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by kim matey (kimba06@aol.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Drama   User Review: ****
What would you do? A woman witness a small boy getting beat and later the child is reporter missing by his mother. The woman who witnessed it is now wrapped into her murder trial, but decides to help the mom prove her innocence.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.



A woman is sitting in an office cubicle, typing away on the
computer sitting in front of her. Meet NANCY WILSON, a
working mom, who is a little high strung and controlling,
she's dressed in a blazer, pants, and heels.
The phone RINGS, she reaches for it
Hello, this is Nancy Wilson.
Nancy leans forward and put her elbow on the desk and her
head in her hand
Are you kidding me, not again..I
have a lunch break at noon, I'll
come then.
She listens
Well if I leave now I'll probaly
get fired.
Alright I'll be there in 15
minutes, bye
Nancy takes a deep breath, to try and calm herself, she
slams down the phone, stands up grabs her purse out of her
desk drawer, she reaches for her keys on the counter and
notices a picture of her son with his dog and a book she's
been reading on "How to relieve stress". She picks up the
book, looks at the title, makes a ugh sound and throws it
into the garbage on her way out.
An COWORKER walks up to Nancy cubicle
Your not leaving are you?
Yeah I need you to cover for me.
Nancy grabs here sweater from the back of her chair. On her
way out she runs into a co-worker


The last time you left they almost
fired you.
But this time I have you to cover
for me, I'll be back in an hour.
Nancy walks past her coworker and toward the door
The coworker is standing by the cubicle looking bewildered.
                                         FADE TO
Credits begin to roll and music is playing.
Overhead view of a school with kids playing outside, then
you see a typical Michigan neighborhood with lots of green
grass and well kept houses with paved driveways.
The view becomes closer to a 2 story house located in a
subdivision, Lisa's house.
The Trees are just starting to turn colors and the sun is
                                         FADE TO
LISA BILLETTE a young, pretty housewife, with hair pulled
back in a ponytail, is pulling clothes from the dryer and
putting them into the laundry basket, while listening to
music on her Ipod and singing(Kid Rock's When it Rains)
"Like a deer in the headlights I
stood frozen in my tracks, in the
weight of the music nearly broke
my back, It was late September I
remember oh so well, put a rose in
my bible and placed it upon my
self" "now when it rains it pours
wish I didn't know now the things
I never knew before now when it


She continue to do another load of laundry while singing,
then picks up the basket full of dry clothes and heads out
the laundry room door.
Lisa sits down on the couch in the livingroom, gets rid of
the Ipod and turns on the TV and begins to fold the laundry
, she makes small piles of folded clothes and set them on
the couch, while watching the TV show the "View".
The phone RINGS, she looks around for the phone but doesn't
see it, so she gets up and to answer the phone in the
She picks up the phone on the counter
Yes this is her.
Ok I'll be right there, bye
she uses the remote to turn off the tv
in the kitchen, she grabs a large green bowl from the
cupboard , then heads out the back door while grabbing her
keys from the hook on the wall.
The phone RINGS , she start toward the phone but stops and
turns back toward the door and leaves the house, with the
big bowl under her arm and the phone still ringing.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa is walking down the hallway of the school, she spots
her son TYLER BILLETTE (TY) a 9 year old boy with blonde
curly hair, blue jeans and a jacket, lying on a bench
outside the office doors, with a waste paper basket sitting


on the floor in front of him. Lisa walk up to Ty and rubs
his head.
Hey bud, not feeling to good?
I have a stomach ache.
Tyler sits up, as if to leave.
Let me go into the office and
check you out, then we'll go home.
Ty fall back into the laying postion and SIGHS.
Lisa walks through the office door of the school, you can
see her from behind the glass office door but can not hear
what she's saying. She's speaking to the women behind the
counter, the office lady points to the boy in the hallway
lying on the bench. Lisa signs something then exits the
office doors and approaches her son.
Ready to go?
Ty sits up slowly and just sit there.
Do you feel like your going to
throw up?
maybe.. yeah
Come on lets visit the bathroom
Lisa takes Tyler by the hand and leads him into the
bathroom. Tyler hesitates when they get to the bathroom door
but mom pulls him along. But before they get all the way
into the door they hear someone talking and cursing.
                                         FADE TO


You little shit, I don't have time
for this.
Lisa can see Nancy from behind her quick, rough movements
and tone of her voice tells you she's angry.
Nancy is in the corner of the bathroom with her son BOBBY
WILSON, a dark haired, big brown eyed youth who is wearing
just a tee shirt and underware. Nancy doesn't notice Lisa.
Lisa just stands in the doorway staring at Bobby as Ty pulls
forward and goes toward a bathroom stall.
Nancy and Bobby are in the corner of the bathroom with
Nancy's back to Lisa, Bobby is sitting on the floor,
Nancy grabs her son Bobby by the arm yanks him to his feet,
then takes both hands and pushes him into the wall,
Bobby is standing there in his underwear and shirt with
tears steaming down his face. Nancy still doesn't see Lisa
but Bobby does, he tries to move out of her eye sight as if
Bobby crouches toward the corner, so Nancy grabs his one arm
and pulls him back up and slaps him across the side of the
head, his head hits the wall.
Nancy never yells but talks in a firm, teeth clenched voice.
Don't you pull away from me, stop
crying and put on these damn
The noise caught Nancy's attention, she look over and spots
Lisa standing just inside the doorway.
Ty begins to throwing up and the sound catches Lisa's
Lisa move closer to the bathroom stall that Ty is in and
opens the door slightly to see if he's ok.
Nancy grabs Bobby and pulls his pants on and up.
Nancy then gathers the wet clothes off the floor, stuffs
them into a bag.


Bobby sits on the floor putting on his tennis shoes.
They're wet.
To bad.
Nancy then pulls Bobby up by one arm slightly lifting him
off the ground and goes toward the door. Nancy looks at Lisa
and says with a condescending tone
You take care of your kid and
I'll take care of mine.
Lisa's standing there like a deer caught in headlights.
Nancy is walking behind Bobby slighty pushing him toward the
bathroom door.
Now go back to class.
Lisa grabs a piece of paper towel from the wall dispenser,
wets it in the sink, but keep staring at the door, she hands
it to Ty.
Here honey wipe your mouth off
with this
Ty grabs the paper towel
He wipes his mouth with it. Lisa steps in the stall then
flushes the toilet with her foot.
They both head toward the door of the bathroom.
                                         FADE OUT
Outside the bathroom door, Lisa looks over and spots Bobby
standing all alone, near the lockers in the hallway, shoes
untied and crying.
Bobby's crying so hard his body was shaking but no noise is
coming out.


Lisa turns around to block Ty's view and takes him back into
the bathroom, just then the school bell RINGS.
Ty backs up into the bathroom and sides his body down the
wall to the floor.
Sit here for a minute I'll be
right back.
Lisa walks back out into the hallway, but all she sees is a
Her eyes dart to the spot where Bobby was standing (no
Bobby) her eyes dart all over the hallway (but no Bobby).
Lisa turns and goes back into the bathroom.
                                         FADE OUT
Ty is sitting in the rear seat with a big plastic bowl on
his lap. Lisa is driving while occasionally looking into
the rearview mirror .
Lisa stops at a red light.
you ok?
did you see that boy in the
do you know him?
no, he's a 1st grader?


How do you know that?
I see him on the playground.
do you know his name?
mom he's a first grader
Lisa looks in the rearview mirror and sees Ty's eyes opening
and closeing.
The light changes to green, Lisa drives off.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa enters Ty's bedroom with a wet rag in her hand. She
walks over to Ty who is is laying in a double size bed, with
a bowl near the bed. Mom places the rag on his forehead
then crawls over him and into his bed and hugs him from
How you feeling?
Ty pulls the rag off his forehead.
Better , when's dad coming home?
Late, it's Friday so he has a
There is a moment of silence.
Do you think that little boy is
Ty is lying on his side facing the door.


Lisa sits up in his bed. His back is to her so he can't see
her eyes starting to tear up.
Sure, his mom was just having a
bad day.. Do you remember when you
took marker and colored all over
your toys and it ran onto my white
I was 5
But do you remember how mad I got?
well that little boys mom was that
mad, but she had a different way
of showing it.
No ans. Lisa looks over to see Ty was trying to sleep.
Lisa crawls over Ty slowly to get out of bed, bends down a
kisses his head, then leaves the room.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa enters the kitchen goes to the sink and washes her
hands then she grabs the phone, hits one button on the
reciever and waits.
She then walks to the cupboard and get out a glass.
Yes, hi, could I please speak to
Mrs. Jensen?
She walks to the refrigerator and gets out a gallon of
When do you expect her
back?........Is Peggy there?..


she walks to the counter, sets down her glass and the water.
Okay..no message, bye.
she hangs up the phone.
Lisa stands there trying to decide what to do....
She walks toward the counter, but Tyler yells from up stairs
Lisa leaves the kitchen
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa in her bedroom, in her PJ's sitting on the bed,
painting her toenails .
MIKE BILLETTE her husband a teacher and football coach
enters the room wearing a baseball hat, black jacket, long
khaki shorts, tennis shoes and a badge hanging around his
Lisa looks up from doing her toes.
Hi hun
Mike comes over and kisses her on the top of her head.
did you win?
He walks to the dresser, while talking and removes his
No, but we should have.
Mike takes off his jacket and walks toward the walkin
closet, he looks over at Lisa to see if she is listening.
Mike walks into the closet, so he raises his voice so she
can hear.


