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Out of View
by jeff brophy (brophy.jeff@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Film Noir   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A car is seen speeding out of a sand and gravel plant onto a
wooded street in the late afternoon/early evening. A gun is
thrown out of the driver side window onto the street. The
car continues to speed down the street, till it all of a
sudden it SKIDS to a stop and reverses back to where the gun
was thrown. The door of the car opens, a hand picks up the
gun, and the door closes. The car once again speeds off
down the street. A gunshot rings out from the car and the
car falls off the road and crashes.
GUITARS BEING TUNED through a dimly kit crowd we find RICKY
trying to order a beer with his friend TOM at his side.
What does it take to order some
hosko's around here?
You pushing your way through those
filthy little harlots blocking the
bar over there.
Tom points at the Filthy Harlots who see and overhear Tom.
They look at them disgusted and walk away from the bar. Tom
and Ricky advance to the bar.
What are we having boys?
Lemme get two PBR's.
Bartender hustles, and comes back cracking two frosty beers.
BAND begins to play and Ricky and Tom look back to the
That will be six dollar fellas.
Ricky turns back around to bar and reaches for his wallet
knowing there is no money inside.


Oh Shit! I don't have any cash on
me Tombo.
Tom turns back around to Ricky
Can you pick up these beers? I'll
get the next round once I get some
cash out of the ATM?
Tom shrugs, sighs, then takes out his wallet rolling his
This happens all the time with
you. Get a job you fucking maggot,
quit leaching!
Tom hands the Bartender the money, while Ricky grabs the
beers, handing one to Tom. They tap bottles, take a sip of
beer and turn around towards band again.
Thanks, but i have a job, the next
round is on me once I hit the bank
like I said.
Whatever, kid. We'll see. But
your little freelance job where
you work once a month isn't
getting us any beers.
Fuck you dude. Quit making me
repeat myself.
Tom pats Ricky on the back, sips his beer and continues
watching the band. Ricky walks away through the crowd and
finds his own spot a little closer to watch the band.
A.Crowd Dancing
B.Ricky drinking his beer
C.Band playing
Ricky finishes his beer and looks around the club for Tom.
He keeps running into people he knows, he quickly
acknowledges them while pushing through the crowd.
                       ALSKIE (o.s.)
Ricky! Rickabaud Crane!


Ricky scans through the heads of the crowd and sees his old
friend ALSKIE with his girlfriend GINA waving to him. Alskie
pushes through the crowd, leaving his girlfriends side to
meet Ricky half way. Ricky and Alskie embrace as though
they haven't seen each other in a while.
What's up you champion nutcase?
How have you been?
Im ok, just kickin it.
Gina crawls out of crowd to grasp Alskie.
Hey Ricky Dickey Shmiky.
Ricky and Alskie laugh.
She's not with me!
Looking good Gina.
Gina paying no attention to Ricky slaps Alskie in the chest.
Alskie kisses her to make up for it. Ricky goes to take a
sip of his empty beer. Alskie sees that there isn't
anything in the bottle.
What are you gonna do, eat it now?
Gina starts laughing.Ricky gets all embarrassed for a
second, laughs along, and looks for a place to put his empty
Hey do you wanna go outside for a
sec and smoke a butt?
Might as well, she could probably
use some air.
Gina hangs on Alskie. The three move through the crowd to
the exit, they get their hands stamped for readmission.


The Door is kicked open and out comes Alskie with a
stumbling Gina hanging onto him, while Ricky follows the
two. Gina detaches herself from Alskie and glides down the
side of the wall on the building. Alskie takes out two
cigarettes and lights them at once giving one to Gina.
Lemme get one of those buddy?
You never have butts. Nothing
changes with you.
Alskie flings a cigarette at Ricky.
So what have you been up to other
than bumming butts off of me?
Nothing much, just freelancing
here and there for channel six,
but nothing steady. I'm actually
looking for something to fill in
the gaps.
You need a girlfriend to fill in
the gaps.
Ya what about the little foreign
chick you were going railskis on
there? Helena?
      (to Alskie)
You're gross.
Svetlana? Well (beat)Svetlana,
Iguana, Whatever.
That was nothing. I chilled with
her twice and that's about it. We
went to the show, where you met


                       RICKY (cont'd)
her, and another time we went to
the Italian film festival. I never
called her again after that. I
think she was just too eastern
European for me.
Too Eastern European for you?
You're crazy, she was hot. She was
right up your alley; an exotic,
cultured hottie and your dumb ass
takes her on two stupid dates and
doesn't get laid.
She wasn't his type, leave him
Why don't you listen to your girl
Who? Ms. Animals Are Suffering So
I Drink?
You're an asshole. Fuck you
You are about to puke on your own
lap so relax.
Gina flicks her cigarette at Alskie and mumbles to herself.
Alskie dodges the cigarette and paces the sidewalk in front
to the club. Ricky leans against the wall by Gina smoking
his cigarette.
      (to Ricky)
Anyways, you are stupid for
passing that girl up. Either
stupid or scared. Probably both
knowing you.
I was a little scared I guess.
Scared of what? Those nice commie
bombs she was packing?


I hate you so much right now. I
wanna get out of here can we
Alskie fakes as if he is going to fling his cigarette at
Gina. Gina flinches and Alskie laughs flicking his cigarette
into the street.
A guy like me would only hold a
girl like that back from achieving
her dreams, so I let her go.
Good move.
Whatever dude, enough with the
torment that is my life.
I know lets go.
Ricky finishes his cigarette and flicks it into the street
almost hitting someone else out front smoking. Gina gets up
from the ground and walks over to Alskie. Ricky then turns
to the door to go back inside the club.
I'm not going back in there, it's
too loud. I wanna go someplace
quiet like the sea.
Ricky and Alskie burst out laughing.
I like to toss you into the sea
right now. It would teach you how
to be a pirate like me.
Alskie grabs Gina hand humps her into the street.
I wouldn't mind pillaging your
Ricky moves away from door walking closer to Gina and
Alskie, still laughing.
So what are you two doing then?


I dunno? Who is spinning at the
Shade Space tonight?
I'm not sure really. I think there
is a local art show or something,
I don't know who they have
Do you wanna go check it out? Grab
a nightcap?
Alskie points at club.
You've seen this band a million
times since high school. Wanna go?
Ya, I got in for free too, I'm
beat anyways let's go.
Beat from what?
Ricky walks away from the entrance. And the three begin walk
down the street to "the Shade Space". Alskie pulls out his
Lemme get another one of those
I'd rather have Gina puke on my
sneakers right now than give you
another cigarette.
Gina motions like she is about to vomit, and Alskie hands
Ricky another cigarette.
A bunch of artsy fartsy people are standing out front
talking about nonsense. Ricky, Alskie and Gina walk right
passed the DOORMAN to the entrance.
      (to Ricky)
Hey what do you think you are


                       DOORMAN (cont'd)
doing walking by me like I dont
exist? And what would you and your
asshole friend want to come here
for tonight anyways.
Did you just call me an asshole?
Ricky holds back Alskie.
Listen Alskie, this asshole I'm
almost positive did not call you
an asshole.
Yes i did.
Alskie lunges at the doorman creating a scene out front.
Ricky and the doorman just start laughing.
Jesus Christ you animal relax,
your getting all carried away, my
boss will think we are serious.
Sorry about my asshole friend
MIKEY. Whats up man?
Ricky shakes Mikey's hand and Alskie approaches to do the
same. Gina is barely standing.
                       MIKEY (Doorman)
Same ole' shit, just a fly on the
horses ass. But I gotta pay the
I hear ya bro.
      (under his breathe
       to Ricky)
No you don't.
So whats going on in here tonight?
Who is spinning?


I don't know, some Japanese kid is
displaying his artwork and his
friends from Tokyo are
performing-a DJ and a GUy playing
the trumpet over the beats. I
dunno maybe its for you but it is
not my thing.
Is it quiet like the sea?
I hate you.
Ya it's pretty chill. Have fun in
there guys.
Ok Mikey, I'll see you on the way
Ricky, Gina and Alskie walk into the lounge.
Alskie b-lines to the bar while Gina plops herself in one of
the chic sofas against the wall. Ricky walks around for a
minute scanning the paintings on display and watching the DJ
and TRUMPET player. Alskie comes back with 2 mix drinks and
hands one to Ricky.
Here i bought this for Gina but
she doesn't need it.
They both look over at Gina who is about to pass out on the
This place is beyond me tonight.
You like this shit?
      (looking at one of
       the paintings)
Its not that bad at all. I wish I
could have been born with a talent
like that.


No shit.
It looks like it was so easy to
paint; like anyone could do it. I
feel like I've seen this style
before but it still is pretty
unique. What amazes me most is
how you commit to a certain style.
You ever wonder how artists
choose one thing to paint? With
all the world and our imaginations
have to offer, how can you pick
just one thing to paint?
You look at it. (beat) Anyways I
was talking about the DJ and the
Mr. Miagi Miles Davis.
Ricky sips his drink.
                       TOM (O.S.)
Hey Rick, you got my next drink?
Tom hustles over to Ricky and Alskie. Tom and Alskie nod
heads to acknowledge each other.
Here ya go boss.
Ricky hands Tom the drink Alskie just bought him.
      (to Ricky)
Hey, thanks for leaving me at the
freak fest!
Sorry I just had to get out of
I don't really care, you could
have said bye though. I just
expect more from you as a human.
Fuck your expectations. What are
you my wife?
Alskie laughs.


