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by Gregory C. Klepper (melancholymuppet@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Teen Movies   User Review:

A rebellious teen is sent to a boarding school for troubled youth. (unfinished)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



As we proceed down a flight of wooden stairs, we are in a
smokey basement. Two beat up sofas sit beside eachother on
a dingy brown carpet. One is occupied by DANNY and CLAIRE,
who are heavily making out. The other by ALLMAN AVERY and
the beer he is consuming.
Allman's eyes are glued to the TV in a trance like state.
Seconds later he slowly looks away from the television and
at the two lusting teenagers.
Danny and Claire continue to make out and grope eachother.
      (looking mildly
Allman slowly glances at his watch, chugs down the rest of
his beer and brings himself to his feet.
Allman EXITS up the basement stairs.
Danny and Claire do not notice his abscence.
It's late and there are few cars on the road. Allman is on
the street. He reaches an apartment building, drops his
cigarette and heads inside.
After climbing a flight of stairs Allman stops at his front
door, takes out his keys and unlocks the door.
Allman ENTERS the apartment, walks through the living room
and opens the door to his bedroom. He takes a step into his
room and we see that his mother, VERONICA AVERY is sitting


on her son's bed, smoking a cigarette and watching Tv. She
is wearing a nurse's uniform.
Where've you been?
I was at Danny's.
His parents don't mind you being
over there this late?
Did you get to school today?
Christ Allman...
Well, set your alarm. You're
going tomorrow.
Fuck off.
I mean it Allman! I can drive you
on my way to work.
Don't bother. I can take the bus.
You're not taking the bus.
What the fuck? I can't take the


You're word's no good to me
Allman. Not anymore. Promise me
that you're gonna have your shit
Allman! For me?
Fine. Can you just get the fuck
out of my room?
You're gonna go?
Fine. Can you get the fuck out?
      (walking towards
       the door)
Go to sleep. You're getting up in
a few hours.
Set your alarm. And keep the door
unlocked. I mean it!
Veronica EXITS.
Allman walks to his bedroom door, slams it behind his mother
and locks it. After lighting a cigarette he falls onto his
bed with a sigh.
It is morning. Light darts through the windows illuminating
Allman Avery's messy bedroom. Beside an ashtray filled to
capacity with cigarette butts, Allman's alarm clock sits
unplugged on the nightstand. The television is turned on
with the volume low and an LP spins on a turntable, stuck on
the end of one side.


There is a knock on his bedroom door
      (knocking again)
Open the fucking door!
Allman is fast asleep in his bed and drooling. The knocking
Allman goddamnit! I'm gonna be
late for work!
Allman is still fast asleep.
We are now on the other side of the locked door. Veronica
Avery is dressed in her nurse's uniform. She looks enraged.
      (knocking one last
I don't believe this fucking kid.
Veronica walks away from the door and into the living room.
She grabs her keys and her cigarettes off of the coffee
table, puts them into her purse, and then proceeds into the
kitchen where 12 year old GINA AVERY is eating a bowl of
cereal at the kitchen table.
Are you almost done?
Do we still have to drive Allman
to school?
      (glancing at her
       son's bedroom
      (Collapsing into a
       chair at the
       dining room table
       with her head in
       her hands)


                       VERONICA (cont'd)
I knew he was gonna pull this
I told you that he wasn't gonna
go. I dont know why you don't
just take that lock off of his
      (taking a sip of
       orange juice)
Why don't you just give up
already. You can't make him go.
Are you done?
      (letting the spoon
       drop into the
Let's go. Get your schoolbag.
Gina puts on her back pack and the two exit out the front
Allman is still asleep. The room is quiet except for a few
low noises coming from the television set. Suddenly, a loud
and shrill buzzing is heard.
Allman is still asleep
The buzzing persists


