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by David Evans (david_evans7@btinternet.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy   User Review: ****
It is 2188. Time Travel has been theoretically possible for nearly 200 years but as yet no-one has managed to perfect it for public use and despite two seperate projects, Time Travel development has stalled. Part of the reason for this is Tom Larner, who is hampered in his progress by the death of his ancestor, Jack Larner, who was partially responsible for the creation of Time Travel. Tom believes the crash was no accident and suspects foul play. Tom refuses to co-operate with the rival Government project to pool resources unless he has full control, but his stubborness to give concessions leads one of his rivals at the Government Project to take drastic steps and swap him with Jack Larner, whom he bears an uncanny resemblance, and to place Tom in Jack's place so it is he who dies in the car crash instead......

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


An alarm is sounding loudly in the grounds of the Institute.
Dogs are barking incessantly and running at speed, sniffing
the ground as they go, their Guard owners trying to keep up
with them. A black-clothed figure is running slightly ahead
of them, ducking in and out of alleyways as he tries to find
a secure place to hide. The dogs are getting closer, time is
running out. The figure spots a very wide alleyway ahead of
him and darts inside at full speed. Behind him, the dogs
continue their relentless pursuit and eventually reach the
alleyway as the two guards approach, the dogs barking
maniacally. The first guard shines the torch in the
alleyway, but it is deserted.
Where the hell is he? I saw him
run into this alley.
                       GUARD 2
He's got to be here, they're going
nuts, look at them!
The dogs are still barking ferociously at the alleyway.
He couldn't have got out of here
without us seeing him, he must
sneaked out another way.
                       GUARD 2
There's no other way out of there.
He must have doubled back. Let's
not waste any more time, we need
to find him.
The Guards drag their dogs away from the alleyway, but they
continue barking wildly and the first Guard tugs insistently
on the dog's lead.
There's no-one there, you
doughnut, now move it!
The Dogs are dragged forcefully away, still barking wildly.
Once they have gone, the figure suddenly appears on the
corner of the alleyway. His whole face is not visible, but a
triumphant smile can be seen. A pair of binoculars are held
up to his eyes and from his POV, we can see the top office
of a nearby tower block, which at the moment is encased in
darkness. Looking at his watch, the figure retreats back
into the darkness of the alleyway.
The tall imposing figure of Simon Linstead is walking down a
corridor. Beside him, Derek Farrington,a smaller, meeker
figure carrying a briefcase, is trying to catch up with him.


I think a celebratory drink is in
order, Derek, don't you agree?
I'm not so sure. The Committee
were hardly unanimous in their
decision to give you the Time
Controller's job, you know. Many
of them felt Jack Larner should
have got it instead.
They're a bunch of old fools, they
had no choice to give me the job
once they realised there was no
Jack Larner could still make
trouble for us.
Simon stops dead in the corridor to face Derek and he
shrinks back slightly as he leans over him.
Jack Larner and his Institute are
finished. There's nothing he can
do to harm me now. Is that
Derek nods and Simon pats him mockingly on the shoulder.
There's a good chap. Now let's go
have that drink.
They both head down towards the end of the corridor,where a
round blue circle is placed on the floor. Above it
is a huge circular light and to the right the word
'Transmat' can be seen printed on the wall in big black
letters. Several controls are on the opposite side of the
circle. They both step onto the circle but as Simon reaches
for the controls on the wall, he pauses as some shouting is
heard from the corridor behind them. Moments later, a
grey-suited figure races down the corridor towards them
angrily, hotly pursued by several Guards.
It's Larner, what's he doing here?
Simon doesn't reply as Jack runs up to towards them, intent
on assaulting Simon but the guards drag him back and hold
him by each arm. Unruffled, Simon steps of the circle and
stands in front of Jack calmly.
What's this all about Jack?
You know why I'm here. You stole
my papers and used them to get the
Time Controllers job.


My dear Jack, you could have told
all this to the Committee but you
couldn't. You failed to produce
one shred of evidence to back
your,...ridiculous claims.
Enjoy the job while it lasts, for
you won't be Controller for much
longer. I'll see to that, I'll get
the proof I need.
Face it, Jack, your time on this
project is finished. Your career
is over and your shoddy Institute
will be closed down. The Time
Travel Project is mine now and
there's nothing you can do about
How do you think you'll cope
without any of my notes to steal?
You'll be on your own now, Simon
and that's where you'll fail. The
Project is doomed with you at the
Which brings us nicely back to
you. You have trespassed on
private property and in doing so,
your accusations, like your
reputation, are in tatters.
Guards, take him away and hold him
somewhere, then call the police.
When they arrive, get them to
throw the book at him. He can
watch my plans for this project
from prison.
The Guards nod and start to drag Jack away but he continues
to shout at Simon.
You'll never be free of me,
Linstead, do you hear me. You'll
always fear me, what I can expose
about you...
He is dragged out of sight. Simon straightens his tie and
breathes a sigh of relief. He then notices one of the guards
still standing before him.
Haven't you got work to do?
I was just going to report to you
before we spotted Jack running in
here, there's another intruder in
the grounds, sir. The men have
hunted everywhere but we haven't


                       GUARD (cont'd)
been able to locate him yet.
Maybe there's a simple reason for
that. It was Jack you were
Couldn't be, sir, this other
intruder is dressed in black.
Aren't intruders always dressed in
black? Very well, once you have
Jack locked up, double the guard
and try and find this other
intruder. If it's one of Jack's
cronies, I'm going to have a field
day. After all, two break-In's in
one night is too much of a
coincidence. Report back to me
when you find him.
The Guard turns and runs of down the corridor.
A double celebration is in order.
Let's go.
Are you sure holding Larner is a
good idea? It might backfire.
Off course I'm sure, and if I find
out this other intruder is
connected to him, he is totally
finished. With a criminal record
against his name, he'll never be
able to go for the Time
Controller's job again. Let's go.
Derek follows him back onto the circle. Simon operates the
controls. The light on the circle above shines brightly as
they both disappear from view.
Simon's Office is full of opulence. Expensive souvenirs
decorate shelves round the room and the floor is carpeted in
plush red. In the corner of the room is a scaled down design
of the transmat system from the corridor below. A transmat
circle is in the corner and it lights up as Simon and Derek


In the alleyway, the figure is looking through his
binoculars and sees the lights come on from one of the rooms
at the top of the tower. The figure smiles and lowers his
binoculars slowly. He lifts the sleeve of his wrist to
reveal a sophisticated looking watch .In the distance, the
dogs can still be heard and they appear to be getting
closer. Suddenly, the dogs and the guards appear from round
a nearby corner but when they reach the place he has been
standing, the figure has disappeared.
Simon opens a cabinet in the corner of his office and
produces a large bottle of champagne and two glasses. He
pops open the bottle and begins to pour.
A toast to both of us is in order,
I think.
I don't feel like celebrating. You
didn't get the job on merit, part
of me can never accept that.
Stop being so damn scrupulous. You
should be grateful. This project
will make us both rich.
Simon hands him a drink. Derek takes a small sip and puts
the glass aside.
I thought the prospect of being
the first man to travel in time
might excite you more, rather than
the financial rewards.
Simon slams down his glass and lifts Derek of the chair by
his tie.
Let go of me.
What is wrong with you? Do you
want to be part of this team or
Off course I do, I'm not
comfortable with the deception,
that's all.
Stop feeling sorry for Jack Larner
and move on. I haven't spent the
last three months planning this
little deception just for you to
start worrying about ethics. I
suggest you put your conscience to


                       SIMON (cont'd)
one side and do the job I pay you
to do. Is that clear?
Calm down, it was just an opinion.
The only opinion that matters to
you is mine. Okay?
He nods and Simon lets go of Derek, who straightens his tie
From now on you will concentrate
your efforts on your own work.
Tomorrow morning you will set up a
meeting with the workforceg. I've
a new rota for them to work to, to
get the project up and running as
smoothly as possible. It will be
your job to make sure they accept
the hours I have set for them.
Some of them will need to work
longer and at at the weekends if
we're to meet the target I gave
the Committee to make time travel
accessible within a year.
Some of them have families,
Simon.They won't be happy about
working extra hours.
I don't care. You will implement
the rota I give you. If they don't
like it, they will be replaced, as
will you if this isn't handled
Always the considerate boss,
Simon looks past Derek to see Jack has appeared from nowhere
at the rear of the room. He is dressed in black and has a
large watch on his wrist. Both of them look at him in
How the hell did you get in here?
You're supposed to be under
Jack points to the watch on his wrist. The Centre of the
watch is glowing brightly and surrounded by several
complex-looking buttons to each side.


I used this. A little invention of
mine you didn't steal. It's great
for avoiding guards, you know.
Simon peers at the watch suspiciously.
A watch?
It's a very special sort of watch.
It allows me to be in two
different places at the same time.
Such a device is scientifically
impossible. No-one has the
technology to do that yet.
Only to those with a closed mind.
By the way, congratulations on
getting the Time Controller's
position by the way. Loved your
acceptance speech to the Committee
by the way, a bit overdramatic for
my liking though.
Don't try and side track me,
Larner. If you've invented such a
device, you have breached the
exclusive rights this Institute
now has on time travel. Therefore,
I have every right to confiscate
it and order your arrest.
Again? I'm already under arrest at
the moment, at your instructions I
may add. How would you explain
that to your guards?
Simon angrily points to the watch.
Your watch is adequate evidence
that you have breached all the
regulations on time travel.
Very well, report me. Explain to
the Police about this watch. I'll
have great delight explaining what
I saw you doing at my Institute
last week.
Simon shifts uncomfortably in his chair, his posture now
What do you mean?


There are more simple laws other
than those that govern time
travel. Theft, for example. I was
there the night you stole the
files from my desk at my
Institute.You thought you had
disabled my security camera's but
I was there watching you and I
filmed every second on my own
Is this true, Simon?
He's bluffing. He's trying to use
that watch as a ruse to try and
cheat me out of the Time
Controllers job.
You don't deserve the job, Simon.
Which is a pity really. I've read
your articles on protective time
field technology. That could have
saved a lot of lives. However, you
let yourself be led astray by
What's he talking about?
Ignore him, Derek, this is a ruse.
You think so? I'm sure the
committee will investigate
immediately once they hear this.
Jack lifts a small disc player from his pocket and holds it
out before Simon. He presses a button on the top and Simon's
voice can be heard from the disc.
      (on the disc)
Stop feeling sorry for Jack Larner
and move on. I haven't spent the
last three months planning this
little deception just for you to
start worrying about ethics. I
suggest you put your conscience to
one side and do the job I pay you
to do. Is that clear?
As the conversation continues on the disc, Simon leans
forward, smiling triumphantly.
If you've recorded this entire
conversation, you've incriminated
yourself, surely?


Suddenly the disc goes dead and Jack smirks victoriously.
Do you think I'm that stupid?
If I destroy that disc, what proof
do you have?
I still have my other evidence.
This disc is just the bonus.
If you have all this evidence, why
didn't you present it to the
committee this morning, rather
than creating this whole charade?
I didn't need to. The information
was served better by using it as a
You're going to blackmail me into
giving up the Time Controller's
That's the general idea.
Do you really think the committee
will listen to the ravings of
someone embittered by losing the
Time Controllers job?
Oh yes, my evidence will be quite
conclusive. I've let you have your
fun, now it's my turn.You tried to
discredit me during the
presentation this morning, now I'm
going to return the compliment,
only when I do it, it's going to
be with double the force.
You think you can keep your little
invention a secret? I could call
security right now and expose you.
Go ahead, call them, I'll be gone
from this room before they even
set foot towards the nearest
transmat and I can leave this disc
anywhere I choose.
You really have got this all
worked out, haven't you? I suppose
that little performance downstairs
was also part of the plan, was it?


                       SIMON (cont'd)
I must say I preferred the Jack
Larner I saw there, you seemed
more of the loser I've become
accustomed to.
As you say, it was just a
performance, for reasons you are
about to find out.
Simon looks at Jack curiously, but he remains expressionless
as he waits for his reaction.
You seem to have thought of
I like to think so.
Simon suddenly whips a pistol out from inside his jacket and
points it at Jack, who remains calm and doesn't even flinch.
You didn't think of this though,
did you Jack?
Simon, put it down. You'll throw
away everything we've worked for
Worked for? That's a laugh!
You think this little charade will
help you take the Time
Controller's job from me? Think
You're going the right way to
helping him achieve that, Simon.
Please put the gun down.
Maybe your man here should have
been Time Controller. He certainly
has more sense than you.
Simon suddenly tightens his grip on the gun, his eyes
staring wildly at Jack.
      (Yelling angrily)
One more word and I'll shoot.
What a career advancing manoeuvre
that would be Simon. Can't see the
committee being too impressed with
a dead rival decorating your


                       JACK (cont'd)
office carpet, can you?
Simon fires the gun at Jack, who throws himself aside. Simon
fires again in anger but his aim is well off target and he
hits Derek my mistake. Derek crumples to the floor,
clutching his chest, blood pouring through his white shirt.
Simon's lowers the pistol in shock as Derek lifts his head
one more time and looks sorrowfully at him before sinking to
the ground, dead. Jack leans down and feels his neck and
sadly shakes his head.
He's dead.
Simon raises his gun again and points it shakily at Jack.
Outside the door raised voices can be heard and several
footsteps can be heard heading towards the room. Simon
operates a switch on his desk, his hands shaking, locking
the door and the door bulges under presure from the outside.
The Transmat circle starts to light up and Simon uses
another switch on his desk to deactivate it and it dims into
You, you did this.
How could I? You have the gun.
You think I can't still blame you
for this?
How? It's your gun. I was never
Simon's finger tightens on the trigger as he aims the gun
straight at Jack's forehead, but Jack is unmoved, his face
emotionless. Sweat starts to pour down Simon's brow as he
hears the sound of the door buckling under pressure behind
Aren't you scared? I could kill
you now.
Not at all. There's witnesses
outside. You won't shoot, both of
us know that, so I'm willing to
take my chances.
The scene is frozen for several seconds as Simon's finger
holds firm on the trigger as Jack waits calmly. Suddenly
Simon lowers the gun despondently. The doors are nearly
ready to cave in and Jack moves quickly to the back of the


You said I wouldn't lose you the
Time Controller's Job, you were
right. You done it yourself.
Goodbye Simon.
The doors burst open, blocking Jack from view. Two guards
burst in, training their guns at Simon. Behind the door,
Jack operates his watch. As he prepares to leave, he is
startled to see a man is stood before him, a pistol in his
hand. He has a scar under his left ear and is wearing a
pin-striped suit. As he raises the gun, Jack hits a control
on his watch in hurried panic and vanishes. The Man hits the
wall angrily before ducking behind the door to observe the
scene at the front end of the room. Simon is still standing
in shock as one of the guards covers him with a gun, his own
pistol still hanging limply in his hand.
Put the gun down, sir.
Simon drops the gun to the floor and watches shocked as the
other guard feels Derek for a pulse. Looking up at his
colleague, he shakes his head.
                       GUARD 2
He's dead, sir.
It was an accident, I didn't mean
to shoot him.
I'm sorry, I don't follow you?
It was Jack Larner, he was here.
he made me shoot Derek.
Mr Linstead, what are you talking
about? You know fully well Jack
Larner is under arrest downstairs,
at your instructions I might add.
He has a watch that time travels.
He can be in two places at the
same time. He was here I tell you.
The guard looks at his colleague, who shrugs awkwardly and
he turns his attention back to Simon.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but
haven't you just spent the last
ten minutes in here alone with Mr.
Farrington, no?


