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I Dare You (Work in Progress)
by Ryan Wagenhauser (wrydub@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: ***
This is a work in progress I am just looking for some feed back, so feel free to let me know what you think. A group of friends reconnect at a funeral, when suddenly they are thrust into the past through a simple game of dare. What happens when the things you thought you buried in high school suddenly find there way back into your life?

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Six high school kids run along a railroad track stripping
down to their underwear. They are all dressed in prom
attire. They are laughing and joking, They all reach the
bridge and look at each other, in the background there is
the flashing of police lights and flashlights, you can make
out shadows running toward them. They all laugh and one at a
time they jump into the water below. All except one. Arthur
Quinn is standing on the bridge in his underwear as the two
police officers grab him, the others knowing they have been
caught swim to shore.
The same six high school students sit in a jail cell wrapped
in blankets looking at each other this time there are no
smiles or laughter. Beth the typical preppy straight "A"
student,and her best friend Joey the hot rocker chick are
sitting together. Race, the tough rock star type,and Kevin
the partier are sitting on a bench shooting daggers at,
Quinn the stereotypical jock. Chase the preppy one, sits on
a bench by himself.
My mom and dad are going to be so
mad at me. What are we going to
Beth come on, just calm down
everything is going to be okay, my
dad knows the sheriff.
That's right Artie play the "my
daddy knows everybody" card!
Shut up Dick!! Don't' call me
that! And if I weren't here you
would be heading to juvie, what


                       QUINN (cont'd)
strike is this anyway four, five?
The only reason you're here
Arthur, is because you're with
Beth. I told the group you
shouldn't come along but they told
me to give you a chance so I did
and now look where I am, all
because you couldn't get your shit
together and jump off the bridge
when we all did.
Both of you shut up! Honestly, We
are all freaked out, let's all
just stay calm and wait for our
parent's to show up.
Are you serious? He is the reason
we are here!
I know it is his fault we are in
Quinn looks at Joey with disgust.
But getting into a pissing contest
won't solve anything and you know
Your right let's just wait until
Artie's daddy gets here and things
will be fine.
Quinn rushes for Race and they begin to fight. Chase jumps
between the two of them.


Really! You two are acting like
little girls, You don't even know
each other.
Oh we know each other don't we
Do you want to tell them or should
Quinn looks at Race with panic in his eyes.
You son of a bitch, you promised.
Yeah well so did you, and you
broke that promise. So? You or me?
You know what screw it I'll just
tell them. Artie and I do know
each other in fact we go way back.
Race Don't!
What do you want from me?
Oh I don't know Arthur maybe the
truth! You should tell everyone
how your daddy got you out of a
situation similar to this one.
Race looks at Quinn knowingly, and Quinn suddenly relaxes.
                       RACE (cont)
Yeah this isn't Artie's first time
in jail is it? In fact we spent a
couple of hours here a while back.
Beth looks at Quinn with a look of relief and confusion.


What? Quinn what is he talking
about? You didn't tell me any of
Oh he's good at lying, you of all
people should no this. Just ask
him how he told his daddy and his
high priced lawyers, that he was
stopping to ask me directions and
how I must have dropped that dime
bag in his drivers side window.
Yeah that's right he got away with
trying to buy weed and I spent a
couple months in juvie for intent
to sell. Remember when I was gone
that summer between our freshman
and sophomore year, well now you
know why. I should have told you
to get bent along time ago.
      (poking fun)
I wondered why you stopped
bringing weed to our dares?
Funny, Well, Now you know why I
got so bent out of shape when Beth
started dating captain douche bag.
You can't be serious? You promised
you would stop smoking weed after
the brewery...
Race and Quinn look panicked.


