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Red Ochre
by frances small (francessmall@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

Two Time-Agents become unlikely lovers when trapped in the past.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. Registered with WGA



A soft warm glow illuminates the walls of the cave. Light
glances off the prehistoric paintings of horses and bison,
all behind the protective sheen of an airtight stasis field.
MEGAN (7), in a white protective suit, holds her MOTHERS
hand as she walks down the path of the dark cave. She holds
an imitation candle, supplied by the TOUR GUIDE to make the
experience more lifelike.
                       TOUR GUIDE (OC)
To your left, just up here, is an
exquisite example of a horse, see
the head, the hoofs and flank?
They stop before an image of a massive black horse,
surrounded by stags.
Meg looks in awe at the animal paintings high up on the
wall. The light makes them dance, moving in the flickering
of the fake candles they all hold.
Look Megs, see the horse? It was
painted thousands of years ago.
                       TOUR GUIDE (OC)
We know HOW these images were
painted, the colors are from the
earth. They used magnesium dioxide
or charcoal for the black and red
ochre, a clay found locally.
Other people pass by them, all looking up at the prehistoric
                       TOUR GUIDE (OC)
What we don't know is WHY they
painted them...are they religious
or just symbols of what the artist
saw around him.
Meg breaks free from her mothers hand and walks further up
the path, pushing aside a couple admiring a frieze of small
horses. She stands transfixed. Just above her head is a
small hand print, outlined in gauzy red. The hand is


outstretched, flat on the wall, a negative hand print where
someone has placed it, and blown red pigment around it.
Meg reaches out to it, stopping just short of the security
field, and stretches her hand to match the small ancient
Her mother comes up beside her.
What do you see Megs?
Someone was saying "I was here."
Startled, Megan's mother brushes her daughters wild red hair
back, wondering what kind of special child she has.....
                       TOUR GUIDE (OC)
and over here....
DAPHNE, the house computer, speaks with a woman's voice, as
if from all corners of the room.
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Good morning Megan. How are you
this morning?
White sheets rustle as a small hand pushes out from under
them. Covers are pushed down revealing a tightly scrunched
face surrounded by a mass of bright red curly hair. MEGAN
WALSH,(30's freckled, toned and athletic) slowly opens her
Have I mentioned to you how much I
hate you Daphne?
Meg slides her feet over the side of the bed. She stretches
her lean body, adjusts her white tank top and walks over to
a dull grey glowing wall.
The LCD crystals in the large wall of windows instantly
clear, revealing a cloudy day over a city landscape.


Airbuggies, a mixture of car and plane, glide by at a
respectable speed. Even from this distance, the air is dull
and metallic looking.
      (looking over city)
Like my grandma used to
say...another day in paradise...
Meg surveys her messy bedroom. Attractive furnishings
covered with piles of clothes and books, and an occasional
Chinese food container.

She heads to the bedroom door, on the way stubbing her toe
on a large cardboard box with the word "Beka" scribbled on
the side.
She grabs her toe as she hops down the hallway to the small
kitchen unit.

The kitchen unit is tiny and featureless. The only thing
visible is a coffee maker built into the wall, and a small

Meg hops towards the coffee maker and pulls out the pot.
Where's my coffee?
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Your last credit check hasn't
cleared. It will be repaired when
the check clears.
Meg slams the pot back into its slot and gives the machine a
quick bang with the side of her hand.
                       DAPHNE (OC)
That won't fix it Megan.
Yeah, well it was worth a try.
Think you can handle some tea?
Meg opens a cupboard, gets a mug and puts it into the door
of the refrigerator.
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Milk? Sugar?


Tea made, Meg leans against the counter and contemplates her
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Incoming call.
I'll take it here.
The monitor comes to life and DAVID (38), Megan's ex-husband
Hey Meg. How you doin?
Just great David, and you?
You don't have to be sarcastic,
I'm just saying hello....and I
wanted to let you know that I'm
leaving tomorrow.
I know, and congratulations on
your remarriage. I heard the
reception was great. So where to
this time?
David looks at an itinerary..
Um, somewhere in the Yucatan I
You think?
They're all starting to look the
same to me. Hope the foods better
this time.
Meg sips her tea.
I thought I'd better call you
before I go in case...


David, I'm not going to do
anything drastic, relax. Go on
your expedition. I'm fine.
Meg, you know if you ever want to
talk, She was my daughter too...
I'm talked out. But thanks anyway.
Did you get the box I sent? I
Oh, hey, listen I'm having a
delivery, gotta go.
Meg shuts off the monitor and goes back to staring into her
tea. She looks to a wall of photographs. A smiling little
red haired girl smiles back.
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Shall I turn the shower on Megan?
Meg closes the door. We can still hear her talk through the
Have I ever told you why I named
you Daphne?
                       DAPHNE (OC)
Yes Megan, but please tell me
Sounds are drowned out by the running of the shower.
Meg bounces down her apartment steps, at the bottom she
stops and sits on the bottom stairs. Opening her backpack,
she takes out 4 cans of cat food. She opens them all,
placing them near the wall of the building. 3 cats appear
from nowhere to eat.

One of them comes up to her first, brushing it's side


against her.

Megan smiles.
I know what you guys want, You
can't fool me.
She reaches down and scratches the cat, it raises it's end.

She jumps up and goes on her way.
Meg enters a large building, it's an old and stuffy looking,
Surrounded by modern skyscrapers. Above the door is a large
brass seal with the words, "INSTITUTE FOR TEMPORAL
Meg walks up to the security scanner, removes the donut from
her mouth and places her eye and other hand on the scanner.
The door whooshes open.
Shouldering her backpack, donut stuffed back in her mouth,
Megan starts to walk while juggling a batch of papers.

She is jostled, almost loosing her donut as a team of
temporal agents quickly pass her, going to the mission room
at the end of a mission jump.
FERGUS,(30's, rugged) bumps into Megan in passing. He turns
while walking and looks at her. He talks to his BUDDY (30s)
as he walks backwards.
Who's that?
The redhead.


Don't let the hair fool you --
veins filled with ice.
Fergus continues walking backwards until Meg rounds a
A tight-lipped WOMAN walks by her, grabs the donut and
continues walking.
HEY! I was eating that!
                       WOMAN 1
      (walking away)
You know better before a
mission...they're waiting for you
in the ready room.
A long glass table is in the middle of the room. The walls
are grey and slightly glowing. BART (60s) walks in wearing
an old Hawaiian shirt over fatigue pants. He wears a beat up
straw cowboy hat, much frayed at the edges over a long brown
ponytail. On his chest is a name tag "BART KIMSKY -
I'm not sure I'm happy to see you
He hands her a cup of coffee in a mug that says "I survived
the battle of Endor". His own cup is plain.
Your favorite mug? This must be
hmmmmmm. Thanks for coming in on
short notice. We wouldn't have
called you in, but we're short of
jumpers at the moment.
Sure, what's up? Rumor has it it's
about the red plague?


Bart walks up to one of the walls/monitors. All the walls
light up with images of a world map.
Rumors are right, we have new
numbers from the CDC. Estimations
for spread of virus L46 were
VASTLY underestimated.
Images of diseased people from all around the world come
onto view of the monitors. They all have a red sheen, as if
they've been sweating blood.
We're looking at 30 million dead
in the Asian Consortium in the
next month.
Red engulfs an image of the globe, starting in the Asian
We know the strain is a version of
bubonic, but it's picked up a
mutation along the way, so it also
acts like a hemorrhagic virus. We
have the bubonic strain here, and
our scientists have been trying to
work with it, but it's been
weakened and contaminated over
time. The virologists believe if
you go back to the first known
outbreak of the plague, they can
get the original and most lethal
strain, and maybe the best chance
to find a cure.
And you want me to go and get the
Yes (beat) you and Captain Fergus.
Fergus???? He's a military
scientist! I don't do military
well (beat) Bart, I really work
better alone.
Ex-military. And get over it, he
has med training as well as basic
survival skills. And he's done


                       BART (cont'd)
particularly good work in
The Scottish accent is enough to
make my head explode...
Bart sits down at the table across from Meg.
We're sending you to Rome - 498
BC. There's evidence that a great
plague killed off a huge amount of
Romans, and the symptoms sound
like bubonic. It's the first
instance in history that a disease
like this has been mentioned, so
we think it may be a good place to
start. (beat) And Captain Fergus
happens to be good with his hands.
He might come in handy if you get
into any trouble.
Meg gets up to leave...
Fine, but I don't need a
Walking down the hall towards the jump room, a young man in
grey fatigues walks up to Meg.
You're late. Did you even read
the mission plan? You're not even
dressed. We have a deadline you
I HAVE done this before Mark,
relax, what have YOU got?
MARK (20 bookish) moves her along down the hallway, handing
her more paperwork.
I can't hold the botanists off any
more. They're angry they don't
get any of the departments time


                       MARK (cont'd)
with the machine. So they put
their foot down and they want you
to do this.....
Mark points to a paragraph on the paper Meg is holding and
continues walking with her.
They want me to bring back
plants???!!! You're kidding me!
Plants? All of history to play
with and they want plants. (beat)
I guess that's why they're
They say they're special plants.
Used as contraceptives about 100
BC, but because they were so
popular they went extinct. That's
what they look like. Consider
yourself lucky, they originally
wanted some trees, we got them
down to a couple of plants.
Mark stops at a doorway to the locker room.
So you'll do it right?
yeah yeah yeah.
Fergus stands in front of his locker, folding something and
putting it inside.

