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In the Beginning...
by Kerry Sloan (ksloan77@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review:

In The Beginning explores the concepts of mankind's orgin; faith; and love.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Subtitle on screen as camera zooms in from outside the
building -- Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory,
College style office of Dr. Postar. Computers line the
walls. Papers and work notes are scattered about. Massive
calculations are running on the computer screens. One large
screen is showing the planets of the solar sytem all
aligned, in a loop fashion (just like local radar shows
approaching storms.)
                       DR. POSTAR
      (Speaking to
I just don't understand it. How
could I have missed this? Suzie!
Suzie, can you come in here
      (enters the room)
Yes Dr.?
                       DR. POSTAR
Did the package from Dr. Neely
arrive yet?
No sir, it hasn't. I checked 5
minutes ago.
                       DR. POSTAR
OK. Would you please keep
checking? It's imperatitive that I
get that package as soon as
Yes sir. I will.
                       DR. POSTAR
Thank you Suzie.
Dr. Postar sips on his coffee and continues to look over his
notes and calculations.


Scene 2: Outside shot of a small office building nestled in
among some trees set in a small Colorado mountain town,
where Dave Sloan is leaving work. Camera follows Dave
driving home to pick up his family for the trip to visit his
best friend from high school and college, Keith Wilson, who
lives in Bowling Green Kentucky with his wife Patty and son
Scene 3: Shows Dave pulling up in his driveway of a nice log
cabin where his 9-year old daughter, Abby, and his son,
Mark, 14 years old, are outside waiting on him to arrive.
Dave's wife Rachel exits the front door carrying
suitcases/traveling gear.
Daddy, Daddy, you're here!
      (closing the door
       on the SUV)
Yes, Yes, Honey I'm here. Are you
guys ready to go?
I carried most of the stuff out to
the porch and Mom is bringing down
the rest.
You're running a bit late. Did you
get everything lined out at work
so they can make it without you
for a few days?
Yea. They won't even notice that
I AM gone.
You kids help me load up.
Do you want to change clothes
before we leave?
No. I'll just wear these until we
get to the hotel tonight.
The family loads up the SUV and heads down the mountain
toward Denver.


Scene 4: Shows the family driving during the late afternoon
early evening.
Scene 4: Exterior shots of the family driving through
Denver, then making it to the plains of eastern Colorado.
      (Abby is looking
       at a caving
Daddy, Have you ever been in
Mammoth Cave before?
Yes Honey, a bunch of times. My
friend Keith and I use to go about
every year when we were kids. But
they didn't have the wild cave
tour back then, so we all will be
going on this adventure for the
first time.
Abby pumps her arm in the air as if she had just bowled a
I'm surprised they had discovered
Mammoth Cave when you were a kid
      (looking at Mark
       in the rear view
Oh, that's a good one Mark-O-Polo.
Yes, it's a little known fact that
Christopher Columbus also
discovered Mammoth Cave when I was
a kid!
Additional shots of the family driving through the country
side. Nearing dusk.


I bet you're really looking
forward to seing Keith aren't you?
You guys haven't seen each other
in...what 3 years?
Yea, I really am. (pause) You know
when he sent me the email
suggesting that we come and visit
them during the kid's Spring
Break, it kinda took me by
surprise. I mean, seems like
everytime I talk to him the
last couple of years he is always
too busy with work to get
You think something is going on
with him and Patty? Or Tommy?
Keith did mention something to you
a while back about Tommy getting
into some trouble remember?
There is NO WAY that Keith and
Patty are having trouble. Those
two were meant for each other. But
you're right, it could be
something's up with Tommy. Keith
never did tell me what was going
on with Tommy, other than he had
been in some trouble lately.
I assume he didn't elaborate
because it was embarrasing. And I
didn't press him for details.
(PAUSE) Ahh, there is nothing
going on. I'm sure he just misses
this smiling face of mine!
Dave takes his eyes off the road and looks in Rachel's
direction, bats his eyes and gives her a big smile.
Yea, I'm sure that's it! No one
can stay away from that face for
too long.
Rachel leans over and grabs Dave's cheeks and wiggles his


Scene 6: Additional exterior shots of the family driving
into the night pulling into the hotel.

Scene 7: Shows the family loading back into the SUV the next
morning to continue the trip to Kentucky. More exterior
shots of the family driving through the midwest.
As Dave's family pulls into Keith's driveway, Keith and
Patty come huridly walking out to meet them.
Well, it's about time you guys got
here. We were beginning to get a
bit worried!
      (exiting the SUV)
Yea, we took it easy. We didn't
try to set any speed records.
Keith and Dave embrace each other with a big hug. Rachel
and Patty watch them and are happy that these two best
friends are finally back together.
      (Hugging Keith)
Man it sure is good to see you.
      (Still hugging
Same here brother. What has it
been 3 Christmas's ago since we
last got together at your place?
Yea, it has been too long old
friend. But my golf game is good
enough to beat your butt now.
Oh is it? We shall see brother.
Cause I have us a tee-time of 9 am
on Friday morning. I hope you're
planning on putting your money
where your mouth is.
Dave opens up the back of the SUV and Keith comes over to
assist in unloading the luggage.


Well, the only thing that will
save you from humilation on the
course is if I get so sore from
this wild cave tour that I can't
swing the golf club.
Would you like some cheeze to go
with that wine? Are you getting
soft in your old age?
Yea. Yea. Yea. Stop your yappin,
and help me get this stuff.
There is some additional dialouge with Patty and Rachel and
Keith and Dave. Comments about the house looking nice; Dave
tells Mark to grab certain luggage, etc.
After sitting the luggage down on the floor, everyone makes
their way into the family room.
My goodness Abby you are getting
so big! You were only this high
the last time we saw you!
Keith places his hand only about 2 feet off the floor.
No way! I was bigger than that!
Patty walks over to the stairs.
Tommy! Come down here!
      (Tommy approaches
       the top of the
Oh, Hi everybody. Hey Mark how you
I'm good. What you been up to?


Nothing much. Hey, I just got a
new Play Station game. You want
to check it out?
Sure. Abby, you want to come too?
Tommy, Mark and Abby take off upstairs, as their parents
watch them with a feeling of pride.
      (Still looking up
       the stairs.)
Does it feel as unreal to you as
it does to me that we have teenage
kids? It seems like yesterday,
that we were riding our bicyles
down to the 7-11 to get a soda.
It wasn't yesterday...it was 25
years ago.
So I hear you have us a big wild
cave tour scheduled for tomorrow?
Yea, it's suppose to be really
something. A guy at work took his
sons on it last fall and he said
they had a blast. It's really hard
to get in on the tour ...I had to
pull a few strings!
Yea right! Dave don't be fooled
by this joker. He plays golf with
a big wig from the park that got
you guys in on the tour.
True....but, they only take a max
of 8 people per day. You go into
parts of the cave that the public
never sees. Parts of the wild cave
tour have only recently been
discovered. And it is a FACT, my
wonderful, beautiful wife, that
there is a 14 month waiting list
for this tour.


Well Abby is really excited. Are
you sure that this won't be too
difficult for her?
The minimum age is 10. But I told
the guy that Abby would be 10 in a
few months and that she is not a
"normal" 9 yr old girl. When I
told him that she will be telling
the tour guide what he is suppose
to do within 30 minutes, he
laughed and said she could go.
Everyone chuckles a bit. Acknowleding that it's true that
Abby is not a normal 9 yr old.
      (Looking toward
Is Tommy looking forward to the
Wild Cave tour Patty?
He seems to be, but you know, I'm
not sure what that kid looks
forward to anymore other than
hanging out with his delinquent
      (Looking at Patty
       and feeling a bit
Keith mentioned a few months back
that Tommy was struggling a bit.
Truth is Dave, Tommy was arrested
back in January for shoplifting.
And 2 weeks before Christmas, he
was expelled from school for 3
days because of fighting. I don't
know what's gotten into him Dave.
It's like nothing matters to him
anymore. Things he use to love to
do, he just stopped doing them. In
a way, he kinda reminds me of
myself at that age.


