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The De Luca Deception
by Adam Lerner (alernerlb@me.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Organized Crime   User Review:

A film about an average accountant who gets involved with a heroin importing mafia family while trying to keep it a secret from his own family, leading into chaotic disasters and deceptions. This is the first film I've ever written and I haven't done to much editing but I'd love to know what people think.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


SAMMY slams open the doors of the diner, sprints out to his
car parallel parked between two other cars, fumbles with his
keys, then jumps into his car, turns on the ignition, backs
up into the car behind him, and screeches down the street.
Sammy is sweating, short of breath, tears running down his
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Ah shit! This is bad, this really
fuckin bad. Oh my God they're dead
they're fuckin dead!
                                         FADE TO BLACK, MOVIE
Sammy is sitting in his cubicle and frantically crunching
numbers on his computer. Bob and Ted walk up to Sammy's
      (mumbling to
384 into 1268 times 365, take out
twenty percent taxes. 50,000
dollars liability, workers fees...
BOB and TED walk up, Bob is holding some papers.
Hey Sammy what's 684 times 963?
      (still typing on
       his computer)
Bob I don't have the time right


Answer the question ya little
      (spins his chair
       towards them.)
658,692. Now can I get back to my
work, I need this done by noon.
You better watch that attitude.
BOSS SHERMAN walks up to Sammy's cubicle.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
What's going on here?
Nothing boss were just helping
Sammy get these reports done.
Yeah boss just helping him out,
you know how tense this guy gets
when he's under pressure.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Sammy you got the memo right?
Yes Mr. Sherman I got it, I'm
really working hard here.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
We need those reports done by
Yes Mr. Sherman, I know sir.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Sammy you're one of the the
smartest guys I know. But you
really gotta get you're shit
straightened out before I give you
that promotion. Why, Bob here may
not have the brains but he sure
does know how to make me feel
comfortable cause he's not so damn


I'm sorry sir, I know I need to
work on that.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Remember Ciocia I need that report
by noon.
Mr. Sherman walks away. Sammy spins his chair back to his
      (under his breath)
I know Mr. Sherman, I got the
fucking memo.
What did your wife see in you?
Sammy stares angrily into his computer screen but doesn't
make a move.
you're a dorky, little, nerd. You
probably had no friends in high
school, never had a girlfriend.
You looked at guys like me and
always though to yourself, "man, I
really wanna be like that guy."
Ted looks very amused and starts giggling.
Oh man this is getting good!
Sammy stares into his computer with even more anger, but
still does not make a move.
And hell Ciocia, your wife even
had a kid with you, what's his
Sammy spins his chair around, grabs his coffee mug, smashes
it on Bob's head, and punches Ted in the face. Bob and Ted
collapse to the ground screaming in pain. Sammy stands over
they're bloodied bodies breathing heavily. The whole office
stares at him in shock, looking at each other and wondering
what just happened. Mr. Sherman runs up to Sammy.


                       BOSS SHERMAN
Sammy what the...
Sammy cuts him off with a clean punch to the face, the boss
spins his head back and blood splatters onto the face of a
woman co-worker in the cubicle across from his. She screams
in disgust. Boss Sherman falls on top of Ted. Sammy breathes
heavily looking down at them, then looks around the room and
smiles like it's the greatest accomplishment he has ever
                                         A FLASH AND THEN
His name is Christopher.
O yeah, well whatever. Let's get
out of here Ted.
Bob and Ted walk away, then Ted turns around and swats some
papers off of Sammy's desk.
Whoops, sorry 'bout that.
Ted walks away toward Bob. Sammy shakes his head and bends
down to pick up his stuff, then DAVE comes over to help him
      (picking up papers)
Sammy, why do you let those guys
do that to you?
I don't know Dave, you know I
could destroy these guys at
anything that takes some brain
functioning but these guys really
know how to tear me up down to the
You shouldn't let them treat you
like this. It's bad for you.
Sammy get's up and sits back down at his computer.


Well what the hell am I supposed
to do? The boss hates me just as
much as Bob and Ted.
I don't know, I'm not the one
getting shit on all the time.
Real helpful Dave.
No problem buddy. Hey you wanna
get a beer and watch the Knick's
game after work?
No, I can't it's "meatloaf Monday"
tonight with the wife and kid.
O yeah, I forgot. Whatever, maybe
another time.
Dave walks back to his cubicle. Bob spins back around to his
computer and continues to work on his report. Camera focuses
to the clock in Boss Sherman's office with the time 12:02.
Then Sammy drops the report on his desk.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
It's late Ciocia.
Sammy looks at the clock.
It's 12:02.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
I said 12. Not 12:02 didn't I?
Yes, you did.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Therefore it is late. Your the
math genius you should no that.


You know what Mr. Sherman?
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Sammy stares at Mr. Sherman, obviously hesitating.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Yeah that's what I thought.
Sammy turns around and walks out of his office.
Sammy walks down the stares, and out to the floor where his
Toyota Camry is parked. There is no other car in the lot.
Sammy notices a fat man wearing all black staring at him in
all black. He continues to stare at him as he is getting
into his car. Sammy backs out and heads out of the garage
looking into the rear view mirror and see's the man still
staring at him. Sammy shrugs it off and leaves the garage.
The man opens a cell phone and speed dials someone.
      (voice over the
We got him?
Yeah, we got him. You want me to
go after him now?
      (over the phone)
No, come back home tonight. We'll
get him tomorrow.
Alright pop, I'm on my way.
Vinny hangs up the phone and walks into an elevator.
Sammy drives through suburbia and up to his fairly small
home. There is an identical Toyota Camry sitting in the


driveway. He clicks the garage door opener multiple times
but it doesn't open. Sammy gets out of his car, and steps
into a puddle.
Sammy shakes his leg, walks up to his front door, wipes his
feet on the welcome mat, then uses his key to open the door.
I'm home!
      (yelling from
Honey, can u get the meatloaf out
of the oven!
Sammy walks into the kitchen. CHRISTOPHER comes up to him
holding a piece of paper.
Dad, can you help me with my
Sure Chris, after dinner. I gotta
get the meatloaf.
Sammy takes the meatloaf out of the oven, burning his hand
in the process, he puts the tray down and shakes his hand
furiously. MICHELLE walks into the kitchen.
How was work today honey?
Hell on earth, how was yours?
Christopher looks up at Sammy from the table.
Watch your language Sammy!


Everyone sits down at the table and Michelle dishes out the
Well Christopher, how was your day
at school?
      (looks down)
Sammy doesn't say anything.
Mrs. Lewis called me and said some
kids were bullying you. Is that
It's just Tommy Rogers and Paul
Waggoner. They're so much bigger
and stronger than me and like to
pick on me. I hate it, everybody
in the grade laughs at me, and I
never know what to do.
You know you should tell a
What are they gonna do? It's not
like Mrs. Lewis is gonna beat up
Tommy and Paul.
No, she's not going to do that but
she can talk to their parents.
I hate everyone in the school and
I'm never going back!
Christopher slams his fork down on the table and storms off
into his bedroom.
Well my day is just getting better
and better. You know Sherman busts
my balls at the office, then I


                       SAMMY (cont'd)
come home to my kid screaming
about how much he hates his
school. This is ridiculous.
We need to put Chris into a
private school.
How are we supposed to do that
when my boss hates my guts and
takes advantage of me?
Well maybe you should just step it
up in the office and with your
relationship with your son.
What are you mother of the fuckin'
year? Your not helping the kid.
Michelle blankly stares at Sammy, then gets up and walks
back into her bedroom without saying a word. Sammy is left
sitting at the kitchen table by himself with all the dishes
of meatloaf at the table.
Sammy finishes his meatloaf, then gets up and starts
cleaning the dishes. After the dishes are finished he walks
over to Christopher's room. He stands in the doorway and
see's Christopher sleeping.
I ain't doin' any better than you
Sammy walks away. Christopher opens his eyes. Sammy then
goes into his bedroom and see's his wife laying in bed. He
undresses, get's into bed, and looks at Michelle.
I'm sorry.
Michelle turns facing the opposite way.
Forget it.


Sammy stares blankly up at the ceiling for a few seconds,
then rolls over and shuts his eyes.
Sammy drives into the parking garage filled with garage, he
pulls into a spot at the back end of the lot. Sammy is on
the phone.
Yes, of course I'll be their it's
your sisters wedding...yes I'll
help with the guest
list...OK...bye bye.
Sammy hangs up the phone and sees the same fat man from the
day before in an all black SUV staring at him. The man sees
that Sammy notices him and he drives out of the garage.
      (rolls his eyes)
Whatever, at least someones
interested in me.
Sammy walks into an elevator.
Sammy is working at his computer when Dave approaches him.
Man that was a great game last
night, the whole bar was filled
with Knick's fans, double
overtime, Wilson Chandler drains
one for the win, you should have
been there it was nuts! How was
your Meatloaf Monday.
Well lemme think, oh my son hates
his school, my wife thinks I don't
try, and I was left to do the
Rough shit.
Yeah, no kidding. And Sherman's
got me working on this Johnson
deal. I can get it done but it's


                       SAMMY (cont'd)
like my life is just filled with
never ending pages of boring,
meaningless, numbers and I'm
supposed to figure out everything
for the heads of these stupid
corporations who just sit back and
collect all the money. I'm the
brains in all of this, why don't I
get recognized!? I'm just a little
peon in life.
Sammy, you might want to see a
Nah I just went on a stupid rant,
I'm sorry about that. Hey I chose
to be an accountant, this is what
I do.
Alright, I gotta get back to work,
see you at lunch.
Yeah me too, see you later.
Sammy spins back too his computer. Then looks out the top of
his cubicle and sees Bob flirting with an attractive girl
and she is obviously attracted to him.
      (to himself)
What the hell to women see in that
Mr. Sherman walks by Sammy's cubicle.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Working hard, or hardly working
Sammy, chop chop.
Working hard boss.
Sammy get's back to working frantically on his computer, and
writing numbers down. Time passes and his office phone
Sammy Ciocia, how may I help you?