Meg comes up to her locker and opens it, revealing a picture
of a little girl, the same girl as on Megs wall... Talking
to her locker she says..
Fergus right?
You want to know my major?
Fergus grins as Megs turns to look at him. She SLAMS her
locker shut and turns to AMY.


AMY, (50 short blond), hands Meg a pile of cloths.
Hi honey, here you go, you better
make it quick. (beat) You might
want to stay clear of THAT one.
She nods in Fergus' direction.
It's always the quiet ones.
Meg shoves her backpack into a locker and puts the clothes
on that Amy handed her. She zips up the brown jumpsuit
revealing the embroidered patch on her chest. "Institute of
Temporal Archeology."
Yan wants to see you, got some new
Fergus continues packing his backpack.
Walking in the weapons locker Megan is surrounded on all
sides by high tech weaponry. The walls are covered with what
looks to be large assault weapons, with small glowing energy
packs. The tables are covered by a varied assortment of
round, square and lethal gadgets for specialty use.

YAN (40 Asian) stands with what looks like a belt in his
We have an update to the
camouflage unit you broke last
      (under her breath
I wouldn't call it "broke"........
Either way, we've made some


Yan reaches around Meg, placing a thin belt around her,
adjusting it, he flips a switch in the back of the suit.
We made the unit smaller, built it
into this belt...and we've
increased resolution....this
camera in back, duplicates the
image behind you and projects it 1
meter in front of you, making you
virtually invisible.
A thin holographic plane displays in front of her, covering
her image completely. Megan reaches out her hand and puts it
through the image and waves her fingers....
Wow! Much sharper image. How long
does the power pack last?
We added solar capabilities, so
assuming you can get to the sun
for at least 2 hours a day, it
should run forever.
Meg smiles and punches Yan in the shoulder, he smiles back
and gestures her out of the room as Fergus passes her coming
Meg and Yan walk into a busy control room. One wall is
lined with touch panels, each with a busy scientist
monitoring it. In the center of the room is a round
platform. Large tubing runs from the base of the platform up
to the 25 foot ceiling. Scientists bustle from station to
station adjusting levels and peering at screens.

Meg walks towards the platform, placing her feet 1 meter

Fergus jumps up onto the platform and stands beside her,
also taking a ready position...
Cutting it a little short?
Fergus ignores Megan.
WOMAN 1 steps onto the platform, and hands each of them a


Patting Meg on the back, she leans in and says.....
                       WOMAN 1
I put your donut inside.....
Meg smiles at woman 1 and turns, striking an expectant pose.
                       HEAD SCIENTIST
The hum of the control room increases, as a thin watery
sheen starts to rise around the circular central platform.
                       HEAD SCIENTIST
Couple seconds guys...........
The watery sheen rises up until the 2 on the platform are
invisible inside what looks like a glob of water resting on
the floor of the control room. The Head Scientist looks up
at the flashing holographic control panel in front of him,
noticing the numbers counting down..slowly at first then
with blinding speed, from 2103 to -498. With a loud sigh,
the temporal platform blinks....and is empty.
                       HEAD SCIENTIST
OK, the mission starts now. Mark
Slowly, the temporal orb gains visibility and then slowly
fades around Meg and Fergus.

They both stand on the side of a small hill, surrounded by
low shrubs. In the distance is Rome. The great city of the
ancient world, alive and bustling. Small pillars of smoke
rise from points within the city as people try to go about
their lives in this time of sickness.

Meg closes her eyes for a moment, and takes a deep breath
Fergus looks at her in interest...Exhaling, Meg says....
The Air. It just gets to me every
time. Don't you smell that?
I don't smell anything?


Fergus hunches down and opens his bag. He takes out a thin
sheet of ePaper. Touching one of the 4 dots on the bottom of
the sheet, it displays page 1 of their mission brief.
Which mission you want to go on,
the plants or the plague?
So what am I supposed to call you.
Captain? Fergus? Fergie?
Not military anymore, so you might
just want to use my name.
And that is?
Right. Fergus it is
Meg hands Fergus another ePaper. He looks at it, and looks
up, scanning the area.
So which is it, plague or plants?
What a cheery choice! I'll take
the plague.
Meg points to the ePaper.
Here's what the plants are
supposed to look like. Supposed to
grow all around, especially on
OK, lets split up and meet back
here in 8 hours.
Meg shoulders her bag and heads toward the city, Over her
shoulder she says....


Make it 10. That city's further
than it looks.
Meg walks alongside the Appian Way, The great road of Rome.
Disguised by trees, her way is harder, but her chances of
discovery much less. She stops and adjusts the pattern of
her jumpsuit electronically, so as to match the pattern of
the forest better.

She turns her face upwards, the speckled sunshine dances on
her face, turning her mane of red hair into a halo of fire.
Her obvious joy in the warmth is evident and fleeting.

She hears something....and stops, backing up to a tree...
touching on the back of her belt, her camo unit turns on and
she disappears leaving just the image of the tree.

Slowing clomping on the large pave stones of the road, a
small cart rolls closer. The horse it tired, head down,
it's been a long day. The DRIVER is old, tired like his
horse, he wears a short dark tunic and peasants sandals.

Getting closer, the breeze changes direction and a horrible
stench blows Meg's way. The driver lifts up a cloth around
his neck and raises it to cover his nose and mouth.

The driver coughs inside the scarf.

He glances in her direction, looking straight though her, he
begins to hum a song.

Meg moves forward, conscious not to disturb too many bushes.
She comes along side the cart to see what it's carrying.
Thin, filthy bodies are stacked 3 deep. Some with eyes open,
they stare at the sky, oblivious to any earthly care.

She moves forward through the forest toward plague-wracked
Through a break in the forest, Meg sees a small villa.
Outside, chickens and goats roam freely, obviously hungry,
they fend for themselves looking for food.
A MAN walks up to the front of the villa, he carries a
wooden bucket of water.


Meg runs up to the side of the house, she leans against the
rough stucco, and moves towards a window in the wall.
A WOMAN lies on a low pallet, she's surround by pillows and
blankets, all strewn about the room. She arches her back in
contortion, as another wave of pain passes through her.

Her husband enters the room and says something to her (not
understandable). She looks at him, not recognizing him, she
shrieks in terror.

He kneels, touching her face, he tries to calm her. She
pulls away from, trying to inch up the wall. The large
buboes, the sign of the plague, dark and swollen, rest on
her neck, close to her ear. She suffers with the delusions
that come with Rome's first outbreak of the great plague.

Her husband drops the bucket of water, dips a cloth to touch
her forehead, again she shrieks. Slowly, he pulls away from
her, backing towards the door, he sadly leaves her alone to
her raving.
Meg watches as exhaustion overcomes the woman....her eyes
close, her breathing though shallow, becomes regular. She
mercifully passes out, head lolling to the side, exposing
the evil buboes on her neck. Meg watches as exhaustion
overcomes the woman....her eyes close, her breathing though
shallow, becomes regular. She mercifully passes out, head
lolling to the side, exposing the evil buboes on her neck.

Meg follows the outside wall of the villa towards the front.
The husband is sitting on a bench outside the front door.
His head in his hand, he slowly sobs as a small dirty little
2 year old tries to climb on his lap.

Meg goes back to the window, she looks in seeing the woman
has still passed out. She climbs through, glancing at the
door, making sure she is safe from detection.
Kneeling beside the woman, she takes out her medpack, she
removes 2 syringes.

Pointing a laser sterilizer at the injection site, she
readies the 2 syringes. She puts the first needle into the


black buboes, withdrawing a thick black viscous liquid.

She takes the other syringe, and repeats the same thing over
the inside of the woman's elbow...this time withdrawing

Packing both syringes into a metal case, she stands up and
prepares to leave. Glancing towards the front door, she sees
a LITTLE GIRL, no more than 5 peering around the corner
looking at her. Dirty hands, face and feet don't cover up
the bright eyes in her sad face. The little girl just
watches, not moving....

Meg stops and looks back, her face softens....she goes back
to the sick woman and again kneels, taking 2 pills out of
her medpack, she pushes them into the woman's mouth. Looking
at the little girl, she makes a drinking gesture. The little
girl runs away, knowing what Meg wants.

Meg climbs out the window, and heads for the forest line.
She looks back to see the little girl bringing a bucket of
water in the house. Meg turns and heads back to woods.
Meg checks her watch...
Still 6 hours....
She sees the dim lights of Rome up head.

She speeds up.
Meg enters a dark city. Few lights are in the windows, and
the ones that are, are on second floors. Front gates and
front doors are closed and locked. Some of the doors have
black crosses painted on them, marking the sick and dying.
Meg speaks into her voice recorder.
Rome 498 BCE - Session 1. City
dark. Looks like no ones spends
much time on the streets.
Running along the building walls, Meg stops short. In front
of her is what used to be a bear, large and black, it has a
chain around it's neck which is built into the stone wall of
the large official looking building.


