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The Search For the Golden Hour
by Tony Walker (tdoggninja@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review:

Boy goes on a journey to find an unknown thing called "The Golden Hour"

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Life is a mystery.......... Why do
I say that? Because in life.......
you never know what to expect. One
day, you might be rich and famous;
living the high life. Then the
next day, you'll be digging in a
dumpster looking for the littlest
morsel of food. or you might be
suffering through difficult times.
Then the next day, be relaxing
like you don't a trouble in the
world. Or maybe..... you are alone
in the world..... with no one to
talk to. But one day.... you might
find someone who might light up
your world......but to find that
someone......... sometimes you
have to look beyond what you see.
Who knows. Maybe that special
someone might be jus over the
We see the sun rising in the backgound.
We see a boy laying in the darkness. His eyes are shut. Then
a bright luminescent light is seen, shining on the boy's
face. Boy opens his eyes. We see a girl, but her appearance
is covered by the luminescent light. She reaches out for the
boy. She speaks.....
      (soft, gentle
Axel.......... Axel.
Who are you?
      (soft, gentle
Find the Golden Hour.


      (soft, gentle
Find the Golden Hour, Axel. It is
your destiny. Find the Golden
Axel wakes up. He sits up, freaked out by the dream he had.
He goes to the bathroom and washes his face.
      (staring at the
What the hell was that?
                                         THAT MORNING....
Axel is eating cereal. Turns on the TV.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
This is Axel McLain. He's an
average teenager. He's not the
brightest students nor is he
popular. He tends to keep to
himself, distancing himself from
other as much as possible. He's
not what you call athletic either.
In fact, he's as strong as a
sloth. But, even though he's not
the most outstanding individual at
his school, he is destined for
greatness, even if he doesn't
realize it yet.
                       MR. MCLAIN
Ready to go?
They get into a car and drive away. A few hours, we see Axel
walking home, all bruised up and scratched.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
That day, Axel got into 3 fights,
all of which was caused by Axel
stepping on their shoes, and all
of which he lost, even to the


Axel enters the house. Mr. McLain lowers his newspaper and
sees him.
                       MR. MCLAIN
Rough day at school?
Don't ask.
                       MR. MCLAIN
OK. (reads newspaper again)
Axel goes into his room and lays on his bed.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Axel has many dreams. Most of
which are about him beating up all
his enemies. But last night was
the first time he ever dreamed
about something besides that. Like
most people, Axel paid no
attention to it. But that night,
he dreamed the same dream.
Axel falls asleep.
      (soft, gentle
Find the Golden Hour. It is your
What's my destiny? I don't
      (soft, gentle
Find the Golden Hour. You must.
Axel wakes up. He's sweating and breathing hard.
What is the Golden Hour?


Axel and Mr. McLain are eating dinner.
Yo Dad?
                       MR. MCLAIN
What is it, son?
If you were told in a dream to
find something, would you do it?
                       MR. MCLAIN
(puts down utensils) What brought
up this question, Axel?
It's nothing. Forget it.
                       MR. MCLAIN
Now, Axel. I told you about saying
things like that. Now what it is?
Well......... I keep having this
dream that tells me to find this
thing called the "Golden Hour" and
I'm starting to think that maybe I
                       MR. MCLAIN
That's ridiculous. It was just a
Well what if it wasn't? Maybe this
is fate's way of telling me that
this is destiny. That I should go
out into the world and find this
"Golden Hour".
                       MR. MCLAIN
Oh really? And what about school
huh? You plan on ruining you life
for this absurd dream that's not
even real!!?
Dad, I hate my school! Sometimes I
still wonder why I still go back


                       AXEL (cont'd)
to that Hellhole!
                       MR. MCLAIN
All I'm saying is that this might
be my chance to do something I
extraordinary. Maybe finding this
"Golden Hour" will put some
meaning into the empty life I
already live. Dad, I have to do
                       MR. MCLAIN
And I say you don't. I won't let
my son ruin his future over some
disillusioned dream about nothing.
Mr. McLain keeps eating. Axel stands up.
Mom would have believed me. (walks
away, furious)
Mr. McLain puts down his utensils and looks down in despair.
Axel slams his door. Axel jumps on his bed, angry.
                                         LATER THAT
Axel's sleeping.
We see Axel in a strange room. He walks around, as if
disoriented. We see two chairs, one's back is facing Axel.
                       OMINOUS VOICE
Hello, Axel.
Axel looks confused.
                       OMINOUS VOICE
Do not be afraid. I am here to
help you understand your dream.


Axel slowly and cautiously walks towards the two chairs.
There is a man in a black suit with black shades sitting in
one of the chairs.
Please...... (stretches hand out)
take a seat.
Axel walks slowly to the other chair and sits. There is
You must be confused. Don't be. It
will all make sense soon enough.
Who are you? Why are you here?
                       THE DREAMCASTER
      (soft laugh)
I am called "Dreama-Deshinjo".
Which in your language I'm called
"The Dreamcaster". I enter
people's dreams when they do not
quite grasp the meaning of their
I don't understand.
                       THE DREAMCASTER
You've been experiencing the same
dream every night haven't you?
                       THE DREAMCASTER
But you can't quite understand
what your dream is telling you,
can you?
                       THE DREAMCASTER
That is why I'm here. (stands up)
Dreams can sometimes be vague or
can be broken out of order;
leaving out important hints or
explanations to help you
understand it. Has your dream
given you any hints as to what you


