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by Patrick Bushey (patches_0024@yahoo.com)

Rated: PG-13   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***
Based on the world famous video game series 'mega-man'. In this story a brilliant professor by the name of Dr. Thomas Light creates a humanoid robot (Mega-man). With Mega-mans help Dr. Light must overcome his nemisis Dr. Wiley and thier creation (proto-man) from creating thousands of destructive robots that have only one intent... to destroy.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


                                         FOCUS ON
Two scientists can be seen hovering over a half mechanical
body which lay resting on a gurney. Each grabbing tools and
parts from the tables behind them and equipping them to the
mechanical figure.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
During my years as a scientist I
have dedicated most of my career
to bio-mechanical engineering.
                                         FOCUS IN
One of the scientists can be seen with an electric device
which he is zapping certain joints on the machine, causing
it to react.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
After my graduation from RITE
University I met another brilliant
scientist who was just as
infatuated with robotic technology
as I. A doctor by the name of
Albert Wiley. Together Wiley and I
opened up our own laboratory and
immediately went to work.
                                         CLOSE IN
The two doctors slowly back away as the robot slowly opens
its mechanical eyes for the first time. It slowly lifts
itself up and slides off the gurney.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
The first of our creations we
considered to be a prototype and
henceforth called it Proto-man.
PROTO-MAN begins to test his mechanical legs. Wobbly and
unsteady he takes a few steps and then drops to the floor.
He slowly puts both hands in front of him and pushes himself
up, again attaining his balance. The two doctors can be seen
in the background with a camera rolling and clipboards in
their hands.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Proto-man was a success!


                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The two doctors can be seen sitting patiently as a young
woman gives a speech and then announces them to the stand.
      (Into the mic)
And now ladies and gentle men I
give you Doctors Thomas Light and
Albert Wiley.
The crowd begins to applaud extravagantly as the two
approach the stand each equipped with a smile.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
We received the Nobel prize for
the most advanced robotic
engineering the world has ever
Doctor Light can be seen giving his speech while Dr. Wiley
waits patiently by his side.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Dr. Wiley can be seen putting on stained black and purple
armor on proto-man as he tries to grab at the tools on the
table. Dr. Wiley quickly smacks his hand away. Proto-man
sadly puts his head down.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Once the proto-man project had
gone under way, we began to test
his capabilities to the fullest.
Though Proto-mans IQ level was
that of a childs, his learning
capabilities were highly advanced.
Dr. Wiley circles Proto-man and begins screwing in bolts
into his chest.
                                         ZOOM IN


A type of energy source can be seen slowly disappearing as
Dr. Wiley tightly fastens the chest plate.
Proto-man looks up to see Dr. Light staring back at him
through a glass window.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
The first stage of the Proto-man
project required a mechanical
exoskeleton protected by an
impenetrable alloy to serve as a
type of body armor. The reason for
this armor is mainly to protect
the energy source which lies in
the inner lining of the chest
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Dr. Light can be seen equipping proto-man with a type of
cannon to his left arm. He stands back while proto-man aims
at the target down the way, while Dr. Wiley stands behind a
shield of glass with a clipboard in hand.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
The second stage required that we
test the energy levels of
Proto-man and his functions.
                       DR. LIGHT
Ok now proto-man....fire!
proto-man aims his cannon and as a beam of light begins to
charge it suddenly fires a radiating blast exploding the
target and some of the wall behind it. The two doctors look
at one another and each begin to write on their clipboard.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Proto-man had amazing abilities
and with the help of Dr. Wiley and
myself, he would become even
greater. The second stage of the
Proto-man project was complete.
The final stage was introducing a
new type of artificial skin to
cover the mechanical body, making
it look more human and conceiling
its inner skeleton.


                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
However, due to circumstances we
were never able to finish the
final stage.
Dr. Wiley can be seen with several different men in suits,
approaching Dr. Light, each with a suitcase in hand.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Apparently Dr. Wiley had made some
new friends in the engineering
business and decided to take our
project to the next level. And to
me that meant war.
Dr. light can be seen shaking his head no. Dr. Wiley frowns
as the business men begin to walk away. He turns to Dr.
Light with anger in his eyes and walks away.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Angry with my decision, the doctor
began to distance himself from me.
Eventually we stopped talking to
one another all together.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Dr. Wiley can be seen hurrying to his room with stacks of
papers and boxes in his arms.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
I knew that the doctor was mad but
assumed that over time he would
come to understand my perspective.
However, I myself had ideas of my
own that had to get underway.
Dr. Light peers down at his desk which is layered with
papers, but on the top is an opened tan folder containing
diagrams for a model.


                                         FOCUS ON
On the top are two papers. one of them has a design of a
robotic figure with side notes explaining the models
different functions and the other, a list of items needed to
start the project.
As Dr. Light holds the paper to his face examining his notes
he suddenly hears a loud crash which came from Dr. Wiley's
room. The doctor stands up suddenly and makes his way to the
door when suddenly the door explodes open knocking the
doctor on his back.
The Doctor lay unconscious for a moment but then comes to,
but only to realize that now the entire lab was on fire and
he now needed to escape. He continues to Dr. Wiley's room
and tries to look through the flames calling out.
                       DR. LIGHT
After hearing and seeing nothing, the heat becomes more
intense and the doctor has to eventually retreat.
With smoke now surrounding the room, the doctor quickly
makes his way to his desk grabbing the folder on top and
making his way for the exit with sirens blaring in the
As the doctor pushes his way out the front door, he turns to
see firetrucks and firemen parading around the scene. Each
equipped with either a ladder or hose.
The doctor makes his way to the street and turns around to
watch his beloved building bathe in flames.
                                         CLOSE IN
Still in somewhat shock the doctor accidently drops the
folder in his hand. Realizing this he stoops down to pick it
                                         FOCUS IN
As the doctor kneels down to gather his papers he holds the
last one up to his face. In deep concentration he looks at
the two words written at the top "Mega-Man".


Music plays in the background as the super appears and fades
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
After the incident at the lab, I
took what I could from the
wreckage which was pretty much
some bio-mechanical designs and a
few pieces of some high tech
equipment and moved to a secluded
neighborhood where I could
continue my research in peace.
Although proto-man was never
recovered I can only assume that
he burnt up along with Albert and
our laboratory.
We come to a small two story house with a nicely cut lawn
and a silver mailbox reading the words "Light". A paper boy
rides by throwing a paper on the front porch. A little girl
in her teens with short blonde hair comes to the door and
takes the paper inside.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
For the past ten years I worked on
my first solo project which
surprisingly was a huge success.
                                         FOCUS ON
The little girl can be seen taking the paper through the
living room and into the kitchen. She sits down at the table
while gadgets in the kitchen crack eggs, cook toast, and
finish preparing breakfast for the good doctor. She opens
the paper and begins to slowly skim through it.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
After the laboratory incident I
knew I would need help not only
with home maintenance but with my


                       DR. LIGHT (cont'd)
projects as well. And with Dr.
Wiley no longer around I needed to
create something remarkable yet
The little girl raises her head as a loud ding goes off in
the kitchen notifying her that breakfast is ready. She gets
up, puts the paper down, and proceeds to the kitchen to
spread jam on the toast.
                       DR. LIGHT (VO)
Roll is a very special creation of
mine. She has no special weaponry
on her only good looks and a kind
heart whether it be mechanical. I
created her that way because I at
least knew that no matter what
happens she will not be used for
destruction. And uh, I always
wanted a little neice...
ROLL finishes setting the table for Dr. Light and gently
places a napkin around the plate.
Grandpa breakfast is ready!
A loud bang can be heard from down in the basement. A moment
passes then suddenly a dog's mechanical head pokes through
the doggy door to the basement.
Rush what on earth is going on
down there?
RUSH jumps through the door and barks a couple of times.
Another moment passes then suddenly an old figure comes
through the basement doorway smoke steaming through his hair
and a once white lab coat now stained with black residue.
Grandpa are you alright!?
Dr. Light finishes dusting himself off as the smoke from his
hair disintegrates in the air. Rush finds his doggy bed in
the living room and lays down.


                       DR. LIGHT
Yes I'm fine Roll, just an
unexpected outcome of combining
the confibulator with the
Oh I see. Well come have a seat
and eat breakfast, you don't want
your eggs to get cold.
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh! Thank you my dear.
The doctor takes a seat at the table and begins eating.
Do you need my help with anything
                       DR. LIGHT
Thank you Roll, but no I believe I
can manage for the time being.
Ok Grandpa.
He continues to eat his meal.
                       DR. LIGHT
By the way Roll, aren't you
supposed to be leaving for school?
Roll glances at the clock which is a quarter till 8:00am.
Oh shoot I'm running late again! I
better hurry or I'm gonna miss the
Roll quickly jumps up while the Doctor continues eating. She
walks over and grabs her backpack from the kitchen floor.
She gives the Doctor a kiss goodbye, pets Rush on the head,
and heads for the door.
                       DR. LIGHT
Be good now Roll and remember no
more accidents like last week ok?
Roll turns around suddenly.


Don't worry Grandpa I'll be good.
She gives off a reassuring smile and then exits the house.
The doctor turns and continues his breakfast. He picks up
the paper and in the headlines it reads "Explosion at Tal
corp. unidentified figure still at large".
                                         CLOSE IN
The doctor looks closely at the picture which shows the
building on fire and a figure in the shadows on top of the
building resembling Proto-man.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
That looks like..... no it
couldn't be.
The doctor places down the paper and takes his dishes to the
sink. He makes his way across the room and enters the
basement door once again. Rush gets up to follow.
The basement is very dim and as the doctor and Rush make
their way to the bottom of the stairs a light can be seen
flickering in the distance.
As the doctor reaches the ground level, a long gurney can be
seen in the center of the room and on it rests a boyish
figure. Surrounding the gurney are tables with pieces of
equipment covering each one and at the end a giant crane
looking machine sits in silence.
The doctor approaches the boy who lay lifeless, his right
arm is seen open with mechanical parts. The doctor grabs a
device from one of the tables and begins installing it to
the mechanical arm.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
There we go Rock. Just a few more
touch ups and you should be
operational in no time.
As the doctor continues his work suddenly the phone rings.
He drops his wrench.


                       DR. LIGHT
Damn! Who could be calling?
He picks up the wrench, places it on the table and answers
the phone.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the phone)
Hello? This is Dr. Light can I
help you?
                                         CUT TO
KATHY TELLER the young Director of Rite University sits back
in her chair, her degrees shining in the background of a
well decorated office.
                       KATHY TELLER
      (Into the phone)
Hi Dr. how are you today?
                                         CUT TO
                       DR. LIGHT
O Kathy hi! I'm fine thank you,
What can I do for you?
                                         CUT TO
                       KATHY TELLER
Well doctor one of our professors
is sick and I was wondering if you
would have time this morning to
come in and give a lecture on the
production of bio-mechanics?
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the phone)
Oh I would be delighted! Just let
me finish things up here and I'll
be on my way.
                       KATHY TELLER
Thank you Dr.! Goodbye...
Kathy hangs up the phone.
                                         CUT TO
Dr. Light hangs up the phone and turns to Rush.


                       DR. LIGHT
Well boy it looks like were going
to have to wait. But someone's
gotta pay the bills around here
Rush gives a reassuring bark as the doctor reaches into the
closet next to the stairs and replaces his dirty lab coat
with a nice fresh one. He marches up the stairs with Rush in
the lead and closes the door behind him.
                                         FOCUS ON
We focus on the boy as the camera moves up and down his
body. We stop on his face and zoom in.
                                         FADE OUT
As Dr. Light exits his home a neighbor can be seen across
the street watering his lawn. He is a middle aged man with a
bald head, wearing a hawaiin t-shirt, and short-shorts.
Good morning neighbor!
NED waves one arm while the other continues to control the
hose. Dr. Light looks across the way.
                       DR. LIGHT
Good morning Ned.
Nice day today huh!?
The Dr. looks up to the gray sky.
                       DR. LIGHT
Sure if you like overcast.
Ned gives a slight chuckle.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well Ned if you'll excuse me I got
to get to work.
Ok talk to ya later neighbor!


Ned gives him a wave and the Dr. returns a slight wave as he
gets in his car. He adjusts the rear view mirror which
reflects Ned's appearance in the background.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
What a weirdo.
                                         FOCUS ON
He turns the key and drives off down the road.
                                         FOCUS ON
Roll can be seen sitting quietly by herself looking out the
bus window, admiring mother nature. Directly across from her
are two boys who appear to be planning something. They are
whispering to one another and looking in Roll's direction.
The boy closest to Roll pulls a vile from his pocket and
gently brakes it on the empty space next to Roll. The vile
contained a smelly odor which is also known as a stink bomb.
As the boys plug their nose and begin to giggle to one
another, Roll realizes the smell coming from next to her.
She looks over at the vile and then at the two boys who are
still giggling to one another. She scoops the vile in her
hand and looking at the two boys swallows it whole. She
gives them a big smile as they both stop laughing and look
at her with shocking amazement. The bus continues on.
As the bus comes to a stop the kids begin to exit with Roll
behind them. She stops at the front of school and looks up
at it's magnificent architecture.
(Sigh) well...here goes another
fun day.
The bell rings and all the kids begin swarming inside the
school with Roll slowly walking behind them.