      (Timidly asking)
Could it be drugs?
That's the first thing we thought
of. So one night we just
point-blank asked him, "Are you
taking drugs"? He denied it of
course. So we took him and got a
blood test for everything you
could think of. And he is
completely clean. Not even an
aspirin showed up.
      (Trying to change
       the topic)
Hey, you guys didn't drive 20
hours to hear about this stuff!
Besides, I'm hoping that spending
some time with Mark may be some
good medicine for Tommy.
Keith, we are family. Maybe not by
blood, unless you count the time
when we were 12 and got my Mom's
butcher knife and cut the shit out
of our hands so we could become
blood brothers, then bled all over
my Mom's rugs on the front porch!
(short pause) But we are family.
Anything that we can do to
help...even just listening, we're
here for you.
I know you are family. And I'll
never forget that you've been the
only family I've ever had...until
Patty and Tommy came along. Come
on, Let's get your luggage up to
your room and let these lovely,
young ladies of ours break open a
bottle of wine and get some dinner
started. You guys have to be
Dave and Keith carry the lugguage upstairs while Rachel and
Patty go to the kitchen to prepare the dinner.


Dave and Rachel in the bedroom preparing for bed. Dave's
pulling down the covers and Rachel taking off her make-up in
the adjoining bathroom. Dave slides into the bed waiting on
Rachel? What was the name of that
last bottle of wine Patty brought
out? That was very good.
It believe it was Stone Valley
Estate. Patty said we would go by
the place she bought it tomorrow.
Did she say how much it was a
She said it wasn't bad...like $25.
Dave raises his eyebrows and nods his head in agreement.
I was a little surprised by
Keith's openness regarding Tommy's
troubles weren't you?
Not really. You guys are closer
than any 2 brothers have ever
Yea, but he didn't really say that
much about Tommy's problems a few
months ago. And even when I was
fishing to see if he would open up
a bit more, he slammed the door
Dave, it's hard to open up about
something like that on a computer.
He needed you there -- right
beside him -- in order to talk
about it.
Yea, maybe you're right.


Rachel leaves the bathroom and gets into bed. Cuddling with
Your Mom's funeral was what, about
5 years ago? I know you told me
then when I asked you why Keith
was so tore up about your Mom
passing that Keith was very close
to your family, but when Keith
said that you were the only family
he has ever had, what did he mean
by that?
Keith had a rough childhood
Rachel. His Mom was never there
and was more or less the town
whore. His Dad would take out his
frustrations on him by beating
him, or sending him to do things
that a grown man wouldn't do.
Imagine being 9 yrs old and your
dad tells you to walk into town
..3 miles mind you...and go to
such and such address; find your
mother and tell her to get her
whoring ass home. Sometimes she
would come home; Sometimes she
wouldn't. And the times she didn't
come home, guess who got the blame
for it?
Oh my God. Why haven't you told me
about this before?
Because it's embarrasing to him.
It's nothing he's proud of. And
honestly I was going to tell you
at Mom's funeral, but I just never
found the right time.
By the time Keith was 12 yrs old
he stayed with us as much as he
could. His Mother would go through
these cycles where she would get
all religious and "repent her
whoring ways" but each time it
would last about a month or so.
Keith got tired of her cycles by
the time he was 15 so he


                       DAVE (cont'd)
practically lived with us by then.
And he did live with us for good
on his 16th birthday. My Mom had
baked him a cake and my Dad bought
him a new fishing rod and real as
a birthday present. Keith's Dad
came over drunk and demanded that
Keith go home. Keith went out on
the porch to talk to his so-called
father. Keith refused to go
because we were having him a
birthday party, so his dad started
beating the crap out him there on
our porch...until my Dad made it
out there and kicked the shit out
of Keith's Dad and told him that
if he ever laid a hand on Keith
again, he would kill him. (pause)
Keith's Dad left town about 6
months later, and he never heard
from him again. His Mom died of an
overdose about a year later.
Good Lord Dave, it's a wonder
Keith is as normal as he is.
Yes it is. But don't be fooled.
Keith has some scars from his
childhood. I remember trying to
set him up with a girl one time
when we were about 19. This girl I
was dating had a cousin visiting
her and they wanted us to meet
them at a church revival meeting.
When I told Keith about it, he
refused to go. I asked why he was
turning down this golden
opportunity; he stuttered,
mumbled, and never gave me a
straight answer. I pushed him hard
for an explanation, and he finally
blurts out "Because I don't
believe in God!" I sat there
speechless. He went on to say that
he had prayed from the time he was
7 years old for God to change his
mother and his father, but it
never happened. And it even made
it worse for him when his Mom
would go through her "religious
cycles", which in his mind,


                       DAVE (cont'd)
lessoned the credibility of
religion....or basically God being
That's so aweful! Have you ever
discussed his faith with him since
that time years ago? I mean,
surely he belives in God
No, I haven't discussed it with
him since...and I don't know if he
believes in God. That's not the
sort of thing you just blurt out
on an email. Besides, religion is
a very personal thing for people.
But Dave, Keith didn't lose his
faith, it was "stollen"! Anyone
living in the conditions he was in
would pray for help. And what he
doesn't realize is -- His prayers
were answered. He got to live with
your family. God may not have
changed his parents as Keith
wanted, but they obviously didn't
want to be changed. That's the way
it works. Keith needs to realize
that don't you think?
I think it's none of our business
really. And I think we need to get
some sleep. I have a wild cave
tour tomorrow morning and a 9 yr
old little girl that will drag me
through the cave if I'm too tired
to walk.. Goodnight Honey.
But Dave....
Goodnight Honey.
OK. Goodnight.


Dave comes down to the kitchen. Keith is already there with
fresh coffe. Keith is frying some bacon.
Good morning.
Morning Bro. How did you guys
sleep last night? That old bed
wasn't to hard on your aging back
was it? Because I don't want you
to have any excuses on the golf
course tomorrow.
No, no, it was good actually. Hey
you already have the coffe made.
Good work Mr. Mom.
Keith grins becuase he enjoys the teasing they give each
You still drink it black right?
Sure do. Umm, (sniffing at the
bacon smell) that bacon will get
Abby out of bed faster than a
roster sitting outside the wiindow
crowing at he top of his lungs.
Dave sits down at the table with his cup of coffe and starts
browsing the morning newpaper.
I sure hope Tommy has some fun
today on this cave tour. He just
hasn't been himself for a while
Dave. I'm really starting to get a
bit worried.
He's most likely just going
through some phase Keith. Or some
girl ripped his heart out at
school and he won't tell you guys
about it because he's embarrased,
or some simple crap like that.


Maybe it is something simple like
that. I sure hope so.
Dave suddenly gets a look of disbelief as he's reading the
What the hell is this?
There is a story here about this
guy who predicted an earthquake
based on his theory about the moon
and other planets being alligned
just right, increasing the
gravational pull on the Earth.
Yea, yea. Don't remind me man.
When this story came out about
this guy and his earthquake
prediction, the school board was
so concerned that they canceled
school for this week. Can you
believe it?
You've GOT to be kidding me. Are
you serious?
I shit you not. Remember, you're
in Kentucky. We're not exactly
known for progressive, logical
thinking here you know.
Yea. Yea....but, canceling school
because of one guy's theory? That
seems a bit....well, more than a
bit extreme.
I agree, but look at the
bightside. Tommy would be in
school this week if not for this
guy! But seriously though, the
reason they canceled classes all
week was because this guy made a
prediction last year and low and


                       KEITH (cont'd)
behold there was an earthquake
within the window of time he
predicted one would occur.
What was the window of time?
I don't know. It was something
like 5 days or so.
5 days!? Hell an earthquake hits
somewhere on the planet probably
weekly, so he went out on a limb
with that prediction didn't he?
Both guys chuckle
Was the prediction last year
specfic to a particular region?
Did he get it right?
I don't know. But his window for
this predction closed...Y E S T E
R D A Y...so we are in the clear.
Both guys laugh pretty hard
I bet the school board feels
pretty foolish right about now.
Yea....but not as foolish as you
will feel after I stomp you into
the groud tomorrow on the links.
Keith swings an imaginary golf glub and on the follow
through, whacks Dave in the head.
Abby comes marching in the kitchen with a purpose as the two
guys are laughing.
I smell bacon!
Yes you do, you little squirt! Go
upstairs and get your brother and
Tommy up so we can get going on


                       DAVE (cont'd)
this big wild cave tour! Are you
ready for it?
Good. So hurry up then.
Abby scurries off upstairs yelling at the boys.
Everyone finishing up breakfast and some general dialouge
about making sure you have everything packed that you need;
did you brush your teeth; make sure you don't fall and skin
your knees; etc.
      (Holding the
       newspaper up)
Rachel did you see this story?
Patty told me about it last night
while we were cleaning up the
Now Dave, you can't make too much
fun of us....YOU are from here
don't forget...so that makes YOU
one of us.
Keith and Tommy come back in the house after loading up the
gear for the cave tour.
We're all loaded up. Everybody
Abby comes around the corner with all kinds of spelunking
gear on
I am ready!
Everyone laughs and there is some group dialouge about being
careful; have a good time; etc.