Is this Sammy Ciocia, the
Yes, who is this?
I've had my eyes on you for a long
time now and now's the time to
make my move.
Hey, who the hell is this!?
Your a very smart man Ciocia, very
smart indeed. You deserve
something better, something
Your the guy that's been...
No, but I am the man who will make
you the offer of a lifetime. Your
not respected in your office,
however you will be respected by
my people. Come to 13309 Meadow
Wood Court if you want any more
Trust me Sammy, you want more
information, I'll be expecting
The phone clicks on the other end.
Hello? Hello? What kind of offer
is this?
Sammy hangs up the phone. He then looks down at a piece of
paper for a few seconds, then picks up a pen and writes,
"13309 Meadow Wood Ct." and underlines it three times.


      (to himself)
What have I got to loose?
Sammy gets back to his computer.
Sammy is looking at the piece of paper as he opens his phone
and calls his wife.
Hi, honey I gotta stay late at the
office tonight, I ran out and got
some food so you don't need to
wait for me. I really need to get
this done.
Alright glad to hear you working
Thanks. Bye.
Sammy hangs up the phone and drives to the address. He pulls
up to a mansion, with a gate and an intercom system.
Ummm hello? This is Samm...
We thought you'd come, please
The gate opens and Sammy pulls up through the elegantly long
driveway up to the front door of the mansion. Sammy steps
out of the car, walks two steps and has a black pillow case
put over his head and is tied up around the neck and arms.
Men push him over and tie up his legs. He is struggling to
escape but there is no use.
What the fuck!? Who is this? What
was I thinking? I'm dead, I'm
dead, I'm dead!


One of the men hits Sammy over the head with a baseball bat,
and he get's knocked out. The two men pick up his body.
He was a squirmy one.
Haha no shit, this guy better be
as good as we think he is.
MARIO and VITO leave the bat outside and carry Sammy through
the front door. Vito kicks the door closed behind him. A
woman walks outside, picks up the bat and then walks back
Sammy wakes up in a daze.
What the hell? Where am I?
See ma' I told you I didn't hit
him too hard.
Well it was damn near close.
I'm sorry ma', but he's fine.
What's going on?
Sammy, I'm the man who called you
this morning. My son has been
watching you for sixth months now,
inspecting every moment of you
life. Your one smart motherfucker
and I want you to work for me.
Is this how you treat all of your
Oh, and he's got jokes! I'm gonna
like this guy.


What is this?
Your not respected in your office
and you deserve more. Your smart,
and I need a guy like you. I need
brains and not all brawn if you
know what I mean. I want to give
you the job opportunity of a
What? You want me to be your sex
slave or something? Cause that's
what I feel like right now!
No Sammy I want you to be my
personal accountant, you will get
to travel the world, meet knew
people, and make more money than
you will ever imagine.
What kind of business is this?
Drug trade, specifically heroin.
Heroin! Are you serious? I'm not
in that line of work, I'm an
You don't think the Mafia needs an
You will be on the payroll making
five million dollars per year.
f-f-f-five M-M-M-milli...
You will be able to send
Christopher to that private
school, purchase the house of your


                       DON (cont'd)
dreams, maybe show your wife that
you have made something of
yourself for once in your
You hate your job anyways.
Yeah but...
You can quit that miserable job,
tell everyone in the office how
you really feel, do whatever you
want on your last day. Do you
accept my offer or am I going to
have to get Mario over here with
Mr. baseball bat?
Long pause.
I accept. Now when can I start?
Now that's what I like to here.
Bright lights turn on, Sammy blinks his eyes multiple times,
there is blood running down his face. He is sitting at a
table starring at Mario, Vito, Vinny, Carla, and Don
Giancarlo De Luca.
      (points to himself)
Don Giancarlo De Luca. Welcome to
the De Luca family.
Sammy's eyes roll back, he faints and falls out of his
chair. Don looks at his sons.
Well...we gotta work on that first
impression thing now don't we.


Everybody laughs, then Mario and Vito pick him up and take
him out to his car. Mario takes his keys out of his pocket
and drives him home, Vito follows in another car. They pull
up to his house. Mario writes a phone number on a note and
leaves it in the car. Mario leaves the keys in the car, gets
out, and goes to Vito's car. They drive off. Right after
they drive off Sammy wakes up and sees his home and then the
note with the number on it. He picks up the note, gets out
of the car and walks into his house. He goes back to his
bedroom and see's his wife sleeping.
You're so beautiful, you deserve
better than this.
Sammy looks at the clock and see's that it's 3 in the
morning. He get's ready for bed and then goes to sleep.
The alarm clock in Sammy's bedroom goes off at 7 AM.
Michelle clicks it off, rolls out of bed, and starts getting
ready for the day. Sammy stays laying in bed.
How late did you get home last
Oh, man I don't even know, you
were sleeping like a baby though.
Wow! Mr. Sherman must be working
you hard. He probably wants to see
what kind of dedication you really
have to the company.
Yeah, I can see the promotion
coming baby, I can really see it.
That's fantastic! Well, I'm gonna
take Christopher to school. You
better get up if you want to see
that promotion.
Oh, don't worry I will. I
definitely will.


Michelle walks out of the room and closes the door.
Today is a day that I'm not going
to miss.
Sammy rolls back over and goes to sleep smiling.
Sammy walks in the office like he owns the place. He's
wearing a t-shirt and jeans. He walks down the hallway
winking at every attractive girl in the office. He spanks
one of them, she turns around and shrieks. Then he sits down
at his cubicle, puts his feet up on his desk, lights a cigar
and begins puffing. Dave is the first person to approach
Uhhh are you feeling okay Sammy?
Dave, I have never felt so good in
my entire life.
You're already late you better
hide from the boss.
Does it really look like I give a
flying fuck what the boss thinks.
Mr. Sherman furiously comes toward Sammy yelling.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Sammy what the hell are you
doing!? You're an hour and a half
late, you are not at all in work
attire, and YOUR SMOKING in the
Ah, Peter. I've been meaning to
talk to you.


                       BOSS SHERMAN
What the fuck are you trying to
pull Ciocia just what the FUCK are
you trying to pull?
Sammy stands up and blows a cloud of smoke into his face.
Well Peter. You have never treated
me with any respect, I deserve a
promotion more than anyone in this
goddamn office, you make me work
ridiculous hours, and well your
just a straight up asshole.
Dave's jaw drops, and the entire office gathers around
starring in amazement.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
You little...
Oh, and don't think we all don't
know about you little affair with
LINDA over here. How else would
she have gotten the money for that
new BMW if she WASN'T fucking you?
Now although EVERYONE knows about
Linda, I'm sure people don't know
as much about SALLY. Yeah, I
walked into that bedroom at the
company ball last December you low
life son of a bitch, you just
didn't notice because you were
looking for the cap that fell off
the Viagra bottle. Oh, and don't
let me forget about Bob and Ted
over here.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Get the...
Well obviously MRS. SHERMAN wasn't
very happy when she found out
Peter was a little horn dog. So
she thought he'd get him back for
what he'd get him back by fucking
two of his employees, and who
might those be? Drum-roll please,
the same time.


The entire office stares stares at Bob and Ted. Bob and Ted
look at each other, and then look back at Mr. Sherman.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
      (looking at Bob
       and Ted)
What the hell!
You little shit Ciocia! I'm gonna
fucking kill you!
Bob charges at Sammy. Sammy picks up his keyboard and
smashes it into Bob's face, he falls to the ground. Ted
looks at Bob and then rushes at Sammy. As he is approaching
Sammy, Sammy picks the cigar back up that was sitting on his
desk and burns it straight into Ted's neck. Ted screams in
pain, steps back and trips over a rolling chair.
Oh, and Mr. Sherman...I
quit...fuck you.
Sammy smoothly walks away and makes his way toward Dave.
Sammy leans in to Dave and whispers in his ear.
Now, I have never felt so good in
my entire life.
Sammy knocks over a few papers, passionately kisses an
attractive woman in the office, then kicks the door open and
walks out like nothing happened. The entire office stares at
him through his entire exit. Mr. Sherman bends down to help
up Bob and Ted, then looks at the door Sammy walked out of.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
What the hell got into that guy?
Long pause while Mr. Sherman looks around the office.
                       BOSS SHERMAN
Now everyone get back to work!
Sammy is listening to Michael Buble's, "Call Me
Irresponsible." He is singing along, nodding his head to the


beat of the song, and doing his own little dance in the car.
He is consistently smiling and makes a call to his wife.
Hey honey!
Sammy what's going on? Are you in
jail? how much is the bail?
No baby, I'm calling to tell you I
got that promotion!
that's wonderful! I'm so proud of
you, this is amazing.
Yeah the boss even let me out
early today.
That's odd of him, he must really
have faith in you now. So now
we'll be able to send Chris to a
private school right? How much of
a bonus did he give you?
I think we can make that happen.
Baby, this is the beginning of a
new, amazing life. I have never
been so happy. Oh, honey I gotta
go my songs on. Love you, bye.
Sammy clicks the phone off and throws it into the back seat.
He turns up the radio very loud and sings along to "Fight
For Your Right" by The Beastie Boys.
Sammy is laying in bed, staring up at the ceiling, he leans
over and sees Michelle sleeping. He then stares at the phone
on his nightstand for a little while. Sammy grabs the phone
and walks into Christopher's room to notice him sleeping,


then he walks into the kitchen and picks up the note with
the number on it. He dials the number.
Hey, uh this is...
I know who you are, now what do
you want?
Well I was just wondering when you
wanted me to start.
Ahaha, anxious motherfucker we got
Well I was just wond...
Come in tomorrow at 9 AM sharp.
You remember where this place is?
Yeah I got the address right her,
First rule, NEVER give addresses
over the phone. You'll learn more
tomorrow. I was just wondering
cause I know Mario gave you a
pretty good smack yesterday.
O yeah, it's fine. I'm just kind
of new at this.
You'll learn Sammy, you'll learn.
Be there tomorrow 9 o'clock sharp.
The phone clicks on the other end. Sammy clicks off the
phone, then goes back to bed.


