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The Amazing Adventures of Sarah, Sophie and Joe
by Mariana Kerwin

Rated: G   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: 0 stars
Nine year old Sarah and Sophie, accompanied by their uncle Joe, have all sorts of adventures, from fighting with sworn enemies, to discovering the realm of the fairies, to an amazing fight with a giant squid! Come and join the adventures now!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



                       NARRATOR (Black Screen)
Once upon a time there lived a
princess named Sophie Lettens. She
was nine and had brown hair and
brown eyes. She lived in a castle
with her mom, (Margaret) her dad,
(Patrick) her sister Bridget, and
lots of other people. The castle
was called Castle Lettens.
Sophie's best friend and cousin
was a girl named Sarah Roswell.
She was nine and she had blond
hair and green eyes. She lived in
Castle Lettens, too, with her mom,
(Mary) her dad (Thomas) and her
brother Conal.

Another of Sophie's friends was
her uncle, Joe Lettens. He was
tall, and handsome, with
bluish-green eyes and brown hair.
He was the captain of the guard
for King Lettens' (Sophie's dad)
army. Some more of their friends
were the Woodsons. They had two
girls named Sally, who was five,
and Susan, who was twelve.

Sarah and Sophie's other friends
were Becky Tennyson, Mari
Brinkman, Patricia Peterson, Lisa
Anderson, Rose Marie and Genevieve
Marie Landers (who were twins),
Maria Foster, Priscilla Newton,
and Frances Odbon.

Castle Lettens was on a hill, and
across from the hill was Castle
Falconhurst. The families of
Lettens and Falconhurst had been
sworn enemies for ages, ever since
Pierre Lettens, Sophie's ancestor,
had had a fight with his brother,
the first King of Falconhurst.
They changed their names and
Pierre swore that he and his sons


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
and his grandsons would fight
Falconhurst forever.
(The camera fades into color. The scene is a beautiful
silver Castle, standing grandly on a hill. There is a tower
at each corner, from which flags proudly wave. The camera
zooms in on a balcony, from which a door leads into a
bedroom, covered with pink. There is a canopy bed against
one wall, and a fireplace on the opposite wall, with rocking
chairs beside it. On the other wall there is a door looking
out onto the balcony, with a beanbag chair close beside it.
On the wall opposite that is a door leading to the hallway
outside. There is a mahogany desk and chair in one corner.
Three people are sitting on the bed, a man and two girls.
They are Joe, Sophie and Sarah. They are looking outside
through a window close to the bed.)
Look, the guards captured someone,
and she's wearing Falconhurst
They must have gotten a prisoner
from Falconhurst.
I wonder who it is…
Let's go ask the guards!
(They run out the door and down a grand sweeping staircase
which leads to an open courtyard. SOPHIE runs to one of the
Who was it that you captured?
                       A GUARD
Anne Katie Maria, the youngest
daughter of the King of
                       SOPHIE (raising eyebrows)
Wow,I hope that doesn't start a
(All characters FADE OUT as theme music plays mysteriously.)
                                         FADE OUT.


(It is night. The scene is inside the courtyard, next to the
front gate of Castle Lettens, where a strange commotion is
occurring. The dirt is being churned around, and suddenly a
head pops through.)
                       KING OF F
Finally, into the enemies'
(He laughs evilly, then beckons his men to follow him.)
(The scene is JOE's bedroom. It is fixed up nicely with a
plain bed, a desk, and a door to his balcony. JOE is in bed,
but not asleep. He tosses around awhile, then suddenly sits
up straight.)
                       JOE (Whispering)
That noise… doesn't sound right…
(He hesitates, then the King of Falconhurst's laugh is heard
                       JOE (Yelling)
To arms, men of Lettens! A raid! A
raid! Falconhurst is coming!
(He leaps into his armor, then yanks open the door, and
rushes down the stairs, still yelling.
Doors pop open. Heads peek out. Sleepy soldiers, dressed in
armor come running to join JOE, still rubbing the sleep out
of their eyes. All grab swords and begin to fight with the
assembled Falconhurst men. Battle noise.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(It is the next morning. JOE is standing in the courtyard in
his bloody, torn armor with the survivors of the fight,
which lasted all night. Dead men of both sides are lying
                       JOE (to soldiers)
Go on, back to your quarters. Get
the reserve men and the ones who
didn't come last night.