She makes her way down the hall with the sound of classroom
doors closing for the last time. She makes it to her English
class and has a seat. While Roll sits patiently the other
kids are sitting on desks, texting on their cell phones, and
throwing paper planes through the air. A young brunette in
her early 30's enters the classroom.
Good morning class! Please have a
seat and settle down now.
The teacher points at a few kids still on their phones.
I want cell phones off and put
away please. If I catch you using
them in class it's mine.
The kids settle down and do as the teacher says.
Thank You! Now.. today we are
going to be learning about one of
my favorite writers...Shakespeare,
and one of his famous plays called
The class gives a loud sigh. As the teacher goes on Roll
glances at the clock and then dozes off.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
As Dr. Light parks his car in the parking lot of Rite
University, we can see a woman in her 40's with light brown
hair standing in the entrance. He exits his car and makes
his way to the woman.
                       KATHY TELLER
Hello Doctor I'm glad you could
make it.
The two make eye contact and exchange hand shakes.


                       DR. LIGHT
Well of course my dear Katherine
who else is gonna explain how the
octagonal transfibulator
corresponds with the
neurotransmitter of the cranium
The two look at each other and laugh.
                       KATHY TELLER
Ok then shall we?
Kathy leads the Doctor down a long hall and then finally to
his lecture room.
                       KATHY TELLER
Here you are Doctor have fun and
enjoy teaching the fundamentals of
bio-mechanical engineering.
The Doctor gives a slight chuckle.
                       DR. LIGHT
I will...you take care now.
The two exchange hand shakes once more and while Kathy exits
down the hall the doctor enters his classroom.
                       DR. LIGHT
Good morning class my name is Dr.
Light and today we will be talking
The door closes behind the Doctor with the words "Class in
session" written on it.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A man in his 30's dressed in a nice suit and tie can be seen
walking fast paced down a long hall. On each side of the
walls are glass windows which show machines manufacturing


A giant crane like machine can be seen with the head of a
robot. It carries the head all the way across the room and
places it on a robotic body. As the arm pulls away thousands
of these machines can be seen lined up on a track.
As the man exits the hall he comes to a giant laboratory
filled with mechanical gadgets and robotic parts. At the end
of the laboratory the man can see Dr. Wiley working
furiously on a project.
Excuse me Doctor.
Dr. Wiley is focused on his work and ignores the man's
Excuse me doctor may I have a
Dr. Wiley bangs his finger with a device.
                       DR. WILEY
Ouch! Damnit.... what the hell do
you want Marcus!?
I'm sorry doctor but I have
results concerning the GUTS men
DR. WILEY places a device back on the table and walks over
to the side of the room revealing Proto-man on the gurney.
Proto-man no longer looks like a machine but in fact looks
very similar to mega-man (in a human sense that is). His
chest had been left open and wiring can be seen still
hanging out of it.
                       DR. WILEY
Very well then Marcus lets hear
The doctor throws his lab coat on his computer chair and
begins to head for the entrance. MARCUS follows as the two
exit the room.
As the two exit the room they begin once again down the long


Well sir so far we have produced
10,203 GUTS men. By the end of the
month we should have over 20,000.
The two stop at the window while Dr. Wiley peers out at the
machines in progress.
                       DR. WILEY
Very good Marcus. Soon I will have
enough robots to start doing
business with military personnel
and other outside organizations.
Once they get a taste of what
these machines can do they will be
begging me to produce hundreds of
thousands and then my friend I
will have the world in my grasp.
But Doctor what about the MESD (
mechanical engineering safety
department) won't they interfere
with the production and
distribution of these machines?
                       DR. WILEY
Don't worry Marcus let me take
care of the MESD.
The Doctor gives off a reassuring smile and the two begin
once again down the hall with the sound of production in the
background. Suddenly a ring is heard from Marcus' pocket.
Marcus reaches in and puts the phone to his face.
      (Answering the
There is a slight pause. Then Marcus looks over at Dr.
He is busy at the moment can I
take a message?
There is another pause as Dr. Wiley looks at Marcus with


Yes I see. One second please.
Marcus places his hand over the phone.
Sir it seems that General
Slovovich is waiting on the other
line in the conference room. It
also seems that he's sent a
representative here as well. What
do you want me to do?
Dr. Wiley makes a slight grunt and gives an annoyed look.
                       DR. WILEY
very well then inform the general
I'll be with him in a few moments.
very good doctor.
marcus takes his hand off the phone and once again talks
into it.
      (Into the phone)
Inform the general that the good
doctor will be with him
He pauses for a moment.
Yes I understand. Thank you.
Marcus hangs up the phone and hurries to catch up with Dr.
Wiley who has already begun down the hall.
A door opens as Dr. Wiley and Marcus pass through it. In the
center of the room lies a large oval table and at the wall
closest to the door is a giant white built in screen. A
Russian man at the end of the table dressed in expensive
business attire stands up to greet them.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
      (Russian accent)
Hello Doctor. my name is Haship


He extends his hand to Dr. Wiley. Dr. Wiley (with an annoyed
look still on his face) looks down at it and back up at
HASHIP. Haship puts his hand away and continues. Marcus can
be seen from behind the doctor talking quietly on his phone
once again.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
I have been sent here on behalf of
General Slovovich to personally
observe the production of the GUTS
                       DR. WILEY
You come to MY laboratory, MY home
unannounced and you think I'm just
going to give you the grand tour!?
I already told that fat Poluka
General of yours that.....
Marcus hangs up his phone and cuts off Dr. Wiley.
Doctor there sending in the
general's com link now.
Suddenly a bold figure appears on the screen peering down at
the doctor. Doctor Wiley turns to face the General.
                       DR. WILEY
General Slovovich what is the
meaning of this!? Sending one of
your lackey's to check up on me!
                       GENERAL SLOVOVICH
I'm sorry doctor but I wanted to
get some insight as to when I
might be expecting my first
shipment of GUTS men. You have not
yet informed me of a production
date and I like to keep track of
my investments. Hahaha
The doctor looks at the General with a more sinister look.
                       DR. WILEY
you listen here. You will have
your GUTS men after the production
process is complete but until then
I want no more of your stooges
bothering me!


                       GENERAL SLOVOVICH
How long doctor my patience grows
                       DR. WILEY
I just need another week and then
stage 3 preparations will be
                       GENERAL SLOVOVICH
Very well but in the meantime I
want you to allow my subordinate
to tour that facility for a better
perspective on the production
The doctor looks over at Haship.
                       DR. WILEY
Very well.
                       GENERAL SLOVOVICH
Good evening gentle men.
The screen goes blank.
Sir what do you want me to do?
                       DR. WILEY
Marcus I want you to go to my main
office and grab the disc labeled
back to me at once.
Yes sir!
Marcus quickly leaves the room. The doctor turns once again
towards Haship.
                       DR. WILEY
And as for you... follow me.
The two exit the room with the doctor in the lead.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN


Dr. Wiley and Haship can be seen walking down a flight of
stairs while the production of the Guts men continues along
with the loud noise of the assembling machines echoing in
the background. As the two reach the bottom Dr. Wiley points
out at the stage 2 machines.
                       DR. WILEY
These are the stage 2 Guts men!
Haship looks up with amazement at the thousands of Guts men
attached to a giant armlike structure hanging from the
                       DR. WILEY
The stage 2 process is the
assembling of the inner and outer
structures of the Guts men. Once
these robots complete their stage
3 armor process, however, they
will be much more efficient
killing machines! Hahaha
Dr. Wiley finishes laughing and continues in the direction
of another door.
                       DR. WILEY
Come. This way.
Haship fixes his gaize back on the doctor and follows him
towards the door.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The doctor and Haship come to a wide open wharehouse where
all kinds of forklifts can be seen moving crates and other
heavy mechanical objects. The doctor directs Haship over to
some crates that are popped open next to a few tables.
                       DR. WILEY
Here are the parts before they are
Dr. Wiley puts his hand into the crate and pulls out a
mechanical head. He tosses it to Haship who fumbles it in
his hand.


                       DR. WILEY
These parts are purchased from a
manufacturer in Japan and also
from Northern India. Though the
distribution of these materials
are illegal.... I have connections
inside the MESD that prevent any
sort of interference.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
Oh I see.
Haship looks around the wharehouse for a moment.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
So tell me doctor what is the
going rate for products such as
The doctor looks at Haship more intently as he snatches away
the mechanical head.
                       DR. WILEY
Sorry, but that information is for
myself only.
Haship gives off a slight grin. The doctor places the head
back in the box.
                       DR. WILEY
This way. We have one more stop.
The doctor once again makes his way to another door in the
wharehouse with Haship following close behind.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
We come again to a wide open room. As the doctor and Haship
make thier way to a control panel, An assembly of Guts men
can be seen coming in on a type of armlike transport. The
transport lowers the Guts men onto a platform surrounded by
mechanical arms.
The doctor punches a few buttons and points to the machines.
                       DR. WILEY
This is where the final process
takes place. In stage 3 the Guts
men are equipped with a high


                       DR. WILEY (cont'd)
density body armor making them
more durable and indestructible.
The doctor pushes a few more buttons. Suddenly the
mechanical arms begin to react.
                                         CLOSE IN
We follow the Guts men on the platform as arms from above
bring down armor and place them on the Guts men. The
mechanical arms to the sides begin sealing the armor in
place. Haship looks on in amazement.
                       DR. WILEY
As you can see once these machines
are finished with their armor
stage, they will then be ready for
distribution. However, all the
completed Guts men are put through
a quick training exercise to make
sure there are no defects.
The doctor walks over to an area where broken robotic
products can be seen being dumped by another huge mechanical
                       DR. WILEY
And this is where those defects
end up.
Haship looks over the side.
                                         ZOOM IN
We focus on all the broken bodies of all the defected Guts
men. Each one missing different limbs and covered in black
liquid (representing blood). Haship peers up back at the
                       DR. WILEY
Fortunately we can recycle these
useless parts and make new ones
for future Guts men.
As Haship listens to the doctor he suddenly notices a giant
shadow being worked on from behind a giant curtain. Haship
looks closely and can see sparks flying from the area along
with drills being heard.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
Doctor what is that over there?


The doctor turns and looks in the direction Haship is
pointing to.
                       DR. WILEY
Ah that is my special creation,
not yet close to perfection
                       HASHIP NIKITA
May I take a look?
The doctor looks at Haship with an evil look. Then gives off
a slight grin.
                       DR. WILEY
Of course you may.... be my guest.
As Haship makes his way to the covered area. Dr. Wiley makes
his way to the control panel.
                                         FOCUS ON
As Haship comes slowly around the corner of the curtain, he
stops as he examines the mechanical figure before him.
Haship slowly looks from the bottom up as a giant Guts man
can be seen hoisted to the ceiling by various cables. Little
machanical figures can be seen crawling up and down the Guts
man, drilling and sealing peices onto the giant machine.
A large mallet can be seen halfway completed in Guts mans
right hand. As Haship looks up at the magnificent machine in
amazement, we come to the doctor who is seen typing away on
the control panel.
                                         FOCUS ON
As Haship focuses on the Guts mans face. We pause for a
moment. Suddenly the eyes light up with a red glare and the
machine begins to move around. The little worker machines
scatter as Haship stares, too frightened to run away.
The machine stops moving and focuses on Haship who is now
slowly stepping away. We cut to the doctor who is seen
looking at Haship and then typing yet again on the control
Haship turns to make a run for it but is swooped up by Guts
mans mechanical arm. Haship wails and screams in terror.
                       HASHIP NIKITA
Ahhhh No.....No! Doctor help!