Lisa toenails are done so she puts the lid on the bottle and
sets it on the night stand.
We were winning 10 to nothing in
the begining of the 4th quarter,
but the first play of the 4th,
Andy White gets hit from the side
and breaks his leg, so we had to
sit there for a least 20 min,
before we could get started again.
Lisa stretches her legs out on the bed.
Mike comes out of the closet, still in his shorts and a
black tee shirt.
After that we couldn't get
anything goin.
What was the final score?
10 - 14
Mike walks over to the bed and sit down on the end, and
begins to rub Lisa's bare legs,
Then after the game a crazy mom
comes down on the field and starts
yelling at me because I didn't put
her son in the last quarter.
What did you say?
I wanted to say the only reason I
put him in before was we were up
and your sons not good enough to
play when we need points. But what
I said was I had to let everyone
play. Even though it's not true
how was your day?


Ty has the stomach flu, so I had
to pick him up early from school.
Lisa pauses
You think you saw a crazy mom
today, thats nothing compared to
the mom I ran into today
what do you mean?
When I took Ty into the bathroom
because he was going to be sick,
there was this woman in the
batroom hitting and curseing at
her kid.
Mike stops rubbing her legs and got behide her to rub her
He wasn't even crying out, like it
happens all the time and he was
told to be quite.
So some mom's spank.
No this wasn't a spanking, she hit
him in the head and pushed him
into the wall while talking in his
Mike takes off his shirt and tosses it on the end of the
Then she see me and tells me to
"take care of my kid and she'll
take care of hers".
What did you do?
Nothing, I wasn't sure what to
do..she was kind of scarey


Was Ty with you?
Yeah but he was in the bathroom
stall throwing up, so he didn't
see everything, he saw the kid and
could hear her because later he
asked if the kid was going to be
Now he was rubbing her back as if buttering her up for sex
Did you report it to the school or
social services?
No (defensively) I was taking care
of our son.
I didn't know what to do. I
couldn't call social services
because I didn't know their names.
I tried to call the school after I
got home, but no one was in the
office. So I guess I'll go to the
school on Monday and report it.
Lisa reaches for the TV remote on the night stand and turns
on the TV.
Random noise in the background from the TV.
did you eat?
Your dinners is in the microwave,
cook it for about 2 min.
That was his cue to leave her alone she was no longer in the
Mike stands up
I'll go check on Ty.


He leans in and gives her a kiss on the back of her head and
grabs his shirt from the end of the bed and puts it on. Then
heads to the bedroom door.
Mike looks back at Lisa on his way out to flirt with her.
wait up for me.
Lisa chuckles
good night.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa is sitting on a bar stool at her kitchen island,
drinking coffee and reading the paper. Mike enters still in
his sweat pants and T-shirt that he slept in.
Good morning or should I say
Mike grabs the coffee pot and pour himself some coffee
It's only 11:00
Mike takes a sip of his coffee then puts it in the microwave
to reheat
What your plans for the day?
I have to watch game film at the
school at noon for a few hours,
then I was thinking of taking
Tyler to that go-cart place.
Mike turns toward Lisa to see her reaction
How long is it going to take to
watch film? Cause where going
over to my Mom's for dinner and I
told them we'd be there at 5:00.


I don't know, but I'm sure the'll
be plenty of time just go to your
mom and dads and we'll meet you
there AT 5:00.
And if your not there a 5:00 you
owe me a back message tonight
And if I am you owe me one.
Tyler comes into the room also wearing his PJs and hair a
Hey fuzzhead what you need.
More juice... and quit callin me
Have you seen your hair this
Mike walks over and rubs ty's head and laughs
I think someone needs a hair cut
Ty brushes dads hand away, gets the juice on the counter and
pours more
Hey you up for go-carting later?
Yeah I'll go get dressed
No not til later after my football
meeting, so go back and watch
Dad..I never watched Dora
Ty leaves the room
Mike yells


Then go watch Barney
Lisa and mike giggle
Mike kisses that back of Lisa head
I've got to go get dressed
Take a shower too
Mike leaves the room and Lisa giggles
                                         FADE OUT
Mike and Lisa are laying in bed. Mikes reading Sports
Illustrated and Lisa rubbing lotion on her hands.
I think someone owes me a back
Why we were they in time for
yeah but you were suppose to be
there at 5 not 6.
Mike continues reading but trying to act like he's listening
In a minute
You know what my dad said to me
He said that I always take the
easy way.


Why did he say that?
Mike's still reading
I was telling my mom about the
little boy in the bathroom and how
his mom was hitting him, to see
what she would have done, and my
dad was listening and he said I
did nothing because it was the
easy way.
Mike puts down the magazine and SIGHS.
What did he mean by that?
I don't know. But I started
thinking and he may be right. I
hate arguing because it's a waste
of time, I didn't go to college
because it was to hard, I stayed
at my first job for six years
because it was easier than
starting a new one.
When did you have time to do all
this soul searching? That couldn't
of been easy.
And I married the first guy that
came along because it was easier
then looking for a new boyfriend.
Well I like my woman easy
Wait does that make you or me the
easy one?
Mike roll over onto Lisa
I think we both know your the slut
You love it.


They begin kissing
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa and Ty are walking up the side walk to the schools
enterance, the school yard is full of kids and buses
Lisa notices something odd a police car parked in the
parking lot.
Lisa enters the school with Ty
Lisa stops at the office doors, she bends down to give Ty a
kiss goodbye.
Mom what are you doing?
Lisa stops before landing the kiss
Oh sorry. Have a good day.
Ty walks off to class.
bye mom
Lisa enters the schools office.
There are 2 FEMALE TEACHERS,and a MALE PRINCIPLE standing in
the lobby of the office looking up at the TV, thats on a
shelf in the corner.
Mrs. JENSEN, an older woman, is sitting behind the counter,
working on the computer.
Mrs. Jensen stands up to the counter with a very serious


                       MRS. JENSEN
Hi is there something I can help
you with?
Hi. My name is Lisa Billette and I
wanted to talk to you about
something that happened last Fri.
Mrs Jensen wasn't listening but watching the TV, on the
shelf behind Lisa
                       MRS. JENSEN
can you come back later? were kind
of busy right now.
Well.. I wanted to talk to you
yesterday but when I called they
said you were out sick and I don't
know who else to talk to.
Just then Lisa noticed the TV behind her was on, and someone
was turning up the volume, so she turned to watch.
Nancy is standing in her front yard with a hand holding a
microphone in her face and a police officer next to her.
Nancy is crying while she talks.
I beg of you please, please bring
my son back, he's all I got.
Nancy turns away from the reporter, crying. The hand now
becomes a person and the female REPORTER begins to recap the
story by reading it off a piece on paper.
While the reporter reads the information a picture of Bobby
appears on half the screen.
                       TV REPORTER
I'll go over this again for you
the police have issued an amber
alert for this 8 year old,
Caucasian boy. His name is Bobby
Wilson, he has brown hair and
brown eyes . He was wearing blue
jeans and had on a red jacket,
black tennis shoes and carrying a


                       TV REPORTER (cont'd)
black backpack . He was last seen
by his mom, Monday morning walking
to his bus stop at the end of
their driveway . A neighbor
reported seeing a black car, with
a woman driver, in the area that
morning. If anyone has any
information regarding his
disappearance please contact the
police or the phone number below
to remain anonymous .
                                         BACK TO
Lisa turns back to Mrs. Jensen.
Does that boy go to school here?
                       MRS. JENSEN
That's the mom I came to talk to
you about. I saw her in the
bathroom on Fri. punishing her
son. I thought it was a little too
agressive, so I thought I better
come in and report it.
                       MRS. JENSEN
Nancy Wilson?
Yeah. I don't know her name, but I
do recognize the face.
Mrs. Jensen comes out from around the counter.
                       MRS. JENSEN
Maybe I should have you talk to
the police. Do you have time?
Mrs. Jensen starts toward the side office door, with a glass
window the side of the door so you could see inside, where a
police officer was seated talking to a woman.


