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Shadow Street (short film)
by Lycan Davis (lycandavis75@hotmail.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
A couple finds themselves plunged into a supernatural and life threatening situation.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


It is a sprawling park. SHANNON and CARRIE run down a path,
in terror.
Come on. Faster baby.
I'm trying. Do you hear it?
Yes. In the trees. Behind us. Go
left here.
The path forks. They go left and duck into a stand of
I don't think it saw us.
Carrie points to a lit street, some distance away. It is an
urban area and lit by a series of lights. On the other side
is a row of shops and run down buildings, each about ten
stories tall.
Let's go.
They bolt from their cover, sprinting to the light.
They reach the street, then duck into an alley.
Carrie pulls out her phone.
Still no bars. You?
Shannon checks.


Nada. How is there no reception
Oh hon. What are we going to do?
Keep doing this until morning.
Running and hiding.
We can't. I can't.
Well, I'm open to suggestions.
The diner.
What diner?
I saw one. Several streets over.
All night diner. Let's go.
She starts moving to the street.
Wait. Let me make sure the coast
is clear.
He sticks his head out. The street lights make rings with
shadows in between. As he watches, a shadow moves through a
ring, from one shadow to another. Where it ends up, a pair
of red eyes are visible. They emit a low growl. He slowly
retreats into the alley.
Did you?
Shh. This way is blocked.


We can't stay here. Take my hand.
We'll go down through the other
They move slowly, hand in hand. Halfway down, Shannon kicks
a bottle. PAUL, a homeless man, screams.
Hey. That's my bottle.
You spill a mans bottle and expect
him to be quiet?
We're very sorry.
Damn right you're sorry. Damn
Keep it down.
Don't tell me to keep it down.
Kick through my home and tell me
to shut up? No class.
EUGENE is another homeless man who is on the other side of
the alley.
Shut up both of you. Trying to
sleep here.
Don't you start too, Eugene. I'll
put a fire out in your head.
      (to Carrie)
Let's go.


No. Not before you make good on
my bottle.
I'm sorry.
That doesn't get me a new bottle.
What do you want?
The click of a switchblade is heard.
Leave her with me. I want to show
her my home.
Leave her. Pay for the bottle.
Let 'em go. Let me sleep.
No. His woman for my bottle.
The sound of wind starts again, at the head of the alley.
Shannon. The alley.
Shannon? What kind of name is
that for a man? Get out of here
Shannon. And leave your woman.
He lunges at him with the blade. Shannon sidesteps him and
knocks it from his hand. The sound from the street
Shannon. Now.
The two run down the alley.
Hey. Get back here! You owe me a


Paul. Behind you!!
Paul turns and is swept up into the air. He's slammed
against each building near its top. Then, his head is
smashed into a window. He's dropped into the alley and
lies, motionless. Eugene cowers, crying.
No. Please no. I only wanted to
sleep. Please leave me to sleep.
By now, the sound of wind is deafening.
Carrie and Shannon run out of the alley. They stop in front
of a hardware store with tools in the windows.
Wait a second.
Shan. No.
I'm tired of running.
He walks to the window and hits it.
Too thick.
Let's go, Shan.
They turn to run. In front of them, the wind starts blowing
again. Several cars are tossed aside.
Behind me hon. When it does what
it wants, you run.
No time to argue.
The shadows continue to rise and the red eyes grow more


Come on. Come on you.
Did you hear me? I'm done
running. We're done!! It ends
The noise continues.
Is that all you have? Make my
girlfriend afraid. Make us run?
Is that it? Come on!! Show me
what you got!
The wind slows. The shadows start to fade. The eyes
diminish. Shannon stays in place. The creature disappears.
Hon. I think it's gone. I stared
it down.
He smiles. Carrie smiles, standing by a storm drain.
It's gone. It's gone. I stared
it down and it's gone.
Carrie screams, from behind him. He spins and sees that a
shadowy hand has grabbed her ankle from within the storm
drain. It drags her toward the sewer.
Help me Shan!
She struggles against it, but it continues to pull her.
Shannon grabs her arms, but it is stronger than both and she
continues toward the sewer. Shannon tries to stomp on the
arm, but his foot goes through, to the pavement. He looks
into the sewer and sees the red eyes staring back at him. An
evil laugh comes from within the sewer. The ground starts
to shake as it pulls her foot into the hole. Shannon again
tries to pull back. Carrie screams as her leg breaks
several times. Her other foot is braced against the curb.
She fights in vain and screams again.


Shan, Please. Go.
You told me to. Now you do it.
Don't watch this. Please. Just
He tugs again, in vain.
He lets her go.
I love you.
And I love you. Now please, for
me, go.
He staggers a few steps, then turns and runs.
HENRY is behind the counter. He is an old man. Shannon
runs in. Other than the two, the place is empty.
Hey partner. Did you win the
Shannon takes a seat at the counter. He breathes deeply.
No need to answer right now. Have
a seat and a cup of joe. Warm the
bones a bit.
He pours him a cup. Shannon takes a little sip.
There. And now you have your
breath, yes?
Out there. I just. We.


Henry holds up his hand.
I make it a practice not to get
involved in the affairs of others.
I can be a fount of knowledge
should you need, but you must
apply it in your own way. No sir,
I can't tell you which roads to
travel, but can say you must pick
one. And looking at you, I can
tell that yours are arduous
Outside, the wind starts to pick up.
Storm on its way.
Yes. Yes it is.
Shannon rises.
How much?
On me. Why don't you stay here?
Ride it out?
I'm sorry to say, that's not an
Then, my friend, you've chosen
your road.
Yes. And now it's time to walk.
Shannon waves, turns, pushes the door open, and leaves, the
door slamming shut behind him. Outside, several cars are
sucked up into the air.


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From Cameron Date 11/6/2010 **1/2
It is pretty good... I don't get the ending though...

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