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by Curtis James Coffey (de_cafe6914@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ****
A young boy named Joey is terrorized by a sentient being known by kids as the Slender Man, who may be responsible for countless missing and murdered children. Determined to save his younger brother, but unable to believe him, Sean digs deeper into the myth of the Slender Man and discovers the horrifying truth, and a town's dark secret. Inspired by the internet phenomenon.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


In a small, Mid-Western American town, a little boy, JOEY,
wanders through a creepy, empty park.

It is eerily silent. No breeze. No birds. No crickets.

It is a bleak, overcast day, and a light fog begins to roll
in, limiting visibility that much more, adding to the
unsettling atmosphere.

None the less, Joey makes his way into the park, walking
past a bulletin board.

The bulletin board is coverd with countless "MISSING" and
"HAVE YOU SEEN ME?" posters of little children.
The only response he gets is the rattle of a swing.

Joey looks over towards the swing set and watches as the fog
covers it.
Christie? Anybody?
The metal merry-go-round slowly begins to turn on its own,
creaking and grinding as it does. Still, there is no breeze.

By now, the fog has covered the entire park, and Joey
struggles to see the various structures through the thick,
drab curtain of mist.
Come out, guys. This isn't funny!
Joey continues walking through the playground, spinning
around, trying to find someone. Anyone. He's getting scared.

The playground has suddenly become very hostile, as if at
any moment something is going to explode out of the fog and
swallow him whole.

Suddenly, a low, child-like giggle breaks the silence and
something catches his eye.

Enshrouded by fog, standing by the monkey bars, is a
silhouette of THE SLENDER MAN.


The Slender Man is unnaturally tall and skinny, with long,
gangly limbs, complimenting his equally long torso. His face
is unclear. He's wearing a black suit, as if he belonged to
the Men in Black, but there is definitely something far more
sinister about him.

Joey's eyes widen. Complete dread overtakes him.

Joey has seen this man before and he knows he's in trouble.
Joey turns around and takes off running.

Breathing hard, crying, Joey runs out of the park.
Soon the park is far behind him and Joey finds himself
running through the woods.

The dead, black trees fly past him as he runs. Much like the
park, these woods are lifeless. Dead. Hollow.

Joey stops running and frantically looks around.

A light fog has made its way down into the woods as well
Christie! Help me! Please!
The trees groan in response and then that same, child-like
giggle follows.

Joey is practically sobbing now, the terror so absolute that
it's all he can do to stop from curling into a ball on the

Joey looks to the right -

And sees the figure Slender Man no more than thirty feet
away from him in the trees.

Joey stands there, frozen on the spot, and watches as the
Slender Man stretches his limbs and torso even further, to
completely inhuman lengths.

The Slender Man outstretches his arms, beckoning to Joey.


Joey lets out a scream and darkness overtakes him.
Joey bolts up in bed, screaming bloody murder. A dream.

The bedroom door bursts open and CHRISTIE, his older sister,
rushes over to him.
Joey, what's wrong? I'm here. I'm
here. What happened?
Joey embraces her, squeezing tight as if he'll never let her
go. He's covered in sweat, his eyes wide with terror.
It was just a dream, hun. Only a
dream. Relax. Breathe.
No. It's not. He's coming. He's
coming to take me. Please don't
let him take me. Please.
Who? Who's coming to take you?
The Slender Man.
Christie lovingly strokes Joey's head, trying to calm him
It was just a dream. Nobody is
going to take you. It's not real.
Joey starts to cry, and Christie looks up to the sky,
closing her eyes, praying for the strength to get through
all of this. This clearly has happened before.
It's morning and Joey makes his way into the kitchen, where
Christie is pouring Joey a bowl of cereal.

Joey looks positively exhausted. He obviously didn't go back
to sleep the night before.


Christie hands Joey the bowl of cereal and he just sits
there looking at it.

Christie watches him for a moment and then sits down across
from him.
Couldn't go back to sleep, huh?
Joey shakes his head, still shook up from last night.
Maybe you should stay home from
school today and try to rest.
Joey's eyes widen.
Joey, I don't think it's a good
idea for you to go to school like
But you have work today.
I don't want to be alone...
Joey looks down at the table, avoiding eye contact.
The boys at school were talking
about him again, weren't they?
Don't lie to me, Joey.
What if they were?
You need to stop listening to
them, Joey. They're just trying to
scare you. In the meantime, I'm
going to have a talk with your


                       CHRISTIE (cont'd)
teacher about them, okay?
Great. Then they'll make fun of me
even more.
Christie stands up and goes over to Joey.
Then your big sister will have to
kick their butts, huh?
Christie starts tickling Joey and he giggles.
All right, come on. Finish getting
ready for school. Don't forget
we're picking up your big brother
from the bus stop today.
Oh, yeah! I forgot!
Joey runs out of the kitchen to get his things and Christie
buries her face into her hands, breathing deeply.
Hurry up!
Joey and Christie enter his classroom and are greeted by the
teacher, MRS. CRAVEN.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Good morning, Joey. How are you,
Mrs. Craven extends her hand and Christie shakes it.
I'm tired. We had a rough night
again last night.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Yes. Could I speak to you out in
the hall for a moment?


                       MRS. CRAVEN
Of course. Take your seat, Joey.
Joey makes his way through the classroom and sits between
two other boys, DAVID and TODD.

Christie and Mrs. Craven step outside.

David and Todd look Joey up and down.
What's wrong with you?
David looks at Todd and then back at Joey.
You saw him last night, didn't
Joey shakes his head.
Yes you did. Don't lie. Where was
he? Your back yard?
Just shut up, okay?
Mrs. Craven and Christie are out in the hallway, various
CHILDREN pass by.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
So, what's the problem?
Joey's been having nightmares a
lot lately, and they seem to be
getting worse. It's getting to the
point where he can't sleep for
more than a couple hours at a time
without waking up screaming.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Oh, the poor child. Nightmares
about your parents' death?


But why now? I mean, wouldn't that
have started before now?
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Sometimes the trauma doesn't sink
in for children until months, even
years down the road. That's when
you see the shift in their
behavior. They barely eat. They're
plagued with dreams. There's all
kinds of symptoms. I mean, I'm no
expert, but I've seen my fair
share of it.
How's he been doing in class?
                       MRS. CRAVEN
He's very irritable. Doesn't
really focus anymore. Half the
time he seems to be in a daze. I'm
actually glad you came by, as I've
been meaning to recommend a friend
of mine that I think you should
take him to see.
What kind of friend?
                       MRS. CRAVEN
A child psychologist. I know what
you're going to say, but he's
marvelous, and quite wonderful
with children.
Christie bites her lip, thinking.
And you think it'll help?
Mrs. Craven nods her head.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Without a doubt.
Back inside the classroom, Todd and David continue to pester


Come on, just tell us. We already
know you saw him.
Yeah. Don't be such a chicken all
the time.
Fine. I dreamed about him again.
David and Joey's eyes widen and they look at each other,
then back at Joey.
You know what that means, don't
A look of confusion crosses Joey's face.
It means you're next. He's coming
for you.
Nuh-uh. It was just a bad dream.
He's not real. My sister says so.
Don't believe everything your
sister tells you.
It's been nice knowing you,
David and Todd start laughing.
Shut up. You guys are just a bunch
of liars!
Mrs. Craven finishes writing down some information on a
sheet of paper and hands it to Christie.


                       MRS. CRAVEN
There you go. Just give him a call
and he'll set up an appointment
right away.
Great. Thanks. Listen, there's one
more thing I've been meaning to
ask you.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
What's that?
Have you heard any of the other
kids telling stories about some
sort of Skinny Man, or Slender Man
or something?
This catches Mrs. Craven's attention.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Hold on just a second, would you?
Mrs. Craven opens the door and steps inside the classroom.
In the classroom, David and Todd have gotten the other
children to point and chant at Joey.
Slender Man's gonna take you!
Slender Man's gonna take you!
Slender Man's gonna take you!
Joey sits there, covering his ears, face down on his desk.

Anger flashes over Mrs. Craven's face.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Enough! That's enough of that!
Take out your books and start
reading! If I hear another peep
out of any of you, no recess and
I'm calling your parents!
The children all stop chanting and face forward. The
classroom is completely silent.


Mrs. Craven takes some papers off of her desk and walks back
out to the hall.
Mrs. Craven hands the papers to Christie.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
The Slender Man.
Christie looks through the papers. They're all paintings and
drawings done by the students and all of them contain the
Slender Man in one form or another. Several of them have
been done by Joey.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
A rather nasty little ghost story
started by David and Todd. I've
reprimanded them several times
about it.
The more Christie flips through the papers, the more
horrified she becomes and she hands them back to Mrs.
That's all Joey keeps dreaming
about. He's completely terrified
of this thing.
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Irrational fears caused by the
death of his parents, as I said.
Call Doctor Abbot. Trust me, after
a few sessions with him, Joey will
be right as rain.
All right. Listen, could you do me
one last favor?
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Can you keep an ear out for this
Slender Man talk, and if you hear
it, put an end to it immediately?
                       MRS. CRAVEN
Of course. Anything I can do to
help out, just let me know. I want
you to know, I think it's


                       MRS. CRAVEN (cont'd)
wonderful what you're doing for
your brother. It's a lot of
responsibility at such a young
age, and you're doing splendid.
But remember, you can't do
everything all at once.
Christie nods her head and Mrs. Craven winks before heading
back inside the classroom, shutting the door behind her.
Christie makes her way inside the restaurant she works at
and punches in at the time clock.

