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Lunatic Larry
by Slippery Salamander Productions (lunaticlarryfilm@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
Larry has had a tough life, his parents were mauled to death by his inbred brother, his Uncle is a sexually abusive drunk, he gets bullied by punks at school and he is in love with a boy who thinks they are only friends. Oh yeah, he is also a deranged killer! after not being invited to a party hosted by the boy he likes, he decides enough is enough and takes what he wants. which in this case is a few dozen dead teenagers!

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Zeke, a geeky teenager, Is lying in his bed and he has a
visible erection, covered by the comforter. He tries with
minimal effort to get rid of his erection; he gets out of
his bed and tries to force it down with his hands, while
approaching the door. His father quickly opens the door,
slamming it into Zeke's erection.
Damn it dad, you hit me in the
                       ZEKE'S DAD
      (looking down at
Sorry about the bruised banana
son. (Pause) Well anyway,
breakfast is downstairs on the
table when your ready.
Zeke's dad closes the door and Zeke kicks the wall in pain.
Zeke enters his bathroom and gets ready for the day
(brushing teeth, combing hair, deodorant, etc.)
Zeke walks down the stairs and approaches the breakfast
table where a plate of food is prepared in the middle of his
mom and dad's plate. The mom is on the left side and the dad
is on the right. Zeke looks down at the poorly prepared
                       ZEKE'S MOM
How is your wiener son?
Zeke drops the piece of burnt toast he was about to place in
his mouth.
I don't want to talk about this
with you.


                       ZEKE'S MOM
Aw come on, im your mother! Now
lets get that little critter out
of the cage.
Zeke's mom reaches towards his crotch and Zeke slaps his
mothers' hand.
                       ZEKE'S MOM
I have to check for bruising or
                       ZEKE'S DAD
Zeke, let your mother check for
problems. She is a doctor she is
professionally trained for these
      (in disagreement)
Whoa, wait a minute! She is a
dental hygienist. Let's not give
her credit where its not due. She
scrapes teeth for a living.
                       ZEKE'S DAD
Well I think she does great work!
                       ZEKE'S MOM
thank you sweetie....(pause)...
you know what, i am going to check
Zeke's mother reaches under the table; Zeke slams his hands
on the table once he feels her hands fondling him.
This is not how most middle class
American families spend their
breakfasts. Mothers should not be
fondling their son and fathers
should not be supporting that kind
of behavior! I have to go to
school now, so please let go.
Zeke pushes his moms hands off and stands from the table and
walks away.


Zeke's dad stalls Zeke from leaving to give him the rules of
the house while he is gone on an anniversary vacation.
                       ZEKE'S DAD
while we are on vacation, make
sure you take the spare key to my
building on ferris st. to pick up
the mail. And when you leave, make
sure to leave the back door
unlocked for Cuntzuela the
cleaning lady so she can clean all
the spare bed rooms up there.
Also, if you are going to have any
friends over the house, make sure
you do not let your friend Brock
go snooping through your mothers
underwear drawer again. I do not
trust that punk, he is a bad
c'mon dad he isn't that bad…
                       ZEKE'S DAD
he is that bad, he is a dirty
apple, rotten to the core.
Close up of a black and white photo of a little boy who
appears to have down syndrome. A dart hits the photo in the
middle of the boys head. The camera pans 180 degrees to
reveal a sinister looking teenage boy smirking as if he
accomplished something. He blinks and the camera cuts back
to Zeke and his father talking.
ok, well what about Danny, what
damaged fruit is he?
                       ZEKE'S DAD
Danny is not a rotten apple; he is
more of a… swollen peach.


The sound of the radio wakes Danny up. He gets out of bed
and notices he has ejaculated onto his sheets.
Ah fuck, this has got to stop
happening to me.
Danny looks around the room for something to cover the
stains with. He sees his golden retriever lying in the
corner of his room. He instructs the dog to lick up the
sheet where he ejaculated. The dog cleans the stain and cut
back to Zeke and his dad.
ok dad I understand the rules, but
I have to go to school. You and
mom have fun and I will see you in
a few days.
Zeke exits the house, quick shots of the other boys saying
bye to their parents and leaving their house.
Larry's home is revealed with the sound of him crying from
the inside. Dissolve to the inside of Larry's room.
Larry falls onto a bed with tears on his face, he quickly
gets into a fetal position as his uncle Brutus puts his
pants back on. It is implied that the uncle just finished
violating Larry sexually.
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
you really should stop clenching,
it is only going to make it
rougher. You would think after all
this time you would learn to shut
your faggot mouth and just take
it. Here is your lunch
money(throws crumbled money on bed
near Larry) don't even think of
telling anyone because they will
not believe you. Now get the fuck
out of my house…
Uncle Brutus walks out of the room and Larry wipes his tears
and gets up.


Zeke adjusts his backpack as he walks down the street
heading towards school. His friends Danny and Brock enter.
Brock has a pile of flyers for a party they were planning on
having while Zeke's parents weren't home. The three boys
observe the flyers
Man, im so fucking pumped to get
shit faced tonight!
shut the fuck up! That mongoloid
Larry is right over there, if he
over hears and asks to come to the
party im going to loose it.
oh shit your right, sorry bro. I
wonder how the kid became so
messed up….
wait, you have never heard the
no, enlighten me oh wise one.
A sharply dressed man opens the passenger side door of his
car to assist his wife out. They are both dressed well and
appear to be wealthy. The walk towards a big rough looking
shed area. Outside of the shed stands a dirty looking man
smoking a cigarette. They approach him calmy and the man
puts his arm around his wife.
                       DRTY MAN
so, you the freaks parents?
                       LARRY'S DAD
please, that boy is our son, is he
                       DRTY MAN
if by ok you mean does he smell
like the inside of Hillary
Clinton's pussy and eats his own
shit, then yeah I would say he is
doing quite fine.