Lisa looks back up to the TV
The principle was lowering the volume on the TV.
Mrs Jensen knocks on the door then opens it. She says
something to the officer..., then motions for Lisa to come
Lisa walks over to the door that is now open.
The other WOMAN who was in the room had stood up and was
leaving, the officer remains seated and writing.
Lisa waits for the woman to pass her and enters the doorway
of the side office.
Mrs. Jensen walks into the side office behind Lisa and walks
over to the officer to introduce them.
                       MRS. JENSEN
Lisa this is officer Miller.
The male POLICE OFFICER dressed in uniform, stands up to
shake Lisa's hand.
                       MRS. JENSEN
This is Lisa Billette.
They shake hands
So you have some information about
Bobby Wilson?
The officer motions for Lisa to take a seat in the chair
where the other woman had been sitting.
Lisa sits down.
Mrs. Jensen walks out the door and shuts it behind her.
                                         FADE TO
Lisa is walking down the schools hall
In slow motion
Sad eerie music is playing


She gets closer to the exit and you can see tears running
down her face.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa is standing at the counter cutting up veggies for
Mike enter through the back door he drops his duffle bag on
the floor and walks to the frig.
Hi babe
Mike pulls out two beers and holds them up to Lisa
Was your day as bad as mine?
Lisa points to her glass of wine sitting on the counter next
to her
Mike puts one of the beers back
What happened?
He sat down on the stool in front of Lisa and grabbed a
You remember the kid from the
school bathroom last week, well
his mom reported him missing.
Lisa stops chopping and looks up


His mom, Nancy Wilson said he went
missing from the bus stop Monday
What about the dad?
I don't think there is one,
because when she appeared on tv it
was just her
Did you go to the school today?
Yeah thats when I found out he was
Lisa places the cut up veggies in the bowl, then takes a
drink of her wine
Did you tell them what yo saw?
There was a cop there so I told
him everything
Tyler comes running in the room
Hey dad did mom tell you that I'm
giving my bear to that kid. Mom
can I have some apple juice?
Lisa gets Ty some juice
Didn't mom tell you that kid from
the bathroom was taken from his
front yard, so some of the kids in
my class are taking stuff over to
welcome him back.
Lisa hands Ty some juice


Here you go, but next time say
please, now go wash your hands for
Whats this about a welcome back,
did they find him?
No but they are trying to keep the
kids from getting scared so the
school is talking to the kids
about this inncendent and stranger
How do you know all this?
Mike finishes his beer so he grabs the bowl of salad and
puts it on the table
I talked to peggy, she works three
days a week in the schools office
so she tells me everything.
Ty comes back in and sits at the table for dinner
Mike and Lisa just look at each other
                                         FADE TO
Lisa is sitting in her suv, music is on the radio.
She is staring at a memorial by a tree in front of Nancy's
She then stares at the house, it's a brick ranch style home
, with a small covered pourch, set on about an acre of land
with two large pine trees at the end of the paved driveway.
They is an old oak tree in the front yard were the memorial
was set up.
She gets out of her SUV, walks across the street to place
the teddy bear that Ty gave her, on the pile of other
stuffed animals and letters that people had already left.


She picks up a piece of paper to look at the hand drawn
picture, a child had left.It was a drawing of a mom and a
son and a dog with writing, We Miss You.
Lisa looks up because she hear a noise.
Nancy's opens her front door and lets the dog outside. Nancy
looks up and sees lisa.
They lock eyes.....
The drawing Lisa was holding blow out of her hands,
The DOG comes barking toward Lisa, she looks down and see
its tail wagging so she stays put and puts her hand out for
him to sniff, then she bends down and pets it's head.
hey girl
Lisa looks back up to the pourch, but Nancy was gone and the
door was shut.
The dog runs off into the yard.
Lisa looks back down at the memorial with saddness.
Sad music begins playing.
                                         FADE OUT
A sad SONG is still playing.
Many parents and kids are standing around the tree.
It's the beginning of Nov. in Michigan, so everyone has one
light jackets, some with gloves and hats.
The kids and parents are hanging on small votive candles
Among the crowd was Lisa, Mike and TY. Next to them stood
the woman who was in the schools office before Lisa talked
to the police officer. (Bobby's teacher)
The candle light aluminates the tears running down many
Nancy comes outside in just a sweater. looking tired and


A woman comes over and puts her arm around her as to keep
her warm.
The ground around the willow tree is covered with single
stem flowers left by the well wishers. There were also
stuffed animals, and baseball hats.
There were letter and drawings on paper, which were flapping
in the wind.
A letter under the tree comes into focus saying "where are
you? we miss you."
                                         FADE OUT
PEGGY is sitting at the kitchen island with lisa drinking
coffee and eating muffins, on the other counter is clothes
in a plastic dry cleaning bag.
Peggy is a 30 something year old single woman, Who is plain
so what did you decide to wear
the black outfit cause it makes me
look skinny, as if a color has
that kind of power.
You can wear my gold and black
necklace with it, cause that will
make you look even skinnier
Lisa and peggy both laugh
Did Mike complain about going
No he's loves to get dressed up
and eat.
more coffee?


Lisa grabs the pot from behind her and pours herself some
yeah just enough to warm it up
lisa pours some into peggy's cup and puts the pot away
So what the talk around the
Miss Casey is pregnant and not
married yet
Good maybe this will give them
somthing new to talk about
what you don't like being in the
middle of the gossip
I was just getting a little tired
of the stares like I was the one
who took Bobby.
you know people it makes them feel
better if they can blame someone
so they can think it couldn't
happen to them.
Lisa put a piece of muffin in her mouth
These muffins are good
peggy takes a bite and talks with her mouth full
aren't they, I hope that black
outfit will still fit.
They both chuckle
                                         FADE OUT


Nancy is sitting at the police station in a private room, a
plain clothes police officer is asking her questions from
across a table.
Is there anyone that helps you
with Bobby, like a nanny or
Nope just me,
Are the boys father's parents in
Bobby's life?
No my husband, wow haven't used
those words in a long time...I
mean my deceased husband hated his
parents, so they weren't even
invited to the wedding. I'm not
even sure they know Bobby exists.
Didn't they come to the funeral?
Yeah but I didn't talk to them,
they never liked me. So I don't
think they even knew I was
So do you get along with your
                                         FADE TO
Nancy at the age of 12 is walking to the house door ready to
leave. Her MOTHER walks up to her
Where do you think your going?
                       12 YEAR OLD NANCY
Over to cathy's, you said I could


Your room isn't clean.
                       12 YEAR OLD NANCY
I told her I would help her with
her homework.
Nancy opens the door to leave
Get back here
She doesn't listen and keeps going out the door
The mom walks over and grabs her arm and pulls her back into
the house and DRAGS her up the stairs,
                       12 YEAR OLD NANCY
Ouch! your hurting me
Too bad
The last few stairs nancy fall onto her back
                       12 YEAR OLD NANCY
Stop it
Mother continue draging her by one arm down the hall to her
Don't come out til this room is
Mother pushes her into her room
                       12 YEAR OLD NANCY
My arm hurts
No excuses
Mother pulls the door shut you can hear Nancy crying
                                         BACK TO
My mom and I didn't get along
growing up, I was kind of a brat.


Your dad?
He loved me no matter what I did,
he was great it was alway a
dilemma for him who's side to
choose me or my mom's.
Do they see Bobby often?
My mom died when I was 20 and my
dad had a stroke shortly after her
death so he only sees Bobby and I
when we get a chance to vist.
Just a few more questions to help
us figure out what happen to your
I know what happened he was taken
by someone
The cop ignored her comment
Lets start with where you were the
day he disappeared, you told us
you were at work, came home at 5
and Bobby wasn't home, we checked
with your former employer and you
got there at 9am and left at
11:30am after they fired you. So
where were you all day?
Nancy replies defensively
I got fired because I had to go to
the school too many times to take
care of my son.
What do you mean by take care of?
Do you always take care of him
The cop looks at his papers and reads from it


by "cusing and hitting him on the
the cop looks up waiting for an answer
I have been called down to that
school 4 times because he kept
wetting his pants and needed dry
clothes, let just say I wasn't
So you admit you beat him?
Are you trying to say I had
something to do with his
disappearance, I loved my son
Should I get a lawyer?
Only if your guilty of something.
The cops looked down at his papers and ask another question
before she could ask for a lawyer, but his tone changed, so
as not to accuse her
Now back to where were you the day
Bobby went missing?
I was at Shorties.
It's a bar


Did you have a cell phone with
you, so the school or your son
could call?
I did but I didn't realize it was
dead til I got home and tried to
call some of Bobby's friends to
try and find him
Did you see your son walk down to
the bus stop that morning?
No I was in the shower, getting
ready for work.
When was the last time anyone
other than yourself, saw Bobby?
I guess Fri. at school, he can
home and didn't feel well so he
ate dinner and went to bed, got
sick later, so he pretty much
stayed at home all weekend.
What do you mean by sick?
Nancy sits up straight and looks the officer in the eyes,
He had the stomach flu.
So the vomit we found in the small
waste basket was his not yours?
I guess, I never got sick.
Mrs. Wilson do you take Prozac?
Yes it's for my depression.


