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Something Happened (work in progress)
by Daniel Barr (dan.barr@hotmail.co.uk)

Rated: R   Genre: Drama   User Review:

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


TONY JUNO sits under a flickering orange, small lamppost,
                       TONY (V.O.)
Did you ever think you were gonna
die? How did you feel? Did you
even care? I guess you gotta ask
yourself what you're losin'. Maybe
what's the world losin'? In my
case the answer to both was
nothin' … nothin'. They say your
life flashes before your eyes, it
don't. Most people are too focused
on the possibility of dying to
think about the life their 'bout
to lose. And people like me, who
had plenty of time to prepare,
don't often really wanna reflect.
reflectin' leads to regrettin', I
hate regrettin', and I spent so
much time regrettin' recently, my
life's so full of regret, it just
seemed a waste of my final
minutes, you know. So I thought as
the final countdown began I'll
indulge in the last pleasure I had
left, the thing I used to think
would be the death of me … smokin'
… I smoked a whole pack before the
time came.
a dark figure runs towards him, stops just before the light
so only his silhouette is shown.
Shit man, you took your time.
The figure draws a pistol and shoots Tony in the head before
running away, Tony falls down and camera pans out and fades
to black.
                       TONY (V.O.)
My name is Tony Juno, and as you
all now know I'm dead. Where I'm
telling this story from may or may
not be Heaven, I don't know and


                       TONY (cont'd)
never really had much time for
such things, but I certainly went
through the metaphorical fires of
Hell to get here, and that's the
bit you all wanna know about.
Camera heads towards a window near the top of a skyscraper,
through the window you can see a bland grey walled office
(desk and two chairs) two men,Tony and his boss, JULIO
CORLEONE are in the office talking.
                       TONY (V.O.)
so here's the story of when
somethin' happened.
camera enters through window to join Tony and Julio in the
middle of an argument
TONY is standing up, pacing around the office, Julio is
sitting behind his desk trying to keep calm.
You know what you need, some
fuckin' plant life or something.
Tony looks around office walls
                       TONY (cont'd)
These greys are fucking depressin'
and so you're sittin' here starin'
out over this city of shit,
pissin' yourself about a couple of
negatives in the present and not
seeing the fuckin' burnin' bright
lights of the future. I can turn
this company around boss just give
me a week.
I'm not calling the shots on this
one Tony, Shareholders say it's
the end of the line. I fought for
you but there's nothing I can do …
Tony goes to leave, annoyed
                       JULIO (cont'd)
… I'll write you a good reference,


Tony opens the office door
                       JULIO (cont'd)
You'll have a new job in no time
the camera pauses on Tony's face as he starts to walk out.
                       TONY (V.O.)
This is the point where somethin'
happened. I'd gone from top of the
world to rock bottom in minutes, I
had a million thoughts, feelin's
and emotions sugar rushin' direct
into my brain and somethin'
happened …
the camera starts again and Tony closes the door in the
camera's face, camera holds on the door showing a golden
nameplate with JULIO CORLEONE carved into it.
                       JULIO (off screen)
      (steadily getting
What you doing Tony, take it easy,
no careful Tony ...
Sounds of things smashing and violent punching and kicking
over Julio shouting and screaming, eventually Julio stops
but violent sounds continue until Tony screams.
                       TONY (V.O.)
Everything collided into violent
Julio's office door opens to show Tony covered in blood and
with blood dripping from his fingers.
Opening credits start as slow motion he walks into the open
office space as security guards pile into Julio's office.
The guards soon realise what happened and go after him. Slow
motion fight until end of opening credits at which point
TONY is knocked out and dragged away from camera.
Tony wakes up in a 2 person prison cell with bunk bed,
table, chair, sink and toilet, the cell door is open.


sitting on the table in the corner of the cell is JOEL, a
south american teenager with big curly hair, almost an afro,
wearing bright orange trousers with reflective white stripes
and a white vest,
Joel gets off the table and walks towards Tony
you waking, brother,
Tony groans and sits up.
ha, we all been there,I'll get you
some water,
Joel gets a plastic cup and fills it with water. He gives it
to Tony then returns to the table.
                       JOEL (cont'd)
you been out cold forever, I
Tony drinks slowly before speaking
where am I?
This place, I kinda like to think
of it as a holding room for Hell,
a sorta last chance saloon.
      (looking around)
it's a prison.
Yeah, it's a prison.
and where is this prison?
Joel shrugs
you dunno?
no-one knows and no-one asks,


