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...For God
by John A Ortega (kain_40@sbcglobal.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ***1/2
A family deals with the horrific murder of their little Rose.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Overcast of rain clouds loom in the distance of our grave

A small funeral buries a four year old little girl.

The casket lowers as the priest reads his sermon. A man,
Adam late 30's strongly built, stands watching the pall
bearers lower his fallen daughter into the ground.

Tears flow down his face as he stares.

A small distance away a news team films the scene.
A somber day today as the parents
of Isabella Rose Ortiz lay her
down to rest. She is survived by
her mother and father, older
brother and countless relatives.
Isabella was abducted six months
ago after her fourth birthday
party. Hikers found the remains of
her body not to far from this site
today. She was brutally beaten to
death by unknown assailants.
Police are still searching for her
attackers. If you have any
information please contact the
local authorities at this number,
or you can also contact the FBI.
Both numbers are flashing across
the screen now. Again, Isabella
Rose Ortiz laid to rest today.
Alex Cross reporting.
Slow roll back to the burial.

The father lowers his stare with the lowering of his little
girl. He falls to his knees as he continues to weep.

As the soil begins to fill her final resting spot the
mournful spectators approach and leave there single roses
for the little girl.


Most touch the father on his shoulder as they pass.

One woman, Loraine mid 30's slender and attractive, kneels
with him and embraces him. She weeps openly.

She whispers in his ear softly and he shakes his head.
She hugs him tightly then rises and drops her rose with the
little girl.

Slowly the crowd dwindles until the only one left is the

Rain begins to fall from the heavens and yet the little
girl's father refuses to leave his baby's side.

The woman approaches him again...
He only responds by shaking his head.
You shouldn't be out in this. It's
supposed to get worse.
My little girl is scared. I can't
leave her here. She's afraid of
the thunder.
She's with God now. She has
nothing to fear anymore. Come on,
let's go.
I can't leave her here alone.
She's scared...
He openly weeps. Loraine embraces him as he buries his face
in his hands. The two weep as we pull away.
Flash to a shot on a windshield beaten with rain.

Loud thunder claps roar in the dark night.

Loraine breaths heavily in the back seat as Adam drives


Almost there baby. Hold on just a
little longer.
I'm trying...she's not supposed to
come yet....something's wrong...
Everything is going to be all
right love. Try and stay calm. I
know it isn't easy, but we're
almost there.
Loraine's breathing becomes more and more frantic as the
baby makes her way into the world.

We see the car pull into the emergency room drop off and
Adams rushes to get help.
Help! I need someone quick! My
wife's in labor!
James, get a chair quick!
The scene unfolds in quick flashes as the nurses roll
Loraine up to the delivery room.

Everything happens in what seems to be slow motion as the
doctor delivers the premature infant.

Nurses rush in with tools and heat lamps for the newborn

As soon as she comes the nurses take her away for ICU as the
doctor explains.
She's three months early. Her
lungs aren't fully developed and I
don't think she can...
What are you saying?


I'm saying you should call your
priest. Go to her and let her know
that she is loved. Send her home.
She's waiting...
No! Not my baby girl
Adam embraces Loraine. She is sobbing uncontrollably.
We slowly fade out.

Flashes of a baby girl in an incubator come and go quickly.

Adam and Loraine haven't left her side.

The nurses work on her all night long constantly checking
her vitals.

A machine breathes for the little girl.

A new face joins Adam and Loraine. Joey, early 40's strongly
built, brings a small light brown teddy bear and a single
red rose.

Joey hugs his best friends as they weep.

The machines flash and beep.

Joey kneels to the little girl and shows her the bear and
rose. Almost instantly her eyes open slightly.
Flash back to the present.

The rain continues to fall steadily, and thunder rolls

We join the gathering of friends and family in a large
country house.

People interact as any mournful group does.

Platters of food and drinks surround them.

Adam sits in his study. The study joins the living room.
Large windows give a view of the green field. Adam stares
blankly at the wooden swing set he made his children.

Isabella's baby swing sways slowly in the rain.


In his delusions Adam sees his little girl running for her

Adam jumps up to call to her.

Joey enters behind him.
Startle you?
No. Thought I saw some one.
You know, I was just thinking
about the first time I saw Rosie.
She was so beautiful, all tiny
like she was. I looked at her
through that little plastic box
and I knew she was something
Yea, her name...
Yes sir. She looked at that bright
red rose and I swear she smiled.
She's my little Rosie. I will
always remember that.
Why did this happen? What did I do
to make this happen? Why punish my
baby girl?
You didn't do anything to deserve
this. This isn't your fault.
Then why take my Bell away?
I don't know brother. I don't
Where's Loraine?


She's in the other room talking
with her mother. You going to be
You know I'm here for you, both of
you, right?
Yea. Thanks, but I just want to be
I'm right outside brother. I love
you man.
Joey walks out after a brief pause.

Adam returns to his blank stare.

The thunder rolls in the distance.

We pull away slowly.
Roll to the living room as we follow Joey over to Josiah, a
six year old little boy.

Josiah sits alone looking at a picture of Isabella and him

The mournful party flows around him. No one really takes
notice of his actions.
What do you have there, Jojo?
My sissy.
Oh yea? May I see?
Joey sits next to Josiah as he shows him the picture.
She's pretty, huh?


No, she's beautiful.
What are you two doing here?
I see. You know you can always
talk to me about anything, right?
Anything, anytime, okay?
Loraine enters.
Hey, Joey. Have you seen Adam?
He's in his study. I'm worried
about him.
Jojo, will you get me some water
Yes, Mommy.
I'm worried too. He's taking this
harder than I ever imagened.
He should. You two just buried
your little girl. I know you're
hurting too.
What happens now?


Just be there for each other. I
promise you, Lori, I'll find your
daughter's killer.
Flash to the past again.

A little girl about ten months old stands at the living room
coffee table.

She screams excitedly at the top of her lungs as Adam enters
the front door.

She drops down and crawls as quickly as she can to him.

Adam picks her up and hugs and kisses her.

Loraine and Josiah enter from the kitchen. Josiah is almost
three years old.

Josiah runs to his daddy.
Daddy! Daddy!
Adam picks up his son and hugs and kisses him.

He holds both of his children as Loraine walks over to him.
She is visibly exhausted.

They kiss.
I'm so glad you are here!
I can tell. Take a break. I'm sure
whatever you've got going on can
wait. Look at these faces.
Dinner is almost ready. Why don't
you wash up and relax?
I'll wash up, you relax.


She sits and Josiah jumps in her lap and lays his head on
her shoulder. Isabella won't let go of her daddy.
Aww...she loves her Daddy.
Da Da!
Adam tickles her neck and she giggles.
Flash back to the present.

Loraine enters the study.

Adam hasn't moved from his chair.
Your mother is looking for you,
and Everyone should be leaving
soon. It's late.
      (Staring out of
       the window)
Do you remember the first time she
How could I forget? You had just
gotten home and we were rocking in
her favorite chair. She'd woken up
from her nap. You came home early
for something. You had a giant
stuffed red rose for her. It had a
cartoony face. And when she looked
at you holding that thing...I
thought she'd never laugh or talk
or even make a sound...I was so
happy to hear that.
She still has that rose. I miss
her laugh...


