was watching them.
What are you talking about?
Something was watching...through
the trees.
Everyone quickly gets up and runs over. Jules holds out the
picture. Somewhere behind the trees a faint figure can be
seen, looking in the direction of Tim and Danny.
See? It's just watching them.
Can you bring it up closer?
Jules pushes a button and the picture enhances. She pushes
it one more time and the figure becomes more clear.
The figure stands almost sideways. The face can't be seen,
only what appears to be tattered long hair. Strangely the
woman looks as if she were in black and white, while Tim,
Danny, and the background are in vivid color.


Who is it?
It's her.
Rose Prescott.
That's crazy. That was almost two
hundred years ago. She's long
But what if she isn't?
Lauren runs over to the fireplace and picks up the diary.
You're saying that you think she's
still alive? That's impossible.
Then you tell me what else could
of happened to Danny.
I don't know...a bear or
Does that look like a bear to you?
Nick rubs his hands through his hair and starts to pace.
I..I'm just having a hard time
believing what you're saying.
Lauren starts frantically flipping through pages.
Why? I'm telling you the answers
are in here. (stopping on a page)
Here, listen to this.
August 19, 1822. "Thomas seems to
be doing better today but the
guilt will not go away. I keep


                       LAUREN (cont'd)
seeing Miss Jenkins every time I
try to rest my head. But I was
left with no choice. Thomas is my
son. He is all I have left".
For crying out loud lady, how many
times are you going to tell us
Shut up. I'm trying to read this.
August 22, 1822. "Thomas has taken
a turn for the worse. I curse
Elijah for leaving us like this. I
know what I must do now. The blood
from one old woman was not enough.
I need someone younger. Stronger."
Shit! She killed the old lady.
Know wonder her husband left. She
was a psycho bitch.
We don't know that for sure.
She just said it. Weren't you
I have to agree with them. She
wasn't right. Maybe her husband
saw it coming.
Lauren sits, confused.
I don't understand.
What's there to understand?
There's two sides to every story.
Lauren returns to the diary for answers, while Jules sits,
examining the picture of the woman.
As Jules stares deeply into the picture, the woman's head in
the picture turns and glares at Jules. Jules lets out a


scream and throws the camera across the room. Everyone jumps
It looked right at me!
Nick runs over and takes the camera to look but the woman is
no longer there.
Are you sure this is the same
Jules looks at Nick, confused about the question.
She's not here. She's not in the
Nick clicks to the next picture. It's of Danny and Tim
throwing the football. Everything is normal. He clicks to
the next one of Lauren standing by the car. Normal. He
clicks to the next one, but this time a close up of the dead
woman stares at him smiling with her rotted teeth.
Nick takes the camera and throws it against the wall. It
shatters into pieces.
Lauren doesn't ask questions, she turns quickly to the diary
for answers.
The road is lined with vehicles of all types. About thirty
men are entering the woods with eight dogs. A helicopter
hovers overhead as another twenty or so men remain in the
road with guns in hand, patrolling.
Bill and Carl are talking, as Tom gets out of his car and
walks over.
I just radioed in to have them
contact the Governor. I want to
keep our options open, in case we
need to call in the guard.
Let's hope it doesn't come to


The helicopter flies by causing them to stop talking and
look up. As the noise from the copter fades...
                       DEPUTY CARL
You don't suppose we could be
looking at a cult, do you? I can't
imagine one sadistic killer can be
doing all this alone.
      (looks at Tom)
You think it's a group?
Tom shrugs his shoulders.
Then the question would be, how
The sun is starting to set behind the trees. The helicopter
still looms overhead, as the dogs can be heard in the
distant background.
Tom, Carl and Bill are leaning against the patrol car. Carl
is eating an apple. He pulls another one out of a bag and
offers it.
No thanks.
He tosses it over to Tom, who then takes a bite.
      (to Carl)
I need to call Clair. She'll be
getting worried.
Tom nods.
                       DEPUTY CARL
How's Clair doing anyway? I
haven't seen her in awhile.
She hasn't been feeling good the
last couple days.


