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The Red Castle Chronicles: The Fall of Urithane
by Donald Armbrecht (Donald_Armbrecht@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ***1/2
Part one of the tales from the fictional 'Lands of the East'... For a real treat, check out the first six scenes on my Youtube page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bi4xlyPX5nY where I added some music to give you a feel of what it would be like in the movies! Please send feedback and any suggestions!!!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

Black Screen Shows the Following Text:

The War of the North was long and horrific. The alliance
between the Lands of Lustain and Urithane were able to fend
of the invading Mountain People but not without terrible
loss. In the final assault which sent the invaders running
back to the mountains, the Great Queens of both lands died
honorably in battle, leaving their children to rule one
It is a cold winters day. A long parade of the Red Guard
escorts the chariot of the Queen's Body over a dirt path.
The Guard surrounds her on all sides, followed by the army
behind her. On the side of the path are thousands of
citizens, crying and screaming in her name. The road is
silent save for the sounds of their mourning. The chariot
goes through the woods and to the Graveyard of the Queens.
There stand many beautiful statues in stone and marble, each
a replica of a past Queen, each looking over her tomb. A man
speaks in Soldatan, language of the Queen and the Red Guard
as they lay their Queen to rest. Standing in front of
everyone is the princess Mephame, only six years old. She
throws a flower on the grave of her mother. The other guards
follow her motion. She looks up at the sky. The camera
follows her view above the trees and over the forest until
it comes down on an open field in front of a large Red
Castle. Two horses thunder past the camera.
The Red Guards arrive at the doors of the castle and
dismount. Servants take their horses. They are Lathal head
of the Red Guard and Dorithame another Red Guard.
Lathal and Dorithame enter a large room where other Red
Guards are waiting for them. There is a large fireplace
burning. There is also a large table in the middle of the
room with a beautiful chair at the head where the Queen
would normally have sat.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
General Lathal. You have arrived.


Yes, Forgive me. I was delayed.
Many unpleasant things must be
attended to now that the war is
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
It is understandable. Many things
require the attention of the guard
in these days.
None as important as what must now
be discussed. I think it is time
we sat down.
They all sit, but none sit in the chair of the Queen.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Lustain stands on a thread. The
Queen is gone as is the General of
the Guard. There is no one to lead
We must appoint a Queen to the
throne. The people will follow no
      (His eyes open a
Nor will we.
Of course.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Lustain has a Queen. Mephame.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
She only a child. She is not a
Queen. A Princess, yes. But she
needs training. Time. She can not
be crowned at such a young age.
Not in the known history of this
country has there been a time
without a sovereign.


                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
But to put a girl of six winters
is preposterous. Even if she were
crowned, she would have no idea
what to do. We can not follow a
She must be trained and cared for.
When she is of age, she will be
put on the throne.
Then the guard must take power for
now. Until she is ready.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
We also, Lathal, have lost our
leader. He was killed in battle.
Who will lead the guard?
A new General must be appointed
This is also a problem. The
General must be the husband of the
Queen. She is as much ready to be
married as she is to rule.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
We must abandon a little tradition
if we are to find a solution.
It is not tradition. It is our
way. It has been our way since
time began. The Queen rules all
and the General of the Guard
protects her.
And leads us.
Then we must appoint a leader for
now. When the Princess is of age,
so will be the new guards. She
will marry one of them. Our time
will then pass, as it should.


                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
Then Lathal should lead.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
I agree. He is the most talented
of us. And the wisest. If anyone
can lead us, it is him.
He is also the most fit to train
the princess.
All who wish it so...
Everyone raises their hands except Lathal and Goramoth.
Lathal, have you anything to say
of this appointment to you?
I hear in your voice and see by
your vote, good Goramoth, that you
do not agree with this counsil.
But I do accept the appointment.
And I promise to fufil the duties
as General.
You are a good man, Lathal, and a
good soldier. But you are arogant
as much as you are wise. Your
leadership will be for either our
good, or our ruin. But my feelings
are not those of the council. And
so it is. Lathal shall lead until
Mephame is old enough and until
she marries. May you lead well and
in good will.
All stand and bow.
Lathal walks over to the seat of the Queen and sits. The
other Guard look surprised at this move, but say nothing.
He motions his hand for the others to sit. They all do.


Let us continue to other matters.
Goramoth is in the garden alone, looking around and thinking
to himself. Dorithame enters.
I thought I might find you here.
It is not time for them yet.
He looks around the garden.
It is true though. I love it out
here. So peaceful. She used to
love to come out here. Oh how many
times we would spend the entire
day in this garden. Playing with
Mephame. Her husband loved it to.
I know you knew him well. I wish I
had. But I was always away on her
He was a good friend. I think it
is time we go.
They begin walking towards the castle.
You were hard on Lathal yesterday.
He may be ill tempered. But the
council was right to chose him.
Why did you oppose? Did envy spite
Envy? Ha! I have never had a
child. I could hardly lead a
nation. No, I do not think of
myself as a General. But I do
think of Lustain.


Lathal is wise, and he can lead us
and Mephame to great things. But
he is not selfless. Before the war
he tried to lead the council
through many resolutions to give
the Red Guard more power. Power
that belonged to the Queen. Power
we did not need. He questions, I
think, why we must follow one
woman in all that we do. He does
not share the passion you and I
Still, he is a strong leader.
Hmm. Towards what? During the war
he led endless offensives. Most of
them meaningless. All in the name
of Lustain? The Queen? No. For
Lathal the great warrior! That is
for whom those battles were
The have arrived inside and come to a door that is closed.
They stop in front of it.
But I am not a revolutionary. The
council has decided and I will
follow Lathal, with cautious eyes.
He opens the door. Inside is a classroom with fifteen young
boys, ranging in age from six to ten or so. Mephame is
inside but not particularly noticeable. She is also running
around and playing in the classroom with the others.
      (In Soldatain)
Good morning class. Take your
seats. Take your seats.
Quickly and obediently the children sit down. Mephame sits
in the first row.
      (In Soldatan)
I am Dorithame. This is Goramoth.
The children look at each other, not understanding the


Soldatan is the language of the
guard.. The language of the Queen.
You don't know it now. But you
You parents have trusted your
education to the guard. And one
day, you will be of the guard, to
serve the Queen. Here, you will
learn Soldatan, fighting,
literature and maths.
                       CHILD 1
Will we learn to use the pistols?
And the muskets?
Pistols? Muskets!
Those are weapons for the army,
child. Weapons of the untrained,
the unskilled. Your parents
thought more of you. You are the
elite! We will not teach you to
use a gun! We will teach you to
use this!
He unsheathes his sword. The children gasp. He moves in
close to the children.
And with this, you can cut any
musket right in half!
      (Holding up two
       wooden swords.)
Let's try shall we? Mephame, come
up here. And...
All the children raise their hand eagerly. Dorithame picks
one at random.
You sir. What's your name?
Hathal, sir.


Hathal. That is a strong name.
Very well then. Mephame,
He positions Mephames hands to hold the sword a certain way.
This is a full defensive position.
Like this you can easily move to
stop any head on assault. Hathal,
you may attack.
Hathal obeys. He attacks Mephame. He swings at her and in a
close shot the two wooden swords become real ones. A wide
shot reveals that we are fourteen years later. Hathal and
Fascamine are sparing with members of the guard and some
classmates watching.
Lathal smiles.
Lathal has trained her well these
Indeed he has. Though I do not
recall the council meeting to
decide who would be her master.
Come now, Gormoth! He has
impressed me.
So has this Hathal. He has become
stronger than I could have ever
You think he will be General?
In less then a year, our time will
have come. We must decide. He is
the most fit. He is the best
A General must be more than that.
He has to be wise as he is strong.


He is wise enough. Passionate, but
not without restraint. Perhaps
most important he loves Mephame in
a way I have not seen in a long
time. A long time.
What of your apprentice? You see
no possibility in him?
Mephame defeats Hathal in the sparring match. The two stop.
Hathal bows in respect of his defeat.
Good! Good! You get better
everyday my dear girl. That will
be all for today.
The room disburses. Goramoth and Dorithame leave together.
Goramoth has just finished making tea for the two of them.
Dorithame is sitting at the kitchen table in front of a low
burning fire. Goramoth comes to the table and pours the tea
into their cups.
You did not answer me at the
castle. What of your apprentice?
Do you see no future in him?
You are very anxious to know who
will be General! No. Semith is a
good child, but he is not fit to
lead. Like too many of the Guard
these days he has too much
ambition. Something I am sure
Lathal enjoys in him.
Where is he now?
Lathal sent him on some task in
the woodlands. Chasing ghosts
again! Humph! Latahal is just as
superstitious as those commoners
for believing in such things.
Chasing the wind!


Were you not to go with him then?
Come now. I may call him a boy but
he is hardly that anymore. He will
be released from my service within
the year. He is one of the guard
Indeed. I suppose now they all
are. And Hathal shall lead.
      (Smiling as he
       pours another
And I will have more time for tea.
A large table of the guard is in the center of the slightly
different hall of the Queen. The guards all sit down, but
the chair of the Queen remains empty.
Welcome all. Let us begin, shall
we? Eric, you have just returned
from the northern defenses. What
news from the mountains?
Nothing of importance. The people
there remain in their caves. From
time to time we see torches, but
nothing of any interest. Just
people moving to and fro. The
defenses are always manned in
case, but they will not attack.
And of the outer territories?
                       URITHANE GUARD 1
Everything outside of the city is
quiet. More rumors have been
moving through the towns of the
ghosts in the east, but it has


                       URITHANE GUARD 1 (cont'd)
created nothing more than jokes
and pranks.
Then all is quiet. Are there any
other matters to be addressed?
                       URITHANE GUARD 2
And of the training of the
Princess? How are things?
She only has a few more months.
She has become a better sword
fighter than myself. And she
remains as kind hearted as the
first day we sat here. She will be
a good Queen.
Should we discuss the matter of
her marriage?
The room goes dead silent.
After all, Smauel says she is
ready. And if she is ready to
lead, then she is ready to marry.
                       URITHANE GUARD 1
I think there is no rush in such
things. A little longer will hurt
no one.
And just how much longer would you
like? We are holding Fascamine's
place. I think it is time she took
Eric is right. Urithane has gone
too long without a Queen and the
Guard without a General. It is
time. And it is our duty to
oversee this transition.
                       URITHANE GUARD 1
Very well. Then who?
Samuel looks down at the table and does not say a word.


