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The Heart Knows No Boundaries
by patricia calhoun (prettyirishlady1984@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

Andry goes off to help the resistant in his home country leaving Beth behind. Beth patiently waits for any word on Andriy and his safety. Six months later, Andriy is reported missing in action and possibly captured. Everyone tells her he is probably dead, but she vows to find him. She knows in her heart Andriy is alive.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



Overview of the city skyline while slowly tilting downwards
(Phone ringing) Voicemail/ "This is Andriy McCloud, sorry I
can't take you call. Please leave your name, number, and a
brief message."
Beth holding Andriy's picture, while she falls asleep
My name is Beth McCarty. I work
for International Development
Exchange as the Head of
International Affairs, and the
love of my life is missing. This
is my story.
Middle of the dialog, it shows Beth walking into the
International Development and Exchange building.  
Shows Beth enter the IDEX office building and walks towards
the front desk. A coworker that is sitting behind the desk
stands up to greet Beth.
                       COWORKER 1
      (Starts to stand)
Hello Beth. How are you feeling?


                       COWORKER 2
      (Walking by)
Beth, how's it going?
Beth quickly ignores the question, walks straight to the
elevator, presses the up bottom, and gets inside.
Once alone inside the elevator, Beth cannot fight back the
Beth and Andriy are sitting on the couch in their apartment
watching the news.
                       NEWS ANCHOR
Breaking news: Russia has declared
war with Ukraine.
Andriy quickly stands and starts to pace back and forth in
front of the couch.
I have to go!
      (Sharp intake of
What? What do you mean, "You
have to go?"
Ukraine is my homeland. I must
help however, I can.
He says this while throwing his hands in the air.
      (Stands up)
No, you can't
      (Looks at Beth)
Yes, I can and I will.


Then let me go with you.
No, it's too dangerous.
      (Wraps her arms
       around him)
I don't want you to leave me. I
am scared. I can't survive
without you.
Beth starts to cry and frantically tries to wipe away the
tears that are streaming down her face.
      (Hold her tightly)
Don't worry, Beth. I'll be fine
and I WILL be coming back for you.
I love you. Always have, always
Beth quickly composes herself when she reaches her floor and
walks out of the elevator. The elevator door slides shut
behind Beth.
Daniel, Beth's boss, meets Beth half way to her office and
hands her a folder full of information on the war between
Russia and Ukraine.
Here is recent information on the
Russian-Ukrainian War. We
discovered there are three
possible Russian prison camps
located on the border. Andriy
could be in one of the three.
There is still hope.
Beth just nods her head and begins to walks away. Daniel
reaches to stop her from leaving.
Wait, Beth. I want to talk to you
for a minute in private, please.


Daniel leads Beth to his office. Once in Daniel's office,
Daniel motions Beth to take a seat while he sits on the
corner of his desk. Daniel looks at Beth for a moment then
rubs his face and sighs.
Beth, how long have we been
Little over ten years, Daniel.
Why? What's this about?
I'm worried about you, Beth.
You're closing yourself off, and I
can't stand by watching it
anymore. You're like the little
sister I never had. I watched you
become this amazing woman since
you were sixteen, and it kills me
to see you like this.
I don't know what you want me to
do about it or expect from me. The
love of my life, my Andriy, is
missing. To top this off, our
government has already given up
and presumes he's dead.
Daniel sighs as he watches the tears flow freely down Beth's
face. Daniel kneels down in front of Beth to take a hold of
her hands and looks her straight in her eyes.
I want and expect you to talk to
me about anything that is going on
with you. I want you to open up
to me instead of pushing me away
and. I expect you to let me be
the shoulder you lean on when you
have any problem, especially like
now with everything you're going
though. Do you think you can do
that for me? Just let me be there
for you?
Beth starts to sob uncontrollably while she throws herself
at Daniel. Daniel just holds her tightly to let her know he
not going anywhere.


      (Taking a deep
Yeah. I think I can to do that.
Good, I really hope so. I care too
much about you to stand by and do
Beth just nods her head as an understanding. Daniel places a
kiss on Beth's cheek. Daniel stands up and looks a Beth.
Stay here to calm down for a
little bit before the meeting. Ok?
Beth nods her head as Daniel leaves his office and shuts the
door behind him. Beth leans back in the chair as she thinks
back to the first time she meet Andriy.
Beth is surrounded by a group of people waiting for the
World Peace and Development assembly to begin. She feels
someone watching her. She turns in all directions. She
finally spots the most gorgeous guy she has ever seen. He
has dark brown hair, piercing green eyes, sharp features,
and a chiseled jaw. He is staring back at Beth with a slight
smirk on his face. She quickly turns away from his gaze and
blushes. The assembly starts when Mr. Jonathan, the WPD
organization Head Broad Advisor, takes the podium to speak.
Mr. Jonathan can be heard in the background. Beth
occasionally sneaks a peak at the beautiful guy. Mr.
Jonathan introduces a U.S. Diplomat, Mr. Anthony McCloud.
Mr. McCloud rambles on about the organization.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
World Peace and Development is an
organization that inspires the
youth that join to become the
great world leaders of our time. I
am proud of the members of World
Peace and Development. My family
and I are strong supporters of
this organization. Even my son,
Andriy McCloud, decided to
actively participate in WPD this


                       MR. MCCLOUD (cont'd)
Mr. McCloud gestures for Andriy to join him on stage. Beth
turns to where Mr. McCloud was pointing and sees the
gorgeous guy walking toward the stage. Beth takes the time
to take in the full appearance of the gorgeous guy she now
knows as Andriy. She notices he is well dressed in slacks
and button down shirt. He has broad shoulders and athletic
figure. He walks confidently down the aisle. She looks
back at his face to see him noticing her checking him out.
Beth blushes. Mr. McCloud throws his arm around Andriy's
shoulder, while Andriy stares at Beth with a smirk and his
green eyes sparkling.
Beth is walking around meeting other people. Andriy walks
up behind Beth and grabs her hand to turns her towards him.
Beth faces him. They meet, and stare into each other's
eyes. Beth gets lost in the depth of his beautiful green
Beth looks startled when he speaks. She finally realizes he
said something, and stutters out a response.
Uh. Hi?
I'm Andriy.
Yeah. I saw you on stage.
Yeah. I noticed.
Beth blushes and is slightly taken aback by his cockiness.
While Beth gaps at him, Mr. McCloud and a Ukrainian
government official walk up to Andriy and Beth. Mr. McCloud
wants to introduce Andriy and the Ukrainian government
                       MR. MCCLOUD
Andriy, I would like you to meet
Petro Bartosh. He is an Ukrainian
government official.


Andriy breaks his stare with Beth and turns towards Petro to
shake his hand.
It is nice to meet you Mr.
                       MR. PETRO
It is nice to meet you too, and
please call me Petro. Who is
Mr. Petro gestures towards Beth.
This is Miss Beth McCarty.
Beth looks shocked. She wonders to herself, "How did he know
my name?"
                       MR. PETRO
Aw, yes. You are the only other
member of WPD that speaks
Ukrainian fluently.
Yes, I believe Mr. Johnson
mentioned something about that.
Mr. Petro turns to Beth and begins speaking Ukrainian.
                       MR. PETRO
      (In Ukrainian)
Why did you choose to become a
member of this organization?
      (In Ukrainian)
I have always wanted to help other
people. This organization allows
me to do that and broaden my
experience in the field.
                       MR. PETRO
Your Ukrainian is wonderful.
He gives Beth an approving smile and Beth blushes. Mr.
McCloud interrupts them. He gestures to Mr. Petro that
there is someone else he wants him to meet. Mr. McCloud and
Mr. Petro walk away leaving Beth and Andriy alone. Andriy
looks at Beth.


You do speak Ukrainian well, but
you could use a little work.
Beth gets a little offended.
My Ukrainian is just fine. I have
studied for several years now.
      (With a smirk)
Well, your vowels need fixing and
your consonants need extra
attention too. Plus, you speak
like a foreigner. Work on your
pronunciation that should help,
Beth is shocked and even a little angry. She turns to walk
away, but Andriy grabs her gently by the arm. Andriy leans
down to speak to directly into Beth's ear.
If you want help, I can help
Beth swoons and becomes weak in the knees. Andriy supports
her. She is unable to speak and just nods.
Good. I guess I'll be seeing
you, beautiful.
Beth clears her head with a shake and sighs. She wipes her
tears away before standing up and leaving Daniel's office.
Several people are in the conference room discussing how to
regulate the quality of the prison camps. (Lots of
background talking, photos, and group analyzing maps).
Daniel is in front of the room explaining the war situation.


