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Motel Room (short film)
by Lycan Davis (lycandavis75@hotmail.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Horror   User Review: **1/2
A serial killer spends a night in a motel room.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


Typical, non-descript motel room with two beds. DAMMERS,
early forties and white, gets out of the shower. He dries
himself as he talks.
Baby, you were great. Did you say
your name was Sandy? I swear I
need to check out Nells Avenue
more often. I mean, what walks
the harbor was nothing compared to
He laughs to himself as he puts on a pair of boxers and
lights a cigarette.
Who would have thought that a
matter of six blocks makes such a
He runs a comb through his hair.
I'd love to say I'll be by again
soon, but business takes me where
it takes me.
He picks something from his teeth and sprays deodorant on
his armpit.
But I do say that if your friends
are all like you, I just might
have to make sure to make a return
He closely inspects his stomach in the mirror. He's a
little soft.
How much am I owing you for this
wonderful evening?
He scratches his stomach.


Oh, I'm sorry. Perhaps now isn't
the best time to talk about such
He exits the bathroom. On the bed lies a naked, dead
prostitute. How she died isn't important, just that she's
dead and that there's minimal blood.
No, of course that time has past,
now hasn't it, baby?
He leans down and kisses her cheek. His attention shifts to
the door. Wordlessly, he moves over and puts the 'Do Not
Disturb' sign on the door, then makes sure it's locked. He
glances out the curtains, then moves away from the window.
I bet you think I'm being
paranoid, don't you? No, no, no.
Can't be too careful about
something like this. You'd figure
the maids wouldn't work at this
time of night, but hey, when they
knock, they knock. Last June, a
maid knocked at midnight. Can you
believe that? I almost crapped
myself. You'd think that they'd
give you some peace and quiet at
this time of night, wouldn't you?
Listen to me. Are you comfy?
He listens for her answer, then laughs again.
I guess not. Ha ha. Oh, don't
worry. I'm not going to rob you.
You'll get to take it with you.
His cell phone rings.
One second. I'll be right back.
He answers the phone.
      (into phone)
Hello. Oh, hey doll. How's my
Oh, you know how it goes. Business


                       DAMMERS (cont'd)
travel is business travel. Three
appointments tonight. I'm beat
and it's so hot here.
Yeah, I miss you too.
Well, I appreciate it, dear. I'll
tell you what, I'll call you when
I head out tomorrow. We'll chat
as I drive.
No, no reason to wake them. I'm
sure they're fast asleep.
First string? The hell you say.
Well of course I think that
deserves a celebration. Why don't
we do something when I get back?
Well, you ask him where he'd like
Anything he wants. He's the one
who did the work.
That sounds great dear.
Of course. I love you too, dear.
Good night.
He hangs up.
Wonderful wife I've got there,
Sandy. You wouldn't understand
something like that, I'm sure.
He laughs again.
That's why I'm successful, baby.
Behind every successful man is a
loving wife. Always, dear.
He considers her for a second.


You know what? I think I'd like
some alone time for the rest of
the evening. You don't mind, do
He listens again.
Well, as long as you have no
objections baby. We'll call it an
He kisses her on the lips and pushes the mattresses off the
other bed. He lifts her and places her into the pedestal.
Surely you, as a good judge of
character would know that. Woman's
intuition and all.
He goes to the other side of the bed.
Looks like you get a single
tonight. Good. I think you've
earned some alone time too. After
all, post coitus, it's important
to be alone with one's thoughts,
don't you agree?
He blows her a kiss and replaces the mattresses. He is
visibly sweating. He still talks to her.
Wow, this sure is hard work. You
have no idea, baby. I think that
air conditioner is broken, too.
He dabs at his forehead with a hankie.
I'm almost tempted to give them a
call. But they've worked hard,
too. No reason to bother them at
this hour. Perhaps I'll drop by
in the morning, at checkout.
He sits on the bed that the prostitute was originally on. He
grabs the remote and turns on the television. He changes
the channel.


I think I'd like to check the
markets, Sandy. You don't mind,
do you, darling?
He watches for a bit, then lights another cigarette.
And not a word to my wife about
these. She thinks I quit after
the babies were born. Wouldn't do
for her to worry about me getting
cancer in addition to being out on
the road. Good woman, that one.
He drags deeply, stubs the butt out, shuts the television
off, shuts off the light, and crawls under the covers.
An hour later. Dammers comes awake and turns on the light.
He is sweating profusely.
I'll be damned. Sandy, you warm
He gets out of bed.
My goodness, what is it about
ninety in here?
He takes a towel and swabs off. He goes to the sink and
turns on the water. He lets it run for awhile, then puts a
glass under. He drinks deeply, then spits the water out.
Would you believe that? Warm. I
know it's hot in here, but that's
ridiculous. Well, if life gives
you lemons, make lemonade, I say.
He starts making coffee.
I can't leave yet, babe. It's too
early. Do you have any idea what
kind of person leaves a motel at
one in the morning? The type
who's been there on business.
Then, they'd look for my business.
If they can't find it, they'll