I'm gonna head to the little boys
Good for you.
Alskie heads to the bathroom. Gina is passed out on the
couch and a creepy guy sits down next her staring at her and
smelling her. The creepy guy shuffles right to her side.
Tom and Ricky are just looking at the paintings.
I have to get out of here after
this drink, I have an interview
with the Mayor in the morning. You
wanna roll with me?
Sure, lets wait for Alskie to come
back though.
OK. So do you have anything
planned for tomorrow yet?
Tom takes a seat, and Ricky goes to do the same.
I don't know yet?
You should go out there and get
yourself a job.
I know, but i don't just want any
old job. i want something that
means something, I didn't go to
school for four years to work at
the record store again.
You should take anything you can
get, you need money. Then it will
be easier to find a girlfriend,
because all girls like money.
I hate money.


You seem to love everyone elses
I just dont want to get stuck, you
have a job you love, you have
somewhat fulfilled your dreams,
I'm still trying to figure mine
Thats up to you man.
I feel like I need a passion. I
feel like I know what is real and
authentic. But that's what leads
me away from a lot of jobs and
opportunities, because I don't
want to get trapped in this
bullshit world that I create for
I think your thinking too much.
Just live for your dreams and
you'll be ok.
I can't even sleep till sunrise
let alone dream.
Ricky figits a little in his seat since he doesn't have a
beer or anything.
Its just that some people don't
know authenticity, so they don't
crave it. I wish I could be one
of them sometimes, like a
brainless frat boy picking
freshmen girls out of a party.
Tom laughs.
I hear what your saying, but you
still need something dude, once
you have money you'll feel better
about yourself, even physically.
Just get something for the time


I know. But its killing me. Just
look at that painting. I know
that's real and it makes me think.
I the colors attract me and i can
relate to the image. All I want is
to know my medium, I want to know
how to display my "work" as a
But you dont do anything.
I live.
Alskie zips up his fly in the stall of the bathroom, then
turns around and sits on the toilet with his pants on. He
pulls out a bag of cocaine from his pocket and takes a few
bumps. Alskie gets up and walks to the mirror washing off
his five dollar boogar's and exits the bathroom.
Alskie walks out of bathroom back to the main room where he
left Gina and his buddies. He looks over and sees the
creepy guy sitting next to Gina. Alskie hurries over to her
to see whats happening. As Alskie gets closer he sees the
creepy guy is about to put his hands on her.
I hope you know her buddy! Cause
if you don't your gonna get so
beat in about 2 seconds.
                       CREEPY GUY
I am sorry but I am intoxicated by
Ya cause your smelling her
breathe, now get the fuck out of
here quickly before I hammer your
face in.
Alskie grabs him by the shoulder and throws him out of the
seat. The creepy guy takes off quickly. Alskie wakes Gina
up enough to get her on her feet and walks over to Tom and


      (To Tom and Ricky)
Nice job keeping an eye on Gina,
she almost got diddled while you
guys are over here about to make
out. Some guy was just hovering
all over her about to touch her
while she was sleeping.
Just like you are going to when
you get home.
Thats fucked up.
No Shit. I'm out of here for the
night, Ill catch you two another
time. I don't know why I didn't
beat that guy. OK later on boys.
Alskie Shakes their hands while holding Gina up and walks
out of the space.
You have any pot on you?
Ya, how much you want?
Smoke me up and I'll drive you
home. I will even forget about you
jonzing me at the club.
Fair enough.
SAMMY and SARAH, a teenage couple, walk down the street
locked at the arms after a night out.
It's getting cold out.
I know, it is going to be a
horrible winter. I hate the cold.


Come closer then.
Sarah cuddles up closer to Sammy and they proceed walking
down the street. They turn a corner to find a bunch of
neighborhood punks hanging around drinking beers. Greger
one of the punks spots the Sammay and Sarah.
Oh,great these dickheads.
Just keep on walking. Ignore them.
Sammy and Sarah hustle forward trying not to be seen by the
group of punks.
Hey baby, why don't you lose that
little pussy and come here with
Sammy goes to pause in his tracks.
Just ignore them.
Sarah pulls Sammy to continue walking.
Like you are gonna do shit faggot.
Don't make us steal your girl and
beat you up!
Sammy breaks away from Sarah and storms over to the punks.
You fucking mother fucker! What
did we do? Just leave us alone!
Sammy keeps pacing to them.
Sammy, NO! Just ignore them!
I don't even care. Let's do this.
I'm gonna beat some respect into
you, you fucking....


Before Sammie gets in another word, a beer bottle is thrown
off of his face knocking Sammy unconscious. Some of the
punks scatter, others dwindle behind the rest. Sarah runs
over to Sammy putting his head on her lap.
      (screaming, and
Sam? Sammy! Oh MY GOD! YOU
ASSHOLES! Sammy! Fuck you!!!
Beat some respect into that pussy.
The punks take off.
Sammy's older brother ANTHONY, a twenty-something year old
tough guy, is watching re-runs of Seinfield smoking a
cigarette. Anthony hears a KNOCK at the door and he gets up
to answer the door. When he answers the door he sees Sarah
holding up a bloody, bruised, semi-conscious Sammy.
Holy Shit?! What the fuck
happened? Bring him in.
The couple stumble in. Sarah is still crying. Sammy is sat
on the couch by both Anthony and Sarah.
      (To Sarah)
Who did this to him? Are you o.k.
It was Greger and his friends.
They were talking shit and Sammy
couldn't ignore them, so they
threw a bottle off his face.
Those mother fuckers! They could
have killed him. All these little
idiots act without thinking. Call
an ambulance. I'm going out.


Anthony is seen hanging up the phone. Moments later, a car
arrives with filled with a bunch of thugs in it. Anthony
gets in the car and it takes off.
The car of thugs Anthony is with pulls up in front of
Gregers house. They all unload out of the car and proceed
to the door of the house. They RING the doorbell.
Greger who is smoking a cigarette watching porn drunk off
his ass, gets up to answer the door.
I hope your are a female! I'm in
the mood for fucky.
Gregor walks through his house to answer the door. He opens
the door and is punch in the face instantly by Anthony.
Greger falls to the ground holding his face.
What the fuck?
Anthony and his crew walk themselves into the house while
dragging Greger through the front hall. They shut the door
and rough him up a bit.
You like throwing bottles off
people faces when they are trying
to walk their girlfriends home?
He is a little punk, he got what
he deserved.
Well, since your so generous. Me
and my buddies here are going to
return the favor to you.
Fuck you.


Anthony and his friends beat Greger unconscious and then
proceed to trash his house. Anthony hears one of his
friends JIMBO yelling from Gregers bedroom.
                       JIMBO (O.S.)
Look at what I just found guys!
get in here now!
The rest of the crew run to the room to see that it is
completely trashed.
What do you want, a medal Jimbo?
Good job!
Look in the Closet.
Anthony and his friends look into the closet and see about
thirty five bundles of mushrooms and marijuana.
Guess that will be ours now boys.
Since he could have taken my
brothers life, let's ruin his.
Ya but we don't know any hippies
that do these drugs. How you
planning on unloading all this?
Lets load it into the car then
worry about that.
Too bad it isnt coke.
Shut up and get some blankets to
wrap it all in.
The crew bundle as much of the bundles they can in blankets
and sheets from Gregers bed. They completely load up the
car so there is only room for a driver.
They are loading all of the gear into the car.


      (to Jimbo)
Drive all this shit to my cousin
Gina's, she will lets us put it in
the basement for now I'm sure. We
can figure out what to do with it
tomorrow. She might have some
firends that will take it.
Rickey sits on the train looking through the job-find
section in the newspaper. He passes through the whole paper
unsatisfied and puts the paper on the seat next to him. He
starts looking at the people across from him. While he
stares he ease drops on two conversations at once. One is a
guy and a girl both in their thirties, who must have
recently met on the platform of a previous station. The
other is a group of girls close to Riceys' age in their
mid-twenties, who are talking about their nightlife
adventures. All of a sudden a radio is turned on by another
passengers and one of the girls gets up out of her seat and
begins to dance. She dances up and down the aisle of the
train and Rickey watches in amazement. The thirty something
year olds are still talking to one another undistracted to
the girls antics. Rickey then watches them in amazement
because he can't believe they are so into their conversation
they are completly unaware of the surrounding world. The
train stops and Ricky gets up realizing its his stop. He
continues to watch both of his subjects as if he was
hypnotized as he steps onto the platform. When he gets on
the platform he just watches the girl dance and the couple
talk as the doors shut and the train goes away.
The Church clock at Park Street station reads four
seventeen. Ricky emerges from the subway, and begins walking
down the street looking at store fronts and buildings hoping
to find something that will catch his eye. He walks past
countless storefronts (coffeshops, The Gap, Kinko's,
ect.)with "help wanted" signs and continues to search. We
see him looking through records at a record store. Finally
he walks by a nightclub called "THE BARRON", that he used to
frequent. He walks past the front of the club, looks at it,
the walks inside.