Good morning, ladies and
gentlemen. As you are all aware,
Russia has declared war against
Ukraine. (Points to screen) We
have aerial footage that proves
there are at least three prisons
camps located on the border. Our
main goal is to locate these
camps, and help maintain a decent
standard of living for prisoners
until the war is resolved. Beth,
the Chief Medic: Dr. Allison
McCall, and myself will be heading
a team of twenty that will be
traveling to Ukraine to start this
mission. Beth has another aspect
of our mission to discuss.
Beth stands up.
We all know U.S citizen, Andriy
McCloud, is one of the possible
captured. Our side mission is to
locate and extract Andriy from the
selected camps.
She passes around a picture of McCloud.
What some of you don't know is
that Andriy McCloud is my
boyfriend. He means the world to
me. So this side of our mission
is personal. Andriy left to join
the resistance in Ukraine a little
over nine months ago. During those
nine months, he went missing. It
has been three months now that
anyone has heard from him.
Beth pauses for a moment to control her emotions. Before
she continues, Beth takes a deep breath and lets it out.
This is a secret mission. Our
team wants to keep this as low key
as possible. Andriy is the son a
U.S diplomat. Russia could see
this as threat. Because of this,
his code name will be Robin. Thank


Ok then. Meeting adjourned.
Everyone leaves expect Beth. She plops down in her seat
with her head in her hands and lets out a heartbreaking sob.
Daniel is walking toward the Medical Lab to see Dr. Alice
McCall and catches her while she is eating her lunch.
Dr. McCall, do you have a moment?
Alice looks at Daniel with a sarcastic grin on her face.
      (Rolls her eyes)
Yes, Mr. Sanders. I'm just
researching a cure for cancer.
Really?! Look out Nobel Peace
No, you idiot. I am eating lunch.
Cut to the chase.
      (Hands goes up)
Okay, Okay. I want to talk to you
about Beth and the Andriy
What about it?
I just wanted your input on this
situation since you ARE her best
friend. I know she isn't handling
it well. What can we do to help
her, other than find Andriy?
All we can do is be there for her,
support her 100%, and make sure
she keeps herself healthy. I know


                       ALICE (cont'd)
she can't get this off her mind.
Daniel puts his head in hands with a sigh.
I know this. She has already lost
weight. You can tell by just
glancing at her.
      (Her back to
Well of course, she is depressed.
The love of her life is missing,
and the government thinks he is
possibly dead. Some of her
depression symptoms will be sleep
deprivation, loss of appetite, and
concentration difficulties.
Alice turns towards Daniel and continues compassionately.
Even though I haven't met him, I
know she loves him with all her
heart. For the past five years
that I known Beth, Andriy is all
she really thought about. She
compare every guy she dated to
him. That's why they never
lasted. They never managed to
measure up to Andriy.
Four years ago in Alice and Beth's apartment, Alice is
walking into the study room. She sees Beth writing on
stationary paper.
Hey, Beth. What are doing there?
I'm writing a letter to Andriy. I
told you he got sent to Nigeria.
Oh yeah. So he finally decided to
do the Doctor Without Borders?


Yes, he did.
Alice nods her head. Alice notice the date on the calendar
that is behind Beth.
Beth, don't you have a date with
Edward tonight?
No, I cancel it.
Why? Edward was such a great guy.
I know, but I just wasn't feeling
it. He wasn't the guy for me.
And who is? Andriy?
Beth keeps quite and continues to write. Alice looks at Beth
and sighs.
Look, Beth. Edward is the fifth
guy this month you turned down
after the first date, and that's
just in this month. I know you
like Andriy and all, but he's not
here. You need to find a guy that
will be able to be there for you.
Live a little. Who knows? Maybe
down the line the two of you will
end up together. For now, stop
comparing every guy you meet to
Andriy. It isn't fair to them or
Alice sees that she is not getting through to Beth and just
shakes her head. She takes one last look at Beth before she
leaves the room.
Alice and Daniel are still in the medical lab talking. Alice
gives a slight shake of her head that goes unnoticed by
Daniel. Alice refocuses her attentions to their


I am just really worried about
her. I have known her since she
was 16. She was a great kid and
has become a great friend of mine.
She always had an infatuation for
The World Peace and Development sent Beth to Kenya to work
with Daniel Sanders to help improve the refugee camps. Beth
and Daniel are building a new housing shelter for the
citizens of Kenya. About 20 people are working,but the
camera is focus on Beth and Daniel. Daniel and Beth are both
hammering in efforts to put together the structure of the
building. Every time Beth hits a nail, she rambles on about
her frustrations with Andriy.
Beth's hammer hits a nail. (BANG)
Ahhh. He is so frustrating!
I can't stand him.
He's such a jerk!
Daniel looks at Beth like she is crazy.
He is always picking on me.
Daniel looks back down and continues to hammer with a smirk
on his face.


He really knows how to push my
Ugh. He just really pisses me off
some times.
But he can be really sweet at
times, you know?
      (Looks at Beth)
Are you talking to me?
Beth doesn't hear him and continues to rant. Beth starts to
soften the bang of her hammer.  
(Softer Bang)
He actually makes me laugh from
time to time.
(Softer Bang)
Oh. And he is absolutely gorgeous!
Beth brings down the hammer, misses the nail, and hits her
      (In Pain)
Ouchhh! SON OF A ... hmmm.
Daniel drops his hammer and walks towards Beth.
Are you alright?


That's you get for not paying
attention and daydreaming about
      (Holds her thumb)
I can't help it. I just don't know
what to. One minute he is
interested in me, and the next he
can't stand me. Do you think it is
because I am 16 and he is 24? What
should I do?
Why are you asking me for love
advice?! I don't know anything
about teen girls' feelings.
Because I look up to you. You are
like the big brother I never had.
Daniel embraces Beth in a brotherly way.
Soooo if I am like your big
brother, can I go postal on his
Both Beth and Daniel go into a fit of laughter.
Alice waving her hands in front of Daniel's face.
Snap out of it.
Daniel shakes his head back into reality.
Where did you go there?
Let's go find Beth.


Beth is with a group of people looking at satellite tracking
system. They are viewing Andriy's potential locations.
                       TECH 1
      (Looks up at Beth)
In 30 minutes, we could possibly
have his last known location.
Daniel and Alice walk in, and Alice bounces over to Beth.
      (Sing song voice)
What cha doing?
Beth can't avoid a smile. Just shakes her head at her
friend's antics.
      (Fake shock)
And she actually smiles for once.
Beth takes a piece of paper, wads it up, and throws it at
Daniel. She turns to Alice and answers her question.
We are just looking for possible
prison camps Andriy could be
located in. The team and I are
comparing the prison camp
locations to his last known
      (Looks confused)
How are you doing that?
Beth points to a screen displaying a satellite image.
The team is looking up his last
known location by his cell phone
                       TECH 2
10 minutes until satellite reads
last known location.
The phone rings. A techie answers phone.


                       TECH 3
Good Afternoon, International
Development and Exchange. How may
I help you?
                       TECH 3
Please, hold. I will check if she
is available.
Tech 3 turns to Beth.
                       TECH 3
You have a phone call from
Tristian Lyles. He said it's
I'll take the call.
Beth takes the phone from the Tech 3.
Hi, Tristian. What's up?
What? Why do you need me to come
Tristian's voice faintly comes through the phone.
Beth. BETH! Calm down.
      (Takes a deep
I can't. You never call me at
work! Why do you need me to come
Alice and Daniel intently watching Beth curious to see
what's going on.


Is it really important? I am kind
of busy here.
Tech 2 looking at the satellite readings on the screen.
                       TECH 2
5 minutes until satellite reads
last known location.
Beth talking on the phone.
It can't wait?! I have a job.
Hear Tristian shouts loudly through the phone.
NO! It cannot wait. It is
important to Caroline and me.
Beth sighs and rolls her eyes.
Fine. How about we do lunch?
Well, it is 11:40 now. So, how
about around 1:00 to 1:30?
Alright, I will see you then. Bye
Beth looks at the screen. The countdown to Andriy last known
location is still not complete. She sighs. Beth turns
towards Daniel to see that both Daniel and Alice have a
confused look on their face.


