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24 - Netherlends
by Armin (mazala.2@osu.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
A spin-off of 24 designed for an ISE 670 project at Ohio State University.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author. The character Jack Bauer is the property of FOX.


The following takes place between
12:00PM and 1:00 PM
Jack Bauer is seen walking into the command center flanked
by 2 officers dressed in Tilburg Police garb. They turn the
corner, entering the main corridor of the command center. A
gentleman in a suit approaches them from the front and
dismisses the 2 officers. He is carrying a dossier and
wearing an earpiece.
      (Extending his
       hand out to Jack)
Jack, my name is Hans, and I am
the Regional Director of the
Netherlands Emergency Response
Team (NERT).
Jack shakes Hans' hand.
It's a good thing you were
vacationing in the Netherlands. We
just got off the phone with
CTU-Los Angeles, and your
credentials check out. We've been
instructed by your President to
supply you with anything you deem
necessary. I can't stress the
importance and appreciation I have
for our countries' cooperation. I
assure you however, you will be
acting under my authority, and the
Constitution of the Netherlands.
Thank you, Hans. That's fine. I
will do everything I can to ensure
the safety of your people. Tell
me what you know so far.
OK, but first, take this.
Hans hands Jack an earpiece. Jack puts the earpiece into
his ear and taps it, confirming it works.


That comm unit will allow to
communicate with all the members
of my team. Let me introduce you
to them. First, meet Tracy. She
is the Chief Medical Advisor.
Tracy, do you copy?
The screen splits into 2 windows stacked vertically. The
first contains the original scene. In the second, Tracy
appears. She is wearing a medical coat and seated in front
of a computer.
I copy Hans, you're coming in loud
and clear. Jack, its excellent to
be working with you in this
Tracy, likewise, but let's save
the pleasantries for later. What
can you tell me so far?
Jack, I just heard from Alpha
team. They arrived at the
incident and have started taking
biological and physical samples of
the contaminated area. So far,
it's not looking good.
Tracy takes a deep breath and opens a report on her
It looks like we're potentially
going to have substantial
contamination heading to the
residential areas via the
waterway. I'm particularly
concerned about the lake. Some of
the chemicals from the train
disperse in water extremely fast.
The level of carcinogens in the
lake could reach a catastrophic
Tracy, thanks for the report.
About how long would you say we
have before the lake becomes


Judging by the dispersal rates and
amounts of toxin carried on that
train, my best guess is within in
the hour, sir.
Hans, we need to make sure that
lake is evacuated. Can you get
your team over there to quarantine
the area after it's evacuated?
Jack, I'm not so sure that's a
good idea. With the levels of
airborne toxins, I can't viably
send any of our men over in that
area. We'll have to think of
another way.
Kill the split screen. Back to 1 window: Hans & Jack in the
command center.
There is a Netherlands Air Force
base about 5 km away from here. I
can request a US-90A.
What's that?
It's an unmanned aerial vehicle
designed for stealth surveillance.
Of course, it's still in the
design stages. We can use its
cameras to monitor the entire
area. It should be ready to
deploy in about 15 minutes.
That's a good idea. Given the
extreme nature of the situation,
sending a robot in may be the best
chance we've got to find out
exactly what's going on.
Meanwhile, we're going to need to
explore ground zero. Do you have
any suggestions?


As a matter of fact, Jack, I do.
In the command center we have a
robot designed to explore the hot
zone. It's got an on-board camera
so we can monitor whatever it's
looking at in real-time.
Additionally, it is designed to be
able to traverse all sorts of
terrain. It can take readings of
the surroundings and relay
chemical structures back to us
remotely. We can control it from
Excellent, let's get that model
deployed towards the crash site.
One final thing Jack, we're going
to need your weapon.
My weapon, why?
It's a matter of protocol, Jack.
Since you're working with us on a
provisional basis, we can't allow
to you carry arms on site.
Jack reluctantly draws his gun and hands it to Hans.
What kind of weapon is this?
It's a prototype of a new handheld
multi-use pistol developed by the
United States Marines. It is
designed to fire explosive rounds,
as well as non-lethal
mini-tranquilizer darts. See that
button on the side? next to the
safety? That controls the type of
ammunition used.
Another officer, younger than Hans, approaches from behind
Jack. He is also dressed in Netherlands Officer gear, and
by the looks of his uniform, he is of high rank.


