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by Andrew DuVarney (duvarneya@yahoo.com)

Rated: R   Genre: Action/Adventure   User Review: ***1/2
An alternate look on the origins of Deathstroke the Terminator, aka Slade Wilson. Witness original events that lead up to him taking on the moniker of the most dangerous mercenary the world will ever know.

This screenplay is copyrighted to its author. All rights reserved. This screenplay may not be used or reproduced without the express written permission of the author.


We're in a large square room, white walls, tall ceiling. A
military obstacle course is set up at the room's center.

Running this course is an unnamed 20-something year old
male, remarkable physical condition. We'll call him SUBJECT
A. He moves with grace, speed and agility far greater than a
normal human. He shows no signs of exhaustion.

Above the obstacle course, two men watch from atop an
overlooking catwalk. The man on the left is LIEUTENANT
GENERAL DANIEL PARRISH, late fifties, tall, sharp features,
with a rock solid demeanor hardened from years in the Army.

Next to him is the lead scientist of the program, ARNOLD
POWERS, early forties, glasses, portly and balding. He
writes notes on his clipboard.
He seems to be doing better than
the last one.
      (looking up from
Early signs are promising, but I
wouldn't get our hopes up just
yet. He still has another hour of
testing to go. No one's made it
that far.
      (folding his arms)
What did you say the chances were
with this one?
Less than one percent.
SUBJECT A continues running the obstacle course. He starts
to slow, sweats heavily. He grabs his side, winces -- he's
in pain. His legs give out -- he collapses, coughs up blood.

PARRISH groans, visibly displeased. POWERS sighs, scribbles
more notes on his clipboard.

SUBJECT A starts to spasm -- he's going into shock. A team
of doctors rush to his aid -- they carry him out on a


      (walking down the
Goddamn it.
I told you, less than one percent.
PARRISH sits at one end of a long table. He's looking over
the notes that POWERS wrote earlier -- deep in thought. He
taps his fingers gently against the wood.

POWERS sits in the next seat, sipping from a mug of coffee.
He writes more notes on his clipboard. Several other
SCIENTISTS from his team are seated around him, all going
over notes.
Yet another failure...
The scientists look up -- look at each other. They say
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Not a single one has made it
beyond testing. Not a single one!
Explain to me, Powers, why the
highest paid team of scientists in
the country can't figure out a way
to fix that.
      (sitting up
General, we've told you many times
already, this isn't a simple
process. We're dealing with
complicated genetic and hormonal
alterations here. We're doing the
best we can, but -
      (cutting him off)
I don't want to sit here listening
to you tell me how difficult it
is, again. Give me answers.


We've done everything we possibly
can to optimize the chances of
success, but those chances are
still very low. There is a very
specific sequence in the DNA that
needs to be altered.
But making those changes causes
severe side effects, as you've
seen. Until we find a subject with
the right genetic make up to
resist those side effects and
adapt to the changes with one
hundred percent certainty, we're
not likely to find success.
So until this miracle specimen of
yours comes along, we're supposed
to keep offering up our subjects
like cattle and hope to get lucky?
Trial and error.
      (rolling his eyes)
Well a fine system that is.
One of the other SCIENTISTS seated at the table clears his
throat, getting their attention.
Um, excuse me, if I may.
Well, in regards to finding a
suitable match, I've already been
looking into that. Turns out that
none of our current volunteers
come even close.
      (rubbing his
And how does that help us?


Well, I figured that since none of
the current volunteers fit the
bill, I'd check out past records.
I mean, this project has been
around for thirty years, right?
He pauses -- waits for them to say something. They stare at
him, saying nothing. They want him to spit it out.
                       SCIENTIST (CONT'D)
Right, anyway, back when the
project was first in development,
they still accepted volunteers to
sign up. Nothing ever happened
then, though, and most of those
volunteers have long since been
out of service. But, we still have
their medical data on file, and
their genetic samples.
      (raiseing his
So you went and checked the
samples we have on record?
He nods.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
I'm impressed. That's actually a
very good idea.
Well? Did you find anything?
Yes, actually. We'll have to
double check and run some more
tests just to be sure, but from
what I gathered, there is a high
probability of this one being a
proper match.
That's the first good news I've
heard all day. And who is this
potential match?
Oh, well, I don't remember the
name off the top of my head. But I
asked one of your men to retrieve
his military file a little while


                       SCIENTIST (cont'd)
ago. Should be here soon.
A knock sounds from the partially open doorway. Standing
there is MAJOR FRANKLIN CRANDALL, early thirties, clean-cut,
attentive, dressed in a blue officer uniform.
      (holding up a file)
It's right here, actually.
Ah, Major Crandall, haven't seen
you in a while.
CRANDALL walks over to where they are seated and drops the
file in front on the table.
Been a little busy, lately. Go on
and take a look at that file,
though, everything's there.
Medical data, service history,
mission logs.
PARRISH reaches for for the file, opens it. His expression
suddenly changes -- anger. He closes the file and shoves it
No, absolutely not. I want nothing
to do with that man!
POWERS slides the folder towards himself -- he's curious,
takes a look.
You know the subject?
Of course I know him -- I was his
damn C.O.
      (reading the file)
Name: Slade Wilson. Former Army
Ranger, entered the service at
eighteen, trained by Adeline Kane
Addie Kane...one of the best
combat instructors ever to come


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
through here. How she ever went on
to marry that man, I'll never
-- well according to this, he
served his country honorably for
years as one of the best soldiers
in his day. So what's the problem?
Just keep reading.
      (turning the page)
Disobeyed orders during The Gulf
War to rescue a friend taken
prisoner. Assaulted several United
States soldiers with non-lethal
force, stole a...military
aircraft, flew into enemy
territory, and...managed to rescue
the captive soldier?
POWERS blinks, almost not believing what he just read. He
clears his throat and closes the file.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
Um, wow.
He spent time after that in a
military prison for
insubordination, then was quietly
discharged. They should have made
it dishonorable; that man was
reckless, arrogant, and a damn
pain in my ass. I don't want to
deal with him.
Well, that's understandable, sir.
However, if he is indeed a match
for the project, we can't let
personal bias keep us from
      (standing up
Fine, I'll take care of it. But
you'd better be DAMN sure that
you're right. I don't want to


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
waste my time with him.
PARRISH walks quickly to the door, leaving the conference
room. The door slams shut behind him.
We're in the office of the chief of police. Plaques and a
map of the D.C. area adorn the walls. CHIEF FRED DAVIS sits
behind his desk. He types at his computer. The workspace is
cluttered -- pens, stapler, stacks of papers, office

A knock on the door.
      (looking up)
Come in.
The door opens. An officer walks in, dressed in uniform.
He's middle aged -- late forties, graying. Remarkable
physical condition -- he keeps himself in shape, despite his

Features are solid, strong. Has a trimmed goatee. He stands
straight, attentive -- he breathes confidence. This is SLADE
      (nodding to Davis)
Ah, Officer Wilson, good to see
you. Have a seat.
Slade says nothing -- takes a seat in front of the desk.
                       DAVIS (CONT'D)
Well, you've no doubt why I asked
you here. Your work in recent
years has, for the most part, been
excellent. With the new captain
position opening, I have seriously
considered you for the job.
      (leaning forward)
I bust my ass everyday, sir. I
know I can handle it.


I'm sure you could. However, you
weren't the only one being
considered for the position. There
are others who are just as
      (sitting up
Did I get the job or not?
I'm afraid not. Though you were
our first choice, there have been
several...complaints, regarding
certain incidents you've been
involved in.
What complaints?
Well, there have been multiple
reports of unnecessary -- and
excessive -- force.
I do what it takes to get the job
done. It's never unnecessary when
it ends a hostile situation.
That's exactly who you need as
captain, someone who gets the job
Be that as it may, we've decided
to give the position to someone
with a few more years experience.
And who's that?
Officer Schendt.
      (bolting up from
       his seat)
Schendt?! I work twice as hard as
that slob! He spends half the day
sitting around with his thumb up


                       SLADE (cont'd)
his ass!
Officer Schendt has been with us
for a long time. He's more
Screw experience! I'm more
qualified for the job, you know
I'm sorry, but the decision is
      (moving to the
Well fine. If you want to deal
with that lazy bastard as your
captain, go right ahead. Could
have at least picked someone who
deserved it, though. Monroe,
Taylor even. Schendt can't hold a
goddamn candle to them.
SLADE walks out the doorway, slams the door -- doesn't give
DAVIS a chance to say anything else. DAVIS sighs, shakes his
head -- goes back to typing.
The Wilson home is a quaint two story house in Montgomery
County, a suburb of D.C.

Inside, ADELINE WILSON rummages around the kitchen,
cleaning. She is in her mid fifties but retains a certain
mature beauty -- her looks have only gotten better over the

In the living room is JOSEPH WILSON, sixteen -- the younger
of two children. He is playing video games, mind lost to the
outside world. GRANT WILSON -- eighteen, the older boy --
walks into the kitchen, opens the refrigerator. He's well
built, athletic.
Mom, there's nothing to eat.


      (turning the sink
       faucet on)
I haven't had a chance to go
grocery shopping -- I've been a
little busy picking up after you
Hey, I cleaned my room last
And yet you still manage to leave
the bathroom a mess after you
shower everyday. Would it kill you
to put your dirty clothes in the
laundry room?
I...guess I forget.
ADELINE sighs, shakes her head. Typical teenage boys. She
grabs for the dish soap -- washing the dishes now.
Speaking of forgetting, did you do
your homework? According to your
teachers, you've been 'forgetting'
to do it quite a lot recently.
This is your senior year, Grant,
you can't be slacking off.
Yeah, yeah, I did it when I got
ADELINE says nothing. She looks at him -- a motherly glare.
She doesn't believe him for a second.
                       GRANT (CONT'D)
Alright, I'll go do it now. Joey
hasn't done his, either, though.
Well, then go get him off those
games of his.
You know he won't listen to me.


Tell him I said so. Now, go on. I
don't want to see you again until
your homework is done, got it?
      (heading to the
       living room)
Yeah, okay.
They're gone now. ADELINE goes back to washing the
dishes.The front door opens moments later -- SLADE walks in.
ADELINE shuts the sink off, goes to greet her husband.
There you are. How was your day?
She gives him a kiss, he says nothing -- moves past her.
He's in an irritable mood. He walks into the kitchen -- she
                       ADELINE (CONT'D)
Everything alright? You were
supposed to hear about the
promotion today, weren't you?
      (pouring himself a
       glass of water)
Didn't get it.
What? Why not?
They decided to give it someone
with more experience. As if
experience makes up for laziness.
I'm the one who deserved the
position. I'm the one who would
have dedicated everything to it.
I see...
      (putting a hand on
       his shoulder)
It's alright, you know. You're a
damn good cop. You don't need to
be called 'captain' to prove it.
Yeah, maybe.


      (playfully hitting
       his shoulder)
Oh come on, you're being stupid.
You're still the man I married,
aren't you? That's more than
enough for me.
SLADE looks at her -- raises his eyebrows. She stares back,
arms folded. She's not backing down. He can't help it -- he
                       ADELINE (CONT'D)
That's better. Now, go get cleaned
up. There's nothing to eat in this
house and I don't feel like fast
food. We're going out.
You're too good to me, Addie, you
know that?
Of course I am. How you ever
managed to charm me all those
years ago, I'll never figure out.
I'll get cleaned up.
The Wilson family is seated at a booth. It's a small family
restaurant, not too crowded. Waiters walk to and fro,
carrying trays of food and drinks. Lighting is dim. The
atmosphere is calm, relaxing.
      (looking at her
Oh, the chicken parm sounds
delicious. I think I might get
I don't know, I'm thinking a good
old fashioned burger.


Ugh, the school tried making
chicken parm once. Nasty stuff.
I remember that day. Only time
I've ever skipped a meal.
Speaking of school, how's that
play of yours coming? What's it
called -- Pirates or something?
Pirates of Penzance, Dad, I've
told you that before.
Right, sorry. I've never been good
with that stuff.
You could still remember the name
of it.
He's got you there. Even I
remember what the play's called,
and I hate that drama stuff.
Silence follows. SLADE shifts, embarrassed.
      (rolling his eyes)
Oh jeez, don't take it so
seriously. The play is going fine.
We're going through rehearsals
right now. Performances are in a
Well, I'll be there to see it.
Count on it.
      (turning to Grant)
And what about you? Senior year
and all. Thought about what you're
doing after graduation?
Sure, I've thought about it. I
mean, I've already been accepted
to a couple of good colleges, but
I'm not positive that's what I


                       GRANT (cont'd)
want to do.
What do you mean? We've talked
about this before -- I thought we
decided on college?
Well, yeah, I know what we talked
about... But I've been giving it
more thought, and college isn't my
only option. Maybe I want to go
into the Army? You know, like you
and Dad.
Grant, I don't really think that's
the best choice. I mean, those
were different times back then. A
military life is a very difficult
Difficult, but rewarding. The Army
gives you strength and discipline.
But still, I'm not sure if -
Addie, Grant's not a kid anymore,
you know. He's old enough to make
his own decisions. If the Army is
really something he wants to do --
and I mean really wants to -- then
the best we can do is support his
Thanks, Dad.
      (narrowing her
Don't think we're done talking
about this.
They go back to looking over their menus. ADELINE gives her
husband a sharp glance. He returns the look -- shrugs,
smiles. She shakes her head and sighs. Typical men.


A phone rings. SLADE pulls out his cell, checks it. The
caller ID says it's an unknown number -- he answers it
Hello, Slade. Been a while.
SLADE is surprised. He recognizes the voice, knows who it
is. He gives a quick glance to his family -- they're
preoccupied with their menus.
Yes...yes, it has. Why are you
There's something I need to talk
to you about. It's important,
trust me. I wouldn't be calling
Uh...yeah, sure. Hold on a minute.
      (to his family)
I gotta take this, I'll be right
Outside the restaurant now. It's dark, quiet, calm -- eerily
      (holding the cell
       to his ear)
So, what's this about, Colonel?
Actually, it's General now.
Lieutenant General. I've come a
long way since then.
I see... Life never slows down,
does it?
That it doesn't.


We hear voices. A family approaches, walks by SLADE. He
steps off to the side, waits for them to enter the
                       PARRISH/PHONE (CONT'D)
So, you're probably wondering why
I'm calling after so long.
You could say that.
Truth is, I have something
groundbreaking I want to discuss
with you, a special project we've
been working on for quite some
time now.
What kind of project, exactly?
Top secret. Can't talk about it
over the phone -- never know who's
listening these days. I want to
meet face to face, soon as you're
I don't understand. Why call me up
after all these years to talk to
me about some top secret project?
You were part of the reason I was
discharged, as I recall. I find it
hard to believe that you'd want me
back for anything, let alone
something significant.
Brief silence -- PARRISH hesitates, choosing his words.
Look, Slade, I know we didn't
leave on the best of terms. But
fact of the matter is, you were
one of the damn best soldiers the
Army's ever seen. If not for that
unfortunate incident, you could
have been something great.
SLADE pauses, looks around -- he's thinking, not sure what
to do.


