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by Matt Hamer (emailmatthamer@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

The story is based on a struggling musician from London, who is cut a break in the wrong industry- Modeling. He moves to New York, leaving his girlfriend behind, unaware she is pregnant. His good looks and his witty charm take him a long way but when his best friend is killed in Afghanistan, things head south. Experimenting with drugs and women, he isolates himself from the ones that love him. Finding he is alone with nothing to live for, except money and fame. He becomes hostile towards the world, gaining a bad reputation in the industry that made him.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


CLOSE ON: COMPUTER MONITOR- the cursor hovers over the name:
"Joshua Wilson" CLICK. Scrolling across, are a series of
pictures- A male model. Cigarette smoke blowing into the
frame. We hear an authoritative voice shout
                       DEREK SERPENTINE (O.S)
Christina, get Dean Freeman on the
      (still scrolling)
The slideshow comes to an end and the cursor hovers over
more names. Clicking through them. These are the names of
the cast/film members- MUSIC



Inspired by true events
                                         CUT TO:
Josh is sitting alone at a desk, waiting nervously. looking
around, he explores the cold corporate office as dust floats
across the vertical blinds, through the suns rays, landing
softly on the framed cd's hanging from the walls.
                       JOSH (V.O)
What am I doing here? Waiting?
Waiting for what? Some guy in a
shirt and tie to come in and tell
me to fuck off, in a round about
way? I've been here before, well
not here in this office, but here
in this situation. I let myself go
through it every single time! Some
people call that 'stupidity'. I
call it a dream. You just watch.
This dick'eds gonna' come in, make
himself comfortable and then
basically tell me to fuck off-
A bald man (Casting Director) wearing a shirt and tie enters
the office and takes a seat opposite. He is perspiring and
slightly out of breath. Josh sits up.


                       CASTING DIRECTOR
      (in a broad
       Manchester accent)
I wish they'd get someone in to
fix that bloody lift! I'll sweat
out half me body weight if I have
to keep running up and down those
      (gets some papers
       in order)
Right, young Joshua.
Unfortunately, this is the end of
the road for ya', mate.
                       JOSH (CONT'D V.O)
Told ya'! Now he's gonna' talk cod
shit about how it should be me and
it wasn't his decision. Fuck it!
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
C'mon Josh! Turn that frown upside
down, fella! If ya' want my
opinion, you should be signin'
that contract instead of that
other skinny little shit!
      (looks surprised)
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
Really! He's an arrogant twat!
Trust me, in 5 months the band'll
get scrapped and they won't even
make it to the radio, mate! The
other three lads are tip top, but
when you've got a frontman that
thinks his shit is good enough to
spread on toast, it all starts to
fall apart and before ya' know it.
      (slams his hand on
       the desk, making
       Josh jump)
Another waste of time and money
because the nob'eds at the top are
fuckin' stupid!
      (looks slightly
so, why have you gone with him


                       CASTING DIRECTOR
      (rolls his eyes)
This is what ya' don't get! I'm
not the one that chooses the final
piece. Think of me as a talent
scout. I find the talent and put
it forward for the guys at the top
and they choose the final cut. So
like I say, mate. Sorry ya' didn't
make it and better luck next time
      (in a 'thanks for
       nothing' tone)
Yeah, cheers.
He gets up and walks to the office door. He pauses and turns
back to the c'director
      (standing at the
eah' would it be ok if I kept
sendin' you my material for future
gigs? You know, just in case?
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
fine by me kidda'!
Sweet. Well, maybe I'll see ya' in
the future?
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
Yeah, maybe. Now ya' know ya' way
out, don't ya'?
I'll find it. Take it easy, mate.
                       CASTING DIRECTOR
      (leans back on his
       chair and puts
       his hands on his
Fuck me sideways! The shit you've
gotta' say to spare a kids
                                         CUT TO:


Josh walks through the building and down the stairs, leading
him outside, where connor is leaning against a wall waiting
with a milkshake
                       JOSH (V.O)
      (walking through
       the buliding)
Prick! Fair play though, he really
went round the houses to spare any
upset. That's a rarity in the
music industry. Most of them are a
bunch of ruthless cunts.
      (exits and walks
       towards Connor)
                       JOSH (V.O)
This is Connor. He's like a
brother to me. Known him since,
well, since forever! He's on leave
and he's a mad bastard! He's due
back in Afghanistan next week so
he's in a desperate need to guzzle
as much larger as his stomach will
hold and his liver will process.
      (to Connor)
Didn't get it, but don't worry, I
swiped this from his desk
      (holds up a
so it wasn't a complete waste of
money getting here!
      (in disbelief)
Fuck off! You're havin' me on!
No, seriously! They went with the
other guy.
Hold this mate
      (hands his
       milkshake over to
I'm gonna' go in there and curl


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
one out on his desk
      (Josh laughs)
No, seriously, mate. I'm gonna'
slap my nut sack on his shiny bald
fuckin' head!
How'd you know he's bald?
I just know. I can picture him.
Smug bald bastard!
They start walking
      (laughing at
The shit you come out with, mate.
      (Connor grins.
       Josh's phone
       starts ringing)
Shit, This'll be Emma! Now I've
gotta' tell her that I let her
down, again! Fuck sake, i'm
gettin' tired of this!
Just answer it, ya' pussy.
Josh pulls out his phone and holds it in front of him,
looking at it
                       JOSH (V.O)
Emma's my Mrs. Been together just
over 3 years. She's a proper
sweetheart. Complete opposite to
me though. Got an education an
everythin'. If I must admit, I
feel slightly inferior to her.
Slightly? I mean Very fuckin'
      (he answers)
                                         INTERCUT WITH:
Emma walking up a high street, with two shopping bags in one
hand whilst she holds her phone up with the other