                       BETH (cont)
You know what I mean...that time
when we got weed from Race and...
      (changing the
That doesn't matter, Its obvious
his promise means nothing.
Shut up Race! I had to much to
lose, it was just a couple of
months no big deal...
No big deal...I keep your dirty
little secret and you throw me
under the bus...you're an asshole.
Just like always, only looking out
for number one!
Please, like things would have
been different, you are a dip shit
with or without me.
Whoa backup, the brewery? And what
RACE lunges for QUINN again CHASE steps between them. There
is a voice from outside the bars.
                       MR. STAFFORD
That's enough both of you! You are
all free to go, there will be no
charges and none of this will go
on your records. I'm not sure what
this dare business is but I told
the sheriff it would stop tonight.
Dad, thanks...


                       MR. STAFFORD
Not a word Arthur, I am not sure
why you are hanging out with this
group of misfits but I don't want
to hear it. You and I are going
home, the rest of you should do
the same, you all graduate in a
few weeks,
(looking at the group)
well maybe you'll graduate, and I
am not sure an arrest record will
look good on your McDonald's
Thank you very much Mr. Stafford,
but with all do respect, I am
going to community college.
                       MR. STAFFORD
Whatever just go home to your
trailer park or where ever it is
you live. Lets go Arthur, you can
bring your little girlfriend too
we can drop her off on the way
Yes Sir...Lets go Beth we're out.
Okay, Thank you Mr. Stafford. I
will see you guys later?
Yeah I will call you tomorrow
okay, if I'm not grounded or dead.
Yeah thanks Mr. Stafford for
everything, next time you come to
McDonald's I will make sure you
get fresh hot fries.
The others except QUINN laugh out loud. Mr.Stafford looks
disapprovingly at them and leaves. Quinn follows like a


little puppy. The rest head out as well as they pass the
front desk they pick up their belongings.
                       SHERIFF OLIVIER
Here don't forget this.
The Sheriff hands a small wooden box to CHASE he grabs it
and runs out to catch up with the others.
CHASE runs to catch up to the group. CHASE holds up the
"Dare Box"
No way, they gave it back! I was
for sure that things was in lost
in the evidence room.
I'm going to lay low for a couple
of days before jumping off into
anymore dares I don't really feel
like hanging out in the county
jail. Besides you know Mr.
Stafford and his little dog
Sheriff Olivier will be looking
for any excuse to lock up us
What? You can't be serious! Are
you really going to listen to that
pompous wind bag. We don't need to
lay low we need to not get caught!
That's what I'm talking about!
Kevin and Race "Pound it"
Yeah I have yet to contribute to
this little box, you wouldn't want
to leave me out would you Joey?


No I wouldn't but I also don't
want to have to rely on that
"pompous wind bag" to bail me out
of jail again.
Okay so she has a point there, I
would rather take the BAR exam
right now then deal with him
So that's it? We just quit with
the dares? Just like that? Come on
just one more, Chase come on I
know you want to? I know you want
to add to the fun!
Yeah come on Chase lets do this!
I really want to I do but, she
might be right I head off to Yale
in three weeks, to get started
early, I really don't want a
record heading into law school.
That's bullshit! You can't be
Come on Race, take me home, we can
talk about this tomorrow.
Okay but this isn't over, the dare
box will live on!
RACE stops, the camera zooms in tight on Race's face.
                                         DISOLVE OUT


                                         DISSOLVE IN
The camera dissolves in on an older Race he is sitting with
the group. They are in the living room of Chase Bernhardt,
very somber, reminiscing. Laura, Chase's wife comes
downstairs with a small wooden box. She makes here way over
to the group, hugging and talking to people on the way.
So hows the rock star business
there Dick?
Thanks for asking Artie, the rock
star business is just fine.
Quinn, we are at Chase's funeral
can't you two get along for a
couple of hours?
He's a dick and...
Your right Beth I'm sorry. So
Artie how is the dot.com business?
You're an ass...
Do you remember when Chase stopped
you guys from killing each other
our senior year after Prom?
There is silence as they all think about it. Laura
approaches the group. Hugs and condolences are exchanged.
She hands Quinn the "Dare Box"


