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Cry Wolf
by Erin Covington (loyal.erin@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This is a story about a girl who cried wolf. Lying, cheating, stealing and punishing the one's who love her. This story will grow with me and you, as we all see it come to life. I am currently working on Part two as we speak. Please, enjoy and any feedback will help.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Tiffany (9), a little white girl is outside, demanding that
Dizzy (10), a little black girl, push her a faster and
harder on the swing set. Persistence sets in with every
effort. There is a very elaborate but modest house that sits
up on a little hill.

There is a shack that sits at the bottom of the hill, and
one swing set for the foster children to play on.
Harder! C'mon Dezzy, (faster)!
No Tiffany. You know what Mary
told us. You're gonna get me in a
world of trouble.
Stop being a little wuss, Dizzy
Dezzy, you get on my nerves.
You ain't got no nerves, icky,
sticky, Tiffany!

And on top of that you make my ass
sick. Anteater!
Dezzy's, slowly walking towards Tiffany, with her hands on
her hip.
Your momma! That's why she dumped
you off here with us, (ha ha).
This whole time you thought you
were better than me and everyone
else here. But in all reality
you're just like me. A real life

You ain't no better then me and I
don't like you!


Dezzy gives her a dirty look, then precedes to skip towards
the house. Tiffany stays behind, steaming with fury,
clinching her jaw and balling up her fist. She is suddenly
captivated by the shack. The wind behind her is blowing with
significant force, making the leaves swarm around her, like

Her eyes are cold and black, with an demonic appearance. She
slowly walks over towards the shack. Reaching out and slowly
caresses the door handle with her hand. She slides her arm
in over the hedge of the door. Without hesitation she begins
to pound the door up against her arm.



                                         CUT TO:
Dezzy, runs in the house and kicks her shoes off at the
door. Mary, early fifties, with short black and gray hair,
is standing in the kitchen with a white and red apron on.
She places a sheet of cookies in the oven.

Humming her favorite hymnal, "God Bless America"
      (sweetest little
The cookies will be done in a few
moments, dear!
Tiffany zooms past Mary, like a bolt of lighting going up
the stairs.
O.K, Mrs. Mary.
Dezzy slams the door behind her and flops on the bed. She
grabs her headphone, and is bopping her head to the music.
Her jam, "I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY", by Whitney Houston.
comes on, giving her a burst of energy.

She jumps out of bed dancing and twirling around the room.
Her performance ends in front of the window, where she


notices Tiffany holding her arm running towards the house.
Alarmed, she drops the headphones and dashes downstairs.
Tiffany, bolts threw the door, crying and holding her arm.
Mary, confused, runs out the kitchen to her aid.
      (with a look of
"Why, what happend honey?
Tiffany looks straight over at Dezzy, with a look of pure
evil. With out hesitation, she points directly to Dezzy.
She did it!
What? I didn't do anything!
Yes you did! Stop lieing!
Dezzy, drops to the floor, balling up in a fetal position.
You pushed me down. Then left me
there to get home on my own. Why
are you so mean to me, Dezzy?
Tiffany, begins sobbing, as Mary held on to her every word.
Mary starts caressing her and rubbing her shoulder. Mary
calls out to her husband Morris, who was in the back
watching T.V.
Morris! Morris! Come quick.
Morris comes around the corner to see what is going on. He
looks down at Tiffany, then Dezzy, who is still curled up on
the floor.
What in the SAM hell,is going on


I tell you whats going on. I have
had it up to my neck, with these
two girls. Always fusing and

Now look! She broke her arm. We
will not tolerate this kind've
behavior in this house and I WANT
Now wait a minute Mary. This
could've been an accident for all
we know. Ain't no need in taking
it that far.
She's gone!
Mary rushes up the stairs, directly to Dezzy's room. She
pulls out her old wooden suitcase from the closet, throwing
it on the bed.
      (running behind
Please, Mary!
I didn't do it!
You gotta believe me!
Mary dashes to the dresser draw, pulling out all of her
belongings, throwing them in the suitcase. Dezzy is running
behind her, pleading, begging, crying, putting her things
back in the draws.
It's to late. I didn't sign up for
      (grabbing Mary's
Please Mary, one more time. I will
straighten up, I promise!
Mary stands there, as if she has just witnessed a
confession. A black car pulls up outside. A lady dressed in
all black, with a briefcase at her side, emerges from the


My mind is made up. Lets go!
Mary grabs Dezzy's arm. Dezzy breaks away from her grip.
Mary curls her lip, with disgust. She precedes to pull Dezzy
out the room. Dezzy in pure desperation, starts kicking and
Please Mary, I don't want to go. I
will be good. Please don't do this
to me!
Dezzy held on to the door, only to be ripped away and
knocked to the floor. Mary yanks her down by her feet.
Dezzy's death grip with her fingernails, stabbing the
carpet, doesn't hold up for very long, as three of her nails
snap off one by one.