One of Allman's eyes opens wide
The buzzing is heard again.
Allman stands up and unlocks his bedroom door. He walks up
to the door buzzer right outside of his bedroom and presses
a button. The buzzing ceases. Walking sluggishly to the
kitchen, Allman gets a mug out of the cabinet and fills it
up with coffee from a pot on the counter. He has a seat at
the kitchen table.
There is a knock at the door. A few seconds later the door
opens and STEVE KURRY enters.
Dude, what took you so long? It's
fucking freezing out there!
I was sleeping.
Allman...I swear to god man,
you're turning into a fuckin'
vegetable. Everyone at school
thinks you're dead. You ever
planning on coming back?
What is this? I've been awake
like thirty seconds and you're all
ready starting with the
intervention. You're just jealous
cause I get to lay on my ass all
day and my mom doesn't do shit.
      (getting a kick
       out of it)
Hey, i like having friends. I
mean, I can appreciate what you're
doing, But you of all people have
gotta know that you're becoming a


Hey! Fuck you man!
Well, I mean, c'mon. What're you
gonna do? Just drop out and get
your ged?
I'm weighing my options. Okay?
I've got time. When did you get so
fucking scholarly anyway?
I ain't no scholar man. I'm just
living in the real world.
Shut up.
      (thinking for a
Did you talk to Megan?
Dude, she's done with you. You
cant expect a girl like that to
stay with a guy she sees once
every three weeks. You were
supposed to be her fucking
I know, i know. I just hate
school. It's not my fault.
So how do you know she's done with
How do I know? Dude, she's with
Brian now. Why'd you even bother
asking her out if you had no
intention of fucking her? I know
for a fact Megan gives head!


I dunno. I'm all fucked up. I
kinda liked her. I think I'm just
lazy. I don't really want to do
anything these days except smoke
weed and listen to records.
You're pathetic, you know that?
Anyways, I'm fucking starving,
wanna go get something?
Yeah, cool. I'll go put on pants.
Allman walks off towards his bedroom
Nurse Veronica Avery walks down the bleached white halls of
the hospital ward holding a file in her hand. She turns
left into a room. Inside, DOCTOR LEIBOWITZ is at his desk.
In one of the two chairs that face the Dr.'s desk, sits a
young teenage girl. Her name is JENNA STEIN. One of her
wrists is heavily bandaged.
Excuse me.
Veronica hands him the file.
How you holding up Jenna?
I just want to get the fuck out of
Don't worry. You'll be home soon.
Doctor Leibowitz gives Veronica a condescending stare.


                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
Jenna, I've just spoken to your
parents this morning... and
they've decided that it would be
in your best interest, to keep you
here for the time being. They've
found a pretty nice residential...
What? No way in hell! I knew it!
You're all a bunch of fucking
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
Jenna, calm down.
      (beginning to cry)
Don't talk to me asshole!
Jenna, It'll be all right.
Fuck you! You dont care about me.
Jenna screams and grabs a paperwight off of the Doctor's
desk. She throws it at him and strikes him hard in the head.
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
      (Recovering while
       raising his tone
       at an immobile
Will you get someone!?
      (Shielding himself)
Now please!
Jenna continues to throw things at the doctor.
      (to Veronica)


                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
JENNA! Calm Down! You're only
making things worse.
      (spits across the
       room at him)
Two men in blue enter the office and begin trying to tear
Jenna from the room. As they carry her out, she fights and
flails trying to scratch them. One is holding her arms and
the other, her feet.
Many people crowd the restaurant, some standing and some
sitting at numerous tables scattered around. There is a
short line at the counter.
ALLMAN and STEVE enter.
This place sucks. Let's just get
No way, I haven't been here in
Allman approaches the counter. Steve follows.
2 girls, GABY and VIVIAN enter from the bathroom. They
notice Allman and Steve on line and walk over to them.
Hey Steve! Whoa, Allman! I
haven't seen you in forever. You
know everyone thinks you killed
yourself right?
      (To Steve)
Dude, I thought you were joking.
Where's this shit coming from?