We know what it's for, but why
would we find it in Bobby's vomit
from the basket?
Nancy sat and said nothing but you could see her eyes
Did you give your son Prozac?
NO I dropped my prescription a few
days ago and one of the pills must
have fallen in the basket.
Does this prescription make you
Yes that why I take it at night or
not at all.
Did anyone see you from Fri. to
mon. morning, like a pharmacists,
a friend even a neighbor.
Why do you keep asking me question
about myself? I'm not the one
You see Nancy I have a little
theory about what might of
happened to Bobby, You came home
Fri. after work, tired, drunk and
you gave Bobby one of your pills
so he would sleep, but he threw it
up so you got angry and hit him,
causing his nose to bleed, you
told him to get up so you could
wash the sheets, he fell down hit
his head and died. You got scared
and took his body and hide it.
Then reported him missing a few
days later.
Nancy was crying into hands, then looks up


You think he's dead?
If it was an accident on your
part, you need to tell us now.
Your sick, I want a lawyer
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa's on the bed putting on her high heel shoes.
Mike walks out of the walkin closet, he's dress in nice
pants and a dress shirt.
Does this look ok?
Lisa looks up to check out Mike's outfit.
Yeah, but you might need a tie.
Seriously, I don't see why we have
to go out with Peggy and her new
Mike walks into the closet and walks back out with two ties
in his hands.
Lisa continues to try and get her shoes straps tight, she
talks louder so Mike can hear her.
We have to give her our approval,
she knows she has bad taste in
Let see we liked the last guy and
it lasted 2 months and then the
first guy, Bill we hated and she
stayed with him 2 years, so I'm
not sure shes listening.


Mike holds up a light blue tie to his neck. While in his
hand is a blue striped one.
Does this tie match?
Lisa stands up and goes to the dresser to put on earrings.
Ty run into the room and leaps onto the bed and jumps up and
down on the bed.
wear the blue one with the
Ty quit jumping on the bed.
Mike walks back into the closet.
Ty jumps up and lands on his butt on the bed.
Lisa is watching Ty from the mirror on the dresser.
When you leave, can Miss Cathy and
I bake cookies?
You mean can she bakes the cookies
and you eat them.
Lisa turns around from watching Ty in the mirror and walks
toward the bed to were Ty was sitting, he stands back up on
the bed and starts to jump up and down.
Stop jumping, I don't think you
need any more sugar.
Ty stops and sits down then off the bed to the floor,
Mike comes out of the closet. opens his arms wide.
Ta Da
Lisa and Ty look over at Mike and smile ,
Mike turns all the way around like a model.
Lisa and Ty laugh


I'm ready, lets go.
Lisa turns back to Ty
I don't think I have anything to
make cookies with, and besides I
want you in bed by 9:00, so you
can read for 30 minutes in bed for
your school reading log.
Door bell rings, Ty jumps up and runs out the door, Mike
walks to Lisa and gives her his arm and she lock arms and
walk to the bedroom door as if getting married.
Let just go and have fun.
                                         FADE TO
Mike, Lisa, Peggy and NATE are sitting at the table in the
restaurant with 3 wine glasses and one beer bottle in front
of Mike on the table. Nate is talking to Mike and lisa and
peggy are having there own conversation.
Nate is Peggy's date. He dressed in a suit and was kind of
nerdy lookin.
So Mike, Peggy tells me your a
teacher and a football coach, what
grade do you teach?
High school, P.E.
Mike grabs his beer and takes a drink.
Wow what a gravy job, I always
sucked at sports so I concentrated
on my studies and the
Nate is trying to act like he is cool
Mike leans forward in his chair as if to say something but
peggy buts in


Peggy stops talking to Lisa and leans on Nate's are and
looks to mike.
Nate is a ceo of chase bank.
So your a numbers cruncher.
No I'm the one who tells the
number cruncher's what to crunch.
Nate looks over at Lisa.
So Lisa what do you do?
Lisa sits up straight
Mike leans back in his chair .
I'm just a housewife.
Don't say just I think woman
should stay home and take care of
the kids, why have them and have
someone else raise them.
Lisa's eyes dart over to Peggy to see her reaction to that
statement because she is a working single mom.
Well I'm lucky because my husband
makes enough money so I can, but
not everyone has that luxury.
There is a long moment of silences.
So Peggy, have you heard any more
stuff on the Wilson boy?
I did hear that the police are
thinking that Nancy did something
with Bobby because his teacher
told the police that he's had been
wetting his pants in school and
that usually a sign that
somethings wrong.


I wonder if thats why Nancy came
to the school that day.
Is this about the little boy that
went missing a few weeks ago?
Yes, Lisa saw him in the schools
bathroom on fri. and his mom was
hitting him.
Nate looks over at Lisa.
Lisa just nods.
So what did you do?
Lisa grabs her wine and take a long drink.
Mike sits foward and motions to the waiter to come over.
I think we should order.
Right then the waiter comes to the table,
Can I get you another drink?
Yes and we're ready to order.
Everyone but Mike grabs a menu and look it over.
Mike begins to order.
I'll have the prime rib.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa taking off her earrings and Mike is taking off his tie,
they continue to undress.


Well that went well.
Lisa states sarcastically
That guy was a jerk, Peggy is
right she can't pick a guy.
Mike walks into the closet
Lisa sits on the bed to take off her shoes.
I like the way you hurried the
night up.
someone had to.
Well, it bordered on rude.
Mike walks out of the closet in a pair of sweat pants and
He walks over to the TV and turns it on and then looks
around for the remote.
News is on the TV screen.
Did Nate know that Peggy has a kid
and works?
They have been dating for 2 months
so I'm sure he does, I think that
was just a cut down, he seemed to
be good at that.
Lisa goes onto the closet
where's the remote?
I don't know just look for it.


Mike looks around but still does'nt see it, he jumps into
Lisa comes out of the closet in her P.J's and walks over to
the bed.
Did you find it?
Lisa looks around for the remote.
Did you tell Peggy we did'nt like
him when you two went to the
I don't know didn't want to hurt
her feelings.
I thought that was the whole
purpose of the dinner, was to get
our opinion.
Lisa looks under the bed and finds the remote.
Found it.
Lisa gets up and slides into bed.
Mike tries to grab the remote.
I found it I get control of the
Lisa turns up the volume on the TV.
Thats ok were not watching TV


Mike leans over and hug Lisa and then tries to roll on top
of her. Lisa kisses him back and rubs his back.
                       TV REPORTER
Today the D.A.'s office announced
that they will charge Nancy Wilson
for the disappearance of her son
Lisa becomes distracted and peeks over at the tv.
Lisa pushes Mike away and sits up and leans toward the TV to
hear better.
Mike looks over at the TV.
A picture of Bobby face appears on the TV screen.
Is that the kid ?
                       TV REPORTER
If you recall Nancy reported her
son missing from the bus stop a
few weeks ago. No body was found
but the prosecutor thinks he has
enough evidence to make a case.
Now it's time for the weather.
Lisa and Mike look at each other.
                                         FADE TOO
There is no audio but music is playing
One police officer is talking to Nancy and handcuffing her.
Another officer enters the kitchen, wearing gloves and is
carrying a large box.
The two officers and Nancy head toward the kitchen door.


Lisa is sitting on the couch in the dark watching TV. The
volume on the TV is very low but closed caption is on.
Mike enters the room, still in his sweat pants but now has
on a tee shirt.
Mike walks around the couch and sits down next to Lisa.
Can't sleep?
I came down hear so I wouldn't
wake you, I see that wasn't a good
Did I smell cookies earlier?
I don't know, but knowing Cathy
and the way she lets Ty rule her,
they made cookies.
Mike jumps up off the couch.
I'm going to go look.
Mike leaves the room.
Bingo found some, want some milk?
Mike enters the livingroom with his hands full with two
milks and cookies on a plate.
What kind are they?
I think oatmeal.


Mike set the glasses and plate on the coffee table and sit
down next to Lisa.
What are you watching?
Nothing really.
They both grab a cookie.
I was watching that show called
What Would You Do?
Never heard of it.
Well it's this show where they
stage public crimes to see how
people react.
Mike grabs his milk.
For example there was this dad in
a bar drinking and his son was
with him and needed to get to
soccer. The son starts telling his
dad they need to go but the drunk
dad tells him as soon as he
finishes his beer. So they were
trying to see what people in the
bar will do. Let the dad leave
with the boy knowing he's drunk or
step in and say something or stop
What happened?
Most of the people around him just
moved away so they didn't have to
listen to him. One guy told him to
quit drinking and take your son to
soccer and one woman called 911
and reported him.
Lisa grabs her milk and takes a drink.


Then they go back and talk to the
people who did nothing to find out
why. Most said it was none of
there business, other said they
didn't know what to do.
What idiots.
No what they were trying to show
is that even though you know
somethings wrong, would you jump
in and fix it. Like if you saw
someone stealing from a store you
wouldn't say anything.
Sure I would.
Oh you would not. If someone
steals something it doesn't effect
you so why would you?
Because it's the right thing to
Well I guess your a better person
then me, because the right thing
is'nt always your business.
Lisa sets her milk down on the table like she was angry and
stands up.
You know, not everybody knows what
they should do, so next time I'll
call you and ask whats the right
thing to do.
Lisa leaves the room.
Mike is still sitting on the couch with his mouth open.
      (to himself)
What the hell was that all about?
                                         FADE OUT


Ty is putting on his shirt for school.
Lisa is in Ty's room picking up his clothes from the floor
and putting them in the hamper.
Did you know you have a hamper
right there?
Lisa points to a hamper next to his dresser.
Whats a hamper?
Lisa walks over to it and opens the lid.
This thing, it's for dirty
Oh I thought that was the floors
Very funny.
Ty sits on the unmade bed and puts his shoes on, his
backpack is sitting next to him.
Did you put your homework in your
Lisa heads to the bedroom door.
Yes.. why are you all dressed up?
Lisa stops at the doorway to talk to Ty.
Because I have to go to court
today, don't forget you have cub
scouts right after school, then
Dad is picking you up.


