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by Amy M. Hoops-Stephens (red_chimp_smile@yahoo.com)

Rated: G   Genre: Family   User Review: ****
A seven year old boy makes a birthday wish to find the perfect ball for his dog. His wish comes true, but he gets a whole lot more than a ball for his dog. The whole family will enjoy this imaginative short story.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A small dining room is decorated for a 6 year old boy's
birthday party. Balloons, float, bouncing off the ceiling. A
"Happy Birthday Ryan" sign hangs in the back ground.

RYAN sits at the head of the table. He is smiling from ear
to ear, with his birthday hat sitting crooked on top of his
head. His dog, a male, all black, mixed mutt, named Bingo,
sits, faithfully by his side. His MOTHER walks towards him
with a birthday cake in her hands.
Happy Birthday Ryan!
She sits a birthday cake on the table, in front of him. His
eyes grow big as he sees the seven individual candles line
the rim of the decorated cake. She steps back, snapping a
photo with her camera.
Guests of the party, gather in, near the table.
Are you ready for me to light
Ryan nods, excitedly.
Do you have your birthday wish
I'm ready!
His mother lights the candles, and steps back. Ryan draws
in a deep breath of air. He blows out all seven candles at
one time. The room fills with cheer.
I bet your birthday wish comes
true, Ryan.
Ryan smiles hopefully at his Mother, and glances down at his
dog, Bingo.
I sure hope so!


                                         CUT TO:
The following day, Ryan and Bingo rush to the front door.
Can we go now?
Ryan's Mother ENTERS FRAME from the kitchen, and makes her
way to the closet. She pulls out a leash.
I'm ready. Are you guys ready?
Ryan beams, and Bingo barks.
What are we waiting for?
                                         CUT TO:
Mother, Ryan and Bingo walk through the huge Dog Superstore
in search for the perfect ball for Bingo.
Over there, Mom!
An aisle sign hangs from the ceiling above that reads.

                                         CUT TO:
The toy aisle is stocked with every type of dog toy
That is nice of you to spend your
birthday money on a dog toy for
Bingo. Most kids would use that
money, and buy a toy. You know,
like that Lego set you want, or
the skateboard, or even the
basketball you've been asking for.


Ryan shakes his head as he inspects the dog toys on the
Let me guess, your birthday wish,
Which one are you going to get
Ryan turns to his Mother with a frown on his face. Bingo
sits beside him.
None of these toys are any good.
What do you mean not any good?
They're cheap, Mom! They'll just
fall apart. He won't even get to
play with it very long.
Well, honey, dog toys aren't meant
to last forever. They get chewed
up, and tossed around.
Ryan stands looking at his Mother with a disappointed look
on his face.
Now, just look at this one, huh.
She snatches a squishy ball off the rack, and squeezes it in
Bingo's direction.
You like that one dontcha Bing?
Bingo sits still; He shows no interest in the ball at all.
He doesn't like it, Mom. It's too
small. He might choke!


What kind of ball were you wanting
to get him?
I made a birthday wish I would get
enough money to buy him a big
ball. This is just a little ball.
So you want to get him a big ball?
She grabs a big ball off the bottom of the shelf.
This is a big ball...
She glances at the price tag.
...with a big price.
She puts the ball back on the shelf.
Can we go to a different store?
                                         CUT TO:
Ryan and his Mother stand in a different store, in another
aisle, staring at the huge selection of balls: Big balls,
little balls, bouncy balls, basket balls, footballs, soccer
balls, shiny balls, puzzle balls. There are balls that
light up, balls that change colors, balls that spin, and
balls with balls inside of balls.
Ryan stands, unhappily looking over the selection of balls.
There's every type of ball you
could possibly want here, Ryan.
These won't do, Mom. None of
these are the right ball for


Okay, we can try another store
tomorrow. I'm sure we will find
the perfect ball at a different
                                         CUT TO:
Ryan climbs in the back seat next to Bingo.
We didn't have any luck. They
didn't have the right ball for you
in there, either.
Mother turns from the driver's seat with a big, reassuring
Don't worry. We'll find the
perfect ball for Bingo!
Ryan looks out the window.
A Yard Sale sign stands tall at the edge of the road. Their
car comes to a stop at a stop light. Ryan reads the sign,
Mom, can we go to that yard sale?
What yard sale?
Right there, see the sign? It says
they have lots of toys. They
might have the perfect ball for
It's worth a shot!
The light turns green. Their car moves forward.
                                         CUT TO:


Ryan climbs out of the backseat, and joins his mother's
side. They walk up the driveway to the yard. Bingo watches
from the car window as an OLD MAN with a limp approaches
                       OLD MAN
Well, hello there!
Nice day for a yard sale.
                       OLD MAN
It is. It is. What can I do you
I'm looking for the perfect ball
for my dog, Bingo.
                       OLD MAN
I see. Is that Bingo there, in the
Yes. We've been looking all day
for the perfect ball for our dog.
You see, my son just had a
birthday, and he wished he would
get enough money to buy his dog,
Bingo, a ball.
                       OLD MAN
I see. I see. Well, it just so
happens, I might have exactly what
you are looking for.
He motions for the two of them to follow him around back to
a storage shed. They follow, and wait outside while he
disappears inside. Moments later he walks out with a red,
rubber ball the size of a small cantaloupe. Mother looks to
Ryan to see his expression. Ryan watches, curiously as the
man approach him.
                       OLD MAN
      (kneeling before
This ball is a very special ball.
It doesn't look like much, just a
red, rubber ball, but I assure
you, it's special alright!