Daniel and Alice both look at each other with a confused
look on their face.
Well there is never a dull moment
here, is there?
Daniel shakes his head.
Daniel walks away to talk to a tech while Alice leaves to
join Beth. When Alice reaches Beth, she lays a gentle hand
on Beth's Shoulder.
Hey, is everything ok? That was
one interesting phone call there.
Yeah, everything fine. I just
overreacted a little.
      (Raises eyebrow)
A little?
OK, a lot. He just made it seem so
urgent to come over that I just
assumed the worst. You know.
Yeah, but hey it might be some
good news. We all know you need
Maybe. I guess I'll find out when
I go over there for lunch.
Daniel is standing by a techie looking at satellite reports
on Andriy possible location. Daniel looks up and turns
towards Beth.


Beth, the satellite readings
indicated the cell phone signal
placed Andriy due West from that
particular prison camp. I think he
could be located in prison camp
two. We will meet tomorrow to
convene possible strategies on how
we can get into the camp and
rescue Andriy.
Beth leans her head against Alice's shoulder and closes her
      (Lets out a deep
Thank you! I will see you
Alice wraps her arms around Beth to comfort her.
Beth pulls up to Tristian's house and gets out of her car.
She quickly walks to the door and knocks on it repeatedly.
Beth stands impatientl tapping her foot. A few minutes
later, the door opens to reveal Caroline, Tristian's wife.
Caroline opens the door with a giddy smile.
Hey, Beth! I am glad you are here.
Are we just going to stand here
all day?
Caroline frowns. Beth immediately apologizes.
Oh, Caroline. I am sorry. I don't
mean to be a bitch. You know all
this stuff going on is really
getting to me. So where's


I understand. Just come on in, and
I will serve lunch.
Thanks. Hey Caroline, don't put
too much on my plate. I'm really
not all that hungry.
Caroline looks Beth up and down.
      (Raise an eyebrow)
Oh no way! You have to eat. I can
already tell you have lost a few
pounds. Beth, you are starting to
look unhealthy.
Caroline walks into the house. Beth follows reluctantly.
Tristian meets the women in the living room entrance. He
gives her a hug before she could say anything.
Why don't you have a seat?
Beth sits down on the sofa. Caroline walks in with lunch.
She serves everyone a plate of sandwiches and a bowl of
tomato soup. Caroline serves Beth first then Tristian.
Thanks, honey.
Caroline takes a seat beside Beth.
What's going on? What's the big
She forcefully takes a bite of her sandwich.
Well, I asked you to come by for
two different reasons. The first
thing deals with news about
Caroline and me.
Tristian looks at Caroline. Caroline is bouncing up and down
on the sofa, while nodding her head.
Do you want to tell her?


That's great!
      (Looks at Beth)
I'm pregnant!
Beth looks at them in shock at first. It finally hits her.
She jumps up and hugs them both.
Congratulations. I'm happy for you
Thank you, 'Aunt Beth'.
Awww. So I am the Godmother,
Both Tristian and Caroline laughs at Beth's comment.
Who else did you think we were
going to ask? We have known each
other for ten years now. You are
one of my closes friends, Beth. I
love you like a sister to us and
we wouldn't want anyone else to
have that honor.
After the excitement calms. Tristian changes the subject.
The second reason why I called is
so that we can give you something.
It's not just from us, but
everyone that was with us at World
Peace and Development. It isn't
much. Everyone chipped in. It is
to help you get Andriy back from
Ukraine when you fine him. We are
all worried and want to see him
come home safely.
Tristian hands Beth a large envelope. Beth opens it to find
a stick thick of cash.
It's at least 15 grand.


A tear trickles down Beth's face. She is very emotional.
You all didn't have to do this,
but thank you.
Of course we did. You're family.
Andriy is family, and we support
our family no matter what.
Beth starts sobbing and tries to wipes the tears away.
You don't know how much this means
to me.
Hey now. Even if I have to knock a
few heads around, we still love
Yeah, like the time you punched
Andriy in the face during the WPD
I remember that.
Beth was looking forward to the WPD dinner, which everyone
came to every two weeks after a tour that each of them had
to complete. She missed Andriy and her friends, Tristian and
Caroline. She did a tour with both of them in China. They
work closely together and a strong friendship with each
other, while managing a major project in internal affairs
for the Oriental Trade Company.

At the dinner Tristian, Caroline, and Beth are sitting
together enjoying their meal while waiting on Andriy. Andriy
arrives and take the seat by Beth. They all are drinking
wine, and both Andriy and Beth get very tipsy. After a
while, Andriy stands up and takes Beth's hand for her to
come with him.


Well, dinner was fun, but I think
we're going to head out.
Beth just lets out a giggle, while they both walk away.
Tristian looks over to Caroline and raises an eyebrow.
Caroline gesture that he should follow them.
Andriy and Beth are heavily making out in a dark corner by
the restaurant that they just left. Tristian sees them and
he doesn't like what he sees. Beth was wrapped around
Andriy, while his hands were snaked up her shirt. Tristian
storms over and pulls Andriy off of Beth. Once he has
separated them, Tristian punches Andriy to knock some since
into him.
Beth looks shocked at what just happen. Andriy was on the
ground holding his jaw stunned. Caroline walks out and meets
What happen?!
They were practically doing each
other out in the open, where
anyone can see them.
Caroline gasps, and Beth blushes. Andriy picks himself up
off the ground and looks sorry for what happen.
Look, I'm sorry. We didn't mean to
get out of hand like that.
Yeah, we were just caught up in
the moment. Please don't be mad at
Beth tries to pout. Tristian looks at and starts to laugh.


Beth, don't try to pout while
drunk. It just doesn't work for
Everyone starts to laugh.
I still think you didn't have hit
Yeah, I did.
So, Beth. What are your plans for
      (Wipes her eyes)
I can't. I am having dinner with
Andriy's parent. We have a weekly
dinner since he left.
Oh, okay. You know the invite is
always there.
Yeah, Beth. Don't be a stranger.
They all walk towards the front door. They say their
goodbyes. The couple watches Beth drive off.
Beth is driving down a long road to Andriy parents' house
for dinner, when she passes a little mini-mart. She makes a
u-turn. She decided to get a bottle of wine to bring to
Andriy's parents house.
She goes in the store only to find cheap wine. She picks out
the best bottle she can find. She goes to pay for the wine.
                       FLIRTY MALE CLERK
How are you today, pretty lady?


Beth is not pleased with his advances.
                       FLIRTY MALE CLERK
Hmmm. So do you have a man? Are
you free tonight?
The flirting makes Beth cringe.
Yes, I have a "man." And no I am
not free tonight or any other
night. Can you just ring up with
the wine.
                       FLIRTY MALE CLERK
      (Cheesy Smile)
Ring it up? About this math for
you, add a bed, subtract our
clothes, divide your legs and pray
to God we don't multiply.
Beth throws forty bucks on the counter and walks out.
You disgust me.
Beth gets in her car and quickly drives away.
Beth drives up to a huge plantation type of mason. Beth gets
out of her car and walks up the front steps and to a huge
red double door. She rings the doorbell.
I will NEVER get use to how big
this place is.
The door is opened by a maid.
May I help you?


Yes. I'm Beth McCarty, and have
dinner plans with Mr. and Mrs.
Right this way, Ms. McCarty.
Oh and here is some wine for
The maid takes the wine, leads Beth into a sitting room, and
goes to announce Beth's arrival to the McClouds. About three
minutes later, a well dress Mrs. McCloud walks into the
sitting room. She pulls Beth into a motherly hug.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
Why, Beth. How are you?
I'm hanging in there, Mrs.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
      (Scolds Beth
How many times have I told you,
you are like a daughter to me and
call me Catherine?
At least a hundred, Catherine.
They both smile at each other.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
Let's go to the living room and
get some drinks. I will send for
The women walk into the living room. Mrs. McCloud starts
pouring drinks. Mrs. McCloud instructs the maid to get Mr.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
      (Turns to the maid)
Please, get Mr.McCloud and inform
him of our guest.


      (Lightly curtsey)
Yes, Ma'am.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
      (Looks at Beth)
What would you like, dear?
Vodka and Tonic, please.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
      (Bitterly Smile)
You know the only good thing that
comes from Russia? Their Vodka!
That bunch of lousy drunks.
Mrs. McCloud shakes the bottle of Vodka. Mr. Anthony McCloud
walks into the room at the end of the joke.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
      (Slight smile)
I'll have Scotch, my dear. Hello,
Hello, Mr. McCloud.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
I told you it is Anthony.
Beth and Mrs. McCloud giggle.
      (With a smile)
Fine, Anthony.
Just when Mr. McCloud is taking a sip of his Scotch, the
maid enters the room and announces dinner is being served.
      (Lightly Curtsey)
Sir and Ma'am, Dinner is ready.
They group walks to the dining room. Sitting arrangements:
Mr. Cloud is at the head of the table. Beth and Mrs. McCloud
take seats at his side. When they are settled, the maid sets
down the salad for the first course. Beth and Mrs. McCloud
start picking at their salads.
Beth and Mrs. McCloud start picking at their salads.


