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Four Leaf Road
by Corey Carroll (cac1358@uncw.edu)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

One family. One heart. One bloody road. Four Leaf Road is a story of family, love and sacrifice.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Shots of New York City. The Empire State Building, Statue of
Liberty, Broadway, Wall Street and other iconic locations.
The soundtrack plays an upbeat, Irish number.
Soundtrack fades slightly. Camera zooms in on a football
held on the ground by a dirty hand.
Ready, hike!
The ball is snapped to the quarterback. He drops back and
looks for receivers.
A receiver runs down the field, he gets open and throws up
his hand.
Men hit and smash each other to get to the quarterback, one
comes from the side. The quarterback sees him and jumps out
of the way. The defender falls flat on his face.
The quarterback sees the receiver running down field. He
steps into it and releases the ball. It whistles through the
air and sticks into the receiver's chest. He crosses the
goal line and spikes the ball.
The men in blue uniforms yell and cheer.
The quarterback steps over the defender who had been after
him and looks down at him.
Could have joined the blue like me
and Colin, but noooo...
Patrick offers his hand and helps him up.
Well, I had to play for these
guys. Everyone knows I am the most
talented brother.
Yeah, that's why you have an acre
of grass in your teeth.


The receiver walks up, it is Colin. He slaps hands with
other members of the NYPD. He walks up to Patrick and Ragan
and throws his arms around both of them.
Come on boys, let's go find our
idiot brother and have some beers.
                                         CUT TO
The soundtrack starts back up. The brothers are now seen
walking down the streets of the city. They are dressed in
black, dressy casual clothes. Ragan smokes a cigarette as
they stroll through downtown Manhattan.
Logan sits in a booth near the small stage at O'Leary's. He
looks up at the dimly lit stage with a lone microphone. He
checks his watch 5:58.
He takes a drink of his beer. He checks his watch again,
6:00. He looks over and sees Martin, the pub owner, making
his way onto the stage.
      (into the
Ladies and Gentlemen, O'Leary's is
proud to present, from Hell's
Kitchen, to Los Angeles back to
42nd Street and for some reason in
my bar…..Mr. Logan Murphy!
Logan smiles to himself and shakes his head. He slides out
of the booth and makes his way on stage.
      (while adjusting
       the microphone
Hello, Las Vegas!
Logan gets the microphone to the appropriate height.
Shit, did I just say the wrong
The crowd gives a decent chuckle.


I don't know what it is, must be
all the depressed drunks.
The crowd laughter began to grow.
You ever get around that one guy,
who tries to cheer you up? Like
all you want to do is sit there
and be pissed off but he won't let
you. You know the whole 'buck up,
big guy' asshole who seems just
determined to kill your angry
The crowd laughs even harder.
Suddenly, out of the darkness comes a sopping wet napkin
that hits Logan square in the jaw. The crowd erupts in
Logan drops his head and begins laughing at himself.
It appears my brothers desire a
word with me, this is how we
communicate in the Murphy house,
imagine what is was like to be
called in for dinner.
Logan steps of the stage and goes to the corner booth where
his brothers are cackling. Logan slides in.
Was that really necessary?
We could have thrown a beer
bottle, but we didn't want to mess
up that pretty little face of
      (trying not to
Shut up! Shut your big, fat Irish
mouth right now!
Colin grabs Logan's chin and squeezes it.


Awww, look at that handsome little
Logan laughs and swats Colin's hand away.
Oh Logan, dad wants you to return
the Beretta.
Logan looks at his brothers.
Patrick leans in and pierces a stare through Logan.
Because the job is done.
Hey boys, I have an idea, why
don't you get up there and knock
one out, it's couples night, every
couple who comes in gets a free
drink on the house and I want a
nice mood setter.
Martin startles the guys.
I don't know, Marty. We just got
finished play football and we're a
little beat.
Yeah, who do we look like, Boyz II
Come on, get up there, throw
around something smooth and get
off, this tavern doesn't always
have to be so rough, we need to
class it up a little.
The brothers look at one another.
Alright, let's do it.


The brothers slide out of the booth and take their places on
stage. Ragan sits down at the drums, Logan straps on a bass
guitar, Colin strums an acoustic and Patrick stands in front
of the microphone.
Patrick turns around to the the other guys.
You and Me.
The others nod in agreement.
      (into the
Hello Manhattan, We want to
welcome all of you to couples
night at O'Leary's. I'm Patrick
and these are my brothers, Colin,
Ragan and Bozo the Clown. Our band
is called Four Leaf and I hope you
enjoy some romance tonight with
that special someone.
Colin puts up his fingers and counts down from three. When
he reaches one he begins to strum the guitar. The soundtrack
picks up and plays "You and Me" made famous by Lifehouse.
Logan brings a gentle bass as Ragan softly taps on the
Patrick looks out towards the dark audience. The only thing
he can see is an empty two-seater table in the middle of the
bar. It is lit up by a solitary overhead light. He sings
into the microphone.
What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive.
I can't keep up and I can't back
down I've been losing…so much
time...Cause it's you and me and
all of the people with nothing to
do and nothing to lose. And it's
you and me and all of the people
and I don't know why, I can't keep
my eyes off of you...
As he sings he notices a young couple come out of the
darkness and sit at the small table. The girl is
breathtakingly beautiful. Patrick notices her right away.


She is with another guy around his age. The guy has dark
hair and dark skin wearing a leather jacket.
What are the things, that I want
to say? They just aren't coming
out right. I'm tripping on words,
you got my head spinning, I don't
know where to go from here...
Patrick stares at the girl. It seems she is staring back.
Cause it's you and me and all of
the people with nothing to do,
nothing to prove and it's you and
me and all of the people and I
don't know why, I can't keep my
eyes off of you...
The tempo picks up, Patrick grabs the neck of the
microphone. He continues gazing at the beautiful girl who
returns the favor.
There's something about you now, I
can't quite figure out. Everything
she does is beautiful, everything
she does is…right...Cause it's you
and me and all of the people with
nothing to do and nothing to lose
and it's you and me and all of the
people and I don't why, I can't
keep my eyes off of you and me and
all of the people with nothing to
do, nothing to prove and it's you
and me and all of the people and I
don't know why, I can't keep my
eyes off of you.
The girl puts her hand on her chin. Patrick tilts his head
in response.
What day is it? And in what month?
This clock never seemed so alive.


The soundtrack fades and the audience claps generously.
Patrick keeps his eyes fixated on the girl, he can't seem to
look away. She smiles and applauds.
Colin sits down his guitar.
Good job, lads.
Time for beer.
The guys hurry off stage. Patrick takes his time.
They all slide back into the booth. Patrick comes in a few
moments later.
Whoa, who is that?
Patrick doesn't look and takes a drink of his beer.
      (turning his neck
       for a better look)
I don't know, looks like she is
with some guy, though.
I know that guy.
Who is it?
Colin looks down and cracks a peanut.
Name's Frankie. He's a Luciano.
Ragan and Logan look around, their demeanors become more
They brought his brother in the
precinct the other day, Frankie
came to bail him out.
What for?


Weapons charges, nothing major.
He hasn't seen weapons yet.
Logan takes a drink of his beer.
Let's stop that talk right now,
alright? We're letting it go.
Logan throws up his hands in surrender. Patrick looks across
the room, he automatically glares at Frankie before turning
to Martin at the bar.
Marty, round of Guinness for the
Patrick, Ragan and Logan stand outside the bar. Ragan lights
a cigarette.
Well lads, I think I'll go to the
firehouse now.
He gives Patrick and Logan brotherly hugs and begins walking
down the street.
You stay safe now, you hear me?
      (without looking
Patrick turns to Logan.
You don't have to look after him
so much anymore, you know that,
What kind of brother would I be if
I didn't?


Logan smiles and nods.
Goodnight, brother.
Logan turns and begins walking down the street.
                                         CUT TO
Logan raps on a big, white, wooden door.
A sweet looking woman in her mid 50's opens the door.
Hi, son!
Logan smiles and wraps his arms around his mother, giving
her a kiss on the cheek.
Is dad around?
He's in the living room, come on
Logan steps into the penthouse. It is very spacious with
plush carpet and eight feet tall windows that give off a
magnificent view of the New York City skyline. Francis sits
in the living room watching the Notre Dame football game.
Francis, it looks like we have a
Francis turns and sees Logan smiling at him.
Logan, my boy!
Francis hops off the couch and gives his youngest son a warm


How's it going, dad?
Can't complain, son. Come on in
the kitchen, have a drink with
your old man.
They walk into the kitchen. Mahogany cabinets with fine
crystal inside line the walls. A stove top island centers
the room. Logan takes a seat on a nearby stool.
You seen your brothers today?
Yeah, actually. We just came from
Francis reaches into the cabinet adjacent the refrigerator.
Oh yeah?
Francis grabs two shot glasses and a brand new bottle of
Jack Daniels. He pours two shots.
Ol' Marty is a good man, I'll
never forget our days growing up
together in Hell's Kitchen. It was
a rough life, but I'll be damned
if we didn't have fun.
He's a character, that's for sure.
He had to grow up fast, son. He
was left without the opportunities
you and your brothers had.
What do you mean?
Marty lost his father when he was
only seven years old. His dad
worked for us in Hell's Kitchen
and was whacked by an angry
bookie. The pub was left to his
mother and finally given to him
when he was eighteen years old.


Logan looks down.
Let's go out on the patio.
Francis motions Logan to join him on the balcony. They take
their drinks out and step out onto the patio. Logan takes a
deep breath as the cool air hits him. He throws back his
So what's going on, my boy?
You know, just being a dirty cop
like always. Oh no wait, that's
Colin. I tell jokes.
Francis laughs.
Ah, yeah I guess your next-in-age
brother decided to follow in his
old man's footsteps, huh?
There is something that has been
bothering me, dad.
Francis doesn't say a word, only sits his drink on the
The other three work with dozens
of people, everyday. People who
can put them away, trained men
with guns. People who spend their
lives looking for people like us.
I know, in my heart, none of those
men should trust any of us because
of what we do for the family. If
they can't trust us, why should my
three older brothers trust them?
Men whose lives are put in their
hands and vice versa. I just don't
know who they can rely on from day
to day.
Francis looks at his son for a moment before looking out
towards the skyline.


Logan, I was a Police Commissioner
for thirty years and I have been
running the organization for even
longer. Everywhere I looked there
was a potential enemy and a
potential ally. My great uncle was
killed in Dublin by his own son.
If there is anyone who knows about
trust and distrust, it's me. To
me, there is one thing you all
have that makes your life a whole
lot easier and that's each other.
They're a blessing, son. People
will come and go in your life, but
they will always look out for you.
Logan nods his head.
Aye, Pop.
Anything exciting happen tonight?
We saw one of the Luciano boys at
You stayed out of it, right?
Colin told us they brought him
into the station not too long ago
on weapons charges, I told him he
hasn't seen weapons yet.
Did Patrick stop you?
He did, he put a stop to it very
Good, I taught you boys well.
Francis walks over and puts his hand on Logan's shoulder.