The Guard glances at the transmat circle and points at it
Your transmat is on lockdown and
your door was locked. Then we find
you standing over Mr Farrington
with a gun in your hand. You see
the position this puts us in, sir.
You seem to forget, I'm in charge
him. What I do in my office is my
Not when murder is involved, it
It was an accident. Jack knows it.
He was here. You should check his
house, he must have that watch
there somewhere.
The second guard's attention is drawn by a disc player lying
on the floor near the open door and he picks up. Simon
groans as the guard presses the player button and Simon's
voice can be heard for all to hear.
      (On the disc)
Stop feeling sorry for Jack Larner
and move on. I haven't spent the
last three months planning this
little deception just for you to
start worrying about ethics. I
suggest you put your conscience to
one side and do the job I pay you
to do. Is that clear?
The Guard stops the disc and looks up smugly.
It seems if you have some serious
explaining to do. I'm afraid we
will have to restrain you, sir.
The Police will be here in a
minute to arrest Jack. We'll have
to inform then what's happened
here. Until then, I'd keep quiet
and save any explanations for
them. Take him to the office
downstairs until they arrive.
I am your employer, you can't
arrest me.


I haven't arrested you, have I
sir? I'm just detaining you until
the Police arrive.
The Guard gestures to him to walk to the transmat circle.
Looking at Derek's prone body in regret, Simon does as he is
instructed and steps into the circle. Joined by the Guards,
one of them reactivates the controls, the transmat lights up
and they all vanish. Once they have gone, the man in the
pin-striped suit comes out from behind the door and looks
down at the body in disgust before staring angrily at the
transmat. He produces a small black box from his pocket and
hits a button on the top of it in disgust before vanishing
into thin air.
Simon is trying to shake off the guards grip on his arms
without success but they don't budge. As they pass an office
on the right, Simon stops dead as he sees Jack in the room,
flanked by two guards. As their eyes meet, Jack allows a
triumphant smile to cross his lips. At that moment, Simon
loses it completely. He tries to evade his guards and run
into the room to attack him but the guards hold him back.
You'll pay for this Jack, I'll
bloody well kill you!
Jack looks at him in mock innocence.
I'm sorry, I don't know what
you're talking about.
I swear I'll get you, Jack, you
won't get away with it. The job is
mine, do you hear me, mine!
If you say so.
One of the chief guards gestures to his colleagues and they
grab his arm, dragging him out of the room.
Get him out of here.
Simon glares back at Jack and he waves mockingly. He tries
to get free again but is restrained and led away. Jack leans
back in his chair, a self-satisfied smile crossing his face.
Tom Larner's house is a strange mixture of old and new. A
dusty bookcase in the corner has several antiques and
ornaments on top of it but in the opposite corner is a white
transmat area with a blue circle on the floor. It is


significantly more advanced looking than we have seen in
2188. Above the circle is a larger blue crystal light,
currently dimmed. Several extra controls are on the wall
next to it. Tom himself is sat watching a huge TV screen
before him as he sips moodily from a glass of brandy. He is
the spitting image of Jack, though more clean-shaven and
groomed. Tom is currently watching a news report on the
screen. It currently shows the remains of a car in flames in
the distance behind a reporter who is addressing the viewers
on the screen.
How this accident happened is
still a mystery. Police are
treating the accident as
suspicious due to the timing of
this tragedy. Jack Larner was due
to start work at his Institute
today in his capacity as Time
Controller, a role he attained
following the arrest of Simon
Linstead two weeks ago for the
murder of his deputy, Derek
Farrington. Many conspiracy
theories have developed as to whom
may have been behind this crash,
ranging from supporters of
Linstead to opponents of the Time
Project itself. The Police's
prominent lead is Linstead
himself, who was heard threatening
Mr Larner on the day he was
arrested, but they have not ruled
the other theory out. All we know
for certain is that Jack Larner is
The TV is suddenly switched off as Tom gulps down his drink
and throws the glass to the floor beside his chair in anger.
The transmat beeps loudly and the circle lights up. Moment
later, an attractive, dark-haired woman appears and steps
out of the booth, nearly standing on tbe broken glass and
she moves hastily back and sighs heavily.
Let me guess. You've been watching
the archives again?
What of it?
Oh it doesn't bother me. If you
want to wallow over the past, so
be it. Some of us have better
things to do.
Cut the claptrap, Nicola. What are
you doing home? You're supposed to
be in charge of the Institute
today, not bothering me.


I wanted to see how the meeting
went this morning. You did
actually go, didn't you?
Off course I went. It was the same
as before, no progress.
I suppose you refused to
relinquish full control of the
project again?
70/30 in my favour was the best
they could offer me.
Why didn't you take it? You'll
still have majority control.
I want total control, that's
why.The Government have run the
whole time project since Jack
died. They barely give him a
mention in their archives for the
work he did, but as soon as their
experiments start failing, they
come running.
Jack died two hundred years ago.
Forget the past and concentrate on
the future. The Government have
promised Time Travel for years,
it's never happened.Maybe with you
at the helm it will renew hope.
Tom gets to his feet and stares out the window at the
rolling fields outside the house.
Every promise they make is
meaningless. Two hundred years of
waste and we're still no further
forward. Even after Jack's death
they dithered for six months and
look what happened. The global
recession took it's toll and it
got abandoned. They only started
up again because I reopened the
Larner Institute. They got scared
I'd succeed where they couldn't.
Surely it's time you swallowed
some pride and accepted their
offer then. If both projects have
stalled than pooling our resources
is the only way forward.


Forget it,it isn't going to
happen. Not on their terms.
So you're going to let something
that happened two hundred years
ago hold everything back?
Tom swings round angrily to face Nicola but she is unmoved.
You don't get it, do you? Jack's
car crash wasn't just an accident,
he was killed.
That was never proved.
You find it coincidental he was
skilled the day he was suppose to
start as Time Controller? Well I
don't, and when I finally break
the Time Travel Barrier, I'll go
back and prove it for myself.
      (Sighing heavily)
What's happened to you Tom? When
we first set out on this project,
you had so much enthusiasm. You
had humour and charm which helped
you get the best people to work
for us. The Tom I married has been
replaced by a miserable
self-obsessed stranger.
You can't expect me to happy 24/7
under these circumstances.
That's because since you
discovered those archives, your
emphasis has changed. You seem
more preoccupied with using time
travel for yourself than for
general use by the public.
Haven't you got work to do? I
thought I left you and Gerry to
run those experiments I set. I'll
join you later.
Nicola holds her hand in the air in defeat.
I give up. You do things how you
want, Tom, but don't blame me if
the public start to fall out of
love with you. However, I suggest
you try and organise another
meeting with The Government


                       TOM (cont'd)
Institute, though, maybe a few
concessions from you might get
this project running again.
Tom doesn't reply and tutting in frustration, Nicola heads
towards the door.
If you should change your mind,
let me know.
Tom stares ahead of him, brooding and Nicola shakes her head
despairingly before stepping back into the transmat and
disappearing from sight. Tom sighs and and tips his head
back in the chair despairingly.
One day I will succeed, one day...
The transmat beeps and a young man appears in the circle
carrying a huge box. He walks over to a coffee table in
front of the table and places it there, a cheery grin on his
Good morning Mr. L, usual today?!
I don't know what's good about it
but I'll have the usual. I don't
know why you bother asking though,
you know I never change.
Matt reaches in his box for a huge chunky set of sandwiches.
Cheese and Onion sandwiches. As
Tom reaches inside his pocket for his wallet and hands him
some money.
There, keep the change. What there
is of it.
Very good. I'll be going. See you
tomorrow Mr.L!
Matt picks up the box hurriedly and dashes for the transmat.
You know, you guys have it so much
easier than you used to. No
driving, no stress and yet you're
still always in a tearing hurry.
Less driving, more drops I'm
afraid. We don't get away with it
that easily!


Well you may be more
environmentally friendly these
days but you're not doing your
health any good are you?
Perhaps not, Mr. L!! Bye now!
Grabbing the box from Tom's desk, he activates the controls
on the wall and disappears. Tom sighs and grabs his
sandwich. As he goes to take his first bite, however, the
transmat beeps again and a young man appears, dressed
smartly in a suit and tie. Tom jumps indignantly to his
feet. .
Who the hell are you and what are
you doing in my house?
My name is Cecil Bell. I'm from
The Keep Every Event Precious
Oh yes. You're that crackpot
organisation that, forgive the
pun, keeps protesting outside the
perimeters of my Institute. I
wondered how long it would be
before I got a visit here. How did
you even get in here. This house
is supposed to be top-security.
No-one is allowed here unless I
permit it. How did you get hold of
the access codes?
My organisation is far from
crackpot, Mr Larner and it's very
easy when you can hack into your
system and get the access codes of
your sandwich man.
Well if I were you, I'd get out of
here the same way you came in
before I call the Police.
Mr Larner, you have to listen to
me. If you continue with these
experiments, you could change
history as we know it. If you
allow people to interfere, all the
mystique of history will be lost.
You have to end the time travel


                       CECIL (cont'd)
project now.
Tom grabs hold of the Cecil by the shoulders and marches him
back to the transmat, but he breaks free and stands
defiantly against the wall.
Mr Larner, you are as rude and
arrogant as your reputation
suggests but I telling you now,
you won't silence us. We'll carry
on protesting until this project
is brought to a halt.
What you going to do? Put the Grim
Reaper on reception every morning
for when I come in?
The transmat beeps and Nicola appears back in the circle.
She stops dead at the sight of Cecil who quickly moves to
join her as she steps back out into the room.
Mrs Larner, you're someone with
intelligence. You have to listen
to us, the time travel project is
a catastrophe waiting to happen,
make your husband see sense,
Nicola looks enquiringly at Tom.
What's going on here? Who is this?
Never mind who he is, he's just
      (To Nicola)
Mrs Larner, please, you're his
wife. Convince him he's making a
mistake. History can't be changed,
it has to stay as it is.
Tom grabs Cecil again and drags him unwillingly towards the
transmat. Hitting the controls, the transmat lights up and
he throws the man inside and he vanishes. Tom quickly
adjusts some controls on the side and breathlessly turns to
face Nicola.
There, I've changed the access
codes, he shouldn't come back here
Who the hell was that?


Just some lunatic from an equally
lunatic organisation that opposes
the project.
You should try improving your
people skills. He obviously came
here with an opinion today and
from what I saw you didn't even
respect him at all, you just
rudely chucked him out.
What do you expect me to do, leave
our house open to more of his
kind? The next one might be
dangerous if they get the right
access codes.
Contrast your behaviour to what
you show to our sandwich boy. He's
well chuffed at you. You're his
favourite customer, I bet you
tipped him again today.
Why not? He gives good service. He
deserves it.
Where's the consistency? If you
can be polite to people you like,
you can try at least to be
diplomatic towards those who
oppose you.
I have had enough of your lectures
for one day, thank you. Why are
you back here anyway, to give me
more earache?
Ray called at the Institute, he
thought you were there so I took
the call for you. He asked me to
try and persuade you to go back
for another meeting, just you and
him this time to try and thrash
out a deal.
Does it matter? I think you should
I don't have to do anything.