ERIKA, a fellow waitress and Christie's best friend, walks
past her, carrying a tray of empty plates to the dishwasher.
You're late.
I know, I know. I had to have a
talk with Joey's teacher.
Little booger in trouble again?
No, no. The kids at school have
been giving him a hard time with
some stupid ghost story.
Ooohh. More nightmares?
Christie finishes putting on her apron and looks at Erika.
What do you think?
I think you look like ass.
Erika smiles.

Christie flips her off, returning the smile.
Thanks, bitch.


Erika laughs.
Come on, we're busy today, and
your tables are piling up.
I'm on it.
Christie sets out to the dining room.
The bell rings and school is dismissed.

Countless CHILDREN of various ages flock out of the

Joey makes his way towards Christie, who is waiting for him
in the car.

As he approaches, Todd and David walk past him.
The Slender Man's coming.
I hear he eats children, too. They
taste just like chicken to him.
Shut up.
Todd and David keep on walking and Joey gets into the car.
Joey throws his backpack into the backseat and buckles up
without saying a word or even looking at Christie.
Hey! Everything okay?
How was school?


Christie can tell that he's lying, but she doesn't pursue.

She pokes his side, tickling him.
Come on, cheer up. We're going to
pick up Sean!
They drive off.
David and Todd make their way into the park, backpacks on,
heading home. The park is completely empty and quiet.

The two of them look around in amazement.
We have the entire place to
They rush to the jungle gym and climb on top of it, hanging
upside down and the usual child play, completely oblivious
to the graying sky and approaching fog...
Where do you think everyone is?
Who cares? Anyone else comes,
we'll kick them off. We were here
The sun disappears behind clouds and the fog covers the

Todd and David look around.
It got dark fast. Maybe we should
go home.
No way, this place will never be
empty again in a million years!
From somewhere in the park, a child-like giggle.


Who was that?
Whoever it was, they better get
out of here. This is our park!
The swings rattle, creaking the rusty chains.

Todd runs over to the slide and begins to climb up it, when
something catches his eye.

A FIGURE stands next to a large tree, surrounded by fog.
Slender Man?
                       WHISPERED VOICE (O.S.)
Come here.
Who is that? You better get out of
Todd begins walking towards the figure.

David stays put, terrified.
Todd! No!
A large bus pulls up to the stop and its doors open.

Stepping off of the bus, travel sack in hand, clad in BDU's,
is SEAN.

He looks around and smiles when he spots Christie and Joey,
who are waiting for him by their car.

Sean walks over to them, smiling, and he and Christie share
a big hug.

They release each other and Sean scoops up Joey.
There's the little man!


Sean sets down Joey, who, for once, looks happy.

Sean then looks at Christie.
It feels good to be coming home.
I'm sorry it couldn't be sooner.
Late is always better than never.
A squad car pulls up next to them and SHERIFF BOON steps out
of the car, putting on his hat.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Well, well, if it isn't our war
hero, back from the fight in one
Sheriff Boon graciously extends his hand and Sean shakes it.
Good to see you again, Sheriff.
                       SHERIFF BOON
The army kick your ass enough
times to keep you outta trouble,
or what?
Yes, sir. They have a zero
bullshit tolerance.
Sheriff Boon starts laughing.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Boy, you were an ornery little
shit if there ever was one.
Yes, sir. But I'm a completely
different person now. The army
forces you to do a lot of growing
                       SHERIFF BOON
Ain't that the truth.
Sheriff Boon pats Sean on the shoulder.


                       SHERIFF BOON
It's good to have you back, son. I
just wish you had a little bit
more to come home to.
A wave of discomfort washes over the group and nobody seems
sure what to say.
                       SHERIFF BOON
I'm sorry. Your folks were just
good people, is all, and I know
it's hard. They were so proud of
you, Sean. It'd be great if they
could see you standing here today.
Sean swallows hard and nods his head.
Thank you, sir.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Well, I best be off. I heard you
were coming in today and I wanted
to be one of the first to welcome
you home. If you need anything,
give me a holler.
Will do, sir.
We appreciate that, Sheriff.
Sheriff Boon waves, gets back in his car, and drives off.

Christie rubs the top of Joey's head and then looks back at
Sean, smiling.
All right, let's get you home.
The three pile into the car and drive off.
Sean, Christie, and Joey enter the house.
Joey, if you've got homework, I
want you to get right on it. No
videogames until after it's done.


Joey makes his way towards his bedroom.
Yeah, yeah.
Sean looks around the house. It's familiar to him. Cozy. He
is at ease.
I figured you wouldn't want to
share a room with Joey again, so I
made up Mom and Dad's room for
you, if it's not too
No, it'll be fine.
Awesome. Why don't you get settled
in and changed and what not. I'm
sure you want a shower after that
long bus trip.
All right. Once you're all cleaned
up and settled I'll start dinner.
Sean turns and looks at Christie, smiling.
You've really embraced this whole
"mom" thing, haven't you?
Yeah, well, someone had to. Joey's
not going to raise himself.
That's not fair -
Look I'm not trying to shift blame
or make you feel bad, all right? I
was just saying.
Sean nods his head and makes his way through the house,
heading for the bedroom.


Sean enters the bedroom and looks around. The room is filled
with family photos and the various things his parents used
to collect.

Sean makes his way over to the bed, sets his sack down, and
sits, breathing heavily.

Underneath the nightstand is a photo album and Sean picks it
up and begins flicking through it.

It is filled with photos of the family from happier times.
Birthdays. Vacations. Picnics.

Sean smiles, though his eyes fill with tears.

At the end of the album, he comes across two newspaper
articles. The first one detailing a tragic traffic accident,
and the second one an obituary.

Sean swallows hard and a tear rolls down his cheek.

Christie appears in the doorway and knocks.
You sure you're okay to stay in
Sean nods his head, shutting the photo album.
Yeah. Yeah, it's fine. It's just
so weird being here, and,
uh...they're gone, you know?
Christie enters the room and sits down next to her brother.
She rubs his back.
They were so proud of you, Sean.
And I couldn't even be here for
their funeral.
We understood, and I'm sure they
did too.
God, I'm so sorry I haven't been
able to help out more. Did you get
the money I sent?


Every month.
How have you two been holding up?
Well, aside from the mountain of
bills mom and dad left behind and
struggling to get by, we're doing
okay. We're tough. You know.
Sean nods his head, thinking.

Christie stands up.
Come on, enough of this serious
talk for today. You're home. It's
celebration time. Get cleaned up.
Christie leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her.
Christie is in the kitchen, cooking something on the stove.

Joey sits at the kitchen table, wrapping up his homework.

Sean enters the kitchen.
Mmm. Something
Christie looks at Sean, smiling.
Don't be a smart ass.
What? No, for real.
Sean looks over her shoulder at what she's making.
What's on the menu?
You'll just have to be patient and
see, won't you?


Try not to burn it this time, eh?
That was three times!
But who's counting, right?
Sean takes a glass from the cabinet, opens the fridge, and
pours himself a drink.
I can see we need to go grocery
Oh, yeah. I've been meaning to do
I bet.
Sean looks over to his little brother.
What are you working on, sport?
Homework? Oh, no! What subject?
Math, right now.
Blegh. Nothing I can help with.
That's okay, I'm done, anyway.
Joey sets down his pencil and looks at Christie.
Can I go play my game now?
Is your homework all finished?


Christie looks away from the stove and eyes him.
I mean ALL of it.
Go ahead.
Joey gets down from the table.
Wanna play with me, Sean?
Yeah, sure. Just give me a minute.
Joey leaves the kitchen and heads to the living room.
Look at you, the responsible and
strict mom. Who would've thought?
Christie points her spatula at Sean.
Don't start. I will kick your ass.
Sean motions towards the direction of the living room.
Is everything going all right with
him? He seems a little down.
Yeah. I mean, I guess so. He's
just having a hard time with
school and everything.
The kids picking on him?
Christie takes the food off the stove and begins
transferring it to a pan.
Kinda, not really.


Sean raises his eyebrow, confused. He begins sorting through
Joey's homework papers.
Well, I mean, they keep telling
him scary stories and it's been
giving him nightmares. And I mean,
I talked to his teacher today and
she thinks it might also be linked
to trauma from our parents dying
that is just now surfacing.
Christie opens the oven and places the pan in, shutting the
oven door and setting the timer.
But she gave me the name and
number of this psychiatrist, and
she says that it will really help
A shrink?
Ugh. I hate that word.
Would "quack" work better?
Grow up, huh?
Sean stops looking over Joey's homework papers and looks at
Scary stories, huh?
What? Oh, yeah.
Sean nods his head.
They about the Slender Man?
Christie looks at Sean, slightly startled by this.
How do you know that?
Sean holds up one of Joey's homework papers.


He tosses the paper towards her and picks up another one.
And this.
He tosses that one and picks up a third.
Or how about this?
He tosses the final sheet at Christie.

Christie looks over the three homework pages. All over all
of them are questions that Joey has written about the
Slender Man, as well as little doodles and drawings.
                       JOEY (O.S.)
Sean raises his hand to silence Christie and she looks at
him, slightly angry.

Sean simply shakes his head.
I'll talk to him.
                       JOEY (O.S.)
This been happening a lot?
Lately, yeah. It's just this ghost
story the kids have been telling
him. I don't know, I guess they're
getting it from all the stories in
the news about the missing kids.
Missing kids? What missing kids?


The past few months there's been a
couple disappearances around the
area. They've probably seen it on
the news. You know it's ripe for
ghost stories.
Any leads?
I'm not a cop, Sean. Nor do I
follow it too closely. Just is
what it is.
Christie sets down the homework papers and Sean heads to the
living room to join his little brother.

Christie sits down at the kitchen table and buries her face
into her hands, breathing deeply.
Sean sits down next to Joey on the floor and picks up a
All right, my man. What are we
My favorite. Let's do this.
The two of them begin playing a game.
So, how's school going?
Yeah? You got a lot of friends?
Not really.
Well, why not?