                       THE DREAMCASTER (cont'd)
need to accomplish?
Ummmmmmm........... (snaps his
fingers) Oh. Find the Golden Hour!
                       THE DREAMCASTER
Ah. So you need to find the Golden
Hour huh?
Yes but.... I don't exactly know
what the Golden Hour is. I know it
must be a time of day maybe, but
that's it.
                       THE DREAMCASTER
And that is why you can't grasp
the concept of what the Golden
Hour is. Your only thinking inside
the box. The Golden Hour might not
be just a certain time of day.....
(walks up to Axel) It's quite
possible that it is a person.
Axel's eyes open wide.
                       THE DREAMCASTER (cont'd)
I'm guessing it's your destiny to
find this person, but...... this
person will only reveal themselves
at the Golden Hour.
But how will I know who that
person is?
                       THE DREAMCASTER
      (smiling, fading
Don't worry. You'll know. Let your
heart guide you.
Axel wakes up. He's back in his room. He looks up,
                       NARRATOR (VO)
At that moment, Axel knew what he
had to do. He had to find the
"Golden Hour".


Axel starts packing his stuff. He sees a picture of him and
his mom and dad. He smiles. He places it in his bag. He
opens his father's door to see if he's awake. His father is
asleep, face sideways holding a picture of him and Axel's
mom. Axel closes the door. He opens his window and jumps
out. He looks back at his house one last time. Then he
starts walking away.
                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
And so........ his journey begins.
                       NARRATOR (VO)
As Axel was about the start his
quest, he felt that he had to tell
his only friend Roman that he was
leaving forever.
We see Axel outside Roman's house and he's throwing rocks at
Roman's window to get his attention.
      (loud whisper)
Roman. (throws rock) Roman.
(throws rock)
The light in Roman's room turns on. Roman walks up to his
window and opens it.
Sarah, I thought I told you to
stop throwing stuff at my
wind...... (sees Axel) Axel?
You got a minute?
                       NARRATOR (VO)
Axel and Roman go way back.
Roman hands Axel some hot cocoa.


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
They have been friends since 1st
grade when they both got caught
peeing in the girls' bathroom.
Since then, they both helped each
other with each other's problem.
So let me get this straight: You
ran away from home because a
person in a dream told you that
you had to find a "Golden Hour"?
Yeah. Pretty much.
(looking at him as if he was
crazy) What have you been smoking?
Dude, it's real. I'm telling ya.
Right. And I dreamed that I got
married to Jennifer Gardner and
have 3 boys named Pete, Jeff, and
FINE! Don't believe me. (gets up
and walks to the door)
Axel stops and turns around.
                       ROMAN (cont'd)
Are you serious about this?
I haven't been more serioous about
anything else in my life.
It's just...... I can't believe
you're willing to throw away your
life just to find something
someone told you in a dream about.


To be honest, Roman..... my life
didn't begin until I had that
dream. My life has been nothing
but a waste; all my life, I've
just been sitting down, waiting
for something exciting to happen.
But it never did. But now I don't
have to wait. I'm going on this
journey to live that exciting life
I've been waiting for. To live,
for the first time.
Ok man. You do whatever makes you
Thanks, man.
It's gonna suck without you. Now,
all the bullies will beat me up.
Hahahaha. Sorry, buddy.
Nah, don't worry about it. I'll
use my new kung-Fu moves I learned
from Sensei.
Roman does some kung-fu moves, terribly.
Well, I should get going.
Ok, man, peace.
Peace. (heads for the door)
Hey wait!
(turns around) What?


I'm just curious. (short pause)
Are you sure you're the only one
who knows about the Golden Hour?
Yea, why?
I don't know, man. From the way
you explained it to me, it sounds
like this "Golden Hour" is
something extremely rare. And if
it is, there maybe others
searching for it, too.
Please. No one else is looking for
the Golden Hour. That's
Well, just in case, take this.
Roman throws Axel a wooden cane.
Wow. A wooden cane. Thanks.
That's not just any cane, it's my
great-grandpa's walking/fighting
cane. He got it in World War II
from a japanese man he saved. It
gives whoever owns it good luck.
The first time I got it, I found
250 dollars on the street. And
it's pretty handy when fighting an
opponent. One hit from this, and
they'll never get back up.
Ummmmmm. Ok. Thanks.
Good luck man.
Axel and Roman exchanges handshakes and Axel walks away.


And so Axel starts his journey to
find the "Golden Hour". But,
unbeknownst to him, there IS
someone else looking for the
"Golden Hour".
We see a man sitting on a chair, looking at a computer.
Someone enters.
Titus, you called me?
(his back turned away from the
person) Yes I did.
What is it, sire?
I had a dream, Roger. A glorious
Was it about the girl you like in
TV production?
NO! (calm) It was about a gem.
A gem?
Yes. It's called the Gem of
Arabia. Someone in my dream told
me to find this gem and all my
dreams and ambitions will come to
What dream would that be?
(turns around) Why, revenge.
(menacing laugh)


The reason for Titus' vengeful
disposition is simple. As a
freshmen, he was pick on and
tormented by most of his
classmates. So, to exact his
revenge, Titus underwent a huge
transformation. He exercised and
lift weight to build his strength.
Then he took up 5 different forms
of martial arts. Then, to top it
off, he educated himself so that
no one would ever outsmart him or
overpower him.
                       TITUS (cont'd)
I'll use the Gem to gain infinite
A dream told you this?
Not to be impertinent, but I don't
think a dream could tell you to
find something. Maybe it might be
just your imagination.
(gets up and smack Roger, Roger
falls) I didn't ask for your
opinion, did I?
      (in pain)
Then keep your mouth shut. (walks
back to chair and sits) I was also
told in my dream, that the only
way I'll find the Gem of Arabia is
to find something called the
"Golden Hour".
The "Golden Hour". What's that?