Yes you will because if you don't
that guy you kicked out will be
the least of your problems. Think
on it.
Nicola glares commandingly at him before turning and exiting
the room. Tom childishly sticks his tongue out at her and
sits sulkily back down in his armchair and takes another
bite out of his sandwich.
Ray's office is Simon Linstead's old one, only now it is has
been totally transformed and is now full of hi-tech
equipment. Huge tinted windows stare out over the complex
below and Ray himself is busy working at his desk. He is an
obese man with balding hair and he wipes the sweat from his
brow as he works at his computer. Moments later, the
intercom buzzes and he looks at his monitor to see his
secretary at the desk.
Mr Larner here to see you.
Send him in.
Moments later the door slides open and Tom enters the room.
Tom, how nice to see you again.
Ray stretches out his hand to greet him but Tom ignores it
and sits down at Ray's desk.
I understand you wanted to see me.
I take it there is a new offer
about to be made?
Ray heads towards a drinks cabinet at the side of his
A drink?
No thanks, I'm driving.
Considering your technology has
helped cleanse this planet, I'm
surprised you still drive.
One of the downsides to transmat
technology is that is has taken
away the thrill of the open road.
There are still some car


                       TOM (cont'd)
enthusiasts out there you know.
I could always have your car sent
back to you if you want a drink.
Are we going to sit here having
small talk all day or are we going
to get down to business? It's bad
enough coming back to this place
once let alone twice. The thought
that this was once Simon
Linstead's office makes me sick.
The Linstead family long ago gave
up the right to this place as you
know. There's not much of their
influence left here.
I don't care. I still don't like
this place so the sooner we
conclude our business, the sooner
I can be on my way.
As you wish.
Ray sits down at his desk.
Now we both know this morning's
meeting was...fraught, shall we
say? I thought a one-to-one
meeting might yield a better
It depends on what you're
offering, doesn't it?
The board have sanctioned an offer
of an 85-15 split in your favour,
but with the Larner Institute
closed down and all work
transferred here under your
That's it? You offer me an extra
fifteen percent and now you want
me to move all my work to a place
which my family's adversaries used
to own?
The Government need something to
show for their commitment.


I told you my terms this morning.
It's full control at my place or
nothing at all.
It'll never happen. If you refuse
this time, they won't come back
with another offer.
I'm sorry, Ray, but those are my
terms. Take it or leave it.
So you're not prepared to give any
concessions whatsoever?
Unlike you, I'm unaccountable to
the electorate. We'll see who'll
budges first when the public
demand for time travel becomes
Ray tenses in his chair at Tom's stubbornness.
That tactic could backfire.
What's the matter Ray? Job on the
line if you don't strike a deal?
Or your bonus maybe?
My priority is this project.
I know you have no hands on
approach here. You're nothing more
than a glorified banker.
Whatever you think of me, I don't
allow my judgement to be affected
by something that happened two
hundred years ago,
Tom gets to his feet and heads for the door.
I'm not listening to this. I've
had enough lectures from my wife
for one day without listening to
more drivel from you.
If everyone tells you the same
thing, then maybe it's time you
took notice. I mean, Jack Larner's
death is the real reason why
you're not willing to strike a


                       RAY (cont'd)
deal isn't it? Have you ever
considered he wasn't as impure as
he seemed? I mean, there were
rumours flying round that he was
responsible for getting Linstead
locked up in the first place.
Maybe there were enemies out there
who wanted him dead.
Tom heads towards the door.
Goodbye Ray.
Tom attempts to leave the room but as the door opens, his
way is blocked by a man in a pin-striped suits and a scar
under his left ear. It is the same man from Simon's office
previously. Tom steps back, annoyed, and looks at Ray.
Who's this? Another one of your
Tom, this is my deputy. Mike
      (Holding out his
Nice to meet you.
      (Ignoring the
I wish I could say the same.
Tom abruptly leaves the room and Mike shrugs as he walks
over to Ray's desk to sit down.
That didn't go too well then?
He's a stubborn fool. He's too
wrapped up in the past to give any
That doesn't bode too well for
you, does it? The impression I got
from the board was that this was
your final chance to get a deal or
they'd get someone in who will.
Whoever replaces me will encounter
the same problem.Tom's a tough nut
to crack. He's too stubborn to
change his mind and the board know


That's as maybe but you know what
it would entail if you lost this
job. All those perks, the money.
You'd be pretty much unemployable
for a while.
I don't need reminding of the
consequences thank you.
I think if the board found out
your one-to-one session with Tom
didn't work out, you've had it
anyway. However, they don't know
as yet that the meeting has taken
place. There is a chance to
rectify the situation.
I told you I wasn't interested in
this so-called plan of yours.
It does represent the only way you
can solve this situation and keep
your job.
I will not resort to murder.
Your hands will be clean.
People will still get hurt.
Well it's a straight forward
choice. Your job and your career
or your morals. All I can say is
that if you choose your morals,
the board will be on your case
very quickly.
And you'll be the one to tell them
I suppose.
I never said that.
The implication was plain enough.
Mike stares at him unmoving and Ray buries his head in his
hands for a moment before looking back up.
Are you sure this plan will


Trust me,every angle has been
It seems I have little choice, do
I? What do you want me to do?
Mike smiles mockingly and leans back in his chair in
A huge round capsule is sat distinctively on a platform in
the middle of the room. Around all four sides of the Capsule
lies several computer bays and at the front is the main
console, one of which Nicola and her Chief Scientist, Gerry,
are now attending. The Capsule is currently in the process
of materialising back on it's spot on the platform. Behind
him, several scientists are looking on in interest. As the
humming from the capsule dies down, Gerry checks the
computer before him and taps his fingers impatiently on the
screen. Nicola waits patiently for the data to come up on
the screen.
I'm sorry but it failed as I said
it would fail. It barely went back
five minutes. We're getting
absolutely nowhere.
That won't cheer Tom up much.
I did warn him what would happen
if we persist using this Capsule.
You know Tom, once he's got his
heart set on something there's no
moving him.
You brought me in to help get this
project moving. How can I do that
if you keep ignoring my advice?
Maybe you should prove Tom wrong
by proving this capsule is the
problem. I mean, are you
absolutely sure there is no way of
increasing power?
Not without turning every thing
off in the whole institute, no.


What an excellent idea.
Tom is standing by the doorway and he joins them and throws
his coat over the top of the console. He looks proudly at
his invention.
I do hope you're joking, Mr
You know I'm not one for joking,
Gerry. Your idea has merit. If we
shut down all non-essential
systems, we could get enough power
to get the capsule to go back
further in time.
Maybe you should reconsider
Tom.Gerry is convinced the answer
is getting rid of the capsule and
replacing it with a time field
instead. The capsule is using vast
amounts of energy according to the
computer data. We've barely
cracked the five second barrier.
How many more times must we have
this discussion? The Capsule is
the only way to go back in time
protected. A time field means the
subject would be at enormous risk,
reliant on a protective forcefield
which could go wrong at anytime.
Do you realise what could happen?
Vapourisation, that's what!
If you're not prepared to accept
change from your own Chief
Scientist, I hope you tied up a
deal at that meeting so we can
pool our resources with the
Government.It seems the only way
we can move forward.
It was a waste of time.
You said no, again.
Yes, so we're on our own until
they agree to our demands. Now,
that idea of reducing or closing
down all non-essential systems; I
want that tested before you go
home today. I'm nipping home for a
while. When I come back I hope
you'll both be in a more receptive


                       TOM (cont'd)
Does it work both ways? I mean,
you did employ me to be your Chief
Scientist. You could at least try
out some of my ideas.
Your protective time field idea
was a Linstead idea which is
dangerous and will never ever be
used on this project.
How do you know it's dangerous if
you've never tried it?
Who's in charge here?
You are of course, Mr Larner, but-
No buts Gerry. Just get that test
ready for when I return. I'll be
back later.
What did I say to you earlier
about your attitude to people?
I really don't care. I've had
enough of people for one day. I'm
out of here.
Gerry holds his hand up to forestall further argument and
heads this time towards the booth. Moments later, he is
gone. Gerry and Nicola exchange glances.
How do you put up with him?
I don't know. It's like looking
after a big kid sometimes.
Tom walks over to his armchair and slumps into it. Holding
his face in his hands, he yawns loudly and lays his head
back on the cushion and closes his eyes. Beside him, a
video-screen flickers to life and there is a loud beeping.
Groaning, Tom opens his eyes and looks at the screen.
Opening a flap in his armchair, he presses a button and Ray
appears on the screen.
Afternoon, Tom.


What do you want Ray? I'm not in
the mood for anymore meetings with
you today, especially after that
rant of yours earlier.
My sincerest apologies for that,
Tom. I guess I have as much
passion for my project as you have
for yours. Maybe we're too similar
in that regard.
Cut the flattery and tell me what
you want.
Well I held another meeting with
the board and they're prepared to
make an offer, one I think you'll
find hard to refuse this time.
Does it include me having full
I can't disclose the details over
an open channel. Can you come
round at eight? Hopefully you'll
see what you like and we can
finally bring a conclusion to this
matter for the sake of both
Very well, Ray, I'll take what you
say at face value but if I leave
there without a result, there is
no chance is of any further
negotiations, is that clear?
Perfectly clear, old chap. See you
at eight. Don't be late!
Tom gives him a withering look and promptly switches of the
screen, ending the call. Sitting back in his armchair, a
contented smile crosses his lips.
Ray looks at the blank screen and switches it off. He grins
triumphantly and looks at up at Mike, who is just out of
sight behind the screen. Mike nods in satisfaction and heads
out of the room as Ray picks up a small glass of whisky and,
grinning again, downs it in one.


Tom looks at the clock on the wall. It is half past six. He
hurries through an archway into the kitchen nearby and looks
in a cupboard on the wall nearby. His eyes gleam as he
catches sight of a jar of pickles in front of him. Hurriedly
grabbing a spoon from a drawer in front of him, he scoops
out one huge pickle and pops it in his mouth. Chomping away
in pleasure, he swallows it down. A beeping from the front
room alerts him and he quickly puts the jar away and throws
the spoon in the sink. Scurrying back into the Front Room,
he sees Nicola stepping of the transmat circle and she looks
at him in surprise as he smiles pleasantly at her.
I don't like it when you're
cheerful. What have you been upto?
Nicola's eyes narrow and she sniffs.
You've been at the pickles again,
haven't you?
So what if I have?
After having a Cheese and Onion
sandwich today, you're asking for
You can always leave the room.
That's as maybe, but you could try
cutting down on them. It's not
healthy or good for your stomach
either, come to that.
One of these days you are going to
stop trying to be my Mother.
If I were you, I'd concentrate
more on being a father. After you
left the Institute, Emma called.
She's coming over this evening
with her new boyfriend. Therefore
I'd appreciate it if you'd keep
your.... outages to a minimum.
Tom sits down in his armchair and puts his face in his
Oh no.


What's the problem?
Ray has asked me to another
meeting this evening.
From what Ray said, it seems the
scales have finally tipped in my
favour. I think he's about to
offer me full control.
So having had to literally push
you into both meetings today you
now decide to go to one of your
own accord just as Emma is coming
Some things are more important.
Your daughter isn't important?
Off course she is. It's just
unfortunate that she chose this
evening to come round.
So what happens if you come back
empty-handed again? I shan't be
too happy and Emma certainly won't
be impressed.
If this meeting moves the project
forward then it's a gamble I'm
prepared to take.
Very well, have it your own way.
You usually do.
Nicola heads towards the door and Tom gets to his feet in
That's it? Not even a lecture?
I'm not the one who has to explain
to Emma that her father is putting
the project before her again, am
She leaves the room. Tom sits back down in his armchair and
bangs the side of it angrily with his fist.


Eric Dawson's house is elegant and stylish and contains
expensive furniture and carpets. Outside of the patio doors,
a swimming pool can be seen. Eric himself is checking his
watch. It is 8.00. He looks up the nearby stairs and checks
his watch again.
Are you ready? Time is getting on.
Stop fussing and try not to panic.
There's plenty of time.
How can you be so sure?
Jack walks down the stairs dressed in a smart suit and tie.
When have you known me to be wrong
about anything?
There's always a first time, man.
Keep the faith, my friend.
Everything will turn out fine.
Have you absolutely checked
everything? You know what route to
take to avoid the press?
Off course I have. it's the right
one. Now stop fussing!
Jack checks his appearance in a nearby mirror and quickly
straightens his tie. Nodding in satisfaction he turns round
to Eric and holds out his hand.
Well, this is it. Time to go.
Eric shakes his hand and they hug warmly.
Good luck, man.
Thanks Eric. I think I'm gonna
need it.
Jack heads towards the door and opens it. He looks back at
Eric and smiles nervously. Eric gives him an encouraging nod
and he leaves the room without looking back. Eric looks in
the mirror and pulls his short stature up to his full height
before checking his watch. It is 8.02. Tapping the watch
thoughtfully he heads of up the stairs.


Tom and Nicola are sat opposite each other, not looking or
speaking to each other. Tom is supping away on a glass of
brandy whilst Nicola's eye is on the clock. A beeping comes
from the transmat. Tom doesn't move but Nicola gets to her
feet to stand by the circle. Moments later, Emma appears
with Andy. Emma is of the same stature as Nicola with a
similar mane of long black hair. In comparison, Andy is
virtually bald and on first viewing is several years older.
As Emma and Nicola hug, Tom nearly chokes on his drink as he
gets to his feet in shock.
Hi Mum, Dad. This is Andy.
Oh my God.
This is your new boyfriend?
Andy holds out his hand.
Nice to meet you. Emma has told me
a lot about your work.
Tom reluctantly shakes hands.
Has she now?
Andy is a bit of a sci-fi fan. He
thinks what you are doing is
What about what you're doing? I
mean, this guy looks old enough to
be my brother!
Andy looks away embarrassed and Emma's face clouds in anger.
Nicola takes Andy by the arm and guides him gently towards
the door.
Let's go in the other room Andy,
leave these two to it. Then you
can tell me all about yourself.
She hurriedly guides him out of the room and Emma swings
round angrily to face Tom.
What is your problem? Why can't
you for once be happy for me?


You meet a bloke twice your age
and expect me to be happy?
He's only ten years older than me.
Then either you're ageing quickly
or he looks older than he is.
You're making assumptions before
you even know him. He's a nice
guy. That's all that matters.
Well that's one way of getting his
leg over, Is he not not getting
enough at home or something?
He's not married or divorced and
he hasn't any kids.
At his age?
Does it matter? He's mine now and
whether you like it not, I'll
continue to see him with or
without your approval.
As you wish but don't expect me to
play the doting Dad if things go
What's new? That's a role you've
never played.
Tom shakes his head in astonishment.
That's harsh. I've always seen to
it you were cared for.
That's the point. You were always
too busy with the project to be
there when I needed you. You only
care when you see something in my
life that you don't like.
You're starting to sound like your
Mother. The project isn't
Then prove it. Get to know Andy,
for me?