Loraine stands at the entry way looking at her grieving
husband and tears fall from her cheeks.
Flash back to the past.

A thunderstorm rages outside.

Isabella tries to sleep in her bed, but the thunderclaps
frighten her.

She screams for her Daddy.
Daddy! Daddy! Please Daddy! Daddy!
Her sobs and screams continue until Adam enters her room. He
scoops her up and holds her tight.
It's okay baby. Daddy's here.
Daddy's here. Shh shh shh. Daddy's
here. It's okay Isa. The thunder
won't hurt you I promise. I'll
hold you tight okay?
I'm scared Daddy. When will it be
Soon baby, soon. Count them with
Lighting flashes and they count until the thunder claps.
One, two, three...Three. See it's
almost over. The longer the wait,
the father the storm, right?
Yes Daddy. Why does it have to
That's how God washes the world.
He's making it a better place for
me and you.


And Mommy and Jojo too?
Mommy and Jojo too, that's right.
Lighting flashes and Isabella shudders in her father's arms.
He holds her tight.
It's okay. Are you counting?
Thunder clap.
Six, Daddy.
Almost over.
He continues to rock the three year old until she falls
asleep. He holds her tight and begins to drift off himself.
Flash back to the present.

Lighting and thunder rage harder and louder than before.

Adam still sits watching the image of his daughter playing

Father Frank, a fifty-year-old priest walks in.
Adam, you can't do this son. You
can't sit here and let this
consume you. Your little girl...
My little girl is dead! DEAD! I
can hear her screaming for me. I
can hear her in those woods
calling me. "Daddy! Daddy, help me
please. Make the bad men stop!"
And I couldn't be there to help
her. My little girl needed her
Daddy and I wasn't there. How can
I forgive myself?


Let God forgive you son. Let God
forgive you. You didn't do this to
your daughter. And you can't blame
yourself. Isabella walks with God
now. Little Rosie plays in a field
with more roses than she's ever
known. She's in a warm place, and
she feels no pain or hurt or
anger. She's waiting for you all
to come home.
I want to be there now.
It's not your time child. God
makes that decision.
Was it God's decision to take my
little Bell?
No, my son. This is what happens
when man interferes with God's
plan. God weeps for you my son.
Look at this. The rain falls
harder than I have ever seen. God
hears your agony and feels your
pain. He is angry with the men
that did this. The lightning and
thunder rage with his vow of
I want to die...I want to go and
take her home...
It isn't your time son. You have a
family that needs you.
What do I do now?
Adam kneels and sobs.

Father Frank puts his hand on Adams head and prays silently.


Flash to a scene of wonder. Little Isabella plays with her
brother. The two children kick a ball back and forth to each
other. Josiah accidentally kicks the ball over Isabella's
head. She runs after it into the woods. Suddenly the screen
flashes black and we hear a little girl scream. We see
flashes of someone knotting a little girl's legs together.
Flash to black as she screams. We flash to two identifiably
people holding a club or stick. They violently swing the
club down and we hear the strikes. The little girl screams
out for her Daddy in agony. The flashes come faster and
faster, more violent than the next. We see this until we
hear the final blow. Adam wakes screaming for his baby.
Loraine wakes.
Baby? Baby what is it? Come here
love. I'm here. I'm here.
She's still so scared.
No. She's with God.
There is no God! God wouldn't let
this happen to my Bella.
She's mine too. And God didn't let
this happen. I miss her so much.
We have to keep it together for
Josiah. He lost his best friend,
and he needs you more now than
I know.
They embrace and we fade out.


The following day's forecast remains the same. Rain
continues to fall. Adam sits at his daughter's grave. He
grasps a single red rose. The thorns pierce the flesh of his
hands and blood drips slowly on the grave. Out of the corner
of his eye he sees movement.
Daddy it's me. Where's mommy?
She's home son. Come here.
Josiah runs to his Daddy and Adam picks him up to hold him.
You know I love you very much
I love you too Daddy...I miss my
sissy...I want to play ball with
her...That's her favorite...
I know buddy. I wish she was here
playing too. You know she's always
with you right?
But I can't see her.
Can you feel her? No? Close your
eyes and think of your favorite
memory of Bella. Got it? Okay, now
think about that real hard.
      (Eyes closed)
We're playing Daddy. It's her
favorite game. She's winning. I
never get mad when she wins. Bella
is so good at it. I never let her
win. She just wins all of the
time. She's laughing Daddy! Bella
made the game point! Her arms are
raised high in the air and she's
laughing. I can feel her Daddy! My
bestest friend in the world!


      (Tears well up in
       Adams eyes.)
See, buddy? She's always with you.
Why don't you go find Mommy and
tell her?
What's yours, Daddy?
What's my what, buddy?
Your favorite memory...
Her smile.
                                         FADE OUT
Two weeks go by and things begin to get back to normal. Adam
returns to work and Loraine to her house keeping. She cleans
every room in the house except one. When she gets to her
fallen daughter's room she stops and stares. She looks at
all of the decorations that personify Isabella's
personality. Pictures of roses abundantly brighten the light
sea foam green walls. Stuffed animals roam the room like
it's a small zoo. Isabella's favorite stuffed animal Jack
sleeps with her in her bed. Her room lies exactly as she
left it. Loraine sits on Isabella's bed and hugs Jack. She
inhales her scent and tears fall. She holds the stuffed
monkey close to her heart. A ringing phone breaks her
peaceful moment.
Hello....You what?...Are you
sure?......Yes we'll be there
right away.
We jump to a police station as Adam, Loraine and Josiah
enter and walk to the desk. They frantically look for their
friend Joey, the detective working Isabella's case.
Adam! Loraine! We found them.


Are you sure?
We follow them to Detective Sams' office. Joey calls in
another officer.
Josiah, why don't you go with
Officer Reed and get a treat,
Mommy, can I?
Yes baby. We'll be right here
Okay Mommy.
                       OFFICER REED
Come on mister. What'll it be
today, a visit to the jail cells?
I have one special for you young
I don't like those.
                       OFFICER REED
How about a play ground then? That
okay Mommy and Daddy?
Not too far though.
                       OFFICER REED
Yes ma'am. We'll be just outside.
Off we go youngster.
See you later alligator!
After while crocadile!


Officer Reed and Josiah exit. Adam and Loraine turn their
attention to Joey.
How are you two doing?
As well as to be expected. Now...
What about the men that killed my
We found the two assailants
Where are they now?
In custody.
I want to see them.
You know I can't let you do that.
You have the two men who killed my
daughter in custody, and you can't
let us see them?
The two assailants have rights...
And what about the rights of
Isabella? What rights did they
give her?
You keep saying assailants, what
aren't you telling us?
The two we have in custody are
minors. Josh William Smith is a
sixth grader, and Kevin Robert
Smith is his younger brother.