Sammy drives up to the gate and it opens as he gets to it.
He pulls up to the front door, Vito opens his car door for
him and escorts him into the home. He walks in to an
extravagant mansion with high ceilings and amazing works of
art. Vito takes him to the kitchen to meet Carla.
This is my mother, Carla, she
makes the best goddamn lasagna
you've ever had in your life.
O Vito, stop it.
You know it's true ma. One time we
had this pig who wasn't on the
payroll bust into the house saying
he had some kind of a bullshit
warrant. My father was offering
him all kinds of money to get him
to leave and pretend as though he
didn't see anything. He was
refusing, refusing, refusing. But
then my mother comes in with a
plate of fresh, hot lasagna. The
cop was eating in up like there
was no tomorrow, he forgot what he
had even come for.
So he just let you guys off the
hook right then and there?
No...we put cyanide in the lasagna
and killed the motherfucker.
Sammy's jaw drops and he stares at Vito, then Carla, then
the boiling water in a pot on the stove.
Lemme show you the rest of the
Vito walks Sammy into the family room too meet Vinny. Vinny
is sitting on a couch watching the news.
This right here is Vinny.


Vinny's not actually blood related
to anyone, he's just our lawyer.
He deals with all the pigs trying
to get into our business.
Vito walks Sammy outside by the pool and into a gym built on
there property. They walk into the gym and see Mario
lifting a bench press bar with several large plates on each
Mario puts the bar back up on the rack, sits up and grabs a
towel to wipe the sweat off his face. He walks over to where
more plates are kept and grabs one in each hand. He puts a
plate on one side of the bar, then looks up at Vito.
This is my brother, Mario.
How you doin'?
Mario does a lot of the dirty
work. When someone isn't paying up
we send Mario, if someone is
threatening the family we get
Mario. Mario gets the greatest
rush when he breaks a man's arm
with his bare hands.
A rush like no other.
Hey I took karate in grade school,
I think got to my yellow belt.
Maybe you could teach me some of
your moves.
Mario looks at him up and down, turns to Vito, then turns
back to Sammy.


I don't think so.
Come on Sammy, let's move on.
Mario puts a plate up on the bar and Sammy walks out with
So how did this all start? I mean
how do you start selling heroin?
You've seen Scarface haven't you?
First you get the money, then you
get the power, and then you get
the women.
So it's all about money, you have
no concern about the users, or the
families. It's all about the
Why the hell did YOU stay here?
Well...Mario was gonna beat me.
Sammy does not respond, he stares down at the green grass at
his feet. Then he looks up at the mansion.
The Don will explain to you more
about the family business. He's
anxious for you to start helping
us out, and taking down the
The who?
Don will explain.


They walk into the mansion, walk down a long hallway and too
some large closed doors. Vito slowly opens the door, to see
Don Giancarlo De Luca sitting at his desk smoking a large
And this is my father, Don
Giancarlo De Luca.
Hello Sammy.
Hello Mr. De Luca.
You will call me Don De Luca, from
now on.
Don De Luca.
Please excuse us Vito.
Yes sir, of course.
Vito walks out of the office and closes the door producing a
very loud bang, startling Sammy as he stares at Don De Luca.
Please, sit Sammy.
Sammy pulls out an extravagant wooden chair and sits down
facing Don. Don pulls out a box of various cigars.
Umm sure.
Sammy pulls out a cigar at random.
A fine choice, I like your style
Mr. Ciocia.
Sammy looks at the cigar in his hand.
Oh...yes of course.


Sammy puts the cigar in his mouth then attempts to light it,
erupting into a coughing fit.
Let's get down to business Sammy.
Sammy leans in.
Right, business. I honestly have
no idea what the hell I'm doing. I
know I'm doing accounting. But
I've never done anything like
Well it's really no different than
any other type of business. We
purchase a product from the
manufacturers, then sell it to
smaller business, whilst making a
profit, and beating other
competitors. We're the middle men,
our product happens to be an
illegal narcotic, and our
competitors happens to be the
Jackson's. Your job is to manage
the finances of this powerful
I'm sorry, but who are the
The Jackson's are this nigger
family trying to take my...well
now our business. There lord ROBY
JACKSON thinks he's the next Frank
fucking Lucas.
Frank who?
Wow, you really don't know shit.
Frank Lucas, the famous black drug


Doesn't ring a bell.
Let's see ermm...Denzel Washington
in American Gangster?
Oh yeah! I love that movie.
Don sighs and lays his head on his desk.
Sammy looks around and see's a large framed picture of
George W. Bush on a wall. Sammy points to the picture.
Your a fan of George Bush's
Well how couldn't I be, if it
wasn't for this guy I wouldn't be
here right now.
Sammy stares at him puzzled.
You sold him heroin!?
No of course not. I'm not stupid.
Let me give you a little history
lesson. Heroin comes from the
poppy plant. Now are you familiar
with the Taliban?
Yes, of course. We took those
bastards down!
Right, well the Taliban kept the
Afghans scared and use to ban
poppy cultivation, in 2001 only 30
square miles of land were in use


                       DON (cont'd)
for growing opium poppies. A year
later Mr. Bush sent American
troops to remove the Taliban. The
land under cultivation went back
to 285 square miles, with
Afghanistan becoming the world's
largest opium producer. The War in
Afghanistan was what allowed the
country of Afghanistan to produce
87% of the world's heroin.
Sammy stares at him for a few seconds in amazement, then
stares up at the frames portrait, then back at Don.
Holy shit.
Holy shit's right.
Don looks at the portrait and gives George W. Bush a salute.
Thanks buddy.
This is crazy.
No. No. No. The drug game is not
crazy it is smart. I am living the
American dream. Narcotics sales is
the perfect definition of the
American dream. It gives people
the ability to go from nothing to
something. The government just
forces us to pull a few string to
make something of ourselves.
I guess it is the American dream,
it's risky but hey whatever pays
the mortgage?
Now that's what I like to hear.
Oh, and your not going to need a
mortgage by the way.


Wow, that's music to my fucking
Now your gonna need to learn more
about the product your dealing
with if you want to help us so
I've told Vito to give you a
little history lesson. Vito! Vito
come in!
Vito rushes in and opens the door.
Yes? You wanted me?
I'm done with Sammy for now. It's
time for his history lesson.
Come with me Sammy.
Sammy get's up and walks over to the door.
I've got a good feeling about you
Sammy. I really do.
Thank you sir.
Sammy walks out with Vito, through the house and into the
kitchen. They both sit down at the table and Carla puts a
plate of hot lasagna down in front of each of them. Sammy
looks down at the lasagna, then looks at the dish it came
out of sitting on the counter, then looks at Vito.
It's fine Sammy we ain't trying to
kill you. Why would we do that?
Your our secret weapon. Look.
Vito leans over and stabs a fork full of lasagna off Sammy's
place and eats it.
      (Still chewing)
It's fucking delicious.


Hey! Watch your language at the
I'm sorry ma'.
Sammy begins eating his lasagna.
This is good.
Told you it was. Now anyway Don
told me to give you a little
lesson on the game.
Yeah, well I really don't know
much...at all.
That's fine. First thing you need
to know, don't listen to any of
the governments bullshit.
Carla rolls her eyes and leaves the room.
They're a bunch of lying,
cheating, money grubbing assholes
who love to keep the people of the
nation down and control everything
in society whether it is effective
or not. You know the reason why
pot is illegal? Alcohol and
tobacco cause infinitely more
damage however do you know how to
make whiskey? I sure as hell don't
but I know how to grow pot. Seeds,
water, tender love and care. The
government doesn't give a flying
fuck about our health, they just
want the money. Well...in our
business we are the government. We
do the controlling. We make the
money. We don't get caught doing
anything bad.
So I guess that makes the Don
president and I'm treasurer.


More or less, but we don't get to
fancy. Do you know who created
Bayer? Like Bayer...
Bayer motherfucking aspirin. They
called it heroin for "heroic
aspirin." It was just a little too
heroic if you know what I mean.
From 1898 through to 1910 heroin
was marketed as a non-addictive
morphine substitute and cough
suppressant. Dumbshits. In 1924
the United States Congress banned
its sale, importation or
manufacture and that's how we
started. Every time a prohibition
is created so is an underground.
We get all of our product from
Afghanistan. A lot of other
families get cheap shit from
Mexico, but we get the good shit.
Yeah, the Don told me about
Afghanistan, and President Bush.
Apparently they pretty much
control the industry.
They make it, we sell it. It's the
same process as any other
business. After World War II, the
Mafia took advantage of the
weakness of the postwar Italian
government and set up heroin labs
in Sicily. We took advantage of
Sicily's location along the
historic route and opium took
westward into Europe and the
United States. The trade shifted
away from Sicily in the late 1970s
as various criminal organizations
violently fought with each other


                       VITO (cont'd)
over the trade. The fighting also
led to a stepped up government law
enforcement presence in Sicily.
Production moved toward
Afghanistan is much cheaper and
easier than anywhere else.
Basic business. Buy a product
cheap, sell it for more. Instead
of China, you guys deal with
Conviction of heroin trafficking
results in death penalty in
several parts of the world, but
fortunately not in America.
Do you ever think about the users
of your product? Junkies? Their
lives? Heroin is a terrible drug.
It is, never do it. Don't get high
on your own supply. But fuck that.
You can't think about the addicts,
it was their choice, their fueling
our business, once you start
sympathizing shit gets fucked up.
Remember my government analogy.
Okay. So I should just block it
out of my mind?
Exactly, keep your eye on the
prize and everything will work
out. They say money doesn't buy
happiness, I call bullshit. It
makes everyone in the family
pretty goddamn happy.
That's the only thing I'm in this
for, plus I have nothing to lose.
I don't think their gonna want me
back at my job.