Hello, you!
So is it good news?
No, is it fuck! Just another knock
Connor puts his arm round josh for comfort as they walk,
trying to look as masculine as possible
      (stops walking)
really? That sucks! Don't let it
get you down though, ok?
Yeah, yeah. Anyway,
      (changing the
what are you doin'?
Shoppin'! Wanna' know what I've
Uh, no thanks. Sure it's lovely
though, darlin'. Listen, I'm with
Connor, and I don't wanna' be
rude, bein' on the phone 'n all.
Ok, babe. Are you two still comin'
up tomorrow?
Yeah, but I'm not sure what time
though? I'll call you when we're
on the train so you know when to
be at the station
Okay!. Love you
Yeah, you too. Later, babe


      (they both hang up)
      (breathes out with
Right! I aint moping around all
night, feelin' sorry for myself.
What you got planned for tonight?
      (face lights up)
Good lad! I thought you were
gonna' get all depressed like you
usually do and ruin one of my few
nights left in this beautiful
      (get's on his
       knees and kisses
       the ground)
oh, this beautiful country!
      (steps back)
What the fuck are you doin'?
      (gets back onto
       his feet)
Trust me, mate. When you've gotta'
spend every night sleeping under a
convoy, with tracer bullets flying
passed your face at 200mph, you'll
soon learn to appreciate this
Yeah, but let's not forget that
it's because of this 'beautiful
country' that you're out there
sleeping under a convoy, trying to
dodge bullets
      (screws up his
alright, alright! Let's not get
all technical!


      (being smug)
You know I'm right!
Anyway! What's on the agenda?
We've been invited to...
      (get's distracted
       by a girl walking
Alright, darlin'!
      (girl glares at
oh, don't be jealous 'cause i've
got bigger tits than ya'!
      (shaking them and
       making Josh laugh)
.... oh yeah, the party. Bethnal
Green at someone's gaff. Gonna' be
off the chain, my friend!
Mate. I'm not goin' to bethnal
green! It's rough as fuck!
Nah, mate. It's up and coming. As
long as we take our knifes and our
vests, we should be ok!
      (not very
a kalashnikov and an armored
vehicle more like! Anyway, fuck
it, let's do it!
Nice one! Right, let's line our
      (rubs his hands
                                         CUT TO:
A beam of sunlight begins on an oak wood floor and slowly
starts to move across the room, as it rises, it hits josh's
face and wakes him.

He is lying in the middle of a modern looking flat, with a


girl on each side of him (one is caucasian and the other is
black). He notices the girls. His expression clearly states
that he has no recollection of who they are or of what
happened the night before
                       JOSH (V.O)
Now this is a moment in my life
that I have experienced many many
times. I've got no fuckin' idea
what happened last night and I'm
scared to look under the sheets in
case I find a used condom stuck to
the inside of my leg. Or worse-
hangin' out my arse!
He looks around and spots a purse across the room. He
decides to get up and check it for id so he can be saved
from embarrassment should he be required to remember the
girls name. He walks over, tripping on a can of beer, and
pulls a drivers license out. It reads "Natalie Taylor"

One of the girls starts to wake, so josh quickly slips the
license back into the purse and throws it down. He turns and
looks at the girl. She is covering her mouth with the sheet
and squinting through the sun light with one eye open.
      (to Josh)
Hey..... what happened here, last
what didn't happen here last
      (sits down on a
       small wooden
We didn't........did we?
      (giggles, again)
Oh, thank fuck for that!
      (realizing that
       that could sound


                       JOSH (cont'd)
I mean, I've got a girlfriend, so
it's a good job!
I know you have a girlfriend.
She's called Emma, right?
Yeah? How do you know that?
You don't remember much from last
night do you? Jesus, you really
were drunk!
      (slightly offended)
Woah, hold on a minute! I'll have
you know that I am an exceptional
drinker! Go on, ask me a question
about last night...
       regrets asking)
Well, you and I spent a
considerable amount of time
hanging out last night so if you
can't remember my name the you
were either wasted or...
or what?
Or you're just a complete asshole!
       hesitation he
       blurts out the
       name from the
       drivers license)
Natalie Taylor!
Natalie? No! That's Natalie!
      (pointing at the
       other girl, still


                       TANYA (cont'd)
but she didn't arrive until well
after you had passed out. Do you
know each other or something?
      (giving in)
No. I looked at her drivers
license. I wanted to be prepared
in case one of you woke up.
Unfortunately it was you!
what, and you think we look alike,
do you?
      (losing the will
       to keep
No, I dunno, it's early! Just
forget it! You didn't see my mate
before you crashed, did ya'?
What, the fat one?
Hey!! Big boned!
No, sorry, I didn't
He always does this to me!
      (gathering his
       clothes and
Well, if you do see him, can you
tell him that I went to Liverpool?
Liverpool? Sure. Why are you going
up there?
      (walks to the door)
See my Mrs
oh, right


      (realizing he is
       in Bethnal Green)
well, that's if I don't get
shanked on my way to the tube

See ya
He leaves, slamming the door behind him. Tanya is left with
a look on her face as to say "what the hell just happened?"
                                         CUT TO:
Josh leaves the block of flats on this typical looking
council estate. He cuts through a small park and passes
three hooded teenagers, sitting on some swings and smoking a

He crosses a road, and joins a high street, filled with
morning shoppers. Stopping at a coffee bar, he buys a drink
and then proceeds to bethnal green tube station around the
                       JOSH (V.O)
That felt good! Even though I
didn't shag the gal, I still had
that feeling, like when you have a
one night stand with an absolute
munter. It's fuckin' excellent at
the time, when you're slammin' her
against the kitchen' appliances
and waking up her mum but then
when you ejaculate, you just
wanna' roll over and let some
black hole swallow you up. All you
can think about is leavin'! Well I
just left and I feel like I've
been released from prison. Not
that I know what that's like.
Well, my brother would but he's a
fuckin' idiot like those dick'eds
I just passed on the swings.
That's not for me! I wanna do
something with my life thats not
sitting on a swing, with a can of
stella in one hand and fag in the
other. What a joke!
                                         CUT TO:


