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by Aaron Donnell (adonnell79@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
This story begins in an era before Christ (B.C.), and reaches into modern day times. A young Levite Priest is in custody of the original Tablets of the Testimony, or (ten commandents) GOD gave to Moses. He and his descendants are charged by God to keep the tablets safe at all costs. A young female Airforce pilot inherits the tablets, and finds herself at war with a terrorist group who are out to claim the tablets for themselves.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The letters (B.C.) appear in the middle of the screen.
Moses...Biblical prophet, with a long scruffy gray beard
hurries down the side of the mountain. He can see the
Children of Israel worshipping a gold statue made in the
image of a calf. Rage overtakes him as the people dance
around the golden calf, and he throws the Tablets of the
Testimony (TEN COMMANDMENTS) to the ground. The two stone
tablets break into six pieces, each one into shards of
                       MAN (VO)
As Moses came down Mt.Sinai and
witnessed the Children of Israel
worshipping the gold statue made
in the image of a calf.Rage
overtook him as he saw the people
dancing like wild heathens before
the false god, and throws the
Tablets of the Testimony written
by the finger of GOD to the
ground. The two stone tablets
broke into six pieces. Each
tablet, into shards of three. The
six broken pieces represented the
seperation of the Star of
David,and the rebellion of the
Chidren of Israel against the
Living GOD.
Josophat...late teens,the youngest son of a Levite priest
gathers the broken Tablets of the Testimony. He places them
into a fine purple and gold bag with a tying rope on the end
that is used to carry the bag over the shoulder.
Three pagan warriors witness Josophat pick up the broken
Josophat goes into his tent to examine the tablets more
carefully. He places the tablets on the ground and pieces
them together. He admires the work done by the hand of GOD.
As he stands over the tablets the manifest presence of GOD
overwhelms him, and drops the young Levite down onto his
knees. He feels strong, pure, and has a calming joy that he
has never experienced.


Josophat lays down on the camel haired bedroll inside of his
tent with his eyes closed and one hand on the bag. He hears
a voice say,
Remove yourself from this
encampment for your life is in
Josophat thinks he is dreaming as he sees the vision of the
angel inside of his head. Until the angel says,
      (In a commanding
Josophat sits up and gets a glance of the angel. He is
Nor'aa vanishes instantly.
Josophat quickly rolls up the bed, places it under his arm,
grabs the bag and throws it over his shoulder.
Josophat steps out into the darknesss of night and looks
around to survey his surroundings. He sees a group of men
walking speediously toward him with swords in their hands.
He recognizes the pagan symbol (Encircled Five Point Star)
carved deeply into the flesh on the back of their hands as
the light from the campfires shows on them. Not recognizing
their faces, Josophat knows they are spies within the camp
of the Children of Israel.
Josophat begins to run through the encampment. The camp is
crowded with people which aids him in putting distance
between the men and himself. He tosses the bedroll on the
back of an all white Arabian war horse, grabs the reins, and
leaps upon it's back pushing the horse toward the wilderness
of Paran.
The pagan warriors give chase. Josophat taps the sides of
the horses body with his barefeet urging it to run faster
through the open path. The warriors are begining to catch
up. The chase goes deeper into the wilderness, and the giant
trees begin to block out the moonlight shining on the open


path. As the warriors gain more ground on the lonesome rider
they begin to,
                       PAGAN WARRIORS
      (Prays out of fear)
Father help me!
Immediately, the angel Nor'aa stands before him on the open
Take cover amongst the trees.
The angel's voice sends chills through Josophat's body. So
he turns the war horse from the open path and positions
himself behind a great cedar tree.
We see the pagan warriors turn the corner of the path, and
the towering angel is standing before them. The angel's
entire body is covered with wings and is gleaming like
chrysolite. His height is nine feet three inches tall and
his eyes peer through his dark winged face like flames
shooting from a sacrificial fire.
The angel produces a human like hand from beneath a wing. In
his hand he holds a golden double edged sword that is six
feet long and twenty pounds in weight.
The first warrior challenges the angel fearlessly. Nor'aa
lifts his sword and cuts the warrior from the left side of
his neck between his inside shoulder down to his bottom
right rib. The cut is so clean that the bottom half of the
dead man rides away with the fear stricken horse, while the
top half lays in the dirt directly beneath where the sword
first met the bone.
The next rider charges at the angel with his horse in full
gallop. Josophat looks upon the angel and sees the face of a
lion. The angel's other arm is in the form of a lions front
quarter. It's claws or eight inches long and three inches
thick. He grabs the horse by the throat just under the
jawbone piercing it's esophagus,and cutting off it's air
supply. Nor'aa lifts the horse off of all four hooves
slamming it on his back. The rider is crushed between the
stallion and the earth.
Nor'aa hoovers above the fallen rider, and throws two silver
tipped daggers that are strapped to his outer thighs into
the third pagan's chest. The man's breastplate cracks, and


sounds like thunder clapping like as the daggers break open
the bone. We see one dagger strategically stacked on top of
the other.
When suddenly the angel takes on the face of an eagle. The
last bandit has no time to retreat before,
Lets out a deafening screech.
A black cloud appears and covers the bandit. The black cloud
disappears. The rider and the horse lay dead. Both covered
from sharp icicles. The gases from the hot icicles causes
both the rider and horses bodies to implode. Their organs
lay across the path and every organ is pierced with the
sharp icicles. Nor'aa spreads his wings, and gives a yell of
                       JOSOPHAT (vo)
The angel's voice caused the giant
trees to shake at their ancient
roots. He flaps his majestic wings
with such power that the tree tops
begin to sway, and every animal
that is listening seeks out
shelter. The giant trees shift,
and sway like a man blowing on the
feather of a quail.
Nor'aa yells to Josophat hiding behind the cedar tree,
Come to me.
Josophat removes himself from the stallion, and walks over
to the big angel. With his head bowed he says,
Yes, my lord.
Do not be afraid. I will take you
to a land of safety.
We see Nor'aa's hands transform into huge eagles claws.
Nor'aa grab's Josophat, and flies away with him.


We see Nor'aa descending on the new land releasing Josophat
from his grasp.
                       MAN (VO)
As the angel descended on the
distant land the people below gave
him much respected space.The
people new him well, and were
pleased to see him, fore the
creature had saved many of them
from the hand of death.
This will be your new home, and
the people here will take care of
SHARON...appears into FRAME. She is a beautiful black woman
with almond shaped eyes, full bosom, and thick thighs. She
hands Josophat six stone coverings, and says
Here are six stone coverings to
hide, and protect the word of GOD.
You and your descendants will be
held responsible for these tablets
so guard them with the courage of
your heart.
Josophat takes the stone coverings and carefully places the
broken tablets into them. Afterwards he places the tablets
back into the purple bag.
Nor'aa lifts a golden sceptor above his head. The sceptor is
covered with all types of precious stones. Some of the
stones are purple, blue, yellow, and green. He thrusts the
sceptor deep into the earth, and the ground begins to shake
and move. The layers of the earth seperate, and shifte into
seven parts forming the continents. Water fills the dark
depths of the earth where land once was. Nor'aa says,
It is time that I depart from you.
Listen to the voice of GOD and He
will guide you into all His truth.
Josophat bows down before the angel,and asks


What is your title my lord?
I'am Nor'aa one like the Son of
Man. I'am the beginning of the end
times.I'am a matter of
moments.I'am the one who places
Babylon beneath the the feet of
the righteous, and Almighty GOD.
I'am the water of the Holy Well
that quenches the soul of the
sinner. I'am the soldier that
halts every man that carries the
idea of rebellion against the
Living GOD. I'am the whole Armor
of GOD. I'am jew and gentile.
sinner and saint. Peasant and
king. I'am everything that the
Almighty GOD commands me to be.
I'am what I'am, nothing more and
nothing less. Most
importantly,I'am the servant of
the Lord of Lords and the King of
Kings. Forever and ever Amen.
Nor'aa flies away unto the heavens.
                       MAN (VO)
After Nor'aa spoke a voice called
him unto the heavens. His wings
flapped as a cheetah ran. His body
became bright as the sun, and in
the blink of an eye he could not
be seen by a mere man. The people
here had witnessed this sight many
times before, but this was a first
for Josophat. He was amazed by the
creature with many faces. Josophat
would never forget what he saw,
and because of it his faith rested
in the bosom of the Living GOD.
Sharon and Josophat watch Nor'aa as he disappears unto the
heavens. She turns to Josophat, and says
My name is Sharon. I'am a princess
from the land of Cush.
I'am a jew created by the hand of
the Living GOD.


Trying to make himself seem important, wanting to impress
the black beauty. Sharon holds in her laugh.
Aren't we all created by the Hand
of GOD?
Sometimes, I really do not know.
Well I think that God created us
all, but he lets us choose our own
Sharon leads him to an unoccupied tent where there is a
bedroll already on the ground. Josophat lies down holding
the broken bag of tablets close to himself.
Sharon stands inside Josophat's tent watching him as he
sleeps. She has a bowl filled with fish, and brown rice.She
is admiring his olive complextion, and wavy dark hair. She
watches his chest as he inhales and exhales then says,
Are you hungry?
Josophat awakes, and looks at Sharon.
Are you hungry? Do you want to
Josophat sits up and eats the food offered by Sharon.He eats
it greedily. Sharon watches him eat, and seems to be aroused
by the huge bites he takes.He finishes the meal, and gives
Sharon back the bowl. He is captured in her eyes. He looks
at her from head to toe.
                       MAN (VO)
The couple begat many children,
The people of this new continent
were a mixture of races, cultures,
and nations. They were a beautiful


                       MAN (cont'd)
people that feared the Living GOD.
                                         BLACKOUT TO:
Showing a little of Los Angeles year 2001. WE see tall
buildings with palm trees lining the streets. People are
driving fancy cars, beautiful girls are shopping. There are
billboards of movie stars. Men standing on street corners
dealing drugs, corrupt politicians taking bribes, and
accepting envelopes full of money.
Grace Decoux is beautiful, light skinned, with long curly
black hair and is a senior in high school. After she
discards her lunch tray she is approached by a handsome boy
named Sean.
Hi cutie. You know I like what I
Grabs Grace's attention with his comments.
Thank you.
She looks him in his eyes, and notices that he is staring
down at her breast.
I have to go now.
Where to?
He says after grabbing her by the arm as she is trying to
Let me go!
Sean squeezes her arm, and begins to laugh.


Grace balls her tiny fingers into a fist,and punches Sean in
the eye.They begin to tussle. Sean wrestles her down onto
the floor. He sits on her stomach trying to pin down her
arms. She wraps them around his back pulling him toward her,
and takes a bite out of his chest. Sean screams!
An obese campus monitor pulls the teenagers apart, and
escorts them into the principal's office.
Sean is ushered into the head principal's office first. The
campus monitor gives a hand gesture for Grace to take a seat
on a cmall bench. She watches the secretaries type, and
answer phone calls.
                       GRACE (VO)
I can't wait to get the hell away
from here.
Lynne Gonzales...is an attractive Hispanic girl eighteen
years of age. She is intelligent and sports a short hair
Lynne, a friend of Grace's looks through the glass of the
principal's office door. She lightly taps on the door
getting her friends attention. They make eye contact and
Lynne silently shapes these words with her mouth.
What happened?
Silently mouthing the words back to her friend.
It's hard being beautiful.
Lynne smiles, shakes her head, and walks away.
Sean storms out of the principal's office while giving Grace
a dirty look.
Grace! Grace!
Grace walks into the principal's office, and stands in front
of his desk.


I'm disappointed in you Decoux.
You Know better to be fighting in
my school.
But, he started it sir. He...
Just save it Decoux. I'm
suspending you for three days, or
until you come back with a parent.
Grace and Hattie are sitting on the sofa discussing the
incident at school.
After he grabbed me. I just lost
I understand you felt threatened,
and had to protect yourself. You
know I don't tolerate senseless
violence, but if you had to defend
yourself that's a different
They hug.
The choir is standing singing loudly.
He's my rock , my rock ,my sword,
and shield.
The choir continues to sing as we PAN across the
congregation, and see elders rocking in their seats enjoying
the voice of the choir. Other members stand, clap, and sing
along. We see Grace and her two friends, Lynne, and Lady
Skittles checking out teenage boys in suits.
                                         BLACKOUT TO:


The auditorium is filled with parents and students dressed
in cap and gowns. A banner with class of 2001 hangs behind
the students on stage. Grace and Lynne sit on the stage next
to other honor students.
I say to the class of "2001",
Everyone stands with parents clapping, and cheering, while
students toss caps into the air.
We see barricks, obstacle courses, and officers at a
shooting range. Grace, Lynne, and Lady Skittlz dressed in
sweat suits with Airforce logos on them doing a number of
exercises like jumping jacks, push ups, and sit ups. WE see
them jogging around the barricks, going through a basic
military obstacle course.
in the middle of FRAME.
On Lady Skittlz...she is eighteen years old, attractive,
African American, and a exhibitionist. She is walking around
Base on guard duty. WE see her military police
identification on her uniform. She is carrying a M-16
assault rifle in her hand and a .38 revolver in a side
holster. She is checking cargo trucks, and aircrafts that
are covered in snow. We see snow on the windows of barricks
in front of doors covering walkways, and jeeps in the B.G.
An Airforce Captain walks into the FRAME as LADY SKITTLZ is
surveying the grounds.
Is everthig alright officer?
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Yes sir.
Do you mind if I ask you a


                       LADY SKITTLZ
No sir. I don't.
How in the world did you get the
name Lady Skittlz?
                       LADY SKITTLZ
My Mother gave it to me because
that was the only candy I would it
as a child.
CU on Lady Skittlz showing perfect teeth.
We see an instructor teaching a group of men, and women
submission holds. While another instructor is teaching how
to take a weapon from an attacker.The camera PANS around the
gym to another group standing near a sandpit in gray sweat
suits, and black boots. Their is a total of twelve men and
six women.
Clarence is an African American male, about 25 years old,
handsome, serious, and a combat instructor that is chisled
like an action figure.
The twelve men and six women are paired off with eachother.
When I say go , I want everybody
to make their moves.
The paired off group of trainees take their fighting
Everyone ready, go!
The camera PANS around the sandpit as the men and women
attack eachother. We see Lady Skittlz throw another woman
down in the sand with ease.
That is very good.
Everyone stops and stares at Lady Skittlz.