Why can't you pick me up?
Because I have no idea how long
I'm going to be. Now grab your
stuff and come down for breakfast.
Do you want cereal or waffles?
Lisa heads down stairs to the kitchen when the phone RINGS.
Lisa picks up the phone.
Hi Peg what's up?
No I can't come to the school
today, I have to go to the
courthouse for the Wilson case.
Lisa grabs the box of cereal and a bowl from the cupboard.
She then goes to the refrigerator to get the milk and some
No this is just a pretrial hearing
to see if they have enough
evidence to try her without a
Lisa pours the cereal into the bowl, followed by the milk.
Just a minute.
Lisa covers the phone receiver, and yell for Ty.
Ty your breakfast is ready.
Lisa gets in the cupboard a grabs two glasses and pour the
orange juice.


Sorry about that I'm trying to get
Ty to school on time.
Ty comes in and sits down at the table and eats.
Yeah I'll call you after the
trial, but I probably can't tell
you much because I'm not allowed
in the courtroom, except for my
Lisa hangs up the phone
Ok. Bye
Lisa looks over at Ty.
Eat up so we won't be late.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa walks in the doors of the court house, there is a lobby
with a woman behind a counter and people with coffee cups,
and briefcases (computer bags) in they hands, some are
waiting for the elevator the other are standing around
Lisa approaches the WOMAN behind the counter.
Can you tell me where to go?
Whats your name?
Lisa Billette.
The woman looks down looking at a list of papers for her
Are you hear for the Wilson trial?


Right then a MAN comes up behind her and waits to talk to
the woman.
Take that elevator to the third
floor and sit on the bench outside
of courtroom B. And you'll need to
wear this badge for
Lisa places a badge around her neck that says the word
witness, her name and courtroom number.
The bailiff will come get you when
it's your time.
Thanks, is there somewhere I can
get some coffee?
There's complimentary coffee on
every floor right next to the
Lisa steps away and notices this lobby had a coffee stand,
so she heads over to it.
The guy behind her approaches the counter.
Lisa pours herself some coffee and heads to the elevators.
The elevator doors open and one guy gets out, Lisa and the
guy that was behind her at the counter enter the elevator.
Lisa looks over at the guy, he was tall, dark, and good
elevator doors close.
                                         FADE TOO
Elevator doors open and out steps Lisa and the other
gentlemen, he gestures for her to go first.


There is a small desk outside the elevator doors, Lisa
approaches the desk.
                       COURT HOUSE GUY
Let me see your badge.
Lisa holds up her badge so he can read it.
                       COURT HOUSE GUY
Your down this hall,
The guy points to the hallway.
                       COURT HOUSE GUY
It will be about a half an hour
before the bailiff will come out
and get you. Wait on the bench
directly outside the doors.
Lisa walks away and down the hall.
                                         FADE TO
Lisa is sitting on a bench in the hallway outside the court
room doors.
Outside the courtroom, people are milling about.
A BAILIFF comes through the door.
Mrs. Billette?
You can come in now.
Lisa stands up and they both enter the courtroom doors.
The bailiff motions for Lisa to take a seat in a seat in the
back of the courtroom, she whispers to Lisa.
Your next, so just wait here til
they call you up.


Lisa sits in the back of the courtroom looking forward, the
court room is small and not very full but it looks like a
few reporter were taking notes.
Nancy is sitting at one table and the PROSECUTOR is sitting
at the other. NANCY'S LAWYER (Mr. Cox) is standing up asking
the officer on the stand questions.
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
Mr. Miller could the amount of
blood stains on the sheets have
been from a nose bleed.
I guess so
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
That will be all.
The officer stands up and leaves the stand.
Call your next witness.
The court calls Lisa Billette to
the stand.
They call Lisa to the stands, she gets up and goes forward.
She's sworn in and takes a seat on the stand.
Mrs. Billette could you please
tell the court what you witnessed
in the school bathroom on Sept.
Lisa looks directly at the lawyer so she doesn't have to see
Nancy's face.
I went into the bathroom at the
school because my son was sick and
when I walked in I saw Mrs.
Wilson pushing and hitting her
Could you be a little more
detailed on what you mean by
pushing and hitting.


Yes, it was rough, like when she
slapped his face his head hit the
Lisa has an instant flashback and see's Bobbys head hit the
In your opinion, was Mrs. Wilson
Nancy's Lawyer stands up.
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
Objection, cause for speculation.
Sit down Mr. Cox, this is just a
pretrial, save it for the real
He sits back down.
Go ahead Mrs. Billette you can
answer the question.
I feel she was, she was cursing
and speaking with her teeth
clenched together.
Was Bobby crying out or yelling
for help?
He was crying, but not yelling, he
looked scared.
What did Nancy Wilson do when she
saw you?
She jerked Bobby up from the floor
and pulled up his pants and told
him to put on his shoes, he said
they were wet and she said "too
bad" she them grabbed him by the


                       LISA (cont'd)
arm and told him to get back to
Did she say anything to you?
Yes she told me to "take care of
my son and she'll take care of
Did you see Bobby after that?
Lisa has arother flashback to Bobby standing so alone in the
hallway, crying.
Yes for a brief second in the
hallway, he was standing in the
corner, crying.
That vision of Bobby standing in the hall made Lisa start to
tear up.
Would you like a tissue?
Without waiting for an answer he hands her a tissue.
Prosecution rest.
Mr. Cox stands up and approaches Lisa.
Lisa gets a view of Nancy and she too is crying.
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
Mrs. Billette have you ever
spanked your son?
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
So isn't it possible that you
mistook a spanking to be more then
that, just a spanking.
I've seen other moms spank there
kids and they weren't cursing at
the time and pushing them into the


                       LISA (cont'd)
wall and yanking them up by one
Nancy's lawyer butts in. He could tell she was getting
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
Why didn't you report this
immediately or jump in and help
Bobby if you thought he was in
such danger?
Lisa response is quite
Because I had to take care of my
own son.
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
Maybe you did nothing at the time
because it wasn't as bad as you
thought and only until he
disappeared did it seem important.
Lisa looks like she might answer the question but the lawyer
cuts her off.
                       NANCY'S LAWYER
That is all.
Let take a recess for lunch, meet
back here at 2:00.
The judge hits the bench with his gavel.
                                         FADE TO HALLWAY
Lisa is standing by the bench outside the courtroom, she is
looking for the prosecutor to come though the doors so she
can speak to him.
The hallway is milling with people.
The courtroom doors open and out comes a crowd of people.
Nancy comes out of the doors.
Nancy and Lisa lock eyes.
Nancy walks up to Lisa.


Thanks to you the police didn't
even look for my son and now
nobody is looking.
Lisa stands there again looking like a deer caught in the
head lights. She tries to speak but nothing comes out.
Nancy's lawyer grabs her arm gently and pulls her away.
                                         FADE OUT
Mike and Tyler are sitting at the kitchen table playing
cards (war)
When Lisa enters the kitchen from the garage door with two
paper bags in her arms(dinner)
Hi guys, what are you playing?
Hi mom were playing war and I'm
Lisa walks over to the counter and sets down the bags.
I brought home dinner.
Good we were getting hungry, what
did you get?
Did you get fortune cookies?
Are you just getting back from the
court house?
Lisa turns and gets out plates and sliverware
No I got done about 1:00 so I
stopped over by my mom and dad's
to say hi, I've been feeling
guilty about not seeing them in a


                       LISA (cont'd)
Lisa puts food on the plates.
How did it go a court today?
Good. Let's talk about it later.
Lisa brings over the plates and set them down in front of
the boys, there are already two water glasses on the table.
Ty do you want milk or water for
I have water
How was cub scouts?
Lisa opens the refrig. and pours herself and Ty some milk.
Mom I said water?
Lisa joins them at the table.
Well your getting milk.
Everyone is sitting at the table starting to eat, Ty is
eating a little fast and talking with his mouth full.
Guess what? When dad and I go
camping next weekend we get to
leave early and go set up the
Slow down and don't talk with your
mouth full.
Ty response by talking really, really slow.
So I get to leave school early on


Mike chuckles.
Do you guys even know how to set
up tents?
Just kidding.
I'm going to pack the car the
night before and pick him up from
school and head out from the
school. So if you could write his
teacher a note
Ty interrupts Mike
How about I just stay home on Fri.
and we can leave really early.
Because I have to work and I don't
get off til three.
That means I only get to leave
school an hour early.
Well what am I supposed to do
while your gone?
Mike chuckles
Gee thanks, but there won't be
much to clean because the two pigs
will be gone.
Ty and Mike giggle


Mom can I get a phone?
Do you have money for a phone?
I have 100.00 dollars from my
That may buy you a phone but you
have a monthly fee.
Whats that?
It's the amount you pay to use the
phone, why do you want a phone?
Because all my friends have one,
and just think if someone
kidnapped me I could call you and
tell you to come get me.
Who says we want you back.
We'll talk about this when you
really need one.
Why are you eating so fast? Slow
I want to watch my show that
starts in 5 minutes.
Do you have any homework?
Ty stands up to take care of his plate


After your show head upstairs and
take a shower.
Because your dirty.
No I'm not.
Come here.
Ty walks over to Lisa who is still eating
Mike stands up and goes to the counter to get more food.
Lisa grabs Ty's head and smell's his hair.
Pee you. yup it's time for a bath.
Not a bath, a shower.
Ok, shower.
Mike comes back to the table with another plate full.
Ty runs out of the room
Do you want some of this?
Gesturing to his food.
No thanks.
So what happened at court today?
First when I got there I couldn't
go in to the courtoom, so I didn't
get to hear the whole case, but I
did hear that there was blood
found on his sheets.