I dunno.
Maybe it's the way you're always
just moping around. What've you
been doing this whole time anyway?
Nothing. Taking a break from
See, that's what I've been telling
her! She almost cried when
everyone first started talking
about it. I didnt think you did
I didnt almost cry!
      (to Gaby)
Are you still gonna have that
Yeah, my mom's in Jersey for the
week getting gastric bypass.
What was that?
She's morbidly obese and addicted
to fast food so she's getting
surgery on her stomach or
something to make her eat less.
That's why were here. It's part
of her intervention. I have to go
around to all these places and
give them her picture so they know
that they can never serve her food
again. This stuff's poison y'know.
She gained 80 pounds in one year.


That's pretty funny.
No it isn't! Do you have any idea
how many people in this country
are struggling with obesity?
Wait? So are you or aren't you
having a party this weekend?
Allman, you're gonna come right?
Yeah, i guess so.
Great, well i guess we'll see you
guys later.
See ya.
Bye guys.
GABY and VIVIAN exit in conversation.
Dude, so fucking hot.
I know. Hey, when did Gaby go
Oh, yeah. She joined PETA a little
while ago. She's been kinda nuts
ever since.


Vivian's still cool though
You should fuck her on saturday.
Allman and Steve are now at the front of the line. There is
no cashier at the register
      (tapping on the
C'mon, c'mon!
The cashier appears from within the kitchen
Hi, welcome to Archie's, can i
take your order?
Doctor Goldstein is getting a cup of coffee. Veronica
surveys him from down the hall, hesitates, then walks up to
him. His head is bandaged.
Could I speak to you for a minute?
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
It's about Jenna Stein.
I just wanted to make sure that
she was going to be okay.
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
She should be fine.


This place they're sending her...
It's not a group home or anything?
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
Not quite. A residential school,
upstate. Her parents are paying
an arm and a leg for it. The cost
is outrageous.
Would you come with me a second?
The Doctor heads to his office. Veronica follows him. He
enters his office, collects some things from on top of the
fax machine and hands it to her.
                       DR. GOLDSTEIN
Her parents faxed over the
brochure. You should take a look
and go over it with her once she's
calmed down. Try and get her
comfortable with the idea if you
      (Looking through
       the brochure)
Pauly, Allman, and Steve are sitting around stoned. Allman
is rolling a blunt.
Don't even listen to a word he
Rap's gay dude.
You're gay.


Rap's just a bunch of thugs
selling you songs about what they
did with all the money you gave
them the year before. How can
that be all you like?
It's not. I like Pink Floyd. I
like Sublime. I...
Everybody likes Sublime.
Allman licks the blunt and seals it.
      (Smiling in
Sublime's the shit.
Yo, where the fuck is Danny at?
He went to get Claire. I think
she got lost again.
What's up with that?
I dunno man. She's here every
single day. Sometimes she even
spends the night. Still she gets
lost every time.
I fuckin' hate that girl. I'm not
sticking around once she gets
here. After we smoke this L I'm
She's mad sexy.


That girl should be in Special-Ed.
She thinks my name is Almond.
Oh yeah! I forgot about that. You
need to hang out more man.
Yeah. I wanna light this blunt
all ready.
You gotta wait for him man.
Fuck him. Light that shit.
They look up as they hear a door slam. The basement door
opens and two sets of footsteps descend into the room. Danny
and Claire enter. Claire is a white girl who puts on a
pretend hispanic accent.
      (Taking off his
       scarf and coat)
Sorry. She was over on Utopia.
My bad.
Y'know we've been waiting on you
20 fucking minutes.
Sorry man. Relax.
Almond, I said I was sorry.
My name's not fucking Almond.


Yeah. Baby, it's Allman.
Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
You don't hate me now or anything
      (Under his breath)
Allman, chill the fuck out and
Allman lights the blunt and inhales.
What the fuck? I don't gotta
listen to this. Don't be hatin'.
Can you two just shut the fuck up
for five minutes.
Watch your language!
      (Shushing him)
Watch your language!
Would you get her the fuck out of
here man!?
Who the hell are you? You don't
know me!