                       OLD MAN
Yep...A special ball for a special
boy, and his dog.
How much is it? Does it cost more
than what I have? I have ten
                       OLD MAN
Ten will do nicely.
Ten dollars for an old ball at a
yard sale? That's a bit much isn't
                       OLD MAN
Not for this ball. As I said,
it's special. It's worth every
The Old Man extends his hand with the ball in it towards
I don't think so. Come on, Ryan--
But Mom, I like this ball. I want
to get it for Bingo.
                       OLD MAN
      (smiling at Mother)
No more driving around for you,
Mom to find the perfect ball. The
perfect ball is right here!
Ryan gives the Old Man the money. They leave with the red
Ryan, let me give you back that
money. That was just too much--


No, Mom. I wanted to buy Bingo
the ball. It was my wish, and I
had just enough to buy it for him.
Ryan glances down at Bingo. Bingo sniffs the ball then lays
his head down on top of it.
Bingo loves it!
Bingo BARKS.
Okay then. Let's go to the park.
We'll try it out.
                                         CUT TO:
Ryan, his Mother, and Bingo arrive at the park. They walk
anxiously to an open field. Mother sits down in the grass.
Ryan throws the ball as far as he can. It disappears into a
wooded area. Bingo runs into the woods to get it.
Mother smiles as she blocks the bright sun from her eyes.
Nice throw!
Bingo runs back with the ball in his mouth. He drops it at
Ryan's feet. Ryan leans forward to pick up the ball. He
holds it in his hands, and tosses it up in the air. He
notices the ball has grown in size, and in weight. It's now
the size of a basketball.
He looks to his Mother. She is still sitting, gazing in his
direction. She drops her hand from shielding her eyes.
What's wrong?
Ryan throws the ball. It goes into the woods, again. Bingo
runs in, and moments later, returns with it in his mouth. He
drops it at Ryan's feet. Ryan picks it up. Again, the ball
has grown in size, and in weight. It is now the size of a
beach ball.


He quickly throws the ball back into the woods, and glances
to his mother. She waves. He reciprocates, and then turns
eagerly back towards the wooded area.
Bingo retrieves the ball, but has a harder time grasping it
with his teeth. He pushes the ball with his nose towards
Ryan's feet. The ball has grown even bigger than before.
Even with the glare of the sun in her eyes, his Mother can
see the ball has grown, and stands up. As she approaches,
Ryan rushes to kick the ball back into the woods.
Was that the same ball?
Uh huh.
Bingo pushes the ball to Ryan's feet. His mother stares at
it. She is astonished at its size. It is now as big as
Ryan. Ryan giggles, as his eyes grow big with excitement.
He kicks it again into the woods. His mother grabs him, and
pulls him to her.
That is not the same ball!
Yes it is. Every time Bingo brings
it back from the woods, it's
bigger. It's heavier too.
There may be something growing
inside it!
Mother stands with a worried expression draped across her
Bingo struggles to get the ball. He can no longer push it
with his nose. He tugs at it with his teeth. Finally, after
much effort, it rests at Ryan's feet. It is now the size of
Ryan's Mother.
Ryan goes to kick it again, but his mother grabs him.
Ryan, don't kick that. It might
Bingo being very attentive, notices Ryan has moved, and
scampers to the ball. He yanks on it with his teeth to
bring it closer to Ryan.


No Bingo! Leave that ball alone!
With one last final tug, Bingo sinks his teeth into the
flesh of the BALL, and it POPS!
Pieces of red rubber fly everywhere, and land on, and around
Mother's mouth drops open. Ryan jumps up and down beside
her in sheer excitement. Bingo's tail wags. He barks
A skateboard, basketball, action figures, Lego set, and toys
of all kinds lay strung across the grass before them. There
lying next to the basketball is a bright, red ball for
Look Mom! It's the perfect ball
for Bingo.
Happily, and with a sense of accomplishment, Ryan tosses the
ball to his dog.
That Old Man wasn't kidding when
he said that was a special ball.
A special ball for a special boy,
and his dog!
Ryan and his Mother kneel down to pet Bingo.


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From Susette Malloy Date 10/19/2010 ****
This is a great idea just some editing and you should be able to put this out on a stage

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