I don't know.
The two continue playing for a little bit and then Sean
decides to press further.
Who's the Slender Man, Joey?
Joey freezes and his eyes widen.
I looked at your homework, man.
It's everywhere.
Joey sets down the controller and looks at Sean, growing
more afraid by the minute.
Did you tell Christie?
Relax, bro. She's not mad. I just
want you to tell me about him.
What's this all about?
Joey looks around and then leans in towards Sean, dropping
his voice to a whisper.
We're not supposed to talk about
him. That's how he comes.
Why not?
Joey shrugs his shoulders.
Come on, man. You can tell me. I'm
your big brother. I'll protect
Again, Joey looks around and then stands up.
Follow me.
Sean gets up and follows his brother to his bedroom.


Joey closes the door behind Sean, goes over to his drawer,
and pulls out several pictures of the Slender Man that he's

Sean looks them over.
He's a pretty creepy dude.
He doesn't like being seen. In
fact, most adults can't see him
until they know about him, but
kids can. He loves kids. He likes
the woods and darkness and fog.
Oh, yeah? And what does he do?
Joey sits down on his bed, fighting through the fear,
trembling as he talks.
He stretches himself.
Like Stretch Armstrong?
Joey nods his head.
And he grows tentacles. He walks
on those. And if you watch him
stretch, he controls your mind and
you go to him.
Sean sits down, looking at his terrified brother.
Then what happens?
Joey swallows hard and looks at Sean, once again dropping
his voice to a whisper.
He takes you.
Sean sits there, nodding his head, absorbing the ghost story
his brother has just told him.
That does sound pretty scary. I've
got once more question for you.


Sean suddenly starts tickling Joey and he starts to laugh.
Who fed you that garbage, huh? Who
told you that silly ghost story?
Joey laughs to the point of not being able to breathe and
Sean stops tickling him.
Some boys at school.
Sean looks at him, smiling.
You know that he isn't real,
right? Those boys are just trying
to scare you. Give you nightmares,
you know? They're bullies. And
look, it's working, isn't it?
I guess so.
Come on, forget about this silly
Skinny Guy nonsense.
Slender Man!
Whatever. See? Think about it.
What's scary about a man as skinny
as a twig that can stretch like a
Joey thinks for a minute.
Nothing, I guess.
But he's really scary in my


Of course he is. Your mind can
make anything scary, especially if
you're a little kid. You'll see,
once you grow up, a lot less
things will scare you.
And even if this Tiny Man were
real and came after you, I'd kick
his ass so hard and fast he
wouldn't know what to do with
Joey laughs.
Sean rubs the top of Joey's head and kisses it.
                       CHRISTIE (O.S.)
Sean motions towards Christie's voice.
Come on, we'll try to eat what
ever disgusting food our sister
has made, and we'll go back and do
your homework the right way.
The two get up off the bed and leave the room.

Outside the window, in the distance surrounded by trees, a
FIGURE stands, watching them, surrounded by fog and shadow.
Night has fallen and the house looks relatively creepy in
the shadow, surrounded by thick forest.

A squad car pulls up the driveway and Sheriff Boon gets out,


putting on his hat.

He makes his way to the front door and knocks.

Christie opens the front door, wiping her hands with a dish
Sheriff Boon, hi. What brings you
out here so late?
                       SHERIFF BOON
Official business, I'm afraid.
Mind if I step inside? I won't be
but a few minutes.
Christie moves out of the way to allow him to enter.
Of course. Make yourself at home.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Thank you kindly.
Sheriff Boon enters the house and Christie closes the door.
Sheriff Boon enters the kitchen, where Sean, Joey, and
Christie continue cleaning up after dinner.
                       SHERIFF BOON
I'm sorry. I don't mean to
interrupt you folks during dinner.
No problem, sir.
We're actually just cleaning up
Sheriff Boon takes off his hat and holds it in his hands.
                       SHERIFF BOON
You folks didn't happen to see
Todd or David today at all, did
you? After school let out?
Christie thinks for a moment and then shakes her head.


No. I can't say that I have. Why?
Something happened?
                       SHERIFF BOON
Their parents called me.
Apparently neither of them came
home from school today. I spoke
with Mrs. Craven and she said the
boys left when the bell rang, with
everyone else.
Did you see them -

A glass plate shatters and Christie looks over to Joey, who
is standing there, eyes wide with fear, shaking.
Joey? Joey, what's the matter?
S-S-Slender Man.
Joey takes off running through the house.
Joey runs inside a closet, barricading himself inside.

Sean and Christie rush over to the closet and try to open
the door to no avail.
Joey! Joey open this door, damn
Sean knocks on the door.
Joey? Joey, come on, bud. It's me.
Open up.
                       JOEY (O.S.)
He took them! I won't let him take
me! I won't!
Sheriff Boon walks over to the closet perplexed.


                       SHERIFF BOON
Is he all right? I'm sorry, I
wasn't trying to scare the little
Christie looks at Sheriff Boon, shaking her head.
No, you're fine. It's fine. We've
just been having some trouble with
him lately.
Ghost stories.
Sheriff Boon nods his head and then his cell phone rings. He
answers it.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Boon. Really? Where? What time? Is
he all right? I'll be right over.
Sheriff Boon hangs up the phone and looks at Sean and
                       SHERIFF BOON
They found David in the park a few
minutes ago.
That's great. Is he all right?
                       SHERIFF BOON
He's terrified out of his mind,
but there's not a mark on him.
What about Todd?
                       SHERIFF BOON
Still no sign. I'm sorry to
trouble you this evening. Thank
you for having me in, and have a
good night. Again, I'm sorry I
frightened your little brother.
It's fine.
Have a good night, sir.


Sheriff Boon leaves the house, closing the door behind him.

Christie faces the closet door and knocks again.
                       JOEY (O.S.)
Go away! I'm not coming out! I'm
not ever coming out!
Sean looks at Christie.
So, a psychologist?
Christie nods her head.
Christie walks away from the kitchen and heads to the
Christie flicks on the light and stands in front of the
sink, looking at herself in the mirror. To her right is an
open window, overlooking the wooded yard.

Christie turns on the water and splashes it on her face.

As the water drips off of her face, a child giggles, and
something moves in the yard.

Christie turns to look out the window.

A figure appears to be standing out there, partially
camouflaged by the trees. Slender Man?

Startled, Christie quickly grabs a towel and wipes her face,
again looking out in the yard.

It's empty.

Christie laughs at her own silliness and looks at herself in
the mirror.
Slender Man. Right. Get a grip.
Christie turns on the water again and lowers her face to
splash water on it.

In that split instant, in the mirror, the figure appears to
be standing right outside the bathroom window, covered in



Christie looks back up at the mirror and the window is
Walking through the lifeless woods, rifles in hand, are JEB
and BRANT, two hunters with nothing better to do.

They look around the dead, lifeless trees, hoping to find
something to shoot.
I don't know how I let you talk me
into skipping work for this, Jeb.
Like you had something better to
do at the office? Just relax and
enjoy yourself for once in your
There's not even anything left in
these woods to kill. Quail season
is over.
Well, maybe we would find
something if you'd keep your
goddamn voice down.
Brant scoffs.

The two continue making their way deeper into the woods, the
dead leaves and twigs on the ground snapping and rustling
beneath their feet.
I don't even hear a cricket, man.
Shut it.


As the two continue on, clouds roll over the sun, casting
the woods in shadow.
Ah, shit, it figures.
It's looking like rain.
Why, how very astute of you. You
should be a weather man.

A twig snaps from somewhere in the woods and Jeb holds up
his hand to halt them.
Brant looks around, trying to figure out what Jeb is

A light fog slowly drapes around them, enveloping the dead
trees and creating a unearthly gloom.
Where'd that fog come from?
The low sound of a child giggling comes from somewhere in
the woods.

Jeb and Brant look around, slightly uneasy.
Is someone out there?
All is quiet, until -

CRUNCH! A branch breaks on one of the trees and a LARGE
OBJECT falls from the tree, crashing into Jeb, causing him
to stumble away and cry out.
What the hell?!


Brant stands there, looking at the object, his eyes wide
with fear.

Jeb turns and looks down, his jaw dropping.
Sweet lord in heaven.
Joey sits in Dr. Abbot's office.

His office is pretty typical for someone in his line of
work. It's filled with bookshelves and PhD's. Various
pictures and busts. The fan slowly revolves overhead.

Joey looks all around, not exactly happy to be there.

The door to the office opens and DR. ABBOT steps in, closing
the door behind him.
                       DR. ABBOT
Good morning, Joey. How are you
doing today?
Dr. Abbot extends his hand and Joey shakes it.
                       DR. ABBOT
I'm Dr. Abbot. I'm very excited to
meet you.
Where'd Christie go?
                       DR. ABBOT
Your sister had to go to work.
Your brother is going to pick you
up in an hour, after we have our
little talk. Is that okay with
Joey shrugs.
I guess.
                       DR. ABBOT


Dr. Abbot walks over to his desk and picks up a notepad and
pen. He then sits down across from Joey.
                       DR. ABBOT
I'm sure you're a little bit
nervous, and don't want to be
here. Am I right?
Joey nods his head.
                       DR. ABBOT
I thought so. But let me tell you
something, Joey. You're not in any
kind of trouble. You're not sick.
There's nothing wrong with you.
I'm just going to talk to you.
That's all. Just like friends.
What are we going to talk about?
                       DR. ABBOT
What would you like to talk about?
I don't know.
                       DR. ABBOT
Well, let's start out easy. How's
Sean steps inside the restaurant that his sister works at
and seats himself at a booth.