Don't you have younger men more
capable of dealing with it? I
might have been good in my day,
but I'm long past my prime.
Trust me, for this, that won't
matter. Besides, you have the
I don't really think it's the best
I'm not going to force you into
anything, I just want to talk. If
you still don't think it's a good
idea, you'll never hear from me
Alright, fine. We'll talk -- just
talk. I'm not making any promises.
Of course. When's a good time to
come down?
Uh... this Friday would work. My
family's going to a high school
football game; they won't be
around that evening.
Good, I'll be there. I look
forward to meeting with you again,
PARRISH hangs up. SLADE closes his cell, puts it back in his


It's several days later. SLADE sits in his living room,
waiting. He doesn't have to wait long -- the doorbell rings.
He gets up, goes to answer it.

He opens the door -- It's PARRISH. He's dressed in full
uniform, carrying a briefcase.
Slade Wilson. Damn, you got old.
PARRISH extends his hand, waits for a response. SLADE stares
at the hand for a moment -- hesitates. He's tense,
suspicious. Doesn't entirely trust this man. Eventually, he
shakes it.
I could say the same to you.
That you could. It's like you said
-- life never slows down.
Right... Well, come on in.
SLADE invites the general back into the living room. He sits
at his couch. PARRISH sits across from him, in an armchair.
      (sitting up
So, General. Care to explain this
'special project' that you needed
to discuss with me so urgently?
Of course.
      (taking out a file)
Take a look at this.
PARRISH passes a file from his briefcase. SLADE takes the
file, opens it. There's a lot of writing -- scientific
mumbo-jumbo. There's charts, too, and graphs. Diagrams. He
doesn't understand any of it.
What am I looking at here?


It's a lot grasp at first, isn't
it? Once you understand it,
though, it really is quite genius.
In layman's terms, then.
In the simplest sense, it's a type
of advanced bio-engineering,
taking what already exists in
biology and building on it,
changing it
Changing what?
In this case, human DNA, taking it
and turning it into something
else. You see here --
      (pointing to a
       diagram on file)
This is a normal DNA sequence. And
below it is what we've been
working on -- an altered DNA
They look exactly the same to me.
Exactly! The changes are so small,
so minuscule, that they're barely
even noticeable. But the change is
there. Overall, the difference is
a mere fraction of a percent. Very
much similar, yet very much
So then what exactly is the point
to it? What does it accomplish?
      (leaning back)
Imagine a soldier, much the same
as you and I. Only difference:
this particular soldier is much
more advanced... enhanced, if you
will. This soldier could
accomplish things that would take
entire squads to complete


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
otherwise. He would save money,
resources, casualties. Most
importantly, he would be able to
operate much more efficiently than
a normal human being ever could.
SLADE looks back at PARRISH. He isn't quite convinced -- it
sounds bogus.
Sounds like something out of a
comic book, if you ask me.
That's exactly what I said when I
first heard about the project. But
once you've seen it in action...
well, it's impossible not to be
What do you mean 'in action'?
I mean, it's finally been
completed. After decades of
research, testing, and failures,
the process has been perfected.
Then, I don't get it. If
everything is perfect, why did you
have to come down here to explain
it all to me? Where do I fit into
Well, as it turns out, we're still
missing a very important piece of
the puzzle.
While our team has managed to
perfect the process, the changes
aren't sticking. All previous
subjects showed promise, at first,
but eventually resulted in
failure. The scientists in charge
believe it's because they lack a
specific gene that makes them


What gene?
They call it the 'meta-gene'.
Supposedly very rare, and even
considered to be just a theory by
some. But we calculate that it
exists in about one out of every
million humans. That's roughly
only seven thousand people on the
Sounds like the odds are against
you, in that case.
Yes, that's what we thought, at
first. We went and tested our
remaining volunteers, and it's no
surprise that none of them have
the right gene. So instead, we
went and looked back at the
volunteers we had on record. You
might recall back when you first
joined the Army that you signed up
for an unknown military program.
Of course, nothing ever came of it
I...might remember something like
that. My memory is a little fuzzy,
though. What about it?
Because, you're one of the ones we
have on record. And when we tested
your DNA, guess what? The
meta-gene -- you have it.
A brief moment of silence passes between them. SLADE leans
back in his seat -- holds a hand to his chin. He's thinking.
Ah, I see. So that's why you need
me -- I'm your guinea pig. Without
me, your project can't continue.


Not unless we find another with
the right gene. But the odds, as
you said, are very much against
SLADE hesitates for a moment. His eyes are on the file.
I'm not in the Army anymore, you
know. You're the one that had me
discharged. Why should I help you?
How exactly do I benefit?
      (glaring up at
Give me a reason.
What happened back then was
unfortunate, I'll admit. I didn't
want to let you go -- you were one
of the damn best soldiers I ever
had. But, you left me no choice.
You've always been a military man,
Slade. You lived it, breathed it.
I know how much being discharged
affected you. Consider this an
opportunity to... redeem yourself.
If all goes well, you'll be able
to serve your country like you
never dreamed possible. We'd
return you to active duty, of
course, and that nasty little
blemish on your record will
disappear forever.
SLADE stares at PARRISH, hands on his hips. He doesn't say
anything -- too busy thinking. He's strongly considering the
offer. PARRISH walks straight up to him, looks him square in
the eyes.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
We need you for this, Slade --
your country needs you.
PARRISH exits the home. He takes a look back -- SLADE closes
the door. PARRISH frowns -- heads to his car, gets in. He
sits there momentarily, thinking. He takes out his cell
phone -- dials a number.


      (holding the phone
       to his ear)
Powers. Yeah, everything's set, we
got him.
Next weekend. And you're
absolutely sure that he's the
right one?
I see. Then I guess we'll just
have to deal with him. For now.
Good. Just make sure everything is
in order this time. We don't need
anymore casualties.
PARRISH hangs up up his phone, puts it away. He stares back
at the home for a second, shakes his head. He starts up the
car -- backs out and drives away.
What? You're kidding me.
It's later that night. SLADE and ADELINE are in their
bedroom, getting ready for bed.
I know, it surprised me, too.
Why in the world would Parrish
contact you now just to go down
for an interview? And as a combat
instructor, of all things?
Jealous that they're offering me
your old position?
Hardly. And not that it matters,
but I could still beat you.
Oh, I doubt that. You taught me
everything I know, remember.


What makes you think I taught you
everything that I know?
SLADE raises his eyebrows, curiously. ADELINE stares him
down, a playful smile on her face. He shakes his head, looks
away. He moves into the bathroom -- starts to brush his
It shouldn't take long, in any
case. I'm just going down for the
Still, do you really think this is
the best idea? We've been out of
the military for so long -- we've
settled down, started a family.
Why go back to it?
I'm just keeping my options open.
Nothing's written in stone yet.
This'll only push Grant toward the
Army even more, you know.
We've already talked about that,
it's his decision.
I know, I know. This is just all
so... sudden, I suppose. Not to
mention bizarre.
      (under his breath)
Tell me about it...
      (To Addie)
Anyway, if they accept me, we can
discuss it further and decide if
it's really the right move to
Oh, you can count on it. Now, come
on to bed.


SLADE stares back at himself in the mirror above the sink
for several moments. He sighs. Finally, he turns the lights
off, heads back into the bedroom.
SLADE sits in coach, looking out the window. He gazes out at
the clouds, lost in thought. A FLIGHT ATTENDANT walks up
next to his seat.
                       FLIGHT ATTENDANT
Sir, would you like anything to
      (looking up)
No, thank you. I'm fine.
The FLIGHT ATTENDANT moves on. SLADE goes back to looking
out the window.
SLADE shuffles through baggage claim with the other
passengers. He collects his single, small duffel bag and
heads outside.
SLADE walks outside towards the pick-up area. He looks
around. People move about, ignoring him. They're busy,
pressed for time.

He sees a man dressed in a military uniform standing outside
a car. It's CRANDALL -- he's holding a sign. The sign reads:
      (walking to the
You my ride?
Depends. Slade Wilson?
That's me.


      (shaking Slade's
Major Franklin Crandall. Good to
finally meet you, I've heard a
      (eying him
I can't imagine you've heard
anything positive.
I guess that's all a matter of
opinion. Anyway, get in. I'm to
escort you to Fort Benning.
SLADE gives CRANDALL another look, but obeys. He gets in the
The car drives up to the guard gate. It stops. The guard on
duty checks CRANDALL'S ID.
                       GATE GUARD
      (waving them
Go on ahead.
The gate opens -- the car drives on down the road.
The office is open, spacious -- desk in the middle, plaques
on the wall, American flag in the corner. PARRISH sits at
the desk -- he's on the phone.

The door opens -- PARRISH looks up. CRANDALL walks in, SLADE
follows. They move to the desk.
      (standing at
Ah, good, you're here.


PARRISH hangs up the phone, gets up -- he shakes SLADE'S
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Almost thought you weren't going
to show up.
Well, here I am.
That you are. And not a moment too
Then we're ready to get this over
Try not to sound too excited.
      (walking back to
       his desk)
Just got off the phone with the
lead scientist. Everything's set.
Just need to go over a few things
with you first.
PARRISH grabs several sheets of paper, hands them to SLADE
-- a pen, too.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Here. Just need you to fill out
these forms.
SLADE takes the forms, looks them over. He stops -- sees
something he doesn't like. He looks back at PARRISH.
A medical waiver? I thought you
said the procedure was safe.
Oh, it is, I assure you. This is
simply a formality -- don't think
anything of it.
SLADE stares at PARRISH for several moments. He's not
completely convinced, but he shrugs it off -- fills the form
out anyway.


Good, good. Now then, let's get
going shall we?
PARRISH and CRANDALL lead SLADE to a large military
warehouse. GUARDS patrol the perimeter with armed weapons.
Security cameras provide surveillance.
They move past a collection of military vehicles. Crates are
stacked along rows of storage shelves. SLADE looks around --
takes in everything about the place. More GUARDS.

They turn down a series of corridors and come to a large
service elevator. PARRISH presses a button -- calls it up.
They step inside when it arrives.
The elevator opens to another series of corridors. They walk
to a metal security door -- GUARDS nd at attention. PARRISH
swipes a card key -- the door unlocks. They continue.

In a large laboratory now. Scientific equipment and machines
clutter the space. A team of scientists scurry about like
worker ants -- always with a task to complete.

SLADE looks around. Everyone is busy -- preparing.

ARNOLD POWERS comes into view, moves towards them. He
extends his hand to SLADE.
You must be Mr. Wilson. Pleasure
to finally meet you. I'm Arnold
Powers, the one in charge here.
      (shaking his hand)
I speak for all of us when I say
that we can't wait to get started.
I've been going over your data
extensively -- you are the perfect
match for this project.


So you people keep telling me.
So many years of work, and we're
finally closing in on success.
We're really looking forward to
seeing the results.
Let's not go making a fuss just
yet, Powers. Save the excitement
until after it works.
Right, of course. Anyway, if
you'll follow me, we can get
started right away.
SLADE follows POWERS through a row of machines to the middle
of the room. There's a small raised platform in the center
-- a modified operating table on it, another machine with
flickering lights next to it. Tubes are attached to the
machine -- tubes tipped with long needles.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
Just remove your shirt and lie
SLADE does as he's told. He lies down on the table --
several doctors start to strap him in. They stick electrodes
to his body -- put a brain monitor on his head.
And you're absolutely sure that
this is going to work?
One hundred percent. I've checked
and triple checked everything.
You're the one we've been waiting
for to make this work.
Right...well, let's get on with
One of the doctors places a breathing mask over SLADE'S nose
and mouth. SLADE starts to get drowsy -- his eyes flicker --
he's droopy.


Just a little anesthesia to put
you under while we do our job.
When you wake up, you'll be better
than ever.
                                         FADE OUT
PARRISH enters into the conference room. CRANDALL and POWERS
are already waiting for him. PARRISH sits down across from
So, how are things progressing?
      (sipping his
They're going very well. The
doctors have been working on him
now for a couple of hours without
any complications to speak of.
We'll know more once he's done and
we can test him.
Good, good. Let's just hope he
doesn't end up like the others.
He won't, I'm sure of it.
      (turning to
Do you have the mission papers I
told you draw up?
      (sliding a folder
       across the table)
Right here.
PARRISH takes the folder and opens it -- looks it over. He
flips through the pages briefly. He nods, pleased.
Excellent, looks like everything
is going smoothly for once. In
that case, I'll meet you later for
testing when the procedure is


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
PARRISH gets up and leaves
We're opening our eyes. Everything is blurry -- just coming
into focus. We look around. We see machines. We see
scientists. They're unstrapping us. Their voices are muffled
-- also coming into focus.

POWERS appears in front of us. He's shining a light in our
That's it, easy does it. Can you
hear me?
We don't say anything. We blink -- things start to get
clearer. They're helping us to our feet now.
SLADE pushes the doctors away. He stumbles -- catches
himself, stands steady. He takes in a deep breath, looks
around. He sees the world differently than before. He is
aware -- so aware -- of everything, anything.

A fly buzzes around the ceiling -- a scientist knocks over a
test tube -- a doctor scratches a pencil across paper, makes
notes. Any little change in his surroundings -- he sees them
-- hears them -- feels them.

SLADE turns his attention to himself -- looks down. His body
has changed. It's leaner, harder, trimmer, buffer. The shape
of his life. He extends his arms -- flexes -- feels great.
PARRISH approaches from behind -- SLADE already knows he's
How are you feeling?
      (flexing his arms
I...feel alive. Just...alive.
Better than ever.


Glad to hear it. Now, let's head
over to testing. We're eager to
see the results.
SLADE running a military obstacle course. He runs through
tires -- crawls under barbed wire -- climbs a wall. He
doesn't tire. He's graceful, elegant, agile.

PARRISH and POWERS watch from the catwalk above.
Been running that for an hour
straight now and he hasn't slowed
up in the least.
I know -- that's twice as long as
previous subjects. He's already
made it further than any of them.
He faster, stronger -- all around
physically better than any athlete
in the world. What's more, the
results from the earlier tests
show that his brain is reacting
nine times faster than normal.
Nine times! He reacts instantly,
to everything -- he's seeing the
world in a way that we can't even
In that case, let's move this
along -- I want to see how he does
in some more practical testing.
      (writing notes on
       his clipboard)
I'll go inform the others
immediately, then.
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE stands patiently in the middle of the ring. He's
anxious, eager to get on with the new round of testing -- he
has so much energy pent up that he wants to use. PARRISH


waits with him.

POWERS enters a few moments later, followed by three other
Everything is ready to go.
Good. Slade, this here is Daniels,
Smith, and Shepherd. They're some
of the finest men we have on base
right now, and we thought it might
be beneficial to have them test
just how successful this project
      (holding a hand
Just try yo go easy on us, you
SLADE smirks and shakes each man's hand.
We'll see; I'm not making any
Let's begin with hand to hand
combat, shall we? Slade, you wait
for them and defend yourself
however you see fit. Understood?
Got it.
PARRISH and POWERS move out of the sparring ring. PARRISH
gives the other three men a nod, and the testing commences.
DANIELS, SMITH, and SHEPHERD move in fast, assaulting SLADE
from three different directions. SLADE steps back and tenses
up, nervous -- but his fears are washed away in seconds.

His opponents move slowly -- so slowly. SLADE watches their
strikes come in and has more than enough to time to block
and dodge. He's sees openings, counters, delivers punches,
kicks, and elbows of his own -- everything in slow motion.
In moments, all three men are lying on their backs,

PARRISH and POWERS watch with awe. To them, everything
happened in mere seconds -- so fast.