Mike eats while listening.
How did it go when you got on the
Not too good, Nancy's lawyer tried
to make it look like it was just a
spanking and I didn't know the
difference between a spanking and
a beating. Then he said that if I
thought it was that bad I should
have reported it right away or
even stopped it, so I looked like
the bad guy.
Mike stands up a starts clearing the table and putting
dishes in the sink.
So is she going to jail?
You know this was just a pretrial,
so I don't think she goes to jail
yet, but I left before it was over
so I don't know the outcome, but
it's pretty hard to convict
someone for murder without a body.
So they'll probaly charge her with
something else.
Lisa stands up and takes her dishes over to the counter and
grabs the dish rag and wipes down the counters and table,
Mike is putting the dishes in the dishwasher.
She did it, she killed that boy
and it's just time before they
convict her.
I'm not so sure, after my
testimony she came up to me and
said that it was all my fault that
they haven't found her son because
the police stopped looking for
him after I talked to them.
What! She is just trying to point
blame in someone else's direction.


I don't think so, no one else
heard her but me and I think she
really felt that way.
Mike comes over to Lisa and puts his arms around her. He
could tell Nancy had upset her and she looked like she might
All you did was tell the truth and
if she didn't like it she
shouldn't of done it.
Well apparently if I would have
reported it earlier, this may have
never happened.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa's lying in bed, reading.
Mike enters in his sweats.
Boy is Ty excited about this
camping trip.
I think I'm going to talk to
Nancy Wilson
Mike crawls into bed, Lisa's sets her book down and shifts
her body so she can talk to him face to face and see his


Why would she say anything to me
if she had killed her son. I think
she thinks he's out there
somewhere, and it's my fault they
haven't found him.
Leave it alone, let the police do
there job, and besides I don't
want you alone with her.
Oh come on she's a mom not a
She's not a mom, she's a murderer
and whats worse it's her own son.
You don't know that her son is
even dead, maybe it was easier for
the police to blame her then go
out and look for him.
Are you now defending her?
Maybe I just want to know that
she's not being put on trial for
something she didn't do.
Well the courts will have to
decide that. night
Mike reaches over and kisses Lisa good night and turns out
the light next to him, Lisa's light is still on.
Night, love you.
Lisa turns out her light.
                                         FADE OUT


Lisa SUV is sitting in Nancy's driveway, it's raining, there
is a For Sale sign in the front yard the memorial that was
once by the tree was gone.
Lisa is looking in her car for an umbrella, but can't find
one so she open her car door and runs to Nancy's front door
and knocks. It's a covered pourch so she's not getting wet.
Nancy answers the door in her sweats and a coffee mug in
well well what do you want?
What did you mean when you said
the police didn't look for your
It's a little late to be asking
questions now, maybe you should
have talked to me about 8 months
ago, maybe then you would have
realized that your statement to
the police cost my son any chance
of being found.
Your kidding me, you smack your
kid around and It's my fault. If
you're trying to make me feel
guilty for telling the truth, your
crazier than I thought.
Lisa walks off the front pourch and down the sidewalk toward
her suv.
Nancy sets her mug down and chases after her, It's still
raining so the're both getting wet. Nancy is yelling to Lisa
because her back is to her.
I'm not crazy. I'm just a mom who
wants her son back.
Lisa stops and turns to face Nancy.
Maybe you should have thought of
that before you hit your son.


Don't you dare accuse me of not
loving my son, he loved me and he
didn't just run away. He was
taken, and thanks to you the
police were more interested in
nailing me and not the real person
who took him.
The police looked for him, I saw
the search parties they organized
to look for him.
They weren't looking for my son
they were looking for a body. My
son isn't dead.
Police siren in the background keep getting louder.
Oh Shit.
The police. I forgot about this
stupid tether. They just put it on
yesterday so I wouldn't runaway.
What are they going to do?
Take me to jail I suppose.
The police car shows up in the driveway.
An Officer gets out on the passengers side, the other cop
stays in the car.
Ok ladies which one of you has the
The cop appoarches the ladies with water running down his
face. The rains seems to be bothering him.
It's me, I just got it on
yesterday and forgot about it.


Not a good excuse.
I was leaving and fell on the wet
sidewalk and Nancy can out to see
if I was alright.
Ok both of you inside.
The cop outside looks back at the cop sitting in the car and
waves. Then walks the ladies inside.
Nancy and Lisa walk into the open door, the officer follows.
Were resetting the tether, but if
you leave again we'll have to take
you in.
The cop stops at the doorway.
Would you like me to get you
No I got one in the car.
He turns to leave then turns back.
Don't make me have to come back
He walks away.
Lisa is standing inside the foyer, there are boxes
Let me get you a towel.
Not waiting for a response Nancy dissapears .
There is a box labled Bobby, sitting on the foyer table.
It's open so Lisa moves closer to peek inside.
Nancy comes back with a towel for Lisa and hands it to her.


Nancy and Lisa are drying themselves off.
Hey thanks for covering for me
with the police, pretty fast
Lisa feels uncomfortable and changes the subject
Our you moving?
Don't have much choice. When you
lose your job and can no longer
pay the mortgage, they want your
house back.
On top of the open box is a book (Humprey the hamster). Lisa
notices it and smiles and picks it up.
Did Bobby read this book? My son
Ty loved it.
Bobby couldn't read it by himself.
So every night we would sit down a
read it together.
Nancy began to tear up, Lisa quickly set in back in the box
and pick up a phone charger.
Did your son have a cell phone?
No I think that goes to one of his
hand held games, excuse me for a
Nancy leaves the room. .
Lisa was still being nosey and stepped away from the foyer
and into the kitchen doorway.
Nancy returns with a tissue in her hand.
Would you like some coffee?


Nancy turns her back to Lisa as she pour herself some more
Yeah. sure
Lisa steps into the kitchen,
Nancy grabs a cup from the cupboard and pours some coffee
for Lisa, then hands it to her.
Sorry I have no cream. If I would
have known I was going to be under
house arrest, I would have gone to
the grocery store first.
Nancy lifts her sweat pant leg up slightly to show lisa her
the tether around her ankle.
Why do you have to wear that?
I couldn't afford to post bond, so
they put this on to make sure I
don't go any where.
Nancy sat down at the kitchen table.
Lisa sat down next to her.
So does this mean there going to
charge you ?
My lawyer says the'll probaly
offer me a plea bargin, but there
stalling in hopes Bobby's body
will show up, or I confuss.
Did you have to take a polly graph
Yeah 3 of them and I passed all
three, but they were thrown out of
court because I take pain killers
and muscle relaxers for my back
and they said it interfered with
the results.


Did the police have any other
Hah even if they did, they did'nt
follow them. After a week they
were so confinced that I did it
that they stopped looking. I would
call weekly and ask to talk to the
officer on the case, at first it
was Miller but every time I tried
I would get he's not in . One time
I call in with a fake story about
how I think I saw Bobby at a mall,
I left my neighbors name and
number and they never called back.
Nancy drops her head and stares at her coffee.
Thats when I knew they weren't
looking anymore.
Nancy stand up to get more coffee
Do you need a warm up on your
No thanks
Nancy looks at Lisa cup to see it full.
Do you like your coffee with
Yeah, but I had plenty of coffee
earlier. I don't really need any
more caffine.
Lisa pushes her chair out like she going to get up, but
I should probably go! I've taken
up enough of your time.