(The men walk off wearily, and soon return with 500-odd
All right, listen to me. Last
night, we were attacked. We got
most of the Falconhurst men out,
or killed them, but, the rest of
the army is waiting outside. I
need to get your swords and your
armor. Report back in 5 minutes.
(The men walk away. SARAH and SOPHIE then come in, looking
fresh and pretty.)
Hi Joe; what's the matter?
(JOE sighs, then says…)
We were attacked by Falconhurst
last night.
(SARAH and SOPHIE gasp.)
Yeah, and it's a war, okay, and
you're just girls, so you need to
stay inside.
(They look at each other in frustration, then run up the
stairs into their rooms and slam the doors. JOE narrows his
eyes suspiciously, then turns to the assembled men)
All right, ready everyone?
(He opens the gate. Roars from Falconhurst, battle cries,
and battle noise. The gate slams, shutting out the scene.)
(The scene is SARAH's room. It is nearly identical to
Sophie's, but red. SARAH and SOPHIE are struggling into
half-size suits of armor, which are red and pink,
Get your sword.


(They grab half- size swords and stick them in their belts.
Then, they dash down the stairs, out the door, and over to
the side of the castle, where the stables are. They each
lead out a Palomino pony, and climb on. Then, they gallop
as hard as they can towards the battlefield. Once there,
they begin to fight with all their might. Then JOE is
shown, also fighting hard. He looks up, and sees SARAH and
Sarah and Sophie! What are you
doing here?
We wanted to-
(She is cut off as an arrow hits her in the shoulder. SOPHIE
sees her and gasps.)
(JOE, enraged that someone should try to kill his niece,
kills the man he is fighting with one stab, and races after
the man who shot SARAH. Then he sees SOPHIE get hit by an
arrow also. She slumps onto her pony, whispering… )
Go home.
(She faints. JOE begins fighting with the man who shot
SARAH, then suddenly arches his back and cries out with
pain. He, too, has been hit. With his last drop of strength
and many groans of pain, JOE kills the archer, climbs on his
horse, and rides home.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is the infirmary. It is bright and cheerful, and
there are three beds in the middle of the room. SARAH,
SOPHIE, and JOE are lying in them. They have many bandages.
SARAH and SOPHIE are awake, and JOE is just beginning to
It was a very good battle.


And Uncle Patrick announced that
we won. They let Anne Katie Maria
free so we wouldn't have another
(Nurses walk in, bearing dinner for all of them. SARAH,
SOPHIE and JOE take it, and began to eat ravenously. Nurses
leave. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE exchange high-fives, telling
each other…)
But this was only the first of the
many amazing adventures of Sarah,
Sophie and Joe.
(Theme music plays.)
                                         FADE OUT.
One of Sarah's, Sophie's, and
Joe's favorite things to do
together was to ride on Joe's
cruise boat, the High Flyer. It
was a big boat with a crow's nest,
storage compartments, a cabin and
a glass bottom to see fish
through. But there was a fun story
about when Joe first got the High
(The scene is JOE's room. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are lounging
on various pieces of furninture.)
Sarah, Sophie, I am going to buy a
boat. It will be sent to me by a
large cruise ship. I am going to
get the boat in about a week. I
will have to sign some important
papers to get it.


(The scene is a large warehouse. A man is standing in the
middle of it by a large boat.)
                       BOAT MAN
Okay, so these papers are going
to... 4412 W Dennison Dr... Mr
Slugger P.
(The MAN, with help, pushes the boat onto a truck and it
drives away.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is SLUGGER's house. SLUGGER is sitting on a couch
reading JOE's papers.)
So now, I can finally get back at
Lettens by stealing their
boat.I'll just sign Joe Lettens.
(SLUGGER signs name on papers.)
(The scene is JOE's bedroom. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are
seated, and looking worried.)
It's been a whole week now and
those papers still aren't here.
When were they supposed to come?
Three days ago. Since they aren't
here I have decided to ask around
at some of the Lettens mansions.
(No dialogue heard--JOE shown asking at various
houses--occupants shaking heads.
(The scene is the hallway outside JOE's bedroom door.)