That was good. Again.
DANIELS, SMITH, and SHEPHERD recover and get back up. They
hesitate a moment and then go in to attack again -- the
results are much the same. SLADE dismantles them in seconds.
They continue their attempts, attack fiercely, don't hold
back -- they're no match.

SLADE never lets a single attack hit him, while beating them
down in seconds every time. This continues for five rounds
before they're finally stopped.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Alright, that's enough.
DANIELS, SMITH, and SHEPHERD hobble back up to their feet --
they're exhausted.
      (clutching his
Jesus, he's a monster.
      (breathing heavily)
I can barely even see his attacks
-- he's just a blur.
That's good, good. Now, let's move
things to weapon testing, shall
                                         CUT TO:
They're in a new part of the Training Room. The area is
large, square, and empty except for five rows of seven foot
rounded pillars situated symmetrically in the center --
these are used for cover.

PARRISH hands SLADE a pistol, while giving DANIELS, SMITH,
and SHEPHERD each an assault rifle.
Your weapons are filled with paint
rounds. Rules are the same as
previously -- Daniels, Shepherd,
Smith, you three start at one end
and work together to try and take
him out. Slade, you just do what
you do best. If you want to get


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
into position, please.
SMITH, DANIELS, and SHEPHERD march off to the opposite end
of the combat zone. SLADE stays put.
And begin!
SLADE moves to the nearest pillar, pins himself against it.
He listens intently -- he can hear his opponents moving
towards him. He darts to another pillar, waits, then to
another. He comes around behind one and holds his pistol up,
fires -- a paint round explodes dead center in SHEPHERD's
What the f-- Goddamn it!
SMITH comes around the side of another pillar and takes aim
at SLADE -- he's already gone.
                       SHEPHERD (CONT'D)
      (pointing to his
He went that way!
SMITH rushes off in that direction, but doesn't get far --
SLADE appears at his right side and fires two paint rounds
into his hip. He disappears a second later.

DANIELS moves around the side of a nearby pillar to see his
comrades already taken out of the match. He moves
cautiously, only to feel a pistol press against his back.
PARRISH and POWERS watch intently from the catwalk above.
      (marking something
       down on his
And that's another point for
      (yelling down)
Keep going, next round!
The weapon testing continues for another five rounds -- each
time, SLADE moves appears and disappears like a ghost,


shooting his opponents and never allowing them to get a shot
off. He snakes around the pillars, always on the move, even
leaps atop them to gain a better vantage point on occasion.

When it's over, DANIELS, SMITH, and SHEPHERD are covered
with paint -- SLADE is clean. PARRISH and POWERS move down
from the catwalk to rejoin them.
      (clapping his
       hands slowly)
Excellent work, Slade. These
results are better than I could
have hoped for.
PARRISH gives a pat to SLADE'S shoulder in congratulations.
DANIELS, SMITH, and SHEPHERD limp away, cleaning the paint
with towels.
Man, why did I sign up for this
      (turning to
I wish I could describe to you how
it feels... but words just
wouldn't do it justice.
SLADE flexes his arms slowly and takes in a deep breath.
I'll take your word for it. Now
then, time to take care of some
business. In light of the
project's success, you'll be
returned to active duty
immediately. We already have your
first assignment ready to go.
PARRISH hands him a manila folder. The word 'CLASSIFIED' is
written across the front of it. SLADE takes it from him and
flips it open, reading.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
North Korea?


Should be a walk in the park.
SLADE stands in a hallway. He looks outside a window --
holds his cell phone to his ear. One ring. Two rings. Three
rings. Someone finally picks up.
Hey, it's me.
Oh, hey, how are things going?
They're going well so far. I'm
going to need to stay a few days
longer than I planned, though.
Oh? Why's that?
They want to keep me here for
field evaluation -- see how I do
training new recruits, things like
that. They'll decide on whether or
not I get the position afterwards.
I see...
Just come home as soon as you can,
okay? We'll need to talk about
things, you know.
Yeah, I know.
I love you.
Love you, too.


SLADE hangs up -- sighs. He looks back out the window and
rubs his eyes. It's late -- he's tired. He shakes his head
and moves down the hallway.
An unmarked military chopper flies low over a mountainous
forest somewhere in North Korea.
A team of U.S. SOLDIERS are preparing for their mission.
SLADE is there, checking his equipment -- pistol, combat
knife, assault rifle, map, compass. He's dressed in tactical
military gear.

PARRISH is there, too. He leads the team. They wear headsets
to communicate over the roar of the chopper's rotors.
Just so we're absolutely clear on
      (off Slade's look)
You're to go in alone. The
military base you'll be
infiltrating is several miles
outside of Kaesong, to the
northeast. Once you're in, obtain
the weapon designs and then head
for the extraction point for
immediate evac -- I've marked it
on your map. We'll be waiting for
you there.
Tell me again about this mystery
weapon. Why's it so important that
we need to steal it?
According to our intel, the weapon
that the North Koreans are
suspected of building is something
we've never seen before. If the
reports are correct, it could make
a nuke look like a firecracker in
comparison. We're talking doomsday


I understand.
So, can we count on you?
      (cocking his
       assault rifle)
I won't fail.
The chopper hovers over a controlled location. PARRISH
slides open the side door and drops a rope out. SLADE gets
into position, rappels downward. He lands safely on the
ground below, gives them a wave -- the chopper flies off.

SLADE looks around the forest. It's quiet. It's cold.
Patches of snow blanket the ground. He takes in a deep
breath. The air is crisp. A perfect day. He quickly sets out
-- he's not wasting any time.
The chopper sits quietly in the middle of a clearing. The
other soldiers are setting up a perimeter around the
extraction point. PARRISH sits inside the chopper, door
open. He's got a laptop open -- he's typing away.

The satellite phone in the back of the chopper goes off.
PARRISH looks at it, waits a second. It rings again -- he
answers it.
Powers, almost thought I wasn't
going to hear from you. Cutting it
a little close, aren't you?
Anyway, how are things coming?
Have you managed to alter the
Really? That's excellent news.
Good, good. Everything is going
according to plan, then.
In that case, we just need to wait
for Slade to return. Shouldn't be
too long now.


PARRISH hangs up the phone. He stops a moment, thinking. A
smile appears on his face. He goes back to typing.
Gunfire. Bullets rip through a tree. SLADE slides down an
incline and leaps over a large rock -- he's taking cover.
More gunfire -- automatic weapons.

SLADE puts his back to the rock. He looks down at the
computer hard drive in his hand -- stuffs it in one of his
pockets. More gunfire.

He waits for a pause in the assault -- it goes silent. SLADE
springs out from hiding -- raises his pistol. A pursuing
team of NORTH KOREAN SOLDIERS move through the trees,
advancing on him. They see him -- they take aim.

SLADE fires the pistol. Two shots -- perfect shots. Two
SOLDIERS go down. They're bleeding between the eyes.

More gunfire. SLADE ducks back behind the rock, waits for
another pause. It comes. He sprints from hiding, races
between trees. Bullets rip into the bark next to him -- they
miss him. He keeps going, never slows.

Static comes in over his earpiece. A voice follows.
Slade! Are you there? Damn it,
Slade, come in!
      (holding a hand to
       his ear)
I'm here.
What the hell is going on out
there? Sounds like you have the
whole damn base following you!
Repeated gunfire. More bullets hitting the trees next to him
-- a narrow miss. SLADE turns, fires -- another pursuer goes
I triggered an alarm when I took
the designs, couldn't help it.


Well get moving! We need to get
the hell out of here!
I'm on my way, trust me!
Static again -- PARRISH cuts out. SLADE keeps moving. His
pursuers keep firing. More misses. They can't get a clean
shot on him -- he won't let them.
SLADE breaks into the clearing. The chopper is in the
distance with rotors already spinning.

PARRISH and the team are waiting for him. The other SOLDIERS
start firing into the trees -- they're covering him.

A bullet suddenly rips into SLADE'S right calf muscle. He
stumbles -- catches himself -- doesn't stop. He pushes on --
he's limping, bleeding.
Get down!
SLADE dives forward -- hits the ground hard. He's close to
the chopper -- ten paces away. The SOLDIERS continue firing.
SLADE covers his head -- protects himself.

Everything goes silent.
                       AMERICAN SOLDIER
      (raising his
No more hostiles. For now.
You can bet more are on their way.
PARRISH helps SLADE to his feet. SLADE grunts and looks down
at his leg.
All those enhancements and you
couldn't make me bulletproof, huh?
Perhaps we'll work on that next.
Anyway, where are the weapon


      (taking out the
       hard drive)
Right here.
PARRISH takes the hard drive -- looks it over. He puts it in
his own pocket
Good, good. Now, there's just one
more thing we need to take care
He pulls away from SLADE -- moves towards the chopper. He
turns back -- he's holding a gun. He points it straight at
      (stepping back)
What the fuck is this?
Just got a call from the project.
They've managed to modify your
altered DNA -- they can apply it
to anyone now, whether they have
the meta-gene or not. We don't
need you anymore.
      (on edge)
So then why the gun? The hell do
you get out of killing me?
Well, I need to leave something
for the Koreans to find.
Leave something for them to find?
Why would you want to give them
evidence of who just attacked
them? That would start a war.
      (off Parrish's
That's...exactly what you want.
What better way to prove America's
dominance over the rest of the
      (off Slade's look)
America's power has been slipping
in recent years, in case you


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
haven't noticed. We need something
to put ourselves back on top. When
the inevitable fallout from this
little incident ignites a war with
North Korea, we will crush them.
Once that happens, America will
once again be feared and
You son of a bitch!
SLADE snaps -- he rushes forward. PARRISH fires -- he
misses. SLADE throws a punch, hits the general's jaw.
PARRISH stumbles -- falls down.

The SOLDIERS start to move in on him. SLADE whirls around.
The entire world seems to slow down -- everything is moving
in slow motion. The only sound is the beating of his heart.

SLADE moves through them -- doesn't give them a target to
shoot. He strikes hard -- chops to the neck, body blows,
twisting limbs, snapping bone, firing his pistol. In
seconds, they're down.

SLADE doesn't stop -- still one more enemy. There's a
gunshot -- he turns. Everything is moving slow -- so slow.
There's the bullet. He can see it. But he's not that fast --
can't dodge it. It's hopeless.

He sees something else -- his family -- visions. He sees his
sons, his wife -- they're smiling. The last time he'll ever
see them.

The bullet starts moving faster. He can't get away. He tries
-- moves his head to the side. It's too late. The bullet
rips through his right eye socket. He falls -- lands on his
back. He tries to get up. He can't get up.

PARRISH walks forward, holsters his gun. He looks down at
SLADE -- he frowns.
Such a waste.
PARRISH shakes his head. He moves back to the chopper --
gets in.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
      (to the pilot)
Let's get the hell out of here.


The chopper's rotors spin faster -- it's lifting off now.
PARRISH slides the side door shut. It flies off, going low
over the trees.
PARRISH sits in the back of the chopper. He's got his laptop
open. He takes out the hard drive -- hooks it up.

A 3D schematic pops up. There's text scrolling by the screen
-- it's in Korean. He starts to type.
Everything is quiet. Cold. A light snow falls. There's
movement from the trees -- a patrol of NORTH KOREAN SOLDIERS
moves into the clearing. Weapons are at the ready.

They near the bodies lying dead in the snow. Crimson
blotches the white ground.
                       KOREAN SOLDIER #1
      (in Korean)
What do you think happened?
                       KOREAN SOLDIER #2
      (in Korean)
Looks like they turned on each
                       KOREAN SOLDIER #3
      (in Korean)
They look like Americans. Pig
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
Check them. Make sure they're
The NORTH KOREAN SOLDIERS move from body to body -- prod
them with the muzzles to their rifles. The bodies seem quite

One of the KOREAN SOLDIERS comes to SLADE'S body. He prods
it -- doesn't expect anything to happen. He turns away --
SLADE'S eye opens.

SLADE bolts upright -- raises his pistol -- fires. The
KOREAN SOLIDER goes down. The next nearest KOREAN SOLDIER
reacts, tries to get a shot off.


SLADE turns again -- still so fast. He fires the pistol
again -- right between the eyes. SLADE takes another step --
everything goes blurry -- he falls again. Unconscious.

The remaining KOREAN SOLDIER raises his rifle -- he's about
to shoot.
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
The KOREAN SOLDIER looks back -- waits.
                       COMMANDING OFFICER (CONT'D)
      (in Korean)
He could provide information. Take
him back to base -- have him
The KOREAN SOLDIER is reluctant, but he obeys. He moves
towards SLADE -- prods him again. Nothing happens. He lifts
SLADE'S body and carries him off.
GRANT and JOSEPH WILSON are in the front yard. They are
playing catch with a football. GRANT rifles a pass to JOSEPH
-- he drops it.
Ah, come on, gotta have soft
      (picking up the
Hey, you know I'm not good at
Yeah, yeah. That much is clear.
They continue to throw the ball back and forth. GRANT never
drops it -- his passes are perfect. JOSEPH drops it
frequently -- his passes wobble, off target.
You know when dad's supposed to
get back?


Not sure. Sometime this week, I
Well, he'd better be back by
Friday. He said he'd make it to my
Oh relax, I'm sure he'll be back
in time. Don't worry about it.
Yeah, I guess. He's still got a
few days, anyway.
A moment of silence passes between the brothers. The
football bounces off JOSEPH'S fingers -- he runs after it,
picks it up.
                       JOSEPH (CONT'D)
      (throwing the ball)
So, you know what you're doing
after graduation yet?
GRANT catches the ball -- hesitates, thinks. He shrugs,
throws the ball back.
I don't know. Mom really wants me
to go to college, but I'm not so
sure it's for me.
Still looking at the Army, huh?
Yeah, I mean I feel like I could
do a lot of good there, you know?
I suppose. I could never do it,
Well, it isn't for everyone.
Spoke to a recruiter recently. He
told me all about it -- they
really know what they're doing.


Wouldn't it be dangerous? I mean,
what if you get deployed
Well, sure it's dangerous. It is
the Army. If we go to war and I
get deployed somewhere... then, I
get deployed. But they prepare you
for it.
JOSEPH drops another pass from GRANT. Again, he chases after
the ball.
ADELINE WILSON is in the kitchen -- she pours herself a
glass of iced tea. A small television on the counter is
playing in the background. It's the news -- nothing

ADELINE takes a sip and turns back to the television. A
breaking news story appears -- SLADE'S face pops into the
top corner of the screen. ADELINE stares, confused.
                       NEWS ANCHOR/TELEVISION
This just in. Our news room has
just received information that
Army Ranger Slade Wilson, whose
image you see here, is believed to
have committed treason against the
United States. Reports claim that
he turned on his fellow soldiers
during a routine reconnaissance
mission in North Korea, resulting
in the deaths of several
Americans. Members of the military
are now saying that they believe
Slade to have been working with
North Korea, betraying classified
information to them. We go now
live to Greg Adams, with more on
the story.