Ricky walks inside looking upon chairs on top of tables, the
JUKEBOX is playing and a BARTENDER (2) is cutting lemons
Excuse me?
                       BARTENDER (2)
Hey? I didn't see you there.
Anyways we don't open till five
Oh, ok. I was just wondering if
Wally is still working here.
                       BARTENDER (2)
Wally? Ya, he moved back to
England about six months ago. Why
whats up kid?
Well, I was wondering if you were
looking for any help?
The Bartender(2) stares Ricky up and down. Ricky stands
there in his weathered jeans and collared shirt with a
sweater on top, holding his backpack. The Bartender then
goes back to cutting the lemons, putting his head down.
                       BARTENDER (2)
I dunno? what are you looking
Honestly anything you have. I was
a waiter in college but I can do
live sound and lighting as well. I
studied sound at school.
                       BARTENDER (2)
We already have a soundman. But I
dunno? Maybe I can put you on as a
barback a couple of nights a week.
Ricky shrugs and turns to walk away. Then he has a FLASHBACK
of his mother screaming at him to get up and get a job, then
he remembers Tom calling him a maggot and paying for his
drink. The then turns back around to the bartender and
walks closer to the bar.


How much would I get?
                       BARTENDER (2)
Twenty percent of the bartenders
tips, and ten dollars an hour.
When can I start?
                       BARTENDER (2)
What's your name?
Ricky. Ricky Escolta.
The Bartender shakes Ricky's hand.
                       BARTENDER (2)
Rob Callis.
They break their handshake and Bob (Bartender2) hands Ricky
the knife.
You can start now, I hate cutting
these things.
Sounds good to me.
Ricky walks down a long cooridor where he is hearing many
styles of music being played as he passes each room through
the hall. He enters room four fourteen.
Ricky enters the room filled with equiptment and beer cans.
The BAND is finishing the song that they were playing.
CRIZZLY CHRIS, the bass player spots Ricky first.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Ricky, whats up buddy?
Ricky quickly walks over to the amplifier that Chris is
playing and slaps down two hundred dollars.
I'll take a couple of ounces.


                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Whoa, your actually paying me this
time huh? I usually have to wait
weeks. Who did you rob?
I got a job.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Wow, it's about time. Putting
that degree to use?
Nah, its just a barback job at
"The Barron".
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Is that the place the english guy
let us play when we were like
Ya, Wally. I guess he moved back,
but I am hoping to weasel the
soundman gig there eventually.
      (holding in smoke)
Want a hit man?
One of Crizzly Chris' bandmates hands Ricky a joint.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Its something. Oh shit I'm sorry.
(to bandmates) This is my friend
Ricky he was in Fatal Mistake with
me. We rocked together for a few
You guys were pretty good. I
remember seeing you in Johnny
Tobbles basement.
Aww, Those days are long gone.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
They dont have to be. Anyways,
this is GARY(bandmate, guitarist).
Ricky passes the joint and shakes his hand.


                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
This is RONNIE, and that's LUXURY
T behind the drums over there.
Ricky makes his rounds and introduces himself, shaking their
hands. Crizzly Chris picks out a couple of ounces from the
back of his amplifier and hands them to Ricky.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I'm going to be picking up a ton
of mushrooms off of Alskie soon,
so let me know if you need
I haven't gone near those things
since I was in Times Square
walking in the middle of the
street like I owned the place.
I'll just stick with the weed.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Alright man, let me know if you
do. What are you up to tomorrow
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
This whole "Ricky with a Job"
thing is going to take some
getting used to.
The club is fully packed with a BAND playing and Ricky is
seen spacing off, standing by the bar once again.
Ricky turns around.
I need three cases of Heineken and
two bottles of Bombay Saphire.
Comming right up boss.


Ricky runs off through the crowd, passing people he knows in
the crowd. He comes back and puts the boxes of booze on the
bar. He then goes behind the bar and stocks the booze.
                       TOM (o.s.)
Can I get a frosty hosko fuckface?
Ricky looks up to see Tom.
I heard it, but i didn't believe
it. I had to come here to see for
What's up man?
Nada, look at you. The kid is
working. I never thought I'd see
the day.
Ricky cracks a beer and hands it over to Tom. Then continues
to do his work.
Is this on you? Do I get the
inside connection?
Ricky winks at Tom.
What time you get out?
Not till like three. I need to
help clean up after the show is
It's funny. Now i don't want you
to have a job so you can hang out.
We are never fully satisfied in
this world are we?
I'll drink to that.
Tom drinks his beer.


Well I will let you get back to
the grind. I have another early
day tomorrow, and I would like to
pick up some tail before I leave.
Call me on your night off.
Ok bro. I'll get back to ya.
Tom waves his beer at Ricky and walks into the crowd which
engulfs him.
Hey Rick!? We need more limes.
Ricky, Tom, and Crizzly Chris are eating breakfast in a
booth. Chris is smoking while he is eating.
      (to Chris)
Dude, how can you do that. That's
fucking gross.
I hate it when people smoke while
I am eating. Put that thing out
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I thought we are trying to pick up
girls tonight, not become them.
Chris puts out his cigarette.
So? whats the plan fellas? Where
are we off to?
Me and Chris were gonna go to your
Mom's till we met up with you.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I was there last night. she was a
horrible fuck, but it passed the


Tom tosses homefries at Ricky and Chris. Ricky and Chris
start flinging things off their plates back at Tom.
Hey, knock it off!
Easy Lady.
Calm it sweatheart.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Pipe it down a knotch Wonderwoman.
They all start laughing to themselves.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
      (to Tom.)
So where are we going tonight
since you ruined our previous
I could care less, i don't have to
get up tomorrow. As long as
wherever we go has beers and
ladies, I am a happy camper.
Let's go to Kareoke night.
i hate that shit. It is just a
bunch of drunk idiots singing like
they are in their cars.
It will be fun who cares?
Ricky looks under the table and on the floor.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for your ballsack. I
thought you came in with it, so im
just making sure it didnt fall


Chirs starts to laugh. Tom finishes his food, lights a
cigarette and blows his first haul at Ricky who is still
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I'll go there.
Majority rules.
Assholes. What the fuck?
Ricky finishes his meal.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Get the check Escolta.
      (to waitress)
Excuse me Miss?
Waitress comes over to the table shrugging about to pour
some coffee.
Can we have the check please?
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Ya and if anybody turns in a
ballsack its our friend Tom's
The three laugh, sip coffee and get up to leave dropping
money as the puton their autumn jackets.
Tom is SINGNING his heart out shitfaced holding himself up
on a transvestite who is sharing the mic singing with him.
Crizzly Chris and Ricky are hanging out with KIM and LISA,
laughing hysterically watching Tom. Tom finishes the song,
the transvestite gives him a kiss and he stumbles back to
Ricky, Chris, and the girls laughing.
Well done. Well done. You get his
You're just jealous.


You were good.
I can be even better.
Tom pulls Lisa close to him. Chris turns to the bar to try
and order a beer.
Oh ya?
      (to Ricky)
So, what do you do?
I work at "The Barron". You ever
hear of it?
Ya, I have never been there
Ricky looks over at Tom who is slobbering all over Lisa on
the Dance floor.
Ya, I am just there till something
else comes up.
Seems cool for the meantime.
Ya, its ok. Just a fly on the
horses ass.
That's funny, I have never heard
that before.
Cause I just made it up.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Hey, Tara?
It's Kim.


                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Whatever? Wanna dance?
Umm? Sure.
Ricky sips his beer and watches Kim and Chris go to the
dancefloor. He looks over at Tom and Lisa kiss, sips his
beer, and looks out on the dancefloor.
Fucking cockblocker.
Ricky then looks around the room for other girls. He just
sees a bunch of desperate women that are below his
standards, so he finishes his beer and leaves.
Ricky walks up to a hooker out in front of the kareoke bar.
Excuse me?
What's up sugar? You want to
Do you have a lighter?
MMM, yes baby.
The hooker fishes through her purse pulls out a lighter and
lights his cigarette.
Thank you.
Your a cute white boy. You sure
you don't want to party?
No, I party enough, I would need
someone to be there after the
party too.
Well? How much you got?


Goodnight Sweatheart.
Ricky walks down the street alone smoking his cigarette.
The club is vacant just like when Ricky went in to get the
job. Ricky is putting cutting open boxes of beers. The
door opens and the sunlight fills the room. Out of the
sunlight enters AMY, a tall blonde girl, modestly dressed.
Hi, is Rob here?
Yes, no.
Which one?
Yes or no?
Oh, ya he is in today but he
stepped out to get some small
bills and limes at the bar across
the street.
Oh ok.
Amy looks around for a place to sit.
He will be back in about five
Ricky walks over to her and takes a seat off the table so
she can sit.
Thank you.
Your welcome. So what are you
doing here?