                       LARRY'S DAD
do you mind if we see him, please
                       DRTY MAN
I don't give a fuck if you even
rape the kid and leave him for
dead. Here ill let you into the
freak's room.
The dirty man opens a silver door that looks like an old
slaughter house room. The man walks away and lets the couple
                       LARRY'S MOM
Sammie, its mom and dad! We came
to see you, we miss you baby.
                       LARRY'S DAD
son, why don't you come out and
say hi to your mother and i? we
haven't seen you in a while…
The couple stand in the room which appears to be empty.
There is a long pause of silence and then a horrid looking
boy covered in blood and feces pops up screaming. He raises
his hands and attacks his parents. Cut to black and the
credits appear on screen. In between every few credits there
are shots of the husband and wife screaming and the boy
attacking them. Chunks of guts and streams of blood fly
the boys walk past Larry.
jesus Christ, what a horror show!
yeah, just look at him. He will
snap eventually just like his
inbred brother.
Zeke looks back at Larry and gives a half smile to him.
Larry looks up and notices Zeke smiling. The title pops onto
the screen in a splatter format.
B-roll of a school, shots of students talking, walking in
the halls, etc..


Zeke, Brock and Danny arrive at the school. a jock walks up
to the three boys and he picks up one of the flyers, spits
on it and knocks the rest of the pile out of Zeke's hands.
he then knocks Zeke's glasses off, then Brock steps forward.
                       JOCK 1
      (directed to Brock)
nice pants you fuckin' faggot. are
those your sisters hand me downs
or sumthin' ?
      (pissed off)
Go fuck yourself Abercrombie
                       JOCK 1
dont get angry just because my
parents graduated high shool
unlike your whore mother and dead
Brock pushes the jock and Danny yells out for him to "save
it for the party". the jock gets closer to Brock.
Dont worry, i can take these
                       JOCK 2
look at the big tough guy!
avenging the death of his druggie
Brock punches jock #2 in the nose and the jock falls down.
Jock #1 punched Brock in the face and he falls to the ground
spitting blood. Jock #1 grabs Brock as he is in a kneeling
position and he kicks Brock in the mouth. he then gets on
top of Brock and Danny shoves him off.
                       JOCK 1
what? you want some too hipster
boy? after i kick your ass you can
have some all natural tea and
discuss the latest hives record!
how about i kick your preppy ass
at our party? you and your goon
patrol of popped collar jocks.


                       JOCK 1
      (pointing at Danny)
you just signed your death warrant
the three jocks walk away from Zeke, Danny and Brock. Danny
helps Brock stand up and he gives Zeke his glasses back.
Zeke gathers as much of the flyers as he can and they walk
toward the school.
an obnoxious sound of someone masturbating can be heard,
when the camera pans into the bathroom stall where it is
coming from it reveals Larry crying while masturbation to a
photo of Zeke, his secret crush. the faint sound of someone
talking alerts Larry and he stops masturbating and listens
in on the conversation. outside of the stall is Zeke, Danny
and Brock. Brock is cleaning the blood from his mouth where
the jock kicked him.
those fucking cunts are all going
Brock spits blood into the sink. in the background it is
visible that Larry is peeping in on the conversation.
and that fucking freak Larry
better not show up, or i will
destroy him as well.
why do you hate him so much?
are you sticking up for that
faggot? you guys in love with each
other? you want to go suck his
dick instead of party with us
no i just.....
      (interrupting Zeke)
no, you are going to get your wish
Zeke, im going to let you suck
Larry's cock!


in the bathroom stall where Larry was masturbating, a yelp
is heard as if someone has ejaculated in their pants
suddenly. Danny hears it and opens up the stall. Larry is
pulled out of the stall with his pants still pulled down.
Danny looks into the stall and sees the lubricant that Larry
was using.
dude, he was jerkin' it in the
bathroom stall!
are you fuckin' kidding me?! you
were jerking off in there and
listening to us talking? you
really are some kind of fucked up.
Brock kicks Larry in the stomach. Danny holds Larry down and
Brock continues to beat him up. he punches Larry a few times
and then the principal walks into the bathroom and breaks up
the fight. Larry quickly puts his pants on and runs out of
the bathroom. Brock stands up and Danny walks towards Zeke
instead of Brock.
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
god damn it, what the hell is
going on in here?
nothing sir, Larry just fell out
of the stall and landed on my
Danny in the background softly laughs at the statement.
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
you better leave that boy alone,
you hear me?
fuck off...
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
what did you just say? repeat
      (steps forward)
I SAID FUCK OFF, you moronic cunt!


                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
great mouth!! meet me in my office
to collect your prize! you two
boys go to class, dont worry about
your friend here.
Zeke and Danny walk out of the bathroom. Brock leaves to go
to the principals office and the principal inspects the
bathroom stall. he notices the lubricant and the picture of
Zeke smiling.
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
      (to self)
fuckin' kids....
Zeke and Danny are walking down the hall putting flyers for
the party on the walls. when students walk by they hand them
the flyers as well.
so, are you going to invite Becka?
i thought about it, but then in
science class i made a pie chart
of twenty things she rather do
than be with me at a party.
Ah, come on buddy! i thought you
said she was totally into you?
yeah, we were best buddies and
then we kind of drifted apart and
havent talked since. besides, that
was all in elementary school. i
doubt she even remembers who i am.
you should ask her out anyways
Zeke notices Becka standing in the library looking at a
book. he hides behind Danny.