Mary pulls her down the stairs. Midway down, Dezzy manages
to hold on to one of the railings. One jerk, she is set
free. Blinded by the tears in her eyes, she finds it hard to
focus. Tiffany walks down each step deviously and slowly.
The atmosphere is now frozen.

She walks to the door and opens it wide. Vaguely, Dezzy can
see the women standing outside waiting for her. She gains
her composure, realizing she has lost the battle she gives
up and walks out the door.

The women opens the door for her, as she climbs in. She puts
her paw up against the window as one single tear rolls down
her cheek. Dusk, has settled in, as the car rolls out of
sight down the dusty road. Morris turns to Mary, pointing
his finger and shacking his head.
This is not right and you know it!
Mary latches on to his shirt sleeve. He jerks his arm away
and precedes to the house. Tiffany is standing on the porch,
with a selfish grin on her face, for Morris's eyes only.
Fake tears race down her face when Mary turns to go in the
house. Mary runs up to comfort her.
10 years later
Harold(35), is cruising down the highway, in his BMW m6,
convertible, with the top down. He is on top of the world as


her pushed the pedal to the metal. "HIGH WAY TO HELL", by
AC/DC, is blasting on the radio. There is a sign that reads,
"Dallas 1 mile".
"Ain't nothin' I would rather do.
Going down, by the time. oooo oooo
oooo oooo, eh. I'm on the highway
to hell. On a highway to hell".
Taping his thumbs up against the steering wheel and banging
his head up and down.
Harold pulls in his driveway. He pushes the garage button,
to let the garage up. In the garage, red pumps, long legs,
and a short black skirt, prevails itself in the process.
My baby, Janet.

Look at them long legs, I know
them legs anywhere.

"Bow chicka wa wa!
As the garage, continues to move up, Harold is still
excited, until
Tiffany! OMG! Are you serious?
What in the hell do you have on
Tiffany now nineteen, struts her stuff, walking down the
driveway, dropping her dark shades down below her eyes. Her
hands is on her hip, and her top leaves a little to the

She leans over, making sure her breast is bulging out of her
top, sucking on a lollipop.
      (pulling the
Hey pops! It's a little


pulling her skirt down
Tight! In the garage and I have to
get to class a little early today.
So how about given me a minute so
Pulling her shades down.
Pull out?
Harold, totally repulsed by what she is wearing, restrains
his self from showing his emotions, begins to tap his thumbs
on the steering wheel. Embarrassed to even give her a
I mean, I don't have a problem
with letting you out, but does
your mother know what you have on?
First of all, she's not my mother.
She's my FOSTER PARENT. Second of
all, if it doesn't concern, her
little precious daughter Megan,
she could give DAMN, about it. So,
can I please get out through?
She turns and walks away, walking towards her white
      (reaching his head
       out the window)
That's not true, your mother,

foster mother, loves you to death.
And if you loved her, just a
little, maybe you could show it,
by showing her a little
appreciation, around here!
Tiffany waves her hands in the air. Harold contemplating,
for a moment, finally gives in to her. He pulls the car out
of the driveway. Tiffany dashing out the garage on to the
main street.


2 days later
Megan and her boyfriend Chris, is on the couch making out.
Tiffany, is standing at the door, watching, with her arms
Whats going on in here, and why
wasn't I invited?
Megan and Chris jump up. Chris, pulling up his pants,
Meagan, pulling up her shirt.
For heaven sakes Tiffany, can we
get a little knock or something.
I'm trying tooooo you know!
Pointing her five fingers, up and down towards Chris.
You're wanted. By your mother that
is. She wants to see you in the
kitchen, nasty girl.
Tiffany, walks out the pool house.
What a freak!
      (turning to her
Anyway, keep it standing up, until
I get back, baby.