Josh is standing amongst the crowed of rushing people,
eating a pasty and looking at the train times on the big
board above. He clocks the one he's looking for, which reads
"liverpool lime street- 0955- ready for boarding" and looks
at the train clock which reads "0953". He drops his pasty
      (2 minutes to
He runs to the platform, making the train by the skin of his
teeth. Out of breath, he sits down
                                         CUT TO:
Josh's train has arrived and emma is waiting at the platform
for him to exit the train. She spots him.
Josh, babe!
He walks towards her, with a cheeky grin on his face. It's
like he can only see her, as he barges through the passing
people, without a care in the world
                       JOSH (V.O)
Now, this is love. Look at her
face. It's like she hasn't seen me
in a year. I can't wipe this
stupid grin off my face. I might
be a bit of a naughty boy from
time to time, but i'm pretty sure
i wanna' spend the rest of my life
with this girl. I mean where else
would I find a girl that will
support me, unconditionally, no
matter what? I haven't always
depended on her financially. As a
matter of fact, it used to be the
other way round when we first got
together. She was doing her law
degree at university and I had a
full time job, washing dishes.
Hardly glamorous, but it paid the
bills. When she got her job, after
graduating, she forced me to quit
and told me to follow my dream.


                       JOSH (cont'd)
Can't say that's workin' out too
great at the moment, but hey, give
me a chance! The camera's only
been rollin' about 10 minutes!
They exchange a hug and kiss
      (put off by the
       smell of alcohol
       and cigarettes)
Josh, you stink! What did you do
last night?
      (being brief to
       cover his tracks)
oh, nothing special. I just drunk
too much and to be honest with ya'
I can't remember a fuckin' thing!
      (looks down in
I told you not to drink like that!
I hate it when you can't remember
things, babe!
like what? Being raped by a
bethnal green basketball team?
I've gotta' be honest with ya'- I
think I'd rather forget that one!
      (he laughs at his
       own joke and
       throws his arm
       round her)
C'mon lets walk to the car, I'm
      (they start
Bethnal green? What were you doing
      (slipping up)
Nothing. Some stupid house party,
courtesy of Connor Jones! Need I
say anymore?


No! Anyway, I thought he was
coming with you today? Where is
      (as they get into
       the car)
Well, I know as much as you.
Called his mobile about ten times
but it kept ringing through to
      (pulls his phone
Here, i'll try him again, see what
the fuck he's playin' at!
They drive away
                                         CUT TO:
Connor is slumped up inside a photo booth. With his face
pressed against the screen he is using the miniature light
behind the camera for warmth. His phone is ringing on the
floor. By the 5th ring, he wakes up. Struggling with a
severe hangover, he grabs it, just missing the call.

He pulls the curtain to the side and steps out onto the
platform and notices the beautiful country scenery around
      (to himself)
What the fuck!? God has taken a
shit on bethnal green and improved
it 10 fold!
He drags his feet up the platform, to the small ticket
booth. A very old ticket clerk, quite suspicious of connor,
peers hard through his glasses at him
                       TICKET CLERK
      (strong scottish
You alright, there laddie?
      (a little stunned)
Jesus, you must be older than this
train station! What year is it?


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
      (the thought of
       going back in
       time, in a
       photobooth time
       machine crossing
       his mind)
                       TICKET CLERK
why, it's 2009. Are you alright?
      (With relief)
Well, thank fuck it's still 2009,
that means Mc'donalds has been
invented! Where am I?
                       TICKET CLERK
Uh, Gleneagles
Not that my geography is 'tip top'
so to speak. But I'm guessing,
well hoping that we're near
London, yeah?
                       TICKET CLERK
      (Bursts out
London! London!!
      (in disbelief that
       he could be any
       further than
                       TICKET CLERK
You're a long way from home.
You're in Scotland, you tosser!
      (another huge
       burst of laughter)
Connor's face drops, as he storms left to right, right to
left, hands on his head he walks back to the booth
      (pissed off)
You better be havin' me on, old


                       TICKET CLERK
I wish I was, but unless the
government have changed Scotland's
name to London, you're in
      (still laughing)
      (screws his face
       up at the Clerk)
Yeah, yeah, go on laugh! But just
know this- by the time I actually
do get home, you probably would've
died of natural causes, you old
                       TICKET CLERK
      (recovering from
       the hysterics)
ey, probably!
just give me a ticket to
Liverpool, will ya' please. I'm
supposed to be in Liverpool today.
The ticket clerk, still chuckling to himself, starts
printing the ticket. Connor keeps walking around the
platform in disbelief
                                         CUT TO:
Josh is lying in the dark, on emma's bed, staring blissfully
at the ceiling, whilst smoking a cigarette. Guitar in the
background. Emma is taking a shower.
                       JOSH (V.O)
I often wonder Why? why don't I
give a fuck what happens? I mean I
have a lot to live for despite
being a second class citizen. I
aint spongin' off the government
like most of the scum ya' see
dossin' round. No, no I'm spongin'
from Emma. What's worse? I have
this gut feeling that everything
is gonna' work out in the long
run, even with the way things are
goin' at the moment. Maybe that's
why I don't care?


He sits up & puts his cigarette out. Reaches over for his
guitar and gives it a quick tune in. Emma walks in, drying
her hair with a towel
      (Excited that Josh
       has his guitar)
oooh, are you gonna' play me a
come here
      (patting his lap)
She walks over to him and sits on his lap. Josh holds the
guitar in front and begins to play a beautiful song for her.
She can't stop looking at him whilst he is playing. The look
in her eyes shows the love & belief she has for him.
      (when the song has
is that a new one?
yeah, I wrote it in London, the
other day. You like it?
I love it babe. Every time you
play, I just believe in you more
and more. You're very talented
      (she smiles)
      (reciprocates with
       a kiss)
You know you're all I have in this
world. I'll never make amends with
my family and that makes me
realize how lucky I am to have
oh, don't say that babe. I'm sure
you'll hear from them one day, i'm
It's been over a year babe and
i've heard nothing!