Now go home to Laura and set the
Beretta on the counter as you
Logan opens the door to his townhouse and tosses his keys on
the counter.
As he strolls through his hallway and into his bedrooms, he
stops to look at pictures of him and his wife, Laura. One in
particular of him and Luara on their wedding day, as he
looks, Martin narrates.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
Logan had always been the least
likely to get married out of the
four. He was always swooned over
by hoards of women just like
Patrick. Ragan? Well, he was a
firefighter. He had his own set of
groupies. Colin was the most
conventional but worked too hard
to bother with women. Laura had
been his first girlfriend since he
finished high school. She, much
like everyone else, had found
comfort in Logan's awkward charm.
The pride he took in making people
laugh. For her, Logan was her best
friend in the truest sense of the
Logan pulls off his shirt. He sees his wife sleeping
peacefully and leans down and kisses her on the cheek.
He pulls a blanket over her shoulders.
I love you, baby.
Ragan walks into the firehouse kitchen. His buddy, Billy, is
cooking up some burgers.
      (thick New York
There's the superstar, where you


                       BILLY (cont'd)
Just hanging with the bros.
Ragan opens his locker and sifts through it.
Oh yeah? How they doin?
Pretty good, they weren't
complaining for once.
Ragan slides some contents from his locker into the sleeve
of his jacket.
Billy flipped his burger.
You know, that was a real ass
kicking they handed us today.
Ragan shut his locker and made his way into the kitchen.
      (matter of factly)
Get used to it. Where is everyone
They're all staying at home
tonight. Chief gave us the night
off because Ladder 16 said they
had extra men on board for the
evening and wanted to give their
probies some good experience if
they could.
So all our calls are being
dispatched to 16?
Yeah, crazy right?
Some brave pricks, that's for


Ragan turned and headed for the door.
Hey, where you going?
I'm just going out back to the
Just come get me if you need me.
Ragan walks out of the firehouse and to an alley adjacent to
the firehouse. The alley is dark and lonely, lit by only one
streetlight. Ragan wanders down slowly. He comes to a six
feet tall piece of plywood. He leans it against the
building, as he is doing this, Martin narrates.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
Ragan had always been the most
laid-back and easiest to get along
with of the four brothers. Despite
being second eldest he was
probably the last one left in
charge of any kind of decision
making. That was left up to
Patrick and Colin. Patrick looked
after Ragan and Colin looked after
Logan, that was how it was done.
Whatever the protocol was for the
evening Ragan always went with the
flow without so much as a
different suggestion. He was
non-threatening, lovable and
blended into the crowd. Trusted by
everyone, Ragan was an incredible
asset to the family business. No
one ever questioned his motives or
suspected him for anything. He had
saved homes and lives. He was a
hero in greater Manhattan. Did it
bother him? His secret dark side?
Not really, he just always did as
he was told; by his chief, by his
brothers, by his dad. The way
Ragan saw it, everyone had
secrets. At least his secrets,
arcane as they may be, where for
the good of his family and the


                       MARTIN (cont'd)
Ragan stands several feet back from the sheet of plywood. He
takes a deep breath and focuses his eyes. Slowly, he lifts
his right arm to a ninety degree angle horizontal to his
God be with me.
Ragan whips his arm forward, a serrated knife shoots out
from the sleeve of his jacket with blinding speed.
Like a bullet the knife lodges into the plywood, nearly
three inches deep.
Patrick takes off his shirt in his bedroom and wanders into
the bathroom. He flips on the light and walks over to the
mirror. He stares into it leaning his hands on the granite
He walks over to the shower that has been made out of
plexiglass sterling silver and reinforced with ceramic.
Patrick sets the temperature to his exact preference,
removes his towel and hops in. The water pours down his back
and face.
He gets out of the shower, wraps a towel around his waist
and makes his way into the living room. He plops down on a
huge Italian leather couch and drifts off to sleep. During
the entire scene, Martin narrates.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
Patrick was the oldest son of the
leader of New York's most powerful
Irish Mafia family. No Irish crime
organization had ever been so
powerful in the United States, not
even in Boston. His father,
Francis was born in Boston to
Dublin's most wanted fugitive,
Thomas Murphy who had moved the
family to Boston to escape the
law. It didn't take long for the
bosses in Boston to realize Thomas
Murphy's attribution to the
organization. As a result, soon
after Francis was born the leaders
in Boston asked Thomas to run the


                       MARTIN (cont'd)
Westies organization in Hell's
Kitchen. In a matter of thirty
years Thomas built the Westies
into one of the most prominent
crime syndicates in New York
before passing the reigns to his
son, Francis. Now, Patrick was
poised to take the lead. Francis
had one particular trait he loved
about each of his sons. For
Patrick it was the he was the most
calm under pressure of all the
brothers. He dealt with it on a
daily basis in the courtroom and
unlike most people, seemed to
thrive on it. There was just
something about having something
on the line, something to lose
that made whatever he was doing
seem worthwhile. Not only that, he
was staunchly protective. He
looked after his brothers with
conviction, always willing for
something to happen to him before
anything happened to them.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Rays of bright morning sunlight trickle through the window
and poke Patrick in the eye. He opens them and rubs them. He
rolls over and checks the time on his cell phone, 8:30. He
sits the phone down and groans.
He rolls off the couch, still in his towel, and walks over
to the window. Golden yellows and burnt oranges paint
central park, cars buzz about in the morning sun.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick walks out of his building, he is dressed in a black
suede jacket and blue jeans. He strolls down the street and
passes a myriad of people, mothers with their children,
older people at the market and the occasional businessman on
the phone in their thousand dollar suits.
Patrick steps inside the coffee shop and walks up to the


Coffee. Black.
The cashier, a teenage girl, stops and waits to see if he
was joking. She gives a confused look.
I'm Irish. We like our things
plain and strong, like
whiskey...or potatoes.
The girl rolls her eyes and Patrick smiles. She steps away
for a moment and comes back with a cup of hot coffee. She
smiles, insincerely, and walks away. Patrick stops her.
Excuse me, may I see your manager?
The girl's eyes get wide. She says 'ok?' and disappears for
a moment.
A short, wavy-haired man with large-rimmed glasses returns
from the back.
Patrick! What are you doing up
this early on a Saturday?
It happens on occassion, Glen.
Patrick offers his hand and Glen accepts. Patrick sees the
girl out of the corner of his eye. She is trying to look
like she is not listening.
So where is she?
Well, it's Saturday morning, which
means last night was Friday night,
I'm assuming you had another date
last night.
Patrick leans in.
Who is that girl you having
working now?


      (looking over;
Katie? Little young for you, you
Patrick gives Glen an icy stare.
Why do you ask?
Why you having her work on a
Saturday morning, huh?
She took someone's shift, she is
trying to save up for a car, she
is the youngest out of four and
her parents were recently laid off
work. She is working really hard,
she needs some transportation to
drive her grandmother to the
doctor. She is getting too weak to
ride taxis anymore. She has
Patrick put his hand on his chin and looked over at the girl
who was smiling at a customer. He takes a checkbook out from
his jacket pocket.
      (writing a check)
Glen, I want you to do me a favor.
Here is a check for ten grand.
Tonight, I want you to go to the
best used car dealership in
Manhattan and I want you to buy
the best used car this money can
buy, do you understand?
Patrick rips off the check and hands it to Glen.
Oh wow, Patrick, that is very
Make sure it's a good one, if I
find out you bought this girl a
piece of shit, we're going to have
a little talk, alright?


You got it, Patrick.
      (flashes a smile)
Alright, you have a good day now.
Patrick turns to walk away but stops dead in his tracks. In
front of him, at a corner table is the girl from the
previous night.
He can't help but stare. Finally, he takes a deep breath and
sits down at a table across from her.
He looks at a newspaper and glances up. She is sipping
coffee and reading a magazine.
She catches his eye and looks away with a slight smile.
Patrick smiles to himself as well.
      (without looking
So you liked our performance the
other night?
She looks up, slightly confused. Finally, she realizes he is
talking to her.
Oh yeah, you guys are really good.
Eh, we've been practicing a few
How long have you guys been
playing together?
Ever since our parents bought us
those fake, electric instruments
when we were kids.
Oh, you're brothers?
For a while now.


Patrick gets up and joins her at her table.
      (offering his hand)
I'm Patrick, by the way.
      (accepting his
How long have you lived in New
I was born in Long Island. I came
to the city to work and experience
city life.
Oh yeah? What do you do?
I'm just a waitress, I know it's
lame but I really enjoy it.
Hey, I served for two years at
Nelson's, there's nothing wrong
with it, it's great work and you
meet a lot of amazing people.
It really is, I love it.
So was that a boyfriend you were
with the other night?
Who? Frankie? Oh no, we have been
talking a little but he is way too
possessive for me.
      (sipping his
You know those Sicilians.


Yeah, I guess you're right.
Any special men in your life?
Not really, but I met a really
nice guy last night at O'Leary's
after you left.
Oh yeah?
Yeah, he's actually one of...
Patrick's cell phone rings, interrupting Ashley. He looks at
his phone.
I'm sorry, this will only be one
Oh no, you're fine.
Patrick flips open the phone.
Mahair, an labhair i nGaeilge dom.
Ashley looks surprised.
Fuarthas baile breá liom,
taitneamh a bhaint as an maidin
álainn a dhéanann a cheapann tú de
Ashley raises her eyebrows and smiles.
Is breá liom tú, beannacht.
Patrick hangs up his phone.
Wow. What was that?


Oh, that was my mom, she just
wanted to make sure I got in ok
last night.
What language was that? It was so
It's what the Irish call Gaelige.
What did you say to her?
I told her this beautiful morning
reminded me of her.
Ashley tilts her head and puts her hand over her heart.
I'm sorry, you were saying
something before the phone rang,
what was it?
I totally forgot.
Soundtrack begins playing. Ashley and Patrick are shown
talking animatedly. Patrick looks at his watch and motions
for Ashley to come with him.
                                         CUT TO
They sit and eat lunch at a corner bistro. Soundtrack fades
a little for dialogue.
I'm really not allowed to tell you
all that.
Oh no, it's fine. I feel sort of
like a mob groupie, first with
Frankie and now you. I must
attract those kinds of guys.