Yeah, on another woman. Let her
try that on a man.
Yeah. Why don't we let her try?
You volunteering?
Sure I'am. Let's have at it.
Lady SKittlz and the red head face off. He throws a swift
right jab. She grabs him by the arm, bends his wrist, and
flips the man over her shoulder into the sand.
Everyone claps, and cheers. The red heads face shows
embarrassment. He picks himself up, and throws a quick right
cross, a left hook, and another right cross at her. She
dodges all three punches. Kicks him in the stomach, and
claps him across the back with both hands as he doubles.
Everyone claps and cheers again.
Where did you learn those moves?
With a sly grin, she says
                       LADY SKITTLZ
I've been a master of tai-kwon-do
for three years now.
The camera PANS the face of the onlookers as they erupt with
Clarence and Lady Skittlz both have on dressy evening
clothes while enjoying exspensive seafood dishes. They are
laughing, having a really good time. People are dancing in
the B.G.. Lady Skittlz stands away from the table, and
sashes her way to the hardwood dance floor. She is staring
Clarence in his eyes the whole time motioing him to come,
and join her.
The room is dark and Clarence is sitting on the edge of the
bed admiring the lady standing in front of him. She has on a
black evening gown, and her dark hair is flowing perfectly
over her shoulders.From Clarences P.O.V. we see Lady Skittlz


drop her dress to her feet. She is wearing a black lace bra
,and matching panties. Clarence is in awe! Her figure seems
to hypnotize him. He tries to stand to his feet, but is
pushed back down onto the bed by Lady Skittlz. She steps
over her dress, and procedes to unbutton his shirt. She rubs
her hands across his shoulders, and chest.Then she pushes
him by his chest forceing him to lie baok onto the bed. With
warm kisses followed by curious fingertips she dances down
his stomach unfastening his belt, and unbuttoning his
slacks. She impatiently pulls off his boxers, and pants at
the same time, and says
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Damn boy!
Lady Skittlz still standing in front of him, unfastens her
bra exposeing her breast to passion while the R&B singer
Usher croons (Can You Handle It) in the background.
Clarences eyes grow wide as she removes her panties tossing
them on the bed with her feet. She straddles him, and he
runs his hands down the crease of her back. He then nibbles
on her neck, and shoulders before engulfing her breasts. She
begins to move up, and down. As she begins to climax her
body begins to shake, and she says
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Yeah baby, that's what I want.
That's-what-I want.
A jeep explodes, and flips twice in midair before colliding
with the earth, and bursting into flames. Smoke , and dust
fill the air. The jeeps tires are completely melted, and the
truck remains on fire. The camera PANS the faces of excited
spectating Airmen, and women.
Good job Lynne. Damn good job.
CU on Lynne, she is smiling from ear to ear.
Camera PANS the crowd were we see military personel sitting
at tables with empty plates, and silverware in front of


He stands at the podium delivering a speech. Lynne sits on
the stage.
It is an honor for me to present
this award to an intelligent young
lady, who not to mention has an
I.Q. of a hundred and eightyfive,
She is the first person to ever
complete bomb school in only six
months, and she is the creator of
our militaries newest weapons
compound she calls U.C.S.. Which
is short for Unstable Chemical
Suppresant. This compound is able
to stabilize any explosive
chemical.Even the most unstable,
and dangerous explosive known to
man, nitroglycerin.She is an
Explosive Technician,
International Negotiator, and
Interpretator. She is fluent in
French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian,
and German.These are just a few of
her acievments. She is also our
latest officer to be promted in
rank. Everyone, please give a big
hand to Master Sargent Lynne
Everyone claps, and chers as Lynne stands and excepts a
placque from the lieutenant.
The words Bangkok,Thailand appear in the middle of the
We see Grace walking along the streets in one of the poorest
districts of Thailand. The streets are crowded with people,
and vendors. The vendors are selling shrimp, fish, monkies,
and other exotic animals.
                       GRACE (VO)
On my pass from base I was amazed
by the things that I saw. The
Thai's culture seemed primitive to
what I was accustomed to in the
states.The streets were crowded
with vendors selling everything
from shrimp to spider monkies. I


                       GRACE (cont'd)
wasn't in a hurry to try any
chilled monkey brains, but I did
note that it was considered a
delicacy. Different types of
exotic animals paced in cages
looking trapped and helpless.
Lobsters, and fish swam in tanks
in front of stores while skinned
goats, rats pigs, and dried fish
hung by hooks.The rotten ones gave
off an odor that you could smell
from miles away.
Grace is working with canines teaching them to sit, stay,
and roll over.She walks a canine around a car sniffing for
drugs,and bombs.
Grace is sitting at a desk taking notes from a flight
instructor. Someone raises their hand to ask a question.
Grace is sitting in the pilot seat of a F-15c Eagle flight
simulator with a pilot suit, and helmet on. She is in a
simulated Dog fight.
We see Hattie, Donald, and Grace standing in the front yard
petting a hundred pound bull mastiff. The dog runs into the
street to play with neighborhood kids. HE is pulling them on
their skateboards.
                       GRACE (VO)
I worked training the canines five
hours a day, and attended flight
school for eight hours after that.
I had developed patience for the
canines by training my own. My
grandmother gave my brother and I
a full blooded bull mastiff puppy.
We named him Napoleon and he grew
to be a monster. I trained him to


                       GRACE (cont'd)
attack on command, but overall he
was a friendly dog.
We see a television stand with a t.v.,and VCR on it. There
is a videocassette on top of the VCR. In a CLOSE SHOT we see
a strip of tape across the videocassette and, it reads THE
POLICE ORGANIZATION) logos on the uniforms of the officials
standing around the blank television screen when one puts in
the casette. The video shows Akbar standing over an already
bloody Egyptian diplomat tied to an old wooden chair. Akbar
claws the man's jaws with his left hand, and forces a pair
of pliers in the man's mouth with his right hand grabbing
the tongue and stretching it out of his mouth. Then a knife
appears in his left hand. He places the blade of the knife
under the diplommat's tongue, and slices upward cutting off
apart of it. Then Akbar swallows the piece whole.
An officer asks in an Italian accent,
                       ITALIAN OFFICER
So Captain. This man you call the
Hyena is apart of The Knights of
the New World Order funded by King
Abdul Mohammed?
That is correct.The tape was found
some time ago, and the man
murdered on the tape was an
Egyptian diplomat acting as a spy
for the United Nations.
The Captain points to a wanted poster of Jihad on the wall,
and says
This man here is ALI RDAHA HASHEEM
also known as JIHAD. He is the
Chief Enforcer for King Mohammed,
and both the men you have seen,
have traveled from iran to the
United States searching for the
Tablets of the Testiony. We have
sources that say these men are in
the Los Angeles area. If any of
you here, are up to the challenge
in finding these terrorist please


                       CAPTAIN (cont'd)
come forward.
Everyone glances at eachother, but no one comes forward, or
says a thing.
We see a television sports reporter sitting at a desk. As he
speaks we see a clip of David in a basketball game in the
B.G., as the reporter talks.
                       SPORTS REPORTER
Now take a look at the outstanding
freshman David Decoux of Lakeside
High School.This is the third game
he has scored fifty points are
The students are having a pep-rally.There is a band on the
stage playing enthusiasticly. Students and teachers are
mingling. David sees Rosemary, and walks over to introduce
What,s your name?
That's pretty.
Thank you.
I'm David.
I know.


Oh, you know huh?
Rosemary smiles and blushes.
I was wondering if I could call
you sometime?
Yeah, I'll give you my cell
Donald removes a cell phone from his pocket. Rosemary says
Cool. I'll call You later tonight.
They smile at eachother and walk away in opposite
We see David and Rosemary eating lunch together where we
hold for a beat,
There is a basketball game in progress. Donald scores a
basket. We PAN the cheering crowd, and see Rosemary
Sitting in front of an icecream shop Donald, and Rosemay
share a giant rootbeer float.
I thought you were going to bring
your Dad to the game?
She puts her head down.
Oh, I get it. You don't want me to
meet him.


No it's not that.
What is it then? I'm not stupid
you know.
I know your not, stupid it's just
It's just what? Tell me the truth.
My father is a devout muslim, and
your a christian.
So. So what?
My father hates christians, and
before I even reached puberty he
told me to never date, or marry
outside of my religion or race. My
father has a lot of difficult
views that I don't agree with, but
if I tell him that I love you
their is no telling what he would
But, I don't understand?
Thats just how he is. I don't know
what else to say
Donald's facical expression shows shock, and disappointment.
Donald and Rosemary are in a light embrace.
I'm gonna call you after practice.


The couple kiss, and Rosemary's brother ALI sees them. He is
infuriated. Ali slams the car gear into park, and runs
toward the couple. David is gone by the time Ali reaches his
sister. He grabs Rosemary by the arm, and spins her around.
Her eyes are full of shock, and fear.
What the hell are you doing?
Go get in the car!
Ali looks around for Donald as Rosemary runs to the car.
Ali, and Rosemary pull up, and get out the car. Ali grabs
her by the arm escorting her to the front door.
Come on Rose, come on.
Inside , their parents are at the dining room table talking
when they walk in.
Father, I caught Rosemary kissing
a nigger!
The mother quickly leaves the room, and their father pushes
himself away from the table. He slaps Rosemary across the
face with an open palm, and comes across the other side of
her face with a strong backhand. She falls hard to the
HASSAN, Rosemary,s father rips the cord from a nearby lamp,
and strikes her across the face with it. The cord wraps
around her head, and face cutting the skin. He strikes her
across the back working his way over her entire body.


Stop it! Stop it! Please!
Hassan's anger is fueled by her begging. He makes the cord
shorter by wrapping it around his hand a couple of times. He
grabs a hand full of hair, holds her head back, and
continues to beat her until he is out of breath. She runs
Were she lays across her bed sobbing, filling a pillow full
of tears, and blood.HOLD for a BEAT. She stands, and enters
She stands naked in front of a mirror not believing the
welts on her body. She is dazed and confused. Blood from the
cuts across her face mixed with her tears drizzles down onto
the porcelain sink. She steps into the,
Where she cries, and let's the water soothe her battered
Hassan picks up Rosemary's purse, and removes her cellular
phone. As he checks the phone for names, and numbers we view
the screen in a CLOSE SHOT as Donald's names pops up.The
frown on Hassan's face shows he does not recognize Donald's
name. Hassan's stuby index finger presses the call button on
the cell phone. David's house phone begins to ringing.
Donald answers the phone.
Hello. Who is this?
Hassan does not answer. David looks on the caller I.D., and
sees Rosemary's name.
Rosemary! Rosemary! Is tha you?
The phone line goes dead.


Hassan, Ali, and two of his friends are on their way to
Donald's house. They pass Donald's house in a new Nissan
Maxima, and Hassan parks the car, and goes into
Where AKBAR, a slender built Iranian, with a full beard is
in the process of putting potato chips on a shelf when the
four men walk in. Akbar looks up, and Hassan speaks as they
begin to embrace eachother.
It is good to see you my friend.
It is good to see you too Hassan.
Do you know a boy named Donald
that lives on this street?
Yes, I know him. He comes in here
all the time.
Well, there is a problem between
him, and my daughter, and I need
to take care of it.
What do you want me to do?
Hassan pulls out his cell phone, and calls his wife. She
answers ,and he gives her instructions.


I need you to do exactly what I'm
telling you.
Take Rosemary's phone, and find
the name David. Call the boy, and
act like you are her.Convince him
to come to the corner store.
Hassan hangs up the phone.
Donald steps out onto the porch, and looks in the direction
of the store. He can see it from his porch. He takes off
walking towards it. We see the men standing outside the
store with bats . Ali looks around the corner of the small
building, and sees Donald coming. Hassan get's into the
driver's seat of the car.
Here he comes. Get ready.
Donald walks around the corner of the building, and is met
by a fist to his face curteous of Ali. Then a bat to his
knee by another attacker. He falls to the concrete, and
screams. All three men beat him, and he whales everytime he
is hit with the bat. Right before he goes unconscious he
Stay away from my sister!