ADELINE watches in shock -- she's stunned. She can't believe
what she's hearing. The television cuts to Fort Benning,
where A REPORTER is standing with a familiar face --
Thank you, Dianne. I'm here with
Lieutenant General Daniel Parrish,
who was with Wilson during that
very mission, and present during
his alleged betrayal. General,
what do you have to say on the
I'm not sure what to make of it,
to be honest. Slade was a good
man, and an even better soldier.
His betrayal was...shocking, to
say the least. He killed several
men during that mission -- men I
knew, men I liked. I was fortunate
enough to come out of it with my
own life.
You feel you were lucky to
Yes, of course. He could have
killed me just the same as he
killed the others, but my training
saved me -- I just reacted. I
didn't want to turn on my fellow
man, but... he turned on us first.
I had no choice.
So then, you're saying that -
Slade Wilson is dead, yes, as much
as it pains me to say it. I still
can't believe it myself.
ADELINE drops her glass -- it shatters on the floor. Her
legs go weak -- she stumbles, catches herself on the
counter. She can't believe it -- it's impossible.
And how exactly is the situation
being dealt with now?


From what I understand, because of
the incident on their soil, North
Korea is threatening swift
military action. Of course, our
goal is to prevent that, but we as
a country should prepare for
The front door opens -- GRANT and JOSEPH walk in. They see
the broken glass of iced tea on the kitchen floor. They see
their mother -- she's starting to cry.
No response. She doesn't even hear him. GRANT moves next to
her, puts a hand on her shoulder.
Mom, you okay? What's wrong?
Again, no answer. The news story progresses with continued
coverage. They're recapping it now. GRANT and JOSEPH look
towards the television.
News crews have gathered. Several men in suits stand atop
the capitol steps -- Secret Service. They surround another
man -- THE PRESIDENT. A podium is set up, lots of
microphones. Civilians look on.

One reporter stands in front of the camera -- she talks into
her microphone.
We're here live at the capitol
building, where President James
Cleary is about to address the
country regarding the recent
threats made by North Korea.
PRESIDENT CLEARY moves to the podium -- Secret Service moves
with him. He stands in front of the microphones, waits for
everyone to be silent.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
My fellow Americans. As you may
know, our country has received
several serious threats made by
North Koera, in response to a
particular incident that took


                       PRESIDENT CLEARY (cont'd)
place on their soil. They are
claiming military action.
Murmurs ripple through the crowd. PRESIDENT CLEARY waits for
the talk to die down before he continues.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY (CONT'D)
I can assure you that negotiations
are being made in attempts to keep
that from happening. However,in
the event that such negotiations
should fail...
The United States will do what it
must to defend itself. We will do
what we feel is right, and take a
course of action that gives us the
greatest opportunity to defend the
people, and the country. When more
information on this matter is
available, I will speak to you all
again. Until that time, know that
we are doing our best to end this
incident swiftly and peacefully.
PRESIDENT CLEARY moves away from the podium. Reporters swarm
in -- they want an interview. Secret Service holds them back
-- they escort PRESIDENT CLEARY away from the crowd.
PARRISH sits at the conference table along with MAJOR
CRANDALL and ARNOLD POWERS. He is going over several notes.
POWERS sits attentively.
Things do look to be in order
here. And how are the new line of
subjects coming along? No problems
like before, I should hope.
They're going very well. Their
physical advances are improving
rapidly, and they show no signs of
deterioration this time around.
They might never be quite as
advanced as the original, but they
will serve their purpose.


Excellent. Looks like this project
is finally a success -- we can
stop worrying for a change.
Yes...though, there is one thing.
      (glaring at him)
You just said that things were
going well. What's wrong now?
It's just that...these subjects,
while they're perfect physically,
mentally...not so much. Their
minds are becoming unstable. Makes
them prone to violent outbursts,
and they become difficult to
So do something about it. Fix it.
I don't care what it takes. Just
make them stable.
I-I don't exactly know how we're
supposed to -
I don't want excuses! I said do
whatever it takes!
If you can't control them, then
make them able to be controlled.
Behavioral modification isn't
exactly a new science, is it?
Drugs, electroshock, do what you
have to. I don't care what happens
to them, as long as they can
follow orders!
But-but sir, that's highly
dangerous. Those kinds of tactics
could cause irreversible damage to
their brains. Many of them could
become useless.


It doesn't matter -- we have a
full supply of willing subjects.
Simply scrap whichever ones we
can't use. Have I made myself
      (hanging his head)
Yes sir...
SLADE lies unconscious on an operating table. He's hooked up
to several different monitors. A team of KOREAN DOCTORS are
working him, trying to repair his eye.

The doors to the infirmary open up -- in walks the
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
How is he doing?
                       KOREAN DOCTOR
      (in Korean)
He is in stable condition right
now, but the damage is great. I
estimate his chances to live at
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
I see... When you're done working
on him, take him to a holding
cell. Make sure that a doctor
monitors him at all times -- I
would prefer he survived. I want
to know why he infiltrated our
The DOCTOR gives a nod and goes back about his work. The
COMMANDING OFFICER leaves him to finish the operation. When
it is done, the DOCTORS transfer SLADE onto a gurney and
wheel him way.
The doctors wheel SLADE into the cell and move him onto a
cot -- the right side of his face is covered in gauze and


One DOCTOR remains behind to look after the patient -- the
others leave. SLADE'S fingers start to twitch -- he's
                                         CUT TO:
Our eye flickers open, just barely. Everything is blurry. We
can see the shadowy figure of the DOCTOR standing over us.
We can't hear anything -- only the beating of our heart. We
try to move, but everything goes dark again.
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE stands in the middle of an empty field. It's the
extraction point, where PARRISH betrayed him. He looks
around -- everything is hazy. He walks forward and his
family suddenly appears before him. They wave. He moves
towards them -- holds an arm out.

But he never gets to them -- instead, a gunshot. There's
PARRISH, gun raised -- the bullet flies towards him. It rips
through his eye and --
                                         SMASH CUT:
SLADE'S eye opening -- the heart monitor acts up, beeps
rapidly. He bolts upright, looks around frantically. He
doesn't where he is, has to get out of there. He starts to
get up, moves out of bed, and then --

Pain. The lights start to burn twice as bright -- he hears a
ringing. He holds his head and falls back to the bed.

The DOCTOR is on him now -- shines a light in his eye. SLADE
recoils sharply. The DOCTOR prepares a sedative and injects
it -- SLADE relaxes, goes back into unconsciousness.
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE drifts in and out of consciousness. DOCTORS
consistently check up on him, monitor him, change his
bandages. Guards make their rounds -- they watch him. SLADE
sleeps restlessly -- tosses, turns. He's hit with cold
sweats. The recovery process is long, slow.


The DOCTOR with SLADE checks up on him again. Things seem
normal. His condition is stable now -- SLADE looks calm,
peaceful even -- but he's still unconscious.

The COMMANDING OFFICER appears at the cell door. He stands
straight, hands clasped behind his back.
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
Is he still not well?
                       KOREAN DOCTOR
      (in Korean)
He is better -- healthy, even.
Physically, he appears to be fully
healed. We only need to wait for
him to wake up.
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
Sooner would be better. It's
already been long enough --
negotiations with America are at a
standstill. I want answers from
SLADE starts to stir. The heart monitor picks up a little.
His eye opens slowly -- he starts to get up. The DOCTOR
moves to his side to assist him, help him up. The COMMANDING
OFFICER watches intently.
                       COMMANDING OFFICER
      (in Korean)
Prep him. I want him in
interrogation in an hour.
The room is small, dim, no windows. There is a single table,
two chairs. Four GUARDS stand around the table.

The door opens -- SLADE is led inside. The right side of his
face is still bandaged. The GUARD leading SLADE forces him
into one of the chairs.

Another man sits across from him -- the INTERROGATOR. They
look at each other in silence for several moments. The
INTERROGATOR sits up straighter.
      (in Korean)
Do you know why you are here?


SLADE says nothing -- he appears distant, detached. He is
weak, can barely hold himself up straight.
                       INTERROGATOR (CONT'D)
      (in English now)
Perhaps I should speak so you can
understand me?
SLADE still doesn't answer. He has trouble just keeping his
eye open. The INTERROGATOR pulls out a bag with SLADE'S
belongings -- takes out his Military ID.
                       INTERROGATOR (CONT'D)
Tell me, Mr... Wilson. Why did you
-- why did America -- come here?
Why did you steal from us? What
exactly are you planning?
Still no answer.
                       INTERROGATOR (CONT'D)
I can see you don't want to talk.
Have it your way.
The INTERROGATOR snaps his fingers at one of the GUARDS.
                       INTERROGATOR (CONT'D)
      (in Korean)
Take him. I will join you shortly.
The GUARD moves in -- stands SLADE up, walks him out. The
INTERROGATOR taps his fingers on the table and slowly stands
up -- he leaves.
The GUARD brings SLADE to a holding cell -- a different one
from before. There is a bin of water. The GUARD forces SLADE
to his knees -- holds his head over the water. He waits.

The INTERROGATOR arrives a moment later. He walks in front
of the bin -- stands with his hands behind his back. He

The GUARD forces SLADE'S head into the water -- holds it
under for several seconds. He pulls SLADE back up -- SLADE
is coughing, sputtering.


Are you going to answer me now,
Mr. Wilson? We can do this all
day, if you wish.
No response. The INTERROGATOR motions to continue -- the
GUARD repeats the process several times. SLADE still says

The INTERROGATOR is patient -- he waits. The GUARD continues
-- pushes SLADE'S head under the water many more times.
The INTERROGATOR raises a hand -- orders the GUARD to stop.
He leans down, face to face with SLADE.
You are ready to answer me?
Yes... I'll answer you.
Good. Then, tell me, why did
America come here? Why did they
send you?
SLADE says nothing at first -- trying to catch his breath.
He looks up at the INTERROGATOR.
America... wants war.
That is it? You want a war?
I see. Well then, if America wants
war, we will give them one.
SLADE hangs his head -- he's tired, weary.
Take him outside -- get rid of
him. He has no more use.


The GUARD brings SLADE outside -- it's cold, snowing. The
clouds are dark. They walk to a courtyard type area -- More
GUARDS patrol around the perimeter. A SNIPER stands up in a

The GUARD forces SLADE to his knees. He takes out a pistol
-- holds it to SLADE'S head. SLADE closes his eye. We hear
his heart beating -- all other sounds drown out.

The GUARD pulls the trigger, but SLADE has already moved --
so fast. He stands, turns, snaps he GUARD'S arm. He catches
the falling pistol, spins it around, shoots -- center of the

The SNIPER hears the shot. He looks down to the yard -- sees
SLADE. The SNIPER raises his rifle, looks through the scope.
SLADE is already pointing the pistol at him. BANG! -- the
SNIPER falls.

SLADE hurries to the front the gate. Two more GUARDS await
him. He fires twice -- both GUARDS go down. He opens the
gate and sprints through it. More Gunfire. Pursuing GUARDS
are shooting -- they miss. SLADE races into the wilderness.
SLADE is running. He slides down a hill -- trips, falls. He
keeps moving -- jumps over a fallen tree. He comes to a
rock, moves behind it. He stops -- turns, listens.

He hears nothing -- he isn't being followed. He keeps going,
but not as fast.
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE kneeling over a stream -- he cups his hands, takes a
drink. He splashes his face, shivers. It's cold -- he isn't
dressed for the cold.
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE climbing up a hill. He reaches the top -- stops to
catch his breath. He tenderly touches the bandages that
cover half his face -- he winces, brings his hand down. He's
in pain, but doesn't stop.
                                         CUT TO:


SLADE trudging through the wilderness. It's colder now -- he
moves slower. He stops for a brief respite, sits on fallen
He closes his eye -- he sees his wife. She's smiling at him.
The image fades quickly. He opens his eye again, stares down
at the ground. He gets up, keeps moving.
SLADE passes an old, rusty sign with words written in
Chosongul and Chinese. He stops a moment -- looks at the
sign. SLADE then comes to the edge of the forest line. There
is a road in front of him -- it travels south.

He stays near the edge of the trees, looks off in the
distance. There's a long chain link fence, barbed wire at
the top. A gate at the road provides the only access
through. It's a checkpoint between North and South Korea.

SLADE uses night as his cover -- makes his way closer. A
spotlight near the gate sweeps back and forth. A pair of
GUARDS in a small tower keep watch.
SLADE draws closer. A BORDER PATROL marches by near the
fence -- he freezes. They don't see him, keep moving. The
spotlight sweeps past him, moves away. He races at the fence
and climbs it with remarkable agility.

The barbed wire doesn't stop him. He uses shocking physical
strength -- lifts himself with his arms -- does a hand stand
atop the fence. He then propels himself up and forward, over
the barbed wire.

SLADE lands on the other side and keeps moving south into
the night. he doesn't make it far -- the cocking of a gun
stops him.
Hold it right there. Turn around,
hands up.
SLADE lifts his hands above his head. He turns, slowly. A
him. The lead man is pointing an assault rifle at him.


Who are you? What are you doing
here? You have five seconds to
explain yourself.
                       SOLDIER #2
Jesus, he looks like shit.
Shut it, Sanders.
Fine, fine.
SLADE waits until the two stop bickering to respond.
I am an American citizen. I was
being held prisoner at a North
Korean base quite a few miles from
here. I managed to escape, but
I've been on the run for a couple
days now. All I want is to go
      (lowering his
       weapon slightly)
What's your name?
Smith... John Smith.
Smith... right.
      (Off Slade's nod)
Come on, Captain. You can tell
he's been through Hell.
The first SOLDIER pauses, then finally lowers his weapon all
the way.
Alright, fine, let's get you to
the embassy in Seoul, see if we
can't sort this out and get you
back to the States, Mr. Smith.


The PATROL motions for SLADE to follow. They start moving
south. SLADE lets out a breath of relief and walks after
ADELINE sits in the living room. She has been crying -- eyes
are red, puffy. She looks through a photo album -- her
wedding pictures.

The TV is on in the background -- the news. The camera moves
from ADELINE. It focuses on the TV.
                       NEWS ANCHOR/TELEVISION
Ladies and Gentleman, we have just
received some rather disturbing
breaking news. Negotiations to end
the recent conflict with North
Korea have reportedly failed.
Sources inform us that North Korea
has called off all talk with the
United States and have instead
declared war. We bring you now to
a statement issued by President
Cleary to the people.
ADELINE looks up. She grabs the remote and turns up the
volume, watches. The screen cuts to PRESIDENT CLEARY
standing behind a podium.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY/TELEVISION
My fellow Americans. I speak to
you now in a time of great crisis.
The United States stands on the
brink of war with a hostile enemy.
Our government is working
tirelessly to respond to North
Korea's threats, and we hope to
end this incident with minimal
conflict. If we cannot, then we
will do what is necessary to
preserve our liberties and our
freedoms. The prospect of war is
one that we hoped to avoid, though
currently all options are on the
table -- anything can happen. I
promise you that we will do our
utmost to keep America safe and
free for its people, even in the
face of a powerful Communist


PRESIDENT CLEARY sits at the Resolute Desk. He's going over

The main doors leading into the West Wing of the White House
suddenly open. Secret Service allow a man to enter, dressed
in an officer uniform. It's PARRISH. He takes a seat in
front of the desk.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
General Parrish, a pleasure to see
Unfortunately, what brings me here
anything but a pleasure.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
Too true. So, I'm told that you
have important information that
may help us in our dispute with
North Korea?
As a matter of fact, I do. As you
know, it's important to do
whatever we can to gain an edge
over our enemies.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
Yes, of course.
Well, for the past several
decades, the military has been
secretly funding a special
project, a way to help us do just
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
      (furrowing his
What do you mean? What project?
      (passing him a
Some of the finer details are
listed in there, but to put it in
simpler terms, the project deals
with the genetic modification of
soldiers. We make them faster,
stronger, smarter, all around


                       PARRISH (cont'd)
better human beings. Up until
recently, we had been unsuccessful
in completing the project, but we
have now managed to perfect it.
Using this, we could gain a
significant advantage in the
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
      (reading through
       the folder)
I see... and this actually works?
Is it safe?
Oh yes, it works. We have several
successful subjects -- metas, as
we call them -- all ready to go.
With your okay, we can have
hundreds more by next month. Think
of it -- what these altered
soldiers can do is more than any
normal man. We would not only gain
an advantage, but we would be
saving needless lives from being
sacrificed to this war in the
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
I don't know... this all seems
rather out there. But if it does
work, and it does what you say it
can, then I suppose it would be
logical to take that measure. I'll
think about it for now.
Of course, take your time, Mr.
President. I also have one more
thing to add. My team is currently
working on building a certain...
PRESIDENT CLEARY looks up from the folder and blinks at
PARRISH. He's curious, but also concerned at the mention of
a weapon.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
What kind of weapon?


