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A Royal Meister: Dashing Prince of Fail!!
by Alexandria Eddy (Cherilla@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Animation   User Review:

This is the script for episode one of Hitman Eater!, a mini animation series.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Camrea runs over a clear night sky and a city somewhat
similiar to Death City. It's pretty quiet for a city even
though and the small sound of a cat digging through a full
garbage can can be heard. After a few moments of street
angles, a woman is shown walking down a street, very nicely
dressed and talking on a cell phone.
A faint sound of snickering goes off, the woman turning
somewhat to see what she had heard. A loud slashing sound
goes off in the room and the woman falls to the ground with
a faint cry, dead. The snicker goes off again and out from
the shadows near the cat comes JACK THE STRIPPER.
                       JACK THE STRIPPER
      (walks up to the
       woman, grabbing
       her soul with
       both hands and
       licking his lips)
Oh these women are so fine, and
their souls are so delicious.
A set of footsteps goes off, similiar to boots on a hardwood
floor. JACK THE STRIPER perks up and looks back at the
      (face is shown in
       a silhoute)
Jack the Stripper?
                       JACK THE STRIPPER
Hm? Yes~? That would be me~!
Jack the Stripper -- I've come for
your soul!
A full body of BEL is shown holding the scythe. JACK lets
out a loud squee, fawning over him.
                       JACK THE STRIPPER
Oohh~! What a fanastic body you
have~! You are such a tasty


                       JACK THE STRIPPER (cont'd)
      (pulse mark)
Grrr... Shut up, you! And hold
                       JACK THE STRIPPER
      (cooing as he
       spins in a circle)
I'm sorry~ but you have to catch
me first, tasty boy you~!
Automaticly JACK takes off running down the street with a
giggle, leaving BEL growling again.
      (growls and shouts)
Hey you get back here!
Now Bel-senpai don't lose your
patience already. You're going to
lose him...
Insert vigously long chasing and fighting here throughout
the streets. When the time comes I will tell you if any
voices are needed for this part or if I will just edit in a
                       JACK THE STRIPPER
      (loud giggling as
       he spins around
       once more)
Oh so tasty yet so slow~ Tsk tsk~!
Catch you later, little meister!
Damnit he got away!
      (transform back
       into human form
       and puts hands on
Well if you had spent less time
complaining and more time chasing,
Bel-senpai, I bet we would have


                       FRAN (cont'd)
finally caught him.
Yeah yeah yeah...
      (brushes his arms
       off before
       crossing them
       over his chest)
I mean there IS a reason why
everyone at school teases him and
taunts you and-
BEL and FRAN perk up as their beeper goes off. BEL watches
FRAN pull it out of his pocket and then they both sigh.
      (waves the beeper
       near BEL)
Looks like the boss wants to hear
from us.
      (rolls his eyes)
I wonder about what.
BEL and FRAN walk down the alleyway at that, looking for a
mirror or window. They find one halfway along the path, BEL
turning around and breathing warmly on it. He stares at the
surface after that blankly.
It's 42-4-
      (growls at FRAN)
I know.
Just making sure...
BEL puts the numbers 42-42-564 into the fogged window and
then steps back, both persons waiting. After a moment there
is a tape zip sound and REBORN appears on the screen with a
smile on his face.
      (leans forward)
Hello meister and weapon~!


      (same time as FRAN
       though FRAN's is
       less loud and
       perky as BEL's)
Hello, Reborn-sama!
How goes your soul catching?
Terrible, sir. We haven't even
come close to catching a single
wavering soul.
      (tenses up and
       starts shouting)
Don't be so blunt!
      (tilts his head
       sighing but still
       keeping his smile
Oh that's sad to hear. Especially
from such a group. I expected more
from you, Belphegor.
      (perks up,
       blinking as he
       looks at REBORN)
Your last partner... You and him
were such a great pair; you caught
so many souls, as I remember.
BEL frowns, slowly lowering his head as if what was said was
a touchy subject.
Now now Belphe-


XANXUS interrupts REBORN, pushing past him and leaning
forward, smiling at BEL. His cheeks are slightly flustered
and his hair muffled around a bit. By the look in his eyes
it's almost clear he's more than a little intoxicated.
Belphegor, my beloved son!
      (look of dicomfort
       turns to a look
       of embarrassement
       and disgust)
      (bliss to his
       apparent son's
       disgust and
       seeming shame)
How are you today~?
      (gets SERIOUS >:I)
Nobody tried pulling anything
funny lately?
      (blinks with FRAN)
       protective dad,
I mean.... Has your partner
attempted to violate you yet?
      (slightly blushes
       and spazzes
      (slightly does the
       same as Bel, just
       in a cool
       monotone way yo)


