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an evening with marty
by Ron L Henslee (ronandsharron@sbcglobal.net)

Rated: R   Genre: Comedy   User Review: ****
This short story briefly explores music, intolerance, bigotry, ignorance, tolerance, failed technology, superstition, sociality, violence and gun control; hopefully laced with a little humor.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


The sports bar is located at the Hotel Casino sports book.
It's oval shaped with TVs strategically placed around the
back of the bar airing various sporting games.

There are three bartenders each manning a section of the
bar. Poker machines are set into the bar all around.

MARTY is playing video poker. LEFTY is sitting beside Marty
watching a football game on one of the TVs.
                       MARTY (VO)
I play quarter video poker. Five
quarters max, a dollar twenty five
per hand, and the royal pays a
thousand bucks unless the machine
is a progressive. A bad bet but I
play to relax, have some beers,
and sometimes, sometimes, I win.
Marty drains his beer and sets the empty bottle out in front
of him. MAC is there immediately with a fresh one. Marty
throws down a couple dollars.
                       MARTY (VO)
I'm in about forty dollars and
four beers. Beers are free when
you play, or in my case, at this
moment, they're working out to be
ten bucks a piece. Of course if I
hit four little ones without the
kicker it would pay a hundred
bucks and I'd be sixty ahead, and
beers would go back to being free,
funny how that works.
Lefty yells when his team scores. Mac swears.
                       MARTY (VO)
My bartender this evening is Mac.
He's a good one, never have to
wait, even when he's busy. I tip
him at least two dollars a drink.
The bad ones, and believe me there
are some bad bartenders, get a
buck, GOTTA DO IT. You always have
to tip, even the bad ones. It's an
unwritten rule of the universe and
if you don't bad luck will rain
upon you for an immeasurable


                       MARTY (cont'd)
amount of time. Sorrowful
circumstance will descend upon you
and any Asian that crosses your
path will suck you dry of any luck
you may have stashed away for a
rainy day. It's open season my
friends. Believe me when I tell
you this brothers and sisters,
never stiff a bartender, waiter or
One more win and I got me a four
team parlay. Gotta wait until
Why's that Lefty?
Lefty gives a "what are you stupid" look at Marty.
Cause that's when they play... You
ever play a football card before
Can't say I have Lefty.
Whadda ya live under a rock?
                       MARTY (VO)
Lefty seemed like an okay fellow.
He was a local, came over to this
particular casino to play football
cards, have a few beers, and
socialize. He had an easy name to
remember too especially after
having several beers... Of course
if he was sitting on my right side
instead of the left I might be in
trouble, remembering his name that
A Bob Seager song comes on during a truck commercial.
There hasn't been any good music
since the 70's man. Why do you
think the good ones still sell out
arenas? The Stones, the Eagles, I


                       LEFTY (cont'd)
could go on and on.
Hey dude you're preaching to the
And what the fuck is this rap
Well I think it started out trying
to tell the story of the plight of
the black man that inhabits the
ghettos of our great cities. Now I
think it's about the money and
only the money... could be way
wrong though since I don't have
any brothers as close friends...
matter of fact I don't have any
brothers as friends. If I did I
imagine the majority of them would
give me different opinions on the
matter. It's not that I don't want
any... black friends that is, it's
just the circumstance has not come
Where'd you say you were from?
I didn't Lefty. Watch my machine
for me would you? I gotta take a
Ahhh no can do man, I gotta go...
make a bet. Put a napkin over it.
If you got credits in the machine
cash em out. There's people hang
around lookin for machines with
tickets. Didn't use to be a
problem but times are tough.
Marty puts a napkin over his machine and heads for the