Megan, turns and walks out the door. A few seconds later
Tiffany, walks in.
      (un saluting)
Man down!
Chris curls up on the couch, covering up. Tiffany is
standing there puffing on a cigarette.


We'll, can I help you?
As a matter of fact you can.
Tiffany, seductively walks over to him, dumping her
cigarette, in a soda can. She sits down, beside Chris,
brushing his hair, off his forehead.
What is a sexy man, like yourself,
doing with a lame ass little girl,
like my sister?
One second of silence

Two seconds of silence

Three seconds of silence
Do you really want me to answer
Umm humm
      (bit ting his lip)
Oh, O.K! I see whats going on
here. Well, I tell you what. If
you answer my question, I will
give you a answer yours.

He puts his hand out to shake.
What is a skank, ass bitch, like
yourself, doing, "TOUCHING MY
HAIR"? Don't you know it takes ten
bucks at Karen's to get a cut like
this, and how much do you cost?
Tiffany, gives him a dirty look, and walk to the door.
You're lost. Not mine!


Megan, has made it back.
I thought she left?
      (rolling his eyes)
Yea! Like along time ago.
Nothing baby. Just watch out for
her, I don't trust her.
Who, Tiffany? She's just a whole
lot of talk, that's all. Please
don't take anything she says
serious, she's been threw a lot,
you know? Besides, she's still my
big sister.
I know baby,I just don't want you
hurt, that's all.
Hurt who me? Please man. Why the
only thing that can hurt me
Rubbing her hand down the front of his pants.
      (talking in baby
is this itty, bitty, magnificent
soilder right here.
Hey, babe.
Yea, hun.
Is it really a, itty bitty?


Megan, starts laughing.
Megan is still asleep. The sun is beaming threw the
curtains, and sounds of the lawn being mowed wakes her up.
She walks in the living room. There is a white bird cage,
hanging up, with the door wide open. Sounds from the kitchen
gets her attention.
Sunday Morning
Hey mom! Did Molly get out of her
cage again?
I don't know baby, I haven't seen
her. You know she's a little
escape artist.
Both women look up, only to notice the kitchen window wide
open. Megan, bolts out the door.
Oh my God. Please don't tell me
she flew away!
Molly is no where in sight. Megan, is now frantic, looking
all over the yard.
Molly, come here girl. Where are
One single dot of blood catches Megan's eye, then another.
She follows the trail, all the way to the mailbox. Afraid to
open it, she looks back at her mother who is standing on the
      (mutt erring)
Standing there confused, her mother nudges her head. Megan
pulls the lid down, slowly. Molly is dead, with every ounce


of her blood flowing out the box.

OMG! Molly!
Megan, looks back at her mother, with Molly in her hands.
She falls to her knees, (crying). Tiffany is standing in the
window, watching. Megan, observes the curtain, closing. She
gets up and bolts in the house, gathering the remains of
Tiffany, is pulling a cup of juice in her glass. She empties
the container and puts it back in the refrigerator. Megan is
standing behind her.
What happened to my bird?
I don't know what happened to your
stupid bird.
Tiffany, put the drink up to her mouth. Megan, grabs the cup
and slams it on the counter.
What is your problem?
What is my problem? I just found
my freakin' bird in the mailbox,
and you're asking me what my
problem is? Are you serious?
Tiffany turns to walk away.
You, will not leave!
Tiffany, stops.
You are gonna tell me, what
happened to my bird, or
Tiffany turning around to comfort her.


      (clinching her jaw)
Or what?
The girls are staring each other down. Face to face, eye to
eye. You can cut the tension with a knife.
I didn't think so.
Tiffany, continues on out the door. Megan, picks up her
glass and chucks it across the room, hitting the wall barely
missing Tiffany. Tiffany, is unfazed and continues out the
room. Laughing to herself, with a wicked smile of defeat on
her face.
1 week later
Megan, is on the couch, covered up, still in her pajamas.
Her nose and cheeks are red and her eyes puffy. She has a
cup of coffee, sitting on the table. Her mother walks in and
sits beside her.
She did it mom. She killed Molly.
I really, don't think she did,
honey. That girl doesn't have a
bad bone in her body.
Yea, that's what she wants you to
think. Chris, told me to watch out
for her, but I didn't.
Chris! I don't like that boy, and
I don't want you seeing him
anymore. He has been nothing but
trouble, since the day I met him.
How do you know he didn't do it.
He would never, mom! You didn't
see her in the window that day.
She was just standing there, with
no emotion, what so ever. Molly
has been in this family, since the
day she got her, and she didn't
even shed one tear. You don't even