                       FRAN (cont'd)
      (leans out of the
       mirror slightly,
       patting Bel on
       the head)
Oh Belphegor! So humble for such a
handsome young man~ So innocent
you don't understand the evil of
other -jealous- young men...
      (steps forward,
       slightly red in
       the face)
Sir I'd have to be gay to go after
your son...
      (stands straight,
       crossing his arms
       over his chest
       and turning
Besides - even if I was I'd go
after a much better male.
BEL seems to tense up, stricken with mini-anger by this
comment. XANXUS growls, snapping all of his attention to
FRAN with much more anger in his tone-and face.
How dare you say such things!?!
How could ANY man stand up to my
lovely~ son, Belphegor~?
       slightly angered)
      (camera angle goes
       over Bel to
       follow along with
       what FRAN is
Well for starters, he's such a
terrible mesister on his own, he's
bringing down my reputation.
Secondly, look at him. He's a


                       FRAN (cont'd)
total mess - look at the tiara.
It'd clearly be hetero if I even
wanted to go out with him. He's so
feminine it should be illegal. And
the hair. The hair.
H-how dare you speak to a prince
that way, your froggy brat!?!
You're just jealous; you wish I'd
ever want to date you!
      (emotionless smirk)
Are you saying something
Bel-senpai? Sounds like you're
finally coming out of the
O-oh okay then why don't we
discuss other things NOT about
teen dating and relationships~
      (snap around to
       REBORN, as does
       FRAN as they
       speak in unison)
We're not talking about teen
dating and relationships!
Now now...
      (shoves past
Oh worthless piece of trash I'll
kill you! No. I'll strangle you
'til you die!!


REBORN's lizard Leon crawls down from his hat, transforming
into a gun in his hand. He aims and fires at XANXUS. A KABAM
effect is shown and then XANXUS whimpering to himself in the
background, blood oozing from his head. REBORN sighs greatly
and BEL and FRAN stare ahead in a ene tone.
      (puts Leon back on
       his head into his
       lizard form)
Anyways~! You said no souls then?
Yeah... Wait perfect?
Perfect! Because I've been in such
a generous mood today and just
felt like giving away free souls~!
BEL and FRAN perk up,having fantasies of eating and bathing
in nice rich souls.
Wait - What's the catch?
Ah yes - the catch~
The catch is.... you have to kill
a witch.
      (groans and turns
       around, angry)
OH! That's nothing new he's just
trying to lead us on like last
time! We still have to collect the
regular 99 souls BEFORE we kill
the witch and devour her soul!
Oh so silly Belphegor~ You don't
have to devour 99 souls this time~


      (turns around
W-we don't?
I'm letting you only kill the
witch this one time~ However,
Belphegor and Fran, it's only for
this one time. If you are unable
to kill the witch or don't take up
this offer it will not come again.
This is your one and only chance
and I suggest you take it. After
all - you are failing~
A FAILING~~~ effect goes off behide BEL and FRAN and they
groan, "Failing..."
      (grabs FRAN's hand)
      (starts dragging
       him off)
Don't worry Reborn-sama! We'll get
that witch before you can even
saying it!
       watching them
Children now days...
      (whimpering in
      (stares at him,
       sweatdropping and
       then sighs)
A long-shot of the moon is shown shaking slightly above an
oddly-shaped house. There is a nicely bricked path in


between what seems to be forest and BEL and FRAN can be
seen walking down it. In FRAN's hands is a small slip of
paper that he is looking at. BEL looks very upset.
What the heck is that?
      (waves the paper)
It's our plan, if you must know. I
spent all night on it.
There's a momentary flashback where FRAN is shown playing a
video game system. After a few seconds he leans over and
mumbles something, writing something probably related down
on a piece of paper and then turning back to play his game.
What's the plan then?
It's sophisticated and foolproof.
Trust me, Bel-senpai, even you can
win with it.
Gimme that!!
BEL snatches the paper from FRAN and stares at it. He blinks
then slowly turns red with some frustration. He waves the
piece of paper in FRAN's face. It reads as Bel says in
      (waving the paper
"Sneak attack and try not to get
caught"?!?! That's your genius
      (snatches the
       paper back)
Che; a fallen prince like you
wouldn't understand the
complications put into such a
sophisticated and thought-out
piece of work


