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by Tim Dutton (cotaninja@aol.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Westerns   User Review: ***1/2
Bury the Hatchet, is a western about an Ex-Confederate Partisan Ranger, who thought he had put the violence of the Civil War behind him, until thirteen Ex-Union Dragoon soldiers, calling themselves the Hatchet, torture and kill his family, now he must embrace his violent side in order to put an end to their reign of terror and bury the Hatchet.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


A bloody battlefield with bodies of men and horses strewn
about and EXPLOSIONS and other BATTLE SOUNDS can be heard
all around.

COLE HAWKINS, a Confederate Partisan Ranger, in his late
twenties, stands with a rifle in his hand, he sees UNION
SOLDIER #1 on horseback using a sabre to cut down
Confederate soldiers, who are standing on the ground.

Union soldier #1 slashes downward into CONFEDERATE SOLDIER
#1's shoulder.

Confederate soldier #1 falls to the ground in pain, bleeding
from his wound.

Union soldier #1 then stabs CONFEDERATE SOLDIER #2 in the

Confederate soldier #2 grabs neck and falls, he is dead
before hitting the ground.

Union soldier #1 then turns his attention to CONFEDERATE

Cole aims and FIRES.

UNION SOLDIER #1 falls from his horse, his body hits the
ground and he does not move.

Confederate soldier #3 looks at Cole and nods.

UNION SOLDIER #2 Stabs confederate soldier #3 in the belly
with a sabre.

Union soldier #2 stands over the body of Confederate soldier
#3, he spots Cole.

UNION SOLDIER #2 charges on foot at Cole with a bayoneted

Cole turns just in time to Parry UNION SOLDIER #2's attack
and sticks his own bayonet deep within UNION SOLDIER #2's
midsection, pushing him all the way to the ground.

Cole pulls his bayonet free from the now lifeless body and
spots, CAPTAIN KENDALL BRODY, a Union Calvary Captain, who
is slightly older than Cole.


Kendall, on horse back charges at Cole with a sabre raised
over his head.

As Kendall approaches Cole, an EXPLOSION between the two
opponents knocks Cole, the horse and Kendall to the ground.

Cole slowly stands temporarily deaf from the explosion,
WITHOUT SOUND, Cole watches as Kendall's horse stands.

The horse staggers for a moment, gets it's footing and bolts

As Cole regains his senses, SOUND RETURNS, and he can hear
once more. Cole turns his head to see Kendall.

Kendall crawls toward a revolver.

Kendall grabs the revolver, aims and fires, felling

Cole urgently looks to both sides for a firearm of any type
but sees none.

Kendall still lying on the ground takes aim again and shoots
CONFEDERATE SOLDIER #5, who slumps grabs his gut and falls
to his knees.

Cole wastes no time pulling his knife as he sprints toward

As Cole reaches him, he grabs Kendall's hair and pulls back
his head.

In the distance we see COLONEL MUNROE BRODY, a young Dragoon
Colonel for the Union army and Kendall's older brother.

Munroe is wounded and unable to move.

Munroe reaches toward Kendall and screams.
Kendall look out! Stay away from
him you damn dirty reb! NOOOOO!
Cole cuts Kendall's throat.
                                         SMASH CUT


COLE HAWKINS, now in his mid to late thirties, with a
muscular build, abruptly sits up in bed, drenched in sweat
and breathing heavy.
TARA HAWKINS, Cole's wife is in her mid to late twenties and
is slender with slight functional muscularity. She sits up
next to Cole and touches him tenderly.
Cole? What is it?
Nothing! I didn't mean to wake ya.
Try to go back to sleep.
Cole turns his head toward Tara and kisses her on the cheek,
then turns to face forward again in heavy thought.
Was it the war again?
Same dream?
Tara reaches up and gently, grabs Cole's chin and turns his
head toward her.
Look at me. You always close up,
after you dream about this, like
your trying to hide some deep,
dark secret or something. Maybe it
would help if you talked about it.
Cole turns his head, so he doesn't have to look Tara in the
No! I don't want you to know about
that part of my life.
A husband and wife shouldn't keep
secrets from one another.


Cole continues to look straight ahead and does not
acknowledge what Tara just said.
You carry this like a heavy
burden. But its not just pulling
you down, it,s also pulling you
away, away from me and Sara.
I don,t want it to.
Tara gently places her hand on Cole's shoulder.
Then please open up to me Cole!
Just like any other weight,
burdens are easier to manage when
you have help. Share this with me
and I know, together we can carry
it through.
Cole, with sad eyes, turns to face Tara.
If I tell you what I done in the
Cole pauses and ducks his head.
Cole doesn't answer.
What will happen if you you tell
You'll think I'm a monster and
you'll hate me.
No Cole. Look at me! I may not
have fought in any wars, but I'm
also not some naive little girl,
who's been sheltered from the
world. I know that good men must
sometimes do bad things in order
to get by or survive and its even
more so in war or when they go up
against bad men.


Still don't make it right.
Some things are beyond right and
wrong. I know the man I married is
not a monster. I can't promise you
that I won't be surprised,
saddened or even disappointed at
times. What I can promise you is
that nothing you ever say or do
could ever make me hate you. I
love you Cole Hawkins and that's
forever. Now the question is, are
you going to trust me enough to
share your burden?
Cole, already in better spirits, looks directly into Tara's
I love you too and I trust you
with my life and more. So, if you
want to know, I'll tell ya,
everyting, every last bit of it.
Hawkins ranch is not big and it is definitely nothing fancy
or extravagant. It is just a small ranch with a house, a
barn and some corrals containing mustangs. Cole leans
against a corral watching his daughter play in the dirt.
SARA HAWKINS, Cole and Tara's daughter is three to five
years old and is a petite little tomboy. She is trying to
dig a hole in the dirt with a shovel that is bigger than she
is. Her clothes are smeared with dirt where she has wiped
her dirty hands. Her face also has smudges where she tried
to wipe sweat off her face and out of her eyes.
                       TARA (OS)
      (to Sara)
That shovel is bigger than you are
sweet pea!
Cole looks to see Tara approaching.
I can handle it ma'ma!
I never doubted it for a second.


Tara walks over to Cole.
      (To Cole)
Did you get the chores finished?
Yes ma'am.
Tara wraps her arms around Cole's waist, Cole gently gives
Tara a short kiss.
Supper's ready, now that you let
your daughter get all filthy.
Oh! She's my daughter when she's
filthy uh?
Nah, filthy or not I won't deny
her. Whats she doing anyway?
I don't know!
Cole shrugs his shoulders, Tara turns around to see Sara,
her back to Cole, but still with his arms wrapped around
You know how independent she is,
she had to do it her self. Knowing
her curiosity and lack of fear,
she's probably trying to dig to
the devil, just to see what he
looks like, or to beat him with
that big shovel of hers.
I would'nt doubt it one bit.
She's a rough and tumble tomboy,
just like her ma'ma.
There ain't no prim and proper,
sissified Miss prisses around
here. You want to trade us off for
some fancy Nancy?


Heck no! I'll take my rough and
tumble girls over anybody, any
day. What about you, you ever
wonder what it would be like to
have some dandified gentleman
slicker pampering you all day.
Nope! Like I said I ain't no prim
and proper, sissified Miss priss.
I don't need no pampering, you'll
have to do for now.
Will have to do? For now? I'll
show you how I do.
Cole starts to tickle Tara on both of her sides, with both
of his hands.Tara pulls away and tries to cover her sides.
Stop it!
Cole wraps his arms around Tara and holds her close, he
looks up and sees Sara smiling.
      (To Sara)
You're next little Missy!
Sara smiles and shakes her head back and forth.
No I'm not!
Cole raises his eyebrows and nods his head up and down.
You've been in a lot better mood
lately and I like it!
Cole loosens his grip and Tara turns around to face him.
You also haven't jolted me awake
in the middle of the night for
almost four weeks now.
I haven't been dreaming about the
war. Ever since I opened up to ya,
it's like I was finally able to


                       COLE (cont'd)
bury my past and move on. I guess
if ya can stay with me after
knowing, then like it or not I can
except what I done and put it
behind me. You were right!
I was right? I'm always right.
There's a well known rule that
states all wife's are always right
and husbands should listen and
Listen and obey uh? How about
instead I...
Cole stops talking, the smile on his face is replaced with a
worried look. He steps back from Tara and looks toward the
barn, then he looks toward the house.
Behind the barn stand eight men on horseback, all of them
dressed in faded Dragoon uniforms. (the only difference in
Calvary uniforms and Dragoon uniforms was the braiding,
Calvary had yellow braiding and dragoon had orange.)

The one in front is COLONEL MUNROE BRODY, a big, burly, well
dressed Dragoon Colonel,in his forties, He's a capable
leader, but the war has made him just a "little off" in the
head. Munroe is holding up a fist in the "hold position"

Next is JOHN " J.T." TREVOR, the youngest member of the
hatchet, he has a slender build and is neat and clean

The rest are bunched together and include, BUCK WESTON, the
Hatchet's scout, he is lean and muscular and wears
traditional Union dragoon uniform except he wears a red
breech-cloth over is trousers, a red bandanna as a headband
and moccasins instead of boots.

LIEUTENANT WADE BROOKS, who is very fit and neat in

CLAY DAWSON, who is normal and average looking in every way.

EMMETT BOGGS, a heavy set, very mean and angry looking man
in his forties, with a rough complexion, an eye patch and a


scar that runs diagonal across his face from under the eye
patch, past the edge of his nose and to the corner of his

AVERY "TENDERFOOT" BENNETT, skinny with glasses, he looks
more like a "tenderfoot" than a member of a Calvary or

The eighth horseman is LEROY "PREACHER" DOBBS, a Tall lanky,
bible toting, hypocrite. He is also the oldest member of the

The eight men are trying to hold position quietly, as to not
alert their prey!
Behind the house stands four men on horse back, the two on
each end are brothers, on the right is SERGEANT JACK FARLEY,
average build, neat in appearance older brother of Jake.

On the left, CORPORAL JAKE FARLEY, Jack's younger brother,
he is also neat in appearance. Both men wear faded dragoon
uniforms, with highly polished sabres. It is visually
obvious that both the brothers take great pride in their

the two men in the center are TYSON "TY PARNELL, a scrawny,
slouchy man who has a cocky look about him and

CHARLEY "RED" MCBRIDE, a flaming red headed Irishman with a
temper to match.

In the far distance on a hill behind the house you can see a
wagon stopped and waiting.
Cole is still looking around as though he knows someone is
close and up to no good!
What is it?
Get Sara and get in the house.


Cole unholsters his revolver and continues to look back and
forth from the barn to the house.

Tara, now realizing something is definitely wrong, runs over
to Sara, picks her up and starts to run toward the house.
Whats wrong ma'ma?
It's going to be OK sweet pea!
Before Tara can reach the house, Jack and Jake on horseback
ride around opposite ends of the house and meet at the
entrance, blocking Tara's path.
What's the hurry ma'am? Why don't
you stay an visit with the rest of
Cole points his revolver at Jack and cocks the hammer.
Let my wife through, then you can
state your business, and you best
be quick about it.
The sound of horses can be heard in the background and also
the sound of rifles being LEVERED and revolvers being
                       MUNROE (OS)
That's not very hospitable, Mr.
Hawkins. Now, lower that pistol
and try to be a little more
friendly. We wouldn't want those
pretty little ladies to get caught
in the cross fire, now would we?
Cole slowly releases the hammer on his revolver and places
it back into his holster. Cole turns to see the eight
horseman from behind the barn!

Some of the men have rifles and some have revolvers, all of
them are pointed at Cole and his family, Munroe, empty
handed is the closest!
Have we met?


We've never actually danced but
we've been on the same battle
      (in an angry tone.)
Who the hell are ya an what do ya
Well now, that don't sound very
friendly! But what the hell, I'll
introduce our asses anyhow.
Munroe places his hand to his chest.
I am Colonel Munroe Brody.
Munroe takes his hand off his chest. The rest of the men
relax their weapons.
As for these other mean son's of
Munroe nudges his head up towards J.T., who in return nods
at Cole.
That's John Trevor, but we just
call him J.T.
I don't need ta know all of yer
names! What do want?
The men of the Hatchet raise their weapons back up and point
them at Cole and his family. Munroe looks back at Cole, with
a mean hateful look.
      (to the Hatchet)
Easy, men! Easy!
The Hatchet, once again relax their weapons.
      (To Cole)
I'm getting ta that, so shut up
and listen. I want you to know
everyone of us, before we get down


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
to business.
Munroe points to Buck, who winks and makes a kissing face at
That there is Buck Weston he's our
scout, ain't nothing or nobody he
can't track!
Munroe points to Wade, Wade tips his hat.
This one here is Lieutenant Wade
Brooks. He is now my second in
command and he is a very capable
Munroe now points at Clay, who just smiles.
Clay Dawson! there's nothing
special about him. No offense
None taken, Colonel.
      (To Cole)
Although, he's loyal and gets his
job done.
Ty and Red are now trying to climb through a back window. Ty
falls through the window and onto the floor.
Damn it! That hurts, we always get
the shit jobs!
Red looks through the window to make sure Ty is out of the
way, then starts climbing trough the window! He is not
having any easier time getting through the window, he falls
to the floor with a THUD!
Be quiet, will ya?