Holy shit dude! she is a total
nerd like you, she is in the
library looking at books! go ask
her to the party.
i dont know.... she is so
yeah man, shes fucking hot! she
looks good enough for a poke!
Danny grabs Zekes glasses off his head and throws them into
the library near Becka on purpose.
Zeke calls Danny an asshole as he walks into the library to
retrieve his glasses. his vision is blurry and he hears
Becka's voice.
excuse me, are these your glasses?
Becka hands the glasses to Zeke and his vision becomes
clear. he cant help but smile when he realizes its her.
ye.. yeah they are, thanks!
      (nods her head)
hey, do i know you? you look very
      (leaning on shelf)
uhm... nah... no we dont know each
other, nope.
are you sure, i could have sworn
we have met somewhere!


well, uh... we used to kinda be
good friends in elementary school.
its easily forgettable.
you been?! i thought you moved or
died or something? give me a hug!!
      (hugging Becka)
i just thought you were too busy
being popular that you wouldnt
want to talk to me...
yeah, i have been super busy being
high and getting gang fucked all
the time...
oh... thats cool i guess.
IM JOKING ZEKE!! you always were
super serious about everything.
what are you up to this weekend?
actually, i am having a party at
my dad's building, the one we used
to run around having squirt gun
fights in and i was wondering if
maybe you wanted to come, you know
if your not doing anything later
that is.
Aw, Zeke are you asking me to be
your date?
Zeke doesnt respond, he just stands there with a half smile
and gets nervous that she is going to deny him.
of course i will go with you! it
will give us time to catch up with
each other.


AWESOME! the party is at nine
tonight! there's going to be beer
and a band! it should be an
awesome time!
I cant wait!!
Becka hugs Zeke again, this time Zeke prematurely ejaculates
in his pants. he says "oh shit" and stands in an awkward
      (pointing to Zekes
did you just...?
nope.... listen i gotta go prepare
for everything. i will see you
tonight Becka!
Zeke walks out of the library and Becka smiles.
Brock is sitting in a chair and the principal walks in
behind him and shuts the door. the principal adjusts his tie
and leans in his office chair.
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
Brock, this has got to stop. you
can not go around beating up
people just because you do not
understand who they are.
      (leaning forward)
i beat him up because he is a
freak. there is nothing i dont
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
but if you keep it up, somewhere
along the road someone is going to
stick up for Larry, and that
person may not be all too fair to
you. you know what im getting at


                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN (cont'd)
listen Mr. Duncan, my dad didnt
die so i had to listen to some
other guy tell me how to live my
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
i understand what your saying
no, fuck you! just because you
have a tie doesn't mean your
better than me! im allowed to act
any way i want, i am my own
                       PRINCIPAL DUNCAN
      (stands from chair)
calm down Brock, you cant act like
this just because you father is
Brock takes the trash bin next to the principals desk and
dumps all of the trash onto the desk.
fuck you and fuck this school! im
outta here!
Brock drops the trash bin and walks out of the office. the
principal wipes some of the trash off of the desk. he calls
for the secretary to come in and clean up the mess.
Larry nervously passes by Brock outside. Brock starts to
follow him. he grabs Larry from behind.
      (pissed off)
where are you running off to?
Brock throws Larry against a wall.


      (getting close to
no one can stop me now!
Brock knees Larry in the gut. Larry falls to the ground.
you are a fucking scumbag, you
should kill yourself and do
everyone a favor!
Brock stomps his foot on Larry's face. blood flows out of
his mouth. Brock threatens to kill him and punches him in
the temple making Larry collapse in a puddle of his own
blood. Brock unzips his pants and starts to urinate on
Larry's beaten body. the school bell rings, Danny and Zeke
walk outside.
      (rushing to Brock)
For fucks sake! your gunna kill
the poor bastard!
Brock spits on Larry after being pulled away by Danny and
Zeke. Larry is seen wiping the urine off of his face.
      (holding onto
lets get out of here before the
principal sees what you did.
      (looking back at
guys, should we bring him
somewhere? he looks like he is in
a lot of pain. something could
seriously be wrong.
Oh my god, please shut the fuck
up! he is a fucking loser!
you know, you arent the coolest
kid either! you get bullied by the
jocks all the time.
at least i have the balls to talk
to girls!


Brock, the only girl you ever have
sex with is big Betty. and
besides, i have a date tonight.
yeah, you scraping up your
boyfriends body from the pavement
and bringing him along?
      (sticking up for
no man, he really has a date. he
is bringing Becka Finster! he came
in his pants and everything...
      (happier mood)
little Zeke is going to get laid?
congrats buddy! now let's go get
some O'douls for the party!
bro, that is non alcoholic beer!
fuck off, O'douls is the coolest!
no... you are a moron! O'douls is
for pussies.
we are going to get shit faced off
O'douls and that is final!
Larry enters his house badly bruised and bloody.he is in so
much pain that he can not walk up the stairs so he crawls
slowly. halfway up the stairs his uncle walks up behind him
with a bottle of whiskey. Larry's uncle grabs him and looks
down at him.
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
where are you off to?
      (looks at Larry's
shit boy, you sure got your ass


                       UNCLE BRUTUS (cont'd)
handed to you. now get upstairs
and get in the bath to wash
yourself off... i will be in there
later to fuck ya'.
Larry manages to get up the stairs and he heads towards the
Larry starts the bath, he pours some soap in there to make a
bubble bath. he grabs a small photo of Zeke and brushes his
fingers across it. downstairs you an hear uncle Brutus
stumbling around like a drunk. Larry stands there and then
his uncle stumbles into the room more drunk than he was
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
      (wobbling back and
wh...why are you n..not naked and
in the tub?
      (Larry doesnt
       answer his uncle.)
boy, get your goofy ass naked, im
about to sail the seven seas up
your asshole!
      (very softly)
.....no more....
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
      (swigs whiskey)
excuse me boy?
      (very softly)
... no more bubble baths....
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
is this some kind of fucking joke?
you have five seconds to strip and
get into the tub!
      (very softly)
...no more bubble baths for