Tom hesitates and looks at the clock. It is 7.50.
I'm sorry, but I have a meeting to
go to.
Emma puts her hands on her hips angrily in disgust.
So much for putting me first.
This was already arranged before I
knew you were coming here tonight.
Then you'd better go hadn't you if
it's so important.
Tom walks to the transmat circle and operates the controls
by the side.
One day you'll realise how
important this is to me. Maybe
then you'll see how I treat you in
a different light.
Emma turns her back on him, her arms folded in defiance.
Just go will you?
Tom shakes his head in despair and operates the controls and
he disappears from the circle. Emma takes a deep breath to
calm herself as Nicola pops her head around the door.
I take it he's gone?
Why didn't you warn me about this
Nicola enters the room followed by Andy.
Your father has to take
responsibility for his own
actions. If he was going to let
you down he needed to tell you
Then why didn't he?
Well..that's your father for you.
Ray is waiting at his desk for Tom's arrival. His fingers
are tapping impatiently on his desk as he looks at his clock


and he jumps at the sound of the transmat beeping. On his
monitor he can see Tom waiting down below. Activating the
transmat, Tom arrives in the room moments later.
Welcome back. Using the transmat
this time eh? Didn't think you
liked using them?
When you've been somewhere twice
in one day, a third time driving
here would have been arduous to
say the least. I've also been
drinking. Even in this day and age
the driving laws have to be
In that case, can I persuade you
to have a drink this time round?
If it's good news, yes.
Would I ask you back otherwise?
I'll have a brandy then.
Ray walks behind his drinks cabinet and lifts two glasses
from within and starts to pour out some brandy from a
bottle.Unseen, he lifts a small bottle from his pocket and
slips a small drug into Tom's drink. Hastily slipping it
back in his pocket,he returns to his desk and gives Tom his
Thank you. So, tell me the good
news then.
Before we discuss business, I was
wondering if you'd like to come to
our laboratory and see our project
for yourself? The board thought it
might prove invaluable when
considering our offer.
More tricks to gain a concession?
Ray operates the transmat and gestures to it.
Not at all old chap. Merely trying
to help you help us. Shall we go?
Tom nods and starts to down his brandy but Ray hastily


No rush, Tom.You can bring your
brandy with you if you want.
Tom takes his glass and steps onto the circle, continuing to
drink. Smiling discreetly, Ray stands beside him and
operates the transmat and they disappear.
Unlike Tom's, the Government labs is more spacious and there
are far less technicians and computers in the room. One long
console is spread out before a large silver box with an
archway in it's centre. Two light beams are in place on
either side of the arch. Tom and Ray arrive in the lab and
Tom looks around him in surprise at the set-up. Followed by
Ray he wanders over to the box and inspects it curiously as
he takes another sip from his brandy.
Well?What do you think?
It seems less...compact than my
own equipment.
That's probably because we have
economised our power output by
using the individual rather than
the machine.
You send people into the vortex
Well Time Travel has already
provided the basis for transmat
technology. We thought it would be
a rather neat idea if we went vice
versa and used some elements of
the transmat process for our
experiments. We have adapted the
protective forcefield from the
transmats as a shield against the
time vortex.
You mean you used the old records
from the Linstead Institute?
Naturally. I know about your
objections to Simon's theories,
but they were accurate.
Most of Simon Linstead's so-called
theories were copied from Jack.
The Time Field concept was the
only original idea of his, which


                       TOM (cont'd)
is why it's ill-conceived. Even my
own Chief Scientist has tried to
convince me this idea will work, I
beg to differ.
As a scientist, you should always
be open to new ideas, Tom. Perhaps
a demonstration will help dispel
your fears and eliminate any
safety concerns you have.
If you must, but I doubt you'll
change my mind.
Ray reaches under the consoles and slides a panel at the
bottom open to reveal several dummies inside. Tom raises a
surprised eyebrow and Ray grins and holds one up to him.
Since the decrease in car use,
crash dummies have become a thing
of the past. We tend to use them
for a different purpose these
Well let's hope you're not the one
who looks a dummy after this demo
Ray gives Tom an amused look before placing the dummy in the
archway. As Tom watches, he moves to a section of the
console and types some information into a computer. Moments
later, a blue haze surrounds the dummy and Ray hits a screen
beside the computer and the dummy disappears.
There, I've tried sending the
dummy into the past. A good fifty
years into the past.
What? How have you managed that? I
can't get any further than a few
By reducing the power outlay, you
can extend the range of which we
can Time Travel. From what I hear,
that is the heart of your
I don't understand all this. If
you can send dummy's back and
forwards in time successfully like
that why do you need a merger?
Ray gestures to the screen before him. A timeline is showing
across the top of the screen with a blue bar passing from


left to right. As he watches, the blue bar stops and the
screen freezes.
The forcefield we created has also
acted as a shield against our
computers. It's caused time
distortion. I can't tell how far
back the dummy has gone. I
programmed it back fifty years but
it's well out of our range. We
can't trace how far our subjects
can go back or forwards in time.
We have a rough idea, but we need
accuracy. When we heard your
project had stalled because you
couldn't travel that far back in
time, it seemed a sensible step
forward to approach you with a
So didn't you show me this before?
Tom takes another sip from his drink as Ray takes a quick
glance at the clock behind him.
The board were just trying to
protect the project in case you
refused. They wanted to keep one
step ahead of you but I think
they've seen the sense in allowing
this visit. Do you think you can
help us with our problem?
It depends. What's the range of
About forty years each way at
present. That's why I sent the
dummy further back, just to show
you the problems we have faced.
Ray touches a control on the screen and the blue bar turns
red and starts to reverse. Moments later, the blue haze
lights up in the archway and the dummy reappears.
Off course it never actually
landed anywhere, just travelled in
the vortex. I think my point was
proven though.
Tom yawns and Ray watches him in concern.
Are you all right old chap?
It's been a long day.


It'd be nice to go back to this
morning and catch up on some
sleep, wouldn't it?
Time Travel is not for that
purpose and you know it. It's too
observe only. That's what the
regulations myself and the
Government agreed to are for.
I'm well aware of the dangers. I
know that interfering with time
can have dire consequences if it
goes wrong.
If I allow this merger to go ahead
those regulations will be followed
to the letter.
Does this mean you're prepared to
offer some concessions this time?
Tom yawns again, louder this time.
Maybe we could use your...your
technology, but...I'll have to
talk to...talk
Tom's POV.

Ray's face seems to split into two before seemingly splinter
further and suddenly the faces start to circle each other.
In the distance, he can hear Ray's voice.
Tom...Tom...what's the matter?
Tom collapses to the floor, unconscious, his glass falling
to the ground and smashing beside him. Ray kneels down and
feels his pulse as footsteps can be heard from behind the
archway. Mike walks over to join him, looking down at the
body in contempt. Ray sighs in relief.
Why the concern? I told you the
drugs would take a while to work.
They certainly took their time.
How long will he be out for?
Long enough for our purposes.


Mike takes a pouch from the inside of his jacket and opens
it to reveal a needle and a small bottle containing a red
fluid. He fills the needle to the brim as Ray looks on
Insurance if things do go wrong.
This stuff is a strong amnesia
drug. Should last for quite a
while if wakes up. Hopefully that
won't be necessary.
He was about to offer some
concessions you know. It's not too
late to stop this plan, you know.
Somehow I don't think Tom would
see it that way if he woke up. He
might be dopey for a while but
he'd soon realise he was drugged,
don't you? Something tells me
concessions would be off the menu,
We could have pulled off this deal
if we'd waited you know.
That maybe so, but I don't think
the board would have approved of
your little demonstration somehow,
do you?
I could have convinced them.
You're deluded.There's no going
back now whatever you think. Now
stop panicking and lift his arm.
It's time for Phase Two.
Ray's shoulders slump despondently but as he catches Mike's
eye, he reluctantly lifts Tom's arm and looks away
squeamishly as Mike moves the needle closer to inject.
A group of photographers and journalists are grouped tightly
together outside the gate of the Institute, a huge squad of
Police Officers keeping an eye on matters before them.
Professor Mead and the Time Travel Committee are gathered in
the reception area, standing near the entrance to the
building. A TV cameraman is on hand to observe events.


Professor Mead anxiously checks his watch as the doors at
the back of the room open to reveal Eric.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Eric, where the hell is Jack?
He isn't here yet?
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Do you think I would be asking if
he was?
Eric takes Professor Mead's arm and guides him away from the
cameraman and into a corner near the door.
Jack left the house before I did.
He should be here.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Off all days, Jack can't afford to
be late. He has a duty as Time
Controller to be here on his first
day. The Committee won't take
kindly to being let down.
You're being unfair, Professor.
Remember this place is crawling
with press. I mean, look at that
lot out there. They're like a pack
of wolves, dying to get their
piece of flesh. Even Jack would
find it hard to get through that
lot unscathed. If there's press
further up the road, he could be
held up.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Why didn't he a transmat like
everyone else?
Aside from the fact I don't have
one, Jack doesn't like using them.
He likes the open air too much.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
As key members of this project you
should have a transmat installed
at your place for both of you to
You'd never convince Jack to use
it, he's too much of an petrolhead
to give up the old ways just yet.


                       PROFESSOR MEAD
As you wish, but you'll have to
have one eventually. I insist on
Professor Mead looks at his watch again.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
You did tell him to go the back
Off course.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Then I see no excuse for the
Calm yourself, Professor, Jack
will let us know he if he needs
us, I'm sure.
Professor Mead reluctantly nods in agreement and rejoins the
Committee nearby. Eric checks his watch and looks out of the
window at the roads outside thoughtfully.
Jack is driving down the road to the Institute, his top down
on his car, his radio up quite loud. The tall building of
the Institute dominates the landscape in the distance and as
Jack reaches some crossroads, he stops briefly. The
Institute can clearly be seen on the road straight ahead. He
hesitates for a moment, then turns right onto a road running
alongside the Institute. As he drives further up the road,
his grip on the steering wheel tightens and he is constantly
checking his rear view mirror. He turns down the radio and
slows his pace considerably as he continues to look around
Mike Tyler is crouched beneath the bushes, watching Jack
approach through the view of a rifle. Beside him on the
ground is the unconscious figure of Tom, now dressed in
exactly the same clothes as Jack. Even his groomed hair is
now similar to Jack's. Mike's attention is still on the car
and he puts his finger on the trigger and smiles cruelly as
it approaches.
Jack is driving even more slowly as he looks around him.He
can see nothing. he looks at the car clock on the dashboard.
It is 9.10.


Mike's finger tightens on the trigger, ready to fire. Jack's
head is now in his line of vision. Mike starts to press the
trigger but another shot comes from elsewhere and he looks
up sharply as Jack's front tyre explodes and the car spins
out of control and plunges headlong into a tree to it's
left. Mike peers over a hedge and looks to where the shot
came from but there is no-one there. A beeping from his
watch sends him into action and, picking up Tom's body, Mike
produces a black box and aims it at the car. He activates a
control on the top and moments later, he and Tom vanish.
Mike reappears beside the car, Tom's body still in his arms.
Dumping it on the ground, he observes the car cautiously.
The windscreen is smashed, the left wing damaged from it's
impact with the tree. A small fire is moving from the bonnet
and down the side of the car towards the petrol tank.
Inside, Jack is apparently unconscious, blood pouring from a
gash on his forehead. Mike undoes his seatbelt and places a
small circular device which he attaches to his chest.
Activating it, Jack's body vanishes. Mike picks up Tom's
body and puts him in Jack's place, Placing his head against
the headrest, he steps back in satisfaction and surveys his
Pleasant Dreams!
He presses the black box in his hand and vanishes. Tom
remains unmoving as the fire continues to edge ever closer
to the fuel tank. Suddenly from nowhere, a hand flings open
the door and undoes the seatbelt, dragging Tom from the car.
We do not see who the owner of the hand is but Tom is thrown
over the stranger's shoulder and is moved away hurriedly
from the car as the fire reaches the fuel tank. The car
explodes into a fireball, igniting the trees beside it. As
we pan back to where we last saw Tom and his rescuer, it can
be seen that they have now vanished.
Eric and Professor Mead are still waiting in the Reception
Area. The clock nearby says it is now 9.15. Profesor Mead is
standing at the doorway looking outside, his attention
caught by several pressmen looking to their left. Looking to
where they are staring, he notices a large plume of black
smoke in the distance and he taps Eric on the shoulder and
he joins him at the window.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
I don't like the look of that.
You don't think...?


                       PROFESSOR MEAD
I don't know. I'll double check
with the Police, see if there's
been any incidents in the
Eric nods and moves away to an office nearby as Eric looks
expressionless at the smoke coming from over the horizon.
The curtains in the front room are pulled aside to reveal
Eric's car driving down the driveway and out of sight. The
curtains close and the figure walks over to Tom's still
unconscious figure on the sofa nearby. The clock nearby
reveals it is 8.30. The figure is revealed to be Eric, who
looks in concern at Tom, checking his pulse before looking
at his watch, the same watch Jack had earlier. He is
sweating profusely and wipes his brow with a hankie and
looks down again at the prone figure of Tom.
Man,that was close!
Eric watches unmoved as a Police Officer and Professor Mead
come out of the office nearby. The Officer leaves the
building through the front door and Professor Mead gestures
to him to join him inside.
Professor Mead sits down behind a desk and he invites Eric
to take a seat.
Well, was it to do with Jack?
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
I'm afraid so. Jack's car was
found burnt out on the back road
to the Institute. The Police found
skidmarks on the road, they think
he lost control and crashed into
the tree. The car then exploded.
Jack's dead?
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
I'm sorry, Eric. The car caught
fire on impact and blew the petrol
tank.He didn't stand a chance.
Professor Mead falls silent as Eric gets to his feet and
moves to the window to stare outside. Professor Mead joins
him there.