                       SOPHIE (Looking around)
I wonder where he is.
Look, there's a note on his door!
(SOPHIE pulls it off and reads...)
"Dear Sarah and Sophie. Please
come to my friend's house. We are
having a little party and my
friend would like to meet you.
Please come right now. The address
is 4412 West Dennison Drive. From
Now, that's a very strange
message. But since he wants us to
come right now, let's go put on
some better clothes.
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is SLUGGER's house, where JOE and SLUGGER are
having a fist fight. A man from the boat company is standing
back with the papers. SARAH and SOPHIE walk in.)
                       SOPHIE (and SARAH in unison)
(JOE and SLUGGER stop fighting.)
Let me see that paper.
(BOAT MAN gives her the papers. She looks carefully at it,
then shows it to SARAH, and they both laugh.)
What's the matter?
Haven't you seen this signature?


(JOE looks and he too begins to laugh.)
Show them how you write your
Joe loved boats and was famous for
adding one to his signature. So
they outwitted Slugger and he was
put in jail. And that is the story
of how Joe got the High Flyer.
                                         FADE OUT.
One day when Sarah and Sophie were
at the Lettens encampment, which
was a field belonging to Lettens
that was full of tents, and people
from Lettens stayed there when
there was a war or construction at
Lettens, a very strange thing
(The scene is a grassy field filled with tents. SARAH and
SOPHIE are standing in the middle of it.)
And this is my tent,and of course
it's pink and yours is being made,
and of course it will be red and
that's Joe's over there and of
course it's blue, and over there
is my mom's and she has a real fur
carpet and...hey, do you want to
explore the Enchanted Forest? It's
a forest at the back of the
encampment and people think it's
haunted. Come on!
(They walk to the end of the encampment. SOPHIE heads
straight for the forest, but SARAH stands back with a
worried look on her face.)


Are you sure we should go in
there, Sophie?
Oh, yes, come on,it will be fun!
(SOPHIE grabs SARAH's hand and leads her in. Beautiful,
silvery trees are seen as they go deeper. Then, they hear a
crash in the bushes.JOE appears.)
Hi, Uncle Joe!
I saw you going towards the forest
and I wanted to follow you.
      (Hopefully, but
       now sounding a
       little scared)
Explore with us, please?
(They walk on further. Soon, faint music is heard.)
                       SOPHIE (Whispering; surprised)
(They walk on further. Then they come to a curtain of
leaves. JOE pulls it back. They all gasp.)
                                         FADE OUT.
The scene is the view of behind the curtain of leaves. It's
most amazing scene, a circle with a pavilion in the middle.
There are people dancing around the pavilion to lovely slow
music. The ladies are lovely, all dressed in floating gowns
of pink, blue, red, white, green, purple, and all the colors
of the rainbow.

The men are dancing too, wearing leaves and nuts for hats,
each with a lovely lady on his arm. Around the dancing
circle there are tables full with lovely food and drink.


Children and adults who are not dancing are walking around
eating and talking, and there is an orchestra making the

The pavilion is the most amazing and most beautiful. On it
are two large thrones. There are two beautiful people seated
on the thrones watching the dancing, a man and a lady. The
man has a crown that sparkled in the light of the firefly
lanterns. He is wearing a green leaf for a shirt, and a
brown leaf for a skirt like thing that goes down to his
knees and he has a stick with a light at the top in his

The woman has flowing blond hair that goes down her back and
a beautiful dress made out of what looked like rose petals.
She wears small pink slippers, which match her pink dress,
on her dainty feet. She has a glistening tiara on her head,
and in her hand she holds a stick with a light.

Everybody has soft, gauzy pair of wings, sparkly and every
color of the rainbow. Music stops. The KING stands up.
                       KING OF FAIRIES
We have visitors from the human
(All fairies stare at SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE.)
                       QUEEN OF FARIES
Welcome. Join us, please.
(QUEEN beckons. They walk past staring fairy eyes to the
                       KING OF FAIRIES
How did you come here?
(JOE tells them -no audible dialogue- about their situation.
QUEEN rings a silver bell- a SERVANT appears.)
                       QUEEN OF FARIES
Please get dinner for the guests.
                       QUEEN OF FARIES
Would you like ham or turkey?
bread or a roll? honey or jam with
your bread? apple or strawberry
tarts? chocolate or white cake?
and water, milk or nectar?