Everyone knows that he and Fascamine are in love. But it
would be against the ways of Urithane for them to marry.
Again the room goes silent.
Mathiew is inspecting flowers that grow wildly in the field.
With him is Dilon, a young man of about twenty, helping him.
      (Picking up some
How about these? She likes yellow,
doesn't she?
Those are weeds, Dilon. We are
picking flowers for a princess. I
think we should try to find
something a little more of her
Dilon, a bit embarrased by his lack of knowledge, throws the
flowers on the ground and walks over to Mathiew, who is
still looking around.
And you know so much about
I do, in fact. Medicine and nature
was my study in the achademy.
What a waste! Studying flowers and
making potions that never work.
It is as good as any trade. And it
is a way to celebrate the Queen
better than fighting battles.
I prefer battles. Full of honor
and courage. I am studying
warfare, you know?
      (Half listening.)
Yes, I know.


I will make a good soldier one
But you're not a solider. You are
in the formation of the guard.
Even better. We lead the army.
Only in times of war. Sometimes I
wonder if I should have been your
master. I was too young to teach
someone. So interested in
fighting, maybe you should have
asked to be the apprentice of
someone else.
Someone else? Ha! You may pretend
to not care about swords or
battles. But behind your flowers
everyone knows you are one of the
greatest fighters. Some even say
you're better than Samuel or
      (Looks right at
That is because I love the Queen.
That is what it means to be a Red
Guard. You must love her purely,
with all your soul. You must fight
with a fury that comes from the
heart. And to the very end, you
must never give up. That is
loyalty. That is love for
And that is why I you were and are
a good master. All these years we
have been friends, I can think of
no other who could train me
And I am proud of you.


Mathiew looks over Dilon's shoulder and sees some flowers.
He walks over and picks them up.
Solqeens Plant! Fair to the eyes,
and intoxicating for the senses.
Even when it is dying, it is
He looks at it for a moment. He does not see a cavalry of
hourses ridding towards him, carrying the emblem of Urithane
and the Queen.
The cavalry closes in and the ground begins to trembel. The
two turn around to see Red Guards on their horses. The
guards stop just in front of Mathiew.
                       GUARD ON HORSE
Mathiew of Urithane, we have been
asked to take you back to the
Mathiew and Dilon arrive on with the guardsmen that were
sent to get them. They dismount at the stairs in front of
the main entrance, where Samuel is waiting for them. The
rest of the guard disburse to do other duties, leaving
Dilon, Samuel and Mathiew alone.
Welcome Mathiew, welcome Dilon.
To what do I owe the honor of a
personal escort to the great gates
of Urithane?
Good news.


He looks at Dilon
Dilon, there is still lunch in the
dining hall if you are hungry.
Dilon looks at Mathiew, who looks back with eyes saying he
should go.
      (To Samuel)
Thank you, sir. I would like that
very much.
Dilon leaves.
I haven't been in the garden
recently. I hear it is very
beautiful since the spring has
Indeed it is, sir.
Come, walk with me.
The two walk to the garden.
Indeed! It is beautiful. Now I
understand why everyone comes
Sir, why have you called me here?
      (Taking a deep
Because, Mathiew, the council has
voted this morning for the General
of the Guard.
      (His eyes widening)
Husband of the Queen.
Indeed. And as I am sure you are
aware, you are revered as the
strongest in your class. Some say


                       SAMUEL (cont'd)
you are better than Fascamine.
You, Mathiew, will be the next
Guard. You will marry Fascamine.
Mathiew is overjoyed with this decision. But he does not
make a scene.
And... what has she said of this?
Samuel looks up at the tower where Fascamine's room is. It
is too far to be sure, but it seems that Fascamine's shadow
can be seen in the window, looking down at the two talking.
He looks back to Mathiew.
I do not know what she said. It
was Eric who went to announce her
the news. But she knows you well,
and trusts you. I know you love
her. I am sure she is as joyful as
you are.
Samuel's face has turned difficultly grim by now. He does
not want to give this news, but must follow tradition.
Mathiew is very well aware of all of this. He face also
reflects the fact that he, like everyone, knows that Samuel
and Fascamine are in love.
He looks back up at the tower. Mathiew also looks up,
wondering what he is looking at. The shadow disappears from
the window.
Why must it be so?
My lady, the council has chosen
what is best for you.
Have they? And what does the
council know of me? You all still
see me as a little girl. Yet you
are hardly men yourselves. How old
are you, Eric?
Forty-five winters, my lady.


Barely double. Hardly an elder.
You are all the beneficiaries of
war, given power long before your
time had come.
The guard is sworn to your well
being, to your protection. You
must understand that.
And what about my happiness? Can I
rule for the good of all when I am
not well?
What you wish, my lady, is
Why, why is that impossible?
Because of age? Why? I will be
Queen! I can start a war if I so
wish. Why can't I marry as I will?
You are not Queen yet. You can not
marry outside the Guard. And
Samuel's time has come. We are
young, yes, but no longer the
youngest. It is time to let
another generation rule.
Fascamine paces around nervously.
Mathiew is a good man, and he
loves you. He will care for you.
At it's least, that is true. Thank
you Eric. You may go.
My lady.
Eric leaves Fascamine alone. She goes to the window and
looks out again with tears in her eyes.


Lathal is looking into the bright burning fire in his room.
Semith enters dressed in a black cloak.
The council has appointed Hathal
as General of the Guard.
I know. I would have been there if
it had not been for these new
incidents in the woods.
These ghost stories are beginning
to become a nuisance.
All the same, they have their
So Goramoth still thinks you are
in the woodlands?
Why shouldn't he? Such an
assignment could take months.
Besides, he trusts too much.
Well, good Semith, you would know.
Lathal walks over to the table and pours himself some wine.
He offers some to Semith who takes a glass.
Hathal's appointment to the Guard
means he will marry Mephame. It
was not unexpected, but it is
quite troubling for us.
What would you have done?
Come now, Semith, we have
discussed this before. Mephame is
too young, she is too weak to rule
an entire Queendom. Someone older,
wiser, must lead. Had the council


                       LATHAL (cont'd)
ajourned in stalemate, I could
have suggested the obvious.
That you should marry her?
Lathal slams his fist on the table. Dorithame stops
That is precisely what must
I have spent fifteen years
rebuilding this country. We will
not just hand it over to a child.
As a symbol, she may remain Queen,
for the people. But the Guard must
Then you plan to go through with
your plan?
Indeed I do. The pieces are
already moving.
It is a dangerous road you are
taking, Lathal. not only for
yourself, but for the entire
True. But with much risk comes
much reward. When the time comes
to reward, I will remember those
who were loyal and those who were
And I am loyal to you.
Good. You must leave again.
Tonight. there is something else
of great importance you must do.


Fascamine is alone. The door knocks. She goes to answer it
with a smile on her face. It is Mathiew. Her smile fades a
little, but she tries to keep it.
Mathiew! To what do I owe the
      (Holding up the
I was in the fields today. I
thought you might like these.
They are... very beautiful. Thank
I thought you may want to see me.
Now that Eric has told you.
He did tell me. But I don't know
if I am ready, Mathiew. I need
time to accept this.
It saddens me that you have to
accept it, my lady. I know you do
not love me.
Fascamine looks at him with wide eyes, shocked by his
But I do hope... In time you will
see my loyalty to you, and my
never ending love for you. Maybe
that will one day inspire you.
Pause. Fascamine holds back tears.
You must be tired. I should not
have bothered you at this hour.


Good night, my lady.
Mathiew exits her chamber and closes the door, on his way
out he passes Samuel who is climbing the stairs. The two
look at each other.
Samuel, it is late to be in this
part of the castle, isn't it?
The Queen has called for me. For
what service I do not know.
Well, serve her well, whatever it
may be.
Samuel enters Fascamine's chamber. He stands at attention.
You called for me, my lady.
Samuel, why stand such a way? You
are not in a parade.
      (Not moving)
Why have you called for me?
Did you vote today?
I am the voice of the council, my
lady. I...
Did you vote today?
And who did you vote for? The
great Mathiew? Strong and wise?
She slaps him hard across his face. He does not move a


How could you?
How could you!
She calms herself.
In all these years you have looked
at me not as my master, but as
someone who loved me. And my eyes
offered you the same regard. You
could have had my heart, my
breast, my everything. But not one
kiss, never once before tonight
did you ever come to my chambers
at night. Now you come because I
am to be married? Do you feel
safer because of that.
You are mistaken, my lady. I
thought you wished something of
I do. I wanted to see what you
thought of this. You may not be
general, but you are respected as
one. Call the counsil, reverse the
order. Give me my true husband.
You know I can not do that. You
ask the impossible.
She tries to walk towards him and touch his face, he moves
back slightly, trying not to lsoe his at attention postion.
      (With a tear in
       his eye)
It is late. Tomorrow will be long.
Many things must be planned for
your wedding... Sleep well, my
Samuel exits. Fascamine burries her face in her hands.


