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I'm Still Waiting
by Alexander Ramirez (Alram1988@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
SHORT FILM. A fed-up restaurant worker embraces violent fantasies in order to get through his endless shifts.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.

An irritating alarm clock buzzes like a swarm of electronic
hornets. RICKY (aged 22) stirs from his slumber and swats at
the clock until he smashes the cacophony to an abrupt halt.
He lies back on his mussed bedding and stares mournfully at
the ceiling.
I don't wanna go to work.
QUICK CUTS of Ricky preparing for work:
- He dons a pair of eyeglasses.
- He buttons up a white dress shirt.
- He rolls a lint remover over his black apron and slacks.
- He ties a pair of no-slip restaurant sneakers.
- He pushes up the slipknot of a tie tight around his neck.
- His hand snatches keys from a coffee table.
Ricky power-walks down the pathway. A YOUNG WOMAN carrying
laundry approaches from the opposite direction.
                       YOUNG WOMAN
Ricky, you already go back in?
This early? Just quit!
I can't.
Ricky psyches himself up, bobbing his head to the radio and
mouthing along with the lyrics as he drives.
Small. Family owned. Tacky. A few patrons litter the area.
Ricky pushes through the front entrance and strikes toward
the back.


Hey, Ricky!
Ricky stops dead in his tracks and does a slow burn toward
the smug BARTENDER (40).
Hey, Lina wants to see you in the
office when you get a second. I
told you.
You told me what?
The bartender shrugs.
Really? You told on me?
Hey, I'm not gonna argue. Don't
make me argue. She just said to
send you in.
You're not gonna argue because you
don't have an argument. There's
nothing wrong with how I set up.
It's my way. I'm the busser.
The bartender shuffles over to Ricky at the end of the bar,
leans in, whispers:
Hey! There are customers. I'm not
gonna argue, she just wants to see
you. Be professional.
Ricky stands and leers at the bartender as he walks back
down the bar, nose in the air, to serve a new set of
customers who've just hopped on the stools.
                       MALE CUSTOMER (O.C.)
Excuse me, boss.
Ricky turns to a genial, middle-aged MALE CUSTOMER with a
ridiculous ponytail. The man drops his fat hand on Ricky's
shoulder and smiles.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
If I were a bathroom, where would
I be?


The male customer guffaws at his own joke. Ricky snaps out
of his moody stare and lets loose the most sarcastic belt of
laughter he can muster.
The male customer doesn't catch on that he's being mocked
and continues to howl mirthfully.
Ricky - without his glasses on - whips out a DESERT EAGLE
and literally blows the male customer's brains out of his
skull. Blood and matter splash into Ricky's face.
Ricky still has his glasses on in reality. He speaks in a
phony restaurant voice when addressing customers:
Past the bar, take a left.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
Oh, there, now I see the sign.
Thank you, boss!
Yes, my pleasure, sir. Right in
front of your face. And that was a
good one! Good joke...
The male customer is off to the restroom. Ricky's fake
restaurant personality disappears.
COOKS are busy on the grill. Ricky says hello to them in
SPANISH. The cute hostess, MIA (22), is in the area.
'Sup, dude. Ready for another
exciting day?
Ricky clocks in at a bank of computers, collecting his time
slip as the machine spits it out. He shakes his head at Mia.
I have to go see Lina in the
office right now.
      (motions toward
       the bar)
I think he bitched me out.


Are you serious? For your
settings? What a fag! They always
look nice!
Ricky shrugs.
Maybe she'll fire me.
Well, that would be looking at the
bright side. But don't leave me
yet. Justin's been getting on my
nerves already. He came up --
JUSTIN (29), a waiter, enters the kitchen.
What's up, Rick?
Ricky nods to Justin in acknowledgment. Mia locks eyes with
Ricky and traps an embarrassed laugh in her throat.
All right, Mia. I'm gonna go get
fired now.
Cramped. More like a closet than an office. Lina (55) sits
at the computer desk cradling a well-tended Pomeranian. She
speaks with a heavy Eastern European accent. Her curvy
daughter AMANDA (25) hovers behind her, chewing gum loudly.
Ricky stands in the doorway.
Ricky, we have to cut hours down a
little bit. Just for now.
Starting next week, you don't come
in Fridays. Just to see what it's
like. Sorry. Just for a little
while, OK?


