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by Marsha Brewer (marsha8877@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Family   User Review:

Fancy is a story about a misfit who lands into a family of genius and how she tries to fit into their world.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Camera pans a very nicely furnished house with all the
trimmings, except for a television. There are pictures of
two semi-attractive people; a young woman and man, lining
the walls. The man is strong, handsome, sturdy and the woman
is quite pretty in a striking way. Scattered around the
rooms are various stages of scientific experiments,
telescopes, microscopes, walls of books. As the camera scans
the rooms the narrator tells you about the two people in the
Welcome to Abe and Begonia Beckons
home. I am afraid you just missed
them. They are at the hospital
awaiting the arrival of their
first child. Here, let's check in
on them.
A young handsome man, in his twenties, is rushing to class
carrying a backpack loaded down, but also with all kinds of
papers in his hands. As he is rushing, he is looking at his
papers and also looking for the number of the rooms. His
name is ABE BECKONS.
Room 212, 214, it's got to be here
somewhere. Let's see....
He takes his paper out to look for his room number and a
pretty girl comes running into him. She rams into him and
knocks all their papers all over the the place. Her name is
Oh. Dear me. I am very sorry. I
never watch where I am going.
She bends down, picks up one of his papers and hands it to
him. He starts to get mean with her, but as he starts to
straighten, he looks into her pretty face and his attitude
immediately starts to change.
      (annoyed at first
       then softening.)
It's alright. I just can't find my


                       ABE (cont'd)
Me either. What are you looking
Advanced chemistry with Mr.
I. I don't believe it, me too.
You. You like science? I thought
all women hated it.
Well, I'm not like other women.
Just then a rush of students starts entering room 216,almost
knocking them over. Begonia starts following them and Abe
tries to follow her but loses her in the crowd. He looks for
her, but can't find her.
Finally in frustration Abe enters the classroom still
intrigued by this chance meeting, he starts looking for her.
It is a rather large room and he starts scanning the people
looking for her. Finally he goes near the front and sits
down. As he is glancing around he finally finds her, she is
sitting in the front row with another woman, a little
heavier, but attractive named JANE GENTLE. Both of them are
getting their books, pens and glancing around the room. When
Abe starts to sit down he sees them looking over at him and
See that man over there.
Yeah, so?
He and I had a chance encounter
Ooh. What kind of encounter?


I knocked over his books.
He is kind of cute.
Begonia takes a quick sneak peek.
He's okay.
I think you made an impression. He
keeps looking this way.
Jane keeps looking back at Abe, who tries to be nonchalant,
but is terrible at it.
Jane, quit starring.
Just then a rather old, cantankerous, graying man enters the
room and writes his name on the chalkboard.
                       PROFESSOR CRACKER
I am Professor Cracker. I expect
nothing but the best. This class
is going to challenge you. If you
aren't prepared to give 100
percent, then there is the door.
Professor Cracker motions for the door and waits to see if
anyone leaves. Not a sound is heard, he goes back to
                       PROFESSOR CRACKER
Now, let's get started.
Jane and Begonia are walking to their next class which is
science lab. They both enter and take a seat near each
other. In a few minutes Abe enters. He glances their way for
a moment and then finds a seat behind them at a microscope.
Every so often he glances at Begonia who is too interested
in her work to notice him.
I think someone likes you.


Don't be silly. He's probably just
a science major like us.
Maybe, but he's still a man.
You're so crude.
Yeah, well, he keeps looking over
Maybe he likes you.
Yeah, right. No he's taken with
Just then a young, oddly handsome man enters the room and
walks to the front. He is about 30 years old. He is wearing
very heavy spectacles, has a no nonsense attitude, and his
name is DR.GREGORY.
                       DR. GREGORY
Good morning everyone. I know I am
not what you expected. Let's hope
I keep that up. I want to inspire
and motivate you. I have some of
the brightest and most gifted
students in this class. I am
looking forward to getting to you
know all of you. I am now going to
introduce my graduate student,
Chuck. He is my assistant and he
will be helping me. Chuck, would
you please come up here.
CHUCK MELNICK, a blond, blue eyed man who looks like he
would be more comfortable playing football than working in a
lab walks to the front of the room.
Hi everyone. I am going to be
walking around the room. Just give
me a call if you need help when
you are working on your


I already need his help.
Sss. Keep your hormones in check.
                       DR. GREGORY
Now let's get started. Open your
books to page 24.
Abe, Begonia, and Jane have all settled into their classes.
Abe sits directly behind Begonia in the lab. Begonia and
Jane sit next to each other and every chance she gets Jane
calls over Chuck to help her. Begonia is fixing her
telescope, trying to adjust it to get it right. She tries to
call over Chuck, but he is flirting with Jane. She sighs to
herself. Abe in the meantime, has noticed this.
Perhaps I could be of assistance.
Maybe. I am having trouble getting
the lens adjusted to the right
Let me take a look.
Abe walks over to her microscope, peeks inside, and starts
fiddling with it, adjusting it, trying to get it to work.
Jane notices and pokes Chuck.
I think he likes her.
Jane and Chuck both look at them and smile.
There. Try it now.
Begonia goes to the microscope and looks inside.
Much better. Thank you.


Glad to be of assistance. Anytime
you need help I am right behind
Good to know. Thank you.
Abe goes and sits down at his station and Begonia turns
around and starts to talk to him.
By the way, um, if you would like.
Jane, Chuck and I are going to try
this Moroccan restaurant tonight.
If you would like to come, if you
don't have plan, I mean.
I would be delighted.
Jane and Chuck have been watching them intermittently and
Jane nudges her and smiles.
He's wearing you down.
Maybe. He is kind of cute in a
rugged sort of way.
For a while there I didn't think
you noticed anything unless it was
under a microscope or had four
Chuck, Abe, Begonia and Jane are sitting at a table in a
nice, Moroccan restaurant getting ready to order. Chuck and
Jane have gotten cozy and Chuck has his arm around Jane
which is making Abe and Begonia a little uncomfortable.
Abe, what are you going to do when
you graduate?


I thought I would try for a
professor position so I can have
time to work on my experiments.
You two seem suited for each
other. Begonia also wants to do
Yes I have loved science since I
was a little girl, but it's harder
for women.
But it's getting easier thanks to
Here. Here. Let's get some wine.
Chuck walks over to the bar, brings back a bottle of wine
and starts pouring it.
Just a little for me.
Me too.
Just a smidgen for the
teetotalers. You two are almost
made for each other.
Jane, please.
Well, you did say he was cute.
Begonia has to turn away as she is blushing. Abe is secretly
very happy but he tries to steer the conversation in another
way to make Begonia more comfortable.
What other classes are you taking?


Advanced chemistry with Malden.
Physics with Molder.
I tried to get those two classes
but they were full. I am planning
on taking them next semester,
Abe, Chuck, Jane and Begonia are still sitting at the table.
Their dinner plates are lying on the table, there are 2
empty bottles of wine scattered about. Chuck and Jane have 2
large glasses of wine sitting next to them, but most of the
wine is gone. Jane is starting to get sloppy and slur her
I don't feel so good.
Come on Jane. I'll take you back
to your own room.
Can you two make it okay?
We're fine. Right Begonia?
Yeah. Just make sure you get Jane
back to her room.
      (putting Jane
       around his
See you guys in class. Come on
Jane. Let's get you to bed.
I thought you'd never ask.


Chuck leaves with Jane falling all over him. Abe and Begonia
sit for a moment as an uncomfortable silence falls between
them. Finally Abe decides to break the ice.
Can I walk you back to your place?
Where are you staying?
At the dorms. I would like that.
Abe pulls out her chair and takes her arm and they walk out
of the restaurant together.
Abe and Begonia are now going steady and have become
inseparable. They are walking to class together holding
hands. Chuck and Jane are still their friends and they have
become a couple also and they wave at each other as they
pass one another in the halls.
Abe and Begonia are in a small nondenominational church
getting married as Jane and Chuck are watching and waiting.
The minister is a middle aged, dark man who has performed
dozens of these kinds of weddings as his church is across
the street from the University.
Do you, Begonia Bellows, take this
man, Abe Beckons. to be your
lawful wedded husband from this
day forward?
I do.
And do you Abe Beckons take this
woman, Begonia Bellows, to be your
lawful wedded wife from this day
I do.


