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by Jacob John Reeves (reeves.jacob@ymail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review: ***
If you found five million dollars on the side of the street, would you take it? Eight people, a movie store clerk, a skitzoprhinic stripper, a paino player, a taxi cab driver, a Christian Mafia Lord, Two cops and a contract killer known as the toothfairy. One of these characters finds a large amount of cash belonging to the mafia lord, sparking a manhunt. This entire story takes place in one day. One day to reflect the true essence of life and the way the worlds run. And as it runs, death follows close behind.... (This story is genre breaking. But I had to pick on Genre)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Through Space, we hear a voice. As it speaks, we ride
through space as if on a rollercoaster. We pass through
stars and Atmospheric gases, etc.
Subtitles as: The Voice Speaks.
I want you to Imagine. Close your
eyes and Imagine. Imagine all your
dreams and hopes, imagine all your
triumphes and failures. Imagine
what you've been dreaming for your
entire life. Imagine what makes
you happy the most and imagine
what brings you joy.
Now, I want you to Imagine.
Imagine your walking home one
evening, and as your walking home
you stumble upon all your dreams,
every last one inside a paper bag.
Imagine the bag contains a sum of
5 million dollars, And imagine no
one around. Would you take it, not
knowing who's watching, who's it
is or what they'll do to get it
back? Would you take it not
knowing the consequences? Would
you go the easy route or the
dignified road? Would you take the
money and pursue everything you've
ever dreamed of or continue home?
Continue down the road, as if
walking away from your dreams, or
walking into them? Would you take
it, or leave?
                       CHAPTER 1
..........THE BREAKDOWN...........
                       "6:45 PM"
ABRUPT-CLOSE-UP on a watch. Its diamond studded outline
sparkles, like stars trapped in gold. The watch reads; 6:45
am. A strange native like tattoo is imprinted above the
watch, the suit covers it partially. This is the BUSINESS
MAN, whom waits at the side of the road patiently. Fog
covers the city.
From far down the road we see a car approaching and at first
it is just a spec. It gets closer and closer, and finally we
realize it's a taxi cab. It stops beside the business man,
and the Hood fills our VIEW.


The business man gets in...
                       BUSINESS MAN
60th An Meanwhile Avenue, and...
keep up the pace, would ya.
      (Pulling out)
Anything you say boss...
KENACK, is a rough looking man in his mid-thrities. His
hair, just above shoulder length, and his skin an Italian
They hit a red LIGHT.
So, ya got business to do or
                       BUSINESS MAN
Wha- yea, real important business.
Ya know, duty calls, even this
Yea, what kind of business you
Through the rear-view mirror we see the business man and
half the face of Kenack.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Kin- the kind I do.
Must pay big, wit' ya carr'in
around a piece of heaven like that
around your wrist.
                       BUSINESS MAN
      (Showcasing the
Ya like it eh? Me too, this
represents all the blood and sweat
I've had to sacrifice. This along
with everything else, but what can
I say, Im a man, I'd own heaven If
I could fit it in my pocket.
Then you wouldn't mind giving it
to me then...
He continues after the both LAUGH. The business man SNICKERS
more than laughs.
                       KENACK (Cont'd)
Someday I'll have a watch like
that. So, you feel like takin' a
cab today' or somethin'?
Combing back his hair.


                       BUSINESS MAN
Huh- what? Come again?
      (Cutting off a
       Truck, yelling
       out the window)
Fuck off!
      (Back to the
       Business Man)
Sorry about that, but I was
sayin'. I been driving this part
of town for years now, cant
remember ever seeing you, just
wonderin' if you felt like taking
a cab? A guy like you's gotta have
a slick ass vehicle.
                       BUSINESS MAN
      (Checking the time)
Mhm, um, yea its in the fucking
shop right now, motherfucker threw
a brick through the goddamn
windshield. Shattered the whole
fucking thing! Do you know how
hard it is to shatter a
windshield?! Near impossible with
one blow, Jesus himself would have
to dropkick that shit, but this
cat was doped up on more crack
than Bobby Brown and hurdled a
brick through it like no problem.
Damn shame.
We move back-n-forth between the two men as they talk.
fucking A, some people just hate,
they cant let people live their
lives in peace with out trying to
take a piece. Fucking snakes.
Want kind a car?
                       BUSINESS MAN
2008 Royal Cruiser (Made-up),
leather seats. Fucking beauty, its
apart of me. You know how many
girls you can fit in that a once?
After Kenack shakes his head: No.
                       BUSINESS MAN
A lot buddy-o-pal, a lot.
Uh, wha-wait, is that the kind
with the Carmacker engine, right?
Rolling down the window a notch.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Uh... yea, thats the one!


Damn, Carmacker Styled Engines are
made from god himself... I've
always wanted to drive one of 'em,
its the dream.
                       BUSINESS MAN
      (Pulling out a cig)
You mind?
After Kenack shakes his head: No...
                       BUSINESS MAN
How did you get into this kind a
business, ya know, being a taxi
driver an all? Why you do it?
Well, my pa... my pa drove a Taxi
Flashback Shot of Young Kenack, sitting in the passenger
seat of his fathers cab.
Its some of the only memories I
have of him. Me sitting in the
passenger seat, watching him
drive. He'd turn his head every
once in a while and smile at me,
I'd smile back. I'd meet a whole
mess of people, and back then
people werent so... evil. But-mhm,
he died. Strange how something
that can seem so meaningless to
somebody, can mean so much to
someone else. Such as a taxi cab.
      (Fixing a picture
       of his family)
Ya know, So-life moves on, and as
you grow older you realize things
you never realized before. Like
how fucked up your parents are, or
how cruel the world can be, but
when your a child... things are
bright. I like that feeling, I
like driving this, my fathers cab,
knowing he's sitting in the
passenger seat this time. It
reminds me when things were
simple. So, um, does that answer
your question?
                       BUSINESS MAN
My father was a drunk, beat me
merciless, the only simple memory
of my childhood was my father
going out to buy more beer. The
only time to myself. Not everyone
had a good childhood.
      (Holding out an
       unlight Cig)


                       BUSINESS MAN (cont'd)
Want one?
Oh, no thanks, I don't smoke.
I look around this town and I see
many things, I notice human
behavior, I understand it, I get
it. I think a lot about why things
are the way they are... you see, I
have a dog. His name is Frank,
best fucking dog ever, period. I
notice, when I make food, he
watches. I can tell he-he wants
some but he doesn't evny me,
unlike a man would. He doesn't get
angry at the fact I got thumbs and
that motherfuckers got little
hooves. Thats when I realize
animals accept the impossible,
while man pursues it. I think
thats what seperates us from the
animals. Its as if their instinct
tells them to except certain
things, and to just live life the
way you were made to live it. Us
humans have become so fucking a
customed to all this bullshit,
that we no longer use our
instincts, not as much as we used
to. We use our mind, our
imagination, our urge to know the
unknowable, to reach the
forbidden. Thats what seperates us
from the animals.
                       BUSINESS MAN
And they lick their asshole, thats
another thing.
I think its good to pursue dreams,
but whats so great about an animal
is how peacful they are. Maybe for
the fact that they settle with
what they got. At a point in a
mans life, you gotta stop and ask
yourself; what am I doing with my
life, why am I here?
                       BUSINESS MAN
Why are you here? What you live
My family. I live and breath and
bleed for them, and only them. My
minds like an upside down puzzle,
they keep it together and make
sure I don't lose any pieces. I've
already lost my mind once.


                       BUSINESS MAN
Everyone loses their mind, its the
finding it part; thats hard.
You got a family?
                       BUSINESS MAN
Uh-- me, n-n-n-n-no-no-no. Im not
the settling type, ya know. Its
hard to stay in one spot for so
long, whether that means with
someone or someplace.
Fast life, huh? You ever been to
                       BUSINESS MAN
Yea, I know of it, read about it
way back in school, but never been
there. Heard its one of the safest
places in the world.
Oh, sure is. You can walk down the
block, not havin' to worry about a
bum or gangbanger trying to rob ya
or kill ya. You can just be
yourself, not worrying. But the
best part is the trees. So many
damn trees, its beautiful, they
tower over you. You know, Oregons
got Trees, valleys, mountains,
deserts, oceans... man, they got
it all down there.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Yea, I wouldn't make it. Once
you've been doing something in a
place for so long, their ain't no
going back. I've become apart of
this place, like a vien. Thats all
we are; this city is as much alive
as you or me or any
Joe-blow-nobody on the street,
we're just sitting along for the
      (tuning the radio)
Some day, me and my family are
gonna move there. Im gonna buy a
house near the beach, no more
taxis, no more buildings... just
peace. Thats what I desire.
Like music?
                       BUSINESS MAN
Li-- yea, I like music.


You like the old stuff? You know,
the real music.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Mhm, sure do.
      (Turning the
       Volume on medium)
Good. I cant handle this new shit
kids play, all this rap and shit.
I mean, I can understand, I know
times change, but I sure a hell
      (Humming along)
Tell me that ain't beautifull.
                       BUSINESS MAN
It's alright.
If I'm rambling, just tell me,
I'll zip it.
                       BUSINESS MAN
I don't mind.
Kenack sips his bottled water at another stop-light. Then
Us humans, need to just settle
with what we got sometimes. We
push ourselves to extreme
measures, to be something that
wont matter in the end. You know
what I say? Someones always Lucky
to someone. Everyones miserable,
your lucky if you can be happy.
Everyone smiles, using it like a
mask, hoping someday that mask
will become real.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Ya know what I learned in my line
a' business?
After Kenacks nods his head: He's interested.
                       BUSINESS MAN (Cont'd)
Lifes all about being in the right
place at the right time, whether
the outcome be bad or good. Good
things happen to bad people and
bad things happen to good people.
I see it happen everday, just
watch the news. Ya grow up being
told to be good and you'll get
paid out in seven fold. The good
guy never wins, only settles.


It goes beyond that, cause when
your gone, what you gonna leave
behind. What legacy? I've done a
lot of bad in my life, and it
ain't get me no where. No where
good at least.
The business man checks the time, his sleeve slips down
enough for Kenack to see the tattoo through the rear-view
Parking at the sidewalk.
Here we are, buddy.
                       BUSINESS MAN
      (Pointing to a
       back alley)
Just drop me off around there, if
you don't mind.
Kenack does as asked, pulling in the narrow alley. The sun
is begginning to come up, the fog rising.
Anything you say boss.
The bill is... 40 Bucks. Plain 'nd
We Hear a CLICK. A click of a revolver handgun. Kenack
                       BUSINESS MAN
Don't make a move, don't make a
sound. Put your hands on the
Wh-what are you doing?
                       BUSINESS MAN
You know what that sound is, so
don't try any bullshit with me
'cause I like you, I don't want to
have to kill you. So just do as I
say, understand? Is that plain and
simple enough for you?
As simple as it'll ever get.
                       BUSINESS MAN
I know you guys gotta load, so
don't try anything.
      (Showing him his
See this, know what this means?


                       BUSINESS MAN
It was a rhetorical question
Muthafucka. It means not to be
fucked with, I've got mister
Matherson behind my back. You know
who Mr.Matherson is?
      (After Kenack
       doesnt' reply)
Okay, you can talk now.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Ya see, he's the mutherfucka no
Muthafucka messes with. He owns
this town and if he wants
something, he gets it.
Your not a business man are ya?
                       BUSINESS MAN
Oh, let me see... Mm, I think its
safe to say no, Im not a fucking
business man. Im the guy who's
pointing a gun at the other guy.
And let me tell you, I am one
crazy cat.
What do you want?
                       BUSINESS MAN
Mmm, let me think. Your money, all
of it.
Its early, I don't have any money.
                       BUSINESS MAN
      (Pointing to a
       picture of his
Look at them and make sure you
look real hard. Do you ever want
to see them again? Do you want to
move to Oregon and start a new
life, or do you want me to put
this bullit in your fucking head
take your wallet, and find your
family? You see, I like you- I
really do, But business is
business, and I will kill you. Now
I know you guys carry at least 300
with you at all times. I want you
to reach real slow over to the
compartment, grab the money and
toss it back to me. Ya hear?
      (Slowly reaching
       for the
I hear ya. I doubt someone as


                       KENACK (cont'd)
powerful as your boss would give
ya orders to rob a taxi driver.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Desperate? Do I look desperate?
You best watch what you speak
before I staple your mouth closed.
      (Spotting his
Kenack? What the fuck kinda name
is dat?
My dad named me. He made it up.
                       BUSINESS MAN
Your dads not as cool as you make
him seem, only a fucking idiot
would name their son Kenack.
Kenack-- Jesus Christ!
We see Kenacks face expressions up-close: Anger, hate. He
somehow holds his emotions in check.
      (Throwing back the
       duffel bag of
Take it.
                       BUSINESS MAN
You know you trust people to much,
in a city like this you cant trust
no one, no one but your gut and
I have one thing to say to you,
                       BUSINESS MAN
Yea, huh? Well...
Royal Cruisers cant hold Carmacker
Styled engines, their to wide.
                       BUSINESS MAN
BANG!! Smoke drifts from a hole in the chest of the Business
man. We PAN from the backseat to the front to see Kenack
holding a gun.
      (Mimicking the
       Business man)
"Im the guy whos pointing the gun
at the other guy." Fucking
nonsense. Who's dead now.