No hurry I have nothing but time
since I lost my job and Bobby's
not here.
Nancy comes back over to the table and sits down.
When did you lose your job?
The Monday that Bobby disappeared
was my last day. I got fired.
Nancy hesitated
I had to run up to the school
several times last month because
Bobby kept wetting his pants and I
needed to bring him dry clothes,
so they fired me for missing too
many hours.
Is that what happened the day I
saw you in the bathroom?
Yes, I don't know why he started
wetting his pants in school, I
think he was trying to get me
fired because he hated me working.
Lisa's hears the clock chime, so she looks at her watch.
Oh It's later then I thought, I
forgot I told my mom, I'd be over
today. I better get going.
Lisa stands up.
Nancy doesn't, she almost looks sad to see Lisa go.
Thanks for talking to me I know
you don't like me to much, but if
you need anything or want to talk,
call me.
Nancy stands up, she walks to the drawer and pulls out a pad
of paper and a pen.


I don't have your number.
Nancy hands the pad and pen to Lisa.
Lisa write down her number. It's silent and Lisa feels
Lisa pats her pockets, looking for her car keys.
I must have left my keys in the
Lisa walks to the front door, turn and say's
Nancy stays standing in the kitchen.
                                         FADE OUT
The room is dark Lisa is sleeping in bed and the phone
rings, She looks at the clock and see's 7:00am, She turns on
the light next to her bed, then looks over to see if Mike is
in bed, he not.
The phone rings again she answers it.
Who is this?.. Oh sorry I didn't
recognize your voice.
Lisa lays in bed still half asleep.
Did you call the police?
I've got to take Ty to school, so
I'll drop by after I drop him off,
ok bye


Lisa grabs the blanket and pulls it up over her head. making
a frustrated sound.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa's standing at Nancy door with a bag and 2 coffees. She
tries to knock without dropping the coffee so she uses her
foot to knock on the door.
Door opens Nancy's in her PJs
I told you he was alive.
Lisa steps in the house and moves to the kitchen to set down
her stuff. Nancy follows.
Did you call the police?
I call the police, they said they
would get back with me. I also
call my lawyer but he wasn't in,
so I left a message.
Did you try calling the number
Yeah it went straight to a
recording that said no one is
available to take my call and
wouldn't let me leave a message.
What exactly did Bobby say?
Nancy answers slowly as if reliving the conversation.
He said "Hi mom I wanted to tell
you Happy Birthday". Then a man
grabbed the phone from him and
said "what are you doing". and
hung up.
Lisa's hands Nancy a coffee


Is it your birthday today?
Yeah Bobby and I share the same
birthday, which means he's 8
today.. I didn't get to tell him
happy birthday.
Lisa could see Nancy's sad face so she reached into her bag
and pulled out a large muffin, and hands it to Nancy.
Happy birthday
Ha Thanks.
Theres cream in the bag.
They both head to the table and sit down, to talk and eat.
There is a napkin holder on the table, so Nancy grabs them
both a napkin.
Did you recognize the mans voice?
No Well it was quick I don't
think it was my ex boyfriend,
John. Because the police said he
was at work the whole day Bobby
Were Bobby and John close?
John was like Bobby's dad, My
husband, Bobby's real dad, died
when I was pregnant. I met John a
few months later and he stuck
around for about 5 years, so he
was the only dad Bobby knew.
How did your husband die?
He was in the army and was killed
in a helicopter crash.


Nancy take a long pause
Lisa changes the subject quickly
You never married John?
No I wanted Bobby to have his dads
name, John was a great guy and dad
but it didn't work out so he moved
to Chicago a couple of years ago.
Did Bobby get to see him after
Yeah he would go vist him in the
summer or around Holidays, he was
alway good to me and Bobby, as a
matter of fact he was just here
for the trial and then stopped
over to get the dog.
Was that his dog?
Well he bought it for Bobby when
he was little, but now that he's
not hear.. I didn't care if he
took him.
Is it possible John took Bobby?
Nancy stood up slowly.
Do you need some more coffee, I
made a pot before you got here.
Lisa take the lid off of her coffee.
Nancy brings the pot over and pours her some while talking
then sets it back.


Now that I think about it he does
have a Mom and Dad who where going
to move to the states, I think
the're like foreign diplomats or
Do you know where they live?
I don't have any idea, John didn't
really talk about them, they may
not even live in the states. They
where from some other country. I
never meet them.
So I take it the police didn't
check them out? Didn't someone say
there was a women seen in a car
the same morning Bobby went
missing. Maybe it was John's mom
or a girlfriend.
I doubt the police checked them
out, they barely checked out John.
They are pretty convinced I did
Phone RINGS, Nancy gets up and answers the it.
Hi did you get my message....so
now what..... are you kidding
me....thanks I'll be waiting...bye
Nancy hangs up the phone slowly
Nancy speak with sarcasim
That was my wonderful, do nothing
Nancy's still standing there, thinking for a second and then
starts to talk while searching for the box marked Bobby


he said the phone that called me
was a "pay as you go" phone so he
couldn't trace the number to a
specfic person, but he said the
phone was bought 2 years ago,
around the corner here, so the
police think I bought it and
called myself, so basicly the're
saying I made the call up, but
they'll look into it.
Nancy found the box marked Bobby.
Lisa stands up and walks over to the box to look
Do you remember when you asked me
if Bobby had a cell phone?
Yeah I think this is a phone
charger, it looks just like my old
one. Which was a pay as you go
Lisa is holding up the charger from the box.
So that means that Bobby called me
from his phone, that I didn't buy
him, so John must have.
So how did Bobby keep it charged
this whole time, if he left the
Nancy ignores the question and speaks very slowly, like
thinking out loud.
I'm thinking he knows who has him,
so it has to be John.
Nancy starts taking fast and frantic
I've got to go to Chicago and find
him. John is very smart and will
know I figured this out, so he'll
take Bobby some where they can't
find him.


How are you going to do that? I
thought you told me you could'nt
leave the house with that tether
Nancy is moving around franticly she opens a nearby drawer
and rifles though it .
What are you doing?
I'm thinking if I cut this thing
off and alarm will go off at the
police station, but by the time
they get here I'll be gone
Why don't we just call the police
and tell them John has him.
Nancy responses rudely, looking directly at Lisa's face.
Were you not listening to me the
police don't care.
Well you can't cut off the
teather. they'll follow you and
put you in jail before you get to
Chicago. Don't you have any family
or friends who can help?
Nancy went to the small desk in the kitchen under the phone
on the wall, and looked through it for the scissors.
Nope family's in Texas, and I kind
of lost all my friend when they
all thought I was a killer.
Where the hell are my good
This is crazy, John's not going to
up and quit his job and move in
one day. Let the police handle it.


The police don't care about
getting to the truth, they just
want a conviction and right now
I'm the scapegoat.
Fine then I'll go,
Nancy is still on the defense
Why would you help me?
Because I believe you.
Nancy lets out a big sigh and stares at Lisa
But I can't leave til tommorrow
afternoon, Mike is taking Ty
camping with the cub scouts for
the long weekend.
That will work,
Nancy goes back to the desk and pulls out her address book
I have John's address in here, Let
me see if I can find a picture of
Nancy sets the address book down on the table so Lisa sits
down to write down the adress on a piece of paper Nancy also
gave her.
Are you sure about this?
Yeah I was planning on a really
boring weekend but this sounds
like adventuresome and I want to
Thanks, Let me look for a picture.
Nancy turns and leaves the room


                                         FADE OUT
Lisa is in the kitchen where she grabs her lap top and plugs
it into the charger,
Then Lisa goes into the hall closet, reaches up to the top
shelf and pulls down a pair of binoculars.
What are you doing?
Lisa jumps
Oh you scared me. What are you
doing home?
lisa holds out the binoculuars.
I thought you might like to take
these camping.
No thanks, I have a pair of little
ones that you use for hunting.
Lisa set them back up in the closet
Mike grabs Lisa from behind and give her a hug.
You going to miss me?
Ha No, well maybe Ty, but not you.
Lisa turns around in his arms and gives him a kiss.
What are you going to do while I'm


Go out a partying with my
girlfriends, pick up guys and
bring them home.
Just make sure you get paid. ha
Lisa feels her cell phone in her pocket going off, so she
wiggles away from Mike and moves to the kitchen. Mike
I've got to start dinner
Lisa pulls out her phone to see who called while walking to
the kitchen,
I called you earlier, did you get
my message?
Yup just now getting it. Can you
go fill up my gas tank for this
weekend, it's on E
Lisa puts the phone in her purse thats sitting on the
counter and goes to the refrig. and pulls out a plate, with
hamburger meat on it.
Sure how long before we eat?
An hour
Lisa pulls a pan from the cupboard and puts it on the stove
and puts the meat in
OK I'll go now need anything else
while I'm out?
Mike grabs her keys from the hook by the door
Milk, and when you come back grab
Bobby from the neighbors yard.