      (getting loud)
Ty slaps his hand over Red's mouth to keep him quiet.
Shut Up! You don't have to get so
loud you damn, angry bastard.
You're going to have to control
your temper before they hear us.
Fine! I said I was trying and you
didn't do any damn better,
Whatever! We're in now, I don't
think anyone heard us, we're fine.
Munroe points at Emmett, Emmett just scowls at Cole!
Emmett Boggs! There ain't no one
more experienced in combat than
that man there. He can kill a man
with one hand while he's wiping
his ass with the other.
Munroe moves his pointing finger to Tenderfoot, who sits up
nice and straight, like a proud peacock!
That's Avery Bennett, but we call
him Tenderfoot because... well on
account of him looking like a
tenderfoot! But don't let them
looks fool ya, there's nothing
tender about that basterd.
Munroe points to Preacher, Preacher holds his bible out.
The old man there is Leroy Dobbs,
but we just call him Preacher,
cause he's always tot'in that
Bible around. He believes if he


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
hides behind it his sins won't
      (holding up bible.)
The good book is my shield, God
will forgive any sin if ye but
      (to Preacher)
Yea! Yea! We don't wanna hear
another one of your God Damn
sermons! I'm talking here!
Munroe shakes his head and rolls his eyes, as he looks back
at Cole.
      (To Cole)
He used to be a Chaplain, now he's
just another god damn killer like
the rest of us.
Munroe brings his pointing hand to his face, looks at and
wiggles his finger and then shakes out his hand.
That there's a lot of damn
pointing! Oh well, we're almost
Munroe raises his other hand with index out, shows it to
Cole, SMILES, then points toward Jack and Jake Farley.
The Farley brothers you met, ya
just ain't been formally
introduced. The one on the right
is Sergeant Jack Farley, the one
on the left is Corporal Jake
Farley. We sometimes refer to them
as the sabre brothers, on account
of their fondness for those
sabres. They'd rather kill a man
with a sabre than any other
Jack draws his sabre and holds it high, while looking at


There's nothing more satisfying
than cutting a man down with three
feet of cold steel.
Now put that away Sergeant! you're
scaring our host.
Jack, without saying a word and still looking at Cole, licks
the blade of his sabre, then re-sheathes it.
Behind the house, the wagon in the distance is starting to

It is traveling fast and kicking up dirt behind it as it
gets closer to the house!

As the wagon gets closer you can see the man driving.

ZEKE "SKINNER" HOYT, heavy set, dirty, filthy and
disgusting. His Union uniform is ragged, untucked and blood
stained were he has wiped his hands, his scraggly and wiry
beard has dried tobacco spit in it and there's a leather
thong of human ears hanging from his pistol belt.
                       SKINNER (OS)
A wagon can be heard quickly approaching, everyone turns to
see the wagon and Skinner rapidly approaching!
Aah! Last and probably the least
too, coming in the wagon is Zeke
Hoyt. We call him Skinner on
account of... well we won't get
into the why of that right now.
Munroe tilts his head back and takes a big sniff of air,
lets it out, then looks back at Cole.
      (To Cole)
Take a whiff, you can can likely
smell him from here.


Skinner pulls up close to the rest of the Hatchet and stops!
      (to Munroe)
Did I wait long enough Colonel?
You did fine, just fine! Now take
the wagon on out about another
mile or two and wait on us there.
Yes sir, Colonel!
Skinner looks forward and slaps the reins.
      (to horses)
The wagon bolts forward and continues on it's way.
      (to Cole)
Well that's just about everybody,
give or take!
Can't say I'm pleased to meet ya
and ya still haven't told me why
the hell yore here.
You need some patience, Cole! Can
I call ya Cole? Course I can, we
all know each other real well now!
Patience is a virtue, virtue is...
      (to Preacher)
SHUT THE HELL UP! Don't interrupt
me again.
Munroe closes his eyes, tilts his head back, takes a deep
breath and slowly lets it out, in order to calm himself. He
then opens his eyes and looks at Cole Once more.
Now then, where was I? Oh that's
right! We call ourselves the
Hatchet! We chose that name


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
because our sole purpose in life
is to chop off the limbs of the
confederacy! And believe me, we're
damn good at it!
Cole, in a slight state of surprise, looks at Munroe. Cole
then shakes his head back and forth in confusion.
THE WARS OVER!... It's been over
for nearly ten years! What are ya
some senile old bastard, that
likes to dress up and play war?...

Hell! I reckon the lot of ya are
crazier than a bunch of shit house

Then again I reckon saying that is
disrespectful to the rats.
First rudeness and poor manners
and now insults, your hurting my
feelings Cole. Besides, crazy or
not, the war ain't over for us and
it won't be until every last God
damn Johnny Reb is dead and
So, you're just going to go around
killing every ex-confederate
soldier you can find?
You bet your britches we are, but
not just kill'em, we're going to
torture'em and not just ex-rebs
neither, but anyone who
fraternizes with'em too! All
southerners and their sympathizers
are nothing but scum and need to
be disposed of!
Munroe slowly rides his horse closer to Cole.
And you Cole Hawkins are the worst
one of all, you killed my
We're gonna treat you extra


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
Cole slightly turns his head as though he's trying to
      (quiet to himself)
Brody?.... Brody?
      (to Munroe)
Kendal Brody?
Yes, that's right! Captain Kendal
Brody! I knew you would remember
the man you murdered in cold
IT WASN'T MURDER!... I was a
soldier in a war! I'm sorry about
your brother, I truly am! It even
haunted me for a time, but I was
doing my duty I killed him to
prevent him from killing other
soldiers. I'm sorry for your loss,
but you need to take your men and
get off my land!
HELL NO! You don't give the
orders, here. Duty? Duty my ass,
we don't recognize the duty of
rebel murders... However, we're
not complete cold blooded killers!
The men of the Hatchet SNICKER and LAUGH.
That's a good one, Colonel!
OK! Ya got me! We are, but we can
still be fair. We'll give ya a
nice, fair trial right here!
Munroe looks around at the Hatchet.
All you scum sucking bustards that
think Cole Hawkins is innocent,
say innocent and put a bullet in


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
your head.
No response! Everyone is still and quiet.
Now! Everyone who believes this
murdering Rebel bastard is guilty,
say guilty.
The men of the Hatchet look at each other and smile and
slightly out of unison, respond.
Munroe looks back at Cole and leans towards him from the
Looks like your one guilty son of
a bitch. I knew you were and now
it's been proven in a court of
law. I sentence you to be tortured
to death.
Munroe leans back into his saddle. Cole looks at him with an
angry look, a stare that seems like it could burn a hole
clean through him.
Yea, that's one proper ass trial
there, Judge Shit for brains!
I thought ya might like it!
There's nothing I can say or do
that's going to change yore mind.
So, do what you will with me, but
leave my wife and daughter out of
it. They had nothing to do with
any of it!
Their with you ain't they?
Cole now truly pissed, takes a step toward Munroe. The
hatchet immediately point their weapons at him.


Whoa! Calm down!
Munroe sticks his hand out palm facing towards Cole. Cole,
still pissed stops to hear him out.

Munroe looks up and can see trough a front window, he sees
Red standing in the house looking out!
Red is standing in front of a window looking out at Munroe!

Red casually salutes to Munroe through the window, then
turns to see Ty grabbing a rifle off the mantle!

The two men walk into another room!
Munroe smiles and looks back at Cole!
I'm not completly heartless.
The men of the Hatchet relax their weapons and laugh yet
OK! You got me again, but here's
what I been thinking. You were a
Partisan Ranger under Colonel
Mosby, who we liked to call the
Gray Ghost, on account of every
time we thought we had that
bastard, he'd just up and
disappear on us.

So, anyway that means your one
highly trained son of a bitch, and
there's no doubt in my mind that
even though we could kill ya, you
could probably take a few of us
with ya. So, for that reason I'm
will'in to make you a deal.
I'm listening.


It's like this, you cooperate and
do everything I say and we spare
the woman and child. Hell! Who
knows you cooperate and you might
just survive this yourself. We got
a deal?
Cole nods his head in agreement.
NO! You can't just do what they
say! They'll kill you anyway!
Cole walks over to Tara, who is still holding their daughter
tightly in her arms. Cole grabs Tara by the shoulders and
pulls her close.
I have to do what is going to be
the safest for my family.
Tara fights back tears and shakes her head side to side.
No, Cole! Whats best for your
family is having you here with us!
There's got to be another way!
Shh, listen to me, there's no
other way. You have to take care
of Sara, she's all that matters
now. I love you both more than
I love you too!
I love you, Pa!
Cole now fighting back his own tears, kisses Tara, then
kisses Sara. He wraps his arms around both of them and
squeezes tight.


He let's go, steps back and still fighting back tears,
Get in the house!
Jack and Jake back their horses away from each other
creating a gap.

Tara carries her daughter between the two horses and into
the house.

After Tara has entered the house Cole turns back towards
Let's get this over with!
That's fine by me! First I want
you to drop that holster on the
ground. Then I want you to get on
your hands and knees an crawl,
That way.
Munroe points in the direction Skinner went with the wagon.
I want you to keep crawling until
you reach the wagon.
Cole unstraps his holster and lets it fall to the ground. He
looks at Munroe with resentment.
We got a deal! Now get on with it!
Cole drops to his knees, then slowly places one hand at a
time on the ground. When both hands are on the ground Cole
starts to crawl in the direction he was told to.
Tara enters the front door and hurries over to the fire
place, she sets Sara down, looks up at the mantle and sees
an empty gun rack.

In the back ground we can hear a lever-action rifle being
                       TY (OS)
Looking for this, honey britches?


Tara turns to see Ty holding Cole's rifle. She pulls Sara
close to her and Sara wraps her arms tightly around Tara's
What are you doing in my house?
Your Colonel said we were free ta
Ty starts to walk towards Tara, Tara pushes Sara behind her.

Ty rubs the rifle barrel gently around Tara's face.
I'm here to make sure you don't
interfere with all the fun...
Speaking of which I bet me and you
could make our own fun, how bout
it, sweet heart?
Ty licks his lips as he runs the rifle barrel down Tara's
shoulder toward her breast.
Tara grabs the rifle barrel pushes it away from Sara and
herself, then kicks Ty in the crotch as hard as she can. Ty
lets go of the rifle and falls to his knees holding his
crotch. Tara points the rifle at Ty.
      (to Sara)
RUN! Go to the Terrell's and get
help as fast as you can!
OK, ma'ma!
Sara runs out the door.
Red steps out of the bedroom and heads for the door.
Sara raises the rifle and points it at Red and pulls the
trigger, CLICK! She immediately LEVERS the rifle and pulls
the trigger again, CLICK! Red runs out the front door
chasing after Sara.

Ty stands back up.


You didn't think I left it loaded
did you?
Tara Switches grips and tries to hit Ty with the stock of
the rifle.

Ty grabs the gun before it can strike him, Tara and Ty
struggle for control of the gun.
Sara runs to the shovel she was digging with earlier.

She grabs the end of the shovel handle with both hands.
STOP! You little bitch!
Sara sees Red running toward her, she spins around and
throws the shovel toward him as hard as she can!

The shovel hits Red in the shins, he trips and tumbles
across the ground!

Tara quickly starts to run away once more!
Red unholsters his revolver, aims at Sara...
Tara is now sitting straddle on top of Ty chocking him with
the rifle as he lays on his back! BANG! A gun shot can be
heard from outside.

Tara release her grip and sets up eyes wide, in a state of
No! Sara? Not my little Sara!
Tears run down Tara's face.

Ty reaches under the stock of the rifle and WHACK! He hits
Tara upside the head with the rifle stock!

Tara falls to the side limp and unconscious.


God damn it!
Ty pushes Tara off of him and stands up rubbing his neck and

He grabs Tara and drags her to the bedroom.

Just as Ty gets Tara through the bedroom door Red limps
through the front carrying Sara's tiny limp body. Red kicks
the front door shut with his foot.
                       TY (OS)
Is that you, Red?
Yea! It's me!
                       TY (OS)
What about the little girl?
I had to kill her! She almost got
away by crippling me!
Red puts Sara's body on the floor in a corner and walks away
from it.
What about the woman?
                       TY (OS)
Damn hellcat almost killed me, she
would have too, if she hadn't
heard your shot! She's out cold
now I'm tying her to the bed.
                       TY (OS)
Hey! how about me and you have our
turn with her, before the others
get back?
You know the Colonel always goes
first! If we went first he'd whip
the hide off our backs! And we'd
be lucky if that's all he done.
                       TY (OS)
Yea! I know your right it was just
a thought!


All that thinking is going to get
you killed one of these days. Make
sure she's secure and get out here
so your not tempted.
Ty walks out of the bedroom and looks at Sara's body lying
on the floor.
So we're baby killers now too, uh?
Ain't like its the worst thing we
ever done! You know we've done
alot worse than this.
I know, but I think she might be
the smallest.
Yea! Me Too.
Both men walk over to a front window and look out.
Wonder if their having fun yet?
They should be it's been long
enough! I hope they hurry up, I
can't stop thinking about that
There goes that thinking again!
Your one smart son of a bitch, its
to bad you do most of your
thinking with the wrong head.
Cole now with bloodied hands and knees is still crawling as
he approaches the wagon.

Skinner is leaning against the wagon enjoying the show. The
rest of the hatchet are following closely on their horses.
The punishment fits the crime,
Cole! I wanted you to crawl,
because my brother was crawling


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
when you killed him! He was
crawling away from you and in cold
blood you chased him down and slit
his throat!
Your brother wern't crawl'in away,
he was crawl'in for a gun. He
killed two of my friends before I
ever reached him!
Cole reaches the wagon and stops.
think you better keep your damn,
filthy, rebel mouth shut from here
on out! Other wise I might forget
about our little deal.
Munroe steps down off of his horse and looks to the men of
the Hatchet.
The hatchet dismount from their horse and gather around
I want that piece of shit bucked
to the wagon!
YES SIR! Colonel!
Clay waves his hand motioning for J.T. to follow him. Both
men approach Cole as Skinner gets some rope out of the

Clay and J.T. pick Cole up to his feet and face him towards
the wagon between the wheels, they lay Cole face first over
the side of the wagon.

Skinner ties rope to both of Cole's wrist and spreads his
arms tight across the wagon and secures the rope to the
other side.

Clay ties one of Cole's legs to a wheel as J.T. ties the
other leg to the other wheel.

Munroe reaches into his saddle bag and pulls out a three


thonged lashing whip, then turns back around to face the
Now we're about to have some fun!
Who wants the honor?
I'd sure enjoy the hell out of it
Then by all means, get to it!
Skinner rushes over to Munroe. Munroe Holding his left arm
horizontal in front of himself hands the whip over the top
of it with his right hand, as though it were a sacred

Skinner smiles, nods once and takes the whip. Skinner gets
in to position just behind Cole.