Kenack pulls out his cigs, removing one, lighting it up. His
first drag is slow & deep. The rest are quick and short.
He talks to the crook while puffing his cig religiously.
                       KENACK (cont'd)
By the way, I lied, I do smoke
cigs.... I know you Scum at first
sight, like a sixth sense or
Reaching into the backseat taking his wallet.
                       KENACK (Cont'd)
      (Shoving the cash
       in his pocket)
50 dollars? Seriously? Your a
joke, and it ain't funny either.
We see Kenack remove the watch, strapping it around his.
                       KENACK (Cont'd)
I said I'd have one real soon...
Thanks to you, Mr...
      (Checking the mans
...Mr.Quentin Hitchcock. Your a
true friend.
Taking the Crooks Hand-Cannon 9mm, analyzing it before
hiding it under the seat.
                       KENACK (Cont'd)
      (Opening the door,
       pushing him out)
Well, thanks for the company
Quentin, I like you I really do,
but its time for you to go. I got
business to do, real important
A picture of his family sits on the dashboard, held up in a
crack. Up close we see a his daughter being held close by
his wife. On the picture, words read, "So you wont forget us
while your gone, cant wait to see you." Love -Deborah -Sara
The Scene Freeze Frames on: Kenack: BOLD RED LETTERS POP-UP
reading, KENACK character 1.
We stay put, as the Cab drives away. Kenack tosses out the
man's comb, it jumps around and lands close to our view.
                                         CUT TO: CREDITS
RED credits DISSOLVE as the following Scenes play in the
back. Sound is MUTED. The Song, Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

The Scene Cuts from a local Strip Club, centering on a
specific dancer, Alice. She dances on the pole.



A Jazz Club in Uptown, Centering on an Old Man, Stan. He
plays a Piano on stage.


An abandoned Warehouse. A man, Dubbed the Toothfairy, Saws
the body of a man. A woman screams as she watches, her
wrists handcuffed around a drain pipe.

The Shot Cuts Back between each Location until the Credits
are finished Rolling.
                                         FADE OUT: CREDITS
The woman chained to the steel pipe, yanks and pulls, face
drenched in tears and splattered with blood. Her wrists
bleed freely. The Toothfairy pulls a chair out and sits
towards her, close.
The following Dialogue is spoken, the toothfairy's back to
Shh, don't be afraid. Do you want
me to remove the tape around your
mouth?Then be quite. You make one peep,
and I'll put you to sleep. Im a
man of my word, and my word a
product of me.
We see his hands come into view to remove the tape, slow,
not to harm her.
Pl-pl-please don't hurt me.
From floor level, we look up through the blood covered floor
at the woman. Her feet drenched in blood to the ankle.
                       TOOTHFAIRY (V.O)
      (Doing something
       off screen)
I thought I said not to make a
peep. Not till I say. I wanted you
to know why I did this. You need
to know.
You killed him, James, you killed
JAMES! Put him back together,
He wipes the blood and tears from her face with a cloth.
Im not as bad as you think really,
once you get to know me, Im quite
a nice guy. I may be a monster at
times, but hey, even monsters need


                       TOOTHFAIRY (cont'd)
to eat.
B-B-but why?
Why? Your husband, James, he did a
very stupid thing. His lack of
judgement put both your life and
his in jeapordy. He took
something, which was not his, from
someone who isn't a fan of being
fucked. You two hid very well, but
I am omniscient, you cannot hide.
I had nothing to do with it... I
swear to god.
When you reach the gates of
Heaven, and the Angels greet with
open arms and all your past guilt
and innocence vaporizes, and all
thats left is good. You will thank
me, for I have cured you of a life
of illness and wicked misery. You
will thank me for being your
Free'er, and in your moment of
truth, as you stand at the feet of
those golden gates...
you will give thanks. Then, you
can swear to god.
Again, his hands come into view but this time he slaps on
the piece of tape.
                                         CUT TO: MAIN TITLE
"The New England Hustle"
A film by Jacob John Reeves
                       CHAPTER 2
.........THE INTRODUCTIONS........
                       PART 1
                       "3:00 PM"
Fade-into an old filthy bathroom, which hasn't been cleaned
in ages. Through the cracked mirror, we see the reflection
of Alice, age 21. She is talking to herself in the mirror.
Your beautifull no matter what
people say, your not worthless.
You have meaning, you have a
purpose in life. You will become a
famed artist with paintings bought


                       ALICE (cont'd)
all around the world. You'll quit
your dead end job and your
addiction, which you cant even
keep up with... you will get
married to the man you love and
his father will approve of you.
You will become somebody and you
will be loved. You'll have two
kids, a girl and a boy. You'll
have a home in suburbia with a
white picket fence and a dog named
Ralph. Your mother and Father will
forgive you and will support you
100% of the way. You will have the
life you've always dreamed of.
Things will fall into place, I
just need to have patience.
Angle-on Alice taking out a pill container of coke and then
setting up two large lines. She snorts them both.
      (Cleaning off her
       make-up with a
       wetted paper
Patience, yea easier said than
done. Why are you so pathetic?
Fucking sakes...
Suddenly, she erupts in anger, throwing her lipstick at the
mirror, cracking it even more. We follow as she crawls to
the corner of the room, sobbing.
As Alice sits, her spirit form stands out of her body and
angrily paces back and forth. The Physical Form of Alice
continues to cry.
                       DARK ALICE
What the hell are you doing?
Just leave me alone, not now.
                       DARK ALICE
You do realize how pathetic you
look, don't you? Your in the
corner of a strip Clubs bathroom,
balling your eyes out.
I feel like shit, what do you want
from me?
                       DARK ALICE
I want you to stand-up and brush
your shoulders off! You make
things seem so much worse than
they really are.


Just go away! Before I take my
                       DARK ALICE
Why would you threaten me like
that, Im apart of you and no pills
are gonna change that. Those pills
are only a bandage, im truly
trying to help you.
Your not helping, your making
things worse. You come around when
you feel like, stating the obvious
and saying hurtful things. Just
let me be!
                       DARK ALICE
Im sorry Alice, but you gotta get
up and go home. You'll feel
better. Here, I'll help you...
      (Trying to help
       her up, but Alice
       yanks away)
What the fuck am I supposed to do?
Do you know whats it like to be
me, to be locked inside? Its like
being in the backseat, never
having control of the wheel, only
able to sneak in ideas and
directions here and there. I see
you take the wheel and purposely
crash again and again. Give me the
wheel sometime, let me take
You know what my doctor said, you
know what you can be capable of...
I just got to take the pill-
                       DARK ALICE
Fuck the pills, Im you, Im more
important than any of this shit.
Im the part of you that can take
charge, take order. You need me.
      (Standing abruptly)
Your not me!! Your nothing!!
                       STRIPPER (V.O)
      (From outside the
       bathroom door)
Hey, Alice, you okay? I heard
I-Im fine, just got off the


                       STRIPPER (V.O)
Alice, the door is locked and I
really need to go Pee, like real
bad. I almost went on stage.
Just a second.
Alice looks around for her split-personality, but it seems
to be gone. In a quick-motion, she scoops up her things and
scrambles through her purse.

We see the stall-door open, Dark Alice walking out in a
                       DARK ALICE
Thought you got rid of me, eh?
Your to easy. How do you think
they'd feel if they knew you were
      (Whispering while
       going through her
Im not crazy, im normal.
                       STRIPPER (V.O)
Alice, I really need to go, Im
dying here.
                       DARK ALICE
Wow, what a bright group of
friends you have. I bet our mother
sure is proud...
      (Whispering while
       going through her
Shut up.
                       STRIPPER (V.O)
                       DARK ALICE
Yes Alice? Tell your friend you'll
be out once your done having a
conversation with yourself. I
could've helped you, but instead
you push me away. The only thing
worse than a crazy person, is a
crazy person in denial...
Sorry Alice, I just really need to
She finds the pills and takes two of them.


I-Its okay.
Freeze-Frame on: A Close-up of Alice. Bold Red Letters
Pop-up Reading; ALICE character 2.
                                         FADE TO: BLACK
Those make my nose itch... They
make me feel good, but at the same
time make me itch like hell... I
mean itchy everywhere... Yes, the
Morphines and Vikadin... Sometimes
when I take the Vik's they turn my
face red and I feel like im on
fire or somethin... Oxycottin is
strong, to strong for my taste...
No I don't smoke that shit...
Fade into the Owners Office. The short-tubby-balding-man
leans back in his chair, his legs resting on the desk,
talking on the phone.
...I know people who smoke that
shit off tin-foil, im not into
that non-sense. All I want is some
descent painkillers that doesn't
make me feel like I got body
crabs... Im telling you Oxycottin
ain't my thang... You know they
make that shit for people who've
had their limbs blown off and
shit... Do I look like an amputee
to you? No, cause I got all four
limbs buddy...
                       STAN (V.O)
      (Knocking at the
      (To Stan, pressing
       his hand over the
       phone speaker)
Who is it?!
                       STAN (V.O)
Stan. Its Stan Bailey.
      (To Stan)
Okay, just wait a second buddy.
      (On phone)
Hey, I got someone waiting on
me... Call me back when you get
cleaner product for a better
price... Bye.


                       OWNER (cont'd)
      (To Stan)
Okay, come on in.
Hey, Boss. How are you?
Doing okay, take a seat.
      (Sitting, setting
       his cane to the
Thank you.
Stan is a 63 year old man, but age has gotten the best of
him. His left leg is injured, causing him to use a cane.
You did a fantastic job out there
man, really brought in customers.
Thats why I've decided to give you
a part time job here, if you want
it of course.
Oh, sir, Thank you very much. Two
days a month wasn't enough, this
is a great opprutunity you'v given
me. I am truly greatful.
Ah, don't get all mushy on me.
      (Standing to look
       out the blinds)
Where'd you learn to play a piano
like that?
I taught myself. I read plenty,
sir. You can learn anything from a
I watch a lot of discover channel.
Oh, I used to when I had cable...
back in 04'.
      (Waiting a second
       before sitting)
Stan, your Jewish right?
Yes, sir.
Im invited to my friend's,
brothers Bar mitzvah. I don't know
a damn thing about a Bar Mitzva, I


                       OWNER (cont'd)
was hoping you could fill me in.
Well, when a jewish boy reaches
the age of 13, for a girl its age
12, they are now held responsible
for their own actions. Bar, means
son. Meaning Son of the
Commandments. Before this age, it
is the parents responsibility to
teach and guide their child. This
party or Bar mitzva is a greeting
to adult hood and the major
responsibility of becoming an
agent of god.
Wasn't it the Jews who killed
Jesus... I thought I saw that in
the movie Passion of the Christ.
Saying that is the same as saying,
its your fault for Slavery, since
it was the white man who supported
it. Time is full of regret and
mistakes, but we learn from it.
You did watch a lot of Discovery
planet, huh?
Thats the History Channel...
      (After they laugh)
I remember my Bar mitzva... So
much time has passed. You don't
realize it till you wake up one
day, with a cane in one hand and a
paper slip for a prescription in
the other.
Im with you on that...
They sit in complete silence for about 10 seconds, until...
Oh yes, money. Almost forgot.
      (Counting out
       money, handing it
       to Stan)
There you go.
      (Counting it out)
Excuse me, but this is only 100.
You said 200.


I-I-I know what I said, but the
IRS is on my shit like flies.
Thats who I was talking to when
you knocked. I can pay you the
rest on wednesday...
This isn't enough, my Turtles need
food, I need to pay the water bill
and buy Groceries.
Well Stan, this is the best I can
do. If you don't like it you can
find somewhere else to go.
Stan whips his cane through the air, smacking the Owner
clean across the face. The Owner drops to his knees, mouth
dripping with blood, Stan follows up with another swing
knockiing him out cold.

Freeze Frame on: Stan as he holds the cane in hand. Bold Red
letters Pop-up reading, STAN character 3.