Christie comes out of the kitchen and spots him. She
approaches him.
What are you doing here? You have
to go get Joey.
Sean looks at his watch.
I've got forty-five minutes. I
figured I'd get some breakfast


You better not be late! What'll
you have?
Sean looks around Christie at Erika, who sees him and
For starters, I'll have her as my
Christie looks over at Erika and the back at Sean, rolling
her eyes, smiling.
You're terrible. Remember she's MY
best friend, and I know all your
dirty little secrets.
Yeah, yeah.
Christie walks away from the table and Erika walks over,
taking out her notepad.
Hey there, handsome.
Hey there yourself.
Welcome home.
Thank you.
What can I get you?
Well, I'll start with a phone
number, and then I'd like to have
a date, and then we'll see where
that takes us.
Erika laughs, shaking her head.
Still a smooth talker, I see. The
army didn't take that away from


No, ma'am.
Erika stands there for a moment, biting her lip.
Tell you what. We'll see what kind
of a tipper you are and maybe
you'll get my number.
Oooh, she's a gold digger!
The restaurant door opens and MIKE, a built, scruffy guy in
law enforcement clothing steps inside, looking over to Sean
and Erika.
Sean Adams, you son of a bitch!
Sean stands up and turns around, facing Mike, who does not
look happy.

Mike storms over to Sean and gets in his face.
You've been in town for a full
day, and you haven't called? What
an asshole!
The two start laughing and hug each other.
Good to see you, man.
Welcome home, dude.
Come on, sit down. Join me for
The two sit down at the booth.
Look at you, all official! You
following your father's footsteps,
Yeah, I know. Who would have
thought, huh? It just sort of


The only time I ever thought you'd
be in the police station is if you
were in custody. Crazy.
So, how you been? What have you
been up to since you got back?
Sean motions to Erika.
Actually, I was in the process of
getting her number.
Oh, I'm sorry, dude. Didn't mean
to block you or anything.
Guys, I'm standing right here.
Mike looks at Erika.
I can see that. What are you
waiting for? Give the man your
I'm thinking about it. Gonna
arrest me if I don't?
Christie leans her head out of the kitchen doors, looking
over at Sean.
Sean, don't forget, you have a
time limit!
Mike's cell phone rings and he answers it.
Yeah? I'm at the diner with Sean.
No. I know. Well, I haven't seem
him since he left. I thought it
would be nice to welcome him home.
Right. Yeah. I'm sorry! Okay.
Where are you? I'm on my way.
Mike hangs up his phone with a heavy sigh.


Your dad?
He still give you a really hard
You could say that. I just don't
know what else he wants from me.
Mike stands up from the booth.
Sorry man, gotta run. I'll swing
by tonight. We'll have some drinks
or something.
Joey is now lying down on the couch and Dr. Abbot has an
entire page of notes on his pad.
                       DR. ABBOT
So, you've felt alone since your
parents passed?
I guess. I mean, Christie takes
care of me and spends time with
me, but she's still just my
sister, you know?
                       DR. ABBOT
Oh, yes. I completely understand.
Joey, I'm going to ask you to tell
me about your dreams.
What about them?
                       DR. ABBOT
The Slender Man visits you,
doesn't he?
Joey gets quiet, not saying a word.


                       DR. ABBOT
I want you to tell me about your
dreams. Tell me about the Slender
I can't.
                       DR. ABBOT
Why not?
He'll come after you, too.
Dr. Abbot leans forward in his chair, interested.
                       DR. ABBOT
Why do you say that?
The more people know...the more
believe...the stronger he is and
the more he comes.
                       DR. ABBOT
But you know.
Joey looks at Dr. Abbot, fear in his eyes.
That's why he's coming for me.
Sheriff Boon stands over a body covered by a coroner's
sheet. A small hand sticks out from under it.

Sheriff Boon looks away from the corpse at Mike.

Mike stands there, looking pale, breathing heavily.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Glad you could join us. Christ.
Who in their right mind could do
this to a kid?
I... I-I don't know.


                       SHERIFF BOON
The hell's the matter with you?
Did you notify his parents yet
like I told you?
Not yet.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Forget it. I'll drive over and
tell them myself.
Any leads? What'd that other
little boy say?
                       SHERIFF BOON
Just some nonsense. You know how
kids are.
Anything worth looking into?
                       SHERIFF BOON
No, nothing. Frightened ramblings.
Terrible thing to go through at
such a young age.
Mike looks down at Todd's body.
Not as terrible as what this kid
went through.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Tell me about it.
Mike swallows hard and bites his thumbnail.

Sheriff Boon whacks Matt across the shoulder.
                       SHERIFF BOON
What the hell's the matter with
you? Snap out of it.
Joey is still lying on the couch, this time with his eyes

Sean is standing next to Dr. Abbot, who is leaned forward in
his chair.


What exactly are you doing?
                       DR. ABBOT
Basically, I'm going to ask him
some questions, the answers to
which are buried in his
subconscious. If he can face his
fear, we might begin to understand
it and learn how to help him. It's
perfectly safe and harmless.
Dr. Abbot concentrates on Joey.
                       DR. ABBOT
Let's begin.
The classroom is empty, dim, and silent.

On the chalkboard is a drawing of the Slender Man and his
name written multiple times beside it.

Joey sits at his desk, staring at it.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
Where are you now, Joey?
My classroom.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
Are you with your friends?
Joey looks around the empty classroom. A book opens up and
the pages begin turning.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
Why not?
I don't have any.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
Why are we in the classroom? Did
something happen here?


Joey stares at the chalkboard. At the drawing of the Slender
The Slender Man is here.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
That's where you learned about
Joey nods his head and stands up, moving closer to the

The window to the classroom suddenly opens and a violent
breeze blows papers and pencils around, startling Joey.

Joey looks out the window and freezes.

Standing outside in the schoolyard, bathed in darkness and a
light fog, is the Slender Man.
He's here.
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
The Slender Man?
Joey bolts out of the classroom.
Joey runs down the hallway, past all the lockers, and as he
does, the locks rattle and slam against the metal locker
                       DR. ABBOT (O.S.)
Joey, you're perfectly safe. I
want you to relax. There's no
Slender Man. You're alone. You're
alone in your mind. You control
it. You're safe, I promise you.
Joey stops running and hears the sound of a child giggling
behind him. He slowly turns around.
You're wrong.
Standing at the opposite end of the hall, staring at him, is
the Slender Man.

The Slender Man begins stretching out his arms so that he
can scrape the lockers with his finger nails. He slowly


begins walking towards Joey, the rest of his body beginning
to stretch.

Joey screams.
                       SEAN (O.S.)
That's enough!
Sean wakes Joey up out of his trance and Dr. Abbot sits
there, perplexed.
                       DR. ABBOT
What are you doing?
I could ask you the same goddamn
question. What the hell are you
trying to prove here?!
                       DR. ABBOT
I'm merely trying to discover the
root of Joey's fear and have him
confront it. It is the only way
he'll ever -
What you're doing is scaring him
half to death. It's pretty obvious
what the root of his fear is. I
thank you for your help and your
time, doctor, but we'll handle it
from here.
Sean leads Joey out of Doctor Abbot's office and Dr. Abbot
motions for him to stop.
                       DR. ABBOT
Sean, please, let me speak to you
a moment. In private.
Sean stares down Dr. Abbot a moment and then looks back at
Wait outside a minute, would you,


Joey steps outside and Sean pulls the door closed.

Dr. Abbot walks back over to his desk, opens a drawer, and
pulls out a bottle of medication.
                       DR. ABBOT
I want your brother to take these,
they should help him with his
stress levels.
The kid is having nightmares and
you want to put him on medication?
                       DR. ABBOT
The nightmares are merely a
manifestation of his underlying
problem. I believe he is suffering
from severe trauma and depression
over your parents death. He's been
suppressing it this whole time and
this is the outcome, compounded by
his friend's disappearance.
Dr. Abbot walks over to Sean and offers him the pills.
                       DR. ABBOT
Please, just for two weeks. If
things don't get better for him,
then by all means, take him off.
There's no addiction and no
reported side effects. I'm simply
trying to help the boy.
Sean takes the pills, nodding his head.
All right. Two weeks.
                       DR. ABBOT
Update me on his progress. I'd
like to follow up, if you don't
No more of this hypno-shit?
                       DR. ABBOT
Although it is a provenly
effective method, as per your
wishes, I will cease.


All right.
Sean turns to leave the office.
                       DR. ABBOT
There's nothing wrong with him per
se. He just needs to realize that
his fears are irrational. A
figment of his young, overactive
What's your theory on these
kidnappings, doc?
                       DR. ABBOT
That's not really my field of
study. If I were you, I'd keep the
subject as far away from your
brother a possible. It will only
worsen his condition.
David sits on his bed, huddled in a ball, in front of a
window with its curtains closed.

He's pale, shaking, and looks as if he hasn't slept since
the event at the park happened. There's true fear on his

From outside his right window comes the sound of a child

David's eyes widen and he slowly turns towards the right
There's no answer from his mother, but the sound of child
giggling begins again, as if answering for her.

David slowly makes his way towards his window, slowly
reaching out to draw the curtains.
It isn't real. It's not real. Not


David closes his eyes, breathes deeply and then yanks open
the curtains.

There's nothing outside his window.

David sighs in relief and closes the curtains again.

He gets back up on his bed and leans against the back
window, closing his eyes.


The window behind him shatters and he screams as arms wrap
around him and pull him outside through the window.
Sean and Christie are in the kitchen having drinks.
You actually let him do that to
I didn't think it would do much
Let me see those pills he gave
Sean takes the pill bottle out of his pocket and hands it to
Christie. She examines it.
What are your thoughts on these?
They've got a pill for every
little thing these days. In my
opinion, it's all bullshit. Not
everything can be cured with a
Christie sets the pill bottle down and takes a drink.
But maybe it'll work. Should we at
least try it?