I now pronounce you husband and
wife. You may now kiss the bride.
Abe reaches over and gives Begonia a long passionate kiss.
As they start to leave the church Jane and Chuck throw rice
over them.
Since you now know Abe and Begonia
let's check in on them at the
hospital and see how they are
handling the birth of their first
Abe is pacing the floor while Begonia is lying on the bed,
moaning softly. Abe is wiping her forehead and holding her
hands to try and keep her calm.
Abe is lying quietly asleep in the chair. Begonia is on the
bed resting quietly when all of a sudden she rises, holds
her stomach and yells to Abe.
Get the doctor. The baby's coming.
Begonia starts grunting, moaning, and holding her stomach.
While Abe, seriously shaken, runs to find the doctor.
Abe is frantically searching for Begonia's doctor. As he is
searching he enters one room where a woman in starting to
give birth. He opens the door and closes it very fast. He
runs to the next room and in that one a family is holding
their new son while the father is videotaping it.
Sorry, wrong room.
He closes the door and runs to another room. He opens the
door and finds a few women on their backs moaning and
grunting. He closes the door fast and runs, still shaken,
back to Begonia's room.


Abe finally gets back to Begonia's room to find her sitting
up in bed holding a beautiful baby girl.
Say hello to our daughter.
Abe walks over next to Begonia and sits on the foot of the
bed. He takes his daughter, holds her and kisses her.
We need to think of a name.
I always liked the name Fancy. I
heard it on this country western
song once and I thought it would
be a nice name for a girl.
Then that shall be her name.
Welcome to the world my Fancy one.
With my brains and your mother's
looks you should have everything.
Abe and Begonia take their
daughter Fancy home. And it seems
that all is well, but not in this
case. Abe and Begonia try to be
good parents but they have a hard
time trying to raise Fancy. They
just can't seem to get it right.
Let's watch them and see what they
are doing now.
Abe is trying to play with Fancy, who is only about 6 months
old. He is playing with advanced color blocks he made that
are organized into shapes, sizes, numbers and colors. Abe
keeps showing her how to stack them in order of color, shape
and size. He does this several times. Then he lets Fancy
stack them. She does each one in random order and after she
stacks them she knocks them over, giggles and claps.
Begonia, what's wrong with her?


What do you mean what's wrong with
I knew my colors, shapes, sizes
when I was 6 months old, didn't
I don't remember, but I am sure
she's fine.
I have an IQ of 200 and you have
an IQ of 180. She should be more
Abe give her time. She is just a
little girl. I am sure in time she
will do well.
I still think with parents like us
she should be more advanced.
Abe is once again playing the same game with Fancy, who is
now 10 months old. He stacks the blocks the same way. He
does it a few times to try and show Fancy how it should be
done. She just knocks them down and claps each time.
Still she doesn't get it.
I have to take her to the doctor
tomorrow. Would you like to come?
Yes I would.
Abe is sitting in a chair in a child's waiting room while
Begonia is helping Fancy get undressed and into a gown.
After this she sits her on the patient's chair, stands next
to her and plays with her. Fancy's doctor; DR. CLARK, a
middle aged, dark haired man enters.


                       DR. CLARK
Let me take a look at her. She's
growing like a weed. How is she
Abe is a little concerned.
                       DR. CLARK
Is something wrong?
I. I don't know. It seems she's
slow. I mean I have an IQ of 200
and Begonia has one of 180. But
Fancy, Fancy doesn't seem too
We want to make sure nothing is
wrong. We are worried she is not
living up to her potential.
                       DR. CLARK
Of course. Of course. I tell you
what. You and Abe wait outside and
I will run some tests on her. She
looks healthy and fine to me.
Thank you Doctor. I will feel much
We will just be outside if you
need us.
Begonia and Abe sit nervously in the waiting room for what
to them seems like hours. Abe keeps glancing at his watch
and Begonia looks around the room nervously not knowing what
to do.
Begonia and Abe are sitting in very elaborate, very fancy
chairs in the doctors office and surrounding them on the
wall are various diplomas. Dr. Clark is sitting behind his
very elegant, expensive, wooden desk reading his notes.


                       DR. CLARK
First thing. Fancy is fine.
Nothing is wrong with her
physically or mentally.
Abe and Begonia both breathe a sigh of relief.
                       DR. CLARK
We have tested her and found her
to be of normal intelligence. She
has nowhere the intellect that you
two have, but she is a beautiful,
healthy, average child.
Normal? Normal? Average! How could
this happen?
Our child is normal, average?
What do we do? The test must be
wrong. It can't be true. How could
this happen? It's your fault
Begonia that idiot Uncle of yous!
Me, what about your 'cousin' we
are never suppose to mention.
You swore to me you would never
mention that!
You blamed me. She has both our
genes, remember that! What do we
do with her? I mean how do we
raise her? I have never even dealt
with an average person?
Yes doctor what do we do? How do
we cope? Help us please.
                       DR. CLARK
Abe. Begonia. Calm down. Fancy is
fine. She is a beautiful, healthy,
little girl. Take her home and
love her. Let her lead the way.
She might just surprise you one


                       DR. CLARK (cont'd)
Abe and Begonia are driving Fancy back home. Both of them
are quiet, sullen and quite depressed about Fancy and her
lack of intelligence.
Begonia, what are we going to do?
I don't know Abe. I guess we just
try and do the best we can.
Abe and Begonia both look in the back at Fancy, who is
smiling at them.
The shame. The shame.
I know. I just don't know how this
could have happened to us.
Well Abe and Begonia did take
Fancy home and they tried to love
and encourage her but always in
the back of their minds they were
afraid of her normalcy. They tried
reading science books to her but
it was just a waste of time. All
she would do was look at the
pictures. They tried letting her
look through microscopes but she
got bored. They tried to play
chess with her. She just played
with the pieces. Finally in
desperation Abe went and bought
the dreaded television.
Abe is bringing the television into the house, much to
Begonia's displeasure.


What is that thing doing here? I
thought we agreed we would never
use one of those things.
I know. I know. But I thought for
Fancy's sake we would make an
exception. I have tried everything
else. A lot of my students like
these and they are normal. Maybe
she will too.
Our daughter Fancy liking
television, where will it end?
Fancy took to television right
away. Abe put it in her room and
she would spend hours watching it
and daydreaming while Abe and
Begonia went about with their work
or their experiments. Fancy and
her parents seemed to be drifting
further and further apart. They
would only come together at dinner
and it was still an unwritten,
uncomfortable silence between the
three of them as if each lived in
different worlds.
Abe and Fancy(who is now 2 years old) are at the dinner
table while Begonia is serving them. She sits down and they
all eat dinner together. Abe and Begonia try to carry on a
conversation. They seem to be oblivious to her and she to
them. She eats her food and seems to be lost in her own
little world.
How was work?
Good. I saw Chuck.
How is he? Did you ask about Jane?


