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The Peace War
by Kay (khanakay@msn.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
Everyone is going to die...One at a time. You're dreams are mixed with reality and there is no way to stop it. There is no happy ending, no cure, and no mercy. I'm sorry, but you have come to the end of the road sometime. This is the first screenplay i have ever written. I don't even really like horror films so i'm not really sure where this came from... anyway it's honestly not that scary. Please enjoy. Feedback would be greatly appercaited, but please don't just say it sucks...tell me how to make it better. Thanks. (This is Short)

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



SUNDAY, a brunette girl with brown eyes and KYLE, a brunette
guy with brown eyes, are asleep in there beds on opposite
sides of the room it is dark and a hint of the moon shines
down on the floor, which reveals a long blue piece of duct
tape seperating their areas.
      (Screaming in her
Stop! Please Stop! Stop!
Why? Why are you doing this to me?
      (Slamming fist
       against the bed,
Where's my mother? What did you do
to her?
      (throwing a pillow
       at Sunday and
Shut up! God Sunday thats the
third time this week!
      (Still Screaming)
No! Stop hurting me. Leave me
      (Shrieking and
       thrasing against
       the bed)
No! NO!
KYLE MOANS gets up from bed and crosses the room. He leans
over Sunday and shakes her.
Get up!
SUNDAY opens her eyes and lets out a GUST of air, almost as
if she panting.Her eyes widen and she frowns.


Kyle Shaking his head pushes Sunday over and climbs in her
bed. He wraps his arms around her and closes his eyes.
Sunday keeps her eyes open suspiciously LOOKING around the
room, then lets out another GUST of air laying her head on
her pillow.
It is light outside, small raindrops PELT the kitchen
window. SUNDAY stares from the stool she sits at, twirling
her thumbs in a curricular motion.
KYLE stares at the window as well, time passes slowly. He
glances at Sunday for a moment and frowns. A large THUD
comes from another room.
                       JENN (OS)
I'm Okay!
JENN, a bruntte 15 year old teen, whips into the kitchen and
reaches for the apple in the fruit bowl. Kyle and Sunday eye
her suspiciously.
What happen to you?
Huh i don't know some loser left
his skate board by the stairs!
Oh i'm sorry, i forgot you clumsy
people don't know how to watch
where your going.
JENN throws the apple at KYLE who dodges it making the apple
hit the vase on the dining room table. It SHATTERS into
You guys are dead
                       LILY (OS)
There better not be my brand new
Ashton Sutton vase. I swear to god
if you broke my vase again-


LILY, a 35 something blonde mother of two, runs in the
kitchen looking towards the dining room. Half of her hair is
still in rollers. She frowns and puts her head in her hands.
Really? I just got that three days
ago. Why can't you get along. You
spend all day fighting and you
keep breaking everything in my
DAVE, a 40 something brunette father of two, walks in the
room holding JEWELS, a blonde angelic chubby baby, in his
arms. He examines the situation quickly and SIGHS.
You guys...You woke your sister
up. Why are you up so earlier
anyway its six o'clock in the
      (at the same time
       as Kyle and Jenna)
Couldn't sleep
      (at the same time
       as Sunday and
Couldn't sleep
      (at the same time
       as Kyle and
Couldn't sleep
Right... Okay then, Kyle, Jenna,
clean this mess up. Sunday come
with me.
LILY looks like she's about to say somthing, but leaves the
room defeated and heads back upstairs.
This room is brighter, the rain is starting to slow. In the
background there is argument going on between Kyle and Jenn
of how to clean up. Sunday takes a seat on the couch.


DAVE puts baby JEWELS down in her crib. Jewels plays with
the toy in her crib and Dave smiles. He SIGHS and goes to
sit next to Sunday.
What's going on with you kid?
What do you mean?
Sunday, we all can hear you
screaming at night. It wakes the
whole house. Are you alright?
Yeah, It's just nightmares. I'm
really sorry for waking you.
I don't care if you wake me, but
you sounds like someones riping
you apart piece by piece. Lily
thinks it would be a good idea to
get you a therapist.
Oh great, she thinks i'm crazy!
She doesn't think your crazy, and
between you and me i think it's an
rediculous idea too, but she's
just worried about you. Just try
it okay. If it doesn't work out oh
well, but it might help...
Ugh! fine i'll go see a stupid
shrink! When do i have to go?
Two, and try to make it short i
have to pay by the hour.
Wait! Today! You guys were going
to make me go regardless!
It's for your own benefit okay,
just do it.


                       SUNDAY (VO)
Great so now i'm official crazy! I
knew there was no point in arguing
any further. Once he said just do
it, it was always over.
                                         CUT TO:
CANDICE, a therapit in her late 20's, writes something on
her clip board and signs softly to herself. She swithes from
her relaxing ankles crossed position to her serious position
leaning forward at Sunday.
So why do you think you've been
having this same dream?
I don't know, it never even
changes but i'm still scared every
Do you think it may have something
to do with your mom or dad?
SUNDAY stares at her, blank expression.
I know your mom died last year, do
think that may have triggered
something? Maybe you miss your
You can't miss something that was
never there.Wait- how did you know
my mom died?
David told me, don't worry it is
strictly confidential. We have to
have some background about our
clients to help there treatment
run better.
                       SUNDAY (VO)
I'm going to kill him


Look this dream has nothing to do
with my mom, okay. It's not even
like that.
I know this is hard for you
Sunday, but if you told me what
your dream is about i could asset
the situation better-
Is it because you don't like to
think about it?
No, it's because it's stupid.
Normal people don't have silly
nightmares were they scream for
dear life.
Thats not true. We all have
different fears and they are all
triggered by different things.
Who's to say that yours is any
sillier than the rest.
Fine, but i'm telling you it's
stupid. See there's this man, and
i can never see his face while i'm
                                         CUT TO:
It's dark and cold. Sunday is running.
                       SUNDAY (VO)
He's chasing me, but he never
catches me until i'm about to wake


      (Looking behind
       her while running)
No! Please! Please leave me alone!
Why are you doing this to me? Stop
what did you do to my family?!
The man running after her speeds and knocks Sunday to the
ground.She cries for help.
                                         CUT TO:
After he's tackled me, i usually
wake up. Sometimes i just stayed
on the ground getting somthered,
until my brother is able to wake
me up. He use to tease me about
it, but now he just gets annoyed.
Sometimes he sleeps in my bed so
i will go back to sleep, but i can
tell he doesn't like too.
Do you feel like this man is
trying to kill you in this dream?
I know he's trying to kill me! The
only thing that scares me is one
day i wont wake up and then i'll
be dead just like-
Sunday suddenly stops speaking as if shes revealed something
she shouldn't. Her lips press into a thin line.
You don't have to be afraid of
that dear. This is only a dream, i
think once we work through some
more things it will-
No! You don't understand!
SUNDAY stands up and pulls down one side of her tee shirt to
show Candice her shoulder.


