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Only Unconscious
by Ayman Itani (ayman.itani@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Comedy   User Review:

A short scene about a guy, his much too quiet "friend", and the girl that stumbles upon something she'd rather never have discovered.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



James is sitting on a couch, stage right. He is playing
video games.
      (Enters stage left)
Hey James, can I come in?
Hi, Veronica. Go ahead.
      (Walks to James)
You sound a bit tired, is anything
wrong -- OH MY GOSH!
Veronica is visibly shocked. She has noticed a body sitting
next to James.
No, nothing at all. Me and Caddy
here were just playing this new
war game I just bought. I'm
beating him every time... but to
be fair, he doesn't seem to be too
enthusiastic about video games.
      (Sits on chair
       near couch)
Uh, James, I don't know if you've
noticed this, but... there's a
dead body sitting next to you.
It's a little scary.
Oh, him? This is Caddy. Met him
yesterday at my party, I think.
Can't really remember. But he's
not dead, just unconscious.
      (Feels pulse)
I'm not a medical expert or
anything, but... doesn't no pulse
mean he's dead?


Nah. He's not dead, just tired.
Caddy here had a long night, found
him passed out here after
everybody had left.
How do you know his name?
Oh, I named him. Caddy is short
for "cadaver".
Seriously?! You DO know he's dead!
And you haven't done anything
about it?!
Well, I needed a game partner.
Are you crazy?! He might have
still been alive when you found
him! You might have been able to
save his life, but no, you want to
play some stupid war game, and now
he's dead. Good job.
Shhh. Shhhhh. He doesn't know he's
dead. You hurt his feelings.
It's a dead body!! He can't hear
me, you idiot!
Well, that was uncalled for.
I'm sorry. Look, I really am. But
it's just insane that you haven't
done anything about this! What if
they think one of us killed him?


      (Much too content)
Calm down, no one will get in
trouble because he's just
unconscious, and that's the story
we're sticking to, okay? As far as
I'm concerned, he's just passed
out... that makes for a less
depressing friend, anyway.
      (Weirded out)
Alright, this is a little too
bizarre for me. I'm gone. See you
later, if you're not in jail by
then. (exit stage left)
      (Turns to body)
Pfft. She just doesn't understand
the value of our friendship.
Right, Caddy?
I'll take that as a yes.(hands
body a controller) You ready for
round 2? Maybe this time you'll
actually win.


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