Just stepped over a dead bear.
Seems to be chained in the square.
Entertainment? Probably a gift to
Rome from a foreign power. Poor
thing was just left to die.
She gingerly steps pass it and almost bumps into a MAN, thin
and dirty. He carries a dead cat. He shouts something at
her, obviously angry, he holds the dead cat to his chest,
afraid Meg will try to take his food from him. He turns and
runs from her down a dark side alley.
Seems to be a lot of delirium with
this plague. A lot of people
raving. A Man just passed me
holding a dead cat, I think for
food. I guess local markets are
quiet, farmers either dead or
hesitant to enter city.
Backing up against a wall, Meg decides that this is a good
place for observing. She tucks herself into a small corner
on the edge of a small stone town square, turns her camo
unit on, turns on her recording device, and sits back for a
couple of hours, observing human nature in a crisis.

From across the street, a PROSTITUTE, sick and stumbling,
approaches a MAN coming towards her. They stop and discuss
the transaction, disappearing into a doorway to consummate
their deal.
Always a thriving business....
To the left, lie 2 dead bodies, dogs, mangy and black come
up to them to sniff, and don't like what they smell. A
large FAT MAN runs up to the dogs, scaring them off. He
looks at the bodies, he looks back down the alley, then
leaves the town square.
Dead left in the street....
The fat man returns on top of a cart. The cart is already
full. He thinks he can get these last 2 of the night in it.
Loading the dead bodies, he shakes his reigns and the horse
leads the cart out of the town square.
Oh...bodies not left in street,
seems to be some men who pick them
up. Saw a cart full of bodies on


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
the way in. They must bury or burn
them outside the city walls.
The night gets darker and quieter, no people on the streets.
just the jarring scream of a dying person coming from
further into the city.
      (into recorder)
--Rome 498 BCE. Temporal constant,
9/23/2103.--Official Summary:
Standard urban crisis behavior.
Complete breakdown in social mores
and morals. Estimated return to
local customs and laws...3 months
after peak infection withdrawal.
Observer--Megan Walsh.
Meg turns off her camo unit and quietly heads back to the
She goes back through the forest the way she came, towards
the jump point, she sees a man, wandering, wearing a short
tunic, too short to go out in public. He sings to himself,

Further on, she passes a MAN DYING. He reaches his hands
out to her, but she backs away. She has no more pills.
Through the trees, Meg sees the small villa she visited
earlier. It is still dark, the house is lit from within and
smoke comes out of it's roof.

She looks at her watch, and heads up to the window that she
last climbed out of.

Inside, she sees the man holding his wife's head up so she
can drink from the cup he holds. The wife smiles to him
weakly, then looks to her children playing happily on the

She looks back to her husband, lowering her head, she smiles
and says something that makes him smile.


Arriving back at the jump site, she finds Fergus, sitting
down and bored. His pack is jammed with what looks like
lettuce plants.
See anybody?
time you can just sit and wait.
You got it.
What about you, get any time to
Yeah, and the more I watch people,
the less impressed I become.
Fergus nods in agreement and they prepare for the upcoming
The last sigh of the temporal shift over, Meg and Fergus are
greeted by 2 very excited SCIENTISTS, waiting to take the
evidence they carry from 498 BC Rome.
                       SCIENTIST 2
Welcome back.
Meg reaches into her bag and give the scientist the metal
box with the 2 syringes.
SCIENTIST 2 opens the metal box, and looks at the syringes.
                       SCIENTIST 2
You did it! That's great. I'll
run this to virology, Dr. Harries
is waiting up.
Fergus hands his bag to SCIENTIST 3.
He looks inside.


                       SCIENTIST 3
You've made a lot of neglected
botanists very happy.
The scientists scurry back to their labs.
Bart walks down the hall, Megan slows up to walk along side
Welcome back. Smooth mission?
Pretty much. (beat) I probably
shouldn't tell you. (beat)
Meg stops walking, and faces Bart.
I gave a woman with the plague the
Yeah I know...
May I remind you??? What does this
He points to the embroidered badge on her uniform "Observe,
adapt, inform"
Does that say anything about
making changes? Does it say act
like an ass and put us all in
He heads down the hall again.
Meg, I've given you leeway, god
knows, I' have, if you were
anybody else.... you can't say I
haven't, but you've got to pull
yourself together, you can't keep
it up like this...you're starting
to make stupid mistakes.


It was one woman. I don't see how
one woman would be a problem, you
should have seen the Kid. You'd
have done the same if you saw the
Barts face softens and he looks directly at her.
Kid or not, I could put you on
suspension for this.
But you won't.
No dammit, I won't.
He turns down a left hallway, Meg catches up to FERGUS.
I'm exhausted. Feel like I've
been awake for a thousand
Fergus shakes his head, smiling.
What about you Fergie? Want to
join me for 40 winks?
Meg slaps Fergus on the back.
Fergus says nothing, just shakes his head and heads to the
bunk room.
Man of few words? huh?
It's worked for me.
They head down the hallway to the bunk room.
Meg and Fergus, sleeping in separate bunks, are suddenly
woken by Mark.

Fergus quickly bolts up in bed, in a defensive posture.


Meg puts a pillow over her head.
I'm really sorry , I know you just
got to sleep, but we REALLY need
you to help us out. The Science
guys are so excited by the
syringes you brought back, they
think they have something they can
work with.
Meg removes the pillow from her face.
Did I mention they're really
Yeah AND?????
      (speaking quickly)
We need you to do one more quick
Mark scrunches his face and closes his eyes as if afraid
he's going to be hit.
Meg sits up, Fergus puts his feet on the floor.
We just did 24 hours, I've been
asleep what 20 minutes?
4 hours actually. We really need
your help.
Fergus rubs his face.
Can you be in the mission room in
30 mins?
Mark gives a big smile, knowing he's asking a really big
favor and closes the bunk room door.


Meg and Fergus slouch down in their leather chairs as Bart
comes in the room. He is wearing his cowboy hat, but is
wearing old pajamas and slippers.
Hi guys. Sorry you have to be
here, but virology thinks they
have something...but they're
missing a piece of the puzzle.
And you need us to get it?
Yeah sorry. Meg you don't have to
be here. I just need Fergus.
He glares at Meg.
Like hell. I'm here I'm going.
Bart resigns himself to the idea.
In the middle 1600's, the plague
broke out again in a small village
outside Dordogne France. We have
reports that people survived - so
the virus must have weakened or
people formed an immunity. Either
way we need a sample of that
French virus to see what changed
from the original strain.
The screens behind light up with a map of the Dordogne
region and quickly flashes historical pictures of 17th
century France.

Meg looks at Fergus....
You said next time you wanted
plague...this one's yours. I'll
wait at the jump site.
You're on.


This jump shouldn't be long, we're
estimating 3 hours total.
Meg and Fergus step up to the jump platform and place their
feet in the ready position. The temporal orb starts to form
around them.
                       HEAD SCIENTIST
The lights of the city, momentarily dim, flicker and then go
out completely.
Just before the orb fully forms, the lights in the jump room
fade then come on brighter than normal, bursting and
popping, they send sparks flying through the air.
The head scientist looks down at his control board, seeing a
huge power surge go through the whole system.
The orb forms and Fergus and Meg disappear.
The control room goes dark.
                       HEAD SCIENTIST (VO)
Meg and Fergus are dropped about 6 inches onto the ground.
What the hell was that?
I don't know, but that was rough.
Meg leans down, swinging her backpack in front, she looks
around her.


I'll head west and...
Shush. Shouldn't we be near a
town? And shouldn't it be DAY?
Fergus looks around him for signs of lights.
Looks like they got the area
wrong. There's no lights anywhere.
AND the time, it should be day.
Fergus' eyes are drawn to the sky. He looks at it and looks
at Meg.
Meg, look up.
He points toward a large glowing object in the sky.
Isn't that Venus?
I don't know, is it? Looks
brighter than I remember.
Fergus says nothing just looks across the sky at the other
It shouldn't be this bright in the
17th century.
What do you think it means.
I don't know yet. Listen.
Meg stops still and listens.
I don't hear anything.


Look around you, see any town?
Meg takes out night vision goggles and scans the horizon.
She lowers them...
You let me know if you find
anything. I'm going to wait at the
forest line until it's time for
our ride back.
Fergus grabs his bag and walks off the the woods. Megan
continues to scan for a moment, then grabs her bag and joins
Meg sits, head down, arms crossed with her back against a
large pine tree. She feels a nudge to her shoulder and opens
her eyes to a small cup of hot coffee.
She sips, looking toward their jump site.
What time is it.
We have about 10 Min's...Look up.
He points again to Venus.
That's definitely Venus, and it's
too bright. This isn't the 17th
How do you know.
My brothers an astrophysicist,
when we were little we used stay
up late and he's show me the
stars. Venus only shone that
bright a very long time ago.


So when do you think we are Star
I'll let you know.
Meg looks at her watch.
It's time, lets go.
Meg gets up, carrying her bag and heads to the middle of the
field where they landed. Fergus comes up behind her.