Jack, this is my Field Director
Christof. He will be running
point in the hot zone. Christof,
take Jack's weapon and see that it
gets to a safe place.
Yes sir
                                         TIMER AT THE BOTTOM
15:05. CUT TO
Timer re-appears, counts up to 19:21, and disappears. Scene
A bunch of dazed, confused looking senior citizens wearing
running clothing are seen at the site, dispersed. A blind
man is feeling around himself with his cane. A man and a
woman are hugging each other. They are an elderly married
couple, around the age of 60.
Amelia, are you ok?
I.... I think so. We picked a
hell of a morning to go jogging,
didn't we?
We sure did. (Calling out to
everyone): Is anybody hurt?
                       BLIND GUY
I'm ok. I can hear your voice and
I'm coming to you.
Camera zooms in on another elderly Netherlandian woman. She
is obese, and leaning up against a tree.
                       HEAVY WOMAN
My leg... I think it's broken.
(Trying to get up, but to no
avail) Get on out of here... go
without me.


We won't leave you! Hang out
here, we'll go find help.
Timer re-appears, counts up to 22:25, and disappears. No
commercial break, cut to scene 3.
In this scene, the ground robot is just arriving at the
crash site. The window splits into two screens. One screen
displays the robot in the world. The other window shows
Jack & Hans monitoring the robot on a video screen.
Hans, keep that robot moving
closer to the accident. We need
to have a better idea of what's
going on here. Have the robot's
weather-sensing probes activated.
Which way is the wind traveling?
The wind is traveling south at a
rate of 8 km/h.
My god, that's going to blow
contaminants towards the
residential area. (Pressing his
comm unit): Tracy, do you read
Split screen with Tracy appears.
I'm here, Jack.
Tracy, I need you to coordinate
with weather analysts. Tell me
what effects the airborne
contaminants can have on the
residential areas. Give me all
possible scenarios.
I'm on it, Jack. But we still
don't know what was in those
tankers! We're still waiting on
the chemical analysis from Alpha
team. I'll get back to you in a


                       TRACY (cont'd)
The split screen ends. Jack's attention quickly diverts
back to the screen, he puts a hand on Hans' shoulder.
Wait a minute Hans! Stop there
for a second, do you see that in
the soil?
Our people are already analyzing
the soil for chemical content. It
makes no sense for us to take even
more time doing analysis, Jack.
I'm not talking about the content
Hans! Look closer. It's been
springtime for a little while. The
soil is damp, and keeps
impressions for a while.
Aha! Jack, I see what your
talking about... but doesn't that
You're right Hans, this situation
stinks. (On his Comm Unit):
Christof, come in.
I'm here Jack, go ahead.
Split window opens. Christof is in the command center with
some technicians. Judging by the displays in the background,
it is apparent that the UAV is on its way to the hot zone.
I'm sending a visual over to your
The camera zooms in on the computer screen, showing a group
of footprints.


I see it Jack, but what are you
Do you see the footprints on the
ground? I want you to pay
attention to the human prints that
were left. Those cattle didn't
randomly stumble upon the train
tracks. They were herded there!
My god, you're right Jack. What
does this mean?
It means that someone is behind
what happened today. How long
until we have aerial surveillance?
It's coming up now Jack, there's
something you need to know. A
group of people are in the hot
zone. They're about half a
kilometer east of you, towards the
river. They are just south of the
crash site. I need you to check
it out.
Copy that Christof, have your UAV
take a scan of a 2-square
kilometer area. Look for anything
unusual, people traveling by
themselves... just anything out of
the ordinary. Our culprit
couldn't have gotten very far, but
he's likely going to want to get
out of the hot zone.
I'm on it, Jack. I'll get back to
you when I have something. We're
also sending another robot in to
the hot zone. This one is
designed to move heavy objects
like large rocks. We need to
start cleaning up the crash site,
making sure there is nobody in the


