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Tough Love
by Lee Kindler (lfk881@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: 1/2
An action comedy short about a couple who may or may not be right for eachother.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



REGI 22 is at the stove cooking eggs, she is still in her
pajamas. PAM 20 walks in wearing boxers and an over-sized
Morning sleepy head.
Whatever! It's only 9 am.
Most people are already up and
have started their day.
Only because they have to. If they
had the option they'd sleep in.
Good point.
Pam sits at the table.
My eggs ready yet?
In just a moment, I waited for you
to get up.
Aw, so sweet of you. Still lookin
out for me after all these years.
      (eyes Pam)
Somebody has to. If I was being a
truly great older sister that
asshole wouldn't get within a
hundred yards of you.
Is Lee really that bad?


Regi flops the eggs onto a plate and sets it in front of
Pam. Regi sits down.
C'mon Reg! Let me invite him over
sometime, give you two a chance to
get to know eachother.
And why would I want to do that?!
Why are you so convinced he's a
bad guy?
Regi grabs Pam's arm.
I don't know....it's just a
feeling I get. He gives off a
major creep vibe.
Pam takes a bite of egg.
What if you're wrong?
I hope I am wrong. Look, I'm just
looking out for you.
Pam finishes her eggs and gives Regi a pat on the shoulder.
I know you are Reg. But, you have
enough to worry about. I should
not be at the top of your list.
You've taught me well I can take
care of myself.
Regi hesitates for a second then smiles. Pam wipes her face
off with a paper towel.


I gotta go get ready.
Pam kisses Regi on the cheek then gets up and heads out of
the kitchen.
LEE 21 sits on his couch in his small but well furnished
apartment. He's wearing jeans and a blue, long sleeve
button-up shirt over a white t-shirt. He's watching an old
kung-fu movie on TV.
                       LEE (vo)
This must take place in a region
full of pussies. That little chick
wouldn't stand a chance if she was
up against real men.
There's a knock at the door. Lee gets up and answers.
Hey, babe.
Pam is standing in the doorway looking great in short jean
shorts and a blue tank-top.
You look great! I want to bang you
right hear!
      (eyes him)
Uhh, thakns. Can I come in?
Pam walks through the door. Lee shuts the door then gestures
for her to sit on the couch.
She sits down then he sits next to her.
      (eyes the TV)
Cool another kung-fu flick! I love
the ones with female leads.


They can be fun to watch even if
they are completely unbelievable.
      (glances quickly
       at Lee)
What, you don't think a girl can
actually do that?
Hell no! But at least they find
hot chicks to star in them.
Pam glares at Lee but he's oblivious.
So where were we? Oh, yeah.
Lee grabs Pam's ass with one hand and wraps his other hand
around her back and draws her close. He starts making out
with her, she hesitates but kisses him back and smiles. He
runs his hands over her body and kisses her neck.
                       PAM (vo)
Shit! He's really on fire
today!.........We can talk later.
                                         30 MINUTES LATER
The make-out session is still in full force. Lee now has one
hand on Pam's ass and one hand up her shirt.
Um, Lee...not to be a buzz-kill
but we need to talk.
      (Keeps kissing her)
We talk all the time babe.
Well yeah about how much you dig
me, my body or about what movie
we're gonna watch but this is
really important.
You always say it's REALLY
important but it never is.


I'm serious, this is important.
Dude, c'm-
Pam shoves him back against the arm of the couch making a
loud thud. Lee is shocked.
I.Need.To.Talk.TO YOU!
Lee is irritated and throws his hands up.
Dammit! Alright, lets talk.
Pam smiles and crosses her legs.
That's more like it.
The kung-fu flick is still playing on TV. The heroine is
preparing for her final battle.
So what's this about?
Well I was talking to Reg this
Regina...MY sister.
Oh yeah, that bitch.
Pam scowls at Lee for a second.
Anyway, we were talking over
breakfast and I got to thinkin,
you guys haven't really had a
chance to get to know each other
so why not all do something


Lee grins from ear to ear.
Hey, hey, threesome!
Ugh! Please tell me you're joking.
Uh, ye.....what?
Dear God!
Babe, it's a joke. I WAS kidding.
Lee feels up her boob.
I promise you that you are the
only member of your family that
I'll fuck.
Pam catches Lee in the jaw with a left hook. He sprawls over
the arm of the couch. Pam gets up and storms towards the
Oh, God! Reg was right, she was
Dazed Lee groans and shakes his head. He drags himself over
the arm of the couch and heads out the door.
Lee chases after Pam.
Get back here! I ain't through
with you, bitch!
Lee catches up with Pam. He grabs her shoulder and turns her
around. Pam knees Lee in the balls.
Fuck you!
Pam turns around and heads for the stairs as Lee drops to
his knees.