I found this purple bruise on both
of my shoulders today, it use to
just be a red rash, but now it's
taking the shape of fingerprints.
He's going to kill me, and i don't
know why. I think he killed my
mother too.
And why would you think that?
She use to scream like me every
night, she told me and Kyle it was
just nightmares. She told us not
to worry then one day she just
stop screaming and thats because
she was dead.
                                         CUT TO:
Dave puts the car in reverse, then bolts out of the parking
lot speeding. His face is smooth, but every now and then
frown lines appeared on his forehead.
      (Glancing at
What could you have possibly told
Look I told it wouldn't work
didn't I. It's just nightmares, I
think your getting almost as
worked up as Lily!
Sorry, it's just i don't
understand. I pay 600 bucks for 2
hours and she says nothing but
"I'm sorry your niece can't be
helped, she has a very creative
imagination" what kind of crap is
that?! I told Lily this was a


Sunday just smiles to herself, then looks out the window
leaning back into the seat. She lets out a small chuckle and
closes her eyes.
Trust me, you really don't want to
Yea, you might have got out of
that one, but Lily's going to let
you have it.
      (muttering under
       his breath and
       shaking his head)
She gonna let me have it too...600
Sunday and Kyle are sleeping in their rooms, for once Sunday
is clam, snoring actually. A teriffying sreech comes from
down the hall. Sunday's eyes snap open.
Shut Up Sunday!
Kyle, that wasn't me!
Kyle shifts into a sitting position. He rubs his eyes and
turns on the lamp next to him. He looks at Sunday and nods.
Sunday's eyes start to water and she cries. Kyle gets out of
bed putting on a sweatshirt and some gym shoes.
What are you doing? Don't go
anywhere Kyle! Please stay, it's
not safe.
Shut Up, stay here. I'm just going
to check it out okay-
A dark figure resembling a tall man appears through the
doors. He goes up to Sunday and pulls out a gun.


                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Told you i would find you, I never
give up. This time i won't let you
get away, Kyle is next.
The STRANGE DARK FIGURE pulls the trigger and a loud boom
goes off.
                                         CUT TO:
KYLE screams and jumps out of bed. He runs over to Sunday
and checks her pluse. He hears nothing and begins to cry
softly. When the door creaks open he jumps, but realizes it
is Lily and Dave.
Is everything okay son?
Kyle shakes his head.
Well what's the matter, worried
about Sunday?
Kyle shakes his head.
Dave and Lily move to Kyle's side.
She's dead.
What! What are you talking about
Kyle?! She's not dead.
She's dead, and i'm next.
Kyle- i'm not sure we understand.
Well, i do. All too well.
Lily leans over Sunday to hear no heartbeat. She lets tears
stroll down her check and runs out the room.
Tell me what happened, boy!


Look i don't know, uncle dave. We
both went to sleep and then i had
a dream someone was screaming so i
told sunday to shut up, but then
there was this man and he had a
gun, then it went off after he
told me i was- i was, next.
Kyle, Lily, Dave, and Jenn holding Jewels sit in the waiting
room, not speaking. Kyle shakes a little in his jacket with
his arms crossed. Lily weeps quitely in Dave's arms. Jenn
looks at Jewels sleeping silently and hugs her close to her
The DOCTOR comes into the room with a clipboard and sighs.
I am very sorry, we tried
everything we could have possibly
done, it was already too late.
Were still unsure of the cause of
death, but we will keep searching.
We will inform you when we find
out, no need for you to stay up
all night.
Of course, thank-you Doctor.
Wait! Can I ask you a question
Sure, although i might not be able
to answer.
Oh, well, um...you didn't happen
to find any bruses or markings on
her did you?
Well actually we did see some very
bruised tissue on the back and
some of the shoulders. we thought
the finger print markings could
tell us something, but they


                       DOCTOR (cont'd)
weren't matched to anyone. We
still have to do some blood work
and other test, but i think she
might have died from some type of
natural cause.
Oh, Okay. Well thanks. And your
sure you didn't see anything else,
like a bullet wound or something.
OH, of course not! Do you think
she was shot?
No, i just wanted to make sure...
Okay, well anymore questions you
can call, goodnight to you all.
LILY stares out the window in the kitchen. She takes a sip
of the coffee she made for herself, then tears run down her
I made a promise you know. I
promised my sister i would look
after her kids if anything went
wrong. It's almost as if she knew
she was about to die.
Dave looks at Lily from the counter, sipping coffee of his
own. He knows Lily is talking to him, but he remains silent.
It was the weridest thing. Then
last night before Sunday had went
to bed, she told me goodbye,
instead of goodnight. I thought it
was an honest mistake, but i think
that somehow she knew too. I loved
her like she was my own and now
shes gone Dave. Oh, i don't
understand, now Kyle believes he's
going to die too. Poor Kyle, he's
lost so much. My poor Kyle...


Dave looks like he's about to say something, but he stops
himself. Lily begins to CRY harder now. She LEANS over the
sink and starts roughly COUGHING. She takes another sip of
coffee and stares at the cup. It says worlds greatest mom on
the side. She POURS out the coffee then SMASHS the cup in
the sink.
KYLE is sitting on the couch staring at the T.V, fliping
through the channels.
JENNA walks into the room and snatches the remote from his
grip. She flops down on the lounge by him and turns the
Wow...that was easier than i
tought. Finally gave up losing to
me hun kid?
KYLE shrugs.
What's the matter with you?
Kyle shrugs.
Look, you can watch whatever want,
No, it's fine.
Kyle, you're not going to die
okay. I know you think so, but
you're not. Whatever happened to
your sister was just...just fate i
Kyle gets up and walks out the room.
It's been nice living with you
Jenn. Good-bye.
Jenn gets up and runs after him.


Wait! Where are you going?
KYLE shrugs and pauses to answer.
To bed i guess.
JENNA is sleeping in her bed tossing and turning. A scream
comes from the other room and she tightens herself into the
fetal position.
                                         CUT TO:
Jenna is standing in the doorway looking at the Strange Dark
Figure. He has a gun against Kyle's head. Kyle looks right
at Jenna with one finger over his mouth.It goes off and he
drops to the ground.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
      (Smiling Smug)
You're next...
                                         CUT TO:
JENNA snaps her eyes opens and screams.
      (Yelling at Dave
       and Lily)
Look, i'm not crazy okay! I know
what i saw. I swear i wouldn't lie
about this, you have to believe


I can't deal with this right now
Jenna, please just go away.
No! You have to do something! A
man was in our house, mom-
      (cutting off Jenn)
Jenna Marie Porter, i'm going to
count to five and i swear to god-
      (continuing to
       speak over Lily)
Just becuase you dont want to
believe something, doesn't mean
it's not true. Think about about
what he could have done to Jewels-
Lily raises her hand towards Jenna's face and Dave grabs it
to pull it down.
      (Screaming to cut
       off Jenn)
That's enough! Jenna go to your
The doorbell rings and they all stop yelling itmeditley.
Jenna starts to cry and runs out the back door. Lily remains
where she is frozen, and Dave sighs then heads to get the
front door.
Dave opens the door to see two police men standing side by
side. behind them is a cop car and the pull out their I.D's
                       COP # 1
Are you Dave Porter?
Dave nods confused.
                       COP # 1
Is Mrs. Lily Porter here?
Yes, Is something something wrong


                       COP # 2
No, We just need to bring you and
your wife down to anwser a few
questions is all?
Questions about what?
                       COP # 1
Well Dave, i'm sure you could
answer that one for yourself
                       COP # 2
It's really just protocol though,
people would get suspisous if
there have been two deaths here in
the last three months and we
didn't cheack you guys out.
                       COP # 1
Don't worry, we understand your
grief so it wont take up much of
your time. This is just to take
you down as suspects.
Dave says nothing and just stares. After a while he shakes
his head and gives a stiff nod.
One moment please...
Jenna is walking down the street with her arms crossed.
Tears are still running down her cheeks. Jenna bumps into a
man wearing all black.
The man says nothing and keeps walking.
Jenna faints on the sidewalk.
The man turns and runs to pick her up. He throws her into
the back seat of an small black car on the street and gets
into the front seat and drives away.