that way this prison can be
wherever each individual fucker
here wants it to be.
Jesus Christ
I wouldn't bother goin' callin' to
Jesus Christ right now, you lost
your chance of his redemption,
ha,Jesus Christ's not been here in
a long time.
I need a cigarette.
Tony starts patting himself down looking for cigarettes,
Joel laughs.
Yo, Aunt May
Sound of heavy footsteps on metal corridor approaching
cell,AUNT MAY, a large black woman prison guard appears at
cell door, Tony looks surprised/a bit scared, Joel smiles at
her still laughing at Tony and trying to hold it in.
                       AUNT MAY
What's the matter, boy.
New guy wants some smokes.
                       AUNT MAY
You out.
I'm out.
                       AUNT MAY
Aunt May reaches into her bra and pulls out two packs of
cigarettes, she throws one on the bed, she opens the other
takes one and passes it around before throwing it with the
first before dragging the chair closer to the door and


sitting on it, Joel produces a lighter and lights everyone
up, the three sit and smoke for a second before talking.
                       AUNT MAY
So, new guy, what did you do?
                       AUNT MAY
You know, what you in for? I love
a good crime story, and everyone
here's got one … if that's about
all they got.
You not read my file or something?
Cheeky beggar, I got other things
to do but sit on my ass and read
Aunt May and Joel laugh
I don't really…
He killed someone.
Aunt May looks impressed
Did I? how'd you know?
Chill brother, I got fuck all else
to do but read files.
Aunt May and Joel laugh again
Alright you little prick, what you
in for?
Thievin', drugs, guns, knives,
fights, general youth of today
shit. What's wit' the anger, man?
Tony takes a long draw of his cigarette


Fuck it.
That's more like it,
Joel stands up and offers his hand.
                       JOEL (cont'd)
we good now?
Fuck it.
Tony shakes Joel's hand.
I'm Joel, by the way.
I know.
Course you do.
Joel returns to sitting on the table.
                       AUNT MAY
now we got the bro' love done, can
hear the dude tell his story?
What? I ain't got no fuckin'
                       AUNT MAY
Every motherfucker's got a story,
and if you want friends at the top
o' this toilet you're swimming in,
you gotta be willing to share it.
Well I ain't no motherfucker, and
what? you're meant to be my
contact at the top, ha, I've got
no fuckin' clue who you are, you
can sit there with your smuggled
cigarettes and act all queen of
the castle, but for all I fuckin'
know you're just like any other of
how ever many guards there are


                       TONY (cont'd)
here shovellin' each others shit
and sucking dick to try and work
your way up the fuckin' career
Joel stands up.
You wanna watch your tongue if you
don't want it licking my shit, you
mouthy bastard.
Tony stands up trying to intimidate Joel.
What? You fuckin' want some of
this, the guy I killed was twice
your fuckin' size I could take you
easy, you little cunt, just come
on and fuckin' try me.
Aunt May gets inbetween them and pushes them back down.
                       AUNT MAY
Alright, lets take a break, Jesus,
Mary and Joseph, I thought I was
coming for a smoke and pleasant
conversation and we end up bad
mouthing and blaspheming, you two
better work out your problems by
Sunday, cause I wanna see Joel and
Tony playing nicely together under
God's watch in chapel cause now we
all need forgivin' for something.
Aunt May storms out the cell and down the corridor off
screen but then turns around and walks back into screen.
                       AUNT MAY
      (pointing at Tony)
And I still wanna hear your story.
She storms off screen again, slamming the prison door behind
Fuckin' great, now you fuckin' got
us praisin' Jesus'
      (starts to cry)
Praisin' fuckin' Jesus who ain't
got no time for us, praisin' Jesus
who's left us all to fuckin'
disappear from his vision of


                       JOEL (cont'd)
fuckin' eternity, praisin' the
Jesus who left me … who left me
with my whole fuckin' family dyin'
around me as I heard their fuckin'
screams in my ears. I got no more
fuckin' room for that Jesus and
you got me going round chapel to
fuckin' worship him.
Joel climbs into the top bunk and lies down, crying into the
Man, I'm sorry I just...
Shut up.
Shut the fuck up.
Tony sits down on the bottom bunk and takes another
cigarette out the packet and puts in his mouth.
a short pause.
Can I get a light?
Joel drops his lighter down the side of the bed by the wall,
Tony catches it lights up and throws the lighter back up. He
then lies down as the camera fades to black.
                       TONY (O.S.)
An alarm bell rings and the camera lights up still in the
cell, Joel jumps off the bed landing on the stone floor


surprising Tony, Joel laughs.the prison door automatically
Err, mornin'.
sleep good?
Nah man, I've been fuckin' sittin'
here all night wonderin' what
shit's been going through your
head up there, I mean are we good,
As long as you don't ever fuckin'
call me kid again.
it's cool dude this place just
fuckin' gets to you sometimes,
it's called...
nah, I don't know what its called
but you gotta know just to let
people fly sometimes.
Yea but you were pretty fuckin'
Yo, we all got problems, every
dude in this block all fucked up
on the inside, we just gotta
fuckin' get over it you get me?
Yeah, umm, got you.
Cool, now lets get some fuckin'
Joel gets up and walks to prison door.
Hell yea, we're gonna finally
fuckin' eat, I'm fuckin' starvin'.