From the watch tower of the castle a rider approaches the
castle. It is Semith, returning from Lathal's task. He
arrives at the gates of the castle. A servant boy takes his
horse and he walks into the castle. He makes his way to the
council room where Lathal is looking at some papers.
Goramoth is also there along with Dorithame and some other
Ah! I see that your apprentice has
returned in good health, Goramoth.
Hail Lathal. I return with good
Hail Lathal? I was not aware we
were making a custom of hailing
anyone, save Mephame.
What news do you bring of the
woodlands, Semith?
As was expected, there is nothing
of any concern. Our woods are
quiet. The Great Woods east of the
river are still untouched and
quiet. These ghost stories are
merely peasant talk, made worse
with wine and beer.
Tell me, Semith, how far east into
the woods did you travel?
Not more than a day or two. Once
the old path fades out there is
little to see. Trees have a way of
looking alike. Not very scenic.
Well then, I suppose that makes
our little meeting quite short.
Thank you, good sirs.
Everyone stands up and disburses. Goramoth approaches


Meet me at my home. Come as quick
as possible.
Something is amiss. He has been
gone for more than three months,
but his journey should have taken
less than a fortnight. I fear
Semith has been doing more than
chasing ghosts for Lathal.
It is dusk. Mephame has brought flowers to her mother's
grave. Hathal approaches her from behind.
It's very dangerous for the future
Queen to be out this far without
escort. Don't you think? They say
there are ghosts in these woods.
I would be afraid, perhaps, if I
were weak and needed an escort.
But seeing as I am more skilled
than the Guard, where is the need?
Then I suppose you will have
little need for me.
I don't need you for your strength
or your sword, Hathal.
She kisses him.
I need you for your heart.
That, you will always have, my


Come to my room tonight, once the
guards have fallen asleep.
They won't fall asleep. They are
charged with guarding you through
the night.
Please! There is no task easier
nor more boring than guarding the
entrance to the Queen's Chamber.
They are always dreaming by
Either way, you know I can not
visit you.
Such a silly thing. A law with no
All the same, it is the way of
things. Another month and we shall
have every night together,
      (Holding him)
Forever can't come soon enough.
Goramoth and Dorithane are sitting at his table, drinking
tea. Dorithane has not touched his tea.
Lathal is plotting something. He
is trying to keep his power.
All these years you have disputed
Lathal. Mephame will be married in
a month and Hathal will be
General. What else can you ask of


Mephame will be Queen, the people
demand it and Lathal knows this.
But if Hathal were not here... Who
would lead? Semith has not been
himself since he returned. And he
bows to Lathal as if he were
Semith's master. I fear Semith's
mind has been poisoned with
promises of glory.
Let us wait until the wedding
comes, and see what comes of it.
You are weary from years of
politics. Your judgement could be
Weddings. Humph. That is another
thing that bothers me. Lathal has
asked me to go north to Urithane
and represent Lustain at the
wedding of Fascamine. And he wants
me to take Hathal with me.
But that is a great honor! It will
give Hathal some seeing of foreign
politics. And Mephame's wedding is
not planned for until next month.
I doubt it will start without
Don't you see what is happening
here? I am being sent away.
Urithane will be festive, they
will have no time for politics. He
knows this. I am being removed.
More importantly, Hathal is being
What will you do?
I must still go. Lathal is our
General and he has broken no laws.
I do not trust him, but I must do
my duty before all. I leave for
Urithane in the morning. Semith


                       GORAMOTH (cont'd)
will stay here at Lathal's
You said yourself he is no longer
really in your service.
Mephame is brushing her hair, preparing to go to sleep.
There is a knock at her door.
I sent the guards away.
You have been sent north.
I can not bare the thought of
being away from you for so long.
And still, you will go.
I must go. It is my duty. I must
obey the General of the Guard.
Soon you will obey only me. Let us
pretend it is he way of things
now. And I command you to sleep
with me. In my bed this night.
Mephame, it is not...
There is nothing it can not be. I
want to have this night which I
might use to remember you all
these nights you shall not be
here. I want to be held, so I can
know what it feels to be held by
She lets her robe fall and she stands before him naked.


Goramoth stands before Lathal, Dorithane, Hathal, Semith,
and some other guards. They have come to wish him farewell
on his journey.
Take care. May your journey be
swift and pleasant. Give Urithane
our blessings and our joy for
their Queen.
Indeed I shall.
He bows and mounts his horse.
      (Looking at Lathal)
I will return in two month's time
at latest. I look forward to
Mephame's wedding.
Goramoth and Hathal rides off.
He cares much for the Queen. He is
a good man.
Much for the Queen, but how much
for Lustain? Come, there is much
to discuss.
Everyone sits at their seat at the great table. Lathal takes
his place in the Queen's Chair.
Semith has told me of his dealings
with the mountain people. They
have agreed to help us.
They have placed spies within the
city walls in Urithane. They will
wait until after the wedding when
the guard is less prudent. When
they feel the moment is right,
they will strike.


How do you know the guard of
Urithane will do as you think?
They won't have a choice. Not
enough of their guard are
experienced enough. They army can
not enter the mountains. It will
be their only choice.
We have now only to wait.
Hathal and Goramoth arrive at the gates of Urithane.
      (In Soldatan)
Welcome good Sirs to Urithane.
      (In Soldatan)
Hail Mathiew, General of the Guard
to be and his wife Fascamine,
Queen of Urithane.
I trust you journey was easy.
Long but quiet, yes. How are your
preparations coming?
All is well and ready, thank you.
Everything will be ready for
tomorrow. I only wish you had come
sooner. It would have been nice to
acquaint ourselves before the
entire nation comes to our
Of that matter I must ask you if I
may not meet with your council
today. There are matters of great
importance I wish to discuss.


It may be difficult to find
someone to discuss politics with
you today, good sir. But I think I
know one man who might have time
for such things.
I am indebted to you.
Goramoth stands alone in front of the fire. Samuel enters.
      (In Soldatan)
Good afternoon.
Goramoth turns around.
I am Samuel.
Are you the General of Urithane?
We have no General as you do. We
share power until tomorrow when
Mathiew will take his place. But
when matters disturb the council,
I am often given the
responsibility of finding a
I asked Mathiew to call council.
Come now. The entire nation is
preparing for the wedding of the
princess. Lustain is in the south.
There is no threat to your nation
save for your ghost stories to the
I am not concerned with ghost
stories of the east. Lathal is
plotting against our Queen. I fear
while I am here a plot is stirring
at home.


And what do you expect from us?
For the moment nothing. But I need
someone I can speak with. If
Lustain falls to Lathal's hands, I
will not be able to stop him. He
has corrupted the guard and I fear
most of my men and even my friends
are now in his plotting.
You ask us to invade Lustain?
I ask you to be aware that dark
times may be coming. We are all
blinded by the light of these two
weddings. I fear Lathal will
strike soon.
I will send scouts south to keep
and eye on things if you wish. But
for now there is little else I can
do. If such things come to pass,
we will discuss them then.
Thank you. There is one more
thing. Has anyone come for the
wedding from the Mountains? Or the
No. Nor should I expect them. No
one has heard from the Valley in
hundreds of years. There is no
reason to think they will come
now. The mountain people still
hate Urithane. Even if we are at
Goramoth stands on the balcony with a cup of tea. He watches
the scouts Samuel promised leave the city walls.
Scouts! It is a two week journey
to the castle of Lustain. If


                       GORAMOTH (cont'd)
Lathal intends to strike while we
are here, it will all be over by
the time they arrive.
It is normal that they do not
believe you. There has not been
this kind of conspiracy in written
That is what scares me. All this
is happening too easily. And the
dogma of our order is beginning to
work against us.
When I am General, I will see to
it that it ends forever.
And what would you do, good
Any guard who acts against the
Queen is a traitor. They will be
executed as such.
When this is over, you may find
that doing such a thing would
erase the entire guard. It will be
a time for forgiveness, Hathal,
not for revenge.
Mephame must be honored,
respected. I will not have any
less. I would rid this world of
all the guard if it had to be so.
Then I hope with all my love for
this world, that it will not be
The wedding has begun. All the citizens of Urithane are


standing and watching with great joy as Fascamine passes
them in a beautiful and elaborate white gown. They thrown
white and red flowers on her path as she walks into the main
hall of the castle. Inside there are the members of the
guard in full dress and other members of the aristocracy.
Fascamine's head is bent and she is sad. At the foot of the
hall is the throne of the queen beautifully decorated for
her first day. Samuel is standing in the centre, he will be
leading the ceremony. Standing one step down from him is
Mathiew in a special uniform.
Music overcomes the exact words of Samuel's speech. He too
looks somewhat disturbed, but he is still very official. He
speaks to Mathiew and then to Fascamine. He bows to Mathiew
and the rest of the guard do so as well. He allows Mathiew
to kiss Fascamine's teary face. Mathiew makes as though he
does not see the tears. The Fascamine kneels to receive the
Long may they be the days of the
Queen, Fascamine, ruler of
Urithane. And to her protector,
Mathiew, General of the Guard.
The Guard kneel.
      (Looking up.)
May they be blessed.
Fireworks explode and the entire city is dancing and
celebrating the long awaited return of the Queen. Some of
the guard are not celebrating but watching the gates. Many
people are coming to Fascamine and offering her simple gifts
as homage. Samuel is walking about watching the crowd and
Fascamine. She sees this and excuses herself to people and
approaches him.
Your majesty.
Are we going to be like this for
the rest of our lives then?


Are you enjoying your party?
I am trying to. But there are so
many people. Everyone wants to
give me something and congratulate
me. It is very tiring.
You are their Queen now. You
belong to them as much as they
belong to you.
I haven't even had time to dance.
But I do so love this song. Dance
with me, dearest Samuel.
I think Mathiew would be more
But I am now Queen. And you are
one of the guard. I believe that
obliges you to do what I say.
      (Bowing his head.)
Then I command you, soldier of the
guard, to dance with me.
The two dance. Mathiew looks from afar with jealous eyes.
It is the first meeting of the guard under the rule of
Fascamine. She sits at the throne with the main guards at
their table.
And what of the military? They are
under equipped as I last saw. They
require more arms. The cannons
need re-fitting.


As you can see, Majesty, the
city's need for repairs are
becoming pressing. More money must
go to this problem.
I asked of our military, not our
Majesty, it is important that the
people be taken care of. The
cities repairs is only one worry.
The villages outside these gates
are in desperate need of aide.
Many will starve the winter.
As Queen my responsibility to the
people is to protect them as a
guardian. But they must be strong.
I will not feed them like infants.
The military has priority. It must
be brought up to date. I want my
cannons repaired.
And when they are repaired,
Majesty, who will they be prepared
to fight?
Your desire for peace, Samuel, is
commendable. But it is not even 25
years since Urithane last saw war.
A war my own mother died in. I
will not have Urithane stand weak.
And of the people?
The people must learn to live with
the good they have. Their defense
is more important for the moment.
What news comes from Lustain? Our
scouts have returned I hear.