He looks good. He is doing well.
Jane broke up with him a few
semesters ago. They are both
dating other people.
Oh my. I must call and invite her
to dinner.
That would be fun. Oh, I almost
forgot. He told me that she is
That's wonderful.
I thought you wanted her and Chuck
to stay together.
As long as she is happy. Besides
this way we can be pregnant
You mean?
Yes, sweetheart. You are going to
be a daddy again.
Maybe this child will inherit our
genes and be gifted not average or
Don't say those words. They give
me the chills.
Me too. Sorry.
Abe and Begonia got their wish.
Their next child was a girl they
decided to call Jenni with an I.
Not an i.e or a y, but an I to
make her stand out and did she
ever. Jenni was the child that
Fancy never was. Jenni was very


                       NARRATOR (cont'd)
precocious. She had an IQ almost
as high as her dad's and she loved
science as much as her mom. Abe
and Begonia doted on her
constantly, but sadly Fancy was
left in the background with only
her television for comfort. Not
that she minded. Let's see how
they are doing right now.
Abe is sitting on he floor playing blocks with Jenni(who is
6 months) just as he use to do with Fancy. He arranges the
blocks according to color, shape, size and numbers. He shows
Jenni how to arrange them and after one time she does it
perfectly. Begonia is in the kitchen doing dishes and he
calls her to the living room.
Be, come quick.
What is it? What couldn't wait?
Abe sets the blocks down in random order. As he and Begonia
watch Jenni starts stacking them according to color, size,
shape and she is almost walking as she does it.
I think this is definitely our
I think so too.
Abe and Begonia both rush over and hug Jenni.
While Abe and Begonia have been playing and encouraging
Jenni, Fancy is in her room watching television, singing and
mimicking along with the Sesame Street characters.


Jenni is in a gifted preschool with a lot of other children.
The teacher is a frumpy, older woman called MRS. DEEDS. and
her helper is an attractive college aged student called
MARIE. Mrs. Deeds is going around the room and having each
child introduce themselves. There are about 5 boys and 5
girls in the room all sitting patiently, quietly at their
                       MRS. DEEDS
Good morning children. My name is
Mrs. Deeds. Since this is the
first day of preschool I would
like to go around the room. When I
get to you, please stand up, state
your name and something that you
are good at or that you like.
One of the boys; a rambunctious,little Armenian boy starts
He is very dark but very cute.
My name is Amwar, I like building
Next is another boy that is called Butch. He is well
groomed, very intelligent but he looks poor because he is
wearing old hand me down clothes.
My name is Butch. I like math. I
want to work with numbers.
Next it is Jenni's turn. She is very determined and strong
My name is Jenni. Jenni with an I.
Not an i.e. or a y but an I.
Remember that.
Two of the boys start to snicker when Jenni pronounces her
name because she does it in a bossy, condescending way.
                       MRS. DEEDS
Now. Now. Let Jenni have her say.
You will get your turn. Please
Jenni continue.


Thank you Mrs. Deeds. I want to
study rockets One day I want to
build them.
Ha. No girl has ever built a
                       MRS. DEEDS
Thank you Jenni. Let's take a
small break before we start with
the other children. Shall we? You
are excused for recess for ten
The children all get up and start running for toy's, games
and some are putting on their coats and jackets to go
outside with Marie. As Marie starts to take the children
outside she whispers to Mrs. Deeds.
Boy does she have her work cut out
for her.
                       MRS. DEEDS
I know, but I am going to help
Then Marie takes a few of the children outside.
Well Jenni was a gifted child but
she soon had company. The stork,
oh dear, Abe and Begonia don't
believe in the stork. Well you
know what I mean. Soon Abe and
Begonia were blessed with another
bundle of joy. This time they had
a healthy, bouncing boy. As Jenni
was taxing her parents and making
them jump to keep up with her ever
demanding intellect, Fancy was
daydreaming the days away.In order
to take a break, Abe decides to
take his young son Abe Jr. out in
yard to show him a football, but
little did Abe know that this
strapping young son was gifted in
more ways than one. Let's watch
them and see how it is going.


Abe and Begonia are sitting on the floor trying to help
Jenni put together a model of a rocket with working gears.
They are getting very frustrated because they are trying to
put it together, but Jenni wants to go it her way and all by
herself. Abe Jr. is a toddler and is playing on the floor
near them. Finally in desperation Abe decides to take Junior
outside to play with him.
      (trying to help)
Let's see part A goes into part C.
No daddy. That's not right.
I am going to take Junior out for
some fresh air.
Okay. Be careful.
We will.
No Mommy. You are doing it all
I am only trying to help.
I know but the engine goes here
and that piece goes over there.
Why don't I let you put it
I'm trying but I need help.
Okay. Give me the instruction
booklet again.


Abe and Junior are out on the grass. Junior is about 10
months old and he is already walking. Abe has an old
football lying around on the grass. He decides, just for
fun, to toss it to Junior to see what happens. When he
tosses it to Junior he amazingly catches it. When he does
this Abe gulps. He decides to do it again. He does it again
and Junior again catches it. Abe figures it must be a flux
so he does it one time and Junior again catches the
football. Abe, excited, decides to share the good news with
Begonia and runs into the house.
Jenni and Begonia are still on the floor trying to figure
out how to put the rocket together when Abe comes running
Be, Be, come quick.
What is it?
Come on.
He starts to try and grab Begonia but she is already getting
up on her own. Abe starts toward the door and Begonia
follows him while Jenni stomps her foot and yells.
You were supposed to help me.
I will be right back.
Abe gets the ball ready to throw to Junior. He looks over to
see if Begonia is watching.
Now watch this. Ready?
I'm watching. Let's go. Jenni is
having a fit.


He throws the ball to Junior and Junior catches it again.
Begonia doesn't understand the significance of this.
So, so he can catch a ball.
That is not any ball. That is a
football. Most kids can't catch
one until they are least two.
Isn't that great?
If you say so. Now can I go back
and help Jenni.
Begonia starts to leave and enter the door. Abe whispers
under his breath.
You just wait.He just may take us
to the Super Bowl.
I heard that. Whatever it means.
Begonia goes back inside.
Your mother just doesn't
understand about sports but I do.
I am going to help you as much as
I can.
And help he did. Abe Junior was a
whiz at football. His father would
sign him up for pee wee sports and
take him to all the football
games. He encouraged him to learn
the stats of other players and go
to all the football games. In the
meantime Jenni and Fancy were
learning things of their own.
Fancy, feeling like an outsider in
her own family, was withdrawing
more and more into her room. Let's
check and see how the family is
doing now.


A few of the neighbor's kids are having a lemonade stand and
are sitting behind a wooden, cardboard box that says
"lemonade" for 5 cents. Jenni decides to have a stand too
but behind her cardboard box is a sign that says pinata's.
She has lined them up in a row and behind her is an array of
homemade pinatas. Most of them are rockets but some are of
cats and dogs. There is a long line at her stand while
hardly anyone is buying any lemonade. Jenni looks over at
the children, smirks, and sticks her tongue out a them.
Abe, Begonia, Jenni are at the football game watching Junior
play pee wee football. Junior is very good at it. His body
is well suited for the game and he is agile and quick, like
a quarterback. Abe, Begonia, and Jenni are there encouraging
Come on Junior. Get the ball.
I know you can do it.
      (trying to help,
       but not sure how)
The ratio of the wind to the fence
is 100 diameters.
Abe and Begonia both glance at Jenni.
What? I am just using science and
scientific principles to help. By
the way, where is Fancy?
She didn't want to come.
She never wants to come. All she
ever does is stay in her room.
Abe and Begonia both look at each other as if they are


I know dear. I know.
Just then Junior scores a touchdown and the crowd starts
screaming and yelling. Abe and Begonia forget their troubles
and continue to watch Junior play. They start screaming with
the rest of the crowd.
Well the time does seem to fly by
doesn't it? Jenni is still working
on her dreams of building a
rocket. Junior is still playing
football and Fancy, well Fancy is
still in her room most of the
time. But when you have two gifted
children you have very little time
for yourself as Abe and Begonia
are starting to find out.
Abe, Jenni, Fancy and Junior are seated at the table while
Begonia is bringing out dinner. When she finishes setting it
down they start eating and talking among themselves. Fancy
just eats and seems to exist in a world all of her own. The
family tend to ignore her and concentrate on each other.
There is a chess tournament at
school next week. I am thinking
about entering it.
I thought I might like to also.
Great. Maybe the two of you will
have to compete against each
I would beat him hands down.
In your dreams lizard breath.
Not now. Not at the dinner table.