                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Naturally I'll halt all activities
regarding the project here until
we know for sure if was just an
You suspect foul play?
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Considering today's importance,
the Police have no choice but to
view it as suspicious.
I see.
                       PROFESSOR MEAD
Why don't you take yourself off
home? I'll sort out everything
here. I knew you and Jack were
best friends. So go home and take
off as long as you need. The
project will have to be suspended
for a while. It will still be here
when you get back and you still
have a part to play in it's future
I'm sure.
Eric lifts up his sleeve to reveal Jack's watch on his wrist
and he rubs it thoughtfully as he looks out of the window.
Thank You Professor Mead. I think
I'm going to need it.
Andy and Emma are standing in the transmat circle as Nicola
activates the controls.
Try speaking to your father again
tomorrow. Maybe after this
meeting, he'll be more focused.
If he's in the mood is tonight
I'll be out of here in seconds.
We'll see. Goodnight,Andy. It was
nice meeting you and my apologies
for my husband's behaviour.
Like you say, maybe he'll be
better after his meeting.
I hope so! Well, time to let you
both go. Night Night.


Emma and Nicola have a quick hug and Nicola sends them on
their way. Once they have gone, Nicola runs her hand through
her long hair in exhaustion and looks at Tom's discarded
brandy bottle nearby.Picking it up, she opens it and sniffs
it before turning her head hurriedly away from it in
Shame I didn't like brandy, I
could do with a drink!
A beeping from the video-screen catches her attention and
she walks over to the sofa and answers the call from the
armchair panel to see Gerry looking at her in some concern
from the lab. Looking at her clock she sees it is gone ten
and she frowns.
Gerry? What are you still doing at
work? I thought you would have
finished running those experiments
for Tom ages ago.
I never got chance to run them.
Something else has come up which I
think you should look at.
Well isn't Tom there?
Should he be?
He's not been here. That's why I
called you. Something's cropped up
on the computer that you both
really need to see.
Hang on, if Tom isn't there, where
the hell is he? The meeting can't
have gone on this long.
Gerry shrugs and Nicola sighs reluctantly.
Okay, Gerry, I'll come over but
this better be worth it.
I assure you it will be. See you
The screen goes blank and Nicola looks at the brandy bottle
and picks it up.


I might be needing you after all.
Something tells me this is going
to be a long night!
Ray is pacing backwards and forwards in his office, a
whisky glass in his hand, sweat pouring from his brow. The
door slides open and Mike enters. Ray slams the glass down
on his desk and hurries up to him.
Calm yourself, Ray. Everything is
in place and going to plan just as
I said it would.
There's no way they can trace
anything back to us?
Not at all, so sit yourself down
and stop worrying. Your anxiety is
unappealing to say the least.
Ray sits down and takes his glass of the table, his hands
trembling nervously. Mike sits before him.
The deed is done now, so let me do
all the worrying.
Nobody saw you shoot the car in
Mike pauses thoughtfully before speaking next.
I didn't get the chance, someone
beat me to it.
It wasn't me who caused the crash.
Someone stole my thunder. Someone
hiding in the next field shot at
Jack before I had chance to pull
the trigger.
Someone else wanted Jack Larner


Seems someone else had a grudge
against Jack too, which in a way
was kind of helpful.
So what happens now?
Nothing. We're going to stick to
the plan we agreed and let matters
take their natural course until
I'm ready to act.
Mike removes his rifle from under his jacket and taps it,
smiling grimly.
Meaning the next time Jack Larner
'dies' it's going to be for
Nicola and Gerry are standing in the darkened laboratory, a
solitary computer in operation before them. Gerry is
pointing at two uneven lines that run across the entire
length of the computer screen, similar to a heartbeat
These two lines are the two
transmissions the computer picked
up. Usually the longer the line,
the further the distance
travelled. You'll notice how both
lines are exactly the same length
and both are at the edge of the
screen. This indicates that either
two trips were made to an
identical time or a return journey
was involved.
Nicola points to the second line
So the first trace was at five
past eight. What time was this
second one?
Five minutes later. I wasn't
running any experiments at that
time so it must have come from the
Government Institute.
That would have been about the
time Tom was at this meeting.


Possibly. Tell me, have you picked
up these transmissions before?
No, normally short-range time
travel doesn't register. If I'm
correct and I think I possibly am,
both of those transmissions
involved a very long trip through
How long was the journey?
There was some distortion at the
end of the journey according to
these instruments. I couldn't
hazard a guess, but judging by the
size of that transmission I'd
estimate one hundred years, maybe
What? If that's the case, then the
Government have been able to
travel back further in time than
we thought. Which begs the
question, why ask for a merger?
They're clearly way ahead of us.
Maybe Tom will find that out at
this meeting, then we can finally
get this project moving. If the
Government can help us, the
changes we could make here could
be revolutionary.
Don't get too excited. He hasn't
come back yet.
What could be keeping him?
Nicola looks at her watch and looks at the computer screen.
I don't know, but he does seem to
have been gone a long while.
Tom groans as he comes to.



Tom's eyes open slightly to see the blurred face of Eric
looking at him. Eric smiles and lifts up a glass of water.
Take it easy, man. Drink this.
Eric holds the glass to Tom's lips and he takes a quick sip
before leaning back dozily onto the armchair.
My head is banging like a drum.
Have you got any paracetamol?
You take it easy, Jack. I'll go
and get you some.
Eric gets to his feet and heads for the kitchen. Tom's eyes
open wider and he sees the room around him.
He sits up suddenly and takes a full look around the room,
but the strain is too much and he holds his head in as pain
shoots through his brain. Eric gently takes him and rests
him back on the chair.
Just relax, Jack and I'll explain
Jack? My name isn't Jack,
He looks vacantly at Eric.
I don't know what the hell my name
Nicola appears in the transmat circle and steps out into the
room. It is empty. She checks her watch. It is now 11.05.
Where the hell is he?
She walks through to the kitchen. Opening the cupboard, she
looks at the pickle bottle. It still only has one pickle
missing. Putting it back, she crosses to the front room
door. It slides open and she peers into the hallway, It is
quiet and dark.
Tom? Are you here?
No reply.


She walks back into the front room and rubs her head
anxiously. Moments later, a blue light flashes above the
transmat circle and the words 'Emergency Services' can be
seen on the back wall of the circle. Nicola quickly
activates the transmat and moments later, two suited
officers appear in the transmat circle.
Good evening
Mrs Larner, my name is P.C Boaten,
this P.C Avery-
Let's cut out the niceties shall
we? This is to do with Tom isn't
The two men step out of the circle and approach Nicola and
gesture her to sit down. Rubbing her hands anxiously, she
does so as they join her on the sofa.
Mrs Larner, your husband was found
unconscious on the main road
leading out of town. Unusual as
this offence is these days, we
think he was the victim of a
Is he okay?
He's in hospital at the moment,
undergoing tests. As we said, he's
unconscious, but we know nothing
I see, I'd better get down there.
One moment, Mrs Larner. We need to
clarify where your husband was
this evening so we can trace his
movements before the accident
He was attending a meeting at the
Government Institute. I thought he
was running a bit late. How far
from the Institute was he found?
Within a mile.


Nicola walks forward, rubbing her chin thoughtfully.
Was he indeed? How very
Tom is drinking a cup of tea, his hands shaking slightly as
he looks somewhat vacantly up at Eric.
So let's see if I've got this
right. My name is Jack Larner.
We're housemates and we work
together on some time travel
project, right?
Absolutely. You don't seem
convinced though.
Off course I'm not. Time Travel is
nonsense. It's the stuff of
science fiction.
Man, if your memory was intact,
you'd laugh yourself silly at that
remark! At this moment in history
we are right of the threshold of
achieving such a dream. The
technology is in place, we just
need to take the final step.
I see. Well, impressive as it
sounds, it doesn't explain why I'm
sat here in your house with no
Oh it does, Jack, it does. You
see, this morning, you were on
your way to take up your position
as the newly created Time
Controllers job. A job you won by
default because the previous
occupant of the position lasted
about ten minutes.
Let me guess, he tried to get it
back by running me off the road?
Not exactly. He was arrested two
weeks ago for the shooting of his
deputy. He accused you of being in
his office but you were being
detained in a room downstairs at


                       ERIC (cont'd)
the time, at his behest I might
I was? What for?
Trespassing, which technically you
were. Simon planned to use it
against you to discredit you
further, so you'd be no further
threat to him.
Why was I trespassing?
I don't know exactly, you never
filled me in on everything you
So you suspect he got someone from
the outside to finish me off for
Possibly. Let's just assume for
now that the accident this morning
was not coincidental. Someone
wanted you dead, in my opinion to
help get Simon Linstead back on
the project. If Simon is behind it
I can't say at the moment.
Tom puts down his cup and sits back in his chair, rubbing
his head, confused.
That leaves several questions to
be answered. Why did you rescue
me, how did you know I was there
and what happens now? Surely
they'll realise I'm not there when
the fire burns out?
You're not kidding about the
questions are you?!
How about answering a few of them
I rescued you because I had the
facility to do so. The reason I
was able to it is something for
your memory to tell you and what
happens now is that you stay here
until it is safe for you to leave.
As for the car, it was so badly
burnt to a crisp, they'll be


                       ERIC (cont'd)
unable to find any evidence you
aren't in there. You are
officially assumed dead.
So you propose to keep me prisoner
Not at all. You are free to walk
out here whenever you want. The
press will be sniffing round
beyond those gates, off course,
they'll see you and they'll report
it. I'll get in trouble and
whoever tried to kill you will
undoubtedly try again. You, my
friend, are a dead man walking so
if you wanna leave, be my guest.
You can't keep me here forever.
I don't intend to. When the time
is right, you'll leave here.
That could be months. What happens
if I fall ill or something serious
happens to me.
Doctor's don't treat dead people,
Jack and I'm a qualified
first-aider. Let me worry about
all these things. Everything will
be okay, trust me.
Well I don't like it. You're not
telling me everything and on top
of that you're rather annoying
with it, I might add.
Eric laughs and gets to his feet.
All things will come clear to you,
my friend. Meanwhile, relax. You
deserve it. It's been a couple of
busy weeks. Now, can I get you
anything to eat?
Is a Cheese and Onion Sandwich out
of the question or is that
forbidden too?
Eric looks at him in surprise and Tom puts a hand to his
forehead in realisation.


I remembered something. I like
Cheese and Onion sandwiches.
Hardly. I think you'll find that
you hate onions, you always have
done. I thnk maybe your
subconscious is trying to tell you
Tom nods but he as he tries to remember he seems
Nicola is sitting before Doctor Benson, a young woman in her
late twenties who is studying her notes as she speaks.
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Physically we don't foresee any
problems with Tom. He's suffered a
few bruises to his chest and back
plus he also has a bruise on the
forehead. Mentally, however, he
has a very small swelling on the
brain where that bruise is. We
won't be able to assess any other
affects until he wakes up but at
the moment I don't see it being a
problem and I anticipate a full
I'm pleased to hear it.
                       DOCTOR BENSON
For a hit-and-run though, it seems
he got off lightly but I have to
tell you, Mrs Larner, I'm not
entirely satisfied some of your
husband's injuries relate to such
Nicola leans forward intrigued.
Really? Tell me more.
                       DOCTOR BENSON
The bruises that have caused the
brain swell is very centralised on
Tom's forehead. I've seen those
types of bruises before. The sort
that is more consistent with a car
crash than a hit-and-run. It seems
his head has been hit by impacting
something hard. All the more
strange when he was hit in front
and flung backwards to the ground.
The fall caused the bruise at the
back but by the way he fell,
there's no way he could have
sustained that injury at the


                       DOCTOR BENSON (cont'd)
Have you told the Police this?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Naturally. They're looking into
Well, I'm sure if there's any
wrongdoing, they'll sort it out.
Did you find anything else that
aroused your suspicions?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Not relating to the accident, no.
I have found, however, that Tom
has had his appendix removed
recently, but there appears to be
no sign of it on his medical
records. Do you know anything
about that?
Not as far as I know.Are you sure?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
I know my job, Mrs Larner.
I'm not doubting you. Tom has been
so wrapped up in the project he
would have had to be dragged here
kicking and screaming before he
let you perform any operation. I
would hardly have missed it would
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Well it's definitely happened,
sometime in the last few months
judging by the scarring still
Nicola doesn't reply for a moment before getting to her
Well the only person who can tell
us that is Tom himself. Can I see
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Off course.
Gesturing to her to follow, Nicola follows her out of the


Jack is sleeping soundly in his bed, a bandage covering his
head and a small area of his chest. Nicola and Doctor Benson
enter the room. Nicola walks over to her the bed and looks
down in pity at the figure below.
Any idea how long before he comes
                       DOCTOR BENSON
The nature of these injuries makes
it hard to predict such things but
I imagine it shouldn't be too
long. Look, I'm going to leave
you to it. Just ask some of the
nurses outside if you want
Nicola nods and smiles as she leaves the room. Taking a
chair, she sits down beside the bed and looks at the figure
and studies the bandage on his forehead. Lifting it up
slightly, she looks at the bruise underneath and quickly
puts the bandage back. She then look down at the area where
the appendix is and studies the scarring and she shakes her
head in confusion.
How the hell could you have had
your appendix removed without
anyone knowing it?
The door bursts open and Emma and Andy enter the room. Emma
rushes over to the bed as Andy keeps back, slightly
embarrassed as Nicola and Emma hug.
I heard what happened on the news.
Is he okay?
The Doctor I just spoke to seems
to think so. He's just out for the
count at the moment.
How the hell did he end up being
hit by a car? He was supposed to
be in a meeting at the Institute.
There's a lot of things not right
about all this. Aside from not
being where he's supposed to be,
your father in one evening has
apparently had his appendix
removed. Have a look at this.
She lifts his shirt and points to the scar.
Did they do that after he was
brought in?