Did you say Bobby?
Wow did I, I was thinking about
him earlier he must still be in
the back of my mind.I meant Ty
Did you ever find out what
happened with Nancy, Did she go to
I heard from Peggy that she's
under house arrest til they take
her to trial for murder.
Lisa is stirring the meat around
So they must of had enough
evidence against her, so will you
have to testify again?
Probaly, now go before it's gets
to late.
Mike exits and Lisa grabs her cell phone from her purse and
Nancy did you just call me?
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa's driving down the express way, singing to Kid Rocks
song, "All Summer Long". She looks over her shoulder to get
into the exit lane. She drives onto the ramp and then exits
it. Her Cell phone rings.
She reaches and turns down the radio


Hi Hun what are you doing at the
house? I thought you where leaving
right from school?
No I'm just out running some
Ok love you and have fun, Bye
Lisa looks down at her GPS to make sure she's on the right
She turns at the light.
Her cell phone RINGS
Did you call his work to find out
if he's still there?...
Good, I'm almost there I'll call
you when he gets home....bye
Lisa pulls down a subdivision road, passsing houses slowly
looking for the addresses. She locates Johns house.
She swings her suv around to face Johns house, she parks far
enough away so not to be noticed. She turns her motor off.
John's house is a small, brick, two story home with an
attached garage and a small yard in back thats not fenced
in, the roads are paved with large trees all around.
She arranges her stuff in the passagers seat, her computer.
her camera, binoculars, a picture of John and her dinner
(subway) she looks at her watch,it's 2:30. Then turns on the
music to more Kid Rock.
Lisa glance down at a picture of John,Nancy and Bobby in
happier days. John has dark skin, with dark shaggy hair and
a mustache, he dressed in a tee shirt and jeans.
Time passes....Lisa eats her subway and is throwing the
wrapper away when she spots a car go pass Johns house.


false alarm
Lisa looks at her watch, it's now 4:00pm
Lisa sits up because she notices a truck pulling into the
driveway of John's home.
Lisa turns down the music
John's truck pulls in the driveway but does'nt open the
garage door, he gets out and goes inside the front door of
his house.
Lisa types in his License plate number onto her Laptop,she
picks up a photo that Nancy gave her of John, she looks at
it for a minute, she then takes a picture of the truck. Then
she picks up her cell phone and calls Nancy.
Hi he's home...
Yes he was alone,
John's garage door opens and the dog runs out into the
driveway then back in to see John who inside the garage.
Wait the garage door is opening
I see him and your dog.
John comes out with a suit case in one hand and petting the
dog with the other, he opens the passager side truck door
and puts the suit case inside, the dog jumps in, he shuts
the door.
I think he's leaving because he
put a suitcase and the dog into
the truck.
John goes into the garage and comes back out with a small
bike and puts it into the bed of the truck.
He just put a kids bike into his
truck. I got to go he's leaving
I'll call you later. bye
He walks around to the drivers side gets in and shuts the
garage door by using his opener.


                                         DISSOLVE OUT
Lisa's in her SUV following John's truck on the expressway.
Lisa's following directly behind him, there's a lot of
traffic on the road so the movement is only about 40 mph.
Lisa's phone rings, she looks down and see's it says Peggy
is calling, she doesn't answer it.
John's truck pulls off on an exit ramp, Lisa follows.
                                         DISSOLVE TO
Theres a shot overhead of the truck and SUV entering a very
nice subdvision. With very large homes with private
entrances and large, willowy, blowing trees.
The gates open in the driveway to a house, John's truck
pulls in then the gates shut.
Lisa's SUV pulls in front and parks at the curb on the
opposite side of the driveway.
She sits there for a moment and looks around.
Lisa picks up the phone and calls Nancy
Hi he pulled into a gated house, I
can't see anything.
Do you think I shoul call the
Ok I'll check it out
Lisa gets out of her suv and walks up to the gates while
trying to stay out of sight, she looks though the double
iron gates.


Lisa sees, John walking over to the passengers side door of
his truck
Bobby came running out of the home.
John opens the truck door and out jumps the dog. Bobby
screams the dogs name but its to far away to hear it
clearly. Bobby plays with the dog.
A man and a woman come out of the house they give John a hug
a talk to him, the man points toward the gates.
John starts toward the gates.
Lisa looks up to see a camera pointed at her, She feels her
pockets, she then realizes she left her phone in the suv so
she heads to her suv across the street, opens the passengers
side door and grabs her phone off the seat.
John comes out of the gates and comes up behind Lisa.
What are you doing?
John's grabs Lisa phone from behind as she was putting it to
her ear.
Lisa turns around.
I was calling the police, you
kidnapped Bobby .
I didn't kidnap anyone. Bobby
called me and asked me to come and
get him.
Why would he do that?
Because he was sick of being
Nancy's punching bag, it was
getting to the point where he was
afraid for his life.
Why didn't you call the police or
social services on her?


Why so he could end up in a foster
home, with strangers or a group
home, he'd be better off with
Nancy said you came to the trial.
I did. I was surprised they
accused her of anything I didn't
know they had a witness that saw
her beating Bobby three days
Lisa raises her hand
Then you know how dangerous she
gets, I was trying to protect him.
I'm not sure taking Bobby away
from his mother and sending her to
jail was the best idea.
I never wanted her to accused of
If she agrees to get help would
you give him back?
So you think giving him back to
that monster is a better idea?
I know she misses him
She wouldn't get help before when
I asked her to.


Lisa puts her hand out, to indicate she wanted her phone
back, John slaps the phone into her hand
John looks right into Lisa's eyes and points to the house
Just remember what ever you do,
theres a little boy in there that
is finally happy and has a chance
at a normal life.
John starts to walk away
He looks back
I think Bobby deserves a life
I think you don't want to go to
Oh I won't go to jail because I
didn't take him, my mother did and
because she is a foreign dipomat
she'll will get dipolmatic
immunity. So go ahead and call.
Lisa stands there,she leans against her SUV and stares at
the big beautiful home.
Lisa dials the phone then puts it to her ear.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa's is in Nancy's driveway there is also a small moving
She gets out and goes to the front door and knocks.
Bobby opens the door.
Hi Bobby is your mom home?


Bobby yells to his mom and walks back to his toys at the end
of the foyer.
Hey I'm right here. you don't need
to yell. Hi come on in. I still
can't come out. Ha
Lisa and Nancy walk into the kitchen.
So your moving?
Yeah, I'm going to move back home
to my mom's as soon as I get this
teather off.
When do you get it off?
Hopefully Monday morning, My
lawyer has to file some paperwork
Nancy moves toward the coffee pot and refills her cup that
was on the counter.
Would you like some coffee?
No thanks, I just stopped by to
see how it was going having Bobby
home. I also brought you a number
to call if your feeling stressed
or angery. It's like a hot line
for single mom's.
Lisa takes a piece of paper from her purse and set it on the
Thanks but Bobby and I are going
to be just fine.
Lisa turns toward the door


Well I better get going,the boys
will be getting home from there
camping trip soon.
Lisa stops at the front door and turns around Nancy is right
behind her.
I want to thank you for everything
you done, it was nice to know
someone out there believed me.
Nancy gives Lisa a hug,
Sure, Bye Bobby
Bobby still at the end of the foyer playing, he looks up at
her and says nothing, then goes back to playing.
Lisa moves out the door.
Nancy stands in the doorway and shouts to Lisa as she walks
down the sidewalk.
Bye Thanks again.
Nancy shuts the door walks into the kitchen.
She picks up the piece of paper Lisa left and looks at it
for a second then throws it in the garbage.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa taking cookies out of the oven, then takes them off and
is putting them on a plate. In walks Ty with his duffle bag.
Hey sweetie, do you have fun?
Lisa walks toward Ty to give him a hug.
Yeah it was so cool one night we
slept under the stars and we saw a
shooting star.


Lisa hugs Ty, Mike walks in with a duffle bag and 2 sleeping
bag under his arms. Walks up to Lisa and gives her a quick
Hi let me go drop this stuff in
the laundry room.
Lisa still hugging Ty.
Boy I missed you guys, but I don't
miss the smell. You need a shower.
Lisa lets go of Ty and walks back toward the counter with
the cookies.
I made you cookies, but there to
hot so go take a shower first then
you can have one. Stinky
That's because we didn't have any
showers and it was to cold to go
Mike walks back into the room and grabs a cookie a burns his
Lisa looks at Ty.
Take your bag into the laundry
Ty picks up his bag and exits to room, Lisa turns to Mike
Those are hot
Now you tell me.
Sounds like Ty had a good time.
Mike walks to the refrig. and grabs a beer, Lisa has a glass
of wine sitting next to her on the counter.
I need a beer my back is killing
me from sleeping on the ground.


I think your just trying to get a
back rub later.
Lisa is putting more cookie dough on the cookie sheet.
Yeah like that will happen.
Mike takes a drink of beer.
I spoke to one of the moms at the
school when I dropped her son off
and she said that Bobby Wilson was
found alive.
Yeah it was the day after you
left, it turned out that her ex
boyfriend took him.
How did they finded out that he
had him?
Not sure. Do you want this left
over cookies dough?
Mike heads to the bowl of dough and looks in
Mike dips his hand in and pulls of some dough and eats it.
Whats for dinner? I'm starving.
                                         FADE OUT
Lisa is vacuuming the livingroom with the TV on.
She moves the coffee table a little then vacuums under it
she looks up at the TV,


There's a picture of Bobby full screen.
She stops and turns off the vacuum and grabs the TV changer
to turn up the volume.
She stands there staring unable to move.