Tom looks over to Bill.
Use to be. She left with the kids
a couple years ago.
What happened?
Some women are okay with time
away...Mine wasn't.
                       DEPUTY CARL
How bout Nigel?
      (sadly nods)
Two kids.
Feeling bad, Tom and Carl look down at the road. Bill tries
to change the subject.
So, how about you, Carl. What's
your story?
                       DEPUTY CARL
No, not yet...But I hope to
someday....I wanna have a nice
family to come home to. One where
the kids and the dog would run up
and jump in my arms. A beautiful
wife that's dressed all sexy,
waiting for me to come home.
      (little laugh)
Yeah, I use to think the same
                       DEPUTY CARL
So, do you have any kids Tom?
We tried a few times. Just never
The helicopter flies by again causing a lull in the
conversation. As the copter moves further away...


You know, I remember my father
telling me stories of when they
put this road through. He told me
that back then some of the road
crew came up missing. They blamed
it on wild animals. Of coarse He
was only a kid then. I use to
think he was just telling me that
so I wouldn't venture into the
woods when I was little.
Sounds like this place has a
history.(leans back on car) That's
why I live in the city.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Yeah, nothing to worry about
They laugh as the helicopter flies by, interrupting their
conversation again.
Lauren, Nick, Jules and Tim are sitting quietly. The
lanterns are burning along with the fireplace. Jules looks
up toward the front window. The sky lights up like a movie
screen as lightning flashes in the distance.
It's almost dark.
Nick, reaches next to him and grabs a bag of pretzels. He
takes a few, then holds the bag out, but no one else is
hungry. Lauren shakes her head.
We're almost out of food and
drink. Then what?
Someone has to be out looking for
us by now.
Jules gets up and stretches. She starts pacing the floor.
You think they'll be able to find
us out here?


The deputy! He knows we're out
here. I'm sure he knows about this
Tim's right. As soon as they get
the call we're missing, this will
probably be the first place they
Lauren holds the chain and symbol in her hand, looking at
What do you suppose this is?
Nick shrugs his shoulders.
Maybe there's something about it
in the diary.
Lauren opens the diary again and reads to herself.
Jules walks by the window as a flash of lightning lights the
sky. The flash allows just enough light to see a shadow of a
tree moving just outside the window. She walks away, closer
to the others without noticing.
Hey, check this out.
Tim and Nick walk over to where Lauren is sitting to look
over her shoulder. Jules continues pacing. She walks back
toward the window again.
As she looks out the window, lightning flashes again, but
the tree is no longer there. A VOICE from outside CALLS OUT
her name.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
Jules looks over and notices nobody else is hearing it. They
continue to read the diary.
Jules presses against the window to see further out. The sky
flashes again, and a mans figure can be seen at the edge of
the forest. It looks like Danny.
Jules walks over to the front door and opens it quietly. She
sneaks out onto the front


looking toward the trees. Lightning streaks across the sky
again revealing what looks like Danny standing at the edge
of forest.
Jules walks further out into the clearing to get a better
Danny? Danny, is that you?
Danny doesn't move. He just stands looking straight ahead to
Jules. As he calls out to Jules, his voice seems a little
I miss you Jules...
Jules smiles a little realizing that it is Danny, standing
there. She walks closer.
From the forest, we see Jules walking toward us. Danny
stands tightly against a large tree. He seems to be attached
somehow. His throat reveals a large bulge under the skin. As
he cries out Jules' name, the bulge moves as if controlling
the voice.
Danny's eyes look as if he were crying, like he wants to
tell her to stop, but can't. His mouth moves up and down,
but the tree controls the movement.
Jules....I miss you Jules.
Danny, you had us all worried.
Lauren is reading as Nick and Tim continue to look over her
So, she sacrificed these people to
keep her son alive? No wonder the
husband left. She was into some
pretty wierd shit.