One that could, if used
successfully, end this conflict in
one fell swoop.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
You mean like a nuke? We cannot
just fire a nuclear weapon at our
enemies. We didn't do it in Iraq,
we don't need to do it now.
It's not a nuke, sir. It's
something different, but could
still cause very significant
damage. We also have reason to
believe that North Korea is
building a similar weapon to use
against us. Fortunately, we have
the means to build it faster, and
PRESIDENT CLEARY goes silent. He sits up straighter, takes
in the information.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
And you think they would actually
use something like that against
Sir, it's North Korea. I've no
In either case, wouldn't it be
better to have it and not need it,
than to need it and not have it?
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
      (thinking it over)
I suppose that is true...
Oh, just one other thing, Mr.
President. In order to make sure
that all of this goes smoothly,
the project and the overseeing of
the weapon, it would work best if
I were in charge -- of military
matters, that is. That way, I can
see that they are integrated into
other military plans.


PRESIDENT CLEARY goes quiet again. He looks at PARRISH long
and hard, thinking. He sighs and glances back at the folder.
                       PRESIDENT CLEARY
Yes, of course it would... I'll
think on this, all of it. I'll get
back to you in a couple of days.
Of course. Thank you for your
time, Mr. President.
PARRISH shakes hands with PRESIDENT CLEARY, then gets up --
he leaves.
We're outside an electronics store -- televisions in the
window. The channel is on the news.

A man stands by, watching. We can't see him -- he's out of
frame, only his shoulder is visible. The camera slowly zooms
in on the television.
                       NEWS ANCHOR/TELEVISION
And in an interesting turn of
events, President Cleary has named
Lieutenant General Daniel Parrish
to the temporary rank of General
of the Army for the duration of
the war with North Korea.
President Cleary claims that he
feels the general's experience and
vision for how to go about the war
will give them the best possible
chance in ending things quickly
and efficiently. Here is what
General Parrish had to say about
the promotion in a statement
issued earlier today.
The camera cuts to PARRISH standing behind a podium and
addressing members of Congress. PRESIDENT CLEARY stands
beside him.
It is an honor and a privilege to
be given this opportunity to help
lead the United States of America
against our enemy. If North Korea
thinks that we will surrender to
them, if they think that we will


                       PARRISH/TELEVISION (cont'd)
go quietly, then they are sadly
mistaken. It is my solemn promise
to each and every one of you that
I will put my best effort forth in
leading our troops. America will
stand strong, and we will not give
up our freedoms.
The TV cuts back to the newsroom. But we can't hear what
they're saying anymore -- The man has stopped listening.

The camera slowly zooms out -- his back is to us. He turns
away from the electronics store, faces the street -- It's

He wears clean pressed clothes, and a long coat -- an eye
patch too, over his right eye. He looks back to one hundred
percent health.

SLADE takes in a deep breath and glances around the street.
He waves an arm -- calling a taxi. The cab pulls up, he gets
The taxi pulls up outside of SLADE'S home. A single light is
on in the living room -- ADELINE sits on the couch alone.
She sips coffee from a mug.
Wait here for me -- I'll be right
                       CAB DRIVER
Be quick about it, ae? -- meter's
SLADE gets out of the cab and walks up to the front door of
his home. He raises a fist -- pauses, takes a deep breath.
He knocks several times.
                       ADELINE (O.S.)
Coming, coming.
The door opens.
                       ADELINE (CONT'D)
Yes, can I -- ?
She stops in mid sentence. Her eyes go wide -- she can't
believe what she's seeing.


      (smiling slightly)
Addie... good to see you.
ADELINE says nothing. She moves forward -- hugs him, deeply.
Her eyes begin to water. She tries to hold the tears back --
she's a strong woman. But she can't help it.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
      (holding his arm
       around her)
It's alright, Addie. I'm here.
ADELINE holds him for a few seconds more. Then, she pulls
away. She looks up at him -- still in disbelief.
How -- how is this possible? They
said you were dead!
They said you were a traitor.
Lies, all of them. Parrish used me
as a scapegoat to send us to war
with North Korea. Turns out that's
the reason he really wanted me
back... He's the traitor.
      (shaking her head)
I knew it couldn't have been you.
It just didn't make any sense.
But if that's true... then he's
getting exactly what he wants.
We're about to start a war, and
he's in charge.
Yeah... maybe.
And where have you been since
then? It's been months. I
thought... I really thought...
North Korea -- mostly recovering
from injury. Parrish thought he
put me down, but he didn't finish
the job. I was taken prisoner
instead -- but I escaped... and


                       SLADE (cont'd)
here I am.
ADELINE narrows her eyes and focuses on the eye patch. She
lifts a hand up and touches her fingers to it tenderly.
Is that what this is?
Don't worry about it -- you know
me. It won't slow me down.
Of course not. Now come on, come
inside -- it's freezing out.
SLADE follows ADELINE inside the home -- closes the door
behind him.
      (looking around)
Where are the boys?
Oh, Joesph is at a friend's house
right now. But... Grant isn't
living here anymore. He... he took
the news really hard, you know. He
enlisted -- the Army. I tried to
talk him out of it, but he was
dead set. I couldn't stop him.
I see...
Probably for the best, then. Look,
Addie, don't go telling them I'm
back... not yet.
Wait, what? What are you talking
I can't stay here, not now. I'm
going to have to do some things
that could put you in a lot of
danger -- I'm still considered a


                       SLADE (cont'd)
traitor, too, remember.
What do you mean? What things?
I'm going to make things right,
that's all you need to know. But I
can't stay here -- The only thing
I have going for me right now is
that they think I'm dead. If
people know I'm back, it'll lead
to a lot of questions, a lot of
concerns. It won't be safe.
ADELINE starts to reply, but stops -- she sighs instead,
hangs her head. She knows he's right.
Yeah... alright. I understand.
Until this is all over, I'm on my
own... I'll need some money,
though, to get by.
Oh, right, of course. Come on.
They move from the living room towards the stairs. They head
into their --
ADELINE goes to the closet -- opens it. She kneels down and
pulls out a safe -- unlocks it.
      (pulling out a
       stack of cash)
Here... everything we keep in the
safe. Just a couple grand, but it
should be enough to get by for
SLADE takes the money from her -- thumbs through it. He
nods, puts it in his pocket.
And my gun?


ADELINE reaches back into the safe and pulls out a handgun.
She gives it to him.
Thanks, Addie. You're still too
good to me, you know.
I know.
ADELINE leans forward -- embraces her husband. She gives him
a kiss.
                       ADELINE (CONT'D)
Be safe.
I will.
SLADE stands outside an old pawn shop. The sign in the door
reads: open -- it's not too late yet. There is another sign,
this one in the window.

It reads: Apartment For Rent. He stares at it -- thinking.
Eventually, he heads inside.
SLADE steps inside the pawn shop -- the door hits a bell. He
looks around but doesn't see anyone.
                       VOICE (O.S.)
Hold on, just a second. Be right
A MAN appears from the back, behind the counter. He's thin,
wiry, and his hair is receding. He's drying his hands on a
Alright, how can I -- holy shit.
Hey, uh, Officer Wilson. You're...
you're supposed to be dead.


Billy Greene. Been a while, hasn't
Uh, y-yeah, you could say that.
Last time I saw you, you were
trying to bust my ass on trumped
up arms dealing charges.
Come on, Greene. We both know you
were dealing.
Oh sure, and you did a great job
of proving it, didn't you? I got
off scot-free, remember?
Yeah, maybe.
And what about you, huh? Back from
the dead, or am I missing
Don't believe everything you hear
on TV.
Uh huh, yeah, well last I heard
you were a traitor, ain't that
GREENE moves towards the phone.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
What's to stop me from calling the
cops and letting them know you're
walking around here, huh?
SLADE pulls his pistol and points it straight at GREENE.
GREENE freezes, stunned.
The last thing you want to do is
let anyone know I'm here.
GREENE slowly puts the phone down and backs away from it.


Shit, man, o-okay. I'm not calling
anyone. Just... just put the gun
down, alright?
SLADE waits a moment -- puts the gun away.
Parrish is the traitor... not me.
Parrish? You mean that general I
keep seeing on the news? ...well,
he does come across as a slimy
bastard to me, but then I got a
good nose for those kinds of
A brief pause of silence passes between them. GREENE taps
his fingers against the counter.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
So then what the hell are you
doing here, anyway?
And... what the fuck happened to
your face?
Long story.
I see you have an apartment for
rent. I'll take it.
Wait... you want to rent out the
apartment I got upstairs?
That's right. And I'd prefer if
it's kept... under the table. I
can't exactly be signing any
papers or anything right now.
Oh, uh... well, yeah, sure, I
guess. I mean, it isn't much,
but... it's available if you want


Good, I'd like to get set up as
soon as possible.
Uh... okay, follow me. I'll show
you around.
The door opens to a small apartment. GREENE leads SLADE
inside. There's a living space, a bedroom, and bathroom.
There is a counter and kitchen space on the far side of the
main room.
Well, uh, this is it. Like I said,
not much, but's it's something.
Got your main living area here --
even got a kitchen.
      (off Slade's look)
...okay, sort of. A kitchenette,
really. But, uh, bathroom's over
there, and the bedroom is through
that door. Um... so you still want
      (looking around)
It'll work.
So -- gotta say, still a bit
confused here. What the hell do
you want with the apartment
anyway? Don't you got a, uh,
family or something?
What? Troubles at home? Wife kick
you out?
SLADE doesn't answer -- he sits down on the couch, takes the
pistol out. He empties the clip -- checks it
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Hello? Come on, give me something.
Obviously some kind of crazy
shit's going on here. People think
you're dead, you know -- which
clearly you're not. Either that or
you're the best looking dead guy
I've ever seen.


SLADE shoots GREENE an annoyed look. He loads the clip back
into the pistol.
You talk too much.
Yeah, well some might say you
don't talk enough. What, you think
a branded traitor of the United
States can just come waltzing in
here without raising a few
questions? You're delusional if
you do.
      (standing up)
I told you -- I'm not the traitor.
Parrish is.
SLADE moves into the bathroom -- shuts the door.
What, and I'm supposed to believe
that? I mean, sure, I'd like to
and all, but you ain't exactly
doing yourself a lot of justice
right now.
SLADE turns on the sink faucet -- runs his hands under the
water. He splashes the water on his face, sighs.
                       GREENE (CONT'D, O.S.)
So you gonna talk or leave me
standing out here like an idiot?
SLADE still doesn't say anything. He touches the eye patch
and flips it up -- inspects the ugly scar beneath. He grits
his teeth, flips it back down.
The bathroom door opens -- SLADE walks back out. GREENE is
still waiting there.
Still here?
You'd have to shoot me to get me
to leave.


                       GREENE (cont'd)
...actually let's just leave guns
out of this.
SLADE walks over to the window, looks out -- there's a fire
escape that leads into a small parking lot behind the
There isn't a lot to say, really.
Everything you've been hearing on
the news is a lie.
      (turning back)
I'm not the one who sold out our
Right, right, that Parrish did. So
you say.
I'd been out of the military a
long time... He called me up
again, out of the blue. Wanted me
to take part in a special project
to genetically enhance soldiers.
What, and you bought into that?
Yeah, well it worked. Only problem
is, they were using me from the
start. Had me infiltrate a
military base in North Korea to
steal weapon designs -- and once
I'd done that, they went to put me
      (pointing to his
       eye patch)
His goal was to kill me, leave my
body for the Koreans to find, to
start a war.
Wait, hold on -- He wanted to
start a war? What the fuck for?
"To prove America's dominance over
the rest of the world" -- at least
that's how he put it. But there
was one issue with his plan: he


                       SLADE (cont'd)
didn't confirm the kill. Instead,
the Koreans captured me, made me a
Okay, so... you're telling me that
you somehow managed to escape the
military base, miraculously find
your way back to the States,
and... now what? You plan on
laying low until this all blows
Not quite.
SLADE takes out the pistol again, chambers a round. He
stares at it.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
I'm going to end things before
they begin. If Parrish think he's
going to send this country to war
for his own fame and glory, he's
sorely mistaken.
Uh... okay, right, sure. And
you're going to do that? How?
Simple. I take him down -- him and
his meta-gene project.
Uh huh, and where is this
mysterious project?
      (dead serious)
In the middle of a heavily guarded
military base.
Alright, since I'm such a stand up
guy, I'll humor you. Explain to me
what your plan is in all of this.
How do you -- one man -- expect to
not only just stop the now top
ranking general in the United
States Army, but also break into a


                       GREENE (cont'd)
base, find your way past security,
and shut down a secretive -- and
likely outrageously guarded --
military project?
      (still serious)
Bust in through the front door and
blow the place to hell.
GREENE can't hold it in any longer. He bursts out laughing,
shakes his head. SLADE stares at him, calm demeanor

Meanwhile, a fly starts buzzing around GREENE'S head. He
absently swats at it, missing.
      (holding back
       further laughter)
You, sir, are a funny guy. I'll
give you that. Could have fooled
me with that tough exterior, but
you have an amazing sense of
humor, really!
      (off Slade's look)
Oh, what, come on, you're not
serious, right? Can't be -- I
mean... come on, really?
SLADE continues staring at him. The fly continues buzzing.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
      (calming his
       laughter down)
What you're talking about is --
it's insane, you realize that,
right? I don't think I need to
tell you this, but since you don't
seem to be getting it, I will
anyway. You. Are. One. Man. What
kind of a chance do you honestly
expect to have? Not to mention
that what you're planning really
IS treason -- or at least a
federal crime. I mean, use some
common sense here!
SLADE raises the gun -- seemingly pointing it at GREENE.