Can I be excused? I'm not hungry
and there is a program that I want
to watch.
No. You have to eat dinner with
the rest of the family. That is my
one and only rule.
Yes daddy.
Fancy starts picking at her food and conversation once again
turns to Jenni and Junior.
So junior when is your next game?
Next weekend. You coming dad?
Of course. We can practice after
Mom can you help me with chess. I
know you play a little.
Of course. After dinner dear.
Fancy is once again in her own world. She is in her room
where she feels normal and not like an oddball. She is
watching a program that she has watched dozens of time over.
She has a small coffee table set up near the television and
on the television screen the actress is pouring the actor a
cup of coffee when the actor suddenly grabs the woman's
hands. Fancy start reciting the lines and acting along with
the scene on the television and she is very good at it.
Can I get you a cup of coffee?


      (at the same time)
Can I get you a cup of coffee?
You know what I want.
      (along with the
You know what I want.
I..I can't. You know I am a
married woman.
      (again at the same
       time as the
I..I can't. You know I am a
married woman.
I don't care. I want you.
      (along with the
I don't care. I want you.
All of a sudden there is a KNOCK on her door. Fancy stops
her acting and turns down the television.
Abe opens the door to find Fancy sitting, watching
      (looks at
How can you watch that stuff? Ten
more minutes till bed.
Okay daddy.
As soon as her dad leaves Fancy jumps on her bed, starts
hugging her pillow and daydreaming again.


Junior and Jenni have both entered the chess tournament and
are in the rounds. Abe and Begonia are at the tournament
walking around and taking a few minutes to watch each
player. Abe goes over to where Junior is playing and watches
him for a while. He is playing a small, foreign boy whose
nameplate on his shirt says DUSTIN.
My Knight to your pawn.
Bishop to your rook.
While Abe is watching Junior lose, Begonia is watching Jenni
who is doing much better. She is playing Butch who is in
deep concentration and who she really wants to beat after
what he said to her in preschool.
My rook to your knight.
Still think girls are dumb?
No, I just don't think they can
build rocket ships.
Abe walks over to Begonia and watches Jenni for a few
How is she doing?
Very well. She has won all her
matches and she seems unstoppable.
How about Junior?
Not as well. He is still in the
game but barely.


I am afraid Jenni is going to
crush this poor boy.
Why? What did he do?
Told her girls can't build rocket
No, he didn't.
Begonia nods as if to say he did.
My rook to your Queen. Ha.
Jenni smiles at her parents and walks away with them. As she
is starting to leave she has to say something to Butch.
I am a girl and I beat you at
chess. You wait and see if I am
not the first girl to build a
rocket ship.
Then she turns, smirks and walks away.
Let's go watch Junior.
Abe, Begonia and Jenni all go over to where Junior has moved
on to play another opponent. Junior is playing one of the
best ranked chess player in his age group named DENNIS TANG,
a bright Asian boy. They sit watching him nervously and then
all of a sudden Dennis calls checkmate and Junior puts his
head on the table; feeling sad and defeated, while Dennis
just has a smirk on his face. Abe, Begonia and Jenni all go
over to him to try and comfort him.
You did very well. He is a
prodigy. He has won 3 years in a
I lost.


      (trying to comfort
I saw you play. You matched him
play for play right up to the end.
He is almost impossible to beat.
I know. Thanks sis.
Abe, Begonia, Junior and Jenni all walk to their car,
talking and trying to make Junior feel better.
Maybe when we get home you can
give me some pointers so I can
snatch that trophy and wipe that
smirk off his face.
I will later. I need to
concentrate and replay it in my
mind for now.
Abe, Begonia, and Junior are at the tournament watching
Jenni play. It is near the end of the day and there are only
4 contestants left playing. Jenni is one and she is playing
another boy and she is winning. Tang is behind her, playing
another girl and he is winning.
It's going to be between Jenni and
He'll cream her.
Maybe not. After all you did give
her some pointers.
I'd love to see Jenni wipe that
smirk right off his face. It's so
annoying. He does that every time
he wins.
Finally they get two calls for checkmate. The referee goes
and declares Tang the winner of his match and Jenni the
winner of her match. Tang once again has that smirk and


Jenni just smiles. Her family go up to her and talk to car
as they go to the car.
It's between you and Tang. Think
you can beat him?
I don't know but I would love to.
Let's go home. You get a lot of
rest. Don't stay up all night
studying those chess moves or you
will lose.
Jenni and Tang are set up to square off against each other.
In the chess world this is the equivalent of the Superbowl.
There are tons of parents, students, teachers, school
personnel, chess enthusiastic all standing around watching
the game. It is a very tense time and they both keep going
back and forth and taking a long time to decide each move.
Jenni is very aware that Tang is considered a prodigy, but
she would love nothing better than to take him down. He has
this cocky attitude that he is unstoppable, unbeatable. He
plays cautiously but confidently, almost conceited. Abe and
Begonia are watching on pins and needles. In the gym the
whole audience is riveted watching the match as Tang and
Jenni go back and forth challenging each other. Their moves
are slow, thoughtful and deliberate. They take a rather long
time deciding on what move to make and no one makes one in a
hurry. The crowd is awed by them, silence is all around, as
they are watching and waiting.
Knight to your rook.
Bishop to Knight.
A few minutes pass but it seems much longer to the crowd.
Bishop to Queen.
Knight to Queen.


After many hours of grueling play between Jenni and Tang,
Jenni is starting to get tired. She is still playing well
but she starts fidgeting in her chair. In an instant she
accidentally sets up her Queen to be taken.
King to Knight.
In an instant she realizes what she has done almost as soon
as she did it, but it is too late. She has placed her King
in a bad position. She starts to reach back on the board and
change it but Tang is already in the process of capturing
her Queen.
Knight to Queen. Checkmate.
But I didn't mean to....No....
Tang has captured her Queen and he is signaling for the
referee to mark the end and declare him the winner. Jenni is
already upset and hitting her fists on the table. The
referee declares Tang the winner to an adoring crowd, while
he turns and gives Jenni one of his world famous smirks.
Make that 4 in a row. Ha.
For the fourth year in a row Mr.
Tang has won the chess tournament
and the trophy. Let's have a round
of applause for our champion.
Tang stands there beaming, shaking hands with people who
come to congratulate him and all the while still wearing
that world famous smirk. Jenni, on the other hand, is still
upset, sulking and almost ready to cry when her parents come
over to her.
I almost had him.
I know. You did.
Sis, you did better than me.


I am better than you.
      (starting to get
What? What's that suppose to mean?
At chess. You idiot. I am better
than you at chess.
You did your best. That's all that
I don't like losing.
No one does.
I have never lost at anything
before. How do stand it?
You let go. You learn to move on.
I never want to lose ever again.
That's great honey but everyone
loses. It is part of life. You
have to learn to cope with it.
Besides there is always next year.
After the match they give out trophies and awards to all the
people who scored in the top percent. Both Jenni and Junior
win an award, Juniors is smaller than Jenni's which makes
her feel a little better as she is carrying it to the car.
Second place isn't all the bad,is


Yes, it is. But I like my trophy.
Maybe next year I can wipe that
silly smirk right off his face.
That's the spirit. Let defeat make
you stronger as the coach tells
us. He says revenge is the nectar
of the Gods.
At dinner Junior and Jenni are discussing their classes
while Fancy just sits quietly, daydreaming and hoping to get
through dinner as fast as she can as she always feel awkward
at these family moments.
So sis what are you making for the
science fair?
You really have to ask?
A rocket. Again. You always make
rockets. Even for English
But this time I am going to make a
rocket that really works.
Really? How?
There is a kit I can buy from
NASA. It is a complete replica.
You can help me if you want Daddy,
bu I do need your credit card. I
can't wait to get started.
After dinner. Junior what are you
making for your project?
Not sure yet. Something with or
about football.