I had it all wrong. The lady is a
She was no lady.
Tim looks around and notices Jules missing.
Where's Jules?
Nick and Lauren stop and look around.
She was just standing right here.
Nick notices the front door cracked open.
Damn! She went outside.
The three of them jump up and head outside.
They exit to see Jules walking toward Danny at the edge of
the forest.
That's Danny!
Tim starts to run over but Nick grabs him by the arm.
Wait! That can't be Danny. Danny's
dead. I heard him.
Maybe he got away.
Nick holds Tim back.
      (hollers out)
Jules! Get back here!
Jules! It's not Danny!


Jules, ignores the cries from the others and walks up to
Danny as they continue to call her back from a distance.
As she gets close she looks Danny in the eyes. He looks back
at her with tears running down his face. She slowly reaches
up and places her face against his, to kiss him.
She kisses him for a second, then suddenly jolts back with a
look of confusion on her face. As she stares into Danny's
eyes, WE PAN around to reveal a branch protruding from her
back. It moves back and fourth with blood dripping from it.
Danny starts to moan in deep pain. CRACKING sounds can be
heard as Danny's mouth begins to stretch open. The BONES
begin to BREAK as his JAWS SPLIT wider and wider. His eyes -
still on Jules - looks to be in agony.
Jules stands trapped, having to watch the whole thing. She
can't move with the branch protruding from her back.
She wants to scream but can't get it out. His mouth
stretches as big as a watermelon, down to his chest as he
bends down over her head. Jules lets out a scream as Danny's
mouth slowly takes in her whole head like he was swallowing
her alive.
The screaming stops, as Lauren, Nick, and Tim watch in
Oh my God!
Get inside!
As the three of them head inside, the trees begin to shake
faster and faster in a shutter effect. The HOWLING SCREAMS
can be heard coming closer. As they close the door behind
them, everything stops suddenly and an eerie calm settles
Nick notices the noise has stopped.
It's gone. The sound is gone.
Lauren breaks down in Nick's arms, crying hysterically. Nick
holds her tightly to him, trying to comfort her.


I'm not going back out there.
We'll just stay inside until
someone comes looking for us.
Everything is quiet but the sound of the helicopter and an
occasional dog barking in the distance.
Tom, Carl, and Bill are looking over the map.
Over thirty men with dogs, and
still nothing.
                       DEPUTY CARL
They could be long gone by now.
From out of the woods, one of the dogs comes limping out.
Tom sees it and calls it over.
Come here boy!
The dog limps over to Tom. It seems scared. Carl kneels down
to pet him.
                       DEPUTY CARL
What's the matter boy? You seem a
little nervous.
Get on the radio and see if
someone is missing their dog.
The helicopter flies by, causing them to hold off until the
noise passes, but the helicopter hovers too close.
The pilot is hovering over the trees, looking down, when he
sees something below. He grabs the radio.
      (on radio)
Bluebird to ground, come in.


Tom grabs the radio attached to his belt.
      (in radio)
Go ahead, Bluebird.
I've spotted something
approximately five hundred feet
from where you're standing. It
seems to be moving.
                       TOM (O.S.)
      (over radio)
What is it? Can you tell?
The pilot studies it closely. Something white moves through
the trees.
It looks like a person. It's
moving in your direction. No
wait...It stopped.
                       PILOT (O.S.)
      (on radio)
I lost it.
Bill pulls his gun and hollers out to the men patrolling the
Heads up! Something is moving this
Bluebird, what do you see?
The pilot continues looking down into the forest but the
figure is no longer there. He clicks the radio again to
speak as he glances over to his right side.