No, you don't attract those kinds
of guys. Because I am one of a
Ashley laughs and throws a roll at Patrick. The soundtrack
picks back up.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick and Ashley are at the top of the Empire State
Building. Patrick tosses penny over the side. They yell
fake, frantic warnings to the people below. Ashley suddenly
gasps and Patrick makes a face as they both look over the
side. They run away.
                                         CUT TO
They look out the top of the Statue of Liberty. They are
adorned in tourist garb and are acting like out of towners,
they are seen laughing hysterically.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick and Ashley have fun playing video games at the
Nintendo World Store in Rockefeller Center. They playfully
shove and tease one another.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick and Ashley stand at Ground Zero. They look at the
memorials and Ashley lays her head on Patrick's shoulder. He
puts his arm around her.
                                         END MONTAGE
Patrick and Ashley sit at a small cafe in the trump tower,
eating dinner.
Ok, here's a question for you who
do you think would win in a fight
between a pack of four wolves and
a full-grown grizzly bear?
Where do you get these questions?


I have a subscription, I get them
in the mail every month.
Ashley laughs.
Well, let's see. Is it a male or
female bear?
It's a transvestite bear.
      (almost spitting
       out her water)
Shut up! Come on, seriously.
Well, you're expecting me to say
male, but what you know that I
know but you may not know that I
know, is that the female can be
just as big and aggressive.
Ah, very clever, Mr. Murphy.
But I'm going to play along. Let's
say male.
Ok, well I'm going to say bear.
      (feigning surprise)
What? You think the wolves?
Wolves are pack hunters, you have
four of them attacking from each
side, plus they are very social
creatures which means they can


But the bear is large enough to
kill one of the wolves with one
swipe, if that happens, the other
wolves will run.
Patrick playfully glares at her.
How's that, Mr. Hot Shot Lawyer?
We could use someone like you at
the firm, what kind of
qualifications do you have?
Ah, well I graduated high school,
didn't have the money to go to
college so I started working as a
waitress, made three dollars an
hour plus tips and now have worked
my way all the way up to three
twenty-seven an hour and have been
Employee of the Month for the
Moonlight Diner a grand total of
zero times.
Go on.
Ashley laughs.
                                         CUT TO
Ashley and Patrick stroll along the sidewalk at night. She
reaches her building and turns to face him.
Well, I had a really...
Patrick grabs her and pulls her in. He kisses her.
He pulls her away.
I want to see you again.
You will, I promise. Just call me.


      (looking deep in
       her eyes)
Ok, have a goodnight.
      (smiling from ear
       to ear)
Patrick turns and walks away.
The setting sun paints the cathedral with a golden hue.
Inside, Francis and Susan sit in a pew towards the back of
the church. Francis clutches a crucifix hanging from his
neck. He peers up at the statue of Christ at the altar. He
closes his eyes and crosses himself. Susan crosses herself
as well.
Hey, Mr. Murphy, guess what?
Francis and Susan whip around at the sound of Katie's voice.
Well hello, my dear, let me guess,
you're just as beautiful as
Katie giggles.
No, I finally got a car!
Oh that's wonderful! Francis,
isn't that wonderful?
That's great, Katie. Finally save
up enough money, huh?
No, you're never going to believe
this, one of our customers came in
two weeks ago and gave my boss a
check for ten thousand dollars and
told him to buy me a car!


Oh, Katie, that's probably the
nicest thing I've ever heard of.
Wow, you see, The Good Lord will
send you angels and bless you if
you do good things.
                       PRIEST KERRY
I suppose that means you haven't
came in contact with many angels
in your day.
A tall, slender man in clergy attire sneers from behind
them. It is one of the priests' Arthur Kerry. They all look
up at him as he saunters up.
God knows my heart.
                       PRIEST KERRY
      (leaning in)
He also knows your bank account,
did you know we have a public
school teacher here that gave more
than you last month?
Francis clenches his jaw.
                       PRIEST KERRY
Perhaps you need all that blood
money for something, after all,
it's not cheap to live in a
Kerry turns to Katie.
                       PRIEST KERRY
Katie, I need to see you, please.
Katie's demeanor changes to a slight hint of fright. She
slowly gets up and walks down the aisle. Kerry smiles at
Francis and Susan and leaves down the aisle as well. Francis
sits fuming as Susan grabs his arm.
Patrick sits at his desk in his office that has an
immaculate view and reads over a stack of papers. His phone


vibrates and falls off his desk. He picks it up and looks at
the caller. Logan. He flips it open.
What's up?
Where the hell have you been?
What do you mean?
It's just been me and Ragan at
O'Leary's the last two weeks, you
and Colin finally find a couple
nice guys to spend your lives
      (still looking
       over papers)
Fuck you, asshole.
Well, tell me something at least.
Alright, look, I've just had so
much to do here at the firm
lately. I haven't been able to
talk to anybody.
What has suddenly been tying you
up at the firm?
Well, for one I have every fucking
prick in Manhattan, knocking off
convenient stores or trying to
steal a piece of shit Geo, so I've
been swamped with all their dumb
And what else?
What do you mean, what else?


Some other reason you have been
Do you think I'm hiding something
from you or something?
Nah, it's just that the reason
Colin...you know what...I'll let
him tell you.
Patrick looks confused.
Anyway, I think we all need to go
out on Friday night.
You got it, bro. Count me in.
Francis sits on his couch and sips Scotch. He seems lost in
You alright, dear?
Yeah, sometimes I wonder if we did
the right thing.
Right thing?
You know, with the boys, bringing
them up in this world.
Oh, honey. This is the life we all
chose. You taught the boys well,
you taught them the difference
between right and wrong. That's
all parents can do.
Francis grabs Susan's hand and smiles at her.


There is an urgent knock on the door.
Francis and Susan look at one another for a second. A second
frantic knock prompts Francis to jump up and rush to the
door. When he opens it he finds Katie, crying hysterically.
She collapses into Francis' arms and he leads her inside.
Susan hurries over.
Katie, sweetheart, what's the
I can't do it anymore, I can't.
What is it, darling?
Katie collapses to her knees there in the kitchen. Crying
Priest Kerry.
What about him, Katie? What
He rapes me.
Francis and Susan both grimace.
He has been doing it since I was
Francis remains stoic. He puts his arm around Katie as she
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Katie is lying her head on Susan's lap while Susan strokes
her hair. Francis sits in a nearby chair and watches Katie
cry herself to sleep. During the scene, Martin narrates.


                       MARTIN (V.O.)
For the next couple hours Katie
went on about the horror she had
been put through over the last
several years. She explained how
he had dragged her into his office
and molested her every time she
came to help at church. She felt
she couldn't possibly tell her
parents and since they were the
ones taking her to church she had
to endure it. She recalled crying
for months at a time, every night,
until she learned to live with it.
Kerry would threaten to tell the
Bishop and have her family
ex-communicated for trying to
commit sinful acts in the House of
God. He tortured her, blackmailed
her and engage her in dangerously
novel sexual acts that would cause
her to bleed, sometimes
internally. She held in the pain
the whole time.
Francis gets up and makes his way to his bedroom.
He sits on his bed and puts his head in his hands. After a
moment, he reaches over, grabs the phone and dials.
                                         CUT TO
Ragan sits in his firehouse eating a turkey club sandwich.
His phone rings, he looks at the caller. Unknown. He flips
it open.
Faigh deartháireacha agat. Poist
Ragan hangs up the phone.
                                         CUT TO
Francis opens his door. Ragan, Colin and Logan are standing
there. Francis nods them in. They pass by their mother in


the living room without looking at her and head onto the
balcony. Francis slowly walks through the living room. He
smiles at his wife and gives her a kiss on the cheek. During
these interactions, Martin narrates.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
Ragan promptly called Colin and
Logan. He didn't call Patrick.
That was the rule. If Francis
called a certain brother, that
certain brother contacted any and
every brother younger than him.
This meant Patrick was not
involved. They did not look at
their mother on the way to the
balcony. That was another rule.
They were not allowed to look
their mother in the eye before a
job. They marched out like
Francis pulls the balcony door shut.
                                         SCREEN TO BLACK
Colin sits in a squad car outside a Manhattan residential
area, walking distance from the city.
Dim street lights cast shadows along the neighborhood. Colin
stares toward a Dutch Colonial house.
A figure emerges from the front door, it is Priest Kerry. He
steps off his porch and begins walking along the sidewalk.
Colin puts the squad car in drive and creeps along the
sidewalk, stalking Kerry. After a few seconds he hits the
gas and pulls up alongside Kerry.
Kerry stops.
                       PRIEST KERRY
Is something wrong, officer?
Colin gets out of the car and pulls his hat down over his
Sir, you're going to have to come
with me.


                       PRIEST KERRY
I really don't see what the
problem is.
Colin grabs Kerry by the hair and throws him against the
patrol car.
This is not a fucking discussion.
                       PRIEST KERRY
Ok, ok.
Colin puts Kerry in the patrol car.
                                         CUT TO
Colin drives as Kerry rides in the back.
                       PRIEST KERRY
So where are we going?
Well, I know where you are going.
                       PRIEST KERRY
Straight to hell.
The pull up to Ragan's firehouse. It seems deserted. Ragan
appears from the dark entrance and casually waves. He takes
one last drink of a beer and smashes the bottle on the
asphalt. He walks over to the patrol car and opens the
backseat door. He peers in at Kerry and smiles.
Welcome to hell, I'll be your tour
Ragan pulls Kerry out of the car. Kerry begins to yell,
Colin punches him in the face and ties a cloth around his
mouth as Ragan holds him.
You know, Parson, I understand as
a man of the cloth that a lot of
people put their trust in you.


I think that is correct, officer.
Ragan and Colin lead Kerry to the abandoned alley beside the
fire station.
But, if I heard correctly, it
seems you have the hots for
underage, unwilling girls in
Oh man, the hots, huh?
Ragan and Colin throw Kerry to the ground. He is obviously
terrified. He tries to scream through the cloth.
Well, that's what I hear, of
course that could just be rumors.
Maybe we should know the facts
first. What are the facts,
Colin unzips Kerry's pants and rips them off while he
condecends him.
Kerry screams through the cloth.
He's silent, officer.
Well, guess that means its true.
Ragan, lets cool this guy off.
Ragan runs around the corner and appears seconds later with
a water hose that has a large body and a small neck.
Ragan and Colin look at one another and grin.
Ragan shoves the neck of the water hose directly into
Kerry's rectum. Kerry screams in pain.
Doesn't feel too good does it,
Colin nods at Ragan. Ragan walks around the corner and turns
on the water to full blast.