Lily and Dave Porter sit at Cop # 1's desk alone. Cop # 1
comes to the desk with a stack of papers, that he droppes on
the desk.
                       COP # 1
Okay, well I believe were done
here. Thank-you for-
A bullet goes right through Cop # 1's chest. Dave and Lily
watch as he goes down. Dave and Lily turn to the window and
see a small black car drive pass. They see a man roll up the
Jenn wakes up and looks around. She sees Dave and Lily
through a police station window, then looks at the front
What? Why? Who are you? Why are
you doing this?! What's happening
where are you taking me?
The car speeds down the street and police lights flash in
the background. The man whips the next corner. Jenna is
still screaming. She trys to open the door,but it's locked.
She beats the windows with her fist.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Shut up! It will be over soon...
The man parks the car and turns the radio volume to the
                                         CUT TO:
The small black car flies out the blue and white portle onto
the highway. Jenn screams.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Shoot! I hate when this happens
The car whips into a u-turn and starts speeding in the other


What the heck is going? Please
don't hurt me.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I told you, you were next. So shut
up, and sit tight.
JENN's sobbs become louder and the Strange Dark Figure turns
the volume back to the right. He soon turns into a gas
JENN watches the Strange Dark Figure get out the car and go
in the gas station, briefly. He goes to the pump and starts
filling up the tank. In the distance, JENN see's a desert
out her window and the sun beams in her teary eyes, making
her turn away. She puts her hand up to sheild her eyes and
looks again. She see's someone walking away. She tries to
open the door again, it is locked. She hears a shout from
the Strange Dark Figure and jumps. He jumps in the car and
pulls out the lot in a rush. He heads for the desert and
staying on the main road. They appoarch the person she saw,
and she now realizes who it is.
Aunt Liela?
The car instantly stops kicking up sand and the Strange Dark
Figure gets out and chases Liela, he says something and she
shakes her head ,he picks her up screaming and throws her in
the backseat of the car and slams the door.
Aunt Liela? You were... I thought
you were..
JENN faints.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Why...How...look i ask you to do
one thing and you can't even
manage that. I don't know what to
say... Are you forgetting all our
years of research or do you just
not care? I did exactly what you
wanted, i brought you your kids.
So why are you out in the


Steve, i'm tired. I haven't
forgotten our research, but i'm
starting to question our motives.
Were not doing this for the same
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Reasons don't matter anymore
Liela! We will finsih what we
start! I don't want to have to
make you...
      (Reasonable Tone)
Look, we've been friends for a
long time now, trust me...
I don't know if i can anymore!!!
Kidnapping my niece was not part
of the plan-
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Either was taking your kids-
You know i couldn't live without
them, i couldn't let them think i
was dead!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
So you must also know that Jenn
knew too much!
She knew nothing! And even if she
did who is going to believe her-
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
It doesn't matter and you know
that! God damn you, Liela. You
know that if even one person knew
about this we would be dead! All
she has to do is blab off to the
wrong person and then all of a
sudden, theres reseacrch being put
into this and there! The last 20
years of our life, wasted!
JENN begins to wake up and Liela cries.


      (Whispering, still
This is not the life I wanted.
Inside the cave, there is a modern house. Liela is sitting
on the couch in her living room, and Steve is standing in
the kitchen. Jenn is laying on the other couch passed out.
Did you really have to tranquilize
her again?
Steve rolls his eyes, moving to the living room with a
sandwhich in his hand.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
      (Taking a bite of
       the sandwhich)
Unless you don't want to reset
Well that could be a great use to
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Or an exordinary risk, She will
maintain all of her distrubing
thoughts and may become violent.
That can disturb the balance and
peace of the others.
I know that, i was thinking that
she shouldn't be a test subject...
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Are you crazy? She is not your
daughter, she wil begin to develop
homesickness and try to runaway-
Which can still happen if she is
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
not if she's reset all the way...


                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Fine, i know that was a far
strecth, but you promised before I
even got her that at the first
sign of violence it is necessary
to reset her-no exceptions. She
will ruin the project!
Fine, but i make the call.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I know that this is hard for you,
but trust me it's for the best.
STEVE gets up and moves back to the kitchen. Jenn begins to
stir in her sleep.
Aunt Liela? Is that you? I don't
Yeah, Jenn. It's me. I know that
you don't understand, but you have
to trust me.
Trust you? I thought you were
dead. Where am I?
This is my new research facility.
Me and my partner Steve are trying
to create a new generation of
You're what? Where's my mom?
Jenn you need to listen to me. You
can't go home-


You're parents think you're dead,
Jenn. Same as me, just like Kyle
and Sunday.
They aren't dead either?
What is going on? I'm so confused.
Where are Kyle and Sunday?
They're helping me in the lab.
Look, i'm sorry Aunt Liela, but I
can't stay here.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I'm afraid you don't have a
LIELA snaps her head toward Steve and glares. Then she turns
her head back to Jenn.
Jenn, I'm sorry that I didn't give
you much of a choice in this, but
can you please just trust me?
Like you're buddy just said, I'm
afraid I don't have a choice.
Liela, Steve, and Jenn are walking into the observation
deck. The room is bright and long, but narrow. There are two
rows of chairs each row on a different level and the chairs
spin. There are high tech screens and buttons in front of
each of the chairs that are all lit up. Only two men in
their early 20's sit in chairs next to each other, the rest
of the chairs are empty. On the right side there is a large
window that stretches the length of the room, which shows a
colorful room on a lower level. Around the sides of the
lower level room are doors. Each door has a clearly printed
name across the top. In the corner of the room are bright
yellow chairs that sit low to the ground. Under the chairs


is a big rug that covers most of the floor, the rug is a
rainbow of colors. Children artwork hangs on the walls and
homemade crafts hang from the ceiling.In the center of the
room there is a big wooden table with eight chairs around
This is our observation deck. Here
is where are scientest work to
produce a human race of peaceful
A what?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
We are trying to take the violence
out of our world and out of our
thoughts in a more forceful matter
than the meaningless no violence
commercials they show on tv.
Right...So you're trying to create
world peace and all that?
Exactly. It will be a world where
you don't have to worry about
hatred or violence.
You're kidding right? You aren't
seriously trying to make a world
where violence doesn't exsist are
you? That will never work.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
What we're making is a generation
of people who will never even know
the word violence so therefore
won't act upon it. What we are
doing is greater and bigger than
some magic weight loss drug. We
going beyond the limits of any
experiment or operation ever done
Jenn laughs.