Oh shut the fuck up. You're White.
I'm leaving. Here's your five
bucks back.
Allman tosses a five dollar bill onto Danny's lap and exits
with the blunt in his mouth. Steve stands and follows.
Shut your mouth.
      (On his way out)
Go back to Long Island.
The apartment is crowded. Everybody's drinking. Allman and
Steve are together in a corner smoking a bowl and blowing it
out the window.
      (Blowing out smoke)
Who sold you the bud?
You know that fat chick who does
the morning announcements?
No. Not fucking Amanda. You don't
think I know Amanda? That fucking
fat girl in the Nirvana shirt.
Fran, the fat girl in the Nirvana shirt appears from behind
Hi there.
Fran glares at him.


Allman walks away from the crowd of people and into a room
towards the back. He is smoking a cigarette and holding a
bottle of beer. Jeanie, Rachel, and John are inside.
The three pairs of eyes dart from the computer monitor to
What's up?
It's getting way too crowded in
I know, right? I'm too drunk to
have all these fucking people
bumping into me. Everybody out
there's needs to chill the fuck
out yo!
What're you guys doing?
      (Smiling & looking
Looking at naked pictures of
Whoopi Goldberg.
No way. Let me see.
Allman runs over to the computer screen.
Steve enters.
Allman dude, where'd you go?


It's getting too crowded in there.
What are you doing?
      (Catching a
Is that Whoopi?
Click on that one!
Ew! That shit is so nasty!
Yo, Allman. Somebody's looking
for you. Your dick would be wise
to follow me.
      (Looking at Steve)
Dude, get up! C'mon!
All right!
Allman follows Steve out of the room.
There you are. I was worried you
didn't show.
Oh, yeah. I was in the other
God. I didn't mean to get here so
late. My night has been horrible.
I've been trapped in TGIFridays


                       VERONICA (cont'd)
for the last 4 hours. My stupid
mother left her purse at home and
I had to stay there as collateral.
And of course she lost her wallet
so I'm stuck there waiting while
she drives an hour and a half to
borrow money from my uncle. God,
I need a beer. This totally is
not my day. Do you think you
could try and find something?
Yeah. Sure. That really sucks by
the way. One sec.
Allman pushes his way into the kitchen.
      (Tapping Steve on
       the shoulder)
Is there any beer left?
Nope. It's cause nobody brought
there own man. It's all fucking
losers here.
Is there anything to get drunk off
at all? It's not even for me,
it's for Vivian.
I dunno man. Ask around. I think
there's some guy coming with pot
brownies a little later. You
should just wait for that. We can
all get mad fucked up!
Vivian Enters.


Allman turns around and sees Vivian looking at him.
Vivian holds up a bottle of Malibu with a smile.
Gaby sneaks up from behind and puts her head on Vivian's
Go easy on that! You gotta save me
a few shots. Okay?
Yeah, no problem.
      (Looking over at
Well, have fun you too.
Wanna go on the roof?
Veronica and Allman are sitting on the gravel with their
backs against the wall. They are passing the bottle of
booze between the two of them.
There is a silence before Veronica speaks.
Oh god. Tonight has been too
Oh, right...Fridays made you their
prisoner for the night. Y'know, if
I was you I would've just walked
out. What was keeping you there?


Well, it was kinda in Long Island.
Yeah. It's cool. I'm here now.
So...what did you do today?
C'mon, nothing?
Um. I got stoned and watched The
Joy of Painting for a few hours.
Well that's something. That's
the show with that old guy with
the curls?
Yeah, I know. It sucks. I wish
there were more shows like that
though. There's nothing but these
fucking reality shows now.
C'mon. I like reality shows.


Oh, C'mon. Even if you hate
American Idol, you've gotta think
the auditions are funny.
Me and Gaby actually auditioned
for one last month.
Oh god. Which one?
This new dating show they're
putting on MTV.
Why the fuck would you do that?
I dunno, Gaby wanted to. Why not?
God Allman,
why do you have to take everything
so seriously?
I don't know.
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry.
It's okay.