Kids? You're telling me that two
kids did this to my daughter?
That's what I'm telling you.
Two kids?
I don't believe you. I don't
believe that two children could do
this to my Bella.
I don't know what to tell you.
You can tell us that you caught
the men responsible for this. You
can tell us that they confessed
and are asking for a quick death.
You can tell us...
I'm sorry brother, but these two
kids confessed to their father and
they called us. The evidence
confirms. The reason we couldn't
find any matches to the DNA found
at the scene is because the DNA
belong to these two kids. The shoe
prints, the fibers of hair,
everything suggests that these two
kids killed your daughter.
Why would two kids do this? What
sense does it make?
We haven't questioned them yet.
The family is waiting for their
Where is the father? I want to see
him now.


I'm afraid I can't let you do
that, Adam.
Try and stop me.
Adam jumps out of his seat and tears off out of Joey's
office. We follow him as he searches the station. Joey calls
after him and officers try to stop Adam as he finds the
father of the two killers. Adam grabs the father by the
collar and thrusts him onto the wall.
You son-of-a-bitch! I'll kill you!
It's your fault my Bell is gone!
Why couldn't you keep your piece
of...My Bella...You killed
her...Their you're...
Get this psycho off of me!
You think I'm crazy now, wait
until I find you outside of this
Two officers wrestle Adam off of Mr. Smith. Adam puts up a
struggle and eventually gives in. Joey steps between them.
Adam! You can't be here. Loraine,
get him out of here. Both of you
wait in my office. Mr. Smith, I
suggest you wait in the room with
your boys.
You should keep a better watch on
your station Detective. I intend
to press charges.
In their NOW!
Mr. Smith enters the holding cell with his boys. We follow
Adam and Loraine to Joey's office. Joey enters shortly


What the hell is wrong with you?
You know you can't do that. You
have to keep your cool brother. I
can't tell you how much I want to
let you have your way with that
man. Mr. Smith continues to burden
my office with his boys. I know
you want justice. Let me do my job
and get it for you.
                                         FADE OUT
Open to a play ground. Officer Reed and Josiah swing
together as they eat ice cream cones.
                       OFFICER REED
How's that ice cream, Jojo?
Good. Yours?
                       OFFICER REED
Not bad at all. How are you doing
I miss my sissy. I miss playing
our game.
                       OFFICER REED
What game is that?
I don't know what to call it.
                       OFFICER REED
Can you teach me? Maybe we can
No. It's special for Rosie. I
can't play it anymore.
                       OFFICER REED
Oh, come now, I'm sure Rosie wants
you to be happy. Just remember
that she is always with you.


Why did she have to leave me
alone? Was she mad at me?
                       OFFICER REED
Of course not! Rosie loves you.
She didn't leave, Jojo. She's
watching you all of the time now.
Rosie doesn't like it when you're
I'd be happier if she was here.
Flash back to the Ortiz house. Adam and Loraine argue in the
It's not my fault!
I didn't say it was your fault.
All I asked was where you were?
Where were you? Huh?
I'm sorry, but one of us has to
pay the bills around here!
Oh yea, that's right, you are the
only one who works around here.
That's it. You don't get to sit at
home and watch TV all day long.
Yea, because that's exactly what I
do. The laundry magically whisks
its way into the wash, right? And
the house manages to clean its
self every day. I don't do a damn
thing around here! These dishes
wash themselves, right?
Baby! Stop. I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said that. I know you work
hard every day. I can't deal right
now. I keep waiting for Bella to


                       ADAM (cont'd)
run through that door any minute.
Day after day I wait. this is
killing me. The longer she's
Don't say that! She's alive!
I only pray that she is, but it's
been so long.
I want that smiling face back. I
want my family to be whole again.
She's only four! She should be
playing right now. She should be
getting ready for school and
playing dress up, and being a
little girl!
I know, love. I know.
                                         FADE OUT
Reporters and news vans litter the lawn and drive ways as
the scurry to get the best shots. More and more people begin
to fill the area as the trial of the century looms in the
near future.
As dusk settles in a local tavern attracts patrons escaping
the looming rain, the usual suspects, a postal employee, an
off duty police officer, and a few undesirables. Adam sits
at the bar holding a whiskey on the rocks. He stares at the
grain of wood in front of him. The condensation ring left by
his glass gleams as another patron enters. Joey locates Adam
after a few moments of looking. Joey walks up to the bar and
Cliff the bartender approaches.
Hey Joe...What can I get you?


      (Points to Adam's
I'll have one of those.
Double whiskey on the rocks comin'
Any news?
Not a Goddamn thing. No finger
prints, no trace, nothing.
Cliff returns with Joey's drink. Joey grabs his wallet to
pay. Cliff refuses.
You just find that little girl.
Adam, need a refill?
Adam keeps his stare on the bar and slides his glass towards
Why don't you hold off on that,
Why don't you stop worrying about
me and start looking for Bella?
Joey stops short of sipping his drink.
I'm doing all I can brother.
Do more.
This coming from a man sitting in
a bar drinking whiskey all day.
What would you have me do? Someone
took my Bella. It's your job to
find her!


What the hell do you think I'm
trying to do? You think this is
just a job for me?!?! You think I
don't know how you feel?
You don't have a God damned clue!
They took my Bella!
Hey! She's my Bella too...
She is my daughter! Not yours! You
can't have kids remember? You
don't have a God damned clue how I
Adam realizes his mistake and turns back to his drink. Joey
stands and Adam sits in silence as Cliff returns with the
      (Places drink)
You two feel like asses? You
Cliff walks off and helps another customer. Joey finishes
his drink and walks away from Adam.
Joey stops but does not turn to face Adam.
I'm sorry. I know you are doing
everything you can. And I know
that my kids are your kids. You
were the first person to see Jojo
walk. You were the first person at
the hospital the night Bella was
born. You're a dad to them the
same as me.
      (Turns around)
I'm going to find your
daughter...I'm going to find


I know.
Jump to Adam and Loraine's house. They are dressing for
What do you think will happen?
I don't know. What can they do?
I don't understand. They killed
our little girl.
I know, but they are kids. No
court system sends kids to the
chair. Besides, I don't blame
them. I blame their father. He
should be held accountable for
This feels wrong.
I know.
Jump back to the courthouse. The crowd swells by the minute.
People with signs both supporting and opposing the
conviction of the two children bounce up and down. Cars
drive up dropping off the victim's parents and the father of
the accused. Both parties leer at each other for a brief
moment before entering the courtroom.
Jump to the courtroom. The audience chamber overflows with
spectators. Their voices rumble as the families enter the
room. Shortly after the defendants enter and sit next to
their lawyer. The bailiff rises and announces the entrance
of the judge.


All rise! The honorable Judge
Stephen Bailey presiding.
You may be seated.
Your honor, this is case number
1774562 on your calender the
People vs. Smith and Smith.
Before we begin I'm setting ground
rules. I run this courtroom. Their
will be no grandstanding,
shouting, or any other behavior I
find inappropriate, understood?
The same goes for the spectators.
I don't want nor do I need any
help from the "peanut gallery." As
for the cameras, I hope you enjoy
filming the waiting room. Now the
defendants are charged with murder
in the first, kidnapping,
disorderly conduct, and
conspiracy. How do the defendants
                       MR. WOOD
Not guilty your honor.
The audience rumbles with dissatisfaction.
Quiet down! Trail set for March
the seventh at eight a.m.
                       MR. WOOD
Your honor, the Defense requests
The prosecution objects to any
bail at this time.
Objection over ruled. I usually do
not allow bail in a murder case;
however, the circumstances call
for just that. Bail to be set at
fifty thousand dollars. The
defendants are to remain under
house arrest until the trial.