And you talk about me. All you
ever make is something to do with
I like it, okay.
And you Fancy, what is your
science project?
Junior and Jenni both become dead silent and open their
mouths wide but can't speak. No one has ever talked to Fancy
at the dinner table before and they don't know what to do.
Fancy doesn't hear her and keeps eating her dinner. Finally
there is an uncomfortable silence for a few moments as Jenni
and Junior look at Abe for direction. Begonia glances over
at Fancy, who after a few minutes of silence, looks up to
see everyone staring at her.
Didn't you hear your mother?
      (coming out of her
No. I'm sorry Mom. What did you
Are you going to enter the science
fair with your brother and sister?
No. I'm not very good at science.
Not like all of you.
Have you tried it? You might like
      (nervous and
I have.
The conversation is getting a little tense and Fancy looks
at Abe for help.
So Jenni tell me how this kit


I am not sure. I can't wait to get
it. Will you help me put it
Fancy breaths a sigh of relief and starts eating again.
I doubt you will need help.
She just likes you helping her,
don't you lizard butt.
Like you don't fish breath.
Children. Children. Not at the
table. I have warned you before.
Your father and I will help both
of you.
Jenni sticks her tongue out at her brother
It is a few nights before the science fair. Abe in on the
floor with Jenni who is in the process of putting her
working rocket together. She is almost finished and
scattered about there are pieces,glue and instructions lying
all over the floor. Begonia is in the kitchen finishing
Junior, on the other hand, is outside early evening while it
is still light. He has all kinds of footballs that are of
different material, texture and weight. He is throwing each
one a distance and then taking a measuring tape and charting
where it lands and the difference in the kind of material
used. He has a chart that he has made for his science
project and each time he throws the football he writes down
the distance and where it lands. Abe decides to pay him a
How's it going?


Good. I see why they chose pigskin
as a material in a football.
Explain it to me.
Here. Let me show you on my chart.
The leather football flies through
the air the farthest. No other
material, as of yet, has come
That chart looks interesting.
What do you think? Be honest.I
would love the input.
It looks very professionally done.
How is Jenni's rocket coming?
You know Jenni. Doesn't want help
but doesn't not want help. I had
to take a break.
Hey dad, you come here and hold
the measuring tape while I go to
the football.
Sure son. Is your project almost
I just have to make some
adjustments on the chart. The
science fair is this weekend, you
I do and I want to see you both do


Jenni will probably wins first
prize. She wins everything and
gets straight A's.
You do okay in school and you have
other talents. Look at your
success in football.
I know Dad, I just wish once I
could beat her. I do okay but
Jenni is always the one who
I bet if you got her on the
football field you would beat her.
That would be a sight.
I love you just as much as Jenni.
It's just tougher for girls and
Jenni feels she has be twice as
good. You don't want to be a
rocket scientist do you?
Not at all.
      (puts his arm
       around Junior)
Trust me one day your star will
also shine. Yours will probably be
in football. Now come on, let's go
see what your mother made for
Jenni and Junior are both at their booths with their
projects. Jenni has her rocket set up and ready to go and
Junior has his chart lined up for the judges to see. Both of
their displays are much more professionally done than the
rest of the other displays that are littered throughout the
gym. Abe and Begonia are walking around glancing at the
displays and watching the teachers judge them.


How soon before we know?
Probably in an hour or two. What
do you think?
Jenni will win first prize. Junior
will also win a prize
Aren't we lucky? We have such
wonderful children.
I just wish Fancy would find
something she is interested in
I know dear. I worry about her
too. Who knows maybe one day she
will surprise us.
I don't have much hope. After all
she is only normal, average.
While Abe and Begonia have been
busy nurturing Jenni and Juniors
talents, Fancy has been nurturing
her own. Indeed Fancy might just
surprise her parents after all.
Let's go see what she is doing
while they are at the science
While everyone is away at the science fair Fancy has turned
on the radio and is playing wonderful music in the living
room and dancing to it. She is very graceful and light on
her feet, but as of yet she has not let anyone watch her.
She pretends to be dancing with a partner but it is only her
Why yes I would love to dance.


Fancy whirls around and pretends to talk to her suitor.
You dance so divine. No. Stop. You
make a girl blush.
Fancy GIGGLES to herself as is she has some wild secret and
she is dancing to the music as the camera FADES AWAY.
Jenni and Junior are still standing at their booths as the
judges are making the rounds. The judges are MRS. MIDDLE; a
science teacher that has had Jenni. MR. PACT; another
science teacher that is familiar with Abe and MR. MOOR; a
high school teacher that none of the kids have had classes
with yet. They walk around the gym, stop and study each
booth for a moment. When they get to Jenni's display they
are obviously impressed with it.
                       MR. PACT
So, young lady, what does it do?
Well sir it is a replica of the
rocket shuttle, the one they just
launched into space. It actually
flies. In order to see it work I
will have to take it outside.
                       MR. MOOR
We would like to see a
Jenni carefully carries her rocket outside with all three of
the judges following closely behind. Abe and Begonia see her
walking outside and decide to follow as do some of the other
teachers and students. They all gather around Jenni as she
get some matches and gets ready to light the rocket.
For safety everyone stay back a
few feet. Ready?
                       MR. MOOR
I think so.
Jenni uses matches to light the fuse under her rocket. It
flies straight up a few feet in the air with flames coming


out of the engine. It circles, the flames die, and it
starts to descend slowly and a parachute comes out of the
top and it heads slowly to the ground and lands all in one
piece. The judges, very impressed, CLAP as do all of the
other people who were watching the display..
                       MRS. MIDDLE
Jenni, that's amazing.
Thank you. You know Mrs. Middle I
want to build rockets when I get
                       MR. MOOR
You are headed in the right
direction. I have never seen
anything like it. I can't wait
till you get to high school.
                       MRS. MIDDLE
Let's finish judging the rest.
Shall we? Thank you Jenni for that
My pleasure.
Jenni gather's up her rocket and goes back inside as do the
rest of the crowd.
The judges go back in and finishing walking around, taking
notes and then they stop at Junior's display and spend a few
minutes chatting with him.
                       MR. PACT
And what do we have here Junior?
Well sir, I wanted to see why the
national football league uses
leather in all of their footballs.
I tried different type of material
on the football to see how far it
would go when I threw it. These
are the results. I documented
them. As you can see from my chart
nothing sails threw the air as
fast or as quick as a leather


                       MRS. MIDDLE
That's rather intriguing and
rather well done.
Thank you ma'am.
                       MR. PACT
We are now going to go over our
notes and decide on the winner. We
will let you know in a few
The judges go to their conference table, sit down and talk
among themselves. They debate back and forth for a few
minutes until they finally pull out all of the ribbons. Mrs.
Middle takes the first place ribbon and starts walking among
the projects and stops when she gets to Jenni's.
                       MRS. MIDDLE
It's a pleasure to announce our
first place prize goes to Jenni's
rocket. It was unanimous.
Congratulations Jenni.
The judge puts the ribbon on Jenni's rocket. Abe and Begonia
stand beaming. They rush over to Jenni and hug her.
You did it. I am so proud.
Then Mr. Pact takes the second place ribbon and starts
walking among the projects until he comes to Junior's.
                       MR. MOOR
You are our second prize winner.
Good job.
Thank you sir.
As Abe and Begonia are with Jenni they see Junior get second
prize and they both rush over to him next. Begonia hugs him
and Abe puts his arm around his son.
How does it feel being second best
Not bad. Not bad at all.