The Shot Flashes-White and reveals it was all in Stans
So, Wenseday sounds great.
                                         FADE TO:BLACK
Fade-In on a Close-up of Connor. The Close-up slowly Zooms
out as he speaks the following monologue. The person he
speaks to is out of view and connot be seen.
I've worked here for three years
now, and I see every movie that
comes through this place. Some are
good, most bad. You know I saw a
movie about a possessed ginger
bread man, a GINGER BREAD MAN! I
mean, come on, cant hollywood make
any descent films anymore.
Probably about 10% of films
released every year are considerd,
in my eyes, as good. If thats not
bad enough, we got companies who
no longer are in the business to
make good films, or art, but to
just make money. I mean, thats all
gravy, but some people let that
blind them from the real picture.
If you cant make a quality film,
no ones gonna wanna watch, which
in turn will earn you no Mu-la.
Kids these days, Im sounding old
here, but these kids don't
appreciate the classics. I even
see many adults who frown upon the


                       CONNOR (cont'd)
idea of a black and white movie or
a film from before the 80's. Those
films paved the way for films
being made today. Movies evolve
just like anything else... over
time new things are learned, and
If not for older films these
things may have been lost in time.
Look at films like; Jaws,
Godfather Pt 1 & 2, On the
Waterfront, Star Wars, Indiana
Jones, The Deer Hunter, Psycho,
Shit, the list goes on forever.
Those films made the film
industry, and now its being
forgotten. Technology also has
evolved along with movies, but now
people are letting technology
shroud the true aspect of film,
the true idea of creating a story
for the world to watch. In the
past, stories were told through
words and mouth, but now they live
on disc, which goes beyond life
and death. Directors pride
themselves on the idea they have
re created some sort of expiriance
they had with films some point in
their life. I myself am a
screenwriter, and someday I'll
make a classic movie. They'll call
me the new Alfred Hitchcock. I'll
be famous and everyone will watch
my films. Every once in a while a
Director and Screenwriter comes
along that changes the face of the
film industry. They push the
limits and break boundaries. That
person is me, but in this world
you cant do shit without money...
all I need is the chance, all I
need is the opprutunity and I'd
make it.
The Shot Zooms out to reveal a 10 year old boy listening to
Connor. His jaw wide open as he yawns...
Hey, thats cool and all, but I
just need help finding a movie.
Oh-yea, Um, go for it.
The Day the Earth Stood Still, I
think thats what its called.
1951, Directed by Robert Wise--
Great choice my friend. Its in


No. The new one with Keanu Reeves.
The Remake? But the Remake Sucks
Kim, a 19 year old goth who sports tattoos and piercings,
Enters the Shot.
Its in the Remake section,kid.
Next to the "Worst Movies Of All
Time'" Section.
      (Walking off)
You bothering the customers again?
The Shot-Zooms-Out. Movie Palace looks exactly like the name
intends. Its got lots of steps and ramps like a Palace. And
thousands of DVDS and VHS movies on racks and Shelves. The
Walls are filled with Movie Posters, and Banners. The Walls
are painted an odd gold and black. Nirvana, RAPE ME, plays
over the Speaker. This is truly a Movie Fans Heaven.
I ain't bothering no one, just
giving a movie lecture. Movies are
changing for the worst.
      (Pinching his butt)
Ah, your sexy when your upset.
Who said Im upset... And I told
you not to do that. I got a
girlfriend and Im faithful.
You sound like a catholic hypno
Well I got to keep reminding
myself, with a piece of temptation
like you walking around.
Ooo, was that a ding im reading on
my flirt-o-meter?
      (Organzing videos
       and DVDS)
You'd like that to much.


Gggggrrrrr, I like em rough...
Whats a girl like me gotta do to
get a date with a guy like you?
      (Attention on her)
You are consistent.
What can I say, if I want
something I get it.
Again, in a relationship.
Ah, relationshit. I can do things
your girlfriend couldn't dream of.
      (Stopping to say)
I very much doubt it, but the
thought counts.
Well, you know that girl I set
Shaggy up with?
After He nods; Yes.
Well he hasn't called her back or
nothing. Stiff arming her. Whats
that about?
I don't know.
Your his fuckin' roommate for
christ' sakes.
I said I don't know... honsetly.
      (Leaping off the
You fucking lie... If you were
being honest, they'rd be no reason
to say honestly. What the fuck did
he say!?
Its none of our business.
Oh but it is. I set the fuckin'
date up, Im the one who has to
explain shit to her. Im the one
who has'ta make things, "Better."
Damn, sometimes I hate bitches. So
tell me!


Well-shit I don't know. He just
said she was ugly, and wasn't into
fat girls.
Wh-She's not fat, just a little
Wide? I got to step back six-feet
just for her to fit in my vision.
Tst, Wide, biggest understatement
of the year.
Why are guys like that?
Like what?
Shallow. So fucking shallow, its
sadly shallow.
Shallow?! All that ink must be
traveling to your brain. I hate
when girls pull the Shallow card.
The truth is no one dates someone
they're not attracted to, its just
the way it is. I mean, no ones
gonna just date someone because...
because they're smart. Thats a
plus, but you got to be attracted
to the person. Theirs a million
guys who are into large bitches,
but Shaggy ain't one of 'em.
Kazillion guys out there love
Okay, maybe 5% of the
non-homosexual male population
world wide. But all the others
want some sort of physical
attraction aswell... you don't
want to have sex with someone who
repulses you.
      (Smiling, pressing
       her chest to him)
Do I repulse you?
So you'd have sex with me?


Don't get your hopes up, darling.
Just thinking how lucky your
girlfriend is to have ya.
Is that so?
      (Shouting from the
       front desk)
Hey Connor! You got a phone call,
she says its your sister.
      (Answering the
Hello?... Oh, its you, I knew it
was you since I don't have a
sister... I thought I told you not
to call me at work... Because your
distracting, we already talked
about it... Yes, Distracting. You
know why... Works fine, how about
you?... We can talk when I get
off, K?... You hungry?... How does
Chinese sound?... Good, I'll be
off around 5:00... Love you too,
After Connor hangs up the phone.
      (cleaning her
Speaking of the Devil.
She's not so bad.
Are you really only working till
Yea, 'get off early today. How
late you work?


Till closing, 10-o-fucking
a'clock. God, sometimes I hate
this job, especially at night when
Im by myself. Gives me the
Really, thats weird, I feel the
Flashback to: Connor working at night by himself. He has the
music blasting, as he pretend-guitars with a mop. In his
socks, sliding across the tile floor, he leaps onto the
carpet sections and begins to lip sync to the song, THE
Cut-Back to: Present TIme.
                       CONNOR (Cont'd)
Yea, the creeps hardcore.
Well shit, I gotta get back to
work. Boss put me in charge of
organizing the Slasher section.
That section took a crashing fall.
A Punch-line drum roll... Bda-stch
Yea, I feel ya.
The Boss, comes crashing through the back door. His long
greasy hair, tucked under his peace head band, shakes back
an forth as he waddles towards Connor. He is a hippy, yet
his ethics don't match. A walking Paradox.
Connor, If I said it Once, I said
It 6 goddamn-trillion-times. No
Unless its an emergancy, But your
standing here like a dip-shit with
your thumb up your ass. So, I-I am
assuming their is no emergancy. In
that cas-...
Boss, list-...
No-no-no you listen you shriveling
dick, I am sick and tired of you
kids mingling around. Lingering,
like leemers. Cant you ever just
      (To Kim)
And didn't I ask you to clean up
that mess, when it happened? A day


Angle on: The large 15 foot long shelf (Slasher Isle), on
its side with hundreds of movies scattered aside it.

Angle on: Scream, the only one still on the shelf.
Um is not an answer! Is it?
After she shakes her head: No.
So clean it up! Now!
She darts off: glancing back at Connor momentarily.
      (Back At Connor)
And you! Bathroom duty, Now!
What did you say?
I said no.
Close up: On the Boss' eyes filled with anger, about to
                                         CUT TO:
Angle up: As if the Camera is inside the toilet, up at
Connor as he scrubs. His face disgusted.

Freeze-Frame on: This Shot. Red Bold Letters Pop-up Reading,
CONNOR character 4.
                                         FADE TO: BLACK
Mr.Mathersons Bar Room: Is full of thugs, Strippers,
Hookers, Gangbangers, Drug Dealers... Name it all. Dozens of
couches and Tables fills the large, red fur carpeted room.
On the tables is coke, and heroin and any other drug you can
think of. Each thug is doing something different, whether it
be; Weighing out drugs, do'ing drugs, counting money,
spending money. This place is a black market at is best. In
the corner of the room is a haiwaiin themed bar, with ten
bar stools surrounding it. The Bartender is none other
than... Mr.Matherson.
Mr.Matherson: Wears an un-buttoned hawaiin shirt, khaki
shorts and Aviator glasses. He carries an aura of coolness,


yet psychotic behavior. His moves are twitchy and quick at
times, or smooth and cool.
      (Holding up an
       empty glass,
Sam, drink?
Flash Pan: To Sam, a large-black bodyguard, and Mathersons
closest friend. He motor-boats his face in some DD Tits...
his voice is muffled.
                       SAM T.
What you want? The
Nubular-Monkey-Claw or the
                       SAM T.
You know the,
Mixed with, Icy-Beyond-Hot drink?
Sam, its me your talking to! I
know my drinks...
                       SAM T.
Life is good!
Lifes only as good as you let it
Medium-Shot: On the large wooden door, as it slowly opens.
Zeebo, Scribbles and Yanks enter.

Zeebo: Is a tall black man, with a short-fuse and a trigger
happy finger. He takes care of all Mathersons big deals. A
scar stretches down from his forehead to his chin.
Scribbles: Has the IQ of a 10 year old, and a heart of a
saint. Somehow in the mix, he got caught in the thug life.
He is at least 250 pounds, and counting. Zeebos's best

Yanks: A short-skinny white boy, who wishes to be a black
man. He wears clothes two sizes to big, yet his
determination to the blackest white-man has got him far.
Though, If a joke was a person, he'd be the Ass.
The Three: Step up to the bar.
      (Bowing on one


      (Sticking his
       pinky out)
Kiss it.
Zeebo kisses his Pink.
As Matherson says each name in the Following Dialogue,
Pan-and-Center on the person he says.
Zeebo... Scribbles... Yanks. Your
two minutes late. You know how
much I hate Tartieness.
Sorry, boss. Traffic.
Thats your last warning, next time
is detention.
Never again will I be late, sir.
      (handing Sam the
       mixed drink)
      (Back to Zeebo)
Good. Now, we have a drop-off
pick-up scenario. The Wet backs
are requesting we drop the cash
off in a... social area, such as
in downtown. In a trash can. They
still don't trust us after 2 years
of business.
                       SAM T.
Last time we made a deal, one of
the wetbacks got shot. They're
still tender 'bout that.
Wow, do they carry no dignity? Its
the past, they got to let that go
sooner or later. It was an
      (Back on point)
Where was I.... oh yes, so upon
their request I have agreed to
have you three drop the cash off
in a trash can at bus stop 71, on
the corner of Fargo and 122nd. The
pick up will be at 5:40, so drop
it off around 5:30. Watch from a
distance, and make sure nothing
goes wrong. The drop off is 5
million dollars in benjamins. You
lose it, you lose your life.
Yes sir.


Sam T hands Zeebo the large-paper-bag full of cash.
I fucking Hate Wetbacks.
Angle on: Matherson turning his head back to Yanks. He is
apparently pissed off as all hell.
wh-what did you say?
I fucking Hate Wetbacks? I said, I
fucking Hate Wetbacks.
Close-up on Matherson as: Yanks says it again (I fucking
hate Wetbacks) But when he gets to the Fucking part, Time
slows and the word seems like it lasts forever.

Matherson pulls out a gun- pointing it at Yanks and Gestures
to Sam. Sam T grabs Yanks from behind.
Do not say that word!
What? Fuck?
YES The F-Word, Say it again and
Im gonna repaint the wall with
your lovely brains.
Matherson Gestures to Sam: Sam elbows yanks in the neck from
behind, dropping him to his knees. He holds him down.
You see that?...
      (Pointing with his
       gun at the Cross
       on the wall)
This is a house of god, okay? No
cursing in a house of god, its a
sin! Now, I want you to kneel down
and pray for forgivness from the
lord. Pray!
      (Praying, face to
       the carpet)
I-I-Im sorr-Sorry lor-lor-lord...


Is that how you Pray... Here,
follow my lead.
Yanks repeats word after word that Matherson speaks in the
next Dialogue.
      (Yanks following
My lord and Savior, Jesus Christ,
I have sinned, And I regret this
sin. I plead and beg you lord
Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit,
forgive thy, For I have broken a
commandment. Father, forgive me,
please forgive thy, for I know not
what I do.
After the prair is over, they wait in Silence for a few
      (To Sam)
You think that was good?
                       SAM T.
I liked it.
      (Holstering his
Yanks, stand. Get out my sight,
you disgust me.
Sorry, sir, he's new.
Just go.
The Three thugs exit the room... Outisde the room in the
hallway, Zeebo slaps Yanks in the back of the head.