                       JUDGE (cont'd)
Anything else? Good. Court is
All rise!
The audience rises as the judge exits the courtroom.
What happens now?
Now we wait.
                                         FADE OUT
Flash back to Adam's back yard. The leaves fall as fall sets
in. Adam and Loraine swing together on the porch. Loraine
rests her head comfortable on Adam's shoulder. Adam gently
caresses her hair as the wind blows softly. Loraine holds
her belly as an expectant mother would.
What about Mandy?
Too Mannalo-esq. Elizabeth?
Too common.
I never thought I'd have kids, you
know? I guess I never even
considered that one day I'd have
I know. Josiah and the new baby
are blessings. You'd almost surely
have killed yourself if it weren't
for me.
Joey too! I never really wanted
kids, and when you got pregnant I
freaked out on the inside. I
wasn't ready. But then all of the


                       ADAM (cont'd)
sudden, we're sitting in that room
and their he was. I couldn't
believe that little black and
white blob was my son.
And then a few months later you
were amazing. I couldn't have done
it without you there...You cried
Oh stop it!
You did! That's when I knew I
married the right man.
That was a year or two after we
got married! It took you that
It was six months and yes. Now we
have a family. This little girl
has everything to look forward
too. A loving father, an older
And you.
                                         FADE OUT
Adam sits in front of the TV watching home videos of his
daughter's first birthday party. Sounds of sheer joy pierce
the silence. Isabella laughs heartily as Loraine and Adam
walk the rose decorated cake to her. She screams "Da Da!"
and Adam responds, "Yes Bell?" Isabella claps her hands
together excitedly when the family sings "Happy Birthday" to
her. Josiah cuts her piece of cake and serves her. She leans
over her high chair and kisses him. Isabella makes hash of
the cake as she laughs and plays. Shortly afterward Josiah
brings her the present he made. Isabella opens the gift to
find a rose bordered picture frame. Isabella screams


excitedly as she looks at the picture of her and her brother
playing. Loraine enters from the stairs.
You coming to bed love?
Her first birthday.
Jojo made that especially for her.
You helped.
Yea. And that was the only thing
she wanted. We get her all of
these toys and new clothes. She
wanted no part of them that night.
All she wanted was that picture.
She wanted it right next to her
bed, wouldn't sleep with out it
Those boys will get what they
Those boys aren't even teenagers
yet! What will they get? Juvy
until they turn eighteen? Then
what? The system takes these two
monsters and puts them in a cage
full of terrible kids, and then
they release these monsters back
into society. The problem isn't
these kids. The problem is their
parents. Why weren't these kids
disciplined? Why did they think it
was okay to kill our little girl?
That smug ass hole! That's why. I
don't blame these kids. I blame
the father. And he will pay.


                                         FADE OUT
The lawn overflows with reporters and people all waiting.
All of the sudden the doors open and Adam and Loraine storm
out, Adam in a fury and Loraine in tears. Shortly after Mr.
Smith and his two boys walk out.
Mr. Ortiz! Mr. Ortiz! How does the
jury's not guilty verdict sit with
No justice could be served today.
These boys getting off for killing
my Bell...Who taught them this?
Their father. Mr. Smith gets away
with this everyday of his life. No
one holds him accountable for his
actions, so why should we hold his
children accountable for theirs?
                       REPORTER 2
Shouldn't the fact that they are
only twelve and ten mean...
My daughter was four! FOUR! What
do I care what age they are? I
don't blame them. I blame him. And
he will pay.
Adam and Loraine make their way through the ocean of
reporters and into their car. The cameras follow them trying
to get a shot of them driving off.
                                         FADE OUT
Flash back to Adam and Loraine's house. Several police cars
wait outside, and many policemen scour the grounds for
evidence. Inside Adam and Loraine sit with worry as two FBI
agents and Joey question them about their missing girl.


Can either of think of any
No. Most people here are friendly
I see that you aren't from
We moved here from California. My
company needed a quieter setting.
What exactly do you do?
My company manufactures computer
That does exactly what?
It's a program that restricts
access to the Internet based on
parental controls. Parents install
the program and set what web sites
their kids can access. Any non
approved web address is blocked.
Do you have any partners?
No. I'm the only owner.
The Ortiz family has been nothing
but a model of what every family
should be. I never get any calls
on them nor do I ever hear about
them. They live as private of a
life as they can.
I can't think of any one who'd
want to hurt our Bell.


No one's said anything?
Not yet. We did recover evidence
that suggests she wasn't violently
What does that mean?
In most child abduction cases, as
in most family violence, the
victim usually knows the person
committing the crime. They have a
trust or familiarity with them.
The victim doesn't know that he or
she is a victim until it's too
How many cases like this have you
How many successfully?
That depends on your definition of
success. Ten, six found alive,
four not. But this case is
How so?
No ransom demands.
Exactly. That is most concerning.
Who ever has her isn't talking.
Then how do we know she's not


We don't. That's the part that
makes this a tricky situation.
If she's lost in the woods why
haven't we found her? If she's
lost in the woods and we haven't
found her, who or what did? I
don't think she is lost. Too many
unanswered questions if she is too
many holes.
Now what?
We put the word out. Somebody
knows something.
How long do we have?
Realistically? In most of these
cases if the victim isn't located
in the first seventy-two hours the
odds of finding her alive...
Slim to none.
I don't want you two thinking
about that. Concentrate on finding
your daughter alive. She's out
there. And I intend on finding
                                         FADE OUT
Joey stands in his living room looking at pictures from his
past. The photos reveal Joey and Adam posing in front of an
F-16 fighter jet. They are both dressed in United States Air
Force uniforms. Another picture shows Joey lying in a
hospital bed with his leg wrapped and elevated. Adam kneels
beside him as they both smile for the camera. In another


picture Joey stands with Josiah in front of a lake dressed
in fishing gear. The last picture he stops to look at shows
Joey and Bella at the Zoo. Bella looks at the tigers in
amazement as Joey smiles. Mary, Joey's wife, walks in with a
cup of coffee.
      (Offers the cup)
Joey refuses revealing his whiskey.
Look at all of this...been through
a lot me and Adam.
Mary motions to the hospital picture.
Look at these two goofballs. Here
you are, recovering from one of
the stupidest stunts you and Adam
have ever attempted, and you two
still can't stop laughing.
That stunt wouldn't have been so
stupid if I would have stuck the
Boys being boys...what was that,
ten years ago?
About that...right after we got
out of the Air Force.
Joey finishes his drink and walks to his bar and refills his
glass. He takes a small sip and slowly places his glass
I remember this fishing trip. Adam
promised Jojo to take him fishing.
He was overseas on business when
his flight was cancelled. Jojo was
so disappointed. And you didn't
think twice when you called into
work and took him fishing.