They stand ready. Expectantly. Nothing happens. Fergus
checks his watch again.
What time do you have?
Bringing wrists together to compare.
Same as yours.
What's your nose tell you? Smell
like France?
Sure as hell not 17th century
The sky echoes thunder and an incoming storm.
Bart leans down, looking at the ENGINEER laying on his back,
working on the underside of the jump room console. The
lights of the backup generator glow red and gold.
How bad is it.
The engineer rolls himself out from underneath and sits up.
It's fried. Something blew the
hell out of all systems.


How long....I have people out
I don't know...we're working as
fast as we can. Everything's
Bart walks away rubbing the back of his neck.
Fergus and Meg trek through the forest, hard pelting rain
comes down on them unabated by the canopy of trees.
Shivering, they spot a small cave in the distance, it's up a
small dirt cliff, which has now tuned into a wet muddy mess.

Standing at the top of the hill, Fergus gives his hand out
to Meg, she ignores it and tries to pull herself up. She
slips, sliding back down to the bottom.
Give me your hand.

Megs face is blurred out by the pelting rain, as she offers
her hand to Fergus, he pulls her/drags her up the hill.
Over here.
He runs into the opening of a small cave.
Meg slumps against the walls of the cave, hesitant to go
further in.

Fergus sits down next to her, and quietly shivers from the
One of us has to take watch. I'll
take the first part.


I'll do it, you go to sleep.
WALSH, I'm taking first watch.
that's final.
Fergus moves closer to the cave opening and sits with his
sonic rifle on his lap.
You tell anybody you saw me fall
and I'll hunt you down.
Fergus smiles grimly though his water soaked face.
Your secret's safe with me.
Meg leans back and closes her eyes.
Meg wakes up and sees Fergus sleeping in the sitting
position, still with his rifle on his lap.
She nudges him with her knee.
You were supposed to wake me.
He wakes up with a jolt.
Well you just looked so damn
comfortable, I didn't have the
Meg stretches her aching back.
Yeah, rock walls are like
She goes over to the edge of the small once muddy cliff.


Have you seen this?
Sweeping grasslands, forests and lakes shine in the bright
sunny morning. The air is warmer with a slight breeze.
Fergus comes up beside her.
Yeah, wow.
Fergus starts to takes off his wet shirt.
Don't get too attached, we're
outta here in 2 hours.
He lays his damp clothes on the grass and lays down in the
We may as well relax until they
come get us.
You do that. I'm gonna get some
wood and start a fire.
Fergus, stretched out on the grass, opens one eye, watching
as she goes off, then shuts it.
Clothes laid out in the sun and a small fire burning, Meg
stands overlooking the jump site they came from. She chews a
power bar and gives one to Fergus.
See anything?
Not yet.
She looks up at the sun.
Looks like it's about noon. We
should see something soon.


Meg scrambles though her wet bag, looking for something.
I can't just sit around here, I'm
going to find some water.
We've got water.
He waves a canteen as she walks away.
MORE water, I'm going to find MORE
Fergus chews his power bar and watches the jump site.
Meg heads round the side of the cave, Running off the side
of the hillside is a small waterfall.

She opens a small test tube and puts it into the waterfall,
collecting a sample. She heads back to the cave.
You couldn't have picked a better
place, there's a water source just
10 meters away.
She stirs a small testing strip in the test tube....
And this water's amazing (beat).
I'm not getting any contaminants
at all. 16th century France had
pretty bad water. This is almost
That's good right?
I guess....I think you might be
right about it no being the 17th
century. Then when do you think we


If I told you, you'd think I was
Try me.
Venus was only this bright during
the day, in the late Paleolithic.
Nooooo. Like 20,000 years ago?
Yeah, told you it sounds crazy.
So, we could be really screwed.
Fergus says nothing.
Assuming I'm right, you ever jump
this far?
Meg looks distracted, as she gazes out from the hilltop.
No.....did 10,000 once. But only
for a few hours for temp and air
10,000 is the max per jump. If
they wanted to go further, they'd
have to put another jump platform
here to do the additional 10,000
Why don't they do it?
You'd need a power source here, at
the 10,000 mark. And the power
source is nuclear, which you can't
time shift...black holes
imploding....a real mess.


So if it's really a 20,000 year
jump. How are they going to get us
I don't know.
Both are silent.
Homo sapians right? Aren't there
still some Neanderthals?
There might be.....whoever is here
are just as smart as us. Hell!
They could BE us. They just
haven't industrialized yet.
You mean they don't have our
baggage yet.
Or a developed set of emotions.
Fergus snorts at the idea of his world having a developed
set of emotions.
But they have enough to be
dangerous if they find us.
If there's people, there must be
predators. What do you think we're
looking at.
Bears, snakes, Saber tooth.
Paleolithic bones show evidence of
large cat scrapings. That's
probably the biggest threat.
OK. Tomorrow we look around and
see what's in the area.


It is dusk, Meg sleeps on a thermal sheet inside the cave,
near a small fire. Fergus, at the cave mouth, aims his camo
belt outwards, making the cave entrance invisible.

A herd of deer wander into the clearance, while the others
graze, the herd leader watches, he looks towards the cave
entrance and stares.

Satisfied, he bows his head to graze.
Fergus chews a power bar. He nudges Meg and hands her one.
That's the last of our food.
She chews.
He hands her a spear made from a long piece of wood with a
burnt and sharpened tip.
You use it. I can't use that.
She heads toward the forest edge.
You just get the fire started
honey, I'll bring home the bacon.
Fergus shakes his head and goes off in a parallel direction.
Meg walks quietly in between 2 trees. Her eyes are intent
on a small rabbit....she slowly creeps up on it, her shirt
held in her hands as if it's a small net. A branch breaks
under foot and the rabbit hops safely away.

She looks over where Fergus is chasing a small deer. He
throws his spear, it makes a wide arc, landing far away from
the now sprinting deer.

He walks over to where there are a bunch of slow moving
partridge, he creeps up slowly, his arm pulls back, he


throws, it lands in the ground and the partridges flutter
and fly away.

Meg smiles.

Intent on hunting once more, she looks around to see if
there is anything else edible out here. She sees another
rabbit just 3 meters away and quickly gets back on the

Moving fast, she overtakes the rabbit and scoops it up in
her shirt, making sure to tie it off so the rabbit can't
The small rabbit is skewered and roasting over a wood fire.
Both Meg and Fergus put their hands forward, burning them as
they try to grab some of the meat.
I must be really hungry, cause
this is REALLY good.
Maybe tomorrow I can check round
here and see if there's any wild
herbs, garlic or something.
Lets hope we're not here tomorrow!
I did notice you didn't get
anything with your fancy spear.
Yeah well, what I was hunting was
smarter than your little rabbit
uh huh.
And I'm not so good with
There got to be other things to
eat around here must be nuts or


Or something.
Meg shoves another piece of rabbit in her mouth.
Fergus sits beside the fire and rummages through his pack.
He dumps the contents in front of him.
Empty your bag, lets see what we
Fergus pulls out a sonic pistol, his sonic shotgun, 2 more
knives, a canteen and a dog-eared copy of Jurassic Park.
That's it? That's all you got?
Wish I'd brought a razor.
He scratches his razor stubble. Meg flips through the
dog-eared paperback.
You like antiques.
And you have better I assume.
Meg smiles....and brings out a small medkit, 2 thermal
sheets, a canteen, 2 small camping pots for cooking, 2
utility knives, similar to the Swiss army knife but much
larger and with more tools. 1 large all-purpose knife, one
knife with a serrated edge, wire cutters, and silver
metallic utility tape.

She holds up the utility tape.....
Don't go anywhere without this!
Fergus is amused at the amount of things coming out of her
deceivingly small backpack...
And last not least......
She pulls out a large machete.
You always come this prepared?


Meg puts everything except the machete back into her pack.
Little problem in the 5th century
with a rather amorous
Visigoth.....I think the tape left
him with a lot of explaining to
Fergus takes the machete and weighs it in his hand, swinging
it back and forth to feel it's weight.
This'll come in handy.
That's mine. You have your rifle.
He hands it back to her.
Bart always laughed at me, thought
I packed to much.
Lets hope it's enough.
Having eaten, they both sit in front of their fire. Fergus
pulls from his pocket a small flask, smiling he offers it to
You've been hiding this!
I was just waiting for the right
moment...it might not get any
better than this.
Meg takes a deep swig, coughing immediately, she hands it
back to Fergus.
      (rasping voice)
Fergus smiles and takes a long sip.


That's the real stuff? that's not
Fergus smiles and drinks.
They pass the flask back and forth in silence.
So why do you do this?
You mean jump?
Well, it's not all I do,
officially I'm a archaeological
Meg slurs on the work "archaeological"
What do you observe?

wonderful and crappy thing that
mankind has done. I've probably
That's a lot to keep in your head.
Sometimes it leaks out....
Meg lays down facing the fire and closes her eyes.
Sometimes I see things that I
wished I never saw. Stuff that
just runs up to you the second you
close your eyes.
Fergus stares into the fire as Megan drifts off to sleep.