Clay rips the back of Cole's shirt open to reveal his bare
You have any particular number in
mind, Colonel?
Lets start with Ten!
Skinner nods, spits tobacco juice on the ground rares back
and CRACK one lash.

You can clearly see whelps form on Cole's back. Cole grits
his teeth and tries to contain his scream.
      (gritted teeth,
Skinner releases the second lash, CRACK!

Cole lets out another muffled scream between gritted teeth.
Each lash leaves more whelps.

CRACK, the third lash finds its mark!


CRACK, the fourth lash!

CRACK, the fifth lash!

CRACK, the sixth lash lands across Cole's back. Cole still
trying to stifle his screams.

CRACK, the seventh lash slams against flesh!

CRACK, the eighth lash draws blood! Cole's screams are now

CRACK, the ninth lash, more blood!

CRACK, the tenth lash leaves a bloody smear across Cole's
back! Cole is no longer screaming only a faint groan.

Munroe walks over to Cole and slaps him on the back!
You hav'in fun yet Cole? We sure
the hell are!
Munroe sees the blood on his hand and rubs his fingers
Rebel blood feels like honey!
Munroe raises his hand up and touches his tongue to the
blood, makes a sour face and spits on the ground.
UGH! God damn it! It may feel like
honey, but, it tastes like shit!
Munroe wipes the blood off on the back of Skinner's jacket
and steps back.
Red and Ty are looking out the front windows!
How far along do ya think they
are, now?
I bet their right in the middle of
it by now! Let's eat some of that
food on the table before it


Yea, I'm starvin!
Red and Ty walk toward the table!
Munroe reaches down and picks up a stick, holding it in both
hands, he smashes it across Cole's back!

The stick breaks and shatters, pieces flying all around, as
Cole winches in pain!

Munroe throws the rest of the stick to the ground and smiles
at Skinner!
      (to Skinner)
Giv'em five more!
Yes, sir!
Skinner once more rares back, releases and CRACK, lash
number one!

Cole barley lets out a low groan. It's unclear whether Cole
has blocked out the pain, passed out or has simply went

Skinner continues, CRACK, lash number two!

CRACK, lash number three, blood runs down Cole's back, yet
he gives no response!

CRACK, lash number four!

CRACK, lash number five! Blood splatters the faces of both
Skinner and Munroe. Skinner seems to enjoy it, Munroe not so
Why ain't he screaming? This ain't
as fun with out him screaming!
Munroe walks back up to Cole and knees him in the ass, no

POP! Munroe punches Cole hard in the side, Cole barely


POP, POP, Munroe punches Cole twice more, still Cole barely
I think he's already through! I
thought he was a tough ass
Partisan Ranger but, he ain't
shit! Cut'em loose!
Skinner pulls out his knife, cuts the ropes on Cole's feet
first, then while holding Cole up he reaches over and cuts
the ropes off both of Cole's Wrists.

Skinner lets Cole go, Cole drops limply to the ground on his
side then roles to his belly.

Cole lays there with no more movement.

WHACK! Munroe kicks Cole, no response. Pissed Munroe starts
kicking Cole all over the body and legs!

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! He continues for a few more
times then turns away and throws his hands up.
You gotta be shitt'in me, that's
all you got? Your woman could'a
took more than that!
Still facing away from Cole, Munroe shakes his head in

Cole places his hands under his chest, he pushes his chest
off the ground!

Cole brings one knee under himself, then the other!

The men of the hatchet look at each other surprised!
Uh, Colonel!
Munroe turns and sees Cole trying to stand.

Cole now on his hands and knees places his right foot under
himself, then puts his right hand on his right knee.

Cole shifts his weight backward and kicks his left foot
under himself, now in a squatting position with his left
hand still on the ground, Cole shifts his butt under himself
and places his left hand on his left knee!

With a GRUNT he stands, wobbles, then widens his stance to


steady himself and looks up at Munroe!

Munroe looks back, with a definite unhappy look.

Cole breathing heavily, continues to stand and stare
defiantly at Munroe!

The men of the Hatchet look at each other with amazement.
Damn! He's one tough son of a
Munroe now pissed stomps back over to Cole!
WHAT? You stood up! Whoop tee doo!
So what? You think because you
stood up your some kind of god
damn big man? Your not, you still
ain't SHIT!
Munroe pulls his knife and stabs Cole in the lower abdomen.

Cole buckles over and drops to his hands and knees!
How about that? Don't think your
going to get off easy though!
between the wounds on your back
and the one I just gave ya, You'll
bleed to death, but, it's gonna
take awhile.
Munroe starts to turn but, then stops and faces Cole once
more. He squats down and lifts Cole's head back to look at
By the way I lied, our deals off!
Since we can't have no fun with
you we're gonna see how much fun
we can have with them pretty
little ladies of yours. So while
your lying here in agony, you
think about what we're doing! You
make sure you picture every little
With great effort Cole reaches out and grabs Munroe's ankle,
then looks him dead in the eye!


Ya hurt even one hair on their
heads, an I swear, Not even hell
it's self will keep me from com'in
after ya! I'll find you and I'll
kill you, What ever it takes I'll
do it!
Your gonna come back from hell to
kill me, uh? Well then come an get
me you god damn, Rebel son of a
Munroe stands, pulls his ankle out of Cole's grip and WHACK,
kicks Cole in the face!

The force of the kick knocks Cole over to his back! Cole
lays motionless on his back blood coming from his mouth and

Munroe turns and heads for his horse.
All the men of the hatchet, except for Skinner, mount their
horses and ride back towards the Hawkins Ranch.

Skinner walks over to Cole and spits Tobacco juice on his
head, Then gets in the wagon.
      (to Cole)
I'll give your regards to the
I'll give it real good!
Skinner slaps the reins!
      (to horses)
Skinner turns the wagon and heads back to the ranch after
the rest of the hatchet!


Ty and Red are sitting at the table eating the supper That
Tara had prepared for her family.

Red leans back in his chair and rubs his belly.
She's a damn fine cook! Maybe we
should keep her around to cook for
Hell, she'd poison us the first
chance she got!
I suppose your right!
Hell yea I'm right! Now go see if
you can see anytihing yet.
I went last time, it's your turn!
God damn it, Red! We ain't taking
turns! Your through eat'in and I'm
not, so go look!
FINE! Ya damn lazy bastard I'll go
look, again!
Red stands from the table and walks toward the front window.
I guess I'm the only one capable
of looking out the damn window!
Red looks out the window then leans closer, as though he's
trying to see farther in the distance.
HEY! I see'em! Yea, it's them,
their com'in back!
Ty stands quickly from the table and heads towards Red.
It's about damn time!


Ty pushes Red to one side and looks out the window.
Hot Damn! We can have some fun
Ty and Red both run out the front door.
Cole forces himself to sit up. He removes his now ragged
shirt and wraps it around his waist and ties it tight to put
pressure on the stab wound. As he tightens the shirt he
cringes with pain!
      (breathing heavy
       in pain)
AAHH! Come on ignore the pain.
Focus on your family, you got to
help them! Now stand up, Damn
it,... get going.
Cole rolls over to his hands and knees, with much pain and
effort, he puts one foot under him, then does the same with
the other.

Cole now in a squatting position, grits his teeth, groans,
stands up, wobbles, stumbles and then catches his balance.

Breathing heavy and holding his stab wound he takes a step,
then a second step, a third step, forth, then stumbles and
falls to his hands and knees.
      (delirious from
Don't stop, you can't give up,
they need you! Get up, Damn you
get up!
With raw determination Cole once more struggles to stand.

Once more, with one foot at a time and with great effort and
pain, he's back on his feet!

He slowly staggers towards his destination.


Munroe and Wade are leaning against the front porch railing,
talking to each other.

Jack and Jake are in front practicing with their sabres.

J.T., Buck, Clay, Emmett, TY and Red are out at the corral
watching the horses.

Preacher is leaning against the wagon reading his bible.

Tenderfoot is standing behind preacher pestering him, by
touching Preachers ear with a long weed every now and then.
When preacher looks at Tenderfoot, Tenderfoot hides the weed
by crossing his arms and then leans his back against the

The Hatchet's horses are tied to the fences close to the

Skinner comes out the front door buttoning his coat. Munroe
turns to see skinner.
      (to Skinner)
You get done?
Yes sir! Uh, Colonel, how come I'm
always the last to get a turn?
Cause your filthy and disgusting
and you stink to high heaven!
Thats the only reason?
Pretty much! If you would take a
bath more than twice a year, you
might get to take an earlier turn.
You should start taking a bath
every couple of months like the
rest of us!
Every couple a months? I got
sensitive skin, Colonel! Taking a
bath that often would wash the
skin off my bones!


Skinner steps off the porch, shaking his head and mumbling
to himself.
      (to Skinner)
Skinner turns and looks back up at Munroe.
Yes, Colonel!
The woman still alive?
No, sir! She was dead before I
ever got my turn!
All the men of the Hatchet start to walk towards Munroe.
      (to Skinner)
Did ya skin her?
No, sir! She was so beat up after
everyone had their way with her, I
didn't see the point! I did skin
the little one though!
Skinner reaches down to the leather thong fastened around
his belt, grabs and holds up a tiny ear. At this time all
the men of the hatchet are now standing close. Each of the
men cringe or make a unique face when skinner holds up the
      (to Skinner)
Your one sick basterd, Skinner!
      (smiling big)
Thank you, sir!
Orders sir?
      (to hatchet)
I want the bodies put on display
right out front here! Then burn
every structure to the ground,
tear down the corrals secure what


                       MUNROE (cont'd)
horses you can and scatter the
Yes, sir! Consider it done!
Wade turns around to address the Hatchet.
      (to hatchet)
Skinner and Emmett head in side the house, the rest of the
men scatter to do other chores.
Cole now covered in mud and blood, slowly drags his feet
with each step.

As he reaches the ranch, he can hardly hold his head up, but
he manages to raise his head enough to see the smoldering
remains of his property.

He stumbles and falls. Lying on his stomach he strains to
push himself off the ground, but fails. Once more he pushes
as hard as he can, but he no longer has the strength and
collapses to the ground.

He doesn't have the strength, but he does have the
determination, breathing heavily, he grits his teeth and
starts to crawl, dragging his body towards his goal.

When he gets close to what use to be the front of his house,
he struggles and once more manages to look up.

What he sees is what no one should ever have to see. Two
posts have been driven into the ground strapped to the post
are the bodies of Cole's wife Tara and his tiny Daughter

Cole reaches out for them with tears running down his face,
streaking the mud and blood that covers it. He reaches hard,
his eyes roll back and he collapses!
Approaching Hawkins Ranch is a man and women in an old buck
board wagon, being pulled by two mares. A boy on a horse


rides along the side of the wagon.

The man is FRANK TERRELL, he is in his late fifties with an
average build, he has one crippled leg and one crippled arm.

The woman is MARY TERRELL, Frank's wife she is in her late
forties and in very good shape.

The boy is ETHAN TERRELL, a slender young man in his early
to mid teens, he is Frank and Mary Terrell's only son.
As they get closer to the Hawkins Ranch Mary spots the
Frank somethings burning, do you
see it?
Yea I see it, Mary! Might be a
brush fire or someth'in!
I don't think so! That looks like
it's at the... OH MY GOD! FRANK
Mary and Frank both look at each other with worried looks.
Frank turns his head to face forwards again and slaps the
reins hard!
      (to horses)
      (to Ethan)
The wagon bolts forward picking up speed. Ethan without
saying a word kicks his horse with his heels and bolts after
his folks.
When they get close enough they can see that their to late,
the only thing left is smoldering ruins.

Then they spot the bodies! Mary opens her mouth and quickly
places her hands over it in shock, then slowly lowers her
Oh my God! Who would do such a


Some kind a' savages! We can't
leave them like this, lets give'em
a proper burial, then we'll notify
the Sheriff.
Frank and Mary climb down from the wagon, Mary grabs some
blankets out of the back of the wagon before stepping down.
Ethan dismounts from his horse and all approach the bodies.
Frank and Ethan both stop and face Mary.
You two take care of Cole! I'll
take care of Tara and little Sara!
It wouldn't be proper for you men
to touch'em before I get their
bodies covered.
Your right Mary! Can you do it by
I'll manage!
      (to Mary)
You always do.
      (to Ethan)
Ethan, Come and help me son!
Yes Pa!
Tara's body is on the ground wrapped in a blanket. Mary lays
Sara's tiny body on another blanket and wraps it up. Mary
starts to sob!
She's just a baby! Why? WHY?
Frank walks as fast as he can back to Mary, sits next to her
and holds her in his arms.


Her skins gone! How could someone
do that to a baby?
I don't know! I don't know how
anyone could be capable of any of
this! Cole looks like he's been
tortured to death!
Ethan is squatting down next to Cole wiping the blood and
mud from his face with a rag, at least he's trying to, the
best he can.

Cole takes a labored breath and groans!

Ethan surprised, stands up and takes a step back!
Mary stands and helps Frank to his feet, they both hurry
over to Cole! Mary reaches him first kneels down next to him
and gently places one of her hands on Cole's Chest and leans
her ear close to his face!
Your right! He is alive!
Frank, get in the wagon! Ethan,
help me get Cole in the back!
Mary and Ethan put Cole in the back of the wagon, while
Frank climbs into the seat! Mary grabs her son by the
shoulders and turns him to face her.
I want you to go get Doc Preston
and send him to our place! Once
you've done that come back here
and dig graves for the girls and
you make sure your respectful!
I will be Ma!
Mary pulls Ethan close and gives him a hug.
Once the Doc gets to the house
I'll come back here and help you!


Mary lets Ethan go!
Now get going! Hurry as fast as
you can, but be careful!
I will Ma!
Ethan gets on his horse and bolts out in a dead run! Mary
quickly climbs into the wagon next to Frank! Frank slaps the
      (to Mary)
Hold on tight!
      (to horses)
The wagon bolts forward and the Terrells rush for home.
Frank Terrell is pacing outside a bedroom door.