I'll leave that little decision up
to you.
Of course you will.
What's that supposed to mean?
You weren't around or much of a
help for all the other difficult
decisions I had to make after mom
and dad died.
That's not fair.
Neither was all this
responsibility being thrust upon
me, Sean. I had to be a grown up
at the age you were still out
having fun. And then you were off
with the army.
It's not like I knew that was
going to happen! I mean I -
The phone starts ringing.

Christie looks at Sean.
I don't want to argue about this
shit. It's just hard and I would
like some help making decisions
now that you're home.
Christie gets up and answers the phone.
      (into phone)
Hello? Hey girlie, what's up?
Christie looks over at Sean, raising her eyebrow.
      (into phone)
Yeah, why?


Sean looks at her curiously.
      (into phone)
What exactly do you have in mind
with my brother? I don't know if
that's a good idea.
Sean gets up, grabbing for the phone, and Christie dodges
out of the way, laughing.
Give me the damn phone.
      (into phone)
Uh huh. I'm just teasing. Here he
Christie hands Sean the phone.
Be on your best behavior!
      (into phone)
Hello? Oh, hey! What's up?
Christie shakes her head and walks out of the kitchen,
heading for the living room.
Christie walks into the living room and sits down next to
Joey, who is watching some horror show on TV.

Christie looks at the screen and then at Joey, who is
completely spaced out.
Isn't this a little too intense
for you? Shouldn't we watch
cartoons or something?
Joey just sits there, staring off.

Christie looks at Joey.
Hey. Earth to Joey. Are you there?


Christie snaps her fingers and Joey snaps back to reality.
He looks at her.
I said let's watch some cartoons.
I am watching cartoons.
Joey looks at the TV, sees what's on, and then turns back to
Christie, angry.
Why'd you change the channel?!
I didn't change the channel.
That's what you were watching when
I came in here.
Liar! You're so mean! Just leave
me alone!
Joey gets up and runs to his room, slamming the door.

Sean enters the living room, looking at Christie.
What the hell was that about?
Christie sighs, shaking her head and shrugging her
I'm going out with Erika for the
evening. Call her cell if you need
anything. All right?
Don't forget that she's my best
friend. Treat her right, you hear
Come on now, I'm a changed man.
Sean winks at her and opens the front door.

Mike steps inside the house.


Look at that! Perfect timing! I
didn't even have to knock on the
Mike holds up a case of beer and a DVD.
I thought I'd bring some
Mike appears almost sick, but forces a smile anyway.
Studly over here has already got
some entertainment planned for the
Christie motions to Sean.

Mike looks at Sean, smiling.
Oh, yeah?
Yeah. Actually, I'm just heading
out to meet up with Erika.
Son of a bitch. Got yourself a
date, huh? That was fast. Gonna
sweep her off her feet with a bit
of poetry? Some "Roses are red,
violets are blue, I'll fuck you
with a rake?"
Sean playfully hits Mike on the arm, chuckling.
Get the hell out of here, man.
Well have a good time, dude. Tear
it up.
That's my best friend you're
talking about, Mike.


All right. I'm out. Mike, I'm
sorry, bro. I'll catch you next
Yeah, sure. No problem, man.
Sean heads out of the house.

Mike turns to Christie.
All right, well, I guess I'll run.
I'll catch you soon.
You're welcome to stay a bit. I
don't mind the company.
That's all right. I've got
something I should be working on,
Christie really looks at Mike, a bit of concern on her face.
Everything all right? You're
looking a bit pale.
No, yeah. I'm fine. Just this
case. I'll see you.
Mike leaves.
Joey sits on his bed, scribbling a picture of the Slender
Man devouring a child.

His eyes are wide, his features intense. The fear apparent.

From somewhere outside, a child giggles.

Joey looks around, preparing himself for the worst.

Someone suddenly bangs on his bedroom door.
                       CHRISTIE (O.S.)
Joey, it's just you and me
tonight. Want to watch a movie?


Joey looks back to his drawing and continues working on it.

His bedroom door opens and Christie steps inside, walking
over to him.
I really don't like it when you
ignore me, mister. What are you
working on?
Christie looks at Joey's horrific drawing and sadness washes
over her.
Oh, Joey.
Sometimes I wish he would just
hurry up and come take me so I
wouldn't have to be afraid
Christie sits down on Joey's bed and hugs him, tears
streaming down her face.
You don't have to be afraid, Joey.
Nobody is going to take you. I
won't let them. I promise.
I wish I could believe you.
Come on, stop locking yourself
away in here to draw these ugly
things. Let's watch something fun.
Let's laugh.
I can't anymore. He's coming
Christie pulls Joey off of his bed and begins leading him to
the living room.
Well, he's going to have to wait
until we have some fun. No more
fear, mister. Only laughter.
Christie wipes the tears out of her eyes.


Sean and Erika walk down the street, past countless
apartment buildings and parked cars.

The streets are filled with fog and the street lights give
the area an otherworldly orange glow.
That was an interesting movie.
You hated it.
I didn't say that.
You didn't have to. It wasn't
blood everywhere and shit
exploding the whole time.
Ha. Trust me, that's not exactly
what I'm into. I saw a lot of that
Oh, right. I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to bring anything like that
up. I just forget sometimes that
you've been away doing that this
whole time.
It's all right. The movie was
fine. Different, but fine.
The two continue walking. It's eerily quiet. They look
The streets usually this dead?
It's not that late, is it?
No, there's usually much more
activity on this street. I think
it's the missing kids. It's got
people nervous.
This fog isn't helping things.


Yeah, what's up with that?
You tell me. This is your town.
I'm a stranger now.
I guess so. What's it like being
back home so far? Does it live up
to your memories?
I try not think about those. Most
of my memories of this place
revolve around me being in trouble
for some stupid thing or another.
And now you're back, and
everyone's all grown up.
My sister has turned into quite
the surrogate mother.
Erika takes out her cell phone and looks at it. She smiles.
Speaking of which, she's checking
on us now.
What's she saying?
She wants to know if you're
behaving yourself and treating me
like a lady.
Well, maybe if you actually WERE a
Erika laughs and playfully hits Sean on the arm.


So, my sister won't give me an
honest answer, but I figure since
you're the best friend, you'd know
the truth and could tell me.
Tell you what?
How has she been doing with all
this? Really.
Erika thinks the question over for a moment and almost
hesitates to answer.
She's still grieving. She doesn't
say it, and she doesn't really
show it, but, I don't know, I just
Sometimes I think she just wants
to throw in the towel and walk
away. Your brother is a good kid,
but that's a lot for someone who
used to be so care free. It just
changed overnight, you know? And I
mean, I know it hasn't just
affected her. I know you feel it
and Joey feels it.
Yeah, but I wasn't here for them.
But you're here now. And that's
what counts. If you spend all your
time trying to make up for what
you missed, you'll always be
playing catch up because
everything else is going to keep
passing you by.
Sean thinks about this a minute, nodding his head.
And she hasn't been completely
alone. She's had me. I'm always
there for her when she needs her


                       ERIKA (cont'd)
own time or someone to talk to.
And I'm sure she appreciates it,
whether she says so or not.
It's what besties are for.
Erika stops walking and looks to the apartment building to
her right.
This is me.
Sean looks over her apartment building and then into her
Well, thank you for a night out.
It was fun.
Yeah, I had a good time.
We'll do it again soon?
Erika smiles.
I don't know about that, cowboy.
This was just a welcome home
Sean smiles and Erika winks.

She turns to walk up to her apartment and Sean grabs her
arm, spins her around, and kisses her.

They stop kissing and she looks at him, smiling.
Took you long enough. I didn't
think you were going to have the
balls to do it.
You know, just waiting for the
right moment.


Good choice.
Sean lets go of Erika and she walks up to the building door,
opening it. She looks back at him, smiling.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Erika enters the apartment building and disappears behind
the closed door.

Sean stands there a moment and then something catches his

He slowly turns his head, and down the street, by a lamp
post, shrouded by fog, stands a tall, lanky, slender figure,
watching him...

Sean stares for a moment, a sense of dread slowly
encompassing him, before he shakes it off, laughing.
Jesus Christ man, you're turning
into Joey.
Sean turns his head and runs smack into Sheriff Boon,
startling the both of them.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Christ boy, did you not hear me?
Sorry, sir. I was spacing out for
a second.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Sean looks back down the street at the lamp post. The figure
is gone. He turns back to Sheriff Boon.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Looking for someone?


No, no. I just thought I saw
someone. Just shadows, I suppose.
Sheriff Boon looks around the fog covered street.
                       SHERIFF BOON
This fog is something, isn't it? I
didn't see anything about it on
the weather channel, either. It
came from no where.
Working late tonight, sheriff?
                       SHERIFF BOON
David was taken from his home this
No way!
                       SHERIFF BOON
Way. I'm out watching the streets.
Putting up notices. Making sure
people are locking their doors and
Any ideas as to who's doing it?
                       SHERIFF BOON
None so far, but I always get my
man, son. Keep your eyes and ears
open. You hear anything or see
anything, call me immediately.
Yes, sir. I hope you catch him
                       SHERIFF BOON
It's a sick world we live in where
people can do such things to kids.
Sean nods his head.
                       SHERIFF BOON
I just can't imagine what kind of
things a person would have to go
through for their mind to snap
like that. They must have seen
some horrors.


Sean continues thinking. Maybe about his service with the
army. Maybe about Joey.

Sheriff Boon stares at him, almost as if hinting.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Well, I have work to do, and I'm
not exactly sure it's safe for
civilians to be on the streets.
You take care, son.
Thanks, sheriff. You too.
Sean turns and walks away, and Sheriff Boon watches him a
moment longer before turning around and continuing his

From across the street, much closer now, but still shrouded
by fog, that figure watches.
Sean walks through the dark forest. The dead, empty trees
scrape against his clothing and the shadows play games with
his mind.