A group of young men wearing blue bandannas, and blue
clothing stand in the front yard. They hear Donald's cry for
help, and run to his aid.
Ali, and the young men see the group of boys running toward
them. They run to the car where they get inside. As Hassan
speeds off burning rubber on the concrete. CATFISH reaches
under his shirt, and pulls out an all black Nine Millimeter
Uzi. He squeezes the trigger, and empties the clip before
the car turns the nearest corner.
The group of youngsters try to help Donald on his feet, but
he is severly beaten, and can not stand. CATFISH looks into
the store, and Akbar is standing behind the counter.
Call 911 before I come in there,
and smoke yo' ass.
Akbar reaches beneath the counter, for an AK47 ASSAULT RIFLE
on the shelf,then picks up a cordless phone.
The group of youngmen are standing over Donald.
I told you to get down with this
crip'n, and you would'nt of been
slippin pimp'n.
Donald is laying in a hospital bed bandaged up with a cast
on his leg. He wakes up eventually, and sees his grandmother
standing over him.
You alright baby?
Yes ma'am. I don't know what they
got me on, but I can't feel a


Hattie shows a smile.
I've talked to your sister, and
she said to make sure you call her
as soon as you wake up.
Awe, man.
Just call her boy, here.
She dials the number for him, and hands Donald the phone.
Grace answers after a few rings.
Donald are you o'kay? I was
worried about you.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Well tell me what happened?
A couple of guys jumped me at the
corner store. They left me with
three broken ribs, and a broken
Why did they jump on you?
I don't know, I really don't know.
Well, you need to stay away from
that store.


I will.
Well, call me again in a few days.
I love you.
I love you too sis, bye.
Hattie is exiting the front door.She walks to her S.U.V.,
and gets in. She backs out, and begins to drive down the
street. CATFISH,A-Call, and TREY LOC are standing at a
nearby house watching Hattie as she drives pass. Catfish,and
Trey Loc hurry over to the Decoux's house where we see
Catfish knock on the front door.
These are the same boys that came to Donald's aid.
Come in!
The young gangsters enter the house, and we see catfish with
an AK47.
What's crack'n cuzz?
What's happening?
Ain't nothing.
The two boys walk over to the sofa where Donald is sitting,
and shake his hand. They are standing over David.
You want to get them fools that
jumped on you?
I don't know man.


You don't know! Them fools tried
to kill you, and you talking about
you don't know!
Well, I can't even walk.
You don't have to be able to walk
to make this AK talk. Help this
fool up.
David has a cast on his legs so Catfish, and Trey-Loc have
to help him up. They practilly carry him out to,
A-Call is sitting in a stolen black Chevy Impala where
Donald is seated in the front passenger side while Trey-Loc
and Catfish get in the rear.
I know where them marks hang at. I
played against them in a chess
tournament at the Panthers Boys
Club. They be at a restaurant
across the street from there.
Donald looks at A-Call with unbelievment.
you actually play chess?
Yeah punk! Yoy think your the only
fool on the block that got some
Naw, man.
      (with a devilish
If we were'nt about to ride on
these clowns, I would bust you in
your ass!


Rap music is blaring, and Donald stares out the window. A
few blocks over Catfish gives Donald the AK47. The camera
PANS across a couple of street signs. As the car turns the
corner we ZOOM in on the unsuspecting young men standing in
front of a Mediterranean restaurant smoking cigarettes. In
SLOW MOTION we see the car pullup in the parking lot. Trey
Loc is sitting in the backseat looking at Donald with a
frown on his face, and a MAC.10 in his hand.
Let's see what this fool gone do!
Ali is taking a drag on a cigarette, as Donald points the
AK.47 out of the car window. Ali looks down the barrel of
the gun, and becomes paralyzed with fear. As Donald fires
the gun cutting down Ali, Catfish lays out the sunroof with
two M-1 submachine guns, one in each hand. They gun down all
three young men.
A-Call punches the gas fleeing the scene entering a
neighborhood. A few blocks down some rival gang members are
standing out on the sidewalk. All of them are dressed in
some type of red, green, or brown. Two women face eachother
talking, and two men stand on the side walk doing the same.
One man sits in a red BMW745i alongside the curb.
The rap artist Brother Lynch raps loudly out of the black
Impala,"It's E.B.K. allday, everyday until the day I die,
I'm creeping through your hood with a mini Mac.10, A.R. ONE
Five." The men ,and women look up as they hear the music,
but it is too late. They are gunned down as Catfish shoots
the M-1 submachine guns out of the back passenger window,
while Trey-Loc sits on the left passenger side shooting the
Mac.10 over the roof gunning down the bystanders, killing
From the blindside of the Impala we hear a loud BOOm twice
before the driver's side window shaters. From the
passenger's side of the car over the roof we see a man with
a red T-shirt on with the single word BONE printed on the
front standing in the driveway shooting a (street sweeper),
a semi-automatic shotgun at the Impala. Trey-Loc catches a
few buckshots in the back before A-Call pulls the car out of
distance from the gunman. Trey-Loc is dazed by the
buckshots, but is not badly hurt, he bleeds in the backseat.
David is driven home, and carried back into the house where
he sits on the sofa stunned.
                                         BLACK SCREEN


Police officers have David in handcuffs. Detectives are
standing around him at the bottom of the porch. Hattie is
standing on the porch also.
What are you charging him with?
Right now your grandson is being
charged with eight counts of
murder. He'll be at the Californa
Youth Center for juvenile
                                         BLACK SCREEN
Grace is leading a squadron of four F15c Eagle Fighter Jets
through a maze of tracers being fired from triple A.85mm
guns. The pack of F15c's are flying in a tight formation
with the with the lights from the city below showing deep
into the cockpit's of the aircrafts. Then Grace has a
flashback to her first day of basic training.
Senoir Master Sargent Donna Sims, mid fifties sternad faced,
and serious shouts into Grace's ear as she is sleeping
comfortabley in her bunk.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Put your boots on soldier, and
lets go!
Grace is startled, and jumps up quickly, putting her boots
What about my clothes?
                       SARGENT SIMS
You don't have nothing I want
honey. Now move it! Move it!


We see Grace , and Sgt.Sims walk out the front door of the
It is raining, and Grace is still half asleep as she stands
on a concrete slab with nothing but a bra, and panties on.
Sgt.Sims orders her into the push up position.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Push up position now!
Grace gets into push up position on the wet concrete.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Sound off and don't stop until I
tell you too!
Grace begins her push ups.
One ma'am. Two ma'am.
Grace does 65 straight push ups, her hair is soaking wet.
Her arms are shaking, and she can barely hold herself up.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Miss Tuffy-Tuff so Tuff. Your not
so tuff now are you? You could'nt
fight a net off your ass if you
wanted too. Get up Decoux, I'm
tired of looking at the back of
your head.
Grace stands to her feet.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Now first things first. When I say
jump. You say how high? I mean you
better try to snatch a cloud out
the sky. Do you understand me?
Yes ma'am.
                       SARGENT SIMS
The United States Airforce does
not have time for insubordanation
or smart alecks. You don't have a
string sticking out of your back
so I don.t expect any sarcasm from
you unless I can find it, and pull


                       SARGENT SIMS (cont'd)
it. Do you understand me?
Yes ma'am.
Her voice trembling from the cold air.
                       SARGENT SIMS
Now get your ass back inside!
Nodding her head toward the barricks.
Grace snaps out of her trance as the heavy artillery
explodes like fireworks in front of her plane. She is
leading a four plane formation. CAPTAINS JOHN REED, and MIKE
PUCCINI are flying in the number three, and four positions
with JANE SHEFFIELD as the designated wingman.
      (talking into
Let's take it up to thirtythree
thousand feet. We see the four
plane formation elevate and even
back off.
Base to Mini Mouse do you copy?
Mini Mouse copies.
You are approaching the major
target areas where Bin Laden may
be hiding. We need destroyed do
you copy?
That's affirmative.
We sse Al Qaeda air defenders launching Surface to Air
Missles against the F15c Eagle Fighters.


The pilots can see the major target areas that are to be
destroyed. CAPTAIN REED, and CAPTAIN PUCCINI shoots down the
surface to air missles with sidewinder infrarred heat
seeking missles.
Three and Four continue to fly the
high CAP (combat air patrol).
Sheffield, let's take it down to
eight thousand feet.
The camera TILTS down as Grace, and her wingman begin to
descend to eight thousand feet.
Reed picks up an enemy aircraft on his radar, and prepares
to fight. At twentyone miles the enemy aircraft shows up
squarely inside the target box of his (HUD) Head Up Display
projected on the cockpit's windshield in front of him.
                       CAPT. REED
Eagle Three for Sparrow
Radar-Guided Missle.
CLOSE UP on Reed's hand as he flicks the trigger, and fires
the missle. The Sparrow missle drop offs from under the left
wing, and as the motor ignites their is a bright
orange-yellowish flash. The sparrow speeds off destroying
the enemy aircraft. The sky is lit up a humongus ball of
fire, and burning pieces of the aircraft fall from the sky.
Capt. Decoux, and Sheffield shoot Scud Missles down from the
sky with their Vulcan rotary cannon.
Base to Mini Mouse. Bin Laden has
just been cited at the Scud
launching area.
That's affirmative Base.
We see Grace fly over the Scud launching area.
Eagle One for Cluster bomb.
The bomb drops off from the jet, and the shark shaped fins
on the back of the bomb makes it spin at twentyfive hundred


revolutions per mintue causing the casing fans to open, and
pour out about two hundred assorted tennis ball sized
bomblets. The bomblets fall hard from the sky splitting the
planes, and tanks almost inhalf before they explode. The
Scud missles, and launchers explode instantly causing
destruction to the area. Clouds of fire, and black smoke
fill the atmosphere. Chunks of concrete are missing from the
runways, and taxiways.
Mini Mouuse to base, target
destroyed. Do you read?
Base reads, good job Mini Mouse.
Camera angle on Capt. Sheffield. She is a mile behind Grace,
and flying fast.
Base to Sheffield, we need you to
take out the Air Defense Center.
Do you copy?
                       CAPT. SHEFFIELD
I copy Base.
Seconds later she picks up an enemy aircraft in her radar.
                       CAPT. SHEFFIELD
Mini Mouse, I got a dog on my
tail. I need you to take out the
Air Defense Center. Do you copy?
I copy.
Capt. Sheffield, and the enemy aircraft do some evassive
maunevers on one another.
She flies over the Defense Center.
Eagle Two, for Bunker Buster.
The bombs drop on the Air Defense Center destroying
satellites, and vehicles exposing a hidden underground
bunker. A twothousand man Marine Expeditionary Unit


bombardes the Air Defense Center, and searches the
underground bunker. Bin Laden is dead, and there is only a
few survivors.
He pushes a button on his phone and places it to his ear.
                       MARINE LT.
General, I have good news and some
bad news. The bad news is Omar
Khadaffi has escaped.
                       MARINE LT.
The good news is we have killed
Saddam Hussein.
There is Airforce personel sitting at huge circular dining
tables. An Airforce General is introducing and honoring
Grace at a podium.
Today we are blessed to be in the
presence of a special young lady.
She is a fighter, and a winner,
and a proud American. She has flew
thirtyseven missions, amassing two
hundred and eight combat flying
hours. She led an attack squadron
that shot down seventeen Al Qaeda
aircraft,and desstroyed ten enemy
bases. Please give a warm hand to
Captain (Mini Mouse) Decoux.
Everyone stands to clap as Grace stands, and walks toward
the stage.
Lynne, and Lady Skittlz are cruising with the top down on a
white convertible 300M Chrysler. The chrome wheels on the
car are shining like four polished silver dollars. The cool
wind is blowing through their hair. The sun is shining
brightly, giving the never ending row of palm trees energy,
and life.


With one hand on the steering wheel, and one in a C.D. case
Lady Skittlz finds "FRANKIE BEVERLY and MASE." She puts the
disc into the C.D. player, and Frankie sing's (Joy and Pain
it's like sunshine and rain) through the new stereo system.
The girls bob their head, and snap their fingers to the
Lynne, and Lady Skittlz pull up in front of the L.A.X
airport. Thay are searching the ever moving crowd with their
eyes. Then Grace walks through the sliding glass doors
carrying a purse on one shoulder, and a piece of Samsonite
luggage in one hand. She is sporting a pink tank top with
some white shorts showing off her well toned arms and legs.
The girls exit, and speak simultaneously.
Hey girl.
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Hey girl.
They smile as they greet and hug Grace.
You look good girl, and I love
that watch.
Lynne is holding Grace by the hand so she can see the watch
better. The ladies jump into the Chrysler with Grace riding
                       LADY SKITTLZ
We saw your interview on 20/20
after you bombed Bin Laden. Your a
Yeah, and don't you forget it.
They all laugh.
The Store... is an old wooden building with a sign that
say's ANTIQUES and ARTIFACTS. It is surrounded by a shiney
chain link fence.