BEL growls and is about to seriously mess up FRAN when the
two males freeze hearing soft humming. They look up in
unison at the house in front of them and the scene changes
to MM humming in the bath, bewitching soaps and sponges with
a smile.
      (giggles, engulfed
       partially in
       bubbles and she
       speaks in a
       sing-song tone)
Ah~ The bubbles are so nice, and
they smell oh ever so delicious
but I can't give credit to no one
else but my lovely minties~!
      (turns onto her
       stomach still
       humming and
       waving her hand,
       magic powder-yes
Mr. Sponge~! Clean clean clean~! I
paid for you now do your job~
      (sighs contently
       when it brushes
       her off, smiling)
For this is what a girl like me
deserves. But I an not take the
credit for it's because of the
mint mints~!
The scene zooms out to show BEL and FRAN looking at the
house, the humming from MM can be heard faintly.
Come on, Fran! Now's our chance to
get that witch~!
What-! B-bel-senpai wait!
FRAN grabs for the back of BEL's shirt, missing and falling
to the ground as BEL runs forward, jumping up and smashing
the large window in front of him. As he sails through the
air in the house his large grin shrinks to a startled frown.


S-She's naked--!
      (looks up at him)
Eh? It's a boy-
      (falls onto her
       with a grunt,
       blushing madly as
       he pulls from her)
O-oh my God-!
      (looks over him,
       titling her head)
You crashed through my window are
you alright, kid?
I-I'm not a kid! I-I'm perfectly
Your nose is bleeding are you
There's something similiar to a lightening bolt sound and
BEL jolts, pulled backwards by FRAN and MM frowns, pulling
out a towel.
Sorry for interrupting your bath,
Oh~ manners. Wonder if he's got
any money~~
However how rude it would be, you
are a witch and there is only one
way to deal with them. Senpai.


I second that~
MM watches as FRAN transforms into his scythe form, BEL
catching him and grinning only wider.
Ohhh he turned into a scythe~
Yes he did~! And now we're gonna
take your soul, foul witch!
Take my soul? Well aren't you a
positive one~
      (twirls her hand
       and she is
       surrounded by the
       spiral, changing
       into her normal
I guess we have to fight then~?
What, shishi?
BEL frowns as he hears MM chanting, a small bubble around
her growing, light greenish.
Mintie min min mintie -- MINT~!
There's a back zoom of the house, the inside seemingly
The scene changes to the next door. BEL and FRAN are walking
down the path again, slightly beat up looking.


      (rubs his head)
What's your genius plan today, oh
great Fran?
      (frowns more than
       usual, taking out
       a new piece of
Last night was all your fault you
know? Is that really what you
think of as a sneak attack?
Besides the matter, I spent all
night on this one.
BEL groans, a small flashback similar to FRAN's last
all-nighter playing out. The only difference is FRAN writing
out his plan longer then returning to the game.
Listening to you we're just
Mintie min...
BEL and FRAN perk up, looking back to see MM holding the
ground, a small greenish bubble forming.
Oh my God-
The forested path is shown from a long view, combusting
The scene changes again to the next night. A ROUND THREE
START is on the top of the screen. It doesn't fade away. BEL
and FRAN look more so beat up, walking down the path again.
      (looking at his
       piece of paper
If we catch her before she catches


                       FRAN (cont'd)
us we should get her...
It's all because we're following
your pathetic little froggy plan
you know? If we were following a
more...royal approach, that witch
would be good as -
BEL is pulled behind the bushes and it's shown it was by
FRAN, who is peering out at the path. MM is shown walking
down it with shopping bags in her hands.
We have her now, Bel-senpai. If we
just wait we can get her and I can
consume her soul.
Finally...Eh? W-where'd she go?
BEL and FRAN peer out at the path, noticing the witch MM is
gone. They blink then there's some humming. They both look
back slowly, slightly horrified when they hear MM finish
chant her with the usual "MINT~!" The scene jumps to black.
MM: 3 BELFRAN: 0 is shown as the scene fads to different
slides. The first has the words ROUND FOUR is in the corner
while the MM: 3 BELFRAN: 0 is in the corner below. The next
one is shown as ROUND FIVE and a MM: 4 BELFRAN: 0. A third
slide shows a ROUND SIX and a MM: 5 BELFRAN: 0. Finally the
scene is shown as BEL dashing at MM, who is sitting on a
rooftop with a grin. MM disappeares and BEL is shown
falling, catching the tip of FRAN's scythe on the side of
the building. MM reappears on the rooftop across from them.
Silly boy, you should give up.
You're clearly failing~
Shut up I'm not even trying yet.
You haven't seen the prince's full
Clearly a lie...
You! Shut up!


