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man Beater
by Erin Covington (loyal.erin@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
A story about domestic abuse, and the consequences, that can come along with it.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Rain(31) is on the treadmill running. She is sweating
heavily, with her jet black hair back in a ponytail. Her
hour glass figure doesn't need much help, but she exercises
4 times a week anyway. She is on the phone talking to her
                       RAIN (v.o)
Yes Camella, I really would
appreciate it if you would fax
those papers over to Mr. Carlin
for me. I wanted to make it home
early tonight, but I guess I will
be there shortly to sign those
papers. Make sure you have them
ready for me!
Rain jumps off the treadmill, and wipes the sweat with her
towel. She grabs her water and takes a swig. There is a sexy
man, over by the weights. They lock eyes for a moment, as
the man looks her up and down.

Rain, bit ting her bottom lip. Suddenly, the phone rings.
                                         CUT TO
Gary(30), is standing in front of some beautiful flowers. He
has a dozen red roses in his hand, which happens to be his
wives favorite. He hands the man behind the counter a
100dollar bill. the man, smiling, nods his head as Gary
walks away.
Hey baby!
Rains, lustful look turns into a frown.
What! can i get a hello, for once


What do want Gary? I'm at the gym
working out, an you know I don't
like to be desturbed when im here!
OK! OK! OK! I'm sorry baby. I just
wanted to see what time you'll be
home tonight? I have something,
special planned for us.
I will get there! When I get
there! I have to stop back by the
office to get some things done.
Look, do me a favor and make sure
you have something better then
what you hand last night, cause
that shit was the worst!
                       GARY (v.o)
O.K baby, I'm going top chef on
you tonight. This will be the best
meal eev
Rain hangs the phone up.
Baby! Baby!
Gary looks at the phone, noticing that Rain hung up on him.
He slams the flap down with his mouth. He walks past a pet
store, there is a cute puppy in the window. Two beautiful
bomb shells, is walking past him with their dogs.
                       1ST BOMB SHELL
Wow girl, look at that tall glass
of water on an hot an sunny day.
                       2ND BOMB SHELL
      (raising her hand)
I wanna a drink!
Both girls start laughing. Gary looks at the women, turns
his head and walks directly into the pet store.


                                         CUT TO
Rain is getting into her car, heading towards the office.
Her phone is ringing, AGAIN!
Rain Smith, how may I help you?
Its her assistant on the phone.
                       RAIN (V.O)
So you're telling me everything is
under control now, an I can
actually go home an get some rest.
You're the greatest assistant in
the world! Power to all the women.
This world would be a piece of
shit without us! We'll I guess I'm
going home.
Rain pulls up at the house, only to notice Gary's car not at
home. She pulls in the garage. Gary pulls up around 30mins
later. His neighbor John is outside mowing his lawn.
      (hands full of
Hi, John!
      (finishing up the
Hi, Gary. Cooking dinner tonight?
Gary slams the door shut, with his hip.
Yea, I'm cooking a little dinner
for me and the wifey tonight. You
know nothing big. How has your
wife been feeling? I know she was
sick the last time I talked to
She's doing!


That's good. Tell her I said
Will do.
Gary turns and walks towards the house.
      (stopping Gary)
You know Gary, you're a good guy.
Maybe,I can come over and you can
give me some tips or something?
No problem John. Besides what are
neighbors for?
Gary, walks in the house. Rain is sitting down in the dark,
waiting for him to enter.
      (squinting her
Where have you been?
Gary almost jumps out the door.
Oh my god, baby, you almost scared
me half to death.
Gary walks over to the kitchen. He sits down the grocery.
He turns back around. Rain is standing directly behind him.
Gary is startled.
Hot damn baby!
Rain tilts her head to the side. Her head is slightly bent
down, making her eyes bulge out the top of her head.
Wanna hear a story?
You know, I have this client of
mine. A very disturbed and
confused little girl, that one is.
Why, I don't know if her momma


                       RAIN (cont'd)
every taught her a damn thang.
Rain walks closer to Gary, only for him to back away. She
takes her index finger nail, and scratches it across the
kitchen counter.
I mean not only is she a little
touched, but she also tells all of
her business to anyone who will
Rain take her fingers and crawls them toward the knife rack.
She pulls up one knife, that is obviously to small. She
crawls up to the largest knife in the rack and pulls it out.