Uncle Brutus gets very angry at Larry's hostility and he
puts the bottle down after one last swig. he forces himself
on top of Larry and touches him inappropriately.
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
Larry starts to chant "no more bubble baths for Larry" over
and over. his uncle starts to mock the chanting and repeats
it every time Larry says it. his uncle pulls his pants down
and then Larry becomes defensive.he squirms around trying to
break out of his uncles arms. Larry manages to get an arm
free and he picks up the bottle of whiskey and smashes it
over his uncles head, making him unconscious.
Larry's uncle awakens to find himself duct taped to a work
out bench. Larry approaches his uncle and takes the duct
tape off of his mouth. Larry shows his uncle the hammer in
his hand.
                       UNCLE BRUTUS
untie me this instant you fucking
retard! I'm going to fuck you so
hard for this!
Larry puts the tape back on his uncles mouth and slowly
raises the hammer. his uncles eyes widen and Larry
aggressively slams the hammer onto his uncle's face. his
neck snaps back and his body starts to tremor. blood pours
out of his nose and mouth. Larry puts down the hammer and
picks up a box cutter. he extends the blade and walks over
to his uncle's crotch. he proceeds to dismember his uncle
with the box cutter(off screen). Larry drops the dismembered
penis and the aftermath is shown and his uncles body is
still trembling and blood gushes out of the wound. Larry
puts down the box cutter and picks up his final tool, a
chainsaw. he rev's it up and the screen fades to black.
Zeke, Brock and Danny walk into the room with supplies for
the party. Danny looks at the large amount of O'douls non
alcoholic beer that Brock brought to the party.


you were not kidding when you said
that you were going to bring
Fuck no i wasn't joking, O'douls
kicks ass!
By the time the party starts i
will be too high to tell the
difference so i guess it doesn't
matter. did you at least get a
band to play tonight?
Fuck yeah i got a band for
are they any good?
well they toured with the rape
squad so...yeah i would say they
are pretty damn fucking good.
the rape squad?....
yeah, is there a problem?
      (shakes head)
... fuck it. never mind....
montage of them setting up for the party, the band wheeling
in their equipment and setting it up, kids walking into the
party and cars pulling into the driveway, kids drinking
O'douls and having a good time.
i hope these kids dont mess up my
dad's place too much!


      (hands him a beer)
relax man, have another beer.
where is your date tonight?
      (looks around)
yeah, i was wondering the same
      (sips beer and
       there is a pause)
.. she'll show up.
Danny and two other friends are sitting on the ground
talking to each other.one of the friends named Carl is the
more mature and responsible one and then there is Jason, the
immature and not very smart one. they appear to be on drugs
and drunk.
sometimes... when im like, super
high and can't find any porn...i
jerk off to my sister's yearbook
from muddle school.
dude, isn't she 14?
Yeah man, but think of it this
way... we were 14 once, so its
like jerking off to the past.
      (drinks beer)
.... nooo, that is called being a
i don't think it is a crime if
your sister says that it is okay.
its not like i would ever fuck any
of them. i have a girlfriend...
Danny's girlfriend Susie Q walks up to Danny and his
friends. she looks down at Danny and crosses her arms.


                       SUSIE Q
i thought you said you were going
to stop getting high all the time
and drinking?
babe, its ok! all the weed is
gone, and this beer is
nonalcoholic so chill the fuck
                       SUSIE Q
      (eyes widen)
excuse me!? sometimes i feel like
you don't even love me like you
used to!
      (lays down)
i do love you, i love your pussy!
      (laughs and drops
Danny's girlfriend was not impressed with his behavior and
she walks away angrily.
      (watching Susie Q
       walk away)
man, looks like you had a
      (sits back up)
who gives a boot! besides, the
only reason i was with her in the
first place was because i heard
she was suicidal and a virgin and
i wanted to fuck her before she
died. so i fed her some sensitive
bullshit and got into her pants.
that is completely FUCKED!
yeah man, that is super
depressing, i rather have you fuck
your sister...


      (shakes head)
Jason you fucking moron, i would
jerk off to her yearbook, not her!
well tomatoes potatoes...
you mean tomatoes tomahtos?
Becka walks into the party and is looking around for Zeke.
she walks past Danny and his friends and they all look at
her with their jaws wide open. she asks where Zeke was and
Danny just points without saying a word. she sneaks up
behind Zeke.
i told you i would make it!
      (turning around in
there you are! i was thinking you
were just going to ditch me!
      (she hugs Zeke)
oh wow, you didnt cum in your
pants this time!
      (didnt hear her)
what did you say?
nothing.... anyways, this party is
pretty awesome! but where is the
Zeke hands her a bottle of O'douls. she looks at the label.
... isn't this nonalcoholic?
yeah! its pretty awesome right?


no... not really. well lets go
Becka takes Zeke's hand and they walk away. the three jocks
that bullied Zeke, Danny and Brock walk into the party. they
all look around for the boys and one of them notices Danny.
he points to where he was and they all walk over towards
him. when they approach Danny they splash beer in his face.
dudes, what the fuck!
      (looks up and
       realizes who it
oh, its you cum guzzlers!
one of the jocks picks Danny up forcibly and they say "lets
go find your friends." they drag him away towards where
Brock was hitting on big Betty. the jocks push Danny down
and he falls next to Brock. Brock looks down at Danny and
back at the jocks. Jock #1 tries to slug Brock in the jaw
but Brock dodges it and he ends up punching Betty.
Brock kicks jock #1 so hard that he flies backwards. the
other two jocks beat him up. taking turns punching and
kicking. Danny gets up and puts jock #2 in a sleeper hold.
the jock elbows Danny and pushes him off. Brock bites the
heel of jock #3 and blood pours out of the spot Brock bit
down. not too far away Becka and Zeke notice them fighting.
Becka tells Zeke he should go help them but Zeke is afraid.
she tell him to kick them in the nuts and punch their nose,
like a girl would. Zeke adjusts his glasses and heads
towards the brawl.
                       JOCK 1
what, you want in on the action
Zeke kicks jock #1 in his crotch and punches him in the nose
just as Becka instructed. Zeke hold his hand in pain and the
jock gets angry. "you dirty fucking prick!" he says as he
backhands Zeke to the ground. Brock and Danny help up Zeke
and they get ready for the next move. the three jocks stand
there barely hurt and wait for someone to do something.
Brock tries to charge at jock #3 but he punches Brock in the
gut and he falls back down. jock #2 punches Danny and he