                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Holy shit! Hey, wait a sec -- !
A gunshot cuts off his voice. GREENE has his arms up,
shielding himself -- he's not hit. Slowly, he brings his
arms down -- he looks around.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
What in the FUCK was that?!
SLADE walks over to the table. He sets his gun down on it --
right next to a now wingless fly. The fly twitches,
helpless. GREENE moves closer, inspects it.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
What the... fuck? How did you do
I told you -- the project worked.
Well... yeah, but... that isn't
possible. Can't be...
I may only be one man, but one man
is all it's going to take.
But I may need some help.
      (looking up)
Huh? Help? What, from me? What are
you talking about? I don't want to
get involved with this shit. Not
like I could help you anyway --
I'm just a regular guy who runs an
honest business.
You know what I mean, Billy. You
think me coming here was a
coincidence? The apartment worked
out, sure -- but I was going to
pay you a visit either way.
What the hell are you --


We both know you were moving
illegal weapons. We had all the
evidence to back it up during our
investigation -- only problem was,
you were very good at covering
your tracks, so we could never pin
it on you. And you were smart, too
-- you never showed even an
inkling of dealing any weapons
after that, no matter how long we
watched you.
Hey, come on, you don't know what
the hell you're talking about.
SLADE moves towards GREENE. He stands face to face with him.
If I'm going to go through with my
plans, I'll need to be properly
equipped. I know you've got the
goods somewhere -- or at least
know someone who does. You're
going to help me, whether you like
it or not.
GREENE swallows nervously. He stares back at SLADE for
several moments, then steps back -- raises his hands.
Alright, okay, fine.
Jesus, you always were a pushy
bastard, you know that?
A brief pause passes between them.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
You need my help so bad, then
fine, you got my help. But if I do
this for you, I want immunity. You
didn't get nothing from me, you
hear? Nothing. You get busted in
all of this, you're not dragging
me down with you.
Alright, deal.


Okay... follow me, then. We gotta
take a drive.
A car pulls up outside an old shipping warehouse.
Floodlights are on out front.

A MAN stands outside, smokes a cigarette. The car stops --
GREENE steps out of the driver's side. SLADE exits passenger
side. The SMOKING MAN walks over to greet them.
Hey, Johnny, thanks for meeting me
on short notice.
      (taking a puff)
Hey, no problem. Been a while,
hasn't it?
Yeah, I've been laying low. You
know the whole deal.
Right, right, cops been on your
ass, I know.
      (nodding towards
So who's he?
Oh, he's, uh... just a new
business associate. Looking to get
in on things a little. Just want
to show him around, take a look at
the goods.
That right, huh? Suppose it
couldn't hurt, if it means more
business for us. Come on, then.
JOHNNY leads the way inside. GREENE follows, SLADE brings up
the rear.


The three move past the loading docks, forklifts, rows of
goods stacked high on pallets. This late at night, the place
is closed -- it's dark, quiet.
Whatever you're looking for, I
guarantee we'll have it. And if we
don't, we can get it for you.
Trust me, we do only the best
business here.
We'll see about that. I have quite
a few things I'll be needing.
Hey, don't worry. We'll outfit you
with whatever you need, honest
promise. Just so long as you got
the money to pay, then we're
Oh, hey, yeah, about that... I'm
gonna need a favor on this one.
What? Oh, come on, Billy, you're
killing me. This operation takes
money to run, you know that.
Thought you said he was looking to
give us some business?
Well, he... he is, it's just --
I have certain matters to take
care of elsewhere that can't wait.
You supply me with what I need,
and if everything goes well,
you'll have my business.
You can take the down payment out
of my cut, if you want.
Ah, damn, alright. But you owe me
on this one, Billy.


They come to a door near the back of the warehouse. JOHNNY
opens it. It leads to a stairwell.
                       JOHNNY (CONT'D)
Come on, down here.
They reach the bottom. A long hallway stretches out in front
of them -- JOHNNY doesn't go for the hallway. He moves
behind the stairs -- several crates are stacked together.

JOHNNY pushes them out of the way. There's a grate on the
floor -- he lifts it up. Another set of stairs is revealed.
He continues leading them down.
JOHNNY leads them to a large metal security door. He types
in a pass code on the electronic lock -- it clicks open. He
pulls open the door and steps inside.

Several rows of gun racks run down the center of the room --
pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, light machine guns,
mounted machine guns, sniper rifles, RPGs, all sorts.

There are crates of grenades, stacks of ammo, and other
assortments of weapons all along the walls. It's a small
And welcome to the most complete
selection of weaponry this side of
the Mississippi. Take your time,
look around. Let me know what
catches your fancy.
SLADE walks inside and lifts his brow -- he's impressed. He
gives a sly look back at GREENE.
An honest business, huh?
Hey, it pays the bills.
SLADE takes a look around, walking through the entirety of
the armory. He goes through each row -- checks each rack.

He comes to a glass case -- inside it is a strange looking
body suit, complete with mask. It intrigues him.


What's this?
Oh, that -- revolutionary is what
it is. That right there is our own
personal invention, the next level
in body armor. It's streamlined to
fit the body like a glove -- you
can see it hugs the body, like a
second skin. Allows for full
Wouldn't that sacrifice
Oh no, not with this. It's made
out of a combination of Kevlar and
Promethium, woven into the fibers
of the suit. It's completely
bulletproof -- well, to small arms
fire, at least. May still need a
little work against high calibers.
Promethium, what's that?
It's a damn near indestructible
alloy, just recently developed by,
uh... shit I can't remember.
Dayton, I think.
Oh right, yeah, Dayton Industries.
I'll take it. Just one problem
      (pointing to the
I have no use for two sockets.
JOHNNY laughs, slaps a hand on SLADE'S shoulder.
Don't you worry about that, I'll
take care of it. Just give me your
measurements and I can have one


                       JOHNNY (cont'd)
ready for you in the next couple
of days.
SLADE continues looking around. He sees something
interesting. It's a small metal rod with a switch. He
presses it -- the rod extends into a full length metal
staff. SLADE inspects it closer -- there's a second switch.
He presses it.

Instantly, the air in front of one end of the staff ripples.
There's an explosive sound -- a crate of ammunition spills
open and topples over.
      (rushing towards
Woah, hey! Jesus, be careful with
GREENE takes the staff and flips the first switch -- it
collapses back into a short rod.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Jeez... you could have set
something off. This thing fires
off a powerful shock wave -- it's
capable of shattering concrete.
That so?
SLADE snatches the rod back from GREENE and looks at it
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
And where'd you get something like
Well, I, uh... I might have
"borrowed" the technology for it
back when I worked at WayneTech.
JOHNNY lets out an amused laugh at the comment.


Didn't you get fired from that
Hey, that misconduct charge was
entirely unfair. That secretary
was asking for it, I tell you.
Always wearing those low cut
shirts, the miniskirts... god, she
was amazing.
      (tossing the rod
       back at Greene)
I'll take it.
SLADE turns again and stops -- sees something else he likes.
Mounted on the wall is a modernized broadsword.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
And that.
      (looking around)
As for everything else... I have
quite a list.
SLADE is in the bathroom. The sink faucet is running -- the
water is hot, steaming. He's staring at himself in the
mirror again.

Images flash through his mind. There he is, back in Korea.
There's PARRISH. The gun is raised. BANG! He's falling now.
There goes PARRISH -- flying away in the chopper.

SLADE lets out a long breath. He turns the faucet off and
heads back into the main area of the apartment. He walks to
the coffee table -- picks up his pistol, stuffs it into his
pants and pulls his shirt over it.

Then comes a knock on the door.
                       GREENE (O.S.)
Hey, Slade, you all set in there?
SLADE moves to the door and opens it.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Oh, hey, good. I just got a call
from Johnny -- everything's ready.
He'll be dropping off what you
requested in about ten minutes.


                       GREENE (cont'd)
Just giving you a heads up.
I'll be right down.
SLADE waits with GREENE in the private parking lot behind
the Pawn Shop. A car pulls in, parks next to them.

JOHNNY gets out, pops the trunk. He pulls out a heavy
military duffel bag from the trunk and carries it to SLADE.
Everything you need, I got it
right here.
SLADE takes the duffel bag and sets it down. He unzips it --
looks inside. He zips it up again a second later -- he's
Hey, no problem. Whatever you
want, I got it. You remember that.
Now, good luck on your...
business, whatever it is.
JOHNNY gets back in his car and drives away. SLADE puts the
duffel bag into the trunk of GREENE'S car -- a '68 Chevy
Please, please, PLEASE, take good
care of this car, alright? She's
my baby, had her forever.
      (getting behind
       the driver's seat)
Don't worry, it's in good hands.
SLADE starts the engine, shifts the car into gear.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
I should be back in a couple
days... if I'm not, well, keep
your eyes on the news. You'll hear
about how things go one way or


                       SLADE (cont'd)
Yeah, well... good luck, I guess.
I still think you're insane, but
hey, what do I know?
SLADE gives GREENE a silent look, then pulls out of the
parking lot.
PARRISH sits at a desk, in an office. A folder is open in
front of him -- papers spread out. He's looking them over
while talking on the phone.
Yes, everything is going
perfectly. We have fifteen metas
ready to be deployed already.
They're on their way from Fort
Benning now, yes. Should be there
by tomorrow morning.
Don't worry about that, they'll
follow the orders you give them.
Trust me, they'll be the most
efficient soldiers you've ever
worked with. Count on it.
PARRISH shuffles through several of the papers on his desk,
takes one and holds it up. He looks closer at it -- he's
contemplating things.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
I'm waiting to hear from someone
on that, currently. Construction
should begin soon, though, I
assure you.
There's a knock on the partially open door. PARRISH looks up
-- CRANDALL is sticking his head in, holds up a folder.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Ah, there he is now, actually.
I'll have to get back to you.
Yes, of course. Goodbye for now.


PARRISH hangs up the phone. CRANDALL walks inside the
office, places the folder down on the desk.
Construction on the weapon has
begun on time, as anticipated.
It'll take a while still to gather
all the necessary parts, but it
shouldn't be long.
Good, good, as long as things keep
going smoothly, this war will be
over before it even starts. After
we're through with North Korea, no
one will ever again doubt
America's power.
Shall I head back to Fort Benning
and oversee the meta project, sir?
No, Powers has everything under
control down there. I want you
here, in charge of building the
Understood, sir. I'll get back to
work, then.
CRANDALL gives a salute and leaves the office. PARRISH goes
over the new folder. He flips through it, pauses, then
reaches for the phone.
SLADE drives up to the main entrance of Fort Benning. He
stops at the gate -- The GATE GUARD steps out of the booth
and up to the car.
                       GATE GUARD
      (tapping on the
ID please.
SLADE rolls down the window and hands over a driver's
license -- it's fake. It reads: JOHN SMITH. The GATE GUARD
takes it, studies it suspiciously.


                       GATE GUARD (CONT'D)
John Smith, huh?
That's right.
The GATE GUARD hands the license back and straightens
                       GATE GUARD
Well, John, I'm afraid that
visitor's hours are over. You'll
have to come back tomorrow.
Actually, I'm here on business.
                       GATE GUARD
Business? They're expecting you,
Not exactly.
                       GATE GUARD
Just hold on a minute, I'll phone
in. We'll see what kind of
business you have here.
The GATE GUARD turns around -- heads back to the booth.
SLADE waits a moment, then opens the car door and steps out.
The GATE GUARD notices this.
                       GATE GUARD (CONT'D)
Sir, wait in the car, please.
SLADE ignores him -- he continues advancing.
                       GATE GUARD (CONT'D)
      (raising his voice)
Sir, I said wait in car!
The GATE GUARD attempts to force SLADE back to the car.
SLADE reacts faster than he can register -- pushes the GATE
GUARD's arm away and sends a chop to the neck.

The GATE GUARD goes down, choking. SLADE finishes it with an
elbow to the back of the skull -- the GUARD GUARD collapses,

SLADE pulls the GATE GUARD back into the booth -- hides him


under the desk. He returns to the car and continues down the
road into Fort Benning.
SLADE parks the car off he road, out of sight. He kills the
lights, pops the trunk, gets out. He removes his coat --
he's wearing the body armor suit underneath. It fits him
like a second skin.

He slips the mask over his head -- it has only one eye hole,
on the left. His entire outfit is dark, except for the left
half of the mask -- it's a copper color.

He moves to the trunk, takes out the duffel bag -- slings it
over his shoulder. He closes the trunk, starts walking.
SLADE sets himself up behind some bushes -- in the distance
is the warehouse where the meta project is stationed. He
sets the duffel bag on the ground, unzips it, starts taking
out weapon pieces.

In seconds, he assembles a sniper rifle, equipped with a
silencer. He lies prone, looks through the scope -- three
security cameras, five GUARDS patrolling. He fires three
times -- hits each of the cameras.

Five more shots -- the GUARDS drop one by one to the ground.
SLADE stands, starts pulling out more weapons from the
duffel bag. He has two hip holsters, each with a handgun.

He adds a tactical utility belt outfitted with grenades
around his waist. A second belt with spare ammo clips goes
across his chest, diagonally -- the broadsword is at his
back, and the retractable staff at his thigh.

Finally, he takes out a satchel and slings it over his other
shoulder. He takes a moment to test his mobility -- it's
surprisingly perfect.

SLADE quickly moves towards the entrance. He puts his back
to the wall next to the main doors -- waits a moment,
listening. Then, he opens the door and slips inside.
SLADE moves through the entrance. He's swift -- wastes no
time. He remembers his way around, knows where the elevator


is. There aren't any GUARDS in the immediate vicinity, but
he's cautious -- he doesn't let his guard down.

SLADE goes enters the plain white corridors. He hears voices
-- two GUARDS come around the corner. They're talking --
they don't see him at first, until one of them turns and
notices the stranger.
                       GUARD #1
What the f--
SLADE doesn't give him a chance to finish -- a single chop
to the neck, grabs his head, twists -- SNAP! Before the
second GUARD can even react, SLADE raises one of his pistols
and fires. It's automatic -- riddles the GUARD with bullets.
                                         CUT TO:
Another corridor. A second pair of GUARDS hear the gunfire.
They look at each other, concerned. They're off and running
                                         CUT TO:
SLADE moving swiftly. He comes around another corner --
there's the other two GUARDS. They raise their weapons, but
aren't fast enough. SLADE already has his pistols pointed at

He squeezes the triggers -- bullets rip into the GUARDS and
they go down. SLADE moves past them, but one GUARD is still
alive -- the GUARD reaches for his radio, barely gets it to
his lips.
                       GUARD #2
C... code red -- in... intruder --
code r --
SLADE points his gun back without looking and silences him
with a short burst of gunfire. He reloads and keeps moving.

Suddenly, an alarm sounds -- a loud, blaring noise. Red
lights start flashing in every corridor. SLADE no longer has
the element of surprise.
                                         CUT TO:
A team of six GUARDS setting up at the end of another
hallway. The alarm is blaring, lights flashing. SLADE comes
around the corner -- they open fire.

SLADE ducks back behind the corner, waits for the gunfire to
stop. He peers around, raises his weapons, fires -- gets off


only a few shots before he's forced to duck for cover again.

SLADE holsters his pistols and grabs two grenades from his
belt -- pulls the pins. He waits for the gunfire to stop
again, then rolls out into the middle of the corridor and
tosses the two grenades all in one motion.

The grenades land clean at the end of the hallway, right in
the middle of the GUARDS. The GUARDS panic -- they try to
get away, but the grenades detonate, taking them out.

SLADE reloads and continues swiftly down the corridor. He
comes to a door, opens it, and is immediately assaulted by
four GUARDS. They attack him at once -- he defends, makes it
look easy. Then, he counters, delivering his own assault --
kicks, strikes, throws, limbs snapping -- so fast.