Cut-back in: The Bar room to Matherson and Sam behind the
      (Starting to mix
       another drink)
Sam. Drink?
                       SAM T.
      (Dropping his
       glass to check
       his watch)
Man, we better check on our boy.
                       SAM T.
What-its been like two hours? Yea,
I forgot 'bout 'em.


The Freezer Room: Is large and as cold as the Arctic. Cow
ribs and Pigs hang from hooks, but the main attraction is
the naked man tied to a steel chair. The chair placed in the
middle of the room. The mans skin is Icy blue, turning
How you liking detention so far?
Angle-up at: Matherson and Sam T, laughing hysterically at
the freezing man.

Freeze-frame on that Angle: Bold Red Letters Pop-up Reading,
MATHERSON character 5 ...&... SAM T. character 6.
                                         FADE TO:BLACK
Subtitles as: The Voice Speaks.
Imagine, I want you to imagine it
all. Your past, your present, your
desired future. Imagine your birth
and your death. Imagine it all
flashing before your eyes... How
do you want it to end, imagine.
Are your dreams worth your life,
Or are your Dreams your life? Are
your Dreams just apart of you, or
are your Dreams you? Choose.
                                         FADE OUT: SOUND
                       CHAPTER 3
........FIVE MILLION DREAMS.......
                       "5:35 PM"
Connor exits the,CHINESE DINING FANTASIA, resturaunt, arms
full of bags. Bags full of food.

He stops at the sidewalk, eyeing his surrounding.

360-spin-shot, pulling out wide to display the packed
streets, and the dying sun which descends behind towering
scrapers. The shot ends where it began, on a Close-up of
Connor again stops, this time at Bus 71 to eat an egg roll.
Civilians walk by, some staring or glaring. He glares back.


What? Im hungry here!
      (To himself)
People these days, like animals.
Angle-on: Connor taking a gigantic beast like bite from his
egg roll. He finishes it and throws the bag in the garbage.

Close-up on: His face, in a dead-frozen look. His eyes grow
wide, for what he sees is to be the cause. What he sees is
his future, his dreams. What he sees is change.
                                         CUT TO:
Cut-to: A series of images of the house. The kitchen, the
Living room. the dining room... In some places dirty, in
others, sparkling clean.

The Images end on: Shaggy and Cory, sunken in the two seat
couch. Smoke drifts around them, like a halo. They watch TV
laughing hysterically every once in a while. Cory takes a
bong hit.

CORY: Overwieght, funny, short, nice and a good friend at

SHAGGY: Thin, shaggy hair, looks a lot like shaggy from
      (Trying not to
Man... Turn that shit off.
TV not in View.
Why!? This shit is funny.
      (Grabbing the bong
       from Cory)
It is at first, but after a
half-n-hour, it ruins it.
Your still laughing.
      (Taking a hit)
Its so stupid, its funny. You know
how that is.
I do, I do... its still funny.
Angle-on the: Tv and what its playing. A Spanish Soap opera.


      (Blowing out the
You cant even understand what
they're saying...
Thats the best part...
Connor plows through the door, tossing the chinese on the
kitchen table. Another bag is in his other hand.
Is that Chinese?
Whats up man?
Noth-nothing... Im okay, Im fine,
really. Long day, thats all, long
day and nothing else, right?
You cool man?
Im fine, like I said, Im fine. You
need to call that girl.
Is that Chinese?
What girl?
      (Catching his
What girl? The girl Kim set you up
with.... whats her name....
Rachelle. You need to call
      (Taking another
Fuck that! I already told you, im
not into that.
      (Blowing it out)
WHen she goes shopping, she
doesn't shop for clothes, she
shops for Tents.
Nice one, but is that Chinese?
YES, that is Chinese. Have some,
no have it all, I don't care just
shut up.
Connor walks into the Bedroom. We stay in the Living room.


What was that all about?
Shut up and fix me up a plate.
Tosses the bag on the bed.
Connors POV: the Bedroom is square, small yet clean. He
looks around, the Shot in First Person View, first at the
bed, then turning to the right. At his right is the entrance
to a bathroom. The door open, inside A girl stands at the
mirror. She wears a jersey three sizes to big.
She turns revealing: Alice.

He holds her tightly in his arm, kissing her and loving her.
Hey, Punkin'. How was work?
Fuck work, I have something to
show you. Is it to late to go to
the mall?
What is it? By the way, its
getting worse.
Its a surprise. And whats getting
worse, the disorder?
I hate surprises. And yes, she
wont leave me alone.
You take your pills?
Of course, but sometimes I try to
fight it, ya know?
Soon, you wont need to fight it.
What? What are you talking about?
      (Dumping the cash
       on the bed)
Thats what im talking 'bout.
Her jaw drops, and for a few seconds, is silent. In shock.


Wh-wh-wh-wh... Blah...
      (Removing his
       shirt, looking
       for another)
I know, thats what I said.
B-b-but where you'd get it?!
I found it.
You found it?
Yea, I found it.
You just found it?
Again, I found it.
This doesn't make sense... where'd
I stopped to eat 'n egg roll on
the side of the street, then I
went to throw it away and it was
in the trash can...
Trash Can!!! Who knows who's it
Its ours now... we're fine.
As he searches for another shirt, she spots a weird slash on
his arm.
Whats this?
Uh, Um, its nothing, got it from
yea, work.
Alice flops on the bed, going through the moeny, pondering
what he had just said.


Dark Alice walks in from the bathroom, dressed in Spandex an
                       DARK ALICE
Wait, did he just lie to you? I
think he did...
Alice attempts to: zone her out and not listen.
                       DARK ALICE
That fuckin' dirt bag lied to you!
Mmmh, yummy. You know, you should
press him on that.
Alice Shakes her Head: No.
Babe, theirs nothing to worry
about, okay? Just trust me on this
one. We're gonna go to the mall,
shop and find a hotel and stay
their tonight...
                       DARK ALICE
Blah-blah-blah-blah-blah, all he
does is yap .You two are perfect
for eachother, A pathetic Stripper
and a hopeless man. Matchmade in
You hungry, I'll get us some food.
Connor exits the room: She darts up and runs to her purse in
the bathroom, rummaging through it.
You should be more respectable in
your arrivals, maybe a warning.
                       DARK ALICE
      (Looking at
       pictures of the
What, you don't like the fact he
lied to you, so you try to avoid
it. I don't, and you wanna know
what I think about that wound? To
me, I dont know, looks like a
bullet wound. Just a graze though.
      (Grabbing the
       pills, taking two)
A bullet wound, your crazy, how
could you think something like
                       DARK ALICE
Not me, but you.


      (Stopping to think)
Even if he did lie, a bullet wound
sounds a little excessive.
                       DARK ALICE
Think about it... he comes home
with a ton of cash, you think
someone just forgot it? Come on,
be practical. Someone attacked him
when he took that money, I could
tell by the way he was acting. His
heart beating a mile a minute.
When you two were holding, I felt
it, I felt his heart.
      (Looking out the
       bedroom door at
       Connor making
You sure?
                       DARK ALICE
look at me hunny, Im as serious as
ever. But don't do this the wrong
way, okay? This is somewhat an
adventure, make it last.
Dark Alice: walks backwards, slowly into the bathroom.
                       DARK ALICE (Cont'd)
Hun' you got the power, just take
Till next time.
She fades away, as she enters the bathroom. A friendly smile
on her face.
Angle-on: Connor entering the room with two plates full of
the best Chinese food in town. He hands her hers.
There you go... you should be
excited about this, these are our
dreams. You can become the painter
you've always wanted to be. I can
make my movies, this our life in
this bag. You just want to give it
How'd you really get that wound?
She points and the Camera-quickly-Zooms-in on Connor's
I told you...
You lie! I know it!


How do you know anything for sure?
I just know, and If we want to
make all this work, we need to be
honest with eachother.
So you wanna keep it?
Yes, but thats not the point.
How'd you really get that cut,
                                         CUT TO:
Shaggy and Cory remain on the couch: Now watching cartoons.
What you think they talkin' 'bout?
Whats it matter? Probably Period
Oh, probably.
                                         CUT BACK TO:
You really want to know?
Dark Alice sits on the bath's edge, listening closely.
                       DARK ALICE
Thats my girl.
Zoom in as he Speaks the Following Dialogue. Eventually into
an Extreme-Close-Up.
Well, like I said, I was eating,
then I saw it. Without time to
think, I grabbed it and before I
know it, I was running. And before
I even know it more, someones
chasing me. Maybe two people,
maybe three...
The Extreme-Close-Up...



Side-Angle-Pan: Following Connor as he runs, behind him,
Zeebo... Scribbles... and Yanks hunt. With guns out,
shooting wildly, Connor dips through the crowds of people,
his MOVIE PALACE shirt twisting as he does.

Zeebo shoots offa few shots, tagging civilans... then, one
of the shots grazes Connor but he continues to run...
                                         CUT BACK TO: PRESENT
I ran for, what it seems like,
forever. I ran and I ran, until I
looked back and they were gone.
      (Pulling closer to
       hold him, kissing
       him several times
       on the face)
Are you sure they didn't follow
Im sure, I waited, I hid. I was
like an animal.
I love you.
Alice Looks up: At the clock, the Camera Zooms-In on the
time... 6:30 PM.
Still wanna go to the mall?
Like a 12 year old girl.
What do you mean, it was stolen?!
Bold-Red-Numbers Pop-up reading: 6:30 PM
DUSK. Day is coming to an end.


Matherson stands at the barbecue grill, mind off the grill
at this moment. Sam T. sits at a table, chewing a straw.
Scribbles sits on the other end of the table. Zeebo stands
near the Pool, which is a man-made lake-pool. To clear up
what that is: Its a pool, with artificial rocks surrounding
the edge. Lights planted at the pool floor, shines up,
illuminating the water.
This white-boy just grabbed it out
the trash can, we was parked
across da' street, so it took us a
sec to catch up. He moved into a
crowd and...
So your telling me, he just
grabbed 5 million dollars and ran
away with it... thats the ending
of the story, correct? And where's
your white boy, Yanks?
                                         CUT TO:FLASHBACK
Zeebo and the other two stop at a back alley, catching their
breath, once they realize he's gone.
This is not Fuckin' Happin'n, tell
me this is a bad nightmare.
If this were a nightmare, you
wouldn't be real and you to
Shut the fuck up! You retarded or
somethin'? Speaking of Yanks, I
thought I told you to keep an eye
Fuck, I was, but this fine ass
bitch came walkin' down the rao...
You stopped for a bitch!?
Why you call ladies, bitches?
Thats disrespectful...
How was I supposed to know that
would happen? Fuck, fuck!


Do you know what this means, do
ya?! It means we're dead! We're
fuckin' dead, its over.
I think he'll be understanding...
Understanding? Under....standing?
This muthafucka' will blow your
brains out for cursing in his
home, for god. The guys fuckin'
psycho! Would you be understanding
if someone lost 5 million dollars
of yours? Would ya?
He's go'in be mad.
Fuck, Im sorry, I'll never do it
I know.
Angle-on: Zeebo shooting Yanks three times in the chest.
Oh lord Jesus! W-wh-why you do
that boss?
      (Spitting on the
       dead body)
Just get back in the fucking car
before the cops show.
                                         CUT BACK TO:PRESENT
      (After Glaring at
Yank was hit by a car during the
So, are you telling me, its gone?
My money, is gone!? GONE, as in
GONE!? Nowhere to be found? No
clues on where to find it,
nothing!? You get a good look at
Im sorry Boss, I didn't see
                       SAM T.
I bet that is one happy white-boy.


This is no time to joke...
Wait... I did see something. His
shirt, it was familiar. I've seen
it before...
You didn't tell me!
Be quite... Okay, Scribbles,
think... I know you have a mind of
retarded six-year-old but please,
Its...MOVIE PALACE! Thats it,
Movie Palace! I go there every
Wenseday and pick a movie, ooooh I
love me some Movie Palace. You
know they got over 3000 movie...
Movie palace! Gosh, I love you
Scribbles. you just saved your
Slow-Motion: As Matherson shoots his revolver, and Sam T
shoots his 12 gage shotgun. The end result is quite messy,
thankfully Zeebo's corpse lands in the pool. The light
beneath the pool illuminates the red water... surprisingly
an artistic look.
Scribbles Stands motionless: Angle-on: his ankle, now
dripping with piss.
P-p-please, don'...
Scribbles, God has blessed you
with the mind of a saint. You
don't belong here, or in this
business. Go home.
      (Standing, ready
       to run)
O-okay, thanks you Boss.
Wait, come here.
      (Slowly walking to


Matherson pulls out a roll of cash, around 5 thousand
dollars, and hands it to scribbles.
Im not your boss anymore, now
spend it like saint. Be what im
Thank you, Matherson. Your a good
man, even beyond the murder and
drugs and rape and torture. Behind
all that, your a pretty good guy.
Scribbles Exits the Scene.