Cost me a promotion too...I'd do
it again.
Joey drains his drink and refills it again.
When the doctors told us we
couldn't have...
      (Pause as the
       tears flow)
Having those kids around made life
bearable for me.
I should have found her.
You did everything you could do.
I should have done more! Adam
almost died saving my life! I owe
him more than the body of his
little girl, of my Rosie.
Adam loves you! He risked his life
to save yours not because he
expected you to repay him. You
don't owe him anything! Because
you would have done the same for
BUT I DIDN'T! His life is over.
His little girl is dead!
You didn't kill her! IT wasn't
your fault. And standing there
drinking yourself into the grave
won't bring her back! You are so
blind to the fact that you can
still save his life!
I couldn't save his little girl!
What about Jojo and Loraine? Do
they deserve to live with a shadow
of the man that they knew? Adam is


                       MARY (cont'd)
falling deeper into depression.
His obsession with Smith is
driving them away. Loraine took
Jojo and left for her mother's.
Did you know that?
      (Joey drinks)
I didn't think so. You want to
save Adam's life? He needs you
now. Jojo needs you to save his
daddy. Loraine needs Adam. She
acts strong because she has to!
That woman is dying inside! She
needs Adam!
What the hell am I supposed to do?
Put that damned drink down and go
talk to him! Do it before he does
something drastic. Loraine and
Jojo have lost enough, they don't
need to lose Adam too.
Joey looks at his drink contemplating his next move. He
raises it halfway to his mouth and then places it on the
bar. He walks to the closet and grabs his trench coat. He
kisses his wife on the cheek. grabs his keys, and walks out
of the front door.
Hope it isn't too late.
Fade into a room dimly lit with candles. Adam sits at the
table in front of a small birthday cake. The words Happy
Birthday Bella center between five candles. Adam sings happy
birthday to his fallen daughter through his tears. His study
reeks of whiskey and cigar smoke. Pictures of Mr. Smith as
well as newspaper clippings litter the floor. The lights of
a small car snap him out of his daze as Joey drives up. Adam
doesn't move as Joey enters his house.
Turn some lights on brother!
Shh....It's her birthday. She
doesn't know. It's a surprise.


Adam, you're scarring me.
I'm scaring me...You know what
thoughts run through my head all
day and night? Of course you
don't...how could you?
She was my Bell too, Adam. I love
that girl.
I can't stop thinking about her. I
can't stop thinking about how that
ass hole walks a free man and my
little girl...
Those kids got what they deserved.
They have extensive physiological
treatments, will serve until they
are eighteen, and...
And have a clean slate once they
get out. Do you really think they
got what they deserved?...I didn't
think so. You know they deserved a
father who didn't beat them, and a
mother who stood up to a tyrant
that did. They never had a chance.
Those kids were doomed from the
begining. But what about my Bell?
What about Jojo and Lori? Maybe
you should think about them and
stop dwelling on things you don't
control! Where are they anyway?
She took Jojo to her mother's.
They'll be back in the morning.
Said it was too painful for her to
be here today. Jojo's gotten big
in the last six months.
He's almost seven! Wow. Time flies
doesn't it?


Yea, it does. He misses her the
most you know?
She was his best friend. I never
once saw them fight or Jojo pick
on her.
Not once. He was always making her
smile. I thought he'd be jealous
of her, but Jojo is a different
kind of boy. He's going to be a
good man when he grows up.
      (Looks at
Like his daddy...What's all of
If you're looking for a good tax
man, then look no farther than
your accountant. Besides, I think
you two have a conflict of
I don't need a tax man.
Then I suggest you stay as far
away from Mr. Smith as you can. If
I catch you near him...
Save it. His fate was sealed the
day he let his boys get away with
murder. He'll have to answer to a
higher court.
Adam, brother, stay away. Don't
put me in a position like this.
Then look the other way.


                                         FADE OUT
James Smith and his younger brother Billy sit around a small
stone fire pit. No flames burn as the two poke and prod a
dying rabbit.
What do you want to do to it?
You want to shoot it? Yea, go get
the gun.
Billy runs to a pile of bags and grabs a small .22 bolt
action rifle. He returns and loads a round. James grabs the
weapon away from him and chambers the bullet.
Are you going to kill it?
      (Aims at the
No, just shoot its leg.
James shoots the rabbit's leg and watches it squirm. The
rabbit's squeals and the gun shot disturb the usually
peaceful afternoon.
      (Wide eyed)
Can I have a turn?
      (Hands the rifle)
Shoot its other leg.
Billy loads another round and takes aim. He shoots the
rabbit's other leg and it dies from the shock. James looks
furious. He takes the gun away and hits Billy in the head
with the stock. Billy falls to the ground crying and
clutching his bleeding head.
I told you not to kill it!


I didn't mean to...don't hit me
Isabella walks up from the bushes. She stares at the boys in
What are you doing?
Nothing! Now clear off before you
make me mad!
      (Walks to the pit)
Why did you hurt the bunny?
Because I wanted to! Now shove off
before I hurt you too!
Isabella stares at the dead rabbit oblivious to James and
his threats. James grabs the rifle and points it at
Isabella's head. Josiah runs up to his sister.
Don't point that at her!
      (Still pointing
       the rifle at
What are you going to do about it?
Stop pointing that at my sister!
      (Aims at Josiah)
Is this better? You better watch
out, or I might acidentaly shoot.
I'm not afraid of you! Wait until
I tell my Dad. You'll see!
James, let's get out of here.


We'll go when I say. If you tell
your daddy I will come for you and
kill you, understand? Don't say a
word about this.
James continues to point the rifle at Josiah. Josiah
continues to stare James down with no fear. A bird flies off
a tree, and James moves the riffle quickly to shoot the
bird. The sparrow falls dead. James winks at Josiah, lowers
his rifle, and grabs his brother. They walk off.
      (Over his shoulder)
Remember what I told you, not a
The boys disappear. Josiah stands watching them until he is
satisfied. He looks at Isabella. She still stares at the
dead rabbit with tears in her eyes. Josiah kneels to her.
What's the matter Rosie?
They killed the bunny...
I know...let's get out of here.
It's getting dark. Mommy will
We should bury the bunny...say a
It's too late...
He tries to take her hand and lead her off, but she pulls
away. Josiah recognizes her resolution.
Okay...here's what I'll do. I'll
come back tomorrow with a shovel
and burry him, okay?
You promise?
I promise. Come on, it's dinner


Josiah grabs Isabella's hand and they run home.
                                         FADE OUT
Two weeks later Adam and family sit down to eat dinner. The
silence deafens as the three eat without a word spoken.
Josiah begins to play with his food.
Don't play with your food, buddy.
Sorry Daddy.
What did you do at school today?
We made family trees, but I didn't
do mine.
And why not?
I didn't know where to put Rosie.
Right next to you son. She'll
never be anywhere else.
Yes, Daddy. I showed my friends
how to play the game too. And they
liked it.
I bet. Did you have fun?
It was sad without Rosie.
                                         FADE OUT