falls back down. Zeke tries to tackle jock #1 but the jock
slams his fists onto Zeke's back adn he falls down.
                       JOCK 1
      (wiping hands)
you fags really don't know when to
quit. your lucky we don't fuck all
of your girlfriends while you cry
on the floor. especially Becka
Finster, I've been waiting to get
a piece of her ass. what do you
say boys?
Jock #2 touches big Betty and she shoves him off. jock #3
gets close to Susie Q and sniffs her. Jock #1 grabs onto
becka and touches her inappropriately. she yells. the jock
lets out a sinister laugh and the other jocks cheer him on.
leave her alone.....
                       JOCK 1
you gunna' stop me tough guy? what
the hell is a girl like her doing
with a stupid nerd like you
anyways? she needs a real man to
fuck her the way she deserves.
Becka manages to kick jock #1 in the crotch and he lets go
of her. Zeke rises from the ground and is furious. he
successfully slams jock #1 onto the ground. Zeke continues
to hammer fist the jocks face repeatedly. the jocks face
becomes a bloody pulp and the other jocks finally step in
and pick Zeke off. they help up jock #1 and they say "
fucking idiot, we have a big game tomorrow and he needs to
rest. we will kick your ass some other time." the jocks walk
away. the boys get up and let out a sigh of relief. Becka
falls into Zeke's arms.
thank you Zeke, that guy was a
fucking asshole!
      (wipes blood from
im going outside to get some fresh
air and smoke a cigarette.
Brock walks away from the group alone to go outside.


Larry is sitting in his car watching the party through
binoculars. when he sees Brock walk outside and light a
cigarette he fumbles the binoculars around and they land in
the passenger seat. he bends down to grab them and out of
nowhere he is pulled out of the car via the driver side
window. Brock throws Larry onto the ground and takes a drag
from his cigarette. he then kicks Larry in the gut. Larry
holds his stomach in pain. Brock then opens the driver side
door and places Larry's head in the car and slams the door
on Larry's head.
you have GOT to be fucking kidding
Larry. why dont you ever learn? go
back home, and if you end up
coming back here, i am going to
kill you with my bare fucking
hands. i hate you Larry... i
REALLY fucking hate you!
Brock walks away from Larry's barely alive body and heads
back inside the party. he then walks over to Betty and she
tells him to follow her into a closet. back in the main
party room, Zeke and Becka are having a conversation.
      (leaning in to
       talk to Zeke)
i really dig this band!
Yeah they are pretty awesome!
Brock invited them over. you dont
really seem like you would be into
this music.
      (somewhat offended)
thats pretty harsh, not every
popular girl listens to the music
that the bastards who produce MTV
think is good music. i would fuck
Sid Vicious before i would ever
even get close to Lil Wayne's
disgusting mouth.


      (spits some beer
       out laughing)
why did we ever stop hanging out
i dont know Zeke, we stopped
around fifth grade when i started
to like boys. i had a huge crush
on you and you were more
interested in your game boy..
      (Zeke interrupts
game boy color..
      (Becka gets back
       to the subject)
well then i started growing boobs
and all the popular kids wanted to
hang out with me in middle school.
ever since then we sort of just
drifted apart.
      (half smile)
well maybe we can start hanging
out again? like the old times.
      (looks at Zeke and
yeah, i would like that.
a cover version of the song "earth angel" starts to play and
Zeke and Becka smile at each other. back outside of the
party Larry is sitting in his car badly injured. he picks up
the box cutter he used to dismember uncle Brutus, and his
cuts his wrists. he hears a car driving near him and he
looks up. it was the pizza delivery man, Larry watches the
car pull up into the driveway.
the pizza man gets out of the car and puts the six boxes of
pizza on top of the car. he adjusts his pants and walks over
to the passenger side of the car. inside of the car there is
a cheap plastic mask of a goat's face. the pizza place is
called "pizza barn" and the theme is that each time someone
is delivering pizza, they have to wear some form of farm
animal mask. on the mask is a note from the pizza man's
manager that says "wear the mask you fucking idiot."


                       PIZZA MAN
      (puts the mask
fuck that...
the pizza man puts the mask back into the car. he shuts the
door and picks up the boxes of pizza and heads towards the
front door to the building.
Zeke is walking down a hallways towards the room where Brock
and Betty were. he opens the door and Brock is having sex
with Betty doggy style in a closet.
      (still having sex)
what the fuck man, get out! im
      (covers eyes)
yeah i see that....uh i heard the
doorbell ring so i didn't know
where the money was for the pizza.
fuckin a' moron. go find Steve he
has the money for the pizzas. now
get the fuck out of here Zeke!
Zeke shuts the door in a hurry and informs Steve that the
pizza man is at the door in the basement. Steve walks away
from his girlfriend to get the pizzas.
                       PIZZA MAN
      (looking at
hey, i have a bunch of pizzas here
for..... Ofelia?
Ofelia who?
                       PIZZA MAN
      (studies receipt)
uhm, Ofelia Hynie?...... good one.


dude i totally got you! yeah i
ordered the pizza. wait, i thought
the pizza barn was the people who
wore the shitty masks of farm
                       PIZZA MAN
c'mon man give me a break. the
pizza will be $74.96.
Steve reaches into pocket and looks back up at the pizza man
once he gets the money ready. the pizza man's eyes are wide
open and his mouth is as well. blood starts to pour out of
his mouth. the pizza man falls down and drops the pizzas.
behind the pizza man is Larry wearing the goat mask. he has
the box cutter in his hand and it is covered in blood. Steve
tries to scream but is quickly silenced after Larry shoves
the box cutter into his stomach and blood flies in the air
as Larry pushes his dead body inside and shuts the door
behind him.
Zeke, Becka are talking to Brock.
Steve has been down there a while.
i wonder if everything is alright.
yeah i know, im getting really
hungry too.
then go eat a dick! just go find
his bitch and send her to go get
him. he is probably getting high
with the pizza man.
Zeke finds Claire, Steve's girlfriend, and asks if she has
seen Steve.
no, i was just looking for him
too. where is the door where the
pizza man is? i will go check out
if everything is okay.