DOCTOR MITCHELL PRESTON an elderly and experienced Doctor
with gray hair and a slender build, walks out of the
bedroom, carrying a black Doctors bag.
How is he Doc?
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
Hard to say! I've done all I can
for him, the rest is up to him!
Is there anything we can do?
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
Not really! just try to keep him
comfortable! You already did all
you can do! Bringing him to your
house gave him a chance! If you
would have tried to bring him all
the way to town, he wouldn't have
survived the trip!
That was Mary's doing, she use ta
be a nurse before we came out


Doctor Preston walks over to the door and puts his hand on
the handle.
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
She definitely gave him a fighting
chance! If you don't mind me
asking? Where is Mrs. Terrell?
Her and my boy Ethan are burying
Cole's wife and daughter!
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
The men who done this to him, also
killed his wife and daughter?
Yes sir!
Doctor Preston shakes his head in sympathy.
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
I'm sorry to hear that! It seems
that there is more and more
cruelty happening every day!
It sure does Doc! So as for Cole
we just wait and see?
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
That's it! He's been whipped,
beat, stabbed and who knows what
else. He's lucky to have lasted
this long! But he's a fighter so
if he makes it through the night,
I'd give him a pretty good chance
of surviving this! If he does pull
through have Mrs. Terrell change
his bandages regularly and... well
she knows what shes doing. I got
other rounds to make so I best be
going! Give Mrs. Terrell and Ethan
my best!
Doctor Preston opens the front door.
I will Doc! What do I owe you for
today? I would just as soon square
up with you now if I can!
Doctor Preston smiles and shakes his head.


                       DOCTOR PRESTON
Since there wasn't much I could do
for him, it's on the house.
Thank you Doctor Preston!
                       DOCTOR PRESTON
That's OK, I'll just charge you
double next time.
Doctor Preston winks, then turns and walks out the door.
Frank smiles and shuts the door behind him, then starts to
walk towards the bedroom door.
Terrells homestead is a small farm, it has a home, a small
barn, a chicken coop, a pig pen and a small garden.

Near one side of the house Cole, shirtless with bandages
still wrapped around his waist for his ribs and stab wound,
is chopping fire wood with an axe.

There is a large log, which he places the smaller ones on.
With one stroke, Cole splits the logs like it is easy and

Frank approaches him from behind.
Ya look like your feeling better,
but ya probably shouldn't be doing
that. As a matter of fact if Mary
sees ya, shes gonna tan both our
Cole turns to face Frank, when he turns you can see scars on
his back from the lashings.
After everything y'all have done
for me, the least I can do is help
out with some of the chores. If
there's anything ya need me ta do,
ya just holler and I'll get to it!
                       MARY (OS)
Cole and Frank look to see Mary Stomping towards them!


Uh oh, we,ve had it now!
What in tarnation do you think
your doing out here chopping wood
still bandaged like you are? Its a
wonder you ain't popped those
stitches wide open!
Mary puts her hands on her hips and gives Cole "the look",
the one only a women can give that lets every man know they
mean business! Then she shakes her finger at Frank!
And you Frank Terrell, standing
right there and watching him do
Mary puts both hands back on her hips and gives Frank an
extra potent "look"!
It wern't his fault...
Never mind, when she's like this
it's best just ta shut up and take
the chew'in and hope ya got some
backside left when she's done!
Mary tries to fight back a smile, but she just can't stay
mad, she shakes her head back and forth.
I don't know what I'm gonna do
with you Two!
I appreciate all you've done for
me, Ma'am, but I'm feel'in awful
cooped up lying in that bed all
Mary nods in agreement.
Well, I suppose a little work will
help you get yer strength back.
Mary then points her finger at Cole and gives him another


You just don't go over doing it.
Ya hear me?
Yes Ma'am!
Now that we've settled that,
breakfast is ready! You boys get
Ethan and come an eat, then you
can get back to yer chores!
Mary turns and heads back to the house. Frank looks in the
direction of the barn.
                       ETHAN (OS)
Cole and Frank nod at each other and start walking towards
the house.
The Hatchet's hideout is an old two story farm house with a
big barn and a few smaller out buildings.

The hatchet has placed logs vertically all the way around
these buildings, to make it look more like a fort. There is
one opening for the exit and entrance, the gates are open
and never shut.

Munroe and Wade walk out onto the porch. Munroe is
stretching and Wade is yawning and stretching, they both
have just awakened.
What do you have planned for
today, Colonel?
I want you and Clay to take one of
the wagons and meet up with our
Mexican friends out at slippery
rock pass. They got us some crates
of dynamite. Me and the rest of
the boys are going to see if we
can stir up more trouble.


What about the Bean Eaters, you
want us to pay'em or kill'em?
I'm gonna leave that up to your
discretion. Just be careful with
the dynamite, take your time and
get it back here in one peace.
Yes Sir! We'll leave right after
We all will! We'll meet back here
in a few days!
Wade nods in agreement and both men walk back into the
Cole, Frank, Mary and Ethan are sitting on the front porch.

Frank and Mary are on one side in rockers, Mary is mending a
pair of pants and frank is smoking a pipe. There is a coal
oil lamp on a small stand next to Mary.

Cole is on the other side of the porch, leaning back in a
rocker with his feet on the porch railing and his hands
behind his head, he is staring out at the night sky.

Ethan is sitting on the porch steps whittling on something
with a knife.
I reckon I best be head'in out in
the morning.
So soon? I'm not sure your healed
enough yet!
Now Mary you know he's heeled just
I know! I just hate to see him
leave! I know your going after
those Hatchet men and after what
they done, I'm not gonna try to


                       MARY (cont'd)
talk you out of it! Just promise
me you'll be careful and you'll
come back to see us again.
Cole puts both feet on the porch and sets up in his rocker.
Yes ma'am I'll do my best!
From what I hear the Hatchet is
made up of thirteen of the most
vilest and meanest men ya could
ever meet.
Thirteen? I only saw eleven!
There's thirteen and everyone
of'em pure evil through and
through! You more than likely
won't get any help from the law.
Most of the law is afraid of'em
the ones that ain't agree with
what their doing. So yore gonna be
going up against'em alone.
Frank holds up his crippled hand.
If I were able, I'd be right there
beside ya!
I never doubted it! Y'all have
done more'n enough for me, I don't
expect no more. I won't ever be
able to repay ya, as it is!
You would'a done the same!
Cole nods once, Ethan quickly stands and faces everyone!
I can go with him! I'll fight the
Hatchet right beside him!
No one responds and everyone avoids making eye contact with


      (to Cole)
Mr. Hawkins I can ride and shoot I
ain't claim'in to be the best, but
I know I can help you and I won't
let you down.
      (to Frank and Mary)
I'm old enough now Pa! Ma?
Cole stands up and looks Ethan in the Eyes.
There's no doubt in my mind ya can
scrap with the best of'em and I
would be honored to fight beside a
man such as yore self! However we
don't know were the Hatchet is and
they could come back this way. If
they do ya need to be here to
protect your folks! Can ya look
after yore Ma and Pa while I'm
Yes Sir! I won't let nuth'in
happen to'em!
Cole slaps Ethan on the arm!
Yore a good man and I'm proud ta
know ya!
Ethan now with a big smile on his face sits back down on the
steps and stares out at the night, like he's daydreaming of
a glorious battle.

Cole sits back down in his rocker and looks at Frank and

Mary smiles and to prevent Ethan from knowing Thanks Cole
without actually speaking.
      (mouthing, no
Thank you!
Cole nods his head and smiles.


Ethan turns to look at Frank!
Yea Pa!
Go in the house and get the new
Remingtons and my Winchester!
Yes sir!
Ethan stands and heads toward the door, but before he can
OH! Ethan bring the holster back
OK Pa!
Ethan enters the house!
Ethan walks through the front door, walks over to the mantle
and grabs a Winchester rifle and a holster!

He lays them by the front door, then heads to the back
bedroom and enters!
Frank leans forward in his rocker and smiles at Cole!
I can't go with ya and I can't
send my boy with ya, but I can
make sure you got the proper tools
for the job!
What are ya talk'in about, Frank?
You'll see!
We can hear Ethan quickly hurrying back, then he opens the
door and comes out on the porch holding items wrapped in
soft buckskin. He lays the items in Frank's lap and stands


close by.

Frank unwraps the items and grabs the first, a lever-action
Winchester model 1873 rifle. Frank holds up the rifle and
hands it to Ethan.
      (to Ethan)
Take that to Cole!
      (to Cole)
That's my Winchester you might
find that useful!
Ethan hands Cole the rifle Cole looks it over and works the
action, he continues to admire the rifle as Ethan walks back
to Frank.
Yore really goonna like these!
Frank Holds up a Remington 1875 Frontier and hands it to
Ethan. Frank then holds up a Remington 1875 Army Outlaw

These two guns are identical except the frontier has a five
and a half inch barrel and the outlaw has a seven and a half
inch barrel.

Frank puts the Army Outlaw in a holster and hands them both
to Ethan.
      (to Ethan)
Give him those too!
      (to Cole)
Those are Remington's new models!
Cole leans the rifle against the porch railing and then
takes the holster and revolvers from Ethan.

Ethan leans against the porch railing to watch Cole.

Cole holds the Frontier in his hand and looks at it with
great admiration, he spins it backward, then forwards and
lays it on a stand next to him.

He pulls the Army Outlaw out of the holster and again
admires the workmanship he spins it backwards then forwards
and replaces it in the holster.


Those are some mighty fine
weapons, mighty fine indeed! Ya
need to keep them here!
Yore gonna need'em more than me!
Besides me not be able to help ya
directly,... well it'll make me
feel a little better if ya
I don't know what ta say! I'll try
and get'em back to ya in the same
No! Ya don't understand, what ya
have to do is a personal thing and
the tools a man uses to do such a
deed should be his own. Those are
yores ta keep!
Its too much! Y'all have already
done more than I can ever repay!
It would give me great honor and
pride if ya would except them!
OK! Thank You! Thank all of you!
Cole looks at each of the Terrells with great appreciation.

Ethan goes down the steps and grabs what he was working on,
he hides it behind his back and returns to Cole.
I have something for you too, Mr.
Hawkins! It's not much! I just
found your knife at your place it
was charred and dirty, so I
cleaned it up and put a new handle
on it!
Ethan brings the knife out from around his back and hands it
to Cole.

The knife is a custom made civil war era rifleman's fighting
knife. It is polished with a brand new handle and lanyard,


it is a magnificent work of art.

Cole looks at the knife in a state of awe. he holds the
knife in a reverse grip in his left hand, he then puts his
left thumb through the lanyard and lets go with his left

With the knife hanging from his right thumb Cole swings the
knife around to a sabre grip in a fluid motion, then just as
smoothly he swings it around to a reverse grip.

Cole, once again admires the workmanship of the handle, then
he looks up at Ethan and smiles.
Feels good! Feels right! I thought
I had lost this, it means a great
deal to me! Thank ya Ethan! Thank
all of ya! I appreciate everything
y'all have done for me. I hope
someday I can find away to repay
Ya can repay us by sending those
monsters to hell! Men like that
shouldn't be able to roam around
kill'in without someone trying to
stop them. Yore the only one
willing and able to go up
against'em! Ya put that murder'in
scum where they belong and that
will be payment enough for us and
anyone else who has ever met the
Cole looks at Frank and nods his head.
The charred remains of the Hawkins Ranch, Cole is kneeling
between two graves, his hat is laying on the ground in front
of him.

Cole's horse is standing near by.

One Grave is normal sized and the other is small or child
sized. The appearance of the graves suggest that someone
placed them with great care and effort.

There is a wooden grave marker at the head of each grave.


The first reads, TARA HAWKINS in large letters, below this
in smaller letters it says, LOVING MOTHER, WIFE AND

The second marker for the small grave reads, SARA HAWKINS,
in large letters and under this in smaller letters it says,

Cole with head down kisses one hand and places it on Sara's
grave, then kisses the other hand and places it on Tara's
I love ya both, I love ya more
than I could ever express! I'll
love ya always and forever! Ya
were everything to me and all I
ever wanted or needed!
Cole looks up as tears run down his cheeks, He grabs his
hat, stands to his feet and puts his hat on his head.

He has the gun belt on with the "Outlaw" in the holster in
the strong side draw position for his right hand, his knife
is fastened to a belt underneath the gun belt on his left
side in a cross draw position. The "Frontier" is tucked in
his waist band in the small of his back turned so he can
grab it with his left hand.
Now I have nothing, and I swear ta
god the men who took ya from me
will pay, Even if it's the last
thing I ever do!
Cole walks over and mounts his horse, he then looks back at
the graves.
They took ya from me, now I'm
gonna take from them! While y'all
rest in heaven, I'm gonna send the
Hatchet to hell!
Cole gently kicks his horse and rides away.


Eleven of the Hatchet are on a hill overlooking the Jackson
homestead, Wade and Clay are not present.

Skinner is in the wagon as before and the other ten are
mounted on horses.

The Smith homestead is a very small, freshly started spread,
consisting of a log cabin and a partially built shed. It is
being attacked by Indians. There are two rifles being fired
from the cabin.
Orders Colonel?
Open the ball Sergeant and give no
Lets get to it men! CHARGE!
The hatchet charge down the hill, guns blazing. Almost every
shot the Hatchet fires hits its mark, felling one Indian
after another.
ISIAH JACKSON, a large, burly, black man in his forties, is
firing out one window of the cabin with a rifle. The rifle
runs out of ammo, Isiah hands the rifle back to his father.
Rifles empty Pa!
NOAH JACKSON, Isiah's father, a frail, elderly, black man
with gray hair and beard takes the rifle and hands Isiah a

Noah begins reloading the rifle, as Isiah fires out the
window with the revolver!
How ya do'in Emma?
EMMA JACKSON, Isiah's wife, a strong willed, slightly over
weight, black woman in her late thirties or early forties
fires one barrel of a double barreled shotgun out another

BLAM! The kick from the shotgun jars her backward, she steps


back into it and fires the other barrel! BLAM!

She hands the empty shotgun to ABIGAIL JACKSON, Isiah and
Emma's daughter, a small preteen black girl.