Well maybe you should swallow that
great London pride of yours and
call them?
Changing the now 'heated moment' into a joke, josh stands up
and puts one foot on emma's bed
      (pretending to be
       in an Elizabethan
The doorbell rings and josh runs over to the window to see
who it is. He sees connor, leaning against the door. He
turns to look at emma, suprised.
It's Connor? I'll let him in!
He runs downstairs and opens the door
      (struggling to
Feed me! Clean me! Get your Mrs to
sleep with me!
Mate, you look like shit. Where've
ya' been? I've called you like
fifty times!
      (he whispers)
and whats with leaving me alone in
bethnal, between two gals?
Two girls, really? That must've
been cosy, mate! I woke up between
a curtain and a fuckin' camera!
How'd ya' like that!
..... a photo booth, dick'ed!


A photo booth where?
      (embarrassed, he
      (fights the need
       to burst out
       laughing and
I'm not even gonna' ask. Come
He pulls Connor inside and shuts the door
                                         CUT TO:
Josh and emma are sleeping. The sound of the birds singing
can be heard through the open window. A light wind blows the
thin white curtain

Josh's phone rings and he opens his eyes instantly. He leans
over, in an early morning struggle and grabs it. He looks at
it and it reads 'dean Freeman'

Emma moans for the sound of the phone to stop, so josh
Dean, it's early. What's up, mate?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
      (very camp)
Josh, darling! Sorry I woke you!
It's just that I had an email
waiting for me this morning, when
I got into the office. It was from
an agency in New York
      (still pissed off
       at being woke)
What agency?


                       DEAN FREEMAN
Only the best! SKY MODELS
(MOS) through V.O
                       JOSH (V.O)
Well, don't look too surprised!
Yes, I did a bit of modelin' once
up on a time ago. Dean used to
look after me. He's a bit of a
fairy but you can't help but love
him! Even if he does call you at
fuck o'clock in the a.m
........ so what did you do?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
Well, I mailed over all the
pictures I have of you, and to no
surprise, my sweet boy, The phone
      (filling with
       excitement, yet
       trying to be cool)
oh yeah, what did he say then?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
you want me to quote?
go on then!
                       DEAN FREEMAN
      (gets excited)
ooh, ooh, can I do it in my
American accent?
      (clapping his
       hands together)
      (in frustration)
Just get on with it!
                       DEAN FREEMAN
shit, sorry..
      (in a bad American
"Oh my God, he's beautiful! What a
body! Now let me see. First


                       DEAN FREEMAN (cont'd)
impressions, I see D&G, I see
Calvin Klein, Abercrombie, I see
Jean Paul Gaultier. His polaroids
have made up my mind already! Get
him to New York! Do whatever it
takes, we have to send him to see
clients! If his personality is as
good as his looks, this kids
gonna' go far!"
      (back to his
       normal accent)
so what d'ya think of that then?
I dunno' mate. I'm shocked
                       DEAN FREEMAN
      (on a serious note)
He really wants you, Josh. I mean
it's 4a.m out there right now and
the guy has just got off the
a bit weird, if you ask me! What's
his name anyway?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
Simon Fisher, darlin'
      (jumping straight
       into it)
now Look, the castings for fashion
week begin at the start of next
week, so we need to get you out
there as soon as possible
Dean, mate. I don't think I can
afford to just book a flight to
New York
      (Dean interrupts)
                       DEAN FREEMAN
Hold ya horses! Sky will be
booking your flight. All you have
to worry about is having a couple
hundred quid, in your back burner,
to get you through, until you get
your first job.


and what if I don't get a job?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
      (is becoming
Right, where are you? In bed I'm
uh, yeah
                       DEAN FREEMAN
Well, do me a favor! Get up and go
to the bathroom
Josh looks confused but follows deans orders. He gets up and
walks to the bathroom.
Ok, i'm here. Now what?
                       DEAN FREEMAN
Now look in the mirror and ask me
that question again.
      (he looks in the
what if..
oh, fuck it! Call me when you have
my flight information!
      (he hangs up)
Josh looks confused but follows deans orders. He gets up and
walks to the bathroom.
                                         CUT TO:
Emma is vomiting in the bathroom, but we can't see her, as
the door is closed. We hear the sound of the chain flushing
and the water rinsing. The door opens and she walks out,
wiping her mouth.
She makes her way into the kitchen where josh is drinking
tea and reading the paper.


      (drinking his tea)
Hey. You ok? You don't look very
Yeah, I'm ok. Just threw up in the
bathroom though, but I feel fine
now. Think i'm gonna' watch some
ok, babe.
Emma walks into the living room, to be greeted by a sleeping
connor, who is sprawled across the sofa, completely exposed.
She immediately turns around and heads back into the
Well, I DID feel better!
oh, yeah! I forgot. Connor's stark
bollock in there, isn't he?
      (She sits down)
Who called you this morning?
      (sipping his tea)
Oh.. remember Dean? He used to
represent me when I was modeling?
vaguely? It was like a year and a
half ago though.
      (with ultimate
Well, he called and apparently
I've been signed by one of the top
agencies out there and I'm going
to New York next week. Flight and
accommodation paid for!


Oh my God babe, thats great!
      (she hugs him.
       sits down again
       and pauses for a
I'm shocked! I didn't think you
liked modeling?
I don't particularly but it's an
option. Might as well explore it,
Got fuck all else in the pipeline
Emma smiles but we can see that she's a little apprehensive
about him leaving. Something is bothering her.

They're interrupted when connor walks in, wearing a robe too
small for him
      (reaching into the
Mornin', fuckers! You two have a
good time last night, did ya'?
Well just so you know, I had a fab
time with my hand, listening to
Josh and emma look at each other and the disgust of what
connor had just said was amplified by the fact that it was
morning time
Too early, Connor!, Too eary!!
Never too early!
      (slamming the
       fridge door and
                                         CUT TO:
Josh and emma are sitting together on a small wooden bench.
It's cold and we can see their breath.

The park is wrapped in a thick blanket of unspoiled snow. An
unusual circumstance for a city in the uk.