Oh its my first day. I'm going to
be the new cocktail waitress.
Oh, nice to meet you. I'm Ricky.
Goes to shake her hand.
The door opens and Rob comes in with a bag of lemons and
hundreds of dollars in ones.
Rick, Amy. Amy, Rick.
We just met boss.
Ok, well you will be working
together now so lets get to it.
Get out of that chair my little
lady, we have some training to do.
Amy gets up and Ricky starts to work again.
Oh, Ricky. Lou the sound guy
can't come in tonight. I'm going
to put you to the test. You up for
Definatly boss.
Good. Just don't fuck up or I'll
kill ya.
YOu got it.
Ricky continues his work and Rob shows Amy around a bit.
Ricky looks at Amy as she is getting trained mesmerized.
Later the same night, Ricky is behind the soundboard


listening to the BAND, perfecting the live sound on the
faders and graphic eq's. He looks over to see Amy serving
drinks throughout the crowd. He looks away from the band to
watch her.
Sounds good kid!
Ricky breaks his glare and looks over at Rob.
Not bad if i say so myself.
Ricky looks back over at Amy again. Rob sees him looking.
Good this job involves your sense
of hearing because if it depended
on your eyesight, not too much
would be getting done.
Ricky looks back over to Rob.
It's funny. I just saw myself
twenty years ago looking at you
now. That is exactly how i was
looking at my wife the first time
i met her.
Ricky adjusts the faders.
Oh ya boss?
Rob looks at Ricky then over to Amy.
Ya. Well, I dunno(beat) three
sixty incident. Good luck kid.
Later that night, the club is empty and Ricky is wrapping up
mic cables, while Amy is picking up bottles. Ricky looks
over, throws the cables aside and hops off the stage to help
What did you think?
Sounded great!


Thanks, but i was asking about
you. I mean the job. How was your
first night?
Kinda rough. It was ok, but this
is just temporary for me. I be
here at least until the end of the
semester. Then hopefully off to
bigger and brighter things.
Tell me about it.
Ricky is drinking espresso with Amy in the Cafe.
I really don't know honestly. I
just know that I dont want to
serve drinks to assholes all
I hear ya. I'm in the same boat.
Well. I know we just met tonight,
but looks like you got yourself a
cool new gig. That is a pretty
cool job. You get paid to listen
to music.
I guess you got a point. It
should get better for you too
I just can't wait till i finish
this semester so i can get out of
Why this semester? Are you all
done then?
Basically, I have been going to
school on and off for like five


                       AMY (cont'd)
years. I have switched my major
like 5 times, and now I am just
picking Sociology so I can hurry
up and graduate.
It's the major with the least
amount of credit requirments.
They start to laugh.
Do you smoke?
No. Cigarettes are disgusting.
Don't tell me your one of those
Actually, I love cigarettes.
Ricky goes into his pocket and grabs his pack of cigarettes
to offer one to Amy. Amy takes the cigarette and Ricky
lights it for her as he lights her cigarette she looks into
his eyes through the first wave of smoke. Then Ricky lights
his own, leaning back into his chair.
I like them too. Smoking and
drinking coffee is the best
Their nice after meals too.
I know. A nice big meal.
Thats why breakfast is my favorite
meal. You get the coffee and the
meal at once. It;s like killing
two birds with one stone.
You smoke while your eating?


No that's disgusting. My friend
Chris does though.
Amy makes a yucky face. Ricky laughs. Amy blows out smoke.
Cigarettes.(beat) Too bad they
kill us.
That's the only thing i hate about
them.(beat)Ya know, you figure
with all the technology and
science that we have today, that
someone can invent a healthy
Amy starts giggling. She flicks her ash and sips her
I know it right? You should
patent the idea. maybe you'll be
rich someday off of it.
Ya never know. The government
wants us all to kill ourselves so
that won't happen. I think i will
have a better chance with my
"remote control finder".
Everyone loses the clicker.
That's right, so why not have a
stationary button to push that
locates the clicker.
Maybe the guy who invented the
cordless phone locater thought of
that an patent it already.
Well, I bet im better looking then
him so it all works out.


They look at eachother and smile. Amy while looking at Ricky
notices the clock behind him which reads three fifteen, and
jumps up.
Holy shit! I am sorry I have to
go. I still have to study and i
need to be at class by ten.
Ricky jumps out of his seat all startled and puts his
cigarette out.
Ok, well. Good thing for
I suppose. Anyways, it was very
nice talking to you. I am sure I
will see you at work again this
ya, nice talking to you too. You
want me to walk you home?
It's ok. I have a studio in that
building over there.
Amy points across the street.
You sure?
Positive. Finish your espresso.
You can watch me from here and
make sure I get in alright though.
Fair enough.
Amy walks over to the door. Ricky half follows.
OK then. Goodnight.
Amy exits into the street.
Goodnight. And God Bless.


Greger is on the corner with his gangs of lowlifes, a limo
screaches to them and two THUGS in their thirties grab
Greger and put him in the backseat of the limo.
Greger is in the middle of the two thus in the back of the
limo. Across from him is a older mafia-type guy, named
GINO. Gino pistol whips Greger.
What the fuck do you mean, you
don't remember?
I was drunk. It happened so fast.
I dont know who did it. I opened
my door and the next thing i know
I was on the ground getting
stomped. After that I woke up and
my house was wrecked. when i went
upstairs, everything was gone.
Gino slaps his face and points the gun at Gregers face.
You stupid mother fucker. I
should kill you right here.
The thugs grab Gregers arms. Greger squirms for his life.
Gino, no dont! I'll find out!
I'll do anything.
Gino pulls back the hammer of the pistol.
Fucking kid. You stupid fucking
Gino smushes the pistol into Gregers face.


Two months. Two months. (beat)
Now thats a lot of time. You have
that much time to live. To live
two months is not that long to
live though. So there is no time
for haste. In two months I want
two of the following four items.
Gino is still pointing the gun at Greger, who is shitting
I want either all of my money or
all of my drugs back. And I want
whoever is responsible for this
dead. No exceptions. No excuses.
If neither of those three
requirements are not fulfilled
withing two months, then I will be
in the market for your life.
Gino pulls the gun away from Greger. Greger sighs in relife.
Am I Crystal?
Yes Gino! Two months. I won't let
you down.
You already have. You have two
months to live as of now. It's up
to you to extend your life now.
Gino waves his hands and the Thugs fling Greger out of the
Alskie is weighing and bagging up piles of weed and
No one answers.


                       GINA (o.s.)
Quit yelling through walls.
Bring me in some baggies, baby!
                       GINA (o.s.)
Will you get some more plastic
We don't have anymore!
That's why I am asking, will you
go get me some?
Gina hustles into the room.
Why don't you fucking get them
Because, I am need to figure out
how howch money i can make off of
all of this, so i can start
selling it.
Figure it out when you get back
from the store.
Listen Mushroom-tits. Your cousin
handed us a goldmine, and i need
to figure out what we can make. On
top of that i need to figure out
how much i can make for him, so
since im doing all of this shit
work, will you get some fucking
I cant walk to the store like
Will you fucking please go? Your
thuglife cousin is coming over in


                       ALSKIE (cont'd)
an hour and i need to figure this
shit out. Please!!
Gina starts looking all over the room.
Where are the fucking keys?
Alskie throws Gina the keys to the apartment.
Thank you babycakes.
Fuck off.
Gina leaves the apartment.
The car is parked in a Taco bell parking lot. Anthony and
Alskie are inside of the car eating gorditas.
so, you figure it out yet?
Everything together after it is
sold is going to come to a hundred
Holy shit! Are you serious?
Anthony stops picking through his food.
Ya there is so much. I have only
seen that many drungs in national
You read national geographic?
Only when I'm pulling one out
naked amazonian tribal ladies.
Alskie laughs at his own joke. Anthony looks at him


Dude your fucked. So how long
will it take you to get rid of
this shit you think?
I dunno, i can do most of it on my
own but I will need help. So I
will have your end in a month or
so id say. Then i can worry about
the rest on my own.
Sounds good, I would rather just
have it all at once. So have Gina
call me when you get it together.
Anthony finishes his gordita and turns the car on to leave.
O.k. Give me a month I'll get it
to you.
Rob is seen opening the door and Ricky and Amy walk out.Rob
closes and locks the door knodding his head.
Ricky and amy are walking down the street.
Its too bad when we get out of
work there is only like a half
hour to go anywhere else.
It's ok. I don't even feel like
drinking tonight really.
Ok. Well, you want me to walk you
Not really.
Ricky throws amy a look of confusion.


Do we need people and alcohole in
order to have fun? Its friday
night. Lets walk.
We are doing just that now, aren't
We are!
Amy wraps her arm around Rickey's for him to escort, and she
cuddles next to him. Ricky smiles and they walk on.
So, where are we going?
Si, Sinorita bonita.
Wherever our cute little legs take
us to.
So, where do you plan on going
when you leave?
i don't know, its a big world. i
just need to get out of here. i
feel stuck.
I don't know. I always wanted to
leave and see whats out there
myself, but where would i go? and
what would i do? You know what
your gonna do?
I dunno maybe I'll go to France
and work in a vineyard picking
grapes. That seems like a cute
A cute job. Do you speak french?