Here, Chase wanted you guys to
have this.
I can't believe he still has this
thing, even more I can't believe I
went along with you on that stupid
bridge jump.
Arthur! I can't believe you.
Yeah Artie, If you hadn't gone we
wouldn't have had the chance to
see you get arrested in your
You are still a prick, and if I
remember right I got us out of
that little situation.
No! Your daddy got us out of that
little situation now hand over the
Quinn throws the box at Race. Race fumbles it and it falls
open on the ground. Inside is a digital voice recorder. Joey
picks up the box and the recorder.
Fuck off, Artie.
      (Standing up)
Race, Quinn, enough!
Whatever, Lets go Beth...We're


We're headed to Crossroads in a
bit. We'll see you later?
Yeah, that's sounds like fun...
Don't count on us...
Quinn and Beth start to leave. Joey forcefully hands Race
the box and the recorder. They all sit in silence for a
moment. As Quinn opens the door Race presses play. Beth
grabs Quinn's arm and stops to listen.
                       CHASE (VO)
      (On The Tape)
Hey guys, if you are listening to
this then I am in the ground and
you are all sitting around my
living room. Artie, Dick, if I
know anything I am sure you two
are at each others throats and, Hi
Joey, thanks for playing
peacemaker. Beth I will put in a
good word with the big man for
Sainthood, after all you did marry
Quinn. Kevin, ah who am I kidding
your at Crossroads working your
fingers to the bone, your pops
would be proud. Guys pass this on
to Kevin. While I have you all
here I have a request from the
grave. I never got my chance to
put a dare in the "Box" due to the
bridge incident, so here it is. I
want you to stay the night in the
old brewery. Yes tonight and yes
all of you. Quinn no excuses. You
know what to do, and I know you
won't let me down. Be safe and see
you on the other side.
Quinn and Beth look at each other with panic. They both look
at Race.


Count us out...Honey lets go back
to the hotel.
Yeah come on guys aren't we all a
little old to be staying in old
abandoned buildings.
      (under his breath)
You're old.
Race, I think it was you who
proclaimed "The dare box will live
on" the night we got busted, so
lets put on the man pants, it
could be fun, after all we never
got to do Chase's dare back in
high school so lets do it now, we
can do it in memory of him.
Really? "The man pants?"
I don't know that place gives me
the creeps.
Come on chicken lets have some
fun, I don't know about you but I
could really use some adventure in
my life. Especially after today.
Lets just head to the Crossroads,
Kevin is always good for a dose of
No, we are leaving, lets go Beth.


I can't believe you guys! You are
going to abandon a dead mans
request from the grave?
That's just it he's dead.
Laura, Chase's wife hears the comment as well as other
guest. They all look disapprovingly at Quinn.
You just can't keep your mouth
shut can you? You just say
whatever comes into your head.
Beth goes to Laura and apologizes Race and Joey say their
goodbyes and they all head out.
                                         FADE OUT
There is an argument in progress.
Quinn, why do you have to be so
rude, we were at a funeral and you
were so disrespectful.
Beth come on, I didn't mean it the
way it came out, you know what I
was thinking about?
I know, but really? Her husband
just died, think before you speak.
I hate what you have become


And that is?
      (looking away,
A selfish bastard, you only care
about yourself. You are more
concerned about appearances then
anything else, including your
They were never my friends Beth
they were yours. They were and
still are misfits.
You know what your not a selfish
bastard you're worse then that.
Yeah and what is that Beth?
Your father!
Quinn spins around and slaps Beth. Beth cries in shock and
falls back on to the bed. Instantly Quinn is apologetic.
I'm so sorry Beth! I didn't mean
to I just...
Get out!
Beth I'm sorry...
Quinn, just leave, now.


Quinn leaves shutting the door. Beth falls back in
frustration and relief.
Joey, Race, Kevin and Corey are all sitting at the bar. The
last of Chases message is playing on the recorder.
What the hell over, what are we
waiting for?
Well lets start with, who the hell
are you? And secondly we are not
Come on Race, its Corey, he was
always around...we just never let
him go with us...
She tousles Corey's hair playfully, teasing him.
Besides you know it will be fun.
Well yeah it could be fun, its
just I have a history with that
old place and I really don't want
to revisit it.
Race that was twenty years ago,
what could be so dark and
terrifying, that you can't face it
as an adult. You'll be with a
bunch of friends. Come on lets go.
If you only knew.