Flash back to the inside of Joey's car. He drives Mr. Smith
after an extensive investigation. Mr. Smith weaseled his way
out of formal charges brought on him for child abuse.
I wish I could have been more
help, Detective.
Do you?
Of course. I want to find out who
did this to my boys just a badly
as you do.
The car stops in front of the Smith house.
Well, here we are then.
Tell me, do you still have your
wedding ring?
I lost it a while ago.
Funny. Your ring finger tells me
different. I'd assume that you
recently taken it off, as recent
as last week.
Now, why does that matter?
It matters because the assailant
wore a ring on his left hand. We
can tell by the indentions and
bruises left on your boys faces.
See that? I know you did this, Mr.
Smith. And soon enough I'll prove
I don't have anything to worry
about. My lawyers will deal with
this harassment, Detective. The
investigation proved me innocent,


                       SMITH (cont'd)
      (Throws a $20 at
For the ride.
Mr. Smith exits the car.
You may be able to buy off a CPS
agent, Mr. Smith, but I'm on to
you. And no amount of money will
stop me.
      (Throws the money
                                         FADE OUT
Fade to the present in to the police station. Adam sits at
Joey's computer looking through records. Officer Reed joins
                       OFFICER REED
Find what you're looking for?
Why was Mr. Smith not charged with
child abuse?
                       OFFICER REED
State said there wasn't enough
evidence. If you ask me, I say Mr.
Smith bought them off.
What's this disorderly conduct
charge about?
                       OFFICER REED
I wasn't aware of any on Mr.
His boys...
                       OFFICER REED
We caught those two attempting to
sacrifice a goat. They claimed
religious freedom so the charge
was thrown out.


I see a dozen or so charges
against these kids.
                       OFFICER REED
Yea. These boys are your typical
pre teens burdened with the death
of their mother. They've been
acting out ever since.
I see that she died two years ago
in a car accident.
                       OFFICER REED
That's what the screen says.
What does that mean?
                       OFFICER REED
BMW usually sends their new cars
through a rigorous inspection
before they are sold. Our
investigation showed that Mrs.
Smith dropped her car in for
routine maintenance a month before
the "accident"...oil change, tire
rotation, ect. The serviceman
inspected the car for any
abnormalities. None were found.
Their are a number of things that
could have caused an accident.
                       OFFICER REED
True, but this one was caused
because Mrs. Smith couldn't steer.
Will you just say what you have to
                       OFFICER REED
Let's just say that Mrs. Smith's
steering column showed no natural
cause of wear and tear.
Someone wanted it to fail.


                       OFFICER REED
Exactly. Now, who had access to
her automobile and the motive to
carry out her death?
Why would Smith want to kill his
                       OFFICER REED
Why, indeed? Three months before
her death Mrs. Reed reported to us
her suspicions that Mr. Smith was
abusing her children. Two weeks
after that her inheratence of her
family's fortune was officially
transfered to her. Mrs. Smith only
named one benificary in her will.
No need to wonder who that was.
                       OFFICER REED
That's enough motive to convict
Sister Mary Margeret.
So what happened to the
                       OFFICER REED
Exclusionary rule.
                       OFFICER REED
The exclusionary rule states that
any evidance found to be tampered
with is excluded from any trail.
Some former officers "tampered"
with crucial evidence. The defense
caught wind and the Judge threw it
out. There goes our case.
Got to love the Justice system.
Joey enters. He is visibly upset.
What are you doing in here?


                       OFFICER REED
Sorry, Joey. Adam wanted to look
up some information.
What you're doing is illegal.
Adam, I don't have to tell you...
                       OFFICER REED
It was my idea, Detective.
I don't care whose idea this is!
Adam, get out! Don't let me catch
you in here again! I told you,
stay away from Smith. Morgan,
escort Mr. Ortiz out.
                       OFFICER REED
Yes sir.
Officer Reed escorts Adam to the door.
Did you know he beat them?
Yea. What's your point?
These children weren't born
                                         FADE OUT
Adam sits in bed looking at files and newspaper clippings.
His cigar smoke lingers in the master bedroom. Loraine is
heard in the bathroom washing her face, brushing her teeth,
etc. Adam shuffles his papers as Loraine climbs into bed.
Will you turn out that light
As soon as I'm finished.
Loraine rolls over and covers herself up. Soon she is fast
asleep. Adam continues to pour over his documents. After
looking at the clock and realizing the late hour he reaches


over to the computer desk and places the papers on it. He
then turns out the light and rolls over to cuddle his wife.
As soon as he rolls Isabella appears out of no where and
lays facing him.
      (Dreamy whisper)
Adam jars awake. Isabella stands at the door of his bedroom
staring at Adam.
      (Dreamy whisper)
I'm so afraid...
He shuts his eyes to see if he is hallucinating. When he
reopens them he sees nothing. He closes his eyes and weeps.
Flash in to a church. Father Frank's talk with Adam overlaps
his with Loraine.
Father, forgive me. I can't keep
these demons from controlling me.
He is confused. I don't know how
to help him.
Adam isn't the man I married any
Grief is a powerful demon.
What should I do? I can't stop
thinking about my little girl.
What about your son?


Josiah still misses his best
friend. He asks me to take him to
see her everyday.
Yes. She tells me everyday that
she is scared to go home.
Scared of what?
He's afraid that he won't remember
his sister. He tells me everyday
that he can't see her face in his
mind any more. What do I do?
No offense, Father, but praying
doesn't solve the problem. I pray
every night for God to take my
baby girl home. She won't go. I
see her every day next to her
grave with a sad look on her face.
She won't leave. Something keeps
her here. What?
How are you dealing with this?
As best I can. Adam still works,
so the finances are taken care of.
But he stays awake almost every
night in his study. I don't know
what he does, but I know that it
frightens me. I think he's going
to do something to Mr. Smith.
Tell me about Mr. Smith
What do you want to know?


Do you want him to pay for this?
I don't know how I feel about him.
I am angry that his boys did this,
yes. But that doesn't mean I wish
him any harm.
But you do want him to suffer?
You're damn right I do. This is
his fault. If you knew what I know
about him, you'd understand.
Society lets people like him get
away with whatever because they
have money. People like him never
get what they deserve. People like
him get away with their crimes
daily. Not for long. He will pay
for this.
Is that wrong of me?
Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord.
Place your grief in the hands of
Jesus, and let Him comfort you.
These feelings of guilt, anger,
hatred are natural, but don't let
them consume you. If you do then
you become the next victim of this
heinous crime. Your thirst for
vengeance can be quenched by God
if you let him. You have another
child to look after, and I fear
that he needs you most. Don't let
him become a victum of two crimes.
                                         FADE OUT
Mr. Smith sits reading the morning news while eating
breakfast. His coffee steams in the morning sunshine. The
days Money section brings a smile to his face as he notices
his stocks gaining in value. A sharp knock on the door
breaks his concentration. Mr. Smith walks to the front door
and opens it. Joey stands before him looking grim.


