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Oh, How Our Lives Revolve Around Men
by Molly Long (molly8929@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: **1/2
An AP English project that I had to do, combining 3 characters for 2 different books.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


IZZ, TESS, MARIE, and CARRIE sit around their usual square
table outside. It's Sunday, also their usual girls
get-together day together. Izz and Tess are with a dazed,
dreamy expression, all for different reasons. Izz is
stupefied by Angel Clare's offer, Tess is still in shock
Angel has left her. Marie is staring out the window,
anticipating her next visit with Meursault. Carrie, on the
other hand, is studying them curiously, enjoying the looks
on her friends' faces.
So... what have you girls been up
nothing, really..!
really Izz...
Izz thinks she is caught for dreaming about Angel Clare and
begins turning red.
      (sees the flushed
       color on Izz's
Its obvious that you've been
thinking about Angel Clare.
Tess is a little more alert with the mention of Angel Clare.
Well I've been trying not to but
it's been hard especially with his
charming looks and good education.
I can stare at him 100 times,
imagine him by my side in my
dreams, but it won't be as
powerful as one glance from Tess.
Oh, I still remember when he
carried me, I thought I was a
princess. Just as I thought he was
going to lean in for a kiss, he
rushed back to carry Tess. Oh, my
hopeless dreaming...
      (dreamy bubble
       suddenly pops)


                       IZZ (cont'd)
I'm sorry for bothering you Tess.
We all know and agree that he
loves you most.
Not after what has happened. My
beloved Angel, I betrayed him... I
betrayed him! I shouldn't have
married him. But how could I have
helped myself? He was so
gentlemanly and so kind to me.
Being with him made me want to
live life again after enduring
those gloomy days at the
D'urbervilles mansion. I guess I
sought too high; I shouldn't have
succumbed to my desires…
      (after a pause,
       murmurs quietly)
He would have been so much better
off with you, Izz.
Izz begins to feel guilty for thinking about tempting Angel
Clare, especially after seeing Tess suffer. In an attempt to
avoid the situation, she starts to eat her eggs.
Tess! Snap out of it, girl! You
are the best wife Angel could have
married. You are beautiful, hard
working and pure. You always tell
us that your "purity" has been
lost after Alec but really, you
have the purest morals I've ever
met. Just telling Angel about your
mishaps was a courageous thing to
do. Him not accepting it was him
being inflexible and not
Tess, you broke his entire façade
of you when you confessed to him
that you were raped. Ruining your
chances with him, your life, was
it worth it?
Carrie glances crossly at Marie who has failed to continue
her "support Tess" campaign.


      (exasperated and
       letting out a
No... Marie you are too right. I
just couldn't help myself. I
struggled day in and night out,
holding this terrible secret in.
Finally letting it out felt like a
blessing but ended up as a curse.
I guess I thought that Angel would
be a little understanding of the
situation, but I do not blame him;
It was my fault.
      (wipes her mouth
       after eating)
Oh Tess. It'll be okay. He'll come
back soon and forgive you. Have
After hearing Izz's words of encouragement, Tess feels a
little more hopeful.
Oh, I just don't understand! Why
are you girls mooning over Angel
Clare? He is so insensitive and
even a little.. arrogant! You
girls are so lively and wonderful.
You guys could be with a better
guy, who treats you kindly,
tenderly and even, equally.
Izz and Tess are in shock after hearing what Carrie just
Carrie! How could you say that
about Mr. Clare? He has always
cared about us, dairymaids, and
never looked down on us.
It was all my fault, so don't say
anything more about him because he
never did anything wrong. As a
faithful wife, all I can do right
now, is wait for him.
Carrie shakes her head in exasperation at the dreary
positions that both Tess and Izz are in.


      (turns to Marie)
Well… Marie what's been up with
My fiancé, Meursault, was recently
Tess and Izz drink their coffee. They are a bit held aback
by this shocking news and do not know how to respond.
Wow.. How are you doing?
I love him and I will support him.
Honey, does Meursault love you?
Last time when Izz and I went over
to your place to have lunch with
him, he was pretty reserved.
      (adding on)
He was a little awkward too. I
heard from some people that he
didn't even cry at his mother's
Marie stares blankly at the two who have obviously missed
something crucial.
The sexual chemistry is great and
I like him so I asked him to marry
me. He didn't mind.
Carrie gasps in shock.
      (a little annoyed
       after hearing
       what Meursault
You and Meursault are so casual,
perhaps even too casual with the
idea of marriage. It makes me so
annoyed that he said that "he
didn't mind" the prospect of
marriage. How can he look at love
so indifferently especially when I


                       CARRIE (cont'd)
see you.. so infatuated with him.
      (adding on)
I really do love him. And besides,
I'm counting on him. I've already
given up everything for him. My
beautiful apartment, my job…
Marie, I know what you mean.
You've sacrificed so much for him
because it's about time to settle
down and have a man in our lives.
      (not relenting)
Does it trouble you that he's in
jail? That he might be another
psycho maniac? Or that he's
unstable and gets paid so little
each month?
Tess and Izz glance over at each other and shift uneasily in
their chairs at Carrie's radical thinking.
You could do so many other things!
Go be a waitress or a dancer or a
singer, like you've always
      (cuts Carrie off)
Marie, we all just care deeply
about you.
Carrie stops and breathes.
All I can do is hope for the best.
Thats all.


      (stands up
I need to visit Meursault now. See
you next week.
I have to leave now too, but yes,
next Sunday sounds good. Oh and
Izz. Try to get over Angel Clare,
please? Even with your doting,
he's already married and probably
will not take heed to you. And
Tess, best of luck to you.
Marie and Carrie part, leaving Tess and Izz behind.
      (to Tess)
We forgot to ask Carrie how she's
doing! I hope her and her
boyfriend are doing okay..Let's leave now Tess. We still
have work later today and
tomorrow, early in the morning.
CARRIE returns to her apartment, still mystified by what her
friends have just said at brunch. She's in her PJs, with
loosely done hair. She sits in her chair with her legs
crossed and a laptop in her lap.
      (typing on her
Why can't my friends can't find
any suitable guys? I've seen them
get so victimized and taken
advantage of by this male
dominated society. Little Izzy
even tried to drown herself after
Angel Clare, her so-called
"destined one", rejected her. Tess
is forced to wait, indefinitely,
punished for a blemish that is not
her fault. Marie has given up her
dreams and possessions for a guy
who doesn't seem to love her. Is
it that women will never be able
to fulfill themselves in their own
particular way?Can we never be seen as equals to


                       CARRIE (cont'd)
men? Or will we always be forced
into this submissive, inferior
Little did she know, Carrie's boyfriend was planning on
dumping her this night because she was too "independent".


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From eddie Date 9/21/2010 **1/2
So I like the idea you have here, but there are two issues I have that took away from the core. 1) Way too dialogue heavy, and 2) I just couldn't get away from the thought that this may be a way to have a personal rant. With that said, I think you handled the amount of dialogue that you have here very well. It was very easy to pick up on the flow, and very easy to read. While writing this did you ever think that you could have done this better as a short story? I wouldn't mind reading it again in that kind of format, or maybe expanding on this a little bit more. Taking out that end and adding on to it. I do hope you don't take too much offense to the rant remark, as we all do it. It just sometimes gets too difficult to separate one's self from the story in order to gain a more critical perspective. I am very guilty of it.

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