SLADE briefly surveys his work, then continues. He finds his
way to the service elevator, enters it -- he's on his way
down to the facility now.
Another team of GUARDS has gathered in front of the service
elevator -- they line up and wait for it to arrive. When it
finally opens, they open fire with automatic weapons.
      (raising an arm)
Hold Fire!
The GUARDS cease firing and wait. They look into the
elevator, now riddled with bullet holes -- it's empty.
                       GUARD #3
Where is he?
An arm appears into view, from the top of the elevator
entrance -- it's clutching a grenade. The arm throws the
grenade down the hallway. The placement is perfect -- right
in front of the line of GUARDS.
Fuck! Everyone, get ba--!
The grenade explodes, cutting him off. The front line of
GUARDS is thrown back, incapacitated. The back GUARDS take
cover -- dive to the floor and hold their arms over their

SLADE drops down from the ceiling of the elevator into a


crouch. He throws another grenade at the few recovering
GUARDS. It detonates. A blinding flash of light goes off,
followed by a loud bang -- a flash bang grenade.

The few remaining GUARDS stumble around, blinded, deafened.
SLADE raises both automatic pistols and mows them down. He

SLADE stops at the COMMANDER'S body, takes the man's key
card. He uses it to unlock the metal security door and
continues down the corridor.
The laboratory is empty, except for one person -- ARNOLD
POWERS works frantically at a computer. He's copying the
system files onto an external hard drive. The screen reads:
Come on, come on!
The percentage steadily climbs up to 100%. POWERS removes
the external hard drive, heads towards the back exit. A
gunshot stops him. He screams and falls to the floor -- his
leg is bleeding.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
Fuck! Shit! Gaaahhh -- Damn it!
SLADE approaches, holsters his pistol. He picks up the hard
drive, and moves to the desk. He sets down the satchel,
unzips it -- pulls out a large black box. The box has wires
connected from the bottom to the top, a second box-like
structure stacked on the first.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
Who... who the fuck are you? What
are you... what are you doing?
What is that?
SLADE doesn't answer -- he opens the top hatch on the box to
reveal an electronic panel. He flips a switch, starts
setting a time.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
Hey! I'm talking to you!


      (glancing at him
It's called a bomb.
A... a bomb? What the fuck are
you... what are you going to do
with it?
I'm going to use it.
You... what?! You... you can't! Do
you have any idea what this is?!
Do you have any idea what you're
I know full well about your meta
project. What did you think I came
here for?
But you... how do you even know
about this lab?
SLADE finishes setting the bomb and turns to POWERS.
You used me to perfect it, don't
you remember?
You mean... oh my... jesus, Slade?
You can't... you're supposed to
Dead? So I keep hearing. Now, tell
me, where is the weapon?
The weapon? What are you talking
about, what weapon?
SLADE pulls his pistol out again and points it at POWERS.


You know what weapon! The one they
had me steal! The one you used me
Jesus, no, I swear, I don't know
what --
SLADE pulls the trigger and holds it for a second -- several
bullets fire into POWERS' other leg.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
POWERS clutches his other leg and rolls around for a moment
-- he's in a lot of pain. He whimpers, winces, tears up --
he's trying to collect himself.
                       POWERS (CONT'D)
The weapon... they were going to
build it here... but they moved
it... back to D.C. Construction...
it's already started. I don't know
any more details than that, I
Now was that so hard?
SLADE starts to leave, heads for the door. POWERS manages to
push himself upright.
Hey -- hey where are you going?
      (glancing at the
I don't intend on being here when
that goes off.
B-but... you can't! Hey!
The door to the laboratory suddenly opens -- two MEN enter.
SLADE reaches for his pistols -- the MEN already have their
weapons raised.

SLADE dives behind a metal desk as gunfire goes off. He
waits for it to stop, then he pops up, pistols readied.

The MEN aren't there. They're moving, one on either side.


SLADE can barely keep track of them. He aims at one --
fires. He misses. They fire back -- forces SLADE back into
      (laughing insanely)
What's that? Surprised? They're
just as fast as you are, Slade --
two of our newest metas.
The METAS are on the move. SLADE changes position, dives
behind a scientific machine. Gunfire follows -- misses.
SLADE listens, waits -- he holds a pistol around the side of
the machine and fires.

The METAS are too fast -- he can't hit them. SLADE puts the
pistols back into the holsters. He takes the short metal rod
attached to his thigh and removes it -- presses the switch.
It extends into a full length staff.

SLADE darts out from cover and lunges at the nearest META.
He attacks with his staff -- spins it, sweeps it, triggers
the shock wave, blows apart machinery. He never lands a
single a blow.

The second META comes in and knocks the staff out of SLADE'S
hands. They both attack him now, they force him back, land a
kick -- SLADE goes flying over a table. They move in again.

SLADE springs up, sword drawn. He slashes it forward -- the
first META ducks, but the second doesn't react in time. The
sword cleaves the META'S head clean off his shoulders.

The remaining META disarms SLADE, knocks him back, then
raises a gun and fires. SLADE falls back over the table. The
bullets don't penetrate the suit -- they fall away to the
floor. But they still hurt.

SLADE notices his staff lying nearby -- he grabs it just as
the META comes in again. SLADE flips up, thrusts the staff
into the META'S chest, triggers the shock wave -- bone
snaps, organs explode.

SLADE staggers against a table, holds himself up -- he's out
of breath. He collects his weapons, limps back to the bomb.
The time reads: 3:49. It's counting down. SLADE glances back
They may be faster... but I'm
SLADE keeps moving, heads out of the lab.


Hey! Hey! You can't leave me here!
You can't... I have a family! Hey!
Come back!
The service elevator dings -- doors open. SLADE steps out,
walks swiftly down the corridor, past the bodies. The doors
POWERS looks around frantically. He can barely crawl across
the floor with his maimed legs. He looks up -- he's able to
see the timer on the bomb. It reads: 00:03. It counts down
to zero.
Oh fuck.
The bomb goes off. The laboratory is engulfed in a huge
explosion. Fire spreads, the machines and other equipment
are destroyed. The fireball spreads out the door and down
the hallway.
SLADE drives up into the parking lot of a motel. He's out of
his combat suit now -- normal clothes, no mask. He has his
eye patch on. He parks the car, turns it off -- waits
several moments.

He stares blankly forward into space. Finally, he comes to
his senses and exits the car -- heads for the motel
SLADE is lying on the bed in his hotel room. He's not
wearing a shirt -- ugly bruises blotch his skin. The clock
reads: 3:57 A.M. He's staring up at the ceiling, unable to

He rubs his eye tiredly and gets up, paces around the room.
He stops near the chair his jacket is on, glances at it. The
mask is sticking out of one of the pockets.


SLADE grabs the mask, holds it in his hand -- he stares at
it. Images flash through his head -- he sees himself, he
sees the GUARDS from Fort Benning. He's firing at them,
killing them. SLADE closes his eye, tries to shake the
thoughts away.

They don't go away. Instead, he's seeing POWERS now -- there
he is, crawling across the floor, legs bleeding.
                       POWERS (V.O.)
Hey! Hey! You can't leave me here!
I have a family!
SLADE flinches, drops the mask. He takes deep breaths,
stares down at the mask again. He swallows, turns away from
it. He returns to the bed and lies down, tries to get some
SLADE arrives back at GREENE'S pawn shop. He parks the
Impala in the parking lot around back, then gets out and
carries the duffel bag into the shop. He's walking with a
slight limp.
SLADE enters through the back entrance. GREENE is around
front behind the counter. GREENE notices SLADE and gives him
his attention.
Jesus, you look like shit.
      (off Slade's glare)
Uh...right, sorry. So, how did go?
SLADE pushes past him, makes his way to the stairs. GREENE
SLADE opens the door, heads inside -- he drops the duffel
bag by the door and goes to sit on the couch. GREENE appears
a moment later, walks inside.


What, that's it? Fine? Come on,
gimme more than that -- what
happened down there?
SLADE sighs, leans back into the couch. He's barely paying
attention to GREENE
It was a success... the meta
project is no more.
      (taking the hard
       drive from his
And I have the only back up files.
At least, as far as I know.
SLADE sets the hard drive down on the table, looks at it
briefly -- he then goes back to staring off into space.
So, then why don't you look so
good? And I don't just mean
because it looks like you lost a
fight with a pit bull.
No answer.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Something bothering you?
Still no answer.
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
...right. Well, see ya later.
GREENE heads back towards the door.
My whole life... has been spent in
service of my country.
GREENE stops, looks back. He folds his arms, listening.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
I lied about my age when I
enlisted, you know. Said I was
eighteen -- I was seventeen,
really. They never did find out. I
was always a loyal soldier... I
did whatever it took for the


                       SLADE (cont'd)
betterment of the country. Even
after I was discharged, I held a
profound loyalty to the military.
But now...
SLADE pauses, stands up -- he heads to the window, looks out
into the parking lot.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
With what I have to do to stop
Parrish, where do I draw the line
between my actions and that of a
common terrorist? I killed a lot
of American soldiers at Fort
Benning... I doubt any of them
really deserved it, but I did what
I had to do. I'm not a cold
blooded killer.
SLADE reaches into his pocket, takes out the mask -- he
looks down at it.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
But when I put this on, it was
like I became a different person.
I saw nothing but my goal, and
what I had to do to attain it. All
morals, all hesitation, all
restraint -- gone. Wasn't until
after the fact that I realized
what I'd done. I killed, just like
I always had -- and it was easy.
GREENE shifts his weight, scratches his chin -- he's
imbibing the information, thinking about what he should say.
You know... I'm not really good at
the whole cheering someone up
thing, or whatever, but I mean
it's tough. Some times, we have to
do things we're not proud of to
protect what we love the most.
SLADE lets out a cool breath, nods slightly to himself. He
turns back to the couch.


But hey, what the fuck do I know,
right? I'm not exactly an expert.
      (heading out the
Anyway, try to get some rest or
something -- you look like hell.
MAJOR FRANKLIN CRANDALL is sitting at a table, looking at a
laptop. The door bursts open -- PARRISH comes storming in.
What the hell is this crap I keep
hearing about an attack on Fort
Sir... calm down.
Calm down? Don't tell me to calm
down! Powers is dead! The project
is destroyed! We have no way to
continue producing metas! How the
fuck did this happen?!
      (turning the
You might want to take a look at
Security footage from inside the Underground Facility is
playing -- it shows SLADE, in suit and mask, taking out the
GUARDS, setting the bomb, and defeating the two METAS.
What in the hell is this... Is
this a joke?
No, sir. Not at all.
You're trying to tell me that one
man did this? One man broke into a
military base, stormed a heavily
guarded warehouse, and detonated a


And defeated two of your metas.
You realize that there's only one
person it could have been.
PARRISH flinches -- he knows who CRANDALL is referring to.
No, not possible. That man is
dead. I shot him myself!
CRANDALL sighs and takes back the computer. He types for a
brief moment and then pulls up different security footage --
it's from the front gate.
This is from the guard gate,
earlier that night. The regular
camera didn't reveal much, but we
had a second hidden at a different
The footage shows a MAN getting out of a car -- following
the GATE GUARD back to the guard booth. The GATE GUARD tries
to subdue the man, but is quickly incapacitated. The MAN
then drags the limp body back into the booth.
                       CRANDALL (CONT'D)
CRANDALL presses a button on the laptop and pauses the
footage, right as the MAN'S face turns into the view of the
camera. It's SLADE, wearing his eye patch.
Damn it!
PARRISH smashes his fists against the table -- rattles it.
CRANDALL carefully pulls the computer away from him.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
When did this happen? How long
have you known that Slade was
It's been about two days.


Two days?! Why wasn't I notified
about this sooner?!
Well, you've been rather busy
lately... I thought I could take
care of things myself, but decided
it would be best if you were
When the man whose life I screwed
over returns from the grave for
revenge... that is something I
want to know about IMMEDIATELY! Is
that clear?!
Yes, sir, of course. I'll be sure
to remember that next time.
Damn it! ....how did he even get
back to the States? How did a man
branded of treason get allowed
into the country?
The only way I could think of is
that he managed to make it the
embassy in Seoul. They would have
helped him return to the States.
After all, he was believed to be
dead -- we didn't exactly think to
put him on any inernational watch
Son of a bitch... I want you to
find him. Now!
Already taken care of.
CRANDALL fiddles with the laptop again, turns it back
around. The footage is paused at the guard gate again, this
time zoomed on the back of the car. It's a little fuzzy, but
clearly readable -- the license plate number.


SLADE is sitting at the table in front of the couch. He has
a laptop open -- he's typing away. The external hard drive
is connected to it.

On the screen are photos of young men, military men -- the
previous subjects of the meta project. The photos are
accompanied by profiles, personal information.

The door to the apartment opens -- GREENE enters. He's
carrying an icepack.
Hey, uh, I was rummaging around
and I found this. Thought you
could use it. Ya know... in case
you're sore or whatever.
SLADE gives GREENE a brief, annoyed look -- turns back to
the computer.
I'm fine.
Alright, suit yourself.
Thanks again for the computer.
Yeah, don't mention it. You find
anything out from that thing?
Plenty. According to this, every
single subject for the project
before me died -- something about
their bodies not able to adapt
with the changes. I guess that's
why they needed me -- I have the
meta-gene, lets my body adjust.
So what, they kept lining up these
volunteers like sheep and hoped
for the best?
Looks that way. And even after
they used my DNA to alter the
process, all following subject


                       SLADE (cont'd)
showed signs of clinical insanity.
They were altered through advanced
forms of behavioral modification
to make them controllable, but
even that wasn't a sure thing --
any that failed to be controlled
were disposed of.
Yeesh, and I thought I had it
How many of them are out there,
According to this, twenty --
eighteen with the two I already
killed. But the problem is, the
files are outdated -- the latest
information in here is from a
couple months ago. There could be
dozens more.
So what now?
SLADE closes the computer and pushes it away. He rubs his
eyes tiredly.
Now, I find that weapon they're
building and shut it down. Even
without the meta project, if that
weapon is as dangerous as I keep
hearing, it could spell disaster,
especially if both sides manage to
finish it.
SLADE gets up, heads to the bathroom -- turns the faucet on,
splashes water on his face.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
I know it's being built somewhere
here in D.C., but I'll need to do
a bit of investigating to pin down
its location.
And what about those meta things?


The only ones I need to worry
about are the ones in my way. They
may be equal to me physically, but
their minds have been destroyed --
that's where I have the advantage.
Right... well, good luck with
that. Sounds like a blast.
GREENE shakes his head and leaves the apartment.
A car pulls up on the side of the street, in front of the
pawn shop. CRANDALL is driving. PARRISH is sitting in the
passenger's seat. In the back seat are three other MEN.
You sure this is the place?
The car was registered to one
William Greene -- he owns this
pawn shop. If Slade isn't here,
then it's at least a start.
Alright, well you know the plan.
If at all possible, we take him
alive. In the event that we
can't... eliminate him.
And you really think we're capable
of bringing him down?
Relax, that's why I brought a meta
with us.
For a brief couple of seconds, the camera focuses on the man
in the middle back seat, the META.
You saw what he did to the last
Just get moving.


They exit the car, heading for the pawn shop.
GREENE sits at the counter, going over several papers. The
door opens, ringing the bell. He looks up -- does a double
take. He recognizes PARRISH -- he's seen the general on TV
plenty of times.
Woah, hey, hiya. You're that
general I keep seeing on the news,
aren't you? Welcome to my store!
What can I do you for?
Where is he?
Where's who?
Cut the crap, you know damn well
who. Where's Slade?
I really have no idea what you're
talking about -- honestly, I can't
be lying, 'cuz who would wanna get
on your bad side, am I right?
PARRISH takes out a pistol, chambers the round. He gestures
to the three behind him -- the META and the other two MEN.
You three, search the place.
Oh what a fantastic day this is
turning into...
SLADE stands close to the door -- he's been listening to the
scene downstairs. He already has a gun readied, waiting. He
hears them coming up the stairs -- he steps to the side. The
door opens, hiding him.