Detective...do I need to call my
lawyer? I thought we discussed
this harrasment...
Save it Smith. I just wanted to
tell you that we found your sons.
And what have they done this time?
I'm sure you are trying to pin
something on them? Drugs perhapse?
Your sons were found in the
They were found with a 38 special,
your 38 special. Looks like they
committed suicide.
Bullshit! This is that damn
Ortiz's doing! He's trying to get
back at me!
Adam wasn't even in state at the
time of death.
Then he had someone do it for him!
Probably you!
You're welcome to file for an
investigation if you'd like.
      (Retrieves a
This was found at the scene.
      (Hands to Smith)
We've already taken all the trace
we need. Only your boys prints on
the letter. Your boys killed
themselves Smith. Try and spin


Joey walks off and Smith slams the door.He walks over to the
fire place and takes a photo of his boys off the mantle. He
looks at his sons holding a bundle of fish freshly caught.
The boys smile proudly as they pose for the photo. Mr. Smith
throws the photo against the wall. The frame shatters and
sends glass everywhere. He walks over to the phone and
Hello Bob, start the paper work on
the boys life insurance...They
committed suicide...What? What do
you mean voided? You're my
lawyer....figure it out!
Smith slams the phone back on the base and covers his buries
his eyes in his hands. After a few moments the sobbing
begins. He falls to his knees where the picture lays. He
picks up the photo and holds it to his chest. He kisses the
image of his sons and places the photo on the fireplace
What have I done?
Adam sits at his desk drinking whiskey. He stares out of the
window at the swing set he built for his children. The
special swing he built for his daughter slowly sways. He
hears a noise in the house, places his glass down and
Adam enters the hallway slowly. He continues to call out to
the mystery intruder. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a
shadow move. He turns toward the movement and sees that it
leads him toward his daughter's room. He follows and enters
his little girl's room.
Adam enters Bella's room. It appears to be early in the day.
Sunlight shines from the bedroom window illuminating Bella,
18 months old, playing. She sits on her small hand made
wooden rocking chair. Adam falls to his knees as tears flow
from his eyes. She rocks and smiles as she sings.


Rocka by baby...
Baby...hey...you're so beautiful.
Isabella sings and rocks while looking over her shoulder
occasionally with a huge smile. Adam stares at his little
girl while she rocks. He enjoys the moment even though he
knows it cannot be real. Isabella holds her baby doll and
sings rock a by baby. Suddenly a noise breaks Adam's
concentration. He jumps and looks for the disturbance. When
his attention returns to his daughter he discovers that she
is no longer there. He turns towards the door.
Bella, baby? Come back!
Adam runs after the memory of his daughter. As he runs the
scene turns into an outside grassy local. As Adam runs after
his little girl, who motions him to follow, a drizzle
starts. Adam runs after his little girl who laughs and plays
all the way to the burial spot. Isabella stops at her grave
and stares at the tomb. Adam catches up to her and picks her
up. He looks at the grave.
This isn't a fun place baby. Let's
go back to the house. Okay?
Fully convince of his little girl's return he starts back
toward the house. Shortly after he notices his little girl
has gone limp. Adam looks down in his hands and sees the
decaying body of his little girl. He looses control as he
Baby?!?! No, please...no...come
back baby. No...NO!!!
The ghost of Isabella appears behind Adam.
      (Faint whisper)
Adam startles and turns around to see his four year old girl
standing watching him. Adam freezes.


      (Faint whisper)
Daddy, I'm scared...
Adam falls to his knees and weeps. The scene goes black.
Adam awakens back in his study.
InFlames "The Chosen Pessimist" begins. Fade into Adams
study. Only one candle flickers as Adam studies the photos
of Mr. Smith. A cigar burns next to his glass of whiskey.
Adam scribbles notes frantically. 'She was only four' he
writes over and over. Lightning crashes to allude to the
coming storm. Adam shudders when the thunder claps. Memories
of his little girl swell his heart. He takes a long drag off
of his cigar and chases it with a gulp of whiskey. The rain
begins softly outside, and the lightning flashes faster.
Flashes of Isabella come with the flashes of lightning, and
Adams pain shows through the lines of his face. The scene of
his little girl beaten to death flashes faster and faster.
The memories of her childhood mix in with the poor girl's
death. The storm rages outside as Adam's memories rage
inside. A constant build of anger and sadness overcome Adam
and he slams his book shut. Adam rises and grabs Glock 45
pistol loads and chambers a round.
                                         FADE OUT
Adam's BMW races down the wet street.
The Judge slams his gavel.
Back to the car. Adam races as fast as his car lets him.
Isabella plays in the field. She waters her little rose bed
and pretends to prune them.


Adam arrives at the Smith house. His car stops abruptly at
the door step. Adam exits his car and storms into the Smith
Mr. Smith startles at the noise. He hears the commotion and
calls the police.
Yea, this is Mr. Robert Smith of
2424 Stanford Lane. I think
someone is in my house.
Adam kicks the door open and points his weapon at Mr. Smith.
Hang it up. Now!
He's got a gun!
Adam tears the phone from his hand and rips the line out.
Get up.
Please, don't...
Up! Now! Not a word, do you
Shut up! This isn't like the rest
of your life. You can't talk,
reason, buy, or squirm your way
out of this. Down stairs.
Adam follows Mr. Smith downstairs never dropping the weapon
pointed at his back. When they get to the front door the
sirens and lights of police cars enter. Adam panics and hits
Mr. Smith in the back of the head knocking him out. He then
shuts the door and barricades it. He sits next to his
victim. After a short time the police call on the loud


                       OFFICER REED
Adam! Come out of there. Let him
go. It's not worth it.
Maybe not to you. Reed!
                       OFFICER REED
I'd tell your officers to keep
their distance. I'd hate for one
of you to get hurt. Don't try and
stop me. I'll be out as soon as
Mr. Smith answers for his crime.
                       OFFICER REED
Adam, don't do anything stupid
now. I'll call Detective Sams.
You do that.
Adam turns his attention back to Mr. Smith who begins to
      (Kicks Smith)
Wake up!
Mr. Smith jars awake.
You! What are you doing?
The person responsible for killing
my daughter is waiting for
justice. I intend to see that he
gets it.
I didn't kill your daughter!
Shhh.....Quiet now. I want to show
you something.
Adam retrieves a DVD from his pocket and places it in the
player. He turns on the TV and presses play. Instantly a
video of his family plays. Josiah and Isabella play the ball
game they made up. Both children laugh as the game


continues. Loraine watches from the porch as she sips her
afternoon tea. The two children hug and Josiah congratulates
his sister on a well played game. The two looked as if they
found ever lasting happiness.
That's my Bell. Look at her.
Mr. Smith refuses to look at the screen.
Adams points his weapon at Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith looks at the
Do you see that sweet innocent
face? Take a long look at her.
Look how her brother plays with
her. These two children love each
other like I've never seen. They
never fight, argue, or have a
negative thing to say to each
other. They are perfect. I
couldn't have asked for better
children. See them? Do you see
her? Now look at her. This is how
she looks after your boys
kidnapped and beat her. This is
what they did to my little Bell.
Your boys took away a daughter and
a sister from a loving family.
Why? I ask myself that everyday.
Everyday! And the only answer is
you. What did you do to these boys
to make them this way?
I didn't do anything.
Yes you did. I did my research on
you, Smith. I see that the CPS
investigated you for beating them
several times, but somehow you
bought them off. How much did that
cost you?
I have no idea what you are
talking about!