Sitting in the other seat is a sickening figure of a woman.
Her hair covering her face. She sits motionless, looking
straight ahead. She has no color to her, like an old photo.
Dark veins protrude under the skin of her arms.
The pilot looks nervous, not sure what to say.
Ha..how did you get up here?
The woman's head slowly turns in his direction, as the drawn
out look of her face becomes visible.
The eyes are deep in her head, almost black. The hair looks
as if it were going to fall out in handfuls. Dark veins
bulge under the skin from her neck and over the cheeks.
The pilot screams.
Bluebird, can you hear me?
Suddenly, the helicopter starts to swing around, out of
I repeat! Can you hear me?
The helicopter continues to swing erratically back and
fourth. It does a 360, loosing altitude the whole time. The
tail lowers, almost hitting the trees below, then pulls up a
little. It spins around again, dipping the tail once more.
Tom, Carl, and Bill stand watching in disbelief as the
helicopter tries to pull back out. Suddenly, it comes to a
dead halt as if something we're holding it still in mid-air.
A moment later it gets pulled backward into the trees.
Nothing can be seen but the debris from the rotors flying
into the air over the forest.
Tom hollers out to a nearby officer standing behind him.
We need to get some men out
As Tom is in the middle of speaking, the officer gets
plucked from the road backward as if attached to a bungee
cord. The man can be heard screaming...and then... silence.


Everyone looks around, confused.
Deep in the forest, men can be heard shooting and screaming.
Dogs are barking frantically. The barking turns to yelping.
Get everybody out of the woods,
The officers patrolling, point their guns to both sides of
the road not knowing in which direction the attack is
Two of the officers get on their radios and call in the men
and dogs, but no answer. The only thing that can be heard is
the sound of a massacre in the forest that slowly fades to a
few screams, and then...silence.
Not one sound can be heard as the men look over their
shoulders, waiting. Confusion and fear becomes apparent on
their faces as they continue pointing their weapons in every
direction. Soon the silence is broken as another man screams
and disappears.
Everyone starts firing their weapons in sudden desperation.
The sounds of gunfire echo through-out the forest causing it
to sound like a battlefield.
Over twenty guns blazing non-stop into the dark forest.
Smoke fills the highway like an eerie fog.
As fast as the shooting started, it ends. The sun is fully
set now and the darkness becomes their biggest fear. A
couple officers light flares and place them in the road for
lightning flashes across the sky as if the darkness wasn't
enough. The wind begins to blow harder and the eerie
screaming sound mixed with the howling wind bellows across
the forest.
                       DEPUTY CARL
What's that noise?
As everyone stops and listens, another man is seen being
dragged backward by his feet as he desperately digs his
fingers across the road screaming for help. Before anyone
can react, he's gone.
Bill looks over to another officer.


Get on the radio! Tell them we
need the Guard out here, now!
LIGHTNING FLASHES again and the sound of THUNDER can be
heard. The officer runs over to a nearby patrol car.
Everyone else gathers closer together in the middle of the
road, forming a circle, facing out.
The officer runs back from the car.
I can't get anyone one the radio.
Too much interference.
Keep trying.
The officer runs back to the patrol car.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Maybe we should think about
getting everyone outta here until
we can get some back up.
Bill looks over at Tom. Tom gives him a nod, agreeing with
I want everyone to stay close and
move to the cars.
Lightning continues flashing as every man slowly makes their
way toward the cars, staying close together.
Suddenly, a RUMBLING sound. The ground beneath them begins
to shake. Something quickly splits the road, from one side
of the forest to the other. It crosses under the pavement
right toward them. Slivers of pavement fly everywhere.
The men scatter, trying to avoid whats underneath. Tom, Bill
and Carl jump to one side as the rest get stuck on the
other, blocking them from the cars.
Vine like tentacles reach out from under the road, shaking
in a wild uncontrolled movement. They stretch forward,
reaching out to whatever they can grab hold of.