Kerry kicks hysterically. He screams until his voice becomes
Water spews out from between his legs. He cries and screams
in excruciating pain. After a few more seconds, Ragan turns
off the water.
Ragan walks back over. Him and Colin pick Kerry up from the
ground. His legs have lost feeling and they have to hold him
up. Colin takes the cloth off of Kerry's mouth.
Hey guys, what's up?
Logan appears from the darkness.
Ragan looks at Kerry.
Here's your chance, Rev. Call for
                       PRIEST KERRY
      (barely audible)
Help me.
Logan chuckles.
Logan pulls out a suppressed pistol and pumps three bullets
into Kerry's head. Blood sprays all over Ragan and Colin.
They throw Kerry to the ground.
Nice shot, little brother.
They all laugh with contentment.
Just another day at the office.
Patrick strolls down a crowded street. Dressed in a sharp
suit and sipping coffee.
He pulls open the large door to an office building.
                                         CUT TO


Elevator door opens. Patrick steps in and smiles at the
fellow passengers.
He looks at the numbers as he rides the elevator to the
appropriate floor.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick steps out of the elevator into a busy lobby area. He
approaches the receptionist at the front desk.
I'm here to see Mr. Louendowski.
Ok, do you have an appointment?
We have a meeting.
Oh, are you with the Police
I am.
Ok, may I have your name?
Troy Mayweather.
Ah, you must be the police
commissioner's son. Ok, one
The receptionist picks up the phone and dials an extension.
Mr. Louendowski, there is a Mr.
Mayweather here to see you.
The receptionist hung up the phone and pointed Patrick
towards a big, wooden door around the corner.


Thank you.
Patrick steps around the corner and walks through the door.
He steps into a huge office with an immaculate view of the
Mr. Mayweather, how can I help
Louendowski is a tall man with neatly combed hair and
expensive reading glasses. He goes through papers on his
We'll see.
Patrick walks over and grabs a picture off Louendowski's
Is this your family?
Louendowski's demeanor goes from confused to excited.
Yes, that's my wife Patricia and
my nine year old son, Brandon.
Very beautiful family.
Thank you.
Patrick sits the picture frame down and walks toward the
window, looking out to the city.
I suppose we need to talk about
this investigation, huh?
Absolutely, what are your
Patrick turns around and grins.
I think we need to call it off.


I beg your pardon.
Patrick continues to grin smugly at Louendowski. He turns
back around to the window.
Counselor, have you ever heard the
story of Mr. McGregor's garden?
What are you getting at, Mr.
Patrick does not turn around, instead he paces along the
windows, peering out over the city.
Well, as you may or may not know,
in this particular story a rabbit
by the name of Peter Cottontail
nearly gets his head blown off by
an angry farmer named Mr.
McGregor, you know why?
Patrick walks over and leans in at Louendowski sitting at
his desk.
Because he was in his fucking
Are you trying to intimidate me,
Mr. Mayweather? Show me your
Patrick grins.
You want to see my credentials?
Patrick walks over to his briefcase and unlatches it.
Patrick fiddles around for a second before cocking a
He slams the briefcase shut to reveal a 1911 suppressed
Louendowski's clutches the arm of his chair in terror.


My God! Are you insane?
Patrick begins pacing the office, keeping the gun aimed
squarely at Louendowski.
You see Counselor, you and your
Polack detective buddies don't
seem to understand who's garden
your in.
      (blurting out)
Who the fuck are you?
Patrick leisurely walks over and sticks the gun to the back
of Louendowski's head.
Patrick Murphy.
Louendowski begins to shake in fear. He looks at the picture
of his family on his desk. A tear escapes from his eye.
So, unless you want Mr. McGregor
to pay a little visit…
Patrick fires a silenced bullet through the picture of
Louendowski's family. The frame falls off the desk.
I suggest this investigation be
terminated. Say, the unit in
Brooklyn received a confession,
which was good because evidence
would have been really hard to
find. Sound good?
Louendowski nods his head up and down. His eyes are red and
tear-stained. Patrick uncocks the gun, walks over to his
briefcase, puts the gun in, shuts the briefcase and adjusts
his tie.
Nice meeting with you, Counselor.
Have a nice day.
Patrick walks out and gently shuts the door behind him.
                                         CUT TO


Patrick smiles and waves at the receptionist as he walks
Patrick comes out of his bathroom with a v-neck t-shirt on
and shorts. He grabs a grey remote and hits a button. "Black
Balloon" by the Goo Goo Dolls begins playing.
He hits another button and the cranking of automatic blinds
comes down, darkening the room. Patrick falls on his bed and
looks up at his ceiling.
Tiny, fluorescent light bulbs serves as tiny stars in his
ceiling, mapping out the constellations of a night sky.
He stares up at the fake stars as the music plays.
He gets up from the bed and walks out into the living room.
He squints as the light pours in from the windows. He walks
to the kitchen counter where is phone is charging.
He picks it up and looks at the piece of paper beside it. It
is Ashley's number. He stares at it for a moment.
He takes a deep breath and flips it open.
There is a gentle knock at the door. Patrick sighs and sits
the phone down. He walks over to the door.
As soon as he opens it all three of his brothers rush in and
dogpile him. They all yell collectively in excitement.
Colin gives him a noogie while Logan and Ragan playfully jab
You guys are insane.
      (helping Patrick
       from the floor)
You really saved our ass
Well boys, that's how it's done.
Patrick walks to the fridge and pulls out four Killian's and
passes them to his brothers.


We certainly did a number on that
guy, that's for sure.
Logan takes a swig of his beer.
Yeah bro, we fucked him up.
Yeah, I heard. Water hose in the
ass, huh?
And three titanium bullets in the
Patrick shrugs and takes a drink of his beer.
So what do you say? You up for a
celebration tonight? We're
thinking some Guinea food.
Yeah, we'll go throw down some
penne at the Plaza then head over
to the Four Seasons for drinks.
Ah, Four Seasons, huh? Yous some
high maintenance Micks.
Well, it's sort of a special
occasion too.
Oh yeah? What's that?
I met a girl at O'Leary's, we've
been seeing each other for a
couple weeks.
Patrick smacks his hands and yells in jubilation.
Alright! That's my boy!


Patrick walks over to the sink and fills his empty beer
bottle with water.
Shall I christen the pussy?
Patrick's holds the beer bottle up.
Logan and Ragan both shout "christen" in unison.
      (in a regal voice)
Very well, shall your journey be
very long, hard and wet!
Logan and Ragan yell "huzzah".
Patrick hammers the top of the beer bottle with his palm,
shattering the bottom out of the bottle.
Colin's smile is plastered on. He blushes slightly.
Just be at Lecci's at eight.
                                         FADE OUT
Granite tabletops, crystal goblets and sterling silver
utensils. Men in thousand dollar suits with their families
or dinner meetings.
Couples celebrating their anniversaries, waiters dressed in
tuxedos. Live classical music and everything making the
place up-scale.
Patrick is walking down the street in three-piece suit and
approaches the front door of restaurant.
Aye, bro.
Patrick turns to see Ragan walking up.


Patrick gives his brother a hug.
You look sharp, tonight.
Well, this is Colin's girl, I
figured somebody needed to make a
good first impression.
Ragan laughs.
You know what he's been saying
about this girl?
Ragan lights a cigarette.
Patrick shrugs.
He told Logan he can't stop
thinking about her. That she might
be the one.
Blah, blah, blah, right? I mean,
it's only been two weeks.
That's true.
Ragan throws down his cigarette and stamps it out.
Patrick opens the front door to the restaurant and allows
Ragan to enter first into the crowded lobby.
Hey, tell them I will be right
there, have to stop by the
restroom first.
You got it.
Ragan disappears into the crowd.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick emerges from the restroom. He weaves his way in and
out of people as he approaches the hostess' stand. The
hostess is an attractive woman in her mid to late thirties.


How can I help you, sir?
Hi, I'm just trying to find my
Patrick scans the dining room.
He looks amongst the sea of elite patrons. Suddenly, he sees
her. Ashley. He stops and stares for as long as he can.
He can't see who she is with, another waiter is in the way.
She smiles and he looks confused.
The waiter moves. The arm around her belongs to Colin.
Patrick clenches his jaw.
Name, sir?
Patrick continues to stare at the table.
I found them.
Patrick begins to walk toward the table. He keeps his gaze
on Ashley. As he gets closer she catches his eye. Her
demeanor changes, she looks down.
Hey, there he is!
Colin gets up from the table and gives Patrick a handshake
and a hug.
Ashley, I want you to meet my
biggest brother in the world, it's
because of him that we are here
tonight, celebrating. I don't know
how he did it but he marched right
into the district attorney's
office and had the whole
investigation about us thrown out.


Ashley offers her hand. Patrick accepts.
How do you do?
I do just fine.
Colin playfully pops Patrick in the chest, Patrick smiles
sadly. Ashley smiles too and looks directly at Patrick.
Patrick looks away.
Have a seat, brother.
Logan is sitting beside Ragan with his arm around his wife.
Colin and Patrick take a seat.
Patrick picks up a menu and stares at it intently, hiding
behind it.
You guys see the Notre Dame game
Yeah, 48-35? I mean, play some
fucking defense, guys.
Patrick glances up from his menu and sees Colin whispering
in Ashley's ear. He tenses up.
I know, Jesus Christ.
      (blurting out)
So where did you guys meet?
Colin and Ashley look up, somewhat surprised.
We actually met at O'Leary's,
remember the night we played for
couple's night and we saw her in
there with...
I remember.
A waiter walks up.


Can I get you guys anything to
No thanks, I'm already floored.
Everyone looks at each other, confused.
You're already floored?
      (without looking
       up from his menu)
It's just an expression. Some
water will be fine.
The waiter receives the other's drink orders. Patrick keeps
his stare on Ashley, she looks back with a sad expression.
Patrick tenses up and looks away.
Colin leans down and gives Ashley a kiss on the cheek.
Patrick clenches once again and stands up from the table.
Guys, I just remembered I have a
date tonight.
He stares at Ashley.
I'm going to have to take off.
Everyone collectively displays their displeasure.
Colin laughs.
Ashley, that's my brother. Always
the ladies man.
      (looking up at
He must be.
Patrick leans down and offers his hand to Laura, Logan's


Laura, it was wonderful to see you
again. You get more beautiful each
Thank you, Patrick.
The waiter walks by, Patrick stops him and slips a hundred
dollar bill in his front pocket.
Keep the change.
Patrick turns back around to the group. He walks over to
Ashley's place at the table. He grabs her hand and kisses
It was nice to meet you.
Ashley's eyes well.
You too.
Patrick turns and walks away.
                                         FADE OUT
Ashley sips on a martini at a bar in the Four Seasons Hotel.
Colin has his arm around her talking to Ragan, Logan and
Laura. Ashley is distractable and lost in thought.
She looks around. Everything is so ritzy. Men at other
tables sport thousand dollar watches, women wear solid gold
She looks out the massive window in the lobby. In the
distance she sees the illuminated sign "Dean & Doluca". She
looks longingly for a moment.
You guys, I'm sorry, I just
remembered I have the morning
shift tomorrow at work, I think I
better go.
Everyone let out a sigh of disappointment.