I don't know. But whatever it is,
I must find it if I am to find the
Gem of Arabia.
And how are you going to find it?
With this. (pulls out a device)
What is that?
I remember hearing something about
a Golden Hour in TV, a few months
back. They said the Golden Hour is
the time one hour before the sun
sets and one hour after the
sunrise. This device will alarm if
there's a sudden rise in
brightness in any direction. (puts
it in bag) So, now that I
explained everything to you, I
must be off. (picks up bag)
What should I do?
You can either stay or come. It's
your choice. (walks by Roger, then
exits out the door)
We see Titus walking. Then Roger comes out. Titus looks at
I might as well go. It's so boring
in that house.
They both walk away.
So now.... the challenge begins.
Who will find the Golden Hour
first: Axel or Titus?


We see Axel laying in a dark room again. He opens his eyes
and sees a man with his back facing Axel.
(talks to himself) What the....?
(Aloud) Hey, who are you?
The man is still facing away from Axel.
(talk towards guy) Hey I'm talking
to you!
Axel touches the guy's shoulder. The guy turns around and
grabs Axel by the throat.
      (evil, sinister)
Axel wakes up. He is freaked out.
We see Axel sitting on a bench after waking up from his
At that moment, two things went
through Axel's mind. One was fear.
And the other was doubt. Axel was
beginning to doubt whether he's
doing the right thing. He thought
"What if his dad and Roman were
right about his dreams?" "What if
it was a an illusion?" "And if the
dream was real, could there be
someone else beside him who is
also looking for the "Golden
Axel's stomach growls.
Man, I'm hungry. (reaches in
pocket) Ah, man. No money. (get
up)(realize something) I know
where I can get money. (starts


Although he never wanted to go
back to his school, he had to.
Inside his locker there is some
extra money he stored just in case
he forget his money from home.
Axel enters the schoolyard.
Looks like everyone's still in
class. (looks forward)
We see Titus standing in the front of the schoolyard. Axel
sees him. Titus looks at him. It's a stare down.
That guy looks familiar.
He looks at Titus, and realize that he was the mysterious
guy he saw in his dream the previous night. Axel is
petrified. Titus smiles and walks away.
Hey, wait! (runs towards Titus)
The bell rings. Kids come out and Titus disappears in the
crowd. Axel walks through the crowd, passes a girl with
golden hair and looks at her. Then someone pushes him down.
Well, well, well. Look who decided
to show his wussy self back here?
Jonathan Calwell. Axel's worst
enemy. It's never explained why
Jonathan doesn't like Axel, but he
What do you want?


Nothin'. I just like messing with
                       GUY (1)
(picks up cane) Hey, look
Jonathan. He has a wooden cane.
                       GUY (2)
What are you, old?
                       GUY (1)
Hahaha. Ol' grumpy Axel.
Axel charges at Guy 1. Guy 2 grabs him and holds him steady.
Guy 1 gives the cane to Jonathan.
(waving cane in Axel's face) You
want the cane? Come get it!
They all laugh. Then Axel kicks Jonathan in the groin.
Jonathan falls then Axel grabs the cane and hits both Guy 1
and 2. Then hits Jonathan in the face. He runs upstairs and
hides in a empty room. Jonathan and his goons looks for
FIND HIM!!!!! I want to break his
skull first!
They see Titus.
                       JONATHAN (cont'd)
Well if ain't one nerd after
another. What are you doing out
here, Titus?
(not facing Jonathan) What's it to
What was that? I'm sorry I
couldn't hear you. Could you
repeat that?
(faces Jonathan) I said, "What's
it to you?"


Uh huh.
Jonathan walks up to Titus and tries to punch him but Titus
grabs his hand and begins crushing it. Jonathan screams in
pain. Then Titus trips him and punches in the chest.
Jonathan flys. Then Jonathan's goons just carry him away.
Titus walks away. Axel sees all this and follows him.
Axel loses sight of Titus and sits on a park bench.
(panting) Man, that guy is fast. I
wonder where he went?
Axel sits on the bench and doses off.
Hello. (sits on bench)
(opens eyes)Uh........hi.
How are you this fine day?
Ummm......I'm fine, I guess.
Oh, that's great.
Fear came over Axel. Like a bad
itch, it wouldn't go away. He
wonders what he want.... or what
he'll do.
So.... are you waiting for
(chuckles) Not someone. Something.


I'm waiting for the sunset, so I
can find a thing called the
"Golden Hour".
(gets up) Y....... you're looking
for the Golden Hour too?
(turns and smiles at Axel)
Precisely, Axel McLain.
H...........how do you know my
(gets up) I had a dream about you.
They told me that you were also
looking for the "Golden Hour" too.
Unfortunately for you, they also
told me to eliminate any unwanted
obstacles in my way by any means
It's silent for awhile. Axel slowly reaches for his cane. He
grabs the cane and tries to strike Titus but Titus grabs it.
He pulls Axel closer and chokes him. Then he throws Axel to
the ground. Starts hitting him and punching him. Axel is all
beaten up, struggling to get up. Then Titus kicks him on his
side. Axel lays on the groundand Titus steps on his chest.
Axel coughs.
I'm sorry, brother. If only you
and I could have met in a
different perspective, but I can't
have you get in my way.
Titus is about to finish Axel off, when sirens are heard.
Roger comes running.
Boss, it's the cops! We gotta go!