From somewhere deep in the forest, a child giggles.

Sean begins jogging towards the sound and quickly the giggle
turns into a blood-curdling scream.

Sean begins running faster.
Joey?! Where are you?!
The scream is suddenly choked out and replaced by a gurgling
last breath.
Hold on! I'm coming!
Sean charges through the dead wood, branches and twigs
snapping and breaking off as he dashes through, trying
desperately to get to Joey before it's too late.

Deeper into the forest he goes, until he comes upon a cave

Sean stops, looking into the cave, slowly approaching it.


A faint glow emits from a light source deep within the cave.

Sean slowly steps forward, and, crouching down, steps inside
the cave.
Sean slowly makes his way through the cave, squinting to see
in the darkness, gripping the wall and taking slow, cautious

He heads towards the dim light, which slowly grows brighter
with each step forward.

The cave has grown silent. The only sounds are his feet on
the damp floor and the occasional drip of water.

Sean finally steps through an opening and finds himself in a
large, circular room in the cave, and he steps back a
moment, disgusted.

The area is lit by candles and stained with blood. Covering
the room are countless body parts of children, organs in
jars, and decomposing bodies. There are various strange
instruments of operation and dissection.
In the center of the room, against the wall, is what appears
to be a table of sorts. On top of the table is the dissected
body of a boy.

Sean slowly makes his way towards the body and turns it to
see the face - David.

Upon turning, his eyes and mouth have been sewn shut.

Sean stumbles backwards, retching.

Quick as lightening, long, slender arms wrap around Sean and
begin pulling him into the darkness. He screams.
Sean jolts himself awake, breathing heavily, drenched with
cold sweat.

He rubs his eyes, calming himself before sitting up.


Sean sits at the edge of the bed and grabs a glass of water
off the nightstand, downing it.
This is ridiculous.
Sean walks out of his bedroom.
Sean looks in Joey's room and sees him huddled in a ball on
the floor, wrapped in a blanket, clutching a baseball bat
and a flashlight.

Sean shakes his head and exits.
Sean enters the living room, clicks on a lamp, and sits in
front of the computer, turning it on.

After it starts up, Sean gets online and searches for
"Slender Man."
All right, you little bastard.
What are you?
Sean clicks on a link and it takes him to a page dedicated
to the Slender Man.

There are all kinds of photographs and articles and
conspiracy theories. Everything you can imagine. Dating back
hundreds of years.

The more Sean scrolls through the website, the more fear
begins to grip him.
My god.No wonder the kids are
afraid of you. Creepy bastard.
Something stirs outside and Sean stands up, heading for the

Outside, among the trees, a figure stands, shrouded by fog,
looking into the house.

Sean races to his bedroom, grabs a handgun, and rushes


Sean runs out into the driveway, handgun raised, looking
around for any sign of the trespasser - He's gone.

Sean spins around a few times in an attempt to see him but
to no avail.
From somewhere in the surrounding trees, a child giggles.
Sean freezes.
Come out. I'm warning you, I'm
armed. You hear me, pervert? You
stay away from my little brother
or I'll blow your head off.
Silence. Sean looks around some more before giving up.

He slowly backs his way towards the house and enters,
closing and bolting the door behind him.
The sun has risen, but it is still overcast and gloomy, as
if a perpetual curse has taken over the town.
Christie enters the kitchen and Sean is sitting at the
kitchen table, waiting for her, some papers in his hand. It
doesn't look like he went back to sleep at all the night

Christie looks at him, concerned.
You feel all right? You look like
We need to talk.
It's going to have to wait until
later. I've got to get Joey to
school and go to work.


Joey's not going to school today.
Is that right? And when did you
make that decision?
Sit down.
Christie eyes him for a moment before giving in and sitting
What? Did you and Erika not work
It's not about that. The date was
Christie sees that Sean has a pile of papers in front if
What's all that?
We'll get to that.
Last night, after taking Erika
home, I saw something down the
street. I swear he was watching
Christie rolls her eyes.
Paranoid much?
Just listen, don't talk. I ran
into Sheriff Boon. David was taken
yesterday from his home.


So, I came home and went to bed,
and I had a dream. I was running
through the forest towards the
sound of a screaming kid. I found
a cave and went inside. Inside the
cave were all these mutilated
bodies of children. Christie,
David was there.
Sean, it was just a dream. You're
just getting yourself all worked
up over this stuff. You're home
now. You're not fighting anymore.
You're safe here.
I don't think so. There's more.
That same person that was watching
me down the road was outside the
house when I woke up from my
nightmare. Whoever took Todd and
David...I think they want to take
Christie looks at Sean, afraid and confused.
What? Are you sure?
I;m positive. I think he's using
this Slender Man thing to his
advantage. I did some research
last night. Pretty creepy stuff.
It definitely throws law
enforcement off when that's all
the kids can tell them.
Sean hands some papers on Slender Man to Christie, who looks
through them.
What are we supposed to do?
Sean sighs, leaning back in his chair, rubbing his face in
his hands.


I don't know. I'm going to go to
Sheriff Boon about it. Maybe check
out that cave. I mean, what else
is there?
What are you, psychic now?
Now isn't the time. It just had to
mean something is all I'm getting
Christie looks through pictures again and then pushes them
I don't know. I don't know what to
think or do. This is crazy.
Yeah. Well, it's going to end.
He's not going to get our little
brother. I promise that.
Joey enters the kitchen, looking at them.
Why didn't you wake me up for
You're not going today, bud.
Joey looks at the pictures on the table and Christie quickly
tries to scoop them up to hide them.

Joey looks at Sean.
Now do you believe me?
I believe you, buddy.
You saw him in your dreams, didn't
Sean nods his head.


He's going to come for you now.
Just like he's coming for me.
Christie hugs Joey.
Nobody is coming for anybody.
Sean gets up and pats Joey on the back.
He's not taking me or you or
anyone ever again. We're ready for
him, and we're going to take care
of him.
You can't stop him.
We'll see. Christie, I want you to
call work and tell them you won't
be in today. Stay here with Joey.
Bring Erika over. I'm going to
head to the station and talk to
the sheriff.
What are you planning?
We're going to sniff this son of a
bitch out, and if that doesn't
work, we're going to bait him to
us. I'm not going to sit around
and wait for him to catch us off
Sean scoops up the papers off the table and heads for the
Lock up tight. Stay away from the
Sean leaves the house and Christie strokes Joey's hair,
fighting the fear that is slowly taking her.


Sean enters the police station, where Sheriff Boon is seated
behind his desk, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

He looks up at Sean.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Morning, Sean. What can I do for
You told me to give you a call if
I knew something about the case.
So, here I am.
Sheriff Boon looks up at Sean, his expression deadly

Mike looks up from his desk, suddenly appearing very
                       SHERIFF BOON
Is that so? Well then, what do you
Well, I don't exactly have
information per se, but I think I
know how to catch the guy.
Mike gets up from his desk and makes his way over to Sean.
Hold on a sec, dad. Let me talk to
                       SHERIFF BOON
If this is a joke, boy, I ain't
Mike pulls Sean away from the sheriff's desk and the two
speak in a hushed manner.
What the hell do you think you're
doing? You know how my dad is.
Listen, man. You know all this
Slender Man stuff has been going
on with Joey and the rest of the


Ghost stories. What's that got to
do with the case?
I know it sounds crazy, but I
think whoever is taking the kids
is using the kids fear of the
story to his advantage. It's how
he's doing it and how he's getting
away with it.
Ok. Great. That still doesn't give
us much to go on.
That's not all, though.
Sean backs away from Mike a bit and looks over to Sheriff
I think the person has been
watching us. Last night I saw
someone tailing me twice. Once
outside Erika's place and then
again outside my house. I will not
let him take my little brother,
                       SHERIFF BOON
Easy, Sean. How can you be sure
you were being followed? I was out
just last night patrolling, as was
Mike. You probably just saw one of
Yeah? Were you outside my house
last night, sheriff? Mike?
Sheriff Boon sighs, shaking his head.
                       SHERIFF BOON
It's been nothing but trouble
since you came back home, boy.
Hold on, are you trying to say
that this is MY fault? I'm trying
to stop what's going on. What the
hell are you doing? Sitting on


                       SEAN (cont'd)
your ass behind a desk!
Sheriff Boon slams his fist down on the desk and stands up,
                       SHERIFF BOON
You watch yourself, boy. Remember
who it is you're talking to. You
were a little trouble making
bastard when you were a kid and it
seems to me you still are. Only
this time you don't have your
parents to hide behind.
Sean moves to get in Sheriff Boon's face but Mike quickly
darts in between them, stopping it.
All right, all right. That's
enough. We're done here.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Real good choice of friends, Mike.
I think I know where I can find
this guy. I'm going there now.
with or without help.
Sheriff Boon waves.
                       SHERIFF BOON
See ya! But you're wasting your
time. I know what I'm doing. Been
doing this for thirty years, and I
always get my man.
Yeah, we know, dad. I'll go with
you, Sean.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Like hell you are.
We can't let him go on his own. On
the off chance he's right, it's
Sheriff Boon thinks a moment, fuming. He stands up.