ON NAPOLEON...he is a buckskin colored beast with a huge
head. He is an active, and sound dog. He hears the girls as
they park ,and comes running from behind the store. His tail
is wagging happily, it has been a long time since he's seen
his master so he paces on the side of the vehicle excitedly.
All the girls exit the car. Grace is almost knocked to the
ground as the big dog bumbs it's head against her legs
looking for affection, she rubs and pats the big dog's head,
Hey boy, I missed you.
The women walk to the front of the shop together with
Napoleon tagging alone. Grace enters first, Napoleon runs
past her, and everyone shouts SURPRISE! Welcome Home
bannershang from the ceiling and across the walls, Grace
embraces her grandmother tightly , then she hugs other
friends. The camera PANS the room to a table covered with a
white plastic tablecloth, sodas, a bowl of fruit punch,
sandwiches, and other refreshments. The cake is white with
pink flowers made of icing,and reads WELCOM HOME. We see
Grace mingling and dancing with her old friends.
Napoleon is lying next to the front door chewing on a piece
of wood watching the cars as they leave the parking lot.
Grace, and Hattie stand in the front door of the waving bye
to the party goers. Napoleon stands and stretches his
muscular body with the piece of wood still in his mouth.
The camera PANS on Napoleon as he goes into the storage room
and flops down lazily in a corner. He yawns, and stretches
over the broken Tablets of the Testimony that are
camoflauged into the concrete floor.
A black limousine filled with Islamic terrorist speed into
the parking lot. Three men get out the back, and run toward
the entrance of the store.
The terrorist are dressed in black fatiques, and black


Grace and Hattie are checking E-Mail on the computer when
the terrorist approaches them. Hattie looks up, and says,
Sorry,we're closed today.
Where are the missing Tablets of
the Testimony?
Over there.
She is pointing to shelves holding clay replicas of the Ten
Two of the the terrorist walk over to the shelves, seeing
that they are not authentic begin to throw the replicas down
breaking them. Then they begin to break vases, and small
African statues.
Where are the original
Commandments old lady?
I don't know what you're talking
about. Maybe Napoleon has them.
Who is Napoleon? Where is he?
Napoleon hears his name being called, and sticks his huge
head around the corner looking into the front of the store.
He growls intensely, and stands next to his owners ready to
protect them.
The terrorist begin to slowly back away from the big dog.
Napoleon barks twice, and Hattie says
Napoleon, show these gentlemen to
the door baby.
Napoleon barks ,and lunges toward the terrorist. They run,
and Napoleon gives chase.


The group of men run through the parking lot, and dive into
the backseat of the car barely escaping the jaws of the
mastiff. As the door of the car slams shut, Napoleon runs
head first into the side of the door. He jumps upon the car
barking, and biting at the men through the windows. He slams
his body into the side of the car, and out of his fury the
mastiff bites at the tires as the car speeds off.
Akbar is driving,and Jihad is on the passenger side.
Did you find the Tablets?
Yamin is in the back seat, and has his head down when he
You know the king does not
tolerate failure! If the king says
the tablets are in the shop, they
are in there.
But we were not expecting the
beast. It caught us by surprise.
Jihad shakes his head in disgust.
Grace picks up the phone.
I'm calling the police.
She takes the phone from Grace, and places it back down onto
the base.
I don't understand why you don't
want me to call the police. we're
going to have to get some


                       GRACE (cont'd)
Just leave it alone baby, and what
kind of protection are you talking
Grace is sitting on the bed in her old bedroom watching the
World News. JULY 8,2007 appears in the frame of the
Clips of the London subway bombings flash across the
television screen, and she sees Yamin crossing the street in
the background. She frowns in bewilderment. This was the man
she saw four day's ago.
Grace picks up the phone, and calls her cousin A.D. in
Thirty years old, light skinned, African American, clean
cut, handsome, polite,and dangerous. He is in a classroom
setting,talking low
Who is this?
This is your cousin boy, Grace.
I see you made it back home.
It's good to hear from you.


Well I've just got back into the
States, and I've already ran into
a little trouble.
What kind of trouble are you
talking about?
Some men came into the shop,and
ramshacked the place. If it wasn't
for Napoleon their is no telling
what would of happened, and why
are you talking so low?
I'm in the middle of a stress, and
anger management class.
Looking around adjusting his jacket to conceal the holsteres
.357 Magnum tha is beginning to show.
Don't worry about nothing, I got
you. I'll be in L.A. this weekend,
and I'll bring you what you need.
Oh yeah. Do you have any money?
Boy, I got enough money to buy
They both laugh.
I'll see you when you get here.
They hang up the phones.
A.D., and Craig are in the middle of a game of billards. The
place is filled with cigarette smoke and half drunk men ,and
women. Two ladies in tight mini skirts are checking the
guy's out when Craig's phone rings. He digs the phone out of
his pocket, and answers on the third ring. His mother
(TRACEY), screams


Help me son, help me! Gerald hit
me, and he want leave.
I'll be right there.
He hangs up ,and has a panic stricken look on his face.
What's the problem.
My mama,and her boyfriend are
fighting again. I need to get over
A.D. is flooring a european sports car,then ask's
So what do you want to do with the
What body are you talking about
Your mother's boyfriend. You want
me to take care of him for you?
Damn man your crazy! Why you
always want to kill somebody? You
might as well drop out of the
anger management class.
Their's no need to get personal. I
was just making a suggestion.
Craig shakes his head,and says
Damn man, your crazy.


I really don't like to get into my
mother's business,but since she
called me I have to make sure
everything's alright. The last
time I got involved , and ruffed
Gerald up until both of his eyes
were closed. My mama called 911.
Her reason was she thought I was
going to kill him. The police
arrived, and wanted to know what
happened. I told them my mother
wanted him to leave the house, but
he go. We started getting
physical, and I got the best of
him. The cops asked my mom what
happened? She took sides with her
boyfriend, and I ended up doing
six months in the county jail.
Plus I was ordered to pay a
fivehundred dollar fine. My pops
warned me not to get in my mothers
affair's. He said if they want to
get drunk, and fight all night
let'em do it. They'll be in love
all over again the next day.
So they get drunk, and fight like
this all the time.
Yeah, pretty much so.
They pull up to the old shotgun styled house, and see the
couple inside the livingroom arguing. They step out of the
vehicle. A.D. stands on the front porch, and lites a
cigarette. Craig opens the ragged screen door, and steps
What's going on?
The couple stops arguing when they hear Craig, they are
Gerald go out, and cool off man.
Come back later on.


You don't got nothing to do with
This is the last time I'm going to
ask you to leave bro.
Gerald gives Craig an evil stare with drunken eyes, then
walks out slamming the screen door behind him. He sees A.D.
on the porch, and with slurred speech asks
Who the hell are you?
I'm a friend of Craig's.
Oh, another fift cent chump. Since
your standing on my porch how
about giving me one of those
cigarettes your smoking.
A.D. pulls a Newport cigarette from the pack, and hands it
to Gerald. Gerald puts the cigarette into his mouth, and
looks at A.D. for a light. With his left hand A.D. a
lighter, flicks it, and the flame sways from the slight
breeze of the air. Gerald put's his head down toward the
flame, and smacks him across the face with a green snake
skin belt breaking the cigarette between the man's thick
lips. gerald stumbles sideways, and catches another blow
from the belt across the face. In his drunken stupor he
falls off the porch into the front yard. A.D. stands over
him whipping him with the belt. Gerald tries to protect his
face by covering up with his hands, so A.D. begins to punch
him in the face. Gerald screams.
Craig, and Tracey come running out of the house. Craig pulls
A.D. off of Gerald taring his silk shirt in the process.
A.D. kicks Gerald in the butt, and shouts
Get your punk ass out of here!
Gerald stands to his feet and staggers to his truck. He
burns rubber on the concrete as he speeds away.


Ya'll come in the house before the
neighbors see you!
A.D. gains his composure, straightens out his clothes they
go into the house, and sit at a small dining table.
They sit at the table staring at eachother. Their is tension
in the air. Tracey breaks the ice by saying,
You boy's thirsty? I'll get ya'll
something to drink
She goes into the kitchen, and comes back with two cans of
sprite, and keeps the glass for herself. She sits down, and
lifts a gallon of whiskey from beneath the table, and pours
herself a drink.
How you been doing A.D.?
I've been doing alright. How about
I can't complain baby, I'm doing.
How is Hattie, and those kids.?
Their doing fine. As a matter of
fact I'm flying to L.A. to visit
them this weekend. You know Grace
joined the Airforce too. She was
the piolt that dropped the bombs
exposing the underground bunker
that Saddam Hussein was found
hiding in.
Are you serious boy?
Yes ma'am.
Tracey looks at her son,and says


I'm glad that baby made something
out of her life. Now days
everybody wants to be a drug
dealer, and make that fast money.
Craig opens his can of sprite an takes a big gulp. Tracey
takes the rest of the soda from him, and pours it into her
You know that girl's father, and I
used to have a good time together.
Yes we did.
Craig looks at his mother with embarrassment. Knowing what
her son was thinking, Tracey says
Not sexually. Get your mind out of
the gutter son, every man that I
talk about I didn't sleep with. We
ran with the same crowd back in
the days. We would go to club
Wesley's, and party allnight long.
With a serious look on her face.
Your uncle Ross was a hard man
A.D., he didn't take no mess from
nobody. Everybody knew he ran
tight with them cajun mafia boy's.
I remember this man from Rome
started hanging around Wesley's
talking about some missing
tablets. Word on the street was
the Roman offered your uncle some
big money if he could them.
The Roman, Bloodstone,and a mafia boss discuss Ross. There
is a huge bodyguard standing in front of the door inside the
                       MAFIA BOSS
Ross is a hard working and loyal
soldier for the family, but he's
picked up a nasty heroin habit. He
is in a bit of a debt with the


                       MAFIA BOSS (cont'd)
family so whatever you plan to pay
him I want twentyfive percent.
The mafia boss beckons the bodyguard with one hand to let
Ross inside. The bodyguard turns, opens the door, and Ross
steps inside.
                       MAFIA BOSS
Have a seat Ross.
Ross sit's down next to Bloodstone.
My name is Bloodstone, and I'm a
represenative for some very
powerful men. I was informed that
you may have acsess to something
that could strenghten our
organization. The Knights of the
New World Order has reason to
believe that someone in your
family may have the original
Tablets of the Testimony written
by the finger of GOD that was
given to the prophet Moses. Iwas
informed by my superiors that you
are a direct descendant of the
courageous Isralite Josophat, and
he was the last one known to have
the Tablets.
Ross begins to laugh.
You can't be serious.
I'm very serious Mr. Ross, and I'm
willing to make you a rich man if
you can help me find them.
How many Tablets are their?
The commandments are broke into
six pieces. Together the pieces
form two Tablets, both of them
made of stone. How many living


                       BLOODSTONE (cont'd)
relatives do you have?
Only three, besides my wife,and
two children. My mother, and two
We see a black Mercedes Benz drive up. It is Ross
accompanied by his wife,and Blooodstone. Ross knocks on the
door of the old fashioned two story house. Uncle Thomas
opens the door.
                       UNCLE THOMAS
Come on in son. I haven't seen you
in a while. Where have you been
hiding yourself?
Thomas turns his back, and Ross walks in behind him, and
shocks his uncle with a stungun. Thomas falls to the floor,
and Bloodstone rushes in and binds his ankles, and wrist
behind his back while Ross's wife shuts the door.
Ross, and Bloodstone drag Thomas into the kitchen, and sit's
him in a chair.
Bloodstone slaps Thomas hard across the face, and begins to
question him.
Where are the Tablets of the
                       UNCLE THOMAS
I don't know what your talking
Bloodstone punches Thomas in the face. Ross and his wife go
to the living room, and sit's on the sofa where we see him
taking a fix of heroin in his veins. He closes his eyes, and
then we see Bloodstone removing Thomas's shoes, and socks.
Bloodstone holds Thomas's ducktaped ankles with one hand
begins to burn the soles of his feet until we can hear the


flesh crackle. Thomas yells! Bloodstone sticks his thumb as
far as he can into the sole of Thomas's foot.
Where are the damn Tablets?
                       UNCLE THOMAS
I don't know.
Bloodstone removes his thumb from inside Thomas's foot.
Bloodstone searches the cabinet under the kitchen sink for
house hold cleaners. He picks a bottle of bleach,opens it,
and pours it over the top of Thomas's head. The bleach runs
into his eyes, and ears causing them to bleed. Thomas yells.
Then we see Ross's wife push the needle into her arm.
Bloodstone chokes Thomas.
You know where those Tablets are.
Don't you?
                       UNCLE THOMAS
No! No!
Bloodstone enters the room, and walks over to the window
where he begins to wipe the blood on his hands onto the
drapes. He looks at Ross sitting on the sofa.
Your uncle doesn't have the
How do you know?
I've tortured many men, and this
man is telling the truth. Let's
get out of here.
Ross, and his wife walk out the front door first, then
Bloodstone sets the drapes on fire with the lighter.
Ross, his wife, Bloodstone, and Uncle Harold are standing in
the kitchen.