(lifts foot off Axel) You got
lucky. (walks away)
Axel struggles to move. He sees lights and a man walking to
him. Then things go dark.
Axel opens his eyes and see a bunch of books. A robot is
seen inthe background.
Master, he's awake.
A man in a scholarly gown, glasses, and a book in his hand
is revealed. He smiles.
Your're awake. I began to worry
that you had left to the next
Where am I?
Your're in my humble abode, my
sanctuary, my mighty fort.
Who are you?
Me? They call me "The Scholar",
but you can call me Phil. (reach
out hand) Nice to meet you......
(reach out hand, shakes Phil's
hand) Axel.
Right. Good to have you here.
Axel looks around. He sees a robot. The robot moves closer
to Axel.


Hello, Axel Mclain. I am the
Robotic Yapping Unit.
But I call him R.Y.U.
Why did you bring me here?
Well, we saw the fracas that you
were engaged in. You looked like
you were about to expire, so I
sounded R.Y.U.'s security alarm
and then I took you here and
nursed you back to health.
Often referred to as Phil the
Scholar, Phil was a intellectual
who loved books so much, he
actaully converted his entire
house into a library. He has
travelled the world, gathering
great literature for his
enjoyment. He is quite skilled in
the medical field and in the arts:
painting, poetry, landscaping, and
even martial arts.
I'm curious, why were you
Umm..... It was nothing.
Phil looks at Axel suspiciously.
Ok. There's food in the kitchen if
you're famished. (walks away)
Axel looks worried. He looks at his hand.


It was a whole new game now. Axel
realized it. There is someone else
looking for the "Golden Hour". And
he knows that the man who's
looking for it is much stronger
and faster than he was. Now, he
knows that in order to stand a
chance against an opponent like
him, he has to train...... train
like there's no tomorrow.
We see Titus and Roger walking. Titus pushes a tree.
Dammit! I should have saw this
coming. I should have been smart
enough to know that I wouldn't be
the only one searching for the
Golden Hour. I'm such a fool.
(pushes tree)
Calm down master. Take it easy.
It's not like he can beat you
(turns and smacks Roger) You
fool!! It doesn't matter how weak
he is. If he finds the Golden Hour
first and obtains the Gem of
Arabia, he can easily defeat us!!!
I'm sorry, Master.
      (calming down)
I should have finished him off.
Now we must work double time if
we're to find the Golden Hour
before him. Let's go.
Coming, master.
They both walk away.


We see Axel twisting and turning in bed.
We see Axel running and screaming. He runs into Titus.
There's no escape.
Titus punches Axel. Axel falls. Titus starts kicking him.
You aren't good enough for the
Golden Hour. You're too weak and
pathetic. You're not worthy.
A bright light is seen and Titus walks towards it.
No. (reaches out) No.
(breathing hard)
Axel wakes up, freaked out. He walks around the library and
looks around. He pulls out a book.
It's amazing what books can do.
Axel turns and sees Phil in a robe with a cup in his hand.
They can tell amazing tales, take
you to places you can only dream
of, reveal secrets that were
hidden for thousands of years.
Axel looks at him confused.
                       PHIL (cont'd)
Humans are much like books. Each
person has there own story to
tell. And if you look beyond what
you see, you can tell a person's


                       PHIL (cont'd)
story by just looking at them.
When I first saw you, I saw a boy
who was searching for something he
couldn't understand and was way
over his head. Yet, seems
determined to push forward no
matter what happens. (slip cup)
But this boy has one heroic flaw
to him: he refuses the help of
others. And with this tragic flaw,
he is surely destined to fail.
I..... I don't understand what
your getting at.
What I mean is, although you have
the spirit to achieve whatever you
put your mind to, you'll end up
failing at the end because you
refuse help from everybody.
Everyone needs help sometimes. All
the greats and legends of the
world didn't become greats and
legends without assistance. Even I
got help when I had nowhere to go,
My Teacher helped me through that
tough time. All you need to do is
let go of your pride and say, "I
need help".
It is silent for a moment.
Phil..... I need help.
What is it you need help with,
(wiping face) Well, you see,
there's this guy...... who's
looking for the same thing I'm
looking for. He's way stronger and
much more intelligent than me. And
I don't think I can beat him.


(puts hands on Axel's shoulder)
You can. All you need is Time and
Patience. Time to train, and the
Patience to do so.
So, can you help me?
My friend, you came to the right
scholar, We'll begin early in the
We see Axel, still exhausted from waking yp to early, and
Phil and R.Y.U.
Welcome to your first day of
fierce training. I will warn you
now that the training you're about
to embark on is very arduous. Are
you sure you want to continue?
I don't even know what "arduous"
I'll take that as a yes then.
(turns to R.Y.U.) R.Y.U., take it
from here. (bows)
(bows) Yes, master.
R.Y.U. moves closer to Axel
You sent the robot to fight me?
Try to hit him.
Axel tries to throw a punch, but R.Y.U. blocks it.