Good morning sunshine!
Fuck you.
FERGUS chuckles, and hands her a cup of coffee from the
Meg eagerly grabs it.
I take that back.
Enjoy, it's the last of the
I'm heading up there to get a
wider look of the area.
He points to a nearby hill.
Meg starts to get up.
I'll head east then.
Whoa...no splitting up. What about
the bears and the cats.
I can handle myself. I'm coming.
No you're not. Just stay here
Please? Don't make this more
Don't make this more difficult??
Who the hell are you. I'm not just
going to sit here while you run
around with your little pistol in
your hand!
HEY hey, we don't talk about the


Fergus turns and starts to walk away. He turns around, Meg
almost bumps into him.
I'm coming.
Fergus, frustrated, hands her a spear.
No, you keep the fancy spear AND
your little pistol!
Fergus turns and walks away, Meg follows him.
OK, but we'd both better start
And Just keep your voice down, my
head is killing me.
Fergus leads the way through tall brush, hacking every now
and then with the machete, his spear in the other hand.

They both sweat heavily and swat bugs in the high afternoon
Stop stop...gotta stop
She sits down in the middle of the grass and takes a long
drink from her canteen.

Fergus hunches down and drinks from his own.
That hill top is further than it
You could have been nice and cosy
back at the ca...what was that?
Something large moves in the tall grasses.

10 meters away, twigs snap under it's heavy weight.


Both switch on their camo units, just seconds before a large
saber-tooth appears.

It begins to lunge, it stops. It smells something, but can't
see it.

Crouching low, it slinks closer and starts to circle them.
It hugs the ground, unsure of what it smells and why it
can't see anything.
It moves closer. Coming just up to Megs outstretched, yet
hidden shoe, it exhales. Meg scrunches her face as the
fetid, carnivores breath reaches her. This same breath,
momentarily blurs the holographic image....for just a
second. Then the confused animal slowly backs up, deciding
to try elsewhere for another meal.
The animal turns, and quickly jumps then runs away.
Fergus and Meg exhale a big breath.
That was amazing!
I know! Did you see those teeth?
They stand on the top of the hill. The strong wind is
refreshing after the long trek. From here they can see the
full expanse of the surrounding countryside.

To the west is grasslands, wide and pale green. To the north
is forest, and to the east, the hill continues in a small
mountain range. Far to the north are large mountains,
covered with snow, large expanses of snow cover their feet,
Glaciers, receded back slightly for the summer. Separating
the small mountains from the grasslands is a wide river,
winding it's way from the glacier.
The world is HUGE from up here.
And quiet.
The wind makes a load roaring sound.


Looks like we're all alone.
No we're not! there!
West of the river.
That's a lot of people.
I'll be damned.
A group of about 45 people slowly move across the grasslands
towards the river and the mountain range, moving north for
better hunting in the upcoming summer.
That looks like about 5
Fergus scans the horizon.
I don't see any other groups. We
should keep out of their way.
Fergus starts to head down the mountain, the way they came.
Meg watches the solitary group of humans.
You do that.
Canteen in hand, Meg heads to the waterfall. She rounds the
corner before it, and stops....under the waterfall, Fergus
stands and bathes. His back to Meg, he doesn't see her.

She stops and retreats behind the corner. She smiles and
slowly peeks, admiring him washing his hair, oblivious to

She finally retreats and heads back to camp.


Fergus buttons his shirt as he returns from the waterfall.
What's this.
She hands him a branch with leaves and white flowers.
I didn't know you cared.
She rolls her eyes.
Technically it's called
"Philadelphus lewisii". Most
people call it mock-orange. It's a
natural soap substitute.
Just take the leaves or the
flowers and turn them in your
hands like a bar of soap, it'll
Fergus smiles as he realizes he's been watched.
Fergus lays down his spear and the small game he caught at
the fire pit.
They've got a permanent camp now.
The whole group is living right
down there behind that small
forest, about 6 kilometers or so.
He points to the far west of the cave opening.
Really? Did they seem hostile.


I don't know, I can tell you they
were roasting something big and
making a helluva lot of noise. I
got spotted by one of their dogs,
but outran him.
You're lucky, I don't know how
they would treat strangers.
Can't be worst than the Visigoths
Meg says nothing, but straps her camo unit on, and grabs the
I'll be back, I have to see this.
let me do this alone, this is what
I'm trained in. Don't worry, I"ll
be fine.
Camo unit on, she disappears into the high grasses.
Heading towards where Fergus said the camped humans might
be, Meg hears voices up ahead.

She crouches low, peeping over the top of the forest brush,
and watches a group of FORAGING WOMEN about 15 meters from
her. They talk among themselves, sometimes laughing,
sometimes straightening up to rest their backs.

A young girl moves closer to a prominent male, but an
unusual male with fine bone structure and many shell
necklaces. He shows the young girl something....she takes it
from his hand and puts it in her mouth and smiles. Meg
watches, but is more interested in what the women closest to
her are picking.

She sees them pulling some plants up, large tubers.


Meg waits until they wander away, looking for other things
to eat.
Meg falls on her knees, shaking out all the plants, nuts and
fruits she's collected all day.
She rifles through the pile of vegetation.
I never made it to the camp, saw
these women first....looks like
this is some kind of nut, sort of
like a hazelnut? And this is some
kind of tuber, I saw them eating
it raw. and they also picked lots
of these berries...
Fergus picks up one of the tubers, brushes the dirt off it
and puts it into his mouth.
Not bad....tastes sort of like an
yeah, not bad right? I'll keep my
eyes on those women, maybe there's
other things we can eat. No action
at the jump site right?
Bart wouldn't leave us...and the
Institute doesn't just forget it's
people. They'll find us.
Fergus looks down, sorting out the tubers from the nuts, he
starts to clean them, keeping his concern to himself.
Can you show me where you think
their campsite is? I need
something to do.
Paleolithic lifestyle not working
for you.


Other than eating and sleeping, I
need something, I need a mission.
Fergus smiles and says under his breath...
I get that.
Just outside the parameter of the tribes camp, Meg turns on
her camo unit and settles back against a large boulder. She
turns on her recording unit....it lights up dimly for a few
minutes, slowly fades dark, then lights up full power.
The sun hasn't come up, but a dog starts barking. 8 men
gather at the edge of the campsite, they hold spears and
spear throwers---"atlatls" made of bone, with which to
throw the spear farther and faster. One of the men, heavily
muscled and brown, whistles....calling the dogs.

He leads the other 7 men into the forest, followed by 4
large dogs.
Whistling....never saw that
coming. So they might have music.
The group starts to wake up. Responding to the barking dogs,
fur tent flaps open and people make their way to the dying
Mothers sit around the fire and feed their children, younger
girls scurry around gathering remnants of last nights meal
to serve everybody. Additional men gather at the periphery,
spears in hand they set out in the opposite direction as the
first hunting party.


Meg wakes up suddenly, sitting up straighter, she realizes
she fell asleep, as the sun is much higher in the sky.

The mood in the campground is much different than what she
was last observing. Most of the men gone, there are still a
few working with the women.

One of the men dresses differently than the rest of the men,
he wears multiple necklaces and bracelets. He's the man she
saw foraging with the women.
Male within group, staying with
the women, perhaps a shaman? Women
look like they respect him,
and......it looks like affection
His eyes crinkle as he talks to the other women and they
giggle when he makes them laugh.
I think someone called him Lemi.
don't know if that's a title or a
Each person in the group is pounding something on a flat
stone...they start to pound in unison...Lemi pounds on a
small skin headed drum to the beat of the pounding women.
Rhythmic pounding ie music.
One of the women raises her voice high, singing with a
strange warbling sound, it has no lyrics, but wanders
seemingly aimlessly, until it repeats, revealing it's
intricate pattern.
Lemi speeds up the pounding on the drum, and the women pound
faster keeping up with him, until he drums so fast they
can't match it and all break out in laughter. A few moments
of laughter and they all go back to their work.
Full vocalization. Singing in
complicated rhythm....a lot of
laughing. Not what I expected and
not what you predicted either
Dr. Weber, you and the rest of you
archeobehaviorists are going to
have to rewrite your thesis'!


Megan turns off her recorder, and heads back to her cave.
Arriving breathless at the cave.
They have a complicated social
structure. Some men go off hunting
during the day, but a few men stay
behind with the women working with
them. There was this one guy who
kind of dressed like a woman, I
think he's something special to
them. They were laughing, giggling
and everything you'd see at a
party in our time.
What were you expecting.
I guess I was expecting something
a little less human...something
more ruthless.
You saw them on a good day. I bet
they can be just as ruthless as
us. You be careful. You put your
camo on right.
Yes. Stop worrying.
Barts ponytail has turned completely grey in the time since
Meg and Fergus last jumped. He sits at his desk, deep in
thought. The door opens. SUSAN (20s) his secretary appears.
Excuse me Dr Kimsky, Dr Hudson
would like to see you.
Let him in.
DR HUDSON,(55 tall lanky) sits down in from of Bart.