Looks at Ricky and smiles.
So how would they train you?
Ricky smiles back.
Who cares, all you need is a guy
to point at a vine and I will pick
some grapes and knod my head and
say "We.We."
I guess your right.
Being away from here just doing
anything would be better than
staying here doing the same old
thing. I am no longer learning.
This environment has expired all
it has to offer for me. Im ready
to make a change.
As am I. As am I.
Amy and Ricky walk up to the bus stop and take a seat close
to eachother on the bench. Amy once again wraps her arm
around Ricky's and cuddles in closer.
So this is where our cute little
legs took us huh?
      (in a play/baby
Shut up! My feet are killing me.
Amy puts her legs on top of Rickys.
Am i a futon all of a sudden?


No, you look like a Ricky.
Good. That's the look I am going
for. I think it will be in next
Well arent you the fashion plate.
What can I say? I have my ear to
the ground.
Ricky strokes Amys leg and they both look at eachother
closely. their small movement move the bench they are on
and the bench makes a creaking, FART type of noise.
Ooops. Excuse me. How
embarassising. In front of a lady
and all.
Amy bursts out laughing and she bends over from laughter
putting her head on his chest/ stomach area. She controls
her laughter and pulls her head up to Ricky slowly as she
holds in laughs. Ricky looks down to see her moving towards
him. They meet half way and kiss for the first time. The
bus pulls up and the two continue kissing. The bus pulls
away and everything is quiet again. The bench makes the
fart noise again and they laugh in eachothers arms.
In the morning the both of them are in bed naked together
smoking pot.
You know what Rob said to me your
first night?
If it is creepy I don't even want
to know.
I was looking at you right?
Oh so you were the creep.


You were too cute I really
couldn't help it. I was
Aww. (beat)I hope your not trying
to weasel another blow job.
Ricky play smacks her, and she plays back. They stop and
cuddle again.
No, but seriously.
So you were checking me out?
Ya. Rob told me that I remeinded
him of himself the first time he
saw his wife.
Amy I getting that look now?
I don't think I can see you any
other way.
O.K. one more blow job.
      (in a mexican
They laugh and nustle under the covers.
Chris, Alskie, Tom and Ricky are all sitting at a rounded
Forget all that. Did you hit it or
I'm not saying. I'll get shit all


The kid went Railskies!
All four of them burst out laughing.
Good for you buddy, I just hope
you were a rubber though.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Ya, cause I gave her about four
diseases the night before you hit
They all start laughing again.
I knew it.
Ricky sips his beer.
      (to chris)
Thanks for stealing my joke
So, when do we meet her?
Hopefully never.
Ya, cause she will probably leave
you for one of us.
Fuck off.
A cocktail waitress comes over with a round of beers and
Ricky pays for the round.
Is this a dream?
More like one in the making.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
That waitress was a little number.
She was too.


                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
So where is she tonight?
i didnt think hookers started to
hit the streets till after
No thats only when your mothers
schedual not everyone elses.
They burst out laughing again.
      (to Alskie.)
He's got ya there kid.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
So guys, guys. I have some good
news too.
Whats that hotshot?
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
My new band got signed. They are
paying for our record, and in a
week we leave to go tour Japan and
Australia all expenses paid.
Are you fucking serious?
Ricky almost drops his beer.
That's fucking awsome.
Congradulations. You mother
You'll be fucking mad Japanese
hotties that are just fiening for
some American dick.
I can't believe that.


                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I know. Its crazy right? Now I
can show the other side of the
World how much of a looser I am.
wait a sec. Did you say you were
leaving in two weeks?
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Ya why?
What the fuck?
What about the thing?
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
What thing?
The Thing!
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Oh the thing. I didnt even think
of that.
Alskie sips his beer and looks all pissed off.
How am I going to do this now?
Whats the thing?
Ya what are you talking about?
Alskie slams his beer and pushes his way out of the booth.
Chris jumps up to follow and the two leave talking in a
pissed off whisper.
I'm fucked. You're fucking me soo
bad right now.
What is that all about?-
      (almost takling to


                       RICKY (cont'd)
I can't believe that mother
fucker's shitty band got signed,
and are about to tour the world.
Shady shit with those two.
Who knows anymore?
So, you like this girl huh?
Yes, but she is talking about
leaving so, I am trying not to get
too attached.
Good idea. Where is she going?
She doesnt't know.
You two sound like soulmates then.
Ricky and Tom chuckle and drink.
Now I am going to loose my weed
connection while he plays shitty
music all over the world.
His weed sucks anyways, who cares?
It's cheap and I sell what i don't
smoke to you and all the other
maggots i know at work and around
the way.
So what? (beat) Is there more to
all of this than weed?
It's nothing. What time is it?
Eleven fifty four. Still early,


I need to use the phone.
Who you calling?
Ricky ignores him and scooches out of the booth to got to
the phone. Ricky passes Alskie and Chris who are at the bar
I told him one month it will be
all gone. There is absolutley now
way i can do this on my own. I'm
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Im' sorry. I know. I am going
probably would have made more
money doing the thing, but this
record deal is priority.
Asshole. Twenty five thousand
dollars. One month. How much
will that tour pay you? You can
stay here and tour with your take.
Don't do this to me.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
I have to. I can't go on doing
this forever with nothing to look
forward to. I hate the fact that i
have to leave that money and fuck
you over, but i have to.
You're fucking up. You are going
to regret this so badly.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Well I can regret doing the thing
Get the fuck out of my face.
                       CRIZZLY CHRIS
Fuck you. Listen, I will give you
my connections so you can do it on
your own while I am gone. Just
keep the money.


Of course im going to keep the
money. So tell me. Who are these
chumps? How is this going to work?
Ricky walks past Alskie and Chris again back over to Tom.
Pussy whipped already huh?
In all honesty, I would much
rather be with her than you guys
right now.
Ricky grabs his jacket.
AWW, thats cute. Whats this? Your
leaving now too? God.
In a few. I am meeting her after
work. I might stay over her house
again, she wants to go to the
beach tomorrow.
In november?
We are just going to the south
shore to escape the city for the
Go. Just leave. Go.
Ricky goes to scooch out of the booth.
Dickhead, I wasn't serious.
Im out. Say bye to them for me, I
don't even want to hear it.
Ya thanks for leaving me with
heckle and jeckle.
Ricky laughs and shakes Tom's hand. He then sneeks his way
out of the club.


Amy is driving through suburban backroads, while Ricky packs
a bowl of weed in the passenger seat.
This car is a beater.
Shut up I havent driven it in
weeks. Anyways it gets me from
point A to point B. Where is your
I haven't driven since i got my
Then enjoy the ride.
Ricky lights the bowl.
Well then. Where is point B?
Where are we going?
Si, Signorita Bonita.
I dunno, hopefully someplace nice.
Ricky passes the bowl to Amy.
Im all set, I dont smoke in the
daytime. I feel like I waste my
day if I do.
Ricky goes to hit the bowl again.
Don't smoke that in here.
You just saw me hit it though. Why
Didn't you say anything then?


I didnt care then. Anyways you
dont't need that shit now.You have
Ricky goes to light the bowl again. Amy slaps him and
I was just joking.
Wiseguy huh?
Amy starts poking Ricky. The car starts to sway around the
Okok. Stop, watch the road.
Don't worry. I got it.
Women drivers.
Hey, watch it Mister.
You are too cute. I want to put
you in my pocket.
Knowing you, I would probably end
up in your boxers.
What a filthy mind for a lady.
Here I am telling you that your
cuter than an asian baby, and all
you do is think of smut.
Amy starts to laugh.
Ohh. Asian babies.


No such thing as an ugly one.
(beat) There are plenty of
hideous caucasion and black
babies, but I have never seen an
ugly asian baby.
You are out of your mind, kiddo.
That might be why I am keeping you
      (in baby talk)
You better, little Chang.
I will baby.
they kiss eachother and almost get into an accident. Ricky
looks at Amy.
Don't even say it.
The car pulls into a parking space, at the luncheon and the
Ricky and Amy get out of the car. The two meet at one end
of the car and start kissing. They then walk into the
Amy and Ricky walk into an empty diner and seat themselves.
They pick up some menu's and an look around for someone who
is working.
Talk about the off season.
I am getting the clams. I am dying
for seafood.
I am just going to get some french
fries. I hate seafood.


What would you do if you were
forced to live on a deserted
island then?
Jerk off, look for weed, and
probably starve, unless I could
kill a monkey or something to eat.
A monkey?
Well is it a central American or
South East Asian Island?
Forget it. Is there even anybody
Im starting to have doubts.
They start to look around the resturaunt.
Hello anybody here?
Clam man?
Shut up thats gross.
That's what he would be.
How do you know it isn't a woman.
The door of the luncheon opens and a FISHERMAN looking guy
walks inside with a bucket. Ricky shoots Amy a sarcastic
glance of validation.
Have you two been here long?
Not really.


I am sorry. I dont normally have
customers this late in the off
season. I was out on the beach
digging some clams.
Amy shoots Ricky a look similar to the one he just gave her.
Sounds delicious.
Later, the two are seen eating their food. Amy is eating
her fried clams and Ricky is eating his french fries.
These fries taste like clams.
Amy looks at Ricky and eats a clam.
These are so good.
The Fisherman guy who has been listening the whole time
comes over.
That's because i dig my own,
fresh, right out there everyday.
He points to the beach.
From what I have been extracting
from these fries they seem
Amy kicks Ricky's foot.
They are amazing, I love them.
The sun is setting in the background and the two walk passed
the car in the parking lot to the beach.
Oh. Mister Shiver Me Timbers. your
fresh clams are soo good.