Ham, a roll with jam, strawberry
tarts, chocolate cake and milk,
Could I have ham, a roll with
honey, strawberry tarts, white
cake, and nectar?
Can I get, um..turkey, a roll with
honey, strawberry tarts, chocolate
cake, and water. Thanks!
(SERVANT brings dinner and SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE begin to
eat, exchanging, remarks like "Yum! This is really good!
Wow, this is great!")
                       QUEEN OF FARIES
(She points to their backs. There are wings. SOPHIE's: pink
with silvery curls. SARAH's: red with golden stripes. JOE's:
blue with black stripes.)
                       QUEEN OF FARIES
And now, I will give you a guide
to Fairyland. Oh, and by the way,
your names in Fairy language are..
let's see...Sarah, you'd be
Dandilion, Sophie you are Lilac,
and Joe you are Pine. Now, your
guides. Sarah, this is Tinker
Bell. Sophie, this is my daughter,
the princess Cherry. Joe, this is
Tinker Bell's older brother, Moss.
(FADE OUT as SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE smile politely at their
Over the next few days, Sarah,
Sophie and Joe started to learn
how to fly using their wings, and
to find their way around
Fairyland. Sarah, Sophie, and Joe
stayed the night at the palace,
but in the morning, 2 ants (who
the fairies used as horses)
brought Joe and Sarah to their


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
guide's house, and then they
explored more of Fairyland.

Sometimes they rode on ant horses,
sometimes they rode on bird
airplanes, and sometimes they used
their own wings. One day, they and
their guides were flying close to
the castle where Cherry, the King,
and the Queen lived.
                       MRS LETTENS
It was Sophie's mom, looking for
them! But she was enormous! Or at
least her voice was enormous.
Guess that means we have to go
(KING and QUEEN come out of the Castle.)
                       KING OF FAIRIES
Take these as gifts.
(He hands them each a diamond-covered sword and dagger.
                       KING OF FAIRIES
The diamond will make them harder
and stronger than anything.
Take these.
(She hands them each a ring, Joe's blue, Sarah's red and
Sophie's pink.)
Rub the jewel and you will find
yourselves back in Fairyland.Or,
you can get out of Fairyland the
same way.


                       QUEEN OF FARIES
And I will give you extra sharp
sight, hearing and instincts so
you can sense someone coming.
                       KING OF FAIRIES
Now, hurry, rub the rings!
They rubbed them and were suddenly
swirling through the air. Their
last glimpse of Fairyland was the
tower of the palace.
Oh, that was so much fun!
Let's go back soon!
Then they put their gifts away and
went to lunch together.
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is underwater, where SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are
scuba diving. They are staring in horror as a huge net comes
towards them, and sweeps them up into a boat. Person on boat
Well, look what we caught!
(They look up and see a man with black hair, a short black
beard and a white shirt, a brown vest, brown pants, boots,
and a tri-cornered hat. He is smiling at them.)
Two pretty little girls and a
strong young man!
(SARAH gets up and says...)
Who are you?


What are you doing to us?
(QUICKSILVER laughs and yanks SOPHIE roughly to her feet.He
tries to do the same to JOE, but JOE pulls himself up,
I'm fine. Now who are you?
My name is Quicksilver and I am
the captain of a pirate crew. I am
taking you to my island, which is
where I live, so I can make
pirates out of you.
Thanks, but no thanks.
It's too late now. You're coming
whether you like it or not!
No we aren't!
(She begins to pound his toes, while JOE uppercuts him and
SARAH kicks him in the stomach. QUICKSILVER gets up weakly
and blows a whistle.They are surrounded by men wearing
messy, ragged clothing. Three of them hold JOE, while two
more hold SARAH and SOPHIE. QUICKSILVER laughs so hard at
their attempts to get free that he loses his balance and
falls overboard. He comes up spluttering and asks for a life
Ha ha, look at the baby, he can't
even swim!
(They are shoved roughly into cabins. They lay on the beds
awhile, then a man comes in and says...)
                       A PIRATE
Captain Quicksilver says you're
supposed to be the cooks.


                       A PIRATE
No. Them!
(He points at SARAH and SOPHIE, who shrug and follow him to
a dirty kitchen. They look at each other, and shake their
heads disapprovingly, then begin to clean it up.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is the cabin, where JOE has been left alone.
QUICKSILVER bursts in and says...)
We're landing in a minute. Do you
want to see my island?
                       JOE (Standing)
I guess so.
JOE walks up onto the deck and sees a magnificent island. It
has one big tree in the middle with big rectangular tables
around it. There are other trees around the edge of the
island and also a big long house.