Two dog walkers pass by and smile at them both as to say
"isn't it wonderful!"
It's beautiful!
      (itching to get
       something off her
I've never seen snow in Liverpool
and I'm glad we could share this
moment, before I have to leave!
I'd have been pissed off if it
snowed and I wasn't here.
Promise me that you won't change?
      (her eyes filling
Change in what way? Emma, why are
you crying?
      (puts her hand on
       his face)
just promise you'll stay just the
way you are?
Emma, I'm goin' to New York for a
few months to stand in front of a
camera. It's not like I'm goin' to
war! If any of us are gonna'
change, it'll be Connor!
      (putting his arm
       over her shoulder)
Now what's brought this on?
It's just that i'm scared because
to me, you're perfect! I don't
want some superficial industry
changing you! I don't want to lose
the Josh I know and love


      (looks Emma square
       in her eyes)
Emma, how long have we been
      (wiping her eyes)
3 years, last month, why?
And in those three years, after
all we've been through, have I
ever changed?
      (with conviction)
Well there ya' have it! I love you
and I want this forever. I have to
do this babe. I have to get this
chip of my shoulder. I wanna' be
able to look into your dad's eyes,
without being plagued by the
thought of him wishing you were
with someone else. Someone with
real job prospects. Someone with
an education, like you. So..
      (he pauses)
If I am changed by New York, it'll
only be for the best, ok?
Emma has been convinced by josh, but her face is still
hiding something.
      (hugs him)
      (and smiles)
I love you.
Now, are you sure you're alright?
Yeah, I'm sure


      (smiling and
       pointing at a
       tree in the
Eah' See that tree over there?
      (looks over)
right, now close your eyes
      (closing her eyes)
ok, why?
Just listen. Two summers ago, you
and I were sitting underneath that
tree together. It was a beautiful
day, remember?
      (wondering where
       this is going)
yeah, i remember
      (a warm smile hits
       her face)
Now whenever you're missing me and
you wanna' feel close to me, I
want you to close your eyes and
picture that moment.
      (warmed by his
       sincere attempt
       to make her feel
ok, babe.
      (still smiling,
       she opens her
Well, either that or pick up the
phone and call me. We're not in
the ice ages!
      (they both laugh


Enjoying the moment together in silence, a huge ball of snow
explodes on josh's shoulder. They turn around to find the
culprit and to no surprise, connor is standing in the
Oi! Love birds!! Are we goin' the
pub or what?!
They stand up together, brushing the snow from each other
and without a moments hesitance they chase after connor with
their own snow balls. Laughing and still enjoying their
                                         CUT TO:
Emma is sitting alone in her office, situated on the 12th
floor. With her hands wrapped round a mug of coffee, she
gazes out of her window, thinking intently. She swings
around on her office chair to face her desk. Her tear filled
eyes focus on a framed picture of her and josh
In the back of a taxi, josh has his head against the window.
Looking out at the world as it passes by, he breathes in and
exhales, filling part of the window with his breath, he
notices a "u". Intrigued, he breathes over the whole window,
slowly un-covering a short message, which reads " i love u".
He smiles and pulls out his phone
Emma is in the back of the taxi. She fogs up the window with
her breath and writes with her finger "i love u". Seconds
later it disappears and josh gets inside the taxi, closing
the door behind him.
      (out of breath)
Sorry about that!
      (to the taxi
I nearly forgot my gloves!
      (holding them up)
                       TAXI DRIVER
Oh, no problem at all mate! Where
you off?


um, the airport, mate. But can ya'
drop my Mrs at groves street on
the way?
                       TAXI DRIVER
ok, mate!
      (pulling away)
Emma, still drinking her coffee and looking at the framed
picture of her and josh, is interrupted when her phone
beeps. She leans towards her desk, putting the coffee down
and grabbing her phone. "one new message- josh" she clicks
to open and it reads "i love u 2!" her face lights up and
she laughs. She presses call and holds the phone to her ear.

"ringing" josh answers
      (struggling to
       hold his bags and
Babe! I've just got out the taxi.
      (walking into the
The airports absolutely rammed!
      (the sound of the
       airport PA system
       is heard in the
      (worried she
       called at a bad
Oh, I'm sorry!! um, just text me
when you land, ok? I love you and
I'm missing you already!
yeah, you too! We'll speak soon!
Gotta' go. love ya!
      (hangs up)


Josh joins the long line of people at the airport check in.
Seconds later, he feels a tap on his back, he turns around
to find a gorgeous girl holding out a passport and a
boarding ticket
      (American accent)
uh, excuse me. Is this yours?
      (patting himself
       and realizing his
       passport has gone)
Shit!! Yes, it is! Where'd you
find that?
It was outside, at the entrance. I
saw you drop it. Nice picture by
the way!
      (Josh blushes as
       she gives it to
You should be careful next time!
      (with gratitude)
Oh my God, thank you so much! I
don't travel too often, can ya'
actually, yes, I can. I mean
dropping your passport is one
thing, but waiting in the wrong
line for your flight just says it
      (looks around in
Am I?
Well, your boarding card says JKF,
and this is the line for
      (with a hint of
Did you not notice that nearly


                       KACEY (cont'd)
everyone is Asian?
      (his blushing has
       developed into
You're a life saver! Thank you!
      (shakes her hand)
I know you've helped me enormously
already, but where is the line for
      (she points)
It's over that way, by the
      (rolls his eyes,
Jesus, I can't thank you enough,
      (accepting his
Don't be too proud to ask someone
when you're not sure. It'll make
your life a hell of a lot easier!
Point taken! Thanks again!
      (he heads toward
       the JKF line)
Take care!
      (she bites her
       lower lip)
      (too embarrassed
       to look back, he
       raises his arm)
Yeah, you too!
We get the impression this won't be the last time we see her
                                         CUT TO:


The ferocious sound of a plane's jet engine is heard flying
over the airport. An announcement from the pa system:"this
is a security announcement. If you see a suspicious packge,
please notify the nearest staff member immediately "

Josh has just passed through immigration. He drops his bags
for a second as he looks around for a sign leading him to
the taxis. He finds it and proceeds
                       JOSH (V.O)
Pfft! Look at me! I ain't got a
'scooby' what I'm doin! Suspicious
package indeed! It all looks
fuckin' suspicious to me, so what
am I supposed to do? Bollocks to

Now, I can't say that I'm not
'brickin' it' because i'm
absolutely shittin' myself! The
only perception I've had on New
York City is from films like
Goodfella's and American Gangster.
If that's much to go by then I'm
really swimmin' up shit street!
After waiting in the line for for a surprisingly short
amount of time, he finds himself at the front. The taxi
attendant greets him and they exchange all the information
necessary whilst the cab driver takes his bags and throws
them in the trunk.