Uncle Harold, you don't know
nothing about these Tablets I'm
talking about.
                       UNCLE HAROLD
Boy, are you on that stuff.
Man, fuck all that!
Ross punches his uncle in the face knocking him to the
floor. Bloodstone jumps on the man pining his arms beneath
his on legs. He punches Harold in the face a couple of
Ross get me a knife, and some
Ross retrieves a knife, and a box of salt. He gives the
things to Bloodstone, and he cuts off Harold's ear with the
knife. He yells!
Tell me where the Tablets are why
you still can.
                       UNCLE HAROLD
Please! I don't know what your
talking about please!
Shut up!
Ross takes the box of salt,and pours some on his uncle's
ear. He yells. Bloodstone cuts off the other ear, blood
squirts across Ross's face, and he runs to the sink, and
vomits. Harold is yelling at the top of his lungs.Ross's
wife runs out of the kitchen.
This is your last chance to tell
me where the tablets are.
                       UNCLE HAROLD
Go to hell!
Bloodstone takes the knife and stabs Harold in the middle of
the throat,burying it in his esophagus.


Hattie is watching Perry Mason on television when a strange
feeling comes over her. She sits up with a worried look on
her face.
Let me call my brothers.
She goes over to the nightstand and picks up a telephone,
and dials some numbers, we hear the phone ring a few times.
Come on Thomas answer the phone.
Thomas does not answer the phone. She dials Harold's number.
We hear the phone ring a few times, he does not answer.
Answer the phone Harold. Come on,
come on.
He doesn't answer the phone. She hangs the phone up, get's
down on her knees, and begins to pray. The angel Nor'aa
appears before her.
Do what you must to protect the
tablets of the Testimony.
Nor'aa disappears, and a vision of her son comes to her,
then a second voice say's.
                       SECOND VOICE
Sacrifices must be made. Remember,
I'am the Potter, and you are the
Hattie stands to her feet,enters the hallway, goes down the
stairs, and enters.
In a hurry she takes a bottle of burbon from a cabinet, and
spikwit with rat poison. She places the poison back into the
What you doing with that liquor


Hattie looks over her shoulder, and sees her son standing
behind her,with his wife, and Bloodstone sitting at the
kitchen table.
I'm about to pour this stuff out.
Your Uncle Thomas left this bottle
over here, and I don't want it.
Don't pour that liquor out mama.
I'll take care of it for you.
She turns and faces her son, and say's.
You look like your walking with
the devil boy.
She begins to exit from the kitchen. Ross grabs three shot
glasses from the cabinet, and places them on the kitchen
table. He fills all three glasses with the poison burbon,
and each one of them downs a shot. Ross refills the glasses.
We see Hattie on her knees praying.
Ross drinks a shot of the burbon, and closes his eyes, his
wife, and Bloodstone begin to have violent seivures. They
clench their stomachs, and fall to the floor vomiting blood,
and puse. They drown on their on blood. Ross vomits a
brownish red liquid into his lap, and never wakes up again.
Hattie enters the FRAME crying with a gas powered hedge
trimmer in her hand. She looks at the corpses.
Oh,God! Forgive me Father, it is
by Your will, not by mine.
She kneels over Bloodstone, and removes his arms first, then
places them in a garbage bag. She cuts each of his legs into
two pieces and places them into a garbage bag. Leaving the
head connected to the torso.
She cuts her daughter-in-law in the same fashion, and places
her body parts into a garbage bag. At this point she is a
bloody mess, and crying hysterically.


She looks at the bags full of body parts stacked on top of
eachother, and then looks at her son. She is crying
uncontrolably and falls to her knees over her son. She
begins to dismember her son when she breaks down.
Why me Lord? Why me?
                       SECOND VOICE
Sacrifices must be made. Remember
when Abraham placed his beloved
son Issac upon the alter.
Hattie is putting the garbage bags into the back of a orange
and white Chevy Silverado truck. She is going back ,and
forth into the house and to the truck placing bags into the
bed of the truck.
She starts up the truck, and drives off down a dirt road.
The camera follows the truck down some dirt roads.
Hattie get's out of the truck, and begins to unload the bags
into the murky water, she catches the glowing eyes of the
A plane land safely. Then we see A.D., and a dark
complexected salvadorian shaking hands in front of a
A.D. my friend, it is good to see
It is good to see you too.
They get in the back of the limousine and the car drives


It is a large building, there are some small moving trucks
in the parking lot and larger ones in the back.
How much do I owe you for this
Two, and a half million.
A.D. steps out of the limousine, and goes into
There are a few employees walking around,and one behind the
counter. A.D. casually strolls behind the counter, gives a
head nod to say what's up, and grabs a set of keys off a key
rack. He walks through the store
Now in the rear parking lot, A.D. settles in a large moving
truck, starts it up, lights a cigarette, and turns on the
radio to a hip hop station. He drives the truck onto the
Grace is on the sofa watching television, when hattie kisses
her on the cheek.
I'll see you baby. I have to catch
this bus before it leaves the
Where are you all going?
Saint John's is having a revival,
and our church was invited so we
are going over there.
All right, I'll see you when you
get back.


The camera follows Hattie outside to her S.U.V., she get's
in, backs out the driveway and proceeds down the block where
she stops at the store on the corner of her block.
She grabs an orange juice from the freezer, and picks up a
bag of soft mints down the aisle. She reaches the counter
and Akbar pulls a .45 caliber handgun on her. She is
shocked, and drops the juice on the floor, the bottle
Please don't shoot me, please!
Akbar makes her come around behind the counter, and forces
her into the office at gun point.
Very small office, with only a small desk, and phone.
Sit down!
Hattie sits down in the office chair, and Akbar picks up the
phone and calls Jihad.
I have the old woman here in the
Good hold her until I can send
some men over to the antique shop
then I'll call you back.
Where we see several terrorist taring the store apart. They
are breaking vases, statues, searching desk drawers.
A couple of terrorist turn over file cabinets standing right
next to the tablets concealed in the concrete floor.


We see the cracks in the foundation where the tablets are
hidden, and a man's feet standing next to them. The
terrorist snatch some paintings from the walls when Yamin
ask's another terrorist,
Did you find anything?
                       TERRORIST 1
Jihad is standing in the storage room next to Yamin, when he
ask's the question, and get's the answer. Jihad phones King
                       KING MOHAMMED
King, I'm sorry to bother you, but
we have a problem.
                       KING MOHAMMED
What is it Jihad?
We have searched the shop from top
to bottom, but haven't found
                       KING MOHAMMED
You know the consequences for
failure are severe, and will not
go unpunished. Do not come back
without those tablets.
The king hangs the phone up on Jihad.
Akbar is still holding Hattie at gun point, when the phone
Do what you want with the old lady
just make sure she's dead when


                       JIHAD (cont'd)
your through.
They hang up the phones. Akbar stands behind Hattie with the
gun pointed at her head.
In my culture they say a true
martyr is the highest honor in the
kingdom of God. I hope you have
served well.
Catfish walks into the store and that is when we hear the
loud shot from the handgun. Akbar walks into the FRAME with
gun in hand. Catfish reaches under his shirt pulling out a
.9mm uzi, but Akbar is quicker and shoots the young man
twice in the head.
Catfish falls and there is a customer on his way into the
store, he has witnessed the shooting through the plexie
glass door. He sees Akbar coming toward him, and runs away
to call the police.
Akbar steps over the dead body, he runs to the black
Mercedes, and flees the scene.
There are emergency response vehicles, and squad cars in
front of the store. The lights from the ambulance lights up
the neighborhood.
Grace is looking at all the commotion from the front porch,
and decides to investigate what was happening. The camera
follows her as she walks down to the scene of the crime, and
spots her grandmother's S.U.V.. Grace is standing in front
of the store among the crowd.
The corner rolls out two bodies on stretchers. Grace breaks
through the crowd, and runs to the nearest stretcher, and
yanks the blood stained sheets back. She sees her
grandmother, and falls to her knees. An officer helps Grace
to her feet.


                       OFFICER 1
Are you o'kay? Do you know this
woman ma'am?
She's my grandmother.
The witness who called the police is standing near Grace.
I saw who did it. I gave the
police the license plate number.
Grace walks over to him.
What is it? Tell me.
We see Grace driving a black Stingray Corvette. She is
crying and clearly upset.
As Grace pulls into the parking lot she sees the moving
truck. The rear of the truck is facing the front door of the
shop. A.D. is standing in the rear of the truck with the
hatch open smoking a cigarette. Grace walks up to the rear
of the truck with tears in her eyes. A.D. jumps out the back
of the truck and hugs her.
What's wrong?
They killed my grandmother!
What! Who is they?
The men I told you about.
Awe man. I can't believe it.
They hug for a while longer.


Let's go inside.
She begins to put the key into the lock, but the door comes
open when she touches it. She looks back at A.D., he takes
out a pistol and walks in first, with Grace behind him. She
flips a light switch on the wall illuminating the small
building. They walk through the shop, and checks storage
room. The shop looks like a hurricane hit it.
You got the straps?
Yeah, I got'em. Come help me with
the crates.
They go to the rear of the truck, and unload one of the many
crates that are inside. They take it into the store then
proceed to grab another from the truck, and brings it in.
There is a crowbar on top of the second crate, A.D. picks it
up, and pries open the top of the crate. He pries open the
other crate, tosses the crowbar to the floor, and then lifts
both tops off the crates at the same time.
The camera sees down into the crates, and both are filled
with artillery. Grace picks out six new.45 caliber
semi-automatic pistols with two clips for each gun out of
one crate, and places them in a large duffel bag. Out of the
second crate he takes a M-16 assault rifle, and a grenade
You sure this is what you want?
I'm positive.
What do you plan to do with all of
this heat?
I really have'nt decided yet.
Well, I'm gonna stay until you
make up your mind.


No, you go on, and take care of
your business. I have some friends
that will help me do what I need
to do.
A.D. hugs her again, and says
I'll be back as soon as I make my
A.D. walks out the front door, and Grace goes into the
storage room where she sits in front of a computer. She
types on the computer, and the Department of Motor Vehicles
appears. She enters the license plate number 915*8vx. The
car is registered to The Knights of the New World Order
Church of God, 63845 Pacific Pier, Long Beach, California
She spins around in the leather swivel chair, and thoughts
of her grandmother's dead body goes through her mind. She
stares down at the cracks in the concrete floor, then a
bright light shows from between them. She picks up a letter
opener off of the desk, and slowly walks over to the, corner
of the room. She places the sharp end of the letter opener
between one of the cracks, and pries on the concrete floor.
A section of the floor comes up, and she is shocked! The
thin slab of concrete is only a covering, she tilts it, and
another piece of stone with an inscription on it falls into
her hand.
She removes five other pieces of stone just like the first,
and sits them on the table next to the computer. There is
an envelope attached with ducktaped to one of the stone
coverings. She opens the envelope, and removes a note, it
When you read this letter, heaven
will have become my home. Place
the broken pieces of stone
together, and they will form two
She places the tablets together until they are two whole
The tablets that you see before
you are the original Tablets of
the Testimony. The ten
commandments GOD gave to Moses.


                       GRACE (cont'd)
These tablets where written by the
hand of GOD, and entrusted to our
family. Do what you have to do to
protect them. I love you, and may
God be with you.
Terrorist 1 creeps on the side of the house. The motion
sensored lights above Grace's window comes on, but he is not
deterred. He tries to lift the window, but it's locked. He
produces a sharp knife, and slides the knife across the
window ledge popping the lock. He looks into the house then
lifts the window. With the knife in his right hand he lifts
his body up into the window placing his head, and shoulders
on the inside of the bedroom.
Napoleon is lying in the corner of Grace's bedroom. He leaps
with lighteening speed grabbing the assassin's face crushing
the man's jaws in it's own. The assassin let's out a
muzzeled scream. Napoleon shakes the man's face violently
while pulling the other half of the man's body into the
house. He rips the flesh, and muscle tendons off the bones
of the assassins jaws. The dog wraps it's huge mouth around
the assassins throat suffocating him. The dog is excited by
the power of it's jaws, and paces back and forth over the
dead man's body growling intensely.
Regina Day is shaking her husband trying to wake him. And
I saw somebody climbing through
the neighbor's window. I'm calling
the police.
James sits up, get's down on one knee, and removes a chrome
.357 Magnum while Regina dials the police.
Yes. That is the correct address,
please hurry.
She hangs the phone up. Regina stands in front of her
husband looking at him for reasurance. He grips the butt of


the gun tightly in one hand, and gives a waving gesture with
his free hand for her to move on ahead, or to get out the
She begins to lead the way from the bedroom.
With James admiring her from behind. Even with the robe on
he could see her small waist, thick hips, and firm buttocks
sway every time she took a step.
Holding hands. They walk down the porch, and make a left
turn as they reach the sidewalk.
They walk through the front yard to the side of the house
until they almost reach the bedroom window. James releases
Regina's hand, and steps forward looking into the window.
The stinch from the assassins losing his bodily functions
causes James to cover his nose, and mouth to stop from
vomiting. He sees the outline of bone freely hanging from
the assassins skull, and pieces of flesh thrown around the
What's wrong baby?
James grabs Regina by the hand, and begins to lead her to
the front of the house.
I think we better wait for the
cops to get here. It's real ugly
in there. I don't think you want
to see that.
See what James?
There is a dead man in the house.
James, and Regina stand on the sidewalk in front of the
house. James the drawstring on his pajamas as tight as he
can, and puts the .357 Magnum into his waistband.