What the.....?
Axel keeps trying to land a hit, but R.Y.U. keeps blocking
and dodging.
Man, hold still. (pulls leg back)
R.Y.U., switch to offense mode.
Yes, master.
R.Y.U. hits Axel's other leg that he was balancing on and
Axel falls. Then R.Y.U. jumps and tries to land on Axel.
Axel rolls away. Axel gets up and R.Y.U. lands an onslaught
of punches. Axel falls to the ground.
I think that's it for now.
Axel lays there, defeated.
Axel and R.Y.U. duel it out. R.Y.U. wins again. Phil shows
Axel a series of martial arts movements. Axel is blindfolded
and attacked at random points by R.Y.U. and Phil. Phil gives
Axel a pile of books to read. Axel sits under a tree and
After 2 months of rigorous
trainind and studying, Axel's
skills have improved ten fold.
Axel and R.Y.U. duel it out. Axel punches R.Y.U. in his
CORE, shutting him down. Axel is blindfolded and attacked at
random points by R.Y.U. and Phil but blocks every single
attack. Axel reads all the books given to him by Phil, Phil
nods in satisfaction. Axel meditates under a tree. Axel does
a series of martial arts movement.(camera direction) Zoom
into face.
We see Axel, with a bag over his shoulder. And Phil and
R.Y.U. are standing in front of him.


(bows) Thank you so much Master
Phil and R.Y.U. for training me
and allowing me to stay with you
these past two months. But now I
must leave you and continue my
journey in search of the "Golden
I knew this day would come.
(running towards Axel and giving
him a hug) Goodbye young master!!!
Be safe!!
      (struggling, out
       of breath)
R.Y.U.....you're...... crushing
R.Y.U. lets go and Axel gasp for air. Phil walks up to Axel.
Be safe, brother. And come back
soon. (smiles)
(smiles) I will.
Axel and Phil shake hands. Axel then walks into the
distance. Phil and R.Y.U. wave goodebye.
Good luck, Axel. I hope you find
what you're looking for.
And so, after 2 months of
training, Axel bids farewell to
Phil and R.Y.U. and sets out to
continue his search for the Golden
Hour. But what threats still lie
in his way to find the Golden
Hour? And how will he handle then
when they appear?


It has been 3 months since Axel
McLain has set out on his quest to
find the elusive Golden Hour. Axel
has gone through ups and down,
trials and trivulations.... but
has yet to come close to knowing
the whereabouts of the Golden
Hour, which begs the question: Who
is the Golden Hour? And where is
he/she now?
An alarm rings loudly. Person turns it off. Person gets up,
yawns, stretches, and heads for the bathroom. Person washes
face. Goes back into the bedroom and looks at a calendar.
June 4? Today's the start of
summer vacation! (opens window)
We see a blonde hair girl with fair skin, big smile,
sticking her head out the window.
Hey! Keep it down! Some people are
still trying to get some sleep
Sorry, Mr. Blumenberg.
Girl dresses up, opens garage door, and bikes. She's smiling
the way through.
This cheerful girl is Michelle
Camacho. A average teenager with
above average qualities. She has
been voted 3 times as "Miss
P.Y.T." and won all three. She's
very open-minded, nice,
adventurous, and out-going. Her


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
dream is to explore the world and
see all its beauty. Being one of
the prettiest girls in school, she
is frequently asked out.... 3 to 4
guys a day. She is also hated for
her good looks by many girls.
We see Michelle walking down the courtyard. Bunch of guys
stare and whistle at her. She blushes.
Looks like just another day at
school. (giggles)
Well today is your last day of
school. I would say that I'll miss
you all, but you all know how much
I despice each and everyone of you
bloodsuckers! But to make my day
better and your summer worse, I'm
gonna require you to do a
two-hundred page essay on your
enitre summer.
Everyone groans.
Oh..... do you want it to be
three-hundred instead?
NO, no, no.
Then stop your whining!
Everyone shows sad faces, except Michelle.
We see Michelle sitting and eating. A boy walks up to her.


Hey, Michelle.
Oh hey Bobby, what's up?
Nothing much. How about you?
I.m great. Thank you.
That's awesome. So, uh, listen. I
have these two tickets for the
B.O.B. concert and I was
wondering, if you're not busy, if
you would go with me?
Awww, that's sweet.
So will you go?
I'm sorry. It's not that I don't
wanna go with you, it's just...
it's not the right time for me. I
hope you understand.
Oh.... yeah sure. I understand.
(walks away with head down)
A group of girls walk up to Michelle.
Well, well. If it isn't Little
Miss Pretty Young Thang herself.
Hey Stephanie. Hey girls.


(mocking) Hey Stephanie. (normal)
So I saw you turned down yet
another boy again, huh?
                       GIRL (1)
Yeah what's up with dat?
                       GIRL (2)
That's like the 7th boy this week.
                       GIRL (3)
And of all people, Bobby! He's
like one of the hottest guys in
our school.
Well, I'm just not that into
dating and stuff.
That's a shame. (blows bubble gum,
pops) I know a ton of girls who
would love to be in the position
you're in.
                       GIRL (ALL)
      (walking away)
Well, see you later, loser.
The girls walk away, giggling to each other.
See ya. What a bunch of nice
A girl walks to Michelle and sits.
Was that Stephanie Ballon?
Yeah it was.
That girl is bad news, Michelle.
Stay away from her.