Josh slams the door behind him and shuffles across to the
right hand side.
                       TAXI DRIVER
      (in an indian
where are you going to, my friend?
      (pulling out a
       scrap of paper
       from his pocket)
Um, uh,
      (he reads the
The Glenwood Hotel, mate


                       TAXI DRIVER
      (pulling away)
Manhattan, sir?
      (not completely
Uh, yeah?
                       TAXI DRIVER
Very good
is it?
                       TAXI DRIVER
      (realizing the
       'slang barrier')
Oh, no sir. I mean 'no problem' I
take you..
Josh, looking confused, sits back as they head north on the
van wyck expressway. Feeling alone he breaths on the window,
knowing in the back of his mind that no message will appear,
but he still hopes.
They reach the end of the 495, crossing over to manhattan
island. Josh is stunned by the view of the city for the
first time. Never before in his life seeing so many
buildings, so tall
                       JOSH (V.O)
Tosser! What was all that about?
I've only been here five minutes
and I already feel a million miles
from home. Emma's gonna' go off
her nut if I don't call her soon,
but my fuckin' phone is out of
action. I miss her. Everthin'
seems so different here? Almost
the opposite of what I'm used to
and don't get me started on the
roads! Driving on the right hand
side, are they fuckin' stupid?
Maybe, but they certainly know how
to build an impressive view! I'll
never forget the first time I saw
the city, as we approached
manhattan. It's very rare that
something hits me, I mean really
hits me, to the point where I'm
speechless. I'm sure the first
building every cunt looks for the
first time they see the city is,


                       JOSH (cont'd)
of course the empire state. I was
one of those cunts!
The taxi driver can see the amazement on josh's face when he
looks through his rear view mirror
                       TAXI DRIVER
      (referring to the
... you should see it at night, my
friend. I love my job in the
      (in awe)
It's unbelievable!
The taxi pulls up outside the 'hotel'. Josh steps outside,
directly into a puddle, pissing him off.
At the same time the driver runs round to the trunk and
grabs the bags, putting them down on the sidewalk.

Josh completes the transaction and shakes his hand. He takes
a moment to look at the building. He's impressed. Grabs his
bags and enters. 30 seconds later, before the taxi has even
left, he walks out again, very pissed off. He kicks a box.
Noticing the taxi pulling away, he drops his bags and runs
after it, catching up and stopping it. He goes back for his
bags and throws them into the trunk, again! Climbs back

They leave
                       JOSH (V.O)
Now you're not gonna' believe
this! Turns out that there are TWO
Glenwood Hotels. One in Manhattan
and the other in Brooklyn. Guess
which one is mine? You got it!

To top it all off, not only did I
give the driver the wrong address,
but my first ever step onto
manhattan soil was right into a
fuckin' puddle! Now how's that for
a kick in the balls? I'm tellin'
ya' you couldn't make this shit

So, a horrible journey and half of
my support funds later,I arrive


                       JOSH (cont'd)
at a complete shit hole.
                                         CUT TO:
"THUD" the sound of josh's bags landing on the tiled
flooring of what can only be described as a refuge for the
homeless. The smell is unbearable.

As he looks around, his facial expression tells us that he
wants to give up and go home, before his journey even
      (to himself)
No, no, no! This has gotta' be a
fuckin' joke!
He grabs his bags and walks to the front desk. He is greeted
by a short lady, wearing a large t-shirt. She looks like a
recovering alcoholic.
      (still in
      (looks up)
Oh, hi! You must be Dylan?
Actually, no. My name is Josh.
      (realizing her
Oh, hi! We've been expecting you!
      (stands up)
How are you?
so, so. Traveling 'n all that, you


      (walking round the
       desk, to Josh)
yeah, yeah, it's a killer!
So, who's Dylan?
Oh, Dylan will be your room mate.
He hasn't arrived yet. Follow me,
I'll show you to your room.
She leads him up a narrow wooden staircase that looks and
sounds like it is ready to collapse at any minute.
Room mate? My agency didn't say
anything about a room mate?
Well, they booked two of you in.
Models right?
      (reaching the top
       of the stairs)
Uh, yeah. Well, a bit of a new
comer, actually.
Reaching the top of the stairs, josh's face sinks and he
takes a big gulp when he sees what he is expected to live
in. Row upon row upon row of box rooms measuring at 2.5
meters by 2 meters. The rooms don't have ceilings, just a
net covering them. As claire leads him to his room, they
walk by existing tenants. They all look severely depressed.
Picture a psychiatric unit with patients trancing around.

Claire unclips a bunch if keys from her belt and steps aside
to let josh in. The room has two body width beds, covered
with a plastic bed sheet running along each wall with a very
narrow space between, for movement
.. and this room will belong to
you and Dylan
      (hands the key to
now you let me know if you need
anything. I will be downstairs,
where you found me.


      (in a state of
       shock, he mumbles)
uh, yeah. Thanks
      (Claire heads
       toward the stairs)
Oh wait!.. is there a payphone
that I can use?
      (stops and turns)
If you head downstairs and step
outside, there's one directly to
your left.
oh? I must've missed that on my
way in. Thanks.
      (she carries on
He steps inside his 'room' leaving his bags outside. Sitting
on one of the beds, he burys his head in his lap. He starts
to cry.
                                         CUT TO:
Josh exits the hostel, onto the wide empty sidewalk and he
immediately sees the pay phone on his left. The receiver has
been smashed open. It is swinging left to right with the
wind. He sighs
A speeding truck startles him making him turn to face the
road. As the truck passes, he spots another pay phone in the
distance. Looking left to right, he runs across, stopping at
the other side. The phone is just ahead. He starts walking
and suddenly the ground beneath him begins to shake. He
looks around and begins to panic when a monorail train above
him makes it's way across the tracks. Relieved, he keeeps
walking, reaching the pay phone

Frustrated with the previous events, he grabs the phone and
dials emma's number. A voice is heard on the receiving end:
"please deposit $1 and 50 cents for the first 3 minutes of
this call" muttering to himself at the expense, he loads the
phone with quarters.