Come on everybody's doing it.
Yeah everybodies doing it.
Corey shut up, your not going.
So we're going?
Joey and Kevin "Pound it". Race succumbs to the peer
pressure. with a look of excitement and nervousness.
      (Winking at Joey)
Alright, Joey lets go get a bag
packed and we will meet back here
in half an hour?
Shut the front door! What should I
Your not going, mom would come
back from the grave and kill me.
Come on Kevin let him come with us
besides if we are holding to
tradition we need six.
You're right, but tradition is out
the door thanks to Romeo and
Juliet. However the eye candy
would be nice.
Joey winks at Corey, Corey blushes and looks away. Then she
smiles knowingly at Race.


Alright but if you get hurt so
help me I'll kill ya.
Yeah cause that makes a lot of
sense. So....what do I do?
Go get a backpack, a flashlight,
and a sleeping bag. Be back in
half an hour.
Okay, Race let's get outta here
Yeah...I'm coming.
They all head out in separate directions.
Kevin and Corey are locking up the bar and Race and Joey are
pulling into the parking lot.
Sick! This is going to be
It's nothing really, its just
something we used to do in high
school. We used to get together,
each of us would come up with
something stupid to do, put it in
the box then one of us would pull
one out and away we would go.
Chase never put anything in, so
that's why we are here tonight.
Seriously I wouldn't expect a lot
out of tonight.


Come on man...did anyone ever tell
you, you're a fun sucker!!
Yeah, you. All the time.
Kevin and Corey approach Races car. Race and Joey are
sitting on the hood laughing at them.
Are you two slackers ready yet?
Corey you ready?
Oh Yeah!
Beth approaches the group
Hey, I was hoping you would still
be here. Have you seen Quinn?
      (With Concern)
Whoa! What the hell happened to
your eye? Did Quinn do that?
We had a fight. I'm fine.
I will kill him...
Please stop! He didn't mean it, he
has never done it before, I think
it was the emotion of the day, the
box, and everybody giving him such
a hard time about the dare.
That doesn't make it right...we'll
find him, then we talk about what
he did.


Whoa whoa...we are not going on
some wild prick chase. You talked
me into going to brewery so that's
what we are doing.
Wait. what? You guys are going out
there? I thought we decided
against it, Didn't we Race?
Yeah, well, we did kinda talk him
Oh, okay? Well I guess I will head
back to the hotel and wait for
Alrighty then, lets stop yammering
and get on with it!!
Wait, Corey chill for just a
second. Are you sure you don't
want to hang with us? I mean to
take your mind off of things for
awhile. It could be a good stress
I don't know that place gives me
the creeps.
Come on it will be fun, like high
school again. Come with us.
Race looks at her with a look of concern, then he smiles.
Yeah come on Beth, whats the worse
that could happen? Whatever
happened there twenty years ago is
long gone. Its just a couple of


                       RACE (cont'd)
hours and then it will all be
      (with reserve)
Okay if you think it will be
alright. I could use a little
stress relief after the day I have
had. Someone did bring the beer
I do own a bar. Of course I
brought beer, As well as Mr.
Daniels and Mr. Beam, for those
with a more refined palette.
They all get into Race's SUV and head toward the Brewery
Quinn is sitting on the hood of his over the top rental car
sipping on a beer. Race and the others pull up, Quinn stands
up and heads for the drivers side door, and attempts to
Oh look the the Hardy Boys and
Nancy Drew...
Oh look its Chris Brown...
Shut up you little whore, don't
you start.
He steps toward Joey and pushes past her, almost knocking
her to the ground. Race steps in and pushes Quinn.