No, he apparently had it removed
in the last few months.
This is insane. How could he have
had it removed without our
It's not the only thing about your
father that's suspicious. That
bandage is covering a bruise. It's
caused him some small swelling on
the brain. The Doctor I spoke to,
she's told me it's not consistent
with his accident as he fell over
This doesn't feel right. He
attends a meeting then he ends up
on a road a mile away. Surely he
would have transmatted back home,
or at the very least, back to the
Exactly. I thought it was a bit
strange Ray organised a meeting so
late in the day. The impression I
got was that they were about to
give in to his demands. It all
sounded too good to be true and
yet, here he is, like this.
You think the Government Institute
were involved in all this?
Not at the top level, this
involves Ray, I'm sure of it.
Have you got any proof?
Not exactly, though saying that,
Gerry did pick up some
transmissions last night. Time
travel transmissions, two of them,
shortly after 8, that's when your
father was there.
If you have your suspicions, why
are you still here? Surely you
should be getting over there
demanding answers?
What good would that do? The
Police are probably there as we
speak. They know about the bruise


                       NICOLA (cont'd)
on his forehead, they'll have
questions of their own. We can't
just rush in and accuse them
without absolute proof. They can
easily pass of those time traces
as experimental. No, I don't think
we should do anything just yet.
I disagree. I say we get over
there right away and start getting
Emma walks determinedly towards the door but a cough from
Nicola makes her turn round as she gestures her daughter
That's all we have, Emma, just
suspicions. If you go rushing in
all guns blazing you'll get
Then we should at least tell the
I want to handle things my own
way.This situation has to be
handled delicately. If there's
anything to be discovered, I'll
find out what it is, believe me.
Sunlight streams into Eric's front room, covering Tom in a
bright glow as he sleeps soundly on the sofa. On the other
side of the room, Eric is reading a newspaper on his chair,
the front cover depicting details of Jack's accident. Eric
seems totally engrossed and he shakes his head in disbelief
and tuts.
Cretins! What do they know? Bloody
conspiracy theorists, it's not JFK
who's got assassinated, you know!
A beeping from his watch drags him away from his newspaper
and he jumps to his feet, grabbing a white lab coat from
where it is draped over his chair and puts it on. Nearby,
the beeping has stirred Tom, who is half-awake and starts to
mutter quietly.
Who the hell are you...how did you
get in here?
Jack, wake up!!!!


Tom doesn't seem to hear and he continues to mutter.
How did you get hold of the access
Eric shakes him vigorously and Tom slowly wakes and looks
blearily at Eric.
I'm surprised you know what time
of day it is. You've been asleep
since the middle of yesterday
I don't feel any better for it I
assure you.
No sign of any memory returning?
Well I had some very vivid dreams,
not sure what was real or what
wasn't though.
You were talking in your sleep
lots. None of it made any real
sense, though.
Maybe you shouldn't eavesdrop so
much then.
Eric pats him bemusedly on the shoulder and gets to his
feet. He puts on his white lab coat and picks up a briefcase
from a table nearby. Tom looks at the time. It is 8.30.
I see you're not mourning my death
too much then?
I'm about to put in a great acting
performance today, worthy of any
Oscar winner!!!. I think I'll tell
them the best way to cope with
your death is to get back to work.
Not only that, I need to know
exactly what the mood is out
there. Whether there's any
suspicions over your death and
all that. I'm more likely to find
that out at work rather than here.
What about me? You can't expect me
to be cooped up here all day like
some chicken in it's pen.


I don't expect you to like it
Jack, but you must stay here and
out of sight for the next few days
at least until everything has
calmed down a bit.
How long for? It'll drive me nuts
if I have to stay in this place
all day, especially on days like
I told you yesterday what would
happen if you leave the house.
If I'm to get my memory back, it
won't help being stuck here.
One week, Jack. Give me just one
week, see how your memory is, how
the situation out there is, then
we'll see what we can to move you
somewhere safer. Is that fair?
I suppose so.
Eric picks up his briefcase and heads the door.
I knew you'd see sense. I'll see
you later. Help yourself to
whatever you want, but leave me
some alcohol, I like an evening
Giving him a mischievous wink, he leaves the room. Tom looks
at the closing door in disgust. As he moves, he feels the
pillow behind him dig into his back and he throws it to the
floor angrily as the sound of Eric's car is heard driving
away into the distance.
Ray enters his office, a cup of coffee in his hands. The
transmat is beeping and he looks at the monitor to see
Nicola on the screen at her house. Wiping his sweating brow
with a hanky, he operates the transmat and Nicola appears
moments later. He rises from his seat to greet her.
Nicola, I'm so glad you've come to
see me this morning. How's Tom?
He's fine, thanks.


He gestures to her to sit down and she calmly takes her
So how are you bearing up?
Let's cut the small talk, Ray, you
know why I'm here
Well I've already had the Police
around here this morning. There's
nothing more I can tell you than I
did them.
Tell me anyway. I'm curious. What
happened last night?
Well we invited Tom here to give
him a demonstration of our time
machine. We hoped it would
persuade him to give some
concessions if he saw what we were
doing here. After the demo, he
decided to go outside for some
thinking time, I really think he
wanted to give in but he just
needed some time to work out how
without losing face. When he
didn't come back after nearly half
an hour, I was going to go search
for him, but then I heard on the
news abiut the accident.
So why didn't you inform me
straight away?
I assumed the Police would contact
you and as the accident was not on
the premises I didn't see the
necessity to call.
I see.
Forgive me for speaking out of
turn, but I'm detecting a hint of
suspicion coming from you.
Only those with something to hide
would think that.
Ray moves uncomfortably in his seat as Nicola continues to
stare unflinchingly at him.


Why would I have anything to hide?
I've told you the truth.
Have you?
Why would I lie? I want a
resolution to this problem as much
you and Tom did.
Ah, now that's where I'm a bit
confused. The impression I got
when Tom agreed to this meeting
last night was that he was getting
offered exactly what he asked for.
Quite excited about he was too.
Ray's face begins to sweat profusely again and he wipes it
away with his hankie.
I'm sorry if I gave him that
impression, but that really wasn't
the case.
Tom would never have come here
Look, I told you what happened
last night. Anything after that
was out of my control.
The hit-and-run was quite close to
this Institute. The driver has yet
to be found.
      (Slightly panicked)
I'm telling you it has nothing to
do with me.
Then why are you getting so
I don't like being accused of
things I haven't done, that's why.
I haven't accused you of anything.
Ray looks at her, stunned, as he realises she has caught him
out. He gets to his feet and points to the transmat circle.


Look, Nicola, I'm sorry about what
has happened to Tom. I can
understand why you are suspicious
but what I've told you is the
Nicola nods and stands up to walk to the transmat. Ray wipes
his brow again and cowers slightly as she turns back.
Okay, Ray, I believe you. Guess
the Police will have some working
out to do to find out how my
husband, in three hours, had an
appendix removed and oh, how those
time traces we detected come into
this situation.
Ray's face goes pale.
Nicola walks back towards the desk as Ray sits down slowly.
She leans over him, slightly menacingly and he shrinks back
in his chair.
Now I'm a fair person, Ray. I can
see you're a bit shook up. It
might be because you're hiding
something or you're just
unintentionally incriminating
yourself. Now I'm going to go home
and let you compose yourself. When
you're ready to talk, call me. You
have until eight tonight and if I
haven't heard from you by then,
I'll be back.
She steps into the transmat and activates the controls and
moments later she is gone. Ray wipes his brow once more and
dashes over to his drinks cabinet, pouring himself a whisky.
He downs it quickly as Mike enters the room.
You fool. I told you to keep calm
yet you gave her every reason to
be suspicious.
I'm a fool all right. A fool to
believe you had every thing under
control. Did it not occur to you
to check Jack's medical records,
to see if his appendix had been
An oversight, I agree, but it's


How is it manageable, Mike? You
tell me that?
Don't get clever with me, Ray.
Remember this was an idea you
participated in. If I go down, you
go down with me so keep your head
and let me do all the thinking.
You do realise the Board has got
wind of this? Thanks to your
carelessness, I've had to admit I
invited Tom over here to see the
equipment as a last ditch effort
to get him to change his mind. You
know that wasn't part of the plan.
Yes, I know, a right pig's ear you
made of it as well. I had to go in
there and smooth things over after
you left. They aren't happy but
they've accepted the story we
concocted that Tom left the
building of his own accord to get
some thinking time.
You think your troubles are over,
don't you? Well I disagee. Nicola
will soon realise that man in the
hospital isn't Tom, and when he
recovers his memory, he'll soon
drop us in it. There's no way out
of this, Mike and you know it.
There is a way out of this, Ray
and if you used your brain once in
a while, you'll realise that we
can kill two birds with one stone.
All you have to do is follow my
What do you have in mind?
Mike smiles grimly and Ray shudders.
Simon Linstead is reading a book on his bed. The sound of
the door being unlocked distracts him as a warden enters the
room and gestures to him to the door with his finger.
On your feet Linstead. You have a


Me? Who is it?
What do you think I am. Psychic? I
just got told to get you. Now move
Shrugging, Simon puts down the book and follows the warden
out of the room.
Simon enters the room and the guard gestures to an old man
sitting in the corner. Frowning, Simon joins his visitor at
the table and looks at him curiously.
I hate to be rude, but who the
hell are you?
The visitor leans forward and peers through his glasses.
Simon gasps and looks round to summon a warden, but a kick
on his leg turns his attention back to his visitor.
I have a very small dart hidden in
the sleeve of this shirt. It's
enough to kill you, so I advise
you to keep quiet.
You wouldn't dare. You'd be
arrested on the spot.
The poison in this dart is minute.
You wouldn't feel anything for
quite a while, but it'll kill you
eventually. I'd be gone long
before then. So it all comes down
to how much you value your
miserable life, doesn't it?
Simon holds up a forestalling hand.
What do you want Bobby?
The trouble you've caused me I
seriously want to kill you here
and now. However, what takes
greater precedence is to get you
out of here and back on that Time
Travel project.
Ah yes, Jack. Your work I take it?
I had him taken care of, yes, but
there's trouble. My sources in the
force tell me Jack's remains were


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
never recovered in the wreckage.
There's an outside chance he could
have survived.
From what I saw, that's not
Nevertheless we have to check this
information out.
Well it doesn't help me much if he
is alive does it?
You wouldn't be here at all if you
hadn't let Larner get the better
of you.
How many times do I have to tell
you that he set me up?
So you keep saying but we both
know he was under arrest at the
time of the shooting, under your
instructions. You gave him an
When will people start to believe
me? He had a time device, a
wristwatch of some description on
him. It enabled him to be in two
places at the same time. He got
himself deliberately arrested so
he'd have an alibi. That's why he
came to the Institute in the first
He crosses his arms defiantly and Bobby rubs his chin
The Police checked out Eric
Dawson's place to confirm your
story. No such device, if it
exists, was found.
Then he must have hidden it,
mustn't he? He'd hardly leave
around to be found, would he?
Not many people feed me duff
information and live to tell the
tale. I know such a device is
impossible. It's against
Government Regulations and I'm not
sure Larner would have the


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
knowledge to invent such
You know I wouldn't bluff over
something as important as this,
even without a poison dart at your
Bobby pauses for a moment to consider. He takes his arm of
the table and Simon sighs in relief.
Even under the threat of death,
you're one selfish, arrogant
bastard, Linstead. I'll take your
word at face value...for now.
Thank you. What happens now?
Firstly, if Jack has survived that
crash, we have to find him before
the authorities do. Maybe in a
weakened state, we can force a
confession out of him.
What if didn't survive?
Then we have to find this
so-called time device you say Jack
had. It's your only hope of
getting out of here and back onto
the project. What does this device
look like?
It's actually a watch, a black
digital watch but it you have to
open a cover on the top to see the
technology underneath, something
you wouldn't find on your average
Well that shouldn't be too find to
hard if it's as sophisticated as
you say. There's only so many
watches someone can keep in their
Where will you look if Eric's
place has already been searched?
Like you said, Eric Dawson
anticipated a search and hid the
watch. This time we can catch him


                       BOBBY (cont'd)
out cold.
Then what? I'm still stuck in this
Then you'll just have to hope we
find either one or both of them,
won't you?
That watch is the only way of
proving my innocence. I've tried
to convince them I had no reason
to shoot Derek. They won't believe
That disc recording they found
doesn't exactly back you up does
Jack put it there. I told you he
set me up.
The King Of England could have put
it there for all I care, the facts
on there remain the same.
Simon falls silent, fury etched on his face and Bobby gets
to his feet.
As I said, Linstead, you're a
fool. We were in the perfect
position to create out own time
machine for our own purposes but
without those materials, we can't
even begin. Thanks to you, my plan
is in jeopardy.
Then I suggest you get out there
and find him and that device
rather than bleating at me in
I intend to do so, right away.
Bobby leans forward slightly and lowers his voice
Understand this, though. If we
don't find Jack or the device,
you'd better hope your sentence is
a lengthy one. One way or the
other, one of you is a dead man


Bobby glares angrily at him before leaving the room, leaving
a shaken Simon behind him as he rubs his hands anxiously
through his hair.
Tom is sitting on the sofa watching Eric's enormous TV
screen,sipping from a cup of tea. On it at the moment is the
same news report that Tom saw in his office the previous
How this accident happened is
still a mystery. Police have yet
to identify the cause of the crash
but are treating the accident as
suspicious due to the timing of
this tragedy. Jack Larner was due
to start work at the Time
Institute today in his capacity as
Time Controller, a role he
attained following the arrest of
Simon Linstead two weeks ago.
Tom gasps and drops his cup, spilling tea all over his lap.
His face creases with anguish.