It only takes one ring before emma answers the phone on the
other side.
                                         INTERCUT WITH:


Emma, huddled on a sofa, next to the house phone. She grabs
it the second it rings.
      (in anticipation)
      (comforted by a
       familiar voice)
Babe, i'm so sorry!
      (instantly jumping
       down his throat)
Sorry?? Josh, i'm like a nervous
wreck! I've been waiting up all
night for you to call. All kinds
of things were going through my
      (calming down)
Anyway, how is everything? Did you
get there ok?
uh, yeah! my phone don't work over
here though babe!
so why didn't you call from a pay
phone at the airport?
I don't know? Everything was going
at 100mph and before I new it, I
found myself in a taxi, going to
the hotel.
      (forgiving tone)
you idiot! what are you like eh?
that's not the worst of it! I went
to the wrong hotel first time
how'd you manage that?


apparently, there's two Glenwoods!
One in Manhattan and one in
Brooklyn. Mine's in Brooklyn!
Well at least you're there safe
and sound. No harm done! How's the
Josh pauses and removes the receiver from his ear. He thinks
for a mintue and decides not to worry her
Well the stairs are a bit dodgy.
well put it this way. If Connor
attempted to use them, he'd find
himself inside them!
what's your room like?
yeah, it's good! I've got a room
mate too! He's from the agency,
like me. Haven't met him yet
That's good! At least you won't be
      (a beeping noise
       indicates low
shit babe, my monies about to go,
I'll call ya' soon
ok! I love you. Stay safe!
He is cut off before getting the chance to respond. He slams
the phone down whilst yelling "fuck!" repeatedly


Turning around to go back to the hostel, an old black guy is
standing before him, waiting to use the phone
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
      (a loud friendly
Now tell me! What is a clean cut,
good looking man like yourself
doing here in the projects?
Projects? I don't know what you're
talking about, mate?
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
"mate"? "mate"? what are ya',
      (humored by the
       old guy)
No, English actually. But close!
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
well, prince Harry, you better get
out of the street by nightfall. It
aint safe round these parts!
      (a little worried)
I've only gotta' get over there
      (pointing at the
that's where I'm staying
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
Shit! Well who'd you rob then? You
sure don't look homeless!
I fuckin' new there was somethin'
about that place!
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
Well, my advice is to get outta'
there asap! God knows what
diseases floatin' round up in

It's a refuge. Somewhere for the


                       CHICKEN GEORGE (cont'd)
government to put the trash.

Only reason I'm in this neck of
the woods is because I'm visiting
my wife at the rest home a few
blocks away. I hate comin' down
here but it's all I can afford for
Well, I'm sorry to hear that
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
      (impressed by
       Josh's politeness)
I'm George.
      (holding out his
my grandkids call me chicken
George.. You know, from 'Roots'?
      (confused but
       shakes his hand
Pleasure to meet ya'!
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
      (offering a
       helping hand)
Now I hate the thought of a nice
man like you being taken advantage
of in this city, so if you need
any advice, give me a call
      (hands a business
       card over)
      (takes it)
Thank you, George, that's very
kind! The way things are going I
may take you up on that!
                       CHICKEN GEORGE
      (warm smile)
You take care now. I've got a
senile wife, with no idea who I am
waiting for me in her wheelchair!
Gotta' run!
He heads up the street, humming a Sam Cooke song to himself.


       boosted, he
       laughs and waves)
See ya'! and heads off back to the
Sitting on his pathetic excuse for a bed, Josh is alone in
his 'room', finishing a cigarette and reading over his
contract, from 'Sky'. He puts it down, lies on his back and
pulls a cord leading to a mini fluorescent light above him.
It's dark. Listening to the array of sounds, including
crying, pumping bass lines, unexplained noises and the sound
of people fucking coming from the box rooms around him. His
room shakes occasionally whenever a train goes by. His eyes
get heavy. He's gone
                       JOSH (V.O)
When you're in a position where
you feel completely alone in a
foreign land, you really start to
value what you had at home. I
couldn't bear the Glenwood Hostel
but I knew that if I gave up and
went home, I would never be the
guy I aspired to be. The guy with
a steady income, paying off the
mortgage and supporting a wife and
two kids. I saw New York as a
final chance to be somebody. A
final chance to succeed.
Josh's eyes open and the dark room is instantly filled with
daylight, to indicate a full nights sleep. He breathes out a
breath of anticipation for the days events. The scene skips
to him taking his toiletries out of his suitcase, next he is
walking to the communal bathroom. He arrives to see one of
the hostel members 'hosing it down' which immediately puts
him off and he turns around, heading back to his room.
                                         CUT TO:
We hear the sound of a busy supermarket- Staff
announcements, beeping cash registers, ETC..

Emma is pushing a shopping cart up one of the aisles. She


looks unhappy. Stops and grabs a box from a shelf and looks
at it. CLOSE ON- it reads 'home pregnancy test'. She throws
it into the cart and carries on shopping.
In the dark, windowless aircraft, Connor is sitting with his
fellow troops, lined up with their backs against the wall.
They're all geared up in there desert uniforms. He is
looking down at the floor, in a world of his own, when he is
interrupted by an announcement from the pilot-
Anyone not yet seated, please do
so now. We will begin take off in
3 minutes.
Connor is nudged by the soldier next to him
Eah, Connor are you alright mate?
You don't look too good...
      (Looking up- in
Just really fuckin' hungover!
      (They both laugh)
Josh is standing on Broadway, opposite the Holy Trinity
Church, looking for wall street. He spots it and runs across
the road, weaving in and out of the stand still traffic-
mainly yellow cabs. He stops. Looking lost, he pulls out a
NY map but confuses himself. He turns it upside down- still
no luck! He decides to ask an armed police officer on duty
outside the stock exchange. Aproaches Him
                       POLICE OFFICER
Sir, could you please step away
from the barrier!?
Yeah, yeah.....