Chill dude, you wanna fuckin' see
it before you get excited.
Shit, is it bad?
Oh it's fuckin' killed people.
Joel and Tony walk out of the cell into the main prison,
common prison design of layered metal balconies all the way
around the walls with stairs going in between for access,
opens space on the ground floor filled with three long
tables stretching length ways with wooden benches on each
side of the tables. There is another table at the top
stretching width ways from where the food is served.
Hundreds of prisoners and guards about, all prisoners
wearing the same orange trousers as Joel, most also have
matching orange jackets. Aunt May is patrolling and
observing from the other side of the building but at the
same level as Joel and Tony's cell. Joel and Tony start to
walk down the ground and towards where the food is served.
So check it, right, the cell doors
open when that fuckin' alarm goes
off every mornin' and you're
allowed out for breakfast.
Cut to Joel and Tony getting breakfast, sludgy porridge
being poured into a bowl on a wooden tray.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Shit in a bowl.
Joel and Tony get breakfast and walk towards the end of the
far table where there is seating for four empty, they sit
opposite each other.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Mealtimes s'posed to be the only
times you got to really sit and
talk to people outside your cell,
Aunt May said to treasure that,
treasure every fuckin' second of
free conversation.
BRUCE and WAYNE come and sit next to Joel and Tony, they are
in their late 20s/early 30s they are identical twins but


Bruce has long blonde hair and Wayne has very short black
hair, no-one' sure which one dyes their hair.
Yo yo yo, these are my boys Bruce
and Wayne, Wayne and Bruce, check
out the new guy, Tony, fuckin'
massacred a guy twice my fuckin'
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Next up, morning exercise, fuckin'
regime brother.
outside the prison block, it is a sunny day, the block
sticks out from the rest of the prison, there are fields all
around the prison and one road going past the front of it
into the distance, a large brick wall surrounds the
building so none of the prisoners can see outside. The
camera shows one side of the block is a paved area where
lots of people in orange suits are doing laps with guards
patrolling and shouting orders. the camera then goes over
the building to show the other side of the block where it is
grassy and Tony, Bruce and Wayne are sitting against the
building smoking, Joel is lying shirtless in front of them
sunbathing, also smoking.
Do you ever wonder if anythin'
lives on the sun?
Nothing can live on the sun, Joel,
it's like a billion degrees, any
poor bastard up there would
fuckin' fry.
Large shower block with a dirty white floor and white then
blue tiles of the walls. Showers sticking out all around the
walls and from a block in the middle, Joel and Tony are at
the corner of this block, with Bruce and Wayne nearby, Aunt
May can be seen wearing badly fitting waterproofs,
patrolling around the shower block.


                       JOEL (V.O.)
Now you worked up a sweat you're
sent to the showers. The hot water
goes pretty quick so most of the
time all you get is fuckin'
Tony looks at Aunt May as she walks past.
Shouldn't this be left to the male
I dunno, for some reason Aunt May
always patrols shower time.
The horny bitch.
Several lines of sinks with mirrors, most sinks have someone
shaving at them, several guards around, other prisoners
walking around in varied states of undress having just come
from showers.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Next, supervised shaving for those
who need to … shave.
the camera closes in on one prisoner.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
Supervised to stop self-harming
and suicides.
The prisoner nervously slips a razor inside his trousers (no
pockets) then walks off.
                       JOEL (V.O.)
it don't always work.
Back in the main prison area where they had breakfast lunch
is being served, Joel and Tony are near the front of a large


                       JOEL (V.O.)
Then we finally get ourselves some
They get to the front of the queue and are given a see
through plastic bag with some dodgy looking sandwiches, a
packet of crisps, and a piece of fruit.
Shit in plastic.
Joel and Tony take their bags and Joel leads Tony back up
the metal stairs towards their cell.
you can eat that in the hall or
take it back to your cell, but you
really need to go back to your
cell cause lunch is the time when
the guards piss off and the gangs
take over, and you just don't want
to get involved in that shit.
They get back to their cell, Joel sits on the table and Tony
sits on the bed, Joel starts to eat his lunch quite fast,
Tony inspects the sandwiches and looks disgusted.
What the fuck do they put in
Man, if God knows he's keeping it
a secret. It's the only food you
gettin' so you just gotta fuckin'
try not to taste it or somethin'.
Tony takes a bite from the sandwich, swallows quickly, then
runs to the toilet and throws up.
Yeah, you're gonna be doin' a lot
of that.
I'm not fuckin' eatin' that shit
your choice.