Abigail hands Emma a revolver!
I'm fine Isiah! Stop frett'in over
me! Do more shoot'in and less
Emma looks at Abigail and smiles.
Yore do'in fine Abigail! Just
concentrate on loading and don't
even think about whats happen'in
Yes Mama!
Emma turns back around and fires the pistol out the window!

Abigail folds the shotgun open, removes the spent shotgun
shells, places two fresh shells into the holes, snaps the
shotgun shut and readies it for when her ma'ma needs it!
Emma stops firing and everyone looks at Isiah.
Its the Calvary! The Calvary is
outside fight'in the Indians!
Everyone, excitedly rushes to a window to look outside!
Oh thank heavens! I thought we
were done fer! Is everyone OK?
I'm OK ma'ma!
Isiah? Papa Noah? You men didn't
take a bullet did'ja?
Noah looks himself over.


I'm still breath'in!
      (to Emma)
I'm fine too Em!
      (to all)
I'm gonna go meet the Calvary!
Y'all stay here till we know its
Isiah hands his revolver to Noah.
Don't ya think ya might need that
No Pa! They just saved our lives,
I don't wanna appear ungrateful or
Isiah walks to the front door and walks outside.
Isiah walks out of the cabin and walks over to Munroe who is
standing in front of the cabin holding the reins of his

Jack, Jake and J.T. are standing near by slightly behind

Skinner is taking scalps from the dead Indians and the rest
of the Hatchet are still mounted in the near distance.
Am I glad to see y'all, Mr.! I
done thought we were goners and
low and behold we're saved by the
Isiah sees Skinner scalping the dead bodies of the Indians.
I don't mean ta seem ungrateful
but, is that really necessary?
They did try to kill us, but I was
raised to respect the dead.


First, them savages don't deserve
no respect! Second, Scalps are
worth money and third I'm not a
Mr. and we're not a Calvary!
Excuse me?
I'm a Colonel, Colonel Munroe
Brody and we are a Dragoon not a
I'm sorry I meant no disrespect,
Colonel. I ain't a military man so
I don't know the difference.
Munroe steps a little closer to Isiah.

Jack and Jake hand their reins to J.T. and start to slowly
move around to position themselves behind Isiah.
Let me explain it to you then for
future reference. Mounted soldiers
use horses for transportation but,
they are trained to fight from the
ground. A Calvary is trained to
fight from horseback. A Dragoon,
me and my men are trained to fight
from both, any time, anyplace,
from any position and by any
Isiah is noticeably offended by Munroe's sarcastic attitude
but he tries to ignore it and remain hospitable.
I see, next time I will know the
difference. Anyway, you and your
men saved our lives and I am
mighty grateful...
That would make twice now!
Twice?... I don't understand?


We saved you today and during the
war, when we freed you from
No disrespect Colonel but, I was a
free man before the war! We worked
for a Confederate General who
wanted to make sure no one thought
he was fighting for slavery, he
fought for state rights and the
way of the south! He treated us
with respect and payed us a fair
wage. He was killed by Yankees and
Yankees burned down the plantation
including my families place. They
left us homeless that's why we
came out west. My Mama didn't
survive the trip! So again,
Colonel no disrespect intended but
I am a free man because of a great
and honorable southern gentlemen
not because of some yankee war!
Munroe is now down right furious!
Men died in a war for you
ungrateful heathen bastards and
now my men risk their lives again
and you ain't nothing but a damn
shaded puke!
      (to Jack and Jake)
Stick this black son of a bitch
like a pig!
Jack and Jake, who are now positioned behind Isiah, draw
their sabres.

Isiah tries to turn and defend himself but, its to late.

Jack sticks his sabre through Isiah's side it goes in one
side and comes out the other at the back!

Jake sticks his sabre clean through Isiah's neck!

Isiah drops to his knees, then falls forward, dead!

Jack kicks him to make sure!


Oink! Oink! Say goodnight little
dark piggy!
Skinner comes running over to Munroe, skinner is carrying a
tomahawk when he approaches.
Munroe turns to face Skinner, who hands Munroe the tomahawk.
Thought you might want this for a
keepsake Colonel!
Munroe takes the tomahawk and checks its weight and balance,
he flips it into the air for a half rotation and catches it
by the handle.
That's a mighty fine war weapon,
mighty fine indeed! You did good
Skinner, Thanks!
Anytime Sir!
Skinner turns and walks away to finish scalping.
Emma sees what happens to her husband, she steps away from
the window and grabs her mouth before she can scream!
What is it Mama?
Emma grabs Abigail and hugs her!
Nothing! Nothing that you need to
worry about, just yet!
Noah, who also saw what happened, grabs Emma and Abigail and
pushes them toward the back door!
Y'all need ta git! Go out the back
door an git to the house down by
the crick, the people who live
there will help ya!


What about you Papa Noah? You have
to come with us!
I wouldn't make it, I'm to old and
slow! But, I can slow these damn
yanks down long enough for you!
It's all an old man has left and
if I can go out protecting my
family, then I can go out proud!
Emma grabs her shotgun and pulls Abigail out the back door
as Noah grabs the rifle and heads for the front door!
The men of the Hatchet are still relatively in the same
positions. Jack has one foot on Isiah's body and is looking
toward Munroe, who is still flipping and catching the

Munroe grabs the blade end of the tomahawk and slides the
handle under his gun belt on his left side, then looks up at
      (to Jack)
There was more than one shooter in
that cabin, when we rode up! You
an Jake search the house to see
how many more pukes are inside!
Jack slaps Jake on the arm and motions with his head to
"come on".

Jake starts to follow Jack to the front porch. The front
door quickly swings inward and Noah with rifle in-hand steps
I'm the only one left and I'd
rather be a puke than a damn
yeller bellied Yankee! So you sum
bitch's can stick a feather in
yore hat and go ta hell!
Noah raises the rifle to his shoulder as Jack rushes toward
him and pushes the barrel away as the rifle fires!

Jack then punches Noah with the other hand, Noah lets go of


the rifle and falls back against the cabin then to the

Jake draws his sabre pulls it back ready to stab Isiah!
Jake relaxes and looks toward Munroe!
We got ourselves a proud black man
here who wants to go out in a
blaze of glory! I say we give him
his wish! Bring him out into the
middle of the yard!
Yes Sir!
Jake sheathes his sabre, grabs Noah and yanks him up to his
feet and drags him off the porch and into the open! Jake
pushes Noah away from himself and backs away!
Munroe Raises his hand high over his head!
Prepare to fire!
The men of the Hatchet all come closer and raise their
weapons, some have rifles others have revolvers, they all
point them at Noah!
That's right you gosh dern, lily
livered, yeller bellied, Yankee
doodling, sissy britches, prepare
to farr on an unarmed, old codger!
Munroe smiles dominantly at Noah.

Noah looks Munroe straight in the eyes, stands up straight
and proud and smiles right back at Munroe!
Go on an git it done ya murder'in
Yankee basterd!
Munroe's smile turns to an angry scowl and he rapidly pulls
his hand down!


A volley of shots ring out as the Hatchet open fire!

Noah is struck by dozens of bullets, his head drops but, his
pride won't let his body fall just yet!

Noah raises his head up and looks defiantly at Munroe, then
pans his head to the rest of the hatchet and back to Munroe!

The men of the Hatchet, in a state of shock, look at each
other then stare back at Noah.
That all ya yanks can muster? Ya
maya's well go on home an put some
skirts on, cause ya ain't nuth'in
but a bunch of sissy girly men!
Noah staggering but, fighting to stay on his feet spits
toward Munroe, smiles once more then drops to his knees.

Still struggling to remain upright, Noah drops to his hands,
he's trying so hard to remain upright that he's shaking,
then finally he collapses to the ground!
The Jackson's property is now nothing but charred remains,
Emma and Abigail stand next to two fresh graves marked by
simple stick crosses.

There is also a wagon close by with an elderly couple
sitting in the wagon seat.

The couple are MR. TAGGERT, a heavy set old man and his
wife, MRS. TAGGERT, a frail looking old woman. Mr. Taggert
is holding the reins.

Emma and Abigail walk over to the back of the wagon.

Emma helps Abigail into the back of the wagon.

Emma hears a horse behind her and notices Abigail staring at

Emma reaches up into the wagon, grabs her double barreled
shotgun and quickly swings around and points it at Cole, who
is on horseback near them! Emma cocks both hammers back!


Mr. Taggert hands the reins to Mrs. Taggert, then he reaches
under his seat and brings up a rifle. He swings around and
points the rifle at Cole!
                       MR. TAGGERT
I got's yore back Emma!
      (to Mr. Taggert)
Thank you Mister Taggert!
      (to Cole)
We've had enough trouble for one
day Mister, if'n ya even twitch
I'm gonna blow ya clean into!
Cole now has his hands out to the side with palms facing
I don't mean ya no harm, Ma'am!
Mr. Taggert with a look of relief on his face, lowers his

Emma continues to point the shotgun at Cole.
What business ya have here abouts?
I'm track'in the men that murdered
my family and from the looks of
things I'd reckon their the same
ones that did this!
Yankee soldiers with faded blues?
Yes Ma'am that's them! Now if'n ya
don't mind, I'd appreciate ya
lowering that scatter gun, it's
making me a might uncomfortable!
Ya aim'in ta kill those men?
Yes, Ma'am!


Ya got no ill will toward us?
No, Ma'am!
Emma lowers the shotgun and smiles at Cole.

Cole relaxes his arms and smiles back.
Alright then! I'm sorry for that
I'm still a little skittish! Whats
yore name?
Ya don't have ta apologize for
protect'in yore family! I
understand and take no offense. My
names Cole,... Cole Hawkins!
Pleased ta meet ya, Mr. Hawkins!
I'm Emma Jackson, this is my
little one Abigail, The two in the
wagon are Mr. and Mrs. Taggert.
The graves belong to my husband
Isiah and his Pa, Noah! Those
yanks killed'em both for no reason
I'm sorry for yore loss, Ma'am! I
know it don't ease the pain none
but, I can assure you, the men who
done it are gonna pay!
It is a little bit of a comfort to
know that Mr. Hawkins! Thank you!
it appears they was headed for
Shiloh, their several hours ahead
of ya but if'n ya ride hard, ya
might catch up in a day, maybe
Thank ya, Ma'am!
Emma nods her head, then points toward Cole's Knife.
Ya any good with that pig sticker?


I git by, Ma'am!
I don't want ya put'in yore self
at any extra risk, but see'in how
yore go'in after'em any way. If
the opportunity presents itself I
would appreciate ya use'in that on
the two men with those long
blades, they's the ones that
killed my Isiah!
I give ya my word Ma'am, if I get
the chance, they'll know what it
feels like ta be stuck!
Thank you, Mister Hawkins and ride
Yes ma'am and thank you!
Cole rides off in the direction of Shiloh, Abigail stands up
in the back of the wagon and waves good bye!
TWO YOUNG COWBOYS, both slender and in their early teens,
sit at a camp fire, leaning back against saddles and
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
When we get back home I'm gonna
ask Shelly Ann to go to the
founders day dance with me!
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 2
I bet she says yes! I think she's
sweet on ya!
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
Ya really think...
Young cowboy #1 stops mid sentence and looks out into the
dark like he heard something.
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
Did'ja hear that?


                       YOUNG COWBOY # 2
No! I didn't hear nuth'in!
Young cowboy # 1 strains to see past the camp fire into the

Munroe walks out of the darkness on foot.

Startled, Both young cowboys quickly jump to their feet!
Easy there boys! I didn't mean to
sneak up on ya!
Seeing the uniform, the young cowboys relax and breath a
sigh of relief and sit back down.
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
It's okay sir! Ya just caught us
off guard, is all! Come on in and
have a seat by the farr!
Munroe walks over and has a seat on a stump near the fire.
I came in alone so that we
wouldn't scare you boys half to
death but, I got ten more men out
there in the dark! Do you mind if
they Come in?
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
Um, No Sir, bring'em on in!
With out anyone saying or doing anything, the men of the
Hatchet start to come in out of the dark in all directions.

The two young cowboys look at each other with a little
Don't worry about them they was
just near by to cover me! We
didn't know who you were! You
could have been cold blooded
killers! What are you boys doing
out here any way!
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
We're with Mr. Applewood's cattle
drive, they sent us to look for
strays. What about y'all sir, are
ya'll soldiers?


Yes we are, son, yes we are! We
are what is called a Dragoon! Do
you know what that is?
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 2
golly yes, we learned about
dragoons last year in school!
Y'all boys know how ta whoop yore
enemies two ways ta Sundy! Are ya
out here looking for injuns?
Munroe leans back and pats the tomahawk tucked into his
We're looking for all kinds of
savages! I want to thank both of
you for your kindness in sharing
your fire with a bunch of old
soldiers like us.
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
It's our pleasure Sir! Side's Mama
always says that good ole southern
hospitality aren'ta not be wasted!
Munroe's demeanor gets a little more frigid.
You boys are from the south?
                       YOUNG COWBOY # 1
Well we've lived just over yonder
aways, near Possum Springs since
we were born but, our Ma and Pa
are originaly from Tennessee.
Tennessee uh? Well me and my men
know how to repay southern
hospitality from Tennessean
Munroe smiles at the two young cowboys and they smile back
oblivious to what's coming next!
Cole rides into the camp and dismounts from his horse.


He looks around the camp and spots the young cowboys saddles
with blood splattered all over them.

Cole bends down and touches the blood to check it, he rubs
it between his fingers and shakes his head.
Who'd ya kill now, ya murder'in
Cole stands back up and walks aways from the smoldering camp

Leading out of the camp, he spots what appears to be two
separate drag marks.

He remounts his horse and rides out following the drag
The Hatchet ride along a trail, Emmett and Red are each
dragging a body behind their horses.

By the now tattered clothing, you can tell the bodies are
the two young cowboys from the camp.

Munroe looks up to see several vultures flying overhead.
EMMETT! RED! You two drag those
bodies up that hill and cut'em
lose, they can feed the buzzards!
Emmett and Red ride up the hill, dragging the bodies, until
their out of sight.

