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Three Years Later (short)
by David Fulde (Dizzidiz@gmail.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Zach enters his room, it's small with nothing but a bed and
desk, Other than a small window, Zach's candle is the only
source of light. Zach sits down at his desk, places the
candle beside him, and starts to write on a new page, his
words being narrated by a voiceover.
                       ZACH (VO)
Today is the third anniversary of
The Event. At first glance, not
much has changed...
                       ZACH (VO)
The world isn't rotting, not yet
at least, houses aren't crumbling
to pieces, just the old stores.
Some people still hope that the
world will just magically go back
to normal, These are the
optimists; They're easy to spot,
as they still clean the cars
sitting outside of their homes.
The rest of us just leave our cars
to rot.
Zach is walking down a street filled with clean cars before
pausing to sketch a single car, covered in dust and grime,
that he sees ahead of him.
                       ZACH (VO)
Surprisingly, it is the optimists
who are the most dangerous. they
haven't learned to make indoor
gardens or forage for food, even
after three years, they just take
what they can from anyone who just
happens to be walking by.
Zach is taken by surprise as a man jumps out from behind a
car carrying a knife and tackles Zach to the ground.

Zach holds the man's hand pushing the knife away from him,
before rolling on top.


                       ZACH (VO)
Luckily, they usually aren't very
good fighters. They're still soft
and so-called 'clean living'
Zach twists the man's wrist who lets out a scream and drops
the knife.

Zach grabs the blade from the ground and slits the man's
throat before he can strike back.
Zach takes a pause from writing and leans back in his chair,
thinking for a moment.

After a moment of thought, Zach leans in and continues to
                       ZACH (VO)
The streets are the most dangerous
at night, as then is when the
hunters come out.
Zach glances at his candle as he writes, it is about three
quarters gone.
                       ZACH (VO)
They go looking for food, any
food. Cannibalism has become
commonplace, it is the most
accessible way to get meat. If you
step outside at night, you won't
come back. Guaranteed. Most likely
you'll end up as your neighbor's
As Zach speaks he walks to the end of the street, and stops,
talking to a man on the corner who is dressed in a
tan-colored trench coat. There are reddish-brown stains on
it, old blood.

The man takes a piece of ground meat out of his pocket and
hands it to zach, who looks for discoloring.

Zach nods and The Man says the word two, drowned out by
Zach's voiceover. Zach rummages through his pockets.


                       ZACH (VO)
The barter system has replaced
money, the most common tradeable
being batteries,
Zach takes out two double A batteries and hands them to The
Man. The man looks at them carefully before taking out a

He pops in the batteries and flicks it on, then off, he
repeats the action before putting the flashlight back in his
coat. the two slowly start to walk away from each other,
being sure they they are a safe distance away from each
other before turning and walking to their seperate ways.

Zach is inturrupted by a knocking sound
Zach perks up at the sound. He puts his pen down on his
notebook and leaves the room

Zach's door can be heard opening. Footsteps as he goes down
a set of stairs. A pause before another door can be heard
What are-
Zach is cut off by a yell

A ruckus is heard downstairs. Loud thumps and grunts can be
heard. Suddenly, there is silence.

Footsteps are heard limping up the stairs. Zach's door is
opened slowly.

Zach's chair is heard being pulled back. Only the notebook
can be seen

A drop of blood falls upon the pages. A second.

Zach's hand picks up his pen. a third, then a fourth, drop
of blood his the page.

The hand turns the notebook over and, in the upper right
corner starts to write the date. '9/8/2017'


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From Dan Wilson Date 10/9/2010 ****
You know how I feel about this. You've also appeared to have underwent a title change since the last edit I've read. I understand that you are re-writing it, and can't wait to read the new edit. I don't know what kind of constructive criticism I could give you that I haven't already. However, you know ScriptBuddy and it's readers aren't going to tell you to cut the length, or to only focus on one character. I appreciate this story for what it is, it's meaning, and structure. The people reading this draft though, don't get to see the charm that was present in the rest of the edits. Just a thought! I'm giving it a 4 out of 4, and this isn't even the best draft as far as I'm concerned... and I'm fairly certain you'd agree. Great work, David!

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