What can I do for you Doctor?
                       DR JIM HUDSON
Well, I think I might have an
answer, that is, I might be able
to get your 2 lost jumpers back.
Barts leans forward in interest.
And how do you propose to do that.
                       DR JIM HUDSON
Um, we've been working, working on
increasing the strength of stasis
fields? you know, the job the
military gave us?
Yes, go on.
                       DR JIM HUDSON
well, it occurred to me that since
we're already increasing it to
protect against subatomic
particles, it might, maybe work to
contain the nuclear power supply
of the jump platform.
Bart leans even more forward.
You really think you can do this?
                       DR JIM HUDSON
It's certainly theoretically
feasible, so it might....maybe
it...Yes I think it will work.
Bart looks down and thinks for a moment.
Do it.
                       DR JIM HUDSON
Yes doctor.
Dr Hudson gets up and starts down the hallway.


                       BART (cont'd)
Backpacks on their backs, Fergus and Megan walk through the
low brush far east of their campsite. East of them are the
distant mountains, and below them is the winding river. West
is a dark craggy outcropping. Meg uses an improvised walking
stick and Fergus walks in front with pistol in hand.

To the left they hear barking.
He points to the horizon line. Something is running towards
them in the brush.
A large grey dog/wolf stops in front of them and starts
They both move to the right, but the dog moves with them.
Further away, loud voices can be heard, running towards the
barking dog.
Fergus Grabs Meg's arm.
She follows close behind him towards the craggy outcropping.
The dog is right behind them.
They run between a small crevice in the rocks, it leads to
an open area which is a dead end.
Up here!
Meg starts to climb the rocky wall, slipping once, but
getting higher. Fergus is right behind her, protecting her
from the snarling dog. He looks towards the crevice opening,
he sees 3 MEN.

The 3 men run into the crevice, the dog snaps and barks
insistently. Fergus steadies himself with one hand on a tiny
rock ledge and fires his sonic pistol at the one aiming the



The shot man falls down. Megan tries to hold tight to the
rock wall, but slips, falling to the ground behind Fergus.
Fergus leans down to Meg.
You OK?
He gets off another shot to the second man.

Meg scrambles up, scraped but ok.
Yeah, LOOK!
She points to the third man who looks in fear at his fallen
friends, turns and starts to run away.
Fergus jumps up, and aims his pistol at the barking dog. The
dog goes down.
You can't let him get away.
I know!
Exiting the crevice entrance, Fergus takes aim at the
running man. He drops. Fergus drops his hands to his knees
and gets his breath, as Meg runs up to him.
Did you KILL them?
He holds up his pistol, points it up and shows Meg the
glowing display panel.
I had it dialed down. They'll be
out for about an hour.
We can't just leave them here.


Move them to the forest line, lean
them against a tree, they'll never
know what hit them.
Meg goes over to the closest man, she bends down taking a
closer look at them.
I don't think they're
Neanderthals. Look, here, the brow
ridges look normal.
How can you tell under all that
Meg tilts her head sideways...
Someone, somewhere back where he
comes from thinks he's cute.
OK, you start dragging the cute
one then. Lets go. We only have an
Meg and Fergus each grab one of the men under the arms and
start to drag them towards the trees.
Meg scrunches up her nose.
Oh god, they stink!
You forgot what a real man smells
Meg secretly smiles at Fergus behind his back.
The three men each lean with their back against the same
tree. Meg arranges their arms and legs in the most natural
way she can. The dog lays at the feet of the 1st man shot.
looks like a painting.


Lets get out of here before they
wake up. You should let me take a
look at your arm.
Meg rubs her aching arm.
Wonder what they'll think when
they do?
They won't remember anything, the
rifle erases the last 20 minutes
or so.
When did they announce that
upgrade? I never heard about it.
They didn't, it was kept quiet.
The government implemented the
feature during the riots to avoid
Walking sticks in hand, they head east towards their
Meg holds her arm out for Fergus to clean her wound. Her
shirt is off, she's only in her tank top. Fergus is
obviously trying not to notice Megs state of undress.
That should do it.
Thanks. Feels better.
Fergus tends the medpak.
Make sure you keep it clean.
Meg puts her shirt on as Fergus watches her walk away.


The sun is high and the day is hot. Meg swats bugs, as they
travel through forest, spears and knives in hand, branches
stick on them as they walk, Meg sweats.

Fergus carries 2 dead rabbits.

They come to a clearing with a small waterfall and a small
but deep pool.

Meg pushes Fergus aside, unbuttoning her shirt as she goes,
she throws it to the side. Hopping, she takes off her pants
and shoes. She dives into the pool.

Fergus removes his clothes and falls into the water, diving

Meg swims over to the waterfall, she faces up, letting the
water hit her.

Her hands come up to her face as she dissolves in hard
uncontrollable tears.

Fergus goes to her. He puts his arms around her.
I can't take this, I want to go
home. I can't spend the rest of my
life here, I want to go home! I
keep telling myself it's ok, but
it's not. I want to go home.
In desperation she pushes against him, trying to get out of
his arms. She swims away.
Fergus moves closer to her again.
He takes her face in his hands, and gently kisses her.

She is startled, she looks him in the eyes, and kisses him



It starts out frantic, Fergus lifts her to the riverbank
laying her down, mouths still locked together

What follows is 2 scared people connecting on a level of
desperation and fear.

It's carnal, It's body-grinding, it's slippery and it's

But slowly.


It changes---2 people reaching out to each other for
security, for the touch of another human.

and finally

for comfort.
UBA (14), hides behind a bush watching them.

She watches the coupling with great interest, not because
it's something she's never seen, but because it never looked
like this. They touch and speak in ways that she's
unaccustomed to.

She watches a few minutes more and smiles, this is her
secret. She pulls away from the bush and runs back to her
Meg jumps up, gathering her clothes, putting them on
Fergus comes up beside her.
You know, we may be all we have.
We may have to make a life here
for ourselves.
I know, you're right. I just....
Fergus looks around at the forest and the waterfall.


Looks like time may be ALL we
have....and each other.
He leans forward and kisses her gently on the lips.
If I had to be stuck here with
anybody, I'm suppose it might as
well be you.
From you, that's a compliment...I
The campfire burns low, as Meg quickly brushes a tear away.
Fergus sits next to her, looking into the fire.
What is it?
I know women enough to know that
"nothing" means "something."
And what women do you know? Have a
wife at home?
And I know men enough to know
that's not the full story.
Maybe..doesn't matter now.
I was once married.


Really, you don't look the
marrying kind.
What kind do I look?
You look like the love'em,
leave'em in duct tape kind.
Meg smiles fully, for the first time. She sits back and
ponders for a moment before getting serious.
I had a little girl too...along
with the marriage.
Fergus says nothing. They both stare at the fire in silence,
Fergus feels that Meg needs to talk.
Beka died in an accident...the
marriage died pretty soon after
I'm sorry.
Meg stands up to leave, Fergus reaches up and grabs her
wrist puling her back down.
Don't do that.
Don't do what?
Keep walking away.
Meg lays down, putting her head on Fergus' lap and looks at
the fire.
What if they can't find us.
I can't think like that.


So why'd you join the institute?
Such a big strong non sciency
looking guy.
He smiles, brushing back some hair from her forehead.
Kind of just happened.
Happened how?
After the collapse, I couldn't get
a job.
Don't they always need scientists?
Not then, they needed lifters and
movers.....so I became a lifter
and mover.
In the institute?
Yeah, I got a job as a
construction foreman...we rebuilt
the bio wing after the riots.
So how did you become a, what are
you, an archeovirologist?
I was looking at some blueprints,
when I overheard them talking
about some problem with a mutating
virus, something I'd been working
on myself. I gave them some
advice.....and well, here I am.
Stuck in the paleolithic ere with
A good part of that sentence


Meg reaches out and puts her arms around Fergus
And the other part?
Not so bad
He moves in closer, kissing her.
The campfire give a large crackle and sends out sparks
It was better, right?
What? yeah, I guess....but it
would never be the world I
remembered. People were harder,
different, brittle. I couldn't
really find my place in my time.
Meg thinks deeply, playing with a piece of grass.
I've been doing double shifts for
the past few months. It feels
strange sitting here doing
nothing....I was originally
training to be an
acrheologist...but the work was
too quiet, So I asked to be
trained in observing instead. More
interesting anyway. You have to
know a little bit about
everything. Some simple medical
stuff, to survival skills.
She looks up at Fergus.
So instead of archeology, they
trained me in observing. More
interesting anyway. You have to
know a little bit about
everything. some simple medical
stuff, to survival skills.
She sits up.
The things I've seen.


One day, you'll have to tell me
about them.
Meg runs up to Fergus and grabs his hand.
Come with me you have to see this.
Wha...I'm coming I'm coming.
She lets go of his hand and jogs ahead, leading down toward
the tribal camp.
They're DRUNK. Completely drunk!
Did they invent the still?
I don't know how they did it, but
you have to see this...
Through the trees, Meg points to the silent campsite.
Fergus lets out a chuckle.
The whole camp is spread out, laying on their backs snoring.
A dog staggers and falls sideways. 2 other slow moving
dogs are lazily gnawing on the untended day's kill, a deer,
unskinned and undressed.
Come on.
Meg steps into the clearing, walking slowly by the prone
Fergus comes up beside her.
They ARE drunk.