BEL yelps, falling to the ground. He stumbles up, looking up
at MM, frowning. The witch in speaking is on the rooftop,
It's almost cute, you know? You're
just too stubborn aren't you
little boy~?
I-I'm not little!
MM dodges as BEL jumps into the air and swings the scythe
down at her. BEL stands up and looks at her, swinging again.
As he swings MM chitter-chatters.
      (dodging into
       between sentences
I was right afterall then~! How
can you call yourself a prince
when you can't even catch me? Look
at you miss, and swing, miss and
swing. MISS-
      (casts her mint
BEL is thrown backwards, using FRAN to keep himself from
falling, then he feels the scythe wobble slightly as FRAN
transforms back suddenly.
W-wha-Fran what the hell do you
think you're doing?!
      (brushes himself
       off as he stands,
       walking forward)
Doing what I should have done a
long time ago, Bel-senpai...
BEL blinks, frozen as FRAN walks over to MM, who stares
curiously at him.
W-what are you doing over there?!


I'm sure you heard her. Clearly
you're the only thing holding us
back in collection, senpai. So I
think I'm just better of with a
witch then a worthless, fake
prince, meister.
Boy, you want me to be your master
If I can, ma'am.
N-no....NO! You can't do that! I
can't lose two weapons; my
reputation is already falling this
will ruin it! You can't go with
her, Fran!!
I think he's made his decision,
little boy~~
      (trembles a little)
N-no. I'm not a failure. I'm not!
A prince can't be weaponless! Fran
how can you do this?!
Do what?
MM and BEL both "Eh?" in a spilt scene. FRAN is then shown
holding her arm out, scythe ready.
Maybe you are a fake prince but I
can't just desert you--SENPAI!
BEL grins widely, clearly relived as he grabs FRAN after his
complete transformation and slashing at MM, who "E-eh?"s.
BEL lands on the ground, looking back as FRAN returns to
human form. A soul is floating now where MM had been, FRAN
grabbing it, squeezing it and eating it, then turning back
to BEL, licking off his lips. FRAN straightens up, feeling
hot as the scene shows him encased in somewhat flame.


W-we finally did it! You're
becoming Death's weapon, Fran!!
I-I feel it...Inside of me...S-so-
FRAN burps, quickly covering his mouth with a muffled
"E-excuse me..." BEL stares at him, confused. A small cat
suddenly walks by them, purring. It sits down, looking up at
them with a meow.
P-please don't-
      (transforms into
       human form and
Since when did I say I was a
witch, fools? I was just playing
....W-wait..What Reborn-sama
BEL is shown against a black screen, REBORN in the
background, repeating that "You must catch a witch and only
a witch or you wil l fail." It repeats three times, the last
two times before "Or you will fail" then finally a four time
being BEL mumbling "You fail"
W-we failed!!?!
I...I ate a cat's soul...Oh God, a
cat's soul...
This is not cool! NOT MAN NOT!!
      (giggles as the
       screen fades out
       to the city, BEL
       still shouting


Well welcome to the prince's
after-school session, lovely
It's not just your session,
Of course it is. They just let you
in because they felt sorry for
you, shishishi~
BEL holds out a clicker, pointing to the screen behide. A
picture of the cover pops up.
      (clicks the
       clicker after he
After much vigorous begging and
bribing, I've been told to convey
the writer's message.
The writer would like to thank
everybody who gave her support,
and all the people who tried out
for the voices-especially mine
shishi. She congratulates those
who made it in the end and hopes
you well in the future. She would
also like to thank her Mom for
buying her proper paper and the
proper animation program, with
which this whole series wouldn't
have been made without. Anybody
who comments on this or supports
further episodes is greatly
thanked and honored for actually
giving a crap. Thank you~
Thank you all.


      (holds up some
Also we would like the viewers to
send in a questions for us to
answer. Either in the form of a
video response or a comment will
We'll be swamped in questions you
....Oh really?
Of course~
I'm on the show after all.
Anybody who would waste their time
on something with you in it is
beyond me.
You're just jealous...
The jealous one is you, dear
W-what was that?
Oh God...
RASIEL falls in from the top of the stage atop of BEL,
grinning as he gets up and takes BEL's seat.
......What are you doing here?
I'm a king. Every script needs a
Writer added you at the last


      (pops up)
Rasiel you little cockroach go
away! This is my session not
yours! You don't even appear this
      (holds up sign)
Sheshe no but I do appear next. In
"Episode two: Prince and Pimp:
Lack of Win?!" Don't miss it. I'm
in it.
H-hey wait the session can't just
end like that!
      (fake wave)
See you next time, viewers.


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