Rain turns around to Gary and with the bottom of the knife
in one hand and twirling the tip of the knife around her
index finger. She walks over to Gary and hops on the counter
with Gary in between her legs. Gary starts to walk off.
      (pulling Gary back)
We're you going? I'm not going to
hurt you. Why!!! I love you.
Anyway I have a story to finish.
Rain take her arm and rubs it down Gary's chest, then she
put her hand around Gary's neck.
She told me, and all of my
colleagues, that her husband
spends more time at the casino
then he does in their own bed
room, let along the bed.
Rain pulls Gary's chin over to her, almost mouth to mouth.
Well, we all no, I could never
ever get that desperate. I mean
look at me, I'm the baddest bitch
you're ever gonna touch, see, hold
or fuckkk!
Rain takes the knife and slides it down Gary's neck.


But most importantly, we both know
that I would never, ever, put up
with that SHIT! Don't we?
Rain grabs a fist full of hair and pulls his head back.
Gary pushes the knife away from his throat, and pulls away
from Rains grip.
Baby! What are you doing? What are
we doing? I mean, I go out of my
way to plan an romantic night with
you. Please Rain, I really don't
want any drama tonight. Can we
please just have a good evening
for once? Please baby!
What was that? You get a Oscar for
that sorry ass performance.
Rain slams the knife down on the counter.
      (mocking Gary)
I planned a romantic night for us!
Can we gave a good evening for
once! Please baby? Get the fuck
out of her! You sound like a
freakin' drag queen. OMG!
Rain grabs her coat an head towards the door.
I'm going to go get Molly from
school early. That other little
brat, Shane, can catch the bus
home, since he's daddy's little
girl in all. Oh yea, have dinner
ready, before I get back!
Rain walks out and slams the door behind her.
Rain walks towards her car, Gary's black and silver 2010 BMW
is blocking her car in the garage. She decides to drive his
car. She opens the door an there is a little puppy in the
backseat of the car. Rain grabs the dog an high steps back
towards the house.


What is this?
Gary is at the sink, washing off some cabbage. HE looks over
his shoulder, nonchalantly, and turns back around.
It was a surprise for you, but I
quess you know what it is now.
Hold on, let me ask you something.
Do I look like I'm a mutt type of
girl, or am I a superstar?
Gary turns around on the other side of the counter.
I don't know Rain? You've been
wanting a puppy, so I thought now
was a good time. Plus he's so
cute, who wouldnt want him.
Me Gary! Me!
Rain slams the puppy down on the counter, CUTTING OFF HIS
What the fuck!
Rain drops the bottom half of the dog on the floor. Pointing
down at the floor.
And, you better have this cleaned
up, before I get back!
Gary is breathing heavily. He drops to his knees,he can't
believe in what he has just witnessed. A single tear rolls
down his face. He looks over at the window an noticed a
strange figure running away.

Gary runs out to see who it was. He runs around the side of
the house sweating and breathing heavily. There is no one.


When he walks back around Rain has changed cloths an is
heading out the driveway.
                                         CUT TO:
Rain, pulls up to her children's school. She gets out the
car with a long black trench coat, black shear stocking, and
black high hell shoes. She walks down the long hallway,
clacking her hills along the way.
Receptionist desk.
Hello Mrs. Smith. How may I help
you today?
Yes please, I come to pick up
Molly Corral , can you have her
come to the office please?
Yes, we can do that for you. Is
there any particular reason why
she's leaving early today?
No other reason, other then she's
my daughter. Need there be anymore
reason then that?
The receptionist give Rain a funny look.
      (snapping her
Ta-Ta please.
Molly(8) comes to the office. She is a splitting image of
her mother, down to the long black hair. They both head out
the office, back down the long hall.
                       MISS. AVERY
      (running down the
Mrs. Smith! Mrs.Smith! I'm so
sorry to bother you, but Shane has
been feeling a little under the
weather today. By chance, did you
come to get him from school early?