This isn't funny Jenn, you need to
understand that this experiment is
extremely important and necessary
to our survival and the survival
of future generations to come. If
our experiments succeed, our world
will no longer need to live in
fear of each other.
      (raising eyebrows)
So you are serious about this...
Liela and Steve stare at Jenn intensely.
Okay, Okay. So...I'm still lost.
What exactly are you doing?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
We are creating the ultimate drug,
if you will.It's a type of insulin
that is suppose to shock the human
nervous system into a calm state.
As in it's a shot that's made to
keep you peaceful?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
The only problem were running into
is that it doesn't last for long
periods of time. It wears off in a
matter of weeks depending on
dosage and the wieght of the
How do you know when it wears off?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
The eyes. After the drug is
injected, your iris actually turns
to a lighter color and your sclera
turns black.
What's your sclera?


                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
It's the white part.
Sick! Why does it turn your eye
We're not quite sure yet, but it
has no effect on the rest of your
body, it doesn't even distort your
vision.Kyle thinks it looks quite
That's because Kyle's a freak! I'm
sorry, but this is just weird. Why
is world peace so important to
you? Why couldn't you just join
the peace corps like normal
Jenn, violence has become apart of
our culture and is not only
accepted, but rewarded. Hatered
shouldn't be tolerated under any
crimstances! I am extremly
passionate because I care about
the world you and my own childern
will have to live in one day.
Okay, Okay...I guess I understand,
but why can't I go home? And why
does everyone think you're dead?
Oh my God, they think I'm dead
No, No. They don't think you're
dead, honey. They believe you're
missing for right now...
So why can't I go home!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
It's too dangerous for us to take
you back and if you even share one
detail about this, we will be
exposed and our lives and
experiment will be over.


Well, what we're doing isn't
exactly legal. But trust me when I
say it's the only way to get
effective results...
Jenn stands up and runs out the room.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Do you want to reset her now?
Liela stares at Steve
Dave and Lily are together in the car, Lily is driving.It is
We've done everything that we can.
Lily glances at him, then looks back at the road.
I know this is hard for you, but
we're going to find her, don't
Lily LOOKS at Dave again, but stays silent.
So your not going to talk to me. I
hate when you do that. You always
shut down, like, like some robot.
I'm scared Dave! I am terriffed
that I might never see my daughter
again! That is our daughter, Dave!
The only thing I have left to live
for in this world! So don't sit
there and judge me when I'm trying
to not fall apart!
I'm sorry, I didn't mean it like
Dave's cellphone rings while he's talking and he answers it.


      (on the phone)
Lily glances at Dave and doesnt notice the red light. A
truck hits the car and the phone flies to the floor. We only
see the exterior of the vechicles crashed together. there
are only street lights and they are dim.
                       DOCTOR (VO)
      (on the phone)
Hello? Mr. Porter. Are you still
there? This is Doctor Resittowitz-
we've recieved some new results of
the finger prints left on your
Jenn sits at one of the computer stations looking down at
the experimental chamber through the window. She glances at
the clock, it's 3:00am. Looking back at in the chamber she
notices a person moving in the dark, she gets up from the
chair and gets closer to the window.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
What are you doing?
Jenn jumps back from the window startled.
Nothing, Nothing. I couldn't
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Me neither, although i do stuggle
with insonmia
Oh. Well goodnight.
Jenn walks out the room. Steve looks down at the
experimental chamber, then walks away.
A co-ed group of 9 young people ages 10-18 talk in a large
circle at the main wooden table in the gathering place. ALEX
FRAME is seperate from the group, sitting off to the side in
one of the yellow chairs.


                       SAM (16)
Alex, are you okay?
                       ALEX (15)
                       SAM (16)
      (walking toward
What are you doing?
                       ALEX (15)
                       SAM (16)
Why don't you come talk with us?
                       ALEX (15)
                       SAM (16)
Why not?
                       ALEX (15)
Because I don't want to.
                       SAM (16)
                       ALEX (15)
                       LIELA (VO)
Alex Frame, please report to the
hospital wing.
Alex tries to get up, but almost falls over. Sam tries to
help her, but Alex pushes her aside and then walks to the
automatic doors.
                       JOHNNY (12)
      (to Sam)
Is Alex okay?
                       SAM (16)
I don't know Johnny.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Are you okay?
                       SAM (16)
I guess.


                       BRANDON (17)
Hey, Sam...
                       SAM (16)
What's up Brandon?
                       BRANDON (17)
What's that?
Sam looks down and sees a small pool of blood on the yellow
                       JOHNNY (12)
                       SAM (16)
I have no clue...
                       MINKA (14)
Wasn't Alex sitting there.
                       SAM (16)
Yeah, but that wasn't there
                       BRANDON (17)
Does anyone know what it is?
                       MINKA (14)
Looks like paint...
Johnny goes close to the chair.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Doesn't smell like.
                       SAM (16)
Well, maybe it's juice.
                       BRANDON (17)
When did we get juice?
                       SAM (16)
Good point.
                       JOHNNY (12)
I don't like this...I'm scared.
                       MINKA (14)
It's okay Johnny, it will be okay.


                       VERONICA (18)
What are you guys doing?
                       SAM (16)
You have to see this.
                       NATE (10)
      (pointing to
       charles and
What about us?
Sam waves them over.
                       VERONICA (18)
What is that?
                       SAM (16)
We don't know.
                       MINKA (14)
It's not paint and it's not juice.
                       CHELSEA (11)
Well what else can it be?
                       LIELA (VO)
Please report to the Learning
Center. Please report to the
learning center.
All the kids go out the door.
It is a long wide hallway that is all white and brightly
lighted. Childern's artwork hangs on the walls. The group is
walking to the last door on the right.
                       SAM (16)
This is weird, why are we going to
the learning center before we eat
                       VERONICA (18)
Probably because of that red stuff
on the chair.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Why do we have to go to the
learning center everytime
something weird happens?


                       MINKA (14)
To learn about it, Johnny. Maybe
Liela put it there on purpose.
                       SAM (16)
Why would she do that?
                       BRANDON (17)
Was that suppose to be a trick
                       SAM (16)
Yeah, you're probably right.
The group of kids walks into to the learning center, which
is a large room with desks in the front facing a white board
and a big area of open space in the back. Nate, Chelsea,
Johnny, and Charles sit in the front row. Minka, Sam,
Brandon, and Veronica sit in the back leaving an open space
between Minka and Sam. The room is brightly lit and colorful
with childern artwork hanging on the walls.
                       NATE (10)
I'm hungry
                       BRANDON (17)
We're all hungry, Nate.
                       SAM (16)
I know we're suppose to be
learning stuff, but we haven't
even eaten yet. I'm telling you
guys- something is weird.
Liela walks in the door wearing her lab coat and she has a
clip board in her hand. Kyle and Sunday walk in with her.
They stand facing the group.
                       CHELSEA (11)
Hey, Chels.
                       CHELSEA (11)
What are you doing here?