                       SHERIFF BOON
You're wasting my time, boy. I
don't like it. Let's go.
I got it, dad. You don't have to
                       SHERIFF BOON
      (to Mike)
Stay here and hold my calls.
I want to go do this.
                       SHERIFF BOON
I don't care what you want. I told
you to stay here and hold my
calls, so stay here and hold my
calls. What is it with you? Why
can't you just follow simple
instructions? Are you stupid?
Mike grits his teeth.
No, sir.
Sheriff Boon and Sean walk through the dead trees, looking
all around.
                       SHERIFF BOON
I don't know why they don't just
tear all this down. Nothing grows
out here. It's all dead. Wildfire
waiting to happen.
                       SHERIFF BOON
So tell me, how is it you come
across the notion to check out
You wouldn't believe me if I told


                       SHERIFF BOON
Don't test my patience, son.
You're on thin ice right now
Sean thinks for a moment, trying to choose his words
I saw it in a dream.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Oh, you're psychic, now? They
teach you that in the army?
No. I used to play out here as a
kid. I forgot about until I had
that dream. I just think it's
worth looking into.
                       SHERIFF BOON
That's the best you've got, eh?
I saw the cave. I saw the bodies.
I saw David. He was still alive
when I saw him.
                       SHERIFF BOON
In your dream?
It might not be too late.
The two continue on deeper into the woods until finally,
they come across the very cave that was in Sean's nightmare.
                       SHERIFF BOON
This the one?
Sean nods his head.

Sheriff Boon leans his head inside the cave.
                       SHERIFF BOON
He receives no response and turns back to Sean.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Doesn't sound like anyone's home.


Sheriff Boon takes out his flashlight and clicks it on.
                       SHERIFF BOON
You wait right here. I'll be out
in a minute.
Sheriff Boon enters the cave and is swallowed by the

Sean stays right where he is, looking around, surveying his

All is silent and it is very unsettling.

Sean tenses up, as if waiting for something to jump out from
behind the trees and attack.

Footsteps from inside the cave quickly begin approaching and
Sean turns to face the cave.

Sheriff Boon steps out of the cave, revolver drawn, pointing
it right at Sean.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Hands where I can see them.
Sean quickly puts his hands in the air, unsure of what's
going on.
Sheriff, what the hell are you
                       SHERIFF BOON
You've got some explaining to do,
son. You're under arrest.
Sheriff Boon takes out his handcuffs and slaps them on Sean.
Sheriff, this is bullshit! I
didn't do anything! I came to you!
                       SHERIFF BOON
We'll discuss it back at the
Sheriff, I didn't do anything!
Will you listen to me?!
                       SHERIFF BOON
Keep your mouth shut.


Sheriff Boon hauls Sean away.
Sean and Sheriff Boon step inside an empty police station.

Sheriff Boon looks around, fuming.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Where the hell did that boy go?
Sheriff Boon takes Sean to the holding cells and locks him
                       SHERIFF BOON
I told him to stay put. Mike!
Can't even follow simple
instructions. Mike!
He's obviously not here, sheriff.
Mind uncuffing me?
Christie, Erika, and Joey are huddled on the couch in the
living room, waiting to hear any news.

The phone rings and Christie answers it.
      (into phone)
                       SEAN (O.S.)
Listen, I don't have much time. We
found the bodies.
      (into phone)
Where are you?
                       SEAN (O.S.)
I'm at the station. They're
holding me for questioning. The
sheriff doesn't believe me and
thinks I did it.


      (into phone)
What?! That's crazy! Hold on,
we're coming down.
                       SEAN (O.S.)
No! Stay in the house where it's
safe. Don't leave. Stay locked
tight. I'll be there as soon as
this is all figured out. I've got
to go. See you soon.
Sean and Christie hang up the phone and Erika looks at
Christie, waiting for the info.
They think Sean has been taking
the kids.
You've got to be kidding me.
Christie buries her face into her hands.
This is unreal.
Erika strokes the top of Christie's head.
It'll be fine. The sheriff will
talk to him and see that he
wouldn't do something like that.
Yeah and he's just totally going
to buy that Sean saw them all in a
Erika sighs, hesitating.
You're my best friend, so I won't
lie. That's a hard pill to
swallow. I mean, the more I think
about it, the more it just seems
so -
He's going to take us all.
Christie and Erika looks over to Joey, who is staring off.


Joey, sweetie -
Nobody is going to take you or any
of us.
Joey turns and looks at them.
He's coming. I can feel him.
The phone rings again. Christie answers it.
                       MIKE (O.S.)
No. It's Mike. Listen, I've got
some bad news about Sean.
I know. He just called. What's
going on? This is crazy!
                       MIKE (O.S.)
That's what we're trying to figure
C'mon, Mike. You know he didn't do
                       MIKE (O.S.)
About that...Do you know how it is
Sean was able to come home from
I didn't ask. I just figured he
finished his tour.
                       MIKE (O.S.)
He was discharged after he failed
a psychiatric evaluation,
Christie ponders, knowing the ramifications but not wanting
to believe.
What are you getting at?


                       MIKE (O.S.)
I'm saying that we might have to
prepare for the worst. Anything is
possible right now.
But it's Sean.
                       MIKE (O.S.)
War changes people, Christie. I
don't know. I'll look into it more
and do everything I can but right
now it's not looking good. I've
gotta go.
Mike, wait!
The line goes dead and Christie hangs up the phone.

Erika looks at her, shrugging her shoulders.
More good news, I take it?
Christie buries her face into her hands.
Sean sits on a cot, locked inside a small cell, looking at
Sheriff Boon, who is sitting at his desk, talking on the
How long is this going to take?
Sheriff Boon ignores him and goes about his business.
Come on, man. You know this is
Sheriff Boon hangs up the phone and stands up, making his
way over to the cell.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Is that so?
Sheriff Boon pulls up a chair and sits down in front of
Sean's cell.


                       SHERIFF BOON
I just got off the phone with the
State Police. Seems they found the
cave empty. No bodies. No
evidence. Nothing.
What? How? What happened?
                       SHERIFF BOON
You're the big psychic. The hot
shot private detective! I was
hoping you could tell me.
Sean balls his fists, grits his teeth, and sighs, biting his
                       SHERIFF BOON
No? Nothing? All right, I'll make
it easy on you. Why don't you just
tell me who it is you've got
covering your tracks? It's my boy,
isn't it? I keep telling you, son.
I don't miss a thing.
Nobody is covering me. I haven't
done anything. I'm looking for the
same person you are. I'm telling
you, they're after my brother, and
the longer I'm locked up and the
longer you're wasting time
questioning me, the more time they
have to take my brother. Or
Sheriff Boon leans back in his chair, sighing.
                       SHERIFF BOON
All right. Why don't you run all
this by me again.
Joey steps inside the office.

It's dark. the window is open, the full moon casting silver
beams of light into the office.

Dr. Abbot's chair is turned away from the window. Joey looks
at the back of it.


Dr. Abbot?
The door to the office slams shut behind Joey.

The chair slowly begins to rock back and forth, but does not
turn to reveal its occupant.
I need your help. Can you help me?
The chair stops rocking abruptly and spins around - David
sits there, his eyes and lips sewn shut.

Joey backs up, terrified.

David points to the door, groaning.

The door opens up behind Joey and he falls back.
Joey gets up and turn around to find himself staring at a
bunch of body drawers.

In front of the drawers is a table with a body on it,
covered by a white sheet, some blood spattered on it.

Joey looks frantically around the room for a way out.
Sean! Christie! Help!
                       TODD (O.S.)
Joey freezes and slowly turns to face the body on the table.
                       TODD (O.S.)
Over here.
Joey swallows hard and inches towards the table.

From one of the body drawers, a child giggles.
                       TODD (O.S.)
Help me, Joey. He got me!
As Joey reaches his hand out to grab the sheet - the body
slowly sits up.

Joey stumbles back, screaming.


Slender Man's gonna take you!
Slender Man's gonna take you!
The body drawers all burst open and long, thin arms come
flying out of them.
Christie and Erika hold on tightly to Joey on the living
room couch as he thrashes and screams.
Joey! It's all right!
You're with us! You're safe! It's
me, baby. Christie. I've got you.
Joey stops fighting, now fully awake and looks into
Christie's eyes before bursting into tears and burying his
face into her chest.
Can I do anything? Maybe make you
some hot chocolate?
Joey stops crying and shakes his head.

Christie runs her hands through his hair soothingly.
It was just a dream. That's all.
No it's not. He's getting close. I
know it.
Who's getting closer, sweetie?
Slender Man.
Erika looks at Christie, her eyebrows raised curiously.

Christie shakes her head.
We have to hide. If he can't find
us, he can't take us. Maybe.


Sheriff Boon leans back in his chair, puffing on a cigar,
taking in some information.

Sean sits there, looking at him.
Look, I know you don't believe me,
but I swear on my little brother's
life it's the truth.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Oh, well in that case, I better
just let you go right now!
You've got no evidence to hold me
to the case right now. It's all
circumstantial and I know my
rights. You can't keep me here.
                       SHERIFF BOON
See, that's where you're wrong
already, son. This is my town. I'm
the sheriff. I can do whatever I
want, with no outside
interference. And legally, I can
keep you here over night. Then
there's the whole bit on probable
cause. Don't try to school me on
Sean grips the bars of his cell, becoming visibly
Sheriff, I have to get back to my
family! It's not safe for them!
Sheriff Boon chuckles.
                       SHERIFF BOON
As far as I'm concerned, you're
the only threat to them. And
you're on my watch right now.
Sean calms down, loosening his grip on the bars.
Look, I know I was a pain in the
ass when I was younger. I know you
had to deal with more shit from me
than any person should. But I'm a


                       SEAN (cont'd)
different person. I'm grown up and
I've got to take care of my
family. I didn't do this, sheriff.
I know it's crazy, I do. But can
you honestly look me in the eye
and say I did it?
                       SHERIFF BOON
It just seems like too much of a
coincidence. You arrive in town
and the kids start missing, only
to turn up dead.
Sheriff Boon stands up from his seat.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Just take it easy. I need to make
a few phone calls.
The lights in the station suddenly go out and it is bathed
in darkness.