Lee forces himself to his feet and heads for the stairs.
Pam bounds down the stairs and heads straight for her car. A
short time later Lee jogs down trying to catch up with her.
Pam is about twenty paces from her car, she starts fishing
for her keys. Pam pulls her keys out of her purse, this is
when Lee catches up to her and kicks the keys out of her
hand. The keys go flying.
      (Grabs her hand)
Fuck! You asshole!
We're not finnished here!
Yes the hell we are!
It's over when I say it's over you
fucking tramp!
Have it your way.
Pam kicks Lee in the balls. He drops to the pavement.
Pam heads for the edge of the parking lot to look for her
keys in the grass. Lee runs up behind her and tackles her.
I'm gonna tear you up!
Pam grabs Lee by the hair and drags him off. She throws him
into a parked car.
Aw, what's the matter, don't enjoy
getting your ass handed to you?
The fight starts.


JOHNY 8 is walking out the door of his apartment.
Mom, I'm headed for the
He walks off before he gets a response. He turns the corner
and sees ANNE also 8 standing there smiling. She's stairing
off across the parking lot.
What are you doing?
Watching a fight.
      (wide eyed)
Johny runs up beside her to watch.
Lee is continuing to not fare well. He's getting tossed,
punched and kicked all over the parking lot. Anne loves it.
      (grinning ear to
She's really letting him have it.
She got lucky, he'll turn it
Anne laughs as Lee gets kicked in the balls and thrown into
a another car.
Oh come on! You have to be a real
wussy loser to get beat up by a
Anne snaps a look at Johny then nails him with a left cross
to the face. Johny toples uncounciously to the ground. Anne
goes back to enjoying the fight.
The fight continues.


Are you atleast going to make me
break a sweat?
Lee lets out a gutteral roar and charges again. He lands a
haymaker to Pam's face. This pisses her off.
She punches him several times in the stomach, hits him in
the face then nails him with a right hook to the face that
knocks him out.
Pam hears holloring and faint applause. She looks over to
see Anne chearing her on. Pam also sees Johny out cold on
the sidewalk. Pam waves at Anne who waves back.
It's nice to have fans.
Pam retrives her keys, gets in her car and drives off
leaving Lee laying in the parking lot.
Pam parks her car then gets out and heads towards the
building. She's wearing jean shorts and a yellow t-shirt.
Pam looks over and sees Anne over in the field. Johny is
with her sporting a massive shiner.
Gonna be handing out anymore
We'll see.
Johny shoves Anne. she responds with a back-fist that drops
him instantly. Pam clamps a hand over her mouth both shocked
and slightly amused.


That girl doesn't fuck around, I
like her.
Pam heads up the stairs.
There's a knock on the door. Lee, wearing his usual jeans
and long-sleeved buttoned shirt, drags himself off the
Who is it?
He gets a knock in response.
Lee opens the door and sees Pam. She looks him over,
admiring her handy-work.
Oh, feeling brave, huh? Already
back for round two?
Not really what I had in mind but
if your game....
I'm feeling generous today so I'll
let you off the hook for now.
Yeah, keep telling yourself that.
Pam walks into the apartment.
Did I say you could come in?
      (faces Lee)
Funny, you're usually trying to
get me in here as fast as


Look the other day was a heated
moment. We said and did some
things we're not proud of. Well, I
did something I'm proud of.
You had me convinced you were a
great guy. Reg kept telling me you
weren't but I didn't believe it.
Then you pulled that shit the
other day.
Wait, Regi knows about this?
Yeah, she quiet enjoyed it.
She steps up closer to him.
Well I didn't enjoy it. I honestly
thought we would make a great duo.
No, we can be a great duo. Give me
another chance, please.
Why should I?
C'mon babe, don't make me say it.
Say what?
You are the most awesome chick
I've ever had my ass kicked by.


Uh...huh....Thanks, Lee.....I
Lee steps forward to hug her but she turns away.
Look, baby, we can make this work.
Come on, one more chance.
You've got it.
Lee cheers.
But you have to promise me you
never act like that again.
I won't.
Good, you know what's happen if
you do?
Pam spins around with a huge roundhouse punch to Lee's jaw.
He flies across the room and crashes into the wall and
slumps in the corner.
Pam walks over to Lee and bends over so that she is right in
his face.
Have I made myself clear? Good.
Pam leaves.


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From SRINIVASAN R Date 5/25/2010 1/2
Is Lee a coward? Though PAM depicted in lead role, it is hard to belive Lee is inert to respond PAM's provoking activities.

From Richard Date 4/18/2010 1/2
Pam's dialogue is really awful. Her over the top confidence is not enjoyable at all because it is so ridiculous and manipulative. What's so lame is that your female empowerment message is not even close to believable.

From Joe S Date 4/11/2010 *
Domestic violence rarely makes the basis of a good screenplay.

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