Kyle and Sunday are here to help
me with our latest lesson.
                       NATE (10)
But i'm hungry...
I know sweetie, we will all eat
very soon, don't worry.
                       SAM (16)
Where's Alex? Doesn't she have to
learn to?
Alex had a little accident, she'll
be back later. Don't worry
everything is fine. Right now we
are going to focus on enhancing
our senses.
                       MINKA (14)
Because Mr. Lo and Dr. Steve want
to make sure the medience we give
you doesn't effect any of your
                       MINKA (14)
Why do we take the medience in the
first place?
                       JOHNNY (12)
Yeah, I thought you were only
suppose to take medience if your
sick. I feel fine.
We'll it's not that sort of
medience sweetheart. All of you
are specail, so you have to take
specail medication.
                       SAM (16)
Specail how?
                       CHARLES (13)
Do we get superpowers or


I'm afraid not. You're all one of
kind, unique in your own way. Your
mind is very smart. So we need to
make sure it's stimulated.
                       CHARLES (13)
So basically we have no cool
                       CHARLES (13)
Well that sucks...
What did you say?
                       CHARLES (13)
Nothing, I didn't say anything.
Who taught you that word?
                       CHARLES (13)
Kyle smirks then looks down at the floor. Liela shakes her
Next time I think it would be
better if you said, "that's too
bad", or something along those
                       CHARLES (13)
Okay, Liela.
                       MINKA (14)
I don't get it. What's wrong with
the word suck?
Sunday and Kyle laugh.
Nothing, it's just that all of
your brains are very mature,
intellectally, therefore you
should use more apporitate


The group looks at her with a blank expression.
Okay, moving on. Today we are
going to be testing 3 of your five
sense. Smell, Taste, and Hearing.
Close your eyes and imagine that a
plate is sitting right in front of
you. Now smell the air around you,
what do you see on your plate?
                       NATE (10)
                       JOHNNY (12)
I smell bacon.
                       VERONICA (18)
I don't smell anything.
                       BRANDON (17)
Me either.
                       CHELSEA (11)
Sort of smells like Kyle.
Kyle laughs shaking his head.
                       SAM (16)
Am I the only one who smells ham?
                       MINKA (14)
Most likely cause I'm not smelling
anything over here.
                       CHARLES (13)
No, I smell the ham too.
Good, ham is corret.
      (to Kyle and
Can you go get the meals?
Kyle and Sunday walk out the doors.
                       NATE (10)
                       SAM (16)
We're eating in here?


Why not?
                       SAM (16)
Because this is weird. None of
this is apart of our regular
schedule and I don't like it.
I'm sorry you feel that way, but
we all have to learn how to cope
with new situations that get
thrown at us. It's will get
easier, I promise. Maybe we should
have more of these days more
                       MINKA (14)
Then it wouldn't be spontaneous
any more.
Well I gues your right, Minka.
Maybe we should take a vote...

Okay, Raise your hand if you think
we should change our schedle more
Nate, Chelsea, Johnny,and Charles raise their hands
idmeditely, Minka waits for a moment the raises her hand
                       SAM (16)
What do you mean?
It's just that I assumed that you
Veronica, and Brandon would have
liked a little change.
                       VERONICA (18)
Why? I like how the programs is
now, I don't want it to change.
                       BRANDON (17)
Yeah, I like it the way it is.


Then we will just have to learn to
ajust, I'm sorry but marjority
rules- you know that.
Kyle and Sunday walk into the room with plates on a cart
which are covered by metal tops. Everyone's head turns to
Who wants waffles?
                       NATE (10)
Me! Me! I want want waffles!
Before we eat we have to play a
                       NATE (10)
What game? I'm hungry now!
The first person to answer my
question correctly may eat, the
others will have to wait until
they are done.
                       NATE (10)
That doesn't seem like a fun
                       SAM (16)
What's the question?
When two people are meeting for
the first time what do they say to
each other?
                       CHELSEA (11)
Very good Chelsea that was right.
Now you can eat as much or as
little as you want.
Chelsea gets up and Kyle high-fives her. She opens one of
the trays and find two waffles and she takes them to her


                       SAM (16)
So what do we do now?
We answer another question, and
when she's finished eating, the
next person to give me the right
answer will eat.
                       SAM (16)
What is death?
                       MINKA (14)
Death is when we go to sleep at
night and our bodies won't let us
wake up in the morning because we
did something bad.
Very good Minka.
                       SAM (16)
There's nine of us, but only 6
trays, why is that?
You don't have to take a tray, you
can leave it or you can take more
than one.
Minka walks over to the food and removes the cover from
every plate. All of them have two waffles except for one
that has four. Minka takes the four waffle tray and sits
                       JOHNNY (12)
Great...now there are only 8
waffles left.
Yes, and there are only seven of
you who haven't eaten yet.
                       VERONICA (18)
That does seem fair for some of us
to eat more than others
The lesson is that it doesn't
matter how much each of us has,
the important thing is that we all


                       LIELA (cont'd)
have something.
                       SAM (16)
So the whole point of this is to
teach us how to ration so that we
all have something and no one gets
left out?
Yes, Sam. That is the point of
this lesson.
                       VERONICA (18)
It still doesn't seem fair, but I
guess I understand
Okay, considering all of you
understand the lesson and since I
forced you to change the schedule
today, I will get more food so
that we all can have as much as we
                       BRANDON (17)
Thank godness, I'm starving.
Kyle, Liela, and Sunday are walking down the hall.
I don't understand why you have to
keep doing stupid experiments like
It's not stupid Kyle, it's
important research. These children
aren't like you. When they woke up
in the hospital it was like they
were born again. Their entire
memory was erased, some of them
even had to remember how to walk.
For the year that they've been
living here they have been trying
understand how to react to one
another and unstand that there is
another world beside this one.


Okay, okay, i didn't need a
lecture. it's just weird to think
that this is the only life they've
ever known.
I get it.
She speaks!
      (rolling her eyes)
They have to learn that everything
they want in life,isn't going to
be plentyful like it is here,
they're going to have to work for
Exactly, Sunday.
The thing that I don't understand,
is why are you putting these kids
life at risk? You saw the way Alex
was bleeding from her injection
site. This experiment is too
I told you and your brother
exactly what I was going to do
before I did it, and I told you
that you do not have to come if
you didn't want to. You could have
stayed with Lily.
And watch her fall apart over your
"death"? I don't think so... This
entire thing is your falut and I'm
going to laugh when all of us end
up in jail.
Sunday walks at a faster pace and runs up the stairs. Liela
and Kyle stay where they are confused.
The group of kids sits quietly and looks at each other.


                       SAM (16)
I going to go to the bathroom.
                       MINKA (14)
Aren't you going to ask first
                       SAM (16)
Well there's no around to ask,
Minka shrugs. Sam gets up and walks out the door.
Sam walks down the hall, checking behind her a lot. She
passes the bathroom and runs up the stairs.
The workers at the computers notice Sam and some get up from
their computers. Sam runs and one guy tries going after her.
Another man picks up a phone.
                       WORKER #1 (VO)
      (talking into
Code 314, Code 314
Sam keeps running checking behind her often.
                                         CUT TO:
The group is sitting in silence.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Do you guys hear that?
                       MINKA (14)
Hear what?
                       JOHNNY (12)
Just listen...
Loud noises fill the room and then a loud crash stops the
                       CHELSEA (11)
What was that?