What the hell!! You think you can
just toss women around? What has
happened to you? You are a
pathetic ass and I've had enough.
Whoa, That's it rock star, step up
and save your little girlfriend!
Race punches Quinn in the face causing him to fall to the
ground, Race jumps on Quinn and an all out fist fight
ensues. As the two scrape they fall through a boarded up
door into the brewery.
I think we should get out of here,
someone had to of heard that, I
really don't feel like explaining
to the police why a group of
adults are breaking into an
abandoned building.
I wouldn't worry about it most of
the houses around here have been
empty for years. Besides the cops
don't really come out this way it
would probably be the sheriff.
Shut up Kevin I'm serious.
Hey do you hear that?
What? I don't hear anything.


That's what I'm saying, we should
be hearing crashing and well the
overall sound of a fight, but I
don't hear anything.
Dammit, your right, Race?! Quinn?!
Joey rushes into the broken door.
Quinn and Race are still fighting, they have moved into
another room. Race throws Quinn against the wall and holds
him there for a moment. There is a thud in the room next
What the hell was that?
Don't know, don't care...
Quinn takes a swing at Race, Race ducks and pins Quinn to
the wall.
Probably the others, come on man
lets put this shit behind us. I
mean really what are we fighting
over, a twenty year old grudge?
Whatever, I won't pretend that I
like you. For the sake of the
group I will try my damnedest to
be cordial, but I make no
Damn you are truly an asshole, You
know what your not worth it.


Race mimics like he is going to punch Quinn in the gut,
Quinn flinches, Race laughs and walks away leaving Quinn
alone. Quinn sits for a moment in the dark, a pigeon flies
over head scaring him.
Really!! Dammit!
Quinn sits for a moment in the dark. Catching his breathe.
What the hell, Beth is that you?
You just left me.
That's not funny Beth come on.
QUINN goes into the other room there is no one there. He
runs out of the room to find the others.
Beth, Kevin and Cory follow Joey into the building looking
for Race and Quinn. Joey heads off into one room, Kevin and
Cory Head off into another. Beth who is nervous to enter the
brewery finds herself alone.
Hey guys where are you? Guys?
Beth looks around nervously She runs into the building. Once
inside she starts to panic. Suddenly there is a shadow
behind her she spins around to see what it is. There is


Come on guys this isn't funny,
Quinn if that's you I will kill
you, you know I hate this place.
Beth heads off into the room where the shadow was and looks
around. In the corner there is a figure standing, it is a
Joey is that you?
Beth moves toward the shadow.
Come on Joey, it's not funny
Beth moves closer to the shadow, as she does she hears
something behind her, she turns around and standing there is
a young women. This young women is Eve, she is a high school
senior, she is also dead. she has a large piece of re-bar
protruding from her neck, she is very dirty, her hair is
Why did you leave me here?
Beth screams.
Holy! Beth its me. Are you OK?
Yeah I think so you just scarred
me that's all
You look like you saw a ghost.
What? No I'm fine really. This
place creeps the hell out of me
and you jumping out of the
darkness just really scared me


                       BETH (cont'd)
thats all.
OK if you say so. Lets go the
others are just in the other room.
Corey leads Beth into the room, Joey, Race, and Kevin are
there waiting.
Hey, Where's Quinn?
I left him in the other room,
and no I didn't kill him.
Funny Race, is he OK?
Just great we had a nice talk
then we hugged it out. How do you
think he is?
Race, come on be serious.
OK so seriously I asked him to
just chill out, after all it's a
twenty year old grudge.
What did he say?
Well, in so many words? Fuck you.
Quinn steps out of the shadows.
Thats not what I said jackass.