Shut up they were. Why did you
have to start with that guy, he
was nice.
Well it would have been nice of
him to make me some french fries
that didn't taste like clams.
You are lucky your are cute. Thats all I have to say.
What is that supposed to mean?
Amy jumps up onto the seawall. The sun has gone completly
down now and night quickly approaches. Ricky prentends like
he is going to push her off.
Well? If I was ugly you wouldn't
want anything to do with me?
Probably not. If I was ugly,
would you want to be with me?
Probably not.
Good thing we are a couple of
cuties then.
Amy jumps off the wall onto the beach. Ricky jumps up on
the wall and looks down to her.
Guess what?
Ricky pulls out his bag of weed.
It's nightime.


Ricky and Amy are sitting barefoot on the beach looking at
the sea and the horizon.
I wish I could be on the other
side of that ocean right now.
That would be nice.
Well, lets get out of here. Let's
move to Europe. We can backpack
all over, and pick our favorite
city to live in.
I'll go. How could we do it
We both work, we can save like
everyone else.
Who saves? We live in America. We
I have some money put away but not
What about our expenses here? You
have to pay rent, and I am still
working on paying back my friends
and getting myself together.
Our time will come. We will go. I
know it. Just like I knew we were
supposed to be together when I saw
you the first time.
I felt that too. It is wierd, how
you can just sense and affirm
things like that.
They lay back and look at the stars.


It is all so overwhelming.
What? Life?
Well at times, but i was talking
about the sky. I am not used to
seeing all of these stars.
It is beautiful. I feel like I
can just jump right into the sky
at any given moment.
I know. Just jump into it and let
it do whatever it wants to us. Put
me in orbit.
We already are.
Ricky turns to Amy appearing nervous.
I can't help it. I am sorry. But
I love you.
Why be sorry? I love you too.
The two kiss and then sigh smiling looking back up at the
Is this too quick you think?
I think it is too right.
They cuddle in eachothers arms, pulling eachother closer.
The sea.
Its so quiet.
Ricky smiles and continues to look out at the ocean.


Greger and his friend STUBS are beating the shit out of a
random GUY.
You better find out, I know you
know, you mother fucker.
Lets get out of here. The cops
might come.
They leave the guy there unconsious and run off into the
We have beat up every piece of
shit in the neighborhood. I can't
believe you don't know who did
this to you. Who else is there to
Greger punches Stubs in the face and continues running down
the street.
Amy is in the bathroom throwing up, while Ricky runs around
the house trying to get ready.
So, you're not working tonight i
take it.
Oh God I think im going to die.
It was those fresh clams from
yesterday. I'll tell Rob that you
are sick.
Ricky motions to leave.
Amy pukes into the toilet


Wait. Don't I get a kiss?
Ricky looks at her with a foot out the door.
He runs over and kisses her forehead.
Bye baby. Try to rest.
Ricky is seen working behind the bar once again. It is a
slow night and is just a local jazz band playing. Ricky
runs up to the soundbooth to check the levels real quick
then comes back down behind the bar. He starts to polish a
glass. Then he sees Alskie make his way to the bar.
Rico Suave. Que pasa amigo?
Nada pinche bandejo.
The two shake hands and Alskie takes a seat at the bar.
What are you having?
What do they have you doing
everything in here now?
I am in the mood for a manly
cocktail. Let me get a saphire
Like a gentleman?
Like a gentleman.
Ricky starts to make the drink. Alskie starts looking


It's dead in here tonight huh?
Well it is Monday. (beat) Why are
you out anyways?
I just got into a fight with Gina,
and i had to leave before i ripped
her face off her head.
Ricky laughs, and hands Alskie his drink.
I just came here to see you and
pipe it down a little.
Alskie reaches into his pocket for money.
On the house boss.
Alskie throws down ten dollars.
Well thats your tip.
Thanks bro.
So where is your chick. Doesn't
she work here too?
Ya, she called in sick today.
Sick of seeing you?
Ricky shrugs.
Listen, Ricky I need to talk to
you for a minute.
Ricky leans on bar to listen.
Go ahead, get it out.


I need your help with something.
What? You didn't do anything
stupid right?
Ricky backs off from the bar.
You wanna make thirty thousand
dollars in five days?
The random barflies look over at them. Ricky motions to
silenve Alskie.
Not here. Can we talk about this
after i get out?
Is that a yes?
It's a "not right now" come back
at two or wait here till then,
just keep quiet. Is this "the
thing" from the other night?
Alskie finishes his drink and throws down more money on the
bar. He get up to leave.
I'll talk to you after work.
Ricky watches Alskie leave, then looks up to watch the band.
Amy is sleeping in bed with all of the lights and T.V. on.
There is an OBNOXUIOUS KNOCK herad at the door.
                       RICKY (o.s)
Amy. Open up.
Amy drags herself out of bed and unlocks the door. Ricky
bursts in and kisses her passionatly. Amy pushes him away.
Stop. I have been throwing up all
day and i feel gross right now.


You ready?
No I am not in the mood. Not
She gets back under the covers.
No, not that you dirty minded
woman. You ready to backpack
around Europe?
What do you mean? How?
I was offered an opportunity
today, that I would have to be
retarded to turn down.
Shady boy. What? What is it?
One week. Three runs. Selling
some weight, to some of Chris's
friends for Alskie.
Oooo. Mr. Drug dealer man. Fuck
that. You have a job, thats
stupid. We don't need to go that
Thirty thousand dollars. All of
the kids I unload it to are
harmless anyways. Rich college
That's a lot of money.
I know.
Give me a cigarette.
Ricky hands her a butt. And sits down watching for her


With all that money, we can pay to
get there, travel around, have
fun, and be comfortable while
trying to figure out what we will
Are you going to do this
regardless of what I say?
Well I am doing it for us.
What if you get caught?
Trust me. Its mushrooms and weed.
Cops have better things to worry
about. (beat) It is just a lot of
mushrooms and weed.
I dunno baby?
Well I won't do it if you don't
want me to.
Amy pauses and looks around the room for a second.
When will you have to start?
A week from tonight. I would have
to meet Alskie again to get the
specific details, and the
business. Then each day for that
week I go on a run.
This sounds wicked shady.
It is to a degree, but think about
what we can do with all of that
money. We can see the world
Kiss me.


The two kiss and role under the covers.
You better be careful.
Think I can keep the stuff here?
Here? No. There is no place to
hide it. I don't want a part in
this. This is your thing.
I'll have to hide it at my Mom's
How can you do that?
Its just for a week where else can
I put it? I'm getting it all on
Friday. I need to keep it
I don't have a good feeling about
In two weeks we will be on a train
in Europe. Think about it.
Alskie is stuffing a king size mattress with pounds of
mushrooms and pot. Gina is laying on the packed end of the
mattress. Ricky is trying to help Alskie.
Whatever doesn't fit in here we
will put in a suitcase. This
should be all set though.
Let's try to get it all in here.
They push and squeeze a thick bag inside the mattress.
That it?


I think so.
      (to gina)
Hey! Time to get up gorgous we
have some shit to do.
Ya I hear ya, I am getting up, you
don't have to yell.
Let's do without the guff woman!
I don't want to be near you or
your stupid mattress right now.
You two are unbelieveable.
Relax Max. Just cause you have a
girlfriend now, doesnt make you a
relationship afficianatto.
Ricky's gotta girlfriend. La la
laa la la.
Oh god.
Alskie is trying to stitch up the mattress.
Hey get on this thing, I cant get
it to close.
Ricky puts his knee at the corner that Alskie is trying to
stitch. Gina is just hanging around watching them.
So, do you love her Ricky?
Alskie looks up at Ricky.
She is wicked cool. I think I


Fucking pussy, its been like a
Gina hits Alskie.
Shut up, its nice.
OK. Got it, get up.
Ricky an Alskie get up and pull the mattress up.
You ready to get this out to your
car fagbait?
You think this will fit on top of
that shitbox?
They look out of the window at the car on the street.
It's gonna have to.
Alskie and Ricky are trying to pull the mattress out of the
door to get to the steps. Greger is seen walking by Gina's
Hey? Buddy? Can you help us get
this out of here?
Fuck you.
Talk about a friendly
I'd beat the shit out of that guy,
if this mattress was actually just
a mattress. (beat) Scumbag.
They keep pulling harder and harder. Finally the mattress
bursts out of the doorway and falls on Alskie.


Come on buddy, quit horsing
around, lets get this on top of
the car.
Alskie pushes the mattress off of himself and shoots Ricky a
death look. They pick it up and walk the mattress down the
stairs onto the roof oth the car.
      (yelling to the
      (Yelling from
Bring out some twine.
Ricky lights up a cigarette. Alskie looks at him and does
the same.
So you know what your doing on
Monday right? You'll be all set?
You have the contact info and
I'll be ok. What should I do when
it is over?
We go meet the dude, pay him his
money and keep ours. I am still
working on my half, and you are
taking the rest.
I see. But after this the deals
and this week is over why can't i
just keep my money and just pay
you? I don't want to pay this
stranger drugdealer man.
Relax, that's what I am going to
have you do.
Gina runs down the stairs with string in her hand.