                       NATE (10)
I'm scared.
                       VERONICA (18)
What do we do?
                       BRANDON (17)
How are we suppose to know?
Alarms sound off like police sirens and the Learning center
door closes. Lights begin to blink red and green. All the
kids get up out the chairs and run to the door. Nate and
Chelsea begin to cry. Some of the kids start to scream, but
the siren is louder.
This room is brightly lit and full with different size
bottles of colorful liquids on the shelves that surround the
walls of the room. In the middle of the room there is a
large table with two rats sitting in a huge cage the has
metal walls inbetween and a second level.
Liela and Steve are standing in the room, Liela's back is
turned to Steve.
I can't believe you did that!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I was only trying to help Liela,
you don't understand-
You have jepordized everything
we've been working towards. This
all your falut! I can't even look
at you right now!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I'm sorry, but she was dying,
Liela! You needed kids, I brought
you kids.
No Steve! I specficailly said I
need, one child of every age
between 10 through 18, who are in
good health! That is exactly what
I said and you know it. We went
over this plenty of times yet you
still don't listen and you screw


                       LIELA (cont'd)
up our entire proceedure!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I didn't think it would effect the
Well it did. And now i have to go
out there and figure out how to
fix this before everything is
completely ruined and I've just
wasted my entire life away.
Around the walls of the room are computers and moniters that
are all hooked up to a larger moniter which is connected to
a large test tube that is filled with murky light green
liquid. Inside the test tube, Alex is asleep and many wires
are connected to her body.
How is she?
                       DR. LO
For now she's stable, but we're
still trying to understand what
caused her outburst. I'm not
exactly sure if her heart rate
will remain steady, but her
zipinal levels are normal.
Umm, I see. I had Chase check on
the children and he told them not
to panic, unfornatley some others
are still looking for Sam.
                       DR. LO
This is falling apart Liela. Maybe
it's time we just let it go.
We knew when we started this it
wasn't going to be easy. We can't
just let it go. We are so close to
figuring this out and if we stop
now, it will never be done. I
can't give up on my dream.


                       DR. LO
Well I guess we have nothing to
lose, my only question is, what do
we do now?
As much as I hate to do this, I
think we have to let her go. The
risk of her zipinal levels
becoming altred is much too great.
We have no idea how new medication
will affect the other things she's
already been getting, so I think
we should pull the plug or risk
the endangerment of the whole
                       DR. LO
That may be true, but killing her
might affect the emotional and
mental stability of the other
children, Liela. If the nogirin
levels of their d73 is impacted by
the effects of the herfinins
caused by depression, we will have
to competely realter the drug to
fit their new d37 levels and
possible their 625's.
Then what do we do?
Chase RUNS into the room.
We have a problem...
What is it? What's wrong?
Chase goes to the big moniter and pulls up a screen that
shows the cameras. He zooms in on one of the four pictures
and it shows Sunday, Jenna, Kyle, and Sam standing in
Liela's garage.
Oh my god! How did they get out
Liela, Chase, and Dr.Lo all run out the room.


Kyle, Sunday, Sam, and Jenn are standing in the garage
surrounding Steve's car. The garage in large, filled with
many trinkets of differnt sizes. In the corner there is
rocket ship that lays upside down.
Ok, seriously one of you has to
know how drive this thing. Didn't
you take drivers training Jenn?
For like a week, I don't know if I
can do this, plus this car can
vanish out of thin air, I don't
know how to control that!
                       SAM (16)
It doesn't matter, we have to go
now! They will be coming after us
any minute now. You guys don't
know what will happen when they
catch me...
                       SAM (16)
If you let them catch me, they
wont let me go back to the others.
There going to hold me down and
inject me with those disgusting
neddles. Look at my eyes, I can
feel them turning grey.
So the medication is wearing off?
                       SAM (16)
Yes. The medication makes me feel
weird inside. It's almost as if I
have this emotion I can't let
loose. I feel trapped inside my
own body- a lab rat in a cage.
When my eyes are white, i finally
feel free. Don't let them take me
back, okay? Please, Jenn- drive
the car
Alarms beign to go off again like a siren of a police car.


Get in!
I don't know about this...
      (Stern voice)
Then- stay- behind.
Kyle sighs then shakes his head understanding.
Jenn jumps in the front seat, Sunday gets in the passenger
seat, and Sam hops in the back. Kyle hits a switch and the
garage door opens. He gets into the back seat and they drive
off into the distance.
The group of kids, beside Sam, are sitting in chairs on the
                       JOHNNY (12)
Where's Sam?
                       MINKA (14)
I don't know. She said she was
going to the bathroom, we all
heard her say that.
                       VERONICA (18)
Maybe we should look for her...
                       BRANDON (17)
Maybe we shouldn't, and say we
                       CHARLES (13)
This is weird. First Alex
disappears, now Sam.
                       MINKA (14)
Maybe Sam was right, something
strange is going on here.
                       CHELSEA (11)
But what?
                       JOHNNY (12)
Minka I think you're right. I mean
don't you feel that?


                       VERONICA (18)
The cool sensational feeling in
your brain and eyes?
                       JOHNNY (12)
Yes, that's the one I'm talking
                       VERONICA (18)
It's almost like a chain is being
lifted off my head and a brezze is
blowing through my mind.
                       MINKA (14)
I feel it too. It's the
                       JOHNNY (12)
Yeah, it's starting to wear off...
Jenn has both hands on the wheel swerving in many
directions. The car jerks forward and she presses the brake,
ten the car jerks foward again.
Do you want me to drive?
Do you know how?
No, but even i could do a better
job than you, right now. It's a
car Jenn, not rocket science! Take
your foot off the brake and stop
slamming it on the gas!
Don't you think I've tried that! I
swear it's not me, it's this
stupid car!
                       SAM (16)
Wait! I think I figured it out!
Figured what out?


                       SAM (16)
How to do that thing you were
telling me Steve did to get here.
You mean transport?
                       SAM (16)
Yeah. Do you see where the gear
shift is? By the reverse slot is a
little small blue button. Try
pressing that, but put the car in
reverse first.
Nothing's happening! Do you
remember anything Jenn?
No, I told you...wait!
Jenn slams on the brake and turns the radio dail, all the
way to the left.
The small black car flies out the blue and white portle. The
car lands in front of the Porters house.
Jenn, Sunday, Sam, and Kyle are all shocked and catching
their breath.
It worked!
Holy crap! I thought you were
going to kill us!
                       SAM (16)
Where are we?
Welcome to reality.


We need to go to the police
No one would believe us Jenn, plus
we have no idea how to show them
where Steve and my mom are. This
could have just been luck.
You're right. Maybe this was a
stupid idea anyway.
It's not stupid!
Sunday pulls a stack of papers out of her bag.
I found these in our moms office.
This is the place that contines
their funding. If we can stop the
funds, there is no way they would
have enough money to keep it going
and they would have to give up.
Makes sense to me.
It also seems like it will take
way too long.
      (Pointing at he
It says right here that the
company is entitled to at least 50
grand this month.It's already the 16th, how much
you want to bet mom's already
cashed the check. You know how
much she's been complaining about
not having enough money.
                       SAM (16)
This is stupid! All of you are
stupid! I hate I even came with
you! This is all your falut! I'm
going to kill you! I swear to God
I'm going to blow all of you up,
one by one and laugh as the blood
goes down the side of your face-


Sam starts to choke and smacks her body against her seat,
wildy moving around.
uh oh
What's wrong with her?
She's going into shock, her eyes
are completely white.
What do we do?
Nothing, she said she wanted to be
How long is she going to be
choking like that?
A few hours maybe? More depending
on her last dosage.
How do you know?
Well my mom had to know how long
the process took and what were the
effects. She did a test run on
Chelsea, she didn't stop choking
for six hours. And when she woke
up, it was like nothing happened.
She didn't remember anything from
the experiments. It was like all
the skills my mom had been
teaching her were erased and she
was never despensed the drug.
      (looking out the
Is that Sarah?
The neighboor?