The scouts have returned from all
parts of Lustain. The outer
villages complain of ghosts in the
woods, but nothing more. In the
city there is no unrest. It would
seem, good Goramoth, that your
worry has been for nothing.
I admit that this is puzzling. I
expected more from Lathal by now.
He has undoubtedly had the chance
to do the things you accuse him
of. Yet he has done nothing. You
are returning home soon. I see no
reason to redeploy scouts.
There is one more matter to be
brought to your attention, my
What troubles you, Samuel?
With your majesty on the throne,
and Mathiew to lead us, I do not
see the need for me to continue my
service. I ask to be dismissed.
To go where?
That, I do not know. Perhaps into
the country.
You are still a master, Samuel.
Forgive me, my lady, but Danial
has been ready for some time now
to become a member of the guard.
His acceptance has only been
delayed by more pressing matters.


Mathiew, you know Danial's
training as well as you know your
own Dilon. Is this so?
It is true that Dilon and Danial
are close friends, so I have seen
Danial's fighting closely. He is
talented, a good student, but not
yet ready for the guard. He still
needs training.
Then it is so. Danial will not be
accepted with haste. Your request
is denied, Samuel.
      (With shock and
My lady.
This meeting of the guard is then
She stands. Everyone else stands and bows. Fascamine leaves
the room and the guard begin to disburse. Samuel walks up
furiously to Mathiew.
What do you think you are doing?
You know damn well that both our
apprentices are ready.
Perhaps so, but it was not the
Queen's will to let you go. She
only used me as a formality. I had
to concur with the Queen's wishes.
You know this, Samuel. The Queen
before all.
      (In Soldatan)
May the Queen Bless you with a
good day.


Mathiew leaves Samuel, who stands stunned.
Fascamine is looking at some books. Samuel walks in. She
sees him and puts her book down.
Lord Samuel.To what do I owe the
What are you doing, Fascamine? My
staying here will bring no good. I
have served my time and loaly. It
is time for me to go.
Fascamine begins to walk through the ailes of books.
Do you remember when I was
younger? We spent hours in here,
reading about everything. The
Great Legends. Poetry. Love
Stories. I miss doing that with
You are not listening to me.
Come this way.
She motions with her hand to a small room. Samuel hesitates,
but her followers her into the Archives.
Things of this nature are
forbidden in this land. If you
want to speak the word 'love', you
have to whisper.


      (Putting her
       finger to his
Shh! Let us whisper, just once. Do
you love me?
Samuel breathes hard and says nothing. Fascamine takes his
hand and moves it over her body, leading to her breast.
If you could have me and all that
I would give you, would you take
      (Coming close to
       his lips.)
The two kiss passionately. They hold each other tightly.
Samuel begins to cry. He holds Fascamine tightly.
I love you.
Fascamine begins to cry.
With all that I am to the end of
my days I will love you.
He looks at her, holding her shoulders.
We can not discuss this here.
Then meet me, tonight. In the
woods outside the castle.
I will. I will see you there.
They kiss again and for the last time. Samuel hangs his head
in shame.
And for the last time.


Fascamine, cloaked in black, sneaks outside the gates to
meet Samuel. One her way she is stopped by a beggar lying
half drunk on the road.
Spare something, madam. Lost much
in the war. The years haven't been
as kind to all of us.
      (Giving him some
For your sufferings and loyalty to
the Queen.
She leaves the courtyard. The beggar lifts his head and we
see that in fact the man is one of the Mountain People. He
gets up and walks away.
Samuel steadies his horse to a tree. He looks around the
quiet, moonlit forest. He sighs deeply. He knows what he
must do. Fascamine arrives on foot. She runs up to him and
hugs him, holding him tightly.
      (Pressed against
       his breast.)
Do you remember the first time we
came here? The moon was just like
this and you held me as you hold
me now.
I remember it like it were a
dream, my lady. For that is what
it must now be.
      (Stepping back.)
Then let us dream together, as we
once did.
Fascamine, Mathiew is your husband
now. And he is my General. I have
only come to say goodbye. I can
not be with you anymore.


Oh Samuel, only I can release you
from duty.
Release me, yes. But you have
refused. So I have taken up with
the Guard in the north, at the
border with the mountains.
Then I shall move the capital.
Fascamine, you have grown to
become more than I would have ever
hoped for. You are fair, wise a
wonderful swordswoman. The entire
world knows of your beauty. But
there is nothing more I can bring
you. I am sorry.
Samuel releases his horse and mounts it. He gallops off
slowly into the forest. Fascamine, tearfully stands there.
Samuel halts his horse and looks back. In the distance is
the capital city of Urithane, burning bright with the candle
lights and fires. He lowers his head in sadness, knowing he
can never return to the home he defended and the Queen he
Fascamine is standing thinking about what happens. Some
leaves and branches move in the forest. She looks over
curiously. She approaches the bushes that were moving.
Suddenly, eight mountain men jump out from all sides.
Fascamine without a moments hesitation draws her sword. The
mountain men charge her and she kills two of them. One of
the men takes out a pistol and shoots her in the chest with
a powder bullet. The bullet explodes, knocking her to the
ground, spitting blood.


Hearing the echo of the gun shot, Samuel turns around. He
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 1
Are you crazy! We need her alive!
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 2
It is only a powder bullet.
They look at Fascamine laying in agony on the ground,
bleeding from her mouth, gasping for air.
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 3
We must go now! It will not be
long before she is missed.
They put her on a horse and ride off. As they ride,
Fascamine wails in agony.
Samuel hears Fascamine's wails.
He turns his horse around and strides as fast as possible
towards the wails. He arrives behind the mountain men, who
see him.
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 1
Two of the men fall behind and attack Samuel. He takes out
his sword and cuts through them with no effort.
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 1
Samuel catches up quickly. Another man turns around with a
musket. He aims at Samuel. He fires. The bullet hits
Samuel's horse killing it. The horse and Samuel fall to the
ground. Samuel looks up to see the mountain men fleeing,
with Fascamine.


Mathiew awakes to the sound a the bells ringing. Someone in
the distance is crying 'wake the guard!'
The guard are assembled in the main hall. Samuel breaks
through the doors with a thunderous boom. He walks in a
stops. All look at him.
The Queen has been kidnapped by
mountain men.
A large murmur of surprise and concern erupts.
How is this possible? The night
guards saw nothing!
It happened in the woods, outside
the gate, not more than a few
minutes ride from here.
How do you know all of this?
Because I was with her.
And what were you doing with the
Queen in the forest? In the middle
of the night?
I was leaving for the northern
boarders, near the mountains. I
had only stopped to bid her
Because you could not do that from
within these walls? Do you know
what you...
Enough! Dilon, Enough. Samuel's
madness will be dealt with later.
There is not a moment to lose. We


                       MATHIEW (cont'd)
need to assemble the army, at
It shall be done.
Wait! Think about what you are
Lord Goramoth, this is not your
country, nor your Queen.
True. But I beg you for only a
moment to consider. You want to
march an entire army to the north,
while strange things happen in the
south. An army can not move
through the mountains. The people
there know that. They will be
waiting. The fact that it is not
my country or Queen may very well
make me the only rational man in
this room.
What would you have me do?
Send some of the Guard north. Hold
the army here in readiness. The
mountain people will come to
bargain for her life. Either the
Guard or gold will save her.
There are not enough Guard with
experience to do such a thing.
Mathiew paces, thinking. He looks around the room, noticing
that Eric is right. He looks at Goramoth.
True. Unless Lustain will answer
our call for help.


      (With a heavy
We should return home. But we will
not leave our friends and allies
in their time of need. We will go.
We should be returning home!
And we will, as soon as Fascamine
is back here safely.
This is not our fight! Our place
is with Mephame.
And if we return home and Lathal's
plans are ready to be executed?
If he is planing anything!
Do not be blind. There are more
than a hundred Red Guard in
service of Mephame and yet we were
sent here for Fascamine's wedding.
And she is kidnapped only days
later! If Lustain falls to Lathal,
we will need Urithane's help. We
must earn their trust.
Mathiew and Dilon are alone. Looking over a map.
We will move north east along
mountains. When we arrive in the
north, we can approach from the
lakes. They can not hear us coming
with the water falls. During the
war it was the weak end of their
defenses. If our luck holds, it
will still be so.


And what of the army, General?
You have command in my absence.
Keep the army here. Arrest anyone
who comes to bargain for
Fascamine's life. If you are
needed, I will send Danial.
Mathiew, Danial, Samuel, Hathal, Eric and Goramoth are all
preparing their horses for the journey. Dilon is with them,
but not coming.
Why are you not taking muskets?
They are a weapon of the army,
boy. Clumsy as they are loud.
I seem to remember learning in
history that the army won the war
against these same people with
It was a new invention at the
time. It was a mistake.
Perhaps he is right. We can only
defeat so many through strength.
We will defeat them with skill.
Come. It is a three day journey to
the mountains. We must make haste.
Bring her home safe.
Dilon and Mathiew hug.


      (In Soldatan)
For love of the Queen
      (In Soldatan)
For love of the Queen.
The company has taken a break. Samuel sits alone looking
over a large field. Mathiew comes over and joins him.
You're looking at a great piece of
history, you know?
Is that so?
This is as far as the Mountain
People ever came.
The Battle of Fire.
Yes. Dilon was right, you know.
This is where we used muskets for
the first time. We slaughtered
them and pushed them north. I
wonder if Fascamine is not their
You were thinking about her.
Silence. Samuel just looks at Mathiew.
It is quite alright. I know you
love her. Humph. I know she loves
you. But also love her, Samuel. I
love her with all my blood and I
will always obey her will.
And I will never stand in your


I know. I believe what you said
about the forest. I have great
love and respect for you, because
she does. After this is over, I
will see to it you are released.
I wonder if that is still
possible. No matter how this turns
out, I fear it will change
Urithane. It may still need the
elder Guard.
It will be as you wish. Come! we
have rested long enough.
Fascamine is caged in a small prison. People walk by from
time to time, but don't say anything. A prison guard, Doina,
enters with food.
Eat some bread, you must be
Thank you. You are a woman. Is it
your custom for the women to be in
the army?
It is our custom to survive, my
What is your name?
That is a very old name.
We are a very old culture.
Another mountain man passes by and speaks to Doina for a
moment in Soldatan. She responds and he walks on.