I guess you went out with a bang?
You could say that.
What did you use? Nine millimeter?
What? No, I didn't mean that Jesus
Christ I just meant I blew up...I
mean not "blew up." I just made a
I know what you mean Ciocia. I
didn't think you were ready for
anything like that.
Hey, I'm not gonna kill anybody
working here. I'm just an
accountant right? I will leave
this place so fast...
We have other people for that Mr.
Ciocia. Now what are some of your
ideas for the business?
Well I don't know quite yet. I
have to do some research, get
numbers cataloged, learn about
competitors, and figure out how we
can make the most money.
We already have that planned out
for you.
Vito opens a briefcase and pulls out a thick folder with
materials pouring out of it, wrapped in a rubber band, and
throws it on the table in front of Sammy.
This folder contains information
that will be your bible, study it,
memorize it, make use of it. Your
ideas are very important to us.
And well, if you don't have good


                       VITO (cont'd)
ideas, your gone.
Sammy flips through papers with articles about mafia
families, heroin suppliers, and extremely long spreadsheets
filled with seven figure numbers.
This should be enough information
for me to figure something out.
Yeah that's what I thought. Now
get out of here and figure shit
out. Soon you'll make your first
trip to Afghanistan.
Get out of here Sammy.
Sammy gets up and walks out of the kitchen and walks through
the family room, noticing Carla on the couch watching
Thank you for the lasagna.
Oh Sammy, come back anytime.
Thank you ma'am.
Sammy walks out the front door, gets into his car, and
drives down the long driveway as the gates open up for him
as he leaves.
Sammy walks into his home, his son runs up to him and gives
him a hug.
Hi dad! Mom said you got some kind
of a raise and now your gonna be
making more money. Is that true?


Well Sammy money isn't the only
important thing in life, respect
is just as important, that's
something you need to learn Sammy.
Okay dad. Mom just mentioned the
Yeah that's what I thought.
Michelle walks in to the family room from the kitchen.
Hi honey.
Hey baby. Get dressed up for me
will you? I already called the
baby sitter, she'll be here at
7:00. We're gonna celebrate
Oh! Where are we going?
It's a surprise. Get dressed.
Chris, have you finished your
Uhhh yeah?
Ok well you can go do your
homework before Kristen gets here.
Christopher trudges into his room, dragging his backpack
while a headphone bud hangs out of his pocket. Michelle
walks up to Sammy and romantically kisses him.
When did you become so joyful and
About two days ago.
Oh, the raise!


Michelle turns around and walks back into her room, taking
the hair tie out of her hair. Sammy stays standing by the
door staring blankly at the bedroom.
Yeah baby...the raise.
Sammy and Michelle walk into a very nice restaurant with
white table cloths, plates, silverware, and candles are
already out on the tables. The restaurant is crowded and
fairly noisy. Sammy walks up to the counter to see an
attractive female hostess.
Hi. Ciocia, party of two.
Yes Mr. Ciocia. Right this way.
Sammy, Michelle, and the waitress walk to a table of two,
they both sit down.
Your server will be right with
The waitress leaves and a man walks up, opens a bottle of
champagne and pours two glasses on the table.
Were celebrating the promotion
Well okay then.
Each of them take a sip of the champagne.
Now that's good. So how good of a
promotion is this?
I don't really wanna say.


Come on baby. We're married you
need to tell me.
It's a great promotion. Just trust
me on that. Why does everything
have to come down to money?
Listen Sammy, I came from a
wealthy family. They expected I
was going to marry into another
wealthy family. But I didn't, I
loved you so I married you, Isn't
that a good thing?
Yes but just everything comes down
to money, money, money. I'm happy
but it's not the only thing I'm
focused on. I'm just happy I'm
getting a little more respect and
going up in the food chain.
Well I'm happy your moving you
moving up in a legitimate career
that will hopefully last until you
retire, that's fantastic. I'm just
a little fucking excited that I'm
getting the best of both worlds. A
husband I love, and a husband who
is successful. I love you.
Michelle grabs Sammy's hand across the table.
I love you too.
The waiter comes up to the table.
Do we know what we would like this
Sammy and Michelle frantically grab a menu and read through
Uhhhhh. Hmmmmm. Lemme think. Um
I'll have the chicken marsala


And I'll have the fillet mignon.
Sammy looks up at Michelle and gives her a look and raises
an eyebrow.
Excellent choice.
The waiter takes the menus and walks away. Michelle looks at
Sammy and see's the look he is giving her.
We're celebrating, remember?
Sammy shrugs is off and smiles at Michelle.
Your right.
So are we going to be able to send
Chris to a private school?
I think we can pull that off.
Great I've been looking at a few
different schools.
Michelle pulls out a folder filled with papers from her
large purse. She puts the folder on the table with papers
flowing out of it.
I've been doing research on all
kinds of schools in different
areas. Deciding the pros and cons
of each school, determining what
would be the best for Christopher.
Christopher's main hate of his
school is bullies. Paul and Tommy
are the ones he always talks
about. St. John's has a great
anti-bullying program that has
decreased bullying dramatically
over the last four years. And then


Baby, baby, baby. We're eating
dinner, can we talk about this
Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry I
don't know what I was thinking.
Michelle gathers all of the papers and puts them back into
her purse on the floor.
It's just that I love my son so
much. I want the best for him. I
want him to be the best person he
can be.
He's my son too, you know?
I'm sorry, our son. You do need to
give him more attention then you
have been giving to him though. He
barely knows his own father. You
come home depressed every day and
bitch about your job. Hopefully
that won't happen anymore, but you
do need to spend more time with
Michelle, I love him just as much
as you. I want the best for him
too. Maybe I can't spend as much
time with him as you, but I'll try
to make those moments with him the
best I can make and the most
Please try. I'm seeing a
separation between you two but I'm
sure that this new job can rebuild
our lives for the better. Don't
you think?


The waiter walks up with the two dishes on a tray and sets
the tray down next to the table. He then picks up the
fillet, and puts it in front of Michelle.
Fillet Mignon for the lady.
Thank you.
The waiter then picks up the chicken Marsala and places it
in front of Sammy.
And chicken Marsala for you. Do we
need anything else?
No, thank you.
The waiter walks away.
This looks great!
Michelle raises her glass of champagne.
Let's make a toast.
Sammy raises his glass of champagne.
A toast to...a new beginning and a
new chapter in our lives.
Sammy smiles. Sammy and Michelle clink their glasses and
take a sip.
Sammy and Michelle walk into their home, they walk into
their family room and see the baby sitter laying on the
couch with her shoes on, talking on their house phone. The
babysitter is ditsy and talking to one of her friends about
another girl. She is being fairly loud even though it's
eleven o'clock and Sammy needed to be in bed.
Oh my God! No she didn't! No she
didn't. No! Really!? That bitch
has no idea what's coming for her.
That little fucking whore! What


                       BABYSITTER (cont'd)
the hell was she thinking? Oh my
god this is ridiculous.
Sammy clears his throat in a faking manner directed toward
the babysitter. The baby sitter springs up and looks at
Sammy and Michelle in shock while she is still on the phone.
Oh. Hi Mr. and Mrs. Ciocia.
Sammy's in bed.
Well thank you.
      (into the phone)
Jenny I got to go. I'll be at
brad's in twenty minutes.
The babysitter hangs up the phone and walks toward the door
with Sammy by her side.
Look I'm...
sh sh sh sh sh. Forget about it.
Sammy pulls out a one hundred dollar bill and hands it to
the babysitter.
Oh, Mr Ciocia I only needed...
Once again, don't worry about it.
I'm giving this too you because I
know that you'll be here the next
time I need for you to watch
Sammy. Your my girl. And your not
gonna use the kind of language you
were using on the phone with your
little girlfriend next time now
will you?
No sir.
No sir. I like that.


The babysitter looks at him puzzled as she grasps the one
hundred dollar bill in one hand, and a cell phone in the
other that begins to vibrate.
Well, see you next time.
Sammy opens the door for her and points outside.
Thank you Mr. Ciocia.
The babysitter walks out the door and head toward her car as
she puts her cell phone to her ear. Sammy shuts the door
once he sees her get into her car.
Sammy walks back toward Christopher's room. He stops in the
doorway to see Christopher sleeping, and smiles.
Sammy stands in the doorway and watches Christopher and
Michelle get into the car. Sammy waves to them, with a
coffee in one hand and a newspaper in his underarm.
Christopher waves back as Michelle pulls the car out of the
driveway. Then Sammy turns around and closes the door with
his foot. He walks back toward his bedroom and opens one of
his drawers. He takes all the clothes out of it, and lays
them on his bed. He then puts his hand under his mattress
and takes a screwdriver out of it. He is then looking at a
wooden board with four screws at each corner. Sammy unscrews
each one, then pulls off the wooden board. He see's the
folder wrapped in a rubber band with paper pouring out of it
that Vito had given him. He takes out the folder and lays it
on the bed, then puts the wood board and clothes back in the
drawer, however leaving the screws and screwdriver out on
the bed. He picks up the folder and flips through papers as
he walks back to his kitchen.
Let's see what you got for me
Sammy looks out the window and see's Michelle and
Christopher pull back into the driveway, and Michelle get
out of the car.
Sammy runs frantically around the house.