Steve's body is being smashed with a hammer. loud thuds and
grunts are heard and Claire enters the basement. the sounds
stop shortly Claire looks around for Steve and the sound of
shuffling around is heard.
Steve, if that is you just trying
to scare me you can go fuck
yourself. we are waiting for the
Larry's head pops out of nowhere wearing the mask.
for fucks sake Steve! don't do
shit like that. where did you get
that retarded mask. wheres the
pizza?! we have to go upstairs,
everyone is starving.
she gets closer to Larry who is wearing the mask. she still
thinks its her boyfriend. she sees Steve's dead body on the
ground behind Larry. she screams and starts to run. she ends
up not looking ahead of herself and slams into a pole. she
falls to the ground. her nose is broken and there is a gash
where she hit her head on the pole. she begs for Larry not
to hurt her. Larry stomps on her head and brain matter flows
onto the ground.
the band takes the microphone and everyone stops to listen.
alright everyone, we are going to
take things down a notch so grab
that special someone and hold her
the band starts to play a slower beat and different couples
in the party start to slow dance. Danny walks up to his
girlfriend and holds her hand.
im sorry i was being a dip shit
with my friends and getting high
even after i said i would stop.
can i make it up to you with a


                       SUSIE Q
you really are a piece of shit
Danny.but i do love you, so lets
go dance.
Danny and Susie Q start to slow dance. Brock and Betty walk
back into the closet and make out. Zeke walks towards Becka
after taking another sip of beer. he stumbles and falls in
front of her.
      (helps Zeke up)
are you okay Zeke?
i think im drunk right now.
Zeke... its non alcoholic beer.
      (nods in agreement)
I KNOW RIGHT! what a mess! lets
just dance... i don't care.
the band stops abruptly and starts to play a faster song.
Zeke starts to dance wildly, resembling the dance Crispin
Glover preformed in Friday the 13th Part 4. Becka laughs and
hell yeah! nice moves Crispin
Zeke suddenly stops dancing.
whats wrong?
Zeke projectile vomits onto Becka's shirt.
what the FUCK ZEKE!!
      (not drunk anymore)
im so sorry Becka, i don't really
ever drink so i guess i got
carried away. i feel better and it
wont happen again. come on, i will


                       ZEKE (cont'd)
walk you to the bathroom so you
can clean up.
Zeke and Becka walk down a hall and enter a room. Larry is
in a room not too far away from Zeke and Becka and he is
slamming a knife down onto a victim. blood shoots into the
air. he hears the band playing music and he stops brutally
stabbing the victim. he walks towards the door where the
music was coming from. in the background the man who was
being stabbed intestines are visible and a river of blood
starts to flow.
back in the party room, Danny and his girlfriend walk away
and enter a private room. the band continues to play a song
and after a short montage of the band members playing a song
a severed arm hits the singer in the face and he picks it
      (raises severed
anyone need a hand?
the drummer makes a "badoom tsss " sound with the drums and
a man screams. Larry is standing next to him and the man is
holding the wound and blood is shooting out, Larry then
hacks off the other man's arm. more blood shoots out and he
falls to the ground. the band drops their equipment runs
away. people start to yell and run around like lab rats not
knowing where to go. Larry grabs a girl and stabs her in the
eye. when he pulls the knife out, her eye is still attached
to the knife. another person tries to run past Larry but
Larry smash's his head in pieces. Larry walks up to a man
and slashes his throat with the knife. blood shoots out of
the guy's neck and onto another girl. Larry hacks off the
girls head after she screams. inside of the room where Zeke
and Becka are the sounds of people screaming can be heard.
Zeke is sitting in a bed and Becka is in the bathroom that
is attached to the room not wearing a top. she is rinsing
off the shirt that Zeke puked on. the door is cracked open
and Zeke is trying to peek in it to see Becka topless.
do you hear them out there? that
band is really rocking the house!
people are really going crazy for


      (peeping in room)
yeah, they are great! do you want
to go join them?
no its alright, i rather be in
here with you! i like having some
one on one time with the man who
saved me from the scumbag jocks.
i dont get it, why are you being
so nice to me? is it some prank
you popular kids pull on losers
like me?
Becka opens the bathroom door fully and walks toward Zeke
and she is in a bra and underwear.
the fuck? Zeke i think your
awesome! any guy who has the balls
to dance like Crispin Glover is
automatically cooler more fun than
any popular or rich kid is.
      (looks up at Becka)
... is it wrong... is it wrong if
i kiss you?
      (gets closer to
do you thinks it's wrong?
Becka slowly gets on top of Zeke and takes his shirt off. in
a room across the hall Danny and his girlfriend share a
similar but much less romantic moment.
                       SUSIE Q
      (looks towards
what the hell is going on out
      (not paying
who cares? just come over here and
suck my dick.


                       DANNY (cont'd)
      (pulls pants down)
                       SUSIE Q
no Danny something is going on out
there is a silence and then loud banging is heard at the
door. Susie Q gets scared and holds onto Danny.
      (suddenly nice to
stay over there, ill go and check
it out.
Danny slowly approaches the door. he opens the door slightly
and his friend Garret bursts into the door.
      (shuts door
dude, i dont know if that weed was
laced with something because i
swear i just saw the worlds most
pissed off goat.
      (gets serious)
what are you talking about Garret?
everything was fine and everyone
was having a good time enjoying
the music and then some guy lost
his arm!!
that is seriously fucked up, where
is everyone?
i dont know dude, they are all
over the place and the goat is
picking them off one by one.
there's too much bodies in the way
to get out of the front door
without the goat killing you.
okay... just stay still, we can
think of something.