Thanks, Christof.
Back to one screen - Hans and Jack in the command center.
Hans, we need to send your robot
over to the people. They might
need help.
You're right Jack. I can modify
the robot's alarm system to output
the sound of my voice. We can use
the robot to communicate directly
with the people in the hot zone.
Timer appears the bottom of the screen, ends at 33:49.
Commerical break.
Timer appears, counts to 37:51, disappears. In this scene
the robot is just arriving to where the runners are located
at, near the crash site, close to the river. The people see
the robot appear and start to look afraid and whimper.
                       BLIND GUY
What's that? Who's there? What's
going on?
Split screen: In the second window, Jack and Hans are
monitoring the robot from the command center.
Looks like we have a disabled
person in the hot zone, Jack. I
think that guy is blind.
Take pictures of everyone there
and have your people run
background checks. Find out who
those people are, cross-reference
all of them with known terrorists
in your database. Data-mine the
results and have your people get
back to me.
Will do, Jack. I think I better
talk to them, though.


A tech appears and hands Hans a microphone.
I finished the modifications on
the robot. You should be all set
up to communicate with these
people. They won't be able to see
you, but they can hear your voice.
Thanks. (Into the microphone):
Hello, this is Hans with an
Emergency Response Team. I'm here
to help you. We have reason to
believe that the train crash may
have contaminated the area nearby
you. We're going to need to
evacuate the area immediately.
Wait! We're all OK, but this
woman, she's hurt. She needs
medical attention! We think her
leg is broken.
Amelia points towards the obese woman sitting against the
tree, crying. Hans directs the robot to look at her.
(To Jack): That woman is way too
fat. The other people aren't
going to be able to move her.
Jack activates his comm unit.
Christof! Come in. How close are
your robots to the disaster zone?
A split screen appears with Christof.
Hi, Jack. Our robots are
currently at the crash site
attempting to move some of the
debris. There is a possibility
that the operator of the train is
still alive. We need to start
moving some of the wreckage and
try to find him.


We can't take that chance,
Christof! There's not enough
time! That area may be
contaminated and we need to get
these civilians to a safe place.
But Jack! What about the
conductor? He may still be alive.
Christof, I need you to redirect
one of your robots over towards
the people in the hot zone. One
of the people is injured and needs
to be moved. Your robots are the
only things capable of moving an
object that large. If the
conductor is still alive, the rest
of the team will find him. Right
now we need to divert some of our
OK, Jack, I will re deploy one of
the robots to that area. I don't
like the looks of this, Jack.
A third split screen opens. Tracy is in a conference room
with a group of scientists.
Jack, I have some bad news. Those
carriages were carrying
Metachlorobenzylphenate? What's
It's a highly cancerous compound,
Jack. Your people in the hotzone
are in immediate danger. However,
metachlorobenzylphenate becomes
far less dangerous the farther
away from the source you are. You
need to get those civilians out of
I'm on it Tracy.


Wait, Jack. There's more.
Metachlorobenzylphenate, when
combined with water, becomes a
highly volatile compound. It
metabolizes 100 times faster when
dissolved. With the river
carrying these compounds to the
lake, we're looking at a highly
disastrous situation.
It's possible that these
terrorists knew this. Hans, are
there any other bodies of water
around the train tracks?
None, Jack. It looks like this
crash was intentionally caused in
this area. When the
metachlorobenzylphenate combines
with the lake, we're looking at
massive amounts of biological
weapons. This can't merely be a
OK, Christof? Did you hear this?
I need aerial surveillance on the
lake, the shore closest to the
river. Look for anybody in that
area. How long before your robots
get to the scene?
Five minutes Jack.
Thanks. Tracy, keep working up
probable scenarios on your end.
Bauer out.
The split screens close, we are left with Hans and Jack.
(Into the microphone): Listen up
people, help is coming soon. I
need you to get ready to move out
as soon as we can move your