Oh, you worry too much, Celeste.
And we did was talk.
Well, (eating) just be careful is
This is Celeste, Michelle's best
friend. She is very uptight
individual who worries a lot about
Michelle because of her naiveness
and cheerful disposition.
People rush out of class. Screams and cheers are heard. We
see Michelle and Celeste walking to their bikes.
So, what's your plans for summer,
I don't know yet but I'm sure I'll
be doing something fun.
There's never a dull day for you,
is there?
Hey let's race! Last one home has
to eat pickles!
Michelle gets on her bike and petals extremely fast.
AHHH!!!! Michelle, that's
dangerous! (gets on bike) You
might get into an accident.
Celeste chases after her. Michelle bikes all over the place
. Celeste loses sight of her. She is exhausted.
(panting) Damn, what's wrong with
that girl? Doesn't she know how
dangerous it is riding a bike at


                       CELESTE (cont'd)
that speed? I'm so exhausted.
We see Michelle biking still, humming a tune.
Wow, what a gorgeous day. I think
I'll say hi to Sir Thomas today.
She bikes around and sees a boy, sleeping on a bench. She
stops biking.
Who is that? He's sleeping in Sir
Thomas' bench.
She slowly walks up to him. She reaches to touch him, then
the boy wakes up and pulls out his fighting cane and points
it at Michelle. He stares at her intensely. It's Axel.
I.... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
disturb you.
(noticing the frighten girl) Oh..
my bad. (puts cane down) I thought
you were a thief.
Umm... I was wondering if you saw
Sir Thomas sitting here today?
The homeless man that usually sits
There was no one sitting here when
i got here three days ago.
Oh ok. (smiles) I'm Michelle by
the way. (reaches hand out)


They're about to shake hands when Celeste pops out and
pushes Michelle away from Axel.
Get away from her, creep!
But I.....
(pulls out pepper spray) I have
pepper spray.
(moving closer) But I'm not.....
Celeste sprays Axel. Axel screams in pain.
Come on. Now's our chance! RUN!!!
But.... wait.
Celeste pulls Michelle. They both run. Michelle looks back
at Axel.
Both Michelle and Celeste are breathing hard.
(panting) Are you seriously crazy
or something? What the hell were
you thinking talking to that
complete stranger? He could have
done all sorts of bad things to
I'm sorry. I didn't think of that.
It's just.... there was something
about that boy. Something.....
adventurous about him.
(looks at her confused)


Ok? Just promise me you won't do
anything stupid tonite ok?
Haha, you worry too much. I won't.
Good. I'll see you tomorrow.
(walks away)
Michelle goes in her house. The sun is setting.
Michelle is sleeping.
We see Michelle laying in a field next to a pond.
My, what a beautiful and peaceful
dream were having today, huh?
A man in black appears to Michelle. Michelle sits up.
Hello, Michelle.
Who are you?
                       THE DREAMCASTER
Who I am is not important right
now. What is important is that you
listen. Two complete perfect
strangers will be entering your
life soon. One will be there to
help you. The other will try to
take you. I can't tell you which
one is which so you must feel
within your heart, which one you
must trust. But be careful. Choose
the wrong one, and you'll regret
it for the rest of your life.


I don't understand. What do you
                       THE DREAMCASTER
You'll understand when the time
comes. (looks up) Someone's at
your door, Michelle.
                       THE DREAMCASTER
Knock, knock. Michelle.
We hear two knocks.
Michelle wakes up. Hears knocking on the door. Michelle gets
up. More knocking.
Michelle opens the door. We see Axel, standing there with
Michelle's bike.
Oh. Good morning.
Uh yeah. You left your bike after
you ran away yesterday. So I
thought I return it.
Oh, thank you. Can you bring it to
the garage?
Axel puts bike in garage. They both stand there awkwardly.
Well, I should be going.
Axel starts to walk away. It starts raining.


Aw, crap. Just my luck. Walking in
the rain.
Wait! (Axel turns) You don't have
to leave yet. Maybe you can stay
here till the rain stops.
But I'm a stranger. Aren't you
worry I might do something?
I trust you.
Thank you.
It rains super hard. Axel and Michelle sit in the garage and
So, tell me about yourself.
Why do you want to know about me?
I'm interested to know who the guy
in my garage is so I can get a
better idea on your personality.
Well...... there's not muxh to
tell. My name is Axel,I'm just a
normal guy, I used to live with my
father, I ran away from home, been
traveling ever since.
Why did you run away?
I rather not say.
Why not?
Cause, you'll think it's stupid.


I won't, promise.
(chuckles) A dream told me that I
had to find something and it was
my destiny to do so.
A dream?
Yeah. But lately I'm beginning to
think that it was stupid to listen
to my dreams. It's got me nowhere.
I thinking of giving up.
Don't say that.
Don't give up on your dream! I
believe that if you work hard
enough, in the end, you will
achieve what you want.
I know. But I'm tired of searching
for someone I can't find.
Who exactly are you looking for?
The dream didn't give me a name.
All it said was "find the Golden
Well, I'm almost certain you'll
find this Golden Hour. Just keep
Axel looks at her as if he just saw the most beautiful
flower bloom. The rain stops.


