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by Billy O'Reed (billyinten@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ****
Zack finds himself trapped in a cave, with little to no options of survival. Will this nine year old escape? What are the secrets to the cave? Find out in this short 2 pager.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A flutter of light from a match dimly lights up the face of
a young boy. ZACK (9), burns his fingers as the match goes
out. Another strike of the match once again lightens up his
rather small surroundings. Zack finds a small twig and burns
it, making the light a little more bright.

All is deathly quiet as Zack looks around in all directions
to get his bearings. There is just enough room to stand up.
Looking around with his burning twig he spots a few more
twigs to light. He puts them into a small bundle at his
feet and lights it. The light is much brighter now, as
Zack's face is clearly been through something terrible.
Dried blood around his mouth and a blackened eye appears to
be from a fight with a bully, however this was no bully,
this was definitely something different.

The smoke from the burning twigs escape from a small opening
past a pile of rocks that blocks main entrance to this cave.
Zack tries to move a few of the rocks, but they are too
heavy. Zack Screams.
Help! Help! Can anyone hear me?
All is quiet.
Mom? Dad? Lucy?
Still no answer. Zack sits down in defeat as he watches his
small fire dwindle.

The fire extinguishes as an unnatural howl forces a small
scream from Zack. The howl again shakes the darkened cave.
Zack's breath becomes more rapid. Another match lights up
Zack's face. Tears stream over the dried blood of Zack's
Mom! Dad!
The rumble of the cave shakes Zack to the bone. Streams of
dirt pour over his head, and the dust puts out his match.

His breath labored in fear, Zack lights his last match.
Looking around to find anyway out, he begins to sob


The Light flickers away, as Zack's pleas turn into a faint
(shouting) Zachary?
Dad? I'm here!
We've looked around here for
hours. I'm so glad we found you.
DAD (30), Opens the bedroom closet, and light streams in on
Zack's clean face. In his hand is a flashlight. RASCAL (3),
the family dog howls and barks in delight smothering Zack in
How many times do I have to tell
you to stay out of your sisters
closet? Were you playing trapped
in a cave again?
Yea, but this time there was no
hope for survival.
Well, your safe for now. At least
until your sister see's what you
did to her closet.


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From vito jennette Date 12/16/2010 ****
Really enjoyed the script...Dialog was good, refreshing to read something so well structured! The ending was a nice surprise, and the story really flowed well. Not really sure the introduction of the saga was necessary though? Fell in love with the Zack character. Funny as hell! If you get a chance two of my scripts are posted as well. Bullycide & The Second Coming

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