Yeah, look- she's holding Jewels
Sunday, Kyle, and Jenn are about to get out the car.
Wait! You guys are suppose to be
dead. If she shes you she will
start asking questions.
I'm sorry, I forgot.
Man, I hate being dead.
Jenn gets out the car.
Jenn walks to the front porch.
Sarah turns around.
Jenn? Is that you? Where have
you've been? You're parents have
been looking for you for days.
I was...at my boyfriends house.
Yeah, I was just really upset. I
came home to apologize.
Oh, dear.
What? What is it?
Sweetie your parents aren't here.
Why not? Where are they?


Honey. your parents were in a car
accident. They didn't make it.
Wha- What? My parents? No. I don't
I'm so sorry, dear. I was just
coming over to get some of Jewel's
Lighting stikes in the air, and a loud clap of thunder roars
across the sky. Jenn's knees buckle and she claspes on the
ground. Rain falls.
No one is in the chamber. Everything is cleaned up and put
Johnny enters the chamber from his room door.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Where is everyone?
Johnny looks up at the Observation Deck window. He begins to
scream and shout. Johnny runs past all the other kids doors
banging on them and screaming.
                       JOHNNY (12)
Wake up! Wake Up! Get up! Their
coming! I know their coming!
The other kids begin to come out of their rooms.
                       VERONICA (18)
What are you screaming
                       MINKA (14)
Shut up! All of you are stupid!
                       CHARLES (13)
No one asked you, Minka!
                       BRANDON (17)
Why don't all of you just drop


Nate begins to cry.
                       CHELSEA (11)
Why don't you?
                       JOHNNY (12)
No one's going to drop dead
because I'd kill you all first!
Brandon runs towards Johnny and jumps on his back. They
punch each other back and forth and roll around fighting on
the ground. The others yell and encougre them. Then start to
fight amoung themseleves. The all start to choke at the same
time and let go of each other. They all fall to the ground
and remain choking.
Sunday and Jenn are sitting on the couch. Kyle enters.
How is she?
The same. I wish I could help her,
but there's nothing I can do.
It's alright, it will be over
No it wont.
Kyle and Sunday look at Jenn.
It will never be over. Don't you
see? Steve and Leila will never be
stopped because there is no way to
stop them.
There has to be a way Jenn.
No there's not! We have thought of
everything to try and stop them,
but we've done nothing but failed!
I lost my family because of this,
I don't want to lose my mind too!


Kyle, Jenn, and Sunday sit in silence. The phone rings.
Sunday get's up to answer it.
                       SUNDAY (On Phone)
                       DOCTOR (On Phone)
Hello, this is Dr. Jacob
Resittowitz, is this Mr. Porter?
Sunday looks over at Jenn and Kyle with panic.
Uh, This is Mrs. Porter, yes.
Hello, sorry to bother you, but I
have your lab results from the
finger print anlyzes on your
daughter Sunday and I was
wondering if you could come in to
review the details.
Uh, sure. I can come in... Was
there a match?
Yes. After running the test over
again we were able to uncover a
match to a Mr. Steve Maini.
      (stumbling over
       the words)
Okay then, can I come in tomorrow
Yes, that will be no problem.
Sunday hangs up and takes a deep breath.
      (to Sunday)
Why would you say that? How is
Lily suppose to rise from the dead
by tomorrow morning?
Jenn gets up and leaves the room.


We're not going to that hospital
tomorrow Kyle. We have to go back.
Are you crazy?
No Kyle. Don't you understand? The
doctor has Steve's fingerprints on
me the day I died, Steve was
suppose to be dead a year before
me. Eventually people are going to
start asking questions and they'll
find Steve and our mom.
So, Isn't that what we wanted in
the first place? For them to get
caught red handed?
Yeah, but think about the kids? If
others find out about the test
being run on them, they will for
sure lock those kids up in some
type of mental insitution just
because they wont be sure what to
do with them.
It would be the new area 51...
Kyle can you focus here! We need
to go save those kids from a life
of that no one would want.
What's the point? We don't even
know them.
Remember how Chelsea reacted when
she woke up and saw you standing
there? She was happy Kyle. If we
don't help them they'll never be
happy again.
So what do we do about Sam?
Jenn walks in the room.


She can stay with me.
The group of kids is sitting on the floor in thier chairs
staring at each other.
                       JOHNNY (12)
What happens now?
                       VERONICA (18)
I don't know...
                       MINKA (14)
Life goes on I guess.
Liela Enters.
Good Morning, Angels. How do you
                       CHELSEA (11)
I feel sleepy.
It will pass dear, it's just the
effect of the medicence.
Loud sirens go off in the room, lights flash red.
Hold on children, I'll be right
Liela exits.
                       VERONICA (18)
Okay, I'm sick of this! I have no
idea what's going on...
                       JOHNNY (12)
I don't know either, but something
just doesn't feel right.
                                         CUT TO:


Steve stands looking at the large computer screen next to
Alex's tank.
Liela enters.
What's going on Steve?
Steve points to the moniter.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Look, you're children are back.
It's seems they left my car in
good condition.
No one cares about your car Steve.
They left Jenn and Sam behind,
this is not good.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Well now that my car is back it
doesn't matter. I can have Sam and
Jenn back by tomorrow morning.
Don't be hasty, Steve. We still
need to be careful, we have to be
patenice and plan the captures far
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Right...So what do we do about the
curret situation.
We reset them.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
All the way.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Liela, there your children you
dont have to-


Yes I do! I have to take any means
necessary to keep our experiment
alive. I swear on my husbands
grave that I will bring this world
to peace if it's the last thing I
do. I wont allow him to rest in
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But they are your children, Liela.
They wont know you anymore...
Doesn't matter...
I don't know me either.
Kyle and Sunday are standing at the garage door. The door is
metal and bolted with 14 locks along the side. By the handle
there is a keyhole and on the handle is a number pad. Sunday
unlocks all the locks and turns the handle. The door does
not open.
How do we get in?
How am I suppose to know? I'm
surprised I remembered how to find
the place.
Why did you even come? All you do
is complain and make comments that
are never as helpful as you think
they are.
Well, it has a key hole and number
pad. I doubt we need both to get
in. Why don't you try to unlock
the code and I'll find something
to pick the lock.
Kyle begins to screah franticly around the garage.
Well what code should I use?


I don't know...try our birthday?
Maybe mom's?
Sunday types in the numbers.
Doesn't work.
Sunday types in the number.
Sunday types in the number.
That's not it either.
Klye holds up a small silver piece of scrap metal.
Hold on, I think I found
Sunday steps aside. Kyle puts the metal into the keyhole and
wiggles it around. The metal breaks off in the door.
Great! So now we have to know the
Sorry. Hey why don't you try dad's
Sunday types in the number. The door prys open.
I love you...
I know.
Kyle begins to walk through the door.


Remember that our mom is still our
mom, even though she doesn't act
like our mom.
Just don't do anything you'd
regret, okay?
Yeah, Course not. Can we go now?
We have BEP's to save.
What is a BEP?
Oh, it's short for Black-eyed
People and better sounding than
test subjects.
Sunday shakes her head.
Where do you come up with this
Kyle shrugs.
Liela and Steve are standing in the room watching the video
camera of Kyle and Sunday.