Angle-up:From Zeebo's corpse, up at Sam and Matherson, whom
stand at the edge of the pool looking. The blood reflects a
red tint over their faces.
                       SAM T.
So what now? Want me to call in
the boys? Or "him"?
The boys I cant trust now, they
messed this up real bad. And not
"him", not yet. Someone owes me a
favor and Im calling it in.
                                         CUT TO:
Extreme-Wide-Shot of the large Scraper, which towers the
sky. Slowly-Zoom in on a specific window.

The Sun is at the edge of the mountain, soon to depart. The
last edge of light, like a knife, cuts the sky in half with
a bueatiful golden glaze.
                                         ZOOM INTO:
A young beautiful woman, Secretary, sits at a desk reading a
magazine. The room is large, like a front desk area, but
empty. She glances at the clock waiting for it to hit seven.

      (Answring the
Hello, the Misters Corporation
here since 1940, here to serve
your needs. This is Anna speaking.
How may I help you?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Hello Anna, this is Mr.Matherson.


Oh, Mr.Matherson, what a
surprise... um,hm, how are you?
                                         CUT TO:
      (Pacing back n
Good, good, hows your mother, the
operation go good?
                       ANNA (V.O)
It went good, thanks to you.
Thats good. I wish we could talk
more, but Im in a bit of hurry...
                       SAM T.
      (Snorting coke)
You can say that.
                                         CUT BACK:
What Mister you need?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Okay, he doesn't keep a phone in
his room, so I'll have to bring it
to him.
      (Walking down the
       decorated halls)
You called at a perfect time, we
were about to close.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
You know me, perfect timing is
Okay, just a moment.
Anna puts the phone to her side, and continues down the

Angle-on: A sign hanging from the ceiling, printed on it is;

Pan-down: The hallway, the Pan-centered on the doors,
reveals each door a different color. One Black, one Blue,
One Yellow, One White, One Grey. But the Pan Stops at the
Pink Door. Where Mr.Q is printed on the front. She knocks.

The door opens.... She enters.


Slow-Turning-SHOT: Of the pink obsessed room. Pink Bed, Pink
shelves with Pink Stuffed Animals. Pink Pictures. An 8 year
old girls dream. The Turning Shot stops at a Mr.Q.

Mr.Q: sits at desk, looking at himself in the mirror,
putting on make-up. His Face Hidden. He wears Pajamas, which
looks odd on him since he's around 6'7 and has a slim
athletic build. His hair is short and well trimmed.
Um, Mr.Q, you have a phone call.
Its Matherson.
Thanks darling, your a sweetheart.
Angle-On: Mr.Q. He holds his hand out, after setting his
make-up down, and waits for Anna to set it in his hand. She
Matherson, whats a shark like you
doing calling a demon like me?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
You make yourself sound so bad.
Funny, you do the opposite. So
sweet cakes, whats your business?
Recovery of Stolen property.
Mmmh, easy goes as easy does.
Whats the property?
5 million in cash.
      (Putting on
Thats a big sum, Capt'n. Im gonna
need 30%.
                                         CUT TO:
Cut-Back-n-Forth as the two have a conversation over the
30%, you must be crazy. Do you not
remeber what I did for you, you
owe me a favor. And Im calling it
                                         CUT BACK:


Oh you are, tough guy? What makes
you think I do favors?
                                         CUT BACK:
      (Taking deep
What makes you think I care? You
do it or else! And that is a
                                         CUT BACK:
Mmmh, is the Shark angry? You of
all people should realize, lifes a
business, and Im a business man.
Im not gonna risk my life in a
situation such as yours, for a
favor. No threats will change
that. Period. Okay Hun?
                                         CUT BACK:
S-stop calling me that... and
okay, if you want money, lets make
a deal. 5 %.
Higher, okay Hun?
                                         CUT BACK:
      (Trying not to
       breakout in anger)
                       MR.Q (V.O)
Any higher and I could hire "Him."
                       MR.Q (V.O)
I know "His" Prices and im a steal
compared. 10% and we got a deal,
okay? That way, you stop your
Buzzing... Buzzle Bee.
                                         CUT BACK:
You got a deal. The kid who took
it, from what we know, works at
Movie Palace, Down on 168th and
Wilson, oldtown. How long till
your ready?
                                         CUT BACK:


Two hours. Than I begin.
                                         CUT BACK:
I'll keep in touch...
                                         CUT BACK:
Close-up on his red lips as he says...
Buzz Buzz Darling.
Matherson flops down in his seat, next to Sam, letting out a
sigh of relief.
Whatta' freak.
                                         FADE TO:BLACK
                       CHAPTER 4
........BUZZ BUZZ DARLING.........
                       "9:00 PM"
CRY BABY, by Janis Joplin, plays over the black, and
continues to play through the Fade.
(Sound and Scene Begin)
Fade-In, Music Playing, on the Movie Palaces Boss, singin'
to Cry Baby. While doing so, he organizes movies and cleans.
She carries herself, half awake, into the main room. She
Uh-mmh, yes?
You clean the windows?
She nods her head: Yes.
Put up new posters?
She nods her head: Yes.


Well then, the storage room is a
fuckin' mess. I want ya' to stack
the boxes and vacuum the carpet,
then your free to go home. And how
about you wake the fuck up, your
no sleeping beauty.
      (As she walks away)
More like sleeping Emo.
She drags her feet into the storage room. Boxes, boxes,
boxes, boxes in every corner and in every direction.
A mess for the Ages...
Angle-on: The road as a few cars pass. A long-black-Limo
pulls up infront the Angle, Blocking the View.

Pan: From the back doors, to the Drivers door. Which opens,
the Driver exiting, opening Mr.Q's door.
Kim-exits through the Backdoor into the Back-Alley. She sits
at the steps and pulls a cig, lighting it up. One sensor
light, lights the alley.
Mr. Q, wearing a strange metal mask, enters ellegantly
through the glass doors.
      (Checking his
You got Ten...
      (Seeing the Mask)
What'ya doin' with a Metal Mask
on, huh Buddy?
To protect my features.
      (Looking at the
Sorry, I don't feel comfortable
you being in here... Im gonna have
to ask ya' to leave.
      (Peering around
       the room)
Is that how you speak to all your
customers, Capt'n?
      (Lifting the
To all the ones who wear a mask...


                       BOSS (cont'd)
You got two seconds before I call
the cops, k capt'n?
You the only one working?
Don't make me say it again, read
the sign...
Angle on: A sign, in bold print reads, I HAVE THE RIGHT TO
Big hostility from a little man,
but Im not here for war, im here
for information. Its that simple.
What kind a' info, Bub?
Information concerning one of your
workers. He's a young white male,
about 5'10, short brown hair. I
have been lead to believe he works
Oh, I know who your talking 'bout,
to bad what your asking for is
illegal. And even as much of an
asshole I can be, I do follow the
      (Pulling out a wad
       of cash)
The law can sit this one out.
The Boss reaches his hand out and: balls up Mr.Q's hand,
denying the money.
Theirs more to life than money,
Bub. Now get the fuck out!
      (Gesturing once
Your innocent, so for your own
good, take the money.
      (Dialing slowly,
       waiting for Q to
Your not just a freak, but a dumb
Freak! Just leave!
      (Slamming the
       phone down on the


                       MR.Q (cont'd)
Not a freak, more like a Demon.
And when I get mad, the demon
surfaces, like a predator in the
night. I have asked sweetly
several times, even bribing with
cash and hospitality, but your
oozing ignorance and dedication to
the law has brought me to a
boiling point. And once I've
reached this point, I don't go
      (Swingin a club,
       Mr.Q catching it
       in his hand)
What the fuck, man?!
Your face will look nice with my
The Angry Mr.Q: Uses the Boss's own weapon against him,
slamming it into his knee-cap. Busting it.

The Boss: Drops quickly, screaming in agony as he hugs the
wound, crawling with the other hand.
      (Pure Evil)
Whats his Name! Tell me before I
eat your face.
Help! Help me! Someone!
"Help me, help me, somebody help!"
Pathetic, in your last moments,
don't you want to have some
dignity? You can live, just ell me
his name!
Connor, Connor Bailey, his name...
Please let me go.
Thank you, dear friend.
Mr. Q rapidly bashes the man to a pulp, leaving him a bloody
mess. The masked man wipes the blood from his mask and
streatches out somewhat... A song comes on, a song Mr.Q
likes. He dances, wrapping his arms over himself as he
dance-steps behind the counter to the Computer.
      (Typing into the
Connor Bailey, Connor-Connor,
where are you...


Angle-On the: Computer Screen. A page pops up, a picture of
Connor popping up as well. Mr.Q scrolls down to the Address.
He writes it down.
1-2-3, here I come.
      (Stepping over the
       Dead Boss)
Mr.Matherson said hi.
Mr.Q leaves the store...

Quickly-Zoom-In on: The backroom door, which is slightly
opened. Kim, looks through it, eyes full of fear.
                                         CUT TO:
Medium-Shot on: Shaggy and Cory, still sunken in the love
seat, smoking and watching Cops.
This show gives me the creeps.
Tell me about it, to many
Whatever, lets smoke.
Shaggy grabs the bag of weed out his pocket, but freezes
when he realizes its empty.
Houston, we have a problem.
No, this cant be, no-no-no-no-no!
What now?
Don't Panic, I'll call up Kolby
and Keaton...
Hello?... Keaton?... It's Shaggy,
you got Bud?... K, we need some...
How much?... Let me figure it out.
      (To Cory)
How much you got?
Cory jams his hands in his pockets, pulling out crumpled
bills. He counts the dough.
      (Pulling out his
I got 20 too.
      (On Phone)
Aight, we needa' an eighth... K,


                       SHAGGY (cont'd)
we'll be there in a second.
The Two Stoners exit the Apartment and walk towards the

The Camera Sits at: The far end of the narrow hallway, next
to the Elevator.

They stand at the elevator waiting...
Someones coming up.
Lets go down the stairs, we needa
a workout.
      (Thinking a moment)
Good idea. Lets go.
The Camera stays in place as: Shaggy and Cory, walk down to
the far end of the hallway and start down the stair way. The
hallway is empty for a moment when, the Elevator door opens
and Mr.Q steps out.

Mr.Q walks through the hallway, reading the address, looking
at each-door. The Camera-follows. He stops at Apartment
b420, and knocks.
He strolls around the room, looking at the furniture and
such. After realizing the room is empty, a blinking red
light on the answering machine catches his eye.

The recording follows as...
Um, hey Shaggy-Cory, its Connor.
Calling to let you know im not
gonna be home tonight, gonna visit
someone and will be back in a few
days. Make sure you guys clean up
the house and feed the
chipmunks.... DONT FUCKING FORGET.
Also, if anyone comes for me just
let em' know I don't live their
anymore and you moved in a few
months back.... Oh, and by the
way, Alice and I are staying at
the Head Rest inn, in Uptown, so
if you need anything just call.
"10:45 PM"


Over the sounds of panting and heavy breathing, obviously
sex noises, Pan through the room, displaying countless bags
of clothes and things scattered about. The Pan ends at the
bed where, Connor and Alice make-love, Alice on top. They
finish off and she rolls over on her back. They lay side to

That was fun...
They breakout in laughter.
You could say that. I love you.
Love you too.
      (Flipping to see
       the tv, kissing
       her legs)
I love this movie... Your legs are
like corn-on-the-cob... Tasty.
Like corn on the cob? They are
not, more like chicken legs.
Chicken legs with a side of
Corn-on-the-cob. Mmmmh, Tasty.
-And a piece of Corn-Bread....Your
making me huuunnnngryy.
Well lets order some food.
This late, who delivers food this
That new place that just opened,
whats it called?... Crackhead
Bills, open 24 hours, including
Are you joking?
I don't joke when it comes to
food. Hand me that Phone book, it
looks newer so it might be in
Whats the magic word?