There are pirates walking around everywhere and suddenly
they all run towards the shore shouting...)
                       A PIRATE
"Quicksilver's here!" "He came
back!" "Got any treasure,
(QUICKSILVER smiles and shouts greetings to everyone. Soon
they bump against the island. QUICKSILVER runs down and
pounded everyone on the back. Loud yelling noises. Then he
turns to JOE.)
Look what I caught! His name is
(QUICKSILVER realizes he does not know JOE's name.)
What is your name, anyway?
I'm Joe.


(PIRATES guffaw and throw themselves around.)
                       A PIRATE
Aw, come on, what's your real
Sir Joseph Patrick Lettens.
(PIRATES freeze.)
The pirates remembered then that
King Lettens had once defeated
                       A PIRATE
All right, I vote we change his
name to… Mud face!
(JOE heaves mud in the face of the PIRATE.)
Now, now. His name shall be
changed to…hmm…maybe...no …ah
yes…Gold! General Gold!
(The men give a loud cheer. Then SARAH and SOPHIE are
brought out. JOE's face turns red as they make up insulting
names for them.)
No fighting! They shall be called
Shark and Seahorse! Now, Gold,
Shark and Seahorse, come and see
my wife.
(They walk over to a purple tent and go inside. His wife is
a lovely lady named GEM, with long black hair, sea blue
eyes, a white shirt, a brown skirt and tiny braids in her
dark hair. She hugs QUICKSILVER, then said...)
Don't worry, General Gold, I'll
take care of them, and get them
some proper clothing.
Gold, come with me to the
longhouse and I'll get you some
proper clothing.


(JOE and QUICKSILVER walk to the longhouse. They go inside,
and return a few minutes later. JOE is dressed in a white
shirt, brown pants, brown vest, black boots and a
tri-cornered hat.)
                       QUICKSILVER (Examining JOE carefully)
Now you look a proper pirate. Just
needs... ah, yes. Grow a beard,
Gold, then you'll be fine.
(JOE returns to the tent, where SARAH and SOPHIE are dressed
in white shirts, brown skirts, braided hair with beads and
black shoes with buckles.
                       GEM (Smiling at JOE)
Hello, General Gold. Shark and
Seahorse are learning cooking very
                       JOE (Mumbling)
Oh, yeah, um, they already knew
how to cook, but that's ok...
(SARAH and SOPHIE walk out with lobsters and baked
Gem is very nice. We cooked all
this with her help and we have
cherry pie for dessert.
(JOE and GEM follow them out of the tent and over to the big
Hey Gold, come and sit with me!
(JOE walks over and sits down. SARAH, SOPHIE, and GEM begin
serving food. Men begin to eat loudly laughing and talking
with each other.)
So, Gold, I'm thinking of
attacking this old enemy of mine,
Slugger, you know? He's got an
underwater hideout. Think on it.
Tell me if you have any plans.
We've got one, but it could be
(JOE tries to look thoughtful until the end of dinner, when
QUICKSILVER shocks him by saying...)


We'll attack tomorrow night. Are
you with us?
As much with you as you are with
What!!! Oh you… wretch! We'll
attack without you, then.
(JOE is dragged away to a scruffy little bedroom in the
longhouse where, exhausted, he falls asleep quickly.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is JOE's bedroom. JOE is lying in bed. He has a
thoughtful look on his face, and suddenly he jumps up, and
runs to SARAH and SOPHIE's tent. SARAH and SOPHIE are
sitting on their beds, and GEM is gone.
Okay, listen. The pirates are
going to attack another pirate
tonight. All the pirates will be
gone, so we'll be escaping while
they're gone.
But what about Gem? I don't
suppose she's going, is she?
                       JOE (Sighs, than says)
Listen. Everybody will leave
except Gem. She will want to have
you cook dinner. Put as much
sleeping powder into her dinner as
you can. She will fall asleep, we
will sneak out, take a boat and
escape back to Lettens!
[SARAH and SOPHIE look at each other and smile. They
high-five JOE (No audible dialogue; music). Then GEM comes
in (music stops) and tells them it's breakfast time.]
                                         FADE OUT.


(The scene is in GEM's tent.)
Well, I suppose I'd better make
Oh, that's all right.
                       GEM (Insisting)
Oh, but I want to!
All right. You can make our dinner
if you really want to and we'll
make yours.
                       GEM (Yielding)
A-all right.
(Scene then switches to GEM's eating table. GEM's head slips
lower and lower, until it finally falls onto the table. Then
SARAH and SOPHIE run to JOE.)
She's asleep.
All right, let's get to the boat.
(They run to a boat and climb aboard.)
                       SOPHIE (Sighs a little)
I kind of liked that island.
Me too.
                       JOE (Groans)
Don't tell me you want to sail
back there?
                       SARAH (Laughs)
                       SOPHIE (Another sigh; happy this time)
Home sweet home.