Kyle and Sunday enter the room.
There you are. I've been so
worried about you.
This isn't right mom. I think you
should let the children go.


Let them go? There mine now
Sunday, I care about them.
If you cared you'd free them...
You don't seem to understand
Sunday. I'm only doing this to
portect them. I;m doing this to
protect to you too. Don't you see
it's the only way.
You have to stop living in fear of
all the bad things that could
happen. Did you know Aunt Lily is
dead? Lily and Dave are gone
forever and they had to die
thinking that they've lost
Liela steps back.
      (shaking her head)
My sister? No, not my sister.
Liela rest her hands on her hips and holds her head down.
This only reinforces the reason
why I must stop the violence!
But violence is not what killed
her, mom. It was pure bad luck.
She was in the wrong place at the
wrong time. You can't stop
Yes, I can. I'll figure out a way.
No you wont! Science can't just
fix everything! Science is not
going to bring dad back!
What did you say?


She said science is not going to
fix your broken heart. He's gone
mom. There's no way you can bring
him back.
Yes I can!
Watch me.
A loud shatter burst throughout the room. Alex has broken
out the tank. Green water flows down to the floor and Alex
falls out on the floor gasping for air. Blue light begin to
flicker and a loud siren goes off in the room.

Sunday screams. Steve, and Liela run to Alex. Liela sits on
the floor at Alex's side.
Start porcedure 473. Hurry, I
think she's going to flat line.
Workers get up from their desk and rush about the room
knocking things over and slipping on the water. One worker
finds a bottle and then hands it to Liela.
Steve! We need Ox-ion
Trifinkulator...This medience
isn't working. I don't know why
she's not responding!
Steve runs out the room.

Suday cries. Kyle hugs Sunday.
Come on, Alex. Please don't do
this. Don't give up on me...
Steve runs in the room with a small box shaped object and a
heart rate moniter.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Here. There enough 10-87 in there
to reach to least 200 finks.
Good. Tell me again exactly what
you gave her last-and don't lie to


                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I gave her what I gave the other
childern. Same dosage as Sam, I
think it was 40 mL...
And nothing else?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
No, I swear.
Oh God, the drug must be affecting
the radiation she received before
coming here. We need something to
reverse the effect.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But what?
I don't know yet! Let me think
Liela gets up and turns around to face Steve.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But the moniter...
      (stepping closer
       to Steve)
Shut up Steve! Maybe if you would
have done your job right the first
time, we wouldn't have this
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
She's dead Liela.
Liela spins around to face Alex.

The moniter shows a green flat line and a single beep goes
off in the room. Sunday cries harded.
      (pointing to Steve)
This is all your falut! How did I
ever trust you!


                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
What do you mean? Liela I'm sorry.
I was just trying to help her, she
was about to die...
And now she's dead. So please
explain to me how you thought you
were helping!
Steve reachs for Liela.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I'm sorry. I thought you would be
You thought that I, out of all
people would be pleased by the
life of an innocent child being
taken away from her?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
No, I thought you would be pleased
if I could save her. Honestly I
had the best intrest at heart.
Well, I'm sorry but you're off the
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
You can't-
You signed the contact like
everybody else. Since you have
obvisouly put the experiment in
jeporady, you have violated rule
number one. I'm sorry but you're
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Liela, please.
No, Steve. It's over. You're over.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But Liela, I love you!


You what?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
I love you...always have. You mean
everything to me.
I don't love you Steve. The only
person I will ever love is my
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But he's dead Liela.
I know. Thank you for pointing out
the very obvisous detail.
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
So you're saying even though he's
gone, you still don't love me?
I've never loved you,Steve. I
don't understand why would think
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
Liela I killed him...for us.
You-you...you killed my husband?
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
That was the only way we could be
together. You said you were
Liela falls to her knees. She weeps in her hands and curls
into a tight ball.

Steve tries to hug her.
Don't touch me, you bastard! Don't
you ever touch me again. You're
off the project!
                       STRANGE DARK FIGURE (STEVE)
But Liela-


I said, you're off the project.
Steve walks out the room.
Liela waits a moment then gets off the floor.
Okay. This is the plan so listen
up. I want everything to be as if
it never happened. Clean this mess
up, reset all of the children, and
we're staring over from scrath. I
don't care how long this takes, or
how many times we have to do it.
I'm not going down without a
Kyle and Sunday run out the room.
Catch them. When I said reset the
kids, I meant all of them. Now,
lets get to work.
The kids are sitting on the floor in thier chairs.

Kyle and Sunday run in the room.
                       CHELSEA (11)
Hey, Chels. Everybody...we're
going on a little feildtrip.
                       MINKA (14)
A fieldtrip?
                       JOHNNY (12)
Where to?
Uh, the zoo.
                       VERONICA (18)
What's a zoo?


It's a place where people keep
                       CHARLES (13)
How far away is it?
                       NATE (10)
Can Liela come?
Look, it doesn't matter guys. Just
get up so we can go.
The kids get up and go to the door. When it opens orange
smoke starts to fill the room. All the kids drop instantly
to the floor.
The room is all white and brightly lit. Nine bodies lay
covered up on metal sheet beds. Liela holds a clip board and
pen in her hand, she stares at the bodies and smiles.

Dr. Lo enters.
                       DR. LO
Okay. Everything is set in place.
We're ready when you are...
Trust me, I couldn't be more
prepared. This time I'm going to
get it perfect. This time there
will be no mistakes.
Dr. Lo walks to the first bed with a needle in his hand.
Liela clicks her pen and begins to write on the board.
                       DR. LO
Veronica McDaniels- 18 years old,
10 mL of hyperconoziack.
Dr. Lo sticks the needle into Veronica's arm.
                       DR. LO
Is that the final name for what
your calling it?
What's wrong with that name?


                       DR. LO
Nothing, from a medical stand
point, but perhaps the name should
be simple so that the children and
one day general public will be
able to actually say it.
Right, right...something simple?
What do you suggest?
                       DR. LO
How about BEP?
BEP? Does that stand for
                       DR. LO
Yes, Black-eyed people, I recall
Kyle referring to the subjects as
that once but the general public
will probably think it is a
medical term.
It is quite simple, Kyle was never
one to put much thought into
things...BEP it is.
                       DR. LO
Veronica should be waking in about
2 minutes.
Good. Thank-you, James. Make sure
the sleeping quaters are ready and
I will call you to move on to the
next subject.
                       DR. LO
As you wish.
Oh, and James-
                       DR. LO
Remember the number one rule, I
don't wish to restart the
expermient a third time.


                       DR. LO
Of course, Liela. All the subjects
are in perfect health and Steve is
long gone by now.
Dr. Lo walks out the door.

Veronica's eyes begin to flutter open. Liela stands over
Hello. My name is Liela Arlington.
I know that you're frightened, but
you must stay calm. Me and you are
going to be best friends.
                       VERONICA (18)
Why am I here?
Liela writes on her clipboard in big letters, TALKS.
You're here because you're
special, honey. You're really,
really special.


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From Leonard Date 8/17/2010 **1/2
I liked this script very much. No mater what it kept me interested. It is however a little short. I trust that this is only a rough draft of the piece and not the whole thing.

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