Ok, well it was great having you.
Very nice meeting you.
Laura offers her hand and Ashley accepts.
Thank you, this was wonderful.
Nice to meet you, Ashley.
Ragan offers his hand as well. Ashley accepts.
You too, Ragan.
Let me walk you out, sweetie.
He puts his hand on her back and walks her toward the door.
They step out to the street.
Colin throws a scarf around her.
I hope you had a great time
I did.
You ok?
Oh yeah, I'm just tired.
Ok, well I'll call you tomorrow.
Colin leans down and kisses Ashley on the cheek.
She turns and makes her way down the street. Colin watches
her walk away before walking back inside.


Ashley approaches the outside entrance of O'Leary's. She
hears the commotion of drunk people from outside. She opens
the door.
When she walks inside she sees the whole bar singing in a
drunken chorus.
She spots Patrick at the bar, he had relaxed his dress and
was now just wearing a button-up shirt and baseball cap with
arms thrown around men on either side of him, swaying and
leading the entire bar in song.
      (drunkedly singing)
Kiss me, I'm Irish, I am the wild
rover, my eyes they are smiling
and I'm seldom sober…
The bar sings along, although not on key or even together.
Patrick raises his glass as does everyone else.
      (drinkedly singing)
And I like my whiskey, and I love
to dance. So if you're feeling as
lucky as me, take a chance. And
kiss me, I'm Irish.
The song ends and all the patrons yell and applaud.
Ashley stands in the corner. Patrick turns back to the bar.
Hey Marty, round of Killian's for
the choir.
Ashley walks up to Patrick.
Patrick turns around almost instantly sobers up.
Well, hey there.
I just came to see if you were ok.
Patrick turns around and grabs his beer.


Yeah, why wouldn't I be?
Well, because...
Because what? Because the girl I
had the most amazing day of my
life with is dating my brother?
Ashley sighs and looks down.
So…what? Do you just sit at coffee
houses on the weekends and draw
guys in, make them think they have
found this incredible thing right
out of the sky, for fun?
A stray tear falls from Ashley's cheek.
Patrick, it's not like that.
Then what is it like, huh? Why
don't you fill me in?
Ashley wiped the tears from her eyes.
You were all I could think about
for two weeks, even now I see that
I can't just erase you from my
mind. I didn't hear from you, I
thought it was just a one time
thing, Colin is sweet and
wonderful, I'm just giving him a
Patrick finished his beer and slammed it down on the bar.
Look, my brothers are the single
most important thing in my life.
If there is any chance that he can
be happy with you, I think you
need to be with him.
Patrick throws on his jacket and begins to walk out.


Patrick, wait!
Patrick doesn't hear her, he continues making his way across
the bar.
She looks up on the stage and sees a guitar and lone
microphone. She looks back at Patrick who is still walking
In a moment she runs onto the stage and taps on the
microphone. Everyone including Patrick stops and turns.
Hi everybody, I have a song I
would like to play, it's very
sweet but I'm not very good so
bear with me.
She takes a deep breath and begins to play. The soundtrack
starts up playing "From Where I'm Standing" made famous by
Schuyler Fisk.
She leans into the microphone and begins to sing.
From where I'm standing, you're
the quiet side of the road. You're
looking so lonely and I can't stop
looking at you. You're head is
hanging trying to beat those
goodbye blues. I bet you'll be
Patrick stares at Ashley on stage, obviously captivated.
I guess it's not the way you
always planned it. Looks like
you're headed for a crash landing.
That's just the way it looks from
where I'm standing…
She looks at Patrick, he is still there, watching her.
From where I'm standing, I think I
caught you're eye. Are you looking
at me, cause I swear I saw you
smile and I'm coming over going to
take things off your mind. I bet


                       ASHLEY (cont'd)
you'll be fine…
They both look at one another. They refuse to take their
eyes away.
guess it's not the way you always
planned it. Looks like you're
headed for a crash landing. That's
just the way it looks from where
I'm standing…From where I'm
The soundtrack stops. Ashley looks at Patrick. He pulls his
hat down farther and walks out.
Slow time lapse shows the red and orange maple trees in the
park shedding their leaves then being covered with snow.
During time lapse, Martin narrates.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
The months began to pass.
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New
Year's came and went. Patrick
buried himself at work to try and
get his mind off things and
avoided sights of Ashley and Colin
as best he could. The holidays
made it hard. Occasionally Patrick
would oblige Colin's persistent
attempts to get together, even if
just for a drink at O'Leary's.
Patrick thought that maybe, over
time, he would get used to seeing
Ashley and Colin together,
however, not much time could tell
that he was wrong.
                                         FADE OUT


Patrick pours over case evaluations on his desk. He picks up
a document and looks at it, confused.
      (to himself)
Johnson's BMW Dealership versus
Shasha Antropov?
He shakes his head in dismay.
      (to himself)
Some Russian stole a car right out
of the dealership? Now, that's a
He sits the paper down on his desk, gets up and walks over
the windows in his office.
He looks out into the clear sky and sees a snow-covered
Empire State Building. He sighs.
There is a knock on the door.
Come in.
Yvonne, Patrick's secretary, appears in the doorway.
Your brother is here to see you,
Mr. Murphy.
Tell Ragan I don't have any
fucking Ranger tickets.
No sir, it's Colin.
Patrick looks sheepish and chuckles lightly.
Ok, great. Send him in.
Colin comes through the doorway a moment later and greets
his brother with a hug.
Hey bro.


Hey buddy.
It's been hard to find time to see
each other, huh?
Yeah, you know how the holidays
are, crime crime crime.
Yeah, we've been pretty swamped at
the precinct as well, how many
dates you got lined up for
Valentine's Day tomorrow night?
Patrick smiles to himself.
I know how you feel, this is the
first Valentine's Day in a while
that I've had somebody. Ashley
said that…
Is there something you wanted to
ask me?
Oh, well, yeah, I was going to see
if you were going to come out with
us tomorrow night. You know, Logan
has that comedy gig at the Plaza,
some Valentine's HBO special.
Patrick stuffs his hands in his pockets.
I don't know.
Come on, bro, you've hardly been
around the last couple months.
We're all worried about you. I
know something is bothering you, I
just don't know what. You may you
think you're hiding it, Patrick
but you're not. Just come out with


                       COLIN (cont'd)
us, we miss seeing you
Patrick sighs and seems to deliberate for a second.
Alright, count me in.
                                         SCREEN TO BLACK
Ashley sprays a spritz of perfume on her neck. She looks in
her bathroom mirror and puts a strand of hair behind her
ear. She is dressed eloquently.
She walks out of the bathroom and over to her kitchen
counter where her purse sits. On the counter sits a penny.
The penny is face up. Ashley stares at the penny for a
                       PATRICK (V.O.)
What do you really think happens
when you drop a penny from the top
of the Empire State Building?
                       ASHLEY (V.O.)
I don't know, you should try it!
A knock on the door startles her out of her thoughts.
She goes and opens the door. It is Colin. He smiles and
gives her a kiss.
You ready?
Ashley takes a deep breath.
As I'll ever be.
Colin offers his hand. Ashley takes it and closes the door
behind her.
                                         FADE OUT


Soundtrack begins, plays "Come Fly With Me" by Frank
Shots of traffic buzzing along Central Park South and 5th
Avenue. Outside grand shot of the Plaza Hotel. Dressed up
attendees filing into the hotel.
A sharply dressed host leads Colin, Ashley, Patrick, Ragan,
Ragan's date and Laura to a table in the front row.
                                         CUT TO
Soundtrack fades momentarily.
Logan takes the stage to thunderous applause.
                                         CUT TO
Television cameras swivel back and forth.
                                         CUT TO
      (to the crowd)
I'm Irish-American, my grandfather
came over from Dublin. He was good
friends with Arthur Guinness. I'm
good friends with his beer.
The crowd roars with laughter. Patrick sneaks a peek of
Ashley at the table. Soundtrack picks back up for a few
seconds then fades.
                                         CUT TO
Patrick sits at a table in a ballroom in the hotel. He sits
by himself sipping a beer.
He watches Logan dance with Laura on the dancefloor. An
eager fan comes and shakes his hand. Patrick smiles to
Patrick shifts his focus to Ragan who is dancing with his
date. He also smiles watching Ragan attempt to dance but
almost trip over himself.


*Wham* Patrick receives a hearty slap on the back that
almost makes him spit out his beer. He looks up and sees
Colin with Ashley by his side.
You having fun over here?
As soon as I'm able to breath, I
will be.
Ashley giggles quietly.
I think you should take Ash out
here for a dance.
Patrick nearly chokes on his beer.
Oh no, I'm sure Patrick doesn't
want to do that.
Yeah, I'm ok, really.
No, come on, you've been sitting
here all night, I thought you were
the athlete? Plus, I have to go
use the restroom anyway.
The soundtrack begins playing a bouncy, romantic number.
What do you say, huh? Do it for
Patrick sighs.
Patrick gets up from his chair and unbuttons his collar.
There's a good lad.
Colin darts off.


Patrick and Ashley awkwardly make their way onto the dance
You don't have to do this if you
don't want to.
Just give me your hand.
Patrick takes her hand and pulls her into him. She gasps
He starts moving to the music, not missing a beat. His moves
are fluid and on time with the melody.
Ashley's eyes get big as he throws her out and pulls her
back in. Clearly he knows how to dance.
He throws her out and pulls her in again, this time wrapping
his arms around her. They sway to the music.
After a minute of dancing, smiles creep across their faces.
They begin to laugh and enjoy themselves.
Logan and Ragan watch from a few feet away. They are even in
awe at Patrick's dancing talent.
Once again Patrick throws her out and pulls her in, this
time she puts her arms around his neck and looks him
straight in the eyes.
They dance for remainder of the song, laughing and smiling
as wide as ever.
Finally, the soundtrack fades. Patrick and Ashley look at
one another for a few seconds.
                                         FADE OUT
Patrick opens the door to the dark penthouse and flips on
the light. The rest of the group is laughing and stumbling
their way in. Patrick tosses the keys on the counter.
      (in awe)
Oh wow.
Ashley looks around at the immaculate apartment.