We cut to the doctor who can be seen jerking a joystick to
the left. Suddenly Guts man smashes Haship to the wall on
the left, then to the right, and finally to the floor.
Haship, now bruised and bloody, attempts to slowly crawl
away. The doctor pushes a couple more buttons. Guts man
raises his mallet for a moment. Haship puts his arm up to
block and gives out a loud scream as the mallet comes
crashing down on him causing the room to vibrate.
The Guts man shuts down as Dr. Wiley makes his way to the
scene. Just then Marcus comes running into the room and up
to the doctor.
      (Out of breathe)
Doctor...huff...heave.... I have
the disk that you wanted.
Marcus holds out the disk and then stops to see blood coming
from under the mallet.
Doctor what happened to the
The doctor turns to Marcus.
                       DR. WILEY
It appears that our Russian friend
had a little accident. Hahaha
Marcus stands stunned for a moment.
                       DR. WILEY
Marcus! That disk has live
exercise data of the Guts men
project on it. I want you to send
it to General Slovovich. That
should keep him off my back for
Yes sir! But.... what should I
tell him about Mr. Nikita?
The doctor gives off a slight grin.
                       DR. WILEY
Tell him the truth Marcus. That
our friend accidentally slipped
onto a conveyor and fell into our
waste disposal. Hahaha


Ye..yes sir.
The two exit in opposite directions.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Rolls head lifts up as the bell rings for class to end. The
class begins to scurry out of the classroom while Roll puts
her books in her bag and also exits the room. She makes her
way outside with the sun getting close to the horizon.
Whew! Finally over.
She makes her way down the school steps and enters the
school bus. she sits alone looking out the window while the
other kids jump around and call each other names. The Bus
starts up and the kids take their seats still poking,
hitting, and calling each other names.
                                         FOCUS ON
We focus on Roll as the bus leaves the school for the day.
                                         CUT TO
                                         FOCUS ON
The lights are dim as Dr. Light shows a projection of wiring
and technological devices to the class.
                       DR. LIGHT
And that class is how you cross
Radiation wires with telecom
A bell rings yet again and the class gets up and begins
exiting the classroom with the Doctor still giving out
homework assignments in the background.


                       DR. LIGHT
Remember study the fundamentals of
comp and bio production in
chapters 18 and 19.
The class finishes exiting the classroom while the good
doctor puts his papers back in his pack and begins for the
door. He flips off the light switch and leaves the room in
As he makes his way down the hall of students when he is
suddenly stopped.
                       KATHY TELLER
Hi Dr. Light how was the lecture?
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh Miss Katherine... Um I think it
went pretty good. I had a few
dosers but hey what can you do
They both giggle slightly.
                       DR. LIGHT
So... what can I do for you?
Kathy takes a step closer.
                       KATHY TELLER
Well Doctor I was wondering if you
had any plans tonight?
The doctor blushes a little.
                       DR. LIGHT
Um... well... I...um no actually I
don't have any plans.
Kathy gives off a big smile.
                       KATHY TELLER
Well great! How would you like to
go to dinner with me?
                       DR. LIGHT
Um... sure where did you have in


Kathy gives off a big smile.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A shiny black BMW pulls up to the front of the cafe while
the valet opens the door and lets Kathy and Dr. Light out.
Kathy gives the valet a quick tip, while her and the doctor
advance inside.
                                         CUT TO
As the two go through the rotating doors a large crystal
chandelier can be seen hanging from the ceiling. It is a
huge cafe but already filled with customers chatting about
their day. The walls are lined with beautiful pictures of
country side, while the carpet is a beautifully designed
checkered lavender.
The two approach the stand to speak with the HOST who is a
young man in his early twenty's with short brown hair and
nicely dressed attire.
Good evening! How many?
                       KATHY TELLER
Just the two of us please.
The host grabs two menus from beneath the pedestal.
Please right this way.
The two follow the host who leads them through the cafe and
into an area not so crowded and seats them at a table which
fits two guests comfortably. As they both sit down the host
gently hands them the menu.
Here you are... a waiter will be
with you shortly enjoy your stay.
The host gives off a reassuring smile and walks away.


The doctor slowly looks around the room as Kathy watches
with a smile on her face.
                       DR. LIGHT
Wow this is some place.
                       KATHY TELLER
Yea it's relaxing y'know? It's a
nice place to go to when you want
to take your mind off of work.
It's not too fancy but not too
cheap... it's just right!
The two make eye contact and smile at one another.
                       KATHY TELLER
So tell me doctor what made
Kathy is interrupted as the WAITER comes to the table.
Good evening my name is John and I
will be your waiter for this
evening. Can I start you two with
anything to drink?
                       KATHY TELLER
Um I'll have a glass of your house
red wine please.
Very good mam and for you sir?
                       DR. LIGHT
I'll have the same please.
Very good. I'll be back shortly
with your drinks. Is there
anything else I can help you with?
An appetizer perhaps?
                       KATHY TELLER
No thank you were fine.
Very good.
The waiter disappears and leaves the two alone at last.


                       DR. LIGHT
I'm sorry so what were you going
to say?
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh I was going to ask you what
made you decide to teach at RITE
                       DR. LIGHT
The doctor pauses for a moment.
                       DR. LIGHT
About ten years ago before I
started working at RITE University
I was partners with a man named
Dr. Albert Wiley. Together we
worked on extremely advanced
bio-mechanical engineering.
However one day there was an
accident and a huge fire broke out
and burned down our building along
with the good doctor and most of
our research.
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh my god how awful!
                       DR. LIGHT
Mechanical engineering has always
been an obsession of mine. So,
after that incident I applied at
RITE University and sure enough
was more than qualified for this
position. But of course you
already knew that.
The two exchange smiles. A moment passes, then the waiter
returns with their drinks.
Here you are.
The waiter gently places down the drinks in front of Dr.
Light and Miss Kathy.
Are you ready to order or do you
need more time?


                       KATHY TELLER
Um I think we need a few more
minutes please.
Not a problem... take your time.
The waiter once again disappears into the resteraunt. Miss
Kathy raises her glass and Dr. Light follows in her example.
                       KATHY TELLER
I'm sorry about that unfortunate
event, however, I'm glad that it
brought you to my University.
                                         FOCUS ON
The two smile at one another, clang the glasses together,
and each take a gentle sip.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
We come to Dr. Wiley who is working very hard on proto-man.
Raging sparks fly out as he welds a device to the inside of
proto-man. He then stops and stands back for a moment.
                                         FOCUS ON
Proto-man's chest closes up on it's own. Proto-man slowly
opens his eyes and lifts himself off of the gurney. He
gently rubs his hand over his chest where the doctor had
just been operating.
                       DR. WILEY
My son how do you feel?
Good father. But what is this
vibrating sensation in my body?
                       DR. WILEY
I have increased your power
supply. Your new energy level is
stabilizing but don't worry it
will pass in a few moments. Come
follow me my son.


The doctor makes his way to the exit of his lab. Proto-man
follows closely behind. Dr. Wiley leads proto-man to a large
training room. The room is completely empty, all the walls
are bare except for the wall closest to the door which is
actually made of a highly advanced glass material.
The two enter the room.
                       DR. WILEY
Ok now proto-man I need to test
your new energy supply. You know
the drill.
Proto-man turns to Dr. Wiley and gives him a reassuring nod.
He then proceeds to the center of the room, while Dr. Wiley
makes his way behind the glass. As Dr. Wiley activates the
control panel proto-man quickly transforms from his human
stage to his robotic stage with his left arm changing to a
small cannon.
                       DR. WILEY
      (Into the mic)
Ok now proto-man lets begin!
                                         CLOSE ON
Dr. Wiley pushes a button. Suddenly doors from inside the
room begin to open. While proto-man stands firm, dozens of
Prototype GUTS men, (only half created) come running out of
the doors and begin to surround proto-man.
Proto-man stands with his eyes closed. Suddenly the robots
in front begin to charge. Proto-man quickly opens his eyes
and fires a blast at the robots. A few dive out of the way
but the ones in the middle are hit and explode on impact.
As the robots behind him advance in his direction, proto-man
quickly leaps high into the air almost touching the ceiling
and fires another blast straight down. Again a few evade the
attack but a handful are hit and explode debris everywhere.
Proto-man lands on the ground and begins charging the
robots. He begins kicking and punching, knocking off heads
and shattering their chest armor. One gets close behind him
and he quickly spins his fist smashing the robots face and
knocking it to the floor.
As more begin to charge him down the way a few begin to fire
projectiles at proto-man from their cannon arms. Proto-man
quickly generates a shield on his right arm and blocks the
attacks. He then springs forward in their direction and
knocks the first few robots with his shield.


He then makes his way to the end of the room directly in
front of Dr. Wiley. As the robots get near, they begin
firing their projectiles recklessly, proto-man charges his
cannon and then finally shoots the ceiling above causing the
debris to fall and destroy the remaining robots. Proto-man
assumes he is finished and makes for the door.
                                         FOCUS ON
Dr. Wiley can be seen yet again pushing a button.
As proto-man nears the door suddenly the room shakes and a
giant door in the back begins to open. Proto-man looks up at
the doctor who is staring back at him patiently. He then
fixes his gaze on the opening and slowly begins walking to
As proto-man advances to the opening suddenly a giant GUTS
man comes out. Its the same Guts man that killed Haship.
Only now the incomplete Guts man rests on a rolling platform
with his mallet in hand.
Proto-man looks up to the giant robot with astonishment. The
robot suddenly crashes down his mallet in proto-man's
direction. Proto-man barely escapes the attack but now is on
the offense. He fires a couple shots which hit the robots
chest but does not stop it.
The GUTS man begins wailing his mallet furiously at
proto-man but each time he narrowly escapes. Proto-man
suddenly jumps to the side of the wall, GUTS man swings his
mallet in his direction. Proto-man quickly jumps high into
the air as the weapon crashes against the wall. Proto-man
shoots a giant blast at the GUTS man's arm destroying it to
pieces and dropping the mallet to the floor.
GUTS man gives off a howl. Proto-man waists no time and
quickly jumps his way up GUTS man's body then arm and
finally kicks him in the head knocking GUTS man off the
platform and into the corner of the room causing debris from
the walls to come crashing down. Proto-man lands on the
ground and while GUTS man lay stunned for a moment he
charges his cannon to it's max. He finally fires his shot
making a direct hit on GUTS man's chest.
Dr. Wiley covers his eyes as a bright light fills the room.
There is suddenly a loud explosion and the room is suddenly
overwhelmed with smoke. Dr. Wiley pushes a button activating
the fans. As the smoke clears Dr. Wiley see's proto-man
standing in the center of the room looking in his direction
without a scratch on him.


                       DR. WILEY
Excellent proto-man! That was
Proto-man makes his way to the door with Dr. Wiley already
waiting to greet him.
I did good father?
                       DR. WILEY
Yes proto-man you did better than
I expected. That new energy cell I
gave you did wonders to your
plasma cannon.
Yes... I can feel the difference.
                       DR. WILEY
Now that your strength has
increased I think your ready for
your next assignment.
Yes father...
The two begin making their way down the long hall.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Two wine glasses cling together once again as the doctor and
Kathy finish up their meal. A couple empty wine glasses can
be seen at the edge of the table. The doctor leans back in
his seat.
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh my goodness I haven't eaten
like that in awhile.
Kathy smiles as she sets down her empty glass of wine.
                       KATHY TELLER
Yes it was very good I'll be sure
to send the chef my compliments.


Once again the waiter returns and begins taking away their
empty plates and glasses.
Is there anything else I can get
you two?
The two look at each other and then at the waiter.
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh no I think were good.
Very good miss. I'll just place
this here, please take your time.
The waiter places the bill face down on the table and leaves
with most of the dishes and glasses. Dr. Wiley peers down at
his watch.
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh it's getting late. Shall we?
The doctor reaches for the bill but it is quickly snagged by
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh no you don't. I took you to
dinner therefore I am the one who
will pay.
                       DR. LIGHT
But Miss Kathy...
He is cut off.
                       KATHY TELLER
Ah bup bup not another word.
She gives him a big smile and he returns a smile as well.
She places the money down on the table and the two make
there way across the room and to the exit.
Have a good night!
                       DR. LIGHT
We will thank you!
As the two pass through the rotating doors miss Kathy hands
the valet her ticket and he immediately disappears into the


                       DR. LIGHT
Thank you very much for dinner
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh it was my pleasure. So...where
to now?
                       DR. LIGHT
Um actually I was wondering if you
could drop me back off at the
University. There is a few things
I wanted to get from the lab.
                       KATHY TELLER
Um sure. What did you have to
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh just a couple of gadgets. Don't
worry I'll bring them right back.
The two smile at one another. The valet pulls the car up and
while opening the door for Kathy she gives him a quick tip
and the two drive off into the night.
Kathy pulls up next to the doctors car.
                       KATHY TELLER
Well here we are.
The two make eye contact.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well...thank you again Kathy for
dinner it was very nice.
Kathy leans in a little closer.
                       KATHY TELLER
I had a really good time tonight
The two lean in and give a short yet romantic kiss. The two
smile at one another. The doctor exits the car. He leans in
the window for a moment.


