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Zombies in Love
by Matthew (uberhulk84@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***
A short script romantic comedy.....with zombies.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



The camera flashes on and off. It's as if someones trying to
awaken after a great slumber. There vision clears but they
still don't really see anything. He look around to see that
he is trapped insinde some kind of small box. The person
starts hitting the top of there prison, again and again.
Until finally he breaks a hole in it. Dirt poors all over
him as he digs his way up. Finally he erupts out of the
ground. A rotting corpse. Somehow brought back to the world
of the living.

After stumpling to his feet, he takes a look around. A
gravestone is right next to where he came out of. He looks
around further. There are gravestones everywere. He slowly
starts to stumble around. Shambling out of the cemetary.
Going across a diserted road.

For a while he walks down it until he sees a cabin in the
distance. He goes towards it. There are sounds coming from
inside the cabin. The sounds of people having a good time.
He approaches the window and looks in. A young couple is
making out inside. They are going at it pretty hot and

Before it goes any further the zombie leaves the window and
goes to the door. He starts to knock on it. He makes a few
noises. It sounds like he is trying to talk. But all that
comes out is a moaning noise. The creature then makes a kind
of startled noise. Like he didn't know why he moaned like
that. Then from behind the closed door the man starts to
talk to him.
Who's there?
Only more moans come from our hero.
Don't screw around man. I got a
baseball bat and I am not afraid
to use it. So why don't you just
get the hell out of here?
Our hero just starts to pound on the door.


That's it! Okay...you asked for
The man opens up the door. He has his bat out and ready to
swing. His girlfriend is hiding behind him. A look of terror
goes across his face as he sees our hero. His girlfriend
screams and turns her head away.
Oh my god! What is that thing!?
It's like they said on the news.
The dead aren't staying dead
anymore. He's a freaking vampire
or something!
I think he's a zombie actually. I
mean look at him! I don't see his
skin sparkiling or anything.
The woman hits her boyfriend on the back.
Who cares what it is. What are you
gonna do about it?
I will tell you what I am gonna do
about it. I'm gonna send it back
to hell where he belongs!
The man takes a huge swing at our hero. He twirls around
before hitting the ground. His hole world is spinning as he
lies on the ground. We hear the couple as they run out of
the cabain and into there car. They get the hell out of
dodge as fast as they can. Our hero slowly stuggles to his
feet. He walks into the cabain with it's now open door.
Our hero slowly walks around the house. He then sees a
mirror. He takes a close look. A zombie looks back at him.
Rotting flesh and all. He is visually shaken by what he
sees. He almost starts to cry it seems. But then his sadness
is replaces by anger. He lashes out at the mirror and throws

A rumbling noise comes from within the zombies belly. He
grabs his stomach in pain and shambles towards the kitchen.


Looking around in the fridge he starts to eat everything
that he can get his hands on. Hungirly like a man who hasn't
eaten in weeks. After a little bit he stops. His stomach is
now making a strange gargling noise. Which is followed by
the zombie puking up his guts. This is no normal puke
though. It sizzles on whatever it touches.

Ovisouly unsatisfied the zombie leaves the house. Still
holding on to his hungry belly.
The zombie walks out in to the woods. He walks for what
seems like forever. Then he hears a sound. It's the sound of
a laughing little girl. He goes over to the sound to
investigate. He passes by a small tent.

Then he sees the girl. She's playing by a lake. The zombie
walks slowly up to her. The little girl looks around and
sees the zombie. But surprisingly she does not react in
                       LITTLE GIRL
Hi mister zombie! How are you
doing today?
The zombie gives her a confused look.
                       LITTLE GIRL
You don't wanna eat me do you?
Your a nice zombie. Come on let's
The zombie smiles.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Hmmm but what should we play? I
know...pattycake! Pat-a-cake,
pat-a-cake, baker's man.
Bake me a cake as fast as you can;

Pat it and prick it and mark it
with B,
Put it in the oven for baby and me
They both clap hands as she sings the child hood classic.
The zombie is having a blast.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Hmmm but what should we call you
mr zombie? What do you want to be