the band enter a room where there is only one body. there is
no blood so they decide to help him up and get him to
safety. when they turn the body over to wake him up, the
man's guts flow out of his stomach. the sight of guts and
blood flowing from the man's stomach makes Joel, the singer
puke onto the body. after he pukes it starts a chain
reaction and the rest of the band starts to puke as well.
Larry enters the room where the band is collectively puking
on the man they found in the room. they notice Larry and
they get up to run away. Larry hacks off the drummer's arm.
one of the guitarists quickly gets slashed in the gut with a
knife and blood shoots out and the other guitarist gets his
neck snapped quickly. Joel cant move because he is too
scared of Larry. Larry grabs him and slowly decapitates him.
Brock and Betty are sitting in a closet together. Betty is
sleeping and Brock tries nudging her to wake her up.
wake up, somethings not right! i
can hear something...
Betty farts loudly.
      (covering nose)
you nasty skank!
Brock leaves the closet and looks at the blood splattered
walls. as he walks further in the hall he notices dead
bodies. a body is being dragged down the hall. Brock
confronts Larry who is still wearing a mask unaware that it
is Larry, Brock yells at him.
Larry lets go of the body and stands in front of Brock.
Larry tilts his head.
what? you think your fucking
awesome? you think your king shit
because you killed people at my
party? your in for a surprise you


                       BROCK (cont'd)
fucking idiot!
Larry walks towards Brock with a knife. he swipes the knife
at Brock but he dodges the knife and shoves Larry. Brock
runs away from Larry.
Brock runs in the basement of the building and grabs a
baseball bat. when Brock turns around, Larry is standing
there and Brock jams the baseball bat into Larry and he
bends over. Brock then swings the bat at Larry's back and
Larry falls to the floor.
Brock reaches an office room that has a phone on a desk. he
puts down the bat and grabs the phone. the line is flat but
he realizes it is because it is not plugged in. Brock
quickly plugs in the phone. the phone works and Brock lets
out a sigh of relief. he starts to dial the phone but his
interrupted when Larry chocks him from behind. Larry slams
Brock's head onto the desk and drops him on the floor.
Brock's head splits open and then Larry gets on top of him
and holds him down forcibly and stabs him in the stomach.
blood pours out and Brock stops moving. Larry stands up and
looks down at Brock. Brock then spits blood on Larry. Larry
gets back on his knees and takes his mask off to show Brock
its him. Brock's eyes open in horror and Larry starts to
touch Brock's chest.
      (squirming in pain)
Larry takes his hands and pushes them into Brock's bleeding
stomach and forces more blood to flow out. Brock tries to
squirm out of the position he is in but Larry punches him in
the face. Brock turns flat on his stomach and pukes blood.
Larry grabs the knife off of the ground and sways it back
and forth on Brock's anus. Betty storms into the office.
Larry gets up and walks towards Betty. she runs away and
Larry follows her.


Danny, Susie Q and Garret are walking down a hallway
                       SUSIE Q
we should have just stayed in the
room and waited this whole thing
out. we are just going to die here
      (holding Susie Q)
by the looks of it, we lasted
longer than a lot of people, so
its safe to say we are doing good.
we just have to find some weapons
and then we can head back to the
i wonder what the farmer did to
that goat to get it so pissed off
it left the farm and came here to
kill everyone?!
      (puts palm of hand
       on his face)
fucking moron, the pizza delivery
guy wears a goat mask when he
delivers pizza's, it is the whole
theme of the pizza barn!
then why the fuck is the pizza man
killing everyone? what did we do
to him?!
                       SUSIE Q
      (holding Danny
i dont give a fuck! i just want to
go home!
they see Betty running down a separate hallway and they run
away. Betty is screaming for help and then she slips. Larry
approaches her.
      (looking up at
please dont kill me, ill suck your


                       BETTY (cont'd)
dick if you let me go. do you want
me to suck your cock?
      (Larry shakes head)
i will let you fuck me, you want
to fuck my pussy? please anything,
just dont kill me!
Larry stomps on her gut, forcing her to loose control of her
bowels and feces flows everywhere and she pukes out blood.
after the puke is all over her face it is barely noticeable
and Larry stomps hard on it and her head squashes and goo
and blood splat on the walls.
Zeke and Becka are having an intimate moment and right when
she is about to climax, Danny, Susie and Garret burst into
the room. Becka gets scared and jumps off of Zeke and covers
ZEKE, everyone is dying we have to
get out of here!
      (pissed off)
fuck you guys! get out of here.
      (throws pants at
put your clothes on! we have to
leave now!
      (looks at Zeke)
oh my god, is he serious Zeke?
no, he is just being an asshole
because im finally having sex and
he wouldn't want my first time to
be an amazing and romantic
foot steps are heard coming from outside the room.


                       SUSIE Q
Becka and Zeke get dressed quickly.
wha... what the hell is going on?
who is doing this?
its the fucking pizza man dude! we
never got the pizza because he has
been to busy killing everyone!
he killed Brock?
we ran into Betty but not Brock,
what the hell are we going to do?
      (trying to be calm)
ok.... ok... well the key is
downstairs in the main party area
where the band was. we just have
to get there safely and find the
key and we can get out. before the
pizza man kills us of course.
                       SUSIE Q
fuck that! i thought you said
something about a cleaning lady?
why cant we just lock the doors
and wait for the cleaning lady to
show up and let us out?
she wont be able to get in here
without me unlocking the door for
banging is heard on the door.
Larry is hitting the door and someone yells to get his
attention. he turns around and notices its Brock.


you cant kill me you FUCKING
Larry walks away from the door and heads toward Brock who is
hiding a knife behind his back. Larry raises the knife as he
gets closer but Brock stabs Larry in the neck before he
tries to kill Brock. Larry falls against a wall and blood
spurts out of his neck. Larry falls to the ground and a big
puddle of blood forms where he was stabbed. Garret opens the
door to see what was going on.
      (head peeking out
       of door)
is.. is he dead?
      (holds stomach in
       pain and drops
...yeah, he is dead.
everyone walks out of the room to meet up with Brock.
lets get out of here before any
more pizza men try and kill us.
      (shakes head)
pizza man? fuck... it was no pizza
man. it ....
Brock is interrupted by Larry ripping off both of his hands
simultaneously. two streams of blood flow out of the wounds
and Brock spits out blood before collapsing to the ground.
everyone runs as fast as they can to get away from Larry.
they reach a safe point and stop.
      (holds on to Zeke)
Zeke, im so fucking scared right
its going to be okay Becka, we are
going to get out of here.