                       DR. LIGHT
Good night miss Kathy... the next
time we do this I'm buyin.
The two giggle a little.
                       KATHY TELLER
I cant wait.
She starts up the car and exits the school while the doctor
watches patiently.
We can then see the doctor making his way through the
University halls and finally to a room reading the words
"Laboratory". He enters the room and flicks on the lights.
Books and beakers line the room along with various
multi-colored jars. At one end of the room is a sealed area
with a hazard sign on the door.
The doctor makes his way to one of the desks and turns on
the computer. The University logo appears and then fades to
the main menu. The doctor takes a seat and types for a
moment. Suddenly a diagram is shown of a robotic boy. The
page is zoomed in on the boys arm.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
Ok I'll just need a little
magnesium and a couple tools and I
should be on my way.
Dr. Light shuts down the computer. He makes his way towards
one of the tables and grabs a bottle with the words
"magnesium" written on it. He then makes his way towards
another table on the side of the room. On it are various
tools and gadgets. He picks up a few and puts them in his
coat pocket.
He then makes his way for the door. He stops and turns
around for a moment to have one last look. As his finger
touches the light switch there is suddenly a huge explosion
and the wall in front of him comes crashing down.
Dr. Light takes cover. As the smoke begins to clear the
room, the doctor peers at the opening. A moment passes then
suddenly proto-man appears and enters through the opening.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
Proto-man? He's alive?


Unaware of the doctors presence proto-man makes his way
towards the radioactive seal.
He then punches through the door, pulls it from it's hinges,
and thrusts it to the ground. Proto-man enters the little
room which is filled with metal lock boxes marked A1 to
Z130. Proto-man pulls open box W38 and pulls out a shiny
green block encased in a black titanium alloy.
Proto-man exits the room as Dr. Light watches patiently.
Suddenly, two guards come charging into the lab. They draw
their guns and aim them at proto-man.
Don't move!
Proto-man turns towards the guards and stands silent.
Turn around and put your hands
behind your head!
A smile comes across his face when suddenly he raises his
left arm. Proto-man fires a charged shot at the guards
making a direct hit and exploding them to the floor.
Proto-man then makes for the exit but is stopped by Dr.
                       DR. LIGHT
Proto-man wait!
Proto-man quickly spins around with his cannon aimed at the
                       DR. LIGHT
Proto-man it's me Dr. Light. Don't
you remember me?
proto-man stands in silence.
                       DR. LIGHT
I helped create you. Don't you
remember? Me and Dr. Wiley?


Proto-man begins to slowly put his cannon down as he
searches his memory bank.
                       DR. LIGHT
Proto-man...what happened to you?
Where have you been? Where is Dr.
As proto-man struggles to find the answers, there is
suddenly a bright light that flashes on proto-man from the
air. Police cars now surround the area as police officers
draw their guns and aim them at proto-man.
Proto-man turns towards the new threat and begins to
advance. Dr. Light takes a few panicky steps towards
                       DR. LIGHT
No proto-man please don't!
Proto-man quickly turns around with his cannon yet again
aimed at the doctor.
Albert Wiley is my one and only
father. You come near me again and
I'll destroy you!
Proto-man turns around and makes his way outside while the
doctor stands back in the room.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
While the police have created a barricade, the Leutenant
shouts into the megaphone.
                       POLICE LEUTENANT
      (Shouting into the
Drop what you have and put your
hands up!
Proto-man slowly scouts the area as the helicopter circles
from above.
                       POLICE LEUTENANT
      (Shouting into the
I repeat drop what you have and
put your hands up! We will open


                       POLICE LEUTENANT (cont'd)
The police wait a moment as Proto-man stands in silence.
                       POLICE LEUTENANT
Take him down!
The police begin to open fire. Proto-man quickly transforms
his right arm into his shield and blocks the rounds being
fired upon him. The bullets that miss his shield riquoche
off his titanium armor. The helicopter watches as smoke and
fire light the ground.
After a moment the police stop and begin to reload their
weapons. Proto-man slowly lowers his shield and then shoots
a blast at one of the police cars, exploding it high into
the air and causing it to crash on the car next to it.
The police officers begin to find new cover but are stopped
when proto-man begins firing a dozen shots in all their
directions. Body's fly through the air along with exploding
cars and debris as each of proto-man's plasma shots makes
Proto-man takes a moment to look around. The streets are
littered with bodies and destroyed vehicles. A few police
that live can be seen hurrying off into the shadows shouting
to one another to take cover. He suddenly notices the
helicopter flying from above and fires a shot making a
direct hit and exploding the helicopter to the ground.
Proto-man looks around for a moment and then transforms his
shield and cannon back to normal. He then jumps high on top
of a building and disappears into the night.
After proto-man makes his escape a flying object can be seen
in the sky. It's a large mechanical eye with a miniature
propeller coming from the top. It's lens can be seen
focusing in.
                                         CUT TO
Dr. Wiley can be seen in front of a giant monitor. On it is
the display of the damage done by proto-man. The camera
moves back and forth over the destruction site.


                       DR. WILEY
      (To himself)
Excellent proto-man. Those fools
stood no chance to your power.
As the camera continues to scout the area it suddenly locks
in on Dr. Light who is seen in the wreckage.
                       DR. WILEY
What!? Thomas!? It has been too
long. Hmph! Still eating out of
other peoples hands I see. Hahaha!
The doctor pushes a button.
                       DR. WILEY
Ok SMITE that's enough. I have
what I need... you may return.
                                         CUT TO
A red light blinks on the mechanical eye. It then turns
around and fly's off into the night sky.
By now the paramedics have arrived, carrying bodies on
stretchers and bandaging the wounded. Dr. Light can be seen
sitting on the back of an ambulance covered in debris and
with a few cuts on his face which a paramedic is attending
                       KATHY TELLER
      (Shocked and
Kathy comes running to the doctor from the parking lot. She
greets him with a warm hug.
                       KATHY TELLER
Thomas! Are you alright!?
Dr. Light holds her in front of him.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes I'm fine Kathy thank you!


Kathy takes a look around for a moment. She can see bodies
still being removed from the scene along with little fires
still burning around the area.
                       KATHY TELLER
Oh my god, Thomas....what happened
As the doctor gets ready to explain he is suddenly
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Excuse me are you Dr. Thomas
A bold man in his 50's approaches the doctor with a paper
and pen in hand.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes I am and you are?
Detective SLOAN shakes hands with the doctor.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I am detective Sloan. I was told
that you witnessed this
unfortunate incident.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes sir that is correct.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Ok would you mind telling me what
The doctor takes a deep breathe.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well.... after I got back from
dinner with Miss Teller here, I
went to my lab to get a few
things. Upon my leaving there was
suddenly an explosion. As I took
cover I saw proto...
The doctor pauses for a moment and looks up at the detective
who too had stopped in his writing.
                       DR. LIGHT
I mean I saw the robot enter the
laboratory and take a cube of
condensed radioactive material.


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Radioactive material?
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes. Then as he was leaving two
guards came in to stop him but...
The doctor puts his head down.
                       DR. LIGHT
But... he killed them.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I see...
                       DR. LIGHT
Then as he was exiting the
building the police showed up
and... well... take a look around.
The detective stops writing.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Did you two say anything to each
The doctor hesitates for a moment. He looks at Kathy who is
waiting patiently. She gives him a gentle look. He then
shakes his head.
                       DR. LIGHT
No. I took cover until the coast
was clear.
The detective puts his pen and paper book away. He gives the
doctor a suspicious look.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Ok then if you can think of
anything else please don't
hesitate to call.
Detective Sloan hands Dr. Light his card.
                       DR. LIGHT
I will thank you.
The detective disappears behind the ambulances while the
doctor stands up. Kathy gives him a concerned look.


                       KATHY TELLER
Thomas are you sure your ok?
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes Kathy I promise I'm fine.
Dr. Light begins to make his way for his car with a little
limp in his leg.
                       KATHY TELLER
Either way I want you to take a
few days off.
The doctor turns and pauses for a moment. He searches
Kathy's face and can see the concern in her eyes.
                       DR. LIGHT
Very well Kathy if that's what you
She nods her head. He turns around and makes his way for his
                       KATHY TELLER
Doctor let me give you a ride
He turns to face her.
                       DR. LIGHT
No its ok miss Teller. My leg is a
little sore but I think I can
                       KATHY TELLER
Ok then, be careful.
                       DR. LIGHT
I will.
As the doctor reaches his door a device on his wrist begins
to beep and light up. It's a highly advanced watch that he
has created to keep him and Roll in contact in case of an
Grandpa....Grandpa! Are you there?
A picture of Roll's face can be seen from inside the watch.
The doctor presses a button on the side.


                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the watch)
Yes Roll I'm here.
Oh thank goodness! I've been
watching the news. Grandpa how
come you haven't called me yet!?
Rush and I have been worried sick!
A bark can be heard in the background.
                       DR. LIGHT
I'm sorry Roll I meant to I've
just been busy answering questions
and what not. By the way what are
you still doing up?
Oh...well....I couldn't sleep. So
I figured I would wait for you to
get home. But when you never came,
I began to get worried. Then I
started watching the news and...
Roll is cut off.
                       DR. LIGHT
Ok well don't you worry anymore
I'm heading home now.
Ok Grandpa.
The little screen on his watch goes blank. The doctor gets
in his car and slowly drives away.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
An alarm clock goes off and a tired Dr. Light slaps his hand
on the snooze button. Downstairs Roll and Rush are sitting
in front of the television watching the news about the
incident the night before.
Dr. Light can be seen throwing on his robe and slowly making
his way down the stairs and to the living room.


Good morning Grandpa! How ya
The doctor gives a slight yawn.
                       DR. LIGHT
Much better Roll thank you.
Rush looks up and barks a couple of times at the doctor. Dr.
Light bends down and gives him a pat on the head.
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh and good morning to you too
Grandpa that incident last night
is all over the news. There saying
that the figure you saw at the
University might be the same one
that attacked the Tal Corporation.
Rush puts his head down as the doctor looks to the t.v. to
hear the news.
                       FEMALE REPORTER
Once again Rite University has
been closed temporarily due to an
attack that occured at 9:45pm last
night. The only witnesses to the
crime are a few injured police
officers and this man Dr. Thomas
A picture of Dr. Light can be seen on the television as the
reporter continues.
                       FEMALE REPORTER
Dr. Light is a scientist here at
Rite University. He was apparently
here picking up some tools when
there was a sudden explosion in
the laboratory. The doctor then
took cover as the robotic menace
assaulted the police force and
then mysteriously escaped. Police
were able to get a description of
the menace but unfortunatey have
no leads.
A picture of Proto-man appears on the screen. Dr. Light
takes a moment to examine the image.


                       FEMALE REPORTER
As the investigation
Dr. Light turns off the t.v.
Hey! I was watching that.
The doctor places the remote on the end table.
                       DR. LIGHT
Thats enough for now Roll. Were
going to eat breakfast and then
get to work.
Get to work Grandpa?
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes Roll. I think it's time we
finish your brother.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The basement door swings open as Dr. Light, Roll, and Rush
each come through( in that order). The doctor flips the
light switch as they make their way down the stairs. Rush
finds a spot on the counter and wags his tail happily as
Roll and the doctor prepair the equipment.
Dr. Light pulls off the blanket revealing Mega-Man
underneath it.
                                         FOCUS ON
Roll turns to the doctor with big weird glasses on making
her eyes look big.
Are we almost ready Grandpa?
Dr. Light smiles and slowly adjusts her glasses to a more
fitting look.


                       DR. LIGHT
Yes Roll I think were ready. Can
you hand me those pliers please?
Roll hands the doctor the pliers and the two begin to work
over the mechanical boy.
                                         CLOSE OUT
We circle the room and stop on Rush who is watching
patiently as the two work and slowly pass up to the clock on
the wall which starts at 10:00am and then changes to 7:00pm.
Roll can be seen grabbing tools from the tables behind her
as the doctor uses a welding device on Mega-Man. Rush
impatiently wants to be played with and jumps to the floor
in search of a toy. An electrified spark plug falls to the
floor, Rush snags it in his jaws and gives out a yelp when
he is zapped by the force and runs for cover under the
We watch from outside the house as night turns to day.
We come back to the clock in the basement which now reads
6:15am with Roll now asleep on the couch and the doctor
still working hard on Mega-Mans chest plate. After a moment
he stops and sets a tool down.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (To himself)
There! Almost finished. Just need
to get a few more things tightened
and he should be ready.
The doctor takes a moment to look around only to discover an
empty box of screws. He looks down at Rush who peers up back
at him and then gives a slight bark.
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh thats right! I think I have
some in the kitchen.
The doctor gets up and slowly makes his way up the stairs.
Rush jumps up on the gurny and begins to investigate
The doctor makes his way to the kitchen stopping to crack
his back on the way. We come back to Rush who slowly begins
to sniff up Mega-Man and then accidentally pushes in his
energy core. A bright light lights up from within Mega-Man's
chest and Rush quickly jumps down for cover.