A Los Angeles police car is coming down the street, and
parking in front of the Decoux's house. Two officer's emerge
from the car with careless smirks on their faces, and
approach the couple.
Officer Johnson speaks to Regina looking past James as if he
is not there.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
What seems to be the problem the
My wife noticed the window over
there open.
James is pointing to the back of the house where the open
window is.
I took a look in, and it wasn't a
pretty sight.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
Well, whay did you see?
A dead man.
The assisting officer Joel Katz takes a couple of long
strides to the squad car, picks up the radio and calls for
back up. We can see Off. Johnson asking questions and
writing down information.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
That will be all sir. Thank you
for your help.
James, and Regina begin to walk toward their home, when
another squad car pulls up. Two officers rush from the car
toward Off.Johnson, and Katz.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
Officer Rivers I want you to check
out the window over there.
Off.Rivers walks off.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
Forney you cover the back. Katz,
and I are gonna cover the front.


Off.Forney walks to the back of the house, and stands at the
backdoor with his gun drawn.
Officer Rivers looks through the open window. First he sees
the knife clenched in the dead man's hand.Then he takes the
flashlight from it's holster, and shines it through the
window veering the light upon the dead man's face.
Napoleon has one of the assassins cheeks in it's mouth when
he comes face to face with Off.Rivers. He is horrified, and
stumbles away formthe window. Napoleon sticks his massive
head out of the window with his tail wagging happily.
                       OFFICER RIVERS
Oh my God!
Then we see Off.Johnson turn the door knob to see if the
door is open. Napoleon gears the front door being tampered
with, and runs through the house. Off.Johnson still has his
hand on the door knob when Napoleon runs head first into the
door. It sounds like two cars colliding head on, and
Off.Johnson falls backward onto his butt then crawls to the
safety of the right side of the wall. The dog continues to
bark, and slam it's body into the door.
Off.Rivers radios the other officers.
                       OFFICER RIVERS
I think I found our killer.
                       OFFICER KATZ
Do you have the suspect in
                       OFFICER RIVERS
No, he's still in the house.
                       OFFICER KATZ
There is a dog in there too, and a
big one. He scared me half to
death, and I think my partner here
pissed his pants.
We hear the officers chuckle over the radio.
                       OFFICER RIVERS
All jokes aside. I think the dog
is the killer.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
Allright guy's, let's meet back at
the front of the house.


We see Off.Rivers, and Off.Katz walk off the porch onto the
sidewalk. Off.Johnson speaks into the radio.
                       OFFICER JOHNSON
Could you send down a coroner, and
officer Scott to 24 East Slade
Rd., thank you.
Now we see all the officers huddled together.
                       OFFICER KATZ
What did you see through the
                       OFFICER RIVERS
I saw a dead man on the floor with
a knife in his hand. Then this
humongus dog came running to the
window with this man's face in his
They look at eachother in disbelief.
Two small cargo vans are parked one in front of the other.
The vans are plain white, and one boasts COUNTY CORNONER in
bold black letters. The other van reads COUNTY VET. Two
homicide officers are putting yellow tape around the borders
of the house. All the officers are talking to the cornoner
and the vet.
About how much does the animal
                       OFFICER RIVERS
About a hundredfifty to a
hundredeighty pounds.
Scott inserts a small vial of yellowish liquid into the back
of a dart, and then loads the dart into a tranquilizer gun
the size of a .22 rifle.
He walks off, and goes to the window where he sees Napoleon
enter the bedroom. He points the rifle, and with no
hesitation shoots the dog perfectly in the hind quarters.
Napoleon turns toward Scott to attack him, but flops to the
ground all most instantly. After the shot is fired
Off.Johnson kicks the door in, and is followed by the other


Off.Rivers, and Off.Forney venture off through the house to
be sure it is free of burglar bars, while Off.Johnson opens
the door to Grace's bedroom with Off.Katz following him.
With pistols drawn. The room is clear except for the dead
man, and dog. Off. Katz flicks the light switch on. Their
faces are in shock when they see the dead man's face.
The homicide officer, and the coroner enter the FRAME. The
homicide officer begins to snap pictures of the crime scene.
Dr. Harrington, coroner, 50, caucasion, walks over to the
dead man's body being careful not to step in any blood or
trample the crime scene. He has on a white evenly fitted lab
coat with clear plastic gloves. He looks at the dead man
through wire rim glasses, bites his bottom lip, and shakes
his head. He has a black body bag under his arm.
He notices the halfly torn upper lip on the dead man that
makes him look like he has buckteeth. The assassin's upper
lip is sitting high on his gums, ripped off beneath the
nostrils. The bottom left half of the jawbone is missing.
The right side of the jaw is naked of flesh except for a
chunk of gum, and teeth that barely cling to it. A piece of
the dead man's chin makes the jaw look like a handcrafted
golf club.
Off. Scott, Off.Forney, and Off.Rivers enter into FRAME.
Forney, help me with the dog.
Scott grabs the dog under it's front quarters, and
Off.Forney grabs it under the hind quarters. They lift
Napoleon and walk out of FRAME.
Dr.Harrington unrolls the body bag next to the assassin.
                       DR. HARRINGTON
Will one of you guy's give me a
Off. Johnson lifts the assassin by the legs, and
Dr.Harrington lifts the man by grabbing him under the arms.
They place the corpse in the body bag. Some spaghetti like
strings hang from his his face, and a few teeth fall into
the body bag.


James is standing behind his wife while she watches her
neighbors house from the window. James pushes his frame up
against her. He wraps his arms around her resting his hands
on her stomach. He kisses her on the neck, and ears and
moves his hands up to her breast, cupping one in each hand,
caressing her. She moans softly.
Regina reaches behind her without turning around, and unties
the drawstring on his pajamas. James begins to take off his
shirt, and tosses it on the bed while stepping out of his
pajama pants. Their is a strong sense of passion, and want
in the room. With one hand on the wall, slightly bending
over Regina reaches between her legs with her other hand
gripping her husbands manhood. She pulls him inside her.
With his pelvis against her buttock he reaches under the
silk gown rubbing, and caressing her breast. She moans
intensely as James thrust himself in, and out of her as hard
as he can, acting as if he is trying to punish her.
James exits his wife, and pulls her gown off over her head.
He pushes her onto the bed, and she stares him in the eyes
as he climbs on top of her. The sweat on her body makes her
skin glow like a copper penny. James kisses, and sucks each
of Regina's breast. Then he kisses, and licks in the center
of her chest making his way down to her belly button. He
goes down further taking the sensitive pedal of her heated
flower into his mouth causing his wife to squirm over the
satin sheets. As she reaches an orgasm Regina shakes, and
grips James head tightly.
He picks Regina up off of the bed, and carries her, to
He lays her down in front of the sofa. She spreads her legs
with her feet flat on the floor, and her knees high. James
enters his wife, and her facial expressions show pure
Brazil, Knights of the New World Order, Al Qaeda
Terrorist Attacks: Appears in FRAME.
We see an entire business district almost totally destroyed
were office buildings have been bombed. We see a few high
rise apartments. People are running rampid in the streets,
some are being gunned down by terrorist with assault rifles.


Their is a young girl screaming for help from the fifth
story window of a burning apartment building. The girl is
about twelve years old with dark hair. Blue - black smoke is
pouring out of the open window. She can not breathe, and
climbs out of the window, and stands on the ledge.
A man is yelling for her to jump but she is afraid, and
hesitates. Tears roll off the girls face. The camera PANS
DOWN following the tears decent between the rescurers
outstretched arms splashing on the concrete below.
We hear gunfire in the BG as the rescuer motions with his
hands for the child to jump. The girl gains the courage to
jump, and does. Before she reaches the third story window
she is shot multiple times in the head and chest. Blood
rains down onto the man's face soaking him in blood. He is
shot in the back with the same A.k.47, but does not lose his
position. He catches the girls lifeless body,and falls to
the pavement.
A Brazilian police officer guns down the terrorist that shot
the man and young girl.
The presidents office fills the FRAME and he is sitting
behind his desk.
                       BRAZILIAN PRESIDENT
I would like to commend our
military, and local law
enforcement for the protection of
our county against the terrorists.
Our gas,and oil supplies will no
longer come from foreign sources.
The Brazilians will not be funding
the terrorist hidden agenda of war
against our country. Therefore we
will turn to an alternative fuel
source of ethanol. The ethanol is
cheaper and will be made from our
countries on resources. This is ma
phase of independence for our
country. May God bless you.
The camera pans the customers eating dinner,drinking wine,
and conversating when we see a bus explode, and split in


half. Right in front of the restaurant shattering the
windows. Some of the customers are injured by the shattered
glass. They begin to scream and run overturning tables
breaking glasses, and plates in the process.
We see charred bodies in the seats of the bus. Some bodies
are still burning and their are no survivors. Thick black
smoke pours from the bus and fumigates the streets. People
are running wild, and we see some choking and vomiting.
A mob of muslim men,women, and children protesting with
signs while chanting
We will fight for equal rights! We
will fight for equal rights!
The men are wearing shirts that read "Jihad for Allah." The
children are wearing T-shirts that read" Behead the
Indian Express train is full of passengers as it speeds down
the tracks.
Phillip McDaniels, caucasion, 37, a photogapher sits at a
table outside starbuck's enjoying a cup of coffee. He is
dressed casually, with sun glasses, and has a camera around
his neck.
Phillip takes a sip of steaming coffee as he watches some
American computer geeks typing on their lap top computers,
and rubs his hands across a clean shaven face. He tosses the
empty coffee cup into the small wastebasket.
Phillip is walking between window shopping tourist, and
natives. He takes a few pictures of some tall buildings.


Then he takes a few pictures of men riding on donkies in the
middle of traffic beneath an overpass.
The donkies are equipped with bridles, and have multiple
blankets across their backs. The Indians have turbans, and
trousers with no shirt or shoes on. They are standing in
traffic between cars. Their are tall buildings mixed in with
small indian shops. The city is Americanized but still has
the Indian culture. There is an overpass that carries the
commuter train around the city. The train is lime green with
yellow stripes down the sides.
Phillip is standing in front of a tall building with large
glass windows on the edge of the city. He lifts his head
when he hears the train rumbling down the tracks. He can
see passengers on the inside of the train, and snaps a few
shots. He can see the engineer at the control of the train,
and snaps a few shots of him. He stumbles backwards dropping
the camera from his face.
He regains his composure. Looks through the eye of the
camera again, and hears a succession of blasts. The engine
goes into the jacknife position, and has fire shooting from
he end of it.The engineer is thrown through the window by
the explosion, and the nose of the engine drags him against
the tracks ripping his body apart. The engine flips over
onto it's roof. The explosion knocks the engine twenty yards
away from the rest of the train. Phillip is still taking
One of the railroad cars flies off the track. Phillip runs,
and the railroad car crashes into the window of the tall
building he was in front of.
The caboose is blown high into the air above the tracks,
does a series of flips before it comes down into the busy
intersection rolling over cars and pedestrians, and a few of
the men on donkies.
We see a male, and female reporter sitting behind a huge
There is a picture of the female, with a picture of the
World Trade Centers burning in the BG when she says,
                       FEMALE REPORTER
After the 911 attacks skeptics say
America's economy has collapsed
along with the World Trade
Centers. The stock market has hit
an all time low, and some


                       FEMALE REPORTER (cont'd)
investors think it may never
Jermaine is in his dormitory room with a new twenty dollar
bill. He folds the twenty, then brings it closer to his
face. He has a puzzled expression.
On the twenty dollar we see smoke coming from what appears
to be the Twin Towers.
                       JERMAINE (vo)
These new twenties were printed
before the World Trade Centers
were bombed.
Jermaine flips open his cell phone and dials a few
numbers,then asks,
Could you give me the number to
the New York Journal?
We see the New York Journal front page.In Big Bold lettes we
see:CONSPIRACY or COINCIDENCE New Twenty has a picture of
Twin Towers Burning on the back.
There is a picture of the currency,folded and showing the
Twin Towers.
The storage room is dim with high windows, and huge four
foot crates. Some of the crates are marked with brown,
white, and black stickers on them. Jihad places a small box
on top of one of the crates with a white sticker on it.
INSERT: CU on the senders address on the box - It says,New
World Order Laboratories, 1451 South Peco Road, Chiuaua,
Mexico 94221.
BACK TO SCENE: Jihad opens the box with his hands and
removes some bubble wrap. He removes a single syringe with
an apple cider looking liquid in it, and lays it on the
crate. There is a card with instructions beneath the
syringe. He begins to read the card.


                       JIHAD (vo)
This is the c-649 virus. In order
for the virus to become airborne
it has to be mixed with blood. We
are counting on you. May Allah be
with you.
Jihad places the instructions into his pocket. Then he
removes the cap from the syringe, and injects the virus into
his arm. He draws blood inside the syringe. He removes the
needle from his arm, and a small trial size spray bottle
from the box. He unscrews the top to the spray bottle, and
injects the blood from the syringe into it.
Jihad pulls up in a black Mercedes Benz, and parks. He has a
pair of Rayban sun glasses on with a tan linen outfit. He
steps out of the car, and begins to walk down the beach.
Ther are some huge men lifting weights. We see some guys
playing basketball. We see a man tossing a frisbee in his
hand. The sun is sitting high in the sky, and the beach is
crowded with people walking, talking and jogging.
Jihad is walkiing gingerly toward some oncoming roller
                       JIHAD (vo)
The Americans are so happy, and
carefree. Doing whatever their
pitiful hearts desire. They have
no respect for Allah. These
infidels will get exactly what
they deserve.
The roller bladers are near him, and he sprays the
virus.Some of the skaters inhale the virus deep into their
lungs, and it sinks deep into the pores of the other skaters
instantaneously. He walks the beach spraying the crowds of
people with the virus.
There is a crowd of spectators watching four men
simutaneously juggling bowling pins. Jihad joins the crowd,
and releases the powerful toxin again.
He walks over to a snow cone stand, and buys a blueberry
snow cone. Jihad tosses the empty spray bottle into a waste
basket, and walks back to the Mercedes. He sits in the
drivers seat, and stalks the ever moving crowd.