Joel finishes his lunch gets up takes Tony's and returns to
the desk before eating that hastily. Tony sits on the floor
next to the toilet, he looks exhausted.
      (mouth full of
so this ain't the first time you
been to jail is it?
Joel swallows
I said this ain't your first time
in prison is it?
Jesus, How'd you know?
You didn't cry last night … first
timers always cry.
This place is a fuckin' machine,
every prisoner, every fuckin'
individual comes through those
gates goes through the exact same
fuckin' process. The fucking
routine, the clockwork just
pushin' us all to the end of our
time, they even all throw up the
first time they eat the fuckin'
That is some fucked up philosophy
they both laugh
It's the truth brother, you just
gotta fuckin' see the process at


Fuck off man … you got any smokes
Err, shit, yeah, Bruce gave me
some, where are they?
Tony sees a pack of cigarettes on the bed and tries to reach
over for them from where he's sitting. Joel dives onto the
bed and grabs them, laughing.
Fuckin' hell.
Mine now.
Fuckin' outrageous … just give me
a cigarette kid.
Don't go fuckin' calling me kid.
Oh you don't like people callin'
you kid, huh?
Nah, I don't have no-one callin'
me kid.
Well I don't like people stealin'
my fuckin' cigarettes.
Ahhh, is that you want? You just
want these smokes?
I just want my fuckin' cigarettes.
Say sorry.


Fuckin' apologise
Just give me a fuckin' cigarette.
You just gotta say sorry.
Fuck it, I'm sorry.
What was that?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'M SORRY
Alright, I was just fuckin'
jerkin' you around. You were
always gonna get yourself a smoke.
Joel gives Tony a cigarette and lights it before lighting
one for himself.
That was good Joel, fuckin'
hilarious deprivin' a man of a
fuckin' cigarette.
Well, I found it funny.
Jesus Christ.
So what got you in jail before
God, I knew you were gonna ask me
I ain't meanin' to be predictable,
fuck all else to talk about.
I didn't do anythin'.


What you saying?
I was fuckin' innocent before.
You innocent now?
I dunno man.
You dunno?
I dunno.
So what did you get done for then?
You know, murder.
I meant the first time.
The first time, G.T.A.
pause, then Joel starts laughing.
No way, fuckin' car jackin'.
Yea, I was 13…
There is an empty playground between the gates and the
school building, no-one is around.
                       TONY (V.O.)
We'd just moved to the city after
the family farm went bust, and I
had started at this new school,
but it weren't going to good.


Car pulls up outside school gates,its SANDRA giving Tony a
lift to school.
in the car Sandra, Tony's mum, is at the drivers seat, she
is wearing large dark sunglasses, TEEN TONY, aged 13, is in
the passenger seat.
                       TEEN TONY
I really don't feel good mum, I
don't think I should do school
Oh, for Christ's sake Tony, every
day you do this, you're acting
like a fuckin' five year old.
                       TEEN TONY
Jesus mom I could be dying here.
Tony I'm a fuckin' nurse I know
whether someone's dyin' or not,
credit me with some sorta
Pause, Sandra takes a cigarette from her handbag and lights
                       TEEN TONY
You shouldn't smoke.
For fuck's sake Tony go to school.
She takes a long draw of her cigarette, Tony starts to fight
back tears.
I'm sorry baby, its just … its
just … this move is hard on all of
us you know. You're not the only
one with problems, we just gotta
support each other, you know, help
each other out. Deep breath you'll
settle in soon enough baby, just
remember what your granny used to
tell you.
they both smile


Every day the Lord sends…
                       TEEN TONY
… Is a day to make new friends.
You know that's shit, right.
Used to piss me off too baby,
c'mon give us a kiss, you're gonna
be late.
They kiss goodbye, Tony gets out the car and walks into the
gates. Sandra shouts after him.
I love you.
Tony turns, waves tentatively and then runs into school.
Sandra drives off.
students sitting in groups around tables, for group work,
MR FINN, the teacher, sitting on his desk up the front, on
the board is written "is this a dagger that I see before
me…" Tony enters.
                       MR FINN
Tony, late again.
                       TEEN TONY
Sorry sir.
                       MR FINN
You're always sorry, you're never
on time.
                       TEEN TONY
                       MR FINN
Just go and join Stephen's group.
                       TEEN TONY