      (Pulling Rachel
       over to the side
       and speaking in a
       low vocie.)
Are you sure you are gonna have
fun shopping today? You realize we
will be gone like 8 hours.
Patty and I will be fine! I
promise. You guys go and have a
good time! I'll get you a bottle
of that wine you liked last night.
Sounds good.
Keith and Dave kiss their wives. The kids hug their Moms.
Keith, Dave, Mark, Abby, Mark, and Tommy load up and drive
to Mammoth Cave National Park. Camera shows some of the
beautiful scenery on the way there.
Dave, Mark, Tommy, Abby, and Keith exit the SUV and get
their backpacks out of the SUV. They walk into park
The group makes their way to the ticket counter where the
wild cave tickets are being held for them. They enter the
wild cave tour briefing room (a small room with seating for
about 12 people) where the tour guide tells the participants
on the tour about what to expect; what to do; what not to
do, etc.
Hi folks, my name is John Bertram.
I will be your guide today on the
wild cave tour. First, I need to
make sure that everyone in here is
in the right place.
John takes a moment to look around the room at the group, He
stops momentarily at Ellis Haynes (a man in his mid-60's)
but ends up staring straight at Abby.
What tour are you going on today


The wild cave tour naturally.
That's why I'm in the wild cave
tour briefing room.
Dave looks out the corner of his eye and smiles at Keith.
      (a little
       surprised by the
       clearity of
       Abby's answer)
Ok then. Everyone is where they're
suppose to be. Good. How about we
get some introductions and a
little info on everybody. Let's
start here on the right side.
What's you name young man?
My name is Tommy Wilson I'm 15 yrs
old and I'm in the 10th grade. I'm
here with my Dad.
Any caving experience Tommy?
My Dad and I use to go to Mammoth
Cave at least once a year, but we
haven't been here for a while. So
I guess, yea, some experience.
John then gives Mark a look of "it's your turn."
I'm Mark Sloan. I'm here with my
Dad and Sister. I'm 14 yrs old and
in the 9th grade. This will be my
first time in Mammoth Cave. But we
went to a cave in Missouri 2 years
OK. Good.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
I'm Dan Perry. I'm a little older
than these two young men! I'm
recently a widower. I've been a
preacher for most of my adult
life, but recenly retired. I've
never been in a cave at any time


                       DAN OR PREACHER (cont'd)
before today.
      (kidding with Dan)
OK Dan. If we get into a tight
spot, I'll know who to look to for
a little divine intervention.
The group laughs
After hearing Dan's comments, Keith looks over at Dan to
size him up.
                       MR. HAYNES
I'm Ellis Haynes. I'm retired and
on vacation with my family. My
grandson Kirk, told me that I
should go on the wild cave tour
and experience it while I was
STILL able to do s o m e t h i n
g. So I decided to show him I'm
not ready for the walker or the
retirement home just yet!
So your grandson challenges you to
do the wild cave tour and he
doesn't come along with you?
                       MR. HAYNES
He wanted to bad. But they
rescheduled a baseball game for
this afternoon that he's pitching
in, and we won't be finished with
the tour in time for him to make
the game.
Oh I see. Well when you get back
you tell him that he couldn't have
kept up with you anyway.
                       MR. HAYNES
I'll do just that.
The group laughs
I'm Kelsey Morgan. I'm 22 and a
grad student at the University of
Kentucky. I'm sutdying to be a
geologist, so I've been in caves
many times and even a few coal


                       KELSEY (cont'd)
Always good to have a scientist
along on the tour.
I'm Keith wilson. I'm the CFO of a
large car dealership here in the
area. I'm here with my son Tommy.
      (kidding around)
Hey, I'm in the market for a new
car. If I promise to get you
through the tour alive, do I get a
good deal on a new car?
You get one dirt cheap!
The group laughs
I'm Dave Sloan. I'm the CEO of a
small power company in Colorado.
These two Mark and Abby are with
Same deal for you Dave as for
Keith....perhaps some free
We would have to run a lot of
extension cords from Colorado to
Kentucky John.
The group laughs again
I'm Abby Sloan. I'm 9 yrs old,
almost 10 actually, and I'm here
with my Dad and brother. I've been
in one cave before.
      (with a bit of a
       concerned look on
       his face)
9 yrs old? Missy, you're suppose
to be 10 to be on this tour. But


                       JOHN (cont'd)
since you're with your dad and
brother, I guess we'll let you go.
Abby has a look of being insulted on her face
Ok then. Now we know each other a
bit. Can anyone tell me the first
and most important rule of caving?
Abby about comes out of her chair as if shes got bees in her
pants, raising her hand.
Yes Missy?
My N A M E is Abby. The first rule
of caving is to stay together.
Never leave your partner.
John has a look of bewilderment on his face, as he has been
put in his place by a 9 yr old.
Why yes. That is correct...ABBY.
Nicely done.
Dave gives Keith a wink as they both realize that John has
no idea who he's messing with!
Mammoth Cave is the world's
largest cave system. There are
over 400 miles of maped passages,
and more miles are being maped
every year. The #1 rule in caving
is very important especially
today. This tour is called the
wild cave tour for a good reason.
We'll be going to areas of the
cave that were only discovered in
the last 5 years. Some of the
passages are still forming because
of running water. There's gonna be
places where you will be crawling,
climbing, and scooting on your
bellies and backs. A few places
will be VERY difficult. Never
panic, and if you get stuck,
relax, take a few breaths and
focus on what you need to do to
keep moving. I promise you that by


                       JOHN (cont'd)
the end of the day, you WILL BE
The group looks at one another. Not sure if John is pulling
their legs to make the tour more exciting, or whether he is
During John's briefing, he points to areas of a large map of
the cave on the wall. Next to the map on the wall is a glass
case, with what looks to be artifacts from the cave.
Abby raises her hand
Mr. Bertram, what is in the glass
      (as John answers,
       he is pointing to
       different items
       in the case)
Those are artifacts that we've
found in the cave over the years.
Most of them are Indian artifacts
like arrowheads, spearheads and
the like. There are a few tools
for grinding grain also. And there
are a couple of things in there,
that we have no idea what they
are, or what they were used for.
What is the square stone?
Well, that's one of the items that
we're not sure about actually. The
geology department at WKU said
that it was "carved stone" maybe
as old as 10,000 years. But the
oldest tour guide here here says
it's nothing but a chunk of rock
and shouldn't be in the case!
Any other questions about the
Everyone nods their head "no."


OK then. I guess you all noticed
that this tour group is very small
in size. And for very good reason.
As I said, we will be in some
tough spots today and the group
has to be small in order for me to
be able to assist everyone. I have
been a tour guide here for 12
years. And a wild cave guide for
all 5 yrs years we've offered this
tour. There have been some
injuries and a couple of serious
situations. So be alert and ...
                       DAN OR PREACHER
What kind of serious situations
Where we're going in the cave...
well, there is no other way to put
it, it's dangerous. Dangerous in
the sense that if someone were to
break a leg for instance, it would
be VERY difficult to get that
person out of the cave because
they can't walk under their own
power. And it would be extreemly
difficult to get someone out on a
Has that happened before? Someone
breaking their leg?
No. But we've had a couple of
sprained ankles, and that added at
least 3 hours to getting out of
the cave. I can tell you we had
some hungry cavers by the time we
got out of here...and some
concerned family members up top.
Keep in mind, there are no
emergency phones down there like
in the commercial areas of the
cave. Radio signals won't reach
the surface either because we're
gonna be so deep below ground. I'm
not trying to scare you all. Be
alert. Pay attention at all
times. The payoff is that less