One officer panics and tries jumping to the other side to
where Tom, Carl, and Bill stand, but gets caught mid-air and
pulled into the vine like things.
He screams for help as the tentacles penetrate his clothing
and under his skin. Within seconds he's encased like a
caterpillar in a cocoon. His skin starts to harden and crack
like tree bark, but it seems to keep him alive.
The vines grow bigger, trapping the men on the other side.
Get to the cars!
                       DEPUTY CARL
What about them?
We can't help em. Let's go!
Tom and Carl run to their patrol car and climb inside. Bill
runs over to the car where the officer is talking on the
radio. Screams and gun shots can be heard coming from the
other side of the vine like things.
      (to officer)
Get in!
Bill hops into the drivers side. The officer runs around to
the other side of the car. Bill sits waiting but the
officer never gets in.
Bill looks around outside but doesn't see anything. BOOM!
The officer is slammed against the front windshield. As Bill
looks into the officers eyes, the officer mouths -- help me
- In a fraction of a second he is pulled up into the air,
out of sight.
Bill starts the car, takes off, following Tom and Carl. The
rain starts to fall, making it hard to see.
BOOM! The officer lands on Bill's hood again, still alive.
Bill slams on his brakes as the officer jumps off screaming
for Bill to let him in. Bill starts driving again,
panicking, as the officer runs along the car banging on the
The officer gives up and runs to another car. Bill looks in
his rear view mirror and sees headlights pop on. The officer
follows Bill, as Bill follows TOM and Carl.


Tom drives as fast as the visibility allows. Bill stays
close behind. The three cars follow each other through the
pouring rain.
Carl sits with a blank stare, looking ahead.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Over fifty men.
Tom strains to see something ahead. He slows down.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Why are we slowing?
Tom brings the car to a dead stop, as Bill stops behind
them. The third car pulls up behind Bill. Carl looks ahead
and sees a tree blocking the road just pass the narrow dirt
                       DEPUTY CARL
I think it wants us to go that
Tom puts the car in drive and quickly turns onto the dirt
                       DEPUTY CARL
What are you doing?
We have no choice. Hang on.
Tom, flies down the dirt road in the rain, trying to
concentrate on what's ahead. The trees sway overhead, almost
bending down to touch them, as if guiding them along the
Bill has a hard time seeing in front of him. He concentrates
on the tail lights up ahead, but they keep moving further
and further away. He seems to be loosing distance between
himself and Tom.
He looks in his rear view mirror to see if the other officer
is still behind him. The headlights can still be seen, but
suddenly they tilt straight upward, like two search lights
and then...darkness. .
Bill looks forward again only to see a woman standing in the
rain, in the middle of the road.


He slams his brakes, hitting his head on the steering wheel.
The car comes to a sudden stop. Bill slowly raises his head.
Blood oozes above one eye. He looks out ahead, but she's no
longer there.
The car has stalled. Bill tries to start it but it just
keeps turning over. He looks out to his side window...Still
nothing. The woman is no longer out there.
As he tries to start the car again, he looks in the rear
view mirror and sees the woman sitting in the back seat. She
smiles, revealing her rotted teeth, then lunges forward at
Tom and Carl are still trying to see past the rain and
blowing leaves, when they pull into the clearing of the old
house. Tom looks in his rear view mirror.
We lost Bill.
Carl looks back to see.
Check it out!
Carl turns back around and sees the SUV parked next to the
old house.
                       DEPUTY CARL
I know that car! It belongs to the
kids I saw the other day.
They must have gotten lost.
Lauren and Nick are sleeping next to each other as Tim sits
by the fire place reading the diary.
      (mumbles to
You gotta be kidding me.
Lauren opens her eyes.


This woman is beyond evil. Now
she's talking about...
A Loud KNOCK at the DOOR. Nick quickly wakes up.
Wha..What was that?
Something's at the door.
What ever you do, don't open it.
The KNOCK gets louder.
I think it knows we're in here.
Nick gets up and grabs the poker from the fireplace.
What if someone is looking for us.
Yeah, like Rose Prescott?
Nick thinks about it a second and decides to check the
window first. He walks over and starts to peek outside when
something pops up in the window looking at him. Nick jumps
back, startled. Carl taps on the window.
It's the cop guy!
Nick runs over and opens the door. Tom and Carl hurry in and
close the door behind them.
We didn't think anyone was coming.