Rain rolls her eyes and turns around facing the teacher.
I'm sorry, whats your name.
                       MISS. AVERY
Why I'm Miss. Avery, I have been
Shane's teacher for the last two
We'll, I'm so sorry I didn't
recognize you, but I want be
picking Shane up today. You see me
and my little princess here, has
plans. So, he can catch the bus
home...By chance!
Rain turns an walks away, leaving the teaches standing
there, confused.
Both ladies buckle their seat belts.
Are you up for a little shopping?
The little mini me shacks her head
up and down, yes.
One hour later.

Rain and her daughter walks out the store.
So what would you say if we hit
one more store on the way home?
Yes mother, I still want to get
me a handbag.
                                         CUT TO:


Shane(11) has just came home from school. He walks in the
door only to see his father standing in the kitchen. He runs
to his father an gives him a big hug.
Daddy! I missed you so much. You
have it smelling great in here.
Thank you honey. You always
appreciate your dad, dontcha?
You know I do. Why, you're the
greatest dad in the world. I
wouldn't trade you for a million
bucks, dad!
Gary kneels down in front of him.
What would I do without you son?
You're so full of grace and charm.
Gary stands up.
Only if you could rub off some of
that charm on your mother,
everything would be ok.
Gary walks back to the kitchen, trying not to let Shane see
him choking up. Shane walks up behind him, putting his arms
around his waste.
Don't worry dad! Happiness will
come again, you just have to be
patient. O.K?
Gary sucks it up and wipes off his face.
Did I mention, wise too? Look
baby, go outside and get some
fresh air, while I finish cooking
dinner. Wait for your mother and
sister to get home.


Oh yea, I waited for Molly to get
on the bus, but she never came.
That's because your mother picked
her up from school early today.
Why didn't she get me?
      (rushing Shane out
       the door,trying
       to avoid question)
I don't know baby. You know your
mother, she gets a little confused
Shane heads out the door. Usha (14), lives down the street
form the Corral's. She has always adored Gary. She walks up
to Shane.
You know one day, I'm gonna be
your momma?
You wish!
Hey, how come your mother never
takes you anywhere? But she always
has that little brat of a sister
with her.
I don't know, and don't talk about
my sister!
We'll, she is a brat.
      (mocking Shane)
So! So! Suck your toes all the way
to Mexico, while your there comb
your hair, and don't forget your


An you call my sister a brat.
Usha turns and walks away.
                                         CUT TO:
The family is sitting around the kitchen table. The steak,
potatoes, cabbage and green beans, is steaming, hot and
fresh. There is complete an udder silence. Rain picks up the
wine bottle and pulls another drink.
Everything looks delisious, dad.
Rain smacks her lips and grabs a roll.
You know, I scored a 100 on my
english test today.
Rain, rolls her eyes and looks over at Molly.
      (talking to Molly)
Go and get, the new purse I got
for you today, Molly.
Gary looks up at Rain.
Baby, Shane was telling us about
her test, can we just give him a
minute, please?
Look Gary, don't antagonize me in
front of my children. I heard him
talking about his stupid ass
English test. Who cares, its
english. We're in AMERICA.
Rain stands up, staggering over the table.