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
like her, but even you cried.
Don't you find that kind of
That girl has been threw a lot of
things in her life. Sometimes
people like her, find it hard to
get in touch with their feelings.
Maybe, she's all cried out.
Or, crazy!
Look, baby! You have been threw a
great ordeal. It's time you get up
off the couch, and get something
done. Molly was a happy animal,
and I know she wouldn't want to
see you this way, kiddo. I'm going
to work, when I get home, I want
to see you up and about...O.K?
O.K, mom, I will try.
Janet, gets up and walks out the front door. Moments later
Tiffany walks out, not saying a word, the girls eyeball each
other. Tiffany walks in front of her, picks up her coffee
and take a drink. Grabbing her purse she heads out the door.

Tiffany stopping at the door.
By the way, you look beautiful
today. Keep up the good
She gives Megan a wink and a wicked smile.
Megan, pulls out the cup of coffee, in the sink. She is
watching Tiffany out the kitchen window, as she gets in her
car. Taping her thumbs on the counter top.


The rave music, is blasting inside the club. You can feel
the beat, a block away. Tiffany, is inside dancing and
swaying to the music. A man, straddles her from behind,
slipping a ecstasy pill in her mouth, chasing it with a shot
of patron.
Megan, is walking in a building. A man dressed in all black,
with black lipstick, a spiked dog collar, and lip and eye
piercing, punctures her with a needle. Dazed, she continues
on, when a dominatrix with a wipe, pokes another needle in
her arm.

She finds herself in a room, laying in a bed covered with
needles stuck all over her body. She jumps up out of her
sleep, realizing it was just a dream. Terrified, she sit up
still for a moment, with her legs balled up in her arms.

She gets up an walks upstairs, rubbing her eyes. Walking
past Tiffany's room, intuition sets in. She decides to enter
the room.
Lets see what this bitch has to
Tiffany goes to the bed flipping it up, but being careful
not to disfigure anything. A big chest, sitting in front of
her bed, catches her eye. There's papers scattered every
where. Megan, searches threw the paper, coming across a
wooden box.

She opens the box, there is a picture with a women, a man,
and a black and white child. The little black girls face, is
blotched out with scratches. The back of the the picture,
reads," Momma, Mary Evans".
Tiffany, and a drunken male friend, is staggering to the
pool house. They start singing and dancing, and the male is
flicking his tongue ring around her ear. She pushes the boy
in the pool house.
If you keep your mouth shut, I
might let you use it, when I get


                       DRUNKEN MALE
Hurry up, Im starving!
She shut the door behind her. Walking towards the house, she
notices her bedroom light on. She rushes to the the house.
Megan, is still on the couch, fast asleep. Tiffany, watching
to see if she witnesses any movement, walks up the stairs.

Her bedroom light is still on. Looking around the room,
suspiciously, she grabs a bag, from her closet. Flopping
down the stairs, one bye one, she stands behind Megan.

One second

Two seconds

Three seconds

Megan, is frighten, clinching the covers and holding her
breath. Tiffany, suddenly, turns and walks away.
Did you miss me?
                       DRUNKEN MALE
Oh yea, baby. What took you so
long? My mouth was getting dry.
The drunken male, bits his lips. Tiffany, digs in her bag,
pulling out a black and red bostia. Taking off her shirt,
then her pants. Slipping on the bostia. She goes back in the
bag, pulling out some spiked metal nails, putting them on
one by one.
                       DRUNKEN MALE
Oh, we gonna have some fun
tonight. Huh, baby?
The man sits down in a chair. Pulling Tiffany towards him as
she straddles him on the chair. They start kissing, heavily.
He takes his tongue, stroking it against her neck and ear.
She pulls off his shirt, forcing her tongue down his throat.

Bit ting his lip, hard enough to draw blood.
                       DRUNKEN MALE
Not, so rough baby.
I thought you liked it rough.


