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A Day in my Dorm
by Gracie Kennedy (gkennedy@c.ringling.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ***

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Lights Up to reveal a Dorm room setting with two beds raised
above the ground. Circular chairs enclose the space and
various art supplies, food remnants and bits of trash litter
the floor. Miscellaneous rock songs play in the background.
All Actresses are present: Rachel and Kate sit on the bed
farther from the door; Audrey and Sara occupy the chairs;
Gracie sits on the floor; Danielle on Gracies bed closest to
the door.
      (Working on a
       large monster
Ok seriously how am i supposed to
fit this together?
Everytime is see that i think you
should just staple it together
      (Responding to
       Rachel twisting
       ang turning on
       the bed)
wait wait hold on lemmie help you
AHH so much string. its so long!
I was stuck in my tablet cord.
Hold on, move your leg.
Want any?
Yes Please!
OO yummy!
OMG i hate mushrooms!
But then i get them at outback and
i love them and im like ahhh and
gobble them down


      (in attempt to
       climb back on the
       bed, stops to
       examine the mess)
Damn Blankets and pillows and
I just get on the bed and its all
like swoosh!
I totally understand. I wake up
and all of them have fallen in the
dirty laundry basket.
i dont even bother anymore, i tear
them off before i even get in bed.
Enter Jordie
Ignore the mess
i dont give a Fu--.
      (Jordee sits)
Kate, we have the same headphones
we do. except mine are broken.
Ok. then they arent like my
headphones at all.
Gracie, tell him about Steven. ALL
about Steven!
Did he have a sex dream of
haha not at all. That would be
Well we were mad at him for...
I would hook him up with someone,
but all the girls i know, are
basically in this room. Once i met
Tory, i was basically unallowed to
talk to anyone else.


(points to Sara) Taken, (Audrey)
Taken, (Kate) Taken, (to herself)
Taken... that leaves Gracie and
One by one beginning with Mamma, they all place their
forefinger on their nose to indicate "not me".
I Would teach him the Wonder Wall
chorus that all the Women love. I
mean um ugly as fu-- and it works
for me. If he learns the Chords
their pants would be dropping.
Jordie Exits
How do people get my name confused
for rebecca?
My name doesnt Rhyme with
my name is like orange or purple
I hate when your phone says
retrieving text, and the suspense
is killing you, but then it just
says Call me.
      (Rachel hops off
       the bed and walks
       to the bathroom)
      (Returning from
Our bathroom either smells like
fixatives, or intense hairspray.
If its fixatives, we are all going
to die.
Rachel move that way, that way.
go under me
I cant go that direction
How did we get into this mess?


Go around me to the desk
Ill just step over this. What is
I think i just found your flip
Ok we are going to CJ labs, see
you later.
Exit Kate and Rachel
Im debating if-
The answer is no. Or 42.
is its mouth too big?
      ((makes swirling
maybe you should make it do
      (Audrey Stands and
       exits into the
Silence between characters with music in the background
      (Audrey reenters)
Ok so random question, Where is
the craziest place you have done
A pool with his family having a
party on the outside of the pool.
How bout the time his super
conservative grandparents were
coming over, and he convinced me
we had enough time. Then they
called repeatedly to say they
didnt know where to park, and he
had to call one of his man-clan
members to bring food and act like
we were just playing video games.
Then they said they didnt like me
cause i was wearing a tank top.


Wow. Oh i had and almost near
death experiance. My stepDad drove
by boyfriends car when we were
making out and i thought i was
going to get caught cause he
stopped the car behind us then
reversed and then kept going.
I broke the Shower towel rack.
that should be enough said. I
handed it to him cause it was
dark, and he tossed the broken
pieces over the top of the shower
Enter Kate and Rachel
We will continue this conversation
I bet kate can show us up.
Good Morning, Welcome to the
yea one time my dad came up when
we were up in my room, and i heard
my dad in his work boots coming up
the stairs and Adam books it into
the closet.
Thats like when i came home from
getting my tattoo and my dad
patted me on the back. The syran
wrap crinckeled and i flinched,
and was like "OK good night dad!"
and ran away.
There is no Juice left. (looks
down at Gracie) Gracie!
ugh. OK
      (Enter Jordee)
So i walked up to the bitch and i
was like Numa-Numa- Hey


That reminds me of my friend who
would say "so i was talking to
whats her tits".
(picks up brush) What happened to
this brush?
its Gesso.
      (Sniffs brush)
Its like cum.
Does your cum smell like Gesso?
well when your diet consists of
cheese fries, garlic salt, and A1
sauce, your cum smells pretty
weird. And then wrap it all in
bacon cause that apparently makes
everything fancy. Wrap a steak in
bacon and it becomes Filet man
Jordee exits
Okay I'm going to bed, I have a
lot to do tomorrow.
Aw so early Kate dearest?
Well I've done all the homework I
can except the homework that I
need to do.
      (and everyone)
K night!
Kate exits
Why does my bed always go to
smithereens when Kate comes over?
Sara is making image transfers in a book and rubbing away
diligently at the paper.
Ugh my fingers are raw from this!
Let me try!


Mamma begins work on a page, then slowly falls asleep on the
bed. Sara slowly re-acquires the book and continues
Oh well I just have thirty minutes
more on this.
I hate this project, everything I
try to fix breaks something else!
Oh no..
What? What happened?
My computer's about to die! Its
plugged in, I don't understand.
Rachel leaps from the bed and begins examining the cord.
Check the plug, you may have blew
the outlet. We have like
thousands of watts between the two
of us.
Don't explode anything, or melt a
lamp like Andrew did. I'm going
to bed.
Sara gathers her things and gently awakens Mamma.
Thanks Gracie, good luck on your
project! Good night.
Night y'all.
Exit Sara and Mamma. Audrey swiftly follows.
Rachel relocates to the chair.


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From Lee Kindler Date 3/2/2010 ***
Perfect pacing. Did a really good job capturing the chaos a dorm room can be.

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