The zombie acts like he wants to speak again but all that
come out is moans and grunts.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Hmm that won't do. Why don't we
just call you Billy?
Billy claps his hands like an excited child in improvment
over his new name.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Come on. Lets skip rocks on the
The little girl takes the zombie by one of his hands and
they walk closer to the lake. The little girl bends over
once they get close to the lake and grabs some rocks.
Billy's tummy begins to rumble. He grabs it in pain. Then he
takes a good long look at the little girl. She is still
skipping pebbles. But in Billy's mind she transforms into a
nice juicy steak. Billy greedily licks his lips. Then the
girl, still in steak form, begins to talk.
                       LITTLE GIRL
Oh i am just so tasty. You know
you wanna eat me.
Billy bends over closer to the girl. Drool comming out of
his lips. Closer and closer he gets. He goes in for a bite.
But before he can actually seek his teeth into her a loud
shot is heard. Billy looks at his right arm. It's bleeding.
Then he sees a man holding a gun aimed at him. He fires
again. The force of the impact sends Billy flying backwards
into the lake.
Damnit little girl. What did I
tell you about playing with
                       LITTLE GIRL
But he was a vegetarian zombie!
Theres no such thing as a
vegetarian zombie! Now come along.
That shot will probably attract
more of those ghouls.
Billy slowly gets to his feet. The bullets had just hit his
chest. Which is nothing to a zombie. His stomach starts to
lowdly growl again. He grabs it in pain. With a heavy sigh
Billy starts to shamble off again into the wilderness. He


walks for what seems like hours. Coming across no signs of
life. Until finally he hears a sound. A familiar sound. Its
the sound of moaning. He picks up his pace so he can
invesigate. Walking out of the woods and into a deserted
But he soon stops dead in his tracks. His jaw drops and his
eyes buldge out of his head like an old cartoon. There is a
beautiful young zombie in the horizon. Well as pretty as a
rotting corpse can be. She walks by in slow motion. Showing
every curve of her body as Billy drools.

Billy excitedly walks up to her. She is oblivious to his
existance. Billy starts to happily moan as to try and get
her attention. But to no evail. Then he trys putting his
hand on her shoulder. She gives him the death glare and
snaps at him. Billy is taken a back by this but after a few
seconds starts following her again. The female zombie, which
we will shall call Blondie thanks to her flowing blonde
locks, gets to a pack of zombies.

Blondie points at Billy and grunts. Billy stops in his traks
and watches how his kind interacts. The zombie that Blondie
who is talking to, who acts like the leader of the pack,
glares at Billy. Then he starts walking away. The other
zombies quickly follow there leader. Billy hurries to catch
up with them. But when he gets to close the leader looks
back and growls at him. So Billly keeps his distance but
always close enough to see them and more importantly her.

A montage of the days going by play. Night turning into day
and vice versa. As each one goes by Bill does something else
to try and impress Blondie. 1st he trys picking up some dead
flowers and trying to hand them to her. But she turns her
head away disgusted. Like a cheerleader would do.

Then another day goes by and Billy sees a dead dog laying on
the ground. Billy rips into the corpse and pulls out it's
heart. He trys handing it to Blondie but she looks away
again. But this time after she looks away a grin appears on
her face.

Finally we get to what looks like a very cold day. All the
zombies are shivering as they lay down for the night.
Blondie trys to cuddle up with the leader to get warm but he
pushes her away. She retreats back away from him and sits
down still shivering away. Billy sees this though and walks
up to her. At 1st she is disgusted by his presense like
always. But then Billy begins to take off the jacket he has
on and lays it on her like a blanket. She is visually


touched by this gesture. She grunts a gentle grunt at Billy
as a way of saying thanks. Billy smiles and goes back to his
own little spot and quickly falls asleep.
Our pack of zombies are making there way through the country
side when a car drives past them. Excitedly they shuffle
towards it. Luckily for them the car stops at a nearby
house. A man gets of the car. Brandishing a very deadly
looking fire arm. Out of the passenger side of the car a
younger looking teenager gets out. The Dad surverys his
surroundings. Looking for any sign of danger.
Dad! Come on. Put the gun away.
Besides we haven't seen one of
those stinkers in months. Your
being paranoid.
Paranoid? My paranoia is the only
thing that has kept us alive this
long. Me and my gun here.
He gently strokes his gun.
Besides you wanna end up like
Sally? Now lets get inside. My
kidneys are calling me in french!
You're so weird.
They enter the house. All the zombies excitedly start to
make there way to there pipping hot meal. Before they can
get there a dog runs up to them. Barking it's head off. It
jumps at one of the zombies who grabs it before it can bite
him and instead rips into it's flesh and throws it to the
You sons of a a biscut eaters
killed my dog!
The man and the teen have come out to investigate the noise.
See how you enjoy eating lead
instead you damn ghouls!