Now bitch? Just kiddin', just
kiddin'. Can you "Please" Hand me
the phone book Snookums?
      (Handing him the
Yes Chocolate bear.
He flips through the pages while: She sits up and watches
the Movie.
I never get this movie, why is it
so awesome?
      (Attention off the
Wh-baby, don't make me return
everything I just bought you. This
movie is a landmark in the film
industry. What Peter Jackson did
was incredible and hands down one
of the best films, and trilogy's
to ever grace the screen. JJR
Tolkien woulda been proud. If you
only took the time to understand
baby, then you would.
K-k, calm down, don't explode over
there. I just don't get the whole
idea, it seems so... nevermind.
Since you are the movie genious,
how tall are those little hobbits.
They seem so tiny.
In the Book, the Hobbit, JRR
Tolkien wrote that Hobbits are
between 2 and 4 feet. The average
hieght, 3-feet-six-inches. Pretty
small eh?
Thats super tiny, petite little
fellas, like midgets.
I wonder what would of happened if
I was a hobbit?
                                         CUT TO:DAY DREAM
Frodo stands at the edge of the rock path, below the
fiery-lava-pits of mount doom growl and roar like monsters
in the night. Sam watches as Frodo is taken over by the


Frodo, throw the ring, do it!
S-Sa-Sam, I cant. No.
      (Turning towards
       sam with an evil
       chestire grin)
No Sam. Its mine.
The shot-Pans slightly revealing a Hobbit version of Connor,
standing behind Sam. He is shocked.
Frodo, don't do it. Throw the
Sam, step aside, your to whiney.
      (To Frodo)
Hey, you little Fag, throw the
fucking ring. Are you stupid, look
at yourself, you look like a meth
head. You walked for like eight
months you dumbshit. Before you
know it, you'll be cooking the
ring on a spoon and be shooting
the thing up your arm. You'll
start hanging with the wrong crowd
and poof, there goes your life...
bye bye life.
Frodo's grin widens as he slides the ring on his finger,
turning him invisible.
No- don't do... that. What a
stupid fuck!
Golem attacks the now invsible Frodo, biting the finger with
the ring clean off. Now visible, The two begin to battle for
the ring.
      (Standing still)
No Frodo, No!
Connor socks Sam in the face and pushes Frodo and Golem off
the cliff into the Lava...
                                         CUT BACK TO: REALITY
Close-up on: Connor, smiling at the thought of his new
Yea, that'd be cool.
If they gave the ring to a girl,
that shit would have never


Are you serious? You would've
gotten your period and probably
toss the ring!
Uh, uh. Girls are kind hearted,
great mentality, unlike guys. Guys
were gods girst creation, girls
were his greatest.
Thats insulting, I want my rib
back! (Bible Referance)
Besides, Hobbits were JRR Tolkiens
favorite creation in his mind.
Pure fun and innocent. No urge for
war and no desire for power.
Unlike man.
Connor stops flipping through the pages and picks up the
                       CONNOR (cont'd)
Found it. Hey what you want?
They got philly cheese-steak
      (On the phone)
Hey, you guys gotta Philly
Cheesteak Sub? Yes?
      (To Alice)
Yea, want it?
Yea, with a side of onion rings
and pickles. Oh, and a alrge
      (On the phone)
Yea, one of those with a large
side of onion rings, another side
of Pickles and a large Sprite...
and for me... Get me the largest
steak you got, with a side of
onion rings, fries, baked potato
and Coke... No, actually a Mug.
That will be all.... We're staying
at the Headrest Motel... Yea, in
uptown... You too... Thanks.
He sets the phone on the reciever and sighs.
What tine is it?
As he points to the Alarm clock next to Alice, the
Shot-Pans, following his finger.


"10:50 PM"
Time for your pills?
After she stands and: Throws on a shirt two sizes too big.
What you think?
You mind if I ask you a question?
      (Looking for her
       pills in her
What kind a question?
A personal one.
      (Still looking)
I suppose.
Whats so bad about her, your
split-personality? She cant be all
She's just not me, not at all.
I mean, I don't know much about
this stuff, But I heard you create
a split-personality for a reason.
You never know, she might come in
      (Angry, she cant
       find her pills)
You don't fucking understand,
I wanna meet her, you should let
me meet...
No, you can never meet her! Never!
And where are my fucking pills!!!
Their not in your purse?!
If they were in my fucking purse,
I wouldn't be...
      (Calming herself
Im sorry baby, its just a touchy


                       ALICE (cont'd)
subjest. But no, the pills aren't
here. I must've left em at the
Alice enters the bathroom. They have a conversation from
across the room.

Alice looks herself in the mirror, splashing water in her
Want me to go back and get em?
I can make it through the night.
You sure babe?
Yea, I just need some peace and
quite...if ya don't mind.
No not at all.
Alice closes the door and looks in the mirror. She pulls out
her coke and lines it up when...
                       DARK ALICE
Hey girl. Have a nice time at the
Dark Alice speaks in Alices reflection. The
Shot-cuts-back-and-Forth on a Close-up of Alice, and her
reflection (Dark Alice). Cut-Back as they take turns
Shit, for one goddamn night, can
you just leave me alone?
                       DARK ALICE
But it gets lonely in here.
Well thats not my fault, your not
even real. Your just a figmant of
my imagination.
                       DARK ALICE
Sweetey, Im just as real as you
are, and besides, I just wanted to
talk to you.
                       DARK ALICE
Did you have fun?


You know, I did, I had
a-lot-of-fun. We went shopping
everywhere, spent it all in cash.
It was amazing.
                       DARK ALICE
If your happy im happy. What you
I got shirts, shoes, pants,
underwear, socks and to be honest:
It was like christmas in july.
                       DARK ALICE
Get any Sexy outfits?
You know I don't like that stuff.
                       DARK ALICE
You see, I like that stuff, and Im
you. You just grew up being told
whats wrong and whats right. Your
opinion never mattered, but now
your older and that power your
parents held over you is still
their. You like things but are
afraid to except it. Just be
yourself babe.
But... its not that easy. Its
The Shot-Pulls-Out and Dark Alice walks into view, putting
her hand on Alices shoulder. A friendly grasp.
                       DARK ALICE
But it is... Step one, let me take
control. Just for an hour or two,
I can show you fun.
Last time I let you, We woke up in
jail cell with bloody kneecaps and
a scrapped chin. I was getting
calls for months from people I
never even knew.
                       DARK ALICE
I knew em.
Their has to be a better way...
                       DARK ALICE
But first, Im hungry.
Me to. Lets see if the foods here.


Alice opens the bathroom and exits, but stops.

Mr.Q holds a knife to Connors neck, his other arm holding
him tight.
                       DARK ALICE
What the fuck!
What the fuck.
      (Bleeding from the
Mr.Q presses the blade closer to his neck, silencing him.
Who are you?
Shh, Buzz buzz Darling. I am Mr.Q.
I am here to retrieve something
you took. A large amount of cash.
honey, you two picked the best
motel, for my standards. Quite,
tucked away from any residencial
areas, you two the only people in
the entire motel except for the
owner, whom is not of importance.
A perfect kill zone. I know this
is your beloved "Boyfriend" And
you love him dearly, correct?
                       DARK ALICE
Fuck this guy! He better let go of
Connor, Babe, he's got Connor.
      (To dark Alice)
I know he's got Connor.
      (To Mr.Q)
Yea, I love him.
Where's the money sweety?
                       DARK ALICE
No onw calles you sweety but me!
Don't tell this bastard, we can
take him.
      (To Dark Alice)
Take him, you got to be kidding!
We have to tell him, or he'll kill
Connor realizes Alice is having a Conversation with Dark
Alice. Mr.Q cocks his head to the side, confused.


Wh-where's the money?
                       DARK ALICE
The Bathroom.
Buzz along Darling and get it.
Alice follows Directions and returns with the money, tossing
it on the bed. The money is now in a suitcase.
Open it.
She does.
Well I can see you spent some of
it, so your gonna have to repay
the debt, with your lives.
Mr.Q slams Connor into the TV table, it shatters and Connor
drops, the Tv dropping on top. He moans in pain. Mr.Q slams
a kick in his side as Connor tries to stand. Alice darts
over to Mr.Q, but He kicks her dead in the chest, stopping
her as if she hit a wall. She drops and coughs up blood.

Mr.Q begins to kick the downed Alice, repeatedly, causing a
large amount of pain. Then KNOCK KNOCK.

The Delivery man stands at the door. Mr.Q presses a finger
to his metal-masked-lips, gesturing to stay quite or else.
                       DARK ALICE
Let me take control.
      (To the Delivery
The Delivery boy confused, opens the door quickly. This
gives Alice enough time to reach and grab a pair of scissors
but is to weak to stand.

Mr.Q turns and quickly and grabs the Boy by his head and
slams his head into the wall, knocking him out but not
killing him. He shuts the door and...

Turns his attention to Connor, punching him one after
another. Blood splats and mists on the metal mask. Connor
puts his hands up and attempts to scratch the face of Mr.Q
but the mask protects him. Only spaces for eyes are cut out.
                       DARK ALICE
Let me take control, let me.
ALICE, he's gonna DIE!!!!


Okay, okay, you can take control.
Close-up on: Alice, as her face expressions change from
desperate and scared, to oddly happy. She grins big.

Dark Alice stands quickly and jumps on the back of Mr.Q,
stabbing him in the back several times. He tries to throw
her off, but cant.
                       DARK ALICE
      (Physical Form)
Wha big bull, cant buck?
      (In pain)
Get the fuck off!!
After about eight stabs, he finally throws her off, but she
bounces quickly to her feet. They both circle eachother,
Dark Alice holds the Scissors like dagger ready for battle.
Oh, Im gonna enjoy eating your
                       DARK ALICE
Ah, your a pussy, fucking faggot.
Look at that outfit, you look like
a little bitch. You even wear a
mask, it ain't halloween
Oh shit.
I-I wear it to protect my
                       DARK ALICE
I bet your dad raped you and your
mom beat you, huh? Your dad went
around saying, my boys a fag, he's
a fag, didn't he?
I-Im not a fag, Im a demon...
At this moment, those words sound more than stupid. Dark
Alice laughs hysterically. For a moment, Mr.Q seems as if he
forgot their in a fight, and seems as if he's an eight year
old getting picked on.
                       DARK ALICE
Wow, your no demon, and if you
were, you'd be the demon king of
FAGS. I mean, I ain't got nothing
against Fags, except for you, you
fucking Faggot!! You like to suck
Dick, huh!?


      (singing, in a
       teasing manner)
You suck dick, you suck dick, you
suck dick...
Fuck you...
Mr.Q pulls out a large blade and recklessly charges her. She
rolls and stabs him again in the leg, dropping him to his
knee. From their she stabs him again, but in the ribs. He
screams in pain, and pushes her, she falls back. He cuts
Connor in the arm and thrusts the blade up for a kill shot,
when again she tackles him to the wall. Mr.Q manages to get
a grip on her neck, slamming her against the wall. He
strangles her, and his eyes fill up with happiness as he

When all seems hopeless and all faith is lost, Dark Alice
jabs the scissor into Mr.Q's eye, she pushes it in deep. He
lets go and immediately starts to thrash around the room,
screaming as he does.

Then, she picks up Mr.Q's own blade and thrusts into his
heart, he timbers over and she mounts him on the ground.
Dark Alice twists and turns the blade into his heart, blood
leaking every where, his legs shakling rapidly, until they
stop. Mr.Q is dead.
                       DARK ALICE
Buzz Buzz Darling.
      (Leaning over
       Connor, stroking
       his hair)
This may be my only time to tell
you this, But I love you just as
much as Alice. We love you, and
always will till the day we die.
Bye Connor, till next time.
Suddenly,Alice takes back control of her body, and her voice
tone changes back to the faint, ditsy voice.

Connor is a wreck, brusied, cut and bleeding. She begins to
help him up, throwing one of his arms around her shoulder,
puts Mr.Q's jacket on her love, and starts for outside.
Come on baby, we got it, just
breath. You'll be fine, babe. I
love you, I love you, I love you,
I love you.
I-I-I love you.
She picks up the suitcase and...
Alice helps him around, him limping badly. They go to the
rental car they got but the tires are slashed.


      (Spotting the
       Delivery car)
Thank god.
She lookds but the keys are not in the vehicle. She looks
back, their room about 60 feet back, and thinks whether or
not she should go.

Police Sirens Blair, obviously going towards that location.
They Limp on by the Main Office, the Owner lays dead, and
start down the road.
The two tred down the road, Connor gaining conscious, and
hurry to get away from the cops. A taxi slowly approaches,
and they wave it down.
They get inside and relax.
Sw eighth street, uptown.
Anything you say boss.
                                         CUT TO: BLACK
Subtitle Roll as: The Voice Speaks
Listen, can you hear it, can you
hear it? I can, I can hear it all.
The cries, the prairs, the
screams, the laughs, the agony,
the happiness. I can hear your
See, can you see it, can you? I
can see, I can see it all. I can
see war, I can see peace, I can
see evil, Good, betrayal, Honesty,
hate, love. I can see your dreams.
You love your dreams like a child,
you cherish them and take care of
em. But will they share the same
compassion... Imagine, Listen,
                       CHAPTER 2
........THE INTRODUCTIONS.........