                       JIHAD (vo)
Irreligious dogs. Soon they will
Jihad drives out of the parking lot, and heads down the
interstate. We see different shots of the coastline as Jihad
travels down the road. He pulls into a small no name service
station that has only two gas pumps. The place is shabby,
and oily. There is an old pick up truck in front of the
entrance. The rest room door is on the outside of the
building. Jihad parks the car, and walks to the back of it.
He opens the trunk, and removes a small black bag. He walks
into the small dirty rest room closing the door behind him.
He lets down the lid on the toilet, and places the bag on
top of it. He unzips the bag, and removes a dark green khaki
uniform, and places it on the back of the toilet. He removes
his shirt, then pants, and places them into the bag. He puts
the khaki uniform on then removes a cap with an I.D. badge
inside of it. The badge reads: Maintenance, Joey Shabazz,
and has picture on it. He clips the badge to his shirt
pocket. He looks into the mirror, and says to himself.
This is it. With this sacrifice my
name will be printed in the
archives of the church, and I will
be remembered forever.
He grabs the duffle bag, and places it back into the trunk
making his way back onto the interstate.
Jihad pulls up in the crowded parking lot filled with
baseball fans wearing Los Angeles Dodgers, and San Francisco
Giants clothing. He parks the Mercedes, but is beginning to
feel weak from the virus so he takes out a small bag of
cocaine from his pocket.
There is a bottled water, and a container of cinnamon
altoids in the passsenger seat. Jihad empties the container,
and wipes out the container with a kleenex. He empties the
bag of cocaine into the container, and pours a cap full of
water over it. He takes a lighter from his pocket, and
places the fire beneath the container liquefying the
cocaine. He takes the syringe from the passenger seat, and
draws up the liquid cocaine. He tosses the empty container
on the floor board, and taps his arm until a vein pops up.
Then he places the needle of the syringe into his arm, and
injects the cocaine. The narcotic is warm,and tingly. The
sound of bells begin to ring in his ears. He can hear the
cocaine rushing through his body as it overloads his senses.


He takes a deep breath, and looks up at the sky. He looks
rejuvenated, andready to finish his mission.
He grabs a small stainless steel toolbox from the backseat,
and quickly walks through the parking lot. He is not noticed
by security as he walks into,
Jihad walks a short distance inside the stadium before
slipping into a storage room. He snatches up a step ladder,
and dashes down the hallway to the first vent seen. He sets
up the step ladder under the vent, and limbs it with toolbox
in tow. He sits the toolbox on top of the ladder, and opens
it. He removes a flat head screwdriver, and unfastened the
screws to the grating of the vent.
He reaches for a double A battery, but it rolls through his
fingers. The cocaine has him fidgety, and paranoid. He
finally captures the battery, and places it into the back of
an electronic spray container that looks like a small
aerosol can with a timer on it. He sets the timer for seven
minutes, and thinks,
                       JIHAD (vo)
Soon the American rags will be
torn, and soaked by the blood of
He leaves the ladder, and carries the toolbox with him
through the stadium, and back to the mercedes.
He regroups himself in the drivers seat, and starts the
engine. He has a timer in his hand,and it reads one minute
six seconds. The timer is the size of a padlock with va
small red light on one side, and a green light on the other.
The maintenance supervisor, a middle aged African American
man, is wearing the same uniform Jihad has on. He is
watching Jihad as he leaves the stadium, and has a puzzled
look on his face.
                       MAINT. SUPERVISOR
There want be any sleeping on my
He decides to follow Jihad to his car.


Jihad is watching the timer, and we see the green light come
on as it goes from five seconds to zero.
The canister begins to release the "c - 649" virus into the
air. The scoreboard reads Giants 2, Dodgers 0.
The maintenance supervisor knocks on the window of the
Jihad begins to roll down the window as he reaches for the
.40 caliber handgun on the passenger seat.
                       MAINT. SUPERVISOR
What the hell are you doing?
With his mouth still slightly open, Jihad shoves the barrel
of the .40 caliber into the Maintenance supervisor's mouth,
and squeezes the trigger. His baseball cap falls forward
into Jihad's lap as his head jerks backwards from the impact
of the gunshot. His body drops to the pavement, and jihad
wipes the man's blood from his face with the cap. Then he
spits out the window onto the man's body, and speeds away
leaving a trail of burnt rubber, and smoke.
There is a shot of a motel sign, and Jihad's mercedes is
parked in front of one of the rooms.
JIhad is sitting on the edge of the bed watching television,
and listening to the news reporter.
                       NEWS REPORTER
It has been three days since the
deadly virus has struck the west
coast. It has now spread it's way
across the United States killing
millions of people. The government
is reportedly working around the
clock to find a cure.
Their is a smirk on Jihad's face after hearing the news. He
leans his head back with his face showing satisfaction. He


removes a syringe from his arm, and tosses it onto the bed.
He clutches his hand over his chest. We can hear his heart
beat wildly. He clutches his stomach with both hands. We see
his heart,and liver explode with such force that it makes a
purple bruise on his skin.
All three women are sitting at a dinner table finishing the
last of thier meal. On the table is a pan of lasagna, corn,
spinach, and garlic bread.
After pushing her plate away from her Lady Skittlz says,
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Whew! That was good.
But,I got something better.
The room gets silent, and the other two girls give Grace
their full attention.
I know where the men are that
murdered my grandmother.
Will you help me get them?
What do you mean by,get them?
You know what I mean.
Your serious too!
Hell yeah, I'm serious! And I'm
gonna do it with or without you!
Grace, your not being resonible.
Think about what your saying. Why
can't you just let the police
handle it.


Shaking her head.
No. I can't. This is something we
have to do. Look! These men are
terrorist, killers, and if we
don't stop them now. They will
just keep killing innocent people
again, and again, and again! I
need to know if you are with me!
Lynne puts her head down, and Grace looks at Lady Skittlz.
                       LADY SKITTLZ
I'm down!
She stands and begins to clear the table.
Grace returns her attention back to Lynne.
If we get caught,do you know the
consequences we will face?
Both of the girls stare down lynne waiting for her answer.
I'm in.
They all hug.
Tonight then. I've got everything
planned out.
Grace scurries to the,
She grabs a blueprint that is sticking out of her duffle
bag, and walks back to the,
On the now cleared table Grace unrolls the blueprint, and
the girls look over it.
Grace walks over to the sofa, and lies down.
The living room has a pink, and black boarders around the
wall.The furniture is pink, and black. There is a picture of


Lynne and Lady Skittlz standing back to back on the coffee
table. Grace is sound a sleep on the sofa when she begins to
dream that she and her brother pulls up at a Texaco Service
Station.David gets out of the driver's seat,and opens the
gas tank. Grace gets out the car and they walk inside the
service station.David goes to the counter and pays for the
gas while Grace picks out some snacks. She grabs a Big Red
soft drink and a small pack of White Cheddar cheese
crackers,and places them on the counter.
There is an Iranian man behind the cash register staring at
Grace with hatred and malice. Grace looks up at him,and
punches her in the jaw knocking her to the floor. He comes
around the counter,and begins to beat her. She looks for her
brother,but he is gone. He has sped away in the car leaving
her all alone.
She looks around the parking lot for help,but it is empty.
She begins to walk down the empty streets hoping that
someone would drive by and help her. She wonders into some
low income housing projects,and is surrounded by the tall
red brick buildings, and black buildings, and black faces.
Someone punches her in the back of the head, and a mob of
people begin to beat her. She falls to her knees, and is
attacked savagely.
Somehow she escapes through the deadly mob and climbs a
ladder left by a construction worker to the roof of a
building, but the mob is right hehind her. She sites on her
knees crying, Some of the people begin to make their way
upon the roof, Grace jumps off of the two story building
landing into a still growing mob of people. They begin to
beat her again leaving her with cuts,and bruises.With
outstretched arms she cries out.
Father help me! Then she is lifted
into mid-air above the mob of
infidels. We hold for a BEAT then
Grace wakes up,and sits up on the
sofa in a cold sweat.
                       GRACE (vo)
I felt the horror, and the pain of
the Christ being tortured unto
death for the sins of mankind. I
felt what it was like to be
murdered for no crime committed. I
had made up my mind. I was going
to fight. It was not about
revenge. It was war against evil,
and everything that was born of
it. I was going to strike, before


                       GRACE (cont'd)
the terrorist did! I was not going
to be a victim. Christ had already
done that for me.
Lady Skittlz is in her bed asleep, when the camera pans over
to the alarm clock on the nightstand. The clock reads 10:00
Lynne is sitting at her desk with a box of twelve empty
grenade casings, a small bottle of nitroglycerin, and a
bottle of the U.C.S. ( Unstable Chemical Suppressant).
Lynne removes the detonator from a grenade casing, and
inserting both of the chemicals with an eyedropper into the
casing before screwing back on the detonator.
We watch her do a few grenades when she slightly jumps from
the sound of the alarm clock.
Zooming in on the beeping alarm clock we see that the time
is 10:00 P.M. Lady Skittlz well manicured hands hits the
snooze button. She removes the bed sheet from around her.
She stands, and stretches wearing boy shorts with a sports
Grace is standing in front of the sofa dressed in all black
fatiques, and boots. She lifts a duffel bag from the floor,
and places it onto the sofa. Reaching into the bag she
removes a .45 caliber handgun with clips. She slams the clip
into the .45, and coks the gun loading one round into the
chamber before placing the gun snuggly into her right
shoulder holster.
Grace removes another .45 from the bag, inserts a clip, and
places it in the left shoulder holster.
She removes a third .45 from the bag,and places it in the
small of her back.


She takes an eight inch buck knife from the sheath on her
right calf.
Lady Skittlz enters the FRAME with a small bag concealing
the grenades. She sports two .45 caliber handguns on each
hip, and one in a holster around her right thigh. She walks
toward the front door. Opens it, and walks out heading down
the stairs.
Lynne, and Grace remove their keys from the key rack hanging
next to the front door.
Grace walks out the front door with Lynne trailing her. As
they reach bottom of the stairs we see Lady Skittlz standing
next to a hot pink Suzuki.
Grace makes it over to the driver's side of the corvette,
unlocks the door, and gets in with Lynne still in tow.
Lady Skittlz straddles the Suzuki, and ties a matching pink
bandanna around her head. She places the key into the
ignition, and ignites the motor revving it loudly. She puts
the bike in gear, and pulls alongside of Grace.
Grace pulls onto the interstate first with Lady Skittlz
trailing her. Lady Skittlz pops a wheelie, and takes the
There are no stars in the sky, but the moon is full
illuminating the tree tops, and the crest of the waves. The
girls drive along the interstate until they see a sign that
says Long Beach. Lady Skittlz exits the off ramp first
leaving Grace about a quarter mile behind.
Lady Skittlz pulls into the parking lot, and parks between
to black cargo vans. She kicks the kick stand down, and
turns off the bike. She unstraddles it, and puts the keys
into her pocket. Then she takes off her leather riding
jacket, and lays it across the seat of the Suzuki.


From the rear of the vans we hear a man with a mediterranean
accent say,
May we help you?
She looks up, and sees two men coming toward her.
                       LADY SKITTLZ
You two could be gentlemen, and
escort me to the front of the
There is no service tonight. Come
back tomorrow morning.
The man's smile turns into a frown as his eyes focuses on
the firearms that she is carrying.
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Why are all these cars here if
there is no service tonight?
Both of the men suddenly reach inside thier sports coats.
She grabs the leather jacket, and tosses it at the men. She
runs up the right side of the van, jumps off of it, and
kicks Terrorist 3 on the side of the head breaking his neck.
Terrorist 4 is wrestling with the leather jacket covering
his face. Lady Skittlz bends her knees, and strikes
Terrorist 4 with a nasty uppercut. He collapses from the
blow, and crushes the back of his head on the concrete.
Lady skittlz rolls Terrorist 3 onto his back. She checks the
inside of his coat, and removes a gun. She tosses the gun,
and rolls the man's body under one of the vans.
She checks Terrorist 4, and he carries a gun also. She
removes the gun, and places it in the small of his back. She
removes his sports jacket, and hog ties him with it. Then
she pushes him under the van with the dead man.
Lady Skittlz sees the distinct headlights of the Stingray
enter the parking lot, and waves Grace over.
Grace pulls up behind the vans, and sees the bound men on
the pavement. She parks the car, and gets out with Lynne
doing the same. They meet at the back of the Stingray, and
Grace opens the trunk removing a large black duffel bag full
of artillery.