Yeah, yeah, two thousand square
feet, blah blah blah, let's just
be glad dad and mom decided to jet
off to Dublin this weekend so we
could stay here. but first thing
is first, Logan and Laura in
bedroom number one, Me and Ashley
in bedroom number two, Ragan and
Allison in bedroom number three
and Patrick gets the whole living
room to himself, sound good?
                                         CUT TO
Patrick lies on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. He
can't sleep. He gets up from the couch and begins pacing the
living room which is dimly lit by a solitary floor lamp.
He walks over to the grand piano in the corner of the living
room. He runs his fingers across the slick, polished wood.
                                         CUT TO
Ashley opens her eyes. She sits up in bed. There is music
playing in the background. She looks over at Colin who is
sound asleep.
The music compells her to step out of bed. She tip toes her
way to the door and listens to the melodic sounds.
Slowly she steps out.
She tip toes out of the bedroom, slowly she makes her way
into the living room and peeks around the corner.
She sees Patrick playing the piano. She stops and watches
his fingers move across the keys with grace. The music is
beautiful and classical.
She slowly starts to approach him. He looks up and sees her
but continues playing.
She sits down beside him on the piano bench.
What is it?
Chopin. Nocturne in G Minor.
Ashley looks up at him.


It's beautiful.
Patrick plays a last note and stops. He seems as if he is
about to say something but quickly stops.
I want to play something for you.
Really? What is it?
Patrick didn't answer, instead he began playing.
After a few opening notes, he starts singing.
Buachaill ón Éirne mé 's
bhréagfainn cailín deas óg
Ní iarrfainn bó spré léi tá mé
fhéin saibhir go leor
'S liom Corcaigh da mhéid é, dhá
a' ghleanna 's Tír Eoghain
'S mura n-athraí mé béasaí 's mé
n' t-oidhr'
ar Chontae Mhaigh Eo...
Ashley puts her hand over her heart as she listens.
Rachaidh mé 'márach ag dhéanamh
leanna fán choill
Gan choite gan bád gan gráinnín
brach' ar bith liom
Ach duilliúr na gcraobh mar
éadaigh leapa os mo chionn
'S óró sheacht m'anam déag thú 's
tú 'féachaint orm anall...
Ashley scoots a little closer toward Patrick.
Buachailleacht bó, mo leo, nár
chleacht mise ariamh
Ach ag imirt 's ag ól le h'ógmhná
deasa an tsliabh
Má chaill mé mo stór ní moide gur
chaill mé mo chiall
A's ní mó liom do phóg ná'n bhróg


                       PATRICK (cont'd)
atáim ag caitheamh le bliain.
Patrick plays a few final notes and stops. He turns to
Ashley and smiles.
That was incredible.
Why thank you.
What does it mean?
It translates to..I'm a boy from
Ireland, and I could charm a nice,
young girl. I would not ask for
her wealth, for I am rich enough
myself. I own a good part of Cork,
two sides of the glen in Tyrone.
And not to repeat myself, I am the
heir of county Mayo...
Patrick leans in.
I will go tomorrow to make ale in
the woods. Without a cot, without
a boat, without a pinch of gruel
for me. But leaves of the branches
as bedclothes over my head. And
think "well done for you" as you
watch me over there. A cowherd, my
pet, I've never been accustomed to
be. Instead of playing and
drinking with the nice, young
women. If I lost my riches I
probably didn't lose my senses.
And your kiss is no more to me
Patrick pauses.
No more to me than, what?
Nope, you'll have to look it up.


No! They don't have
Gaelic-American dictionaries.
Well, I guess you're out of luck.
Ok, ok, it was still beautiful,
was it like an old Irish proverb
No, it was recorded by the Corrs
in the late 90's.
Ashley gasps and playfully slaps Patrick's arm.
You jerk, I thought it was
Patrick smiles at her.
It is now.
Ashley blushes and looks down.
Sounds good man.
Patrick and Ashley whip around, startled. Ragan stands in
his bedroom doorway.
Jesus Christ, you scared the shit
out of me.
I didn't want to interrupt you.
Ragan winks and makes his way to the fridge. He reaches in
and grabs a beer.
He starts to walk back into his bedroom.
Ragan stops but doesn't turn around.


Put it back.
Damn it!
Ragan puts the beer back into the refrigerator. Ashley and
Patrick burst out in quiet laughter.
                                         FADE OUT
The group sits around a small table at O'Leary's the
following night for dinner.
What do you guys say to a little
I'm intrigued Murphy, what are the
Whoever can order the greasiest,
fattiest dinner without throwing
up, gets the pot.
How much is the ante?
10 bucks a piece.
You're on!
Everyone throws a ten in the middle of the table. Martin
walks up.
Aye, lads. What can I get for you
I'll have the Turkey Club.


What the fuck? That's not
Yeah, nice dress, Alice.
Hey, it's wrapped in bacon.
Come on, guys, you know Patrick
has to keep up that six-pack.
Patrick chuckled slightly. He looks at Colin, who is not
Fine, Give me the Coney Island Hot
Dog, all the way.
Everyone nods and is impressed.
Fried chicken, double.
You can tell Ragan is a
firefighter, he even likes his
food as cooked as you can fucking
get it.
Whamburger, extra mayonnaise.
Oh yeah? Are you and the wifey
going to share?
Logan's expression sours.
The table laughs. Laura smiles at Logan and squeezes his


Whamburger, extra mayonnaise and
extra hash browns.
Everyone looks around in amazement at one another.
Step back!
We have a winner!
Ashley blushes as everyone laughs and has a good time.
Coming right up, fellas.
Martin walks away. Colin turns to Ashley.
I bet you could get up there on
that stage and blow us all away
with a song.
Oh no, I wouldn't be that good.
Patrick pretends not to listen.
I bet you're wrong, I bet you're
good. Patrick, don't you believe
she would be really good?
Oh yeah, she actually sounds
Patrick stops himself.
Colin looks at him confused, Ashley looks away.
How do you know?
Patrick looks nervous.
You know what I mean, she just
looks like she would be good at
Colin still appears confused.


Have you heard her?
No, forget it.
Good, because I got dibs on
hearing her first.
Colin playfully points at everyone at the table. The others
laugh, except for Ragan. Who keeps his eyes on Patrick,
trying to figure out what is going on.
Colin leans in and kisses Ashley. Patrick becomes tense and
flushed. He looks away, then down. Finally, he gets up from
the table.
Sorry guys, I have to take off.
Where you going?
Everyone looks just as confused. Patrick throws a hundred
dollar bill on the table.
I have a meeting with a client.
Dinner is on me.
He looks at Ashley then walks out.
Patrick wails on a heavy bag set up in his living room. The
sound of the gloves against the leather is quick and
Sweat rolls down Patrick's face. He looks intense as he
hammers on the heavy bag with all his strength.
He punches forcefully and rapidly, his breath gets shallow.
Finally, he stops and clings to the heavy bag. Sweat rolls
down his face and neck. He closes his eyes and tries to
regain his breath.
There is a knock on the door.
Patrick unlaces his gloves and throws them to the floor. He
walks over to the door and opens it.


The soundtrack begins playing a slow, sensual number.
They stare at one another for a few seconds.
Suddenly, he grabs her and pulls her in. He kisses her. She
pulls him tighter and closes the door behind her. Ashley
runs her hands across his shoulder and down his arms.
Patrick kisses her neck as she lets out a small gasp.
Ashley takes Patrick's hand and leads him into the bedroom.
The bedroom is only lit by the tiny myriad of stars on his
ceiling. Ashley looks up at the stars.
They stop and look into one another's eyes.
He gently puts his hand on her chest and feels the beat of
her heart. Ashley moves closer and runs her hands inside his
shirt. She slides off the shirt and looks at his body in the
soft moonlight seeping through the window.
Patrick gently pushes her onto the bed. Ashley pulls him
down slowly by his necklace, pulling him into her.
Sensually show Patrick kissing Ashley on the neck and down
to her chest. He pulls off her shirt and holds her against
him. Ashley running her hands down Patrick's body. Patrick
running his hands along Ashley's side. Finally, through the
pale moonlight, Ashley is shown moaning in ecstasy.
                                         FADE OUT
Logan opens the door to his walk-in closet. He flips on the
He walks in slowly. Both walls are lined with firearms. A
huge collection.
Polished sterling silver and cool black steel sheen in the
light. Logan grabs a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver. He checks
the chamber. It is loaded.
He puts it back and picks up a .357 Magnum Colt Python. He
checks the chamber on it as well. It is also full. He snaps
it shut and places it back on the wall.


Hey babe, what's up?
Logan turns around and sees Laura in the doorway.
Hey sweetheart, just checking the
Laura looks down.
Do you have a job?
What? No, honey.
He walks over and puts his arms around his wife. She begins
to cry.
Hey, hey. What's wrong?
I'm just scared, I know you try to
protect me but I know what goes on
in this city. I just wish I could
know for sure, every night, that
you were coming home
Logan holds his wife's face in his hands.
Hey, Laura, look at me ok,
sweetie? I will always come home,
I promise.
Laura smiles and shakes her head. She wipes her eyes and
walks out.
Logan sighs. He looks back up at his collection. He grabs a
9mm and clicks it.
                                         SCREEN TO BLACK
Scene begins at Ragan's Firehouse. Dispatch comes over the
loudspeaker as all the firemen are lounging around.
"3..3..1..Mott Street. Ladd-er 54".
Billy looks up from his plate of pizza.


Mott Street?
Ragan lays on his bed reading a magazine. He peers over the
top of his magazine.
Ready to save some guineas?
Ragan jumps up and slides down the pole. The others follow.
I bet you a hundred bucks it's a
grease fire.
Everyone throws on their fire-retardant suits.
Hopefully we'll smell like
Marinara sauce when we come out.
Carlos throws on his suit as well. When he is done everyone
stares at him.
Hey Carlos, they teach you to
dress there in Probie school?
Carlos looks down. His suit is inside out. Everyone else
begins laughing hysterically and jump in the truck which
roars to life.
Carlos pulls off the suit and jumps into the truck,
half-dressed, desperately trying to put his suit on.
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Hey Rodriguez, you better not sit
your Puerto Rican ass down before
you get that suit on.
You got it, Captain.
Carlos works to get his suit situated, finally he does and
sits down in the hull of the truck. Everyone is cackling.
The truck revs up and pulls out of the garage.
      (over the engine
Hey Murphy, what are you going to


                       BILLY (cont'd)
do if one of those mafiosos
recognize you?
Oh don't worry, I got backup.
Ragan pats his chest where his knives are. Billy smiles and
The truck screeches to a halt. Everyone jumps out and looks
around, confused.
Where the fuck is the fire?
Chief Dallenberry grabs his radio.
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
54 to dispatch, we see no fire.
There's probably enough cocaine
flying around here, maybe someone
thought they saw a fire, you know,
like a hallucination.
The confused faces turn to Carlos.
Cocaine doesn't make you
hallucinate, you stupid dick face.
Hey Dannon, suck my brown cock.
You know what, why don't you swim
back home?
Carlos grabs Anthony and shoves him inside the hull of the
truck, narrowly missing the water pressure valves.
Ragan grabs Carlos and throws him against the side of the
Hey Probie, know you're place,
these are the men that decide
whether you live or die.
Carlos glares at Anthony before shoving himself off of
Ragan. Chief Dallenberry walks up.