What a fun trip!
Yeah. It's nice to be home,
(They sail away in the moonlight.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(The scene is the Lettens' parlor. Joe, Sarah, and Sophie
are sitting in chairs reading. JOE has a newspaper, SARAH
and SOPHIE have books.Suddenly, JOE's eyes get huge. He runs
over to SARAH and SOPHIE.)
Look, Sarah and Sophie, there's a
time machine! The first ten people
who come get to try it free!
Otherwise, we'd have to pay
We have to do that! That is so
(FADE OUT as they run out of the room.)
(The scene is outside a college. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are
leaping out of their carriage, and running towards the door.
They race inside and run to the time machine room. A man is
standing by a box-shaped thing.)
                       PROF. STANTON
Hello. I am Professor Stanton. I
presume you are the last people
for the free test of the time
Yes, we are. I'm Joe Lettens and
these are my nieces, Sophie
Lettens and Sarah Roswell.
                       PROF. STANTON
Very well. Climb in.


(They climb in.)
                       PROF. STANTON
Type in what place and time you
want to be in.
Hmm, what place and time should we
be in? How about the future?
Yeah, we could see what England
looks like!
OK, let's try... 100 years into
the future.
(JOE types on the little keyboard.)
                       PROF. STANTON
Now, press the green button.
(JOE presses it. FADE OUT as they wait expectantly.)
(JOE presses it. There is a loud swooooooooooosh; screen
goes all white. Then there is a thump, and screen fades back
into color, showing SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE at a
restaurant-like place where people dressed in strange
neon-colored outfits are sitting at tables.They get out and
SOPHIE says...)
Let's see what the future food is
(They walk towards the restaurant. Then a claw-like thing
comes out of the roof towards them. They back away, then
they hit a brick wall.)
Uh oh! I wish it would go away!
(A WOMAN appears in a cloud of sparkle. She has wings and a


                       THE WISH WOMAN
I am the wish woman. What are your
Please, get us safely back to our
(Then, they are back at the college with PROFESSOR STANTON.)
                       PROF. STANTON
Well, well. Did you enjoy your
trip to the future?
Um... yes... very much! Thank you
and goodbye!
(They walk out. Just as they are about to get into their
carriage, JOE remembers something.)
Sophie, what was the last thing
you said before the wish woman
       then Triumphant)
Um... let's see... I wish it would
go away!
(The WISH WOMAN reappears.)
                       THE WISH WOMAN
What are your wishes?
Um... we... we want to be
                       THE WISH WOMAN
Very well. You may choose three
powers each.
Uh, okay, let's see... for me,
super strength, super heat up to
500,000 F°, and being able to
shoot webs.


I'll have superspeed, camouflage,
and shooting ice.
And I'll take invisibility, being
able to flatten myself, and
shooting tear gas.
                       THE WISH WOMAN
All right. You may share those
powers if you have need of it.
Now, remember, you will encounter
enemies, both human, and super,
like you, and you must use your
powers to outwit them. Now, away
you go!
(She waves her wand. They swirl away.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are floating in space next to a
spherical thing with a staircase.)
I guess we're supposed to go up.
(They walk up the stairs and open a door at the top. They go
inside what appears to be a store with costumes hanging up.
An old man walks out from behind a counter.)
                       SUPERMAN SR.
Hello. You're the new superheroes,
I suppose?
Yes, I guess so.
                       SUPERMAN SR.
Good. My friend the wish woman
told me you were coming. I'll get
you suited out.
What do you mean?