This is a great day for us. Both
of our children have won awards at
the science fair.
The judges start walking around and handing out the other
ribbons as well, but the Beckon family doesn't pay to much
attention as they have too much to celebrate. As they are
starting to leave Abe decides that they should go out to
Why don't we swing by the house,
get Fancy and go out for dinner.
Do we have to get Fancy? She won't
mind if we go without her.
Yeah Mom, but isn't today our day?
Yes it is. But if we celebrate we
do it as a family.
I know Mom but we might see our
friends there. They know that she
is our sister but she is so
different from us. They make fun
of her. It's embarrassing.
Yeah Mom. They ask us is she is
adopted, if pop had an affair.
They can't believe we are related.
We don't even look alike, are you
sure she is our sister.
Of course she is your sister. How
can you even ask such a thing! We
are not going anywhere without
her. I can't believe the two of
We're just telling the truth.


I am very disappointed in both of
you. I think we will just go home.
How can you be so cruel to your
Oh like you're not.
After Jenni says this she realizes it's a mistake and her
brother slaps her on the knee. The ride home is very quiet,
sullen with both parents fuming. No one says anything except
when they pull up in the driveway.
I'm sorry Mom. I didn't mean
anything by it. It's just...she's
so different from the rest of us
and it's so obvious.
She is still your sister, no
matter what anyone says.
I know. I know.
Don't worry Mom. We always take up
for her even though it's hard
      (still upset)
I can't believe you two. I don't
want to hear anymore bad things
against your sister. Is that
understood? Both of you.
Jenni and Junior both nod in agreement, putting their heads
down and not looking at their mother.
When they arrive home Fancy is in her room but she comes
running out to meet them. Jenni and Junior both show her the
ribbons they won and try to be nice to her so their parents
calm down.
Wow. You both won.


First place. Want to see it fly?
Look I won second prize.
Come on outside Fancy and I will
show you how it works.
Jenni and Fancy take off through the front door and Begonia
just shakes her head.
Well it looks like our little
family is doing well. Begonia even
made the kids include Fancy in
some of their activities, not that
they minded, though. They knew
they had to get out of the dog
house. Abe and Begonia have
started trying to be nicer to
Fancy and include her in a few of
the conversation's also. A few of
the things in the Beckons house
are about to change. Let's go
check in on them and see what is
happening now.
The family is sitting around the dinner table as usual. This
time, though, they are all trying to include Fancy in
conversation. It is rather awkward but they are all trying,
even Abe and Begonia.
I thought now that I am in junior
high I might try out for the
football team. What do you think
I think that's wonderful. What
position do you want?


I am thinking about quarterback.
Coach says I have a good arm. I
just hope I make first string.
You want me to practice with you?
That would be awesome. How about
after dinner?
Abe nods.
I was thinking of trying out for
cheerleader next year. I thought
the more activities the easier it
will be for me to get into NASA.
Maybe also government. I was a
treasurer and your father was vice
president. And how about you
Fancy? Anything that you are
interested in now that you are in
high school?
      (a little
I haven't found anything yet.
Just give it time.
Begonia is starting to clear the table and Junior starts
helping her as he wants to hurry and catch the last few rays
of daylight.
Here Mom, let me help you.
What a gentleman.
He's no gentleman. He just wants
to hurry and get outside before it
gets dark.
Junior turns and sticks his tongue out at his sister.


I'm still glad to have the help.
Abe and Junior are outside practicing with the football but
Junior is having trouble holding it. He can catch it but as
soon as he does his hands start to shake and he drops it.
Come here son. What seems to be
the problem?
Junior holds out his hands to show his dad and they are
shaking, just a little, but enough that he can't keep the
ball in his hands.
My hands just stared shaking and I
don't know why. Coach thinks its
stress. It happens every time I
catch the football.
Maybe we better take you to a
Not yet dad. Please. They might
make me stop playing football. I
promise if it keeps up I will go,
okay? Please lets just practice.
Okay, but if it's not better in a
few days we are going to a doctor.
Abe keeps throwing the ball to Junior who catches it but
can't keep it in his hand. Abe and Junior do this for about
ten times as the sun is just going down.
It's getting dark. Let's give it a
rest. Maybe you need some time
away from football.
No. Please dad, just give me some


It has been a few nights since Abe practiced with Junior and
he has to get Fancy for dinner. He KNOCKS on her door but
she doesn't hear him and he enters to find her stretched out
on her bed engrossed in a magazine. Her television in on and
the subject is football, as a football star is being
interviewed on the news and he is talking about how his hand
used to shake. Just then Fancy notices Abe in her room.
Dinner time?
Um. Yes. What are they talking
Oh that. One of the football
players had some trouble with his
hand shaking so he did some
exercises. He taped a baseball on
top of each hand to get balance
and steady his hand. It worked. He
scored most of the winning
touchdowns. Never knew why he had
it or what caused it.
You watch football?
Silly daddy. I just wait for my
program but they show highlights
of the game and talk about it all
the time on the news.
Dinnertime. Come on. Your mom will
get mad if it gets cold before we
eat it.
Abe is once again throwing footballs to Junior and he is
once again having trouble holding them once he catches them.
Abe remembers what Fancy has told him.
Come here son. I saw something
that might work. When are tryouts?


In a couple of weeks.
Take these baseballs and put them
on top of both hands and walk and
back and forth. Try not to drop
them. Once you can do it without
dropping them then you will be
able to hold a football again.
I'll try anything. Thanks Dad.
Well Junior did the baseball trick
and it worked. His hands no longer
shook and he made the first
string. Now Abe is staring to look
at his daughter in a whole new
light. He is beginning to think
that maybe Fancy isn't quite so
average after all. Let's join them
at dinner and see how it's going.
Everyone is seated at the dinner table as usual enjoying
their meal and carrying on small conversation's when out of
the blue Abe starts talking to Fancy. At first Fancy doesn't
hear him, but when Junior drops his fork and Jenni stares
with her mouth wide open it gets her attention.
How was school today Fancy?
For a moment there is an uncomfortable silence as Fancy is
eating her dinner quietly while all eyes are frozen on her.
Finally she looks up and notices everyone starring at her.
Um, did you say something?
Yes, how was school today?
Fancy glances around the table as everyone is still starring
at her and waiting for her answer. She feels a few beads of
sweat start trickling down and she tries to answer as
quickly as she can.


It was fine Daddy.
Jenni and Junior look at each other as if they can't believe
what has just happened. Fancy, uncomfortable with all this
attention, tries to steer the conversation away from her.
Junior isn't your game this
Yes. Yes it is. The coach says we
should nail them. I can't wait to
play quarterback. Thanks Dad for
all your help.
      (a little jealous)
I got an A on my science report on
rockets. Mr Moor thinks I have
what it takes to get to NASA.
That's great honey.
Jenni is walking down the halls to her classes with her best
friend; a rather bright, pretty, redhead called CANDY and as
they walk down the halls everyone acknowledges them as they
are in the popular crowd. When they walk past Fancy in the
hall Jenni just barely nods at her, almost a snub, and keeps
Isn't that your sister?
Yes, unfortunately. Are you going
to tryouts?
Maybe. After all I have been doing
this for a while.
Come on, stay in. I want to be a
cheerleader next time. It will
look good on my resume and besides
cheerleaders get to date all the
football hunks.