                       PART 2
                       "11:30 PM"
The Police station is oddly busy, especially for the time of
night. The recent destruction and death must be the cause.
We Pan through the Front office, where a man stands behind
the front desk reading a porno-mag. We move over the Man,
and stop at the front-doors, which open a few seconds later.
An athletic black-man, Detective Royce Viener, enters,
yawning like a lion as he does.
Where's Shane?
What you doing in, isn't it your
night off?
It was. Where's Shane?
      (Flipping the page)
Down in the morgue, its a party
down there, don't wanna miss it.
Go see for yourself.
We follow Ryoce as he walks down the steps leading to the
Moruge in the basement. Oficers in uniform, huddle around
the door, talking and joking with one another like fifth
graders. Ryoce makes a cough, which really means, get the
fuck out the way. They get the drift and do. He's a
detective, he's got mroe respect than those Police
In the room, Shane and the analyzer talk. A body on a steel
platform, shrouded by a white sheet, lays to their right,
and once in a while they glance down at it. Royce enters the
      (Strong Brooklyn
There you are, welcome to the
Im here, now whats all the
attention for?
He didn't tell you?


No, he didn't "Tell me." You just
said, "Get yo ass down here, shit
has hit the fan", in that dumb-ass
brooklyn accent.
Ah, cry me a river. You just mad
'cause da attention ain't on you.
I know your ass don't sleep, and
you only need like two hours of
closed-eye, but Im not a crack
head. So whats the deal?
Show him.
The Analyzer pulls the sheet over the face of the dead
bodie. Its Mr.Q. We see him close, his mask removed but his
face not bare. Make-up covers his face, but in an
odd-fashion, resemlbing raggedy-Ann. The scissors are now
removed from the eye socket.
What the-
Some crazy shit, ain't it?
Who is it?
We printed him and took DNA and
found nothnig in our systems. This
guy's a ghost. He's been taring
through town like jack the fucking
We think he killed two people,
even have a witness for one of em.
Another kid, a delivery boy, said
he was attacked by our Raggedy
Ann, John Doe. They're both
waiting upstairs for
interrogation. I couldn't do it
without you, baby. Didn't want you
to miss all the action.
After Ryoce picks up a evidence bag: The mask inside.
He wore this?


      (Holding up
       another bag,
       scissors inside)
This was jammed through the
Cause of death?
We found around nine puncture
wounds in the back, each one deep.
Each stab was used with the
Scissors. Also, the jabbed eye,
but the best of all...
He tosses the sheet further down: Revealing the chest wound.
                       ANALYZER (Cont'd)
... the kill shot. Stab to the
heart, so deep he bled out in
seconds. Whoever did this was one
angry being.
This Freak was a beast.
Scissors didn't do this.
The Analyzer pulls out another large evidence bag, this one
carrying the large-short-sword.
A fucking dagger.
But whats really fascinating, is
the design and structure. It's a
cultural piece, made by hand and
not created for mass consumtion.
Look, no label or Tag. It was
custom made, and not in America.
Something like this would be
illegal in America without a
license, and to have a license you
need to get fingerprinted and he
is not in the system. This guy had
We even found the motherfucker
wearing a Ceraceni Suit. Its
starting price is Four-Grand.
I think its time we go talk to our
little friends, upstairs.
We look over Shane and Royce's Shoulders as they peer at the
Monitors. The monitors display the live feed from the


Interrogation cameras. One Monitor displays, Joey, the
Delivery Boy. And the other, Kim, the Movie Palace Worker.
I get Joey, you get Kim. She's
upset, so pull the whole, I
understand you card and play her
feelings. Im gonna give Joey the
old, " How can I believe you
We see Joey biting his nails, leaning back in his chair.
Royce enters quickly, as if angry as all hell.
Get comfortable, this is gonna be
a while.
Hey, Kim, my name is detective
Olsen. You can call me Shane,
though. How you feeling?
How am I feeling? Fuck you,
copper, thats how Im feeling.
Wanna talk 'bout it? I know your
night has been scary.
No, I don't want to talk about it.
Not to you at least, I mean, I
already told my story like five
times. I just want to sleep.
Well, You gotta answer them again,
to me this time.
Fuck you, I saw my boss get
murdered today. He may have been
an asshole, but he didn't deserve
that shit.
Can you please tell me again?
Go suck a cock piggy, oink oink
your way to the donut shop and
make sure to pick up enough for
your Piggy friends.
      (Pissed off)
Hey, bitch! I tried to play the
nice card, but now Im just pissed.
You fucking tell me or I'll make


                       SHANE (cont'd)
sure you stay in this little white
room, till they start to close in.
Hey-HeyHey, what happened to me
being the victim. Your riding my
ass, like I killed the guy.
Im just trying to jolt your
memory, a little. Who were the
kids you saw in the room?
Fuck, Like I said, I got
choke-slammed into the wall so I
didn't have much time to paint a
mental picture. But all I can say
is one of em was young, the other
was older, the girl was older.
Like 30' something. The guy was
all bloody, are they okay?
We haven't found em yet.
I want you to tell me how your day
Pretty fucking shitty. It went a
little like, work, work, get my
face slammed in, interrogation at
11-o-clock. Something like that.
Ryoce finally sits to relax on the opposite side of the
table. After lighting up a cig, he rests his leg on his
knee. A tatoo is barely visible, for only a moment, before
we cut back to Joey.
No, tell me your whole day, from
Dawn till dusk.
Um, Uh, well... I didn't have work
till 3 pm, so I decided to wake-up
early to do some errins...


We see joey's room a mess. He is stretched across the bed
like butter on bread. His alarm goes off and he slaps his
hand on the silencer but it doesn't work. He strips the cord
out the wall and throws the alarm, shattering it. The time
Read, 12:00 PM.
                                         CUT BACK:
But before, I like to eat a
healthy breakfast, so I made a
salad, and had some OJ.
We see Joey stumble into the kitchen, resemlbing a zombie.
After shuffeling through the cabinets, he sets out many
thing including: A Super sized bowl, marshmellows,
gram-crackers, cereal, pop-tarts, zingers, etc. He grinds it
up and puts it in the bowl, followed by pouring in milk.
                       JOEY (V.O)
I realized I needed new milk, so I
decided I would take a Jog to the
Little Marke, just down the block.
Joey takes a bite of his... Whatever he is eating... and
spits it back up just as fast he took a bite. Rotten Milk
flings towards us..
                                         CUT BACK:
Today was actually nice, and the
jog was equally pleasent. I love
my nieghboor hood, even though
sometimes it can be a drag.
We see Joey driving like a mad-man, flipping people off,
even banging his head to the music. We see as his hand
cranks the volume up to full blas. Sound Muted.
                                         CUT BACK:
Well, I got back with the milk and
made a protein shake. From that
point on, I worked out till it was
time for work. Ya know, guy stuff.
I shaved, upstairs and down, if ya
catch my drift.
First: We follow Joey through the Market as he gets his
milk. He waits in line for a few impatient moments, before
darting out without paying. The clerk mouths the words, I
kill you, while pounding his fist in the air.


Second: We see Joey flop on his couch, new bowl of whatever
in hands. He chows it down, and a few Time-Cuts take place.
We see him eating, smoking weed from many different bongs,
pipes, etc. We see him sleep, smoke more weed, laugh madly
at the cartoons and sleep more. Finally, he awakes with the
beeping of his phone alarm. He's late for work.
                                         CUT BACK:
I got so caught up that I forgot
about work, and was five minutes
late. The boss is chill so It
wasn't so bad.
You like work, you work hard, or
just... jerk off?
You kiddin' me? Im the best
delivery boy in town. I am never,
never, ever ever late. If our
delivery takes more then 30 min-
I catch your drift. How do you
occupy yourself when your not
Oh, um ,I help out with whatever I
Joey plays obsessivley on the Arcade Game, Galaga. He beats
the high score and puts in his name. We see the top ten High
Scores are all, 2. Joey, 3. Joey. And so and so forth.
                                         CUT BACK:
      (Smelling Bullshit)
Okay, so, tell me Joey. What did
this Tall Man in the suit-
-look like. Give me some details
about him, what did he say, did he
say anything?
Look, Im thirsty, get me some
water. No, get me a sprite.
You think your funny, don't you?
Listen to me when I say this. Do
you deserve to be here? Your boss
saved up for almost eight years to
open that business, it was his


                       SHANE (cont'd)
dream. You were out smoking a cig
when you were supposed to be the
clerk. But no, your " Too" Tired
to be the clerk, so he made you
stack boxes. That boss of yours,
you know his name? His name was
George, and he had a six year old
son, single father. He worked his
ass off so his son could have a
full filling life, and you know
what? His son will never see his
father again, and he wont know
why. But hey, whatever, your boss
was an asshole, and the cops are
too. Let his life go to waste, let
the truth be hidden. Never know,
next time it could be someone you
know or it could be you.
Kim is speechless, almost in tears. She puts her head down
and cries in her hands, trying to hold em back. Shane cocks
his head to the right and cackles in disgust.
                       SHANE (Cont'd)
      (Walking away)
Be right back with your Sprite,
A Young cop watches Shane's interrogation, he tries not to
grin in admiration. Ryoce stands in the corner filling a
stryophome cup with coffee. Shane enters.
                       YOUNG COP
That dead store owner didn't have
a son, did he?
      (As if obvious)
Tst, no. Take some notes and you
might learn something.
We see the Coffee spill out the espresso dispenser spout and
into Royce's cup. It fills to the tip. Shane sits on the
table and pats Royce on the shoulder.
Any luck?
Same shit; He saw the Mystery man,
got knocked out and blah, blah,
blah. Same shit. He did manage to
convince the kids of this
generation are fucked.


      (Handing him the
How 'bout you?
Well, I managed to get a little
sumthin' sumthin.
What kind a sumthin' sumthin'?
A name. Our mystery guy spitted
out a name before his diparture.
Get to the good part.
Well, it was more of a phrase,
Don't mess wit a nigga, especially
one whose got steaming hot coffee
in his hands.
Well, it starts with M- and ends
with -atherson.
No fuckin' way, Mr.Matherson? You
gotta witness who can connect him
to a crime? This Crime? These
Yes, my Brotha.
She said she heard, Tony
Not exactly, she heard,
Mr.Matherson. But no one knows his
first name but for cops. He goes
by Mr.Matherson.
You really think Captain' gonna be
up for this? No way this is enough
to open a case, I mean look, we
should be looking for the two
love-birds. Thats our case.


But if he's connected to our case,
than its open game. Look, he's got
this city by the balls, no one
does shit to stop him. Don't you
want to be a hero?
Hero? Being a hero either gets you
in the line of fire, or in a
casket. Im no hero, you ain't
either, we're just two guys out of
a million. One day we do something
heroic, the next we're stars and
the next we're forgotten. You know
he's got eyes and ears everywhere,
even here. The risk isn't worth
the payout.
How could you say some shit like
that, you sound like just another
No, I sound like a guy who wants
to live.
Im calling him in.
Let it wait till morning.
      (Dailing his Cell)
Im calling him.
N-no... White people, so jumpy.
We see Joey enter the window-less witness room. Very tight
and claustorphobic. He steps tiredly looking around the
room. Its empty of life all but for one: Kim. she sits, her
head leaning back up at the ceiling, her headphones in
blaring. He gulps and sits next to her. She doesn't notice
him and continues to hum along. He nervously coughs to ge
her attention.
      (Removing her
Um, to loud?
Uh-um, no, not at all-
      (Overlapping, as
       she puts them
       back in)
Good, I was about to tell ya to


                       KIM (cont'd)
fuck off. I had a rough day.
Really, me too. What happened to
She sighs, which is a sign for, leave me alone. He doesn't
catch the drift and continues. She, surprisingly admires his
balls out style and gives him a chance.
Saw somebody get killed, my boss.
Oh, shit, really?
After she nods: Yes.
                       JOEY (Cont'd)
Well, that tops my day. What
happened, did you get hurt?
Im fine. Now, I don't mean to be
rude, but is this why you came
over here? To ask me why Im in
this place?
No, I just wanted to sit.
We move back for a moment and see the entire Witness room.
Twenty empty seats.
There's plenty of places to seat,
other than by me. So be a good
dog, and fetch another seat.
Joey looks down with a sad face of denial. He stands and
walks to another seat. We go back anf forth and see both
Kim, and Joeys face expressions. After a few moments, he
stands again and taps her on the shoulder. She cant believe
You better have something good to
I have three, three reasons I
wanted to talk to you. 1; You look
like you've had a rough night, and
mine hasn't been a walk in the
park neither. I thought maybe
you'd like some company. 2; The
song your listening to is by my
favortie band, the Ass Ninjas. And
3; Im hungry and you seem like a
really cool person, wonderd if
you'd like to smoke some weed and
go out to a 24 hour resturant?