Buck comes riding up the trail from behind and rides up to
Somebodies trailing us Colonel!
Can ya tell who they are?
No Sir!
How many are there?


Appears to just be the one!
Probably some damn bounty killer
got up enough courage to come
after the reward on our heads! Can
you handle it?
Yes Sir, without even breaking a
Then go do it! We'll meet up with
you in Shiloh!
Yes Sir, I won't be long!
Buck turns his horse and gallops back the way he came.
A little ways back Cole, with head down looking at the
trail, rides after the Hatchet, when he passes a big boulder
he stops his horse and dismounts.

He squats down and places his hand on the ground, examining
it for sign.

Cole looks up, turns his head to the side and then to the
other side, he knows somethings wrong!

In one fluid motion Cole stands, turns, draws, cocks and
points his gun at Buck, who is standing in the trail with
his gun pointed at Cole!
Whoa! Your pretty good mister!
When Buck gets a better look he realizes it's Cole, Buck
smiles and shakes his head.
It's you! How in the hell did you
Cole does not respond.


Don't you have anything to say to
an old friend?
Still no response from Cole!
Now I don't remember us cutting
your tongue out! Oh well! what are
we going to do now looks like we
got our selves an old fashioned
Mexican stand-off!
I ain't no Mexican!
Buck's smile turns to fear when he realizes to late what's
going to happen.

BANG! Cole drops the hammer!
                                         SMASH CUT
BANG! The shot can still be heard, echoing in the distance!

Munroe stops his horse when he hears it and listens for a

Munroe hears no other shots, he smiles and nudges his horse
back into motion.
Buck must have got him boys! Let's
get to Shiloh and wet our
Ten members of the Hatchet approach a small town, they ride
past a sign that reads, WELCOME TO SHILOH A FRIENDLY
COMMUNITY. The word FRIENDLY has a line marked through it
and someone has scribbled the word COWARDLY just underneath

SHILOH, is a typical small western town, the first building
on this end of town is The Sheriff's office.

As the hatchet ride by Munroe looks over to see SHERIFF BOYD
COOPER, a heavy set alcoholic in his fifties, leaning


against the post out side his office.

Munroe looks at Sheriff Cooper and tips his hat to him.
      (to Sheriff Cooper)
Hello, Boyd!
      (to the Hatchet)
Look here boys the famous Sheriff
Boyd Cooper has come out to
welcome us back to town!
The men of the Hatchet laugh, as Sheriff Cooper ducks his
head, turns and walks into his office.

The Hatchet continue on toward the saloon, just up the
The saloon is a typical western saloon, there is several
patrons sitting at tables.

Four individuals sit at the corner table playing cards.

CARD PLAYER # 1, a slender man in his late twenties, is
sitting with his back to the Hatchet.

CARD PLAYER # 2, is the dealer in this game, he has an
average build and is in his late twenties, he is sitting to
the right of card player # 1.

CARD PLAYER # 3, is a heavy set older man in his late
forties with a scraggly beard, he is sitting directly across
from card player # 1.

CARD PLAYER # 4, is the youngest in his early twenties with
a muscular build, he is sitting directly across from card
player # 2.

The ten members of the Hatchet that are present are bellied
up to the bar drinking whiskey.
                       CARD PLAYER # 1
I wish I was in the land of
cotton, old times there are not
forgotten, look away, look away,
look away,Dixie land.
Hearing this, Munroe looks up with an angry expression, then
looks at the other members of the Hatchet.


All the men of the Hatchet turn around and face the table
with the card players.
                       CARD PLAYER # 2
Are ya gonna sing or play cards?
                       CARD PLAYER # 1
I reckon I'm fix'in ta do both! I
like that song and it helps me
think, so stop nagg'in at me and
give me one!
Card player #1 throws down one card, Card player # 2 deals
him one more and deals himself three.
                       CARD PLAYER # 3
That's all you two do is fuss at
each other like a couple'a jealous
girls! Give me two cards!
Card player # 3 tosses two cards toward card player # 2, who
deals him two more cards.
                       CARD PLAYER # 4
I ain't got shit, I fold!
Card player # 4 throws his entire hand on the table and
leans back in his chair with a disappointed look on his
                       CARD PLAYER # 1
Southrons! hear your country call
Every member of the Hatchet pull a revolver and point them
at the card players!

The card players do not notice and continue to play!

The other patrons notice and scramble to get out of the way!
                       CARD PLAYER # 1
Up! lest worse than death befall
Hear the northern thunders
The Hatchet open fire and empty their revolvers into the
card players!


The card players never see it coming, they slump and fall
dead without the chance to defend them selves!
I always hated that song!
The rest of the Hatchet laugh and all turn and belly back up
to the bar.

One of the saloon patrons CLETUS, a scrawny, rotted toothed
old man with a slight limp, runs out of the swinging front
Give us another bottle Dan!
DAN, a big burly man of a bartender, Hands Munroe another
whiskey bottle.
Cletus is now running toward the Sheriff's office!
Sheriff Cooper comes out of the Sheriff's office carrying a
bottle of whiskey.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
What is it? Can't ya see I'm busy?
Sheriff there's been a murder in
the saloon, ya have'ta come quick!
Sheriff Cooper looks at him with an empty look like he
doesn't know what to do.
Sheriff?... Sheriff, peoples been
killed! Ya have ta get over there
and do yore job!
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Ah hell! Ok, Ok I'm a com'in!
Sheriff Cooper sets his bottle down on the porch and heads
over to the saloon.


Sheriff Cooper walks into the saloon and sees the dead men,
then looks over and sees the Hatchet leaning against the bar
and smiling at him.

Sheriff Cooper tries to avoid eye contact with the Hatchet,
as he walks over to the bar.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Give me a shot Dan!
Sheriff, maybe...
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Dan reluctantly turns over a glass and pours the Sheriff a

Sheriff Cooper quickly knocks it back and turns away from
the bar.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Somebody clean this mess up! Take
the bodies over to the undertaker
and tell'em I said ta take care of
Some of the patrons start gathering the bodies.

Still avoiding eye contact Sheriff Cooper heads for the
Hey, Boyd!
Sheriff cooper stops midway out the door but does not turn
You have a good day, Boyd! It was
good seeing you again!
The Hatchet laugh, Sheriff Cooper ducks his head and
continues on out.
Well boys I believe we had enough
fun, it's time we headed out!


Jack walks over to Munroe!
Yes, sir!
Buck should have been back by now!
I want you, your brother and
skinner to wait here for him a
little longer!
Yes sir, Colonel!
Jack motions for Jake and Skinner and they all go sit at a
Startled Dan jumps, then walks to the end of the bar near
Yes sir, Colonel Brody, what can I
do for ya?
We're going to need some wet goods
to take with us! Can you fix us
Um... Yes sir! I just got a fresh
supply this morn'in! You go around
back Bob will load ya up!
      (to Dan)
Thank you, Dan!
      (to Skinner)
SKINNER! Before you head out, you
take the wagon around back and
load up some wet goods and
bring'em with you!
Yes sir!
Let's ride men!
Six other members of the Hatchet follow Munroe out the door.


Just as the seven members of the Hatchet walk out of the
saloon, HANNA JENKINS, a petite, intelligent looking school
teacher in her twenties and one of her students BILLY
HASKELL, a husky little boy around ten years old, walk by.

Munroe sees Hanna and smiles.
Well hello there little lady! How
bout you come up here and give me
a kiss?
Hanna ignores Munroe but, Billy stops and gives him a mean
Ya don't talk ta her mister! Ya
ain't nuth'in but a murder'in
peace of scum!
Hanna grabs Billy by the arm but he's determined to be
Billy don't tempt them these men
are capable of anything!
You better listen to your Mama
boy! You got gumption but, if you
keep wagging that tongue like that
someone might cut it out!
      (to Munroe)
She ain't my Mama and I ain't
skeared'a you mister!
      (pleading to towns
What's wrong with everybody are ya
jus gonna let them ride in, kill
people and then ride back out
whenever they please? Ain't
anybody gonna do nuth'in?
Munroe draws his knife and points it at Billy!
That's exactly what their doing
boy, Nothing!


Monroe raises his knife and licks the blade!
Now, show me that sharp tongue of
yours boy!
Hanna pulls on Billy's arm one more time and finally gets
him moving! Billy stomps off angry and disappointed!
I hate this town, there ain't
nuth'in but a bunch of cowards
here! I'm ashamed ta even live
Feel better?
No Ma'am!
It'll get better one day Billy, I
mean it's got to, it can not get
any worse! Right?
If you say so Miss Jenkins!
Munroe sheaths his knife and the seven Hatchet men mount up
and ride out of town.
Jack, Jake and Skinner are sitting at a table playing cards,
Jack throws his cards on the table and leans back in his
I'm tired of all this waiting
around! Buck should'a been here by
now! Hell, he may be fiddle ass'in
around out there while we're
sit'in here waisting time!
You think something might of
happened to him?


I don't know but, I'm through
waiting! Jake you go saddle the
horses and bring'em back here!
Skinner you go out back and see if
they got the whiskey loaded! Bring
the wagon back around and we'll
ride back together and see what
the Colonel wants us to do!
Skinner nods his head, stands and heads out the back.

Jake stands and walks over to the bar, he looks in the
mirror behind the bar and straightens his hat, then turns
and heads for the door.
See ya next time, Dan!
As Cole rides into Shiloh he looks up and watches a hawk
flying over head.

A SNAKE OIL SALESMAN, fancy dressed and driving an enclosed
box wagon being pulled by two mules, is headed out of town.

The words, DOC BOON'S MIRACLE ELIXIR, is painted on the side
of the wagon in big letters, in smaller letters it says, A

The Salesman sees Cole looking up at the sky.
The lord looks down on us all
With a cold expression, Cole looks at the Salesman.
Well, Snake Oil, if he is, he
ain't gonna like what he sees from
neither of us!
The salesman both confused and offended slaps the reins on
his mules and continues on down the road.

Cole smiles and heads on in to town.


Jake walks out of the saloon, looks toward the edge of town,
then takes a second look when he sees Cole.

He stares close to make sure it's Cole, He watches Cole get
off his horse in front of the Sheriff's Office.

Cole wraps the reins once around the hitching post and walks
into the Sheriff's Office.
I'll be damned!
Jake quickly turns and reenters the saloon!
Jack looks up to see Jake come back in.
You back already?
I never got a chance ta leave, Ya
ain't gonna believe who I just saw
walk in to the Sheriff's office!
Jack leans forward interested as Jake smiles big, nods and
prepares to tell his story.
Sheriff Cooper is leaning back in his chair with his feet on
his desk taking a swig from a whiskey bottle when Cole Walks

Startled Sheriff Cooper almost falls backward and chokes on
his drink. He quickly puts his feet on the floor and sets
                       SHERIFF COOPER
      (coughing, choked
Yes sir, what can I do for ya?
Sheriff, I need ta report some
murders done by a group of men
calling themselves the Hatchet!


                       SHERIFF COOPER
Yea! I know of'em! What about'em?
Cole moves closer to the desk.
They murdered my family and a few
others! I'm go'in after'em! Was
wonder'in if ya wanted ta ride'a
Sheriff Cooper takes a big swig from the bottle, then wipes
his mouth with his sleeve.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Nah! I reckon I want ta go on
liv'in for a little bit longer!
Their murderers, Sheriff! It's
your job ta stop'em! What if they
come here?
Sheriff Cooper ducks his head and wipes his mouth with his
                       SHERIFF COOPER
They already have!
Sheriff Cooper slightly raises his head but is too ashamed
to look Cole in the eyes.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
They already been here! More than
once and they kill someone every
time, but I can't do nuth'in thars
to many of'em and their trained
soldiers! You can't stop'em you
won't survive against men like
that! It's best you just leave it
be and forget about it!
Cole places both hands on Sheriff Coopers desk and leans
closer toward him!
Forget it! FORGET IT! My wife was
raped and tortured by thirteen
men!... My little girl was skinned


                       COLE (cont'd)
and the man that done it took her
little ear as a trophy! I'll never
forget that! NEVER!
Sheriff Cooper leans back in his chair with a look of fear
on his face!
As far as surviv'in, I buried the
man I was, with my family, I got
nuth'in left ta lose! Doesn't
matter whether I live or not, I'm
gonna kill as many of them
bastards as I can before I go!
With yore help we might be able ta
git a few more!
Sheriff Cooper shakes his head no as he ducks it in shame.
Ya took an oath ta uphold law and
order and ta do everything in yore
power ta stop men like this!
Sheriff Cooper takes another swig and finds a little courage
and sets back up in his chair.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
DEAD! There's too many of'em we
can't get'em all!
Cole stands back up taking his hands off the desk.
Ya don't have ta get'em all! If
every law man they went up against
would just git one or two, it
would soon end and countless lives
would be saved!
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Not all men that wear a tin star
are heroes!
Yea and not all men that wear it,
earn it! Ya don't have ta be a
hero, Sheriff ya just need ta do
yore job!


                       SHERIFF COOPER
Dying ain't much of a job!
FINE! If yore too much of a coward
and a drunk ta do yore job, then
I'll go it alone! But, I'll tell
ya now Sheriff, don't git in my
way or try an stop me, cause yore
so liquored up that, that badge is
start'in ta blur!
                       SHERIFF COOPER
There's posters on every member of
that gang, wanted dead or alive,
not only will I not stand in yore
way, but I'll pay ya the bounty if
ya succeed! I'll even go ya one
further, if ya accomplish what
yore sett'in out ta do, I'll give
up this badge!
Sheriff cooper leans back in his chair and crosses his arms.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Now, if ya don't mind, I don't
like jaw'in with dead men!
Cole leans forward a little with a serious look on his face.
Ya best git ready for retirement
Sheriff, cause these boys has done
got me riled and they ain't gonna
like it!
Cole walks out of the Sheriff's Office and looks up to see
Jack and Jake standing on the other side of the street in
front of him.
Lookee here Jake, ole Cole crawled
out of the depths of hell to hunt
us down, just like he said he
      (to Cole)
I thought we killed you Cole?