Jack's comm unit buzzes. Christof re-appears on split
Jack, it's me. We got backgrounds
on all the civilians, well, except
the blind guy. His glasses are so
big we couldn't get a clear result
cross-checking his face with our
database. We don't detect any
criminal history. It looks like
this group is in a running club.
They go jogging every Sunday along
the river. I referenced their
website and there's no mention of
this blind guy. Maybe he just
Thanks Christof, but for now let's
focus on getting these people out
of there! (Into the comm unit):
Tracy, we need to set up a mobile
decontamination unit between the
crash site and the command center.
Now that we know what we're
dealing with, we should be able to
treat it. I want you to instruct
your crew to bring these civilians
back to the command center as soon
as possible for debriefing.
      (We just hear her
I'm on it, Jack.
Timer goes to 44:51, commercial break.
We see the mobile decontamination unit leaving the command
center heading towards the crash site. Cut to the people in
the hot zone, where the debris-moving robot is just
Jack, we're going to need to use
this robot to lift this morbidly
obese woman and carry her into the
mobile decontamination unit.


You're right, Hans.
(Into the microphone): Ma'm, you
need assistance. We are going to
have this robot help you to
evacuate the area.
The Morbidly Obese Woman is noticeably scared. She is
crying, then starts to hyperventilate.
                       HEAVY WOMAN
No! Keep that... thing away from
(Into the microphone): Ma'm, you
need to let us help you!
                       HEAVY WOMAN
I'm scared!
It'll be ok... do what the robot
                       BLIND GUY
Yeah, come on, if you don't move
now we're all gonna die!
Hans, we've got a problem. That
robot was designed to move rocks,
not extremely fat women. Give me
the mic!
Hans hands Jack the microphone.
(Into the microphone): Listen,
this our only shot to get you out
of danger. If you follow my
instructions, I promise you'll be
safe. Everyone, I need you to
take off your socks and wrap them
around the robot's arms. That
will help to cushion it while it
carries this woman away.
The old people look confused, but follow Jack's orders.


Hans, have this robot carry the
woman away.
Jack activates his comm unit.
Tracy! We're getting these people
out of the hot zone. Have your
mobile EMTs standby.
Split-screen. Window 2 is Tracy.
Copy, Jack. Our mobile unit is
just south of where your robot is.
Start heading that way.
The old runners, the blind man, and the robot carrying the
fat woman start heading towards the mobile command unit.
The Tech we saw previously appears on the comm unit.
Hans, that robot was not designed
to carry heavy objects for long
distances. That woman's weight
far surpasses the average load the
robot is designed to move. Our
fuel readings indicate that the
robot will deplete its fuel supply
before they arrive at the mobile
command unit.
Tracy, have your unit go closer
into the hot zone.
That puts my people at risk, Jack,
I can't do it!
Listen, Tracy, if you don't move
them closer, that woman will die.
I just can't take that chance.
But Jack...


Jack, that's enough. Tracy, he's
right. Send your men in closer.
It's the only way we can save
these people.
Another split screen appears as Christof activates his comm
Jack, good news. We were able to
get the conductor out of the
wreckage. He's stable, but needs
attention. We're directing him
towards the mobile unit. He
should be there at around the same
time your robot gets there.
Jack breathes a sigh of relief.
Good work.
Timer goes to 51:11, commercial break.
Timer re-appears at 55:31. The people have been
successfully evacuated from the hot zone and are arriving at
the command center to be debriefed. As everyone is getting
off of the truck and walking into the command center, one of
the tankers explodes in a gigantic flash of heat and light.
The blind man covers his eyes, averting his gaze from the
explosion. Jack sees this, runs over to him, draws a knife,
and shoves the blind man into a chair.
You're not really blind... WHO ARE
                       BLIND GUY
      (feigning loss of
What? What do you mean?