Are we glad to see you!
Carl looks around. He sees there's only three of them.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Where are the other two?
By their hesitation, Tom and Carl get the picture.
How did you guys make it through
the woods anyway?
We drove.
But the road was blocked. We tried
leaving but the road didn't go
anywhere. It just went straight
into the forest.
Tom gets a puzzled look and walks back outside. He looks all
around the perimeter, and sure enough, the road is gone
again. He walks back inside.
      (to Carl)
The kids are right. The roads
                       DEPUTY CARL
It was just there. How could it
just dissapear?
The trees.
                       DEPUTY CARL
That would explain what happened.
What happened?
Tom has a hard time thinking about it. He walks over, takes
off his hat and sits.


Whatever this thing is out there,
Trees or what have you, we lost
over fifty men earlier.
You mean, know one else knows
we're out here?
What you're saying is, know one
else is coming?
Everyone looks at each other. Reality sets in.
Everyone sits around not knowing what to do next. Lauren
continues reading the diary.
Listen to this! (beat) August 28,
1822. "Almost half the town has
the sickness now. Most of the
children and the elderly have
died. Thomas though, is doing
well. The towns folk are becoming
suspicious. I heard talk of a
meeting today. I am afraid they
will suspect what I have done and
take my son from me. I will not
let that happen. This is all
Elijah's fault. If only he hadn't
of left."
Tom, sits listening intently.
Keep going.
Lauren turns the page.
August 30, 1822. "The town is
holding a meeting at the church
tonight. I will surprise them all.
I will show up and fight for my
son. Jealousy rages in their eyes,
because most have lost their
children and my son is well."


Yeah, because the bitch sacrificed
a bunch of people, to keep her son
alive. What's wrong with this
woman anyway? They must of bounced
her on her head a few times when
she was a baby.
Tom seems to be in deep thought.
This woman's husband... You said,
his name was Elijah?
Have you heard of him?
A hesitant NO, as he shakes his head. Lauren digs into the
diary again.
" I was putting Thomas to bed when
I heard the bells....
A WOMAN tucks her SON in bed. The boy looks about four. She
kisses him on the forehead, then pulls the covers up over
his chest.
                       LITTLE BOY
I prayed for daddy today.
The woman sits next to the boy and rubs his hair.
That's nice sweetie.
                       LITTLE BOY
He still loves us, huh mommy?
The woman doesn't answer. She rubs his hair once more than
A CHURCH BELL CHIMES outside in a distance.
Sleep well, my son.
The woman walks to the door and glances over at him one more
time, before closing it.


The woman walks out of the house as the church bells finish
ringing. The sun has just set over the horizon but the
remaining glow still sets in the b.g. of the little town.
Streetlamps line the dirt road every fifty feet or so. Their
fire gives just enough light to see the road into town.
                                         CUT TO:
The woman walking up to a small white church at the edge of
town. She looks up to the closed doors, then gathers herself
together before walking up the stairs. Two torches light the
entrance to the doors outside. As she approaches, SCREAMING
and HOLLERING can be heard within.
Three men and a woman stand at the front of the church
trying to keep order. People in the pews are standing,
voicing their opinions. One man is in the middle of
speaking, when the woman walks in. The four up front notice
her first, and get quiet. The people in the pews notice the
other fours silence and turn to look.
Silence fills the room. Nothing can be heard but a baby
crying. The woman looks around the room, but everyone tries
to avoid eye contact. She looks up to the four in front.
Mayor -- Pastor Jones.
                       PASTOR JONES
Miss Prescott. We didn't expect to
see you...
                       ROSE PRESCOTT
Why? This meeting is about me,
isn't it?
      (stammering for
Uh..wa..well Rose....
                       ROSE PRESCOTT
It's nice to see everyone could
make it, and look, you even
brought your children.
One woman tries to shelter her little girl in the pew,
hiding her from Rose.