Lina, Friday's the busiest day.
That's when I make the most tips.
If I lose Friday, then I'm down to
two days a week. I had five days
back when I first started.
We need to do it. I'm sorry, but
it was Ed's decision. I'm just
telling you, so don't argue.
Ricky's glasses are inexplicably gone again. Lina and Amanda
can't hear what he is saying.
Fuck Ed, that coward can't ever
tell us anything to our faces
Ed knows what he's doing.
Ed cheats on you every weekend. He
takes all the barflies out on his
boat and bangs the fat bitches.
Amanda's not going to be working
as many hours here either.
I fucked Amanda last year. On a
slow night, we went out into the
dry storage shed, and I found out
your daughter's a squirter.
If you don't like it, you know
you're all replacable.
You could never replace me. I
break my fucking back here.
So, it's just gonna be until we
figure things out.


I've been working here for three
fucking years...
And I still haven't been promoted
to server.
I'm still waiting to wait tables.
Ricky explodes toward Lina, snatches the Pomeranian out of
her arms, and beats the tiny dog to death against the wall.
Blood and fur and tiny rib bones fly.
Ricky's glasses are on. He hangs his head.
All right, Lina.
Ricky steps away from the office. Mia approaches him with a
red bucket.
Ricky shakes his head.
Good! Could you change the water
and towels, please? I was gonna do
it for you, but I have people
waiting up front.
He accepts the bucket.
Of course, Mia.
Mia jogs away. Ricky looks back at the closed office door. A
devilish smirk spreads across his face.


Ricky steals two long-neck beers off the shelf.
Ricky refills the bucket with blue solution from the spigot
as he finishes the first beer.
Oh, yes I am.
He cracks open the second beer and kills it in one mighty
An elderly FEMALE CUSTOMER waves Ricky over to her booth. As
Ricky approaches, he sees that she is dining with the
ponytailed male customer.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
      (shit-eating grin)
Hey there, boss.
Ricky - no glasses - pulls out his desert eagle and blows
the male customer's face off. Wet ponytail hairs and
shredded flesh smack against the wall.
Ricky - glasses back on - reapplies his fake restaurant
Hello, what can I do?
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
This steak sandwich is too red.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
Could you just have them throw
that back on for a second, boss?
Ricky - no glasses - pulls the trigger of his desert eagle.
Liquid ropes of blood launch into the air like money shots.


Ricky's glasses are on.
No problem, boss! Sorry about
that. Here, let me take it back
for you, ma'am. It'll just be a
second. How would you like it
cooked, then? Medium?
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
No, I asked for rare.
Ricky considers the redness of the piece of steak.
Well, that's rare there. Medium
rare, then?
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
No, rare. I just didn't want it
quite that red in the middle.
Ricky forces an insincere smile.
Oh, I see. Back in a flash.
Ricky strikes away with the steak.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
Thanks again, boss!
Ricky slides the plate across the cook's station.
She wants it cooked medium now.
The steak is slapped back down on the grill.
Ricky collects dirty cups and utensils from a vacated table
and balances them on his tray.