So Anthony, how is the work?
Mr. McCloud rambles on about politics.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
Work is fine. We are working and
preparing new policies on Health
Care. We also are voting on a new
chairman for ......
Beth starts to tune him out, (Mr. McCloud ramblings fades to
background noise). While Mr. McCloud is talking, Beth looks
at Mrs. McCloud. Mrs. McCloud rolls her eyes and starts
mimicking Mr. McCloud. Beth lets out a small giggle, which
leads to Mrs. McCloud giggling. While they are giggling Mr.
McCloud has stop talking.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
      (Clears throat)
What are you two giggling about?
Maid switches out the salad plates with the main course.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
Don't worry your pretty little
head. It's a girl thing.
Mr. McCloud starts to pout at his wife's little comment and
was about to reply back, when he glances at Beth and
realizes she is only picking at her food.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
Aren't you going to finish your
dinner, Beth?
I'm not really hungry.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
Beth, dear, we are worried about
you. You are looking a little
thin. Please eat some more. Your
health is important to us. You've
been like a daughter to me for
almost ten years. Beth, you know
Andriy would not want to see you
this way.
Beth looks at Mrs. McCloud plate and notice that Mrs.
McCloud hardly touched her dinner as well.


Looks like you aren't eating
either, Mrs. McCloud.
Mrs. McCloud frowns at Beth and is becoming clearly upset.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
      (Stressed out)
We all know we are stressed,
upset, and miss Andriy. And, we
can talk about Andriy's situation
later. But, please let's just
enjoy our dinner.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
There is nothing to discuss.
Andriy is no longer here with us.
Of course, there is stuff to
discuss. We are still searching
for him. There is still hope.
                       MRS. MCCLOUD
No there isn't! He isn't with us
anymore. Andriy has been missing
for three months. I have no hope
left, Beth! He is just gone. My
baby boy is gone, and he is not
coming back.
Mrs. McCloud storms out of the room with tears streaming
down her face. While Mr. McCloud sighs and puts his head in
his hands. Beth stands up to excuse herself and turns to
walk away. Mr. McCloud reaches out and grabs Beth by the
wrist before she could make her getaway.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
Please don't go. Could you meet me
in my office for a few minutes?
Mr. McCloud stares back at Beth. She nods her head in
agreement to his request. He turns his stare to the
direction his wife stormed off obviously debating if he
should follow her.


In Mr. McCloud's study, Beth is sitting in a large leather
office chair waiting on Mr. McCloud to address her. Mr.
McCloud is pouring himself a drink. He gestures to Beth to
see if she wanted a drink as well, without saying a word.
She shakes her head no. He sits down behind his huge desk,
and stares at Beth. Mr. McCloud takes a sip of his Scotch as
a few moments go by before the two speak.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
      (With a forlorn
Beth, I know you are looking for
Andriy. You can't imagine how
grateful we are for you and your
support. Andriy always told me you
are an amazing woman. You are
definitely proving yourself now. I
couldn't have picked a better
person to be with my son.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
You know Catherine is in a state
of denial. Regardless, in her
heart she still wants you to
search for him. You should know
this. The reason why I wanted to
speak with you alone is because I
have something to help you in your
search to bring him home to us.
I know times are tough, and we all
miss Andriy. I just wish Catherine
would realize there is still hope.
There is absolutely still hope he
is still out there. I don't think
I would be able to continue living
if I didn't have hope he is still
alive. I just know he is alive. My
team has even found a possible
location for Andriy.
Mr. McCloud just stares at Beth for a second before he
stands up and walks over to a large painting hanging on the
wall. He pulls the painting away from the wall to reveal the
safe that is hidden behind the painting. He slides the
painting over, and starts to type in a security code to the


safe, and opens it. He pulls out two silver briefcases. He
walks over to his desk and sets them down.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
Then Beth, you might need this
sooner than I thought.
He opens the cases and spins them in Beth's direction.
Beth's eyes widen as she see the contents inside the two
                       MR. MCCLOUD
It's about 1.5 million, all in
Russian currency. This will help
you get Andriy back to America
when you find him. Just don't let
Catherine find out. If she knows
what this money is for aiding and
abiding the Russians, she will
kill me.
      (Lightly shocked)
Thank you. You do not know how
much this means to me.
Beth jumps up to give Mr. McCloud a hug.
                       MR. MCCLOUD
No, Beth. You don't know how much
this means to me. We just want our
son back.
In the conference room, Daniel and the rest of the team that
is heading to Ukraine are waiting on Beth to arrive to start
the meeting. Beth walks into a meeting. She takes a seat at
Daniel's right side while Alice is sitting to his left.
      (Cleats throat)
Now that we are all here, the meet
can begin.
Everyone directs their attention to Daniel.


This meeting is to help organize a
rescue plan for a refugee located
in prison camp two. There are four
groups of five making the trip to
the Ukraine. Your job right now is
to find organizations willing to
donate to help the refugees.
Daniel passes out a sheet of paper to the group.
Here is a list of possible donors
and how you will get the supplies
into the country. Group one is
Matthew, Katie, Sarah, Tiffany,
and Heather. You are responsible
for food and clothing.
                       DANIEL (V.O.)
Group one please, remember to get
nourishing food and
non-perishables. Also protein,
energy and nutrition bars are
Group one going to different locations making business
dealing for food and clothing for the mission at hand.
Crates of clothing, blankets, food and water are being
loading on to the cargo planes.
                       DANIEL (V.O.)
Jonathan, Christopher, Derek,
Paul, and Eric are Group two. This
group is in charge of shelter.
Your task is get the needed
supplies to build shelters for our
organization as well as locals
left homeless from the aftermaths
of war. Some supplies will include
hammers, ply wood, nails, etc. You
know the drill.
Group two going to different construction companies getting
different supplies for building shelters, etc. Crates of ply
wood and other construction material is being loading on to
the cargo planes.
                       DANIEL (V.O.)
Group three is Travel. Misty,
Brittany, Jacob, Caleb, and
Jessica your sole job is to keep


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
up with the team's travel agenda.
You will book flights for rescued
refugees as well as team members.
You will also keep up with
passport information.
Group three showing the team at different airlines, booking
flights, and getting passports made.
                       DANIEL (V.O.)
Group four is Medical. Dr.
Calhoun, Dr. Warren, Nurse
Hemmingway, Nurse Jordan, and
Nurse Mitchell, Dr. McCall will
explain your duties.
                       ALICE (V.O.)
Hello, I am Dr. McCall and head of
Group four. We will need the basic
supplies for the most part.
However, there is a serious
outbreak of malaria in at least
two prison camps. You all know,
it's a parasitic virus that causes
high fever, shaking chills, flu
like symptoms, anemia, muscle
pains, convulsions, and possible
comas if severe. This is a grave
problem. We will need to pack
medicines to accommodate the
spread and stop of this outbreak.
Be sure to pack mass quantities of
Chlorocuine, an anti-malaria
medication, and a combination of
Pyrimephamine and Sulfadoxine,
which is to help malaria infected
patients. It is also important for
you to find and isolate the sick.
Malaria is highly transmittable.
We need to stop the spread before
the situation is out of control.
Every group is responsible for
searching for sick citizens. You
all will have walkie-talkies. If
you see someone with flu like
symptoms or other tell-tale signs,
isolate that person and contact me
Group four is getting medical supplies and medicines from
hospitals and medical labs. Group four is loading medical
packing crates with medical supplies into a cargo plane.