Wow. Very straight forward. You
really like the Ass Ninjas?
We see Joey pull up his sleeve and on his bicep is an Ass
Ninja Tatoo.
Ass Ninja's unite.
Mmmh, let me think about this...
Where you wanna eat?
Crack head bills. Sound good? I'll
Of course your paying. But what if
they still need us here? For like,
more questioning?
We're ass ninjas, remember? Fuck
the Law!
Yea, Fuck the law.
From behind, we see Kim and Joey walking out the doors,
talking deeply as they do. From darkness and destruction,
love is born. Like a pheonix.
                                         TIME CUT:
Up close, we see the captains office door, his ranks printed
on it. We slowly move back. Arguing insues, mostly of the
Captain pissed off ast the time of night. The argument ends,
and Shane and Ryoce exit. We follow Ryoce as he follows the
very upset Shane. They stop in an empty lobby.
Listen, Shane, you gotta chill.
Chill? Thats all we do, is
"chill." When we gonna stop
chilling, and start doing. This
city is falling apart in front our
eyes, and we're just chilling.
This town needs change, and if us
cops ain't gonna do it, who is?
I understand your frustration, but
their ain't shit we can do! The
captain is paid off in full by
Matherson. Its impossible to get a
file made for this guy, a case
seems astronomical. Sometimes you
gotta accept shit, man. Its only
gonna tare you apart.


Waiting for shit to get better is
taring me apart. Thats why im
gonna do something about this.
Like something stupid?
Yes, Stupid, but perfect.
Like what, spit it out?
Tonight, im gonna kill
Kill him? Like bang-bang kill him?
Yea, you ain't gonna do shit. Just
go back home and get some sleep,
you need some sleep.
You can go home and sleep, or you
can come with me and become a
Fuck all that Hero shit. This is
your life we're talking about.
      (After a long
Tell me, why'd you become a cop?
Why'd- I don't know, man. I
thought it'd be fun.
You became a cop because you
thought it'd be fun? Bullshit,
Tell me, why? Really, why?
Fuck all this, your getting to
deep for me man, you high or
I ain't high, I just want to know,
to make a point. Tell me, or you
afraid of what you'll hear? Afraid
you became just like the rest? Sad
and hollow. Or-
I forgot, okay? I fucking forgot,
nothing wrong with that! What
about you hot shot, Mr. Peter
Parker, what makes you so much


                       ROYCE (cont'd)
I became a cop to make a
difference. I was young and saw
bad shit, real bad shit, first
hand. Knowing it was wrong but not
being able to do nothing about it.
I became a cop to make change. And
the reason Im better than you is
because I care. I care about all
those people who never got the
chance, and all the people who get
pushed around and kicked in the
dirt. I care about others, you
don't give a fuck. Not a goddamn
thing, and neither does anyone
else in this fucking precinct.
We're all going to hell.
You don't know what the fuck your
talking about!
No, it became clear today. I know
exactly what Im talking about, do
Well, if you wanna make change so
bad, whats stopping you?
Mr. Matherson.
They both sit in silence. Royce lets it all sink in before
Im in.
We pan through the gun room. Its crammed full of kick-ass
and death-assured weapons. Machine guns, shotguns, pistols
and all the ammo you can hold. Tank, the weapons specialist,
sits behind the cage wall and sleeps. Shane and Royce wake
him with a loud Bang!
Wake up Poco, we got an order.
What kind of order?
A big one.
                                         FADE OUT:


Its time. This time comes and it
goes. It is, the perfect moment,
and once you've had it, it never
seizes to return. It is the moment
when all is right, and all is
balanced. It is a moment that
happens in our mind, and like
everything we hear, feel, see, or
imagine; it is all in our mind.
Our mind. We are our mind. Are we
what we choose to be, or are we
chosen to be?
                       CHAPTER 5
..........THE CONCLUSION..........
                       PART 1
                       "11:05 PM"
We fade-In where we left off at the end of Chapter 4. Connor
and Alice entering the Cab, giving Directions.
Alice gives full attention to Connor's wounds. He moans in
agony, but manages to gain back his full composure. We see
through the rear-view, Kenack glancing back at the two.
You okay?
Just dandy.
Got some problems?
No, I got many-some problems.
Nothing for you to worry about,
Can you give us a minute?
Anything you say.
Alice and Connor huddle together: whispering.
How you feeling, baby? You okay?
Im fine.
One of your ribs is broken.


I think three.
We needa go to the hospital. You
need help.
No, no hospitals. Nevermind me,
how are you holding up?
Im fine, but Im worried 'bout you.
If you don't get wrapped up, its
only gonna get worse.
      (To Kenack)
To the nearest hospital.
The hospital?
No, just keep goin' to eight
      (To Alice)
where we're goin' we'll get help,
I promise you, baby.
Wait, what the hell is goin' on?
Where we goin'?
You better not be lying.
Me, lie to you? I promise, I pink
swear promise.
Alice digs her eyes into Connor's, looking for the faintest
hint of bullshit. All is genuine.
She wraps her pinky around his and they both kiss their
Hey, forget about me? Where we
goin', and this is gonna cost ya
Sw eigth street, uptown.
Again, they sit in silence. Alice rips a piece of cloth off
her shirt and...
      (Pointing to a
       bottle water)
Can I use that?
      (Handing it back)
You can have it.


The Two have a conversation as she cleans his scrapes with
the wetted cloth.
Was that her? Ya know, your
Oh... That was...
Save it, okay? Just be glad we're
I was going to say: Thats the
coolest thing I've ever seen, and
I love you more than anything in
this world.
      (Looking up at him)
Your just saying that.
Im just saying thay, because I
mean it.
They go in for a compassionate kiss, when... RING RING. Mr.
Q's phone rings. It comes from his jacket, which is around
Connr's back.
We see Connor think for a moment, then Alice's expressions;
she shakes her head no, meaning: Don't answer it. He does.
      (Voice deepened)
Hello? Who is this?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
...Who's this?
Who I am doesn't matter. Why are
you calling this phone, who are
We see Matherson in his pajamas, laying in his California
ultimate bed. The room is ellagent, like a palace room.
Matherson is calm, now understaning who is on the other line
of the phone.
It's you. I believe you have my
money, is that so?
                       CONNOR (V.O)
It's so.


Connor Ray Bailey. Your lucky you
don't have a record, or my
informants would be faxing your
info this moment.
                                         CUT BACK:
I was one of the lucky ones. I
think its only appropraite, and to
be honest, fair, that since you
know my name, I should know yours.
Don't you think?
                                         CUT BACK:
My name is Mr.Matherson. If you
don't know me, it sure is a shame.
If you do, than you would know
enough to not take my things.
                       CONNOR (V.O)
Well I don't know ya, and
tomorrow, it wont matter. I'll be
on the other side of this planet,
doing things only I will know.
I gave you the chance to give it
back, and walk away. I never, ever
ask twice, especially if its as
much of a favor as this. But if
you agree to return the money,
I'll forget this ever happened.
                                         CUT BACK:
      (Clearing throat)
Mmh, Fuck you, Mr.Matherson. To
me, you sound like an asshole. And
ya know what? You need to be
fucked... fucked real hard, like
an asshole. I ain't giving back
your money, 'cause it ain't your
money anymore, it's mine. Its
mine, and you ain't ever getting
it back, ya hear?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
You think you can take money I
earned, and just walk away? Well
news flash Chachi, this ain't the
lottery, and im no fundraiser
niether. So, if you know whats
good for you-
Try, and you'll be dead just like
your friend.


                                         CUT BACK:
      (Calming down)
Your just a kid, a kid who works
at Movie Palace. Im the king of
this city, I ain't goin' let you
get in my head. Your dead kid,
your dead and everybody you know
is dead. And everybody they know
is dead too. You just started a
fuse that wont burn out till your
entire family tree burns with it.
Better hope five million dollars
is worth it all,no, you better
pray. 'Cause kid, im coming like
the death, and with me comes hell.
Matherson calmy sets the phone down, rests back on the bed,
his head on his hands, and hums.
                                         CUT BACK: TAXI
What happened, what he say?
      (After a long
Nothing, nothing at all.
We hear the screeching of vehicle tires. Those are drowned
out by the sound of sirens. The cop cars fly past, and they
go in all directiosn. Looking... looking for them. Kenack
parks at the curb and says...
Get out.
What, why?
Wh-why? You serious? Your beat to
hell, cops are out their searching
for you. Took me a second, but I
put two and two together. I ain't
looking for trouble, and I hate
when it finds me, which it always
does. But this time, Im walking
awa-- no, Im driving away. You
crazy fucka's are walking. I've
had enough bullshit for one day.
Its hard to explain what happened,
its a lon-
We see a wad of cash, tied by a rubber band, hurdle to the
front seat. It plops next to Kenack. We see him look,
wondering if it is what it is. He slides his hand over and
counts it, shuffleing it like a deck of cards.


Take this, no need to explain
shit. We got a deal, or what?
We got a deal. You know I could
rob you right now, take whatever
you got back there. It'd be easy.
You seem like a good guy, I hope
you wouldn't.
We see Kenack gripping his gun tightly, meanwhile, putting
the car into gear.
                       CONNOR (Cont'd)
We had a long day too, just tryin'
ta make it home.
I wouldn't say im much of a good
guy, as much as descent. If that.
So... Sw Eigth street it is.
We see Kenacks finger loosen from the trigger. We pull-Back
as he slides the gun under the seat.
Matherson is calm. Far from his normal characteristics. He
sits in his bed, breathing deeply, before walking over to
his grand painting of himself with Jesus, and sliding it
back. Behind the painting is a safe. He opens it and gets a
We see Mathersons hand dial a number. It rings.
                                         CUT TO:
We see the back of the Toothfairy, him still in his butchers
apron, as he stits in a chair. He yanks at something, but
its out of view. The ground is drenched in blood.
We slowly revolve around the Toothfairy. We hear a CLANK,
every now and then. His phone rings and he answers.
                       MATHERSON (v)
Hello, it's Matherson.
What an unexpected pleasure. Whats
troubling you, it'd be the onyl
reason for you to call me this
late. It'd be the only reason
you'd call me.


                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Someone stole a large sum of
money. 5 million dollars.
Only five million?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Its my five million. I want it
Calm down, I'll get it back. Just
tell me everything.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
I had a drop off drug deal in
downtown today. A kid, named
Conner Ray Baiely, found it and
the rest is history.
A kid? Like a kid-- child? I don't
do kids... Not for cheap.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
N-- he looks like a kid, he's like
twenty three or sumthin'.
Do you know where he lives?
                                         CUT BACK:
Matherson writes down on a piece of paper.
Yes, I'll fax you the info. You
still got the same Fax number?
                                         CUT BACK:
The 255 number.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Now, lets figure out the payment.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Agreed, and anything else you
Everything I need to know is in
his home. The home is the gateway
to a persons mind... But, if you
don't mind me asking, who'd you
send in first? Nobody sends me in
first. Im plan B.


                       MATHERSON (V.O)
We revolve around to see what the Toothfairy is yanking: The
teeth from a dead body. After yanking each tooth, he drops
it in large jar, causing the CLANKING SOUND.
The weird one? With the mask?
                                         CUT BACK:
Thats him, he's dead now. Sorta of
a good thing.
                                         CUT BACK :
I may not have room to speak, but
he deserved it.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Well he got what he deserved... I
faxed it over to you, so you
should be getting it any second...
By the way, before I go, hows the
You know, spending all my dough,
but she's not to bad. Cant live
with her cant kill her.
We see the mouth of the corpse: teeth missing.
We see the Toothfairy from behind as he stands, phone held
in place by his cheek and shoulder. With the Jar in hands he
walks through the warehouse: We follow.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Hows your daughter... whats her
name... Cherry! Hows Cerry?
Fantastic, she's five now. The
sunshine to my hell. She's
starting school this year. When
you gonna get a Mrs. and a clone?
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
When I find a woman I trust. I
might adopt a kid from Haiti or
something. Heard all the rich
people are doing it now, like a
fad or sumthin'. But lets get off
that subject. Sometime we should
get something to eat. You like
We follow him into a room full of corpses. Some rotting,
some fresh. A room of death.


Seafood makes my stomach curl, my
old lady's a vegetarian, which
makes me one. I know a nice
vegetarian restuarant in uptown,
i'll pay.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
Okay, buddy. So how long you think
till you get the cash?
By 12 PM tommorrow.
                       MATHERSON (V.O)
GREAT! I really appreciate it.
Keep me updated, okay?
Okay, goodnight.
The Toothfairy flips his phone shut and makes his way to a
closet. We see the doors slide open and inside are dozens of
jars... full of teeth. We move in close on an empty spot on
the bottom right shelf, till we're extremly close.
Toothfairy's hands come into view, and place the jar in the
empty slot.
                                         DISSOLVE TO:
We see Shane in the drivers seat, tapping nervously on the
wheel. Outside the car we see Royce on his cell phone
talking, while leaning against the car hood. They are parked
in a market store parking lot.
Royce hangs up the phone and enters.
Who was that?
Wife, she's upset, man. Heated as
all hell. You see the shit you put
me through?
I told ya you didn't have to come.
I was obligated to. Besides, you
cant handle this shit yourself.
What you tell her?
What you think? Told her I was
working late.
They sit, Royce waits for Shane to start the car, but he


                       ROYCE (Cont'd)
You having a change of heart or