Is this it?
That's it. I'm impressed. Good
Alskie goes to kiss Gina. Then he tosses Ricky one end of
the string and they start to tie the mattress to the roof.
Think this will be safe?
Your just taking a mattress to
your Mom's house.
That seems like a dumb idea just
looking at it. Why not put it in
the trunk?
What the mattress?
It wouldn't all fit and it's too
You need to get your head examined
You need to get your head
Gina storms back up the stairs and Ricky and Alskie finish
securing the mattress on the roof.
O.k. So Call me Monday night and
let me know how you make out. Make
sure you hang on to all the money
you get, till everything is gone.
Alskie goes to shake Ricky's hand.
I got it. We'll work it out when
its gone.
Ricky gets into his car. Alskie knocks on the window.


The Thing.
Alskie puts his thumbs up. Ricky returns the signal and
turns the car on.
The Thing.
Ricky pulls in fromt of the Barron in Amy's car with the
mattress on top. Rob pokes his head out and waves. Amy soon
comes out and approaches the car.
What's up with the mattress?
Amy enters the car.
Oh, That's the thing.
The Thing?
Ricky pulls of to drive to his mothers.
Ya. I'm bring it to my mothers.
The thing?
No, the mattress. (beat) Yes, the
Oh. I get it. (beat) Who's dumb
idea was it to use the mattress?
Mine and Alskie's.
Your right i don't think I wanna
meet your friends. (beat) Why
not put it in the trunk?


Mucho piquito. It won't all fit
in the trunk of this shitbox.
Shut up, i love my little car.
(beat) So,your bringing this to
your mothers?
Ya, I technically live there
What about the Thing?
It's a mattress.
So are you taking me to meet your
Mommy too?
Ricky puts his hand on Amy's leg.
Yes you are going to meet my Mom.
I hope your ready.
You never tell me anything about
your father.
He passed away. Accident on the
Oh. I...
Don't be sorry. Whe our number up
our numbers up. We can prevent
our number. We are in queue.
The both drive in silence for a few.
So, your its just you and your


Ya. But she has the ladies in the
neighborhood, my Aunts and shit
like that. It's been years
anyways. We both adapted. I love
her to death. I wouldn't leave her
if she wasn't ok.
She is all alone at night though.
We all are.
Ricky's MOM, a younger looking woman is playing cards and
drinking coffee with Ricky's AUNT. DOORBELL is heard ringing
over and over again. Ricky's Mom gets up to answer the
door. She opens the door to Ricky holding the mattress with
Amy out of site.
What are you doing with that
thing? You staying back here
Ricky tugs the mattress through the door.
No Mah, I just need to leave this
thing here for like a week. I'll
put it in my room.
Amy is now unblocked from the mattress. Ricky is trying to
shuffle the mattress to his room. Amy walks in. Ricky
leans the mattress on the wall and runs over to his mother.
Oh Mah. This is Amy. Amy this is
my Mommy.
Hello. Nice to meet you.
Hi. Nice to meet you. You are
just adorable. I don't know how
you ended up with Ricky.
Ricky fake punches his Mom.


Hey. What a thing to say. Your
supposed to help the situation.
She knew I was kidding. So did
you, wiseguy.
She pokes at his stomach as she walks back into the kitchen.
You want some coffee or anything?
Ricky motions for Amy to follow him. He take the mattress
with him up the stairs.
Ya, a beer would be great Mah.
I'll have coffee please.
Ricky and Amy enter Ricky's room, which is cluttered with
novels, video's, and records. Ricky adjusts the mattress
and they both walk downstairs.
The front door of opens and Ricky, Amy, and Ricky's Mom are
seen in the doorway.
Ok. Mah, I'll be back soon.
Ricky kisses his Mom. Amy follows and does the same with a
coffee cup in hand.
Nice, meeting you again.
You too. I'll see you two later
now. Be safe. Love you.
Luv ya too Mah.
Ricky and Amy walk down to the car. Ricky's Mom waves to
them from the doorstep.


Ricky is seen walking out of his mothers house to Amy's car
with three dufflebags. He puts the duffle bags into the
trunk, gets into the car and drives off.
Ricky pulls in front of the dorm and take the duffel bags
out of the trunk to bring inside. Ricky appears to be
nervous as he walks into the building.
Ricky walks into the entrance a GUARD is at the door.
I need to see you id sir.
Oh actually im here to visit a
Name and room number?
Hippie Jim 417.
Hippy Jim huh? 417? I don't
understand you kids.
Hippy Jim huh? 417? I don't
understand you kids.
He looks at the room list.
417 James Stills?
The guard picks up the phone to ring the room.
      (On phone)
Mr. Stills? A ..?
Ricky Escolta.


Richard Escolta is here.
The guard hangs up the phone and gives Ricky a visitor pass.
When Ricky walks passed The guard he sees the duffel bags
and stares at Ricky until he is out of sight.
HIPPY JIM is laying down on his bed listening to NICK DRAKE
smoking weed. He is blowing his hits through a empty towl
roll with a laundry softener at the end of it. The door
KNOCKS. Jim gets up to answer the door.
Hey whats up man?
Ricky is at the doorway appearing clammy and nervous.
                       HIPPIE JIM
Hey, bro. I'm Jim.
Ricky. So you all set with
                       HIPPIE JIM
Ya man.
We gonna do this right here?
                       HIPPIE JIM
Sure. Relax man, sit down.
That guard was looking at me all
suspicious cause I asked for Hippy
Jim. I was just joking. Anyways
thats the name I was given.
                       HIPPIE JIM
Cool man. He is too lazy to leave
the booth, don't worry bro. Be
cool bro, here smoke this joint.
Ricky grabs the joint and sits down on a bed.
                       HIPPIE JIM
So, your friends with Chris?


                       HIPPIE JIM
That's pretty righteous that he is
going on tour. You know the deal
and all that?
Ya. It's cool. Anyways, you have
all the money together?
Jim walks into his closet. He uncovers a safe. he unlocks
the safe and pulls out a sock with a money roll inside.
                       HIPPIE JIM
It's all there. I don't fuck with
Chis and I wouldn't fuck with one
of his friends bro.
That's a good mentality. And I'm
on the same wave, so since we have
a grasp n the situation.(beat)
Ricky hold the bags toward Jim putting his hand out for the
sock. Jim hands Ricky the sock, Ricky takes it and hands the
bags over to Jim. Jim grabs the bags and opens them in his
closet. he starts counting the bags out loud.
                       HIPPIE JIM
Eleven and Twelve. Cool. You try
these shrooms yet?
Nah the last time I ate those
things I thought I was a cackling
madman fighting waves in the
Ricky hands the joint over to Jim. Ricky puts his hand in
the sock and pulls out the money. He fishes through it,
half counting while skimming the roll.
So I can trust you enough to count
this at home?
                       HIPPIE JIM
What? Oh ya man ya.
O.K. Good.


                       HIPPIE JIM
And I can trust you that will all
weight out?
You can.
                       HIPPIE JIM
Im not really into Hippy Shit but
this record is great. I bought
this a while ago, I haven't played
it in years. It's weird your
listening to this.
                       HIPPIE JIM
Ya man. Growth and Destruction.
That's life. Salute.
The exchange the joint again.
Ricky bursts into the Barron. Amy is serving drinks and Rob
is behind the bar.
Sorry Rob I had some errands to
Your lucky there aren't any bands
tonight. Go to my office and take
car of those bookings for me. Then
come up here and help me at the
O.K. boss.
Ricky in the office taking care of the bands that need to be
booked in the schedule. Amy walks in and gives Ricky a


How did you make out?
Almost too easy. Let's start
packing tonight.
This is crazy I can't believe we
are doing this. It's like in the
movies. What's the next one all
I dunno? Some rich kid. I'm told
he likes to be a big shot, so I am
unloading most of my weight with
this guy.
A harmless rich kid or a powerful
You sound like a woman in a
samurai movie.
Shut up.
      (In an Asian
Harmless or powerful?
Rob busts into the office.
Hey? I pay you to work. Not have
kids. Let's get out there.
They all exit the office.
Ricky is places all of his money in a tackle box inside his
closet. He moves the mattress around and picks up a
cumbersome box. He struggles while lifting it out of the
room. He walks down the stairs, out to the door.
Later Mah, Love ya.


Bye honey.
Ricky looks at Amy's small car then at his huge box.
A box in a shitbox.
Ricky is driving down the street, squished by he big box.
Ricky pulls up in front of an enormous old fashion New
England Mansion. He looks up at the estate, and parks the
car. Ricky gets out of the car and tries to pull the box
A couple of young men are chasing each other around in their
underwear DOORBELL rings a piece of a symphony and a SERVANT
answers the door. Ricky is at the door all sweaty and out
of breathe with the beat up box in his hands.
May I help you Sir?
I am here to speak with Benjamin.
Ricky sees one of the young men in their underwear run past
the Servant in the background.
Oh, maybe I have the wrong house.
Ricky goes to turn away back down the stairs.
Benjamin? Your guest have
Ricky turns around and BENJAMIN who is only in his boxer
shorts comes to the door.