Maybe this will refresh your
memory. Recognize that? No? You
should, it's a record of all of
your off shore bank accounts. See
the highlighted line? Ten million
out going right at the time of the
investigation seems a little fishy
to me. And meanwhile your boys are
in the hospital with three broken
bones, bruised, beaten, and
I never touched those boys!
Save it. And where did you get all
of that money, Mr. Smith? These
accounts seem rather large even
for an attorney. Oh, that's right,
your late wife. Tell me, was it
difficult removing the bolt from
the steering column? You did it so
well that it really did look like
an accident. Do your boys know?
At this time Joey enters the front door.
Adam, what the hell are you doing
What you couldn't. Are you armed?
Good. You can stand over there.
I'm not asking.
Adam, you don't want to do this.
He's not worth it.
No, but my Bell is. I want to show
you some pictures, Smith.
Here...See that? That's my Bell
the day she was born. She doesn't
even look human. The doctors told
my wife and I that she wouldn't


                       ADAM (cont'd)
live the night. We both said our
prayers and wished her well. She
wasn't supposed to live, but what
did the doctors know? That night
my brother showed up with a teddy
and a rose, and instantly she woke
from her nightmare. Her lungs
began to work...her heart got
stronger...color flooded her skin.
She made the night. This is her
the day after. Doesn't look the
same, does she? That's when we
knew she was going to live. We
knew she was special. She had an
entire life ahead of her; a life
of joy and accomplishment. Here's
one of her first birthday. Look
how cute she is, cake all over her
face. And that smile...melts my
heart every time I see it. Look at
my son giving her the present he
made her. She didn't care about
any of her other presents. All she
wanted was that picture. Here's
one of them playing...
Please stop. I'm sorry my boys did
No, Mr. Smith, your boys didn't do
this. You did. Whether you beat
them or not doesn't matter. The
fact is you abused them by letting
them get away with what ever when
ever. You crippled them with your
lack of proper discipline. You
created two monsters. The person
who should pay isn't my wife, or
my son, and surely not my Bell.
It's you. I've study on killing
you night after night.
      (Adam points his
       weapon at Mr.
And every night my little Bell
talks me out of it. "Don't become
a monster, Daddy. You're my
Daddy." And I curse myself every
night for not killing you. Then my
daughter said something to me. She
said, "You're supposed to protect


                       ADAM (cont'd)
Jojo and me from the monsters."
You are the monster. My brother
tried to get justice for my Bell,
but the system failed her. I won't
fail her. I visit her everyday.
She's always there. She can't
leave because she's afraid of
leaving her brother behind while
people like you exist in this
world. She's waiting for God to
protect her brother. My Bell wants
to go home, sir. I intend to see
that she does.
      (Puts his head in
       his hands)
Please, God...
Save it, Mr. Smith. God can't help
you now.
Adam drops the magazine from the weapon. He unloads all but
one round. He cleans the weapon of the already chambered
round, reloads, and chambers the new round. He points the
weapon at Mr. Smith. Joey interjects.
Adam! Stop! Remember what Rosie
said. Don't become the monster.
I'm not.
Adam slides the weapon over to Mr. Smith. Mr. Smith looks
You have a choice. Accept your
fate. Rid the world of one
monster, and let my Bell go to God
peacefully. Or kill me, so I can
take her home. The choice is
yours. But you will make one
Mr. Smith takes the weapon and studies it. He points the
Glock at Adam.


      (With a sense of
You are right...I am a monster,
and I have failed in life.
Smith, don't do it.
He's right. One of us has to die.
I will pay for my sins, be it now
or later. My affairs are in order.
Are yours, Mr. Ortiz?
Yes. Are you ready to die? I am.
This isn't for either of you two
to decide!
Joey, brother, I love you. No
matter what happens here, I'm not
going to be with my family for a
while. I need you take care of
them for me. Promise me that.
You're not going to die here like
Promise me!
All right, brother. I promise.
Good. Now, it's time Mr. Smith.
I've done a lot of things wrong.
And I never meant for my boys to
be like this. I never meant any
harm to you or your family. I sure
as hell never meant any harm to
your Bell. Let's send her home in


Outside Officer Reed and the other cops waiting.
                       OFFICER REED
It's been long enough. Get ready
to go in.
As soon as he finishes his sentence we hear a gunshot. The
officers react as they would, rushing in to the house.
Mayhem follows as we fade out.
Flashes of the Smith house come and go. We see a body on the
floor and blood pools up around it. Joey stands looking at
the corpse. Officers come in and out of the scene. A team of
EMTs walk in to gather the body. We never see the victim's
full identity as they wheel him out. Joey still stands
starring at the spot where the body laid. People rummage in
and out of the house collecting evidence of the scene.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
News teams assemble to catch the days headline. Police
cruisers pull up and Joey gets out. He opens the passenger
door and escorts Adam out. Reporters swarm as they try to
get quotes.
Mr. Ortiz, Mr. Ortiz. What
happened that night?
Josiah, dressed in a suit and tie, walks up to his sister's
resting spot. He grips a single red rose in one hand, and
the other a soft kick ball. He places the ball beside her
grave and the rose on top of the stone. A single tear falls
from his eye as he stares at the grave.


You don't have to be afraid
anymore, sissy.
The wind blows the ball toward Josiah. He smiles and picks
it up.
I love you, Bella.
InFlames' "Your Bedtime Story is Scaring Everyone" begins.
Fade to a home video of little Isabella twirling in the sun
shined fields. Her mother watches and her brother claps. We
hear her laugh as she twirls. Her brother grabs the ball to
start their ball game. Isabella screams with excitement.
"There they go. My two angles," we hear Adam say. Josiah
exits the screen and the video slows down as we get a close
up look of Isabella smile. We stay on her smile and slowly
fade out as the dramatic climax of "...Bedtime Story..."
arises. With the boom of the lyrics the end credits roll.
                                         FADE OUT
Fade in to the courthouse. News teams assemble to catch the
days headline. A black sedan pulls up and Joey gets out. He
opens the passenger door and escorts Loraine out. Reporters
swarm as they try to get quotes.
Mrs. Ortiz, Mrs. Ortiz. What
happened that night?
Fade to a home video of little Isabella twirling in the sun
shined fields. Her mother watches and her brother claps. We
hear her laugh as she twirls. Her brother grabs the ball to
start their ball game. Isabella screams with excitement.
"There they go. My two angles," we hear Adam say. Josiah
exits the screen as we get a close up look of Isabella
                                         FADE OUT


Josiah stands in the middle of the woods staring at a small
spot on the ground. He scratches at the ground


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From Samantha Herrington Date 10/26/2012 ***1/2
Some of the dialogue was a little stilted, but over all this piece was gripping and heartbreaking.

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