Tom sees himself in a big office watching the same news item
from a similar sized screen.

Flashback ends.

Tom looks back at the screen.
Many conspiracy theories have
developed as to whom may have been
behind this crash, ranging from
supporters of Linstead to
opponents of the Time Project
itself. The Simon Linstead
connection is the Police's
prominent lead as Linstead himself
was heard threatening Jack on the
day he was arrested, but they have
not ruled the other theory out.
All we know for certain is that
Jack Larner is dead, but who will
replace him seems more unclear.
Sources from inside the Government
have indicated a three month
suspension of the Time Travel
project may take place to let the
investigations into this accident
to take place, where upon a review
will be undertaken and a new Time
Controller will be appointed.
Tom's hands grip the side of his head fervently as the
picture before him melds with the image he has seen in his
mind. The sounds from the television seems louder as a


thumping enters his mind before the image before him becomes
clearer and the television comes back into view. He lets go
of his head and slumps back in his chair, gasping as he
takes huge sigh of relief.
Nicola is sat at her desk, finishing of her explanation to
Gerry, who is sat before her.
There's no way Tom would have gone
for a so-called walk to think
things over. He would have come
back and discussed it with me
Are you sure you're not being
overly suspicious? Tom has been
under a lot of pressure lately,
especially from you. Maybe he
really did need some thinking
What about those time traces you
detected last night? There may be
a connection.
From what you told me, they gave
Tom a demonstration last night.
That fits in with what we saw.
Ray denied offering those
concessions, but Tom told me he
had. Do you still think I'm being
You can't prove anything and from
what you've told me, Ray isn't
going to confess all that easily.
He was on the point of cracking
before I left. When I go back, I
need something to tip him over the
edge completely, but I need some
positive evidence to do that, so
how do I get it...?
She taps her table thoughtfully before a big smile crosses
her face.
That idea of yours to get rid of
the capsule. If you did it, how
much extra power would it give us
and how far would it boost the


It's hard to be sure, but
considering the worst case
scenario, a couple of days at
most, I imagine. Why do you ask?
How long before you could get your
idea of a protective time field up
and running?
If I have carte blanche to do as I
please and had every technician
available, probably this
That quick?
I've had the plans of standby for
sometime. It only needed Tom to
agree. Am I take it your want me
to go above his head and put my
idea into action?
When Tom's not here, I'm in
charge. Therefore, what I say,
Why are you prepared to run the
risk? Tom could easily change it
back again.
Ray told me Tom's stubbornness
could be melted if he's shown
proof of success. If you're
successful, you get to prove him
wrong and not only that, we can go
back in time to last night and
find out what happened to him.
What? That's incredibly dangerous.
I have to run tests and make sure
it's safe before you can even
think of travelling. You know as
well as I do the procedures have
to be followed to the letter. Not
only that, you know even if you
did go back and find something
untoward happened to Tom, you
can't interfere, you have to let
it happen.


Who said anything about
interfering? I just want to
observe and see if Ray is telling
the truth. That isn't illegal.
What if you're caught? You'd
really be in trouble if it's found
out you're in two places at once.
I'm in charge, I take
responsibility for my own actions.
Now I want you to go to the
laboratory and implement the
changes you suggested immediately.
Gerry gets to his feet and looks back at Nicola, annoyed.
As you wish. I just hope you know
what you're doing.
Nicola leans back in her chair and stares coldly at him.
You have work to do.
She looks away from him and Gerry strides angrily towards
the transmat and moments later, he has gone, leaving her
staring thoughtfully ahead of her.
Tom is searching inside Eric's cupboards for something to
eat but the shelves seem sparse and he turns his attention
to the fridge. This too is empty and he slams it shut in
frustration. Immediately, a fridge magnet of a semi-naked
woman falls of and falls to the floor, breaking in two.
Groaning, Tom picks up the broken pieces and hunts through
some of Eric's drawers for something to fix it back
together. In one of the drawers is some scissors and blue
tac but no glue. In the next one, he sees several
instruction manuals and is about to close it when he notices
something black underneath them. Pushing them aside, he
finds a wristwatch. Curiously, he digs the watch out and
peers at it curiously. Around the top there is a very small
silver latch and he pressed it. The cover pops open to
reveal a sophisticated looking set of buttons with a glass
middle, which is glowing deep blue.

The sound of windows smashing in a back room make him look
up.The sound of voices and more broken plates can also be
heard Alarmed, he dashes upstairs and hides himself in the
toilet and locks the door. From below he can hear the sound
of furniture being smashed and more raised voices. The
footsteps move upstairs, closer to the toilet. He looks at
the watch again, it is still glowing blue. Instinctively, he
starts to press all the buttons in panic.

Outside the door, one of them tries the toilet door to find
it locked.


Hey, there's someone in here.
He savagely kicks the door open but there is no-one in
there. Smiling mischievously, his eyes roll behind the door
and he slams it against the wall, expecting whoever is
behind it to fall to the ground and he curses as no-one is
revealed. From the bedroom next door, he is joined by one of
his colleagues.
What's all the shouting about?
This door was locked from the
inside. Someone was in here.
The second man looks around the room. The window is shut
Are you nuts? If there was someone
in here, there's no way he could
have got out.
A third man walks upstairs to join them in the doorway. He
is quite tall and he peers at them both dismissively.
Well someone was here. I've just
found a warm cup downstairs and a
broken fridge magnet.
Have you found that watch yet
Off course not, why do you think I
joined you two muppets up here for
the search? The boss won't be
happy if we don't turn the place
over completely. I suggest we
search again.
Behind a bush near the swimming pool, a blue glow comes from
nowhere and moments later, Tom appears, the watch still in
his hand. He looks at it in disbelief. The blue glow has
faded slightly and he clutches his head in disbelief. From
the house, he can still hear the place being turned over and
he ducks down behind the bushes out of sight. Moments later,
the three men run out of the house and run hurriedly towards
the fields at the back of the house. Peeping out of the
bushes, he checks they have gone and tiptoes back towards
the house.


Tom walks through the doors, which have been ripped of their
hinges and are lying to one side. Inside the house, the
place is a mess. The television has been smashed and drawers
are strewn over the floor with their contents beside them.
Tom tiptoes over the glass towards the sofa, one of the few
things in one piece and wipes the glass of it. He looks at
the watch, which tells him it is 11.00. He looks at the
clock on the wall, it says 11.08. Clutching the watch, Tom
walks through to the kitchen and checks the clock lying on
the floor. It, too, says 11.08 and he leans back against the
wall, perplexed.
Bobby is lying next to his pool on a lounger, puffing at a
cigar as two beautiful young ladies swim in the pool before
him. He is now seen as a forty something with greying hair
and he smiles as one of the young ladies gives him a wave.
The smile fades as the three men from Eric's place appear
from inside the house.
Well, did you get it?
We turned the place right over and
couldn't find it anywhere.
Three men look for a watch and
return empty handed. Great work. I
suppose you're gonna tell me
no-one was there either?
We did find a warm cup, boss. I
think there was someone hiding in
the toilet, but if they were
there, they escaped from us.
You're certain someone was in the
Yes, Boss, I thought I heard
someone there. When I got inside,
the windows were all closed too,
so they couldn't have got out that
So let's see, shall we? You find a
warm cup, you think you heard
someone in the bathroom and find
no-one and not only that, you
can't locate the watch. What does
that tell you?
The three men look at each other baffled.


I don't suppose any of you used
that single brain cell you guys
share to conclude as I have that
the reason you couldn't find the
watch is because someone used it
to escape?
The men all look at each other and shrug their shoulders,
without reply.
I knew I should have known better
to send three men with the
intelligence of a boiled potato to
do this job. You've got muscles,
you've got the killer instinct but
up here is sadly lacking, isn't
He taps his head to emphasise the point.
We can go back and recheck if you
want, boss.
It's too late now, we've lost the
element of surprise. Whoever was
there will be on their guard. With
the press likely to start sniffing
round outside the front, it'll be
more difficult second time round.
Incidentally, whoever was at the
house, it wasn't Eric Dawson. He's
been at the Larner Institute all
Who could it be then boss?
It's possible Eric used the watch
to get back to the house but I
doubt it. My men have seen him
about the Institute several times
today. If there was somewhere
hiding, there's every chance it
could have been Larner.
What do you want us to do?
I want that place put under full
surveillance. If Jack Larner is
alive, Eric will soon lead us to
him and through that, to the


Emma is watching Jack sleeping uncomfortably in his bed. He
is twitching uncontrollably and his face is contorting in


Jack sees himself driving a car into a hedge, which melts
into a different scene of a man aiming a gun at him in some
office. The man lifts his gun as if to fire-and he sits up
straight in his bed and shouts out loudly.
Emma gently takes him by the shoulder and leans him back on
the bed.
It's okay, you've had a bad dream.
You're safe now.
Who are you?
I'm Emma, your daughter. Don't you
Jack shakes his head in bewilderment and he stares at her
wild-eyed, the dream still playing on his mind. He lays back
on the bed, shaking visibly.
The dream, he was going to
Just relax. There's no-one here to
harm you.
It was so unreal...
Maybe it wasn't a dream. Maybe you
were experiencing a memory trace.
If it were for real, why would
anyone be shooting at me?
Only you know that.
How can I? I can't remember a
thing. I mean, you say you're my
daughter but how come I can't even
remember that?!
Emma takes his hands in hers and holds it gently as Jack
visibly relaxes.


Don't worry about that for now.
It'll come back to you I'm sure.
If you're seeing things in your
mind you can't explain, maybe it's
your memory trying to recover.
The door opens and Doctor Benson enters the room and joins
Emma at the bedside.
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Morning, Mr Larner. How are you
Still not feeling myself, whoever
that is.
Well at least he's gained a sense
of humour whilst in here!
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Well here's some news to cheer you
up even more. We've done another
scan this morning and the swelling
has completely subsided.
Therefore, I believe we here at
the hospital have done what we can
for you, so I think it would
better for you if you go home.
That would be nice if I actually
knew where home was.
Are you sure about this? What
about his memory?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
I think your father has answered
your question for you. If he's at
home, the familiar things there
may jog a memory. Physically
there's nothing wrong with him.
We're still trying to determine
his loss of memory but for the
moment, home may be the place to
start jogging it a little.
No clues to what caused it at all?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
Well it wasn't the hit-and-run,
neither is it connected to the
swelling on his brain. I think
there's a third factor involved.
We're going to run some further
tests on him before he goes home.
If we find anything further, we'll
be in touch but for now, see if


                       DOCTOR BENSON (cont'd)
his memory does return. Maybe what
happened to him will give us some
How long will that take?
                       DOCTOR BENSON
As we're uncertain as to what
exactly has caused his memory
loss, we can't tell. Could be
days, could be months. That's why
taking him home is necessary to
his rehabilitation.
Does this mean I get to see your
Mother as well? It's seems I made
quite a catch. I can't wait to see
I'm sure she'll be equally pleased
to see you. The news should cheer
her up no end.
The Capsule is being removed from the platform by several
technicians. Nearby, Nicola watches Gerry working at the
Computer Console. As she watches the message PROGRAM DELETED
flashes up upon the screen. He opens a disc drive from
beside the computer and brings out a small, square disc and
slaps it harshly in her hand.
That's all the Capsule software
backed up just in case Tom doesn't
like our idea.
Okay, Gerry, you've made your
point, let's just leave it and
move on, shall we?
I can move on but I am beginning
to feel very undervalued. First
Tom ignores my ideas, then you
decide you want to go ahead with
an experiment without proper tests
first. Tom I can live with being
awkward but I thought better of
I understand, but you can
appreciate I'm giving you the
chance to rectify one of those
problems now, can't you?


As Gerry starts to speak, the video-screen on the console
buzzes and Nicola switches it on to see Emma staring at her
somewhat awkwardly.
Emma? What's up?
You're not going to like this but
Dad's being released from hospital
this morning. They think being at
home will help recover his memory.
What? Surely he's not ready?
They were quite insistent, I'm
You'd better get him home then.
Confine him there until I get
back. I've some things to sort out
here, I won't be too long
Okay, Mum see you later.
The screen goes blank. Nicola runs her hand anxiously
through her long hair.
That's a complication I could do
without! It was better for all of
us if he had stayed in hospital.
Well here's some more hassle for
you to worry about. I was about to
tell you before Emma rung. That
new equipment I ordered, the
factory's transmat system has gone
down. They reckon it won't be up
and running until teatime at
That's just great. How am I
supposed to get the proof I need
now? Going back in time was the
only answer.
There are other ways of dealing
with this, you know.
There is?