Oh marvelous! Fun! Fun! Come.
Benjamin pulls Ricky's arm.
Your Benjamin?
Another half naked man appears behind Benjamin and tickles
Oh Stop it. Yes I am Benjamin.
Come in silly.
Ricky hesitates then goes to grab the box to bring inside.
Wait. Is that it in there?
Yes. All in one shot.
How clever. Well. Pick it up and
bring it in. Charles!(the
servant) Assist him please.
They pull the box inside the house. Ricky is amazed by the
Wow. This place is amazing. When
was this place built,
Mid-nineteenth century?
A long long time ago. At the dawn
of the industrial revolution a man
erected a textile plant. With his
profits he erected this fine piece
of architecture, which has been
handed down for over one hundred
years to decendents like myself.
FRANCIS the other half naked man starts touching Benjamin.
Ricky looks away horrified.
Will his decedents erect anything


Benjamin slaps Francis.
Oh, stop it you frisky devil.
      (to Ricky)
I apologize, this man who isn't
behaving is Francis.
Why hello there.
Ricky nods at him.
Well then, Francis from the look
of our friends box here. I think
we will be having some fun on the
beach tonight.
It's too chilly silly.
Oh be a man.
That was never my fortay.
They all laugh. Ricky looks unsettled still.
      (to Ricky)
Let's go into the lounge and get
you all squared away now my
Ricky goes to pick up the box.
You can leave it there. Come with
Ricky hesitates, then follows them up the stairs into the
lounge. The lounge resembles an opium den,with a very laid
back Asian look to it.
Would you like a cocktail?
I'm ok thank you.


Benjamin goes into a glass cabinet and pulls out some scotch
and pours three glasses. Francis lays down on the chez
lounge. Ricky remains standing. Benjamin hands a drink to
Ricky and another to Francis.
Salute. Ladies and gentlemen.
They all raise their glasses and drink.
You know people in this world have
no idea.
Benjamin starts to walk around the room.
People are scared to know
themselves. People are scared to
be themselves. We destroy the
earth that has made us. The earth
that created us as its brain. The
earth made us and it will take us
away, and engulfs us again just
like an amoeba engulfs bacteria.
We lay inferior to this universe
but we think we know. Even when
we have no idea, we think we know.
I love it when you get like this.
You are so sexy when your
      (to Ricky)
Do you understand what I am trying
to say to you?
Yes. I feel that way most of the
time actually.
Good. That is good. I'd like to
make a toast. A toast to our
They raise their glasses again.
And from this confusion, we create
an illusion. So let us toast. Let


                       BENJAMIN (cont'd)
our confusion continue to bind the
Well said Benjamin. Well said.
Here. Here.
Charles! Oh Charles. Will you
bring in the envelope on Papa's
desk in the study?
                       SERVANT (Charles)
Yes, sir.
      (to Ricky)
What are you going to do with
yourself when you leave this
estate today?
Meet my girlfriend.
He has been dying to say that.
Don't worry, we don't bite. Your
not my type anyways.
Whatever. I have no problem with
what you guys do. I am just
answering the question honestly.
Why what do "us guys" do?
Charles walks in with the envelope and hands it to Benjamin.
Never mind you are just
misinterputig me.
Ahh. Interpretation.
Communication. Language. They
exist in this world just like the


                       BENJAMIN (cont'd)
wind. They are here in this world
but we cannot hold them or see
them, yet they guide us through
life and attach us to one another.
Ricky slams the rest of his drink.
Oh the torment we must have just
put you through my friend. Shall
we pay the man for his duties
I don't know does he feel worthy?
It doesn't matter how i feel, I
can bring that box back home with
Francis makes a cat snarl noise.
Your a feisty one. I like you. I
believe this envelope belongs to
It's all in here?
The same price to the dollar, that
the man on the phone told me.
Chris's friend.
OK. It seems big enough. I
believe you. You are going to
give me a speech regardless.
No, I am all done torturing you my
dear friend. Thank you for your


OK buddy. I'll speak life with
you gentlemen again sometime
Ricky exits the Mansion and Benjamin and Francis starts to
chase each other through the house again.
Ricky is on the phone with Alskie.
Dude these guys were relentlessly
H-mo. I felt like I was in the
twighlight zome, or something.
Ricky listens and laughs.
Ya it was weird, but other than
that, everything has been going
Ricky listens in to Alskie again. Amy walks in and kisses
Ya, he was a cool shit, but these
guys today were nutty.
Ricky motions to Amy that he will be a second and listens to
OK so the rest will go to DJ?
(beat) At the party? Will that be
ok? (beat) Alright dude, if you
say so.
Amy jumps on the bed trying to get attention.


OK then. I'll talk to you later
then bro. OK, Ill call you on
Saturday to figure out where I can
give you the loot. (beat)OK. Bye.
Ricky hangs up the phone and Amy plops herself down on the
Harmless rich.
It went ok then?
I guess you can say that.
When is this all over?
I need to drop the rest off at a
loft party on Friday night. We
can leave after we pay Alskie his
money on saturday.
I can't believe we are really
going. I'm starting to get
So am I. It's almost over. One
more to go.
What are we going to tell Rob?
Nothing. I'm sure he would
I suppose your right. We will
send him a postcard from Paris.
He'll like that.
Ricky pulls Amy close to him.
You wanna go to a party on Friday?


I have to work.
Oh man. That sucks. I'll see if
Tom wants to go with me then.
You better behave Mister.
Oh I will my fair lady.
The two kiss and roll around the bed.
Greger and some of his friends are walking down the street
drinking beers pissed off and rowdy. They then walk passed
another group of street punks, who are smoking weed on the
stoop of a building.
Oh we're smoking weed now are we?
Give me a hit of that.
Greger pulls the joint out of the punks hand and puffs it.
He looks at his friends and knods at them. The other Group
of punks seem pissed off and get on guard.
Tastes familiar Stubs.
Greer smiles.
                       PUNK #1
What the fuck man. Give me back my
joint, you can buy some off me if
you want it so bad.
You know, I might just do that.
You guys know where I can get any
mushrooms either?
Greger hands back the joint.
Ya dude, we just got a bunch of
them of this guy if you want some?


Greger then punches Punk#1 int the face, and the rest of
Gregers friends hold back the other punks. Greger continues
punching the punk in the face.
Who did you get them from? Tell
me his fucking name or I'll wash
your face with the sidewalk.
Gregers crew and the other punks start fighting
uncontrollably. Greger is still punching the punk.
The name, tell me the name.
Ricky and Tom are in the midst of a people packed into a
room dancing. There is performance art in one corner of
the loft and in the other corner people are painting a huge
canvas that everyone at the party is contributing too. Ricky
and Tom are both bobbing their heads in unison to the BEAT
of the music. Ricky keeps looking over to the DJ for a good
time to approach him.
How is it I always let you drag me
to these parties.
It's a fucking bender, relax and
enjoy yourself.
What are we doing here in the
first place?
We are out to have fun, for my
last day in Boston.
What are you talking about?
I am leaving tomorrow to go to
Eurpoe for a few months with Amy.
You haven't even been with her for
two months yet.


You haven't even introduced her to
You'll meet her eventually.
Not for a few months at least.
Where is she tonight?
Working. She is getting my
paycheck for me too.
How are you going to afford all of
I've been saving.
You must have made a lot of money
in three months.
Ricky looks over at the DJ again and notices he is taking a
I did ok.
You are a shady dude. I've known
you for years and you get more
shady by the day. Creepshow.
Go fuck yourself.
I am going to have to, there isn't
a decent piece of ass at this
I'll be right back, I wanna say
whats up to the DJ, I think I know


Can we leave after that?
Ya, sure. I'll be right back.
Ricky runs over to the DJ booth and taps the DJ to get his
Hey, whats up man. I'm Chris'
friend. Ricky.
They shake hands.
Oh nice man. I have been looking
for you all night. (beat) So are
we all set?
Yup. All set.
Nice, I am going to get this party
all fucked up then. Set them
dancing to the beat while tripping
in the heat.
Ricky smiles.
Nice one.
You have it here?
Ya. No. Well ya, it's in my car
Ok, lets do this, i gotta get back
to my set, and get this shit
flying around the party. You
parked far?
No right out front.
OK, lets go.


The DJ takes off his earphones and the both exit the loft.
The DJ is fishing through his backpack. He fishes out a
enormous wad of cash.
OK here is the loot. That's like
a Tony Soprano wad right there,
hopefully I seem it bigger on my
Ok, here's the shit.
Ricky takes the money and hands the DJ four duffel bags.
Ricky then starts to flip through the massive wad.
Aww dude, your killing me with all
of these fives and singles. It's
all here right?
I know, I'm sorry. It's all I
have, but it is all there i
I hope so.
The DJ looks anxious to leave.
Listen I gotta get back up there
and take care of business. Thank
you so much man. Tell Chris to
call me when he gets back from
The DJ opens the door.
Ya, I'll do just that. Later.
Later bro.
The DJ exits the car. When he exits, Ricky sees Tom
standing out in front of the car. Tom walks onver to the
car and gets inside.