                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Alright boys, listen up. There is
no fire. You see that thing there?
Dallenberry points to a tall sycamore tree planted between
two adjacent apartment buildings.
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Old lady's cat, is up in that
Where are we? Cliche fucking
Dallenberry gets in Billy's face.
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Oh yeah? Tough guy? Go up there
and get it then.
I don't know, Chief. This ain't
some Cottonwood tree in Hayseed,
USA. It's got to be five stories.
      (throwing up his
Oh for fuck's sake, I'll go get
the damn cat, Jesus. I'm tired of
being the only non-pussy in this
Ragan darts into the nearest building.
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Hey Murphy, get your ass back
here, it's too high, we need ropes
up there.
                                         CUT TO
Ragan flies up the stairs.
                                         CUT TO
Ragan emerges on the roof.


                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
      (yelling from the
Hey, what are you doing you crazy
Ragan approaches the ledge where the tree is. He spots the
cat sitting contently on a branch.
The limb is nearly ten feet away. Ragan removes his jacket
and stands on the ledge.
Murphy, you Irish bastard...
Ragan jumps.
He holds on to the limb, dangling 50 feet over the street.
I need to lose some weight.
He pulls himself up on the limb, where the cat sits,
unphased. He crawls along the limb.
Carlos scampers onto the roof.
Hey Murph, you alright over there?
I always knew you would do
anything for pussy.
Now's not the time, Rodriguez!
Ragan reaches for the cat. Before he can get a hand on it,
it trots away but back onto the roof where Carlos snatches
      (to himself)
My God, that was fucking annoying.
                                         CUT TO
The unit rides back to the firehouse as the truck motors
down the street. Billy notices Ragan deep in thought.


Hey Mick, what are you thinking
about over there?
The same thing all us Micks think
about, potatoes and leprechauns.
Billy grins.
What made you do it?
Do what?
Save that damn cat.
I didn't want to ride all the way
Cosa Nostra Country for nothing.
Besides, it's our job.
Come on, Murph, you can be honest
with me. I mean, we all know whats
at stake everyday when we run into
a burning building and you do it
without fear better than anyone of
us. Even today, sticking your neck
out for a cat? So tell me, what's
your secret?
Ragan looks down and fiddles with his helmet.
Everytime we go to a job, no
matter how minor, I always imagine
it's somebody I love.
My dad.
Francis sits alone in the church. Once again he is staring
up at the altar clutching the crucifix around his neck.


Patrick comes through the front door. He walks down the
aisle and stops right behind his father. Francis does not
turn around.
      (without turning
I don't see how he did it.
Did what?
I don't see how God gave up his
only son, I would never be able to
give up you or your brothers, for
      (taking a seat in
       the pew behind
       his father)
Well, perhaps that's the
difference between you and God.
You have extras.
Francis chuckles, turns around and grabs his son's chin.
How's my first born?
Patrick gives a crooked smile.
Life certainly is beautiful,
Francis smiles at his son.
Who is she?
Patrick contemplates for a moment.
I don't know. Maybe life, maybe
Maybe both.


When, I'm with her I feel...human.
I feel like I would sacrifice
anything for her. I guess maybe
it's the closest thing to feeling
the kind of love God has for us.
You feel like you'll die without
I may die with her.
Francis looks confused.
Why, son?
She's Colin's.
Francis nods.
Does she love you?
Patrick's eyes well up.
I can't hurt my brother, I won't
do it, but I love her, with
everything in me.
Patrick looks down. Francis lifts Patrick's chin so he can
look at him.
Did I ever tell you how your
mother and I met?
I had gone out to Brooklyn one
evening to meet a friend of mine
for some drinks. I was nineteen
but this was when the drinking age


                       FRANCIS (cont'd)
was eighteen. When I got to the
bar I saw this breathtakingly
beautiful woman. I mean, she was
the kind of beautiful that
automatically lights up the entire
room. She was walking back from
the restroom and when she got to
where she was going it surprised
me that she was with my friend.
Well, after a couple weeks of
hanging out I could tell she liked
me and of course, I still liked
her. We ended up kissing one night
after my friend was stuck at work
and couldn't come out with us. He
eventually found out, came over to
the house and punched me square in
the nose and said 'now, you can
have her.' We're still best
friends to this day.
Who is it?
Martin O'Leary.
Patrick raises his eyebrows in surprise.
My point is, son, the love you and
your brothers share is very
different from the love you share
with her but it's just as strong.
In fact, love is the strongest
force on Earth. No matter what
happens, you're brothers are going
to love you unconditionally.
Patrick leans over and embraces his father.
Grá tú mé, athair.
Francis' eyes well too.
Grá tú ró mé, mac.


Patrick walks into the pub and sees Colin sitting at the
bar, sipping a beer.
Patrick sighs and approaches his brother.
Aye bro, I need to talk to...
Before Patrick can finish Colin swings a hard right hook and
punches Patrick square in the left eye.
Patrick falls back, dazed and angry.
What the hell are you doing?!
Patrick swings and lands a sharp punch to Colin's face,
blood drips from his lip.
The rest of the bar patrons scatter.
Colin grabs Patrick and pins him on a nearby table.
What the fuck? Did you think I
wouldn't find out! That my own
brother is fucking the only woman
who has ever loved me?
Colin belts Patrick in the side of the jaw, knocking him off
the table.
Patrick gets up from the floor.
It's not like that, I never
wanted to hurt you!
Oh! Well gee fucking thanks! You
Colin swings at Patrick again. Patrick ducks, grabs Colin's
arm, pins it behind his back and slams him against the wall.


Ok, listen here, she may be the
only person that has ever loved
you, but she is the only person I
have ever loved! Do you
understand? Now, what did she say?
Fuck you!
Patrick grabs a shot glass sitting on the closest table and
shatters it over his brother's head.
Tell me now!
She said she has always loved you.
Patrick looks dumbfounded. He relaxes his grip on Colin.
Colin shoves Patrick off and pulls out a 9mm Glock. He aims
the gun directly at Patrick's head.
But she also said she would stay
with me.
Patrick stares stoicly at his brother, with the gun to his
Because we are perfect for each
Tears roll down Patrick's cheeks. He continues to stand in
front of his brother.
I think you better go. We can run
this family without you.
Patrick pauses for a beat. Slowly, he begins to walk toward
the exit. Once he gets to the door, he turns around to face
his brother one last time.
Beannacht, mo dheartháir, Is breá
láidir a.
Colin puts his gun down and wipes tears from his cheeks.


Beidh mé, Padraig.
Patrick turns and walks out the door.
                                         FADE OUT
Oh my God.
Colin rubs his head in distress as him and Ragan stand near
a park bench. Logan stands, pacing back and forth.
What did he say when he left?
Colin looked down and sighed.
He said 'Farewell, my brother.
Love her strong'.
Ragan shakes his head and looks away.
Did you say anything back?
I said, 'I will, Patrick.' And
then he walked out.
Everyone remains quiet.
What the fuck were you thinking?
Ragan turns around on the bench to face Colin.
Get the hell out of my face.
Colin shoves Ragan backward.
      (splitting the two
Hey, hey, hey!


I mean Jesus Christ, he is our
Exactly, which is why he never
should have jumped into the sack
with my girlfriend!
How do you know he didn't see her
How is that fucking possible? I
met her on the first night she
ever came to O'Leary's!
Just because you met her first
doesn't mean you saw her first,
What are you trying to say?
Do you not pay any fucking
attention when we're playing? You
may not think I see things from
behind those drums but I do.
Colin just stares at Ragan in disbelief.
Hey Dickwads, I ran out of Midol
so both of you need to cool it,
have you told Ashley about this?
What did she say?
She cried, but agreed to come out
with us tonight if it helps


Ok, good," Logan said calmly,
attempting to keep the peace,
we'll all go out to dinner and
have a nice, long talk. Let me
give Patrick a call.
Logan whips out his cell phone and dials a number. The phone
Meanwhile, Colin spots Ashley walking up. He goes to greet
Hey, sweetheart.
Ashley's eyes are red from crying.
Logan reaches Patrick's voicemail and hangs up.
      (to Ragan)
Great, he's not answering.
      (to Ashley)
I'm really sorry about all of
Ashley looks down and shakes her head.
I just wish you would have talked
to me about it before you went
storming off.
I know, but I was just mad about
you two.
I understand, Colin. I know I hurt
you and I'm sorry. But there is a
lot you don't know.
Like what?
Ashley looked away and wiped her welling eyes.


Like the morning after I met you
at O'Leary's I met Patrick at the
coffeeshop on fifth. We hit it off
and had a really great time
together. We spent the whole day
together, I never thought I could
feel that way for someone after
one day and then…
Ashley pauses to collect her emotions.
Then he got busy at work, and you
happened and I just got a little
lost and confused and Frankie has
been calling me and bugging me.
He's threatening you guys and me
and I just don't know what to do
Colin pulls Ashley in and holds her.
It's ok, let's go have a nice
dinner, nobody will hurt you,
nobody will hurt us, it will all
be ok.
What about Patrick?
He's not calling anyone back, I
will be honest with you, Ashley, I
don't know how I will look at my
oldest brother now.
Ashley wipes her eyes and softly nods.
Colin puts his arm around Ashley and motions for Ragan and
Logan to follow him. They walk in the park. Silence fills
the night.
Suddenly, a dark figure jumps out from the trees and rips
Ashley out of Colin's arms. The man holds a knife to
Ashley's throat.
Frankie Luciano.


All three brothers reach for their guns.
Don't even fucking think about it!
Frankie presses the knife firmer against Ashley's skin.
Logan and Colin put their hands in the air.
You touch those things again she
doesn't make it out of this park
You got it, man.
She is coming with me. Me and her
are going to have a little talk.
Ragan glares at Frankie, calculatingly.
Give me your wallets!
Colin and Logan take their wallets from their back pockets
and throw them on the sidewalk at Frankie's feet. Ragan just
wipes the corners of his mouth with his jacket sleeve.
How about you, hero You want her
to die?
Ragan closes his eyes.
      (whispering to
God be with me.
Ragan whips his arm forward.
A six-inch serrated knife bullets out of his jacket sleeve
and lodges in Frankie's neck. Blood pours everywhere.
Frankie drops the knife he is holding against Ashley. He
falls to the ground as blood pools on the pavement
underneath him.