I reckon ya did a piss poor job of
Jack and Jake stand side by side and square off to Cole.

Cole moves his right hand near the Remington Outlaw
holstered in the strong draw position.

Cole wiggles his fingers to get Jack and Jake's attention,
when they glance at his right hand, Cole sneaks his left
hand around his back and grips the Remington Frontier tucked
in at the small of his back.

Sheriff Cooper comes out of his office and sees Cole facing
off against Jack and Jake.

Sheriff cooper quickly steps to the side to get out of the
line of fire!

Cole glances up the street and sees Emma and Abigail Jackson
getting on the stage, Emma nods her head at Cole then steps
up into the stage.

Cole looks down at his knife, releases his grip on the
Frontier and holds both hands slightly out to his sides with
palms facing forward.
You giving up Cole?
Sheriff take the revolver out of
my waist band!
Sheriff cooper walks over to Cole.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
What are ya...
Sheriff Cooper removes the Remington Frontier from the small
of Cole's back.

With his left hand Cole unfastens his gun belt and hands it
to Sheriff Cooper.
It's good you gave up Cole, you
wouldn't have beaten us anyway!


I ain't giv'in up! jus wanna kill
you boys in the manner ya deserve!
Cole puts his right thumb in his knife lanyard wraps it
around his hand and grips the knife in a sabre grip and
unsheathes it!
Live by the blade, die by the
blade! What'a ya say boys, ya
wanna give it a go?
You got sand Cole! Hell yea, we'll
give it a go!
Jack and Jake draw their sabres with their right hands and
step out into the street.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
Ya done gone plum loco, Hawkins?
Just shoot'em, they'll cut ya ta
Cole steps out into the street to face off against Jack and
Ours are bigger, Cole!
It ain't the size of the blade
that matters, it's where ya stick
it that counts!
All three men are in constant motion, Jack and Jake try to
find a position of attack and Cole is trying to keep the
brothers lined up so that they can not attack at the same

Jack thrusts his sabre at Cole's midsection, Cole steps
slightly to the side and forward and grabs Jack's wrist with
his left hand!

Cole then quickly thrusts his own knife toward Jack's
midsection, Jack grabs Cole's wrist with his free hand and
the two men struggle!

Cole glances over to see Jake trying to move into a position
to Cole's right side.

Cole pushes his arms forward to make room, then front kicks


Jack , knocking him to the ground!

Jake thrusts his sabre at Cole's side, Cole hollows out,
narrowly avoiding a stab!

Cole grabs Jake's wrist with his left hand as it passes by!

Then quickly in fluid motions smashes his right elbow into
Jake's face twice. WHAM! WHAM!

Then Cole quickly extends his arm slashing his knife toward
Jake's throat!

Jake rapidly jerks his head back and avoids getting his
throat cut but, stumbles backward and falls to the ground!

Jack and Jake both quickly jump to their feet! Once again
the three men start circling each other!
Your good Cole but, I'm through
playing around! I got your rhythm
Jack slashes at Cole's midsection, Cole hollows out as the
sabre blade passes close by!

With out pause Jack swings the sabre back toward Coles neck,
Cole quickly ducks, narrowly avoiding contact with the

Jake thrusts toward Cole's face, Cole quickly steps and
shifts as the blade grazes his cheek drawing blood!

Cole maneuvers himself around to line Jack and Jake back up!

Jack thrusts at Cole's midsection once more and again Cole
shifts and steps in avoiding the blade and grabs Jack's

Cole responds yet again by thrusting his knife at Jack's
midsection and as before Jack grabs Cole's wrist!

The two men again struggle but this time Jack pulls his arms
and Cole forward and head butts Cole in the face!

Cole's head snaps back and he staggers backward and shuffles
his feet to remain standing!
I want to let you know Cole, that
when everyone was taking turns
with your wife, Me and Jake done
her together! And in spite of all


                       JACK (cont'd)
the screaming and carrying on, I
think she enjoyed it!
Now truly and noticeably Pissed, Cole using the lanyard
swings his knife from a sabre grip into a reverse grip!
If you an yore brother like doing
things together, then ya can die
an go ta hell with each other!
Jack Swings his sabre towards Cole's left side, Cole steps
in and blocks with a left outside down block and with the
now reversed gripped knife, slashes Jack's throat!

Cole starts to spin around to the left as he throws Jack's
body to the ground!

Cole continues to spin as Jake swings his sabre in a
downward slash from overhead toward Cole's head!

Cole now has spun all the way around, steps in and blocks
Jake's sabre arm with a left rising block!

In a fluid motion Cole buries his knife to the hilt into
Jake's clavicular notch!

Jake screams in pain and drops to his knees!
With his left hand, Cole grabs Jake's hair and pushes his
head back!

In one fluid motion Cole pulls the knife out of the
clavicular notch, runs the blade across Jake's neck and
knees him in the chest, knocking Jake to the ground!
Hanna puts some goods on the counter as billy stands looking
at candy.

Behind the counter is the store clerk, MR. PEAVEY, a tall
lanky man with thick bottle cap glasses.
                       MR. PEAVEY
Will that be all Miss Jenkins?


Mr. Peavey do have any...
Before Hanna can finish her statement, Cletus runs into the
General Store yelling!
                       MR. PEAVEY
Who done what to who?
Cletus struggles to catch his breath!
                       MR. PEAVEY
Calm down Cletus and tell us
what's go'in on!
A stranger... he cut down the...
Farley brothers... using only a
                       MR. PEAVEY
The Farley brothers from the
Cletus nods his head!
                       MR. PEAVEY
Using only a Knife?
Cletus, still breathing heavy, nods his head again!
I gotta see this!
Billy runs out the door, Hanna tries to grab him, but
Billy pays her no mind and continues on his way!
I'll be back for these Mr. Peavey!
                       MR. PEAVEY
Thats fine, I'm coming too!


Hanna rushes out the door, Mr. Peavey comes from around the
counter and is right behind her! Both run past Cletus who is
still out of breath!
Billy comes running down the street to where Cole and
sheriff Cooper are!

Cole is strapping his holster back on.
Golly gosh darn, it's true! It's
about time someone stood up ta
them an gave'em what for!
Hanna and Mr. Peavey come running down the street, Hanna
grabs billy and covers his eyes.
You don't need to see such
Ahh gee whiz, Miss Jenkins, It's
the only thing ta see in Shiloh!
Sheriff Cooper hands Cole the Remington Frontier and Cole
Tucks it back in at the small of his back.
                       SHERIFF COOPER
What now Cole?
Nuthin's changed I'm still go'in
after the rest of'em!
Hanna, hearing Cole let's go of Billy and approaches Cole.
You planning on killing them,
Yes ma'am!
Your no better than they are, you
have no right to decide who lives
or who dies!


After what they done, I'm make'in
it my right!
It does not matter what they have
done, two wrongs does not make a
right, Mister!
You a school marm, Miss?
A teacher, yes! And it's miss
Well Miss Jenkins do ya teach
number add'in?
Arithmetic, yes I do!
Well, Miss Jenkins when ya add two
odd numbers do they come out even?
Yes but, I do not see what your
getting at Mister?
What I'm gett'in at ma'am, is that
I don't know or care weather two
wrongs make'a right or not, but I
do know that two odds make an
even, and I damn well plan on
gett'in even with the Hatchet!
Hanna is now angry and opens her mouth to say something but,
before see can say anything Sheriff Cooper grabs her arm and
starts pulling her away.
Let me go Sheriff! Those bounty
hunters are no better than the men
they hunt!
                       SHERIFF COOPER
He ain't no bounty hunter! Now
come here and I'll explain!


After Sheriff Cooper gets Hanna a ways back, he explains
Cole's situation!

We can not hear what he is saying but, it is obvious from
her expression that he is explaining What happened to Cole's

Hanna's expression turns from anger, to shock, to sadness
and finally sympathy.

Billy walks over and lightly tugs on Hanna's sleeve and she
turns to look at him.
Miss Jenkins, he's the only one
will'in ta stand up ta these men!
Ya said things would get better!
Well, he might be the only one
that can make it happen!
With an understanding look, Hanna touches Billy's cheek with
her hand and smiles. Hanna turns and walks back over to
I'm sorry Mister Hawkins, I judged
you wrongly!
I believe the way I do and you
believe the way you do ma'am,
there's no reason ta apologize for
yore beliefs!
Please let me finish Mister
Sorry ma'am, go ahead!
I may not agree with what your
doing, but I understand why your
doing it! It's a shame what some
men are capable of doing! the less
monsters there are, the better
this world will be! If you do what
your doing Mister Hawkins, then
maybe the children I teach won't
have to! So I wish you luck Mister
Hawkins and please be careful!


Thank ya ma'am!
Skinner pulls the wagon around the other end of town and
heads for the saloon! When he sees the people standing
around, he stops the wagon and strains to see what's going

He realizes Jack and Jake are dead when he sees their
bodies, then he recognizes Cole!

Skinner's eyes go big with shock and fear when Cole looks up
and spots him!

Cole looks up and sees Skinner sitting in a wagon just up
the street!

Skinner slaps the reins and quickly turns the wagon around
and heads out of town as fast as he can!

Cole runs to his horse grabs his rifle out of the scabbard,
aims and fires, BANG!

The bullet hits the corner of a building, just as skinner
passes behind it!

Cole slams the rifle back into the scabbard jumps on his
horse and chases after Skinner!
Skinner frantically slaps the reins on his horses and looks
behind him to see if Cole is still chasing him!

Cole is aways back but, coming quickly!
      (slapping reins)
Skinner's front wagon wheel hits a big rock and shatters!

The wagon breaks away from the horses, the side with the
shattered wheel drops and digs into the dirt, flipping and
throwing skinner out!

The wagon comes to a stop on it's side!


Skinner as quickly as he can stands, pulls his
revolver,cocks, aims and it's to late, Cole jumps from his
horse tackling Skinner, the two men hit the ground hard and
Skinner's revolver is knocked away!

Cole continues the momentum and rolls to his feet and turns
to face Skinner! Skinner struggles to stand quickly, but
without as much grace!
We don't have ta do this, Cole!
Yea we do!
Cole steps back over to Skinner and Punches him hard in the
face, Skinner's head and body move with the force of the
punch and Skinner staggers, but remains on his feet!

Skinner rushes forward at Cole's waist to try and tackle

Cole shifts and throws Skinner to the ground!

Skinner stands back up and pulls out his knife!
DAMN IT! I'm gonna cut out your
gizzard, boy!
Yore gonna try ya fat, ugly
bastard, but ya ain't got the grit
ta git it done!
Skinner lunges at Cole with the knife, Cole side steps grabs
Skinner's knife hand and turns to flip Skinner to the

As skinner stands back up, Cole kicks the knife from his
hand and slams a back fist into Skinners face!

Skinner stumbles backward near the wagon, picks up a piece
of wood that broke off the wagon and swings it forcefully at
Cole's head!

Cole catches the end of it with his left hand, then smashes
it in two with his right forearm and continues to spin
around to smash his half into Skinner's head! WHAM!

The wood shatters on impact, Skinner spins with the force of
the blow as he falls to the ground with a THUD! Cole throws
the remaining piece of wood in his hand onto Skinner!


The wagon is on it's side, and Skinner is tied to the under
part of it in a kneeling position, unconscious.

Cole is squatting down in front of him, lightly slapping
Skinner's face, with the back of his hand, to wake him!
Wake up ya piece of shit! I
wouldn't want ya ta miss any of
Skinner awakens and lunges at Cole, but is stopped by the
ropes! Skinner looks at the ropes, then back to Cole and
Oh, am I supposed ta be scared
Cole, with out responding or showing any emotion, continues
to look at Skinner.
Ya know Cole, when I skinned your
daughter she screamed real good!
Cole slams a back hand into Skinners face, skinners head is
snapped to the side and down from the force!

Skinner raises his head back up blood running from his
mouth, he spits blood and teeth on the ground!
God damn, son of a bitch'in, god
damn! I'll give ya one thing Cole
you sure can hit, feels like
get'in kicked by a damn mule!
Cole Holds Skinners knife in his right hand and runs his
left thumb along the blade to check the sharpness!

Skinner starts to show fear when he sees the knife!
Wha.. What are you gonna do with
Cole slowly raises his head and looks at Skinner.
I'm gonna see how good you scream!


Before Skinner can say anything else, Cole grabs Skinner's
left ear with his left hand and in one fluid motion cuts
Skinners ear off and Skinner screams!
PLEASE!... Please Cole I didn't
kill your little girl, Red did, he
shot her in the back! She was
already dead when I got there! So
when I did what I did it wasn't as
bad as you thought!... Your little
girl didn't feel a thing!
You will!
Cole reaches the knife toward Skinner's right ear, as
Skinner continues to scream!
Cole walks toward the creek still holding Skinner's knife,
his hands and arms are covered in blood!

He looks at the knife and throws it into some bushes.

He gets on his hands and knees near the waters edge and
looks at his reflection!
They deserve everything they get
and you'll do whatever ya have'ta,
ta make sure they get it! Now lets
finish this!
Cole starts washing the blood off of his hands and arms in
the creek!
Late in the day Cole sits on his horse looking down at the
Hatchet's hideout.


He sees a wagon approaching the entrance!

Cole gets off his horse and pulls a spy scope out of the
saddle bags!

He extends the scope, squats down and places one elbow on
his knee to study the scope, then looks through it, to get a
better look!
Wade and Clay are in a wagon loaded with crates, as it pulls
through the entrance you can see the writing on some of the
crates, it reads CAUTION! DYNAMITE!.

As the wagon enters, the remaining members of the Hatchet
come out to meet it.

When the wagon stops Munroe walks over to it!
You boys have any problems?
No Sir! The bean eaters didn't
give us no trouble at all!
So you let'em live?
Well Sir, I didn't exactly say
The Hatchet laugh and Munroe slaps the side of the wagon
with his hand!
Lets get this dynamite into the
barn, men!
Munroe walks toward the house as the rest of the men start
grabbing crates and carrying them to the barn!
Cole closes the scope and puts it back in the saddle bag.