Cripes! You're just going to crawl
out of the shadows?
Yeah, Dick I am.
Tired of listening to them fight, Joey changes the subject.
Beth are you feeling OK, you look
What? Yeah I'm fine.
Are you sure?
No, I mean yeah I'm fine, I just
don't like being here, can we
leave now?
No, come on Beth lets just stay,
we're here now.
No really, please I have a bad
feeling about this, can we just
She's right Beth lets just stay we
only have a couple hours until
Beth looks at Race with a look of disgust.
Fine but I don't want to be alone


Beth, come on you are a grown...
OK! OK! We won't leave you alone.
We won't leave you alone, will we
Yeah, whatever we won't leave you
alone. Can I at least leave for a
minute? I have to take a piss.
Do what you want.
Quinn leaves.
What an asshole.
Race come on not now.
No, its fine he's right, Quinn is
an asshole.
Huh, I have never heard you talk
like that. Are you sure you are
Dammit Joey I said yes, how many
times are you going to ask me
Whoa! Take it easy, I was just
asking, you have had a rough


      (starting to cry)
Joey I am so sorry. it's just
everything, this place, the
funeral, Quinn and I seper...
What? What did you say?
Nothing, I don't want to get into
You know what, you two can have
your heart to heart, lets goes
boys lets take a look around.
No! Please don't!
It's OK Beth we'll be fine we can
talk about whats going on.
Yeah, we won't be long.
OK, please be careful.
Yeah, we will, see ya on the other
Kevin, Race, and Corey head out.


Beth, lets go get our stuff out of
the car.
You know what? I think I am going
to sit right here and wait for
Quinn to get back. I don't want
him to freak out when he gets back
and no one is here.
Really? You just flipped when you
thought the guys were leaving?
Beth looks up, different, she appears to have more
Joey I'll be fine, after all I am
an adult.
What's gotten into you?
Nothing really I'll be fine go get
your stuff, I'll just wait for you
and Quinn.
Alright, I'll be back.
Joey leaves the room.
Quinn wanders around the brewery, venting.
"I don't want to be alone". It was
twenty years ago, you would think
that at some point you would get
over what happened.


Quinn stops and starts to go to the bathroom.
Are you over it?
Beth is that you? Come on this is
stupid why are we even here?
Why are you here?
Because some dead asshole had to
dare the "Saved by the Bell" cast.
Are you stupid!
Aah, Come on Artie.
Quinn feels a breathe on his neck and spins around.
      (Very Angry)
Beth!! Enough!! I hate being
called Artie and you know it!!
Kevin comes in behind Quinn.
I'm sorry "Artie" I won't call you
that again.
Who are you talking to?
What are you serious? You didn't
hear that voice?
What are you seriously acting like
a little bitch right now? Voices,
really? Come on man the others are
just outside.


No, I'm serious! You didn't hear
that girls voice? Damn that beer
must have gone straight to my
Come on Quinn lets just go explore
this place, drink some more beer,
and have some fun.
Are you all this delusional? I am
leaving, I barely knew Chase and I
barely know you, I am not hanging
out here all night...if you need
me I'll be the one passed out in
room 12 of the we charge by the
hour motel, Beth booked us in.
Unbelievable! You know what? You
can take a flying fu...holy shit
Standing behind Quinn in the dark is a young women staring
blankly at Kevin.
God, Really! I thought I heard a
voice give me a break.
Quinn spins around thinking Kevin is making fun of him. When
he turns around he is face to face with Eve.
Holy hell!! Your dead...I buried
Wait, what?
Eve reaches for Quinn. Quinn spins around and pushes past
Kevin. Kevin falls back, tripping on a broken floor board
crashing through to the floor below. Quinn stares down at


This can't be happening.
You stupid bitch, I buried you
twenty years ago...
Quinn realizes he is alone.
Even after twenty years you are
still giving me a headache.
Quinn leaves the room just glance at the hole through which
Kevin fell.
Beth and Joey are on the first floor.
Okay, so tell me what happened?
I told you, nothing, we were
fighting over what he said at
Chase's funeral. We both said
things we regret.
I told him he was acting just like
his father.
Good for you, he is just like his
father. Selfish bastard.
Quinn comes down the stairs.
Alright you two, enough with the
man bashing.
Oh, Quinn I'm sorry.