Tiffany, raps her lips around his, sucking off the blood. He
picks her up, slinging her against the wall, with her legs
rapped around him. She's massages his head with the spiked
nails. Bouncing down, she pushes him down on the couch,
straddling him again. She take one of the nails, digging it
in his skin, behind his ear, drawing more blood
                       DRUNKEN MALE
      (pushing her down)
What the fuck. You fuckin' bitch.
I'm getting the hell out of here,
with your crazy ass.
The man gets up, grabbing his shirt, putting it on.
i guess you're gonna tell
everybody now, huh?
                       DRUNKEN MALE
You damn right, I'm gonna tell
everybody, what a freak you are.
Please don't do that.
She lures him back with an ecstasy pill. Captivated, by it,
he makes his way back to her.
I'm sorry, I want do it again. I
promise. Her you can have the last
bean, baby.
                       DRUNKEN MALE
Look bitch, you better lose the
fuckin' nails
Taking them off one by one, dumping them on the floor.
What nails?
8:00am in the morning.
Chris, is at home, banging out, to some heavy metal music.
He is bouncing around, and stroking the strings of his
guitar. He sways from side to side for a moment, then picks
up the phone, dialing out.


Megan is asleep, she rolls over when she hears the phone
Chris has stumbled to the bed, laying on his side with one
arm raised in the air, rolling a joint. He takes his tongue
out and licks it across.
                       MEGAN (V.O)
                       CHRIS (V.O)
Hey baby, whatcha' got cookin'?
Well, let see. I'm gonna fry
(YOUR) ass, for callin' me this
Chris, rolls out of bed and sparks up his joint.
Whoa, calm down girl. It's your
boo callin' here. Anyway, get
dressed, cause today is a good
day. I got a raise, B A B Y!
                       MEGAN (V.O)
A raise?
Yup! An what's a girls favorite
What's a girl favorite word?
      (being sarcastic)
Is there an echo in this
mutherfuckin' room or something?


                       CHRIS (cont'd)
Or am I high?
      (echoing threw the
You're high..You're high.. You're
Both start laughing.
A women could never refuse
shopping. Are you kiddin' me. Give
me 30mins, to get dressed.
Megen, can hear crackling of the floor, coming from outside
her room.
                       MEGAN (V.O)
See you in thrity, baby.
She hangs up the phone, focusing her attention to the door.
She gets up and walks out in the hall. Inhaling, she glances
to the right, then the left. No one is there. Exhaling, she
walks in her room, shutting her door behind her.
Tiffany, is standing around the corner with her arms
crossed. As Megan door, closes she walks away.
Janet, enters the room with a nice two piece maroon suit on,
dripped in accessories. Her purse is sitting on the kitchen
table. She begins to search threw the purse. A normal purse
search, turns into panic. Shortly after, Tiffany enters the
Hum, that's strange. I know I put
two, one hundred dollar bills in
my purse last night! You haven't
seen it lying around the house,
have you?


No mom. I have like a hundred
bucks, do you need it?
Janet, stops in her tracks, totally oblivious to her current
      (grabbing her
No baby, I don't want your money.
Oh Megan, you called me mom! You
have'nt done that in years.
We'll I just thought, it was about
time I start showing you some
respect around here. Besides,
you're the best mom anyone could
ever ask for, and I feel lucky to
have you.
Janet tears up, embracing Tiffany. Tiffany's face turns into
Mom, I don't want to steal our
joy, or anything, but I'm worried
about Megan.
I know, me too baby. We'll, I
think the lost of Molly has her a
little upset.
No! It's more then that. I hate to
say it, but I think she's back
into drugs again.
No way trust me, I know her on
drugs. She promised me that those
days are long gone.
O.K, maybe you're right mom. I
just want you to be aware, that's
all. You know, notice the signs
before it smacks you dead in the


Anyway, where is she?
She left with Chris earlier today.
Tiffany, grabs a few grapes and a banana out the fruit bowl,
an strolls out the kitchen.
Janet, has been pacing back and forth waiting for Megan.
Analyzing the situation, worry begins to set in. She starts
on the couch, from the couch to the kitchen, from the
kitchen to the porch, from the porch back to the couch,
until she finally dozes off.
Chris and Meagan pulls up in his 69 Toyota, Plymouth. The
music is blasting and they are definitely wasted. Chris is
loudly singing sweet melody's in her ear.
Shh! I have to slept in the house.
I don't want my mom to see me
drunk. She would have a conniption
fit. Anyway, thanks babe for
showin' me a good time today. I
really needed it
Megan climbs out the car, grabbing her bags.
That's ok, I will get it tomorrow.
      (looking down in
       the car)
Get what?
Some vigina!
She lunges back in the car, putting her hands around his
Do I look like a prositute?