                       RAIN (cont)
If you don't know English by now,
then you're in the wrong place.
Rain swings her head around to Shane, staring him directly
in his eyes.
Rain finishes the rest of her wine in one gulp.
Sitting here eating these hard ass
rolls, and this dry ass steak.
Being attack by two pit bulls! How
dare you?
      (lips shacking)
Rain smacked him with such great power, smacking him out the
chair. She point her finger down towards Gary, fiercely.
Don't you ever in your natural,
black ass, white, Mexican, Chinese
life , come at me in that manner
again. You might not know who YOU
are. Why, are you Tyrone, John, or
Victor. Hell pick one! But I know
one thing.
Rain takes the hand and brushes the food off the table
                       RAIN (cont)
I am not twisted!
She turns an walks away.
Making sure she turn back to mention.
And clean this mess up!
Molly runs out the room. Shane runs over to help his father.
The house is spotless. Gary is looking in the bathroom
mirror, rubbing his jaw. He walks out to the living room


looking around at the pictures, towering the mantel and the
walls. He looks at the pictures of his children, (smiling).

He glances over at his wedding picture, balling his fist up
over his mouth. (Sadden). He hears someone walking threw the
      (cleaning her eyes
Daddy? Dad? Is that you?
Yea baby, its me
What are you doing dad?
Just remembering to good old days,
kiddo, that's all..Hey, how about
some breakfest?
      (trying not to cry)
Sure dad.
Gary walks to the kitchen over by the toaster preparing the
food, and making coffee. Shane walks over to the bar,
squeezing his self in the stool.
      (adding butter to
       his toast)
You know babe, I'm really proud of
you for acing that test. You're a
whole lot smarter then me, when I
was your age.
      (avoiding the
Why, don't you leave her dad, and
take me with you. We can't
continue to live like this!
Something bad is going to happen,
I can feel it!
Shane bows her head in shame, shaking it from side to side.
Gary runs over an grabs his hands.


Now, you look Shane! This family
is going to stay together! We can
work this out, I promise! Your
mother just needs a little
What! What dad? Help...She needs
help! This is not normal, and its
only getting worst! Please, lets
leave her daddy. I don't ever want
to come back to this place again!
Rain walks in, with her bath rob and house shoes on.
Look at what? Whats all the
commotion about, and why are y'all
up stop earlier.
Rain stops and stares at both of them.
What? Don't nobody have nothing to
say now?
She bites down in a piece of toast.
Throwing the toast back in the plate.
I hate to taste the coffee. It
might has poison in it, knowing
you two.
Rain turns and walks away, Molly is now awake
Hey, baby girl. You wanna stop an
get some breakfast this morning?
Yes mommie, I'm starving!
Rain turns around to Shane.


      (sneering her lip)
You can catch the bus.
Shane is a little upset, but not surprised at what was said
Don't worry son, today is your
day. I pick you up from school
today, and take you somewhere
special. Just the two of us.
Shane (smiling), shakes his fathers hand, agreeing.
                                         CUT TO:
Molly and Rain is sitting at the cafe having breakfast.
Toast, sausage, grits, and pancakes cover the table.
      (adding butter to
       her grits)
Is it good, my little princess
Umm Humm! delish
molly takes a sip of juice.
Mommie, do you like daddy?
Rains throw her fork an knife down, clinging it up against
the plate. Molly tenses up in fear.
      (grabbing her hand)
Don't be afraid of me, I could
never hurt you. Why, I love you
more then life itself.
Rain take her napkin, and throws it across her lap.
An to answer your question, I do
like your father. Its just...We'll
I'm a women, you're a women, and
men are here to serve us, an when
they don't I get upset, thats all.


Rain take out a cigarette in the cafe. The man beside her
curls his back up in disgust.
Just remember this, no one loves
you as much as mom does, and don't
you ever let a man treat you any
kind of way!!!! Understand?
      (hanging on to her
       mothers every
Yes mother!
The man beside them notices what was said. He gives Rain a
dirty look, and starts to cough, from second hand smoke.
You should really see someone
about that cough.
She drops her cigarette butt in his coffee. Grabbing Molly's
hand, she walks out the door.
                                         CUT TO:
John is in the family room, looking out the window, as Gary
gets in his car. His wife Ashley in on the couch, knitting.
You know the Smiths, really has it
going on over there. Their like
THE perfect couple.
Ashley puts her things down on the table and walks over to
the kitchen. John comes around and sits down in his favorite
reclining chair. He puts his feet up and closes his eyes.
What do you think their secret is?
They always seem so happy. Feels
kinda unrealistic to me.
      (walking up behind
She beats him.