                       POLICE OFFICER
      (being awkward)
..a little further please..
Sorry mate! You couldn't tell me
where broad street is, could ya'?
                       POLICE OFFICER
What are you, English?
Fresh off the boat!
      (trying to skip to
       the point)
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (tough cop
       attitude changes)
Holy shit! I've just been there!
What part are you from?
Uhh... just a little town in the
north, where not much really
                       POLICE OFFICER
Let me guess..... London?
London aint really a little town
now is it? Oh, and it's in the
                       POLICE OFFICER
Well I just got back from a
      (Josh cuts him off)
Look, I don't wanna' make my
fellow English brothers and
sisters look impolite, but I'm in
a bit of a rush and I just need to
find Broad street...


                       POLICE OFFICER
Oh, I'm sorry, man! It's just that
you're the first English person
I've met since I got back and it
kinda' brought it all back a
little, you know?

Anyways, if you keep head down
wall street, Broad street will be
on your right
Thanks mate! Next time, we'll have
a good old English chat!
      (Leaves abruptly)
                       POLICE OFFICER
      (shouting to Josh)
Hey!! I'ma hold you to that!
He follows the officers directions and sure enough finds
himself on broad street and the building he is looking for.
He enters into a huge marble lobby area, with a giant
crystal 'floor to ceiling' chandelier on his left. He stops
and looks at it with amazement when he hears a female voice.
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
Impressive, huh........
He turns to find a tall, enigmatic, well dressed woman
standing a little too close for comfort, with an arrogant
confidence. Josh is immediately intimidated.

To break the uncomfortable ambience he uses his charm as a
defense. He speaks
What, me or the chandelier?
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
Well, actually the chandelier, but
you're not too bad either...
      (hand out to shake)
Sabrina Spielman
Josh. Pleasure


                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
So, you're english and you're here
for fashion week, huh?
uh, yeah... how'd you know that?
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
It's your charming accent that
gives away your nationality. I see
models coming in and out of this
building all day long.
Oh, do you work here or something?
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
why, no dear. I live here
Shit, I'm sorry! I didn't mean
that you looked like you work
here, i just meant...
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
Oh sweetie, It's fine, honestly! I
find your innocence rather sweet.
So what is it you do then?
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
lots of things dear. Lots of
      (Can't think of
       anything more to
Well, It was very nice meeting
you. Gotta' meet the guys at the
agency now.
Without saying anything, She pulls out a pair of sunglasses
and puts them on. Smiles at Josh and walks to the exit. Josh
heads toward the elevators.
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
Oh Josh!


He turns and Sabrina is signaling him over with her finger.
He walks to the door, where she is standing, next to the
                       SABRINA SPEILMAN
      (Hands him her
This is my card. if you need any
advice or ANYTHING. Just call me.
This city can be a scary place.
      (taking the card)
Thank you, Sabrina.
      (he is hypnotized
       by her mysterious
She leaves and the doorman exhales with relief.
      (New York accent)
She likes you!
Does she?
Well, let's put it this way. I've
been working here for 5 years and
she has never once uttered a
single word to me. She takes one
look at you and you get her
business card? If you ask me, she
ain't a bad lady to know either.
Thanks, man!
He looks down at the business card, impressed with himself.
                                         CUT TO:
Josh exits the elevator into a large reception area. He
stands before a male receptionist who is speaking on the
phone. Hanging from the walls are many familiar faces
featured in all the recent fashion campaigns. The thought of
what could potentially be is dawning on him


      (Hanging up)
....ok wonderful! Bye bye now.
      (looks at Josh)
May I help you?
Hi. Yeah, i'm here to see Derek
Oh I'm sorry, Mr Serpentine has
been called away on business. Are
you a new model?
Yeah, my name's Josh Wilson
Ok, well if you would just take a
seat right over there,
i'll inform the team that you have
Right, yeah, thanks.
He takes a seat and the receptionist disappears through two
very heavy large wooden doors.

He grabs a magazine from a table in front, when the
receptionist comes back.
OK, you can go through now
Smiles nervously at the receptionist and throws down the
mag, makes his way to the heavy doors. Standing in front of
them, he turns to the receptionist..
Just straight through, is it?
Uh, yeah!
      (he mutters to
Taking a deep breath, he enters


                       GEORGE DAKIN
      (with excitement)
Joshua! Over here!!
A small guy, calling Josh from his desk at the back of the
agency. We can only see a silhouette as the extreme light
from the window behind George distorts his view.

Peering, he begins to walk to him, passing the other
bookers. Everything is racing. It's kinda' like the inside
of the stock exchange- voices from every angle, phones
ringing. As he gets closer, George comes into focus. He
finds himself standing before a bleached blonde GEORGE.
                       GEORGE DAKIN
..... so this is the new face Mr
Serpentine was telling me about,
hmm, and a very pretty face too!
oh thats very kind of you....
      (leans forward to
       shake hands)
                       GEORGE DAKIN
George! George Dakin. I'll be
taking care of you!
Oh cool!
                       GEORGE DAKIN
So, how've you adjusted to the
Not bad actually, cheers!
                       GEORGE DAKIN
Well, young Joshua, we're putting
you straight to work today. One of
my models let me down. The fucker
was supposed to be at a job for
ready magazine but didn't show up!
oh no that's terrible!


                       GEORGE DAKIN
Yeah, terrible for him, when I get
my hands on him! So I've printed
out the details for you
      (hands him a sheet)
The rates arn't too great as it's
an editorial but the tears will
look great in your book. I have a
days worth of castings for you to
go to tomorrow so you're gonna' be
a very busy boy!


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