Jenni and Candy rush past Fancy GIGGLING and barely brushing
her or acknowledging that she is there. Fancy, accustomed to
this, just keeps walking to where there is a small gathering
looking at something on the wall. She goes up to the paper
and reads it. There is a nice friendly, average looking
young man JOHN who starts up a conversation with her.
Are you talking to me?
Duh. You interested?
I..I don't know. What is it?
It's a sign up sheet for
auditions. The drama club puts one
on every couple of months. It's a
lot of fun.
Have you done it before?
A few times. Why don't you try?
Maybe I will.
A few minutes have passed and Fancy just keeps standing
there looking at the list and trying to decide. After about
five minutes she finally signs her name.
You finally decided. Good for you.
See you at tryouts.
The family is once again having dinner and this time Fancy
has to ask her parents to take her to auditions. She doesn't
want them to know as she is afraid they might look down on


it, so she makes up an excuse about having a school project
Ah, Mom, I was wondering if you
could take me to the school
tonight. I have a project due in a
couple of weeks and I want to get
an early start.
Is that Mr. Deed's science
projects? I hear he is a stickler.
No Junior it's not.
Or is it Mrs. Harper's English
project. I have been warned about
No, It's something new. A class I
have that neither of you have or
probably will ever have. Anyway
can you Mom?
Sure honey. After dinner.
Thanks Mom.
A very young, talented drama teacher who moves very freely
and quickly called MR. MULLEN'S is holding auditions in the
theatre. Fancy is sitting there with about half a dozen
other people from her school. Most of the other kids know
each other and are talking among themselves, except Fancy
who is sitting by herself until John shows up and sits next
to her.
Hey glad you could make it. My
name's John.
Fancy. Thanks. I'm a little


Don't sweat it. We all were at
                       MR. MULLENS
Okay everyone quiet. I want to get
home in order to watch Carson.
Everyone laughs nervously.
                       MR. MULLENS
Seriously, though, can I have the
first couple up on the stage.
A rather good looking young guy named BILL and a rather
ordinary girl called CARLA go up onto the stage.
                       MR. MULLENS
Okay, let's have a go. We are
doing "Look, Homeward Angel". This
scene. Go.
Good evening.
      (not very good
I said good evening...
I....I...beg your pardon.
                       MR. MULLENS
Okay, let's have the next couple.
Thank you Carla and Bill.
Another young man called CASH who is an average, nice guy
and a pretty girl called TRISH go up to try the scene.
Good evening.


I said good evening.
      (trying to help)
You mean Goodyado.
Yes, goodyado.
I beg your pardon.
                       MR. MULLENS
Okay thank you Cash and Trish. Now
is there a Fancy Beckons here.
Fancy, Fancy Beckons?
Mullen calls her name and looks around for her. John looks
at Fancy who is still rather nervous, Finally as John is
glancing at her she speak up.
Here. Just give me a moment.
Mullens has seen John talking with her so he calls John to
help her with the scene.
                       MR. MULLENS
John you read with her.
Sure Mr. Mullens. Come on Fancy.
Fancy is looking for a minor role in the play but her
audition takes everyone by surprise as she is so good and
Mr. Mullens views real talent in her.
Good evening.


I said good evening...
I beg your pardon?
I mean...I meant to say good
evening, how do you do?
Goodyado. I like that much better.
Goodyado. Don't you think that's
It's about funny as most things I
May I sit down?
I'm Laura James.
I know my name's Eugene Grant.
You know, I've seen you before.
Yes earlier this afternoon.
                       MR. MULLENS
Good job Fancy and John. That is
the way the scene should be
John and Fancy walk back to their seats.
You were great. A natural.
I..I don't know about that. Well I
have to go. My Mom is picking me
up at the library. How do I know


                       FANCY (cont'd)
if I get a part?
Check the board tomorrow. The
actors will be posted.
Thanks. Good luck.
Wow. Never say that. In theater
it's considered bad luck. Always
say break a leg.
Break a leg, then.
After classes Fancy is walking down the halls and she
decides to check the board to see if she made it and she
runs into John.
Looks like we both made it.
Take a look for yourself.
Fancy reaches over and indeed finds her name on the list as
the lead. She is shocked, excited, and nervous about her
family finding out, afraid they won't understand.
See you at rehearsals.
Fancy has been having her parents drop her off at the
library almost every night. She hasn't told them what she
has been doing only that she is working on a project for the
school. Her parents are starting to get a little curious.


How much longer is this project
going to take?
I'm not sure, but if you are
getting tired I could ask someone
else to drive me.
No. No. Your father and I will
bare through.
Fancy is getting out of the car when Begonia calls to her so
she walks back to the window.
Pick you up, same time as usual?
Unless I finish early and then I
will call. Thanks Mom.
It has been a few weeks and the cast are rehearsing their
scenes while the crew tries to make the set ready. Fancy is
still doing good but not as good as Mr. Mullen's thinks she
can. He is trying to coax that special talent out of her.
                       MR. MULLENS
Fancy. I know you have it in you.
Make me feel it. Make me believe
How? I just don't know what to do?
                       MR. MULLENS
This works for some people. Try
and pretend that it is just you
and John, no one else. Forget
everyone else, just concentrate on
your feelings, your lines. It
takes time but it will come.
Let's do it.


Fancy and John are once again rehearsing the scene when
Fancy takes a deep breath, closes her eyes for a few moments
and then something magical happens. It is as she is starting
to bloom for the first time and her performance stuns
Are you laughing at me?
Of course not.
You are smiling a lot.
I'm smiling because I'm enjoying
myself. I like talking to you.
I like talking to you,too. I
always talk better with older
They knew so much more.
Like me?
Yes. You're very interesting.
Mr. Mullen starts clapping as do the rest of the cast and
crew who are mesmerized.
                       MR. MULLENS
That's what I am talking about.
Fancy you were great and John you
were good too! Keep that up and
both of you are headed for higher
places than here.
John and Fancy grin at each other.


The cast and crew have been working very hard and are almost
ready to open to the public, but Mr. Mullen calls them into
the theater to have a talk with them.
                       MR. MULLENS
I am very proud of all of you. We
have all been working very hard
together and in a week we open to
the public. Since Fancy has never
done this before a live audience I
have made arrangement for all of
you to have a dress rehearsal in
front of a few other classes that
have volunteered to watch. It's
this Friday. Wear your costumes
and act like it's any other day.
What about our classes?
                       MR. MULLENS
You are all excused for that day.
What classes are coming?
                       MR. MULLENS
I am not sure. I sent out fliers
and got about 4 back.I would
assume most are English, but I
just don't know.
The big day has arrived and Fancy has butterflies in her
stomach. She is pacing back and forth. John peeks out from
the curtains and it is packed. Even Jenni and her best
friend Candy are the audience unbeknown to Fancy.
Wow. It looks full.
Don't tell me that.
Just do what Mullens told you. You
are a natural.


You really think so?
I know it. Let's give this school
sometime to talk about for years.
What do you say, ready?
I hope so.
Jenni, Candy and the rest of the school are watching the
performance and it is going okay until Fancy enters and her
performances astounds everyone. There is a strong buzz in
the theater as everyone is trying to figure out who is this
mystery actress. Candy starts looking through her program
and can't believe it. She nudges Jenni.
Jenni, isn't Fancy Beckons your
Yeah, so?
That was just her.
No. That can't be. Let me see that
Jenni looks at the program and she is more stunned than
Did you know she could act?
I didn't even know she like plays.
She is totally awesome.
I know.


Abe, Begonia, Jenni and Junior are sitting at the table
eating dinner while Fancy is still absent. Jenni is very
anxious and the table and can't wait to the tell the family
her news, but first she wants to toy with them.
Where's Fancy Mom?
Oh you know. She's working on some
project at school. I will sure be
glad when she's finished.
It shouldn't be too much longer.
What do you know?
Oh not too much.
Spill it.
How do you know I know anything,
bird breath?
You have that sanctimonious tone
again. I know your dying to tell
so let's have it.
It seems our little Fancy has
quite a public life.
Abe and Begonia GASP while Junior just stares in disbelief.
I don't believe you.
Jenni takes the theater program and show it to Junior where
she has highlighted Fancy's name and role.
Here. Look at this.