Jack holds his knife against the blind man's cheek.
The blind man's demeanor changes considerably. He looks
completely disgusted, and his accent changes. He starts
speaking like someone from Eastern Europe. Perhaps Turkey
or somewhere in the Balkans.
                       BLIND GUY
      (spitting on Jack)
Hah! I won't tell you anything.
It's already too late.
Jack presses his knife into the blind man's cheek. A trickle
of blood runs down the blind man's neck.
Jack knocks off the blind man's glasses, revealing the blind
man's eyes, watering and cowering with fear. Jack raises
his knife towards the blind man's right eye.
You pretended to be blind... I'll
make sure you never see again.
Tell me what I need to know!
                       BLIND GUY
I won't tell you anything... this
plan is way bigger than you could
possibly imagine.
Jack kicks the blind man's chair over, knocking him to the
ground. He directs a group of guards to take him into
holding. Suddenly, Christof's voice is heard on Jack's comm
unit as a split screen with him appears.
Jack! We just got aerial
surveillance of the lake, and we
have two people in that area. One
is just a child taking a swim. The
other person is wearing a haz-mat


                       CHRISTOF (cont'd)
suit and carrying a briefcase.
He's walking south towards the
lake. He's going to arrive there
in about a minute.
(To Hans): Oh my god, the
explosion was just a diversion...
Thanks Christof. How soon until
you can get over there?
In just a minute, but is the area
Another split screen: Tracy.
Jack, Christof, I can give you an
injection that will temporarily
immunize you against the
metachlorobenzylphenate. It's not
a permanent fix though, it'll only
last about five minutes. I'll
have it ready for both of you
shortly. I'm warning you though,
this is a one-time dose.
Afterwards you will be vulnerable.
If you try to take it again, you
will go into shock and suffer a
heart attack.
OK, I'm on my way. Christof, I'll
meet you there.
Timer appears showing 57:55.
Timer shows 58:00. The scene cuts to the lake where a
child, a young boy is swimming. The terrorist in a haz-mat
suit is walking towards the water, preparing to take
                       YOUNG BOY.
      (to haz mat
       terrorist as he


                       YOUNG BOY. (cont'd)
Hey mister, that's a neat suit!
                       HAZ-MAT TERRORIST
Thank you, my young friend. Won't
you come over here and help me
with something?
Jack Bauer is sprinting over towards the lake. He crouches
behind some bushes, eyeing the terrorist.
      (Into his comm
This is Bauer. I have a visual on
the suspect. I'm preparing to
move in
Copy, Jack. I'll be there in just
a moment.
Jack starts moving in towards the terrorist, sneaking up on
him from behind. He steps on a branch and snaps it. The
terrorist hears the noise, and grabs the boy as a hostage,
drawing a knife to the boy's throat.
                       HAZ-MAT TERRORIST
One stop closer, and I'll throw
him into the lake. Any more
exposure, and he'll die in
just want to talk. You don't need
to do this!
                       HAZ-MAT TERRORIST
This day has been in preparation
for years. I'll be damned if I
were to let you stop me now...
He's just a boy. Let him go.
      (Into Jack's comm
I can take him out Jack, hang


Suddenly, a shot rings out. Christof is seen, holding
Jack's weapon. The barrel of the gun is smoking. The
terrorist is knocked to the ground while the child is flung
into the lake. His body floats to the top, he is dead.
Jack runs over to the edge of the lake, but realizes there
is nothing more he can do. Christof is looking at the
barrel of the gun with a perplexed look on his face. He
sheds a tear. He drops Jack's gun onto the ground and falls
to his knees. Jack runs over to the terrorist lying on the
ground and kicks him in the ribs. He then handcuffs the
CHRISTOF! Why did you use the
explosive rounds? You could have
tranquilized him!
I'm... I'm sorry Jack. I had no
idea the gun was set to fire the
explosive shots, I swear. I
thought I was firing a dart!
      (Into his comm
Hans, I have the suspect in
custody. The boy is dead. Find
out who is family is and alert
them to the situation.
A split screen appears as Tracy begins to talk into the comm
Bad news, Jack. The wind is
picking up speed and bearing
southwest. The residential areas
need to be evacuated.
How much time do we have?
In an hour they'll all be dead.
A split screen appears, people are just starting to wake up
in the residential area. Another split screen: the tanker
that blew up continues to burn. Another split screen: Hans


preparing a holding room for the terrorist's interrogation.
The clock now counts to 1:00 PM.


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From Curtis McDaniel Date 4/17/2010 ***1/2
Name the lake..is it fed by the Amstel? You talk of evacuating the 'lake'. I'm sure you mean area around the lake. Otherwise, great. Good job.

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