No Beth I'm sorry. I'm sorry I hit
you, I'm sorry for the things I
said at the funeral. Joey you too,
I'm sorry for the way I have been
Ah, Baby its okay I forgive you.
See Joey, I told you he could be
You both are going to make me
sick, and Quinn I am not buying
this bullshit, so save it...
Joey, come on I thought of all
people you would be willing to
give him a second chance.
Beth he hit you, are you really
going to fall for this casanova
Beth, she's right, I shouldn't
have hit you. Joey I understand
why your upset, you have every
right to be mad.
Okay, since we have that worked
out, where the hell is everyone
      (Covering up)
Uh, I don't know I haven't seen
anybody. I went to take a piss and


                       QUINN (cont'd)
then came right back here. I don't
like any of you so why would I
even think about babysitting?
Oh, there he is, see Beth I told
you he could be an asshole.
You see an asshole can only be
nice for a little while before the
shit starts to fly.
Joey, please he is after all my
husband, I do still love him, even
if he can be a royal asshole.
You know what Beth as far as I am
concerned we're over. I'm leaving,
I'll be at the hotel. When we get
home I will be packing up my shit
and filing for divorce. I'm out.
Quinn starts for the door.
Quinn, come on I thought we talked
about this. I thought we were
going to try counseling?
Beth come one let him go he is
drunk, he will go back to the
hotel, pass out, and in the
morning you can talk it through.
Joey! Shut the hell up!
Oh, Hell yeah, now theres a girl I
could see myself with.


Quinn changes his direction, turning back toward Beth, he
grabs her and pulls her close. Like the drunk uncle at a
family reunion. Beth pushes him away.
Dammit Quinn can you be serious
for two minutes?
Dammit Beth, can you grow a pair
for two minutes?
Arthur seriously just for a minute
can you stop being an ass and just
talk to me.
      (having enough)
Yes, Beth I can, I am seriously
going back to the cockroach motel,
where I will get seriously drunk
and then seriously pass out.
Stafford out!
Quinn heads out of the brewery, Beth follows him leaving
Joey to fend for herself.
Quinn wait...
Wait Beth, don't leave me here
alone, there might be rats or...
Beth turns back and looks at Joey.
You have no idea.
Joey is left wondering what she meant by that. She stands in
the dark for a minute then turns and disappears into the
brewery to find the others.


Quinn is heading to his car, Beth is in close pursuit.
Quinn! Please stop! Please talk to
Beth! I am done talking, I am done
with this place. This place has me
seeing things. For god sake, Beth
I thought I saw Eve, Beth, Eve! I
may be a little buzzed maybe even
borderline drunk, but I am not
drunk enough to be hallucinating,
not even close!
What? You saw her too?
Wait, Too?
No, what I meant was this place
makes me think about that night
and about Eve.
No you said too, as in also, tell
me what happened?
Nothing Quinn, its just this
place, my mind playing tricks on
This scene to be seen through a series of flashbacks, while
Beth tells the story to the group in the present day.
Quinn, Beth, and Eve sit in a room waiting for Race.


Dammit where is he?
Come on Artie he'll be here.
      (in shock)
What you hate being called Artie?
Oh, it's OK Beth I can call him
Really, Quinn? I called you that
once and I thought you were going
to stroke out, or something.
Beth, shut up, she can call me
Artie whats the big deal. Where
the hell is he!
Race comes nonchalantly through the door.
Sorry, I'm late.
Hey, thanks for making us wait
douche bag, do you have the stuff.
Awww, Artie is that anyway to
greet someone, come over here and
give us a hug.
Shut-up do you have the stuff or
Nope, the reason I called you out
here was so we could share life
stories and become BFF's. Come on


                       RACE (cont'd)
Dick! Lets get this over with,
this place gives me the creeps.
Sure thing Artie, but I was really
looking forward to getting to know
Beth and Eve have stepped back, Eve is whispering something
in Beth's ear.
You know, Artie and I are together
Yeah, I know, it won't last long.
Wow. Quinn said you were into him,
I thought he was being stupid. But
you really think you have a chance
with him, I am not sure if you
know this but ummm Beth sweetie
you're a prude.
Shut up just shut up! You're a
whore and every one knows it even
Well, that may be true but I'm
with Quinn and you're not. He only
hangs with you because he feels
bad for you, oh and he told me
that your mommy called his mommy
and she asked that you be