Junior starts glancing at the program and when he comes
across the place where Fancy's name is highlighted he drops
his fork.
It...I don't....
I saw it with my own two eyes.
Abe and Begonia are starting to get annoyed.
Come on now. Let us have a look.
Junior hands it to Abe and Begonia who start reading it and
are shocked.
Is it really true? Our own Fancy?
It's true and she's really good!
How would you know?
I saw her today. Our class got to
watch the play for our English
      (still shocked)
She's good?
Everyone in the audience was
asking about her. She blew all of
us away. I swear I didn't even
know it was her until Candy showed
me the program.
I can't believe it. Our Fancy.
And she didn't tell us?
I guess she didn't want us to
know. Okay everyone here's the
plan. We all keep quiet and let
her think we know nothing. Jenni,


                       ABE (cont'd)
can you get us all tickets for
next week?
I think so.
We go see her play, watch her act
and then surprise her.
Do you think that's a good idea? I
mean she didn't tell us about it.
We want to show our support for
her. Maybe she was afraid to tell
us? Remember we support all our
Our Fancy an actress. I would have
never dreamed that she could even
act as shy as she seems around us.
I guess Fancy was gifted after
all. We were just to blind to see
Well Abe and Begonia got quite a
shock. It seems as if all of their
children did indeed turn out to
have special talents, some
obvious, some latent. Tonight they
are going to watch Fancy perform
for the first time. Let's see what
Once again Fancy is starring in the play, but tonight is
different. Abe, Begonia, Jenni and Junior are in the
audience in the back row trying to be as inconspicuous as
possible. When Fancy comes out and recites her lines they
are dumbstruck, all of them drop them mouths wide open, even
Jenni. After the play the cast come out and take a bow as
the audience starts applauding for the performers but they
save their biggest bow for Fancy. Abe even stands up
clapping and the rest of his family follow his lead.


That's my daughter. That's my
All of the other mothers, fathers and general audience start
patting him and Begonia on the back. Finally the lights are
dim and Fancy spies her family.
Who is that?
That's my Daddy.
Then Fancy rushes off the stage and hugs her father and
mother, who hand her a bouquet of roses.
For me?
You earned them.
Why...Why didn't you tell us?
You didn't like TV so I thought
you wouldn't like this.
We like anything you like and
especially as talented as you are.
I didn't know myself until a few
weeks ago.
We always knew you were special.
After all you are our daughter.
      (hugs her parents)
Thanks for coming.
Sorry to intrude, but Mr. Mullens
needs you back stage.


I'll be right there.
I want to know if you are in any
other plays. The family wants to
come watch together.
I will tell you Daddy, I promise.
Gotta go. See you at home.
Jenni and Candy are once again walking down the halls and
everyone is smiling, waving at them and this time as they
walk past Fancy both of them greet her. Fancy is staring to
become as well know and popular as her sister.
Hi Fancy.
Hi Jenny. Hi Candy. See you later.
It has been quite a few months
since Fancy started acting, but
now she is the leading lady of the
stage and is starring in her first
production. This time her family
is sitting in the front row,
beaming at her.
All of the Begonia family, even Fancy, is at Abe's football
game. He has been practicing for weeks and there is a rumor
a scout is in the audience.
Come on Junior, lead your team to
You can do it.
Jenni is with the cheerleaders helping them show their
support as she notices an odd man watching Junior and
writing things down. She runs up to her dad.


Dad, see that man over there.
Don't stare but he keeps watching
Junior. I heard their might be a
talent scout. Oh man, what if he
goes pro.
Do me a favor Jenni. Promise me
you won't tell Junior.
But why...I promise.
It might make him nervous. Just
keep cheering him like you always
Well Jenni was right. It was a
talent scout for the New Orleans
Saint. He talked to Abe, Junior
and Begonia and he signed Junior
to be staring quarterback as soon
as he was out of high school. In
the meantime Fancy was doing
community theater and Jenni was
applying to NASA.
Abe has flown all his family down for one of his big games
and they are walking the stadium talking with him until he
singles out Fancy.
Hey, Fancy can I talk to you a
Sure, what's up?
Well, um, I have landed a few
national endorsements. You know
things like my own lotion, body
That's great so what's the


I am flat on camera. I come off as
wood. I would really like you to
come and watch me tomorrow
morning. Maybe you can give me
some tips. You would also get to
meet a pretty big Hollywood
producer. Who knows what would
I'll be there.
Fancy stays in the background as they prepare Junior. She
watches his first take to see how he does.
      (flat and holds up
This is what I use to make sure
the ladies keep coming.
A bunch of women all surround Junior, but the director isn't
happy with it and yells cut.
      (takes Junior
       under his wing)
Look kid. I want this to work. You
want this to work. What's the
Beats me, but I brought help.
Fancy, come here. This is my
sister Fancy. She is a natural
If you can get him to be at least
believable I will personally
schedule you for a screen test on
my next picture. Thank you can do
I'll do my best. Come on Junior
let's take a walk outside.
Fancy and Junior are walking and talking around the set.


When you play football what do you
concentrate on?
Trying to score a touchdown and
also protecting my teammates.
Do you concentrate on the crowd?
The roars? The shouts?
Of course not. I block them all
It's the same way with acting,
except when you are talking to the
camera act like you are talking to
a good friend.
Will that really work?
Let's go try it and see.
Fancy walks over to the camera man and tells him to roll the
film but to not let Junior know he is being taped.
Whenever you are ready. Let's
practice. Rustic Cabin cologne.
      (natural and
If you are like me after a hard
workout you want something that
will make you feel and smell nice.
Something the ladies can't resist.
I choose Rustic Cabin. What do you
say ladies, how do I smell?
A ton of pretty women all get in the car with him smiling as
they ride off into the sunset. The director walks onto the
set clapping.
Bravo Junior. Now one more take
and it's a roll.


I already had them film him just
in case he got nervous.
This kid is a natural. You may
even have a career in directing.
I told you she was good.
Here's my card kid. This is my
private number and this is my
secretaries number on the back.
When you get to Hollywood and want
to do that screen test just call
me up.
Thank you sir. I can't wait.
You are right. She is talented.
Where have you been hiding her?
She's just been doing community
Well, kid, I think those days are
over. Call me in a week, okay?
I promise.
Abe, Begonia, Jenni and Fancy all are at Juniors game
watching him play. He is almost unstoppable. He has a strong
arm and his team protects him at all cost. As the second
half stats up Jenni gets a ring on her phone.
I have to take this. I will be
right back.
Jenni comes back to the bleacher's beaming hardly noticing
Junior at all. Begonia notices this right away.


Jenni, dear, what is it?
I just got accepted into NASA. I
am going to help them build rocket
Fancy and Abe both overhear her and start jumping for joy,
as Abe scores the winning touchdown.
I thought to celebrate I am taking
us all out to my favorite Cajun
That's wonderful son. Jenni, share
the news.
I...I got accepted into NASA. I
may still someday build a rocket
      (hugs her)
Awesome sis. Come on let's go eat
and celebrate.
The whole family is sitting around the table, eating,
drinking, laughing.
I propose a toast to the Beckon
family. Fancy, who is on her way
to becoming a great actress, Jenni
who is going to take NASA by storm
and Junior who will lead his team
to victory.
Everyone takes their glass and says "here, here".
Fancy is busy on a film set that Mr. Lauglin is directing.
She is surrounded by a bevy of agents, personal assistants
and the works. The director is sure that this movie will
make her a star.


Jenni is helping build, engineer and design the next rocket
that they are schedule to launch into Mars in the near
Junior is on the New Orleans Saints and has taken them all
the way to the super bowl. In the sidelines, as they wait to
be introduced, a bevy of beauties all wink, smile and wave
at Junior and he winks back at them.
It seems as if everything ends
well at the Beckons family. All
the children are well on their way
to becoming success in their own
right. Now Begonia and Abe can
rest. Wait. I hear a KNOCK at the
door. Who can that be? I guess we
better find out.
There is a KNOCK on the door when Abe answers it 3 pretty
women holding babies are standing there. They start yelling,
chasing and screaming at him telling him he is the father of
their children. Begonia joins the women, also, and starts
chasing Abe who is running all over the place, sideways, up,
around and even on the screen credits to try and get away
from them.
You son of a bitch. When I get you
I am going to kill you.
You said you'd come back for me.
You told me you'd support me.
You said you weren't married.
Abe keeps running all over the screen, shrugs at the camera,
as the women kept chasing him until the credits are done.


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