The zombies rush to attack. Well rushing for reanimated
corpses. But that is still slow enough for the man to
carefully plan each shot with great precision. He hits each
zombie one by one. Blowing there brains out of there heads
each time. This all happens in slow motion. Billy knows that
this is nothing more than a slaughter now. He looks over to
Blondie then back at the man. She is next in his shooting
range. Billy dives in front of her. Taking several bullets
to the back. But luckily none to the head. The force of the
impact sends him falling onto Blondie. They both crash to
the ground. The man slowly walks over to where Billy and
Blondie lay. Confident he has won the day.
Huh. If I didn't know better I
would say that this zombie just
tried to save the other. Like
these souless abominations could
actually care about each other.
Should have went to church. The
only place me and my boy are going
after we die is to heaven with
He does a hail mary with his gun.
Father in heaven have mercy on
them. For I sure won't!
Right before he's about to shoot he stops as he curiosly
looks toward a sound. The Father looks up to see that all
the noise has attracted even more zombies. Seeing that he is
distracted, Blondie takes this moment to lunge at his legs.
It doesn't really hurt him but he stumbles backwards and
drops the gun. As it hits the ground it goes off. The father
is terrified to look up at the teenager. The teen has a red
spot on his chest. He coughs up some blood, then colapses to
the ground. The father rushes over to the teens body. He
cradels him in his arms. Rocking him back and forth..
Why him? Why father why?
After a few seconds his grief quickly turns into rage as he
goes for his gun. He trys to fire off a few rounds but it's
empty and the zombies are getting closer. He throws the gun
in there general direction and goes for the bat that the
teen had. He goes wild. Swinging at any zombie that gets
near him.
Come on! Come on! Come get a bite!


He is so blind with anger that he doesn't see the zombie
walking up behind him. It's his own son! He sneaks up and
takes a bite out of him.
No...not you. Not you! Why?
He starts to quietly sob as the zombies swarm around him.
They start to dig in.
You're killing me! You're killing
Billy trys to join in on the meal. But the other zombies
growl at him. They are not gonna share there meal. Even
blondie greedly tares away at the fresh meat. Billy starts
to walk away. Depressed that he loses out yet again. But
then a hand taps him on the shoulder. Billy turns around to
see it's a torn off hand from the man they just killed.
Blondie is offering it to him. Billy takes it from her. He
stares at it for a second and then devours it. After he's
done he looks up at Blondie. She's smilling at him. Billy
throws what's left of the hand to the side and takes
Blondie's hand in his. Hand in hand they slowly walk away as
the sun sets.
We then have a montage of the two zombies dating. Or as
close as zombies can come to dating. We see them at a movie
theater. Blondie has a popcorn bag full of eye balls. Billy
does the old yawn and stretch trick so he can hold Blondie
as they watch the movie. They are then in a bowling ally.
Instead of bowling balls they throw decapitaed heads at the
pins. Finally they are having a romantic candle lit dinner
for two. On there plates are human guts. Both of them start
sucking on guts and they are swalloing them as you would a
string of spaghetti. It is actually one long gut they are
eating. As they get both get to the end of there sides it
lures them in closer to each other untill the end they meet
for a kiss. Blondie opens her eyes in shock for a second but
quicly closes them and enjoys the kiss. The screen fades to
black as they kiss. A heart shape outlind around the two of


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From Bill Date 4/28/2011 ****
Cute little story. You need to work on the formatting, but story wise it's cute. I was reading it while listening to Ghost Love Score by Nightwish. you should try it :) lol was very fitting.

From frances small Date 3/18/2010 **
dialogue not bad. Break up those huge blocks of type, put some returns or paragraph breaks in there. Directors, producers and script readers will look at that and not even bother to read it as it looks so dense. Also learn the differences between "there, they're and their" also "hole and whole" and "your and you're". It makes you look unprofessional.

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