I don't mean to be an asshole.
Look, Allman. You're confusing.
Veronica leans in, kisses him, and pulls away. Allman
hesitates for a moment and kisses her back. They begin to
make out.
The mail drops through the slot. Allman enters from his
bedroom, notices the mail, and picks up a large envelope. It
says The Reid School. He tears it open and reads it's
Allman drops the brochure down the incinerator.
Dude, this is serious shit. I
think she's gonna try to send me
away or something.
I told you man.
So? Don't go.
I really hope it's that easy.
Otherwise I'm gonna have to
runaway or something.


What? Am I supposed to say that
I'll come with you or something?
Nah. It's cool.
Cause my mom just sprung for
digital cable bro, with on demand.
I hate you.
I'm sure you'll think of
something. You always do.
Allman. We need to talk.
What do you want? I'm trying to
watch TV.
Veronica takes a seat next to her son on the sofa, picks up
the remote and turns the television off.
What the fuck?
Listen to me. Look...Allman,
you're not in school. You're
smoking pot everyday...
Who gives a shit?


I do. And your dad does. We've
been talking about it. It's out
of control.
So? What are you gonna do?
We've been looking at schools.
Residential schools for you.
      (saddened and
Fuck that! I'm not going anywhere.
You don't have a choice Allman.
Not this time. I don't even have
a choice. You're not in school. I
mean, I know you dont think it's a
big deal, but...
      (tearing up)
I have to risk my job every single
day that you pull this shit,
everytime there's a meeting at
your school, and I have to go in
and explain to them what's going
on with you so the state doesn't
get involved, and try to take you
and Gina away. I can't do it
anymore. I cant do it. You're
doing drugs, you won't get a job,
you sleep all day...
It's enough.
I'm not going.


Allman. You don't have a choice.
We have an interview next Tuesday
in Westchester. Me and your dad
are gonna take off work.
Maybe, fucking maybe I'll go back
to Lewis, but there is no way in
hell I'm going to boarding school.
Allman, we've been trying that for
the past six years.
      (Putting her hand
       on his knee)
Honey, I love you more than
anybody on the entire planet, and
I know that this is what's right
for you. Even if you hate me your
entire life for it.
      (Teary eyed)
I do hate you. I hate you so
fucking much.
That's fine.
I'm not even kidding. I wish you
were dead.
It's fucking over.
It probably won't be that bad.
They'll probably send you to one
of those upscale ones where
everybody's rich and shit. Isn't


                       STEVE (cont'd)
your dad working for NBC now?
Think of how much worse it could
be. Johnny's older brother's
serving his third year in riker's.
Getting up from his bed, Steve walks over to his desk to get
a cigarette. He takes one from his pack, lights it, and
sits down at the desk.
Then again, the worst thing about
jail for me'd be the abscence of
pussy. And i mean, where you're
going there's not gonna be
anything but dick til you're
eighteen. You better hope you're
still good looking when you get
out of there. See, now I feel
sorry for you.
Fuck you. There are co-ed
boarding schools. She never said
anything about an all guys thing.
Then again, they'd probably send
me to one just to worsen the deal.
Maybe you should tell her you're
gay. No but seriously, you should
try to party it up before you go.
Try to get it out of your system
before they ship you off.
You're right. God forbid I can't
stop this, at least I've got the
winter. I still haven't done


That a boy. I think Nick's
supposed to get some this week.
You want to? You're not scared
Fuck it. What have I got to lose?
I'll probably just end up
commiting suicide when I get up
there anyway.
All right!
Allman is in the passenger seat of his father's car, Alan
Avery is driving. Veronica Avery is in the backseat.
      (Playing with the
These radio stations fucking suck.
Al? Did you hear what I said?
Turn the fucking radio down!
Allman turns the volume down.
What were you saying?
You still need to give Gina money
for California.
How much?


I don't know. Three, four
hundred. She's going for two
She's going for two weeks!? Why's
she going for so long?
Did i mention how much I fucking
hate the both of you.
Y'know, you're a fucking prick.
I'm a prick? You're sending me to
boarding school you fucking
You wont go to school!
Al, calm the hell down. You're
gonna get us killed.
It doesn't even matter. Even if I
get in I'm not going.
Oh, you're going.
Okay. You'll see.
Their car turns off of a tiny road into a schoolgrounds. A
strange goth girl starts to scream at the car.