                       JOHN (cont'd)
than 1,000 people in the world
have seen what you will see today.
That's pretty cool isn't it?
The group nods their heads yes
Good. I know everyone has
questions about the cave and the
tour, but since we have so much
time to spend together
today...about 8 hours to be
precise, ask your questions as we
are making our way through the
cave. Does that sound like a plan?
The group all respond "yes".
Let's go explore some cave then!
Everyone gets up and makes their way out of the briefing
room to the staging area where they put on the provided
hard-hats with lights, and get their lunches and water. They
make their way to the historic entrance to Mammoth Cave.
The group all make their way into the cave entrance
We'll be in the commercial section
of the cave for about 30 minutes
or so until we get to the area
where we branch off for the wild
cave tour.
John, how is it that the new area
was only discovered 5 years ago
since it's only about 2 miles into
the cave?
It's Kelsey right? That's a good
question Kelsey. Every day a guide
comes down into the cave before
any tours are brought in to make
sure that no cave-ins or ceiling
collaspes have taken place
overnight. One day, when I came
down here to check things out, I


                       DAVE (cont'd)
saw a pile of rubble where a wall
of rock had given away during the
night. I shined my light into the
hole and saw that the wall
collaspe had opened up a new
Wow! That's all there was to it?
Yep. It happens from time to time
but not real often. The last time
before this opening appeared was
like 10 years before that.
Well, let's hope a wall doesn't
decide to collapse while we're
down here.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Amen to that.
Doctor Postar is sitting in front of a bank of computers.
Calculations are streaming on the computer screens in front
of him while he is sipping on some coffee.
Suzie enters the lab.
Dr.? CNN is on the phone asking
for a comment from you about your
prediction being wrong. What
should I tell them?
                       DR. POSTAR
      (Sighs at first)
Tell them they ought to be happy
that an earthquake didn't occur
and kill hundreds of people.
(pause) No Suzie, just tell them
no comment at this time, ok?
Ok Dr.Postar. Is there anything I
can get you? More coffee?


                       DR. POSTAR
No thanks suzie. I've already had
enough. Did we ever get the
package from Dr. Neely?
We hadn't received it by 6 pm
yesterday, but I'll go downstairs
and check to see if it's been
delivered this morning.
Dr. Postar continues to stare at the computers buzzing away
at their calculations as Suzie returns a moment later with
the Fed-X package.
Here's the package Dr. It came in
10 minutes ago.
                       DR. POSTAR
Thanks Suzie. You go on now, get
back to work. Don't let those
reporters get under your skin now
you hear me?
Yes sir. I hear you.
Suzie exits the room. Dr. Postar opens the package and
browses the documents. A few seconds later, he has a look of
puzzlement on his face...as he slowly places his coffee mug
down on the table.
                       DR. POSTAR
      (Mumbling to
This can't be right. If these
numbers are right, then....
Dr. Postar pauses the computers and enters the new data.
After he resumes the calculations, he anxiously awaits the
new results. After a few moments, The camera zooms in on one
of the computer screens to see the results. A look of shock
appears on Dr. Postar's face. The camera again switches to
the blinking number showing the maximum gravitational pull
from the planets to be 5 days later than he orginally
                       DR. POSTAR


Patty and Rachel are shopping at the wine store.
Rachel take a look at these wine
glasses. What do you think?
I love them! If you don't get
them, I will!
As Patty and Rachel start loading the wine glasses in the
basket...they pause as they feel something strange going on.
They both look at the display in front of them still not
sure what is happening. It becomes quite clear in just a few
seconds what's happening as the glasses on the display start
to shake violently.
Oh My God!
All hell breaks lose in the store. Displays of glasses and
bottles of wine falling off the shelves. Breaking glass is
loud. Debre is falling from the ceiling as the shaking
continues for nearly a minute.
Camera shows massive damage being done to buildings,
bridges, roads, etc. then as suddenly as it started, it
ends. Scenes of people crawling out from under debre, dead
bodies under parts of collasped buildings. Camera makes its
way back into the wine store where Patty and Rachel are.
Patty! Are you all right?
I'm cut up a bit, but I'm ok.
Dear God! The boys and the kids!
they're in the cave!
Suprisingly, the massive distruction that took place on the
surface, did not create a total cave-in down below in the
cave. Piles of rocks exist that have fallen from the ceiling
and from the walls of the passageway, but no one from the
group is severely injured.


      (In a near panic
       tone of voice)
Is everyone OK?
Everyone from the group having already checked to make sure
they were alive, shouts out "yes".
John why didn't the entire roof or
walls fall in on us?
I'll tell you why Tommy. Because
this area of the cave is limestone
rock. It's very stable and not
likely to totally collaspe like
sandstone would do.
That's right. But the key phrase
there is "total collaspe." I
don't want anyone to move from
where you are. Stay put for a few
minutes. I'm going back up the
passage to see if we can get out
the way we came in. We're not
close to the halfway point in the
trip, so it would be closer for us
to go back the way we came. I'll
be right back.
John leaves stepping over a few piles of rubble.
Abby, are you sure you're ok
Yea, I'm fine Daddy.
What about you boys?
Tommy and Mark check themselves out again and respond "We're
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Thank the good Lord above for
sparing us all.


I don't think the Lord had
anything to do with it Father.
Apparently the limestone rock
saved our asses.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
I'm a preacher son, not a Priest.
E X C U S E Meeee.....Preacher.
Lighten up Keith. Mr. haynes, are
you ok?
                       MR. HAYNES
Yes, I'm fine. I'll be a little
bruised I'm afraid. I'm gonna kick
my grandson's butt when I get out
of here! I AM TOO OLD for this
John returns from his scouting of the passage.
      (Trying to ease
       the tension in
       the group that he
       knows must be
Well, that didn't take long. Looks
like we will have to make our way
out by going forward. (Pause)
Besides, you guys paid to see the
wild cave tour right? What kind of
guide would I be if turned
around?. The good news is, there's
an Aide Station about an hour up
ahead. It's got some water,first
aide supplies, batteries for our
lights, and I believe a high
discharge light. Everybody feel
like burning some calories?
The group is hesitant but realizes they must follow John's
instructions. So the group presses forward into the cave.
      (whispering to
God I hope Rachel and Patty are
all right.


Having made their way through the debre and outside the
store, Patty and Rachel are overwhelmed with the
destruction. They fear the worst for their loved ones below
in the cave. They frantically search for an official to
report about their families being in the cave.
Officer! Officer! Our husbands and
children went to Mammoth Cave this
morning. We have to do something
to rescue them.
Mam, if your family was in Mammoth
Cave, most likely they are better
off than being above ground.
(pause) But I'll put in a call to
dispatch to remind them about the
tourists in the cave, and to
contact the park and see if they
sustained any damage. What are
your names so we can tell your
familes that you're all right when
they get back to the surface.
Thank you.
The group slowly make their way through the passage. They
finally make it to the Aide Station.
OK gang. So far so good. Let's
take a break for a few minutes.
One by one, each person of the group makes their way into
the small clearing where the Aide Station resembling
a"jonnie-on-the-spot"is tucked away in a corner of the
clearing. John makes his way over to the container, opens
it, and begins evaluating the contents. Everyone finds a
place to sit down and they each reach into their backpacks
for a drink of water.
Water, bandaides, light
batteries,... here it is, the HD
light I though was in here!


What's up with the big light John?
Why are you so excited about that
Because this light has a million
candle power. It will shine
brightly a mile away....the lights
on our helmets will shine maybe 50
feet. If we do get to a place
where we can no longer make our
way through the passage, all we
need is just ONE opening to shine
the light through to let the
rescue team know where we are.
                       MR. HAYNES
Are you saying you expect that the
passage will be blocked up ahead
and we're trapped down here?
The group quickly all focus on John to hear his response,
and see his body language.
Look folks. I'm not gonna lie to
you. I have no idea what the
passage is like up ahead. We know
the way in here was blocked, so
the way out...well...it also could
be blocked. But given our
circumstances, every advantage we
can get, I'll take.
The group feels like a little wind has just been taken out
of their sails. For the first time the thought of not
getting out of the cave crosses a few minds.
                       MR. HAYNES
Dan, if you have any connections
up stairs, and I don't just mean
the surface, I mean Waayyy up
stairs...now's the time to use
those connections.
      (very sarcastic
       tone of voice)
YES Dan, please dazzle us with
your connections; and the power;
and the....