The doctor grabs the screws from the cupboard, makes his way
to the door and once again follows the stairs making a
sudden stop at the base.
                                         CIRCLE THE ROOM
The doctor circles the room as he now realizes Mega-Man is
no longer on the gurney. He takes a few steps towards the
gurney revealing his face in the light.
                       DR. LIGHT
What on earth!? Where could....
Suddenly Dr. Light is cut off with the sound of a charged
Plasma Cannon from behind him. Dr. light slowly turns around
to discover Mega-Man holding his cannon upright with the
chest plate still left unfinished.
Who are you!? .... Where am I?
Rush covers his eyes from under the table as a scared,
confused, and a breathing hard Mega-man stares at the doctor
with fiery eyes as he awaits an explanation. Dr. Light holds
out his hand and takes a step forward.
                       DR. LIGHT
Its ok Mega-man I'm not here to
hurt you. I'm your....uh....
Grandpa Dr. light.
Gran....pa? Whats A Gran...pa?
                       DR. LIGHT
Well....uh....it's someone who
takes care of you. Someone like
Someone like you?
Mega-man begins to lower his weapon as the doctor slowly
advances further.
                       DR. LIGHT
Thats right! Cmon now lets get
that chest plate of yours covered


Mega-man looks down and discovers his open chest. He then
looks back up to the doctor and slowly makes his way back
onto the gurney.
                       DR. LIGHT
There now....just a few screws and
you will be all set.
The doctor grabs the chest plate and very carefully screws
it securely on.
                       DR. LIGHT
There! All finished. Better yes?
Mega-man hops off the gurney and examines his new chest
Much better! Thank you very much!
Dr. Light gives off a smile.
Wow he's opperational!?
Mega-man quickly spins around with his cannon drawn. Roll
quickly takes cover from behind the table.
Whoa! Dont shoot!
Mega-man stands his ground.
                       DR. LIGHT
Its alright Mega-Man. Everythings
Dr. Light gently lowers Mega-mans cannon. Roll cautiously
Wow a little jumpy arent ya?
I'm sorry you just startled me.
                       DR. LIGHT
Mega-man or should I say Rock? I'd
like you to meet your....uh....
sister Roll.


Wow nice to meet you! Though just
so you know I helped Grandpa build
Thats right! So that makes me the
Big sister!
Rush comes out from his hiding spot and barks a few times.
Oh and this is Rush!
Rush jumps on Mega-mans leg. Mega-man gives him a slight
He can be a pain in the butt
sometimes but we love him!
                       DR. LIGHT
Ok well... shall we show you the
rest of the house?
Dr. Light leads the way up the stairs. Mega-man changes his
arm back to normal and the three follow behind.
The four make it up the stairs and into the living room.
Mega-Man stops for a moment to examine the room.
                       DR. LIGHT
Rock this is the living room and
if you continue in their you will
find the kitchen.
Whats the Kitchen?
                       DR. LIGHT
The kitchen is where we make food.
Every morning we come down and
make food to start the day.
Dr. Light leans in closer to Mega-Man.


                       DR. LIGHT
Some call that breakfast.
Dr. Light and Roll smile but Mega-Man still confused gives
off a blank face.
                       DR. LIGHT
(cough) Anyways, Roll will show
you around the rest of the house.
What are you going to do Grandpa?
Dr. Light gives out a big yawn.
                       DR. LIGHT
Im going to bed. I had a long
night. Isnt that right boy?
Rush gives a slight bark as Dr. Light gives him a slight pet
on the head.
Ok Grandpa dont worry about us
we'll be ok.
                       DR. LIGHT
Roll.... watch Rock and
please..... stay out of trouble.
Roll salutes.
Dr. Light disappears up the stairs leaving the three alone.
Ok Rock follow me.
Roll leads Mega-Man into the kitchen and begins getting food
out of the fridge.
Just sit down at the table. I'll
get breakfast ready.
Mega-Man sits at the table while Rush jumps up on the chair
next to him staring and panting. Roll can be seen setting up
the devices in the kitchen for breakfast to be made.


What are you making?
I'm making..... bacon, eggs, and
toast. My favorite as a matter of
Oh really?
Roll makes her way to the table and sits down as the devices
begin their task.
So,... I was thinking that maybe
after we eat I can take you for a
little trip downtown so you can
see the city. How does that sound?
Whats the city?
Well..... its a bunch of tall
buildings with lots of cool stuff
inside. We can go to the arcade,
watch movies, and get some lunch
Ok sure why not?
Thats the spirit!
There is a sudden ding in the kitchen. Roll gets up and
prepares the food on two plates. Mega-Man watches as she
places the plate in front of him and then takes her seat.
Mmmmm this smells great! Dig in!
Roll begins piling her eggs onto her toast and takes a huge
bite while Mega-Man stares at his food for a moment, poking
at it with his fork. He then takes a bite of the scrambled
eggs layered with cheese.
Well.... how is it?
Mega-Man gives off a delighted look.


Mmm not bad actually.
I'm glad you like it.
The two exchange smiles.
Dr. Light can be seen pacing back and forth in his room
while talking into his audio recorder.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the audio
Mega-Man is a success! Though his
beginning stages resemble that of
Proto-Man, Mega-Man indeed has
extreme learning capabilities as
well as advanced physical
features. His operating system is
that of the K-12 series. I chose
this system because it contained
basic education and basic
mobility, while still allowing his
CPN to learn the basic functions
of society.
We come back to Mega-Man and Roll who are now finished with
their plates.
Ok now we gotta wash the dishes.
Come on Rock.
Mega-Man and Roll grab the dishes and bring them to the sink
while Rush makes his way to his bed and lays down. Roll
begins to wash the dishes while Mega-Man watches.
Ok..... now, first you gotta wash
the dishes until their nice and
clean, and then place them in this
holder here so they can dry. Got
Mega-Man looks around for a moment and then at the task at
You know how come you guys have
all these gadgets to make food but
none to clean up?


Well actually we did, but Grandpa
didn't work out all the bugs and
instead of drying the dishes it
melted the dishes.
Roll pulls out a melted dish from the dishwasher and shows
it to Mega-Man.
Oh I see!
The two begin to laugh. We then come to Dr. light who is
still pacing and talking into his recorder.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the Audio
I fear however that Mega-Man may
not be as strong as Proto-Man.
Proto-Man's operating system is
the C-19 series, which Dr. Wiley
and myself chose because it is a
much more advanced CPN as far as
tactical thinking and even
strategic espionage. However
Proto-mans learning capabilities
are limited whereas Mega-Mans are
not. Proto-Man has a limited hard
drive that allows him to learn up
to a certain level and he also
contains the energy core which is
very sensitive to touch. Mega-man
on the other hand I chose for the
K-12 series so that he would not
have that handicap. Perhaps that
will be useful in the future.
Dr. Light pauses for a moment while looking at an old photo
of him and some fellow scientists.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the audio
Tomorrow I will take Mega-Man to
see an old friend. There we will
test his capabilities to the
Dr. Light stops the recording and places it on his
nightstand. He then lays on the bed, sets his alarm, and
then dozes off.


We come back to Roll and Mega-Man who are now finishing up
with the dishes. Roll dries off her hands while Mega-Man
dries off the last plate and puts it in the rack.
Ok there we go! I think were all
set! You ready Rock!?
Yep I'm all set.
Ok then!
Roll makes her way for the door while Mega-Man follows. Rush
pops his head up, gives a slight whine, and looks at the two
with concern.
Dont worry boy we'll be back soon.
Keep an eye on Grandpa while were
Rush gives another slight whine as the door closes behind
the two.
Outside the house, Ned (the neighbor) still watering his
lawn watches with a mysterious look as Mega-man and Roll
enter Dr. Lights car and then disappear down the street.
Roll flips on a quiet tune while Mega-Man looks on out the
Ok now Rock where should we go to
Mega-Man is cut off.
Oh I know! I'll take you to my
hangout first how does that sound?
Um.... sure.
Roll makes a sudden turn and continues down the boulevard.


The car comes to a sudden stop. Mega-Man peers out the
window at the big sign that reads "Larry's World of Games".
This is it!
Roll pulls around the back of the building and parks the
car. The two exit and make their way towards the arcade
What exactly is this place?
As the two approach the big double doors Mega-Man notices
several different employees dressed up in weird costumes
handing out fliers, gifts, and making obscene gestures.
Are you sure these things are
Roll turns to see the figure that Mega-man is looking at.
The half bat half whale looking creature begins to make his
way over towards Roll and Mega-Man.
Of course! These are just people
dressed up in costumes to make
this place seem more fun....Cmon!
Roll continues on ahead. As Mega-Man goes to follow he is
startled as the creature jumps in front of him and springs a
bouquet of flowers. Mega-Man quickly transforms his arm and
blows the flowers to dust.
The creature stops for a moment and looks at the burnt
remains in his hand. Mega-Man is suddenly pulled off to the
side by Roll.
Rock put that thing away!
Mega-Man changes his arm back while Roll looks around to
make sure the coast is clear.
Ok now listen. When were outside
you cant change into Mega-Man got
it? If people find out that were
machines we could be disassembled.
You know what disassembled means


                       ROLL (cont'd)
dont you?
(sigh) Of course!
Ok then, so from now on when were
out in public no Mega-Man under
any circumstance got it?
Yea I got it.
Ok then cmon get ready to have
some fun.
                                         ZOOM OUT
Mega-Man and Roll can be seen disappearing into the
building. We zoom out of the area and stop above the sign
where a tall figure can be seen aiming a gun.
The two make there way into the lobby area of the arcade
with the sound of video games and air hockey echoing in the
background. Children of all ages can be seen running around
chasing each other and fighting over tickets and candy.
Oh yea this is what I'm talkin
about Rock! I love the arcade!
Mega-Man and Roll take a moment to look around the area.
Roll quickly finds her usually playing spot while Mega-Man
fixes his gaze on two older boys stealing tickets from a
younger one and taunting him.
                       LITTLE BOY
Stop give me back my tickets!
The two BULLY'S are laughing while dangling the tickets over
the LITTLE BOY'S head.
Oh.....does the baby want his
tickets back!? Hahaha


The bully's continue to tease the little boy.
Ok Rock lets go over...
Roll stops and turns to see Rock making his way towards the
two bully's.
The Little Boy continues to reach for the tickets but to no
evail. And while he's distracted, the other bully gives him
a wegie. While the boy shrieks in pain the two lift him up
and throw him into the ball pit next to them.
Hahaha that was great!
As the two bully's turn around they are caught off guard
with Rock standing right in front of them.
Whoa! What the hell!?
The bully's take a step back and examine Rock who appears as
a normal kid.
Hey! outta the way runt before I
fit my size 9 where the sun don't
Rock stands firm.
Those tickets dont belong to you.
What the hell did you say!?
They belong to that boy now hand
them over.
Rock holds out his hand. The two boys look at it for a
moment then at each other and begin laughing.
Hahaha Oh I get it this guy must
be the ticket patrol!
As the two continue to laugh, the one holding the tickets is
waiving them in front of Rock carelessly. Rock quickly grabs
the bully by the arm and strips the tickets from his hand.


Hey! Give those back!
Bully1 lunges at Rock, but rock quickly dodges it and he
falls to the floor. Next, Bully2 begins to throw wild
punches at Rock. As Rock evades the attacks he notices a
game with a toy hammer. He grabs the hammer and begins
beating Bully2 with it.
As Rock continues to embarass Bully2, Bully1 appears from
behind and tries to tackle Rock. Rock with his quick
reflexes moves out of the way causing Bully1 to tackle
Bully2 knocking them both in the ball pit.
The two boys slowly sit up in the pit and then are suddenly
bombarded with balls being thrown from all the kids.
Rock makes his way over to the little boy who is standing by
in shock and hands him his tickets.
Here you go.
                       LITTLE BOY
Thank you.
The little boy takes off running while Roll comes storming
Rock what the hell did I tell
Roll grabs Rock by the arm and begins dragging him away from
the scene with the two bully's still being bombarded in the
I thought I told you to keep a low
What!? You said not to transform
in public. I merely taught a
couple of bully's a lesson with my
quick reflexes.
Rock smiles at Roll who is still frowning.
Dont be a smart ass! cmon lets go
over here.