Don't send your child here!! They
rape us!
Maybe you can go make friends with
Al parks in the lot and turns off the car.
Okay. Let's get this show on the
I hate you.
In a small office, ALLMAN, VERONICA, and ALAN AVERY sit
opposite two of the school's supervisors, JERRY CONSTANTINE
                       JERRY CONSTANTINE
So how'd you hear about Reid?
I'm a nurse in a children's
psychiatric ward, so it came
pretty highly recommended.
                       JERRY CONSTANTINE
Ah, very nice.
                       TOM MACZOWSKI
So, Allman. What's your favorite


What the fuck does that have to do
with anything?
      (Putting his hand
       to his temple)
                       TOM MACZOWSKI
No. It's all right. Allman, I
know you don't want to be here.
Honestly, do you think any of
these kids want to be here? But
they're here because they need to
What do you know? You just met me
like 3 minutes ago. It doesn't
matter anyway, as soon as we get
home I'm running away.
                       JERRY CONSTANTINE
I think you're parents love you a
little too much to let you just
pack up and run away like that.
Yeah. We'd miss you a little bit.
      (Imitating her
Haha. I fucking hate you. You
know that, right?
                       TOM MACZOWSKI
I'm sorry Allman. I can't allow
you to sit here with us and be
disrespectful to your mom and dad
like that.


Why don't you mind your own
fucking business?
                       TOM MACZOWSKI
Okay. You can go wait outside. The
four of us'll talk. That's not how
we do it here.
No problem.
      (Giving them all
       the finger)
Fuck you all.
Allman exits and slams the door.
Allman storms out of the trailer and walks across the
parking lot. He notices a grassy field where a bunch of kids
are smoking cigarettes. Allman reaches into his pockets,
pulls out a cigarette and lights it. He casually walks
Then this girl is like getting
fucked upside down and shit. She's
mad upset about it though. She
won't come out of the cottage.
So who has the video now?
I heard Chris Cerasona had it and
he was gonna try and make copies
or something.
I heard that too.


That girl is such a ho! I still
can't believe it! And you had sex
with her you nasty fuck!
Fuck you! She was new. I didnt
know she was a ho.
Allman reaches the group of kids.
Are you new?
I just had my interview.
Yeah, you're new. I'm pretty sure
the interview's just so they can
make sure you're not black. I'm
not sure anyone's not gotten in.
So how bad does this place suck?
Don't get yourself admitted here
man. Do whatever you can.
Shawn walks off.
They let you smoke here?
Yeah. I mean, technically if
you're under eighteen you have to
get a note signed from your
parents. The staff never cares
though. They'd never tell you to
put it out or anything.
They did to me.


Lauren used to. She was such a
bitch to me.
Oh right! Yeah but that's
different, You told everyone she
got period blood all over the
So, it's that bad here?
Eh. I mean, the people are okay.
Allman sees his parents walk out of the trailer with the
I guess that means they're done.
See you guys around.
Yeah, bye.
While walking back he runs into a guy with a skateboard
wearing a Wipers T-shirt.
You like The Wipers?
Hell yeah. Are you new?
Nah. I'm here for my interview.
Those your parents?


Joe points his head towards Allman's parents talking to the
school directors in the parking lot.
Your mom's pretty hot.
Hey, fuck you. Anyways, it's good
to know not all the people here
suck, in the off chance I don't
run away.
Nah, don't do that. I mean, the
way I see it is: the people are
pretty much cool for the most
part, I can get better drugs here
than I can get at home, plus, all
the girl's put out. But I mean I
was in juvie for three months.
Compared to that this is like a
fucking vacation.
What'd you do.
I stole a boat.
Right on. I gotta go though. Maybe
I'll see you around or something.
Yeah, later.
Allman walks back toward the parking lot.


It is night. Allman and his parents drive home in silence.
Allman is in the back seat staring out the window.


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