                       MR. HAYNES
       aggressive tone
       of voice)
That's enough! I don't know what
your problem is Keith, but you're
not helping anything by being
disrespectful to Dan...and I
As soon as the words had left Keith's mouth, Dave knew that
someone would attack him, and Dave felt he needed to defend
his best friend given the circumstances they were in.
Mr. Haynes, You have no idea what
some people have been through, and
maybe you should have a better
idea before you go mouthi...
People!! (long pause)
John now realizes for the first time that nerves are wearing
thin and panic/desperation may not be far off. He also knows
that all eyes are on him to defuse the situation. John is
internally searching for the right thing to say now that he
has the floor and everyone's attention is squarely on him.
It then occurs to John...let the 9 yr old remind the
Abby, would you remind everyone
what the first rule of caving is?
(pause) Please Hon?
      (in her not so
       usual confident
The first rule is --- stay
That's right, and that's what
we're gonna do isn't Abby?
       embarrased for
       his father)


                       TOMMY (cont'd)
Hadn't we better get moving before
the ceiling falls on our heads?
Good point Tommy. Here, everyone
put one of these extra bottles of
water into your backpack. No one
drink any water though until we
stop for our next break. We have
no idea how long this water will
have to last us.
Everyone places their water bottles into their packs and the
extra light batteries and slowly proceed into the passage.
The camera shows the group traversing over tough terain;
tight passages, and some crawling.
Rachel and Patty make their way to the police station to
attempt to find out the status of their familes in Mammoth
      (seeing the
       officer se had
       talked to earlier)
Officer! Any word yet from the
park? Did they have any damage
Yes, we talked to the park HQ a
few minutes ago. They did have
damage at the park HQ building,
but reported that little damaged
occured in the cave. They
confirmed that tourists were
exiting the cave as we were
speaking and signing in.
Is there anyway we can find out
who has signed in?
I did ask them about your
families...and they said they had
not signed in YET. And that's all
that means....YET. (pause) I
promise to stay on top of this for


                       POLICEMAN (cont'd)
you and as soon as I know
something, you'll know. Go over to
the desk and get some water and
try to rest. They'll be alright.
Thank you so much.
Rachel and Patty slowly walk to the desk and get a drink of
water. Each being somewhat reassured by the fact that people
were exiting the cave...but neither wanting to speak about
Everybody hold up!
What is it John?
There is a cave-in just in front
of me. I'll have to climb to the
top of the rubble to see if we can
get over it. Dave, please try to
keep everyone calm. I'll be right
      (trailing right
       behind Abby
       realizes that the
       caravan has
What's the hold up Dave?
John is checking something out
ahead. Pass it along to eveyone
behind you.
As the word filters back to each group member, each in their
own twisted, tight place in the passage, a dreadful calm
comes over the adults, as if this might be the place they
end up. John returns to the top of the rubble he had just
scaled over a few moments before and shouts to Dave to start
moving again.


Dave! Get everyone moving again to
the top of the rubble pile! I'll
help you get to the top, and then
Each person will have to stay and
help the others over the top.
There's something on the other
side of this rubble!
What is it John?! Is it a way
One by one, each person makes it to the top and then over to
the other side of the enormous pile of rubble. There is only
a small space between the ceiling of the cave and the top of
the rubble to squeeze between. As the group makes their way
down the other side of the rubble, they walk on about 30
feet before the room opens up a bit and the entire group
makes their way to where John is standing still....silient.
In front of John they are met with and entire field of view
of pure dark. No more are the lights on their helmets
lighting up the walls around them. The lights on their
helmets shine their usual 50 feet, but show nothing but
darkness in front of them. John, realizing that the group is
standing behind him now, reaches into his backpack for the
million-candle high discharge light. The caver in John is
actually excited about what lies in front of him. But he is
torn between the jubliation of this new discovery, and the
terror feelings of his tour group.
John, what is this?
Dad, my light's not working or
something. It won't shine on
      (speaking in a
You're light is fine Mark. There's
nothing for it to shine on.
What do you mean John?
John has finally obtained the million candle, high discharge
light from his backpack, points it directly in front of
where he is standing and turns it on. He is speachless when


it becomes clear to him, that not even the high discharge
light shines on anything.
John why isn't that light hitting
the walls? Is that thing working
right? John? John, are you
hearing me!?
Oh my God. This is amazing!
      (still in a
That's an understatement Kelsey.
The understatement of the century.
Damit John talk to us. What the
hell is going on?
      (the realization
       hits Dave, and it
       overwhelms him as
       well. His
       response to Keith
       is a zombie-like
       fashion as well)
John said earlier the light would
shine a mile. A freakin mile.
Where are the cave walls John??!
      (in a tone of
You mean the cave walls are more
than a mile from where we are
standing? How is that possible?
We've just discovered the largest
undeground cavern in the world. I
would be shooting sparks out of my
butt right now if I knew for sure
we were gonna make it out of here
to tell people about it.


      (realizing he has
       a job to do)
So I guess that's what we will
have to do is get out of here so
we can do just that. Everyone back
away from the edge and take a
break. I'm gonna scout up ahead on
the passage.
John shines his light in every direction. It appears as
thought the cavern roof is about 1,000 feet away from where
they are standing. But John is amazed that the high
discharge light can't find a wall, or the cavern floor. The
only area which the high discharge light clearly shines and
illuminates well is the area just below their feet. They are
obviously standing on the edge of the cavern. Tommy picks up
a rock and throws it into the blackness as hard as he can,
and the group quietly listens for it to hit bottom...they
listen in vain.
John leaves and heads up the passage to scout it out.
                       MR. HAYNES
Long way down looks like.
The group acknowledges...all stuned. And backs away from the
edge slowly and sits down.
                       MR. HAYNES
Well Kelsey, this may be just the
thing you need to jump sart your
carear in geology...discovering
the world's largest cavern.
No doubt. (pause) I can't figure
out though how this cavern can
support itself. I mean even the
most solid kinds of rock can only
support so much weight. I just
don't see how this cavern can be
this large and not collapse.
If the light can shine at least a
mile, and it can't hit the floor
then we know the bottom is at
least a mile deep. The Grand
Canyon is a mile deep in places.


Yea, but the Grand Canyon doesn't
have a roof on it. This place
It's kinda funny really. People
think we know everything.
Discovered everything. We know
                       MR. HAYNES
We know we're in a precauaris
John returns from scouting the passage ahead.
      (with a discusted
       tone of voice)
Look people. There is no way out
the normal passage. I didn't even
see a break in the debris to be
able to shine the HD light
through. The passage is blocked
maybe a hundred feet up ahead. We
have 2 choices the way I see it.
And as far as I'm concerned we
need to make this decision
together. Because in case you
didn't realize it yet...the tour
is over.
Everyone is collecting their thoughts and sipping on their
What are our options John?
We can go up ahead on the passage
and dig. Maybe we can open up a
hole that we can shine the HD
light through, and wait for a
rescue team to get down here.
And our second option?
We can make our way down into the
cavern and try to find another way
out of here.


It's at least a mile deep John.
Assuming the climb down doesn't
kill us, what makes you think
there is a way out once we reach
the bottom?
Good question. The only answer I
can give you is this. The
earthquake opened up this wall
that kept this cavern hidden for
nearly 200 years. I'm assuming
that other walls have collapsed
elsewhere down there, that will
give us a way out. I know it's a
long shot people, but considering
we are at least 15 miles into this
cave and there is no way to know
how much rubble the rescue teams
will have to dig through to get to
us, I doubt anyone will be alive
in here by the time they reach us
if we sit here and wait.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
So you think we will starve to
death if we wait John?
No Dan, I think we will die of
hypothermia. Even with all the
proper caving gear, which we don't
have, you can last maybe 48 hours,
maybe a little longer. We have
enough water to last maybe 3 or 4
days. My caving experience tells
me there has to be water down
there...in that cavern. And
usually, running water is a way
out of a cave.
Well that answer tells me that you
think that rescue will take longer
than 3 or 4 days.
Honestly Keith, from what I saw up
ahead, I don't believe in my heart
that rescue is even possible.
We're in the wild cave section
don't forget. The passages are
small. Too small to get heavy


