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Inception 1.7256490
by Garrett (soundincursive21@gmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Inception 1.7 class project

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Pans down over endless sky scrapers, camera settles on tall
slender young man, with two other figures on each side in a
shallow depth of field.
      (In thought)
One year, four months, and
twenty-one days ago today we
landed in Limbo. I feel somewhat
responsible for being here,
because after all it was my idea
to go this deep, a dream, within a
dream, within a dream.
Snapping MONTY out of deep concentration, a huge dark figure
approaches, camera moves up focusing on the face of black
man grinning from ear to ear
Ah just another day in paradise,
nothing could be better than this,
am I right or am I right, aye
MONTY shrugs and shifts his weight to his right leg
Sure DEVONTE it's great.
A voice approaches from behind
Come on DEVONTE you know he's
getting tired of being here
DEVONTE turns to see a gorgeous young women sitting on a
park bench under a large oak tree filing her nails
How can you get tired of this, if
you don't like something you can
change it whenever
A statue of a nude women beings to build it self on


      (He gestures to
       his left)
See LUCY! How can this get old?
LUCY stands up and walks to MONTY'S left
It can and is getting old, we've
built and destructed everything
possible and impossible,
now theres nothing left to do!
DEVONTE looks at MONTY with a confused and upset look
MONTY, how do we do this?
Do what?
DEVONTE points to his left, as the statue of the nude woman
crumbles to the ground
MONTY buries his head in his hands
Are you serious DEVONTE?
DEVONTE looks away, sad.
Okay, we're in several dreams. We
started in a single dream, we went
three dreams deep. We finally went
so deep, too deep; to where
we ended up in Limbo.
unconstructed dream space
where minutes in the real world
can be years here. We are stuck in
this place until we die.
MONTY looks around
                       MT (continues)
In dreams anything is possible,
you can construct entire cities in
minutes and create anything
LUCY pats MONTY on the back and smiles


Okay, sorry about that, I guess I
never put it together.
DEVONTE puts his hands in his pockets and rocks back and
forth. LUCY starts walking toward the exit of the park. She
is followed by the others.
MONTY, how do you know so much
about dreams and stuff?
MONTY continues walking through a massive building, a
hallway appears with each step.
      (Never makes eye
Well in the real world, I'm
working on my PhD in abnormal
psychology or I was, and most of
my dissertation is on lucid
dreaming and dreaming in general.
      (Voice is harsh)
If you know so much about dreaming
and stuff, what gave you this
great idea, to go this deep
in dreams?
MONTY stops and stares LUCY dead in the eyes
A friend, he talked about it
almost every second of everyday,
he sparked my interest.
MONTY rubs his eyes
      (Almost in a
Dammit DOM, because of you I'm
stuck in Limbo
Whose DOM?
MONTY continues walking, DEVONTE still silent looks to be in
deep thought.


DOMINIC COBB, he was the best
extractor, he could steal your
deepest secrets in dreams, we
started talking at during the
press release of dream sharing, he
was the first person to introduce
me to the dream world.
MONTY pauses as they exit the hallway through the building,
shielding his eyes from the sun.
I curse the day, he brought up a
dream with a dream, and another
within that, he was my friend, but
now I have never felt as much
hatred towards anything as I do
towards that man.
DEVONTE steps in front of LUCY and MONTY
Hey guys check this out!
As DEVONTE continues down the street a glass dome covers the
street stretching from building to building.


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From Shawn Date 10/20/2010 ****
I like it,interesting script. Its just to bad that the contemporary science fiction classic was written by Christopher Nolan himself; otherwise a unique screenplay. Oh by the way very memorable dialog.

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