                       SUPERMAN SR.
I'm going to get you your
superhero costumes.
(No audible dialogue as SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE walk around
the store showing each other things, holding up things,
making faces, smiling and receiving help from the man.)
Well, I guess this is it.
(He holds out a copy of Superman's costume.The MAN takes it
and turns to SOPHIE.)
This is what I want.
(She holds out a pink leotard, pink skirt, pink tights and a
pink cape. The man takes that and turns to Sarah.)
I'm getting matching to Sophie,
but red, of course.
(SARAH hands him her stuff. SUPERMAN SR. takes it, then
                       SUPERMAN SR.
Now come and get your flying
(HE leads them outside, where three white mobiles are
                                         FADE OUT.
(Each mobile is freshly painted, and now drying. JOE's is
blue with a silver lightning streak, SOPHIE's is pink with a
yellow lightning streak,and SARAH's is red with a blue
lightning streak.)
                       JOE (To Superman Sr.)
Thank you so much for all your
(They walk out, get into their flying mobiles, wearing their
new costumes, and fly away to another spherical thing. Over
the doorway is JL2, Justice League 2. They walk up to the
door and JOE opens it. They see a comfortable looking


sitting room and through a door kitchen stocked with food.
SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE decide to take a quick tour of the
rest of the house.
On the next floor, there are memory foam beds that would fit
themselves exactly to someone's body shape, and dressers
with copies of their costumes.

On the highest floor, there are three telescopes pointing
out the window. There are little keyboards and instructions
that say you could type in a place or person you wanted to
see or the telescope would beep when it saw a person doing
something bad. On the other side of the room, there are
three large tanks full of pink, blue, and red liquid. They
go back to the second floor and lie down in their beds.)
This is nice.
It's so comfortable!
I wonder who the first evil
superhero we meet will be?
(Suddenly, a loud BEEP, BEEP echoes through the house.
SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE race around looking for the source of
the sound. Then they remember and run upstairs.)
The telescopes!
(They race over and look through. The beeping stops. Through
the telescopes, an amusement park is shown. Directly in the
center is a one man grabbing money from another.)
A pickpocket! Come on, let's go
get him!
(They race out the door and fly down to Earth. There, they
look around until they see the pickpocket, who they zoom
after. SOPHIE catches him and begins spanking him. JOE grabs
him by the collar, lifts him up and heads toward a
policeman. The pickpocket is sitting in the air, his mouth
wide open in amazement. JOE drops the man onto the
policeman, who looks up and also opens his mouth in
amazement. Then SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE fly home.)
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are seen sitting on their beds.)


Pretty good for our first mission
as superheroes.
Yeah, we did great!
(SARAH and SOPHIE do a special high-five routine.)
Yeah, it was really good, you
Don't pretend to be our coach! You
know just as much about being a
superhero as we do, and not one
tiny bit more!
(She slugs him playfully on the arm, then suddenly wavers
back and forth. JOE catches her.)
Whoa, are you ok?
                       SOPHIE (Yawning)
Yeah, I'm fine,
(She falls onto her bed, asleep.)
(She, too falls asleep on her bed.)
Hmm, that's funny,usually they're
really energetic... Oh, man, the
strength tanks! I'd better give
them something to eat!
(He races downstairs and comes back up with lemonade and
cookies. He gives them to Sarah and Sophie, and they wake
We forgot to eat our superhero-


(He is cut off as the floor begins to shake.)
It must be that weird doorbell the
Wish Woman told us about! Let's go
see who it is!
(They run downstairs and see a small plane with the words
"MAIL PLANE" on it. Sophie opens the door, grabs the mail
and distributes it. She opens hers and gasps.)
      (Also excited)
New superhero Fashion outfits!!!
(Joe glances at Sophie and then Sarah. Exasperated, he opens
his letter, and gasps.)
      (Highly excited)
It's a wanted poster! Look!
(Sarah looks over his shoulder; Sophie is totally oblivious
to both.)
(Camera zooms in on the poster. On it is a picture of a
frowning man's face. It says, "WANTED. Brickman. This evil
man has been terrorizing cities everywhere. We need your
help. Please look for him. Description: Hair: Black. Eyes:
Green. Black mustache and beard. Fists are huge like
bricks (that's where he got his name). Height: 6' 6".
Weight: 250 lbs. Large scar on left cheek. Very tough.")
(SARAH gulps. SOPHIE, still admiring her letter, flutters
her eyelashes.)
What did you say?
(Joe stuffs the poster into her hand. She skims over it, and
looks at Joe with raised eyebrows.)