                       DAMMERS (cont'd)
start asking questions. Where's
the business? What's he doing
leaving? Then they might start
looking and we can't have that,
now can we darling?
He feels his bed.
I dare say that I've sweat through
my sheets. Do you mind if I share
with you?
He lies on top of the sheets.
I don't know that I'm going to be
able to get any sleep, but at
least knowing you're close will
keep me going.
He lights another cigarette.
An hour later. He has filled an ashtray with butts. He
sips a cup of coffee and spits it out.
Damn, if that isn't the most
disgusting cup I've ever had.
He puts it down on the night stand and picks up the remote
control. He clicks the television on and gets static. He
changes the channel and gets the same.
He clicks the television off and dabs more sweat from his
How's a man expected to sleep?
He stubs out another cigarette. Smoke starts to emit from a
nightstand drawer.
What the?


He opens the drawer and flames shoot out as the Bible has
been ignited.
How the hell?
He runs to the sink and fills the ice bucket with water. He
runs back and dumps it into the drawer.
How in the hell did that happen?
He runs to the sink and runs water over a towel. He starts
dabbing himself with it, madly.
Do you know what's going on here,
baby? I know it's warm, but oh,
it helps. Believe me, darling.
He runs more water. The sink steams. He doesn't notice as
he applies it to his face. He screams.
He throws the towel down.
Dammit, dammit. That slices it.
He picks up the room phone and is greeted with static. He
slams it back down. He grabs his cell and extends the
antenna. Again, static. He throws the phone down.
That's it. I'm out of here.
He gathers up some clothes and grabs his car keys. The keys
burn him as soon as he touches them.
He drops the keys.
Are you doing this, honey?
He picks up the keys, using a sock.


Just gotta get out of here. It'll
look weird, but the place is
burning down. I'm sure it'll be
alright. Who wouldn't understand?
He walks to the door, clothes in hand. When he grabs the
doorknob, it burns his hand.
He rips his hand away from the door and tries again, using
his pants over his hand. He jerks the knob to the right,
then the left. Nothing. He keeps trying until the pants
ignite. He throws them down and stomps out the flames.
Are you doing this, baby? Tell me
if you are. I won't be mad. I
His cell phone rings. He grabs it.
      (into phone)
There is a sound of static with some tapping.
      (into phone)
He screams incoherently into the phone, then hangs up.
The window.
He grabs a chair and rips the curtains apart. He leans back
to smash it when the chair ignites. He drops it and tries,
half-hearted, to put it out. The coffee maker explodes,
spraying coffee. He pounds his fists against the window.
Once, twice, on the third time, his hands stick. He has to
wrench them from the window, leaving bits of skin behind. He
whimpers. His phone rings again. He picks it up. The
sound of laughter emits from it. He tries to throw the
phone, but it sticks to his hand. The entire room is
Darling, I need you.


Outside, a couple walks by, drunk. They are oblivious to
the situation. Inside, Dammers wrestles with the mattress.
He tries to lift it and presses his body against it. When
he finally gets it up, flames pour out from under the bed.
He screams, batting at them. He stumbles and falls into the
flames. The mattress falls on top of him, sealing him in.
He screams.
The next morning. LUCY and MARY, the cleaning ladies,
Would you take a look at this?
I'll be.
They walk over to the chair, which is broken into several
pieces, but not burnt.
Larry isn't going to like this.
Must have had a little party here
last night.
She moves to the coffee maker. The carafe is broken.
Be careful. Broken glass.
There is no sign of a fire.
Well, let's move on and come back.
No reason to deal with this now.
We'll have Larry take a look. So
They move to leave the room. Lucy stops and cocks her head,
I think they were smoking in here,


They leave.


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From Frank D. Antonacci Date 3/2/2012 ***
Good stuff ! I liked the killer's dialogue. Could be expanded into something even better !

From AJ Jaffari Date 6/28/2011 1/2
Very Boring

From rob Date 4/30/2011 **
Good story, but poor ending have no idea what that was about and nothing gives a clue to what it may be. Dammers is to repetitive with the darlings and babys. Overall short and sweet maybe a little too long.

From vito jennette Date 12/16/2010 ****
Really enjoyed the script...Dialog was good, refreshing to read something so well structured! The ending was a nice surprise, and the story really flowed well. Fell in love with the dammers character. Scary as hell! If you get a chance two of my scripts are posted as well. Bullycide & The Second Coming

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