You speak Soldatan?
Of course. We are not the
barbarians you think we are. Long
ago we had a Queen and a castle.
Did you know Urithane was once
part of our country?
That is a legend.
Legend, history. Perhaps. To the
north of here is a castle, old,
deserted and worthless. But it was
once the centre of these lands. We
were proud. But our Queen did
something quite unexpected. she
had two daughters. And you know
what? They both wanted to be
Queen. So they warred with each
other. They tore the country in
half. The north was laid to waste,
their heir executed. Her people
fled to the mountains. We have
lived here for all these
That is why you warred with my
mother? That is why you have taken
Hate is a horrible thing. It does
not sleep. It does not tire. It
does not die.
When this is over, I think I will
understand you.
That is a shame. I had hoped I
could persuade you to see us
I see you for what you are. Just
what I was always told.


                       FASCAMINE (cont'd)
Scavengers, beggars, war mongers.
You capture me in the night like
thieves and hold me like a
prisoner. Do not think that with
bread and water you have won my
I am sorry to hear that. It may be
difficult to find you more water
in the future. Bread is even less
scare here. I am sure you
The company has set up camp.
No fires. we are too close now.
We are well protected by the
woodlands here.
We are too close. And I do not
want to disturb the spirits.
Spirits? You mean ghosts! Nonsense
legend of wood folk.
Goramoth walks over to Hathal.
I pray Mephame is well. My spirit
feels heavy tonight. I do not know
I am sure she is fine. Try not to
think too much about it.
Is that possible?


I swear if he touches her. I will
kill him. If the Guard fails her,
I will execute them all. I will
wage war and fire on this world.
Stop it. You have a good heart,
and your love is just. But do not
let your passion cloud you. No
matter what happens, we must react
with the best intentions, not some
foolish vendetta.
I worry for Dilon. He has changed,
hasn't he? He has become obsessed
with muskets and the army.
Perhaps it will make him a good
officer, even General.
Good General and Guard, not very
fair. I miss when we were younger.
We were very close then. He was
fun to go to school with. And a
good friend.
You still spar with him?
Of course, from time to time. He
is not to be underestimated. Weíre
a good match. But he does little
else. He spends all his time with
the army now. Glory is his
Donít worry too much about him.
Mathiew watches over him, and he
is a good man. Just keep your eyes
to the Queen, not glory.


I will always serve the Queen for
the good of Urithane, I promise
And that is what it is to be a
Guard. For the Queen and Urithane.
I am proud of you.
The Red Guard are assembled. A meeting is already in
This news of Fascamine's
kidnapping is disturbing. The
Mountain People have not been so
bold in over a generation.
The Guard must be cautious. If
they are daring enough to
infiltrate Urithane, they may be
so bold as to come to Lustain.
I have already seen to it. Mephame
has been confined to her chamber
for the time being. I am sure you
will all agree it is the only way
to be certain.
I am not sure such radical actions
are necessary. The Castle is well
guarded. Perhaps more men
patrolling, stronger boarders. But
to keep Mephame in her chamber is
a bit harsh.
Perhaps. But I do not wish to risk
anything. Especially with the heir
to her throne in her belly.
A great murmur of surprise and shock.
How is that possible? Hathal could
not have...


Dorithame stares fearfully at Lathal.
I am aware that the traditions of
this land have been broken. For
this I beg the pardon of the
Guard. But there is less sin in
breaking tradition than in letting
Lustain fall to ruin. Mephame's
daughter, my daughter, shall
inherit a great nation. And with
the two of us to guide her at her
Goramoth was right.
I shall take it upon myself to
watch the Princess day and night
until she gives birth.
This is preposterous! Does no one
else see it? You mean to say our
Princess is holding your child.
I am? Does it surprise you so?
It does. I wish to see her. I want
to touch her belly.
I am afraid that is quite
The company arrives before a massive waterfall.
Behind that waterfall is the
entrance to their city.
You want to just run in there?


Of course not. But it is the back
way. Hopefully there will be fewer
guards. We will have to kill them
quickly. From there it is all a
matter of chance.
Mathiew is right. We have no way
of knowing what is inside. There
is no other way.
At its least we have the element
of surprise. If they are expecting
the army, they are surely looking
to the slopes to the east.
Then the falls it is.
Behind the waterfall there are only two guards. Samuel
throws his sword and hits one in the chest. Mathiew attacks
the other one and kills him.
Come, quickly now.
The company runs in, killing any guards they pass. There are
only a few people. One guard sees them ahead. Shocked, he
runs for a horn.
Kill him! Quick!
Eric throws a dagger but the guard gets off one blow before
he dies.
Come! There isn't much time now!
Its too late! We must turn back!
Mathiew charges into more guards, advancing the attack.
Guards, soldiers, and mountain people of every kind begin
pouring in from everywhere now. Up ahead, Samuel sees


There she is!
A guard rips Fascamine out of her cell and begins to run off
in the other direction. The company continues to fight off
the mountain people who have now entirely surrounded them.
Closer and closer the circle closes around them until they
are huddled together, fending off attacks. For just a brief
moment the fighting stops and the company look at their
adversaries. Enemies surround them for as far as the can see
in every direction.
Suddenly, the entire cave begins to shake violently. Rocks
begin to fall. Then silence again. Everyone looks around,
confused. Another large shake. Some of the rocks come loose
and crush a group of the mountain men. The mountain men
become frantic.
What is that?
Cannon fire.
Dilon has brought the entire Red Army north. They are
assembled on a field in front of the slope. A row of cannons
is firing into the mountain. Dilon, on a horse, commands.
The cannons explode and hit the mountain side again.
A third BOOM and shake of the mountains. The mountain people
disperse frantically in every direction running for their
The fool will bring down the
Another BOOM! Rocks begin to fall from everywhere. The
mountain is caving in.


The company begins to run for an exit. All around the
mountain is beginning to collapse. Every few moments they
feel another shake and another loud BOOM! Eric sees in one
direction some of the mountain people pushing Fascamine
towards an exit.
There she is!
Come on!
They run towards the tunnel Fascamine has been pushed
through. But another BOOM! Rocks fall in front of the
entrance, blocking the path and making it impossible to
Leave her for now! We are no use
to her dead!
Come! This way!
Samuel leads them towards some sunlight, which indeed turns
out to be an exit to the western slope. Outside, some of the
mountain people have already begun fighting with the army,
firing muskets at each other and some fighting with
bayonets. The company draw their swords and race into
battle, killing many of the mountain people. The force of
Urithane is far too great for the mountain people and the
battle does not last long. Another thunderous BOOM! And the
cannonballs hit the side of the mountain. The mountain has
become weak from all the blasting and a massive part of it
collapses at the slope. Samuel and Mathiew look in despair,
fearing Fascamine might not have gotten out.
Dilon rides up on his horse.
Samuel! Mathiew! Good to see you.
Samuel jumps on Dilon, knocking him off his horse. He grabs
him by his collars.
Have you lost your mind?


The Queen needed her army. I have
only brought it to her.
You were given an order to stay in
the city.
An order which I judged to have
been made on irrational grounds.
That was not your decision to
No? I was made General of the Army
in Mathiew's absence. That gives
me full authority.
Nonetheless, the army had no
business here. You could have
killed us all and who knows what
has become of Fascamine.
No business here? And tell me,
dear Samuel, how was your rescue
going just before the army
He's right.
Without the army we would have
been lost.
Goramoth grabs Hathal.
This is not our place. More
importantly, you clearly know
nothing of battle. Dilon was wrong
to bring the army here. But that
it not for us to decide.


You were told to stay, Dilon. But
you are right. We are alive
because of you. And we thank you.
Silence. Danial and Samuel look very discontent. A soldier
                       RED SOLDIER 1
Sir! Sir! We have a prisoner. We
have taken one alive.
The soldiers bring a mountain man over. He is brutally
beaten, cut and bleeding from battle.
Where have you taken Fascamine,
Queen of Urithane!
He grabs the man.
                       MOUNTAIN MAN 1
      (In Soldatan)
You have no Queen! Only the
descendant of traitors!
Hathal takes out his sword and plunges it through the man's
foot. He cries out in pain.
Every moment that we are here we
are away from home! I told you, I
will have no one stand in my way.
He lifts his sword out of the man's foot. The man falls to
his knees. Hathal puts his sword on the man's shoulder, next
to his neck.


                       MOUNTAIN MAN 1
The Castle in the Sands. It is our
last stand. She has been taken
Hathal puts his sword back. Dilon gets on his horse.
There is no time to lose. We ride
Some Mountain Soldiers are talking in a tower.
Make sure everyone gets inside.
This castle is our only defence.
                       MOUNTAIN SOLDIER 1
Yes sir.
Mountain Soldier 1 leaves to make the preparations.
                       MOUNTAIN SOLDIER 2
Now we can only wait.
There is nothing more that we can
do. It was foolish to listen to
the men from the south.
Horns blow from below.
                       MOUNTAIN SOLDIER 2
They are here!
Close the gates! Seal the city!
The Red Army is preparing for their assault, putting cannons
in place. The soldiers are forming lines. Dilon rides up to
Mathiew, Samuel and Eric who are now on horses.
We will be ready for battle within
the hour.


So be it.
Dilon gallops off to continue preparing.
This is a mistake, Mathiew. There
is no need to do this.
Why not? They are cornered. They
will give up the Queen. We will
crush them in less than a half
day. And for the last time.
That is the talk of a soldier.
Pause. Mathiewís pride falls a little. He knows that Samuel
is right.

Let me go to talk to them.
                       MOUNTAIN SOLDIER 1
Everything is ready sir. It is the
best we can prepare in such haste.
Very good. May the spirit of our
Queen bless and protect us now.
A horn sounds. The mountain soldiers go to the window.
There, they see Samuel approaching on a horse alone.
Open the gate.
The gates open and Samuel approaches. Christi descends to
greet him. Samuel enters through the gate as it slams shut.
Who here may I speak with in the
name of Fascamine, Queen of


We have no leader, our royalty
dead. Sometimes the people look to
me. My name is Christi.
And it was you who took our Queen.
It was a foolish decision we
regret. We were deceived by the
Southern Men. I am sorry.
Deceived? What do you want from
Silence. Christi says nothing.
Regardless, you know what is about
to happen here. You have no
defences. You are outnumbered. By
the looks of it most of the people
here are women and children.
Release the Queen and I promise
you we will leave you in peace.
If I do not?
Then we will destroy you. Donít
make it come to this. We will
leave. You have my word.
There is a pause as Christi thinks.
The gates open and Samuel rides out slowly with Fascamine.
The gates close behind them. They ride back to Urithaneís
camp where Fascamine is instantly greeted with cheers.
Fascamine. Thanks be youíre OK.
Fascamine says nothing. She looks with great anger at the
Clean her up. Bring her horse. It
is time to go home.