The MEN advance cautiously, they search the apartment -- it
doesn't take long, the apartment is small.


                       MAN #1
No sign of him.
The door suddenly swings closed, revealing SLADE -- his
pistol is raised. Two shots -- both MEN go down, leaving
only the META.
PARRISH, CRANDALL, and GREENE are waiting downstairs. They
hear the two gun shots. PARRISH glares at GREENE, says
nothing. CRANDALL moves towards the stairs, but PARRISH
stops him -- grabs his arm.
Let them handle it.
SLADE goes for another shot -- the META is too fast, closes
in and knocks the gun away. SLADE and the META exchange a
series of blows -- kicks, punches, elbows. They're evenly
matched, physically.

SLADE pushes the META back towards the center of the room --
the META trips over the coffee table and goes down. SLADE
moves in, but the META is back to his feet.

The META lands a kick to SLADE'S ribs. SLADE grabs the
META'S leg to keep from flying back, uses the leverage to
spin the META. He counters with an elbow to the back of the

The META staggers, tries to turn around -- SLADE runs
forward and shoulder tackles him through the window. Glass
shatters. The META falls out onto the fire escape.

SLADE retrieves his gun, points out at the window -- the
META is back to his feet, but there's no where for him to
go. SLADE fires. One shot -- center of the forehead. The
META topples over the edge of the fire escape to the private
parking lot below.

SLADE clutches his side -- he's hurt. He quickly grabs the
laptop and the hard drive, stuffs the gun into his pants. He
heads out onto the fire escape -- scales down to the parking
lot in a matter of seconds.


SLADE gets into GREENE'S car, starts it up. He backs up and
peels out of the parking lot. He doesn't look back.
PARRISH and CRANDALL look up at the ceiling -- they're
listening. They hear nothing now -- everything is quiet.
Go check on things -- I'll wait
CRANDALL gives PARRISH a quick look, then heads to the back
and up the stairs. PARRISH glares again at GREENE, who
whistles innocently. Moments later, CRANDALL returns.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
He's gone.
PARRISH'S temper visibly rises.
And the men?
PARRISH tightens his jaw -- he's irate. He shouts angrily,
smacks his fist on the counter.
Damn it!
I told you earlier, sir, you're
not going to bring him down this
No... no you're right. That's why
I had a back up plan.
Back up plan?


PARRISH turns back to GREENE, grabs his shirt collar and
pulls him forward.
Normally, I'd have your scrawny
ass on a platter for what just
happened here, but lucky for you,
I have a better idea. Slade will
never come back here if we're
watching the place -- he's too
smart, he'd see us from a mile
away. So, you're going to stay
here and give him a message.
      (pointing the gun
       at Greene's face)
And if you don't, I will
personally come back here and kill
you. Understand?
PARRISH pushes GREENE away and takes out his cell phone.
PARRISH dials a number, raises the cell phone to his ear. He
waits a moment until someone picks up.
                       PARRISH (CONT'D)
Do it.
                       MAN IN SUIT
      (holding a phone
       to his ear)
Yes, sir.
The MAN puts the phone away and nods to the other five MEN
IN SUITS. They are sitting in a large, unmarked van parked
across the street from the Wilson home.
                       MAN IN SUIT (CONT'D)
Let's go.
The MEN IN SUITS exit the van and move to the front door of
the Wilson house. The one in charge knocks on the door,
waits for an answer. It opens a moment later -- ADELINE
WILSON stands there.


                       MAN IN SUIT
Good afternoon, ma'am.
Um... can I help you?
                       MAN IN SUIT
Ma'am, I'm afraid that you and
your son are going to have to come
with us.
ADELINE glances at them suspiciously -- she doesn't trust
them one bit.
What the hell are you talking
about? Who are you?
                       MAN IN SUIT
Ma'am, if you do not come with us
willingly, we have orders to bring
you by force if necessary.
      (angry now)
Screw off. I'm not going anywhere
with you.
ADELINE goes to shut the door -- the MAN IN SUIT stops her,
forces the door back open. The other MEN IN SUITS advance on
her, try to take her forcefully.

ADELINE resists -- she strikes the first two men with
accurate blows sends them to the floor. She's a former
military combat instructor -- she isn't going quietly.

Two more try to subdue her -- she counters, knees one of
them in the groin, throws a palm to the bottom of the
other's chin. She fights valiantly, but there are too many
-- one gets behind her, grabs her arms and holds them behind
her back. She struggles, but can't get away.
                       ADELINE (CONT'D)
Son of a bitch! Let me go!
Three of the MEN IN SUITS bring her out to the van. She
continues to struggle -- it's futile. The one in charge
turns to the other two, nods to them.
                       MAN IN SUIT
Go get the boy.


It's several hours later. SLADE drives slowly, passes the
pawn shop -- he's looking for any signs of PARRISH or anyone
else looking for him.

He circles the block several times, doesn't see any
suspicious people or vehicles. Eventually, he returns to the
small parking lot behind the pawn shop.

SLADE parks the car, kills the lights. He takes out his
pistol, waits several moments. Finally, he gets out and
heads to the back entrance of the pawn shop.
SLADE enters cautiously, gun at the ready. He creeps through
the back, works his way around front. He's checking every
corner of the place -- doesn't find anything. He moves up
the stairs now.
SLADE opens the door slowly, quietly. He enters the
apartment and sweeps his gun across the room, expecting
anything -- all he finds is GREENE, sitting on the couch
with a black eye. GREENE looks up at him, then turns away.
Greene? What are you doing here?
I, uh... I'm supposed to give you
a message.
What message?
SLADE continues looking through the apartment. He checks the
bedroom, the bathroom, the window -- no one out on the fire
A message from Parrish. He says
that... if you want to see your
family again, you'll go to Fort
Carroll tomorrow, at noon.
SLADE freezes. He stares at GREENE -- not believing what
he's saying.


What are you talking about?
I'm sorry, Slade... your family...
he took your family. He's bringing
them to Fort Carrol tomorrow, and
if you don't show up, he'll...
SLADE takes a step back, holds his hands to his head -- runs
his fingers through his hair. He's trying to hold himself
together, but fails. He snaps. He shouts angrily, kicks the
coffee table -- it goes flying across the room. He smacks
the wall with his palm.
Goddamn it!
SLADE walks to the kitchenette counter, sweeps several
plates off with his arm -- they shatter against the wall. He
slams both palms against the counter and shouts again.
Slade... I'm sorry, man.
SLADE clenches his jaw -- he's seething. He stares at the
counter, burning a hole through it with his eyes.
That bastard... he just took the
fine line I've been walking and
erased it.
What do you plan to do?
Get my family back, that's what.
      (looking up at
It's time I took Parrish down.
He's fucked with the wrong man for
far too long.
Where's Fort Carrol?
Uh... it's up near Baltimore. It's
an old abandoned fort in the
middle of the Patapsco River --
you'll need a boat to reach it.


I can get a boat.
You know this won't be like before
-- they know you're coming this
time. They'll be prepared.
Yeah, I know.
SLADE moves over to the coffee table an stands it back up in
the center of the room.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
Which is why you're going to help
Woah, wait, what? How the hell am
I supposed to help you with this?
Don't worry, you won't have a
large role. Just do what I say and
you'll be fine.
So... you're saying you already
have a plan?
Yeah... you could say that.
Several armed GUARDS lead ADELINE and JOSEPH WILSON through
the old corridors of the deserted Fort Carroll. ADELINE and
JOSEPH's hands are bound.
Mom, who are these people? Why did
they take us here?
I don't know, Joey. Just keep
quiet and do what they say.
They come down a set of stone stairs to a dead end. There's
a heavy metal door against the wall. One of the GUARDS opens
it to reveal a small room beyond. The other GUARDS shove


them inside.

ADELINE looks back, waits a moment, then delivers a knee to
the groin of one of the GUARDS. The GUARD doubles over --
she brings her tied hands down on his spine. The GUARD

The other GUARDS shove her back. One of the GUARDS strikes
her in the head with the butt of his rifle. She goes down.
JOESEPH rushes to the aid of his mother -- she's dazed. The
GUARDS slam the door shut.
PARRISH and CRANDALL stand in the center courtyard area of
the fort -- it's overgrown with weeds, vines, and other
plant life. The sun beats down on them -- it's almost noon.
How many men do we have?
Thirty -- five metas. We have ten
guards patrolling the walls, and
ten roaming the corridors. The
others will be here in the center.
I see... good.
Two of the metas are in the
corridors, and two more are
guarding the Wilsons. The one that
you personally requested is
waiting for you.
I'll meet with him shortly. As for
you, get out of harm's way -- let
the other men take care of things.
Of course.
PARRISH goes to leave, but CRANDALL stops him momentarily.


                       CRANDALL (CONT'D)
Sir, with all due respect... do
you really think this is wise?
Slade is a pain in the ass without
the added motivation of getting
his family back -- I hate to see
him now that you've gone and
pissed him off.
Maybe, but it's the only way to
flush him out into the open. We
tried to take him directly before,
and look how well that turned out.
Now, we'll have him on our terms
-- we have the advantage.
Perhaps... but do you really
intend on killing the boy and his
mother if he fails to show up?
Of course not, but he doesn't know
that -- and that is exactly why
he'll come.
SLADE and GREENE are positioned on the bank of the river,
out of sight of civilians.

SLADE is dressed in his armored body suit, complete with
signature mask. He lies prone, staring through the scope of
a high powered sniper rifle, silenced.

GREENE stands, looking through binoculars -- they're both
scoping out the island in the distance. Ten GUARDS patrol
atop the walls.
I don't know, I don't think you
can take them out from here --
that's got to be six-hundred yards
away. Even under perfect
conditions, lining up just one
shot would be a miracle.
SLADE says nothing -- he adjusts the sights on the scope,
lines up his shots. In rapid succession, he fires ten times.


GREENE watches through his binoculars as each of the GUARDS
drop one by one in seconds. Astonished, he lowers the
                       GREENE (CONT'D)
Holy shit... you're a machine.
No... I'm better.
SLADE and GREENE get into a small motor boat sitting in the
water. GREENE starts it up -- SLADE continues to watch
through the sniper scope.
                       SLADE (CONT'D)
Take it slow and quiet.
You got it.
GREENE parks the boat at the dock and kills the engine.
SLADE leaves the sniper behind and gets out -- he's
outfitted with the same equipment he used to storm Fort
Benning, minus the bomb.
Stay here -- I'll be back.
Right... just, you know, be
careful. And good luck.
SLADE draws his automatic pistols and proceeds through the
entrance into the fort's old, crumbling, corridors.
SLADE moves swiftly through the corridors. For several
minutes, he wanders through the empty, decrepit halls he
doesn't find anyone.

Rounding a corner, he suddenly comes face to face with a
group of four GUARDS. Two go for their weapons -- SLADE is
already pumping bullets into their chests. The other two
duck for cover behind stone pillars. They return fire.

SLADE takes cover behind his own pillar, holds his pistols
at the ready. More gunfire bullets blasting apart the old
pillar piece by piece.


The GUARDS give each other a look and reload their weapons
behind their pillars. They wait a moment, then look out
again to fire. SLADE already has his pistols pointed at
them, his arms around either side of the pillar. He fires
the GUARDS go down.

SLADE reloads, keeps moving. He soon finds himself under
fire again. He goes into cover -- gunfire chips away at the

A pair of GUARDS hurry down a small set of stairs and move
into cover. They keep SLADE pinned down -- one is firing
while the other reloads, continually.

SLADE counters with blindfire, but misses. He holsters his
weapons and pulls a grenade off his belt. He pulls the pin,
tosses it around the side of his cover. The grenade rolls
right between the two GUARDS.
Oh shit!
They try to get away, but it's too late -- the grenade goes
off, blowing them apart.

Again, SLADE keeps moving. He doesn't get far -- someone
walks out from behind a pillar directly in front of him.
Another man walks out behind him. They're carrying stun
batons -- they crackle with electricity.

SLADE puts his hands on his pistols, but stops. He eyes the
two carefully -- they're metas. Instead, he reaches down to
his thigh and unclasps the rod. With a quick flip of the
switch, it extends into a staff.

The METAS move in to attack - SLADE defends with his staff,
sweeping it and blocking the strikes. He makes his own
attacks sweeps, thrusts. The METAS dodge and counter -
they shock SLADE several times with the batons

SLADE attacks again, but one of the METAS catches the staff
and twists it out of his grasp. They continue their assault
- hard strikes with the batons. SLADE defends, but the
METAS shock him several more times.

One of the METAS tackles him against the wall. SLADE
counters with strikes to his ribs, throws him off. The other
META comes in, attacks, misses - SLADE ducks, spins, draws
his blade, thrusts it. The sword pierces the META through
the chest.

SLADE pulls his sword back, slashes several times at the


remaining META - he hits only air. The META evades, grabs
his arm, twists - SLADE drops the sword. The META lands
blow after blow, forcing SLADE back. A hard kick to the
chest knocks him to the ground

SLADE lands next to his fallen staff. He grabs it, rolls
over, thrusts it upward just as the META moves in again. The
staff catches the META in the chest - the shock wave goes
off, rupturing his insides. SLADE gets back to his feet
slowly, catching his breath.

Suddenly, another team of GUARDS move in and open fire.
Bullets drive into SLADE'S backside -- they don't penetrate,
but they stagger him. He is forced to roll into cover.
SLADE waits for a pause in the gunfire. He pops out briefly,
gets off a quick shot -- one GUARD drops. The GUARDS return
fire again.

SLADE goes back into cover. Another break -- SLADE fires
back, another GUARD goes down. SLADE is on the offensive
now. He darts out of cover. The GUARDS fire -- they miss.

SLADE gets into position, aims both pistols, squeezes --
rapid fire into both the remaining guards. They drop, but
one of the GUARDS is not dead -- he's coughing, bleeding,
but alive. Barely. SLADE walks over to him.
Where are they?
The GUARD doesn't answer -- he's too busy choking on his own
blood. He's barely even conscious. SLADE is unamused -- he
shoots the man in the kneecap.
                       DYING GUARD
The GUARD clutches his knee, coughs up blood. He's
Let's try again -- where are they?
                       DYING GUARD
Th-they're on the... on the other
side of the place... down this
hall, to the end... t-take the
stairs down... in the last room.
SLADE shoots the man again -- in the head this time. He
keeps moving.


Two METAS stand guard outside the room where ADELINE and
JOSEPH are being held. They are silent, motionless -- almost

A shadow appears suddenly from the stairs in front of them.
They ready their weapons, waiting. The shadow doesn't
advance. Instead, they hear a short metallic click.
Something is tumbling down the stairs now.

It's a grenade -- it rolls right in front of them. The METAS
scramble to get away, but the blast goes off -- they're cut
down with shrapnel, heavily injured but not dead. they're
slow, bleeding, can barely stand.

SLADE comes down the stairs, sword in hand. The METAS try to
fight back, but SLADE cuts them down with two swift strikes.

SLADE sheathes his blade and opens the door to the next
room. ADELINE is there, against the wall -- she has a long
cut across her forehead. JOSEPH is next to her. They don't
recognize him with the mask.
Hey! Stay away!