Roll directs Rock over to a secluded area where there arent
alot of kids. She takes him to a two player shooting game
called "Get Em".
Ok Here we are! This is my
favorite game Rock.
What is it?
Its called "Get em" and what we do
is we use these guns to shoot all
the enemies in the game. Pretty
simple but dont shoot women or
children, and look out for bonuses
What'r those?
There flashy items in the game
that give you extra power with
your weapons and stuff.
Oh... ok.
Roll enters the coins and the two grab their guns while
waiting for the game to load up.
The menu screen pops up and Roll shoots for two player mode
and then level 1. The two wait patiently as the screen
Oh.... by the way there are
ninety-nine levels in this game
and each one gets harder as we
Oh really? Whats the highest level
you've gotten to?
I've never made it past sixty.
The game loads up and a quick cut scene plays, before they
know it Rock and Roll are now shooting in first person view


at enemy's with shotguns, machine guns, and some throwing
A moment passes and the game stops with a giant "clear" on
the screen.
Good job Rock! They didnt want
none of us!
Hahaha yea that was easy!
Hey dont get too excited we still
have ninety-eight levels to go.
Stage two loads up, Rock and Roll once again begin blasting
away at all the targets.
                                         ZOOM OUT
As Rock and Roll continue there game we zoom out of the
arcade area.
We leave the arcade area and make our way deeper into the
city, passing jammed freeways, parks, and buildings.
                                         ZOOM IN
We zoom in on the building MPD(Manhattan Police Department).
We come inside a busy precinct with the sound of phones and
paper work in the background.
We follow a young police cadet who makes her way up stairs
and passes busy offices. The hallways are filled with
aprehended criminals and crying victims.
The young cadet opens the door to the room marked
"Detectives Office". She makes her way to her desk and sits


The camera continues past her and overlooks the office.
Suddenly a tall heavy figure comes storming out of his
                       CHIEF BAKER
Hey! Has anyone seen Sloan?
A few of the staff look at one another then suddenly a
figure comes through the door.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Yea chief? I'm here.
                       CHIEF BAKER
      (Pointing his
In my office now!
The chief barges into his office while Detective Sloan
follows. He closes the door behind him while the chief grabs
some paper work.
                       CHIEF BAKER
What have you got on this night
rider case?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Nothing yet sir. I have plenty of
witnesses who can identify the
perpetrator but there was nothing
left behind that can give us any
The chief bangs his fist on the desk.
                       CHIEF BAKER
Damnit Sloan this isn't good! I
have the Mayor up my ass asking
how come millions of dollars of
property has been destroyed and
nothing has been done! And on top
of that the FBI is starting to
stick there noses in as well. They
think this might be a national
security issue if it's not dealt
with soon.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Sir I understand. But what can we
do? This "Robot" Has a weapon that
fires explosives projectiles, it
can leap over buildings, and it
has inpenetrable body armor. Our


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN (cont'd)
police force isn't trained to
handle this sort of maniac.
                       CHIEF BAKER
Sloan before I go throwing in the
towel I wanna make sure that we
have done everything possible to
aprehend this criminal! Are you
sure there aren't any leads?
The two pause for a moment.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Well.... there may be someone who
knows more then there telling.
                       CHIEF BAKER
Oh? And who might that be?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
One of the doctors at the college
seemed to be acting kinda funny
when I asked him about the
                       CHIEF BAKER
Have you had him checked out?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
I'm doing a background check on
him now. I should have the results
back soon.
                       CHIEF BAKER
Good. Find out what you can and
get back to me as soon as
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Yes sir!
Detective Sloan turns to exit the door.
                       CHIEF BAKER
He turns to face him.
                       CHIEF BAKER
I'm counting on you!


The detective nods and exits the room. He makes his way to
his desk, picks up the phone, and dials a number. A young
woman answers the phone.
Hello? Criminal background.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Hi Trace its detective Sloan.
Hi detective! Lemme guess you want
the results regarding a doctor
Thomas Light correct?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Yes....please...tell me what you
Well I dont have everything yet,
however, I did find out that the
good doctor specializes in
advanced bio-mechanical
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Mechanical Engineering!?
Thats right! You know for moving
parts, like robots or something.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Robots!? This sounds like our man.
Anything else Trace?
Well apparently ten years ago
there was a horrible accident at
one of his labs causing it to
explode. Somehow the doctor
escaped. Then, one year later he
was hired on at RITE University.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Ok I see whats his address again?
Detective Sloan grabs a notebook and pen.
2231 5th and Main.


The detective writes the address on the paper and then rips
it off.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Thanks Trace gotta go!
The detective slams down the phone and exits the building.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The doctor is seen asleep in his bed snoring loudly.
                                         FOCUS ON
We focus on the alarm clock next to bed as it goes from 2:59
to 3:00. Suddenly the music blares on. The startled doctor
jumps out of bed and lands on the floor.
His arm is seen as he reaches up and bangs on the alarm
clock until silence. He sits on his bed and looks at the
                       DR. LIGHT
(yawn) Wow three O' clock already?
The doctor slowly gets up and makes his way into the
bathroom, releiving himself of a full bladder. He flushes
and comes back into the room.
                       DR. LIGHT
I wonder what Rock and Roll are
Dr. Light makes his way down the stairs only to find Rush
laying in his bed.
                       DR. LIGHT
Rock?.....Roll? Where are you?
The doctor makes his way into the kitchen but finds nothing
but a few dishes ready to be put away. Rush gets up and
requests some attention.
                       DR. LIGHT
Where on earth!?
The doctor looks down and see's Rush staring up at him.


                       DR. LIGHT
Rush! Where did they go boy?
Rush barks a few times and then stands in the middle of the
living room. A moment passes and suddenly his eyes light up
projecting a video image. The doctor stands by and watches
as Rock and Roll leave the house.
                       DR. LIGHT
Damnit I thought I told them to
stay put!
The doctor runs upstairs. A moment passes then he comes back
down in different attire.
                       DR. LIGHT
Damn teenagers!
The doctor looks over at Rush who is still looking at him
                       DR. LIGHT
Cmon boy! Your coming too!
Rush gives a reassuring bark and the two exit the house.
                                         CUT TO
We come back to Mega-Man and Roll who are still playing the
same game, only now they have a crowd gathering behind them.
                                         FOCUS ON
Enemy's can be seen dropping left and right as Mega-Man and
Roll take down everything with perfect accuracy. Bonuses can
be seen building up rapidly along with explosions and bodys
flying everywhere. Suddenly a level 98 "clear" sign appears.
Everyone in the audience begins to clap as Rock and Roll
advance to the last level. Rock and Roll look at each other
and smile as the last level begins to start.
Suddenly they are bombarded with machine gun fire and bombs.
Tanks can be seen coming from all areas of the screen while
aircrafts fly by dropping bombs. Rock and Roll can be seen
taking cover, shooting, and throwing grenades.


The people in the crowd stand by nervous as Rock and Roll's
life units begin to go down. The game gets intense as Rock
and Roll are on there last life units. Suddenly a giant tank
comes out (the Boss) and begins firing wrecklessly.
The crowd begins to Oooo and Ahhhh as Rock and Roll narrowly
escape attacks and counter. They keep shooting and shooting
until finally the boss is defeated. A giant "High Score
126758400 points" screen appears.
The crowd begins to clap enthusiastically as the two turn
around and take a quick bow.
A moment passes and then the crowd begins to brake up.
Good job Rock! We kicked butt!
Roll gives Rock a big hug.
Yea we did! Y'know that was pretty
See I told you! That was the first
time I ever beat that game!
Haha so what next?
As the two turn to head out, they suddenly stop when they
see the two bully's from earlier now back with friends. The
group is looking directly at Rock and Roll.
Shoot! See I told you Rock! Now
they really want to bust you up.
Mega-Man just peers back at them.
I'm not worried. I'll teach them
all a lesson.
No Rock! Remember we dont want to
make a scene.
Too late for that now.


Roll turns to see the group approaching them with Bully1 in
the lead. He turns to Rock.
Now I'm gonna show ya who runs
this place!
Mega-Man eases Roll to back away. Roll slowly backs away as
Mega-Man keeps his gaze on Bully1.
Lets see it!
Suddenly Bully1 throws a punch at Mega-Man. But Mega-Man
deflects it with his head crunching the Bully's hand. As the
Bully holds his hand and wails in pain Mega-Man quickly
kicks him into his friends knocking them all down.
Mega-Man quickly grabs Roll by the hand and they make for
there escape. As they make for the exit a fat security guard
tries to stop them. He jumps at them but the two quickly do
a flip over the guards head and exit the arcade.
They make there way outside and stop in there tracks when
Dr. Light appears in front of them with Rush at his side.
                       DR. LIGHT
You two are in alot of trouble!
Rush makes a slight bark to let his presents be known.
Roll kneels down and gives Rush a pet behind the ears. Dr.
Light peers past them and watches as a group of kids storm
out of the arcade. They point over in his direction and
begin to run that way. Dr. Light looks at the two who each
look at each other.


                       DR. LIGHT
You two are really in trouble!
The four begin to run for the parking lot with the group of
bully's running after them in the background.
                       DR. LIGHT
Roll where did you park?
Over there!
Roll points to the location and the four make it to the car.
                       DR. LIGHT
Roll throw me the keys!
Roll tosses the keys to Dr. Light and in a hurry they all
jump in the car. The doctor backs up and screeches out of
the parking lot. The group of bully's can be seen still
running after them in the distance.
Inside the car, the doctor is racing through traffic.
                       DR. LIGHT
I am very upset with both of you!
Were sorry grandpa! But it wasnt
our fault see...
Roll is cut off.
                       DR. LIGHT
Roll I told you to watch out for
Rock and not get into any trouble!
Not only did you disobey me but
you also stole my car and left me
to hitch a ride on the bus!
But Grandpa...
                       DR. LIGHT
Do you understand what will happen
if anyone discovers what you
really are?
Roll puts her head down sad. Rush sits in her lap trying to
cheer her up.


Grandpa it wasnt just....
                       DR. LIGHT
I've heard enough! I want it to be
quiet the rest of the way!
The doctor can be seen changing lanes and getting on the
freeway on ramp.
Grandpa where are we going? this
isn't the way to our house.
Dr. Light pauses for a moment.
                       DR. LIGHT
Where not going home.
Roll and Rock look up at the doctor confused. The doctor
pauses for another moment.
                       DR. LIGHT
I'm taking you to see an old
The two look at each other confused.
                                         FOCUS ON
We focus on the doctors car which can be seen heading
towards a desert area.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
The car pulls up to an old abandoned building which lay in
the middle of nowhere. The four exit the vehicle and stop to
take a look around.
                                         AREA VIEW
They look around the area which is surrounded by dry
mountaintops. Various cacti and tumbleweeds can be seen
moving about in the dry dessert wind. The group fixes their
gaze on the old seemingly abandoned building.


Grandpa where are we?
Dr. Light turns to Roll.
                       DR. LIGHT
Were at a very old laboratory. As
you can see the years have not
been kind to this building.
A piece of debris falls from the roof. A startled Rush jumps
Grandpa why did you bring us here?
He turns to Mega-man.
                       DR. LIGHT
For you Rock. Were here because I
have someone here that I would
like you to meet.
Rock looks at Dr. Light with confusion.
Who Grandpa?
                       DR. LIGHT
Come everyone follow me.
The four cautiously approach the door while the doctor
gently knocks the hammer. They wait a moment.
Suddenly a long metallic tentacle appears through the mail
hole with an eye at the end of it. The eye slowly examines
everyone at the door.
                       ROBOT EYE
      (Robotic voice)
Who are you? What are you doing
The four are startled at the talking eye and take a moment
to respond.
                       DR. LIGHT
Uh... my name is Dr. Light and I'm
here to see Frederick Isenhower.
The robot stops for a moment and pauses as if awaiting to
receive orders. A light flashes through its eye.


                       ROBOT EYE
Very well I will show you to the
good doctor. Follow me.
The eye disappears back through the mail door. A moment
passes then suddenly the door gently opens. The four
cautiously enter the building.
The door closes behind them revealing the EYE ROBOTS true
form. It has the body of a dog but instead of a canines head
it is replaced with a long metallic neck and at the end lies
not one but three eyes that split halfway down the neck.
The three turn and stare at the creature in amazement. Rush
walks up to it and gives it a cautious sniff. The robot
beeps loudly and scares Rush behind Roll.
                       ROBOT EYE
Come. Follow me please.
The eye robot begins making his way through the torn down
building with the four of them following behind. Mega-man
examines the house which is layered with black silt
suggesting a fire. Various walls with holes and dents in
them are left barely able to keep the building from
The robot takes them through a long dining hall filled with
broken chairs and tables. After passing a few more torn down
rooms, the robot opens a door in the floor revealing a
hidden passageway. The three look down in amazement.
                       ROBOT EYE
This way please.
As the robot makes his way down the hidden path. The three
stop for a moment.
Grandpa are you sure this is safe?
He turns to Roll.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well I'm not entirely sure,
however, the last time the doctor
and I spoke were on good terms so
I suspect we'll be alright.
Roll shrugs.