Sheriff Boon looks around.
                       SHERIFF BOON
Damn. Breaker must have tripped
again. Be back in a minute.
Sheriff Boon begins to walk away, and as he does, a FIGURE
darts out of the darkness and cracks him over the head,
knocking him unconscious.

Sean slowly backs away from the bars of his cell, looking

The figure moves to the cell - it's Mike.
Jesus, Mike. What are you doing?
It's the only way, now.
Mike takes out his keys and begins fumbling with them.
I'm sorry, Sean. I really am. It
wasn't supposed to happen like
this. None of it was supposed to
Sean begins to back away from the cell door.


What are you talking about, man?
I just wanted to show my dad that
he wasn't better than everyone. I
wanted to show him I could be
great, too. For once in his life,
he'd see.
Mike begins crying a bit and he puts the right key into the
cell lock.
I didn't kill the kids, Sean.
You've gotta believe me. I never
wanted all this...
Mike opens the cell door.

From somewhere outside the police station comes the sound of
a child giggling.

Mike turns towards the direction of the noise, terrified.
It's too late. I tried.
Seeing his chance, Sean charges forward and shoulder tackles
Mike before taking off.

Mike stumbles to his feet.
Sean! Wait! You don't understand!
Christie, Erika, and Joey are still huddled in the living
room - Erika clutches a bat in her hands.
Something isn't right. We should
have heard from someone by now.
I've tried calling the station
four times now. I just keep
getting a busy signal.


Sean's not really capable of doing
something like this, right? I
mean, I know he's your brother and
all, so I shouldn't have to ask.
It's just...
It's not Sean. It's the Slender
Christie has finally had it.
Enough with the Slender Man
bullshit, Joey! He's not real!
Never has been! Never will be!
It's just a stupid ghost story.
Joey looks down at the floor, hurt. Erika looks at Christie,
eyes slightly widened.

Christie softens up a bit.
I'm sorry, Joey. I didn't mean to
yell at you. There's just a lot
going on and there's more
dangerous and real things to worry
about right now.
Erika stands up, gripping the bat, listening.
What are you doing?
Quiet. I heard something.
Christie listens a moment.
I don't -
Something stirs outside.

Raising the bat, Erika slowly makes her way towards the
front door.


What are you doing? Stay here!
It's him. He's here.
erika slowly reaches out to the front door, unlocks it, and
is immediately grabbed by - Mike.

She stumbles back, crying out.
Jesus, Mike. What are you doing?!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare
you. Didn't you hear me pull up?
You three are huddled up in here
like it's the zombie apocalypse or
something. Did Sean show up here
No. Why?
Did your dad let him go?
Mike sighs and sits down. Erika does the same.
No. He broke out. i figured he'd
be on his way here. Good thing I
beat him to it.
What do you mean he broke out?
I mean he knocked out my dad and
attacked me to get out of the
No. No, that doesn't make any
sense. Why would he do something
like that?


I started talking about why he was
discharged from the army and how
he knew where the kids were in the
woods and he just...snapped.
Christie begins shaking her head, blinking away tears.
No. He wouldn't do that. You're
Christie, it's me you're talking
to. Mike. Your brother's best
You're lying. Slender Man did it
and you know it.
Mike looks at Joey, his lips trembling, fear in his eyes and
anger in his voice.
What did you say to me?
Joey looks at Christie.
He knows the truth.
You better shut up, little boy.
You don't know what you're talking
Excuse me, you don't get to talk
to my little brother like that. I
appreciate you coming by but I
would like you to leave now.
Afraid I can't do that. Your
brother is now considered a wanted
felon and fugitive. My money says
he's coming here and I'm damn sure
going to be here to take him in.
                       SEAN (O.S.)


Sean comes barreling through the front door and into the
living room.

Everyone stands up. Mike draws his gun.
You hold it right there, Sean.
      (to the girls and
Get away from Mike. He's
Don't listen to him. He's insane.
He'll say anything.
      (to Christie)
Don't listen to him. I'm your
what the hell is going on?!
Sean looks Mike dead in the eyes.
Why are you doing this to me, man?
Mike's arms tremble. he grits his teeth.
I'm sorry. I have no choice.
What are you talking about? What's
going on?
He knows, Sean. He knows it all.
Mike turns his attention to Joey.
Stop saying that!
Seeing his change, Sean lunges forward and disarms Mike in a
quick snap motion, taking hte gun for himself and pointing
it at Mike.


You better start talking.
Okay, okay. You're right. But we
can't stay here. We've got to move
before it's too late for you.
The lights in the house all go out.
He's here.

Something starts banging on the front door.

Everyone looks at it, terrified - Sean points his gun to the

Joey starts heading for the door.
Joey, what are you doing?
He's here for me. I won't be
afraid anymore. I need to protect
you guys.
Sean grabs Joey and lifts him up.

The banging on the front door stops.
You listen to me. We're not losing
another member of this family.
You've always been the hero. It's
my turn.
Sean shakes his head, openly crying.
Not today, little brother. How'd
you get so brave? We're doing this
Sean hugs Joey tight and sets him down.

Mike makes his way to the front door, listening.


I don't hear anything. Now's your
Mike unlocks the door and pulls it open - only to have
several tentacles wrap around him and yank him through the
front door, which slams behind him.
Sean runs to the front door and re-locks it.

BAM! BAM! BAM! More banging on the front door.
Go away!
The banging on the door stops again.

It gets deathly quiet.
Is it gone?

The sliding glass door in the back of the house shatters.
Time to move! Now!
The group all pile outside.
Sean, Christie, Erika, and Joey run to Christie's car.
Where's Mike? Where'd his car go?
They close and lock the doors and Sean opens his hand
towards Christie.
Christie frantically checks her pockets and then panics.


I don't have them!
What do you mean you don't have
them?! It's your car!
This was your plan!
Ah, damn it!
Using his handgun, Sean cracks open the ignition and begins
to hot wire the car.

Erika points towards the house, terror in her eyes.
He's coming! Hurry!
Sena looks up from what he's doing.

Outside, the Slender Man appears in the doorway of the
house, fully extended, tentacles protruding from his back,
flailing. It is a creepy, unsettling sight.

He slowly begins to make his way towards the car, using his
tentacles to help him move.
What the hell?!
Come on, Sean! Focus, goddamn it!
Sean continues to try to start the engine, flicking the
wires together.

Outside, the Slender Man grows ever closer.
I'm going as fast as I can!
Sean continues to spark the wires and the engine continues
to choke.

Outside, the Slender Man is mere feet from the car.

In a quick flash of movement, he extends his arms and


tentacles and they latch onto the car.

With one last flick, the engine comes to life and Sean
immediately slams it into gear and speeds backwards,
spinning the car around.

Just as Sean puts the car into drive, the back window
explodes and several tentacles wrap around Erika.

She thrashes, kicks and screams, but it's no use. She's
ripped out of the back window and pulled towards the Slender
Sean slams on the gas and they speed away.
The car speeds along the road, going as fast as possible.
Inside the car, Christie is sobbing, her face buried into
her hands.

Joey is sitting in the backseat, his eyes wide, trauma
completely setting in for him.

Sean keeps his eyes fixated on the road. He blinks away
Sean, please tell me what's going
on. What the hell was that thing
back there?
I...don't know. I guess it wasn't
an urban legend after all.
It's impossible...there's no way
that could be real.
Believe in something long enough
it starts to become a reality.
And Mike? He was doing it?


I don't know if we'll ever know.
Christie starts to cry.
No matter where we go, he'll find
us. Should have just let him take
me. It's all my fault.
Sean looks back at Joey.
Don't ever say that, Joey. It is
not your fault. There's no way -
Look out!
Sean quickly snaps his attention back to the front.

Mike's police cruiser charges full-speed at their car.

Sean swerves and loses control - tries desperately to regain

Too late. The car slams into a brick wall.
Joey slowly opens his eyes, his head aching from the crash.

He squints, his eyes adjusting to the dim candlelight, and
looks around.

He's lying on a stone slab. Next to him are all sorts of
bizarre surgical instruments.

Sean and Christie are tied up on the ground. Sean slowly
begins to regain consciousness as well.
Joey? Christie?
Sean looks up at Joey.


You all right, bud? Don't worry.
We'll get out of here.
                       MIKE (O.S.)
Not exactly.
Mike enters the cave, shotgun in hand, face wet with tears.
Mike...why are you doing this?
I didn't want it to happen this
way. I tried to let you
escape...you were just too late. I
have no choice.
we've been best friends since we
were kids. How can you do this to
Mike's lip quivers and he wipes tears away.
I just - I can't. He's in control
What is that thing?
Wish I never knew.
Mike turns and starts to walk away.
Mike! Don't you walk away! Help
Try not to scream.
Mike disappears in the darkness. Sean looks back up to Joey,
who's terrified.
We're going to get out of here,
buddy. Don't you worry. You hear
Joey curls into a ball and starts to cry.


      (quietly to
Don't scream. Don't scream. Don't
Joey begins to hum a nursery rhyme.

As he does, the Slender Man steps out of the shadows.

Sean tenses up and tries to move away from him.
Joey, you just shut your eyes.
Shut them tight, buddy.
Joey looks up and sees the Slender Man, who has begun to
stretch out his limbs.

Unable to help himself, he screams.


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From Shawn Smith Date 8/7/2012 ****
The script is freaking scary!!!! I loved every minute of it. But Please, I mean PLEASE................................................................................................................................................. make the ending better. I mean killing off Erika and and your protagonists? Really? Otherwise excellent horror script!!!

From Christopher Date 12/26/2010 ****
Excellent script! I could NOT stop reading. Good characters, storyline and suspense. It genuinely freaked the hell out of me. Loved it!

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