                       DANIEL (V.O.)
Okay, team. You have your
assignments. You have seven days
to get your supplies together. We
will depart at 3 a.m. Saturday. I
will see you all then.
The last few the crates of supplies being loading onto the
cargo planes. Then the team boarding their plane and getting
to their sets. The Plane goes down the runway and takes off
into the sky.
Alice is sitting by Beth on the plane. Alice takes Beth's
hand into her own. Beth turns her head away from the window
and toward Alice. Alice's bubbly personality starts to show
with her Cheshire cat grin and slight bounce up and down in
her seat.
Did you see that pilot?! Talk
about a cutie. I've always had a
thing for a man in uniform.
Alice and Beth giggle. Beth turns to look at the cockpit,
but sees Daniel obviously eavesdropping with a frown.
What about Daniel? He is pretty
Alice looks over at Daniel. Daniel quickly turns his head,
and pretends not to listen.
Yeaaah. He is sort of cute, but a
little old. Don't you think?
      (With a soft smile)
No. He isn't that old. Still in
his prime. You have to look at his
finer qualities. He is a sweet,
caring man. Daniel always makes
you laugh. He definitely isn't a


Alice looks up as if contemplating about what Beth said.
I guess you are right, but if we
are meant to be everything will
work out on its own.
      (Smiles a sneaky
Until then, I am sweet on this
But didn't I see a ring on his
      (Rolls eyes)
A girl can dream.
Beth just shakes her head and turns to look out the plane
window and gazes on the skyline.
The IDEX team is walking through the lobby towards the exit
of the airport. When they exit the airport there are some
government issued vans waiting to take them to the U.S.
There are our rides that group
three set up to take us to the U.S
Alright, let's get everything
loaded and get going.
The team starts to load the stuff into the van. Daniel walks
over to Alice with a flirty smile to help her out.
So Dr. McCall, need any help with
those bags?


Nope, I got it.
Daniel sighs while running his hand through his hair in
slight frustration. Beth dumps Alice shoulder and gives her
a look as to say give it a chance. Alice rolls her eyes and
turns towards Daniel and smiles at him.
By the way, thanks for the offer,
Anytime, Dr. McCall. Anytime.
The team gets inside the vans and situates while the doors
of the van are being shut. The vans drives toward the U.S.
At the U.S. embassy, the team is lead to a conference room
where the U.S. Ambassador for Ukraine greets them. Daniel,
Beth, and Alice walk up to the Ambassadors while the rest of
the team stays off to the sidelines for the time being. The
Ambassador reaches out his hand for them to shake as he
greets them. Daniel takes the Ambassadors hand in a firm
grip and shakes it.
Hello and welcome to Ukraine. I am
Ambassador John Tefft, but you can
just call me John.
Hello John, I am Daniel Sanders,
and Daniel is just fine. This Beth
McCarty and Dr. Alice McCall. They
are my co-leaders on this mission
to help the Ukrainian refugees in
the Russian's so called "refugee
Yes, well it is a pleasure to meet
such beautiful ladies. It's not
very day I am in the present of
such wonderful company. Just a
bunch of old balding men that like


                       AMBASSADOR (cont'd)
to talk politics.
Both Beth and Alice giggle at the comment while shaking the
Ambassador's hand in greeting. After the greeting was done
Daniel, Beth, and Alice took their seats. The Ambassador
then turns on a couple of screens showing pictures and maps
of different sites and location were the IDEX team would be
Alright now, let us get down to
business. The UN and the Ukrainian
government had a formal meeting
with the Russian government to
which they agreed to allow you
access to the camps to help with
the care of the Ukrainian
refugees. The camp you will
personally attend is run by
General Romochka.
Is there anything that we should
know about General Romochka?
      (Slightly frowns)
Yes. General Romochka is a cruel
man. Very vindictive. He likes to
play mind games with people,
especially if it gets him what he
wants. He has been charged with
war crimes before, but not enough
evidence was found to hold him. 
He is known for his cruelty and
hard punishments, especially for
his prisoners. I suggest you all
be very cautious of him; he can be
manipulative. He is known for his
cruelty and hard punishments,
especially for his prisoners. I
suggest you all be very cautious
of him, he can be manipulative.
Thank you for the warning; we will
try to stay out of his way as much
as possible.
That would most likely be the
wisest thing to do. However,
there are some rules for you while


                       AMBASSADOR (cont'd)
inside the campgrounds. No one is
allowed to leave or enter after 9
p.m. No one is allowed to enter
until after 5 a.m. There will be
a guard escorting everyone at all
times while in the confines of the
camp. None of the refugees are
allowed to leave the camp. These
are just some of the rules. The
rest are in the folders in front
of you.
Everyone opens their folders in front of them and flip
through it.
The Ukrainian government has
attained a recently abandoned
medical facility about 100
kilometers from the camp for you
and your team. There is a hand
full of volunteers at the medical
facility, as we seek to assist you
in whatever you need. I believe
there are two doctors and six
nurses. There will also be three
military personnel for security
reason, but the personnel will be
in civilian attire for their
safety as well as your own. This
facility will also provide you
with room and board when you are
not at the campsite. Your supplies
are already at the facility along
with five trucks to transport the
supplies to the camp as well as
six jeeps. Besides this, you will
most likely get no other help from
the Ukrainian government. Any
When will we be able to go to the
Two days after you get to the
medical facility. The waiting
period is just a precaution to
allow you to get settle at the


                       AMBASSADOR (cont'd)
Well thank you for all your help,
It's not a problem, just glad to
be of service.
Daniel shakes the Ambassador hands in a goodbye as the
others prepare to leave. The team makes their way out of the
U.S. Embassy. When they get outside, they load up into the
vans that are waiting for them and drive off toward their
next destination.
The vans are driving to the front entrance of the medical
facility. Three people, two doctors and the head nurse, walk
out of the building to greet the team. The van pulls to a
stop, and the doors open. Beth is the first to step out,
followed by Alice and the rest of the team. The doctor to
the left of the nurse steps towards Beth. He begins to
introduce everyone.
                       DR. LITTLE
Welcome. I am Dr. Benjamin Little.
How was your trip?
Beth is about to speak when Alice jokingly hangs onto Beth.
The trip was exhausting! I could
sleep for days.
Daniel gives Alice a scolding look. She turns towards Daniel
and pouts.
      (In a soft voice)
What? He asked.
Daniel sighs while Beth just shakes her head and turns back
towards Dr. Little. Dr. Little is snickering at Alice's
silly antics.


Sorry about that. I am Beth
She gestures towards Alice.
This is Dr. Alice McCall.
She turns to Daniel.
And Daniel Sanders.
                       DR. LITTLE
That is quite alright. A little
humor never hurt anyone.
He glances at Alice and shrugs with a laugh. He turns
towards his colleagues and gestures towards them.
                       DR. LITTLE
Please meet Dr. Chow Lee and Nurse
Jasmine Hale.
Both Dr. Lee and Nurse Hale nod and smile at the group of
people in front of them. Nurse Hale takes a good look at the
group. She notices half the group is leaning on each other
out of pure exhaustion. At this sight, she decides to take
the reins and settle the group into their quarters.
                       NURSE HALE
How about we get you all settled
in? I think a good night's rest
would do wonders. Just follow us,
and we will take you to your
Thanks. That would be great.
The group picks up their luggage. "Thank you" and "Thank
God, I was about to fall asleep standing up" can be heard in
the background. The group anxiously follows Nurse Hale into
the building.


Beth is sitting on her bed with the table lamp on. She has a
book in her hand, but she isn't reading it. Instead, she is
staring at the picture of Andriy she uses as a bookmark. As
she stares at the picture, you can see a single tear fall
down her cheek. There is a knock at the door. Beth quickly
wipes away her tear and answers the door. Beth opens the
door and reveals Alice.
Hey! I can't sleep. Can I bunk
with you, friend?
Huh? Ah sure.
Beth gestures Alice into the room and just stares at her.
Thanks. It's just that new places
sometime creeps me out.
No problem. This place is kind of
Yeah, I know! So what have you
been doing tonight? Obviously not
sleeping, young lady.
Beth gestures towards the table where her book sits.
I was just getting a little light
reading done before bed.
Alice looks at the book and notices Andriy's picture
sticking out between the pages. Alice turns to look at Beth
with a knowing look. Beth avoids the look and instead stares
at the floor.
Let's go get in bed. I am tired.
They both lay in the bed.
I know you miss him.
Beth remains quiet.


It is going to be alright. I have
a good feeling we will find him
Beth just tucks herself into Alice's side and nods. They
both doze off to sleep. As Beth sleeps, she dreams of
Andriy's fight against the Russians.
Beth is standing in a field where bullets are fling by her
and bombs are going off all around her. Instead of taking in
the scene around her, her gaze is on the figure kneeling
over a wounded soldier. It was her Andriy. He is the one
kneeling over the wounded soldier trying to save his life.
But, it didn't really look like her Andriy anymore. He looks
like a scared lost little boy fighting to stay alive in a
world surrounded by chaos. Beth walks until she was standing
in front of him and sinks down to her knees. She reaches up
to cup his cheek but it was like there was a force field
keeping her just inches away from touching him. Beth just
drops her hand to her side as she stares at him with his
name falling from her lips.
Andriy's head snaps up, and Beth's breath catches for a
moment. She thought he had heard her until she realizes that
he is looking around screaming something.
I need some help over here. I'm
losing him.
An explosion goes off and Andriy throws himself over the
wounded soldier. When he comes up, he checks the soldier to
only find out that he didn't make. Andriy holds the
soldier's body close He rocks the soldier back and forth. He
is sobbing.
I am sorry.
Beth watches on feeling helpless. Andriy lets go of the body
and reaches for a gun. He stands up and turns to walk away.
He was heading out to go help fight the battle. As he does
this, Beth follows his every move while calling out to him.