Uhhhhh. Uhhhhh. Where do I put
this? Where do I put this?
Sammy opens up a pantry, the folder behind a few boxes of
cereal and closes the pantry door. Michelle walks in and
Sammy spins around to look at her.
Hi honey! Forget something?
Yeah I left my scarf.
Michelle walks back toward her bedroom. Sammy follows
briskly behind her. She walks into her bedroom and sees the
screwdriver and screws on the bed. She looks at them
perplexed and then turns toward Sammy.
What's with the screwdriver and
Sammy squints his eyes and looks at the screwdriver as if he
doesn't realize what she is talking about.
Oh those screws!
Yeah. Those screws. Why are they
I was um fixing the drawer.
It was broken?
Well it's fixed now. Aren't I
Sammy kisses Michelle on the forehead.
Okay? Sure.


Michelle walks toward her closet, pulls out a scarf, and
wraps it around her neck.
Don't you need to go to work soon?
Yeah I should probably get ready.
Sammy looks down to notice he is in gym shorts and a tee
Don't you have to be at the office
by eight?
Well, they're a little more
lenient toward promptness now.
Sammy and Michelle walk toward the door. Sammy opens the
door for Michelle.
Okay, well I got to go. Remember
to get to work, you still want to
keep this job. Remember?
Yes mom I know.
They kiss and Michelle heads back to the car and pulls out.
Sammy closes the door and turns around with his back against
the door. He slides down the door and sits on the floor with
his head and back leaning up against the door. He rubs his
hands around his face and through his hair.
Shit. This is insane.
Sammy gets back up and walks toward the cabinet. He opens it
and grabs the folder from behind the cereal boxes. He goes
back to the kitchen table, sits down, and opens up the
folder. It is filled with all types of pictures and pages
and pages of numbers. There are pictures of dealers mugshots
with information attached to the mug shots. Several pictures
have an "x" through them. Sammy reads through the pages with
his forhead resting on his head and breathing heavily. He
see's pictures of all members of the De Luca family mafia.


Sammy is still at the kitchen table looking through the
documents in the folder. He looks at his watch.
O shit! They're gonna be here
Sammy grabs all the documents, puts them in the folder, and
wraps them up. He runs back into his bedroom with the
folder. He opens the drawer, and throws all his cloths on
the bed. He takes of the bottom of the drawer and places the
folder down in it. He puts the cover back on and begins to
screw the screws that are still sitting on his bed. He hears
his wife pull up into the driveway.
Come on, come on!
He frantically hurries to screw in the bottom. After
fumbling several times he eventually puts the bottom in. He
hears the front door open and close.
Dad we're home!
Hi! I'm back here.
Back in the bedroom! Hold on I'll
be out soon.
      (to himself)
Shit why did I say that?
Sammy throws all of his clothes back into his drawer, not
bothering to fold any of them. After all his clothes are in
the drawer he slams the drawer shut. Sammy stands up and
walks towards his bedroom door and his wife meets him at the
doorway of his bedroom.
Hey baby. How was work today?
Michelle looks around him and sees the screwdriver sitting
on the bed.


Did you fix the drawer?
The drawer. Did you finish fixing
it? You said something was wrong
with it and you needed to fix it.
Sammy turns his head around and looks at the drawer, and
then looks at the screwdriver.
Oh that drawer?
Yes Sammy, that drawer. What was
wrong with it?
Oh. The thing wasn't sliding into
the other thing, which made
something else not work.
Michelle stares at him puzzled.
But it works now.
Okay? Did you go to work today?
Yeah, why?
Because your wearing the same
thing you were wearing this
morning before breakfast.
Sammy looks down to notice that he is still wearing gym
shorts and a tee shirt.
O yeah. I changed when I got home.
These would be dirty wouldn't
Uhh, yeah.


Wow I'm an idiot. I'm gonna change
into something clean.
Okay, you do that. I'm gonna start
making dinner.
Sounds good. I'll meet you out
Michelle turns around and walks out. Sammy shakes his head
and closes the door. Sammy goes over to the bed, grabs the
screwdriver and places it under his mattress. He then grabs
clothes from his drawer and changes into a new set of casual
clothes. They are wrinkled because of the crumpled mess in
his drawer. Sammy walks out into his kitchen and sees his
son working on his math homework on the kitchen table. Sammy
walks up to him and puts his hand on his shoulder.
How are you doing on that?
Pretty good, I understand
everything okay.
Your a smart boy, you know that?
Mrs. Johnson says I'm the smartest
kid in the class, but I don't know
if I believe that.
Modesty is another one of the best
traits in the world.
Well plenty of kids don't think
being smart is something to be
proud of.
What do you mean.
Chris lowers his head and looks down.
Paul and Tommy.


Are you still getting picked on by
Christopher shrugs his shoulders.
Christopher look at me.
Christopher keeps sitting with his eyes fixated on the floor
and twirling his pencil.
Christopher Ciocia look at me!
Michelle's head whips around from the stoves as she stairs
at Sammy who is starring at Chris. Chris looks up at Sammy
with big eyes.
You never let anyone pick on you.
Physically, verbally or anything.
You need to stand up for yourself
and be respected. Don't fight back
but make sure you are never picked
on again by telling an adult. We
can not let this keep going. You
got that Chris?
Do you want to go to a new school,
meet new people, and start your
reputation all over again.
Chris sits in silence.
Chris, I making more money now so
we can afford a new private
school. Your mother has picked out
several options. You can visit
them, figure out what you like,
make your own decision. Would you
like that.
Chris stares at Sammy and nods his head yes.
Alright well you can talk with
your mother about the details
because she's the on that knows


                       SAMMY (cont'd)
about all this stuff.
Michelle looks at Sammy and Christopher and smiles at them
as she's picking up the chicken and bringing it to the
Thanks dad.
No problem Chris.
Michelle puts the dishes on the table and everyone sits down
in their spots.
Now lets eat.
Sammy walks rings the doorbell of the De Luca mansion and
Vinny comes up and opens the door for him. He walks in
holding the folder that Vito had given him. Sammy looks
How you doin'?
Pretty good. I've been studying
all this shit.
Yeah that's what it looks like.
You look terrible.
Ehh yeah I guess.
Well I hope you know what you got
yourself into. It'll involve long
days with sleepless nights.
Yeah I know. I think I understand
our whole situation with the
Johnson's better now. I think Don
will really appreciate what I've
figured out.


Well that was your job. What do
you want a gold fucking star. You
had more information than you
needed, you better have figured
out some smart shit.
Yeah I did, I just...
Don walks into the room wearing a robe grasping a coffee mug
in one hand.
Vinny and Sammy spin there heads toward Don.
How did we do?
Good Don. I think I figured some
stuff out.
Come with me, Sammy.
Vinny walks into the kitchen. Sammy walks toward Don. Don
puts his hand on Sammy's shoulder and walks into the Don's
office. Don sits in his large cushy chair and Sammy sits
across from him.
No thanks.
So what do we got?
Well Don. Us and the Johnson's
without a doubt dominate the
market share. The Garcia's, the
Clark's, and the Callahan's are
But how do we get on top of the
Johnson's. I wanna take those
niggers down and run this whole
town myself. I want the junkies to


                       DON (cont'd)
only come to our guys, none of
these other motherfuckers.
I understand Don De Luca.
Just call me Don. Your working for
me now remember.
Don, all we need to do is get the
heroin cheaper than the Jonhson's
per kilo, get the same shit, sell
it at the same price, but make
higher profits because we get it
Now how do we do that?
We have always got our product
from the Abdel's poppy fields and
refining factories at about 70,000
a ki.
Yeah so what are you getting at,
they've always sold it to us at
that price, we've been making
deals with the Abdel's for years
and they've never accepted to
negotiate prices. There's a
shitload of drug lords with few
Well I know how we can get just as
good of heroin as we did before
for only 65000 a kilo.
Sammy, you got to learn how to get
to the point. Now how the fuck
will the De Luca family be making
more money.
Sammy pulls out a small article from the folder with a
picture of a middle eastern looking man.


I did some research on my own and
I found this man, Nasser Hadad.
Don grabs the article and looks at the man on the front.
Who's this guy?
Nasser Hadad is just starting to
get in the business he doesn't
have as many workers as Abdel and
few families are buying from him
because he hasn't gotten his name
out. He has a few families in the
UK and some in Italy, but he has
yet to spread his business to the
So your saying we should
completely end our business with
the Abdels, whom we've been doing
business with for the last ten
We would be making an additional
5000 dollars per kilo, over years
it will add up to unbelievable
sums of money.
So why are these guys selling so
cheap if it's the same stuff?
Since they're so new they need to
sell cheaper to compare with the
bigger guys like Abdel. Once we
break our relationship with Abdel
we can be with Hadad for years and
he will be loyal because we are
one of his first buyers.
I just don't know about leaving


Since when did you become the nice
guy who wants other people to do
better than yourself?
Don glares at Sammy for an uncomfortably long amount of
time. Sammy appears very nervous.
Think about the money.
Don stares at him and smiles.
Sammy, I like your style.
Sammy exhales a sigh of relief, and sits back in his chair.
You know what, fuck Abdel, let's
give this guy habbab our whatever
a shot.
Hadad. Wow, thank you Don. It's
really reassuring that you
accepted one of my ideas, and
you've been doing this for so much
And I'll let you tell Abdel that
we're through with his business
and found someone else.
Sammy's eyes widen, and he begins to shake nervously.
Uhhh...uhhh I don't know how I
would do that, I mean I've never
talked to the guy, I don't know
what he would say, are you sure
you want me to be in that
position? I mean it might be
better if someone else did it that
maybe even knew the guy. I've
never done any of this shit.
The Don begins laughing hysterically and pointing at Sammy.
What? I just don't know...