                       MR FINN
Tony moves to a table at the front of the class where
STEPHEN, HENRY and GRAHAM are sitting. There is a sheet of
questions in the middle of the table.
                       TEEN TONY
Err hi guys, what we s'posed to be
We gotta talk about how Macbeth
must be feelin' on his way to kill
                       TEEN TONY
You mean Duncan.
Macbeth kills Duncan, MacDuff
kills Macbeth.
What the fuck do you know? I swear
its MacDuff.
He's fuckin' right mate, its King
Duncan that gets killed.
Fuckin' smartass though, just
beggin' for a kickin'.
Image freezes, on the three bullies glaring at Tony.
                       TONY (V.O.)
I'd gotten used to sensin' when
things could get violent and so
far the day weren't going to well,
but I knew how I could save myself
for the minute.
Image starts up again Tony grabs the sheet of questions.


                       TEEN TONY
Well, how about we leave the
questions to the smartass and we
can all get out of here with a
decent grade?
The boys turn from glaring at Tony to talking to each other.
                       TONY (V.O.)
I thought I was in the clear at
that point, but then the worst
possible thing happened.
Mr Finn walks up to the table
                       MR FINN
How's things going here boys?
                       TEEN TONY
                       MR FINN
Not a whole lot of talking
happening, seems Tony's doing all
the work himself.
                       TEEN TONY
Seriously sir, we're fine.
                       MR FINN
This is a group activity, that
means you work as a group.
What if Tony's the only one who
knows all the answers?
                       MR FINN
Then he can teach the rest of you,
now quit backchatting me and do
the work.
Mr Finn starts to walk away
      (under his breath)
We were fuckin' doin' it before
you came.
Mr Finn hears Henry and turns around


                       MR FINN
No you were not fucking doing it,
Tony was, and you can all now have
detention to learn the definition
of group work.
the boys all moan.
the boys are lined up next to each other military style, and
Mr Finn is standing in front of them sucking on a lollypop,
at Mr Finn's feet are four red buckets of soapy water and a
yellow sponge next to each bucket. Behind Mr Finn is a 1965
Cadillac Convertible with the roof down.
                       MR FINN
Now listen up boys and listen
good, this car is my pride and
joy, it's worth more than any of
your mothers could make even if
they spent their whole lives in
the whore house, and some of your
mom's I'd pay good money to fuck.
But, like life, this car gets
dirty sometimes. See, I went into
the country at the weekend, so now
it's real dirty. So, to conclude,
you are gonna clean every speck of
shit off this baby, and I'm hoping
that the four of your teeny tiny
minds put together can make a
semi-decent job of it. But if
anything undesirable happens to my
vehicle, lets just say my
brother's like the sheriff of this
fair city,
      (spits out
       lollypop stick)
so I ain't bound by the law.
Mr Finn starts to walk away, the boys stand still.
                       MR FINN
I think you better get started
The boys start to walk towards the car and Mr Finn walks
and he's gone, fuck this.


Stephen gets in the drivers seat of the car.
I know, what a cunt.
Graham and Henry get in the back seats of the car. Tony just
stands still, watching.
hey, what the fuck you just
standing there for? Tony,
someone's gotta clean this car
before Finn gets back or we're all
in shit.
Tony picks a sponge out of the bucket in front of him and
slams it against the bonnet of the car. He then starts to
make slow wiping movements.
                       TONY (V.O.)
Deep down I knew they were right,
I knew tha'this car had to be
cleaned and I knew that it was
gonna have to be me that cleaned
it. These guys had their
reputations to think about. But I
was pissed off man, I mean I was
fucking furious.and then, then
they said something stupid.
hey Tony, why don'tcha give us a
naked car wash.
Stephen gets out of the car and walks up to Tony
yeah, come on Tony, show us what
you got.
Stephen grabs Tony's shirt and tries to lift it up, Tony
                       TEEN TONY
Fuck off.
Stephen gets right in Tony's face.


oooo, no need to get touchy Tony,
you shy or something. we're all
friends here, just show us what
you're packing in there.
Stephen grabs Tony's crotch. Tony gasps in shock and then
quickly pushes Stephen back, Stephen is taken by surprise
and falls to the ground.


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