      (not understanding)
She beats him! I watch.
John opens his eyes, only to notice his wife standing over
him with a vest in her hand. She raises the vase and smashes
it over the head.
                                         CUT TO:
Shane and Gary has arrived home. They are both in such a
good mood.
I had the best day ever dad! We
should do this more often.
You got it son, anytime, just us
Gary walks in the house, he can see the kitchen light left
on. His eyes follows the light. He drops a bags at the door,
bending down to pick it up. He feels a WHOOSH. pass his
head. He turns around quickly, Rain is standing there with a
What are doing?
What did i tell you?
She swings the bat again, barely hitting him, Gary jumps
back. She swings the bat again, 3 more times knocking
glasses and the fruit bowl on the floor.
Stop doing this Rain, you're
distroying us.


Do what? You done this! You broke
the rules.
She hits Gary in his arm. Gary takes off running upstairs,
Rain follows him up the stairs.
Today is your day.
For what Rain?
Too die
Rain gets to the top of the stairs, She can see the bedroom
door moving. Gary is confused an doesn't know where she is.
Rain bust in the room, Gary rushes her when she enters the

He grabs her by her neck and raises her feet off the ground
by her neck. He is chocking her until her feel dangles.
      (staring her in
       her eyes)
I'm not going to kill you, but I
want a divorce.
NO! Molly what have you done?
Gary drops to the floor.
                                         CUT TO:
Their is people dressed in black outside the grave site.
Flower surround the whole entire front of the casket. Molly,
Shane, and Rain sit in the front. Rain has on black shades
and her lip is split down the middle.


                       DETECTIVE ADAMS
So let me get this straight. Your
husband cornered you in the room:
shut the door: not locking it?
Then he preceded to beat you to a
bloody pulp, slamming you up
against the wall, choking you
Umm Humm!
                       DETECTIVE ADAMS
Then Molly comes in an, BANG!...Is
that what you're telling me.
Rain puffs on a cigarette. Blowing it out softly. Detective
Adams, turns and looks at Molly and Shane. Shane turns his
head away
      (clenching her jaw)
3 times now.
                       DETECTIVE ADAMS
Yea, that's what you told me. And
if, and only If, Molly didn't have
that gun powder all over her
hands, i would say something just
doens't seem right.
Detective Adams turns and walks out the door. Rain follows
in behind him shutting the door. Turning around at the door
      (starring at Shane)
Did you just try to embarass me?
No, mother!
Rain charges him.
Rain is parked at a corner store, she hands Molly some
money. A dark figured person walks up the the car an knocks
on the window. Rain rolls down the window.


      (turning to Molly)
Get whatever you want baby!
as Molly exited the car.
      (demanding Shane)
Go with her dummy!
Rain turns back to the person waiting at the window
Look whatever you are selling... I
dont want it!
Bang!!!!Rain slums over on the horn.
The shadowed figure takes off running. Two blocks down the
road the person starts discarding all of their cloths, and
hat, the person turns back.....It's Usha.
John has made it home safe and sound. His head is still
bandaged up. He has several large suitcases in his hand,
sprinting towards his car. Lola, is chasing behind him.
                                         CUT TO:
I'm sorry, baby. I thought I was
doing the right thing. Please give
me one more chance!
Not a chance! I'm out of here!
He took one more good look over at the Smith's home.
                       JOHN (V.O)
I gotta say, this is the best
advice you ever gave me man!
John gets in his car and drives away. Lola, is seen running
behind the car.


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From Jordan Mitchell Date 7/9/2011 ****
an amazing story!

From Theresa Date 3/28/2010 ****
This was my first time reading a screenplay, but when I started reading this one, I had to know how it turned out. It was captivating! Just watch your spelling and puncuation.

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