He unstraps the saddle cinch, removes the saddle from the
horse and places it on the ground.


he pulls the saddle blanket off and throws it to the side as

Cole pats his horse on the side of the neck!
I best try ta get some sleep,
looks like it's gonna be a might
busy day tomorrow!
It's early in the morning and Cole is on the outside of the
log fencing sneaking toward the entrance!

Cole gets behind a wagon parked next to the fence near the

J.T. is standing on the closest side of the entrance and
Wade is standing on the far side of the entrance. J.T. grabs
his crotch.
I'm gonna go check the perimeter!
Don't pull on that thing too hard,
you might pull the little thing
clean off!
Wade smiles as J.T. shakes his head in disgust and walks
toward the wagon!

Cole leans against the back of the wagon and waits!

As J.T. passes the wagon Cole Quickly steps in behind him,
grabs J.T.'s Chin with one hand and the back of his head
with the other hand, Cole kicks the back of J.T.'s knee
dropping him to both knees and then with one smooth, violent
motion Cole twists and snaps J.T.'s neck!

Wade turns toward the wagon as though he's heard something
and sees the commotion!
J.T. whats wrong? Oh shi...
Before Wade can fully understand what's happening and raise
his rifle, Cole in one smooth motion grabs his knife, pulls
it from the sheath, turns and throws it at Wade.

The knife sticks deep into Wade's neck, he opens his mouth


like he's trying to scream, but no sound comes out! Wade
drops to his knees then falls forward face first into the

Cole walks over, pulls his knife from Wade's body, wipes the
blade on Wade's jacket and slides it back into the sheath!
Cole sneaks through the entrance and heads toward the house!
Clay is on top of the barn, walking on the far side of the
roof and keeping watch, as he approaches the top he can see
through the front entrance.

Clay strains to see a body lying outside next to the

Clay immediately starts to scan the rest of the grounds,
when he spots Cole pressed against the house!

Clay raises his rifle, aims and FIRES, the bullet strikes
the side of the house near Cole's Head!

Cole dives forward, away from the house rolls, pulls his
revolver and FIRES, the bullet strikes Clay in the chest!

Clay grabs his wound and falls forward over the peak of the
roof and tumbles all the way down the front side!

Cole turns to see Emmett come out of the house, revolver in

Emmett and Cole spot each other and raise their revolvers,
Cole FIRES first, the bullet strikes the edge of the door
frame as Emmett dives back inside!

Cole quickly turns and runs for the barn! The remaining
members of the Hatchet exit the house and see Cole enter the
It's him Colonel, he's here!
Him who? Damn it Emmett make some


Cole! Cole Hawkins here he damn
near shot my head off before
running into the barn!
He shall rise from the depths of
hell and smite his enemy with fire
and brimstone....
Munroe grabs Preacher by the collar and pulls him face to
Munroe forcefully pushes Preacher toward the barn, Preacher
stumbles , but stays on his feet!
Now get in there and kill that son
of a bitch! ALL OF YA! And make
sure it sticks this time!
Preacher, Emmett, Tenderfoot, Ty and red run toward the
The five men file into the barn and start lining up behind
stacked boxes.
      (Scared, whisper)
The Lord is my Shepard, I shall
fear no...
Ty slaps preacher in the back of the head!
Shut up! I don't wanna get killed
on accout of your bible spout'in!
Preacher rubs the back of his head and gives Ty a mean look!
You in here Cole?
                       COLE (OS)
Yea I'm here ya murder'in basterd!


The five men look toward the stall that Cole's voice was
coming from! Ty points at the stall, while looking at
Emmett, Emmett nods his head!
Which one of you is called Red?
Red looks at Emmett and Emmett nods his head at him, Red
peeks over the crates he's hiding behind!
That would be me, what do...
BANG! Before he can finish his sentence, Cole puts a bullet
right between his eyes, Red goes limp and falls over dead!
The other four men quickly hunker down behind the crates!
Holy shit! He just killed Red!
That was for my daughter, ya son
of'a bitch!
We're sitt'in ducks out here! He's
gonna kill us all!
NO HE AIN'T! Now get'a hold your
self Ty! He's only one man and
there's still four of us left in
here and the Colonel outside makes
Ty relaxes a bit and nods his head!
There was thirteen of us when we
Ty gets a scared look on his face again and slides down to a
seated position!
Oh shit, we're all gonna die!
Damn it, Tenderfoot! What are ya
trying ta do?


Tenderfoot just shrugs his shoulders and goes back to trying
to see Cole!
Buck up, Ty! We been in a lot
worse scrapes than this! Now quit
cowering and kill this pecker head
sum bitch!
Ty nods, checks his revolver and slowly stands, pointing his
revolver as he looks for Cole!

Just as Ty's chest rises above the crates, Cole jumps from
one stall to another fanning his Revolver! BANG! BANG! BANG!

The first bullet strikes the crate the next two find their
mark in Ty's chest! With a surprised look on his face, Ty
looks at Emmett and then falls backward, dead!
Cole is now in a squatted position with his back to one of
the stall walls, he has the Remington Outlaw in his hand!
                       EMMETT (OS)
I'm gonna kill you Cole!
Ya done tried once, I don't reckon
you'll do much better this time
Cole looks in the cylinder of the Remington Outlaw and turns
it, it's empty!

Cole Holsters the Remington Outlaw, reaches behind and grabs
the Remington Frontier! He looks in the cylinder and rotates
it, one bullet left!

He reaches to feel his gun belts cartridge holders, nothing,
no bullets!
Damn it!
Cole peeks around the edge of the wall towards the position
of the Hatchet! Lined up against the wall near the Hatchet's
position Cole Spots the dynamite crates! He pulls his head
back and leans against the stall wall once more.


One bullet, one chance! Here goes
Cole cocks the hammer on the revolver, takes a deep breath,
exhales, leans out away from the wall, aims at the dynamite
crates, takes another breath, holds his breath and squeezes
the trigger!
                                         SMASH CUT
BOOM! The front quarter part of the barn explodes knocking
Munroe, who is standing outside near the barn, off his feet,
his revolver flies out of his hand!

Particles and items, including rifles, revolvers and wood
pieces, from the explosion fall all around!

Munroe sets up to observe the damage!
God damn! What the hell was that!
Cole staggers out of the remains, his clothing is still
smoldering and has smoke rolling off of them, he is still
holding his revolver!

Munroe stands up and he and Cole lock eyes!
Damn you Hawkins! You God damn
rebel scum!
Yore the only one left, ya
murder'in bastard
Cole raises his revolver, points it at Munroe and cocks the
Come on Cole, let's talk this
with out saying a word Cole squeezes the trigger! CLICK! The
revolver is empty!

Munroe Smiles, reaches down and grabs a rifle off the


You out of bullets Cole?
Munroe levers the rifle and puts it to his shoulder, aiming
at Cole!
Here you can have one of mine!
Munroe Squeezes the trigger! CLICK!

Nothing he quickly levers the action again and Squeezes the
trigger! CLICK!

The rifles also empty! Munroe throws the rifle down and
pulls the tomahawk from his waist band!
Looks like we're gonna be doing
this the hard way! Hell, it's only
fitt'in that us two old war horses
go at it like this!
Munroe rushes toward Cole, Cole pulls his knife in a sabre
grip, without having time to use the lanyard!

Brody slashes at Cole's stomach, Cole hollows out, as the
tomahawk blade cuts his shirt and grazes his skin drawing

Cole reaches out and slashes at Munroe's face, nicking
Munroe's cheek, Cole reverses directions and back hand
slashes at Munroe's throat!

Munroe blocks the slash by slamming the tomahawk handle into
Cole's arm, knocking Cole's knife from his hand!

Munroe comes after Cole aggressively, he slashes at Cole's
face with an inward slash then an outward slash.

Cole is back peddling to keep from getting cut and Munroe is
charging forward!

Munroe slashes inward at Cole's stomach, then outward, Cole
shifting and dodging multiple slashes, winds up with his
back against the barn wall!

Munroe launches an overhead downward stroke toward Cole's
face, Cole shifts his head narrowly avoiding the tomahawk as
it sticks deep into the side of the barn!

Cole quickly slams a punch into Munroe's Face, Munroe lets
go of the tomahawk and stumbles backward!


Cole rushes forward, grabs Munroe's collar with his left
hand, and unloads four rapid punches with his right hand,

Munroe starts to stagger, but before he can fall Cole kicks
him backward and Munroe slams to the ground on his back!
Yore times up Munroe, ya ain't
gonna be able ta hurt anyone else!
Munroe turns his head and spits blood on the ground, as he
does he spots a revolver under a piece of wood!
I ain't finished yet you rebel son
of a bitch!
Munroe grabs a handful of dirt and throws it at Cole's eyes,
then grabs the revolver!

Cole covers his eyes and staggers backward when the dirt
hits his face!

Brody quickly jumps to his feet and checks the revolver for
bullets! He sees it is loaded and smiles!
This one has beans in the wheel!
Looks like it just ain't your day
Munroe now cocky, lowers the revolver to his side!

Cole clears the dirt from his eyes looks over and sees he is
standing next to the tomahawk stuck in the barn!
You ready to die?
Cole calmly reaches up and grips the handle of the tomahawk!
How bout we bury the hatchet
You really think you can yank that
free, cover this distance and cut
me down before I can put a bullet
through your head?


Maybe! Maybe not! Let's find out!
You called me crazy? Your the....
Before Munroe can finish the statement, Cole jerks the
tomahawk free and sprints hard toward Munroe!

Munroe surprised by Cole's actions, slightly hesitates, then
quickly raises the revolver, cocks the hammer and fires,

The bullet pierces Cole's left arm but, Cole unfazed
continues forward!

Munroe re-cocks the revolver, but does not have time to fire
a second shot!

Cole buries the tomahawk deep into Munroe's skull and Munroe
drops to the ground, it's over!
Bloody and battered Cole rides back into Shiloh, he is
leading Munroe's horse with Munroe's body strapped over the

Various towns people gather to look on in awe, Among them
are Hanna, Billy, Sheriff Cooper, Dan, Cletus and Mr.

Cole rides up to the Sheriff's office near Sheriff Cooper
and stops!

Both men stare at each other!

Sheriff Cooper looks at Munroe strung over the saddle, then
ducks his head, removes his badge, throws it on the ground
and walks away!

Billy runs over and picks up the badge and hands it to Cole!

Cole takes the badge looks at it and replies!
This ain't mine boy!
It ought ta be Mister Hawkins!


What's yore name Pard?
It's Billy, Billy Haskell, Sir!
Well Billy Billy Haskell It's a
pleasure ta meet ya!
Uh thar's just one Billy Sir!
I know I was just teas'in ya
Cole smiles and billy gives a big smile back!
It's a pleasure ta meet you too
Cole nods his head once to acknowledge Billy's statement,
then holds the badge up!
Billy I appreciate the sentiment,
but it's not yore decision ta
Billy nods, then ducks his head in disappointment, then Mr.
Peavey steps forward!
                       MR. PEAVEY
No it's not his decision but, it
is ours!
Mr. Peavey looks around at the rest of the town folk!
                       MR. PEAVEY
Most of the members of the
Merchants Association is here, so
let's vote! Anyone apposed to
Mister Hawkins becoming Sheriff
speak now!
Everyone looks at each other but, no one speaks against the


                       MR. PEAVEY
There you have it Mister Hawkins
most everyone here wants you to be
Sheriff! What do you say?
Cole looks at the badge then back at the town people!
Again, I appreciate the sentiment
folks, but I ain't no lawman! Why
don't one'a ya'll wear this badge?
Dan steps to the front!
You would make a better lawman
than any of us, Mister Hawkins! I
see all kinds come into my saloon
and outlaws all over the country
have known Shiloh as a town
without much of a lawman, for some
time now! It's gonna take some
doing to convince all the riffraff
that comes through that we got law
now! We don't just need someone to
wear a badge Mister Hawkins, we
need someone who can back it up!
We need you Mister Hawkins!
everyone nods in agreement and once again Cole looks at the
badge, then back at the people!

Hanna steps forward!
Mister Hawkins this town needs
someone who is willing and able to
do what needs doing to bring law
and order back!
Cletus steps forward!
Yore the only one can do it Mister
The lot of ya are mak'in me feel
mighty old call'in me Mister
Hawkins all the time! Some one
want ta take care of this body?


Yes sir, I'll take care of it!
This town have a Doc?
Yes sir!
Ya might aught ta fetch'em, I
reckon I'm gonna need some
Yes sir! I'll get'em!
Can somebody take care of my
Yes sir! I'll take care of that
Thank ya! Yore a' good man! The
sheriff's office have sleep'in
Yes sir!
Cole pins on the badge then scans the crowd!
Well, I reckon if anyone needs me
I'll be in my office!
Pleased with Cole's decision, everyone smiles and Cletus
nods excitedly!
Yes sir Sheriff! You don't worry
bout nuth'in I'll take care of
everything Sheriff Hawkins!


Cole nods, dismounts from his horse, hands Cletus the reins,
pats him on the back and walks into the Sheriff's office!

Hanna looks down at Billy, who is smiling as big as he can!
What do you think now, Billy?
I think ya were right, Miss
Jenkins, things are gonna get
better! I also think I'm gonna be
proud ta live in this town!
Hanna smiles, puts her arm around Billy and pulls him close!
I think we all are, Billy!
Everyone of us!


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From Brandon Addison Date 12/25/2010 ***1/2
A very accurate script, and well witten script with accurate characters that would match the times. The Hatchet reminds me of the historical characters of Jesse James and others who took revenge on people, for what they felt were murders also, it would make a good film. You post this on inktip.com

From vito jennette Date 12/16/2010 ***1/2
Really enjoyed the script...Dialog was good, refreshing to read something so well structured! The ending was a nice surprise, and the story really flowed well. Not really sure the introduction of the saga was necessary though? Fell in love with the Cole character. I LOVE WESTERNS! & I'd love to see this one be made! If you get a chance two of my scripts are posted as well. Bullycide & The Second Coming

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