Everyone pauses.
Not yet.
Fascamine walks forward and stares at the castle. The entire
army is silent, waiting for her to speak.
Kill them all.
My lady?
That is my command. Fire the
cannons. Advance the infantry.
Kill every living thing in that
castle including the rats! When
the assault is over, burn the city
to the ground.
It shall be done.
No wait! Fascamine, there is no
need for this. You are safe. They
are all but dead anyway. There is
no need toÖ
I am Queen! The guard has failed
me once to the hands of these
people. It will not happen again.
Now, dearest Samuel, execute my
I gave them my word!
Much as you once swore to protect
I will not.


My lady.
You are not General, Samuel. I am.
And I live to love and serve the
Queen, my Queen.
This is not love! This is not
Loyalty to the death, Samuel.
Not like this.
      (To Fascamine)
It shall be done.
Samuel storms off disgusted. Mathiew rides over to Dilon.
You may begin your attack.
Yes Sir.
The cannons boom and the walls of the castle begin to
crumble quickly. The gates of the castle break. The army
enters and massacres everyone. They leave the castle to
Samuel, Mathiew, Dilon, Danial and Eric are in the main
Fascamine's murder of those people
was uncalled for! We should never
have let her!


And what would you have done? Defy
a direct order of the Queen? That
is treason. It's worse! It's
You confuse loyalty to the Queen
with loyalty to Fascamine,
Mathiew. And it is dangerous. And
it is showing in your apprentice
as well. Dilon is not General, you
are. His obsession with being a
hero almost killed all of us.
He was right in the end. They
saved us.
And murdered an entire country!
They haven't had a country since
before history. Their end was near
in any case.
What is past us is past. We can
not change the actions of the
Queen nor should we question them.
Perhaps so. But she has not been
herself since she has returned.
She is nervous. She sees no one.
The Guard has not met since she
has returned.
It has only been a few days. Give
her time.
I will give her anything she asks.
So long as it does not question my
loyalty to man, to Urithane. We
walk a dangerous line acting on
emotions. If this continues I fear
for this nation.


      (Entering from her
And what is there to fear, good
All bow.
My lady.
I was unaware that Urithane had
any enemies. The mountain people
are extinct. Lustain is peaceful.
There isn't another country on
this side of the mountains.
Perhaps he is still afraid of the
ghosts in the forests.
      (Turning to Dilon)
I was not aware we were taking
custom to apprentices speaking
I have appointed Dilon to the high
command of the army, second to
The army needs no more leadership,
my lady. As you said, we are at
peace, the guard keeps watch on
the city, I do not see the...
The army is being awarded new
powers. The Guard is weak, Samuel.
I have seen it first hand.
My lady, while I love you with
every breath, I must agree with
Lord Samuel. The guard is your
protector. The army does not need
more power.
Fascamine paces around them, keeping her eyes fixed with
hate on Samuel.


The Guard is nothing but an old
tradition, stubborn and archaic.
The future lies in the army. I
have disbanded the academy. There
will be no more use for it.
Everyone tries to hold in their surprise.
Urithane is my land. And I will
rule it as I see fit. Now, call
your precious Guard and let us
return to matters of this nation.
Goramoth is preparing the horses to leave. Samuel comes over
to see him.
I suppose it has been too long
since you saw home.
Indeed. I look forward to being
there again. And what for you,
good Samuel? What will you do now
that there is no border to Guard?
I will remain here a while longer.
I fear things are not all well
with Fascamine.
I do hope things will be better in
Goramoth, there is something I
must warn you of before you leave.
One of the mountain men, before
they released Fascamine, he told
me he was foolish to have trusted
the men from the south.
There is a pause. Goramothís eyes grow large.
Be careful.


Hathal enters.
Everything is ready?
Indeed. Samuel has just comes to
see us off.
We wish you well here. I hope to
see you at my own wedding soon.
I would like that. Thank you, both
of you for helping us.
They smile and hug each other. Hathal and Goramoth get on
their horses and ride south to Lustain.
Evening is falling. Goramoth stops and get off his horse.
Why are we stopping?
We have almost gone without rest
or food, Hathal. I am not as fit
as I once was. Forgive me, but we
must rest for the night.
Lustain is not a half days ride
from here!
That is true. But there will be
much more than greetings to attend
to when we return. We must be in
good spirit when we arrive.
We will arrive before sunrise. You
will be able to sleep a little
before we are even noticed.
It may not be a peaceful night in
Lustain. Samuel warned me before
we left that the Mountain People


                       GORAMOTH (cont'd)
might be connected to what is
happening at home. I fear Lathal
has something to do with
Fascamine's kidnapping.
Hathal paces around impatiently.
At least let us make something to
eat, and give me a few hours to
rest my eyes. Then we can
A small campfire burns. Hathal sits staring at the flames
while Goramoth sleeps. Hathal hears something in the brush
nearby. He draws his sword and goes to wake Goramoth.
What? What is it?
Something draws near.
Don't tell me you're afraid of
ghosts now, too.
More noise from the brush. Goramoth gets up and draws his
sword. Dorithame falls out of the brush. He is wounded,
dirty and bleeding. He falls in front of them.
What has happened?
Forgive me. I did not know Lathal
Where is Mephame!
I'm so sorry.


Where is she?
She is dead.
She died in childbirth.
Childbirth? How is that possible?
Lathal has claimed the child as
his own. He rules Lustain.
Without hesitation, Hathal runs for his horse.
Wait! If Lathal has taken Lustain,
we can not just run through the
country. We must take care.
I go to face him.
What will you do? Fight the whole
of our Guard and army?
If I have to. I will see Lathal
pay for his treason.
You can not leave me here.
Dorithame needs us.
I have to go. The child can not be
Do not talk like this. We don't
know anything. Dorithame can
hardly speak. We must have more


What else is there to know?
Mephame has given birth to child!
It is not my baby. Even if Lathal
is not the father, she has
betrayed me.
It is still the blood of Mephame.
That blood must be spilt. I go to
see it done.
Hathal races off on his horse. Goramoth runs back to
You knew of all of this.
I did not think he would do such
things. I thought he would do good
for Lustain. Goramoth, forgive me.
Fool of a man you are, but I do.
Listen to me. I must save the
child. Where is she? Where is the
In the tower.
Mephameís chamber?
Yes. Goramoth, go. Leave me here.
May the spirits of the Queens have
mercy on me. May they forgive me.
Dorithame dies. Hathal holds him for a moment and then runs
for his horse. He gallops to the Castle of Lustain.
Hathal arrives at the graveyard on his horse. He gets off to


find Mephame's grave with newly turned dirt covering it. Her
tomb is beautiful in marble with poetry written in Soldatan.
He falls to the ground and weeps for her.
It is raining heavily. Lightening strikes and thunder
crashes! Goramoth rides close to the castle and ties his
horse to a tree near the side. Quietly he enters the castle,
avoiding the guards. He moves in through the castle and up
the stairs towards the Queen's tower.
Outside again, Hathal arrives from the Graveyard of the
Queen. He walks right up the main entrance, guarded by two
of the Red Guard.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Lord Hathal, you have returned.
Hathal draws his sword and kills the two Guards. His face is
emotionless. He enters the castle. Some other Guards walking
by see him and the blood on his face. They draw their swords
and fight. Hathal kills them all.
Lathal is sitting in the Queens chair looking over some
papers with a servant. He hears the commotion in the next
room and opens the door to look. He sees Hathal fighting
with Guards. He slams the door shut.
Run! Get all the Guard you can
find and bring them here! Quickly.
The servant nods in fear and runs off. But it is too late.
Hathal breaks down the door and enters, covered in blood and
rain. He approaches Lathal. Lathal says nothing. He draws
his sword and the two fight briefly. But Lathal is older and
is quickly overcome by Hathal. Hathal cuts him on his legs
and he falls to his knees. Hathal looks him in the eye with
great rage. He stabs Lathal in the heart. Other guards
arrive with their swords drawn. Hathal turns around and
looks at them. No one moves. Hathal walks around looking at
them. Finally he sits in the chair of the Queen. A pause
before anyone reacts. Slowly, the guard begin to lower their
swords and bow to Hathal.
Bring me the child.


Goramoth opens the door to Mephame's chamber. Inside is
Semith watching over the child.
Why am I not surprised?
Goramoth, what do you think you
are doing?
      (Taking out his
I do not have time for long
speeches of morality. You are
arrogant as you are stupid. I have
to take the child. What you have
done is beyond repair. Give me the
baby, and I will walk away.
I do not think that Lathal...
Lathal is dead. If he is not, he
will be soon. Hathal has gone mad
with rage. He is coming to kill
Stay away from the baby.
Goramoth steps forward and Semith takes out his sword.
Goramoth cuts his leg off. Semith screams in pain.
You are corrupted, Semith, but you
do not deserve to die.
He takes the baby and begins to walk out.
Goodbye Semith.


He begins to run down the stairs. When he gets there he
comes across some of the Guards who were coming to get the
baby. He draws his sword and fights with them. He then makes
for his escape. More soldiers run behind him. He gets to the
doors of the castle and is able to get onto his horse. He
begins to ride off. A soldier lifts his musket and fires,
hitting Goramoth in the back. Goramoth stays strong and
continues to ride north.
Some Guards enter. Hathal is waiting for their report.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Goramoth took the child.
What! What about those guarding
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
He was wounded.
Assemble the Guard and the army. I
want every man who can wield a
sword or musket ready in the
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
Yes sir.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Sir, where do you intend to lead
such a force.
We will scour the country. We will
find the child, no matter where
Goramoth takes it. Execute the
Guard that let him through.
The Guards leave.
Goramoth. This is all your doing.
Had we not followed the men of
Urithane, we would have been here.
And now you have taken the child.