O.K! O.K! I'm sorry baby, I was
just playing, girl!
Bye baby.
Bye trick.
Megan, slams the door and kicking it as he pulls off.
Clearly making to much noise, she put her hand over her
mouth, being careful to be quiet. She walks in the house,
noticing her mother sleeping on the couch.

She tries to stroll across, without being seen or noticed.
Where have you been?
She huffs and puffs, then turns around.
Chris, took me out OK. If I
remember correctly, you are the
one who told me to get up and get
out the house for a while.
Yes, I do remember telling you to
get out, but that was before I
came up 200 bucks short today. An
being that you are coming home
drunk in the middle of the night
has me thrown off a little. Do you
mind telling me what's going on?
What are you talking about? Are
you implying that I stole money
from you, mom?
It's not like you haven't done it
to me before.
      (tearing up)
That's not fair mommy! You know I
haven't done anything like in


                       MEGAN (cont'd)
years! What is getting into you?
Megan looks around in confusion.
It's here isn't? She's getting
into YOUR HEAD mom, don't you see
I don't see anything! All I see is
you acting crazy! I thought I
asked you to stay away from Chris?
Then the bird mysteriously dies
and you go straight to her body!
NO! NO! Don't you dare bring Molly
into this. Why, u don't think that
I had something to do with her
getting killed, do you?
I don't know anymore! I can never
tell with you! It's always
You bitch!

Janet drops her to the floor with such great force, the
ground shook. Megen is on the floor, stroking her jaw, with
blood dripping out of her mouth.
I hate you!
Megan gets up off the floor. She dashes up the stairs, only
to be greeted by Tiffany. Tiffany is motionless, totally
aware of the damage she has caused. She turns and walks
Megan has locked herself in her room. She pulls out a
suitcase from under the bed. Observing her current situation
and feeling frustrated, she start stuffing her belongings in


the suitcase.

Pulling out a little old wooden box from behind her dresser,
she pulls out the picture, she retrieved from Tiffany's
room, shoving it in her back pocket.
One hour later
Megan is being very careful not to be seen or heard, as she
creeps past her mother, who has fallen asleep on the couch.
She grabs her mothers keys from off the mantel. Quietly and
quickly, she heads out the door.
Janet is still in her bathrobe, sipping on a cup of coffee
at the kitchen table. Tiffany is fully dressed with her
books in her hand.
Good morning, mom.
Morning. Hey you haven't seen
Megan have you? I think she left
in my car this morning, without
telling me.
Tiffany joins Janet at the table.
I warned her about here attitude.
Why, disobeying you about seeing
Chris, after you asked her not
too. Who knows, if she's on drugs
again, or not! Then Molly
mysteriously gets stabbed to
death, in our own home! I don't
know, mom. You might want to
consider putting her back in the
nutty house for a little while.
Not only for her, but maybe we all
can use a little peace of mind
around here.
Tiffany starts caressing Janet's hand, rubbing her hands all
over her face. Slipping Janet's hand down her lip. Janet can
feel the wetness of it all.


      (sweetest little
I'm all you need, mommy. I can
help you through this. It's only a
suggestion, and it want kill her.
Maybe she can use the help. We'll,
I'm going to class, because I care
about my future. Maybe, we can get
Megan on that path as well.
She stands up and gives Janet a peak on the cheek. Grabbing
an apple as she walks out the door. Janet is sitting there
stunned, dazed and motionless about the whole situation.

Harold walks in shortly after, noticing a problem.
Good morning baby. What's wrong?
You appear to be off your rocker,
a little bit. Are you still here
on planet earth with us?
I'll tell you what's wrong. Our
kids, are going fuckin' crazy
around here.
For the first time she give Harold eye contact. He can
definitely see the worry in her eyes. Harold takes a deep
breath and joins his wife at the table.
So what are we going to do?


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