I told you! Watch your step.
Fergus bends over a drunk woman, a basket, still being made
rests neglected in her hand. She snores loudly, opens her
eyes slightly, then closes them and turns on her side.
Phew! They smell like alcohol.
Over here.
Meg leans over a large pile of plums, all of which have
This is what got them drunk.
Fergus starts to fill his bag with the squishy fruit.
Hey, what are you doing.
It was good enough for them, who
You just want to get me drunk and
take advantage of me.
You're right! That's exactly what
I want to do!
Meg smiles, and walks over to what looks like a pile of
Look here. These are their tools.
I know what THIS is.
He picks up a large bone in the shape of a "Y".
This is a spear thrower. I've seen
them demonstrated, they really
Fergus picks up some sharp flints.


And we could use some of these.
Don't take them all, we don't want
them suspicious.
Fergus packs 5 assorted size flints in his pockets.
But we do need these. It's going
to get cold around here.
She lifts a pile of furs and tucks them under her arm.
Lets get out of here before they
wake up.
UBA slowly opens her eyes and raises her head 2 inches off
the ground. She hears the strange voices, she sees Meg and
Fergus in the fuzzy distance. Her eyes close and her head
falls heavily.
Fergus leans over the pond so he can see his reflection as
he shaves with his utility knife. He rinses off the
mock-orange, wipes his face on his sleeve and heads back to
Fergus meets Meg as she stumbles out of the cave and runs to
the side of their campsite. Leaning forward she violently
vomits.....once again. Hand to head she wipes her mouth,
straightens her hair and leans on the side of the hill,
looking out over the grasslands.
You alright?
I'm fine.


Uba peers across the clearing toward Meg and Fergus at the
cave's mouth.
Fergus, sits on the ground, moves closer to Meg, Meg puts
her face in her hands and cries....Uba'S fascinated watching
these two, as Fergus cups Meg's face in his hand, and gently
brushes his fingers across her cheek, Meg looks at him, and
quickly puts her arms around his neck.
I'm scared.
I know, but don't worry, it'll be
OK, I'll be with you.
Uba steps back quickly from the bush in front of her. She
takes her hand, and brushes it across her cheek, closing her
eyes, she takes pleasure from the soft touch of her own
hand. She pauses, then turns and runs away. Back through the
forest from where she came.
Fergus walks out of the cave mouth, the wind hits him
strongly and blows the thermal sheet he has wrapped around
him. He looks at the grey sky. It's filled with an early
snow. He stands looking down at the jump site for a few
moments, then turns back.

He sees something strange at the edge of their campsite.
Walking over, he sees its a pile of fur.

Lifting it up, he discovers that someone has left 2 fur
blankets, 2 pair of leather pants and 2 large fur tunics
with hoods.

Dropping them quickly, he looks around. The forest is
silent. Whoever left them, left them and ran away.
Meg puts on one of the fur tunics, the arms are long, and
the hood is big, but it will keep her much warmer than the
thin thermal sheets they brought with them.
How do you think they got here?


Someone left them.
I know that, do you think it was
one of the tribe?
I think it had to be. But why?
Meg walks to the edge of the clearing.
I think someones been watching us.
Whoever it was sure brought us
what we needed. I feel we should
thank someone.
Uba backs away from the rock ledge she was hiding behind.
Satisfied that the others have seen and used her furs.

She turn and runs.
Meg tosses and turns on the fur bed.

She slowly removes Fergus arm from around her and sits up.
She looks down at him and smiles, pulling the blanket up
higher around him.

She goes to the cave entrance, and walks through the camo
units' holographic image, stepping outside under the

She sees a great bonfire in the distance. The sound of loud
voices comes in on the breeze.

She looks back at Fergus sleeping, grabs his sonic pistol
and her machete and heads towards the sounds.
Arriving at their campsite, she sees the Tribe celebrating.
There are drums playing, the strange singing from before and
some sort of bowl is being passed from person to person.


The Leader, with the most beads, sits at the head of the
group. The others form a semi circle around him. The one
they call Lemi wears a large animal mask and holds the bowl
that he's passing between people.
Meg looks for her wrist recorder, and is annoyed to see she
forgot it.
The group gets quiet, the drum beats more sporadic, and
people seem to be drifting off.
After everybody has had a drink from the bowl, Lemi takes a
sip. He puts it down and grabs one of the torches.

He walks between the now swaying bodies and leaves the camp,
heading into the forest.
The torch is up ahead, Meg follows it through the woods.
Lemi stops and turn around, looking into the forest from
where he came. He scans the area and finally ducks through a
tiny entrance into a cave.

She waits, then creeps up to the cave entrance.
The torch is abandoned and replaced by a smaller light. Meg
follows the dancing light of the small oil lamp. 10 meters,
it turns a corner in the cave. She runs her hand along the
side of the narrow cave struggling to keep her balance in
the dark. Lemi goes deeper inside. She turns the corner,
stopping short, she sees Lemi putting his lamp on a small
ledge in the caves wall.

From his leather pouch, he pulls out a small hollow bowl
shaped bone, and a small block of red ochre. Scratching the
ochre into the bowl, he mashes it with his thumb, creating a
fine powder.

Leaving the circle of light for a moment, Lemi leans into
the dark, holding his bone bowl out to catch the drops of
water coming from the ceiling.


He returns to the light, using his fingers to turn the ochre
into a thin paint.

Taking a crude brush from his pouch, he dips his paintbrush
and intently draws the rough outline of a large animal.

Meg watches this all, fascinated with the skill of the
primitive artist. His brush stroke is clean and confident,
showing a sophistication that any modern artist would be
eager to have.

He stops painting.

He slowly turns and looks Meg in the eyes.

Meg pulls back, but Lemi reaches out his hand, he shakes it
as if beckoning her. Meg tentatively reaches out her hand
to his. He grabs it and firmly pulls her towards him,
nodding his head and smiling broadly. His eyes sparkle with
the effect of the drug.

Pulled up along side Lemi, Meg sees the beauty of what he's
been painting. Not just a large animal, but a galloping
horse. Large and bold-- perfect in it's proportion, each
brush stroke shows the influence of the artist, It's THIS
artists horse, not anybody else's. And Lemi knows this, he
knows what he does is special among his people.
Lemi makes no indication that he understands.

Taking a long reed out of the pouch, Lemi then takes his
hand, palm down and places it down and to the right against
the cave wall, just under the horse.

Sucking up some of the ochre paint into the reed, he quickly
blows the splatter on top of his hand. He waits a few
seconds then withdrawals it, leaving a perfect small
negative hand print.

Meg looks from the handprint to Lemi. Lemi reaches for her
hand, placing it next to his, he blows the red ochre paint.
Slowly Megan removes it. There it is. Her own hand,
proclaiming to all history that "she was here".

Meg smiles, Lemi smiles back.


Thank you.
Again, Lemi makes no indication that he understands.
She slowly retreats from the cave wall, backing up slowly,
Lemi smiles one last time before going back to painting. Now
engrossed in his primary purpose.
Meg enters her cave, and slowly slips under cover of the
fur. Fergus snores. She curls up next to him, her hand under
her chin, showing the rapidly fading stain of the red ochre.
Meg sits atop the small hill over their cave. The wind is
strong with a hint of the coming winter chill. She begins to
show her pregnancy. She stares out on the magnificent view,
somehow sad, not knowing the future and if they will ever be
Fergus comes up to join her, he sits behind and wraps his
arms around, kissing her head.
Our baby will miss so much.
Fergus is silent, knowing she's telling the truth.
They must have given up on us.
He tightens his arms around her.
Meg sits at the shore of a river. Fergus is thigh deep,
spear poised about to throw it at a fish.

It flies, Fergus goes after it, lifting it up with a good
sized fish on the end.
You're getting good with that.
You've been practicing!


Fergus throws her the fish, it jumps in her hands as she
tries to hold it and put it with the others.
She picks up the project she was working on. It's a small
net made from the metallic utility tape.

She lays the 2 sturdy branches parallel to each other,
separated by 4 feet of criss cross tape. She finishes the
last corner.
My turn.
Fergus starts back to the shore.
Have at it!
She wades out to where Fergus was, unsteady on the rocky
bottom, her pregnancy small but obvious.
She shoots him a look.
He puts his hands up in submission.
Ugh, it's cooooold!
She holds each branch in a hand, dipping it below the water
where she can see the fish. Slowly she moves it around,
raising it suddenly.
She goes towards the river bank.
Look at that. It worked! Nice
Fergus takes the net and dumps the fish next to the others,
kissing her on the head while he's there.
Now we just need to catch a
million more.


The fish is skewered on the fire.
You know what I'll miss the most.
What's that?
I don't think I'll miss anything.
Nothing really to miss.
OK, beer.
Meg excitedly, yet sadly jumps next to Fergus.
Ooooh beer, yes...I'll miss beer
too. Beer and chocolate.
Meg moves in front of Fergus and he wraps his arms around
her, she gets serious.
It's been too long. They're never
going to find us.
You can't think like that.
Meg brings her hands up to her face to cover her crying.
Fergus moves closer to her and puts his arms around her. She
buries her face in his shoulder.
Don't say that. You never
know...and look at all you'd be
Meg laughs through her tears, wiping them away.