                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
Oh my. Looks like the rain
Michelle walks out to see. The sun shines on her. Axel looks
at her in amazement. She's dazzling.
Could she be...
(looks at Axel and smiles) Hey,
you ok in there?
(snaps out of trance) Uh, yeah.
(gets up) Well, I better get
So soon?
Yeah. Gotta get back to traveling.
Wait. How about you rest here for
a few days or so? Get your energy
up again.
Why are you so nice to me? You
barely even know me.
I don't know. I guess I sense that
you're a good person and that I
can trust you. I guess I'm
saying..... I like you.
Axel blushes.
                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
So how about it? Stay here for a
while, ok?


We see Axel and Michelle walking in the park. Axel pushes
her on the swing. We see them washing a car and they get
into a water fight. Then, we see them sitting under a tree.
Michelle rest her head on Axel's shoulder. They go to the
movies. Camera zooms on them holding hands.
Two months past again and Axel and
Michelle's relationship grows more
everyday. Axel, being happy for
the first time since he was
little, has seem to forgotten
completely about his search for
the Golden Hour, to live a normal
life being with Michelle.
However... nothing stays gone
A loud yelling is heard we see Titus in the forest, angry.
Titus punch trees and breaks branches.
Calm down, Master. We're close I
can feel it.
(grabs Roger) We have been
searching for the Golden Hour for
5 months now! And we haven't
gotten close!! (throws Roger) I
bet that kid already found it!
Then why don't we find that kid
and take the Golden Hour from him?
(picks up Roger) Brilliant plan my
friend. Let's go. (drops him)
Hey Axel. I made breakfast.


The garage is empty.
                       MICHELLE (cont'd)
Where is he?
She opens garage door. We see Axel training outside.
Michelle watches him. We see Celeste running to Michelle's
Hey, Michelle, I need to know what
you need at the .... (stares at
Axel) Oh my.
(wipes sweat) Hey.
Hey..... uh I mean (stern) Hey.
Where's Michelle?
In the house.
Thanks. (walks in the house)
Axel continues training.
I can't believe he's still here.
It's been like what, 2 months?
I'm glad he's still here. Plus I
know you don't want him to leave
Please. I could do without him.
Celeste walks out. Axel is sitting on the curb.
Hey, retard.


Axel looks up.
I just want you to know that I
don't trust you. You and your
well-built chest.... and big
arms... and chiselled face.
(blush) You better not hurt
Michelle or I'll kill you myself.
(mock laugh) Sure.
I'm going to the store now.
Can you get me some candy?
Give me money for it then.
I don't got money.
      (walks away)
Then your out of luck then.
Celeste walks away. Michelle walks out.
Sorry about Celeste. She always is
watching my back for me whether I
want it or not.
(chuckles) It's ok. I understand.
I used to have a friend just like
They sit and talk for awhile. Meanwhile, in the bushes, we
see Titus and Roger watching them.
There he is.
But who's that girl with him?


Keep your voice down idiot.
I have no idea. Maybe a girl be
keeps in his basement or
She seems happy though.
Shut up and keep watch.
Yes, master.
      (looking at
You know I always wondered.....
You always seem to wear that
necklace all the time. Is it
something special?
Uhh duhh idiot. Hahaha. But yeah
it is. My mom gave me this gem she
got from her trips abroad when I
was a little girl. She told me
that there was a legend about this
necklace. It says that whoever
possesses it will have whatever
that person desires the most.
What was the thing you desired the
I wanted to find someone that I
could open myself, hang out with,
and just be myself with all the


Well, I guess your wish came true
      (giggles, smile)
I guess.
      (giggles, smile)
I guess.
They lean in to kiss when Michelle's phone goes off.
Hold on. (answers phone) Yes?.....
Really?..... Ok. I'll be there
soon. (hangs up) I gotta pick up
something. Be back. (kisses Axel
on the cheeks)
Michelle bikes away.
(jumps up) HELL YEAH!!!!
Back in the bushes.....
That lucky guy. Wish I could get a
kiss from a girl.
Oh my God.
What is it Master?
      (freaking out)
Her necklace.... It's.......
It's.... The Gem of Arabia!!
I remember seeing it in my dream.
I....... can't believe that loser
found it before us!


So what are we gonna do?
Were gonna take her. That's what.
      (walks out of
Thank you. (sees Celeste) Hey
She walks towards her. As she gets closer, she notices that
she's pretty beat up. Celeste falls to the ground.
Celeste!! (runs to her) What
happened to you?
Roger pops out of the shadows.
      (creepy voice)
Hey there little girl.
Ahh!!!! Did you do this to
      (creepy voice)
Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.
Titus creeps up behind Michelle.
Now, now, Roger. Don't creep the
poor girl out.
Michelle looks scared. She turns to see the person.
Hello, my dear. You're coming with


Camera zooms out.
Axel is still sitting outside, waiting. We see someone
walking. Axel gets up all excited, as if it was Michelle
coming, but it was Celeste, all beat up and bruised.
Celeste! (runs to her) What
happened? (carries her)
You... you.....
I can't hear you.
You... you.... (looks up, eyes
full of tears) You jerk!!! (slaps
      (rubbing cheek)
Hey, what did I do?
You're the reason why I look like
this! You're reason why Michelle's
been taken prisoner by two guys!
Axel is shocked
                       CELESTE (cont'd)
      (crying, angry)
You're to blame for everything!
(punching Axel) I hate you, I hate
you, I hate you, I HATE YOU!!!
Axel grabs Celeste's arm. Then pulls her close and hugs her.
Celeste starts breaking down.
I'm sorry if I cause you or
Michelle pain. That's not what I
wanted. I wanted to protect you
guys from any danger. And that's
what I intend on doing. Now tell