Well that's reassuring.
The three look down at the opening once again and then
cautiously enter. They come to a long stairwell that leads
deep under the building structure. In the distance they can
see the eye robot still making his way down the stairwell
not once looking back.
                       DR. LIGHT
We better catch up before we get
left behind.
As the three begin to hustle the opening from which they
came closes behind them. The three turn to the now sealed
Well.... I guess there's no
turning back now.
The three look at each other and then continue once again
behind the eye robot. As they follow it down the path lined
with hanging lamps, they finally reach the bottom level.
They suddenly stop in their tracks as the robot pauses in
front of a big door.
It makes its way over to the side of the door where a device
rests embedded into the wall. It stretches its neck bringing
the device to eye level. It scans the robots eye for a
                       ROBOTIC VOICE
The eye robot backs away and the group stands in amazement
as the giant door opens. The group cautiously enters with
the eye robot once again leading the way.
As the group passes through the big doors they come to a
giant room which appears to be a control room. The room is
lined with all kinds of computer equipment and gadgets (much
like Dr. Wileys). At the end of the room is a big chair
facing a giant piece of glass which is actually a monitor.
The group approaches but stops when they hear a voice.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
It has been a long time Dr.
Light.... or should I say Thomas?


The chair spins around introducing a short white-haired man
in similar age to Dr. Light. He stands from his chair. Both
men look at each other for a moment with tension in the air.
Suddenly a smile comes across FREDERICKS face.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
My Thomas how you've aged!
Dr. Light gives off a big grin.
                       DR. LIGHT
Haha It's funny how I was thinking
the same thing about you old
The two laugh for a moment and then greet each other with a
warm hug and handshake.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
My god Thomas it has been ages!
What on Earth have you been doing
all this time? What has it been
now 15...20... years?
                       DR. LIGHT
Haha yes Frederick it has been a
while I must say.
Frederick stops for a moment and notices Rock,Roll, and Rush
all standing in confusion.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
And who are these young people you
brought with you?
The doctor turns to face them.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well my old friend they are the
reason why I am here.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Oh! Are these your children?
                       DR. LIGHT
Well yes and no. You see they are
my life's work. They are humanoid
Frederick pauses for a moment and then circles the three
examining them while playing with his beard.


                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Exquisite work doctor. simply
                       DR. LIGHT
Thank you.
Frederick finishes his examination and takes his place next
to Dr. Light.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
How long have they been operable?
                       DR. LIGHT
Well.... Roll and Rush I made
nearly five years ago. But as for
Rock... he's been operational for
a little over twenty-four hours
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Oh I see! Simply Amazing! Well
then my old friend why don't you
tell me what it is I can do for
                       DR. LIGHT
Well Frederick... let me ask
you... do you remember Dr. Albert
Frederick frowns.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Oh yes.... how could I forget that
hotheaded egotystical fool huh?
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes and as you know he and I were
partners together ten years ago.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Yes I remember. Why you became
partners though I never
                       DR. LIGHT
Well my friend things were a lot
different back then.


                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Yes... they were...
The two pause for a moment. Ding Dong! Suddenly a door bell
can be heard from outside the door breaking the silence. The
door opens and another little 'helper' robot appears.
                       ROBOTIC VOICE
Dr. Isenhower Dinner will be ready
soon. Shall we make more room for
your guests?
Everyone peers at Frederick who gleams back at the 'helper'
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Yes please do. And hurry up will
you our guests must be hungry.
                       ROBOTIC VOICE
Right away doctor.
The little 'helper' robot leaves the room. Frederick turns
to Dr. Light.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Come my friend lets finish our
discussion over dinner shall we?
Dr. Light nods in agreement.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         ZOOM DOWN
We come to Mega-man, Roll and Rush who are all sleeping
soundly on the top floor of the building. The camera moves
from the window, down onto the porch where the two doctors
can be seen having a conversation.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
So that's it huh? You came here to
test Rock... I mean Mega-man?
                       DR. LIGHT


                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
And not only that, but you think
that Dr. Wiley is behind all of
these attacks lately?
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes I'm sure.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
But how do you know? How do you
know Proto-man isn't just some
renegade robot on the brink of
Dr. Light pauses for a moment.
                       DR. LIGHT
Because my friend. I helped build
Proto-man remember? I know
Proto-man is not a murderer. I
know that Albert is behind this.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Even if he is...do you really
believe that Mega-man can take him
and Proto-man on with so little
Dr. Light gives Frederick a serious look of determination.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes Frederick I believe he can.
Even though Mega-man might not
have the experience Proto-man
has.... I still believe he is more
than capable of taking on his
nemesis. You see... I built Rock
with a very special type of
operating system. The K-12 series.
Frederick looks at the doctor with a very nervous face.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
The K-12 series are you crazy!? Do
you have any idea what kind of
destruction that machine could
Dr. Light raises his hand as if to settle Frederick.
                       DR. LIGHT
Relax my friend. Yes its true that
if put in the wrong hands he could
cause serious destruction.


                       DR. LIGHT (cont'd)
However, I know Mega-mans true
soul and no matter what he will
always do the right thing.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
I sure hope your right about this.
                       DR. LIGHT
I am. But really what other choice
do we have?
The two stare off into the stars and watch as a shooting
star passes by. We watch as the sky turns from night to day.
The camera moves from the daylight sky down. We are now back
on the outskirts of the city following the camera as it
moves from the city buildings into the water outside the
city parameter. The camera transitions from the water to the
inside of Dr. Wileys laboratory. (Hinting its location)
Dr. Wiley can be seen up on a lift working furiously on the
center of the giant Guts man we saw earlier. We watch as the
doctor inserts the Radioactive material into the machines
chest plate when he is suddenly shocked.
                       DR. WILEY
Ouch! Damnit!
Proto-man and Marcus enter the room.
Father are you alright!?
Proto-man rushes to Dr. Wileys aid.
                       DR. WILEY
Yes I'm fine.
What seems to be the trouble
The doctor presses a button and the lift precedes down. He
steps off leaving his tools on the platform.
                       DR. WILEY
The problem Marcus is that I cant
seem to connect the RM to the Guts
mans life support system.


And why is that sir?
The doctor makes his way over to an operating system located
to the side of the room with Proto-man and Marcus following
behind. He pushes a button and a hologram appears above the
network illustrating the design for the Guts man.
                       DR. WILEY
You see Marcus here is the center
plate for the Guts man.
The doctor points to the center part of the design.
                       DR. WILEY
What I'm trying to do is embed the
RM into the Guts mans life support
system without damaging its
cranial CPN.
And how do you do that sir?
Dr. Wiley presses a button once again shutting down the
                       DR. WILEY
Well Marcus there in lies the
problem. It is a very delicate
procedure. Had I known this was
going to happen I would not have
built this model.
So then what do we do now?
The doctor stops and thinks for a moment. He then fixes his
gaze on Proto-man.
                       DR. WILEY
I think its time I got acquainted
with an old friend.
The doctor gives off a sinister grin.
                                         FADE OUT


A door opens up from the ground with Frederick's hand on the
operating mechanism. The group watches as a platform (the
size of a football field) arises from the opening.
Frederick presses another button and this time racks of
machines line up on the outside of the platform.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok now...those of you who are not
partaking in this exercise please
stand behind the yellow line.
Everyone looks around and discovers that the yellow line is
drawn outside of the platform. Roll and Rush make their way
over to it while Mega-man, Dr. Light, and Frederick make
there way to the center of the platform.
                       DR. LIGHT
Ok now Rock listen up. The
professor here is going to put you
through a variety of tests. I want
you to give it your all.
Mega-man nods.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok Rock the first of your tests is
going to be target practice.
Professor would you please get
behind the line?
                       DR. LIGHT
Oh I'm sorry.
Dr. Light makes his way over to where Roll and Rush are
waiting patiently. We watch in slow mo. as Mega-man
transforms for the first time.
With a high tech. controller in his hand, Frederick presses
a button and a row of targets appear down the platform.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok now Rock when I say go I want
you to hit all the targets as fast
as you can. Are you ready?
Mega-man nods.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER


Mega-man begins unloading blast after blast at each target,
crumbling each one with a direct hit. Everyone stands
stunned for a moment with how fast and precise Mega-man was.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok... that was just a warm up Rock
so don't get too comfortable.
Frederick presses a few more buttons on his remote.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok obviously your arm cannon is
working nicely, so now lets see
how well your evading skills are.
Frederick presses another button. The racks begin to unload
the machines it is carrying. The machines resemble a type of
bird looking figure but without wings or a tail. Instead
they all hover from the bottom and on there sides rests a
rotating sawblade.
Each machine finishes unfolding itself and awaits patiently
by the platform as Mega-man and the others look on in
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Everyone I would like to introduce
you to my very own creations! I
call them the "Buzzards".
Mega-Man stands his ground as the "Buzzards" lock in on him.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok Rock when I activate the
buzzards engage program they will
immediately begin attacking you.
Now please keep in mind that these
things will not stop until either
you or them are destroyed you
Mega-Man knods and then gets into his ready stance.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok Rock on my signal.
Frederick pauses for a moment as everyone else awaits
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER


Frederick presses a button and almost immediately the
buzzards begin swarming at Mega-man.
Mega-man fires off a few shots hitting a couple buzzards.
They fall to the ground exploding on impact as Mega-man
begins to dodge the rest. One after another they fly by
Mega-man at incredible speeds with Mega-man barely able to
maneuver out of the way.
One gets close and slices Mega-mans left shoulder. It
distracts Mega-man as another comes by and slices his right
The others watch with grave concern on thier faces. One
buzzard charges Mega-man head on.
Rock! get out of the way!
Mega-man quickly dodges the attack. He then gets a mad look
on his face and begins to run at the buzzards firing shot
after shot and dodging the best he can. Finally after a
moment Mega-man finsihes the rest of the buzzards with a
charged up blast from his cannon.
Good job Rock! I mean Mega-man!!
Hehe you did great!
Mega-man knods triumphantly then turns to exit the arena
thinking his practice is done when he is stopped by
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Ok now Mega-man I have one more
test for you.
Frederick presses a button and a door on the platform opens
up and begins raisng an armadillo-like robot to the top. It
sits on the platform lifeless with a giant shell on its
back. The group looks at it in amazement.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
This will be your final test
Mega-man. I hope you can handle
Frederick presses a button and the eyes on the robot light
up. Mega-man gets in his ready stance once again.


                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
On my mark.
frederick pauses for a moment. Everyone watches with tension
in the air.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Frederick presses a button and the armadillo begins to
react. It fixes its gaze on Mega-man. It changes its two
arms into cannons and begins firing at Mega-man. Mega-man
dodges as the blasts explode around him.
Suddenly it curls up in a ball and begins rolling furiously
at Mega-man. Mega-man fires off a couple shots which hit its
target but are unable to penetrate the shell. Realizing this
Mega-man begins to run from his persuer.
They make it outside the arena when Mega-man suddenly stops
and turns around. The armadillo stops and transforms and
almost imediately begins firing blast after blast. Mega-man
dodges the first one but is hit by the second causing him to
fly back a distance and crashing him to the sand.
Mega-man gets up but the armadillo is already rolling toward
him once again. It makes contact knocking him and spinning
him to the ground. It comes back and hits him a couple more
times. Everyone can be seen with worried looks on thier
Cmon Rock get up!
Realizing he cant handle much more, Mega-man looks around
for an idea. He notices the loose rocking from the dry
The armadillo begins rolling toward him once again. Mega-man
gets up and runs toward the mountain. With the armadillo
right behind him he does a backflip off the rock. The
armadillo crashes into the mountains as Mega-man is now
behind him. It transforms back and raises its weapons to
fire. Mega-man quickly aims his weapon and fires a shot at
the mountain.
Huge bolders begin to fall. They come crashing onto the
armadillo crushing it completely. Its head can be seen
outside the bolder with its red eyes slowly dimming out...
Mega-man makes his way back to the arena.
Roll makes her way to Rock who is huffing and heaving from
his skirmish and gives him a big hug. She begins to praise


him in the background. The two doctors stand by and watch
the excitement.
                       DR. LIGHT
Well what do you think of my
creation Frederick?
Fredericvk gives doctor Light a slight grin.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Well she sure has spunk.
The two look at each other and smile.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
And as for your Mega-man.... well
he is very impresive but still
needs some more work.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes I would agree with you on that
one old friend.
Frederick presses a button and the platform begins to close
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Good job Rock that will be all for
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
A door opens as Roll begins putting suitcases in the car.
Dr. Light can be seen finishing up polishing Mega-mans armor
where he got cut and damaged. Frederick makes his way to Dr.
Light with his little robot right beside him.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Are you sure you wont stay a
little longer?
Dr. Light puts down the buffer and gives Frederick a
reassuring look.
                       DR. LIGHT
Yes my friend I'm sure and don't
worry everything will be ok.