Goramoth is terribly wounded. He limps over the baby but
persists in riding slowly.
But where will you go?
A meeting has already begun with the Red Guard and
Fascamine. Much to the surprise of the guard, Dilon has been
placed next to Fascamine and Mathiew. A few members of the
army are also strangely present.
News of the south brings rumours
of unrest from Lustain.
It is said that the Guard have
imprisoned Queen Mephame in her
own chambers for her protection.
Measures must be taken to ensure
such things do not happen here as
Since when is this an affair for
someone of your stature, Dilon?
You look small in a chair so big.
I remind you, good Samuel that
Dilon is no longer in the service
of the Guard.
Yes, with the noble military as we
can see. And what brings so many
members of our second line of
defense to a meeting of the Guard?
It is as Dilon has said, we can
not know how deep the plot in
Lustain is.


                       URITHANE GUARD 1
Then we send scouts to gather more
information. Something more
There is nothing more to know. The
Guard has ploted against my ally.
She is alone, betrayed by her most
trusted. It is of little surprise
to me. The Guard of our age has
lost most of its honor.
You didn't call the Guard to
discuss precaution.
Samuel looks up at Fascamine with anger and sadness.
You called us to announce it.
Why is the army here?
The Guard has been stripped of all
its duties outside the city walls.
The army now controls Urithane.
A murmor of shock and horror.
A curfew is in place for all
members of the Guard. They are not
to be seen meeting in private or
at each others homes. All Guard
will be accounted for at sunset.
Only the Guard of the Gates shall
continue night duty.
Don't do this.
I am Queen of Urithane and I have
Fascamine stands and walks out. Dilon, Mathiew and some of
the army go with her.


A Scout of Lustain arrives in the Main Hall. Hathal is
reviewing his war plans with other guards.
                       LUSTAIN SCOUT
Lord Hathal.
What news of Goramoth?
                       LUSTAIN SCOUT
All our searching suggests he has
fled north to Urithane. It would
be the most logical decision. It
is the only place with strong
defenses against our force.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 2
I agree. North would make the most
sense. He has friends there who
could protect him. A solder said
he is sure to have shot Goramoth
during his escape. If he needs a
doctor, he would have to go to
Then we shall travel north. Give
the order.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
You will move the army north over
the boarder?
We will invade Urithane. If they
do not give us Goramoth and the
child, the north will fall.
                       LUSTAIN GUARD 1
Sir, with all due respect,
Urithane has been a loyal ally
since before The War of the North.
To simply invade for...
Execute my orders!
Hathal stand up and storms out of the room.


We march at dawn.
Mathiew and Samuel are walking in the garden. The flowers
are all but gone. The frost has killed off most of the plant
life. The leaves are a dark and somber brown.
Fascamine has all but eliminated
the Guard. I fear now she will not
stop there.
She is both wise and fair. She
to do what is best for Urithane.
In time things will go back to
Mathiew, the world that was is
leaving us. It will not return, no
matter what the future is. I think
it is time we all began to think
about what we will do next.
You are thinking of leaving again?
I do not know what I should do.
But I must decide soon.
The two hear a commotion coming from the gate. They go to
see what is happening. Goramoth has arrived barely alive
still with the baby in hands.
He falls of his horse and into Samuel's arms.
      (To a servant)
Fetch a surgeon. Go!
Right away, my lord!


Mathiew takes the baby. Holding it, he looks at Samuel,
Take it to Eric. Do not tell
Fascamine. Mathiew! Do not tell
her of it! Hide it somewhere safe.
Goramoth is in a bed. He is weak and dying. Samuel enters.
he sits next to Goramoth's bed.
Mephame has given birth to a girl.
Hathal has gone mad. He is
searching for the child. He means
to kill it.
Is it his?
I can not be sure. He thinks it is
Lathal's. But he is full of rage.
He will stop at nothing to destroy
her. Samuel, if he finds the baby
is here, he will come for it at
any cost. She is the only
bloodline of Mephame. She must
You have my word. She will be
Samuel, the end of many things is
upon us. I am dying. I know this.
I see now I was wrong. I should
have let Hathal go. He might have
stopped Lathal. For my part, I am
We are all to blame. Maybe you
should not have come with us.
Maybe I should not have taken
Fascamine to the woods. Maybe I
should not have loved her.


Maybe the word should have never
Exactly. I must go now. There is
much that must be prepared.
Then this is goodbye.
Yes, it is.
      (In Soldatan)
May the spirits of the Queens
bless you.
      (In Soldatan)
May they take you home in peace.
The two hug.
The Guard is assembled with Fascamine in her chair. A
servant enters.
Goramoth is dead.
There is a silence.
Then it is so. Nothing can change
his spirits path. We must look to
our own. Scout, what news of the
What Goramoth told us is true.
Hathal has claimed rule over
Lustain. His armies move North to
the boarder with Urithane.


Then it is true. Dilon, assemble
the Lieutenants. We must prepare
for war.
At once, my lady.
Majesty, might I remind you that
it is the Guard who leads the army
in times of war. I think we should
also prepare.
There is no need. The Guard will
not be used in the defense of this
country. You shall remain in the
city under curfew.
And why would her majesty make
such a decision?
Because you can not be trusted.
You have failed me already. I will
not risk the entirety of this
nation on your negligence.
You have your orders.
All stand and bow. Fascamine walks out of the room. The
Guard disburse save Eric, Mathiew and Samuel.
She has gone completely mad.
There may still be time. She does
not know of the baby.
What will you do, Samuel?
That we must all decide together.
But not here. Not now. The Queen
has many ears. Meet me tonight in


                       SAMUEL (cont'd)
cellar rooms. Fascamine must not
be allowed to continue like this.
Dilon and Mathiew walk through the gardens.
Fascamine has named me to lead the
army south.
I know. it is a great honor to
serve the Queen in such a way. You
have fallen under her graces since
the Battle at the Castle in the
I do hope that this causes no harm
between us. I did not wish for
things to be this way.
Dilon, you are not my apprentice
anymore. But remember the most
important thing I tried to teach
you: our lives, our blood,
everything we have is in service
and loyalty to the Queen. Never
betray her. Never stop loving her.
You have done that. I couldn't be
They stop. Dilon puts his hand on Mathiew's shoulder. He
Neither could I. Come, dine with
me tonight. My last good meal
before I ride to war.
Forgive me, I can not. The Guard
have their own affairs to attend
What could you possibly have to
attend to in the night? With the
curfew in effect, you should have
all the time in the world.


The city's defences have not been
looked over in a long time. Samuel
thinks it is crucial to do so as
soon as possible.
Does Fascamine know of this?
Of course she does. I am her
husband. There is nothing of me
she doesn't know.
I see. Then I bid you farewell,
dear Mathiew.
They hug.
Until our next meeting.
Mathiew walks off towards the castle. Dilon watches him
Samuel and Eric stand in a small cellar room with torches
waiting for Mathiew.
He is late.
He will be here.
There is a knock at the door. Samuel opens it and Mathiew
comes in.
We can not stay here long. It is
hard to know what Guards are still
loyal to Urithane and who is loyal
to Fascamine.
They are still one and the same
thing, Eric.


No they are not, Mathiew. The
Queen has gone astray from all
reason. She can no longer lead
What do you two mean to say?
She must be removed from power.
You can not kill her.
I said nothing of killing her. She
must be removed. We can decide
where to exile her later. But we
must act quickly.
And who, Samuel, will rule? She
has no heir. Or will you take the
Don't be foolish. I have no
interest in ruling. The Guard will
rule collectively as they did
before she was Queen. You will
remain with her and when she has a
child it will be taken for
This is madness.
I love her!
We know that.
For God's sake, Samuel you love


      (Looking at the
I do. But this is the only way. If
there were another, I would die to
make it so. She can not rule.
Pause. Mathiew thinks for a moment.
What must be done?
We must get the baby out of the
Fascamine will notice if one of us
is gone.
We will send Danial and a few of
the other apprentices. They will
not be missed in the commotion of
everything else going on.
There isn't a moment we can waste,
Danial and his men are already
waiting. You will help them to the
walls and out of the city. Samuel
and I must try to assemble the
rest of the Guard.
Why should I take the child? I
should go to get the Guard.
That would not be wise.


Why not? I am their General.
Because they don't trust you!
Pause. Mathiew looks with shock and sorrow at Samuel. Samuel
comes close to Mathiew and puts his hand on his shoulder.
But I do. And you must also trust
me. Take the child to Danial. See
him through the path. Get him out
of the city.
May the spirits of the Queens
watch over us.
They hug. They open the door and walk out.
Danial waits with three other Guards inside a small room.
Mathiew enters with the baby.
Come. This way.
These tunnels will lead you
outside the city walls. From there
I must leave you.
                       URITHANE GUARD 3
What is this place?
A secret tunnel, used for the
Queen's escape in times of war.
They arrive at the end of the tunnel.
Do you know where you go?


North and over the mountains.
Hopefully we will find an old path
to the valley.
Take care Danial.
And you, good Mathiew.
They hug. Danial and his men go out the exit and into the
country. Mathiew begins to walk back to the castle with
tears in his eyes. He arrives to the entrance where there
are soldiers standing, waiting for him. He draws his sword
but they grab him by his arms. Dilon enters.
Mathiew. I had hoped that it would
not be you.
Dilon. What are you doing?
I am protecting the Queen.
Don't do this. You don't know what
you're doing.
Arrest this man.
The Guard are assembled. Fascamine's chair is empty.
Another meeting of the Guard. And
I see our friends from the army
are keeping us company again.
I would get used to them. I think
Fascamine means to keep them close
to us.


Well, maybe they will learn a
thing or two.
Fascamine enters and all of the Guard stand at attention.
Behind her enters Dilon and with him two soldiers walking
Mathiew in chains.
Oh no.
Fascamine takes her seat. The other Guard sit as well,
except for Mathiew and the two soldiers guarding him.
This meeting of the Guard comes to
order. It shall hear the trial of
Mathiew, General of the Guard,
Husband of the Queen for the crime
of treason.
Samuel lowers his head.
Samuel stands alone looking around the Great Hall. Dilon
You are angry with the Queens
There are many things the Guard
used to decide for the good of the
nation. It seems Fascamine feels
able to do them all.
Treason is often an easy crime to
And judge harshly.
I don't want to see Mathiew hanged
any more than you do. He is like a
brother to me. But he sinned
against our Queen.