Beth swings around hitting Eve in the shoulder knocking her
to the ground. As she stands up she finds a piece of pipe,
She stands up and takes a swing at Beth and misses, Beth
pushes her away and she trips landing on a pile of junk. Eve
lands and a piece of rebar pierces through her throat.
Oh shit!
They all stand in horror as Eve gasps for air blooding
pouring out of her neck,mouth and nose.
Okay then, well its been fun...
Dude, if I get caught I am
Beth falls to the ground mumbling incoherently.
I know you won't tell anyone,
cause none of us are going to
Is she dead? Did I kill her? Oh
my, she's dead, I didn't mean
Beth! Shut up! I need to think.
You're serious? Quinn whats to
think about? I have to go and you
have to call the cops. It was an
You can't be serious? Do you know
who my dad is? The last thing he
needs is his freshman all state


                       QUINN (cont'd)
quarterback son tied up in the
accidental death of a girl he was
Dude, Eve is dead and all you can
think about is yourself. That's
fucked up...
All this coming from a drug
Whatever man, I'll call the cops
if you won't.
OK, what will it take to keep you
Race? You saw right? It was an
accident? Race I can't go to jail.
Beth it was self defense, you will
be fine, that is if we can
convince Artie, to call the cops.
Beth, please you know what this
will do for our families? We have
to hide this, please think about
your future. Do you really want a
death, accidental or not, on your
Ivy League application?
Quinn she's dead. What are we
going to do just leave her here?
Well yes and no, we bury her some
where, then we she comes up
missing and we are asked about


                       JOEY (cont'd)
We say this, ummmm she caught me
cheating, with you, she was really
upset and she left we haven't seen
her since.
Wow, either this has happened to
you before or you really have no
heart either way you can't be for
Yeah Quinn I don't think I can do
Beth please, think about our
families, about our futures. I
will do whatever it takes.
Quinn, she is a human being she
has a family too, shouldn't we
think about that?
Quinn comes in close whispering in Beth's ear.
Beth, come on, what will it take
for you to go along with this? I
am sure there is something we can
work out, say dinner and a movie?
Quinn what are you doing?
Beth don't, he will get out of
this and leave you just like he
wants to leave Eve's dead body
here in this building. Don't
believe him.


He is a drug dealer and a loser.
Beth I can get you whatever you
want, no matter what people say
money can by you happiness. Come
on lets go to dinner and see where
it goes from there. I promise I
won't leave you.
I don't know.
Beth you can't believe him he is
full of shit.
You know what Quinn, I don't need
this, here, this one is on the
Race hands Quinn a bag of weed and starts to walk away.
I won't tell anyone, if I go to
juvie one more time I am in until
I am eighteen so you can trust me
when I say I won't tell anyone.
Race, promise me you won't say
Yeah whatever just promise me you
won't call me anymore.
Promise me!!
Let him go, he won't tell, you can
trust him.


That may be true but what about
you? Can I trust you to keep this
Beth sits for a minute and weighs her options.
Whatever you want Beth I can get
it for you.
I can't believe I am about to do
Okay but we just can't leave her
here like this we have to bury
That's it, I knew you would come
Beth realizes that she will lose everything if she goes to
the police and sees that she can finally have Quinn if she
goes along with him.
Quinn are you serious about giving
me anything I want?
Umm, yeah I guess.


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From retasha Date 5/2/2012 **1/2
Not bad, it's not good either.

From Jesus Meza III Date 4/21/2010 ***
I only read the first two pages, so I can't really give an official rating on this story. But the opening image (I give it a 3) was clever. A good way to start a story with action and humor (a couple of misfit kids running from the police). The frequent typos in the dialogue during the police station scene distracted me from the story. This can be easily fixed though.

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