      (Curious and
Is that Flash?
(JOE groans, stares at her in exasperation, groans again,
runs away to the couch, and flops down on it. SARAH tries to
hide her giggles, while SOPHIE shrugs and goes back to her
                                         FADE OUT.
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are sitting in their superhero dining
room eating dinner.)
You know what, about that Brickman
guy, I really think we should get
                       JOE (Rolls his eyes at SARAH)
Well, I guess we can just relax
for a while and let our telescopes
do the work.
Hey, we'd better make sure we stay
in shape. Let's practice our
(SOPHIE begins running very quickly, while JOE begins to
juggle anvils. SARAH, meanwhile flattens herself and slides
under Joe's feet. They demonstrate their other powers as
well, Joe heating up and turning bright red; Sarah simply
disappearing from view; and Sophie camouflaging herself to
That should be enough excercise
for today. Let's go to bed.
                                         FADE OUT.
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are seen eating breakfast at a table.
Suddenly, a loud beeping rings through the house. SARAH,


SOPHIE and JOE look knowingly at each other and runs
upstairs. Camera switches to viewing through a telescope. A
tall man is seen grabbing a gold bar.)
(They run down the stairs and out the door. Then they jump
into their mobiles. They are shown racing towards earth.
Jumping out, they hover on air.)
Sarah, give us some invisibility.
(SARAH shakes what looks like silver powder onto SOPHIE and
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE then fly silently into the bank. They
stop right behind BRICKMAN, who turns around and says...)
Who are you? What are you d-?
(He is cut off as JOE gives him a punch in the jaw.)
Why, you little...
(Showily, BRICKMAN flexes his muscles, bulges his fist, and
throws a punch at JOE, who jumps nimbly out of the way.
SOPHIE tries to freeze BRICKMAN, but he ducks. SARAH makes
herself invisible and throws herself onto BRICKMAN's back,
knocking him over. JOE punches him in the head and
BRICKMAN's head falls to the floor. He is unconscious. A
POLICE MAN runs in and sirens wail. Then a REPORTER runs in
and snaps a picture.)
                                         FADE OUT.
(SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE are sitting in their superhero home
watching TV. Camera zooms in on TV. A REPORTER is shown.)
                       PAUL KING (On television)
I'm Paul King here on our National
News Channel. Last night, a
criminal named Brickman was trying
to steal a shipment of gold. Three


                       PAUL KING (cont'd)
mysterious people came in, knocked
him out, turned him over to the
police ... and vanished. Who are
they? Where did they come from?
We'll have more info for you
later. Thanks for listening,
ladies and gentlemen. I'm Paul
King reporting for the National
News Channel.
                       JOE (Turning off TV)
Maybe we should go home, or stop
being superheroes, or whatever we
need to do to get away from this
(WISH WOMAN appears.)
We want to get away to our home
and stop being superheroes, so no
one will know about us and
question us.
                       THE WISH WOMAN
Very well. You may say "away" if
you need me, even on earth.
(WISH WOMAN waves her wand. Camera goes white as SARAH,
SOPHIE, AND JOE go whirling away.)
That was fun...
                                         FADE OUT.
(Camera shows water. Zoom in on boat. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE
are in it wearing scuba gear and holding oxygen tanks.)
This is my first 100 foot dive. I
hope it goes O.K...


Don't worry. Joe's done this 15
times or more, and this is my 3rd
time. Once you get used to it,
it's nothing!
O.K., are you girls ready? Then
let's go.
(JOE flips back into the water with ease. SOPHIE tries to
imitate him, and almost gets it, although her flip is a bit
more clumsy. SARAH looks nervously into the water, then
turns around and carefully flips in. Then they dive below
the water.)
                       SOPHIE (Through a microphone)
Look, there are the steps!
(Ten giant cliffs steps are shown, one after the other, like
stairs. SARAH, SOPHIE and JOE swim towards them. They jump
off the first cliff and float gently down to the next one.
They do this 10 times, until they are at the bottom.)
Phew! That was fun, but it was
kind of scary.
(Suddenly, there is a disruption in the sand. A wave draws a
large curtain of sand up from the bottom of the ocean. As
this happens, a ship wreck is revealed.)
Whoa! Look at that! Let's go see!
(They swim over towards the wreck. Once there, they see a
door in the deck. They swim inside and down through the
smashed floor. A bed and other bedroom furniture is there.
SOPHIE lies down on it.)
(She then pushes around behind her head and suddenly the
large headboard falls flat, into the wall behind it.)
                       SARAH (Pointing)
Oh, look! A tunnel! Let's go
through it!


(They go through the tunnel and into a room with small beds.
Then all three EXCLAIM as they turn to the fourth wall of
the room and see gold and silver bars. Quickly, they start
picking them up and bringing them out the tunnel.)


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Work on sentence structure, capitolization and plot.

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