I was kidding Sammy. Oh my God you
should have seen the look on your
face that was fucking hilarious.
Mafia humor.
Sammy wipes the sweat of his forehead.
Fuckin hilarious.
Don glares at him.
I'll arrange Vinny to make some
calls and get everything figured
out with cutting off with Abdel
and arranging to meet with Hadad
and become business partners.
Your a smart guy Sammy.
Thank you sir.
But this better work or your a
fucking dead man. We're
sacrificing our relationship with
Abdel for you.
It'll work Don. I know it will.
Well you'll be with us when we
meet with Hadad for the first
time. We'll be probably meeting
with him in...
Don picks up the article and begins reading through it.


Ghazni, within the next three
weeks or so.
Yes of course.
I'm going to Afghanistan?
Sammy, Michelle, and Christopher are all sitting at the
dinner table eating meatloaf.
Hey honey.
I'm going out of town over the
weekend for work.
Really? You've never had to travel
Well where are you going?
It's some new deal we're doing
that should add huge profits to
the company.
Well where are you going?
      (mumbling while


Michelle drops her fork. Michelle and Sammy both whip their
heads toward Sammy. Sammy continues eating and ignores both
of them while he looks down at his plate.
Don, Sammy, Vito, and Mario walk through an airplane hangar
filled with small private planes, they are all wearing suits
and sunglasses. They walk up to a man wearing pilot apparel.
Michael, how are you doing?
Very good Mr. De Luca. This is an
interesting time for a flight, you
went to Afghanistan last month.
Yeah, well this is a special trip.
Don looks over towards Sammy and winks.
Who's this guy?
This is Sammy. He's my new
      (to Sammy)
Don De Luca is a good man. He's
smart and he will keep you out of
trouble. He's probably the best
boss you will ever have.
He seems to know what he's doing.
I've been his pilot for five years
now and I've grown to love this


Michael, are we leaving anytime
Of course, right this way.
Everyone walks with Michael to the small airplane. They walk
up the steps of the plane.
Sammy, Don, Vito, and Mario walk into the plane. Sammy
stares in awe over how extravagant the inside of the plane
is. There is champagne in the bars, there are bed's, a sofa,
and spinning chairs in the plane. There are multiple desks
with chairs that can face them and a telephone next to each
Wow, this is unbelievable.
Everyone takes a seat in the large, cushy chairs. Mario
pulls out a cigar and lights it.
Sammy, this is how you'll be
traveling from now on.
Sammy sits in a seat next to Don.
So how do you like this lifestyle?
I think I'm gonna like it Don. I
really think I will.
All strapped in?
Everyone clicks in their seat belts.
Now let's get the fuck out of
The plane takes off down the runway. Sammy has a smile on
his face while staring into nothingness, Don is looking at
Sammy's reaction to this experience.


The De Luca's plane lands on the runway. They all get off
the plane. Sammy looks around and see's nothing around him.
Let's go!
Don, Vito, and Mario sprint through the outside of the
airport. Sammy quickly realizes they have sprinted off and
he runs after them. He eventually catches up to them. Sammy
tries to talk to Vito while they are running.
What's going on?
We have to go.
Where are we going and why are we
running Vito?
A limo is waiting about an eighth
of a mile ahead. We can't be seen
because the guys around here kinda
know who we are.
Alright, it is pitch black outside
but whatever.
Sammy we're in Afghanistan you
dumb fuck! We need to run!
All of them catch up to a limo waiting at a street corner.
The driver stays inside while Don opens the door and
everyone jumps into the limo. Sammy is the last person in
and he closes the door. The limo speeds off.
Where are we going?
I have a very personal friend here
that will give us a place to stay
for the night. We will meet with
Hadad in the morning.


So why isn't Vinny with us, again?
You ask a lot of fucking questions
Calm down Mario, he's knew
Mario shrugs his shoulders.
Apparently he had to figure some
stuff out regarding the switch
from Abdel. He didn't give me the
details but hell I don't really
understand that lawyer speak
                       LIMO DRIVER
Here we are.
Don hands him a wad of money through the privacy window, the
limo driver grabs it and places it in his pocket while he is
slowing down to a house.
                       LIMO DRIVER
Thank you. I'll be here tomorrow
morning. 9 O'clock right?
Everyone gets out of the limo and walks up to the front of a
large house. Don knocks on the door. A man opens the door
from the inside.
Don Giancarlo De Luca.
Ahmed gets on a knee and kisses Don's hand.
It is an honor to host you tonight
Mr. De Luca.


Sammy stares at Ahmed puzzled.
Who's this guy?
Sammy straightens up and stares at Ahmed.
How bout you mind your own
business if you know what's good
for you. Huh?
Of course sir. I am very, very
sorry Don.
You got a place for us to sleep?
Yes of course, right this way
Everyone walks into the house. Sammy glares at Ahmed, jumps
his head at him. Ahmed flinches. Sammy walks into the house
Sammy, Don, Vito, Mario, and Ahmed are all standing outside
on the front doorstep of Ahmed's house. As each person walks
out of his home wearing a suit they shake Ahmed's hand.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
Thanks Ahmed.
Your welcome Mario.
Your a good man Ahmed. You will be
compensated for your hospitality


Oh, Mr. De Luca that is not
necessary for a man of your
caliber. Really, you have given me
so much already.
Ahmed, it is necessary. You have
helped us greatly.
Ahmed points to his house and landscape.
But you have given me so much
already just for listening to your
simple commands.
And your going to stay loyal to
me, Ahmed. Goodbye.
Don walks away towards the limo waiting at the street.
Thank you Don Giancarlo De Luca.
Sammy walks out of the house chewing on an apple.
You listen to Mr. De Luca. You
better fucking listen to him. He
will make your life amazing and
get you out of crazy shit. Trust
Thank you. I will.
Sammy walks out and into the limo.
Alright everyone know what they're
Vito, Mario, and Sammy nod there heads.


Well I don't give a shit we're
going over it again. Vito, what
are you doing?
Making Mr. Haddad feel comfortable
with our business, propose what
exactly we plan on doing.
Making sure no one fucks around
Exactly. Sammy?
I don't say shit unless I'm spoken
to and don't do anything that I
will regret.
Well everything sounds perfect.
This better work Sammy.
It will.
                       LIMO DRIVER
Here we are Mr. De Luca.
Don hands the limo driver a wad of money through the privacy
Everyone gets out of the limo to see a large home surrounded
by Afghan's with AK47's. There is a large gate. The guards
see everyone and open the gate. The guards escort the men
into the home. They walk in and Sammy notices a room in the
house similar to an opium den filled with average looking
civilians using heroin and high on heroin laying in beds.
Some of the people have terribly infected arms from dirty
needles. There are children walking around the den. A
toddler is crying in from of her mother as she lays in a bed
staring at the roof, completely ignoring her crying toddler.
Sammy is pushed by a guard to stop looking in the room and
to move on with the rest of the family. Everyone walks into


the room where Nasser Haddad is sitting at a large table.
There is one woman in the room. Haddad shews her out of the
room. She nearly jogs out of the room. The two guards with
AK47's stay in the room and close the door behind them.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Ah, Don Giancarlo De Luca.
Yes Mr. Haddad. These are my sons,
Vito and Mario. And this is my
accountant Sammy.
                       NASSER HADDAD
I understand you want to start
doing business with me. Is this
That's why we're here.
                       NASSER HADDAD
How can I trust you?
Mr. Haddad just my father has been
in the business for twenty years.
We know what we're doing. Our guy
wasn't really working out for us.
So We've decided to check you out.
We know what we're doing, it's you
who would benefit from us. Listen
we know your fairly new to all
this and we want to get a jump
start on the competition.
Nasser Haddad strokes his long beard while he stares down
the Don. He switches and looks at Mario who is staring at
the guards.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Hey you!
                       NASSER HADDAD
What are you doing staring at my
Making sure no one fucks around
with us.


                       NASSER HADDAD
Get him.
The guards grab Mario around the torso. Mario breaks through
both of the guards. He throws one of them down on the
ground and knocks his gun away from the body. He disarms the
other guard and points the gun directly at him, while his
foot is on the guards neck on the ground.
Like I said, no one is gonna fuck
Haddad's mouth drops as he stares at his guards cowering in
                       NASSER HADDAD
That's my boy, Mario.
Haddad begins to laugh.
Your a crazy motherfucker Mr. De
Luca. You crazy.
We know how to do business Mr.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Let me show you what we're working
Sammy, Don, Vito, Mario, Sammy, and Haddad walk outside to
see a large field of poppies with workers everywhere cutting
them, watering them, and harvesting them. Sammy seems to be
the only one starring in amazement at all the people and
even children in the fields. They are very skinny and look
exactly like the people he saw in the den. They all begin
walking through the poppy field.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Right now I have ten acres of
poppy's and one refinement factory
about a mile away.
How many people do you have
working for you?