                       AXEL (cont'd)
me, who did this to you?
      (sniffling, wipes
Two guys. One looked extremely
strong and the other was a little
short and creepy looking.
You can't mean.... (remembering
Titus and Roger) How did they find
They sent me here to tell you that
if you want the Golden Hour back
you'll have to defeat him at the
The Golden Hour? I don't have the
Golden Hour! I never had it to
begin with. They must be mistaken.
Please... please..... (looks into
Axel's face) Please save
Michelle!!! (passes out)
Axel carries Celeste into the house, place her on the bed to
Don't you worry, Celeste. I'll
bring Michelle back unharmed.
Axel "suits" up and grabs his fighting cane and head off.
And so... The final showdown
between Axel and Titus is about to


We see Michelle held by Roger sitting on a bench. He looks
at watch.
Where is he?
A rock is thrown from offscreen. Roger dodges it. We see
Axel standing in the distance.
Axel!! (struggling to break free)
(to Michelle) Shut up! (to Axel)
So, you finally decided to show,
Axel stands there, angrily.
What's the matter? Can't speak?
(dashes at Roger) Ahhhh!!!!!
(pulls out knife and held it to
Michelle's neck) Na uh uh. Slow
down there Casanova. You don't
want me to hurt your girlfriend do
You coward! Fight me like a man!
Oh but I don't wanna fight you.
(looks up) But he does.
Axel turns around and sees Titus standing in the playground.
Hello again, Axel.
Titus. What do you want?


      (jumps out)
The Golden Hour.
I don't have it.
Oh but I think you do.
What do you mean?
You haven't figure it out? (walks
to Michelle) She's the Golden
Both Axel and Michelle are shocked.
But....... that's....... that's
Don't deny it! I know you had a
feeling that she was the Golden
No way. (angry) You're mistaken.
Please. Don't deny it!
ENOUGH!! (pulls out cane) I'm
taking Michelle back and kicking
you ass!
(moves towards Axel) You're gonna
beat me?? HA! Please. Don't make
me laugh. I'll beat you so bad
you'll have nightmares forever.
Titus and Axel stand still for a moment. Wind blows by. A
twig snaps. Axel charges at Titus. They start fighting. Axel
rapidly punches Titus, but he dodges every punch. Then Titus
grabs him and headbutts him. Then he repeatedly punches him.


Axel falls to the ground. Michelle is worried. Titus steps
on Axel.
Didn't I tell you before.... you
can't beat me. (steps) you know
why? Cause your weak, (steps)
pathetic (steps) idiotic (steps)
and way over your head. (kicks
The sun shines down on them. It's 5:58.
Ha! How fitting. A sunset.
Signaling the end of another day.
(to Axel) But for you, it stands
for the end for you! (raises foot)
Roger removes the tape covering Michelle's mouth.
Say goodbye to your boyfriend.
It is 5:59.
Axel... (tearing) No.
Axel looks at Michelle.
I'm sorry. For everything.
Enough lovey-dovey crap. (drops
foot) DIE!!!
STOP IT!!!!!!!!
It is 6:00. A beam of sunlight hits Michelle and she shines.
Titus, Axel, and Roger are in awe.
What's......... What's happening?
Is this.... the true power of the
Golden Hour?


She really is the Golden Hour.
Michelle's necklace start sparkling.
Ah! The Gem of Arabia! (dashes at
Michelle) Give me your power!!
A beam from the necklace passes Titus and hits Axel. Axel's
eyes open and he gets up as if energy has returned into him.
No. (angry) NO!!!! The power of
the Gem belongs to me!!!
Titus charges at Axel. He tries to punch him, but Axel
blocks each one. Then he grabs Titus.
Axel starts hitting Titus, damaging him with each other
blow. Titus falls to the ground.
                       TITUS (cont'd)
It can't be..... it just just
can't be!!! I'm suppose to find
the Golden Hour and receive
powers. Not you!
      (picks up cane)
I guess your dream won't be a
Why you!!!!
He charges at Axel. Then Axel hits Titus with his cane in
the dtomach. Then hits him over the head, Titus falls.
      (reaching out,
I was... so close. (passes out)


I'm sorry. If only we did meet in
another perspective, we'd be
friends, not enemies.
Axel walks towards Roger. Roger's scared. He runs away. Axel
walks up to Michelle. He collapses from from exhaustion.
So....... tired.
We see the sunset.
(laying on Michelle's lap) Hey
listen. I'm really sorry for what
happened today. I never wanted to
bring any harm to you.
It's ok. Thank you for saving me.
That was really sweet.
(grabs hand) I promise... I'll
never put you through something
like this again.
And what if it does?
Then I'll beat the crap outta
anyone who'll try to take you.
That's sweet.
They lean in to kiss. The sun sets.
4 months pass since Axel's fight
with Titus.
We see Axel and Michelle walking.


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
Axel and Michelle's relationship
has gotten closer. And it seems
that everything is back to
Hey kid!
Axel and Michelle turn around.
Or maybe not.
A group of guys carrying chains and knives.
Word on the street is your girl
carries a very percious gem. Why
don't you hand it over.
Axel and Michelle look at each other and smile . Axel puts
out his cane.
(walks towards the guys) So you
wanna dance, huh?
The Guys look confused.
Let's dance.
Axel charges at them and strikes with his cane.


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