The third man standing up front whispers in the mayors ear.
                       ROSE PRESCOTT
What's the matter sheriff, what
you have to say is too important
for the rest of us to hear?
I was just telling the mayor that
maybe we should move the meeting
to anoth....
      (cuts him off;
Everyone jumps a little. Rose tries to get herself together
                       ROSE PRESCOTT
No... We're already here. Lets
hold this meeting of yours right
now. We wouldn't want to waist
another night. After all, I'm sure
the good folks in this town have
better things to do with their
time, don't you think sheriff?
A gentleman jumps up from one of the pews wearing a tattered
                       TATTERED SHIRT MAN
I'm not afraid to tell her! (looks
at Rose) We know what you've been
doing up there in that house of
yours, practicing all that
witchcraft and stuff.
A woman in a hat jumps up feeling a little brave now.
                       WOMAN IN HAT
My mother went up to your house to
help your little boy and never
came back. You can say it was a
bear, but I know...(pointing) I
Where is she Miss Prescott? Answer
me that!


The towns folk start getting a little riled and restless.
Some start jumping to their feet, wanting answers.
                       WOMANS VOICE O.S.
She's put a curse on this town.
She brought the sickness on us!
                       MANS VOICE O.S.
I say burn her!
                       LADY UP FRONT
Now, everyone..calm down.
                       ANOTHER PERSON
What about the boy? He could be
just like her!
Rose starts backing toward the doors.
                       ROSE PRESCOTT
I tell you this! All of you! The
day any of you even look at my
son, will be your last.
As Rose turns to leave, she sees the church keys hanging by
the door. She takes them without anyone noticing, as
everyone continues hollering back and fourth.
Rose walks out and closes the door behind her. She takes the
keys and locks them in. She reaches up and grabs one of the
torches off the walls. As she stands staring at the church,
She can hear the arguing going on inside. Rose takes the
torch and throws it on the roof-top.
As Rose stands looking at the church, the reflections from
the fire can be seen on her face. Her face lights up
brighter and brighter, as the flames grow higher. Screaming
can be heard as everyone trapped inside are being burned
Rose pulls on a chain around her neck, revealing the silver
symbol. She rubs it as she chants a few unrecognizable
Everyone sits in shock, after Lauren finishes reading.
I can't believe it. She killed all
those people.


                       DEPUTY CARL
Didn't even phase her.
What kind of monster could do such
a thing.
Well, now we know what we're up
against. (to Lauren) Keep going.
August 31, 1822. The smell will
not go away. Every time I walk
outside, it overtakes me. The fire
continues to burn and I can still
hear the screams inside my head.
What have I done? Is it so evil to
protect the one you love? But as I
sit and watch Thomas play, I know
I had no choice. They were the
evil ones. They are the ones that
wanted to harm me and take away my
Carl, gets up and walks over to the window to look outside.
Starting to get to you?
                       DEPUTY CARL
No. I was just wondering, how long
before you think they'll come
looking for us?
Twenty four hours maybe.
                       DEPUTY CARL
It's funny. Twenty four hours
always seems like such a short
time, until now.
Yeah, it's like waiting for
Christmas when you were a kid.
Twenty four hours seemed like a
Lauren smiles, thinking back about something.
What's so funny?


I was just thinking, I remember
one Christmas when I was four, I
asked for a pair of roller skates.
My mom told me She was afraid I
would crack my head open.
So did you get them?
Yeah, along with eight stitches
and a broken pinkie.
So, that's why your pinkie bends
like that.
Everyone finally smiles, looking more relaxed.
Why do things have to change?
What do you mean?
It's like they waited till I
turned eighteen then just threw in
the towel.
                       DEPUTY CARL
Your parents? Coulda been worse.
They coulda split when you were
I don't know. Sometimes I think
that would have been easier.
I got a pogo stick once! You know,
for Christmas? I tied jumping off
the roof with it when I was a kid
... lost a testicle up inside...
wanna see?
Tim unsnaps his pants, as everyone turns their heads with a
resounding no. As everyone keeps their head turned, Tim
continues to pull down his pants and underwear anyway.


See, if you look real close you
can see the bulge poking out a
little on the....
Tim stops and quickly pulls his pants up after seeing
something looking at him through the window.
Shit! I think she just saw my
Everyone jumps up. Carl runs over to the window to check, as
Nick picks up the poker again. Tom walks over to the door
with his gun in hand.