The two hug each other goodbye as the little robot streches
his eye and watches in wonder.
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
You come back anytime now you
here? Dont wait another 15 years
to come see me.
The two smile.
                       DR. LIGHT
Dont worry Ill keep in touch. And
besides... Rock could always use
more training.
They all make thier way inside the car. Rush gives a goodbye
bark and then jumps in the car. Mega-man looks out his
window at Frederick as Dr. Light begins to slowly drive
                       FREDERICK ISENHOWER
Mega-man remember.... anyone can
have power.. but its their true
self that defines it!!
Mega-man knods as the car begins to disapear in the
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Sloan can be seen waiting patiently a little ways before Dr.
Lights house. While sitting in his car he grabs his coffee
and listens in on his cb radio. A moment passes when
suddenly a shadowy figure passes overhead.
Sloan watches carefully as Proto-Man kicks in the door and
makes his way inside the house.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
      (Whispering to
I got you now!
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
      (Speaking into the
Control this is Detective Sloan.
I'm gonna need backup at 2231 5th


                       DETECTIVE SLOAN (cont'd)
and Main. Suspect has been
spotted. Am going to engage over.
Chief Baker can be heard from the other end of the cb.
                       CHIEF BAKER
      (Talking from
Sloan do not engage over.... I
repeat you do not have
authorization do you copy?
Sloan switches off the radio. He checks his clip and grabs
his shotgun from the center console. Just as he's getting
ready to exit his car Dr. Light's car drives by. He stops
and watches as Rock and everyone exit the car and begin
bringing in their suitcases. He stands by.
As the group makes their way to the front door, Dr. Light
suddenly stops with Rock and Roll right behind him. They
examine the entrance where their door used to be. Dr. Light
looks down at Rock.
                       DR. LIGHT
Rock knods then transforms into Mega-man. The four
cautiously enter the house with Mega-man in the lead and
Rush following (while sniffing the ground) slowly behind
After a moment Rush stops then looks up and begins to growl.
Everyone stops as Proto-man emerges from the shadows.
Hello Dr. Light... your presence
has been requested.
Mega-man aims his cannon at Proto-man.
Oh and who might this be!?
The names Mega-man... and your not
taking the Doctor anywhere!
Proto-man chuckles to himself.


Sorry to dissapoint you Mega-man
but this isn't a request.
Suddenly little mechanical robots begin to surround
Proto-man. Mega-man and the rest look in shock.
Sloan can be seen tip toeing closer to Dr. Lights house. Ned
the neighbor is outside still watering his lawn in the same
type of getup as before.
After a moment as the detective gets within sight there is a
sudden explosion. Sloan gets covered in debris as Mega-man
gets tossed in the center of the street. Proto-man is seen
standing on the curb.
Now then lets see what your made
of Mega-man!
proto-man moves at incredible speed and lands a right hook
knocking mega-man across the street and crashing him into
Neds car.
Oh my god... My Car!!
Mega-man shakes it off but only to discover that Dr. Light
has now been tied up and is being dragged away by the
mechanical robots. Roll and Rush can be seen taking cover in
the doorway.
Grandpa.... NO!
Mega-man tries to react but has to quickly dodge Proto-mans
blast which connects Neds car exploding it to pieces.
Mega-man then continues to run and dodge as Proto-man
unleashes a series of blasts. Debris explodes everywhere
Proto-mans blasts hit.
The two fighters make thier way to the city. A middle aged
couple sits quietly at a coffee shop when suddenly a loud
explosion is heard and debris begins to fall all around
Outside the shop Mega-man and Proto-man can be seen punching
and kicking each other. Mega-man catches Proto-mans leg and
slams him against a nearby Taxi cab. Proto-man slams


mega-mans head in the back window. He then leaps high into
the air shooting a powerful blast down at Mega-man.
Mega-man quickly dodges but cars and light posts crash from
all around. People can be seen running and screaming,
fleeing the scene. Proto-man lands on a nearby building.
mega-man quickly gets up and makes a similar jump to his
The two now face to face each fire a blast exploding between
them causing both to take cover. mega-man looks up to see
Dr. Light being carried away in the distance.
Distracted Proto-man fires a shot, Mega-man blocks but is
knocked back into a wall. Proto-man continues following the
doctor while Mega-man lay stunned for a moment.
Back at Dr. Lights house Sloan gets up and uncovers himself
from the debris. He then looks down the street that is
littered with destruction. He makes his way to his car and
gets on the radio.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Control this is Detective Sloan do
you read me over?
                       VOICE ON RADIO
Copy Sloan this is control over
what is the situation?
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Where the hell is my backup!? This
whole block looks like a warzone
down here!
                       VOICE ON RADIO
All units have been sent to
downtown Manhattan. Sightings of
two unidentified machines are
terrorizing the city.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Downtown Manhattan? OK I'm on it!
Detective Sloan throws down his mic and with tires
screeching he makes his way for downtown Manhattan in a
hurry. Roll and Rush make thier way outside, only to
discover Ned the nieghbor pacing back and forth in his lawn.


Oh my car!.... My car!
Roll looks down at Rush.
Well now what are we going to do
Rush gives a slight (I dont know) whine.
Mega-man is now seen running and jumping quickly from
rooftop to rooftop trying to catch up to Proto-man.
proto-man begins firing blast after blast at Mega-man.
Mega-man dodges the attacks as he advances.
Proto-man notices a construction machine with a wrecking
ball on it and shoots off a giant blast towards it. The
machine explodes and comes crumbling down on Mega-man.
Mega-man makes a narrow escape. Proto-man suddenly jumps
from the rooftops and lands in the middle of an
intersection. Cars begin to crash and pile up around him.
The drivers, terrified, flee the scene.
Mega-man jumps from the building and lands once again face
to face with Proto-man.
Im impressed you managed to make
it this far Mega-man but I promise
you this ends here!
Proto-man fires off a shot, Mega-man dodges. The two come to
together and Clash! They begin once again pumnching and
kicking each other. Mega-man lands a blow knocking
Proto-man down the street aways.
Proto-man grabs a nearby light pole and pries it form the
ground. He strikes Mega-man with it sending him flying into
a nearby bulding. mega-man recovers but gets hit by another
one of Proto-mans blasts.
Mega-man comes out of the ruble his armor scraped and burned
from the blast. Proto-man is already in front of him.
Mega-man looks up but is hit over and over again. Proto-man
gives him the beating of his life.
Now with his helmet party smashed and blood coming from his
mouth, Proto-man gives mega-man a close up shot sending
mega-man flying through the building and crashing him into a


Huh and I thought this was going
to be a good fight!
Pleased with his victory Proto-man exits the scene.
Mega-man lays there in the wall for a moment when suddenly a
speedy car comes pulling up to the scene. Roll parks outside
the destroyed building and fixes her sight on Mega-man who
is embedded silently in the wall, with Rush sitting
impatiently beside her.
Sirens can be heard getting closer in the distance. Roll
quickly grabs Mega-man and throws him in the backseat of the
car. She then speeds off fleeing the scene.
Detective Sloan can be seen running up to the building, his
gun drawn, but discovers he is too late. The rest of the
squad cars appear and begin to close off the area. Cheif
Baker gets out of the car and makes his way to the
                       CHIEF BAKER
What have we got?
Chief Baker investigates the scene
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
Well we got a whole lot of ruble,
but other than that we aint got
                       CHIEF BAKER
Damnit what the hell happened
A young cadet approaches them.
                       YOUNG CADET
Sir we just got witness reports
stating that one of the robots was
driven away by a blue pathfinder.
                       CHIEF BAKER
And? Did they get a license plate?
                       YOUNG CADET
No sir, but reports say that there
was a young girl driving the
getaway vehicle. They also state
that the robot she was


                       YOUNG CADET (cont'd)
transporting looked pretty banged
up sir.
                       DETECTIVE SLOAN
A young girl!?
                       CHIEF BAKER
What is it Sloan?
Sloan quickly jumps in his car and drives away.
                       CHIEF BAKER
Roll can be seen banging out the dents in Mega-mans armor.
Mega-man comes to suddenly and aims his cannon as if still
fighting Proto-man.
Roll steps back and then begins to soothe Mega-man.
Whoa whoa! Easy Rock were back at
the house now.
Roll? What happened? Where is
Mega-man takes a moment to get his bearrings.
Whoa take it easy that freak of a
bot took grandpa.... but dont
worry were gonna get him back.
Roll finishes with the armor and goes to place it back on
Mega-man when she pauses.
Hmm? Thats odd?
Mega-man notices the confusion.
What is it?


Roll pulls out Dr. Lights robot blueprints of Proto-man and
Here on these bleuprints Grandpa
made Proto-man with some sort of
energy core but with you there is
no energy core.
Roll shows Mega-man the blueprints which cleary show the
energy core of proto-man which is missing in mega-man. She
looks down in the drawer and notices Dr. Lights tape
recorder. She picks it up and presses the play button.
                       DR. LIGHT
      (Into the Mic)
"Proto-Man has a limited hard
drive that allows him to learn up
to a certain level and he also
contains the energy core which is
very sensitive to touch. Mega-man
on the other hand I chose for the
K-12 series so that he would not
have that handicap. Perhaps that
will be useful in the future".
Roll stops the recording.
Oh so thats why...
So then the energy core inside
proto-man is his weakness!
Well then lets go!
Mega-man goes to get up but is stopped by Roll.
Whoa hold on a second I havent
finsihed with the upgrades yet.


Mega-man examines himself.
What upgrades I feel the same.
Not for you...
Roll looks down at Rush.
                       DR. LIGHT
For Rush.
Mega-man looks down at Rush who turns his head as if to say
It will only take a minute. why
dont you go upstairs for a moment
and let me do my thing.
Um... ok.
Mega-man does what he is told and makes his way upstairs. He
looks around the room and notices a picture of doctor Light
standing proudly next to Dr. Wiley and Proto-man. He stares
for a moment.
      (to himself)
Don't worry Grandpa Im coming.
                       DR. LIGHT
Dr. Light struggles to get free as he hangs chained up from
the ceiling. Suddenly a door opens with Dr. Wiley and
Proto-man walking through.
                       DR. WILEY
Hello old friend it has been a
long time.
                       DR. LIGHT
Wiley! Why have you done this? Why
have you brought me here?


                       DR. WILEY
Now now is that any way to greet
an old friend? I thought you'd be
happy to see me.
Wiley chuckles.
                       DR. LIGHT
What do you want from me?
                       DR. WILEY
Ah straight to the point thats
what I always loved about you my
dear friend. But since you ask,
then let me explain.
Dr. Wiley presses a button and a projection appears in the
center of the room with blueprints of a giant robot on it.
                       DR. WILEY
As you can see I have started a
new project. I've come along way
since Proto-man and have created
new machines which I have proudly
called the Guts men.
Dr. Wiley presses a button and the diagram changes to a more
detailed version of the Robot.
                       DR. WILEY
If you notice... I have used the
same type of core that proto-man
uses. However, with this being a
larger machine I need to make
adjustments to this model. And
that my dear friend is where you
come in.
Dr. Light gives him an astonished look.
                       DR. LIGHT
You must be crazy to think that I
would help you! I already told you
no once, my answer will never
Dr. Wiley gives a big grin.
                       DR. WILEY
Oh I think you'll change your


Dr. Wiley presses another button. A door opens from the
floor outside the laboratory window. Kathey Teller can be
seen tied up and being raised to the top for Dr. Light to
                       DR. LIGHT
Dr. Light looks down at Dr. Wiley in anger.
                       DR. LIGHT
Wiley you bastard! Let her go she
has nothing to do with this!
Dr. Wiley gives off a sinister laugh.
                       DR. WILEY
Of course Thomas I would be happy
to let her go, but first I need
your help designing this new core.
It will be just like old times.
                       DR. LIGHT
You bastard!
Ok Rock were ready come on down!
Mega-man makes his way down the stairs discovering Roll and
Rush in the center of the room. He examines Rush.
Where is his upgrades? I dont see
any difference.
Roll gives a slight grunt.
Thats cause your not looking good
Roll looks down at Rush.
Ok Rush do your thing.
Rush begins to transform, his legs fold under neath him and
he begins to hover off the ground.


Ta Da! Pretty cool huh? Now you
can travel much faster.
Mega-man looks in amazement.
Wow so he can fly?
Yep. And with the boosters I put
on him he should be able to go
pretty fast.
Rush gives an excited bark.
Ok so then now all we got to do is
figure out where they might have
taken Grandpa.
Already got that covered.
Roll presses a button on her watch and watches as a blinking
dot appears on it.
This dot represents grandpas
location. And according to this he
seems to be somewhere near the
river. I'll enter his location
into your harddrive.
Ok then, it looks like were ready.
But wait a minute I'm going to.
You and Rush clear the way for me.
Once we get insde I might be able
to help.
Ok but Roll be very careful
chances are its going to be
haevily guarded.
I will. And you too ok Rock?


Mega-man knods.
Ok then rescue team...
Lets do it!
Lets do it!
Mega-man and Roll put their hands together while Rush puts
his paw on thiers.
                                         FADE OUT
                                         FADE IN
Dr. Light and Dr. Wiley can be seen working on a bright
energy core.
                       DR. WILEY
Well done my friend it looks like
this energy core will work just
nicely with my new project.