Right, I'd be missing all this.
And I'd never have met you.
Meg sits up, taking Fergus's face in her hands and softly
kisses him on the lips.
I.....love you.
Meg smiles, grabs his hand and pulls him towards the cave
I know.
The sky is grey threatening snow again. Meg stands up
straight, hand on her back, she is getting big. She knows
just a few weeks and the baby will be here.
Fergus comes up alongside her and puts his hand on her
How's my little cave man doing?
He's trying to kick his way out.
Stay here. I have something to
show you.
Fergus goes back down the hill, Meg can still see him about
70 meters away.

He disappears behind a tree and starts to return with
something large hidden behind his back.
Close your eyes.
His voice gets closer as he talks.
OK they're closed.
His voice gets closer.


keep em closed!
Meg hears a large branch snap and a very low growl. She
quickly opens her eyes.
Fergus comes up the hill, but behind him, hanging in the
air is a large saber-tooth cat mid lunge, claws out, seconds
away from downing FERGUS from behind.
The cat slams into him and knocks his wind out. The cradle
he carried flies through the air and crashes as it hits the

Meg grabs the spear with the knife on the end and another
knife and, hand on belly, runs toward Fergus.
Fergus yells, laying on his stomach, the cat has most of
it's weight on him, paw on the back of his neck, snarling at
Meg as she comes running at it.
Startled, the cat get off Fergus, and Fergus rolls over onto
his back. He shakes his own knife at the cat, but the cat
doesn't want to back down. Meg spears it in the shoulder,
making it roar in frustration. The cat backs down and runs
away, the spear falls out of its shoulder and lies bloody on
the ground.
Are you all right? don't move.
don't move, I'm going to get
something and try to drag you.
No, I'm alright.
Fergus staggers up, Meg holds him under the shoulders, her
hands filled with blood as his wounds on his back seep
through the tunic.

She walks him back toward the cave looking behind her
towards the forest.


Meg slowly lifts the torn tunic over Fergus head, he winces
with the pain.
How bad is it?
Meg is shocked to see the damage done by the big cats claws.
Not bad, I'll clean it, I still
have some bandages in the med kit,
you'll be good as new.
Fergus lays down as Meg starts to clean the wounds. He moans
silently with the pain.

She bandages him up as best she can.
I think you need rest, I'll be
right here if you need anything.
Fergus passes out.
Fergus moans in his sleep. Unaware that Meg puts a cool
cloth to his forehead.
Fergus sleeps, he kicks the covers off him even in the cool
evening air. He looks towards a sleeping Meg. She is
instantly awake.
Hey, how you feeling?
He holds her hand and says nothing, drifting off to sleep

Meg rolls him over, his wounds still seep blood, and a bad
smell comes off him. She rolls him back and lets him sleep.
Fergus shakes. He lies still on the fur bed, periodically
breaking out in uncontrollable shakes. His face is covered


in a sheen of cold sweat, his hands clasped on his chest,
desperately trying to keep warm as the massive infection
takes over him.

Meg leans closer to him, Laying down, she puts her leg over
him and pulls him closer to her, trying to warm him with her
body. She moves her head, putting her mouth close to his
ear...she sings...
FERGUS's eyes open slightly, a small smile plays around his
lips..shivering hard, he looks at Meg.....
What the hell is a 'banyon"?
I have no idea, my grandmother
used to sing it to me.
Meg moves closer, nuzzling her head in his neck...
Fergus closes his eyes.
Try to sleep, you'll feel better
in the morning.
Meg pulls the fur over both of them. She hopes that the way
to get Fergus better is to warm him up.
From outside the cave, faint animal noises punctuate the
night. A low growl, followed by something large walking
through the bushes. Meg drops off to sleep.
Meg wakes up, Fergus is still, she pull her arm from under
him, she shakes him. He doesn't move. She shakes harder.


Fergus. Wake up.
She sits back and shakes him violently.
Wake up you son of a bitch!
Tears roll down her face.
You can't leave me, you can't
leave me!
She punches him, crying violently.
You said you loved me you bastard,
you can't die....don't die, please
don't die.
Her cries are heard from outside the cave as the sky
The snow starts to fall as Meg lays the last stone on the
pile. She lays a sprig of holly with bright red berries on
Fergus' grave, and slowly walks away.

The snow comes down harder.
Meg sits at the cave entrance, the snow coming down harder.
Her small fire in the cave burns low and she begins to

Her face is wretched with sadness.

She starts to sing...


She squints, she sees something out in the snow, about 10
meters away.
She wraps the fur tighter around her and goes to see what it

She approaches, it's something wrapped in leather, she
slowly opens it, inside is a large hunk of meat, a pile of
nuts and dried fruit.

She stands up, small footsteps lead up to and away form the

She picks it up and takes it into the cave with her.
Uba, inside a frost covered hood, runs deeper into the
Wrapped up in all the furs, Meg sits inside the cave, near
the fire and slowly rocks. The pains are getting worse. She
leans forward, loosing her breath as they come more regular
oh god oh god oh god, no.
Taking her furs with her she staggers over to the bed and
lays down. Sweat pouring over her face, she screams quietly.
The snow has turned into a blizzard. The cave entrance is
filling up with snow, a small glow shows behind the leaf
wall. A long plaintive wail is heard, followed by the sound
of a baby crying.
Uba goes to her usual place where she watches the man and
the woman. The snow has stopped, but has laid a thick layer
of snow on the ground.

Approaching the man and the woman's campsite, UBA sees that
it's quiet. No fire is burning inside, and there are no
footprints outside.


She creeps up to the cave opening, she hears nothing, then
she hears the small cry of a baby.

She digs through the snow at the entrance. The woman is in
the corner, under furs,her face is white. Uba moves closer,
she sees the woman is sweating even in this ice cold cave.

Uba comes up to the woman, she opens her eyes. She says
something Uba doesn't understand. The woman slowly lowers
the fur blanket to show a small baby, wrapped inside Fergus
old tunic. It's eyes are closed, It's warm and safe as Meg
was able to feed it for a while.

Uba puts out her hand and the baby wakes and holds her

The woman's eyes are glassy, and her breathing is short. Her
red hair is plastered to her head. She doesn't have long.

The woman weakly picks up her baby and nudges it in UBA's
direction. Her face pleading to take her baby.

Uba reaches out. Timidly, she takes the baby and holds it
tight to her, putting it inside her tunic to keep warm. She
puts her hand on the woman's forehead, Uba says something,
she says "I'll take care of your baby" but the woman doesn't
understand her.

Then the woman smiles. And closes her eyes for the last
Bart, completely bald, and slower moving as he gets older,
stands at the jumpsite. 6 soldiers trudge through the snow
toward him, the only sign of their approach is their boot
prints, until they turn their camo units off.

CAPTAIN REED (40s) approaches Bart.
                       CAPTAIN REED
I'm sorry Dr. Kimsky. My men are
all reporting no sign of Ms. Walsh
and Captain Fergus.
3 more soldiers check in. Nodding no to Captain Reed.
                       CAPTAIN REED
I still have 2 men out. If they
don't find anything.....we've been
at this for 30 hours sir. I think


                       CAPTAIN REED (cont'd)
we should officially call the
search off.
                       SARGEANT MORLING
Put your damn camo unit off, I'm
not going to talk to thin air son.
SERGEANT MORLING (45 career military) PRIVATE DIGBY (24
newbie) trudge through thigh high snow high up above their
jump entrance site. They hold sonic rifles loosely in their
gloved hands.
                       PRIVATE DIGBY
Yes sir.
                       SARGEANT MORLING
The is the second time we've been
out here. We're not going to find
                       PRIVATE DIGBY
Did you know either of them sir?
                       SARGEANT MORLING
Yeah, worked with Fergus a couple
of times....that was a long time
ago...he was a good man. Cmon.
They trudge past what looks like a small cave, it's entrance
almost completely closed up with a snow drift.
                       SARGEANT MORLING
There's nothing here, just animal
Private Digby takes a device out from his vest and scans the
area with it.
                       PRIVATE DIGBY
I'm not getting any thermal sir,
just animals.
Sergeant Morling scans the horizon 1 more time.
                       SARGEANT MORLING
Lets go.


Sergeant Morling and Private Digby, walk up to the jump
platform and Captain Reed.
                       SARGEANT MORLING
Sorry Sir. Nothing.
Captains Reed nods, everyone takes their place on the
platform and the orb forms...and winks out.
Uba's people are on the move. Sweeping vistas of grasslands,
mountains and forests are before them. Her group of 42
people all walk in the shallow waters at the edge of a large
cool lake. Spring is ahead of them, the winter behind, the
children laugh and play around their smiling parents as the
dogs protectively keep pace.
Sun warm on her back, Uba holds the hand of a young boy...
no older than 6, he smiles up at this mother. Splashing in
the water, he turns his head and looks behind him, (into
camera) while the sun, high in the sky turns his mass of red
hair to fire.


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