Ragan walks over and pulls the knife out of Frankie's
throat. Frankie struggles for a moment but then stops, dead.
Ashley shakes and looks terrified. Colin comes over and
comforts her.
      (to Ragan and
Meet me at O'Leary's in half an
                                         CUT TO
Colin, Ragan and Logan sit at a booth, blank stares on each
of their faces.
Boys, we just killed a Sicilian.
You know what that means?
No, we didn't just kill a
Sicilian, we killed a Luciano and
I know what that means.
Ragan remains silent.
What's on your mind, big bro?
You know what's on my mind.
Ragan pulls out a cigarette and lights it.
I know, but Patrick isn't anywhere
to be found, is he?
I can tell you where he was last.
Colin swings and punches Logan square in the jaw.
Ow, Jesus Christ, I was just
joking around.


Now is not the time!
Ragan throws his cigarette on the floor and stamps it out.
He then gets up from the booth and leans down to get in
Colin's face.
Well, one thing's for sure, if
this is war, and Patrick isn't
here, you're our general.
Colin gets up from the booth as well, Ragan begins to walk
Come on, Ragan. It's not that big
of a deal.
Ragan whirls around and gets in Colin's face once again.
Yes, it is a big deal, Do you not
get it? That was Frankie Luciano,
understand? Son of Vincenzo
Luciano, the Don who, so far, is
the head of the only family to
take over territory from the
Gambino's and the Luchesi's, ok?
And I killed him.
Colin rubs his forehead.
You know how this business goes,
if they find out it was me.
They'll retaliate and retaliate
well. And they will make sure I
get the message.
Ragan shakes his head and walks out the door.
                                         FADE OUT
Colin is at his desk at the precinct. He takes a piece of
paper and puts through the shredder.
                                         CUT TO


Colin wakes during the middle of the night. He rolls over to
find Ashley gently crying. He flips the lamp on and holds
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
The family waited on pins and
needles for the next several
weeks, waiting for the shoe to
drop on them. Colin spent most of
his time trying to destroy any and
all evidence that he could from
the Luciano case. In the meantime,
he spent the rest of his waking
hours looking after Ashley. As far
as Colin knew she was doing fine.
Every now and then he would wake
to find her crying gently. He
would always comfort her and hold
her until she fell back asleep...
                                         CUT TO
Ashley serves food at the restaurant she works. She goes
into the kitchen, sits her tray down and rubs her face in
exhaustion. Suddenly, she puts her hand over her mouth and
runs out of the picture.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
Ashley on the other hand found her
job at the restaurant to be much
more tedious than before. The
hours seemed to drag by. More than
once she had gotten sick and threw
up in the restroom. She felt tired
and all she wanted to do was
                                         CUT TO
Ashley walks slowly down the aisle of St. Patrick's
Cathedral. The church is empty, except for a casket sitting
in front of the altar. She walks up to it.
She looks down and sees Patrick lying in the casket. She
puts her hand on his and starts crying.
She sits straight up in bed, panting and gasping. She runs
to the bathroom and throws up. As she hugs the toilet, Colin
comes in and rubs her back and shoulders.
                       MARTIN (V.O.)
She thought about Patrick
constantly. It had been a month
since she had seen or talked to


                       MARTIN (cont'd)
him. After the killing of Frankie
she had not been able to get it
out of her mind that the Luciano's
had found Patrick and disposed of
him. She regretted ever mentioning
Patrick's name to Frankie. She
began to have a couple nightmares
a week, recurring dreams where she
saw Patrick, laying in a casket,
looking so peaceful. She would
touch his hand, but the warmth,
the strength, the life she had
felt in them once before was gone.
The horror would make her sit up
straight in bed and run towards
the bathroom to throw up. She was
miserable. The only thing that
kept her somewhat sane was Colin
and his unyielding comfort, she
didn't know what she would do
without him. She already had to
live without Patrick, she wasn't
about to let Colin go.
Scene begins with Colin walking out of his precinct and
walking down the sreet. His phone rings, he takes it out and
flips it open.
Hey, darling.
Ash, is everything ok?
Will you do me a favor?
Yeah, sure, anything.
                                         CUT TO
Ashley sitting in Patrick's apartment next to the window.
Will you come to Patrick's suite?


Patrick's? Sweetie, we haven't
heard from Patrick in over a
month. What are you doing there?
I came to see if I could find any
clues as to where he may be.
How did you get in there?
I just took your key from your
Colin raises his eyebrows in surprise.
Ok, I'll be right there.
                                         CUT TO
Colin opens the door to Patrick's apartment. His eyes get
wide as he sees Patrick's apartment in utter devestation.
Blinds mangled and torn from the windowsills.
Furniture hacked into several pieces and broken glass strewn
all over the floor.
He spots Ashley sitting on the window bench overlooking the
city. She clutches a torn teddy bear in her hands.
Colin approaches cautiously.
Patrick named him Shamrock the
Bear. Our mom sewed it for him
when he was little. He carried it
      (smiling sadly)
I know.
What's the matter, sweetheart?
I think they found him.


Who did?
Ashley hands Colin Shamrock the Bear. Colin notices that
it's head is nearly ripped completely off.
Colin clutches the teddy bear and clenches his jaw.
There's something else.
Colin looks at her.
We're pregnant.
Colin looks blankly. He looks down at the teddy bear and
back up at Ashley.
      (breathing a sigh
       of relief)
That's wonderful.
He embraces Ashley and kisses her forehead.
                                         FADE OUT
Ragan lies in a bunk at the firehouse. He stares up at the
ceiling lost in thought.
Hey Murph, come take a look at
Ragan gets up from his bunk and walks into the other room
where the crew is sitting around watching television.
What is it?
Billy points at the television.
                       TV NEWS ANCHOR
Police are continuing their
investigation into the death of a
prominent mafia member. Frankie
Luciano, son of infamous mafia Don
Vincenzo Luciano was found stabbed


                       TV NEWS ANCHOR (cont'd)
to death in Central Park late four
weeks ago.
Ragan swallows hard as Frankie and Vincenzo's pictures pop
up on the television screen.
                       TV NEWS ANCHOR
Authorities are concerned that
this act of violence could have
been perpetrated by a rival family
and thus unleash a devastating mob
war. No proceeding incidents have
occurred but Police say they are
being extra vigilante.
Well, there's one less thing we
have to worry about, mafia thugs.
Billy looks at Ragan to gauge his reaction to Carlos'
comment. Ragan purses his lips and looks away.
Ragan's cell phone rang. He looked at the caller. Unknown.
He flips it open.
Ragan hears a deep breathing on the other line. The caller
begins to speak, a deep, reverberating voice. Clearly
altered. "We know it was you. Buonanotte a papà."
Who are you?!
The caller hangs up. Ragan's face flushes with anger.
The fire alarm sounds. The dispatcher's voice comes over the
loudspeaker, "Four-four-five…Forty-second Street…All
available units."
Ragan's face floods with fear. He looks anxiously at the
crew who is just as frozen as he is.
Well, what the fuck are you
staring at? Let's move!


Ragan barely touches the pole as he slides down it, almost
like a jump. The others follow right after him.
Ragan throws on his suit with blinding speed and jumps in
the truck.
Get your asses in the truck!
Everyone rushes in the truck as it pulls away. Ragan looks
incredibly nervous and the fire engine wails through the
Ragan scowers the skyline as they drive through the city,
looking for flames or smoke.
The rest of the firefighters remain silent.
The fire truck turns the corner. Ragan looks up and sees
flames and smoke spewing from the twelfth story penthouse.
The fire truck screeches to a halt.
Chief Dallenberry jumps out of the truck and attempts to
stop Ragan who busts off the hull of the truck towards the
                       CHIEF DALLENBERRY
Wait for your orders!
Ragan shoves Dallenberry out of the way and hustles for the
entrance of the building. Fire engines and firefighters from
several different departments are gathered around waiting
for orders.
One lieutenant from another fire station attempts to stop
Ragan at the door.
                       FIRE LIEUTENANT
Relax buddy, the elevator is down
and the steps are ready to give
any time, we're not letting
anybody up there, we're just going
to have to fight it from the
Ragan stops and acts as if he is about to turn around.
Suddenly, he swings and lands a right hook in the
Lieutenant's jaw. The lieutenant hits the ground. Ragan
rushes in.


Ragan flies up the stairs, flames roaring all around him.
                       FRANCIS (V.O.)
You can do this son, I believe in
                       RAGAN (V.O.)
I'm coming for you, Pop. Hang in
The smoke is thick and Ragan can barely see. He makes it to
the twelfth floor hallway that is engulfed in flames. He
sees his parents' door from the hallway.
Ragan musters courage, yells and plows his way through the
doorway. Large beams crash behind him.
Dad! Mom!
Large oak cabinets from the kitchen crash to the ground.
Ragan shields his face and drops to the ground on his knees.
Dad! Mom!
Ragan crawls amongst the flames. He reaches his parents'
bedroom door. He picks himself up and kicks open the door.
Francis and Susan both lie face down on the ground.
Ragan rushes over to them. He turns them over, they both
begin coughing.
Dad! Mom!
Don't worry, Pop. I'm going to get
you out of here.
No! Save your mother!
Ragan turned to his mother and put her face in his hands.
She could barely open her eyes.


Don't worry, mother. You and Dad
are going to be just fine.
Susan smiles and closes her eyes. Ragan throws off his
jacket and helmet. He picks up his mother in both arms.
I love you, mother.
Ragan turns to his father and kneels down.
Dad, I need you to help me, ok?
Can you do that?
Francis barely shakes his head yes.
Ok, I need you to put on that
helmet right there and that
jacket, the hydraulic lift comes
up only so far, we're going down
to the tenth floor.
Francis struggles to his knees and puts on the helmet. He
then grabs the fire retardant jacket and struggles to put it
on. He finally gets it on and falls to the ground.
Ragan kneels back down beside his father.
Grab hold of my arm, hang on to
me, ok?
Francis reaches up and grabs Ragan's arm. Ragan stands up,
clinging to his mother. He struggles but him and Francis
both make it to their feet.
Come on, Dad. We have to hurry, do
it for mom!
Ragan carries his mother through the burning apartment with
his father clinging to him. They make it out to the burning
hallway. Francis falls.
Ragan helps him up. Beams crash behind them. They make it to
the stairs. Francis leans on his son, he can barely stand
but he presses on.


Francis and Susan cough as Ragan carries his mother and
leads his father down the steps. Ragan begins to cough as
They make it to the 10th floor. The fire has not reached
there but the smoke is thick and billowing. Ragan reaches
the first room on the tenth floor and kicks it in. Susan
coughs even more desperately.
Francis coughs and falls in the doorway.
Dad! We're almost there, come on!