                       NASSER HADDAD
112 at the moment but I intend on
expanding the acreage and number
of workers. Right now we can
produce 6 kilos per day.
That's gonna need to increase.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Oh, it will sir of course. The
workers come cheap, there's really
no other kind of work here in
Ghazni and they are perfectly
happy getting paid in the product.
You pay your workers in heroin?
                       NASSER HADDAD
Yes of course, it keeps them in
line, it's easy to obtain, and
they will never refuse it. They
like it more than money itself.
What I've come to realize is that
instant gratification is what
really sets of happiness. It's
basic human instinct.
      (starring out at
       the poppy fields)
Instant gratification, it drives
everything doesn't it?
                       NASSER HADDAD
Let's go back inside.
Everyone is sitting on a couch in a large room. A man
holding an opium pipe walks up to each person asking if they
would like any. Everyone refuses.
                       NASSER HADDAD
So with all these workers and my
intent to expand my estate I will
sell the heroin to you for $69,500
per kilo. Sounds good?
Well that sounds...


Everyone whips there heads towards Sammy.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Excuse me?
I said bullshit Mr. Haddad.
Sammy, just what the fuck are you
I've been researching you, Mr.
Haddad. I know about you and I
know about your finances.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Well Mr.
Ciocia. Sammy Ciocia
                       NASSER HADDAD
Just what have you researched?
You only have other buyers in
Europe. You have no one buying
your product in America.
                       NASSER HADDAD
This is true.
You need to expand so I know you
will take nearly anything offered.
It's the only way you'll survive
based on how many workers you have
versus how many buyers you have.
Haddad doesn't say anything. He just stares at Sammy while
he strokes his beard.
And with a business your small you
don't need to charge no 70,000 a
kilo now do ya?


                       NASSER HADDAD
I suppose I can lower it to 68.
                       NASSER HADDAD
What!? That's ridiculous that's
the cheapest in the middle east!
Nasser, it's your only option, you
know it, I know it, now take what
we're offering you and cut the
Don has his eyes glued to Sammy as Sammy stares down Haddad
stroking his beard.
                       NASSER HADDAD
Sammy stands up and shake Haddad's hand.
Pleasure doing business with you
Mr. Haddad.
                       NASSER HADDAD
As long as you continue buying
from us, I'll say it was a
I want our first order to be
shipped in three weeks.
                       NASSER HADDAD
It will Mr. Ciocia. It will.
Everyone stands up, shakes Haddad's hand and they are
escorted outside by Haddad. Haddad closes the door and
everyone walk out toward the limo waiting in front of the
house. Don puts his arm around Sammy.
I thought I told you to keep your
mouth shut.
I know Don but...


Nice work kid. Really. Nice
fucking work. I'm glad I hired a
smart motherfucker like you Sammy.
Thanks boss.
Oh man, you should have seen our
last accountant.
Don't worry about it Sammy, your
in good shape after that. Trust
Don and Sammy are the last two to get into the limo. The
limo drives away from Haddad's home.
                                         "MONEY" BY PINK
Plane takes off. Plane lands. Plane takes off. Plane lands
in Afghanistan. Plane lands in America.
Briefcase filled with hundred dollar bills opens up in front
of Sammy. His eyes widen. Don smiles. Multiple shots of
Sammy flipping through bills.
Plane takes off.
Sammy, Michelle, and Christopher walking up to to the house
arm in arm smiling and opening the front door. They walk in
the house with an unbelievable interior. Michelle tears up
and kisses Sammy.


Michelle drives up to the carpool line, Sammy smiles at her
then walks up to school. He meets up with friends and gives
them high fives.
Plane takes off.
The entire De Luca family is sitting at a large table with
several other people wearing sunglasses and coats. Everyone
is smoking a cigar. Don throws a large bag of heroin down
on the table. People begin passing it around and inspecting
Sammy is sitting on his bed alone flipping through wads of
money. He lays down on the bed and throws the money around
him, smiling.
Plane lands.
                                         "MONEY" BY PINK
Michelle is in her bedroom with Sammy. Michelle is looking
in the mirror wearing a dress and putting on an extravagant
diamond necklace. Sammy is sitting on the bed wearing a
It's beautiful Sammy.
No, your beautiful. The necklace
just complements your.
Michelle walks back and kisses Sammy. Christopher runs in
the room wearing a tuxedo. He strikes a pose.


Ready for Aunt Cindy's wedding!?
Yes Christopher we're just about
ready. You look so handsome.
Yeah I know.
Sammy's cell phone rings. He looks down at the number.
Honey I gotta take this. I'll
meet you by the car.
Alright. Let's go Chris.
Michelle and Christopher walk out of the bedroom. Sammy's
phone continues to ring. After they walk out Sammy answers
Today's your sister-in-law's
wedding isn't it?
Yes. Why?
Mario and some other security will
be there just for some extra
Don, I don't think that's
Yes it is. The Johnson's are
after us Sammy. We need to be on
high alert.
Are you sure?
Trust me. You won't even know
they're there.


Give your in-law my blessing. I
gotta go.
Will do boss.
Sammy hangs up his phone, places it in his pocket, and walks
out of his bedroom.
Sammy, Michelle, and Christopher are walking up to an
extravagant outdoor wedding with white table cloths,
hundreds of people, and beautiful flowers surrounding the
place. Michelle is smiling and waving at family members,
Christopher runs over to some of his cousins and starts to
play with them, Sammy is nervously looking around. A man in
a tuxedo runs over to Sammy.
Hey Sammy!
Hey Mark, how you doin'?
Oh I'm fantastic. I just wanted
to thank you for your help with
this wedding. It really is
unbelievable. It was just that
business has been a little slow
Mark. Don't worry about it.
Anything for my wife's baby
Well I just wanted to thank you.
Your a really great guy Sammy.
Thank you.


Mark walks away and over to some other relatives. Michelle
walks over to a group of women, laughing and yelling. Sammy
is standing alone at the crowded wedding when Mario walks up
to him, and pats him on the shoulder.
As long as this goes smoothly it's
gonna be like we're not even here.
Who's we?
Mario walks away. Sammy looks over at Michelle who is
starring right back at him. One of the women in Michelle's
group looks down at her watch. She shakes her arms smiling
and shows everyone the time. All the women split up and
head toward the seats. Michelle walks over to Sammy.
Who was that?
The guy you were just talking to.
Oh I don't know. He just wanted
to know the time.
Michelle looks at Sammy puzzled then takes his hand.
Let's just take our positions.
Sammy and Michelle walk up to the altar. They stand on
either side with a few other people. Everyone is smiling
and waiting for the bride to come down the isle. Sammy is
looking around while he doesn't notice that Michelle is
starring right at him. "Wedding March" begins to play and
everyone stands up and looks down the isle at the beautiful
bride. Sammy continues looking around, he see's Mario
standing on the outskirts of the wedding, Mario gives him a
nod but Sammy ignores it. The bride comes up to the groom
and they face each other. The priest begins saying the
wedding vows.
Greetings all, friends and family.
We are gathered here today to
celebrate that the lives of Cindy
and Jeremy, braided together by a
growing love the last two years,


                       PRIEST (cont'd)
will now be joined in marriage.
                                         THE PRIEST CONTINUES
Sammy looks around and see's a man he's never seen before
looking at him who gives him a nod. Sammy looks closer and
see's a machine pistol on his side. Sammy continues looking
around and see's three other men he does not recognize with
machine pistols on their sides.
I, Jeremy Baker, take you Cindy
Simmons, to be my wife, to have
and to hold from this day forward,
for better or for worse, for
richer, for poorer, in sickness
and in health, to love and to
cherish; from this day forward
until death do us part.
Michelle looks around the wedding and see's the same men
that Sammy has been looking at, and their guns. She looks
at one of them who gives Sammy a nod, she immediately turns
and looks at Sammy, who this time nods back not noticing
Michelle is looking at him.
I, Cindy Simmons, take you Jeremy
Baker, to be my husband, to have
and to hold from this day forward,
for better or for worse, for
richer, for poorer, in sickness
and in health, to love and to
cherish; from this day forward
until death do us part.
Sammy turns and looks at Michelle who is starring right back
at him with glaring eyes, Sammy's eyes widen at her
expression. Michelle looks towards Mario and then stare
back at Sammy.
You may now kiss the bride.
The bride and groom kiss and everyone erupts in applause
except for Sammy and Michelle who haven't moved and are
starring into each others eyes. The bride and groom run
down the isle hand and hand. Michelle and Sammy for a
moment ignore everything that just happened and claps. Sammy


and Michelle walk down into the crowd. Sammy tries to
ignore Michelle but she comes after him and grabs his arm in
the middle of the reception.
Come with me.
Michelle drags him to the outskirts of the wedding, where no
one is around.
Who were those people?
Who? What are you talking about?
Sammy you know exactly what the
fuck I'm talking about! The people
with the gins who were they!?
I don't...
Michelle begins tearing up.
Are you in trouble Sammy?
No I...
Your in some big fucking trouble
aren't you? How else could we
have gotten that money.
Michelle starts crying harder.
Then who are they Sammy!?
Just tell me Sammy. Please just
tell me.


Sammy takes a long pause as he stare into his crying wife's
face, then looks over at his happy son playing with his
I haven't been working where you
thought I've been working for the
last ten months.
Well then Sammy, just where the
fuck have you been working?
Sammy looks over towards Mario then looks back at Michelle.
I've been an accountant. (pause)
For the De Luca family mafia.
For the what?
The De Luca Mafia. I quit my job
and work for them and there heroin
distribution business. I manage
all there financial stuff. I've
been working with them ever since
I told you I got that promotion.
Honey, I'm so sorry I never told
Michelle starts crying harder.
You've been on the payroll of a
drug lord?
Sammy nods his head.
I'm leaving you Sammy.
Baby, you don't have to do that!