I have nothing to say to you.
Samuel begins to walk out of the Hall. He turns around.
Congratulations, by the way. All
your dreams seem to be coming
Mathiew is inside sitting and thinking. The door opens and
Samuel enters. Mathiew does not move.
I can not stay long. I'm surprised
they let me see you at all.
Why have come here, Samuel?
I have talked to Eric and some of
the other Guards. We're going to
get you out of here.
To go where?
East to the forests for now. Until
we can reason with Fascamine.
There is no need. I want to do
This is what it is to die for
something. This is loyalty.
No. It isn't. Fascamine's mind has
been polluted by paranoia. Her
reason is gone. She knows not what
she does.


She uncovered a conspiracy.
Someone must pay for that. And she
loves you. For all of her that has
become hate, she always loved you.
I tried to love her, to serve her.
And you did. But this will not
accomplish anything.
Yes it will. It is my service.
Loyalty to the death.
A guard comes to get Samuel.
                       PRISON GUARD
Lord Samuel.
Goodbye, Samuel.
Samuel enters Fascamine's room with two guards.
You may leave us.
The Guards leave and close the door.
I have come to plead for Mathiew's
Are you surprised I will still see
you in private?
Fascamine, Mathiew...
Mathiew has broken the law! My
law! He must pay the price of


I asked him to go down to those
tunnels. I am more guilty of
treason than he is, though you do
nothing to me. He is your husband.
He was never meant to be my
She paces around the room frantically.
I did not love him then and I do
not love him now.
She runs up to him and grabs his face gently. Tears begin to
roll down her eyes.
I love you. I have always loved
you. When Mathiew is gone, we can
marry. Things can be the way they
should have been.
Not like this. Your heart is
loving, but your actions are going
too far. Stop this madness now.
let us rebuild. Release Mathiew.
We will win the war in the south
and we will rebuild.
Very well, I will release him.
Under one condition.
He will be exiled to the forests,
and I will marry you.
Samuel lowers his head in despair.
You know that can not be.
Samuel walks for the door and opens it.


Then he will hang at sunset.
Samuel storms outside to the great steps of the Main Hall.
He leans on a ledge, tears in his eyes as he watches down on
the crowd gathered to watch the execution. Mathiew is
brought out from the prison in chains by prison guards. Many
citizens throw flowers before his path, crying for him.
Samuel watches helplessly as Mathiew is brought to the place
of execution. The guards place a rope around his neck. The
tears begin streaming from Samuels face, brightly lit by the
sunset. Mathiew looks around sadly one last time at the city
and at the people also weaping for him. He looks up to the
tower where he sees Fascamine's shaddow watching him. He
lowers his head sadly. A prison guard kicks the chair from
under him his neck snaps and his feet dangle. Mathiew dies.
Fascamine sits in her chair. The Red Guard around her.
Mathiew chair is empty.
Mathiew's death was necessary to
maintain order in this land. May
the Guard remember his example.
The Guard will do so. But her
majesty must look to her borders
now. The war goes poorly. Hathal's
forces advance towards this city
every day.
I beg her majesty to consider
putting the army back under the
command of the Red Guard for the
sake of the nation.
There is no need. The war with
Lustain is at an end. I have
arranged so that we shall have
forever peace with the south.
She looks at Samuel.


What have you done?
The Guards open the main doors. Hathal enters. The Red Guard
all draw their swords.
Steady your swords. You would not
want to harm your new General.
I will marry Hathal. He is both
strong and loyal. They are
qualities lacking in this country.
Hathal walks up to Samuel.
I am sorry we could not have met
again before this.
Perhaps it is for the best.
Samuel storms out of the Hall. Eric follows him.
Now. Where is my child?
Samuel gathers all of then maps and writtings he can find
and places them in the center of the room. He takes a night
lantern and pours the oil around the floor. Eric enters.
What are you doing?
When they find the baby is gone
they will look here. They will
need maps. These would lead them
to Danial.


So you are going to burn them.
We must. Anything hidden can be
If you burn this room, our entire
history will be lost.
There is no history without a
He takes a torch from the staircase and throws it into the
room. The archives begin to burn. Samuel runs down the
stairs. Eric follows him. They arrive in the armory. Samuel
arms himself.
It will not be hard to figure out
who did this. Gather any Guard
still loyal to Urithane. Tell them
to flee to the Eastern Plains.
Where are you going?
I must go south. With any luck,
some of the Red Guard of Lustain
are hiding out as well.
Why must we do this?
Don't you see what is happening
here? Fascamine is finished with
us. At best she will disband the
Guard. I fear she will do much
worse. If we do not leave while
there is still time we may all be
I will see to it at once.
Quickly then. Meet me in the
plains. We will decide what to do
next from there.


Hathal throws over a table.
How could the child escape you
We did not even know it was here
until you came. Samuel hid it from
It is not surprising. The Red
Guard still post many of the
entries here. They would have
sympathies for these traitors.
The Guard has indeed become
uncontrollable. My police tell me
Danial and several others have
also gone. They clearly have the
And where do you think they have
They can not go south. There are
only two paths. Across the plains
and east into the forests or north
and over the mountains.
There is no one who could help
them in the east, save if they
believe in ghosts. They must be
running for the mountains.
It is their only choice.
Arrest Samuel. He will know. Go
Dilon. Find him. Bring him here.


Dilon leaves.
Traitors, all of them.
The guard of both countries have
betrayed us.
The Guard is of no use to us
anymore. I think it is time they
were dealt with.
Danial continues to march North on foot. The two Red Guard
with him are falling behind from fatigue.
                       URITHANE GUARD 4
Danial, we must stop.
Just a little further.
                       URITHANE GUARD 4
A little further to where? The
north will still be there when we
We have no time to lose. By now
Fascamine and Hathal must have
launched a force to find us. We
must get to the mountains this
                       URITHANE GUARD 5
It is not possible. You wish to
lead us with your strength and
that is honorable. But we need
rest. Even you are about to
Follow me just to the forests, to
the mountain's foot and we will
camp there.
                       URITHANE GUARD 4
Very well.


Hathal and Fascamine are sitting at the table of the Guard.
Hathal is in Mathiew's chair. Dilon is standing attention.
Samuel is gone, along with most of
the Guard. Those who remain here
have sword loyalty to Queen
Fascamine and the army. My scouts
report a camp set in the plains of
the east.
My men also report movement from
the south. Some of my Guard are
heading northeast.
Samuel is building an army?
I am not sure. But it would be
foolish. Even with Hathal's guard
they can not have more than two
hundred men. The Guard do not use
muskets, only swords. They are
outnumbered and using primitive
Is the baby with them?
I do not know. But it would not
make sense. Samuel would not
attract this much attention if she
were there. A small group of
Guards may be trying to move
How many troops are within a days
ride of the plains?
With Hathalís forces we are twenty
thousand strong.
Good. Assemble your troops. Crush


I will take what Guards are still
loyal to us and move north. I must
find the child.
So be it. Hathal shall go north.
Dilon will eliminate the Guard in
the East.
Dilon bows and walks out.
It is dusk. Eric is organizing his Guards. They are digging
trenches facing west.
Quickly! I want this done by
                       URITHANE GUARD 1
Lord Samuel approaches!
Samuel arrives with his forces from Lustain. He gets off his
horse and hugs Eric.
It's good to see you.
And you.
      (Looking at the
Whatís this?
Trenches. The army may have
muskets. But if we can get down,
we may escape the bullets. We can
make our attack when the reload.
I thought we had to discuss our
next move.
Come now Samuel. No one here makes
any delusions of what is going to
happen here. Dilonís army is


                       ERIC (cont'd)
probably already marching here.
There is no escape.
Perhaps not. Where would we go?
I donít want to leave my home. I
would rather die here.
And we will.
Yes, we will.
Samuel and Eric are sitting at a campfire. Other Guard are
moving about, eating, talking and laughing.
They are in good spirits.
Why shouldnít they be? We are
still free men after all.
My father used to take me riding
near here before I went to the
academy. This was always a
peaceful place to come, away from
the city.
I would have liked to have seen it
under different circumstances.
Do you think there is any hope for
the Guard?
The Guard? No. But there is in
Urithane. The entire hope of this
nation now lies with Danial. I
pray he has found a safer path
than we.


It is late. We should get some
Go on. I donít think I will very
much be able to tonight.
Neither will I. But I should try
all the same. It was an honour
serving with you.
And you. You were a valiant Guard.
And a good friend.
Goodnight, Samuel.
Goodnight Eric.
Danial and his Guards arrive at the edge of the forest.
Danial looks at the entrance with a smile.
Come! Rest awaits us.
Danial sits down by the fire where Urithane Guard 4 is
cooking. The baby is sleeping near them. Urithane Guard 5
comes back with water from the lake.
                       URITHANE GUARD 5
How large a force do you think
they sent?
I don't know. it wouldn't make
sense for the army to come. We are
only three.
                       URITHANE GUARD 4
But they don't know that.


Hathal was once a good man, and
one of the Red Guard. I would
imagine he is still a wise man.
                       URITHANE GUARD 5
How will we cross the mountains?
We will have to trust the mountain
people. They dug caves and holes.
With any luck there will be a way
                       URITHANE GUARD 5
And if there is not?
I do not know. But I think it is
time we got some sleep. Tomorrow
is going to be a long day.
The sun rises in the east. Samuel stands alone watching it
come up. Eric comes out of his tent and walks up to him.
Did you sleep at all?
Not a momentís worth.
      (Looking at the
It is beautiful isnít it?
I fear it is the last time I might
see it.
We may have a day or two before
Dilon arrives.
Not at all. Listen.


Silence. Eric listens. Drums beat in the distance. He turns
west and looks over the plains. He can not see anything, but
the drums are getting louder.
There are here.
Wake the Guard. It is time to make
our stand.
Eric races off. Samuel continues to look off into the west
now. Slowly, the Red Army appears over the horizon with
Dilon leading them in the front on his horse. The Red Guard
wakes and scrambles to arm themselves. They file into the
trenches. Meanwhile, Dillon's army comes to the middle of
the plains and stops.
Form lines!
The Red Army begins to form lines.
Samuel jumps into the trenches. He looks around. Some of the
Guard are not even fifteen, old students of the academy.
They look scared and unready.
Hold steady men! For the true
Queen and for Urithane!
My god.
Dilonís army has now fully formed showing how massive his
forces are.
Steady! Everyone down!