                       JOHN (cont'd)
equpiment in here to remove
                       MR. HAYNES
You've made your point John, and I
for one vote to take our chances
in the cavern.
Dave pulls John away from the group and clinches his arm
John, in case you haven't noticed,
I have a 9 yr old little girl
here. What the hell are you
thinking? You think she can climb
a mile down the side of a fucking
cliff? Are you nuts?
Dave if any 9 yr old in the world
can do it, she can. You have my
word I'll do everything to get her
down safely. (pause) Dave, it's
our only chance of getting out of
here...and I don't mean getting
out alive, I mean getting out at
all. I think if we don't try the
cavern, we are all standing in our
caskets right now. They will never
get our dead bodies out of this
Dave considers John's arguement carefully and realizes he is
right, but he wants John to know he doesn't like it one bit.
      (pushing John's
You better be right John.
      (starts crying)
Daddy, I'm scared.
Tommy and Mark start to break down and cry almost.
      (hugging Abby)
Abby honey don't be scared. You
have to be extra careful now. Hold


                       DAVE (cont'd)
on tight to everything ok? Make
sure you have good footing before
you take every step. You tell
Daddy when you are getting tired
and we'll rest for a minute, ok?
Tommy you and Mark stay right on
my tail. You boys have to be
strong now, ok?
Tommy and Mark pull it together and realize they must be
more grown-up now than ever before.
      (Knowing that her
       Dad is worried,
       tries to comfort
It'll be ok Daddy. You know I'm
one of the best climbers on the
rock wall at Six Flags.
      (smiling at Abby)
I know you are honey.
I'm going to turn one of these
helmet lights on and leave it at
the edge so as we make our decent,
we'll be able to look back and
determine how much progress we're
making. (pause) By the way, the
advice that Dave just gave Abby,
applies to all of you. Got it?
Camera positioned at the far side of the cavern begins to
zoom away from the group poised at the edge to begin their
decent into the cavern. In just seconds, the camera zooms so
far away that the million candle high discharge light that
John is shining into the cavern becomes so small that it
becomes evident to the viewer that this cavern is not just a
mile accross, but MILES across.
The group has begun their decent into the cavern. The rock
ledges they must traverse down is not as severe as John had
thought they might be. In several spots, the ledges are
fairly wide where the group can hudle up for water breaks.


It's dangerous, but with any luck, the group could make it
to the bottom without injury.
How is everybody doing?
The group responds back: OK; we're still here; etc.
Camera shows from a zoomed-out position how far the group
has made it down the side of the cavern, which is a
considerable distance, when they hear a loud rumbling sound.
Oh Crap! Aftershock!
As the earth beneath their feet begins to shake violiently,
most of the group hits the ground and lies flat, either by
choice or because they lost their footing. A boulder breaks
off the from up top and as it falls hits Mr. Haynes,
knocking him off the ledge to the bottom of the cavern.
After the shaking is over, Dan and Keith, the closest people
to Mr. Haynes, look down where they believe Mr. Haynes went
over the edge, hoping that he might have landed on another
ledge below them. They look for his helmet light and begin
shouting for him.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Mr. Haynes! Mr. Haynes!
Mr. Haynes!!!
The rest of the group has arrived at the scene while Keith
and Dan contine to look over the edge toward the bottom. The
group realize the outcome of the incendent and become quiet
as the sounds of the rock falling in the cave has become
just as quiet.
John shines the HD light toward the bottom. For the first
time, they can see that there is indeed a bottom, but still
so far away they can't see Mr. Haynes. The rest of the group
slowly walks away back on course to reach the bottom of the
cavern. Keith and Dan ease back from the side, Keith rises
and prepares to leave as he hears Dan speak.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (Speaking under
       his breath)
God rest his soul.


      (wheels around
       toward Dan)
Yes God, please do so. He was just
an old man trying to impress his
grandson, so PLEASE rest his soul.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Keith, I don't know what happened
to you to make you so angry at
God, but...
Preacher, I'm not angry at God!
It's a waste of time to be angry
at something that doesn't exist.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Keith I can assure you that...
You can assure me of what? What
the bible says? Spare me the Bible
scripture Preacher.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Why are you so sure God doesn't
exist Keith?
Trust me, I have my reasons.
Besides, you don't have any proof
that God is real.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Are they reasons, or excuses?
I don't have to explain myself to
you Preacher.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
No, you don't Keith...but you will
have to explain yourself to God
some day. And considering where we
are, that day may be sooner than
you think.
Dan/Preacher being a little put out with Keith, starts to
move away and continue down to the bottom of the cavern.


Oh that's a good one Preacher. Try
to scare me with God's wrath. I
would love to have the opportunity
to speak to God Preacher!
                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (Stops and turns
       toward Keith)
What would you say to God? Would
you curse him? Would you complain
that you're not rich enough? Just
what would you say to God Keith?
Keith reduces his aggressive stance and reflects for a few
seconds. Remembering the hurt and pain of his childhood. He
begins to explain himself in a defeated tone of voice. Dan
senses that Keith is about to open up, so he patiently waits
for him to continue.
When I was a kid, I prayed to God
every day and every night
Preacher. And nothing ever
happpened. That's all the proof I
                       DAN OR PREACHER
What were the things you prayed
for Keith?
FINE. You want to know? Here it
is...I prayed for my father to
stop beating me. I prayed for my
mother to stop sleeping with every
man in town. I prayed...(pause) I
prayed for my parents to love me.
Was that to much to ask for
Preacher? Was God so busy he
couldn't help out a 10 year old
kid to make his parents love him?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (pauses and
       collects his
Keith, I'm sorry that your parents
weren't good parents. It must have
been a hard time for you. We all
have hurt in our lives. But you
can't let the hurt you experienced
control THE REST of your life. You


                       DAN OR PREACHER (cont'd)
survived. You have a good son that
you love, and he loves you.
Apparently, your childhood didn't
stop you from learning to love.
That may be true preacher. But not
because of God's help. What I am
today is because of Dave and HIS
parents, not because of mine.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Keith, I'm not gonna quote
scriptures to you as you asked.
But I do want you to think about
something. God answers all
prayers. Sometimes the answer is
not what you want it to be. We
don't know why, we aren't suppose
to know why. You've heard all your
life that God works in mysterious
ways. That's code for: We don't
know what the heck he's up to, or
why. Maybe God wanted you to be
influenced by Dave's family rather
than your own. Maybe God wanted
you to see, feel, and expereince
what it was like to not be loved,
in order for you to be a better
father to Tommy. I don't pretend
to know what God had in mind for
you Keith, but I do know what God
expects of us and that is to have
FAITH. I'm pretty sure that if God
wanted everyone to believe in him
he could easily write his name
accross the sky proclaiming he is
real, alive and well, and if
everyone doesn't repent right now,
everyone is going to burn in Hell.
That's not the way it works.
(pause) We have a choice to make.
The beauty of being human, is that
we have a choice to believe or not
believe in God. We have the choice
to be a town whore or a kind
loving mother. That's part of
God's plan as I know it anyway.
Since I have no proof, as you call
it, I have to rely on my faith.
(pause) I lost my wife a year ago
Keith. She was everything to me. I
stopped preaching because I


                       DAN OR PREACHER (cont'd)
thought "how can you do this to
me?" "I've been a loyal servant
all my life, and yet you take away
the most important thing in the
world to me." I think I know now,
that I was suppose to be here with
you, at this time. (Dan pauses,
then gives a little chuckle) I
haven't given that good a sermen
in years. We better get going
unless we want to be left behind.
Keith gives the Preacher a nod. Keith gives the Preacher a
look of "job well done" if for no other reason than he
respects the Preacher's passion.
The group finally reaches the bottom of the cavern and
continues walking for nearly an hour on mostly level ground
with rocks and debre everywhere, stoping every now and then
for a drink of water and to try to shine the high discharge
light on the walls of the caven. They have been out of range
of the light they left on the cavern ledge for a long time.
Dad, how much further do you think
we have to go before we get out of
I really don't know son. but being
down here has given me the
opportunity to do some thinking.
Thinking about what?
You and me mostly. How in the last
year or so, we haven't been as
close as we use to be.
Don't you know why Dad?
      (stops walking)
No, I don't know. Tell me.