No Sammy it's out of the question,
we're over, I'm taking Christopher
and we're are leaving.
You really wanna take my only
fucking son away from me Michelle!
You are such an asshole.
Michelle walks away toward Christopher, grabs him by the
arm, and walks out toward the car. Sammy stares at them the
whole time as tears fill up his eyes. Michelle puts
Christopher in the car and drives off. Mario walks up to
Ciocia, what just happened?
Don't worry about it. Just take
me to Don.
Sammy walks in the house, walking with purpose towards Don
De Luca's office with Mario trailing behind him. Sammy
slams open Don's door and rushes in, he sits in the chair
and puts his head in his hands.
What is it Sammy?
My wife.
Yes, what about her?
I told her everything!
What do you mean?
Sammy looks up with watery eyes.
She didn't know about any of this
shit! I've been keeping it a
secret from her, then she saw


                       SAMMY (cont'd)
Mario at the wedding and started
asking questions. I told her
about everything and now she's
leaving me and taking my son. My
only fucking son!
Ciocia, calm the fuck down!
Why did I do this? I'm such a
fucking idiot!
No your not you work for me for a
good reason. Your a good man
Sammy, how could a smart man like
yourself refuse an offer like
this? I'm just wondering why you
never told her anything right off
the back. How did you explain the
money that was coming in?
Promotions. She's leaving me
because i work for you, a drug
lord, she's leaving me because I
work for a motherfucking organized
crime organization.
Now just what the fuck is wrong
with that Sammy!?
Well Michelle obviously didn't
care much for it, now did she?
Don stares at Sammy not saying a word, then looks at Mario,
then looks back at Sammy's tearing face.
Listen Ciocia, chill out some
where by yourself and we'll figure
all this shit out.


It's not a fucking option Sammy
now go. You can take one of the
Sammy storms out the door. Mario waits until he hears the
front door open and close before he speaks.
So what are we doing about this?
Don pulls out a cigar, lights it, and sits back in his
Kill them.
Sammy's wife and kid, she knows
too much and she's too much of a
risk. She left Sammy as soon as
he said he was with us. She's way
to risky, and I don't trust Sammy
no more. That bitch fucked his
mind up, he's way to into her.
We've had some bad fucking luck
with these accountants.
What are we doing about Sammy?
Make it look like he killed them.
You sure about this boss? I mean
he's a smart guy.
He helped us. Now he's a risk. So
now he's gone.
Michelle is crying as she's throwing all her clothes in
suitcases. Chris is standing right outside of the room.
Mom. What are we doing!?


We're leaving Christopher!
Where are we going? Where's dad?
Don't worry about it Chris, just
pack all your shit up that you
want to keep! We're leaving! Your
dad made some bad decisions now
we're leaving, that's it! We need
to leave now!
Christopher starts crying then runs out of the room.
Michelle looks into the mirror and see's the necklace she is
wearing. She begins screaming/crying, tears the necklace
off her neck and throws it into the mirror causing it to
fall down and break. She zips up her suitcase and storms
out of her bedroom.
Sammy parallel parks up in front of a diner. He gets out of
his car and walks into the diner. He finds a seat near the
window, sits down, and lays his head into his hands.
Michelle and Christopher come out of the house dragging
there suitcases out to the car. They throw everything into
the car, get in, and drive off. They drive down the road,
then Mario walks from there back yard out to the front of
their driveway. He watches the car drive down the road and
turn a corner. Mario then picks up his phone and dials a
      (into the phone)
We're good.
A waitress brings Sammy a cup of coffee. Sammy is flipping
through a newspaper. He picks up his cell phone, then
scrolls down to Michelle in his phone book. He stares at
the number for several moments.
It's no use.


Sammy closes the phone, puts it in his pocket, and takes a
sip of his coffee.
The car Michelle and Christopher are in is driving down a
long, open road with no cars on it. The audience views this
from a wide angle watching the car drive down the road for
ten seconds before the car blows up in a fiery explosion.
Sammy is sitting at the table sipping on his coffee. The
television comes up with a breaking news story, Sammy looks
up at the television. The news anchor reports the explosion
and says that they have identified the bodies as those of
Michelle and Christopher Ciocia. Sammy's mouth drops and he
drops his coffee mug on the floor, it breaks and coffee
spills all over the floor.
Oh my God.
Sammy slams open the doors of the diner, sprints out to his
car parallel parked between two other cars, fumbles with his
keys, then jumps into his car, turns on the ignition, backs
up into the car behind him, and screeches down the street.
Sammy is sweating, short of breath, tears running down his
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Ah shit! This is bad, this really
fuckin bad. Oh my God they're dead
they're fuckin dead!
Sammy runs into the mansion and runs into Don's office.
They're dead! Michelle and
Christopher are dead! How the fuck
did this happen!?


I just saw it on the news. It had
to be Jake Jackson. He wanted to
fuck with us by killing them. He
knows we're destroying his
business and he wanted revenge.
I'm gonna kill that nigger! I'm
gonna fucking kill him!
I wouldn't be surprised if you did
Sammy. Your passionate, I like
In the family room Vinny is sitting on the couch watching
the news story about the bombing. The anchor announces that
it has been identified that the murderer was Sammy Ciocia.
Vinny's eyes widen and he makes a call.
I'm gonna find that motherfucker
Don, he's dead.
Sammy storms out of Don's office and walks up to Vinny who
is in the family room.
Vinny, where can I find Jake
Vinny looks around for a piece of paper. He finds one then
writes down an address and hands it to Sammy.
Good luck kid.
Sammy takes the piece of paper, then walks over to a cabinet
and takes a pistol out of it. He puts the pistol in the
back of his pants, then walks out the front door.
Sammy pulls up into the warehouse driveway, he get's out of
the car, looks at the address on the paper, then looks at
the building.
What the hell?


Sammy walks into the dimly lit warehouse but doesn't see
anybody. He wonders around for a little bit looking around
How you doin' Sammy?
Sammy spins around to see Vinny starring at him.
Vinny what the fuck are you doing
here, I thought you told me...
Three police officers run up from behind him, ring him to
the ground and put him in handcuffs.
Hey what the hell is going on
Vinny walks up to Sammy's cowering body and pulls out a
police badge from his jacket pocket and shows it to Sammy
You're being arrested for your
connections with the De Luca
family Mafia and the murder of
your wife and son. Your one sick
bastard you know that?
The police officers bring Sammy to his feet and he stares
directly into Vinny's eyes.
Murder!? Are you fucking kidding
The evidence is off the charts
Sammy, it's not worth the
argument. And I've been working
under cover for the past year.
First we got you, we're getting
the rest of you dirty mobsters
I didn't fucking kill my family!


Sammy, the case is closed. Take
this little shit downtown, would
Sammy is thrown in the police car and is driven away.
A SWAT team is covertly forming outside of the De Luca
mansion, the guards have already been arrested. People are
sneaking around the house, on the roof, at the front door,
and in the sides. There are dogs, vans, and Snipers at all
parts of the road.
Vinny walks in the front door acting normal. He hears
laughter in Don's office. Don and the rest of the family
walk out into the foyer and sit on chairs and couches. Vinny
stays standing towards the side.
Vinny where have you been?
I was just taking care of some
business with some of the judges.
Oh alright, everything fine right?
Yes. What were you guy laughing
about so hard in there?
Oh, we just saw on the news how
the got Sammy.
Yes, I saw it when it first
happened on the news.
It worked perfectly Don.
What worked perfectly?


Oh, you don't know!
Know what?
I had Mario blow up Michelle's car
and make it look like are boy
Sammy did it. We killed to birds
with one stone. Well actually
three (laughs).
Everyone erupts in laughter but Vinny's mouth drops and he
stares directly at Don De Luca.
What's the matter Vinny?
SWAT team busts through the windows and doors, from the
ceiling and from the sides. Dogs rush in barking at
everyone. Machine guns are spraying all over the room.
Vinny runs back into a room with Don.
How the fuck did they get in here?
Vinny takes out his pistol and points it at Don's face.
I guess we're all a little
Vinny pulls the trigger and shoots Don point blank in the
face. Blood splatters on the George W. Bush picture and Don
falls to the ground.
Everyone in the De Luca family is being taken out in
handcuffs and brought to police cars. Mario is brought to
an ambulance with a gunshot wound. Don's body is zipped up
in body bag and placed into an ambulance. Vinny runs too
his police chief.
Nice work Vincente.
      (short of breath)
We gotta go! We gotta go to the
prison where Sammy Ciocia is.


Why, what's wrong?
He didn't do it.
Sammy Ciocia did not murder his
family, he was set up by Giancarlo
De Luca. I heard it with my own
fucking ears.
Alright let's go once we get a
picture for the paper.
No, no paper.
Say cheese.
A camera flashes with Vinny's eyes squinted.
We gotta go!
Alright, get in the car.
Vinny get's in the car with his chief. The chief drives
down the road. There are still SWAT finds and police cars
spread throughout the De Luca mansion's property.
Vinny runs into the doors to the main lobby of the prison.
He walks up to the man at the front desk and flashes his
Where is Sammy Ciocia's cell?
A guard walks up to Vinny.
This way.


They walk through the prison, all the prisoners in the cells
are starring right at Vinny in complete silence. The hallway
is silent and there is two guards and a police officers
standing in front of a cell reading a note. Vinny walks up
to the cell and looks in. Vinny puts his hands around his
face and sobs.
Oh my God Sammy.
Sammy is hanging dead with bedsheets wrapped around his neck
and the top of the sheets are knotted around a pipe that
runs along the ceiling. You can still see the tears on his
face and on his shirt. One of the guards hands the note to
Vinny. Vinny looks down and reads it. The audience see's
the note in Sammy's hand writing and it says, "Once again, I
have nothing to fucking loose." Vinny crumples the note in
his hand, throws it on the ground, and walks away alone with
his face buried into his hands.


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