There are four poker tables arranged about in a glass
enclosed area. As Marty walks by he hears a commotion. He
enters the room.
I'm tired of your whining you
beady eyed long haired freak. You
never won on the river before? If
you haven't you're no gambler.
Quit acting like a baby or get the
fuck outta here.
A very attractive 30 something LOLA looks up at Marty.
How's it going honey?
Fine babe... I see you're having
Always, when you wanna eat?
I'll come get you after.
Marty continues to the men's room.
                       MARTY (VO)
That's my Lola. She sure is sexy
when she gets pissed. We've been
business partners the last ten
years, a couple the last eight.
We're on the second night of our
two day stay at the hotel. Lola
has the night off, tonight is my
Marty is at the sink trying to get water out of the knob
less faucets. Water is supposed to come out when you stick
your hands underneath the faucet. It finally does on the
third one.
                       MARTY (VO)
Really? I mean who's brilliant
idea was this? If the first
faucets ever invented were knob
less, like these fuckers I'm


                       MARTY (cont'd)
dealing with right now, and
someone came up with the concept
of "hey let's put some knobs on
these baby's and we'll be assured
to get water every fucking time we
turned em on". The person would be
labeled a genius!
The men's room has a round pillar separating the in and out.
As Marty is leaving he bumps into beady eyed LONG HAIRED
Jesus man what the hell are you
                       LONG HAIRED FREAK
Long Haired Freak recognizes Marty.
                       LONG HAIRED FREAK
Fuck you and your old lady too.
Hey don't make it personal. You
came in the wrong way. What are
you from Europe?
                       LONG HAIRED FREAK
You're fuckin testing me man.
I'm just saying if you were from
Europe then maybe you'd enter the
room from the left cause they
drive on the wrong side of the
road over there, in most parts
anyway. If you're from the U.S.of
A. you got to know, it's an
unwritten rule, a law of the
universe - or maybe just the U.S.-
when given a choice one always,
always goes to the right. If
enough people start picking up
your bad habits, imagine the
carnage, the chaos and the
eventful rise of anarchy. Right
in, right out, simple right?


Long Haired Freak shoves Marty up against the wall, his
forearm applying pressure on Marty's throat. Some one
approaches so he releases him.
                       LONG HAIRED FREAK
We ain't done with this.
Marty heads back for the bar.
                       MARTY (VO)
I'm just glad I took a piss before
our little encounter because I
have an awful weak bladder and the
probability of pissing myself,
while up against the bathroom wall
grasping for air, was great.
As Marty takes his seat at the bar he sees Mac crumble up a
football card and throw it in the trash. Mac is pissed.

Sitting next to Marty in the seat Lefty vacated is ROLAND
PETTIFORE. Roland is over six feet and 300 plus pounds. Mac
was right there with a beer for Marty.
                       MARTY (VO)
I knew Lefty wouldn't be around. I
don't think he liked my company.
Sitting next to me now is Big
Burly Bush Whacker Bastard. That's
what I call him, you'll know why
soon enough.
Roland is wearing a hat with a logo of a flying duck and a
t-shirt that says "God bless the NRA". He holds out his hand
to Marty.
Names Roland Pettifore, just call
me Roo.
Like in Winnie the Poo?
By the look on Roland's face its apparent he thinks Marty is
a smart ass. The look isn't gleeful.
NO! Like in short for Roland.


Roland applies pressure to the handshake which is noticeable
by the grimace on Marty's face.
You here for the gun show?
Marty is turning red.
Yes! Yes!
The hand shaking pressure continues.
                       MARTY (VO)
I figured this right wing nut job
was gonna crush my hand if I
didn't say something. I didn't
even know they were having a gun
show. I should of just stuck some
chew in my mouth stood up and
said, "hell yeah I'm here for the
gun show", spit the wad on the
floor and yelled to Mac, "set that
bottle of Wild Turkey over here
Mac, me and Roo's gonna have us
some shots".
Buyer or dealer?
Buyer! Can I have my hand back?
Roland finally lets go of Marty's hand. Marty flexes it
trying to get the blood flowing again.
Didn't get yur name friend.
Got a last name Marty?
Yeah I got a last name Roo.
                       MARTY (VO)
My hand hurt like hell so not
giving Roo my last name was my way
of punishing him, which was kind
of an empty victory since I was