yeah, and how the fuck do you plan
on doing that?
listen, the plan is still to get
into the main hall, get the key
and get out of here. we are a good
distance away from that freak.
      (looks around
okay... on three we are going to
all run and not look back.....
one.... two.... three!!
they all start to run down a long hallway. as they are
running, Garret gets a knife thrown at him from behind. he
falls to the ground. the rest of the survivors still run and
do not stop to pick him up. Garret is dragged into a room by
Larry. he takes the knife out of Garret's back. Garret
starts to pee in his pants because he is afraid. Larry puts
the knife away and grabs the hammer. he starts to brutally
bash in Garret's head with the hammer and chunks fly
Zeke, Becka, Susie Q and Danny arrive in the room where they
all were originally having the party with the band. dead
bodies are scattered all over the place. there are limbs all
over the place and puddles of blood everywhere. Becka is
shocked by the sight of all the dead bodies and hides in
Zeke's arms.
okay.... now where is the fucking
      (thinking out loud)
last time i had it was when we
first came in and set up. i
remember leaving on a table
      (gets mad at Zeke)
why didnt you just hold onto the
fucking keys you moron!


                       SUSIE Q
Danny, just leave him alone! its
not like he knew this all would
NO! fuck you Susie! this is
bullshit! i want to leave here
alive and that is not going to
happen because Zeke lost the
fucking keys!
      (afraid of Danny)
your being illogical Danny, just
relax. we have to remain calm!
i dont need this shit! you should
have listened to me when i told
you something was going on! you
didnt believe me and it stalled us
from getting here and you got
Brock killed!
Danny shoves Zeke and he falls in a puddle of blood,
please Danny. dont do this! your
making things worse!
the girls scream at the sight of Larry standing behind them.
Zeke gets up and fixes his glasses.
fuck did you kill everyone?
      (Larry doesnt
       answer him, and
       he starts to walk
       towards Danny)
Im done running!
Danny smack the mask off of Larry. Danny tries to say
something but is silenced when Larry slices the knife across
his stomach. Danny turns around facing Zeke, Suzie and Becka
as his intestines and blood flows down. The girls scream and
run to the door. Zeke looks in fear at Larry. his face is
badly bruised and cut up, and there is a big gash in his
neck from when Brock stabbed him.


      (trying to reason
       with him)
... why did you do this Larry?
      (as he gets closer
       to Larry, Larry
       raises a knife)
..C'mon Larry, you can trust me,
im your friend.
      (Larry lowers
thats good, really good, just put
the knife down Larry.
      (Larry listens)
Its going to be okay Larry, im
going to get you help. you did a
bad thing here tonight but we can
fix this.
be careful Zeke!
its okay Becka, everything is
fine. no one else is going to get
hurt tonight.
Susie Q comes out of nowhere and double hammer fists Larry's
back. he falls to the ground and becomes very angry and
aggressive. he picks up the knife and uppercuts the blade
into Susie's vagina. her insides pour out from underneath
her skirt and Larry stands up.
Larry, that was an accident! she
shouldn't have done that so just
calm down!
Larry grabs Zeke by the neck and throws him on the ground.
Becka gets in front of Zeke to protect him."get away from
him you monster fagot!" Larry swipes the knife at her leg
and she falls to the side. Larry picks Zeke up with one arm
and Zeke manages to kick him off.
Larry, just go home, its not too
late to put an end to all of this.
Larry charges at Zeke with the knife and Zeke jumps to the
side. Larry gets the knife stuck and tries to pull it out.
Zeke crawls over to Becka who is injured on the ground.


      (puts hand on
       Becka's leg)
are you okay Becka?
i shouldnt have called him a
monster fagot.... besides that i
think ill be okay.
Larry gets the knife unstuck and angrily walks towards Becka
and Zeke. Zeke trips Larry and he throws the knife in the
air as he falls down. the knife spins in the air and lands
into someone's hand. it is revealed to be Zeke's hand and he
screams in pain. Larry gets back up and walks toward Zeke.
Zeke grabs the knife out of his hand quickly and shoves the
knife into Larry's heart. Larry falls over and stops moving.
Zeke helps Becka up and hugs her.
im so happy its finally over!
Larry lets out a grunt and sits back up.
i dont think so mother fucker!
Becka kicks the knife further into Larry's chest, this time
going through his heart. Larry lays down and blood flows out
of his chest. the keys flop out of Larry's pockets and Zeke
picks them up.
Zeke opens the passenger side door of a car and to let Becka
in. when she gets in the car she rests her head against the
window. Zeke looks at the building one final time before
getting into the car and driving away.
a Spanish cleaning lady wheels her supplies into the blood
soaked room.
she looks all around the room...


oh no esé! im not cleaning this
shit up! i no clean this mess. no
fuckin' way...
Cuntzuela packs all her cleaning supplies up and start to
wheel her cart away. when she gets to the door, it is
locked. she gets confused and turns around to find Larry
wearing the mask again and he swings an axe at her head and
screen cuts to black and the credits roll.


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From Sam Morrison Date 8/19/2010 *
I honestly did not care for it. It's too short to be a feature film, and I don't think right now anybody would accept it. It has too many grammatical mistakes and it was just a really really strong R. The sexual stuff was nasty. But I'm sure with enough practice you could have something good going. Maybe not with this story but with something else.

From Chris M Date 7/30/2010 ****
What length of a film are you intending this to be? You are halfway between a short film that is too long and a feature film that is too short? You need to think about the scope of this script and what it exactly is supposed to be. If this is a script just for fun, than it can be any length. If its a short or feature, it either needs to be much longer or much shorter.

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