Wait! Andriy, don't go. Please
stop, don't go. Andriy.
Beth tries to stop him, but he is out of her reach. Every
time she tries to reach him, it seems he is further away.
Everything starts to blur, and turns to darkness which leave
Beth standing there alone. She feels like she is being
Alice is shaking Beth to wake her up.
Don't go. Please.
Alice continues to shake Beth. Beth finally opens her eyes
and wonders where she is.
Hey. Are you ok?
      (Rubs her eyes)
What's going on?
You were talking in your sleep.
Oh sorry. I've been known to do
That's fine. We needed to get out
of bed. I am sure everyone is
waiting on us anyway.
Both Alice and Beth leave bed to get ready for the day, and
meet the team.


Outside of the medical facility, Daniel is with the rest of
the team. He is holding a clipboard and checking off the
Hey, Daniel. Everything seems fine
on our end.
Daniel makes a note on his clipboard that group two supplies
are all accounted for.
Alright. Good to know. If you see
someone from Group 1, could you
send them my way?
Derek just nods and walks off when Beth and Alice walk over
to Daniel. Daniel turns towards Alice.
Your medical supplies are in
order. Some of the shipment
will be unloaded here. The rest
will go to the camps. If that is
alright with you, of course.
Sure. That's great to know,
Daniel. What would I do without
Alice over exaggerates her motions as she flings her arms
around Daniel. Beth just rolls at Alice, while Daniel
reveals a big, goofy grin.
Okay. Okay. Back to business,
guys. Alice, get off Daniel.
Daniel pouts at Beth's comment.
Have you eaten yet? If not, there
is still food left in the
cafeteria. Alice you need to meet
with the new medical team that you
will be in charge of ASAP.
Okay. Will do.


Okay. We will let you finish up
Beth and Alice walk off and into the building.
Dr. Little and the rest of the medical team are seated in
the lab waiting on Dr. McCall and her team. Alice, Beth, and
their medical team walk into the lab. They all take a seat.
                       DR. LITTLE
As you know, I am Dr. Little. You
all met Dr. Lee and head nurse,
Mrs. Hale the previous night. I
will now introduce the other
members of this staff. We have
Nurse Jenkins, Nurse Alysha,
Nurse Swanson, Nurse Rousseau, and
Nurse Cero. I want to establish
that we are honored to work with
you all on this project.
Thank you, Doctor Little, for the
sentiment. Now let me introduce
you to my team. As most of you
don't know, I am Dr. Alice McCall.
I have with me Dr. Calhoun and Dr.
Warren as well as Nurse
Hemmingway, Jordan, and Mitchell.
I want to quickly discuss some
health concerns we will be facing.
A malaria outbreak is swiping
through the area. We need to join
forces to stop this.
                       DR. LITTLE
Yes, there is rumor there is a new
resistant strand of malaria we
could possibly face while in the
What does that mean?
                       DR. LITTLE
      (Looks at Beth)
It means the virus has mutated
into a different form. When a


                       DR. LITTLE (cont'd)
virus mutates, the previous
vaccine used to treat the illness
may become ineffective. We might
have to create a new combination
of drugs to find a cure.
It is imperative we get samples
back to the lab as soon as
possible. We need to decipher the
infected from the non-infected
immediately. My main concern is
how quickly the disease is
                       DR. LITTLE
We will not know how fast it is
spreading until we are in the
camps, but rumors say that at
least five refugees are dying a
week. As a team, we must cure the
sick and stop the spread of the
deadly virus.
Then my team has its work cut out
for them. We will be arriving at
the campsite tomorrow morning, so
be ready for anything that is
thrown your way.
Vans driving up to camp. The vehicles are surrounded by
Russian soldiers. A solider approaches the Alice, Beth, and
Daniel's van. The soldiers look over the passengers and
                       SOLDIER 1
Identification please
Everyone hands over their id's. He carefully studies each
one, and checks their names off a list in his hand.
                       SOLDIER 1
Now we will need to search your


The solider motions his peers to being searching the
                       SOLDIER 1
General Romochka is expecting you.
Two soldiers will escort you all.
Thank you.
I will stay with the team. I don't
want any of the supplies getting
mixed up. So, go ahead.
Two soldiers walk up and enter the van. They direct Beth and
Daniel to the General. Daniel drives the van through the
large gated entrance. Alice is left standing in the dusk.
She walks back to the rest of the team.
The general is sitting behind his desk. There is a knock on
the door.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
It's open.
One of the soldiers opens the door, while the other escorts
Beth and Daniel through the doorway. The general stands up
to greet them.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Hello, I am General Romochka.
Welcome to my camp, and you are?
The general stares at Daniel.
Daniel Sanders, Head of
International Development and
Daniel extends his hand for a proper greeting. The General
stares at Daniel's hand for a moment before accepting the
gesture. After the handshake, Daniel motions towards Beth.


This Beth McCarty, Head of
International Affairs for our
The General reaches for Beth's hand. He grabs her hand,
slightly bends his knees. He softly kisses the top of Beth's
hand. Beth's eyes widen. She is obviously surprised by the
old fashion gesture. The General returns his focus to
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
We have prepared for your arrival.
A building is available for your
team's equipment, supplies, and
temporary work space. As for
rules, I expect you and your team
to follow the established
guidelines while located in the
camp. I also require a daily
report of IDEX's work.
That is understandable. What time
would you like to meet each day
for the report?
The General looks shocked because of Beth's interjection.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Mr. Sanders, I assumed you and I
would be conversing.
Daniel smiles towards Beth.
No, sir. Beth and I are co-leaders
for this project. She deals mainly
with these sorts of things because
she specializes in International
Affairs. So you and Beth will be
working together most of the time,
when she isn't doing field work.
The General turns to Beth with a slight bow.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
My apologizes for the assumption.
We will do a report during lunch.
That will do.


The general nods at Beth's reply. He then motions for the
soldiers, who have been standing quietly in the back of the
room, to come forth. The soldiers stand Beth's side.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
My soldiers will escort you two to
your building. Your team should
already be unloading your
One solider initiates the departure. Beth and Daniel follow.
The second solider salutes the General and closes the door
behind him leaving the General alone in his office.
Daniel ,Beth and the two Russian soldiers pull up to the
building, and get out of the vehicle. Alice can be seen
directing people with boxes and other supplies. Daniel,
Beth, and the soldiers walk up to Alice. Beth can tell Alice
is a tad displeased with how close her personal escort is
standing by her.
A group of people with boxes stops in front of Alice waiting
for her directions.
Okay. Team four, take the medical
supplies to the main storage room.
She points.
Down that hall. Second door on
your right. It is the same room
where we will treat patients.
Alice turns towards her personal escort and gives him a mean
Back off. This is MY personal
space. That's yours. Keep them
She makes a circle with her arms around herself.
How are things going?


      (Rolls her eyes)
The team has unloaded most of the
supplies, and we have already set
up the temporary kitchen and
medical room.
Good to hear. After everything is
put away, I want to see everyone
for a meeting in half an hour.
Beth looks at Daniel.
Do you want to take a tour of the
building with me?
They both walk into the building.
The Cafeteria room is full. Daniel, Beth, and Alice are
standing in front of their team. Daniel starts off the
Everything is running smoothly,
team. After this meeting breaks,
we will go out in groups of two to
pass out blankets to refugees.
This is a great way for us to eye
the camp and analyze how we can
make the living conditions better.
Make sure to look out for malaria
symptoms among the refugees as
well. Report any signs. Our
medical team will quarantine the
patient immediately.
Daniel continues the meeting.
Beth and I have separated the camp
into four quarters. Groups one
and two will be in charge of the


                       DANIEL (cont'd)
first and second sections of camp.
Beth and myself will accompany
part of group three as they search
the last two sections of camp.
Group four will remain here with
Dr. McCall in case of a medical
The group members nod their heads. They all leave their
seats and head out the door to start their work.
Over the next few weeks, the teams falls into a routine of
passing out clothing, food, blankets, and repairing
shelters. Random team members are shown working around the
camp doing their duties. The condition of the camp is at a
stable point, because of IDEX's hard work. The team is
still vigilant of malaria symptoms.
The camera finds Beth and Daniel casually making a round
through their section of the camp. Beth has clean blankets
in her arms, and hands them to refugees as she strolls
along. Daniel is carrying a clip board, and is taking notes
as they make their rounds.
The conditions around here seem to
be improving.
I know. I know. Our team has
really stepped up to the plate,
and I can tell all the refugees
sincerely appreciate their
My only concern is malaria. Alice
mentioned a few possible cases in
quarter 2 of camp. I haven't heard
much else.
Of course that's still a major


