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The Stranger (short)
by Mario Cacioppo (mario9c1c@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review:

A man, fueled by revenge, mistakes an innocent boy, for his sister's killer.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


ROB, MICHAEL, LUKE, and TYLER are playing Xbox in Michael's
Basement. Luke and Tyler are playing one Vs. one on COD4.
Michael and Rob are watching while eating pizza and chips.
Beer cans, beer bottles, chips and pizza boxes litter the
floor, couch and table.
Ahahaha eat my lead bitch!
      (Stands up)
Yeah! What now Ty Ty?!
Shit. Here Mike, your turn
Tyler hands Michael the controller.
Kay sweet. I hope you're ready to
eat shit Luke.
Hey, the only shit I eat is mine.
Everyone looks at Luke. Awkward Pause
                       LUKE (Cont'd)
Okay, that sounded bad.
Okay whatever, let's get it on
Michael and Luke start playing. Tyler watches with Rob.
Rob looks at the time.
Shit guys I gotta go, I said I'd
be home before 1. It's already a
quarter to.
Shit, okay. I'll walk you out.
Tyler take this.


Michael Throws the controller at Tyler.
Sweet! I'm gonna beat you so bad,
you're gonna wish I never beat you
so bad.
Whatever dude. See ya Rob.
Later guys.
Michael and Rob head up stairs.
                                         CUT TO
Thanks for coming man. Need a
Nah I'm good. My house is only 5
minutes away anyways
You sure? It's Pretty dark out.
Yeah man I'll be fine. Besides,
we've been drinking remember?
Right. Good point. Alright man,
well take it easy, I'll talk to ya
Yeah man. Peace.
They do handshake, and Rob leaves.
Rob walks down the driveway. Michael goes inside.
                                         CUT TO


Rob is walking down the street in the dark. Only street
lamps light his way.
SOFT MUSIC starts to play.
Rob gets the feeling he is being followed, and quickens his
pace. He looks over his shoulder constantly. As Rob enters
the light of one of the street lights, a VOICE comes from
the darkness.
Stop right there, David.
Rob freezes in place. He doesn't know how to respond. He
doesn't turn around.
The STRANGER stays in the shadows.
                       STRANGER (Cont'd)
Answer me David!
I'm not David!
You're voice sounds strange David.
Are you trying to play tricks with
me? I don't like tricks David!
What tricks? I'm no-
Shut up! Just shut up! Don't think
I forgot about what you did!
The Stranger is blind with rage, and does not see that it is
not David.
Jesus man, I don't know what
you're talking about-
I won't let you get away with it
David! You should have finished me
when you had the chance!
The Stranger walks closer, his hand enters the light, and we
see a handgun in his hand. He points it at Rob.


                       STRANGER (Cont'd)
Who sees who now David? I will
finally get you for what you did
to her.
walks into frame watching from a distance. The man then puts
his finger to his ear, and mutters something.
You've got the wrong guy!
Shut up! You see David, I've got
nothing to lose. You took away
everything I ever loved. I died
that day with Laura.
Fuck man! I don't know what you're
talking about! I just wanna go
Shut up David!
I'm not David!
Rob makes a run for it.
The Stranger freaks out and FIRES his gun.
There is a FLASHBACK.
                                         CUT TO
STEVEN'S face. It is cut and bruised. His eyes begin to open
slowly. He sluggishly gets up and looks around.
The place is a mess.
There is a GIRL lying on the ground, lifeless, she is also
cut and bruised.
There is a MAN standing at the kitchen counter with his back
turned to him.


Steven GRUNTS as he tries to move.
Oh, you're awake. Good. I was
getting worried you know. I didn't
want to lose you before I got my
Get the fuck out of my house.
Now, now, Steven. No need to be so
rude. You wouldn't want things to
get any worse than they already
are now, would you?
I told you I'd get you the money.
I just need time, David!
DAVID turns around.
Aah yes, time. You need time, yet,
I have no time to give. I've been
very patient with you, Steven.
I'll get you the money, I swear!
Oh, I don't know. I'm not
convinced. I think you need a
little more...motivation.
DAVID picks up a gun from the counter and walks over to the
girl on the floor.
Don't you fucking touch her!
STEVEN tries to get up, but his leg is in bad shape and
BUCKLES under his weight.
Now, now, Steven, no need to get
up. Your sister is very beautiful,
too bad you couldn't save her.


Steven's voice is cut off by the GUN SHOT. He begins to cry,
burying his face in his hands.
Such a shame, she was a very
pretty girl.
You motherfucker! I'll fucking
kill you! You hear me? I'll
fucking kill you!
Now that's the spirit Steven! Now
if only you could have put that
anger and energy into getting me
my money, this wouldn't have
David walks towards Steven.
                       DAVID (Cont'd)
Now that I have your attention,
let's discuss what I expect from
you. I want my money by next
Friday. That is one week from
today. The way I see it, you have
two options, you could be a good
little boy and get me my money, we
go our separate ways, and you can
try and live a new life. Or, you
could get the revenge I know you
so desperately want.
David kneels in front of Steven. Steven looks up.
                       DAVID (Cont'd)
The choice is yours, but if you
don't get me my money, I will be
back to finish off what I started
David stands up.
                       DAVID (Cont'd)
Either way you'll probably end up
dead. So it's up to you how you
want to live your last week, by
doing the right thing, or avenging
your poor little sister over
there. I'll even give you a head


David puts the gun on the counter.
A little more fuel to feed the
fire. Or, to put it out. Don't get
up, I'll let myself out.
David starts to leave, and then stops.
Oh, and remember Steven, I will
always see you, but you will never
see me.
David exits.
Steven sits against the wall, unsure what to do.
He crawls towards his dead sister and touches her face. He
begins to cry silently.
He then pulls himself together, and crawls towards the
counter where the gun is. He pulls himself up and holds the
gun in his hand. It is the same gun he used to shoot Rob.
                                         CUT TO
The Stranger walks into the light. Rob Falls on his knees.
Rob then falls backwards on his side, his face facing the
stranger. He drops the gun in shock, and walks over to Rob,
with a limp.
Rob struggles to ask 'why', and then dies.
The Stranger kneels down beside him and begins to cry,
touching the boys face.
There is a QUICK FLASH of when Steven touches his sister's
I'm so sorry. I'm...so sorry.
The Stranger starts to cry even more, burying his head in
his hands.
Steven is crying beside Rob's dead body.


The gun is on the ground behind Steven.
Feet walk over to the gun, and a gloved hand picks it up.
CAMERA PANS UPWARDS to reveal David's face.
Steven, Steven, Steven. Look what
you did now. You've killed two
innocent people all because you
couldn't do the right thing and
just get me my money.
Steven raises his head from his hands. He realizes he is
defeated and just sits on his knees.
                       DAVID (Cont'd)
Didn't I tell you Steven? I will
always see you, but you will never
see me.
David walks closer to Steven, he raises the gun.
Steven closes his eyes.
David fires the gun killing Steven; Steven's body falls
lifeless to the ground.
David puts the gun in Steven's hand and walks away.


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