I was going to suggest this
earlier but you were intent on
your time travel idea. You say you
need to have proof, but what about
if you implied you had the truth
to Ray? Do you think he'd listen
Nicola looks at him, puzzled for a moment before a big smile
crosses her face.
Are you suggesting what I think
you're suggesting?
Oh yes, definitely. All you need
is to wiggle a little bait before
Nicola grins and nods as she reaches for the videophone.
Darkness is falling over Ray's Office. Ray himself is sat in
the fading light, sipping a glass of whisky, his forehead
sweating once more. A beep on his video-screen alerts him
and he switches it on to see Nicola smiling at him. Seeing
his glass of whisky, she smiles mockingly.
Come on, Ray, the day hasn't been
that bad, has it?
What do you want, Nicola?
I said if I found any proof, I'd
call you. I now know what
happened. Tom's recovered enough
to tell us everything.
That's impossible. You're
Am I? Do we talk or do I go to the
Police first?
If you're telling the truth, why
haven't you gone to them already?
There's two sides to every story,
Ray. I want to hear yours. I'm
going to give you five minutes to
compose yourself and then I'm
coming over. You'd better be there
or I'm calling the Police straight


                       NICOLA (cont'd)
The screen goes abruptly blank. Ray fumbles on his desk and
the video-screen shows Mike at his desk.
This better be important. I'm
There's trouble. You need to get
over here fast.
Mike watches Ray wiping his brow with his hankie on his
What trouble?
Nicola. She reckons she knows
Does she now?(Pauses momentarily)
I'll be down there in a second.
Try to control yourself before I
get there.
Ray nods and the screen goes blank. Mike pulls his pistol
from inside his jacket and looks at it thoughtfully for a
moment. Tapping it, he pauses for a moment and places it
back inside his jacket and heads for the door.
Nicola steps away from the video-screen and smiles
I think that went rather well.
You should have gone straight
there, while he's still in a
Hopefully making him sweat a few
minutes will prove far more
productive. This way we may get
all the answers we need.
Ray is standing by his window, his whole body trembling as
Mike enters the room and looks dismissively at him.


Okay, what did Nicola say to you
that's left you quivering like a
lump of jelly?
Tom's memory has recovered and
he's told her everything.
If you were to calm yourself, you
would realise she's bluffing. If
Jack had told her everything, she
would not have referred to him as
Tom, now, would she? Not only
that, the amnesia drug is still
going to be effective for a day or
so yet. There's no way he could
have recovered in so quick a time.
You can't be sure of that.
I gave Jack enough of that drug to
repress his memory for two, maybe
even three days. It's barely been
24 hours, there's no way he could
have recovered so quickly.
If that's true, why is she
bothering me with all this crap?
She has nothing. She knows you're
weak, that's why she keeps
pressurising you.
Ray turns and marches angrily up to Mike, shoving his face
in his aggressively.
If I was weak, I'd have never have
let this experiment go ahead. It's
caused more trouble than it's
worth and sooner or later, Jack
Larner will recover and tell them
I have my own plans for Nicola and
Jack will be dead before he
remembers anything significant,
I'll make sure of that.
Fortunately, I've heard on the
radio that he's was released from
hospital this morning. That plays
right into my hands.


Murder? You said nothing about
killing Jack.
As you say, if he recovers, he
will tell Nicola everything. I
can't take that risk.
If you're resorting to murder,
then I want no further part of
this. Count me out.
I've already told you, if I go
down, you're coming with me.
I don't care. I won't see anyone
else hurt. When Nicola arrives
here, I'm going to tell her
everything myself.
Ray heads back towards his desk as Mike reaches for his
pistol and aims it at him. Ray sits down his desk to find
himself staring down the end of the barrel and he starts to
tremble again.
I wouldn't do that if I were you.
Killing twice in one day would
barely prick my conscience so
don't you move an inch.
Killing me won't help you. They'll
still find out eventually.
I don't think so. You see, you
were just a pawn in my game, just
as the Larners are and like them,
your usefulness is over.
Terrified, Ray holds his hands up in a futile gesture as if
about to be hit.
Mike, please-no-
Mike raises his gun, ready to fire.
Nicola enters the transmat and looks worriedly at Gerry.
Wish me luck.


As if you need it. Let's hope you
get to the truth this time.
I hope so too. See you later!
Crossing her fingers, she activates the transmat and
disappears from the transmat circle.
Ray's office is once again encased in darkness as the
transmat lights up and Nicola appears. She blinks for a
moment as she adjusts to the darkness in the room.
Recovering, she manages to make out Ray's chair with it's
back to her.
She puts her hands on the desk and leans forward but there
is no movement. Looking nervously around her, she walks
around the desk and gasps as the light suddenly comes on and
she sees Ray sitting lifelessly in his chair. Blood pours
down his face from a bullet wound in his forehead. She
gasps, holding her hands to her face, turning away in
horror. As she does so, she sees Mike standing near the
doorway, his hand on the light switch, his pistol aimed at
Good evening, Nicola.
Who the hell are you?
Mike Tyler, Ray's deputy. Or
should I say, was his deputy.
You killed him?
It was necessary. You signed his
death warrant by sticking your
nose into my business.
If you are involved in what
happened to Tom here last
night,then it is my business.
Your husband, like your entire
time travel project, is
      (Looking quickly
       at Ray's body))
As was Ray by the looks of him.


He served his purpose. Now you
must serve yours.
Are you going to shoot me too?
If you fail to do as I ask, your
idea can be quite easily
incorporated into my designs.
What is it you want?
Mike reaches inside his pocket and produces a clear plastic
bag with a pistol inside it. He throws it at her and she
looks at it in uncertainty.
Don't get any ideas, I'll cut you
down long before you ever pull the
trigger. Just take the gun out of
the bag and put it on the floor
near the desk.
You're setting me up for Ray's
murder? Why would I kill him?
You help set yourself up, All I
have to tell the police is that
you have been harassing Ray all
day and they'll have their motive.
Now do as you have been
Taking the gun from the bag, she places it on the floor,
trying not to look at Ray's dead body in front of her. Mike
clicks his fingers and she hands the bag back to him.
This is madness. If I killed Ray,
I wouldn't be stupid enough to
leave the gun behind.
That's true, but you see, I caught
you red-handed but you escaped
into the transmat before I could
stop you, dropping the gun as you
So what's to stop me telling the
Police the truth?
Oh you won't be around to tell
them anything. You're going on a
journey, to join your husband.


I see. Another little accident
where I wake up with memory loss I
How stupid are you, Nicola? All
those clues you picked up on this
morning and you still couldn't
work it out that man in the
hospital isn't your Tom!
If that man isn't Tom, who is he?
Just an ancestor of Tom's with an
incredible likeness. It's amazing
they look so similar don't you
think? It certainly fooled you!
Not completely. I knew something
was amiss the moment I learnt he'd
magically lost an appendix. Now I
know why. So, what have you done
with Tom?
I'll show you. Move into that
transmat. And no tricks, I'll have
you covered at all times.
The Laboratory is dark and deserted. The transmat lights up
as as Mike and Nicola arrive. As they step out of the
circle, the lights automatically flicker on and Nicola
stares around her in fascination. Seeing the archway in the
middle, she starts to walk over to it, but Mike thrusts the
gun in her back and she stops abruptly.
That's far enough. You'll have
plenty of time to observe our time
machine at close range very
That's it? An archway?
Off course. We learnt very rapidly
that extensive time travel could
only be achieved by using the
simplest devices, that of the
human being himself. It decreased
our power outlay by several
thousand units.


If you had all this, why were you
so keen on a merger?
There was no need for a merger.
The whole thing was a ploy to lure
Tom here and the only way I could
do that was to sabotage several of
my own experiments. When they
thought things were going wrong,
all I needed to do was convince
the Board the only way forward was
to propose a merger with the
Larner Institute.
Was Ray in on this?
He knew about the swap but not
that I'd sabotaged the
experiments. He was just part of
the game. All he was in interested
in was lining his own pockets, it
didn't take much to convince him.
His pathetic attempts to try and
get concessions prior to that were
laughable. I knew Tom wouldn't
accept any concessions, he was too
stubborn to accept anything less
than full control. Hence Ray
accepted my plan. They both acted
precisely as I predicted.
Then where is he if not at the
hospital? Why have you done all
this for? You must have a reason?
That's my affair and you'll find
out where Tom is shortly. Now, you
wanted to know how our time
machine worked. Go and step in
that archway.
Can't I just watch?
Mike thrusts the gun harshly in her back and she winces, but
remains calm.
Okay, okay, I get your point,
quite literally.
The machine, now.
Nicola walks reluctantly inside the archway and and looks
around her curiously.


This looks sound enough but surely
you don't send people through the
time vortex unprotected?
Off course not. Allow me to
demonstrate an update of Simon
Linstead technology.
Still covering here with his pistol, Mike moves over to the
panel of computers nearby and starts to manipulate some
controls with his spare hand. A loud humming startles Nicola
and she looks around nervously, her calm composure beginning
to slip a little. On the screen before Mike, the words,
activate 'Time Field' can be seen. Mike looks up and smiles
mockingly at her. Nicola struggles to move as a blue haze
materialises around her from nowhere, but is unable to do
Allow me to congratulate you on
being my first female subject. I'm
sending you exactly where I sent
Tom but you may have a problem
finding him though, he's dead!
She is unable to react as she still can't move. Mike's
mockingly smile turns to pure hatred and he slams his hand
down on the screen nearby and Nicola slowly disappears. As
the blue haze clears, he starts laughing mockingly at her
Gerry is putting his coat on, ready to go home when a
beeping can be heard coming from the console. On the screen
before him, a blue line can be seen passing across the
screen before vanishing abruptly. Frowning, Gerry takes his
coat back off and flings it on the top of the console and
studies the screen in alarm.
The wreckage from Jack's accident has now been cleared. From
inside the hedge from just across the road, Nicola is lying
unconscious. Gradually, she starts to come round. Opening
her eyes, she is nearly blinded by the sun and she shields
her eyes instinctively before looking away and opening her
eyes again, adjusting to the daylight. She looks at her
watch. It still indicates it is 8.30 P.M. Rubbing her head,
she sits up and looks around her and peers through the hedge
to the road on the other side. She immediately sees a
procession of cars following a huge lorry driving down the
road. Gasping in shock, she sinks slowly back down onto the
No, it can't be, he can't have....
As she starts to gather her bearings, Mike's words come back
to her.


Don't try to find Tom...he's dead!
Nicola puts her face in her hands and takes several deep
breaths as she talks to herself to calm down.
Come on, come on, you can deal
with this. Must deal with this...
She takes her head out of her hands and takes a deep breath
before composing herself. Getting to her feet again, she
sees a small path leading out off the field onto the main
road. Walking to it, she walks out onto the main road and
has to jump aside when a car hoots loudly for her to get out
of the way before soaring off up the road. Cautiously, she
looks around her before noticing the burnt marks and
scorched tree on the other side of the road. She runs
quickly across it and bends down to have a look at the skid
marks before moving to the side to inspect the tree. A hoot
from behind her makes her jump hurriedly out of the way and
she stands up to notice some signposts at a junction nearby.
Walking up the road, she sees one sign points to London, the
other to The Larner Time Travel Institute. She looks down
the road where the tall institute dominates the skyline and
whistles in admiration.
Seems that's one place I need to
Taking a deep breath, she sets of down the road. The sign
says it is five miles away, noting the difficulty of her
Tom is sweeping up the last of the glass from the floor with
a dustpan and brush. A set of footsteps can be heard coming
from behind him and he spins round and sighs in relief as
Eric enters the room and looks around him in alarm.
I'm sure you're about to give me a
good explanation for all this.
Does it need explaining? You've
had visitors and they've wrecked
the joint. Does that cover
everything for you?
I see. How come you're in one
Well they came here looking for
something. I suspect this is it.


He lifts his sleeve to show him the wristwatch. Eric tenses
on seeing it and holds out his hand.
I'll take that.
He watches as Tom slips it off his wrist but as he reaches
out for it, Tom holds it back from his grasp.
This watch has properties I've
never seen before. It saved me
from eating hospital food tonight.
I think you are the one owing
How do you know you haven't seen
it before? You've lost your
Then perhaps you'd like to remind
Eric plucks the watch from his grasp and holds it before him
to emphasise it's importance.
This is your watch. Only you know
how to use it, though you showed
me how to use some of it's basic
Is this what you used to rescue me
from that crash? I mean, I never
did get round to asking you how
exactly you knew I'd be there at
that exact time?
You were well aware something
could happen on the way to the
Institute. You programmed most of
the data in the which, I simply
had to enter the time. I couldn't
do it again if I tried. Once the
programme is complete it needs
further input for it to work
I see. I certainly seem to be very
clever, and wary come to that.
This watch, though, is way ahead
of it's time. How can it be mine?
How do you know that?
Tom scratches his head in wonder.


I...don't know. It just doesn't
feel right; doesn't fit in with
everything I've seen so far.
Maybe your memory is returning.
When it does, you will know more
about the watch.
There is a beeping from the wall nearby. Eric opens a
cupboard to reveal a bank of monitors showing the grounds
outside. Tom whistles in wonder.
Your security system? Why didn't
it warn me about these intruders
Where were you when you heard them
breaking in?
In the kitchen initially, then I
ran upstairs to hide.
That alarm is faulty, you can only
hear it from in here. Been meaning
to do it for ages, but didn't bank
on all this happening. Now then,
let's see what's happening
He watches as the camera pans round. In the rear of the
field at the back of the house, it zooms in on three burly
figures hiding behind a hedge. Tom taps the screen in
Those are the same three men who
were here earlier.
Are you sure?
If that's the case, why aren't
they coming back in for a second
Maybe it wasn't the watch they
were looking for earlier? What
about if it was me they were


They wouldn't go looking for you
in a drawer would they? However, I
take your point. It's possible
they were looking for you and the
watch. Maybe they think you'll
lead them to it.
Why would they hunt for me?
Everyone thinks I'm dead.
Clearly not. Someone's got wind
that you may have survived the
crash. What better place to hunt
for you here where the watch may
be also?
Why are they so determined to find
the watch? How do they even know
about it?
You remember I told you Simon
accused you of being in two places
at the same time?
Tom glances at the watch in realisation.
I used the watch?
Yep. Now they're trying to find
one or both of you to corroborate
Simon's story before he goes to
Why are they waiting there for?
Why not just come in and get what
they want? They did before.
I don't think they will. They're
on a different mission this time,
to see if you're here. Plus
they've lost the element of
surprise. There's a small press
presence outside and they also
know I could have the Police here
in minutes if they try to break in