Daniel begins to drift to the right, and off the path. He
looks behind him to see the two personal Russian escorts
about ten paces behind paying no attention to them. The
escorts are laughing and smoking. Beth notices Daniel's
intentions and begins to merge farther from the escorts.
What is it, Daniel? Something
No. No. I just wanted to talk to
you about Andriy.
Beth lets out a soft sigh.
I never know when I can get you
alone. So, I figured this time was
as good as any.
I understand. I feel like I am
barely alone long enough to think
these days.
Daniel smiles knowingly at Beth.
I just have a gut feeling he is
here, Daniel.
Daniel holds Beth's stare.
The possibility is still out
there. This camp is filled with
refugees. It's almost like I see
knew faces every day.
That's what I keep telling myself.
I still have hope.
Daniel places his hand on Beth's shoulder.
WE still have hope. I just want
you to know that.
Beth smiles and nods.


Thanks. We better get back to work
before our boys get curious.
They both laugh quietly. Beth jokingly sticks out her tongue
at the escorts. They don't even notice.

Beth and Daniel continue their stroll, when they walk up to
hut. Beth walks inside to hand out a few blankets when she
sees a man lying on a cot. He is obviously sick and is
showing potential malaria signs. Beth immediately turns to
a woman standing in the corner. Daniel goes over to inspect
the man. In a frantic, but compassionate voice she begins
questioning the woman.  Beth speaks in Ukrainian.
Ma'am, do you speak English? 
The woman nods her head.
                       THE WIFE
      (In a scared voice)
Your husband? How long has he been
                       THE WIFE
Just a day or two. It is getting
I see. I have to report this. It
is potentially malaria. Not only
is your husband in danger, but you
are as well. It's highly
The wife does not respond.  Daniel pulls a walkie-talkie out
of his back pocket. He hands it to Beth. Beth tunes the
device to a certain channel.
Alice. This is Beth reporting
signs of malaria in a middle age
man located in section three.
I am on my way. I'll bring backup.
Can you give me more information?


Beth looks back at the man. The wife is sitting at his side
with tears streaming down her face. Beth has to turn away.
The site saddens her.
He looks about 50 years old. The
only person that has cared for him
so far is his wife. He is showing
the typical symptoms. She said he
has only been sick a day or two.
Alright. Alright. Start preparing
him for quarantine. Also, strip
the beds and other linens. They
can harbor the germs spreading the
Beth does as she is told. As she begin collecting the linens
and whatever contaminated objects she can. As she is doing
so, she begins to talk with the couple.
Sir, I know you do not feel well,
but we're going to move you from
your shelter to the medical lab.
The man can barely open his eyes. His brow is covered in
sweat. He just shakes his head.
It's important we remove you from
the area. You need our medicine
and we don't want malaria
The wife grabs the man's hand and gently caresses his
                       THE MAN
I. Don't. Want. To. Leave.
                       THE MAN
My wife.
I know you don't, but if you don't
come with us you could die and
possibly infect others. You are
putting yourself and wife in
danger. Please.


                       THE WIFE
You must go, dear.
Alice walks into the hut followed by some of her medical
team. She is carrying a medical kit. She hands Daniel, Beth,
and the wife medical masks.
As a precaution, put these on.
Alice looks at the man. The look on her face reads concern.
My team and I will take good care
of you.
The man closes his eyes.
                       THE MAN
Alright. How far away will you be
taking me?
Just to another section of camp.
Your wife will still be in close
The man tries to sit up, but is too weak. His wife helps him
sit up. This signals the team to prepare for his move to the
medical. Beth walks over to the wife and places her hand on
her shoulder in efforts to comfort her. She looks at her
watch. Beth looks at Daniel.
Oh man. I have to go meet with the
General. So, I have to let you
guys finish up here.
Oh yea. Good thing you remembered.
The last thing we need is him on
our case.
Alright. See you guys back at the
base. I'll make sure they leave
out some food for you all.  


Alice is treating the man Daniel and Beth found in their
section. He is obviously worse. As Alice works on him, some
of the medical team are looking at the monitors the man is
connected to.
                       DR. WARREN
His condition is worsening. I
don't understand. He hasn't been
ill longer than 48 hours.
Obviously, this is where this
strand of malaria differs. It
takes no time for this strand to
effect its victim.
Machines start to beep.
                       NURSE HEMMINGWAY
His vital signs are getting
Alice takes control.
Increase the IV drip.
She begins chest compressions in order to revive the man.
Daniel walks into the medical lab as Alice begins the
compression. His jaw drops when he sees. The beeping stops
and the man's vital signs stabilize. Daniel walks closer.
He pulls Alice aside.
That was a close one.
Tell me about it. His case is
pretty severe. This new strand
causes faster and more ruthless
Is it worse than you expected?
Yes and no. It's just an odd
strand. The symptoms vary between
men and women. Well, that's what
our observations so far show.
There seems to be curvings in the


                       ALICE (cont'd)
form of the letters RG's in our
male patients. This is not the
case with women.
                       NURSE HEMMINGWAY
The machines start beeping.
He is flat lining!
Alice begins to apply chest compressions to the patient, but
has no response. A minute goes by, and the machines still
show no sign of stabilizing. She looks sadly at the medical
We lost him. 
Beth and the General are the only ones in his office. The
General is sitting behind his desk enjoying his lunch. He is
eating an extremely extravagant meal for being on a refugee
camp. Beth is sitting across from him, while snacking on a
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
So, Ms. McCarty. Give me an
over-view of IDEX's progress.
Anything new?
Beth glances up from her snack. She wasn't exactly paying
attention. The previous incident has her in an altered state
of mind.
Pardon me?
The General looks annoyed.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Your report, Ms. McCarty?
Beth sighs.


Of course. Of course. IDEX is
still doing the usually routine of
food, shelter, and medical
treatments. The conditions are
improving; however, the malaria
epidemic is still a huge concern.
Daniel and I found another case in
a middle age man right before
lunch. It seems the illness is
spreading quickly.
Misty and Caleb, two members of group three, are making
their rounds. They are checking for sick refugees. They walk
into a hut. They immediately see a sick man lying on a cot.
Potential malaria case. Report
this to Dr. McCall.
Misty immediately pulls out her walkie-talkie.
Dr. McCall. This is Misty. We
found another sick male. He is
located in the second hut in part
B of section four.
You know the drill: strip the bed
and prepare the patient for the
move to the lab. We are on our
While Alice and Misty are talking, Caleb is approaching the
patient for a closer look. He feels like the man looks oddly
familiar. He takes a few steps forward and realizes who the
man is. He is Andriy McCloud. Caleb rushes to Misty side. He
whispers the code word to Misty. Her mouth drops.
Misty, it's him. "Robin!"
Misty brings the walkie-talkie to her mouth and whispers
into it.


Dr. McCall it's urgent. We found
Beth is still in General Romochka's office. They are playing
a friendly game of chess. Beth has her walkie-talkie in here
bag sitting on the floor beside her. The volume is turned
low, but still loud even for her to hear the conversations.
The general doesn't notice the noise.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
So tell me, Ms. McCarty.
What would you like to hear?
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Do you have a man in your life?
Beth winces at the question.
You could say so.
Alice and Misty's conversation can be faintly heard in the
background. Beth hears it loud and clear, but doesn't draw
attention to what she heard. However, she couldn't help but
smile. Beth makes the finally move to win the game.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Nice match.
I'd say so. Well, I better get
back to the base. I will see you
tomorrow with more information.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Good day, Ms. McCarty.
Alice is working on Andriy. She and the team start an IV and
put him on another monitor. Beth rushes into the lab, but
is intercepted by Daniel. He calms Beth down.