I use to feel like I was important
to you, but not anymore. Seems
like there is always something
more important than spending time
with me.
Keith realizing that Tommy is right and knowing all too well
how it feels to be unimportant to a parent, puts his arms
around Tommy and hugs him like never before. Keith realizes
that Tommy is far more important than making a few extra
dollars at work and he feels ashamed for making his son feel
I'm so sorry son. You're right. I
promise that I will never make you
feel unimportant again. OK? You
and your Mom are the most
important things in the world to
I love you Dad. Do you really mean
I love you Tommy. And yes I mean
Mark, Dave and Abby are standing several feet away from
Keith and Tommy. Mark whispers to his Dad.
What's going on with Tommy and Mr.
Wilson Dad?
They're just having a father-son
moment Mark, that's all. (pause)
That's all.
Daddy, I'm cold and sleepy.
I know honey, but we have to keep
moving. Walking will help to keep
you warm ok?
Dave has a smile on his face as he watches Keith embrace


Everybody hold up!!! I think I
see something up ahead!
John shines the high discharge light out in front of where
the group is heading. The light reflects on what appears to
be a large structure...a very large stone structure. The
group picks up their pace as they make their way toward the
object for another 1,000 feet or so. As they approach the
structure and shine all their lights on it, as much or more
disbelief hits the group as before.
Dave, what the hell is this thing.
Is it...can it really be a ...
       in a tone of
A pyramid? More than mile below
ground? John what the hell is
going on?
Don't ask me. I'm just an
x-military guy that works as a
cave tour guide. I'm not an
archeielogist, much less an
Realizing that the group has been underground for many
hours, John is concerned about hypothermia and knows that
their time below ground is limited.
Everyone gather around please.
Please. Everyone come here for a
The group encircles John.
Look. I'm as excited about this as
anyone here. I know this discovery
is as amazing as finding this
cavern. We'll all be just as
famous for either discovery....but
we STILL have to get out of here
before we can tell the world about
these things. I think we need to
get moving after we rest a few


Dave sits Abby down and puts his jacket on her. He and Keith
move a few feet away.
Dave this is amazing. What the
hell is a pyramid doing down here?
Any ideas?
No idea. I wouldn't have believed
it unless I saw it myself. But I
do know that our time is running
out on us Keith. Abby is already
showing early stage hypothermia. I
would love to check this cavern
and this freakin pyramid out, but
John is right, we have to keep
You remember when we were kids and
would go caving, we would always
fantisize about making some big
discovery? (laughs) Here we are
with not one, but two HUGE
discoveries and we can't explore
them without dieing. Sucks doesn't
it ole buddy.
Yea, it sucks really bad.
      (running up,
       nearly out of
Dad! Come quick. Mark and I found
Dave picks up Abby and the group follows Tommy about a
hundred yards down the side of the stone structure. Mark is
standing next to the pyramid as the group approaches.
Mark are you alright?
      (in a somber tone)
Dad, I think I found a door.
The group moves in closer for an inspection of what does
appear to be a door.


I am curious as anyone here to see
what's in there. But it serves no
purpose right now. We need to get
out of here first. Then we can
send the experts down here and
they can find out all the secrets
that are in this thing. That's not
our job right now. Our job is to
get out of...
Dan pushes in on a round piece of stone and the door opens
up. The sound coming out of the pyramid sounds as though the
pyramid had been in a vaccuum. The group feels a huge breeze
of warm air flowing out of the door.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
John, you are right that going
into this thing serves no
purpose...except for satisfying
our curiosity. Our need to know.
Our passion for discovery. I for
one am willing to take a few
minutes out of our escape journey
to find out what's inside.
So am I.
Well I'm not! And no matter how
much you want to satisfy your
curiosity, or your need to know,
we don't have the luxury now to
risk our lives to saisfy our
curiosity. Got it?
Feel the warm air coming from
inside? Abby just wants to sleep
John. I think she is getting
hypothermia. If we can go inside
this thing for a while and warm
up, we might just give ourselves a
better chance of getting out of
here. We all could use some
      (realizing that
       the pressure is
       getting to John,
       takes a step


                       DAVE (cont'd)
       closer and places
       his hand on
       John's shoulder).)
John, you said it yourself, "a
caver's worst enemy is time
underground...the cold." If we
all can warm up just for a little
while, isn't that the thing to do?
(pause) I say we go in.
      (in a slightly
       disgusted tone)
You're right. I'm sorry. I'm so
focused on getting us out of here
that I couldn't see the forest
because the trees were in the way.
But we should only stay long
enough to warm up some.
The group makes their way into the pyramid and walks down a
long, stone hallway that is about 4 feet wide and 10 feet
tall. Trianglier in shape. They walk for a minute or so
making their way through the dust and cobb webs. The hallway
eventually opens up into a chamber. A large round chamber
with what appears to be writing on the walls. The chamber is
at least 100 feet across. It is warmer inside the pyramid,
but not hot. Dave sits Abby down and asks Keith for his
jacket to put on her as well.
One by one, each person shines their lights on a different
section of the continueous round wall. The wall in the
chamber, if streached out straight, would be at least 500
feet long. No one speaks. Everyone is stunned by what they
are seeing. Dan, breaks the silence.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Oh my, this is amazing. Look at
this! I believe this is a map.
Dan points to a section of the wall that clearly shows
Africa. Then he moves up the wall and points out Europe,
Asia, Australia, and then scans over further east on the
wall to find North America and then down a bit to show South
America. As he scans a bit further east on the map, he comes
across another land area that looks like it's in the eastern
section of the Atlantic ocean.
What is that?


      (in a disbelieving
       tone of voice)
I believe that would be Atlantis,
or was Atlantis.
What? Are you serious Dave?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
He's right. This is Atlantis.
We're becomming more famous by the
Hey! Look over here!
The group shifts further to the right where Kelsey is
looking at another section of the wall.
      (pointing at the
       wall as she
This shows our solar system. See?
The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth,
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn... they're
all here. This IS our solar
She's right.
I thought Atlantis was supposed to
have existed like 10,000 years
ago? What culture had enough
knowledge to draw a map of the
Earth and of the solar system
10,000 years ago?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Obviously Atlantis existed at some
point in history. Perhaps the
Altantians were far more advanced
than even Plato knew of. Perhaps
they built this pyramid? Or it
could be that we've discovered an
ancient, advanced culture that
existed in North America thousands
of years before the Indians called


                       DAN OR PREACHER (cont'd)
America home.
Dad, what about the Myans, or the
Aztecs? Could they have built
I doubt it Son. The Myan and Aztec
cultures are fairly well known,
documented, and aren't anywhere
near this old. I seriously doubt
they were the builders of this
pyramid. And I really doubt they
were advanced enough to know the
solar system.
The group continues to scan the walls with their lights.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (speaking to
       himself in a soft
Oh dear Lord.
What is it Dan?
The group shifts over to Dan's location where he is stairing
intensly at the wall.
Dan, what is it? Talk to us.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
When I was studing to be a
preacher, I learned Latin. Most
people think Latin is the oldest
language but it isn't...not by a
long shot. I became interested in
achient language more or less as a
hobby. If I'm not mistaken, what
we are seing on this wall here is
a version of Proto-Canaanite
language, or alphabet actually.
How old are we talking Dan?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
About 15,000 years old.


A collective look of disbelief falls across the faces of the
You mean you can read all the
writing on the walls?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
No. I didn't recognize any writing
near the maps. But this writing is
      (refering to the
       section in front
       of Dan.)
Can you read this?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
I think so. But I'm not sure that
I should try to read it.
Why shouldn't you try to read it
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Nevermind. I'll give it a shot.
Just give me a few minutes.
We're in here now. And the warmth
feels good. I say give it a shot.
Dave, Keith and Kelsey agree noding their heads.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Ok. I'll do my best.
Let's give Dan some space.
The group moves a few feet away from Dan. Trying not to
disturb him, they keep their voices low.
      (looking at Dave)
Do you think the preacher can
really read that stuff?
I don't know. But he seems to
think he can.


Abby honey, come here and have a
drink of water with your old Dad.
Are you doing ok?
Yea Daddy, I guess so. I'm cold
and I'm hungry though.
      (digging in his
I think I have something in here
with your name on it. Here it is.
How about a Snickers bar?
      (Abby takes the
       candy bar and
       steps a few feet
       away and sits
       down to feast on
I saw you and Tommy hugging a
while ago. I assume you two worked
things out?
Yea. He told me he loved me.
That kinda came out of the blue
didn't it? I mean, why the sudden
The Preacher got me thinking about
things so I just asked Tommy from
my heart what was wrong. He told
me he felt unimportant to me. Can
you believe it Dave? I was doing
to my kid what my parents did to
There is no way you were doing to
Tommy what was done to you. Don't
you ever think that. You love that
boy. Just make sure he knows it.