The steak is peeled off the grill.
Ricky sets the steak before the elderly female customer in
the booth.
How's that?
The female customer shoves her finger in the piece of meat.
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
There's still a lot of blood...
Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, back on the
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
No, no, I'll just - no, I need to
eat something before I starve. I
guess I'll just have to make do
with this.
If there's anything else I can do
for --
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
Actually, I don't think I can sit
here anymore. This air
conditioning vent is blowing right
down on us in this booth.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
We could move somewhere else.
                       FEMALE CUSTOMER
Yes, it's freezing. My sweater
isn't helping at all.
Ricky's glasses DO NOT disappear.
You're not freezing you old,
dried-up whore. That's just the
cold embrace of death coming for
you because you've outlived your


                       RICKY (cont'd)
welcome on earth.
Ricky grabs the steak and slams it in the female customer's
face. He reaches for his imaginary desert eagle and points
his fingers at the male customer in the shape of a gun.
The steak slides down the female customer's face. The male
customer stares bug-eyed at Ricky's posed fingers. Justin,
Lina, and every other customer peppering the dining room
freeze in astonishment.
Oh, shit.
                       MALE CUSTOMER
What the hell is going on here?!
Are you out of your mind?!
The female customer begins to weep; Lina rushes over to
console her. The male customer hops out of his seat.
I'm sorry. I...
                       MALE CUSTOMER
      (to Ricky)
What's your name, young man!
What's your name!
      (to Lina)
I want his job for this!
At those words, Ricky suddenly perks up. He actually manages
a sincere smile.
      (to male customer)
Of course!
      (to Ricky)
Get out of here. What's wrong with
you? You're a disgusting person!
Ricky is visibly offended by Lina's declaration. He stands
his ground.
Disgusting? You don't know me.


                       MALE CUSTOMER
Just get out of here before I do
something about it.
What are you gonna do? Hit me with
your ponytail? I'd think you were
a cock-sucker if it wasn't so
obvious that you're here on a date
with your grandmother. I don't
care how many Steven Seagal movies
you've seen: You can't whoop my
The male customer stumbles over a retort.
                       RICKY (cont'd)
      (to the female
Yeah, you, old bitch. I'm sorry I
threw steak in your face on
accident. You're still an old
All eyes are on Ricky. He turns to Lina.
                       RICKY (cont'd)
Lina, maybe your restaurant would
run smoother if you respected your
employees. Stop illegally fixing
our overtime hours in the
computer. You're rich, bitch.
Paying us a little time-and-a-half
isn't going to make it so that you
can't afford to get your dog's
asshole bleached anymore, so
relax. Also, if your husband
wasn't fucking all the old
alcoholic skanks in the bar and
your daughter wasn't fucking all
the men you hire, that would help,
Ricky throws a "thumbs-up" and a wink at Justin. Justin
smirks proudly, then catches himself and shakes his head.
You other customers in here, most
of you are regulars and pretty
cool. Justin, dude, you need to
get off Mia's nuts, and let me get
at her... I'm not waiting for shit
ever again.


Ricky turns away, slides his glasses off, and glides coolly
down the hallway toward the bar area.
Cooks emerge from the kitchen to give Ricky high-fives as he
passes. Amanda emerges from the dishwashing area and Ricky
smacks her on the ass as he struts by.
The bartender leers at Ricky as he enters, shaking his head
in disapproval. Ricky stalks up to the bartender and
launches a compact right cross, instantaneously rendering
him unconscious.
Ricky redirects his momentum from the punch and gracefully
spins toward Mia, who's stationed at the hostess stand. He
wraps her in a picturesque embrace and kisses her
He continues out the front entrance, pulling loose the tie -
the noose - around his neck. He blasts through the double
doors of the restaurant, letting a deluge of sunlight rush
in behind him.
The irritating alarm clock EXPLODES again and again as Ricky
hammers away at it with a Louisville Slugger.


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From Sean Date 7/28/2010 ****
Great script. You really know how to drag in a reader. You made me laugh a bunch of times throughout, and that's a good thing, cause you really have to tell a good joke or doing something really funny to make me laugh. Keep up the good work!

From Miguel Perez Date 7/18/2010 ****
Yo this is awesome I want more dude. This was funny as hell.

From Roman Monroe Date 7/9/2010 ****
Great little script! You can definitely produce this one on your own in virtually any restaurant. Well done, I enjoy a wicked sense of humor.

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