Beth. Beth. BETH!
Beth just looks past Daniel towards Andriy, who is lying on
the medical bed. Daniel grabs Beth by the shoulders.
They have to stabilize Andriy
before you run over there.
Beth finally looks at Daniel.
I know. I am just so relieved they
found him.
Alice finally stabilizes Andriy. She walks over to Beth and
He is stable, but he has the
mutated form of malaria. He is
showing signs of having the worst
strand. It is imperative we get
him the correct treatment.
Beth was listening, but looking past Alice.
Beth, go see him.
Beth walks over to the side of the medical bed. She gently
grabs his hand. Andriy is barely conscious. His eyes are
closed, but he squeezes her hand to let her know he is aware
she is there.
The General is sitting at his desk. The room is filled with
about 6 Russians soldiers. There is a knock on the door.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Answer the door.
The closest soldier opens the door to reveal Beth. The
seated men stand upon her arrival, including the General.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Ms. McCarty, How may we be of your


The General says this with some sarcasm, as if he is showing
off in front of his soldiers. Beth doesn't acknowledge his
I apologize for showing up
unannounced. I have urgent news.
The general takes his seat.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Gentlemen, you are dismissed.
The soldiers leave the room.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Go on.
I will get straight to the point.
We discussed the malaria epidemic
early. There is a new strand that
has become resistant to drugs. One
of the male refugees has this
particular strand. INDEX wants to
take him to our off-camp medical
facility for further treatment and
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
This is all very interesting, but
I told you the rules. No refugees
leave our camp. Must I repeat
Beth is taken aback by his coldness.
But I don't think you understand.
This is a life or death situation.
The General picks up a paper weight from his desk and tosses
it back and forth in his hands.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
I am quite clear of this "life or
death" situation.
The General nasty attitude is showing.
This isn't going to affect just
this one man. If we can run tests
on this man, we can find a cure


                       BETH (cont'd)
for this new strand. That will
acquire the area national
recognition, General.
The General suddenly stops tossing the paper weight. Beth
can tell she has struck a nerve and decides to play mind
games of her own.
Besides, the man probably won't
survive the treatment, but we can
use his test results to create a
new drug cocktail for future
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
Hmmm. I will allow this under one
Beth holds the Generals glare.
Please explain.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
You may take your patient out of
the camp for 48 hours. If he
survives your treatment, he must
return to the camp. I will be
sending two escorts. They will
make sure the patient is returned
to the camp if need be.
Thank you, General.
Beth turns to walk away. As she almost out of the door, the
General makes one last comment.
                       GENERAL ROMOCHKA
No funny business, Ms. McCarty, or
IDEX will regret it.
Beth ignores his threat.
Alice and the medical team are working on Andriy in the
medical facility located outside of the refugee camp. They


are working hard to stabilize Andriy. He looks terrible.
The machines and monitors are beeping.  
                       NURSE CERO
Extremely weak pulse.
                       NURSE SWANSON
He's flat lining.
Within seconds, Andriy flat lines. The machines and monitors
beep rapidly. Beth enters the room, because of all the
commotion. She immediately starts to cry. She sees the team
working franticly over Andriy.
I'll apply chest compressions.
Increase his IV drip.
The nurses do as they are told but the chest compressions
weren't working.
Damn. Someone get me the
defibrillator and charge it to
300. ASPA.
Nurse Alysha gets the defibrillator and gives the paddle to
Alice as it charges. Nurse Hale takes over the chest
compressions. The defibrillator charges within seconds.
                       NURSE ALYSHA
Alysha: It's charged, Dr. McCall.
Everyone moves again and looks at the monitor as Alice
shocks Andriy for the second time. The monitor beeps. Then
it beeps again and again. Beth continues to cry and slides
against the wall along her back. She puts her head in her
hands. She then hears a steady beeping. She looks up to see
Andriy stable. The team hasa look of relief on their faces.
                       DR. LITTLE
It looks like he's stabilizing Dr.
Thank God, good job every one.
Alice walks over to Beth and helps her up from the floor.


I know that was scary, but I think
the worst is over.
I pray that it is. I can't take
this much longer.  
We are going to keep a close eye
on him for the next 24 hours. But
every thing should be fine. Andriy
is a fighter. He will get through
this, and so will you.
Thank you, Alice.
Alice pulls Beth into a comforting hug.
The two Russian soldiers assigned to be IDEX's escorts are
standing outside the front entrance of the facility.  They
are smoking and casually talking. Beth exits the building
and confidently walks right to the escorts.
Can I have a word with you two?
The escorts look confused.
                       ESCORT 1
Certainly, Ms. McCarty.
Call me Beth.
She is already trying to butter them up.
                       ESCORT 2
Of course, Beth.
Then follow me.  


Beth opens the door and leads the men in.
Okay, boys. Here is the deal. I
want that prisoner. So what is
your price?
                       ESCORT 2
What do you mean? You want us to
go against the General's orders?
Beth is very confident and sits on the edge of a desk.
Yes. Everyone has a price.
Escort1 looks at Escort2. They are trying to decide what to
All you have to do is tell your
General that the refugee did not
survive treatment and we all
disposed of the body to avoid
further contamination. Sound like
a deal?
                       ESCORT 1
Depends on how much cash?
Beth pulls out the two silver briefcases of cash Mr. McCloud
gave her. She slides them on the desk and opens them.
I will pay you in half. You will
receive your second payment after
you talk to the General. Ready to
make a deal?
                       ESCORT 2
                       ESCORT 1
I'm in.
Beth shakes their hands and slides one of the cases to them.


Andriy is lying down in a hospital bed with IVs all around
him. Beth comes in and sits by him. She takes his hand in
hers and rubs up and down his arm gently.
Andriy, love, I've missed you.
He is still floating in and out of consciousness. He doesn't
Can you remember when we decided
we should date? I remember it like
it were yesterday. 
Andriy and Beth are sitting in a park having a romantic
picnic at the Constitution Gardens. Andriy reaches over into
the basket to pull out a bottle of wine.
It's really beautiful out here,
especially by the lake.
      (Looks at Beth)
Yes, it is beautiful.
Andriy wasn't talking about the scenery. He starts to pour
the wine into some glasses for them. He hands a glass to
Beth, and she takes a sip. Andriy just stare into his glass
and sighs. Beth looks at him.
What's the matter?
Have you ever wanted something so
badly, but are too scared to go
out and get it, because you are
afraid of losing it completely.
What are you going on about?


Beth, I spent the last nine years
running from my feelings for you.
I was afraid of losing you if I
followed my heart and went after
what I truly wanted. I wasted so
much time being afraid, but not
anymore. I'm going to put my heart
on the line, and go after what I
What are you saying, Andriy?
I'm saying I want to be with you.
I love you, Beth. I always have.
Will you please be my girlfriend?
As Andriy ask her to be his girlfriend, it starts to rain.
She launch herself at him and knocks him onto his back and
kisses him.
So, I can take that as a yes?
Yes, I would love to be
It starts to really pour down on them so they stand up get
ready to leave. When they get everything put up they start
to leave the Gardens when Beth suddenly stops. Andriy turn
back towards her wondering what's wrong.
Beth, what's the matter? Is
something wrong?
What about your job with Doctor
Without Borders?
I plan on getting a job around
here. I applied at several
He pulls her to him and kisses like there no tomorrow.


A tear falls downs Beth's face as she lays her head down and
closes her eyes. Andriy slowly wakes up. He see Beth and
calls to her in a raspy voice.
Beth head snaps up and sees that Andriy is awake. She
reaches out to touch his face. He takes her hand and pulls
her closer. She leans her forehead against his, and they
both smile.
Hey, how you are feeling?
I feel like hell, beautiful.
I'll go get a nurse to give you
No. I just want you right now,
Ok. Why don't you get some more
rest? We will be leaving for home
in a few days.
      (Slightly smiles)
Home, that sounds good.
She can't resist it anymore and kisses him.
Flashes of light are going off as reporters are taking
pictures of the proceedings of the UN subcommittee on War
Crimes, 2010. The Ambassador of Ukraine John Taft is up at
the podium giving a small introduction of the situation at
hand before turning it over to Andriy.


      (Scans the room)
These crimes against Ukraine and
its people are unspeakable and
tragic. Their basic rights as
human beings were stripped from
them. The Ukraine refugees are not
ours to exploit or take by force
for our own comfort, corruption,
or need for power. The witness
you will hear from today speaks on
the behalf of the Ukraine
refugees. Let us hear his
testimony. Let us learn from it,
and let us no long ignore it.
Please, Mr. Andriy McCloud would
join us.
Andriy turns to Beth and give her a kiss. The flashes of
light goes off as reporters take their picture. Andriy
stands up and walks over to the Ambassador. They shake
hands. Andriy turns and gives his attention to his
audience. He clears his throat before he starts his
testimony on life in the Russian camps and the treatment of
General Romochka.
I am Andriy McCloud. I am an
Ukrainane refugee and this is our
Flashes of light goes off as reporters take Andriy's


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