                       MARTY (cont'd)
the one in pain.
Better enjoy it while you can
Marty, Obama has his way gun shows
are gonna be history along with
our God given right to bear arms.
You know the man wasn't even born
in this country?
Really? Where was he born?
Africa. Whadda ya live under a
                       MARTY (VO)
What's this live under a rock
shit. I'm starting to feel like
Sponge Bob Square Pants star fish
friend Patrick... Cause he does
live under a rock. I know this
fact because I have spent quality
time with my nieces and nephews.
Anyone that has spent quality time
with kids knows about Sponge Bob
and his cronies.
No I don't live under a rock and
don't you think he'd of taken the
guns away by now?
Took away the assault rifle's, go
try and buy yourself an assault
rifle, see how that goes.
No... You're wrong about that.
Don't believe he's introduced any
legislation on gun control.
It's ignorant sons bitch like you
makin this Country go to hell in a
hand basket... You ain't here for
no gun show, not no pussy like
you. I'd peg you as a fed or DEA
but suspect yur to much of a pussy
to be even one of them.


Damn Roo I was just gonna ask if
you wanted a chaw and shot of
Roland gets off of his bar stool. Marty doesn't see the
elbow coming, all one motion, fast for a big man, whack,
right to the back of Marty's head. Marty disoriented, dizzy,
grabs the back of his head.

It takes Marty awhile to gain some semblance of coherence.
The Big Burly Bush Whacking Bastard nailed him good. When
his head finally clears he's staring into the face of an
                       MARTY (VO)
Damn just when I thought things
couldn't get worse. I'm not
playing another hand until he
leaves. I can wait him out.
Marty stares at the Asian. The Asian stares back.
                       MARTY (VO)
Things sure aren't going well, not
well at all. Lefty the local high
tailed it because he thought I was
a little odd, maybe more than a
little. Beady Eyed Long Haired
Freak who has a major problem
navigating through life wants to
beat the shit out of me or worse
and Big Burly Bush Whacking
Bastard hates me for my ideology,
and already got a piece of me. Mac
the bartender is an okay dude even
though I suspect he has a gambling
problem... I'm still waiting out
this Asian, not gonna gamble until
he leaves.
The Asian finally leaves. He takes his drink and sits next
to a guy across the bar from Marty who is celebrating
because he just hit a four of a kind.
                       MARTY (VO)
I wanted to yell to the guy that
just hit the four of a kind,"take
your money and get the hell out!
The Asian will steal your luck.
He's got powers!... And tip the


Marty starts playing video poker again.
                       MARTY (VO)
I have nothing against Asians
don't even know any personally. If
I did, I think they'd agree that
some of their fellow Asians have
the power to suck away all energy
in and around you when gambling.
It's not that I don't want any
Asians friends, the circumstance
has just not come up.
The bar is getting crowded. Marty puts some money in his
poker machine.
                       MARTY (VO)
I'm down sixty bucks and on my
fifth beer. Six beers is my limit,
past that my navigational skills
and surrounding awareness become
Mac brings Marty his sixth beer. Marty leans back in his
chair, takes a swig of beer, surveys his surroundings.
                       MARTY (VO)
My name is Marty Chance. I don't
normally have contact with my mark
until the end and they never,
ever, see me coming. Something
about this particular job peaked
my inquisitiveness. Maybe boredom
or maybe just feeling a little
renegade and want to break a few
of the unwritten rules of the hit
man. It's kind of liberating. I
may just enter from the left side
the next time I go take a piss...
Well I gotta go, he's leaving the
building. I'll over take him at
his car, head to the Truckee River
to a little out of the way spot I
parked my car at earlier and then
I will shoot him dead.
By the way... if your wondering
which dude it is that I
encountered tonight that I'm gonna
kill and it certainly is one of
them, well... I ain't feeling that
renegade. Besides, I left a clue.
Think present-tense verses


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From Anders Date 1/3/2011 ****
awesome story, really liked the end. and the dialogue is so natural.

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