                       DAVE (cont'd)
You're a good man Keith.
As Dave finishes his comments to Keith, Keith looks in the
direction of the Preacher as if he wants to say..."that is a
good man."
Preacher, what's the verdict? Can
you read it?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (As Dan begins his
       answer, the group
       moves closer)
I can read most of this writing.
I've never seen this alphabet used
the way it's used here, so I can't
be certain that I'm right. But
what I think it says is this:

Then as now and forevermore,
observe how your world from the
very first made a study of the
whole order of things, extending
even to prophecy and love which
gives health. These divine
elements derive what is needful
for human life. All this order and
arrangement, God first imparted to
you when establishing your world.

Wherefore God, selected the place
which was the most likely to
produce men likest himself. God
will sacrifice his son in order to
teach the people as he would teach
them himself.

There you dwell on the 3rd planet
from the yellow sun. Having such
laws as will be given to you by
God's messenger. To all those who
believe and trust their faith,
will become the children and
disciples of God.
The group is speechless. Instantly, the excited group of
would-be famous discoverers, feel in awe of what has just
been read to them. They realize that they are in the
presence of the worlds greatest discovery. They actually
feel as though they are in the presence of God.


                       DAN OR PREACHER
      (never looking
       away from the
I believe we have the proof you
were looking for Keith.
I had my proof when my son hugged
me and told me that he loved me,
Preacher. This is icing on the
Dan, if I understand what you just
said -- this pyramid and this
writing was not done by any
culture from this planet, right?
I believe that's exactly what it
means Kelsey.
So God is real? ... But he's an
I don't think we can conclude that
Mark. But the Aliens know of God.
And apparently they knew or
suspected what would happen here
on Earth 15,000 years later. Maybe
the same thing happened on their
                       DAN OR PREACHER
For all we know, people like Moses
were Aliens...trying to assit the
struggling civilization on Earth?
Trying to get the humans on this
planet to understand there really
is a bigger picture than our
simple existance on Earth.
      (visibly shaken)
No one will believe us. This will
change the world. We HAVE to get
out of here and somehow leed
people back so this can be
studied, uh, documented...it's


Just as John finishes his statement, the earth begins to
shake violently again.
We have to get out of here! NOW!
The group runs down the hallway leading outside the pyramid
as all sorts of debris is falling from the pyramid. They run
for the clearing hoping that would be safer than standing
next to the pyramid as massive chunks of it are falling
around them. As they are running a large hole opens in the
floor of the cavern. Dave and Abby are leading the column
and are the first to fall through the hole.
Dave and Abby fall through first, followed by Mark, Tommy,
and Keith. As the hole gets bigger Kelsey, Dan and John fall
through as well. The earthquake starts to subside.
The group falls through the hole about 20 feet into an
underground river. Dave was holding Abby's hand as they fell
through the hole but lost his grip as they plunged into the
water. As dave fights for the surface and reaches it, Abby
is right beside him. His light shines on the shore where he
swims over and places Abby safely on firm ground. He quickly
scans the water and sees that several of the group have not
faired well from the fall or the debris. Dave re-eneters the
water to assist everyone he can. He reaches Dan first. Dan
is bleeding badly from his head and is not responding to
Dave. Dave pulls him to shore. Dave then sees Keith clinging
to a rock in the swift current. Dave pulls Keith to shore as
well. Kelsey and John exit the water where they see other
members of the group.
Dan begins to regain his senses and awakes to see that Keith
is holding his head up.
Preacher, are you alright? Can
you hear me?
                       DAN OR PREACHER
Yes I can hear you, but I've seen
better days....strangly enough...I
feel warm now.


      (being playful)
Do you mind sharing some of that
warmth Preacher? We're all wet and
in a 55 degree cave you know?
The group being soaking wet are now in danger of severe
hypothermia and going into shock. Everyone is shaking.
John moves over and grabs Dave's arm and moves him a few
feet away from the group. Before John can speak, Dave asks a
      (In a near paniced
       whispering voice)
John how are we goinna get the
Preacher out of here?
      (whispering back
       to Dave)
I'm sorry to say...We won't have
to. That warmth he feels is
enternal bleeding. I've seen it on
the battlefield. He doesn't have
much time...and we won't either
unless we can get dry.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
I would share my warmth or
anything else with you Keith.
You're a good man.
They broke the mold on good men
with you Preacher. (pause) I want
to apologize to you for the things
I said and how I treated you.
                       DAN OR PREACHER
You don't owe me an apology. It's
I that need to thank you for
saving me. You saved who I am
Keith. When my wife died, I was
angry and lost until I met you.
You showed me the way back to God.
No Preacher, it's you that saved
me. I will never forget that. You
did your job and you did it well.
I'm sure God has a big smile on


                       KEITH (cont'd)
his face right now.
Dan smiles as he hears Keith's last remark, and then passes
away as Keith continues to hold on to him.
Keith....he's gone. Keith.
Keith slowly lowers Dan's head down to the ground.
      (in a somber tone)
Guys we have to get moving or we
will all die from hypothermia. The
river is our ticket out of here.
Keith rubs his hand over the Preachers eyes to close them.
He says what appears to be a prayer. The group starts to
move out as Dave helps Keith to his feet and joins the
group. The group makes their way along the shore of the
river, occasionally having to get into the water but being
careful not to get into the swift current.
Daddy, I'm cold. I'm getting
sleeply, can we rest a while?
I know you're cold Honey, but we
have to keep moving.
Being wet and cold begins to take it's toll on the group.
Several are experiencing moderate hypothermia. John realizes
that their time is running out.
John, we have to stop and take a
We can't stop. We have to keep
Damn it John! We're all not
x-military! We need to get to the
shore and try to dry off. The kids
can't take it any longer. They're


Dave is carrying Abby on his back now. Tommy and Mark are
dragging and getting very weak.
OK. Everyone sit down here for a
few minutes and rub your legs. Rub
them hard. You have to keep your
legs working. I'm going up ahead
around the corner. I'll be right
John goes out of sight around a corner and his helmet light
reflecting off the cave wall begins to dim. The group sits
and rubs vigerously on their legs. Dave attempts to keep
Abby awake.
Abby Honey, you have to stay
awake. You can't go to sleep ok?
Daddy, I can climb to rock wall if
you give me some pizza.
Oh Damn! Keith she is in bad
shape! She's not coheirent. We
have to do something.
The group hear John yelling faintly from around the corner.
The sound of the rushing river almost drowns out his voice.
Come on!! I found a way out!!!
Come around the bend in the
The group staggers to their feet and makes their way around
the bend in the river. As they make the turn, they see
John's light up ahead a hundred yards away. As they near
John, they can see that another wall has fallen in, and John
is standing on top of a small pile of rubble holding his
hand out yelling for each person to grab his hand.
John pulls each one of the group over the 6 foot high pile
of rubble and leads them through a small opening about 10
feet long until they reach a larger room where they can see
emergency lights on the walls shining brightly.
      (gleefully but out
       of breath)
This is the Historic part of the


                       JOHN (cont'd)
cave, and we're in the Grand
Ballroom. Assuming that the
entrance is not blocked up ahead,
we will see daylight in an hour or
so. There are some first aid
supplies right there (pointing to
a tall cabnet in the corner of the

Can everyone make it? Does anyone
want to stay here and wait for me
to bring help back?
Everyone rises instantly. No one wants to stay and wait for
help. They are going to make it out together.
After walking about 1/4 mile, up ahead they see daylight.
The passage is not blocked. They all stop to revel in the
feeling for just a few seconds as they look at each other
with the knowledge of what they had discovered, and what
they had been through together.
      (speaking out loud
       but to no
       particular person)
We found the largest cavern in the
world; found an underground
pyramid built by aliens; and found
evidence that God is real. Not bad
for a day's caving. (pause) No one
will believe us. And we have no
proof of anything.
The group all look at each other as if to say "that's true,
but we know"
They will just have to take our
word for it won't they. They will
just have to have faith.
Amen to that brother.
Dave picks Abby up in his right arm and puts his left around
Mark. Keith and Tommy put their arms around each other. John
embraces Kelsey as they walk arm and arm. The group exits
the cave as the rescue teams, media, and park employees
gather around them. Patty and Rachel come rushing in to hug
and kiss their families. Each member of the group walks
right pass the media to embrace their loved ones. The camera


starts zooming away from the scene and works its way back
toward the cave entrance and continues zooming until it
fades to black.


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