Here, you can use this.
Lynne takes the duffel bag it's two straps, and opens it. We
see a M-16 assault rifle, and the grenade launcher.
Where did you get this from?
Don't worry about that right now
girl! We got to do this, and get
the hell out of here!
Lady Skittlz hands the girls communication ear pieces, and
they put them on. Grace closes the trunk, and looks at her
friends then says,
Let's do it!
The women begin to walk toward the mosque when Lynne grabs
Grace by the arm and says,
Wait! What if there is to many of
Girl, Americans don't count the
heads we count the hearts, and
three American women can kick a
whole bunch of terrorist ass! Now
let's go! Just do what you do
Lynne, and everything will be
There is a wooden structure sitting over the Pacific Ocean,
With a four - foot tall sign in front of the building that
reads New World Order Mosque Of Allah. There are two
walkways thirty yards opposite eachother stretching out from
the pier to the parking lot.
The ladies are crossing a walkway with Lynne just a step
behind. Two one man submarines are on the left side of the
walkway, and three speed boats on the right side.
Lynne stops, kneels down on one knee, and places the duffel
bags in front of her. Grace, and Lady Skittlz stops, turns,
and looks down at her.


I'm gonna set-up here.
The ladies give their friend a nod of assurance, and walks
off swiftly.
The pier is damp from the heavy air, and the moon is bone
white. Lynne removes a spool of clear trip wire from the
bag. There are wooden post that extend two inches above the
walkway on each side. She wraps some trip wire around a post
tying it to the pin of a grenade, and then runs the same
trip wire across the walkway to the opposite post riging a
grenade. She does this twice more using a total of six
grenades. She takes the remaining six grenades, and places
them in the duffel bag with the M-16, and grenade launcher.
Then she puts the bag over her shoulder.
Grace is standing outside the front entrance of the mosque
looking down the walkway. It is dark, and she can barely see
Lynne. It begins to lightly rain.
Lady Skittlz is at the rear door of the mosque.
                       LADY SKITTLZ
I'm ready.
I'm ready.
I've set up tripwire on the
walkway so watch your step on the
way out.
Yamin is kneeling on a prayer rug speaking on a cell phone.
Yes King?
                       KING MOHAMMED
My son is flying in with the Sheik
to convert the opium into heroin.
Be waiting for their call.


Of course your Majesty.
Grace removes a black bandanna from her back pocket, and
soaks it in a puddle of rain water in front of the door.
Grace pulls on the handle opening one side of the double
doors. She steps inside a small corriodor where there is
another pair of double doors. There is a small light hanging
over her head. She squeezes the bandanna flicking the water
onto the light bulb putting it out with a small fizzle. The
corridor is pitch black now, and she looks through the
window of the door into the sanctuary. Yamin is kneeling on
a prayer rug with his cellular phone next to him.
Grace slowly opens the door, and proceeds to walk down the
aisle pulling her weapon from her holster. She creeps up
behind Yamin while his face was to the floor. Yamin rises,
and can feel the cold steel on the back of his head. He is
resting on his heels with his hands on his knees. Yamin, and
Grace make eye contact through the gold plates aligned on
the alter. She cocks the .45, and pulls the trigger. Brain
fragments, and blood cover the gold platters. The cellphone
rings in a pool of blood.
Armed men begin to flood the sanctuary from a door on the
left side of the alter. They rush in fast, firing assault
rifles. Grace drop to her knees removing another .45. she
fires back at he men hitting a few of them. She looks for
cover as more men flood the sanctuary. She runs up the
aisle, and dives between the pews on her left. Hot rounds
from the terrorist are knocking off chunks of wood from the
pews. Candlebrums are blasted by gunfire, and knocked to the
floor setting the carpet on fire. Grace crawls on the floor
between the pews trying to reach the aisle along the east
Lynne hears the gunfire rumbling through the walls as the
stained glass windows shatter from the rounds. She looks
through the window, and sees Grace. Lynne points with her
finger for Grace to run northward. Grace takes out down the
aisle, and Lynne opens up fire with the M-16. She is running
behind Grace covering from the opposite side of the wall.
There are a lot of dead men in the sanctuary. Two remaining


terrorist stand before Grace at the end of the aisle. She
fires with both .45's killing the two men.
Grace slides through the door into a well lit hallway.
Sliding on the linoleum floor like a major league baseball
player, she releases two rounds breaking both shins of the
terrorist standing at the end of the hall. He drops the
assault rifle, and before he hits the floor she fires
another round hitting the man perfectly in the forehead. She
slides all the way to the body of the man. Stands to her
feet, and proceeds to run down the hall to her right.
Lady Skittlz is by a harness from wooden rafters watching a
man flip through a child pornography magazine. She lowers
herself sitting on the pedifile's shoulders with his head
trapped between her thighs. He drops the magazine, and
produces a knife. She leans back, and grabs both of the
man's wrists. She looks him in the face, and says,
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Taste the rainbow!
She shifts her body weight breaking the terrorist's neck.
His body falls next to the magizine, and she looks down at
the cover. The title reads "NAMBLA". Lady Skittlz walks over
to a crate, and pushes over the lid. The crate is filled
with the dreadful magazines. She removes a lighter from her
pocket, and sets the crate of magazines on fire. She is
bombarded by bullets, and dives behind the crate for
protection. She removes the .50 caliber from the holster on
her right thigh, and returns fire. A terrorist is walking
towards her boldly discharging the assault rifle, and the
rounds are assaulting the burning crate. She crawls to the
opposite side of the crate, and shoots the terrorist in the
knee, knocking him onto his back. She fires another round
into his ribcage. The organs jolt inside of his body.
Lady Skittlz notices that the crates are marked by color
coded stickers. There is a row of crates with white
stickers on them. She pushes the lids over on a couple of
the crates, and there is a white substance covered by a huge
plastic bag. She cuts into it, smells it, and tastes it off
the tip of her finger.
Their is a row of crates with stickers on them. She pushes
the lid over onto the floor, and the crates are filled with
firearms. She does the same to a row of crates with brown


stickers on them. Their are huge plastic bags covering the
dark brown heroin.
Lynne is standing with her back against the wall of the
building picking off the terrorist as they run along the
pier in their wet suits. More terrorist are climbing the
ladders onto the pier, and she is picking them off one by
one. She hugs the shadows of the wall playing sniper. She
can see lights, and several men on boats coming toward the
pier. Lynne removes a grenade launsher from the duffel bag
laying in the shadows. She loads the grenade launcher, and
looks through the sights to adjust the range finder to the
lights on the boat. Three boats are flying across the water
side by side, and then begins to seperate. Lynne fires at
the boat to her left. At two hundred yards she hits the boat
light. The boat explodes into a ball of fire.
Two more boats continue their mission towards the pier.
Terrorist Frogmen are searching the pier for her. She hits
the thumb latch, brakes the grenade launcher down, and
loaded it again. She aimed her sight on the boat furthest to
the right. Lynne adjusted the range finder to a hundred, and
twentysix yards. The round hit the front of the boat as it
skips off the waves standing the boat straight up into the
air. The boat explodes, and the terrorist are disentegrtaed
into ashes.
Some of the frogmen see the burnt orange flash from the
grenade launcher, and pin points Lynne's position. She
tosses the grenade launcher down, and from seven yards she
shoots a few men, and the M-16 lifts them off of their feet.
She hears foot steps behind her, but turns around to late. A
terrorist kicks her in the chest knocking her into the wall
of the building. She drops the M-16, and is out numbered two
to one. Lynne takes a blow to the head from one terrorist,
and a kick to the gut from the other. One of the men grabs
her by the back of her head, and spins her around. Then he
chops her across the throat with his forearm. She is knocked
backwards across the damp pier. The two frogmen run after
her. She slides off the pier, and her back hits the salty
water. The frogmen jump from the pier after her. With her
hands forming an "x" she holds the two .45's sideways
feeding the frogmen hot slugs. The guns are muzzled by the
water, but still cause the frogmen to flop to there deaths.
Streams of blood flow from the holes in there chest. She
climbs the ladder onto the pier, and repositions herself
with the grenade launcher. The speed boat is getting closer.
She looks through the range finder, and wipes away the water
that is running into her eyes. She pulls the trigger, and
hears a click. She thumbs the latch, and breaks the barrel


down. She loads it, the boat is getting closer to the pier.
There are five men on the boat, and they are heavily armed.
She fired, and the round shattered the small windshield
obliterating the men with the boat. The force from the blast
knocks Lynne up against the wall. Chunks of human flesh land
on the pier looking like firey balls of lava. A man's
charred foot, and ankle falls between her outstretched legs
still smoking before she goes unconcious.
Grace appears through an exit door, and sees Lynne lying
against the wall with her head slumped over. She runs over
to Lynne, and shakes her by the arms. Lynne opens her eyes.
Grace helps Lynne onto her feet, and ask's?
Are you alright girl?
Yeah just a little shook up.
There is a spare key behind the
license plate of the stingray.
Take it, and go home. Are you sure
your alright?
I'm well enough to get the hell
out of here.
Alright girl, I'll see you later
Grace picks up the grenade launcher, and places it into the
bag. Then goes back into the building.
Grace is running through the hall when she hears some
commotion. She pushes a door open with her weapon in hand.
Their is a giant of a man walking towards her. She looks him
in the eyes. His pupils are gray, and the size of popcorn
kernels. Lady Skittlz is on her butt in a corner of the
room. Grace aims her weapon at the man, and Lady Skittlz
                       LADY SKITTLZ
Don't shoot!
Then she points at two light water reactors ( small nuclear


Who are you?
I'am the general of the Iranian
Revolutionary Guard. My country
men call me Omega the Holy
Grace drops the duffel bag from her left hand, rushes the
giant. She slides, and hits the giant on the knee with the
butt of the gun.
Then turns to face her. She tries to hit his other knee but,
he kicks her in the chest. She falls back, and hits a wall.
He picks Grace up by her neck with both hands, choking her.
Lady Skittlz runs, jumps up behind Omega, and claps the side
of his head with her Desert Eagles. His ears begin to bleed,
and he can not hear anymore. He lets go of Grace. She
stumbles backwards on her feet, and regains her composure on
the wall behind her. Lady Skittlz gives him a stiff
roundhouse kick to the ribs. Omega cathes her leg against
his side. He spins her around, and she drops to the ground.
He grabs her by both feet, and tosses Lady Skittlz into the
air only to catch her in a bear hug. Both of her legs hang
over his left shoulder, and her face is buried in his
stomach. He squeezes her, and she screams at the top of her
lungs. Grace removes a buck knife from it's sheath around
her ankle. She runs, jumps, grabs Lady Skittlz by the pants
leg, and stands on the giant's waist line. Then she cuts him
across the brow with the jagged edge of the knife. He drops
Lady Skittlz, and she hits the floor hard. The cut causes a
curtain of blood to cover the man's face. He can not see, as
Grace thrust the knife into his heart, and flips over his
head twisting the knife, as she lands on her feet in front
of him. The giant falls backwards. Grace, and Lady Skittlz
flee through the door, down the hall, and out onto the pier.
The girls can see the lights on an airplane coming in the
distance. They are nearly hit by gunfire.
You go. I'll handle this.
Lady Skittlz takes off, and Grace removes the grenade
launcher from the bag. The plane flies over head gunning for
her. She hides in the shadows, and sets the grenade launcher


on her shoulder. She aims, sets the range finder, and fires.
The plane was almost above her, and the burning metal was
raining down.
Lady Skittlz is speeding down the pier. She slams the
brakes, amd slides the bike stopping in front of Grace. She
jumps on the back of the bike, and they speed off heading
toward the walkway with the tripwire. Lady Skittlz hits
another gear, and the speedometer is at a hundred and
twenty, as she rolls over the tripwire. The grenades explode
destroying the boats, and submarines first. The whole
building becomes a ball of fire, and the girls ride off into
the night.
Lynne and Lady Skittlz are standing by the desk. Grace is
stooped down by the Tablets of the Testimony, as she looks
over her shoulder, and says.
I know you ladies can't wait to
see what you have been fighting
Well hell yeah!
Grace removes three pieces of the tablet from the
foundation,and places them on top of the desk. She places
the other three tablets on the desk, and pieces them
These are the original ten
commandments God gave to his
servant Moses.
The girls faces are in awe.
All three ladies are sitting on the front pew at Ms.Hattie's
funeral. Federal officials are taking their positions
outside the church. Some of the officials walk in with their
weapons drawn. They are confronted by a few of the deacons.
A quick flash of a badge, and the deacons back off. The FEDS
creep up on the girls with their weapons drawn. The girls


stand, and are being handcuffed while the congregation
The minister is pacing across the pulpit when he says,
We all know that Adam, and Eve
brought sin on mankind when they
ate from the tree of life. But,
sin was created by the father of
it. You see family, Satan tried to
dethrone the kingdom of GOD, and
because an angel sinned many lives
have since been destroyed.


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From frances small Date 3/28/2010 ***
Not bad. I'd cut back on the description a bit. Don't describe what your character is feeling every minute. But show through dialogue and reaction instead. Also, I see that you are a Believer, which is great. I assume this is the market you're going for. I would however try to find a way to make this ancient story more relevent and fresh.More easily relatable to young people. Back down on the religious dialogue and try to paraphrase the story in a way that is easily understandable and relatable. Keep writing though!

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